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Petland Largo Price gouging, animal neglect, rude staff Largo Florida

One of the worst shops that I have been too. The place reeks from the lack of cleaning they do with their enclosed animals and the puppy-mill dog’s cages. They allow anyone and everyone to handle the small animals that they sell, resulting in terrified animals that often bite those holding them.

They misrepresent their prices and so far from personal experience, there is always some form of hidden cost. The staff have little to no clue with the species that they are handling, potentially exposing adults and children to dangerous bacteria from the mutliple species that they sell. The staff is also extoradinarly rude, to the point where I was called ignorant when the proof of myself being right, right infront of my eyes.

Looking through the web I have learned through so many sites like this one of similair issues and it is time that places like this be closed and become obsolete.  Their poor animals litterally lay in filth all day long, terrized by countless people and made worse by a callous and hateful staff.


Petland Pembroke Pines Filthy! Tried to charge DOUBLE FOR SICK PUPPY! Pembroke Pines Florida

Went to buy a puppy Wed Aug 2, 2017 at 7pm. Store smelled atrocious. All puppies had diahrrea. Female manager refusing to give her name tried to sell my colleague a Shiba Inu female for $4200. Last female sold for $2100 and Male sold for $1500 at this location. We called 4 times that day inquiring about the breed. Drove over an hour to get there. My friend had lost her dog of 16 years and finally was ready to move on and love another furry family member again. Female manager brunette wearing glasses was beyond inconsiderate, and tried to hustle & RIP my friend off by charging TWICE the amount for a gastro-intestinally sick pup!


Petland Sick puppy that almost died Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

With new management, it doesn’t seem like things change much. I purchased a puppy here on January 7th, 2017 and she got extremely sick and was diagnosed with the deadly disease Parvo one week later on January 14th, 2017. I had to rush her to an all night vet, where she was admitted and quarentine for 5 days with only a 50% chance of survival. During her stay, vet bills ran me up to over $5000 dollars that the company should reimberse for since it was noted with my vet that she had the disease before I purchased her. I fiananced the puppy for $3200 and will not pay the loan in to Petland refunds to me $5,126 dollars in vet fees. I did not sign their contract for a sick puppy nor did I sign it to run vet fees up in to the thousands. It seems like no one even cares. I filed a claim with the BBB and they dropped it when the company never responded. As of right now, Petland fianance wants their money and I want mine and that’s where it stands right now. It seems like I will not pay this loan in to I get refunded for her hospitalization. I feel sorry for the dogs there that come from puppy mills and don’t get cared for, vet checked, or vaccined before being soled to the public. I do wish this place gets shut down sooner or later. It def has a bad reputation.


Petland Kennesaw’s store Deception, Lying and Hurting animals Kennesaw Georgia

On December 12th I was looking for a puppy on Petlands web cite. I choose my puppy and filled out on line application. The store replied and it read that my app was received and they would call me soon. The web site read 100% financing available to all no mater the credit they have….

They called me and told me congradulations that my credit application was approved and when could I come pick up my puppy. I told them it would Saturday and the time around 1 pm. They set up my appointment for Sat. 17, at 1 pm. They  called back again to make sure I was keeping my appointment. I was approved for 100% financing. The man told me that I would not be there long, but to make sure this was the puppy I wanted and to sign all the papers and not to forget my puppy started kit, if he was not there.

The employees I talked to was Sid/ Manager, and Alex. We (my family) arrived around 130 pm and got lost and I talked to several employees to get me to the store. A employee was standing at the front of the store with a Bordueax French Mastiff, and put us in a room which I thought was the puppy I was  there to get. We began to play with our dog and it was not the female Bordeaux that I wanted.  We told him that this is not the dog we were there for, it was the female.

The employee went to find out what was going on, he came back to say she was not there she was sold and it first come first serve, but we were told she would be put on hold and would not be taken out of the cage until we got there to pick her up. Our hearts were broken and could not understand what was happening. He did not know but what was told to him….

They left us in the cubby and know one would talk to us, I could not get help when puppy had accident in floor. I went out and left my wife with puppy, I began to look at all the puppies and this place was so crowded because of the advertising of 100% to anyone credit did not matter… I found my puppy that I was there to get, in a pen not moving, and asked a blonde, short hair, short girl employee and told her that was her and what is wrong with her. She was not gone or sold, she was hurt and they had let someone hold her and they had dropped her and it hurt her badly….no one took care of her and she is surffering in that pen.

Sid the manager told me she could not be sold and he did not know exactly what was wrong, possible she had to have surgery, but another employee said that would not happen, but she would be put down, because of injury it was so heart breaking to know that she was suffering, she was not being taken care of there all day and had not went to Vet.

I was there for awhile and wanted to know why I was not being helped that I just wanted to know what was going on, you see we come from Tellico Plains Tennesse, 2 hours away….finally I was told that I had to fill out another application that I was not approved and I had to wait 20 more minutes to find out that I was approved but had to put 50% down.

The approval was for the male at $4200.00, I had to put almost $2500.00 down, why would I come to the store to pay a down payment and finance $2000.00 when you can buy a puppy for less than that by an indiviual. the female was $3000.00 and was 12 weeks old and had been there to long.This was a awful experience and I hope that the puppy gets help.

The puppies were playing in their own poop, also when I got home the advertisement was gone and the picture of the female Bordeaux was gone, I have bought puppies from another pet store years ago with no money down. I have the ad saved because appying on line..Please help the puppy and people they’re so many other pet stores that will finance with no money down, this was deception on the pet stores part along with lying to a customer and treating the customer down right dirty, do not do business with these people, they use these animals to get rich, they don’t care about the animals.

I pray for these people because I would not treat my dog like I was treated today, I was lied to, my credit was run twice, given false hope, its a shame that we lost out on another family member and the puppy was not cared for the way she deserved …..these people have no morales or heart….


Petland Petland South Semoran Selling sick puppies Orlando Florida

I purchased a puppy from Petland South Semoran in October 2016. I paid 2,400 Needless to say I fell in love with my puppy the moment I saw him. So I did it… I financed him. The very night I brought him home I ended up rushing him to the emergency vet he was pooping blood and at an alarming rate. Petland had sold me a very sick puppy. I called the store to confront them on the issue, they told me I needed to call pet solutions a 3rd party insurance company to be reimbursed the fees I received from the emergency vet . So I filed a claim and here we are… over a month later and I still trying to get some answers and resolution.


Petland We bought a Pug in Sept. at the Robinson Township Pet Land. The dog cost $2500. We were told at time of purchase that the dog needed nasal surgery. We were told at the time we spayed the dog to get this procedure done and bring back the receipt to the Petland in Robinson for Re-imbursement.  Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

When I called Petland in Robinson to see if i could fax over paperwork i was told they would not honor this agreement because there is a new franchise owner and this is under new franchise. I see the name PETLAND and the same location as i purchased the dog. This owner was rude, arrogant and instead of trying to find a solution to this was defensive. I am sure we are not the only customers who purchased these overpriced dogs and now Petland not honoring what they agreed to. Very disappointing i would never purchase a dog from Petland in Robinson again.. i am sure this guy will be out of business shortly after the word spreads of how he will not honor Petland agreements. I am not in process of calling corporate to file a complaint against Robinson Township PA Petland.

We bought a Pug in Sept. at the Robinson Township Pet Land.  The dog cost $2500.  We were told at time of purchase that the dog needed nasal surgery.  We were told at the time we spayed the dog to get this procedure done and bring back the receipt to the Petland in Robinson for Re-imbursement.  When I called Petland in Robinson to see if i could fax over paperwork i was told they would not honor this agreement because there is a new franchise owner and this is under new franchise.  I see the name PETLAND and the same location as i purchased the dog.  This owner was rude, arrogant and instead of trying to find a solution to this was defensive.  I am sure we are not the only customers who purchased these overpriced dogs and now Petland not honoring what they agreed to.

Very disappointing i would never purchase a dog from Petland in Robinson again.. i am sure this guy will be out of business shortly after the word spreads of how he will not honor Petland agreements.  I am not in process of calling corporate to file a complaint against Robinson Township PA Petland.


petland treated me like s*** , buys from puppy mills cicero New York

i got a dog a while ago ( 2008 )there. paid 1700 dollars for her ( f***ing dumb i know ) . she was purebred mini dachshund . anyways after getting her i did some research into her bloodline..and found out she came from some breeder in kansas…all good it would seem..nope the breeder was wanted by the irs for tax evasion…and then did more digging and found out he was arrested in other states for animal cruelty and running puppy mills. so i went to petland with this proof and asked them to refund the money i gave them based on what i found out. they refused they said give us back the dog and we will talk. ( the manager at the time was an rude arrogant d*** ). i called them out for working with illegal puppy mills and they of course denied it up

and down even with the proof and a report from the kansas police dept. about the breeder …. so basically i was dumb and got a dog from there. [continued below]…


Petland iowa city iowa Owner Craig Felder Horrible treatment, lack of integrity, empathy. Iowa city Iowa

terrible experience dealing w petland. Our credit was approved but an employee error made them lose the approval information. They then proceeded to run our credit thru two additional credit companies, making it seem like we had $2500 approved and we’re trying to get $5000 more. During our 3hr 45min ordeal, the owner looked us straight in the eye and lied to us. I called him on it and he admitted his life (and complete lack of integrity). 10 days later we were looking for drivers license and social security card, only to remember those were two forms of ID given at petland ..

and never returned to us. Upon calling the store we learned they still had the ID, but SS card was missing (we’re waiting for identity fraud to hit us). Upon asking the manager why they didn’t call us immediately to let us know they had items, I was told “I don’t know I wasn’t part of that sale” An apology was never given. I desperately hope they treat animals better than they do humans. I doubt it. Greed, lack of empathy, no integrity and horrible business practices don’t lend much confidence.


Petland Naperville Puppy mill, fraud, scammers, cruel place for puppies. Naperville Illinois

our little family decided to add a pet to our home. We shopped around for a few weeks before falling in love with a yokiepoo at Petland of Naperville. We noticed that the puppy had some coughing. We asked several people if the puppy was sick because the cough did not sound normal. One if the employees by the name of Mckenzie took the puppy to the back of the store and later came back and explained that the puppy had had an upper respiratory infection but that the puppy had been “cleared” by one of their participating vets. She assured me that the puppy was in healthy and good conditions to take home. We took her words and decided to purchase they puppy. Sunday afternoon we took him home

he was active and exploring the house but still had the cough I didn’t think much of it because the store had assured me that the puppy was in healthy conditions. Sunday night his cough got worse he keep making strange sounds as if he was choking or as if he needed to throw up. [continued below]…


Petland of Largo Sold me a puppy with severe pneumonia…then told the FDACS I was lying about his health! Largo Florida

I bought my Bernese Mountain Dog at Petland of Largo September 18th. He, the puppy, was snotty – I did not know this was a sign of illness as he is my first dog and I did not know what to look for. He had an initial visit with my Vet the next day, in which he was deemed healthy (snotty nose was not obvious because I had just bathed him that morning). At the Vet’s office he was lethargic which was mistaken as good behavior.

The next few days, he started puking mucus, had horrible coughs, and continued to be lethargic. I took him in for a sick-visit and the vet found that he had severe pneumonia. One entire lung was filled with fluid, the other had a severe infection and was on its way to being as sick as the other. The vet stated that he had to have been sick prior to my purchase and that it was a very real probability that puppies who had been around him had gotten sick too. He was prescribed an anti-biotic, cough medicine, and one other pill and was told if that did not start working within a day or so, to call the vet and ask for additional treatment. [continued below]..

I notified Petland of Largo and asked that I be reimbursed for all medical expenses and should this cause the death of my puppy, to be reimbursed for his full cost. I also asked that they quarantine their sick puppies and notify all pet owners who had purchased from them within the past month to watch for illness in their own puppy. The store manager agreed to reimburse medical expenses and that she would watch the other dogs. I was not happy with her response.

That day, the vet’s office called back and asked for status on Harley, the puppy – I told her the medication was working and he seemed to be getting better, he would need no further medications. I clarified with the vet the next day that what I said was in reference to additional treatment, not the initial treatment which he continued to take.

I did not trust what the manager at Petland of Largo had stated and she did not confirm that she would notify the other puppy parents, so, I decided to file a complaint with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. I received a response from Petland of Largo’s president last night, 10/28/15, stating that I was misrepresenting Harley’s health. Every word I had ever said, whether it was to the vet’s office or on my complaint, was twisted around so that it all but said I was a liar and it was my fault. They claimed to have written me a check for reimbursement of medical expenses at the end of September. The rep at FDACS confirmed they had not but it would be ‘soon’.

I stated that in order to satisy my complaint, Petland of Largo needed to:

  • Reimburse all medical expenses
  • Reimburse total cost of the puppy should the illness kill him
  • Quaratine sick puppies
  • Notify puppy parents of the illness
  • Buy from a reputable source

The reimbursement of medical expenses, that has not yet been done, only satisfies one part of the complaint.

I do NOT trust Petland of Largo, will NOT ever give them my money again, and WILL tell everyone I know about the unprofessionalism, the lack of care and respect they have for their animals and their customers, and that they sell sick puppies.


PETLAND ORLANDO Petland Semoran PETLAND SOUTH ORLANDO Contract loopholes and lies. Management lied about the the origin of my pet. Orlando Florida

A few months ago I bought a cat from the Orlando Semoran Petland location. I asked the manager, a black man, where exactly my cat came from and that I felt uneasy about puppy mills. He stated my cat came from reputable breeder which is why he is more expensive. I knew I could buy a cat for 1000 personally from a breeder however he insisted the cat came from a top breeder with champion bloodline which is why the cat was 1300. The first lie I came across was in actuality by their own vet. The vet stated my cat is one month YOUNGER. I checked his pedigree paper and realized his birthdate was wrong. In my opinion if the breeder is that reputable she should know exactly when my cat was born. This meaning she doesn’t have hundreds of cats she doesn’t know what to do with. The second incidence was also by the vet. He told me his papers states that my cat was vaccinated with dog vaccines. He looked a little scared. He quickly told me he would contact Petland to make sure my cat got the actual feline vaccination he needs. So I didn’t need to pay for it. I thought this was strange because his papers has that vets name on it. I assume he would remember or at least NOT make that mistake while working for Petland. My cats CFA (cat fanciers association) is wrong falsified. The CFA paper is not authentic. It was done my their broker using a web design called I have tried reaching CFA and they have no knowledge of the breeder DELORES CARLOS. also his pedigree paper number for the sire doesn’t match the number on the QD kennel paper. The dam cat number isn’t even listed on the pedigree paper which is strange. Less than a month ago my beautiful boy died of FIP. I have spent over 700 dollars in vet bills. On top of that I have been dealing with stress due to the traumatic passing of my cat. I did not buy my cat on a whim. I have wanted a Persian for a very long time. My vet told me, he even put on paper my cat died of FIP. I checked the warranty and it states the cat should be free of multiple disease and FIP was one of them. I quickly checked his medical paperwork I was given and those thieves only checked for feline leukemia. I have called their solutions line and they told me and I quote “we do not medically check the animals for those diseases, our vet ASSUMES the animal doesn’t have those diseases”. That got me furious. How can a “reputable” pet store not check their animals for a disease. How can a pet store just have a vet assume a VIRUS isn’t there. Especially when viruses stay dormant in the system until it transforms into the disease. That is why they checked for feline leukemia to see if that virus is present. Why are you forgetting about the other diseases. I have tried to look up my cats origin and what I found out got me boiling. The manager said “distributor means a truck driver that transports the pet from point A to B”. LIE. their QD kennel owned by TONY AND BRENDA SCHINDLER are class B brokers. That is where they get their pet from. Petland doesn’t even know the breeder. I found out that same tony Schindler is the son of Bonnie and Herman Schindler. Puppy mill owners that were investigated in 2010. Also tony Schindler is brothers with Lori Conrad another puppy mill owner. Of course Petland denies but what gets me furious is that they blatantly lie about it. I have proof. Actual proof that can be seen and easily looked up in regards to their relationship. I was baffled how they lie. They said it’s a coincidence. Wow. I called the breeder and she informed me that she doesn’t even sell cats anymore. I do not have any cats. I moved to a brand new apartment complex where NOONE has lived in. I am literally the first human being to live in the apartment. My cat has had NO contact with any cats. The only time he has had contact with cat feces and saliva is in Petland and QD KENNEL AND the breeder. that is how FIP is contracted. It is by cat ingesting infected cat feces. I have the vet on my side and I have medical research that correlate to the time line of my cats passing. All evidence indicate that my cat contracted FIP in their hands. Petland does not want to give me my money back. They refuse. They even refuse after an ACTUAL VET provided paperwork stating that he has FIP. I have called them multiple times and they keep changing their story. At first they informed me I would get a full refund if I showed proof that my cat died of FIP. which I did. My vet states it in the medical records. Even after that Petland refused. They refuse even after a VET provided record of my cats passing. Please read the contract carefully and ask a lot of questions. 14 days mean NOTHING. many of those diseases stay dormant for longer and then they KILL your beloved pet. PETLAND knows this and that is why they say 14 days. So that when the pet actually begins to show symptom after 14 days they can wipe their greedy hands clean. Again they DO NOT check for the diseases listed. They do not do any blood work. They have their VET ASSUME. It’s like a human Doctor ASSUMING you don’t have HIV AIDS just by looking at you!


Petland They sold me a sick baby rabbit , once called them to see what they are gonna do as far as a vet looking at my baby , they said sorry

Kennesaw ga Georgia

They sold me a sick bunny with a parasite or a bacterial infection … Once made aware of it they couldn’t do anything at all they said other then pay 25% of the vet bill if I’d ever see that cause I had to fax it to some other location then to them , very very heartless people towards their pets they are selling aril long people off … Had my baby bunny 9 days ! He’s now doing better cause I and the vet I took my baby too did all we could do to help him and so far it is working …

Petland They sold me a sick baby rabbit , once called them to see what they are gonna do as far as a vet looking at my baby , they said sorry go see our vet ( which doesn’t see exotics keep in mind) … When I told them what’s wrong with my baby bunny they basically told me sorry give it Timothy hay , vit c and call it a day … These heartless b******* don’t care about their baby’s they are selling all they are to them are $ signs and could careless after what happens to them


Petland Kennesaw Georgia, store manager Zack, Pawsitive Solutions manager TJ Stole my money and sold me a dog that died within 3 weeks Kennesaw Georgia

In December 2014, I purchased a Yorkie from Petland in Kennesaw. This dog was priced at $2600, but I refused to pay that price, so they discounted the dog down to $1555. The dog that we got was obviously the runt of the litter and it showed….she was smaller than most and hardly any hair on her head. We bought her anyway, as my they 4 year old daughter had to have her! We took her home and I immediately noticed that she didn’t want to eat! The store gave me a sugar solution to give to the dog every day several times a day to keep the dogs strength up. I called Pawsitive Solutions to let them know that the dog wasn’t eating much and they offered advice. Over the next 3 weeks, the dog would eat when she wanted, I gave her the sugar solution just as I was told and one morning I was getting ready for church and I heard the dog kind of yelping. She was in her cage and the door was open, she was contorted in a weird way and I could see that she was suffering, as I’ve had dogs before. I picked her up and wrapped her in a blanket as she died in my arms! Hysterical and unable to go to church, I call Pawsitive Solutions to relay to them my story. A lady took my statement and told me that a decision would be made and she would call me back. When she called me back, she told me that the store who honor my contract and allow me to get any Yorkie I wanted at no additional charge….Just that the dog had to be a Yorkie. It took my daughter and I until March 1,2016 to even want to go down the puppy road again! On 2/29/16, I went to the store with my daughter and mom to see if the store had Yorkies, and they didn’t. I spoke with an African American man who told me that they get the new dogs in on Tuesday and that he would call me the next day if they got any Yorkies. He called me at approximately 1:25 on 3/1/16 to tell me that they had Yorkies. My daughter, mother and I went to the store and saw a female Yorkie. I took my paperwork with me stating that we were entitled to another Yorkie. After holding the dog for awhile, the store manager tells me that I only have a store credit of $1555 and would have to spend an additional $1500 to get a dog. At this point I lost it and told them that I was advised by a Pawsitive Solutions rep (company who handles their dirty work), that I could get ANY Yorkie at no additional charge. The manager called Pawsitive Solutions, and TJ the arrogant, rude and condescending manager, refused to help me. I told them they they had better find me another dog and that I’m not paying another red cent! The manager of Petland Kennesyis additional condescending and doesn’t give a darn about the customers!!!!!!! Beware!!!!!!! I gave our dog Daydream all of the love that I give my daughter, yet I couldn’t stop her from dying because Petland sells sick dogs!!!!!


Petland of Largo, FL Petland of Largo Sold us a dog with Parvo Largo Florida

Bought a Peagle puppy (10 weeks) from Petland of Largo, FL on 1/24/2016.  We asked 2 separate times if they purchase puppies from puppy mills.  They stated no – only reputable breeders.  Before leaving the store with puppy, he had been a bit “out of it” and we asked why.  They said he had received shots the day before and not to worry because he had been playful since they got him.  As we were paying, we were told we could not leave the store without buying their petfood that the puppy had been on.  I didn’t want to because I had my own but they wouldn’t let me leave with him.  They also charged me $35 to transfer the microchip which was anoher rip when I had transfered another puppy of mine the night before through AKC for $6.95.

Then **** broke loose.  A few hours after getting the puppy home, he began vomitting and having diarreha.  He wouldn’t eat or drink.  The next morning we took him to the vet.  They found parasites in his stool so they put him on meds.  He did not get better.

The next morning, he had green mucus coming from his nose and you could hear crackling when he was breathing.  Again, vomitting, diarreha, no food or water, lathargic, didn’t want to walk or stand.  Took him back to vert.  They gave him I.V. fluids and tended to his medical needs throughout the day.  We picked him up in the evening and took him home.

Yesterday morning we woke to the puppy sitting in vomit and bloody diarreha and didn’t want to move.  Took him back to the vet where he was, again, put on I.V. and they tended to  him.  From there we transferred him to the animal hospital where they told us he had a severe case of PARVO. They admitted him and he is still there fighting for his life.  He had 105 degree temp today and they gave him plasma a few hours ago.

Petland knew he was ill but they just wanted to sell a puppy and make money.  Every single dog there that was sold and that was still there after we bought him is at risk for this deadly disease.  Because of their carelessness, stupidity, selfishness of wanting to make money…they have spread this killer disease and put so many innocent puppies at risk.  On top of that, those infected puppies, as well as my two at home, are now going to their new homes and putting other family dogs at risk.  Even if a puppy does not go home with a “customer”, those “customers” have walked across floors where dogs have pooped and now carry the virus on their shoes to their dogs at home or other homes.

Petland said no puppy mills?  Really?  I was able to search and contact my “reputable breeder” and I can tell you, that is not what I would call them.  It was a farm..too many dogs/puppies to even remember when my Peagle puppy was born – in November 2015 – a few months ago.  And he had a umbilical cord surgery which you think a “reputable breeder” would remember – no.  Not her.  But I heard all about how they are shipped and paid for and mixed in with all kinds of other dogs.  THAT is a puppy mill.

Petland lies.  Petland bullies you into buying their food and paying outrageoud prices.  But the worst of all is they know they have sick puppies, they sell them to customers thinking they bringing home a healthy, happy puppy to add to their family, and then we have to deal with the sickness, the medical bills, and the heartache.  They tell you to bring them back for a refund.  Really?  SO they can not take care of them again and they die?  Never.

We purchased a puppy but more than that, we rescued a puppy.  He may still not live, but we will do everything in our power to help him survive or not suffer.

Why isn’t Petland shut down?  Knowing Parvo came from there?  Another dog, also purchased from the same Petland was also admitted to the animal hospital the same day and was on oxygen.  How many more sick animals are they allowed to sell?  Why are they allowed to continue selling?  Petland is inhumane.


Petland Iowa City Tom n Carla Steffensmeier are the breeder Liers, Ripoffs n Puppy Mill buyers Iowa City Iowa

My Husband and I went Petland in Iowa City Iowa where we BOTH fell in love with our Anna we was told shes a bulldog/pug mix. We bought her Nov. 27 2015. We was told she was Hand picked NOT from a puppy mill, she had been to their Vet with a report she had a kennel cough so just give her Children’s Robitussin Cough Medicine. We was giving her the medicine but Anna was only getting worse. On Dec. 7 2015 we had to take Anna to the Emergency Animal Clinic after a bill of 480.00 we was told she had PNEUMONIA her Right lung was lung was full n her Left was 27% full. I contacted the store Petland just to get the run around. I got online n started looking into the store n Breeders Tom n Carla Steffensmeier. I found that the store is very well known for selling I’ll dogs, n buying from puppy mills. I want justice for my Anna. Can anyone plz help


Debbys petland Unknown Selling d**k dog non bred with different breeds Attleboro Massachusetts

I was sold a akita that breed is half Shepard and have papers for full breed dog could not be mated with akita full blood cause she could not carry pups not noing she was half Shepard she lost all three pups and had to have ‘s action to remove them costing me 6000 and now is full of allergies and spaded


Petland Petland of Deerfield beach Petland took $820 from me because they felt like it! STAY AWAY FROM PETLAND Deerfield Beach Florida

I purchased a pet from Petland in Deerfield beach and after doing research from the pets documents we felt we should returned it the next day. We learned that the puppy we got was possibly not pure breed and they come from puppy mills and its a possibility the dog could have serious health problems. We also realized that it was VERY overpriced. When we did return it we were told the policy was that they were only going to refund 50% of the purchase price which was about $2587.00, within 48 hours. We explained that we don’t have that much money to lose and that we only had $500. We were not aware of this policy but the person in charge at the location said they will refund the WHOLE amount on the credit card we opened at Petland but was then asking for $820 in cash in order for him to do that. After putting so much pressure on us we finally decided to just pay but we were uneasy about giving them cash because we don’t know what they were going to do with it and we also did not have the cash. He refused to let us use debit or credit card and insisted on us to give him cash, after a long battle of telling him we didn’t have $820 in cash he finally agreed to let us use our debit card. He did refund everything and we gave him everything we purchased. He also said he felt that my partner was being rude to his other employees and that he has to charge us something. We basically got pressured into giving him the money just so he can give us a refund but was asking for cash in his hand. On our receipt that we were given for the $820 it only says “Deposit”.

I contacted Pet land Corporate and the woman assisting me basically told me they had the right to charge me what ever they wanted. She also said that $320 dollars of that was for the “opened items” we returned, we returned about 30 items and only 3 were open. What happens to the other things we don’t have and we paid for? And the $500 that was charged was because that’s what we told them we had. Had I said 200, they would take 200. They said the policy was 50% of the purchase price but they refunded everything but were still badgering us to give them $820 in cash. I spoke to a rep of petland credit card and explained the situation and she said it sounds very fishy and advised me to contact corporate but corporate was no help. If the policy is 50% then the policy is broken, they refunded everything and they have no right to just make up a charge and then ask for cash. I am still trying to get this problem resolved and so far no one has been able to help us. This is the most upsetting thing that has happened to me with a business. After all of this, reading so many reviews about Petland assured me that I am not the only one that has been treated like this by this company.

Something has to be done about Petland. Overpriced sick animals, and false advertisment in their stores. They really know how to lure people into buying their crappy products and don’t care one bit about their customers or how they provide good service. They took advantage of my situation and I truly believe that cash they were asking for was just for the manager to put it in his pocket. There is no other reason why he would be asking for CASH only if it was a legitamate transaction. It is just a very unpleasurable, greedy company that needs to be shut down for the sake of people and animals.


Petland Novi, MI 18 month old puppy sold by Petland euthanized due to genetic kidney disease, owners found was bred at puppy mill. Novi Michigan

To Whom It May Concern:

Have you ever had to put your 18-month-old puppy down while he was still wagging his tail and playing with toys?  I have.  Do you know what it is like to put your loyal companion to sleep while he looks at you with big playful eyes? I do.

On August 27th, 2015 our black Labrador Retriever, Biggby, was diagnosed with Renal Dysplasia after what we thought was going to be a routine visit to the veterinarian.  We first took him to a local vet who ran a blood test and sent us to an emergency vet.  They then looked at his condition via ultrasound and shared the heartbreaking news that our little buddy had an incurable kidney disease called Renal Dysplasia.  This is a genetic disease, usually caused from inbreeding, in which the puppy’s kidneys never develop.  The baby-sized kidneys they are born with are the only kidneys they have to function on, and eventually as the puppy grows the kidneys can’t keep up with filtering the toxins out of the dog’s body. [continued below]..

Even the kidneys that they do have are damaged and full of cysts so they can’t produce enough blood for a pup reaching adulthood to be healthy.

Biggby was the most sweet and loving dog we have ever known.  Our friends and family shared in the joy he brought and loved him like their own. He really made an impact in our community as well, and was being trained to be a therapy dog.  He also attended a day camp and the workers there were also very attached to him. This being said, when I found out Biggby needed a kidney I researched his breeder in order to contact her and see if I could get a healthy kidney from one of his relatives in order to do a transplant. We were willing to do anything.  As soon as I typed in his breeder’s name I was appalled at what I saw.  There are several advocacy groups that warn against this breeder stating that she is running a puppy mill.  I also found out that she failed several of her last inspections with the state of Kansas for the conditions that her dogs were kept in.  I felt so betrayed by Petland who told me that he was from a “champion bloodline” and was bred by one of the best most renown Labrador breeders there is.  We were also told that he was checked for any health deficiencies and he was a completely healthy puppy.  So in order to prevent us from going through any heartache like we have, we were willing to pay the $1700 that Petland wanted for the dog.

After his visit to the emergency vet, we took Biggby to another vet the net day to get a second opinion and to see what, if anything, they could do for us.  They ran the blood work again and saw the same sad findings.  They also ran IV fluids through him overnight in order to flush out toxins in his kidneys.  Unfortunately when his blood tests were checked the again afterward, we were told that his levels had worsened.  On August 29th, 2015 we had to put down our puppy.  It was the most heartbreaking day of our lives.  Because we do not have any children, Biggby was our child.  He was treated just as if he was one of us.

Here is some of the information that comes up when you do a simple Google search for “Marla Yeubanks” the name of his breeder…



Coffeyville , KS

USDA Licence # 48A1828

Breeds: Poodle, Labrador Retriever, Shih Tzu

USDA inspection notes (from March 29, 2011 unless otherwise noted)

  • 2723 door frame/doggy door of outdoor housing of poodle shelter needs repaired
  • 2720 excessive feces in lab pens.
  • 2724 door frame/doggy door of outdoor housing of poodle shelter needs repaired
  • 2730 cob webs on walls and ceiling of poodle and lab shelters.
  • 2737 cob webs on walls and ceiling of poodle and lab shelters.
  • 2718 excessive feces in lab pens.
  • 2721 replace surface, feces, dirt, and gravel mixed cannot clean and sanitize properly.
  • 2728 Inside walls of shelter of Poodle and Lab enclosure.
  • 2736 Inside walls of shelter of Poodle and Lab enclosure.
  • 2716 replace surface, feces, dirt, and gravel mixed cannot clean and sanitize properly.
  • 2717 replace surface, feces, dirt, and gravel mixed cannot clean and sanitize properly.
  • 2726 Inside walls of shelter of Poodle and Lab enclosure.

Is it any wonder that Biggby had a genetic birth disease? If Petland at all researches their breeders how in the world can it be possible for them to purchase a dog from someone with such a TERRIBLE reputation?  Also, why do they tell you gobs of information at purchasing about how well bred the dog is and about his bloodline and his health, when a simple Google search shows so many red flags? (and this is just one of MANY disgusting inspection reviews about this breeder, don’t look at the pictures if you don’t want to be devastated)

Becuase we were so devastated with what happened to us, and did not want anyone else to experience something like this my husnad and I placed a review online stating our experince, Petland then, out of the blue, tried blackmailing us, telling us that if we take down our review they will give us 100% towards a new dog and if we don’t they will not.  This was outrageous as well, as if our puppy was just replacable.  I wouldn’t want another pet from there if they PAID ME to take it.  We were then warned that they may seek legal counsel against us. This is the last thing we need while we are still grieving the loss of our best friend.

Please assist us in making right this tragic event, as our hearts, and many of those in the community in which we live, have been broken.


Petland Made promises they did not honor!! Rome Georgia

I purchased two dwarf rabbits from Petland. Three days later one rabbit died. I contacted the person that sold me the rabbits. She said they didn’t have anymore at this time, but took my name & number to call me when they got them in. Two days later the other rabbit died! Here I am with a very upset grand daughter. So I contacted Petland again, and was told the girl that helped me no longer worked there. I left my phone number & name and was told they would have management contact me. After several days of no response I called the store again. I was told management was in a meeting they would have him call me! Several days later after no returned phone call I stopped by the store. The manager was not there so I talked with the department manager, she took my name & number and said she would have manager call me. Few days later still no return call I stopped in again. Manager was not there, but Assistant Manager was. She apologizes & said she would talk with the manager & make things right. Several days later I called again left my phone number & told them what I was calling about. By now everyone who worked there knew me! As of today I still have not heard one word from Petland!! I paid $38.95 each. I also bought everything they recommend except the cage, because I had one! I use to go in this store every week to purchase crickets for my lizard (that I also purchased from them)! I no longer go in there & would not purchase any thing from them again! The only person that tried to help me was the girl that sold them to me, but next thing I know she’s not working there anymore! Wonder why the most helpful person is gone??? I will never go back in this store and I will continue to let people know about the treatment I recieved from this store!!


Petland Puppy Mill Pet store puppies petland Las vegas Nevada

We went to Petland in Las Vegas, Nevada on with no intent to purchase a puppy. However, as we were browsing, this beautiful little Papillion puppy caught our eye. We visited with her for an extended period of time as well as questioned the employees about the puppies. We had heard that places like these get their puppies from puppy mills, but found it hard to believe that she was one of them. She was very clean and seemed to be extremely happy and playful. The employee ensured us that the stores puppies were healthy and came from private and reputable breeders and that each was researched and recommended by the USDA and AKC as well as that they are periodically visited in order to keep their license.

The following she had greenish colored puss in her eyes as well as a visible worm problem, as she had gone to the bathroom in her crate overnight. We took her to the vet that Petland stated the animal had to be check by that morning, less than 12 hours after purchasing Bella. At West Charlston Animal Hospital, in Las Vegas, Nevada, they examined Bella and determined that she had an eye infection, which he provided us with drops for, as well as an obvious worm infestation. A fecal parasite exam was completed and determined that Bella also suffers from Giardia, which she was also prescribed medication for. The vaccinations that we were told have been given to Bella prior to purchasing her were not administered by a vet and cannot be proven. The health record that was provided has small writing stating that “Indicated vaccine(s)/treatment(s) were administered by the breeder prior to purchase of the dog by Hunte Corporation”, who is listed as the distributor on the pet profile.

Additionally, Petland stated that the puppy was current on vaccinations, which is not the case, due to the fact that we purchased her 5 and a half weeks after she was allegedly vaccinated. Therefore, she not been properly vaccinated while under the care of Petland, and could have been exposed to many illnesses. Bella was also advertised to us to be AKC registered and excellent breeding quality. After further review of her AKC paperwork, we have determined that her father was unregistered with the AKC, and was only given an AKC number for identification purposes. There is no proof that this puppy is pure bred, and therefore is not AKC breeding quality as promised. Bella has had health issues since birth, which the Petland employee stated were all “common with toy breeds”.

After further research, we have found that the Open Fontanel and Inguinal hernia repair that she had were likely due to hereditary issues with her parents. These dogs should not be breeding and should have been fixed. Additionally, at the time of Bellas inguinal hernia repair, she should have also been fixed, in order to prevent her from reproducing, which could not only result in puppies with similar issues, but could also result in health problems and even death if Bella were to ever be pregnant. Bella will need to have another surgery in order to be spayed, which should have been done at the time of her last surgery. However, being spayed, the breeder would not have been able to sell her for as much money. Petland did not provide us with any veterinary information regarding this surgery, and there are no visible scars on Bellas stomach. Therefore, we are not sure whether or not this surgery was actually performed to correct this painful and dangerous health problem.

I called Midway Veterinary Clinic in Neosho, Missouri, which is the vet listed on Bella’s paperwork as the vet that did her surgery, microchip and vaccinations. The employee stated that she did not have Travis Fanning (the breeder) in her system and that even if she did, I would need to contact him to have her records released to me. Although it appears that it will be expensive to look after Bella, we do not want to get rid of her. We cannot imagine putting this poor puppy through any more than she has already been through and intend on giving her the best life possible. However, it is quite distressing knowing that we have purchased a dog from a puppy mill and supported this horrible industry, and plan to do anything in our power to stop this from happening to these innocent animals.


Petland Kennesaw Complete Rip off Kennesaw Georgia

If you don’t want to be completely ripped off then PLEASE go to any pet store other than Petsland in Kennesaw. Here’s why:

1. The price they tell you for the dogs (and maybe cats idk because I got a dog) are not the actual prices. They add in AAAAALLLLLLLLLL kinds of packages that cost hundreds of dollars and force you to only work with them, and don’t break that down to you. They told me my dog cost $3200, but on my receipt the dog was $1800 and everything else was added like $420 lifetime AKC package (which includes training), $300 training (additional that I have NOT received), $240 spa package, $120 treat package, etc. A whole bunch of stuff you could get much cheaper somewhere else.

2. They WON’T refund you anything, despite what your receipt says. The receipt says that anything purchased in a bundle can be returned as long as the entire bundle is unopened, but the Pawsitive Solution people will disagree and say “well you signed the receipt ancd contract showing youwere aware of what you bought and what was included in the price of your dog.” They will say they don’t have a store manager and refer you to Pawsitive Solutions, were they don’t resolve anything. Thank you Erin, Kelly, Chris, and Skylar for being so helpful (sarcasm). I will definitely be sending this to a lawyer.

3. You can’t return any dog, just exchange. And please don’t make the mistake I did and finance a dog. It’s a debt I can’t cancel for an over priced ticket.

The only positive is that I got a beautiful healthy puppy from the deal.


PETLAND Petland sells poorly bred misrepresented puppies. DO NOT BUY! Overland Park Kansas

We purchased two Boxer puppies from this location in April of 2014. We were told that the puppies were in good health, and from reputable breeders. Now almost a year later we found out the the male puppy has mange and can not be bred. Petland returned half of the purchase price. We also started training the puppies for competition, but can’t do that either because the male is larger (much) larger than breed standards and walks like he has some sort of skeletal problems. It is very hard for him to stand up straight and almost looks like his hind legs are longer than his front legs, and has a permanent curve towards the rear of his spine. His temperament is fine, but we will never be able to breed him or enter him in any competitions.Now to the female; as a puppy she resembled a boxer and due to the fact that the sales people said the same thing about the breeders and AKC REGISTERED and and and I thought it would be ok. I know from experience that with some breeds it could take a few months to a year until the full physical character traits of the dog actually come out. Well the female turned a year old on Jan. 9th this year, and she doesn’t resemble a boxer. She has the colorings of a boxer, but that’s about it. No short pushed in muzzle like a typical boxer, and her coat is very long. When I got the dogs I scanned the barcodes on their info packages and it shows that they came from the same breeder, but their pedigree and AKC paperwork show something totally different.We payed close to $4000 for two puppies that we had great plans for and now can only have them spayed and neutered. When we found out about the male puppies hereditary issues I asked for contact information to the breeder and was denied. I have since researched reviews from other Petland customers, and found out that I’m not the first person who has been sold inferior / poorly bred puppies.I am prepared to take this case to small claims court if I do not receive s full refund.


Petland refused to reply to the BBB complaint. This will affect their rating, but when I told this to their complaints department “pawsative solutions” I was told they didn’t care.

I’d say it’s time to close them down!



PetLand Pet Land Sold sick animals Rome Georgia

This company is a disgrace – sold us a sick guinea pig for $49.99 that was sick and died within days or my purchase.  We were told that the pig died from a Vitamin C deficiency due to what the pig was being fed at the pet store.  Now my 6 year old daughter is crying because of their lack of care for the animals they sell – needless to say this is disappointing.  We contacted the store and they just act like its normal to purchase animals from there and they die soon after – no remorse and no help from the management here.  Don’t waste your time buying pets here!


Petland On 6/28/2014 I bought a Sheep dog from Petland at 3920 S. Semoran Blvd. Orlando, Florida. Orlando Florida

On 6/28/2014 I bought a Sheep dog from  Petland at 3920 S. Semoran Blvd. Orlando, Florida.

Phone # 407-381-5777

I called them about my dog, being sick. They had no comment. Never offerded any help, or what to do.

So I went to my grandmothers house in Jacksonville, to take him to her Vet. on      july 2 , 2014. I took him to Oceanview veterinary Hospital in Jacksonville. They did some tests and determined the dog had Parasites. They treated him, but when I got home a few days later he was still sick. In Orlando I took him to Banfield Pet Hospital on 7/8/2014 He still was sick with parasites, both Vets told me that they get that from other animals. The only pets that he was around was at Petland, he even goes to potty in pee pee pads. I never took him out side.

I called Petland and they reimbursed me for the medication which was small amount of the bill. I paid $350.00 for the vet. visits and tests. they refused to pay for the test & the veternarians charges.

I paid $1700.00 for my dog, and you would think, they would have taken better care of their pets.

I found out that a coworker had the same problem with them.


Nilda C.


Petland Naperville Petland Naperville committing fraud by selling mutts as hybrid designer dogs. Naperville Illinois

I lost my long time friend Toby to congestive heart failure. I was totally devastated. After a few weeks, still suffering over the horrible loss, I went to Petland in Naperville, Illinois. I told them about losing my Toby and how there was an emptiness inside being without him. They showed me a couple of puppies and I fell in love with one. Long story short, they said he was a Morkie hybrid designer dog and his price was $2000. His papers also read as such. When I told them I couldn’t afford it they reduced the price to $1500. I said that I still couldn’t afford that much they came back with a price of $900 because he was there for a long time and he was already 4 months old. I purchased him and called him Gio.

I took Gio for his first appointment at the vet Petland required. The vet asked me what his breed was. When I told her she looked at me and said “are you sure” and recommended I a have a blood panel/dna test done.

I received the results back which read that Gio is a poodle mix and not a Morkie.

i brought my test results back to Petland. The supervisor said that his chip he has is probably the wrong one or some how was switched. She put me in contact with Positive Solutions which is the company that handles complaints for Petland. The person I talked to said he was a personal friend of the owner of the Naperville store and he will get this matter resolved quickly. All I asked for was half of Gio’s price and the cost of the blood panel/DNA test. A week later he called back and said “the Vet never questioned his breed and that blood panel/DNA tests are not 100% positive so sorry but we can’t do anything for you”. I told him someone is lying here, that if it wasn’t for the vet questioning it in the first place, I would have continued to think he was a Morkie. It makes me sick how places like these take advantage of people that are grieving. I’m so mad I just don’t know what to do.


Petland of Irvine Damon B. Allen Bryan Christopher Moon Petland Of Irvine, CA My daughter and I financed a Malteese puppy approx. 14 hours ago. We signed a finance contract that required $500 down payment and $218 per month. The contract also stated that we had 48 hours to return the dog minus a 50% restocking fee. The sleezy smelly manager refused to refund our 50% back..we actually had to pay an additional $360 to cancel the contract. They did not explain any of that to us. The contract also states that the store manager may make a decision to give us a full refund or store credit…when we pointed that phrase to her she started stuttering. I asked her for the owner or district manager’s information and she gave me a generic email address and said that he is a SILENT Private owner. This place charged us $860.00 for a puppy that we only had for 14 hours. Petland is a RIPOFF. I later found that the puppies come from puppy mills. I’m writing to the corporate headquarters to file a complaint against the owner in hopes of recouping some of my money back. I’m hoping they will take a look at his license and shady business practices. Irvine California

We financed a puppy from Petland in Irvine CA approx 14 hours ago.  We put $500 down and financed the rest.  The contract that we signed stated that we could return the puppy within 48 hours minus a 50% restocking fee.  Now here’s the ripoff……we expected to get $ 250 back after returning the dog but we instead we ended having to pay an additional $360 to end the finance contract.  The contract clearly states that the store manager may make the decision to refund the purchase price but instead this smelly shady manager refused and required us to pay her!!! This is a shady bait and switch operation.  When I requested to get the contact information of the owner, the dog breath manager  gave me a generic email address instead.  I will be writing to the CEO of Petland in hopes of recouping some of my money back from this place.  It is an outrage that they can swindle people into paying $860 for a dog that they have only kept for 14 hours.  This place is a ripoff.


Petland Of Dunwoody, GA My daughter and I financed a Malteese puppy approx. 14 hours ago. We signed a finance contract that required $500 down payment and $218 per month. The contract also stated that we had 48 hours to return the dog minus a 50% restocking fee. The sleezy smelly manager refused to refund our 50% back..we actually had to pay an additional $360 to cancel the contract. They did not explain any of that to us. The contract also states that the store manager may make a decision to give us a full refund or store credit…when we pointed that phrase to her she started stuttering. I asked her for the owner or district manager’s information and she gave me a generic email address and said that he is a SILENT Private owner. This place charged us $860.00 for a puppy that we only had for 14 hours. Petland is a RIPOFF. I later found that the puppies come from puppy mills. I’m writing to the corporate headquarters to file a complaint against the owner in hopes of recouping some of my money back. I’m hoping they will take a look at his license and shady business practices. Dunwoody Georgia

We financed a puppy from Petland in Dunwoody GA approx 14 hours ago.  We put $500 down and financed the rest.  The contract that we signed stated that we could return the puppy within 48 hours minus a 50% restocking fee.  Now here’s the ripoff……we expected to get $ 250 back after returning the dog but we instead we ended having to pay an additional $360 to end the finance contract.  The contract clearly states that the store manager may make the decision to refund the purchase price but instead this smelly shady manager refused and required us to pay her!!! This is a shady bait and switch operation.  When I requested to get the contact information of the owner, the dog breath manager  gave me a generic email address instead.  I will be writing to the CEO of Petland in hopes of recouping some of my money back from this place.  It is an outrage that they can swindle people into paying $860 for a dog that they have only kept for 14 hours.  This place is a ripoff.


Petland Pet Store Novi Michigan

We bought an Italian Greyhound from Petland in April of 2005. She was already 4 months old.  Later that year she was diaginosed with Perthis disease. She had to have surgery removing the top of the leg bone from the hip. Her leg know longer attached to her skeleton.  A breed born to run.  Petland did agree to give us another puppy and/or a credit to the store of $1,400.  They stated that they wouldnt get from that breeder anymore.  Yet they still get there Greyhounds out of Missouri.  Apparently there are thousands upon thousands of puppy mills in that sttae.

My dog is now 9.5.  At the age of 8 a different vet asked me if I was sure I have had her since she was a puppy. She shows signs of a 12/13 yr old dog!  No one wants to hear this!  I want my baby to live as long as she possibly can. She gets the best of everything!  I know that she is a product of inferior breeding.

Petland will tell you that they don’t get puppies from puppy mills. They will show you all there pretty picutres of dogs on grass playing with children.  You don’t have 100+ adult breeding dogs that your playing with everyday.  I know their caged their entire life just to make money for the breeder & petland.  Its acutally animal abuse and I can’t believe I contrubuted to it by purchasing from this store.


PETLAND Puppies from Puppy Mills Las Vegas Nevada

Petland in Las Vegas, NV ( Sumerlin) has  tons of puppies from what they consider “Breeders”.  They charge inflated prices $1400+ and are getting them from Puppy MIlls and Back Yard Bteeders.  They have puppies as young as two months taken away from their litter.  The Discount Puppies, are larger and put in to cages too small. They need to be investigated and are managed by their rude and nasty Manager, Jeffery.


PetLand Novi, Michigan Petland sold me an inbred “puppy mill” dog, but insisted that they do not do business with puppy mills Novi Michigan

I purchased my Lhasa apso from Petland novi in 2008. Each year since, several genetic issues have come up:

1) he herniated a disc in his back, but without any incident

2) he is allergic to everything. He is now prescribed a prescription dog food & allergy tests have been conducted. Knowing what we know now, my vet & I believe his allergies began as early as the age of 1

3) this past spring, he developed bladder stones which required surgical removal

4) he was recently diagnosed with an abnormally small liver and will spend the rest of his life on medication

5) he has two rows of bottom teeth & bowed legs. He often gets ear & eye infections.

I am the most protective dog mother & my vet believes that the only way to explain all of my Dog’s issues is puppy mill origin. I have saved every vet bill since day one. Furthermore, I researched the “breeder” from which my dog came, and everything that surfaces warns ‘puppymill.”


PETLAND Lied to me Fairfield Ohio

I visited the Petland in Fairfield Ohio to purchase dog food.  While there, I noticed they sold puppies.  The puppies were in cages with plastic grid floors and had only a softer mat in a corner to keep them comfortable.  The larger puppies did not fit on these mats and were forced to lie half on the mat and half on the grid.  I then questioned the manager if these were puppy mill puppies.  The young sales assistant immediately walked away.  The manager told me he was offended by my question, and that his cages were clean.  He seemed sincere, and I purchased a large bag of dog food which cost me $56.  I went home and did some research and discovered that Petland, did, in fact, use puppy mills.  I’m glad I found this site, because I will refer to it when I confront him with his lies.


Petland of Largo Petland Largo Selling Sick Puppies Largo Florida

On February 22,2014, I purchased a teacup Morkie puppy from Petland of largo, Fl located in the Largo Mall. I was instructed to feed it several times a day in addition to adding high calorie nutritional supplements. The puppy w =ould not voluntarily eat most of the time and had to be forced fed. I called the petshop almost daily to tell them of the puppies lack of progress. Over the next two weeks I brought the puppy to the vet and was told she was sickly, suffering from hypoglycemia and possible also a congenital liver shunt which contributes to the puppies illness. Despite the additional vet bills and other recommended nutritional additives, the puppy died on Wednesday, March 5, 2014. I called Petland and spoke to Bridget (a store manager) and explained that I was not interested in being given another puppy. Bridget requested capoies of the Vet records along with a letter stating the puppy’s demise.

Although all this was provided, I have not heard back from them regarding refunding the $1800 cost.

I’ve spoken to an attorney who stated there could be a very stong case for fraud since the store provided a Health Certificate for what was later to be a sick puppy. I hope you can help me receive my refund I am owed as well as expose this business for their abhorable business practices of selling sick puppies.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter,


Palm Harbor, Florida


Petland Kennesaw Petland, Petland Kennesaw Georgia Awful Customer Service and General Employee Knowledge Kennesaw Georgia

I have never had a good experience with this store. I use it as a matter of convenience, because it is much like the “Wal-Mart” of pet stores. They have many different types of pets and supplies for said pets. However, I am very upset with the information employees have given me in the past, and recently.

Let’s start with my puppy-shopping experience. I was searching for a yorkie during Christmas, and my first notion was to go to Petland. There were a couple I was very interested in, so I asked one of the employees how much they would cost. “Which ones?” She asked, and I pointed out the four tiny ones in a display case. “Oh, I’d say around 1900.” Ridiculously out of my price range, but I figured maybe I could save up or make a payment plan.

A couple days later, I went in, and only one of the 4 yorkies I had seen was left, but he was precious nonetheless, so I asked to hold him and play with him. After some precious bonding, I asked again how much he would cost, to another employee, and he proceeded to get out a binder and told me “2700.” What?! That is ridiculously off base from the “original” price. I understand supply and demand may (unfairly) raise a puppy’s price, but 800 dollars in a matter of 7 days or less? That’s unbelievable. I am not the first either to have this little miscommunication issue.

Skip forward to a week or two ago, I was just visiting (I do love to play with the animals) and in general, I was searching for a cockatiel. They had 3 there. One caught my eye, he was making a bit of a chirping sound (The kind babies make when they’re hungry) so I picked him up, and he instantly hopped on my shoulder and started to play in my hair. Well, I just fell in love. I asked a girl how much the cockatiels were, and she responded “80.” I asked “80, you said?” She replied “Yes,” with a smile. I was a bit shocked because usually pet stores sell them for at least 100 dollars, however breeders tend to sell them for anywhere from 50-90 dollars. I decided perhaps I would get him, since he was SO sweet.

I come back, a day or two later, ready to pay for him and check out, smiling like an idiot because he’s playing in my hair again, and the employee is grinning back. “I’d like to get this bird, please.” She’d begun ringing me up when a man came up, looked down at the bird, looked over at the girl, and said “He can’t leave yet, he’s still being hand fed.” I asked him what he wanted me to do. He replied, “Well you can pay for him now, and come back for him in a week or so.” I sighed, and figured a week wasn’t so bad, but I turned to the cash register and instead of the expected 80 dollars, the total was 180.

Now, normally, I would say I must have misheard the employee, even though I asked again to make sure that is what she had said, but as I put at the beginning, this is not the first time this has happened to me. When I explained this, one of them replied, “Well she probably worked over at the puppies, saw you over there, and thought she could help. We are separated, some work at the puppies, other work at the small animals, so we don’t always know the prices.” Now, to me that screams incompetence. The prices are listed right at the register. Should you work in one department, you stay in that department. If a customer asks for help with something you don’t know, then you should ask for another employee’s help or check whatever it is! These people are working with animals, not fruit; they should be educated in the delicate creatures they are handling!!!

I was so angry I walked out, minus the cockatiel. 180 dollars, what a ridiculous price!! 200 for a cockatiel? No, absolutely not. But the more I thought about that little bird, the more I was considering paying that much. Finally, maybe 3 days later, I found myself back in Petland. I decided to buy the d**n bird. I already felt a bond with him.

I came back in, and there were only 2 left. Luckily, one of them was the one I wanted. I asked what happened to the other one, and the employee said, “I don’t know, I came in this morning and he was gone. I don’t know if they sold him or he died or what. I don’t know.” Aside from the atrocious reply he gave me, I would like to point out this is the employee who works with the birds. Absolutely sad.

After purchasing him, I asked how long I would have to wait. The same employee replied “About a week,” Which would be a Friday. “How do you keep from someone else buying him?” I asked, skeptical. In a normal pet store, the way to solve isolating a purchased pet is to put them in a separate tank, cage, or pen, and write “RESERVED” somewhere on it. Their solution was to “Describe the bird” On my receipt and put it on a glass wall near the cockatiel cage. These cockatiels all looked very close to the same, and unless you had spent time with them, you would not be able to tell them apart.

“Well, can you mark him somehow?” I asked. “Yeah, sure,” He replied, and proceeded to put a tiny sharpie dash mark on his toe. I should have asked to separate him. I wish I would have.

Tuesday (T minus 3 days until my bird comes home!) I come in. Everything is ready. The cage is set up, toys and food have been bought, I’m ready to take this bird home now, except for the fact that he is still being “Handfed” and cannot go home until he is weaned. So I walk into the store, locate the cockatiel cage, but, gasp, there are no cockatiels! Maybe they isolated him, I thought nervously. I asked an employee, who curtly replied, “Oh, they sold him.” Excuse me? How do you sell a bird that’s already been sold? Illegally, that’s how. I am furious. I am SO angry. And upset. I know there is no way to get this bird back. They’d told me he couldn’t be taken home until he was weaned! What a crock of bull!

The manager comes out, and he tells me what I already know, he can’t get that bird back. Now, I will say, they are giving me first pick of the next cockatiels to come in, and they also gave me 100 dollars store credit. However, as I said, 180 dollars is a ridiculous price, and I would never pay that much for a bird, save that one in particular bird. I don’t want another d**n Petland bird. I am upset.

This could have all been prevented with a few key things.

First, employees should be better educated about animals. Prices, breeds, feeding, and otherwise.

Second, Animals who are purchased should be isolated! This is ridiculous! I don’t expect an employee to know which bird is mine, why would the manager?!

And Third, Employees who specialize in an animal should be the only ones to care for and sell that animal. I’m sure if the ‘Bird expert’ who told me he wasn’t sure what happened to their other bird had kept watch of the cockatiel, mine would be here when I came in to pick him up on Friday.

Petland is a mess. Their manager did help me, but you don’t replace a puppy or kitten you really want with another, and the same goes for birds. Please consider buying somewhere else before you get stuck in something you can’t get out of.


Petland, Inc. Platinum Puppies LLC. JHandTC Holdings LLC. We purchased a Yorkshire Terrier from Petland, Inc. 3530 53rd Avenue West Bradenton, FL 34210 on 2/1/2014 at 5:29pm from a sales associate named Audrie. Now, we don’t have a problem with the dog, or our decision to purchase her. What we have a problem with is that we were misled throughout the entire purchase.  Bradenton Florida

We were led to understand that our debt would stay as is with a low interest rate. When we asked what the rate would be, we were informed that it would be reasonable (she was sure) but the financing company would send us the paperwork. The “financing company” is actually a leasing company that charges double the amount borrowed if you don’t pay the debt within 90 days of purchase. This was not disclosed to us. We find this sort of business practice highly unethical. We will be taking legal action if this matter is not resolved quickly.


Petland – Kennesaw Pneumonia almost killed our puppy Kennesaw Georgia

We purchased a GSD Puppy on 12/21/13 and within a week he was sent to the hospital for 24hr care because he was diagnosed with pneumonia.  This store was not concerned with the care or health of our puppy and was quick to judge the vet care he was receiving; however had we not provided the care we did, I am certain he would not be with us today.  PLEASE DON”T SHOP AT THIS STORE — keep researching to find out more on this facility and you will see why I say this.


Petland Kennesaw Sold us a sick puppy kennesaw Georgia

I bought a puppy from them 3 1/2 yrs ago. I didnt find out about this page until now. My puppy was caughing when I got it home. I called and told them and they said to bring my puppy back so they could give it some meds and a breathing treatment. I had to do this 3 days in a row. That medicine didnt work so they gave me something stronger. That finally worked. Recently I had to take my dog to the vet because of eye infection. I find out its not just an infection. My puppy will have this nasty grren stuff coming out of its eyes for the rest of its life! This is from bad breeding. So now Im stuck buying eyedrops every month so my puppy can see clearly. I knew buying from a petstore was stupid and now Im paying for it.


petland Persian male ALSO FROM DELORES CARLOS MO Terre Haute Indiana

I too bought  a Persian kitten from a Pet land  mine  was from the same( Dolores Carlos)(BREEDER) and I took him to the vet after paying $1000 for it and only one t******e is down. What is going on with this breeder? Researching the only name and city repute she is in her 70’s?? And seems like the kittens she sells them are defective.  I only started researching her to see if she had any other kittens for sale. Stupid me. I guess I didn’t know it’s an exclusive sale.

I plan on contacting her anyways to get her side of the story.  I like to give the benefit of the doubt.



Petland-Robinson Pa Puppy Died After We Brought Her Home! Robinson Pennsylvania

I am not one to bash an organization, as I am a successful business owner in the Pittsburgh area with over 20 retail stores.  I personally feel that as a business owner we have an obligation to the public to be honest and truthful about our products and services so that customers can make the best choice themselves.  Petland in Robinson is an organization that does not uphold these same values.

It all began as my wife and I went into the Petland Robinson Township location to see the puppies.  We were very excited to see a female English Bulldog for sale as we have been looking for another one to help entertain our eldest bulldog, Winston.  The Bulldog was being sold for $4200, which included a 3 year warranty for medical expenses.  First year was fully covered, and then each subsequent year it was a percentage which was covered.  We were approached by the owner who seemed very creepy to say the least.  The first thing that came out of his mouth was that these dogs do not come from a puppy mill and that he has sold 5000 plus dogs so he is trustworthy.  This should have been a red flag because I do not go around telling people that they can trust me.  That should be a “give-in” especially because he owns a retail outlet and he owes it to the community to treat consumers fairly and ethically.

We purchased the puppy and named her Ruby.  She was an adorable bulldog and very affectionate from the beginning.  Petland’s owner, Jeff Koury, sold us Ruby even though she was coughing, had nasal discharge and was sent home with us on antibiotics.  The Health Examination, which is required by the state to be conducted by a licensed Veterinarian prior to us purchasing Ruby, did not indicate that she was sick (the health exam indicated NO COUGH).  Petland did submit to us a subsequent health examination that was conducted by their staff which indicated she had nasal discharge and was being sent home with medication.  Note, the staff at Petland are not licensed Veterinarians!

Two days after we purchased her we realized that she was getting worse so we took her to our Veterinarian at Bansfiend Pet Hospital in Cranberry, Pennsylvania who suggested that we get additional x-rays because they felt she may have pneumonia.  We called Petland and the owner suggested that we give he a stronger antibiotic, Azithromycin, to combat her illness.  This did not work and 5 days after we brought her home we had to rush her to the hospital because she stopped breathing.  Again we contacted Petland and they told us to bring her back for a full refund.  When we asked what would happen to her they said it was not our business.  We elected to treat her at the hospital because we felt that the owner would kill her.  Pennsylvania Puppy Lemon Law states that if the dog presents a life threatening illness that the buyer has 2 options; either return the dog for a full refund or receive reimbursement of medical bills up to the cost of the puppy if we chose to treat them.  Again we spent $4200 plus tax ($4800) so we thought if we spent this much on treating her she should get better and we would be reimbursed for our medical expenses.

Four days later we had to put Ruby down and our medical expenses exceeded $6000.  Petland only reimbursed us for the $4200 and did not offer to replace the puppy.  So essentially we purchased a puppy from Petland in Robinson for $6200, that never lived longer than 10 days after we brought her home!  
Please do not support this company.  I would hate for them to do this to someone else.


Petland of Novi Sold me a mini bulldog and come to find out he is bulldog/boxer/red bone coon hound Novi Michigan

I purchased a puppy from PETLAND in NOVI, MICHIGAN.

He was suppose to be a Mini Bulldog (bulldog/pug).  My dog ended up having kennel cough for 4 months, mange, and had a seizer all within the first year.

He looks nothing like a mini bulldog nor is he the right size so I decieded to have a DNA test done.  The test came back that Dozer is Bulldog/Boxer/Red Bone Coonhound!!!

I have contacted Petland who told me they cant help me and I need to deal with the claims dept.

This is what the claims dept has to say “ALL dogs tested would show markers that other breeds carry. There is NO truly PURE dog breed as all dogs originate from the same place but how they have been mixed differs for a lack of a better way to describe. There is no indicator that your pet is not what it should be. There is no way to guarantee size of a pet as genetics can produce an anomalie.

similarly to two brown haired parents producing a child with red hair…. it happens… I hope that i have answered your questions but please feel free to ask anything additonally that you wish to know. I am here for support!

REALLY SUPPORT? – They have sold a dog that did not come with any history like they said, he was not healthy, and now I find out he is not the breed that they claimed!?!?


Petland Kennesaw Lied about Puppy NOT coming from a puppymill Kennesaw Georgia

A few months ago my Wife and I purchased a puppy from Petland Kennewaw, in Kennesaw, Georgia. Now when you “adopt” a puppy from them, they explain all of this wonderful info to you claiming that their puppies come from local breeders, and that the breeders are screened for quality. Well Upon getting our puppy we found out that our puppy (who is showing signs of hip dysplasia….from being bred in a puppy mill) was bread by a “terriffic” breeder by the name of Becky Franks. Now oddly enough Becky Franks is from Oklahoma, not very local is it? In addition to that little fact, Becky Franks has one of the worst puppy mills known to exist. Reports about her and her “kennel” appropriately named “First Class Kennels”. (the list of the 100 worst puppy mills in existance….Becky Frranks’ puppy mill is on there). The USAD has also inspected Becky Franks’ “kennel” and, has graciously provided proof that Petland has purchased puppies from her “kennel” which can be read at the following website: The fact here folks, is that Petland does indeed buy their puppys from puppy mills. No, Petland does not care that you now know this because they now have your money. Please, before you buy from these people dome some real soul searching, and ask yourself, “is it really worth it?” I’m sure that Mr. Parker will reply to this and claim that Petland does not use puppy mills, and that they only use “local breeders”. Honestly folks, the proof is right there in the text, in plain black and white. Don’t let these people fool you. I made the mistake, and was heartbroken when I found out the truth. It has not hurt me but my wife, and my kids as well.


Former Dedicated Petland Customer.


PETLAND BAIT AND SWITCH SCAM!!! Lake Saint Louis Missouri

My husband and I were decided to add to our family and after much research we decided on a German Shepard puppy. I have four years of experience as a veterinary technician before I decided to pursue a future in law and I also have a two and a half year old son. With the knowledge that I have obtained I am aware that purchasing a pet is a big decision especially when a child is involved. We visited the Lake Saint Louis, MO Petland for one hour (past closing time), once at 10 am the next morning, and again at 5 pm that evening to ensure the puppy would play well with our son. During our first visit (Andrea as I am told by the GM) told us about the pet deposit if we wanted to ensure that no one adopts the puppy, who shall now be referred to as him throughout this correspondence.

Andrea was aware that we were looking at a puppy at a rescue also, and I asked her if we decided to go with a dog elsewhere could we use the deposit for leashes, food, or whatever else our puppy might need and she told us on several occasions that it would not be a problem and yes we could. The next morning Rachel opened the door for us and was extremely pushy, I felt like reminding her this is a puppy and not a pair of shoes! She, too, mentioned the deposit and again, I confirmed that if we decided not to adopt him would we be able to use the money for supplies for the other puppy, which she was aware of, and she, too, said yes!

We knew we were going to need supplies because we are getting a puppy from one place or the other so if it didn’t work out no big deal we would not be out any money that we weren’t already going to spend, so we put down the deposit. When we showed up at 5 pm we had every intention of adopting him if all went well, however, he was more aggressive and grabbed my, already shy, son by the pants and actually bite his leg and was pulling on him. Rachel witnessed this and realized this wasn’t going to work, and took the puppy. Obviously this was not the puppy for us, and she immediately tried to show us any other puppy in the store, but as I mentioned before we were seeking a German Shepard puppy.

My husband asked her how the $100 credit worked because we need to get some items for the whatever dog we end up with and Rachel said she would check , she went in the back, and completely avoided eye contact with us for 10+ mins .I finally went to the front register and asked for a manager. The manager came out and immediately (before anything was said by me) told me she was on the phone with the owner and they refused to do a refund. I explained we were told we would get a store credit and I did not want a refund. She called me a liar and said that no one on her staff would say that!!! Then went on to tell me they only give refunds in special circumstances… Is this not a special circumstance? Please elaborate what constitutes a special circumstance.

My son was bitten by the dog that we really wanted and we didn’t want another dog, again we were not shopping for shoes, but a lifetime companion for our family!  I was furious. Why on Earth would I ever give someone money without some arrangement to use the money elsewhere, knowing the possibility that this would not work out with our child? Yes, the receipt does say Nonrefundable, but it does not say nontransferable, therefore, I believed what I was told by multiple staff members. After a very heated discussion with the GM (as she identified herself) I asked to her to bring out the employee because the one from last night (Andrea) was off today. Rachel blatantly lied to mine and her bosses faces. She said and I quote “I told you this morning when you asked me that question that I would check to see if you could use the $100 for in store credit if you didn’t buy the puppy, but I never gave you an answer”.

WHY WOULD I GO OUT OF MY WAY TO ASK THIS QUESTION AND THEN JUST HAND OVER MONEY WITHOUT A RESPONSE? Honestly, think about it, if I am so concerned about this and have asked so many other employees and was confirming once again, why would I give her my money without some sort of agreement or understanding? She then went on to tell me she would not lie to her boss, which is of course another lie, and then the GM told me that she believed Rachel and not me, to my face in front of Rachel. I told her I needed to call the police to file a report and she told me to call the police, she will talk to them, and told me she didn’t have time to talk to me, and went back to hide in the back corner of the back room. Once I made the phone call, I asked to speak with her, again.

When she came out I asked her to come to the other side of the store by the mice to avoid a scene in front of the other shoppers. She directed me to the chairs and sat. I calmly asked her why would I be making this up and told her to look at the facts. Multiple trips, a background in animals, two different employees telling me the same thing, why would I make that up? She then told me that she “has a hard time believing two seasoned employees would tell me this”. I had to interrupt her and ask how seasoned these employees were because Rachel is now insisting she didn’t know the answer to what the GM was making sound like a very simple and routine question! Her reply was that people come in ALL of the time and put $100 deposits and never come back and, once again, repeated they only do refunds for special circumstances. I reiterated that I DID NOT want a refund, I wanted the credit I was promised so I could buy my new puppy some supplies!

She tried to tell me the dog part brought in business that was separate from the fish and food, etc. She also told me I could use it for a different puppy, but we wanted a German Shepard. She then, again, said the special circumstances and that the receipt says nonrefundable. I told her that it does not say nontransferable and she replied very forcefully “WELL IT WILL NOW”! Then, again, told me to call the police, she would talk to them because she had other things to do. I was even more confused after our conversation because I never left the premises with the puppy, I was told no one else had come in to look at him, so they did not miss an opportunity to adopt him, I just cannot wrap my head around the issue here. I was told I would receive a credit by multiple employees and then when the dog BIT my son, I was automatically the bad guy for expecting something that I was promised by multiple employees??

I have contacted the corporate office multiple times to resolve this issue. On the third attempt, I, finally, received a response that stated they could not help me and I was redirected to the store owners Tom and Jeff Hartmann to resolve this complaint. Conveniently they are never in and the rare times they are in they are busy and I am assured by the employees that my message will be placed directly in their hands. The corporate office could care less about this or any complaint (Google Petland reviews) and the store owners only care about the money, which, I guess, is what I should have expected from a puppy mill wholesaler. This complaint has been going on for over two months and I have never received an email or phone call response from any person affiliated with Petland, outside of the generic redirect from corporate. Only a response from Petland to my bank calling me a liar. If you read the reviews online you will find way too many complaints regarding the bait and switch that occurred with my family. I guess it is not against corporate policy to lie to the customers about a store credit or (in some cases with the online reviews) a refund because they have been made aware of these unethical practices and have done nothing to stop them.

Before purchasing a pet or any item from this store DO YOUR RESEARCH. I now know they are a puppy mill wholesaler, none of the pets that they are selling come from the “good breeders” that they will try to convince you of. (Online reviews besides the “bait and switch” are generally regarding very sick animals or not actually AKC registrable pets that they REFUSE to refund- there are tons of them everywhere including BBB (which they are not accredited) Rip off reports, as well as, the standard review sites)  I am ashamed that I did not do more research before I entered the Lake Saint Louis, MO store Petland store, although, it has become apparent that these disgusting practices occur in every store in the country. After reading the reviews and researching complaints, and newspaper articles, I am surprised that this company is still in business. There are plenty of local stores that support animals and animal welfare and do not treat their customers like they are the scum of the Earth. I would recommend going anywhere, but Petland!


Petland Sells Sick Puppies With Parvo. Sold me a maltiese with PARVO and died 8 days later dunwoody Georgia

Petland on Ashford Dunwoody in Dunwoody/atlanta ga sold me a maltese with PARVO. the Poor puppy was dead 8 days later. and for them it was business as usual.  i can only imagine how many dogs die that they sell and no one ever hears about.


Petland Novi, MI : They Sold us an Epileptic Puppy Novi, Michigan

My husband and I bought a mini Australian Shepherd from Petland in Novi, MI in November of 2011: his name is Jack! For the first year of Jack’s life he was happy and healthy with a guarantee that he came from a breeder and had healthy parents with no genetic issues. In January of 2013, 14 months after we bought Jack, we found him seizing in his cage in the middle of the night. During the month of January and February alone we have spent four nights in the emergency vet with him and he has had to endure countless seizures along with tests and needles (blood drawn, IV’s, etc.). Not only have we had to watch out little dog suffer in a way that he cannot understand, we have spend over $2000 on his emergency vet visits alone.

Having been guaranteed a healthy, vibrant puppy we are shocked at how different life is turning out for Jack. He is not as lively as he was the first year of his life and he no longer enjoys car rides because he now correlates them with trips to the vet. After having spent an exorbitant amount of money for a dog, we assumed that he would be happy and healthy all the days of his life. WELL NO! He is now another victim of Petland’s lack of care for their animals – they do not care about the genetic lines of their pets and their guarantees mean nothing!

DO NOT PURCHASE A PUPPY FROM PETLAND! We are only happy that we did because we got to save Jack from that place and he has found a forever home in our hearts!


Debcha Kennels – Debra Alabaugh Ripoff! nothing more than an a liar who runs an inbreeding puppy mill. Grove City Ohio

I purchased a Bichon Frise for my Mom for Christmas as my youngest brother was leaving for college and thought the puppy would be some company for her. I should have followed my gut instinct and walked out of Debcha Kennels the minute I walked in.

Deb was extremely over-bearing and insisted no breeders in the area were as selective with their breeding as she was. I put down a non-refundable deposit on a puppy for a future litter so my mom could have first pick of the litter.

We went back when the pups were four weeks old to pick one out and I was appalled at what we experienced. Upon opening our car doors in the parking lot, we could smell urine feces. When we opened the door to the shop the stench about knocked us over. Keep in mind, this was in January, and she was not boarding any dogs outside. What we smelled exiting the car had to have escaped from inside the building.

When bringing out the pups for us to choose from, she briefly opened the door to go back and get the dogs. What I caught a glimpse of broke my heart. The dogs in thier ‘cages’ were some of the dirtiest dogs I had ever seen. When she entered the room, the dogs started barking and snarling at her, some lunging at their cage doors. I say cages loosely as their was barely room for the dogs to turn around and no food or water bowls from what I could see.

After bringing out the puppies, we picked ours out and asked to see the parents. Her response was that the mother was still a little messy from giving birth…the puppies were four weeks old at this point. If I had already paid for the dog, which is non-refundable, we would’ve told her to shove it immediately. We were given no excuse as to why we couldn’t see the father, just a simple no.

When the time came to pick up Maggie, someone had given the puppies a bath and taken off their ID tags, so there was no way of telling which one was ours. We had to pick from the litter again and when the brought the dogs out, they scattered into the corner and were terrified and shaking. They didn’t want to be picked up and tried to get away from us when we did. They were not playfull and huddled together in fear when we put them down.

After bringing Maggie home and taking her to the vet, they informed us that she had an extreme case of ear mites. When Maggie was two, she had to have surgery on her patella as it was slipping. (Something that is common in Yorkies Deb later told me). At three Maggie had surgery for kidney stones, a genetic disorder. She has had several urinary tract infections and now at five is scheduled for her second kidney stone surgery and will have to have another leg operated for the patella in the next few months.

At five years old, this poor dog is about to undergo her fourth surgery and has her fifth scheduled for later this year. Can you imagine your child going through this many operations? Maggie is a member of our family, not just a dog.

I have contacted Debcha Kennels inquiring about the problems we’ve experienced with Maggie and she hung up on me on more than one occasion. She did tell me that she did not believe the patella problems because in her experience that only occures with Yorkies.

Don’t be fooled by this scam artist. Since purchasing a dog at Debcha Kennels I have heard of more stories like mine. I don’t know of anyone who purchased a dog there who was healthy for the first few years they had it. Co-workers and vets also tell me that she also sells some dogs out of and her sister’s home because her bad reputation is preceeding her with potential buyers.

You are much better off spending more money with a reputable breeder. The vet bills alone are costing my mom a fortune, not to mention the pain and suffering Maggie has had to go through, which no amount of money can take away. If you hear of anyone thinking of buying a dog from Debcha Kennels, please please tell them to do their research first. I wish I did.

Columbus, Ohio


Petland in Dunwoody, GA PuppyMill Dogs Dunwoody, Georgia

My boyfriend and I bought a “pure-bred” AKC registered black & white boxer from Petland in June 2012 for $2000.  At least we were told he was pure-bred.  I have now discovered online that black hair is not in the pure-bred boxer gene, so he can’t be pure-bred.  He is now 9 months old and has been sick ever since we brought him home.  He has had a UTI, an E-coli infection, mange, worms and an eye-infection.  We were told he was chipped and de-wormed … not.  My vet can’t find a scan for a chip, so we’ll have to have that redone.  He also can’t be crate trained.  Since he was “taught” to pee/poop in his crate and never went outside, he doesn’t have an aversion to it.  9 months old and still pees in it at least twice/day.  He is also very small for a boxer, esp. a male boxer – probably was the runt at a puppy mill.  I have learned my lesson about Petland and I would warn ANYBODY who is looking for a dog to stay far far away from it.  We never even went back there to pick up his AKC papers.  Why waste the gas money for worthless docs?


Petland They have their large breed dogs in cages too small for the dog, especially as the dog gets into being a couple months old older Strongsville, Ohio

After visiting Petland in Southpark Mall, I was upset to see two Rottweilers, two Labs, and a Huskey in cages too small for these large breed dogs to be in.  The Rottweilers are a little over 4 months old and heartbreaking to see the size cage they have them in.  If you are going to sell large breed dogs, than make sure you have cages big enough to accommodate them so they have room to move around and stretch their legs for SOME exercise.  Same goes for the Labs and Huskey that are there also.



Craig Fedler of West Point, Iowa is operating a puppy mill on his farm. He is selling sick, genetically defective puppies to Petland in Iowa City, IA. The mill has NUMEROUS violations of the Animal Welfare Act! If you purchased a puppy from Iowa City Petland, particularly a Shiba Inu – check yours papers to see if it came from Craig Fedler or was brokered by Brian Mohrfeld in West Point!!!

Iowa City, Iowa


Petland Orlando East Petland sold us a sick puppy; they will not honor their puppy warranty and will not pay for any of the vet bills. Orlando, Florida

After dinner one night, my fiance and I decided to go to Petland to check out the puppies and play with one or two of them.  After holding the first puppy, I was in love.

When we asked how much this adorable little yorkshire puppy was, the Petland associate said she was $1800.  Alarmed by the unusually high price for such a puppy, I was immediately turned off to the idea of taking her home.  The Petland associate said that the first set of vaccination vet visits, half the cost of spaying, and the AKC insurance was built into the price.  He assured me that it was well worth it and that if anything happened to this Petland puppy, she would be covered.

Petland has a puppy warranty.  It states “To keep this warranty in effect you must have your puppy or kitten examined by a licensed veterinarian of your choice within four (4) business days of the date of purchase.

Easy enough, we went the next morning at 8AM.  Less than 24 hours, our new puppy was seen by Petland’s primary veterinarian and was deemed a healthy puppy.

Four days later, our little puppy’s health started to diminish and this nightmare began.  She started wheezing, vomiting, sneezing, coughing, and lost a significant amount of her weight within the next two weeks.  We started to become regulars at that veterinary office, going in two to three times a week, paying in full every time.

Each visit, despite our puppy’s worsening condition, the vet would downplay the illness, even though the severity was getting worse.  Our little puppy was prescribed two to three different types of medicines a day and force fed four times a day.  After no signs of any improvement, I was feeling at a loss that our puppy would not get any better.

“In accordance with the above, this Petland retailer also warranties your Petland Puppy to be free from Parvo Virus, Distemper, Hepatitis, Corona Virus and Canine Influenza for a full Fourteen (14) days from the date of purchase.”  Our little puppy’s cough spells would get worse as each day passed.  It finally took a video of one of her cough spells to convince the vet that it was a more serious condition than she was treating the puppy for; at last, day 14 from the date of purchase, the vet diagnosed our puppy with kennel cough.

Four more weeks passed, and the kennel cough was still persistent and there was still no improvement.  It was time for a second opinion.  I wanted to hear the opinion of a veterinarian that was not affiliated with Petland, so we took our puppy to the new vet.  As soon as he saw our puppy and listened to her chest, he knew the severity of her illness.  He wanted x-rays immediately and put her on more aggressive medicine.

The next day, we started to see drastic improvement in her health.  That afternoon, we had a vet appointment with the original vet as a follow-up to see how the puppy was doing.  The original vet listened to the puppy’s chest and said it was clear.  It wasn’t until the end of the visit, that we told her that we got a second opinion the day before and he said some different.  From that moment on, the original vet was very defensive and was more concerned about us seeing the other vet than the health of our puppy.

The next day, our puppy was lethargic and breathing heavily, as if she was having trouble breathing.  We took her to the new vet immediately, her condition worsened from kennel cough to pneumonia.  She was hospitalized and released after several days.  Within two weeks, she had her first vet visit as a healthy puppy; eating on her own and medicine free.

Throughout those two months, we contacted Petland several times a week and every time we called they passed us onto their third party insurance that handled cases, such as this one.  We wanted to know what the next steps were in order to get reimbursed for those vet visits, since our puppy was diagnosed with kennel cough within the 14-day puppy warranty.

Petland’s third party insurance point of contact lacked customer service skills and avoided answering any of our questions or our calls.  She would say she would look into our case and call back in a day or two, and we would never hear back from her.  It has been four months, and we still have not been reimbursed for any of the vet costs that we were told would be covered the day of purchase our puppy.


PETLAND NOVI Randy/Owner Sold us a very sick puppy. Novi, Michigan

Petland Novi, sold us a very sickly puppy and told us it was merely a cold and sent us home with medicine for her. When I took her to Petland’s vet (Randy said we HAD to take her to Petland’s vet or the warranty was no good), I was told she had Kennel Cough not a cold, which was already in the first stages of pneumonia. When they started running blood work on her, they said she had a very elevated white cell count put her on another medicine and said she needed breathing treatments, daily. Then, they sent me to a specialist who ran CAT scans, sent her feces off to a special lab, only to find out she had parasites in her small intestine.  More medicine and more blood work-ups. She was 6 months old before we got her white cell count under control.  All the while Randy kept telling me, he couldn’t continue to pay for this. He was so rude and uncaring.

I asked Randy for her papers and was told I couldn’t have them until the warranty time had expired.

When I finally demanded the papers, I found out who the breeder was (I had been asking Randy all along who the breeder was and was told NOT to worry about it, the breeder was very well known and ran a good, healthy facility). After a lot of research and a trip to Baltic, OH., I found out this so called breeder was a “Puppy Mill”.  When I confronted Randy about my findings, he denied everything, said ALL his breeders were well-known and very good and not one puppy came from a puppy mill. I showed him all the USDA reports I had and he all but called me a liar.

To this day, our little Cocker still has problems because of all the in breeding and we’re finding out, because of the in-breeding, she may not have the long life that most dogs would have.

Please help us, the people that have been fooled by Petland Novi/Randy and being sold sickly puppies.


Petland Petland sold me a sick Miniature Pinscher Guaranteeing he was purebred and that he had papers. Novi, Michigan

I just found this site and thought I would share my own personal Petland experience.

My brother and I decided that we wanted a Miniature Pinscher. We were both clear-thinking adults and  we thought we had asked all the right questions. All of the breeders are quite a ways from us and it was Sunday. We found ourselves at the mall looking in the tiny puppy cages at a min pin. Big mistake.

The store was decorated with “Healthy Guarantee” ads. Basically, anything goes wrong with the puppy and they take care of it. But… no price on the glass. I asked the girl “How much for the Miniature Pinscher?”. She ran off, grabbed the puppy (Brutus) and put him down in the “visitation room”, which I did not ask her to do. So here’s this seemingly helpless little guy, and of course he was adorable. It’s a min pin puppy… and the original question was asked again. This time she said $1,400.00. Dear god, I can’t afford that. “Oh, well you can pay it in installments.” Then I asked all of the appropriate questions. I was assured that Brutus was coming from a reputable breeder and that he did have papers stating this and all other info and it would be mailed to me in a few weeks.

I was then reminded of the “Healthy Guarantee” and told that his sleepy behavior was because he had a little “cold” and the store vet was already taking care of it. So after much deliberation, and a down payment of $500.00, we left the store with Brutus.

We took him to the vet the next day because we were concerned about the sick behavior, diarrhea primarily. He was indeed sick with Giardia (which is also contagious to humans) and the vet had not been treating him for it. Not to mention that the medication was EXTREMELY expensive. I saw the bill and said “Thank God Petland is paying this”. At which time the Vet informed me that Petland would not be covering my next visit. “Excuse me?!” I immediately called Petland and was given the extreme run-around when asking to speak to the owner. At this time they also admitted that he did NOT HAVE PAPERS and said “That doesn’t matter anyways, he’s not going to be a show dog is he? You’re not going to love him because he doesn’t have papers?”. At this point I was furious. Finally the owner called me and agreed to pay the vet bills ONLY for the condition he was being treated for, Giardia. He would not under any circumstances refund any money. We even asked about outright returning the puppy and going to a real breeder as I found that Brutus had come from a Canadian puppy mill with some research after they admitted he did not have papers.

Brutus is now 3 and he’s healthy and happy. However, due to his beginnings he is very anxious, fearful and one vet even insisted I put him on relaxers before bringing him in for treatment. We do not want to return our beloved pet, but I STILL feel I am owed a large portion of the money I paid for a dog that I thought was a purebred with papers. I will never visit Petland again and I always tell people to stay away from that store.


Paw Palace KARRIE FAIRCHILD Poor senior citizen ripped off by Karrie Fairchild Tucson, Arizona

I was lied to by Kerrie Fairchild about the health of a Yorkie I bought from her Oct 29 she stated he was in very execlent health.  The only thing she stressed was that he had been neutered.. I called her in Dec to tell her my puppy had a very bad over bite..She stated don`t worry he will grow out of it. As long as he can eat he will do ok tell he is older
He is now Ten monthe old..His over bite is worse and his baby teeth wont come out on ther own and will have to be removed surgical.
This little guy  has had the best of care…I found out yesterday that both of his knees slip out of the sockets…The only way to help this is with surgery at a cost of $2000.
When I called her about the one year agreement she signed she stated she did not have to owner it…..One of the breeders of these dogs are out of Hulbert OK there-mail
is starmye@chouteautel  ther names are Robert & Starmye Halpain

She is a dog broker..These pets DO NOT come from loving family homes as she implys

What a shame a person as myselF who lives alone and only wanted a companion could get ripped off by such a horrible person as her…

And the fact that my joyful little frien will have to be put down


Petland Dishonest to customers, terrible to the animals, ripoff!!! Novi Michigan

I am an ex-employee of Petland, Novi. I want to make clear that I am not a disgruntled ex worker. I did not have any sort of disagreements with any of the other employees or managers. For all intents and purposes, Petland of Novi treated me, as a person and worker fairly and well.

It is the treatment of the customers and the animals that I take issue with. I am aware of several incidents which have taken place in this store:

Firstly, for a time, there was an outbreak of distemper. A vet advised the owner to close the shop for a short time in order for the puppies who were already in the store to be checked and treated, the kennels to be cleaned, and to prevent any new puppies from catching this terrible disease. Instead, the owner accepted a new shipment of puppies, and caused an outbreak in which a few puppies had to be euthanized.

Secondly, there was a case in which a man who bought a small Chihuahua dropped her on her head at least twice. This caused her to go into seizures and he returned her for another dog. The associates were told by management not to inform any guests interested in this adorable little girl that she had been in a home before, that she’d had a name or that she’d been dropped. She was sold to another family who experienced serious health problems with her.

Thirdly, there are often cases of infectious sicknesses like kennel cough spreading wildly through the store. This is because the kennel manager rarely takes the time to thoroughly check and treat the puppies as they should be. They are over-medicated and under-loved. When puppies are sick, they are placed in separate cages called “holding” or “isolation.” The only problem is that the holding cages are only two feet away from regular cages, and isolation is across from the kitten kennels, where the kittens are constantly stressed and terrified because of the constant whining and barking of the ignored puppies.

The kittens are not properly socialized because the store’s focus is its puppies, where the most profit can be made. They maintain the facade that they care deeply for he animals in the store, and that the prices they charge are to convey the value of the life that a customer is taking home with him.

In reality, these puppies are bred and sent to us by “private breeders,” none of whose names are given out, and marked up by as much as twice or even three times the amount one would normally pay a breeder for a pedigree. They depend on impulse buying and pulling at people’s heart strings in order to sell sell sell for profit.

The cages are not cleaned as thoroughly as they should be. I have spent a day pulling the kennels apart and scrubbing them from top to bottom. In the few months that I could stand to work there, I never saw this happen otherwise.

If these people really cared about the animals as much as they pretend to, they’d give them better, more comfortable kennels, keep less puppies in the store at once in order to ensure their health, comfort and the attention they deserve, and charge a little less.

More often than not, people are scared away by the prices Petland charges, and for puppies that are often sick! I understand why there is a law in Michigan that forbids giving animals away for free…there has to be a way to make people understand the value of the little life they are investing in, but it becomes detrimental when people who can provide loving homes can’t even afford to buy these puppies who so desperately need to be taken out of that environment.

This is terribly difficult for me to do. I have no grudges personally against anyone who is involved with Petland, but I cannot stand to know that the animals are being treated this way. By sending this complaint I have done two things. One, I have informed people of Petland’s dishonest business practices. And two, I have deprived several animals of good homes by keeping people who’d like to provide them away from the store.

I hope that something can be done to help the several animals cooped up there and in need of so much more love than they are receiving.

New Hudson, Michigan


PETLAND They sold me a dog with gentic issues and they told me to pay vet bills and then they would pay half back to me as it states in there legal binding contract but no funds were paid back, Internet

I bought a english bulldog from petland and paid 2500 just for the puppy. While my bulldog was growing to a adult size we started noticing she had a little limp on one of her legs and long story short the limp got so bad she couldnt walk, before it got to the point she couldnt walk , I took her to my vet and they said she would have to have surgery on her knee and it was gentic and she was born like this, and vet told us it wasnt a problem at first because she was a puppy.

So then I contacted petland and told them what was going on with the dog I bought a year prior, and the owner told me I would have to take my bulldog to one of his two vets in the area, so we did just that.  And his vet told me the same thing that my vet did, that my dog was born with issue and it was gentic. So my dog had to have surgery asap, so I contacted petland once again and the owner said he was contacting the breeder and had to talked to his vet, before he would pay for 50% of the surgery, which is stated in the contract when i bought dog.

Which I do still have all contracts and paperwork and receipt. So he said he would get back to me in a few days, well this went on for over a month. Finally he told me to pay for the surgery and bring receipt to him and he would pay the 50%. Well I did just that, and he wasnt at store when I dropped of receipt, well I waited a few days and didnt here back from him, so I have left messages for him to return my calls and cant get ahold of him nor will return my calls.


PetLand Sells SICK puppies & does not honor warranty or follow FL law Palm beach gardens, Florida

I purchased a $2300 french bulldog from this store on 8/21/11; she was checked by my vet 8/22/11; taken back on 8/23/11 for coughing, runny nose, lethargy – gave antibiotics. Took her back 8/26 bc still not better – gave more meds; that Sunday 8/28 she was in respiratory dsitress belly breathing and had to be hospitalized. She had a 103+ fever, had to put in oxygen cube to ease breathing and pulled through 5 days later & got to come home. Since my vet is a wonderful vet, my bill was only $1,000 for 5 days of IV meds, oxygen therapy, syringe feeding and IV fluids….Petland decided what they would pay (store decision) was $238….? HUH? My vet wrote a letter, I documented everything and followed the law exactly for notifying them, proper bills being given, etc – still they want to pay $238? Not to mention, she is now still, at 9/23/11, taking antibiotics to get rid of this horrible infection in her lungs! NEVER BUY A PUPPY FROM THIS STORE!! They claim to have a 14 day warranty but they do not honor it! We have filed a small claims case against them, as what they did violated FL law for health guarantee. (luckily my vet let me know this – bad consumer research on my part, I know) PLEASE, PLEASE, AVOID THIS STORE. They are independently owned and PetLand corporate does not make them honor the warranty. It is up to each store. Also, I saw them giving her liquid medication when I picked her up and when I asked what it was they said “kennel cough preventative” My vet said no way; no such thing… She was probably already sick and it was antibiotics and that is why she was sick again within a couple of days off the meds once we took her home. So not only did they sell me a sick dog, but they knew she was sick and conspired to cover up that fact and sell her anyway. Buyer beware!


best pet for you petland and juno animal hospital and jennifer warrenty dept of both companys what a racket! Bad for animals and owners…winner pet store! palm beach gardens, Florida

Puppy mills to me are where dogs are kept on wire floors, closed to public! Private breeders are industry breeders they might own land so they can claim to be private. Store kicked me out when i asked for usda report..most people just look to see if there are any violations they have to see how many dogs are there and conditions . The dog i bought is fecal incontinent and i got  the run around. I started looking into this bussiness and wow was i surprised. Not good Please do not think the usda report is the answer! Meet the parents! Breeders do not sell to pet shops! They want to meet you! The vet works for the people who pay them! Not you! if you fall for three free visits! AKC  canine partners? register the “all american dog” you paid thousands for! A cartoon! Certificate of pedigree? look at bottom on mine it says HUNT corporation, or is that transportation what a web of trickery. I will never buy a pup from a pet store again These dogs are not akc pedigree ! What a racket


New England Pet Center – AKA – Debby’s PetLand Fired for being honest Kingston Massachusetts

My name is Tori. When I turned 18 on September 18th, I started working for Debby’s Pet Land on September 19th. I was REALLY excited because I love dogs. It seemed like an easy job and paid A LOT! I was REALLY good at my job. I sold more dogs than anyone and made the most in commissions. I thought this was fantastic at first..then I started to realize what was going on there.

There is a quarantine room in the back for sick dogs, and a quarantine room for dogs that have been returned for what ever reason. In the front of the store there are 25 cages for the dogs. Yes cages, metal cages. The puppies look like they are in jail. Most of the dogs were WAY too big for them too. Dogs such as Bull Mastiffs, Saint Bernards, Akitas & etc. were locked up with barely enough room to turn around..and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

In the back quarantine room for sick dogs there were 8 cages and usually 2 dogs to a cage. YEA! Great idea. Lets put 2 sick dogs together that have two different illnesses so they can continue to pass them back and forth to eachother. Idiots. That was the first mistake. BIGGEST mistake was enforced by the owner, a complete a*****e, Chris. He wanted the store to look immaculate, there for everyone busted a*s out front. Because we were under staffed the back with the sick dogs got neglected. There was a time where the kennels back there didn’t get cleaned for literally 48 f***ing hours. I had to do it myself and that wasn’t even my job, it was a kennel workers job. What a quality idea huh? Let sick dogs that already feel like s**t lay around IN THEIR s**t!

When cleaning the back room the other week, I found dead mice and crickets behind the nebulizer. The nebulizer is what pumps the ‘clean’ air into the quarantine room. NO WONDER THESE DOG REMAIN SICK! It is revolting.

Many people blame the dogs illness’s on Dr. Mark Verbin. Honestly, they really shouldn’t. It is TOTALLY and completely the employees fault. A majority of that is because Chris, the owner, gives us a s**t space to work with and inadiquate supplies that we NEED!

As a matter of fact an article on about Dr. Verbin has a quote from the former president of the Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association Wendy Emerson who was investigating the sick dogs in pet shops. She says “I know there are bad veterinarians out there, but I don’t think this is the veterinary profession’s fault.” Here is the rest of the article..

“Offered meager pay, no exam area or equipment and plenty of pressure from the store’s owner to pass animals, Emerson says she was left to improvise on many occasions. ‘I brought my own stethoscope, thermometer, and set up an exam table on a box,’ she says. “It’s not like you do blood work or take x-rays. You don’t even have a microscope to do a fecal on these animals. Basically you examine these animals for frank signs of ill health. Even when I would find something, the owners would get angry with me if I wouldn’t pass a puppy on hold. The pet store ties your hands.”

Emerson adds, “Even if I would find something and then prescribe an appropriate treatment, these animals were kept at the pet store; any quarantine was woefully inadequate.” –DMV Magazine, February 1, 2005, article by Jennifer Fiala.

No one likes to give shots or try and shove pills down the dogs they just initial the med books and say they did. It really is a pain in the a*s to shove a horse pill down a Pomeranians throat, or give a Bull Mastiff 10 cc of Panacur using 1 cc syringes. No one wants to do it. BUT IT’S THEIR JOB! It’s not like working at a clothing department where you can slack off. These dogs lives depend on us the employees.

Dr. Verbin is a great guy. A lot of people dislike him, but I love ’em and think he is under appreciated. I think others dislike him because he ‘yells’ at people when they @#$% up with the dogs. Every Monday when he comes in to do a vet check I learn more and more from him. He trained me to give shots & IV’s. Which I had to do a few times in the 6 weeks I worked there. The day before I got fired I had to give a Japanese Chin that was puking up coffee ground looking blood 150 ML Sub Q fluids and two shots.

Dr. Verbin checks all the dogs thoroughly. He fails a couple dogs a week. If a dog is sick, he writes out what actions should be taken and what antibiotics to put the dog on. What happens from there is up to the employees. An American Eskimo failed but was never moved into quarantine and was sold sick. When the Sales Associate was going over the paper work and was showing the buyer the medical records he should have noticed that, but he didn’t. The dog went home really sick, and was returned and exchanged for another dog that night.

I unlike other employees didn’t wait until every Monday for him to check the dogs if they looked sick. On a Wednesday if I saw a bulldog with a runny nose or a Pekingese sneezing, I would call him. I was directed on what to do, and I did it. Since he is the Vet for a number of stores, it is impossible for him to come in and look at EVERY dog that might be sick but he came in on random days when we were really worried about certain dogs.

I am very proud of myself as a matter of fact for how well I helped those dogs. I now because of him know what ’50mg Doxy POBID #14 7 days’ means, how to give MLs of Sub Q fluids and how to administer shots.

On down time I would go through every dog and cut their nails, clean their ears & eyes, groom them and bathe them every few days. No one else wanted to do it. Puppies get sick really easily, so if no one takes care of them, how are they supposed to remain healthy?!

So, you’re probably wondering if I seemed to be such a great employee, why did I get fired? When a customer put a dog on hold, if there was a dog whose health was in question, I would tell them. I am not a Vet so I can’t say for sure if the dog is sick. So I would give the option of putting the dog on hold until Dr. Verbin could get in to seeing the puppy. I REFUSE to sell someone a sick dog. Other people are there for the commissions, it’s all about the money for most of them. I’d rather not sell a dog, see it quarantined and get better and sold a week later, to the same person, or someone else. I would tell people that were afraid to buy a pet shop puppy to go to a shelter and adopt one for $100. That turns away business. SO WHAT? As long as the family is happy with their animal, who cares where it comes from? I myself would never buy a pet shop puppy, especially after witnessing this bullshit. I will all through life adopt dogs from shelters. I honestly don’t care for the 2 1/2 mo old little cute things. I want all my dogs to weigh more than me when full grown, so adopting a 1-2 yr old dog is not an issue, they have better immune systems then anyways.

Today I visited the store to see my former manager, someone I got along great with. Later after the manager left someone who bought a Lab there a year ago and spent over $3,000 in medical bills came and purchased an English Bulldog. Who went over the warranty with them and did all the paper work for the dog? ME! I DON’T EVEN WORK THERE ANYMORE!..but there was no one on shift that knew fully how to sell a dog. Legit the woman that ‘sold’ the dog didn’t know how to fill out or file paperwork. Oh yea, also, no one told them that English Bulldogs are prone to get hip dysphasia. If you are going to buy a $3,500 dog you should be informed of that!

Although I miss the puppies, Dr. Verbin, my manager and the great pay..I am glad I no longer work there. I have applied to a few animal hospitals and pet stores that don’t sell animals as high maintenance as puppies.

In conclusion, New England Pet Center – AKA – Debby’s Pet Land sucks. I highly recommend NOT buying a dog from there..[ESPECIALLY the one in Kingston MA] and fully encourage taking legal action against NE Pet Center if you have been taken advantage of and lied to by them.

One of the biggest rules there was ‘NEVER GIVE OUT CHRIS’S PERSONAL CELL PHONE NUMBER TO CUSTOMERS’. You know what, @#$% THAT GUY! Anyone that has beef with him and is sick of trying to get to him through the head quarters, call him directly. Tell him I gave you his number if you’d like. I honestly don’t care. In return for that, I ask that no one blame Dr. Verbin for the sick dogs, as a former employee, I know who’s fault it was for the ridiculous amounts of sick puppies, and that would be the employees.

[Chris’s Personal Cell Number – 508-320-9853]

Victoria carver, Massachusetts



I bought a puppy from Lakeland Petland in November 2011. I was told they do not buy from puppy mills anymore, she came from a private breeder, she’s AKC registerd and they do everything through the AKC. I was also told as long as I use their vet ALL medical expenses relating to colds, upper respiratory etc. would be covered under the store warranty for the 1st six months of her life. Three days after adopting her, she was at the vet with an upper respiratory infection, 4 days after that she was at the emergeny after hours animal hospital with pneumonia. To make a long story short, we were at the vet 3-3 times a week, the after hours emergency hospital every other weekend due to aspirating and this went on until around March. In the midst of this, I started wondering where her AKC papers were and where she really came from. I found out from AKC she could never be AKC registered. She was registered through a registry called APR. I also found out she came from a USDA certified pet kennel aka puppy mill, in my opinion. I also found out medical expenses as stated above would not be covered. They are only covered up to the price of the animal. So, the pet store vet performed numerous tests adding up to almost the price of her $3000 and we, ourselves paid over $3000 out of pocket for after hours emergency care since their vet wasn’t available after hours. It took from November to the beginning of June to get her well. The workers mislead customers and do not state the whole truth, only part of what sounds good. Petland charged $3000 for a very sick puppy whom was not even AKC registered. Something is wrong with this picture.


TNT Exotics Does NOT Take care of animals. Lives in FILTHY FILTHY Housing, Was Banned from Petland, Internet

This lady tries and tries to be as nice as possible and she also manipulates other beings to buy or trade snakes. But the real side of her is that she was banned from Petland due to her coming in with her snakes and having mites and in VERY poor condition. In fact 2 people including the manager mentioned that 3 of her snakes died from starvation. She does not need to be advertising her self on the internet like she is a great breeder. her house is all in filth and hardly livable. she needs to be investigated


Petland The Dogs are from Puppy Mills. BEWARE! Internet, Internet

Let me just start off with a fact. The Humane Society of the United Stars filed a federal lawsuit alledging that Petland the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) after two seperate investigations into Petland stores in 2008 & 2009 that demonstrated a direct link between multiple Petland stores and unscrupulous puppy mills.

Petland characterizes its “Approved Suppliers” as “USDA Approved” or as a USDA “licensed breeder”, but this fires not alter the fact that these breeders are indeed puppy mills. Moreover, a large number of Petland puppy mill suppliers are not even USDA licensed breeders!

How do I know this? After only 11 days of purchasing a supposed “AKC Certified English Bulldog, who was bred by USDA Certified Breeders”, my puppy has become severely ill, and requires expensive surgery. But not only that, but the dog, come to find out, has multiple health problems.

I was very confused, for this, to me, sounded like I recieved a puppy mill dog..So I started to do extensive research on Petland to find the truth. I am sick to my stomach and my heart is filled with pain and grief. But, more then anything, I am ANGRY at these people who lie to customers every single day about where these dog truly come from!

Oh, and each dog comes with 90-day insurance, which made me believe even more that my puppy was guaranteed healthy, but of course, the moment they find out my puppy needed surgery due to health issues, they refuse to return my calls.

I already have a lawyer.


Petland SELLING SICK ANIMALS Fairfield, Ohio

I purchased a puppy from this location andwithin the first two days was requesting to return her for illness. They refused to take the dog back. I procced to care for the puppy and ended up at the vet multiple times in the first two weeks of having her in our home for two seperate illnesses. One being severe Kennel Cough (which I was told was a little cold and was not contageous to my other dog) and two being some sort of severe bladder issue. Three weeks after having her in our home with my children the vet calls to tell me the puppy has E. Coli in her Bladder and this is causing her issues.

These issues included slightly loose stool, a very foul scent in her urine, trouble urinating, dehydration, blood in her urine, and excessive thirst. Finally one month later after my children had been exposed to this and I had tried to return the dog, the owner agreed to give me a full refund. To me this is still not enough. If it would have not been E. Coli and anything else that puppy would still be at home with us. It is absolutely disgusting that a puppy could have this poisoning in their bladder and it is usually caused by an unhealthy mother in unhealthy living conditions.

All of my paperwork on the puppy was taken from me upon returning her and I was told by the owner that the vet scared me and there was no way she had E. Coli. After reviewing the documents, the CEO of Animal Care Centers released her medical records therefor agreeing with her diagnosis of E. Coli in the bladder. After three seperate types of antibiotics the puppy still began getting sick and it was reccommended that she be put on long term medicaion. No one was able to answer my question on what “long term medication” ment. Was is one month, two months, or the rest of her life?

My children have suffered great stress over this issue due to us having the puppy for over a month. Which has in turn caused me to have great stress in helping them cope along with my own concerns of the welfare of my children and removing the E. Coli from our home. Our physical and emotional bond with this dog is so strong and I am very upset with Petland. I feel they get their puppies from unhealthy breeders and I could not find any information out about the two breeders our puppy came from.

I would love to shut them down so that no other puppies or families will suffer from their lack of compassion and horrible purchasing decisions.

Just an FYI from what the Vet techs had told me…she was not nor will she be the last puppy to come from there and be severly ill. An estimated total of 1 in 8 puppies was a term thrown out there by the techs on healthy dogs in comparison to sick dogs from that particular location and they have no idea how this company is still in business. I have reached out to their corporate office three times with no response from a man by the name of Brian with Petland.


Petland Novi MI Purchased a puppy from this store with a life threatening illness. They offered us a $300 store credit after we spent $3100 in vet bills and our dog still needs another surgery costing $4000 Novi, Michigan

We purchased a puppy from this store and now he is sick with a life threatening liver problem. We have already spent $3100 in vet bills. He has required two emergency surgeries. He needs a surgery to correct his birth defect. The company said that it would give us a $300 store credit. The defect was found before his second birthday, but was a birth defect.

They will not tell us the breeders. He is ACA registered which is not the same as AKC registration. So we have no way to contact the breeders. So they can continue to breed sick puppies and sell them to other people who will get stuck with big vet bills and we will probably have to put our beloved dog to sleep. The sad part is if they would pay for the corrective surgery our dog would be cured.

The sad part is they would only have to sell 4 puppies and use the money to do the right thing and save our dog. Apparently they don’t really care about the dogs they sell or their owners.


PetLand horrible experience, bad management, foul language, las vegas, Nevada

Review of Horrible Experience in Petland Boca Park Las Vegas, Nevada

First off, I DO NOT RECOMMEND COMING HERE.  I had a HORRIBLE experience with the manager, JEFFERY.  Not only once. but THREE times I have had an issue with him.  He knows nothing of good customer service, and I am surprised that a person like him is in the management position.  He is better off cleaning up after the pets rather then dealing directly with customers.

My first issue wasn’t directly involved with me, but involved another customer and her family being YELLED AT by JEFFERY the manager!  This was mid December 2011,  I was witnessing such harsh profanity being directed to a nice Asian couple who weren’t as good in speaking English.  How can a manager YELL at a paying customer?  What I saw happen, was there was an accident where a puppy got hurt, and the Asian family felt bad and wanted to purchase the puppy, but Jeffery did not like what happened, and KICKED THEM OUT!  Kicked paying customers out of the store.

I continued to go to the store to buy my cat and dog things because I chose not to do business with Jeffery, but rather with other pet counselors.

My second issue happened just a few weeks ago.  Again, not directly to me, but to another coworker!  I was buying cat litter for my cat.  He was YELLING to a sweet girl who helped me choose the right cat litter for my kitten, then after I was being transferred to another pet counselor.  While I was at the register I can HEAR Jeffery in the back yelling at the girl who helped me!  I was hanging around the front of the store waiting for my ride, when the girl came out.  I told her thank you for helping me, and I asked if she was off.  She told me she got SENT HOME early because Jeffery did not like the way she helped me!  She helped me PERFECTLY and no one could have been as sweet as her.

I continued to go, but when I go I was conscious of going to the store if he was working.  I live right next to the store, and regularly buy wet dog and cat food for my pets.

This is when I had my third issue, this time he directed it to me!  I was shopping for wet cat food when Jeffery noticed me.  I like to take my time in the store, but unfortunately Jeffery DID NOT LIKE THIS.  He had a sweet girl come up to me, and tell me to leave the store!!  I asked why, and she said the manager had asked me to leave today.  I AM A PAYING CUSTOMER.  I SHOULD BE ABLE TO TAKE THE TIME TO BROWSE THE STORE!  I asked to speak with the manager, but he refused to confront me!  I then wanted to know if there were any upper level management, but I was refused the information!

That is totally an unacceptable way to run the business.  Especially when I have spent hundreds of dollars to that store for my pets!  I will be taking my business elsewhere.  Hopefully to a place that can run a business much better then this one.  Yeah the puppy’s look sad, but the manager is even sadder.  I heard the manager cuss at others, send people home for no reason, and tell paying customers to leave their store.  WHAT KIND OF PLACE IS THIS? I will not stop until I find a way to contact Jeffery’s boss.  As a business owner myself, I cannot believe that this man is the manager of a place like this, when any of the girls who are sweet and caring can take his place and make the WHOLE store a better place.



Puppy mills have been around for decades. They continue to thrive because they prey on unwitting consumers who are smitten by too-cute-for-words puppies in pet store windows and on legitimate-seeming websites. Puppy mills house dogs in shockingly poor conditions. After their fertility wanes, breeding animals are often killed, abandoned or sold cheaply to another mill to try and get “one more litter” out of the dog. The annual result of all this breeding is millions of puppies, many with behavior and/or health problems.
I wish I would have known what I know now about the term “puppy mill” — I bought a VERY EXPENSIVE puppy naively in college and (although I only graduated a year ago) am still paying off a $1,500 dog that I ended up having to GIVE AWAY DUE TO HEALTH PROBLEMS! THE FLIPPING GM IS THE OWNER’S SON!!! THEY WERE COMPLETELY UNREASONABLE WOULDN’T GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK AFTER DOCTORS NOTES OF THE POOR HEALTH AND LETTERS FROM AN ATTORNEY THREATENING TO SUE — Figured I was in too deep of fees at that point I wanted to kill myself from the extra load of stress it added with school that I just gave up- but am STILL paying for it! DO NOT go there! It’s a death wish!

Other reviews I found:

By nvragn09 – Jul 6, 2009

DO NOT buy any animal from these people……all you will get is an animal with health problems and papers that are not valid. FINALLY got a refund but had to threaten to get sheriff involved to get money back. From what others say…ours was not an isolated incident.?

Humane Society says Petland supports cruel…??
By Winpo – Nov 20, 2008
The Humane Society of the US today, November 20, released the results of a shocking investigation showing that pet store chain Petland Inc. is the nations largest retail supporter of puppy mills. This information is the results of an 8 month investigation that shows Petland stores in multiple states marketing dogs from cruel puppy mills to unsuspecting dog buyers. Tell Petland to stop selling puppies!?

Bad place to buy a hamster??

By guigirl – Jun 17, 2008

Syrian (teddy bear, black bear, ect.) hamsters are solitary and will fight if housed together. Petland not only houses them groups, but does not seperate them by sex. This makes it highly likely that you will get… 1. a diseased hamster 2. a pregnant hamster (obviously only if it’s female) 3. an ill-tempered hamster Please, instead, patronize other stores and breeders that take care of their animals.?

Poor Costumer Service…??

By Violeta – Aug 7, 2009

I don’t recommend this location, the costumer service is really bad!! you cant ever get anyone on the phone and when you do they put you on hold forever!! i can honestly say that this location is not professional at all.. such a shame cause i really like the store but i dont think i’ll be buying from them again and their snake food is horrible, the mice have frostbites everywhere i could not feed my snake those things, is not an exaggeration they where that bad…?


Petland Lewis Center Rude manager, puppy mill, does not care about the Dog’s health! lewis center, Ohio

Marlena at the Lewis Center Petland is awful. I am filing a complaint with the Attorney General, the Humane Society, and the Better Business Bureau, as well as Six on Your Side. A simply Google search of “Petland Lewis Center’ turns up an entire host of searches that opens the public eye as to the horror of what is going on at this store. This manager is extremely unprofessional, and almost killed our puppy by allowing him to sit in a crate there before our purchase with kennel cough so bad that the vet thought that he would die.

He now has chronic kennel cough he is susceptible to, he’s had 3 bouts with it and my wife and I must pay out of pocket because of the policy that ‘after 15 days all costs go to the buyer’. We shall see. More than anything I want to take action because of the rude nature of Marlena the manager and the way she talked to us has left an awful taste in my mouth. Mike Dewine is meeting with me soon. Please everyone research the Lewis Center petland and see what I am talking about. Not all Petlands are created equal, this one has had 11 violations I have learned while the one in Hilliard for instance has had zero and noted that the Lewis Center petland was notoriously really ran in a shady manner.


Petland Owned By Hunte Corporation Hunte Corporation buys puppies from puppy mills claims to be Christian business. Goodman Missouri

The Hunte Corporation in Goodman Missouri owns all Petland stores nationwide. Owner claims Christian values shape business. This vile owner buys puppies from puppymills and pays his employees pitiful wages. Filthy conditions exist in the puppymills where puppies are purchased and many are disease riddled. No worries, this vermin is still making a fortune while he treats his employees like slaves. Very shady, revolting, poor excuse for a human being. Don’t put a penny in his pocket. DONT BUY FROM PETLAND>>>

carl junction, Missouri


Petland Of Lakeland Not Paying Vendor Then Deciding To Pay on Consignment After The Fact, Lakeland, Florida

I have been a private vendor for Lakeland Petland for the past year and half. As of this past September Things have turned.

When Petland started to buy birds from me, Wendy the owner told me the prices she would pay and I agreed to them. I am a home hobby breeder.  Throughout the past year I have supplied birds when I have them and searched out what they request when I can do that.  She has paid me for what I bring in when I bring them in or within a week of doing so.  As of September 2011 this began to change.

I have always supplied healthy birds to them.  They are hand-fed and raised to be sweet.  Time after time when I would go in to check on the birds they would be shy and some (lovebirds) would be biting.  That showed me they were not being handled enough.  They still continued to sell them.  I tried to educate the staff on what they are selling, some took it in..some didn’t.  There is a large turnover of staff in the store.  They called me in August saying they needed birds.  I got them in there as soon as I could do so.

When I took them in (the first group)  Kelly, the manager told me that there was not a check but that there would be one, so I took her word on it.  She explained that they could not pay all at once and asked if I wanted to let them pay over time for what I was currently bringing in.  I said sure, as long as you pay by December.  Over September I took in a second round of birds.  I located a pair of birds they requested numerous times as well.  I gave them to the store for what it cost markup at all.  I received a check for 85.00 then another check for 50.00.  This left them owing me 360.00.

Nothing was paid in October.  I called many times and they played dodge ball with answers.  By November I was letting them know I was irritated.  Kelly called me at home and was polite and apologetic but, did not want to pay for some selected birds that have not sold, including the ones they had ordered beyond what I have.  I would not agree and said no to that.  Then I did say to be nice,  that I would take the price of one off the bill, but they needed to pay up.

I went in on Nov. 23rd and received a check for 70.00.  She ordered more cockatiels and wanted to do future business on consignment only.  I agreed.  For the past week I have tried to contact them and have been dodged again.  Finally today, 12-11-11  I reached Kelly..she needed to call me back..didn’t do I called back.  She informed me that there was no check and that they were going to pay for the remaining amount by consignment only.  Uh, no.  This is not right.  Not only not right… She only has stock to pay for 170.00 of her 290.00 bill.  I really want to go after this if not only for principles sake.  Wendy is here on a visa from England.   I am considering contacting Homeland Security about her business practices here.  I am so angry. I feel that I have been more than fair.


Petland- Lewis Center Refund refused after waiting 7 weeks for a bird that was promised in two weeks. Lewis Center, Ohio

On October 2, 2011, we called Petland to inquire if they had any Lutino cockatiels in stock. They stated they did.

Upon arrival at the store, we found they did not have a Lutino, but would we like to try a different cockatiel, as it would be a couple weeks before they would have any more Lutino’s. We did agree to try a Pied Cockatiel.

We returned the Pied in a couple days, as she was unfriendly, and elected to go ahead and wait the two weeks for the Lutino to come in from the breeder.

We called each week and were continually told that they should be in in a week, soon, don’t know for sure, and a myriad of other time frames. After seven weeks, we found another Lutino. Being somewhat rare and difficult to get, we purchased the new Lutino on the spot.

After our purchase, we called Petland to inform them of our purchase elsewhere, and to ask for a refund, as it appears that they could not produce what we paid for. They stated they had the bird now and it had been in the back for five days. When asked why they had not notified us immediately, as we had requested, they said they apparently had a miscommunication problem. They refused to refund our money, but would give us in house credit.

When finally able to talk to the manager, Mariah Rettman, she agreed that there had been a miscommunication on notification to us, but immediately placed the blame on our salesperson, Devann, and stated she would discipline her and place a report in her file. She further stated she had never had a conversation with us, and Devann was wrong about all she told us.

We told Mariah that Devann had been a terrific salesperson and had gone out of her way to assist us, and asked that she not be punished. Mariah stated that she had to discipline her, as he was making her look like a fool. We stated we would like to write a letter of appreciation and compliment Devann, but she refused to furnish Devann’s last name due to privacy issues.

Upon contacting Corporate Headquarters in Ohio, they advised they could not help due to the fact that the Lewis Center Store was a franchise store, and they could not intervene. We would have to talk with the owners.

When asked, Mariah refused to give us the owners names, and stated we would have to make our comments thru the Corporate Office. Around and around we go………..

We ultimately went to the store and took the Lutino, so as to not have Devann responsible for the bird, and also so as to not have the bird returned to the breeder.

This has been a very good insight into the operation of this particular Petland. It appears that what is right/wrong or fair, does not have a place in this Manager’s character. She remained defiant in her stance over a paltry sum of $135.00.


petland Simon Rosenberg puppymill puppies sick animals unhealthy work enviroment pembroke pines, Florida

I used to work there for almost 2 years. The puppies were always sick and dying. The kennel techs that work there with The puppies genuinely care and take great care of the them but the owner, simon rosenburg, buys them from puppy mills saying they are from usda approved breeders but it’s all lies. Ask for proof its from a usda approved breeder and they have no proof. Don’t ever buy a puppy from here unless you want to be signing a 3 page contract that they “summarize” for you that binds you to your sick hypoglosemic puppy. Read THE CONTRACT IN FULL! you’re signing all your rights away! You literally have to FIGHT with claims and warranties department thats states away over the phone for hours to be reimbursed for your dead/sick dog. ALMOST VERY DOG THAT GOES HOME GOES WITH MEDICATION OR ISNT ALLOWED TO GO HOME UNTIL THEY ARE OFF THE MEDICATION THEY ARE ALREADY ON. THEY SAY IT’S BECAUSE YOUR DOG IS STRESSED AND THE IMMUNE SYSTEM IS LOWERED BUT THAT’S A BUNCH OF REHEARSED BULL THE MANAGER TELLS YOU YOU MUST SAY. TAKE THE DOG TO YOUR OWN VET… NOT THE ONE THEY PROVIDE AND YOU WILL FIND SO MUCH s**t WRONG WITH THE POOR PUPPYMILL PUP.

Aside from the dogs… all the hamsters are sick with wettail. The birds die within a month. The fish.. oh God don’t get me started. There were at least 5 fish in each (out of 50 tanks mind you) tank every God d**n morning I had to fetch out. The fish are always sick and dying. If they cared and treated their 16 year old employees a little better they might take care of the animals for once instead of covering up the animals messes with more bedding. They push SICK PUPPY SELLING on these kids making charts and diagrams to post up to see if you made your $20,000 of puppy sales that month and if you didn’t you’re threatened to be fired. Selling sick puppies comes first before taking care of the animals. That’s why they’re all so sick. Noone takes care or medicates ANYTHING and if you don’t have a receipt with your dead companion then you’re screwed or if you complain enough they replace it with another sick animal. The animals they do treat (which is rare) are put in “isolation” in the back with the dogs and get forgotten and noone takes responcibility to treat them.

You come in 10 minutes late and you get chewed out, but the manager is always 2 hours late and changes it in the computer. They dont mind selling sick animals. They just say theyre stressed and if you buy vitamins with them you will get a 7 day warrenty, but UH OH… your animal died on the 8th day and youre screwed. That’s why I quit. I couldn’t take all the threats I was getting from all the enraged puppy parents whose companions died 2 days after purchase. I couldn’t take working wIth the children they hire that don’t do the work they’re paid for.

They deserve to be SHUT DOWN. Not to mention how horrible and dirty the store is that the customers don’t see. There is one working bathroom that works half the time. The other bathroom is used to store paperwork and animal food. There are holes in the walls that rats and roaches love to call home ad get into the pet food. This place is a sorry establishment. The owner buys the dogs for 400 and sells them for 1500 and up just cause he throws in a health warranty and some other bonus stuff that you’ll never use cause the vet they give you for free suuucks and refuses to find anything wrong with your dog cause petland brings him so much business. Shut down petland and save the lives of so many animals.



Petland Pittsburgh Monroeville Yorkie puppy was sick within days and died in less than a week. Monroeville Pennsylvania

My son purchased a new puppy from Petland Pittsburgh Monroeville on March 1, 2009. She was in emergency care by March 5, 2009. More than four Veterinarians that are registered tended her during this time. The puppy died on March 8, 2009. She had to be force fed just to survive. She had infections that came prior to purchase. We have reports stating all the facts. Petland does not care. My son spent $1944.38 for the 15 week old puppy and her supplies. He spent $1,210.75 in medical costs. They have done nothing to help his situation, nor have they offered any sympathy. We tried to contact the Owner (Clay). We are told that he works 14 hour days and will contact us in a week or more.

I am contacting every agency to get the word out. Please add your stories, and if anyone would like to join our cause, please let us know. We are very broken hearted over the loss of the puppy. Petland sells puppymill puppies, and the Human Society has verified it. Please stop purchasing their puppies. It is the only way to stop the unfair treatment of the animals, and the cold treatment to the families that wish to provide a good home to them.

Indiana, Pennsylvania


Petland Monroeville PA Stop Selling Puppy Mill Puppies Monroeville, Pennsylvania

I am asking you to ready my story below and contact me if you can help me. Since I have met so many people and read so many stories about Petland in Monroeville, I think we should all get together and file a Class Action Suit against them for both selling puppy mill puppies and for not caring about the animals that they sell. Here is my story. I would appreciate any feedback as to the avenue I should pursue next or any experience that any of you have had in suing Petland for damages.

I am writing this story to you regarding a puppy that my husband bought me at Petland in Monroeville. He bought me the puppy for Valentines Day and Charlie quickly stole my heart and became the love of my life. When we had Charlie for three days, he developed a skin condition which we took him to the vets for. They tested him for a variety of things and were not able to confirm anything. Our vet feels that Charlie had this skin condition since birth and that Petland probably put oil on him to cover it up so someone would buy him. He was twelve weeks old when we bought him. He is a golden retriever and he came from a breeder in Missouri. Charlie had a variety of different things going on with him since we took ownership of him, all of which were brought to the attention of Petland. The worse thing happened though in July of this year. Charlie was very lethargic and wouldnt eat. I didnt think much of it the first day but the next day he was the same and his eyes were oozing puss. I called my vet who said that he thought Charlie might have an eye infection and called me a prescription in for eye drops to Rite-Aid. About noon that same day, Charlie was ready to pass out when I caught him and rushed him to our vet. They tested his blood and found that his red blood cell count was low. They immediately started him on steroids and kept him overnight. The next day they called me to tell me that Charlie had eaten and I could come and pick him up. They had also administered an IV at this time to get his fluid level up since he had a temp of 104 and was dehydrated. I picked him up and brought him home and the next day he collapsed again. I rushed him back to the vet (this was the day before my wedding) and they kept him over the weekend. His red blood cell count was down again. They tested him for Lyme disease and a variety of other things, all which came back negative. I picked him up the following Monday and he was sent home with steroids and an antibiotic. We went for weekly blood tests after this and his red blood cell count would go up and then down again. At one point, his red blood cell count was down to 10 and he was given a blood transfusion. We were then sent to see an internal medicine specialist in Pittsburgh. After $3,500.00 in veterinary bills, Charlie has been diagnosed with auto-immune hemolytic anemia, a disease which is hereditary and he will live with for the rest of his life. He is on high doses of prednisone and has subsequently suffered muscle weakness from the steroids. Petland has always been informed of Charlies condition and I was always told to get a diagnosis which I did. I took all of my medical bills to Petland as I was advised to do so by one of the owners Ted. I was told that they would pay for his medical bills once I had a diagnosis. That never happened. They turned my claim in to their Claims and Warranties Division which says something about Petland that they have their own Claims and Warranties Division.

They are now saying that we only had a 30 day warranty on Charlie and that that time has expired. I have researched into Petland and they have a bad reputation for selling puppy mill puppies and I have met so many people recently that purchased sick dogs from them. This isnt about the money as much as it is about doing the right thing and stop selling puppy mill puppies. I want them to stop taking advantage of peoples feelings by selling us animals that they know we are going to fall in love with and the animals get sick.

I love my Charlie with all of my heart and am doing everything in my power to get him treatment and get him at least in a manageable state. I could have put him down and a lot of people may have done that but my husband and I have chosen to do the right thing by Charlie and try our best to get him better. All I ask is that Petland stand behind what they sell and for them to stick to selling pet products, not animals that come from puppy mills. They need to know that animals are more than dollar signs with four legs.

I ask you to please help me in getting the word out there that people should not buy their animals from Petland. Please contact me at your earliest convenience so that we can discuss this further. The latest insult is that as a “courtesy” Petland has offered me $450.00 to help out with my medical expenses. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at that ridiculous offer.

Thank you, Kelly, Murrysville PA


Petland Sold 3 Sick Guinea Pigs Blue Springs, Missouri

On October 10, I purchased 2 male guinea pigs from this Petland location. Days after purchasing them, I noticed one of them appeared to be breathing extremely heavily, and it proceeded to get worse to the point where you could hear him struggling to breathe. I then brought the pig back to the store to find a solution since I noticed this issue less than a week after purchase, and after at least 20 minutes of explaining that they had sold us a sick guinea pig and that this was obviously not a cold (I did much research and he tried to claim it was, it was very obvious that it was some sort of upper respiratory issue), I was offered a discount on their in store medicine or an exchange for a new pig. I exchanged the guinea pig for another hoping it would be healthy, and within days the new guinea pig developed such severe goop in his eye that it persistently got glued shut throughout the day for several days. This issue did subside.

Now today, November 11, about a month after the original purchase, I found the other original guinea pig lifeless in his cage. I noticed him beginning to breathe heavily (just like the original I exchanged) yesterday and used the medicine they had recommended for the other to see if it would help. I went and explained this to the manager and was offered half off the purchase of another guinea pig, which I declined knowing they sold sick guinea pigs. He proceeded to look at the guinea pig’s body, seemingly interrogate me about the cause of death, and imply that we or our other pets had done something to kill it, although the pig had no signs of trauma and this is the far opposite from the case.

This is a newly opened store but the manager, Jonathan Murray, informed me that he has “been to that rodeo” of complaints with BBB before with other businesses. I would inform anyone who wants a pet for more than a month without medication bills to buy a pet just about ANYWHERE other than this Petland. It can’t get much worse than this!


Petland of Lewis Center, OH sold us a parasite and intestinal bacteria-infested kitten… very sick kitten! Lewis Center, Ohio

About 1 1/2 weeks ago, we purchased a very small, very cute kitten from Petland of Lewis Center, OH.  The store clerk said the kitten would have diarrhea because I would be using different food (how would they know what food I would be using). Told me it was no worry. So, when the cat had diarrhea as promised, I wasn’t worried.

That is, until about 2 days ago, when my kitten all of a sudden became very tired-acting.  He was lethargic and couldn’t hold his head up.  I took him to a 24 hr emergency vet hospital, who admitted him to ICU.  He received IV fluids and IV medications for what the vet called a “very bad case of intestinal parasites”.  We later found the cat also had a bacterial infection in his intestines.

I had to transfer the kitten to a “Petland approved” animal hospital, where they are calling all the shots with my kitten.  They are deciding what tests and treatment my kitten can have.

What’s worse is that, although Petland’s two affiliated veterinarians were closed during our crisis, Petland refuses to assist me with the $1200 vet bill from the emergency vet.

The manager, whose name begins with a M, was very apathetic about our unfortunate experience and refused to assist me at all.  She was quite defensive, though I had been told by DVMs that we were sold a sick cat.  She insisted the DVM were wrong…funny, huh? Not really.

We are now probably going to lose our special pet.  Petland’s answer.  Well, we will replace your cat at no charge. Really?  Really?????


Debby’s Petland Nashua New England Pet Center Sold me a sick puppy then went out of business Nashua, New Hampshire

Purchased my puppy from Debby’s Petland in Nashua on May 1, 2011, brought her home and noticed the next day that she was coughing a little bit.  Made an appointment with my vet to have her looked just as the warranty that i was given specifies (warranty states the animal needs to be looked at by a vet within 14 days of purchase and any health issues would be fully reimbursed).  Vet told me that the dog had kennel cough.  She gave me a prescription for antibiotic (I had to go through 3 rounds of antibiotics and 2 more vet visits).  Called the main number and was told to fax all vet bills to the fax number and never heard anything back from anyone.  Tried to call today and the phone is out of service.  Went to the mall a couple of weeks ago and pet store is cleaned out and vacant.  Dog still has a cough.  Would be nice if they would honor there warranties!!


petland Sold me a very sick puppy, and lied about where it came from, will not cover costs or reimburse. rockford, Illinois

Purchased another golden retriever puppy to add to our family. I thought I’d try Petland. Instead of a usual breeder. Puppies looked good in there windows. My fiance and I played with an 8 week old golden retriever in the little kennel..He was hyper and playful..We decided to finance him for a total of 1200.00.

When we got home about three hours later after playing with him…The puupy laid down and took a nap.  about an hour later the puppy threw up all his food and even some undigested…He hardly ate that much when he got to our house, but threw up an amount larger then his body…for a couple more hours he was getting sicker, would’nt eat or drink and continued to throw up, now a mucous… Around the early evening he stopped vomiting and started to have mudpie diarhea with a very foul odor…The puppy was also very lethargic…

So my fiance decided to call petland and tell them you sold us a very sick dog….They said it was stress…We are both paramedics and know that is not possible and being dog owners as is, we knew he was very sick. Petland said to bring him in for observation if we wanted or take him to the vet, but its not covered by them…We bought the dog that very same day and we have to cover his illness??? Not to mention the puppy comes with papers stating he is purebred, not sick is healthy, and has a warrenty….

I went online to do research…Its bull…I also looked up this so called breeder that the pet store said they new personally…Its Top Notch Breeders…I found out they are a  puppymill.. and almost 80% of there dogs are defective or have the very same illiness hundreds and thousands of the same complaints..also stating its from stress….

So i come home from work that night..i decided to stay up and take care of the little guy..he had one spell of watery diahrea which still smelled foul, and slept all night..he still would not eat or drink…The next morning I took him out he went potty and came in.. five minutes later he has bloody mucousy watery diarhea and layed down..I grabbed him and took him back to petland..

I walked in very angry with all his papers. I explained what happened, they again said stress, i said bullcrap..they said said ok well he looks ok well send him to our vet next door and keep him over night…they told me to make my one week appointment for him..I went over there and they said they work with all petland pets and i have to pay for this visit, after dropping 1200.00 dollars. I was livid. i turned around and noticed one of my neighbors walked in with there new dog from petland…what a surprise..he was very sick with a resiratory infection…again another thing mentioned in the many complaints about petland. she was also upset and curious why both our dogs we just bought were sick….We also found it strange that only the certain vets petland uses are only allowed for this so called warrenty on the animals.

I also called an old friend of mine who used to work at petland, he said oh my god you should not have bought a dog from there…they are cruel to there animals, and dont take care of them, they use puppy mills, alot have so many problems, and or die within a year, u cant return the dogs, and you liable for anything medical they need which cost u thousands in the end….He also said that there were so many secrets about that store that if it ever got out would shut them down!!!

Well thats personally what I think needs to happen…THese poor animals, these poor heartbroken people, and the lots of money spent thats wasted…I want justice not only for me but anyone who has had a problem with them…You should be reimbursed for the animal full amout, you should be able to keep it because your attached, and all medical expenses shuld be covered for the life expectancy of these poor animals…Petland is the worst purchase I could have done not only for my family but for my check book….Someone needs to do something about this!!!!


Petland Orlando South Greedy Petland Orlando, Florida

I bought a pug for my niece at about 9:00 pm on saturday at the Petland ( Orlando South) store in Orlando; Florida. I fell in love with him right away and even named him. My niece unfortunately did not feel the same way, after coughing and sneezing she was in a full blown asthma attack requiring an ER visit. We did not know she was allergic to animals/ she is 6 and this would have been her first pet. I returned the pet at 11:00 am the next morning much less than 24 hours after having bought it. I expected a fee to be involved with the return but they were charging more than half of what the dog cost to return it. The dog cost me $750 and they were charging me $400 to return it. There return policies was less than 48 hours after buying the pet and a ” administration fee” would be needed. The owner was not only unreasnable but condescending as well. Even after explaining the circumstances for the return and that I was willing to pay $200 for vet fees she became very rude and refused to explain why $400 dollars was needed after the pet had only been out of the store for 12 hours. She further went on to show me my signiture in various pages of the contract that a signed before getting the pug.  Return policy was never explained to the customer but it was just given to initial at a time when you are signing 10 different pages while holding the new and excited puppy in your arms.  I think anyone would have signed even their death certificate at that time without knowing. I filed an official complaint with federal services but I will never shop in this petland again and if you do not want to get ripped off you shouldnt either. The owner and therefore the company did not seem to care about the consumer and much less the well being of the pets.


Debby’s Petland- Marlborough All locations have disconnected #’s and they owe me a warranty that they promised they would cover. Marlborough, Massachusetts

I bought a 6 month old puppy that was not given proper treatments then he had a hernia that had to be repaired which they told me to get repaired and they would cover up $125.00.  I have tried to contact them several times, but all locations have disconnected #’s.  I even faxed over a communication to see if that got a response to the corporate office.   No response.


Petland Inhumane Treatment of Small Animals Strongsville, Ohio

re: the inhumane treatment of rats at the Petland at Southpark Mall in Strongsville, Ohio.
I visit the store regularly and observe that they are keeping rats in a small, glass cage. There are approx. 20 or so rats in one cage, maybe 2’x2′, all one level. There are large and small rats mixed together. They are NOT separating the rats by sex!  These rats are now indiscriminately breeding, even the very youngest females are pregnant. This is extremely poor husbandry for any animal.  Other pet stores keep their rats separated, but when questioned about it, they used the excuse of limited space.  This not a good excuse to let these animals breed randomly!
I am sickened by the ignorance of animal care that this displays, and would like to know how to register a complaint that will make a difference.  One of the associates actually told me that “this is how they live in the wild”, “how they get more rats”…this is so wrong!
I do not buy any animals from this store, I obtain my rats from a reputable breeder. I do not buy any feed or anything from them. I go in to check on the conditions they are keeping these animals in, and to regularly give them an earful about the care these animals are receiving.
The coats on the rats look unkempt, and usually rats keep themselves meticulously groomed.  The small quarters and mixing of the sexes is inexcusable.  If there is any way to put a stop to this, please help.  They also keep the hamsters and mice the same way, except that the smaller size of these animals gives them more room.


Petland Sold us sick pet. Then employee was very rude and disrepectful and tried to shift blame towards the customer -us. Georgetown, Texas

Petland in Georgetown sold us a sick hamster.  Hamster died next day.  When I notified them about it, employee (didn’t get her name) was very rude, disrespectful, and even tried to point the blame on us.  I had a gut instinct something was not right with the hamster on the way home, but trusted them to be experienced enough to know the difference.  Employees are not even aware of what sex they are or what illnesses to look for.  I thought for as much money as they charge at Petland, they’d at least hire people some type of experience with pets….and especially with some manners!!!!  What ever happened to the customer always being right?  I was a regular customer there, but after this experience, I’ll never step foot in a Petland again.  That’s a loss for them, because I’d planned on someday purchasing a puppy for my daughter from there.


Petland Hoffman Estates(schaumburg) sold me a Sick herpes infected Persian kitten with fleas!!! Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Petland Hoffman Estates sold me a $1,300.00 dls.  blue point  Himalayan  persian kitten with a herpes virus, diarrhea,conjunctivitis, and fleas!!!! the kitten was cute and the next day became aggressive, cried every night, and vomited green puke, i took her to the vet and the dr. said this is a very sick kitten!!! Petland Hoffman Estates did not want to give me a refund and said it was normal for kittens to be a “little sick” because they play with other kittens!

the Petland in Bolingbrook, Hoffman estates, and Batavia are all owned by the greedy Dan or Mike star!!! and he sells expensive sick kittens to people like me who are gullible!!!! do not buy from Petland Hoffman Estates as they sold me a sick kitten and ripped me off of 1300 dls!!! shame on petland hoffman estates!!!!


Petland, Hoffman Estates Breeder:Delores Carlos Petland Hoffman Estates Sold me a cat with Parisites that Humans could get Hoffman Estates, Illinois

I purchased a White Persian kitten on 1-08-10 from Petland HE, IL  the kitten was very calm, too calm I questioned that and they said it was because it had just arrived that day and traveled from a breeder(Delores Carlos) in MO.  I asked them to have a vet look at the kitten before I decided to purchase the kitten.  The store clerk called me to say all was clear to purchase the kitten so I did.  I called the store Manager Bob Jesse the within 14 hours of the purchase to let him know that something was seriously wrong with the kitten, it was sleeping 99% of the time, it has severe, diarrhea, would not eat or drink, and vomited up blood.  When I called him Sat. 1-9-10 he said to bring the cat back or wait to see a vet which would be Monday (Sun. the Vet they said I had to see was closed) I told him I called Golf Rose emergency animal Hospital and they suggested I bring the kitten in immediately.  The manager Bob Jesse said the owner (Dan) of petland said they would not pay for the visit to this vet that I had to go to Petlands assigned vet even though they would not be open for almost 48 hours.  I said the kitten could die befor that time and they said they would refund my payment at that point.  My concern was to save our new family pet before it died.  I decided to go to the emergency vet at 9:00 pm Sat. 1-9-10.  The kitten was severly dehydyrated and need to have IV fluids, the female kitten I purchased was acutually a male. It had “Motile Trophozoites” which are parasites that are contagious to HUMANS and all ANIMALs.  The immediately gave the kitten medicine to kill the parasites and to help with the stomach bleeding. At this point Petland will have not own any responsibility in the health of this kitten not to mention the abusive Breeder that they are getting the animals for the store.  They had store employees and customers holding this kitten with fecal matter on the bottom of this kitten everyone that help this kitten or cleaned its cage may now get this horrible parasite.


Petland Georgetown, Lauren Nie, Petland Better Business Bureau Fraud, Deliberate Misrepresentation, Puppy Mill, Unhealthy, Lies, Ripoff Texas Georgetown Texas

Like everybody else with an aggressive dog they were assured didn’t come from a puppy mill, add our name to the list. Petland Georgetown (listed as Petland Austin on Petland’s site) got us good. When asked directly “Did the puppy come from a puppy mill” they looked at us straight in the eye and said “Absolutely not! We don’t do that here”. They sure do. Our very expensive, over-aggressive, unsocialized puppy came from a puppy mill in .. wait for it .. Iowa! Oh the education we’ve since gotten. We even tried to get the BBB to help. I didn’t know they were funny. We’ve started a website and intend to keep adding to it. The HQ never responded to us. Nobody at Petland Georgetown ever signed a name to any correspondence and we’ve had health issues, aggression issues, etc. They lie they lie they lie!

Austin, Texas


Petland Lakeland Still no AKC paperwork for over a year Lakeland, Florida

On 11-05-2009 I purchased a yorkie from Petland and was told 90-120 days for registration papers. As of today 09-23-2010 I haven’t received them. I call the store at least once a week and have been told alot of different excuses ie: the breeder didn’t send the paperwork, the previous owner of petland kept the papers, they were lost, etc. I’ve asked to have the store owner call me and have left my phone number, but received no reply. Any help will be appreciated Thank you


Petland Arboretum Can’t blame the puppies Pineville, North Carolina

At last a website to air my complaints against Petland Arboretum.

Purchased a Beagle/Cocker mix (known as a Bocker) in October, 2008.  In the nearly two years of the dog’s life, she has had three surgeries – one for neutering (no complaint there); another for Cherry Eye (both eyes) and the third to remove three cysts on the top of her head.

It is true we did not utilize the services of Petland’s veterinarian (just whose side would they be on?) but still feel a puppy so young should not have come with all the problems ours did.  When we lodged our first complaint with Petland, they, of course, said our warranty was void b/c of not utilizing their vet.

As Kona approaches her second birthday, we are still dealing with her allergies.  It may be the breed (or the mixing thereof) but to have to contend with so much in a young dog does not speak well for the breeder or the pet shop that sold her.


Petland-Beavercreek, Ohio Petland has cost me thousands of dollars Beavercreek Ohio

This may be a long store but I feel that I need to go into great detail about what this pet store has put me, my dog, and my wallet through….Please bare with me!!

On December 26th, 2006 me and my husband purchased a French Mastiff from Petland. Even though we knew it was alot of money we fell in love with him and bought him for $2400.00.

As we were playing with him in the store we were told by there “pet counselor” that he was in perfect health and had just been vet check that morning. We took him home and by that evening he was blowing green snot out of his nose and had had diarrea several time (Petland gave us a paper stating that the dog my have diarreh for a few days because of nerves and being in a new enviroment). I new he probably had kennel cough so we took him to “their contracted vet” the next day. The vet gave our puppy medication for his kennel cough and asked us to bring in a stool sample.

The next day I took in a stool sample and was told by Petlands vet that our puppy was clean of any paracite. Over the next few days our puppy still continue with the diarrea (several times a day). I finally got fed up and took him into MY regular vet. They did a fecal sample on him and concluded that he had coccidia and giardia. She also told me that by looking at his records from the pet store that he had been treated for both of those paracites THREE times. So he had had this health condition for some time now, the pet store knew about it and never mentioned it to me!!

My vet put him on medication to take care of the paracites. Before I gave him the medication I took another stool sample into Petlands vet. In order to get the medication and vet bills covered under the Petland warranty their vet had to diagnose him with the paracites. Amazingly the second fecal test from there vet came back negative for paracites.

I was so fed up with Petland and there vet office I went ahead and gave him the medication thinking he would get better within a couple of weeks and that I would never have to deal with either place again.

Well I was wrong…. My poor dog ended up having to take medication on and off over the next 7 months. He had diarrea for all 7 of those months. Thank god he was a quick learning when it came to house training!! Between fecal samples, medication, vet visits, and buying special food me and my husband spent over $1000.00 getting him healthy. And because we couldn’t get a positive fecal test from Petland’s vet we had to pay for everything on our own.

Finally at 9 months old our puppy was having solid BM’s and was paracite free!! We though the outragous vet bills and our poor puppy’s suffering was over. Once again I was wrong.

When our puppy was 10 months old he started to develope a limp in his front leg. We took him in to our vet and they did x-rays of his front and back legs ( they noticed his back legs looked funny). Come to find out he has hip dysplasia. I contacted Petland and told them about our situation. They told me I had to take him to their vet and have him evaluated. I did that and between my vet and their vet they concured that I should tak ethe puppy to and orthopedic surgeon.

This is when I had to start dealing with Petland’s manager..S.B. I was told by a Petland employee that I could take my dog to any othopedic surgeon. So I took him to one that my vet recommended. After the appointment I called Petland to talk to Sara and told her that my dog was going to need to have total hip replacement surgery( this surgery cost anywhere from $3800.00-$4300.00 per hip). At that point she said that she had talk to my vet and Petland’s vet and that they both said my puppy no longer had hip dysplasia, and that the surgery would NOT be covered. I hung up the phone on her and headed straight to my vet office. I asked them if they had talked to anyone at Petland. THey told me know they had no idea what i was talking about and that if someone would have called they would have never said he didn’t have hip dysplasia…BECAUSE HE DOES!!! Then I drove to Petland’s vet and asked for a copy of my puppies file. Rigth there in the Doctor’s report it said my puppy had hip dysplasia!! The manager had completely lyed about everything!! So I called her back and got in a screaming match. By the end of the conversation she had changed her story again had told me that if I was going to get the hip surgery for my dog that it had to be done at Ohio State Veterinary Learning Hospital. Which was fine with me (they are one of the best in the United States). But, she had also told me she wanted me to get an outside third opinion for a place called Medvet (also love this place).

So I made an appointment with Medvet for the next week. During the appointment at Medvet the orthopedic surgeon said that yes my puppy has hip dysplasia but since he was showing no signs of lameness that we should hold off on the surgery. Which I agreed with…. If he’s not in pain there is no reason to put him in it.

After the Medvet appointment I called S.B. at Petland and told her what the orthopedic surgeon had said at Medvet. She said ok and once again reminded me that I needed to have the surgery done at OSU learning hospital. I said that was fine and hung up.

About 3 weeks later me and my husband noticed our puppies right back hip popping in and out of place ( you could acually hear it too). Even though it wasn’t horrible and he didn’t seem to be in pain, I went ahead and made and appointment at OSU. It took 6 weeks to get in!!! Over the next week or so the lameness in the puppy got noticable worse. I felt so bad for him…he was having trouble getting up and down, using stairs (and we only have 3 in our whole house), and would sometime fall back while trying to use the restroom. I got a pain killer for him and have just been waiting for his apointment.

Well the appointment at OSU is on 12/3/07 so this week I called S.B. at Petland to ask her what I needed to do to get reimbursed for the appointment. At that point she asked me why I was taking him to OSU that it would be very expensive. I told her the reason I was taking him there was because SHE told me I HAD TOO!! She then said that she never said I had to take him to OSU. Once again her story has changed. During this conversation she talked to me like I was an idiot. Telling me that the warranty would not cover the whole surgery and that it was going to be very expensive. I told her that I was aware that I was going to have to spend another $6000.00 on my dog that she didn’t need to remind me of that. Her next statement was “well if you would have got him from a breeder youwould have been SOL”. I absolutly could not believe she was talking to a customer that way…how unprofessional!!

I was so angry at this point I hung up the phone on her. When I got home from work I called Petland corporate offices to make a formal complaint against S.B. I left a message for them and they returned my phone call the next da. I explained my situation and that I wanted to deal with someone else besides S.B. (because if I had to see or talk to her again I was probably going to end upin jail!) They filed my complaint and also gave me another person to talk to about my situation. I am waiting for them to call me back.

I am ready to take legal action….by time this year is between purchasing the dog and vet bills me and my husband will have spent upwards of $10,000.00. We have totally learned our lesson about buying from a pet store. I would like this to be a warning to everyone out there that is thinking of doing it!!! The only way to stop these stores from selling poorly bred, sick animals is not buy ANYTHING (pets, food, supplies) from them.

The one and only GREAT thing that has come out of our whole situation is that we have a WONDERFUL puppy!! We love him so much and have enjoyed every minute of him.

There is much more to this story but I feel I have covered the important things. I would love to hear from anyone that has had a similar story(especially if it is from the same Petland).

Kettering, Ohio


Crume Kennels Puppyland Paid 400 dollars for a German Shepard died 21 days later for no reason!! Internet

We drove nearly 100 miles to buy a German Shepard puppy from a “reputable” puppy breeder. We brought the dog home, named him Jake. 7 Days later Jake died in the driveway. We did not find him soon enough to get conclusive results from the U of M. They theorized the dog had a some intestinal problems.  Contacted the people at Crume regarding their “buy with confidence” health guarantee and were told basically, to bad. Would not even offer a discount on a new puppy, much less reimburse the 400 + dollars for the original dog nor the autopsy($100). Bottom line, do not buy a puppy from these people.


Petland in Springfield MO Sold us a sick puppy!!!! Springfield, Missouri


Please do not put yourself through the heartache me and my husband just went through!! We purchased a Cockapoo there last nite and he was sick. I had ask repeated questions about this puppy and his behaviour and was assured time and time again he was just fine, he was “just tired” from a long day. After a sleepless nite with a baby that would not eat, drink, move, sleep, or go to the bathroom we contacted them and was treated like WE were crazy or lying.. we took the dog all the way back to Springfield to be treated even worse in person by a very rude and unsympathetic manager who could not get the dog to do any of the above either, but tried to act like we were horrible people. We have a daughter that is our number one priority and we could not have her getting attached to a sick animal. Instead of helping us they threatened us with lawsuits and police. In an agonizing decision we left the poor dog there and left with more threats of prosecution.
I have cried since 10:30 this morning and am heartsick, we returned home where I started my research and I am apalled and sickened about the things I have found out about PL!! I then called Missouri cockapoo breeders and was told non of the actions of the puppy were “normal” of that breed or of a healthy puppy!!! I was told the puppy was sick and we did the right thing. I’m not sure any of that will help when we are “prosecuted” by PL, but in my heart I know we did what
we had to do!!

Please do not help these horrible people continue to hurt other families and I hope God has no mercy on them for the horrible and cruel treatment of his innocent creatures!!


Petland Sold sick puppy Westland, Michigan

am hoping you can assist me in sharing Simon’s story, another heartbreaking story about my puppy that was purchased at the Westland MI Petland in September 2009. Simon is a 5 lb Torkie, Toy Fox Terrier and Yorkie mix. After losing my collie Rascal to cancer in July of 2009, I desperately wanted another canine companion. I made at least a dozen attempts to locate the right companion at my local Humane Society but, had no luck finding the right match. On my way home from the Humane Society, I passed by the Westland Petland and saw a puppy for sale sign out front and my temptations got the best of me. I stopped in and the minute I saw little Simon, it was love at first sight and my thoughts went into rescue mode. I had to get him out of that small cage, away from the kids pounding on the glass and the other chaos going on in the store. I inquired with the young sales girl about Simon and that’s where the story really begins. I thought I asked all the right questions about his breeding and his health. I was not aware that Petland had so many pending issues with selling sick puppies. I was told that Simon was a healthy 2.5 lb Torkie puppy that had been regularly checked by the stores preferred vet. I was informed that Simon had an issue called Luxating Patella or in common terms a trick knee, I was not familiar with the issue so I inquired and was told Simon would grow out of this issue. I was also told that it was common in small dogs, that it was not serious and would not require medical attention. Well months later his so called knee issue was not getting better. Simon has now been diagnosed by both my vet and the stores vet that he has a very serious issue called Legg Perthes. The issue was not with his knee, it is a congenital hip issue that causes a dog to go lame and can only be corrected with costly surgery. Simon’s back right leg is completely lame and it’s causing strain on his back left leg. Simon is being robbed of his wonderful puppy hood, he can’t run and play like a young puppy should because of the pain and discomfort in his hip. Petland is well aware of the issue and I have asked their assistance in helping me with the expected $2100.00 surgery fee. I have asked to speak with the store owners in person but, so far I have only had personal contact with the store manager. The owners did send me a few letters expressing their concerns but, so far have only put me in contact with their vet to do the surgery at a reduced fee. This is the same vet that miss-diagnosed Simon in the first place. On 4/28/10, I inquired about the breeder and was told by the manager that they knew who the breeder was and would follow up with me with the info. When I want back to the store on 5/10 to pick up my copies of Simons X-rays and asked again for the breeder info the store manager told me they did not have the info like I was first told. I went home and called the store back, I felt I was being lied to and the manager admitted the owners put her up to it. They intentionally had her lie because they did not want to release the breeder info. At this point I am beyond upset, I feel the store is hiding the fact that the are dealing with bad breeders and puppy mills. I just want justice for Simon, I need to come up with the money for his surgery and I feel Petland and their vendors should be responsible for covering the costs. I also want to make sure the breeder is held accountable for selling sick puppies. I don’t want another one of Petland’s customers or puppies to go through this heartache and pain.


Petland Of Palm Beach My dog underwent surgery unnecessarily because Petland did not disclose he was already neutered. Palm Beach Gardens Florida

I purchased a puppy from Petland on 5/9/06. I was given a health certificate which DID NOT state he was neutered. I assumed the dog was intact and I was going to breed him until I found that his testicles never dropped. I took him to two different veterinarians when he was about six months of age. They stated that I should wait a few months since he was a small breed. After six months they were still not visible.

At that point, I was told that he needed neutering since the testicles may be in the abdomen area. Therefore, I made a neutering appointment on 7/27/07 with Dr. Stefan Zuercher. The day of surgery, I was contacted by Dr. Zuercher. He was calling to make sure the dog wasn’t already neutered. I assured him the health certificate did not state he was neutered. I had even double checked with Petland via phone. They also confirmed this information.

Therefore, he proceeded with the surgery and found that he was neutered. I explained the situation to Petland and Christina (manager) said that she would contact Simon Rozenburg (president/owner). Mr. Rozenburg was supposed to get in touch with me the following day, but never did. I contacted the store yet again and every time I have contacted them, I am given another excuse as to why Mr. Rozenburg can not come to the phone.

As of 7/30/07, I was contacted by Christina. Apparently, the breeder was contacted and they are waiting for a response. If the breeder does not contact them, Petland has already made it very clear that they are not responsible for what happened since the one year warranty has expired and the breeder never provided them with the neuter certificate. However, the one year warranty is for genetic defects. It does not apply to my situation.

Boynton Beach, Florida


New England Pet Center – AKA – Debby’s PetLand AKA Debby’s Petland Buyer Beware RIP OFF Hyannis, Massachusetts

Beware of the scam they are pulling of: They sold me a dog on 12/03/2009. I was told by the sales person that the dog was AKC registered and that I would recieve the paper work on the dog in about 30 days. It has been 105 days and I finaly recieved something from American Pet Registry asking if I want to register my dog for a $20 fee! I called t he Canton office to ask were my AKC papers are and I was told that only 40% of their dogs are registered with the AKC!!!! 

 No were in the store does it mention any thing about the APR registry!!!!

 I was charged$1000.00 for a dog that isn’t registered with the AKC and has no value as a breeding dog!

 The Canton office told me that the contract is legal and it was my falt for not noing the difference!!!

Even though I was told it was an AKC dog!!

 You would be better off adopting a dog from your local shelter as they have the same paper work!!!


Petland BDP Pets LLC sells STOLEN PETS. Internet, Florida

Our Umbrella cocatoo was stolen by a so called friend,She took Crystal to Petland .

Petland took a 2000 dollar bird,without any proof of ownership,sold crystal within hours

refussed to contact the buyer even in the person did try to return my bird  petland would not take him back ,in court he was afraid of being sued by the  other person.The problem is my bird is 14 years old and has many health issues .he needs a specail diet,A diet that is not so normal for the type of bird he is.

Petland aka P.D.B. pets LLC stated in court that it is his pratice to take any animal from anyone no questions asked ,all a person has to do is sign a paper stating they are donating the animal ,If petland feels they can make money off the animal  they will take it.They then sell it as is no warrenty

Petland sold my bird, so they sold a sick bird to someone.I made up fliers and have been placing them with vets bird stores trying to find my baby .If your pet is missing

please check at petland as it just maybe there,If your nieghbor does not like your pet

he or she can just pick it up and take it to petland and if they can make money off it they will take it no questions asked.they took a 2000 dollar bird .Never asking why would someone bring in a 2000 dollar bird and donate it to a pet  store that does not even carry these birds,they carry only parakeets.Please if you are or no the person that bought crystal from petland in september of 09 please contact me with any information

it has taken me this long in court to find out what happened to crystal ,please help me find him.


Petland Petland of Pembroke Pines FL Sold sick puppies and will not take responsibility – 1 puppy DIED Pembroke Pines, Florida

On December 26th 2009, my boyfriend and I decided it was the right time for us to get a puppy. The humane society was out of the question for us, since we only rent our property and do not have a screened in backyard (learned from a previous dog rescue attempt). We unfortunately did not have alot of knowledge about where to get a dog and after a BRIEF online search, found Petland. We viewed their website and from first glance they seemed like a pretty reputable place with words like “USDA approved breeders” and “health warranty”. A little puppy Yorkie caught our eye at a location near our house in South FL and we decided to go and check out the place. We got there and were put into a room with the Yorkie. We quickly fell inlove and were then told of a brother of the yorkie also available and he was put into the room with us as well.

Well my heart sank, I did not want to separate these littermates. There was a size different of the two, the smaller one being priced at $2290! The larger one was priced at 1800$! We spent over a hour with the dogs and left the store to privately discuss. I felt inclined, thinking that no one else would purchase these guys together and my boyfriend and I had to do something. We had saved up some money and decided to use it towards getting these two guys a happy healthy home.

While in the store, of course the Manager and other sales associate used their usual Petland pitch and us being blinded by puppylove fell right into it. We were originally told that both dogs were 100% healthy. Upon signing the paperwork, the Manager corrected herself stating that the smaller dog ( now named Bentley) had an open fontanelle and a luxating patellar grade 1. We were reassured it was nothing to be concerned about and there was really no better place to buy a dog from.

When we were about to leave the store, the larger dog (now named Jack) started to cough, the Manager of course followed up with a poor excuse of the dog being stressed and it should probably go away on it’s own. When we got the new pups back to our place, we noticed the cough getting progressively worse. The following day was Sunday so we had to wait until Monday for our new puppies to be seen by a vet. On Sunday, I had all these doubts about Petland’s pledge to providing healthy dogs. I turned to my computer and decided to do a little research. And yes, I sat there stunned and horrified at what I found out. Petland=puppy mills to be frank about it. At first I was sickened to have contributed to such animal cruelty and then it hit me that I was happy that we got these guys in our lives and could provide a good home to them.

After learning about Petland, I was skeptical to use the Vet they recommended. I tried to make a visit with a trusted family used vet but was unable to get an appointment. I found another Vet close to my home and brought them in on Monday (two days after getting them). I was told each one had an upper respiratory infection and was prescribed Claramox. I was only able to get a stool sample from Jack and awaited the results of that. The following day the vet called and said he tested positive for Giardia and recommended treatment for both dogs.

Meanwhile I was able to get an appointment with my trusted vet for that day (Tuesday) and decided to get medicine there. UGH, well my vet was overbooked and I saw another vet who was helping out in the office for the day. I inquired about my Jack itching his ears and thought he may have an ear infection, the vet said his ears were just hairy and plucked out some hairs, said they looked clean & fine otherwise. I was given Panacur for both dogs for the Giardia. Within the next few days, I followed treatment and dosage according to the vets in hopes my pups would get better. Bentley’s sneezing and coughing was getting worse, Jack as well. I called the vet and he actually told me vet bils will begin to pile up and recommended to me that I go to the vet Petland told me to be covered. So I did.

With the holidays and such, I bought my dogs to the Petland warranty covered vet on Saturday (one week from purchase date, third vet visit). This vet, unlike the other two was actually very thorough to my delight. I went over their history with him and he examined each one. He found earmites in Jack (hence the scratching; that the other two vets failed to find). He also told me the original dosage of the Claramox was way too low and not even a good antibiotic that gave good results. He checked each dog’s stool once again, telling me that not only did Jack test positive for Giardia but also coccidiosis. I was given a new antibiotic for both and a new dosage for the Claramox. Bentley did not have coccidiosis (at least it did not show up yet) and they only wanted to treat Jack. Jack was given his puppy vaccinations and thankfully did not have an adverse reaction.

My poor babies are on a bunch of medication now. I fear these parasites will never go away, the possibility of them spreading them back and forth to one another. My boyfriend and I clean as much as possible. They for some reason love to try and play on their wee wee pads (as we are indoor training). I strongly try to discourage that behavior but they sure are thickheaded little guys. My boyfriend and I are also having stomach issues ourselves and hope we did not get giardia from them – and that it is just our nerves from worrying about our puppies. We are still trying to communicate with Petland to try and get some sort of refund from our sick dogs (no luck so far). I have inquired about getting in touch with their supposed breeder ” Cindy Zeigenbein” and was told they could only provide an address and did not guarantee i would receive a response. I contacted Petland Corp. to only get the runaround, and was offered zero help, told that each store is owned privately and to contact the owner. Okay, So I tried calling the owner of the store, the manager told me he was not available but I could try again tomorrow with no guarantee he would take my call. I called up the petaled warranty department, I was told they were not employed by Petland, upon asking who they were employed by I was told, well not Petland Inc. but by the store. If there really a difference? I contacted the breeder, she was clueless as which dogs I was talking about, wouldn’t a good breeder KNOW their puppies?

My dog Bentley died on Saturday Jan 9th. I brought his brother and him to the Vet’s office for a checkup and 2 hours later he died after both were put into hospilization. He was merely one pound and with the parasites and respiratory infections he was unable to handle it. I am heartbroken and will never get over this. His face haunts me in my dreams. He was just a baby! a puppy. he didn’t even get a chance at a life. he spent his life sick and on medication. Petland has been horrible to work with in hopes of getting reimbursement that will not bring back my puppy though.

My boyfriend and I went into the store to obtain a copy of our sales receipt in hopes of getting help from CHASE. The owner of the store was in the store, and overheard our story to the sales associate and HID in the backroom. The sales associate said, yes he is here and you can approach him if you see him but he says he has nothing to say regarding this matter. The sales associate then SMILES and says “have a nice day” in response to my puppy dying. HOW CRUEL.

No one at the store will speak with me and refers me to their warranty department (the place that originally said they were not employed by Petland, when I find out later THEY ARE). The warranty place told me they do not have to reimburse me anything (they sent me a mere 160 something dollar check for meds- which I refuse to cash- since I deserve more). They said out of the kindness of their hearts they would give me back 1600 for the puppy or give me a new puppy. I do not want another sick puppy who would produce more vet bills. I have receipts of over 1000 in vet bills and more to come as Jack is still recovering himself.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, DO NOT BUY FROM PETLAND, I learned my mistake the hard way. This company is unprofessional and money driven with no care for people or their pets.


Petland of Baton Rouge Purchased a dog with mange Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I purchased a miniature pinscher from Petland on Siegen Lane in Baton Rouge La.  I payed #1000.00 for the puppy. He was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection the day after I purchased him.  We took him for breathing treatments for three weeks.  My lunch hours were spent returning the pup to Petland for treatment.

I took him to my own vet shortly after the treatments because he had a little spot on his head.  Petland said the spot was from playing with other pups.  My vet did a skin scrape and found that he had mange.  The treatment was very expensive and the mange is incurable.  He will alway carry the disease.  Therefore, I had the dog neutered.

We still have this dog and he is on a special diet because he weights 36 pounds.  Rick at Petland basically told us “tough”.  My vet sent a reference page to prove that the dog had genetic defects (Mange) but Petland did not care.  I had an attorney send a certified letter and Rick (the owner) said to sue him.  He would not honor the warranty that he provided on the puppy.

Do not buy any pets at this place.  They buy from puppy farms and they sell sick, poor quality animals.


PetLand HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE! Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We recently bought a Labradoodle from the Petland in Robinson Town Centre, Pittsburgh, PA. Let me first start off by saying that the management does not know a thing about customer service! This dog was $1,000 which is expensive enough, but then upon reading through the paperwork, the manager asks us if we want the dog microchiped. We said no, as we’ve never done that with any of our pets. She then insists that we cannot buy the dog without the microchip. We finally agree, and she tells us that it will cost us $70 to have him microchipped. I said ok, you can take that cost off of the cost of the dog, mind you we were already giving them $1,000 for the dog. The girl says no, and we were forced to pay another $70 on top of all of that.

As part of Petland’s requirements, we were to take our new puppy to the vet within 7 days. We complied, as any good pet owner would, and our dog tested positive for Guardia. Petland had an obligation to tell us this before we brought home the dog, but again they failed to follow ethical business practices. Petland’s policy states that if there is anything wrong with the dog, that if in writing from a vet, will be taken care of by the owner of the particular store. This is where things really got bad. I had the extreme misfortune of having to speak to the ignorant store owner who proceeded to insult me, and stated that it was my fault the dog had Guardia.

Mind you we took him to the vet the day after we bought him, and he was living with our two other dogs who did not test positive for guardia (we got them tested too just to make sure). When we got all the proper documentation over to this I can’t even call him gentleman that owned the store, he stated he would not pay for our dog’s medical expenses. It’s horrible to think that a pet store would sell you a sick dog, and then leave you with the medical expenses, but it happens. Fortunately our dog is still alive, but requires regular medicine which is a significant cost to us. You would think especially in a down economy that businesses would do anything to get your business. Well Petland did! They sold us a sick dog! In closing I warn customers to beware. This store and its owner are criminals and do not deserve your business! Go to a shelter and rescue a dog!


PETLAND OF NOVI MICHIGAN Petland charged me $2800 for a dog that died 21 days after I brought him home. NOVI, Michigan

We went to Petland of Novi and bought an English Bulldog for $2,800. The puppy was sick however, the employees assured us he was at the tail end of having a “small cold” and promised he was fine and would be in good health. Per the contract I signed, we went to THEIR vet the following business day(VetSelect Animal Hospital). The vet told me the puppy, who we named Rocky, was fine and had a “dry cough” but the rattling we were hearing from his chest was “normal rattling for this breed”. I have another Bulldog at home and he never sounded like that. This wasn’t a rattle, it was a gurgle.

Out of concern, I took Rocky to our own vet who confirmed he was more than just a little sick. He had an upper respritory infection and was put on antibiotics. Over the next 2 weeks he progressivlely got worse. We ended up at the MSU Vetrinary hospital after we found Rocky puking blood. They found progressed psnemonia and after much discussion, we had to make the difficult decision to put him down. The vet assured us that even if we did spend the $2,000 for the surgery, should he survive it, he would not live a happy fulfilled life. Rocky was in an oxegen chamber with an IV when we called Petland to alert them of what was going on and they demanded we take this dying puppy back to “their” vet. There is no way Rocky would have survived the ride. I don’t know what their intention was for us to take him to “their” vet at that point – we were at the most prestigioius vetrinarian hospitals in the US.

If this wasn’t bad enough, the Novi store refused to take any responsibility. The breeder who they said Rocky came from doesn’t exist, the pet store Petland claimed to buy Rocky from doesn’t exist and they are turning a blind eye to the fact they sold me a sick puppy that never got better like they promised. They refuse to refund our money, they refuse to call me back and they refuse to be accountable for what happened. I am very hurt, mostly by the fight and loss of this puppy but also by the $4,000 we ended up spending on trying to save this dog “their vet” claimed to be healthy. DO NOT BUY FROM PETLAND!


Petland, Hoffman Estates Can I Get My Money Now. Hoffman Estates, Illinois

I Use to walk in petland all the time with family.  The puppies are all so cute..we love to play with them.

I’m a very vivacious girl i have tons of energy and i love people. After a few visits to petland i decided to apply.  I thought i could “send Puppies” Home with the puppies cute little faces and my wonderful customer service abilities this has to be a no-brainer. Besides puppies sell themselves im jus the icing on the cake.

a few weeks later i recived a call and got the job. Upon meeting the “manager” i was really surprised how rude and insulting he was it felt kind of akward..I ignored it i thought no way he could behave like this, he has to be trying to “look cool”. Long story short i quit after my third day.

The manger was way too disrespectful for me i wouldnt have believed it if i didnt experience it for myself. The other girls just let him talk to them with that dirty mouth of his. How backwards is it when people quit because of the manager and not the customers. the customers are like a break and the managment is the work.  On my first day one of the girls that was there told me to “watch out” for josh.

she was fired that day. All i am saying is he IS going to get hit with some type of harassment sooner or later. They wont give me my check. It has been a week and i live only 5 minutes away from them.

last friday i went to pick it up and it wasnt there, ive been waiting for a week. The manager said he “thinks” the sales manager mailed it off. I called petland 6 times.

They keep putting me off and ignoring me. today I called and asked the sales manager if she could check the address they sent it to, she is telling me she can not. What the heck is the matter with these people.

I tried calling any and all corporate numbers no one can help because they are individualy owned! I’m like can i jus talk to the owners janet and dan star and get paid?


Petland Bought a 1300 dollar puppy and he died the next day. They admitted blame and willnot give my money back but want me to accept another puppy Springfield Missouri

I bought a german shepherd puppy on 23 June. Was unaware that the puppy recently had hernia surgery when we went to pick him up. On the evening of the 24th during a walk the puppy started choking and passed out. 10 minutes later he was dead. We brought out puppy back to the store the next day so they could do an autopsy and the results of the autopsy was that he had some kind of viral pnemonia which caused serious inflamation in his lungs. I orginally told the store manager that I want my money back and not a puppy but yesterday they decided that I could only get another puppy and not have my money back. I do not want another puppy from this place. I have all paperwork from the vet and the store saying they were at fault. I want to know the best way to get my money back.

Waynesville, Missouri


Petland-Springfield Will not refund dead puppy Springfield Missouri

Never buy a puppy from Petland! I bought a Dauschund puppy there. It was coughing right away when we brought it home.

Then it got sick after four days and it died 9 days later. We talked to Petland and they offered to exchange dogs. We said we didn’t want to work with them any more and we want our money back. The general manager herself scoffed at us and said “I don’t see how that’s a problem to us”

We currently are in the middle of a lawsuit, but either outcome, we have been ripped off. Never buy from them!!

Springfield, Missouri


PetLand ripoff KENNEL COUGH diagnosed, INFECTIONS ASSAULT FILED Las Vegas Nevada

I have Fibromyalgia. I am alone all day. My husband suggested buying a small dog for in the house to keep me company. We have three big dogs kept outside. I did a lot of research and decided I wanted a “Malti-Poo” (Cross between a Maltese and Poodle).

We went to 4 petstores and finally found one at “Petland” located in Boca Park, las vegas. The store assistant, “Mike” assured us it the puppy I wanted was healthy and that they have never had a sick dog sold. He stated they only get dogs from USDA breeders. “Their the best”.

About an hour after we got home the puppy started choking, BAD. I thought maybe she was running around too much. It got worse. I took her to a 24hr vet, as Petland’s Vet wasn’t open and it was 3:a.m. The Vet diagnosed my puppy with Kennel Cough, an Eye infection and a skin infection and or Mites. I started crying. I was awake until the next day.

I called Petland and told them what happened. I asked how they could sell a sick puppy and not tell me, as I had exposed it to my other dogs. The assistant, “Joe” stated “Mike” probably wanted to make a sale. He said to return the puppy and supplies for a refund. I went in that day, it was very hard, as I loved little Maddy. But in my condition I couldn’t take care of a sick animal. Joe took the puppy and cage, etc and said call “Karin” Monday for a reimbursement check.

I called Monday spoke with the owner, “Karin” and explained what happened, again. When I brought up the Kennel Cough and that “Mike” didn’t acknowledge it to me prior to my purchase she became very hostile. She stated “You know I don’t have to give you back anything”. I told her had we known the puppy was sick we would never have bought it! She wouldn’t listen she said she would call me after she got my Vet’s report. I told her I had them fax it 15 minutes ago. She said she would get it and call me back, she never did.

My husband and I drove to Petland. We asked for Karin and waited at the counter. Karin approached with two checks in one hand and a plastic bag with a stuffed animal in the other. As she handed me the checks I noticed they were not for the full amount we gave them and didn’t cover the vet medication or office visit. I told Karin this was unacceptable, she replied with “Well I don’t have to give you anything if I don’t want to”! I couldn’t believe her attitude. I was the victim. She told me that they don’t usually do this and to consider myself lucky. I was ready to blow.

Karin went on and on about the warrenty. I said “Look you sold us a sick puppy and we thought it was choking your vet wasn’t open so we brought it to ours.” It even stated in their contract that if it was proved that the puppy was sick prior to purchase they would pay for the vet visit. She wouldn’t listen and was becomming more aggrivated with me and my story. She was very cold and had no customer service qualities. She could have cared less what I went through with the puppy, not to mention the stress it put on my body. Having Fibromyalgia any stressful event causes a “flare-up”, she didn’t care.

I was getting madder by the minute. I wanted my money back. She then handed me the plastic bag with the stuffed animal in it and said “This is yours I can’t refund you because it was used by the puppy”. I said “It’s contaminated I can’t use it and I would have never bought it had I known the puppy had Kennel cough.

THEN SHE SPOKE: “How do I know your dogs didn’t contaminate our puppy with Kennel cough?!!” That was it, I went off in a rage. I told her first of all I only had the puppy 6 hrs. and it was diagnosed by a certified Vet. Second my dogs are over 6 & 10 years old. I stopped… my anger was building. I couldn’t deal with this ignorant woman any longer. I grabbed the checks out of her hand and through down the plastic bag with the stuffed animal on the counter. My husband and I proceeded to leave as she was still yelling at me and “Joe” yelling That I’m banned from the store and they have my picture on their camera.

I immediatly went to the bank across the street to cash the checks. When I approached the counter I noticed a truck hauling through the parking lot into the bank. IT WAS HER and her husband. They started to argue with us in the bank and put a stop payment on the checks right then and there.

Here’s the beauty of it all, the husband “BRAD” said he was pressing charges against me for assault on his wife. My husband is a pretty calm person, but that was enough to make him blow. My husband said “what are you talking about”, “My wife didn’t touch your wife”. Brad wouldn’t comment. He wasn’t even in the room when all this took place. I couldn’t believe this. Now I’m having charges against me for arguing with his wife. I got very upset and started to shake. I told him it’s illegal to press false charges on a person. He said “Well at least we got your money and you got nothing”. I told him he couldn’t stop payment on the checks his wife just gave us, but the bank allowed him to do it.

I’m very confused, I returned the dog and cage, supplies, etc. submitted a Vet report, called them the next morning when they opened in regards to the dog, did every thing they told me to and now I’m out $918.86, have no dog, an assult filed on me (falsly) and I am totally stressed out.

I didn’t know what to do. I filed a report with the BBB and I set an appointment to do a “neighbor civil meeting”. It’s where you try to work it out prior to filing in small claims. Then I found your web site. I know you probly can’t do much for me, but it sure calmed me down reading other peoples misfortunes with petshops, including 3 about Petland. I also plan to contact my local news. Possibly “picket” in front of their store. Do you know if there are any laws for a person to hold a sign in a parking lot regarding the store behind them? Isn’t a parking lot private property?

Well thanks for listening.

I WANT TO WARN YOU, “DO NOT BUY A PUPPY, OR ANY OTHER ANIMAL FROM PETLAND” 99.9% it came from a puppy mill!! Don’t support them!! Don’t buy their products either. SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!

Las Vegas, Nevada

STOP! ..before you think about using the Better Business Bureau (BBB)… CLICK HERE to see how other consumers were victimized by the BBB’s false or misleading information. Don’t be fooled! It has been reported, when there are thousands of complaints and other investigations underway by authorities, the BBB has no choice but to finally give an UNsatisfactory rating to a BBB member business that is paying the BBB big membership fees every year. When a business is reported that is NOT a BBB member, BBB files WILL more likely show an UNsatisfactory rating, then reportedly shake down that company to become a member of the BBB. One positive thing about the BBB is, either way, if a business has an unsatisfactory rating with the BBB, you can be sure, the business is bad. But what about all those BBB member businesses that had complaints filed against them? Consumers never get to hear about them. What about the BBB advertising to the public? Is this a false and misleading perception they are giving about consumer confidence when dealing with a business? Click here to understand more of what consumers and business alike are saying about the BBB. You decide. ..Remember. The BBB membership is not earned, it’s paid for!


Petland i work(ed) there, trust me, i know… Kennesaw Georgia

so i started working at petland about 8 months ago and it didnt take me long to realize that i might need to re-think my decision to work there..

-first off, i have seen employees lie about what a dogs breed is, like, once a customer was looking for something like a cavapoo but all we had were cavachons, so they just lied to the customers to try and get them to buy the puppy.

-after researching a little, it seems that some of the puppies DO come from accused “puppy mills” like from breeder, Becky Franks.

-they have dogs who get thingsa like ring worm, and the course of action to take care of it, is to shove a dog in a “isolation” cage where it away from all other animals and humans, and the ring worm does get treated but i’ve seen dogs in there for over a month that didnt get played with the WHOLE time, and that also never got bathed at all (and you can imagine how dirty a puppy could get in sunch a small cage)

-they have dogs that get awful diseases like Parvo and usually theyl get the test to make sure thats what they have, and then they just get taken care of by the staff, which, by the way, has no veterinary experience. so i’ve seen many puppies die without even visiting the vets office to see if they could take care of it.

-they sell dogs who they know have kennel cough, no matter how bad it is.

-if you went into the back, there are dogs who havent been bathed since they came to the store over a month ago.

-go check the freezer.

-the staff likes to come into the back/kennel area and complain about the customers (with an awful use of language)

-they have customers dogs come in sometimes and stay at the store if the puppy is sick, and that whole time, no one plays with the puppy, or bathes it. sometimes the puppy will have pooped then allowed to walk in it for hours before the cage gets cleaned out.

-its a family owned business and anyone in the family gets paid about 10x more than anyone else at the store, which i know is not illegal but its still wrong. especially when some of those members cant/dont perform their jobs correctly…

-i understand that dogs are special, but what puppy is worth more than my $3,400 car?? seriously… thats stupid.

well, i think thats it, i know all of these things because i currently work there (but after doing alot of researching tonight i am quitting tomorrow)
well thanks for your time!!!

Kennesaw, Georgia


The Hunte Corporation – Petland I GOT RIPPED OFF $$Missouri

I purchased a cute little puppy at Petland in Jan 2009. I was given AKC papers saying my puppy was a mini schnauzer. I followed every ounce of my contract or warranty. Come to find out I do not have a mini schnauzer the AKC papers are false my puppy cannot have the parents the AKC registration say they are. He isn’t a mini schnauzer and I wrote to the AKC and sent in pictures of my puppy and they said they would follow up with The Hunte Corporation. I am still trying to get or follow up with Hunte Corporation or Andrew Hunte. There isn’t much the AKC can do but, follow up with Hunte Corporation but, I will be getting an attorney this is how upset I am.

My puppy has several behavior problems and pretty much untrainable. The store I purchased my puppy in Altamonte Springs, Florida is now closed. I didn’t want them to do something bad to the dog because the store was closing. I used my heart not my brain in this purchase however he is well taken care of he is better off with me or I think he would not be alive today.

Please find a way to help me locally in the Altamonte Springs, or Apopka Florida area to find a lawyer to sue Petland and The Hunte Corporation. Thanking you in advance for anything you can help me with.

Apopka, Florida


Petland ripoff-they took my money and broke my wifes heart Alpharetta Georgia

Two weeks ago my wife and I were looking for a companion for our Yorkie. We found a female and were told a price I felt was a little too steep. So we passed. We returned a few days later a were told she had been sold for a lot less to a nice Hispanic couple. Had we known that, we would have purchased her earlier. We were told another female would be in soon. So we waited.

The female arrived and my wife loved her. The salesman said he didn’t have the authority to sell her at the price I want’t to pay but come in the next day and the manager would be in and he was sure she would work with us.

I had to work the next day so my wife went in and left a deposit until I could come in and talk to the Manager about the puppy.

After work I brought my wife and asked to talk to the manager about the price of the dog.”She was very rude and said we knew the price of the puppy when my wife put down the deposit and they didn’t discount new puppies. And we were told at that time our deposit was none refundable. No prior notice what-so-ever!

I’ve notified the BBB so it hopefuly won’t happen to others.

alpharetta, Georgia


Petland Of Sterling Heights sold ill, Puppy Mill Dog Sterling Heights Michigan

Petland of Sterling Heights is owned by Tony and Kim DeLibero. They not only had all of the information regarding the various illnesses our Puppy had upon purchase from their store, but also had the expertise of their own VCA Animal Hospital of Clinton Township that was able to provide the same information once we had a “2nd opinion” at another veterinarian.

The puppy we purchased from Petland, ended up having Coccidia, a Sinus Infection, Calcium Oxylate Crystals in her urine, and Entropian (a hereditary disorder of the eye) in both eyes before 1 year old. When we purchased her, she had the coccidia parasite and the sinus infection. We went several times to the VCA Animal Hospital that Petland advised we had to go to in order to diagnose her eye concerns, as well as her bladder concerns. VCA advised she just had a “cold” in her eyes, and provided several creams, gels, and antibiotics for her. None of these treatments would ever be necessary, nor successful in treating her ACTUAL disorder, which is Entropian (in short, where the eye lids of the eye turn in toward the eye, causing abrasions of the cornea). Any veterinarian should have been able to diagnose this upon spending any sort of time examining the dog. Once we changed veterinarians and proved this to Petland, they refused to reimburse for the condition, even though VCA admitted to misdiagnosing her, and said it was our own responsibility because we did not see a VCA veterinarian. Each time that we went to VCA for her urinary concerns, we were advised she had “another urinary tract infection”, which again, no one at VCA took the time to see that there was something else wrong in her urine. She had this condition at the time of purchase as well, and our veterinarian was able to diagnose her concern on the FIRST VISIT. The DeLibero’s refused to reimburse for this expense as well, with VCA admitting to misdiagnosing our dog, stating we did not use a VCA vet. (With this many MISDIAGNOSES within 1 MONTH, would you continue to subject your pet to this non-sense?! What if it were your child?) Our dog may have to have eye surgery to correct the Entropian, which I’m sure Petland will argue with as well because we did not go through VCA in her “3-year warranty”. Though, her warranty CLEARLY states, “For those puppies not under the care of VCA Animal Hospital after purchase, it is the customers’ responsibility to document that the condition existed at the time of purchase and that the puppy was under the continual care of a veterinarian for the condition in question.”

I am not the only person with concerns with the pet they purchased from this store. I have business cards as well as other contact information from other pet owners that have experienced the same treatment in regards to the concerns they had with their pets as well. Yet in 2007 The Petland Corporation gave the DeLibero’s an “Award for Excellence in first year ownership”. This has to be a joke, because they apparently have not spoken to half of the pet owners themselves. There are several websites out there protesting Petland completely because of the conditions where the dogs are kept, the “quality breeders” they supposedly purchase their dogs from (aka read “PUPPY MILLS”), amongst other concerns.

I originally went into the store the day before we actually purchased our puppy. I wish I had actually purchased her the day before, because she was on sale illegally. She was not yet 8 weeks of age at the time she was being shown. I purchased her on 05.26.07, she was born on 03.26.07…exactly 8 WEEKS PRIOR. The days before we purchased her (all dogs they receive go out on the floor for sale on Thursdays) she was being shown illegally.

Definitely do your research before purchasing a dog from this store. Talk to other pet owners, go to parks, stores such as PetSmart, Petco, etc. and talk to other dog owners. You will find quite a number of people that have had horrible experiences with this store.

Utica, Michigan


Slivko & AssociatesSlivko & Associates, LLC, Petland Pittsburgh Monroeville A Little Yorkie Puppy Died Due to Slivko/Petland Pittsburgh Monroeville Jeanette Pennsylvania

My son purchased a little yorkie puppy on March 1, 2009, and she had to receive emergency medical care. She was in the hospital, and died prior to March 9, 2009. We called Petland repeatedly, had the hospital, Vets, and clinics fax and phone them. They did not help. They refuse to admit fault. We have everything documented with all the Vets (VMD’s) working to help us stop Petland from selling sick puppies. The Petland Vet, Dr. Deborah Abt, assured me that she did not let a sick puppy get sold, and she was part of the post op. She could not find a cause of death. However, Dr. Caslow, the VMD that owns the hospital that she works at, disagrees with her. Dr. Caslow is not associated with Petland. Dr. Abt is very much associated with Petland. Petland has not sent any letters, or tried to help us in any way. The sweetest little puppy suffered because of Slivko & Associates, LLC, Petland, and Dr. Abt. We are not going to let her death be ignored.

Please contact Petland Pittsburgh Monroeville to let them know that we know that they purchase puppy mill puppies. Let them know that they sell infected animals. This poor little puppy was infectious. After repeated notifications from my family, they refuse to test the other animals at their store. They haven’t paid off their loan for the store, and guess what…we paid for it…The loan is a federal loan. We have to get the Government agencies to listen to us. We were not aware of Petland’s dirty secrets. We are now, and we are on the side of our puppy, and all the other animals in the world. If you too have had issues with the store. Unite. A class action law suit is the way to start. We have enough people to complain on blogs, but we need enough people to go to the Attorney General. We did, and we also contacted HSUS, and gave both of them our paperwork. This cause is going to last forever. The little puppy that they sold infected and sick is going to haunt them for their unethical and immoral practices.

Slivko & Associates, LLC dba Petland Pittsburgh Monroe…You are not going to be able to hide your death camp any longer. Admit fault, and do the right thing for the animals and the public. It is time to tell the truth. If you don’t do it now, all the public that has had these issues will unite and get the Attorney General to take action. I have every confidence that PA and the Attorney General are sick of hearing complaints about you.

Noblesville, Indiana


Petland Orlando South Bought dog with kennel cough and almost died. Orlando Florida

I bought this dog from Petland just over a year ago and when I brought the dog home it came home it ended up having kennel cough and then things just got worse from there and I had to take the dog to the animal hospital on an emergency because the dog almost died. When my husband confronted the manager at the store, he was told because we didnt take the dog to their vet, that’s why they cannot reimburse us any money. My question is: if the dog was on it’s death bed, do you think I have time to drive an hour away to take the dog to their vet??? That’s great customer service!!!

Orlando, Florida


Petland Sick puppy with kennel cough died 6 days after purchasing Hoffman Estates Illinois

We purchased a morkie puppie for $1500 on Sunday. Vet perscribed antibiodics on Tuesday for “kennel cough”. She had seizures Saturday morning at 5 a.m. – Took her to hospital – She died by 10 a.m.

Petland refused to refund anything for this puppy. Said the best they will do is give us a store credit. I explained we aren’t interested in anymore sick puppy mill puppies or any further heartache. They were very matter of fact that they had no fault as per their contract and that is all they will offer.

Plus they want us to get a necropsy (dog autopsy) for an additional $250 just so they can tell us we won’t get a refund.

Please help us stop Petland from inflicting this pain and expense on others.

elk grove village, Illinois


The Puppy & Kitty Nursery – Selling Puppies with Congenital Defects Never Again will I buy from a pet store Largo Florida *UPDATE ..just look at my dogs picture

I purchased a chinese shar-pei puppy (Zeus) from “Puppy & Kitty Nursery” in December of 1998. He was fine until May of 2000 when he suffered a ruptured Cruciate as a result of having a luxating patella.

He required surgery which cost $2964. I was told at that time that his other leg had a luxating patella and would probably require surgery. He also has mild hip dysplasia.

These are all hereditary conditions which can be ruled out before buying the puppy by researching the health of the parents. Unfortunately I was a very uniformed consumer at the time and taken in by all the cute puppies running around the store.

This hereditary and congentital defects were discovered after the “one year extended warranty” against such defects had expired. I never contacted the store for a refund for this reason. Maybe I should have, but according to the contract I signed they are not required to do anything.

Since then other hereditary medical problems have surfaced. Zeus suffers from a condition known as Familial Shar-Pei Fever which until we finally diagnosed it cause him to spend a week in the hospital every month on IV fluids. So far in treating Zeus’s hereditary illness’ we have spent over $10,000 dollars.

I continue to do research looking for alternative medicines and trying to find something to keep him healthy. He is 3 years old now and I love him as much as I would love my own child. He has suffered a great deal but he seems healthy for the moment.

If I had any idea what I was getting into the day I walked into that store I would have run the other way as fast as I could. The fact is they don’t know the history of the dogs they are selling and it could take a couple of years for health problems to show up. Buy then you are in love with your dog and would do whatever it takes to keep him healthy.

As far as “The Puppy & Kitty Nursery” go I don’t expect to recover any money for Zeus’s medical expenses but it would be nice to get a refund.

St. Petersburg, Florida


Happiness Is Pets Steve Kruse Is Breeder My puppy died Naperville Illinois

I cant believe I came across this report, it brang back very sad memories. 3 years ago I purchased a puppy from Happiness is pets (breeder was Steve Kruse) he was a Silkey Poo, I can not tell you how great this puppy was. we loved him he housebroke to our dog door in 2 weeks, never mouthed, bit or chewed anything was super calm and quiet and he LOVED our kids.

After 4 months of loving him, he quickly fell sick as in overnight and died. We were devistated. However the manager did pay for an autopsy and the results were heart and lung failure. he responded that is wasnt conclusive but he would give me another puppy at a discount. I told him I had no more money and after a while he said he would give me a puppy. They really had no breeds that we wanted but we had to choose we ended up with a shishtzu that was terrified of our other dog and it only got worse as time went on so we has to find another home for him. I hope this helps you. Please dont buy from a pet shop. Go to a rescue.

Plainfield, Illinois


Petland, Georgetown, Texas Petland Sold Me a Sick Puppy Georgetown Texas

On November 30, 2008 Petland sold me a sick puppy. Her first free pet visit cost me $68! She has intestinal parasites. We had to take her back to the vet yesterday because she has severe yeast infections in both her ears and a “foreign body” growing on her spine — another $113. We went back to Petland in hopes of speaking to the manager and working something out. When I said the words “sick puppy” in their crowded store, my daughter and I and three grandchildren were immediately surrounded by five store employees, the vet bills were forced from my daughter’s hand by a six-foot male employee and we were pushed out of the store while a female employee called my daughter a b***h because she was trying to explain our situation.

The police were called and the male employee who took our vet bills tried to tell the police that my daughter assaulted him! They viewed the store video and of course no assault was seen. The female employee continued to scream at my daughter calling her a b***h and insisting that she be arrested, while my grandchildren witnessed this. They are completely traumatized by the entire thing. My daughter and I had to sign trespass citations promising not to return to Petland under threat of arrest. How sad! SHAME on Petland for this nasty behavior! I am tenacious and intend to pursue this with vigor! Thanks for listening.

Cedar Park, Texas


Petland Sick puppy heartbreak Cicero New York

On August 31, 2008 we purchased a Papillon puppy at Petland. The first night the dog was very lethargic and slept a lot. We thought from the excitment of a new home. By the next day, the dog was coughing, sleeping all the time, and wouldn’t eat or drink. Foolishly, we took the dog to the vet recommended by Petland.

The dog was diagnosed with Kennel Cough, and within a few weeks was perking up. We thought all was well. Once the dog was eating and drinking normally it began urinating ALL the time. It urinates when it walks, sits on your lap, plays with my kids….

We have had the dog to the vet (recommended by Petland) every week for the last nearly 3 months at the cost of $100 to $400 each visit. The dog is still sick. A Petland Owner, Jeff, refuses to pick up any portion of the bill stating that the issue is not “genetic.” We really don’t know what the issue is. We just know the dog is not getting better with antibiotics or new diet.

In summary, we purchased a sick, $1200 puppy and have paid almost $1000 more in vet/treatment expenses for the puppy and are still unable to allow the animal to become a family member. The puppy is “quarantined” in our kitchen so that she doesn’t destroy all of our carpets or possibly infect our other animals.

I think that it is completely unacceptable/irresponsible for Petland to have sold this puppy and refuse to contribute to getting the animal healthy. I have contacted an attorney and wait to hear back from him on how to proceed.

Syracuse, New York


Petland Bought a paid for a full blooded Yorkie that is not a full breed ripoff Monroeville Pennsylvania

I bought a Yorkshire Terrier in Aug 2006. He was 4 months old and he looked just like a Yorkie. However it is now 7 months later and this dogs appearance, tempermeant and demeanor are nothing of a Yorkie.

I feel very ripped off. I had done a lot of research on Yorkies and knew that this was the perfect dog for me. To be honest I spoke with about a dozen breeders before going to Petland and they did not have any dogs available. And if they did have dogs available it was because they were older and not housebroken or crate trained. They were pretty much kept to see if they could be used for show dogs and when the breeder felt they couldn’t be show dogs they wanted to sell them.

Besides all that I don’t think it is fair for Petland to sell me a Purebreed Dog with papers and then that dog is not even close to being in the Published AKC Standards that are posted on the AKC website. My dog is supposed to be no larger that 7 lbs. and he weighs about 14 lbs. Yorkies are supposed to be Black and Golden and my dog is completely GRAY!

I don’t know what to do at this point. I am still paying for this dog and it is the complete opposite of the dog I have always wanted.

Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania


Petland Sarasota sick pets at petland Sarasotssarasota Florida

DO NOT PUCHASE A PET FROM PETLAND!!! On August 29th I purchased a Macaw from the Sarasota Petland. When I purchased the bird, she came with a Petland complete warranty. I was assured the complete warranty covered the birds health from the date of purchase up to three years as long as the bird underwent a check up by their Vet within 72 hours of purchase which was conducted. Since then, my Macaw has had absolutely no contact with other birds except for the birds she was raised with at the Sarasota Petland. One night after having the juvenile bird for three months she suffered from severe vomiting and stopped eating. This occurred late at night and she was brought to an avian specialist the same evening the illness occurred. Since then, my bird has been diagnosed with Proventricular Dilation Disease AKA Macaw Waste Disease. After doing research on my own, and what was explained to me by an Avian Specialist I learned this disease or virus can either be hereditary, or contracted from another bird, mainly at a young age. I contacted the store and the Petland Claims and Warranty Department who would not return my phone calls for several days. After several days of receiving the Petland runaround they assured me the virus was not contracted from one of their birds, nor was my parrot born with the virus even though she’s had absolutely no contact with other exotic birds. My parrot whose average life expectancy is 65 years old, will be extremely lucky to live to 65 months. So far, after the purchase price of the bird and Vet bills, the total cost is nearing $3,000 with Petland showing little to no remorse. To make matters worse, I politely told them they should test the Macaw my bird lived in the same cage with and they never did. That macaw is still listed for sale at the Sarasota Petland.

Sarasota, Florida


Petland My dog from monroville petland died within 5 weeks West Mifflin Pennsylvania

This is a continued report from my daughter in laws report. She bought a dog from Monroville Petland. The dog was sick from kennel cough. That wasn’t the worst of it all the dog came down with parvo 4 weeks after we bought the dog. The dog cost her $1,499.00. She took the dog to the Petland store to tell them he was throwing up and disherrea, and we took our dog there also because she caught kennel cough from the chow chow. We asked the manager what he could do about the dog throwing up and diaherrea, and my dog having kennel cough.

He told us to leave the store or he would call the police. The next day we took the chow chow to an emergency vet and we paid $1,500 down to try to save the dog. The chow chow died the next day from parvo. We gave Petland the paperwork from the emergency vet telling them the disgnoses, but the said they would NOT warranty the dog. The manager even told me he had cases of parvo at that store, but not lately. Parvo takes a long time to get out of an area, even up to 2 years. If there is anyone else that feels like they were ripped off from petland call me (((phone number redacted)))

Petland sells sick dogs
West Mifflin, Pennsylvania



Purchased my chihuahua end of April 2008. Took him to their recommended Vet for a check up with in the first few days. They told me that he was a mixed breed. I called Karin the owner immediately and told her what they said. She tells me that she has chihuahua’s and the Vet lady has a different type breed of dog so basically the Vet lady doesnt know that the dog is not a chihuahua. I waited for the dog to get bigger plus got a second opinion, that Vet told me the same thing.

Talked to Karin a few times regarding the breed of my dog, got brushed off each time. Finally on one of our conversations I asked her if she would like to see the dog. She tells me “No”., with that reply I took him to the Charleston and Rampart store and asked her to come out of the store to look at him. When I asked her what his he, she tells me she does’nt know. I gave her two pictures of my dog (Oreo) she contacted her distriputer, Hunts Corp. They confirmed the dog was a “mis-representation of a chihuahua”.

She then asked me for my AkC papers, which I had not recieved, they still had them and then proceeded to keep them. Karin offered $400 back, saying that they usually charge $1100 for their mixed breeds. First I told her I’d be crazy to pay $1100 for a mixed dog, when I can go to the pound and get one for nothing. Then I told her lets go 50% then that way I dont feel so RIPPED-OFF. She tells me later that her husband, Brad, said all they can do is $400. I was’nt satisfied with that so proceeded to call BBB and Consumer Affairs. (still on going)

This week I found out that Karin is closing two of her stores, leaving the one on Charleston and Rampart open. I’ve tried calling her all week, to let her know I will take the $400, she has not replied as of yet. If I continue to wait for the right, honest thing to happen, I think I’ll end up being 6ft under first. If you guys can help some how, great, if not, then maybe them hurting with their business is what we call “pay back time”. I’m not the first to be unsatisfied with these people and surely won’t be the last.

Caroline ****
NLV, Nevada


Debby’s Petland Puppy died within 4 months. . . no refund!!!! Holyoke Massachusetts

We bought $4,000 pure-bred english bulldog from Debby’s Petland in Holyoke Mall. He got pneumonia within 1 week… had seizure at home. Took care of him. Found him dead outside at 4 months – vet said no apparent health problems – to contact coporate office of Debby’s Petland. Couldn’t get autopsy becuase it was Saturday and nearest hospital to do this test was 1 hour away. Debby’s Petland offered no refund . . . no help. . . They sold us a sick puppy and we are stuck paying $4,0000 and suffer the lost of our puppy. I’m disgusted.

A. rodriguez
Holyoke, Massachusetts


On February 27, 2008, my parents purchased a dog for me from Petland. He is a mix breed called a “Cavachon”. He is a joy to have and is a wonderful animal, but he is sick. Petland legally sold my parents a sick animal with kennel cough and blood in his stools. I have documentation from the store where the pets caretakers daily updated how he was doing.

Born in October, Petland recieved him in December of 2007. Since they recieved him, they notated he had blood in his stools, in which they gave him ‘preventive meds’. They also notated his coughing, but it doesn’t appear anything was done. This is just plain stupid since kennel cough is contagious to other dogs and probably spread to any other animal he came in contact with. Petland litterally kept an animal in a cage and didn’t properly take care of him. When he was purchased, the vet there told my parents that the blood in his stools was caused due to ‘stress’ and that it was normal and would go away.

To this date, it has not gone away. Not trusting their vet, I took my beautiful dog to my own vet closeby. My vet was very concerned about the blood in his stools, especially since he has had it almost all his life. He ran some tests and sent us home with medication, but we are unsure what the cause is as of yet. All I know for sure is that Petland sold him to us on a lie that he was perfectly healthy at the time of sale and Petland did not care for him properly when they knew he was not well. Petland and its employee’s do not care for animals, they are just there to get your money.

Matthews, North Carolina


Petland won’t honor warranty-broke my heart Las Vegas Nevada

I bought a ferret from Petland located at 8800 W. Charleston Blvd., Suite #3,Las Vegas, NV 89117,702-949-7387 because he was on sale. He was absolutely beautiful, although a little bit lethargic. They waved this full warranty crap in front of my face and me like an idiot I believed them. We left Petland and took him directly to the Vet, where we spent an additional $50 having all the tests run for parasites and so on. I woke up the next morning and he was DEAD. We called Petland, they said bring him in and they would make it right.

When we got there it was a completely different story. They refused to exchange it for another Ferret. They refused to give us our money back. And then they told us to have the Ferret autopsied, and theyre vet, at our expense. More than $200. The vet wouldn’t autopsy him because he had been dead more than 12 hours. Petland told us we were screwed, and if we wanted our money back to take them to court.

We didn’t even have the ferret for 24 hours. He was a birthday gift, and holding a dead ferret for my birthday was NOT my idea of a good time. I was hysterical, they told us they would take care of us then they called security to usher us out of the store. Our entire experience was heartbreaking.

Their warranty is not worth the paper it was written on. I urge everyone to stay far far away from this store at 8800 W. Charleston Blvd.,Suite #3 Las Vegas, NV 89117, 702-949-7387.

rialto, California


Petland Lied, Sold mixed breed dog as a pure bred Cairn Terrier Rome Georgia

My husband and I were looking to obtain a Cairn terrier in October 2002. Yes, we had read all of the warnings on the internet against pet stores and puppy mills. I honestly thought, however, that it was just the private breeders getting upset because pet stores cut into their business.

We found a cute Cairn at the local Petland. Once they let us pet him in their “private petting room”, we were attached!

I was a little concerned over the appearance of the puppy because I had done a lot of research on this particular breed and knew that they were usually a lot hairier, and maybe even had a larger frame. I asked the store’s employees about this and they said that he was still a puppy,and that he would start growing hair “later”.

We went back several times to look at him and pet him. Each time the store’s employees would talk to the puppy and tell him things like “They don’t really like you or they would buy you today,” or “Poor thing, you thought you were going to get adopted today.”

Finally, we forked over the money to get him (which was twice the amount a private breeder would normally charge). I was hoping that since he was “AKC registered”, he really was what they said he was!

We named our little puppy Deacon, and he instantly made his way into our hearts and lives. But as he grew, we came to realize that he was not “pure bred.” Of course we loved him a lot and thought he was the cutest thing in the world, but we were upset over paying so much money for a pure bred dog. I got so tired of people asking “What kind of dog is that, a long haired chihuahua?”

We even had a groomer offer to help us get our money back. She said that she had groomed a schnauzer from Petland before that wasn’t purebred, and she had helped the owners get a refund.

Although I knew the truth deep down, I kept own thinking that maybe he was a “slow grower.” We decided to give him some more time to “evolve.” My husband and I agreed to wait until he was a year old and if he still didn’t look right we would pursue the issue.

Sadly, our little Deacon died 1 month short of his 1st birthday in a tragic accident. We have missed him so much and his abscence has left a great void in our lives. We didn’t have the heart to pursue anything after he died (Although we had plenty of pictures of him for proof). We loved him for who he was, not for what he was supposed to be.

However, from our 1 and only experience with Petland, I have become so outraged with not only Petland, but all stores that sell dogs from puppy mills. I didn’t know how I could help in the fight against them, but when I came across this website, I knew I had to tell my story.

If you are considering purchasing a pure bred dog, please, plase, please purchase it from a loving, private breeder!!! Do not be fooled by the lies of those working in pet stores! It does not matter if the dog is AKC registered. It is no gaurantee that the dog is what he is supposed to be!

There are plenty mixed breed dogs in need of a loving home at local animal shelters without having to pay hundreds of dollars for one at a pet store!!!!!!!!!

Cedartown, Georgia


Debby’s Petland – New England Pet Centers ripoff sold sick dog wouldn’t refund money wouldn’t honor own warrenty deceptive practices West Roxbury, Nashua Concord New Hampshire

My daughter bought a “pug” dog from debby’s petland in Nashua New Hampshire 8/29/03 at closing time. the begining of labor day weekend, 8/30/03 late at night my wife noticed something funny about his eye but it wasn’t bothering him so we figured we’d wait and see. 8/31/03 upon awakening we noticed that “Sulleys” (the 9 week old pug) eye had clouded over and waited for the pet store to open, when it finally did we were told to call their vet, which I did and discribed the problem to him, he stated that he worked for Debby’s and didn’t have a office

I could bring the dog to BUT I should get him looked at right away, we found a open vetrinarian office in Nashua N.H. and brought Sulley to them, they stated that we need to get him to a specialist right away and THEY called one in woburn Massachusetts, (Mass Referial Hospital) we brought Sulley there, they kept Sulley overnight, The next morning (monday) we received a phone call from mass referial, Sulley’s eye had ruptured and we were to meet the opthamoligist at Bulger hospital in Andover Massachusetts, we went to Woburn to pick Sulley up and then drove to Andover, they checked Sulley out and said his eye would have to be removed, they also had noticed that Sulley has a upper respitory diesease that debby’s told us was “Kennel Cough”.

The vet stated that we should get over any emotional ties we had with the dog and bring him back to the store and gave us a letter on Hospital stationary stating the same, we brought Sulley back to Debby’s in Nashua and was told that they wouldn’t take him back, a employee also stated “he was fine when he left here, you must have broke him” So there I was, with a sick dog, and NO MEDICINE, for either his eye or his respitory problem or his pain. So back to bulger hospital We went with Sulley, there they gave him something for his problems and gave us the name of the MSPCA hospital and said they would do the operation cheaper for us, now Sulley’s eye had been removed and he still has the respitory problem but he funtions like a normal dog execpt you can’t exercise him because of the respitory problem. now I’m in the process of suing.

Lowell, Massachusetts


PetLand Technology False job employment London England

Company is false and are trying to get my banking information to steal. They claim that you can work from home for $35 hr. They are not a real company and send you false work information.

otisville, New York


PETLAND Petland sold me sick puppies MONROVILLE Pennsylvania

I bought two dogs from Petland. One was a chow chow and cost me $1,400 and I bought a beagle that cost me $995. Both dogs had kennel cough, and I already had three other dogs, and all my dogs caught the kenel cough off the new dogs. I am still battling kennel cough today because they keep passing it around to each other. The beagle had ringworm, and also was operated on for a hernia before I bought the dog. The chow chow is sick a lot, throws up for no aparent reason. I took my dogs I already had to Petland and explained to them that the dogs I already had caught kennel cough from the Petland dogs. They refused to treat my dogs. They said it was against their Petland law to treat other dogs, even though my dogs caught it from their dogs. They went as far as threatening to call the police because my husband asked him to listen to what he was saying. The manager said he would call the police and have him escorted off the premises. I called the breeder that was printed on the papers Petland gave us, and the breeder said he sells his dogs for $150 and he keeps all the dogs in kennels. Both the dogs I bought from Petland were bred in Missouri. I feel I was ripped off on the price of the dogs because they are sickly and they got my other dogs sick which results in more vet bills for me.

Petland sells sick dogs
West Mifflin, Pennsylvania


Leonard Raymond; Erika Walker, Joseph Martin, Nikolaus Maack, Administrative Assistants for full time opportunities; Home Pet Land HQ are hiring! Colchester Other

Petland Technologies $35.00 per hour is a Scam!!! Beware!! Minneapolis Craigslist Internet

A few weeks ago I was approached by this company after submitting my resume through craigslist. The ad proposed pay as $35.00, plus signing bonus, computer, etc. Too good to be true??? I searched everything, I so thought, but not deep enough until they started to scam me out of money in my bank account for which I notified them immediately that is was a fraud.

Luckily I caught it before it cost me thousands of dollars. They do bring you in and after three weeks I had not been trained. Money orders were coming to me from all over the state of Minnesota and I had to question why. No one ever contacted me at home and the bank was good enough to question it when I tried to deposit it. That is a clear indication they know something is up. I did not give out any personal information, thank goodness, but beware you should not either!!!

Make sure you report it as a spam and get it out of your system as fast as you can!!! Many of us are looking for the good job with good money, security for our families. Take it from me, this one is not so secure in my book.

Lino Lakes, Minnesota


Home Petland Technologies $35.00 per hour my a*s!! This is a scam!! Beware!! This is not for real!! Peoria Internet

Today while searching a sight I came across an ad called Home Petland Technologies.The ad proposed to pay $35.00 per hour for your data entry work.Next to was a box that read click here to apply/submit resume.When I clicked on the box nothing would happen. This wasn’t normal for since this was a helpwanted sight that I often visited. However I noticed an e-mail address for Home Petland technologies.I e-mailed them stating that I was interested in the position posted. While waiting for feedback from this so called data entry,I thought what the heck and searched the web for Home petland Technologies. Next to each link was the word “scam” I then went to Ripoff Report.There on the front page( without even typing in the name of the company)were reports of Home Petland Technologies!! I am so glad I found The Ripoff Report sight before I gave out any personal information.If they do reply to my e-mail request I will be sure to report it as spam!

manito, Illinois


Petland Wolfranch, Georgetown Texas Lied to my face, sold me a very sick puppy, selling puppy mill puppies Georgtown Texas

I bought a puppy from Petland in Georgetown. No one mentioned that the puppies they are selling are sick.

2 days after I brought my puppy home we rushed him to the vet where he was diagnosed with a severe upper respitory infection. After 6 days of breathing treatments given 3 times per day and 2 rounds of antibiotics we finally go him feeling better All this in a 2 week time frame.

I specifically asked the Manager about where the puppies come from and he looked me right in the face and told me they do not buy from puppy mills. After researching the breeder where my puppy came from it is indeed a puppy mill in Kansas.

How these people sleep at night knowing they lie to people everyday and let people be surprised when their new puppies becomes really sick after they get them home is beyond my comprehension.

There are lots of web sites with stories of peoples experiences with the same Petland. All of them very similar to mine. They also have over 200 complaints with the Better Business Bueuro.

Round Rock, Texas


Petland Sold mixed breed as purebred Tallahassee Florida

My fiance and I went into Petland just to play with the dogs. We did that all the time and tried to play with the dogs that we did not think would get played with. There was this adorable puppy advertised as a purebred basset hound. We played with her for a while and went home. We both had a dream about her and the next day we went and purchased her.

We brought her home. Got her oriented and fell in love with her. She is not just our dog she is our daughter. She is now pushing 8 months we were starting to notice she was not starting to look more like a Beagle in the face rather than a Basset.

We had decided to ask our family their opinion and they all believed she was mixed. We also had a neighbor see her for the first time and said “Wow, is that a Basset mix?”.

I was just hoping she had not gotten droppy face yet because she was still so young, but I am thinking I am wrong. Considering Basset Hounds are more or less born with the droppy faces. She does not have a droopy face at all.

I am going to get her vets opinion and if she says she does not appear to be purebred I want to file a claim and get my money back.

Petland sold her as a purebred and she is not. That is false advertisement and I paid over $1400 for her. I am going to pursue this with aggression.

Tallahassee, Florida


Petland Sent $1,899.00 for a very very sick Yorkshire Terrier Monroeville Pennsylvania

12-26-07 I went to Petland and purchased my yorkie, named her Rosie. Store manager said she had a respiratory infection, but had her last dose of medicine that morning, and the vet checked her out to leave as healthy. I got home noticed she was breathing bad. Called store manager, she said bring her back so our vet can check her again. I told her I did not feel comfortable with their vet and was going to mine.

12-27-07 Took Rosie to my vet, she had a very serious upper respirtory infection and kennel cough. They felt at 2.5lbs she was to young to have left her mother and this would be harded for her to fight. Called Petland to report they did not ask my name or which dog, just said you will only be reinbursed for medicine.

12-29-07 I was woken to HORRIBLE hacking and breathing for Rosie was very hard. I had a costly emergency visit to my vet. They gave her an anti-imflatory shot and told me to keep her in bathroom with vaporizer. Again reported to Petland my name was never asked, just told I would only be reinbursed for medicine.

12-31-07 New Years Eve, woke to Horrible hacking and breathing, but this day was more severe than any other time. My vet was closed. I was now at the mercy of Petland. Called and the store manager said to bring her down and they would call in a vet. I thought Rosie was going to die on the trip down. I get there see the kennel manager who calls the vet OVER THE PHONE to decide how to treat my dog. Medicine changed and she had a nebulizer treatment and was told to get cough medicine. At this point I have documentation of $400 in vet bills, Petland did send a check for $45.

1-2-08 Dog still very sick took to my vet again. X-ray was done and I was told of a slightly enlarged heart, to be rechecked in a few months. I am mad. Called Petland said I wanted to talk to owner, he did call back 2 days later. He was only concerned with what they would reinburse me. My vet gave new medicine and for the next 2 weeks she was ok as long as she had little activity.

1-22-08 Dog up all night hacking horrible. Again took her to my vet. Bad respirtory infection and cough, new medicine given. Report to Petland again told I would only be reinbursed for medicine.

1-26-08 Dog was very sick, my vet is closed again at Petlands mercy, called manager she said to bring her down, I decided to keep her under vaporizer and wait till Monday for my vet.

1-28-08 Called my vet they saw her right away. They told me this should be reported to Petland headquarters, which I did and of course no response, as of date. New Medicine with a cough pill. Reported to Petland again told they would not pay.

2-4-08 Dog still sick, not gaining weight took to my vet. They did 3 x-rays I was there over an hour. Results showed something around heart and they sent them for a second opion.

2-8-08 The second opion came in from the specialist today. impressions say chronic pulmonary disease with active bronchitis. #2 equivocal diaphragmatic hernia or consolidation of the accessory lung. I have to take her on 2-26-08 to specialist in Etna for 2 test and the ballpark amount they gave me will be $1,200.00. I have to leave her from 9am to 6pm and she has to be put to sleep for one of the test. She is 3lbs, I am worried. She was shipped across country at 2lbs.

My son told me about his friends dog bought from the same store around Christmas, dog died at 14 weeks. A girl I know bought a dog around Christmas same store, dog has kennel cough and has been on medicine and they give her trouble if she goes anywhere else.

I have reported this to the Attorney General. Petland had the nerve to write back that they begged me to bring the dog back… they have never made one phone call to me to see how the dog is doing. The owner took 2 days to call me back. My dog I know came from a puppymill in Oklahoma, even though they lied about that along with telling me my dog would stay her colors. They lie and do whatever it take to get a sale. THEY DO NOT TAKE CARE OF THESE DOGS. This is so unfair but aside from all the money I spent, I look at this tiny dog who can’t play like a puppy and I have a fear everyday will she be ok. I have sent letters everywhere and I will not stop.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Petland Pet Store HORRIBLE store,sick dogs, relative dog died within days, puppy mills, mix breeds,lying about spay/neuter agreement and more!! Maryville Tennessee

My ex-stepdad purchased a male Jack Russell terrier from this store. He had one as a child, and had always wanted one. He was assured this was a purebred, very healthy. Within 2 months Jack had died. The pet store assured him that was rare.

Fast forward two years. My sister goes to the store for dog food, ends up being suckered in to buying a kitten. Within 24 HOURS the kitten had died under her bed. The store refused to refund her money.

They claim its “normal” for hamsters to bite when picked up. Thats not true. Hamsters that have been handled since birth(which a good hammie breeder would do) do not bite,ever. I was in the store recently, and I saw a Shih Tzu puppy with a runny eye. Minutes later, while standing at the checkout line, I looked over and the puppy was pooping diarrhea. VERY watery diarrhea. I asked if he was ok, and the young checkout boy said, “Oh, we just changed their food…thats why” No, changing a dog’s food may cause them to be constipated,NOT have diarrhea. Pet stores sell top of the line dog food, so that doesnt even make any sense. A good quality food would not do that.

A horrible pet store, smells like poop all the time. The associates have little to no knowledge of animals, and it shows. STICK WITH XXXXXXX!!!

Maryville, Tennessee

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Petland Tampa, FL (West) Vicious, Scandalous Scheme to get SALES!!!! Tampa Florida

On Dec. 2008 we left the house in search of a full breed Yorkie. After visiting several pet shops, we landed at Petland (Tampa, FL) located on Waters Ave. As we entered the door, there was the exact color and breed we were looking for – just sitting there doing what most puppies do when they see new faces. I was then approached by a female employee who appeared to be as nice as can be and immediately went to the back and got the puppy so we can play with him for a few minutes. I looked at the price of the pupphy and immediately said oh, thats high, i saw the same puppy elsewhere for a lot less and i rather wait. The employee then said well, we have the best deal in town – YOU pay $24 a month – no interest – nothing, until the puppy is completely paid off. I said that is a great deal – i can work with that. I proceeded to give her back the puppy so i can speak with my husband and she said no hold on t him – everyone in the store is here to buy him and if you give him back – they can snatch him up by paying before i do??? The employee then stated that she will have to do a credit check and get back to me.. I said no problem, go ahead. While she was doing that – i look at the sign on the crate again and it said $60 a month – therefore, i question her about that again and she said NO – that is old we were doing a new special for the weekend.. I said ok and decided to believe her since she was working in the back with the MANAGER – and getting the paperwork done. Well, to my surprise, they were actually in the back doing their vicious act by submitting the paperwork for a Petland credit card and NOT honoring the best deal in town (no interest, finance charge – just $24.00 a month until the puppy is paid off). I did not realize that vicious act was done until i got my second statement and saw that the price of the puppy went from $24 up to $103 a month + interest and finance charge. I immediately called the store, spoke to a manager, who did NOT appear to be surprised – took my information and said she will call me back. I was also told that the Employee who did the vicious act is no longer with the company. When i got the return call, it appeared to be another manager apologizing for what had happened but never made any suggestions to fix the problem.. Instead, their response was i am not sure why that employee would have said that. Evidently, there is some communication problems with Petland and what they are training their employees. Are they being trained to deceive the public??? I left a message for the owner of that shop and haven’t received a return call to date. It is time for them to own up to their lack of properly training their employees and stop deceiving the public just to make a SALE. Now that the employee is no longer with the company – that says a LOT.. By doing such a vicious ACT – i woud consider calling {Petland} an Animal Abuser…. They are abusing these pets to make a sale.

Upset owner
Tampa, Florida


Petland Sick Puppy.. No Medical Assistance. Monroville Pennsylvania

I found a Havanese puppy at our local Petland. (We decided a while before that a Havanese sounded like a great breed to have.) We bought the puppy, took her home…and she began to cough. We took her to the vet the next day and found that she had a case of kennel cough. She was given medicine, but 3 days later her cough was actually worse. We took her to the vet again, and the vet gave her 3 more medicines because her kennel cough is so bad. He told us that she will probably always be a sick dog, and will always require expensive medicine because Petland never gave her medicine to stop the cough while it was just beginning.

Sophie (the Havanese) was at Petland for about 3 weeks. Who knows how long they left her lie there in her cage coughing?

I called Petland to let them know what the vet said. I asked if I were to return the puppy, would I get my money back. They told me NO. I asked if they would help pay for her medical bills for a few months, they said NO. They said to me that every once in a while they “miss” a sick dog. I’d like to know how you can miss a dog who is coughing. Basicly, Petland won’t help me at all with my sick dog. They condemned her to live her life on medication by not providing her with the care she needed while she was in their “care”.

DON’T BUY A PET FROM PETLAND. They don’t care about the animals and are just in it for money.

East Vandergrift, Pennsylvania


Petland – Dunwoody ripoff Dunwoody Georgia

I went to look around at Petland in Dunwoody because I was shopping for a Maltese. I walked in and there was a gorgeous Maltese in his cage. The price was $1499. Way overpriced. I held the tiny pup and fell in love.

In the play area where you can visit the pups, there is a sign up about financing the purchase of your dog. (?) I asked the sales girl about pet shops and puppy mills and was told that all of the animals come from local breeders. She told me I should hurry if I wanted this puppy because he wouldn’t make it past the weekend – meaning someone would buy him. I hated being lied to. She also told me that she worked there because they were good to the animals. How could they be when they were never let out of their cells?

I DID not buy from this pet store nor would I EVER patronize this business. A vet in the neighborhood told me that she has heard many horror stories of pups purchased from this petstore. SHAME ON PETLAND!

Atlanta, Georgia


Petland sold sick dog and would not do anything for us, for medical bills,etc. Athens Ohio

In February of 2007, my fiance and I purchased an english bulldog from petland. The cast was about 3500 dollars. A few weeks later, we noticed things were just not right with her. She hadn’t grown at all.

We took her to several veterinarians and no one could diagnose her with anything. I finally had one of them run a full report on her bloodwork, which cost over 300 dolllars. She was then diagnosed with what is called Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, which is inherited from the mother. She could not digest any food and was getting no nutrients from it whatsoever.

Before she was diagnosed however, she would have to go to the bathroom several times a day, like 15 or 20 times. She would eat anything from rocks, to other things. Once I actually caught her eating her own feces!!

After this disturbing behavior, I did some research on my own and found that this symptom was fairly common to dogs with the disorder. My vet put her on a special diet, and enzymes to help her survive.

This diet is hardly inexpensive! The medicine costs about 150.00 a bottle and lasts a little over a month and the food is about 25.00 a bag. It would be easy for someone to just “put her to sleep” and get a new dog, which was petlands answer.

By this time, we were already attached to her, and of course, paid for all the medications. Petland said they would reimburse us for the bills, but after fighting with them so long and waiting for checks that never came in the mail, we figured it was a lost cause. We are so far in debt already, and can’t afford to hire a lawyer to look over our case. We went to petland and demanded some answers. The store manager offered to reimburse us for the total price of the dog, and tired of arguing, we agreed. I am still awaiting this check and am very dissatisfied with how petland is handling this.

During our last visit to petland, we observed many of the dogs there and they looked quite unhealthy. Many of them you could see their rib bones protruding and believe it or not, we saw an english bulldog eating its own feces!! And for all the customers to see. It was very sad to actually sit there and watch how these animals are cared for, or the lack thereof I should say. I just want to tell people that they should not buy dogs from petland, especially this one. I never would have if I had known the terrible things going on there.

Our dog is fine now as long as she is on the special medicine and food, this will never go away. It has changed our lives, and put a lot of stress on us financially.

Wilkesville, Ohio


Petland Petstore Independence Missouri

I purchaed a male Yorkshire Terrier from Petland on June 30th 2007.

From the day I brought him home we notice a cough, wheezing, hacking he made, got yellow stuff out of his nose. after 5 meds he is now in the animal hospital with dehydration and phemonia. I have called Petland to ask why I should have to pay the amount I have for a sick peeet. It makes my heart ach to see this little guy not feel good. I have lost hours of work and sleep trying to get him well and to make sure he is going to keep breathing.

No Pet lover or animal should have the concern that they may lose their Pet.

I had waited a long while to be able to afford to buy this little guy, as I clean houses and help raise my Grandchildren. They call our new pet their brother.
He is showered with love.

Blue Springs, Missouri


Petland ripoff SELLING SICK FISH Alpharetta Georgia

I went into Petland on Windward intending to purchase some tropical fish. I counted 6 tanks that quite obviously had the “ick”. I asked the clerk why all the tanks had it and she stated not all the tanks had it but that they must have gotten a “bad batch of fish” in. As I was pointing out the tanks to her, she literally walked away. None of the tanks were labeled sick. Don’t buy fish from these folks unless you want a sick tank of your own!

Alpharetta, Georgia


PETLAND Sick Puppy Georgetown Texas

They sold us a puppy that within 24 hours of bringing him home, he was so sick that he could not even hold his head up and wasstarting to have seizures. So sick in fact that he needed around the clock medical care! Guess what? Their contracted Vet happened to stay open only during the daytime. But he referred us to another clinic that was open during the night.

For 4 days & 3 nights we brought him back & forth between clinics thinking that the owners of the pet store would be honest and pay all the Vet bills. Was we surprised to discover that they were only taking care of their Vet. When we tried to call and talk to them about it they never seemed to be in. We also found out that our puppy was also shipped from Iowa.

I sent in a complaint to the bbb and saw that there had been 9 other complaints besides mine in the last 36 months. I will never again walk into a petland store, ever!

Liberty Hill, Texas


Petland dishonest, unclean facility, greedy Ripoff Tampa, Waters Avenue Florida

When I bought my Maltese from Petland I thought she was the perfect puppy. She was eight months old and past the chewing phase and such. When I took her home they put a bow around her tail to make her look cute. It eventually cut off the circulation to the tip of the tail where it was placed. She was on two medicines for it, and the vet told us it needed to be amputated. I had to go through many phone calls and trips to the vet to make sure she was going to be Ok. I even had to go complain to petland to convince them that they need to pay for it since it was obviously their fault. They would only cover how much we payed for her which was $250 so we had to get her procedure done at the Humane Society with her spaying. Now she is missing four centimeters of her tail and is under pain medication.

Also, after her first vet visit we found out she had the parasite Giardia. Puppys contract this parasite from being in an unclean, small place too close to their waste. She was put on two more medicines, but eventually gave it to our Papillion. He had to start treatment for the parasite as well and I’m hoping me or my family don’t contract it. I had to talk Petland into covering our Papillion’s medication, because it was obviously their fault he was sick, but it wasn’t in their warrenty.

She also had a baby tooth that she hadn’t loss. If it wasn’t removed it could result in tartor build up and painful crouding. Why hadn’t any vet noticed either of these illnesses in the papers we recieved? Why are Petlands facilities dirty enough to give a puppy a parasite? She was only there four months.

I still love my puppy to death, but after her surgery and all the medications she had to be put on I am very against supporting petland. I had to run around and make at least fifteen vet visits for both dogs due to their negligence. I am hoping in the future I can set up some sort of investigation into Petland to see what really goes on with their puppies.

Lutz, Florida


Debby’s Petland $1200.00 adorable sick puppy made my 4 yr old dog sick too Braintree Massachusetts

I purchased a Shih Tzu puppy for $1200; told it was healthy. After having the puppy a couple of days, my 4 yr. old dog started choking. It continued
so i brought her to the vet. X-rays were taken, thought she’d swallowed something. no, she had gotten “Kennel Cough” from the puppy from Debby’s Petland. Bill at my vets around $300. Told to call Debby’s Petland to inform them. Dr. Vernin told me it was am emergency, to bring the puppy in to Weymouth office, would be covered 100%! Puppy had x-rays, etc; told to give oral med, a carcinogen for humans to treat the kennel cough.

I was told to wear gloves, could cause fatal aplastic anemia if it cme in contact with my skin!!!! My health is in danger because of this, my 4 yr. old shih tzu and the puppy due to their practice of selling dogs that are not healthy!

Quincy, Massachusetts


Debbys Petland – New England Pet Centers selling sick puppys ripoff Holyoke Mall Massachusetts

I bought a shih tzu puppy from the holyoke mall ( debbys petland). The puppy was sick before I adopted him. But they told me he was well. and ready to be adopted. I already had another shih tzu @ years old at home.

the puppy had kennel cough and a serious upper respiratory infection. my older dog caught it from the puppy. the puppy that cost me 1,200.00 dollars.
has noe cost me over 2,000.medical bills for both dogs and the bills keep climbing.

Please if you have another dog at home don’t buy from debby’s your looking at double medical bills. My dogs are still sick and I don’t know when it will end.

westhampton, Massachusetts


Petland Ripoff Baton Rouge LA Louisiana

I purchased two English Bulldogs from Petland of Baton Rouge, LA located on Siegen Lane.

First, I had problems with my male puppy’s AKC paperwork as the salesperson assured me that he was dual registered with UABR and AKC,as it was one of my specific questions as the female we purchased a week earlier was said to be dual registered. (in case, we decided to breed them in the future). We never received the AKC papers and when I contacted the owner, Rick, he told me that his salesperson, Jacob would not have told me so. I still haven’t figured out how he would have known the salesperson did not tell me this to sell a $3200 puppy, (I’m sure his commission didn’t have anything to do with it).

I ended up finding the breeder in MN. and contacted him. He advised me that the dog was indeed AKC registered. I had to pay $100 for the paperwork.

The major complaint is that eight months later, the same male puppy is diagnosed with Demodectic Mange, a condition which mites burrow deep into hair folicles, killing the folicles and causing severe hair loss, skin irritation and serious secondary problems. This condition is genetic or inherited. The reason for purchasing a puppy paying double the amount I would have paid had I purchased directly from a breeder or newspaper listing is to have a quality animal that came with a warranty.

I have followed the procedure in having my vet’s written diagnosis and Petland’s preferred vet to confirm in writing my puppy’s condition. He now has ear and eye problems due to the toxic medications he is taking for the treatment of the mange. It has been almost impossible to reach him, even when I went to the store, he was supposably “in the back really busy” and couldn’t see me. I would think that a customer that has given you almost $7000 worth of business in one week would have some priority.

After a few unsucessful attempts to speak with him, he finally got on the phone and only then gave me the run around in honoring his warranty contract in giving me a full credit up to the puppy’s value towards another puppy if there is a hereditary or congenitial problem. He has suggested that he would reimburse me for the vet bill upon the end of treatment.

Demodectic Mange is an indefinit condition that the dog will forever have. Consistant toxic medication, the fact that he will not be breeded for the sake of passing the mange to his puppies and the way that it has affected his appearence is not what was expected. Petland of Baton Rouge has not honored their own contract and only uses it to sell their animals.

I currently have an attorney that will file suit if Petland does not comply with the contract.

denham springs, Louisiana


Petland Purchased ShihTzu Puppy, had genetic defects that showed up right away then another genetic defect tht necessitated having him put down. ripoff Saskatoon Saskatchewan

Four years ago, we purchased a purebred ShihTzu from Petland in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Petland refused to give us the breeder’s name or location.

I loved this puppy on sight and named him Errol.

Soon after we bought Errol, he had severe ear infections non-stop due to genetic narrow ear canals.

Now, today, we find out he had another progressive and incurable disease

Today, Errol had to be put to sleep. He was diagnosed with Granulomatous Sebaceous Adenitis, an inherited genetic defect.

We are sad beyond description and angry at the irresponsibility of of a store that claims to “care” about the animals they sell and the people who buy them and love them, and does not thoroughly research the breeders they get the animals from. obviously they don’t or Errol would still be with us.

Petland claims they sell healthy animals but ujust try holding them accountable when something goes wrong.
They wouldn’t even tell me the breeder’s name so I could warn him/her about the genetic defects in the bloodlines Errol came from! This will happen to someone else.

The money I paid Petland isn’t important because I paid a lower price than Errol paid. he paid with his life, and there’s an empty space where Errol used to curl up beside me.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


PetSmart the business that doesn’t give a d**n about pets or their owners but only cares about money Elyria Ohio

I bought two young (supposedly about 2 mos.) female pet rats from this store who were supposedly checked by a veterinarian (some veterinarian who would let all this happen, huh?) and supposedly free of illness and supposedly in good health. Well, needless to say, but about a week after I brought them home, they started displaying poryphorin staining and seemed to have respiratory infections, which I thought I had treated with herbal remedies and my rats seemed fine. Well at about 2:30 A.M., I looked in the cage and found one of the rats, who I had named Ozzy dead.

Panicked, but trying to do my best, I reached in and grabbed up the other rat, W.K., who was just lying in her wheel. Well, about 10 minutes later, W.K. went into convulsions and died. So basically I had to watch my animal die and find my other animal dead, two months after I bought them.

I’d just like to say thank you to Petsmart management for selling me sick animals and the not-so-happy memories that ensued.

I’d also like to thank Petsmart for hiring teenagers who know nothing about the animals that they spout rhetoric about. And about the $14 I spent to buy those two rats? It’ll be the last $14 Petsmart ever gets from me.

This isn’t about the money, it’s about the animals I thought I would have for a few years….or at least longer than two months and their future owner’s right to know if they are sick or not. I might have bought them anyway or I mightn’t have bought them, but Petsmart took away my option to choose by not telling me.

And to Petsmart’s management, you’d better hope you never die and come back as a pet rat or other small animal because karma is a b@tch and this is your life…..and death.

And as for Petsmart in Elyria, Ohio caring about animals? That’s a good one. Sure, they care about animals….or rather the money they bring for their company.

Now, I’m not saying all Petsmarts are like this, but to let this happen was pretty irresponsible of the company anyway and warrants my refusal to purchase anything from this company ever again.

Pet lovers, please listen to me and boycott Petsmart. Together we can stop this mindless neglect of these animals!

Lorain, Ohio


Petland Selling a very sick puppy that had kennel cough on the way home, and than diagnosed with kidney failure and after trying to treat had to be euthanized Hoffman Estates Illinois

After losing my 10 year old German shepherd to breast cancer, I became desperate to purchase a new puppy. Not knowing completely the horrible stories that I now know about Petland, I decided to go to a couple of petland stores to look at the puppies.

When I arrived at the Hoffman Estates Petland store, I fell in love with a tiny yorkshire terrier puppy that seemed so energetic and so healthy in the store that I just had to get him. The price of the puppy was 2,199.00.

I was told the puppy has been dewormed, is over 8 weeks of age from a pure breeder and I received all of the paperwork as well. On the way home from petland it looked to me as if the puppy was sneezing like it had a cold. Since it was around 9:30pm by the time I got home and the puppy stopped sneezing when we got home I was not worried yet.

It began that night, he had trouble breathing and couldnt sleep and kept sneezing more and more. First thing in the morning I called the Petland’s vet and told them what is wrong and they told me to bring him in within an hour. It turns out puppy had a cold, kennel cough which they told me is very common and nothing serious but they kept my puppy overnight for incubation and antibiotics.

I called them everyday and they kept telling me he needs to stay one more day and so on. He spent 5 days at the vet. I also contacted Petland and they told me its nothing serious it happens often and that its only a cough and that they would cover the bill up to 14 days but only with their vet.

After bringing my puppy home he was okay for about 2 days. After that I noticed he didnt want to eat anything at all and was very lethargic. I suspected something was wrong and took him to another vet, not petland’s because they were fully booked with other puppies from petland. I had been to 3 vets and none of them could really tell me what is wrong they thought the puppy could just be a finicky eater.

A few days went by and my puppy began to vomit, I panicked and I quickly rushed him to a vet where they took xrays and checked his glucose and still didnt find anything. After taking my pup to an Emergency Hospital where they did a full panel blood work on him, I was forced to hear the most difficult news. The doctor told me my puppy was in kidney failure and only about 3.4% of his kidneys were working and that it is either congenital or leptospirosis that caused the kidneys to fail.

It was a shock to me, and I got so attached to the puppy for the short time that he was with me that I could not believe what was happening and couldnt let him go. It was new years and I spent it at the Emergency Hospital crying my eyes out, I didnt know what to do with myself. I decided to keep him there overnight and see if by a miracle he may respond to treatment under IVs and antibiotics which the doctor said there is little chance for.

I had to pay about 900 for that one night until the next afternoon. There was no improvement, and the doctor recommended a specialist in Buffalo Grove, IL. My pup was transferred there where after examining my puppy the kindey specialist told us that there is a chance and that he sees very slight improvement but that there is one and that he might recover and has seen dogs with worse results recover.

Me and my family tried and we visited the puppy daily, he was under 24/7 constant care, we called for updates, we worried, cried, and prayed most of the time. It was the most horrible time of my life. After a few days the results kept improving by very little and we still kept on trying, but on the fifth day they went back down and after a week the doctor said that they should be higher by now and that he doesnt see what else could be done and that he will not recover.

I decided to bring the puppy home so he does not die at the cold hospital and promised myself if I see that he is suffering I will let him go. After bringing the puppy back home from the hospital he was not himself, it looked like a different dog, very weak, wouldnt eat anything, his head was wobbly, could hardly walk, and couldnt sleep at night and would hide in dark corners. I knew that there was no more chance and as much as I wanted for him to recover and stay with me I knew it was not possible.

The next morning I had to take him to be euthanized, he was hardly conscious on the way to the vet clinic, but I knew that he was in pain by his very quiet whining that could be heard at night. So many sleepless nights, spent about 4,500 total for vets plus the puppy which I still have to pay off 1600, I am left with nothing.

I faxed everything to Petland and they never call back, the only way to deal with them will have to be filing a lawsuit against them. I know they dont understand, but what I went through from the beginning I bought the puppy from them I will never forget, and the hardest part was letting him go after everyone fell in love with him.

I will never ever forget what Petland did to me and to that poor puppy and what they are doing to innocent people around the United States. I want to see them shut down and pay for the suffering they are causing to people. It is not fair and it should not continue to go on. My life has changed and I not only suffered mentally but the puppy that Petland promised for a lifetime, I had only for about 2 weeks, and he was healthy for about 2 days. May he rest in peace.

Norridge, Illinois


PetLand Management Does Not Correct Mistakes; Charges Customer!! Dunwoody Georgia

We bought a Weimaraner puppy from PetLand based on sales associate information that the dog would reach a total weight of approximately 60 lbs.
When I got home,we went on line and called a breeder to verify. Both sources said the dog could become as large as 80 pounds.
We were not prepared to take care of an 80 pound dog, so within an hour of coming home I brought the puppy back to petland.
They charged me a $200 restocking fee! I am appalled! Their employee gave incomplete information, and management acknowledged it, but didn’t care!

Buyer Beware!!! They are not there to help you, and are not trust worthy!!!!!!
I will never shop there again.

norcross, Georgia


Petland ripoff Beavercreek Ohio

I went in to Petland to buy a puppy thank God I didn’t.They had alot of puppies sick and shaking.We find one that looked healthy then we ask them how much they wanted she comes out not even telling me the price but telling me everything it comes with it any then she said it was microchipped so I didn’t want it so she gets a attitude with me and this other woman worker has to join her in being rude. These store should be shut down.

Miamisburg, Ohio


Petland In Chicago Ridge trying to push me into a selling a sick chihuahua Chicago Ridge illinios

petland in chicago ridge was the place when it all started…me and my mother walked in just to look around before we went home… there was a tiny female chihuahua puppy in the cage.. little did we know we the man took her out for us to see her she was shaking of fear, her eyes were runny, and was trying to get away we were very close to getting her but… $1300 and wen we saw her vet report she was bred by omish people?? in a mill??

no way were we getting a puppy that much… that was probably sick as well.. the man was very pushy “awww she really seems to like you” “ive never seen a dog like someone so much” ” 1300 dollars is the average price for a dog” surree nope we didtn get her but i advise u not to get puppies from pet stores only puppies from mills go there…

cicero, Illinois


Petland In Chicago Ridge Petland was trying to sell me a chihuahua puppy from a puppy mill Chicago Ridge Illinois

Petland in chicago ridge was tryin gto sell me a sick puppy the poor thing had runny eyes and was very shaky. she was so cute.. but 4$1300? i dont think so.. and she was from a puppy mill… they were raised by freaking omish people, who supposovly do everything very purley.. dont get a puppy from a store.. pretty much all of them are from mills so dont risk falling in love and having your puppy die 2 days later..

cicero, Illinois


Debby’s Petland Within 24 hrs. of purchase puppy dies Ripoff Taunton Massachusetts

Friday, December 1st my boyfriend purchased a puppy “Jazmin” from Debby’s Petland. The employees were asked 3 times by myself if the puppy was healthy and was told by all three that she was. I brought Jazmin home that day by the next day not even 24 hours later I rushed her up to the animal hospital in Weymouth. She was kept there overnight. The next day I was informed that the puppy had Parvo disease. She was continuously vomitting and had bloody diarrhea. I spent everyday with this puppy while she was in the hospital. Eventually the veterinarian told me that she wanted to insert a feeding tube into her which I agreed to because I WAS NOT GOING TO GIVE UP ON HER!!!! She survived that ordeal but the next day I was informed that Jazmin passed away. In just the little time that I had this dog I became very attached to her, she was my little angel. The pet store was very apologetic but I was told by an employee that in order to be reimbursed for the dog I would have to contact the main office which I did not purchase the dog from I purchased from the store and than I was told that we had to wait to be reimbursed and not just that when I went to go purchase another dog from an actual breeder I was told that I couldn’t even go into the woman’s house because of this disease so therefore I was not able to purchase another dog. I contacted my vet and was told that I couldn’t have another dog in the house for at least six months. This puppy was supposed to be a Christmas gift and now I have to wait. We paid over $700.00 for a sick dog

Middleboro, Massachusetts


Petland could care less what they sell to you, animals are LIVING THINGS!!! Ripoff! Mesa Arizona

I bought a puppy from petland in fiesta mall. six days after i got him i took him to our vet because he had green coming out of his nose, he was coughing and was having some trouble breathing. the vet diagosed him with a cold and thought we had caught it in time. About 12 hours later, sunday the dog couldn’t breathe.

We called petland and told them what was going on. they told us to go to a 24 hour er and have him checked out, they would foot the bill. when we got there and the vet checked him out we found that he had alot of fluid in his lungs and was going to have to be in ICU for the next 24-48 hours.

We called petland and they said NO way are we going to pay for that bring the dog back and he can stay in our store until monday when we can get him to our vet……YEAH RIGHT! now this isn’t a shirt that i just bought at the GAP, this was a dog that was going to die if he didn’t get the medical attention that he needed.

The director of the er flat out told us that they were not going to give us the dog back because he was that sick. so after about 4 hours of going around with the pet store, delaying medical attention on the poor puppy, the director of the er finally got involved and asked to speak with the owner.

The owner didn’t want to pay for anything, however the director said if you don’t help this dog i will personally take you to court, you sold them a defective puppy. so the owner said fine i will pay for one night (8 hours) and then the dog needs to be transported to my vet the next day.

All this pain that this pet store put us through when they could have just helped us out to begin with. so the next day rolled around and the dog wasn’t progressing as well as he should so i called petlands vet and was told that we would have a 3-4 hour wait to get in, even though he was a direct transfer with iv in him still from another vet!!!

I also found out that their vet goes home at 5pm with no one there to watch the dogs, so what good was it going to do to allow my dog to go there. the vet at the er hospital told us that she felt that we could take better care of the dog with home treatments and that we could call them if we needed anything.

So i had to give my dog treatment for 3 weeks at 4 times aday…(hello i have a job!!) and he was antibotics for 3 weeks. i’m glad to say he is doing ok now, i still wake up in the middle of the night to make sure he is still breathing. i haven’t never been through so much hell.

These pet stores need to understand that animals are a living thing, this isn’t like a defective shirt or purse. like hell i was going to let them get their hands back on my puppy. there are so many good breeders out there, and some will even ship a dog to you or fly down with one of theirs…..way better then going to pet store and letting these people continue their shaddy business in the long run all it hurts are these poor animals!

mesa, Arizona


Petland abuse to puppies, small furries, and people Dunwoody Georgia

I worked at petland for only a few monthes and what I saw will continually haunt me. This is not focused on all petlands because that is like saying that all blond haired, blue eyed girls have more fun. Simplistic, but hardly the case.

There was severe abuse to the puppies behind the scenes, and general neglect to all the small animals in the store.

For example, when giving a 6 week old pug his de worming medicine, he bit one of the employees and was thrown against the wall in the back room for it, before dropping him back into his little two by two cell. When I went to check on the poor thing, it was visably shaking and stared at me absolutely terrified of what I would do to him. All of this was done in front of the current manager on duty.

There were also gerbils that werent properly introduced to the enviroment and in the end it caused their death. Let me explain, when a unfimiliar gerbil comes into the general vicinity of the ‘clan’ they will basically tear it apart. I saw several of the rodents set aside and out of the way to die after their entrails were spread across the floor of the holding cell.

Birds that had no right to even be housed together were and some were severely injured and even killed by their roomates. The Mocaw was left out for children to tug on his tail and taunt him to no end.

The final draw for me was when we sold a rabbit born and bred to be in a loving home to become a feeder for a particularly large python. I understand the snake had to eat, we all do, but this bunny was so the owner could ‘save money’ and not buy the feeder rats born for the purpose.

Maybe Im just too much of an animal rights person and this is ‘normal’ for most petstores. Although I work now at petsmart and am very happy with the treatment and quality of those animals. I just wanted the world to know what goes on behind those closed doors

PS. and those puppies that come from ‘local’ breeders, are only local if you live in Michigan, Ohio, Mississippi etc. Which are all very well known for their abundance in puppy mills. To think those puppies are packed up in Semi Trucks and driven across the country and still love you just as much for all thats been done to them. Let the world know.

Marietta, Georgia


PassPets forces animals into inhumane living conditions animal abuse *Consumer Suggestion *REBUTTAL

The local PassPets in White Oaks Mall, Springfield IL is the most horrid pet store I’ve ever witnessed. For years the company has forced young cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, etc. to live in small cages covered in feces. These cages are rarely cleaned or inefficiently cleaned.

The puppy cages are about 2’x2′ and the floor consists of a milk-crate type design (it has somewhat large holes in it) so their feces will hopefully fall through, although they are often coating the cage.

The puppies also get their legs stuck in these holes and are living 2-3 puppies per cage. On to the kittens. Sometimes they are in the glass display case, sometimes they don’t have any kittens. Nonetheless, I’ve witnessed more than once an employee feeding them and when one tries to escape, its neck is slammed in the cage door! Or an employee will pick up the kitten and throw it against the wall!

The ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, etc. live in very small cages and often pile up in the corners because the rest of the cage is dirty and smells horrible. I used to have hamsters and mice and they do NOT smell that bad unless you neglect them. And the fish there are very unhealthy.

They all have Ick (sp?) which is a scale disease consisting of white spots all over the scales. This is easily cured by dropping a specified amount of medicine into the infected tank but apparently that’s too hard for PassPets.

Also, they have the nerve to charge around $300-$400 for the cats and dogs. They aren’t purebred or anything – in fact, I have a sneaking suspicion that they obtain these animals from the local pound.

I am urged to go and rescue these poor animals but PassPets will just go out and get more to abuse. The animals always look so sad when you walk past them, especially the dogs.

I don’t know about you, but I’d hate to be shut up in a 2’x2′ glass cage with milk crate-type of flooring while lying in my own feces. I just want people all over to be aware of this unethical treatment of animals.


Petland Sick Puppy From Petland ripoff Bluefield West Virginia

My husband and I bought a puppy from Petland 2/12/06. On 2/16/06 I had to take her to an emergency vet visit. She could not walk and had a seizure.

She was diagnosed with Coccidia, Kennel Cough, URI, and Low Blood Sugar. I asked if there was anything that we could have done or had in our house to make her sick. The vet said no, she would have been sick at the pet store.

I called Petland on 2/17/06 and asked the manager to refund my vet visit bill and she stated that she could not b/c we did not take her to the vet in Mecer Co. (This is an hour from our house) I explained that it was an emergency and our vet is only 10 min away. She finally agreed to refund the vet visit, only if I would bring the puppy to their vet.

The vet in Mercer Co. told us that the puppy was too sick and we needed to take her back to the pet store.

The manager said that she was going to send her to Virginia Tech for medical attention, so we left our puppy there. The next day, we called to check on her (after I started reading about pet store cruelty on the internet) and they said that they were just treating her there.

It is now 3/12/06 and our puppy is still at the pet store. They keep telling us that we can get her on Tuesday (example) and then we we call they say that she has to stay until Friday, we call on Friday and they to wait until Monday.

I am very upset about this and I don’t know what to do.

If someone could give me some advice, I would greatly appreciate it.

Eccles, West Virginia


Petland Arlington Heights sells sick or handicapped animals; animal abusers! Arlington Heights Illinois

After reading the report from the woman who had a similar experience with a dog purchase there, I felt the need to report on our experience with this same Petland.

Prior to going to Petland, we were the owners of three cats. I’ve grown up with cats my entire life. We went to Petland on a Sunday with no intentions of purchasing an animal, as i have always got my cats from the Humane Society or the like.

When we were in Petland I fell absolutely in love with a small, orange kitten. There were 2 in the “cage” (behind a window). I held the cat and examined him before we paid $150 for him. He appeared to be ok. We also were told to take him to their vet within 5 days to get him looked at.

The 2nd day after we had him at home, he had come down with what appeared to be a horrendous cold of sorts. I brought him into that vets office, and in fact I remember it well because I held that poor kitty next to my chest while driving as he fit in my left hand. Was wheezing, couldn’t breathe well.

When I brought him to the vet office, the vet said he simply had a cold, prescibed the needed meds for the cat – and he said everything else looked fine with the cat.

The cat’s cold went away – flash forward 2 weeks.

My father was vaccuming our house and asked if we’d noticed that the vaccum did not scare Milo (our new cat from petland) away. Anyone who owns a cat knows that they usually run and hide when the vaccum is out. He then asked if Milo was deaf. I hadn’t thought of that at all but then really noticed that the cat did not react to clapping of hands and normal things that cats usually respond to. So I took the cat to OUR vet to get looked at. Low and behold, the cat was, in fact, deaf – with what appeared to be a pest infection inside his ears. He is permanently deaf.

Upon contacting petland we were told the same garbage, that they get their cats from top breeders and there’s “no possible way” that the cat was deaf – and since their vet said nothing about it there was nothing they could do aside from us either giving them the cat back and not get a refund – or get a lousy $50 card to use on merchandise in their store.

Needless to say, I was not going to return the poor thing to that store in the fear that he’d be resold to someone who would not treat the cat well, or he’d be put down because of his handicap.


Milo became deaf because he was sick, and the employees did nothing to treat what he had. Verified by my vet. Period. How their vet did not see this in his ears, I do not know unless this is a common scam.

However, even though this happened – to this day, this cat has been the best cat we’ve ever had and very interesting to raise, but he does need a special environment with other cats because he follows their “body language” as far as when there’s food put in the dish or “danger” so he can hide – but if this was a first-time cat for a family, it would be hard to deal with.

This particular store does NOT take care of the animals properly. They DO NOT use certified breeders. And to me, this is ANIMAL ABUSE.

Arl Hts, Illinois


Petland ripoff dishonest lemon law violation sick puppy uncooperative rude Sarasota Florida

Petland of Sarasota, Florida needs to be put out of business. They sold me a puppy of which they said was healthy. I took it to the vet office that they told me to go to for a checkup and it turns out the puppy has a genetic disorder that I wasn’t informed of, and needs surgery on his nose so that he can breathe properly or else he’ll die!

They won’t accept the letter that the vet wrote stating that my puppy was unfit for sale because its not from Dr. Cohen, although it is from his associate. I now have to wait until Dr. Cohen can make time to examine my puppy to decide whether or not my puppy was in fact, unfit for sale. The longer I have to wait for this, the longer my puppy suffers.

Not only that, but Petland refuses to uphold their end of the contract of which I signed, stating that in the case of MY veterinarian deeming the puppy unfit for sale, I am entitled to a refund, an exchange of my puppy, or Petland pays my vet bill…They refuse to do any of it.

bradenton, Florida


Pet Land I had two cats from Petland Arlington Heights and they both died. Arlington Heights Illinois

On my birthday 2002, my boyfriend surprised me with a box from Petland. Inside was a beautiful persian kitten. My heart sunk when I saw the kitten came from a pet store. I’ve heard bad things, and I asked him if could bring the kitten back. He had paid $550.00 for it. After I found that out I really wanted him to take it back. He said they would not allow him to return it.

So I kept the kitten. I took him to my vet and arranged to have him neutered. He died during the operation, while under the anesthesia. My vet did an autopsy and found out he had a heart ailment called cardiomyopathy, a genetic disorder. I was devastated since I never expected that to happen. I only had him for three and a half months.

We returned to petland and told them our story. They would not give us a refund, only a replacement kitten. I wish I never got another cat from there, but about 5 months later I did. A female persian that had the prettiest face. After having my vet check her she had ringworm. Went back to the petstore, and complained it took 3-4 months of treatment and vet checks to get rid of it.

Petland said they would reimburse me for the treatment, but kept giving me the run around when I brought the bills into the store. Finally about 6 months later after I wrote to corporate they gave me the money back for the medications only- not all the repeated vet visits I had made.

Since then she was fine, made it through the spay operation fine. Now- April 2005- I noticed she was breathing rather fast.Not panting, but her her chest was moving faster than normal. I called my vet and was told to bring her in right away. That made her worse, with the stress of being taken to the vet. My vet knew something serious was going on. She was X rayed and had fluid in her lungs. My Vet advised me to drive her to an emergency animal hospital right away, to have a sonogram done on her heart.I was told she could possibly die on the way there.

When I got her there she went into cardiac arrest twice. They extracted some of the fluid, that was actually in her chest cavity. The diagnosis was FIP- Feline Infectious Peritonitis-it’s a viral infection cats get when they are just born, when they’re immune systems aren’t strong. It takes up to two years for symptoms to arise and when they do -it’s fatal. The animal hospital recommended I put her to sleep. She more than likely was infected by this at the breeder. She was placed in an oxygen cage, I knew I had to put her to sleep and I was and still am an emotional mess.

I went back to the Petstore told them what happened- I have an $850.00 medical bill to find out my cat is going to die. They said this has never happened before. They never even heard of FIP. I said what are the chances of me having 2 cats die, and this never happened to anyone else that bought animals from you- no.. Sorry, but there’s nothing we can do, blah blah blah. Can you at least contact the other people that bought cats from the same litter and inform them they may have it too? They said they would but I don’t believe it. I have also contacted the breeder, which hasn’t return my calls.The pet store said it’s breeder’s fault- now I’m sure the breeder will say it’s the petstore’s fault. I now believe all the stories I hear. Sure, animals can’t be 100% healthy- things happen and I accept that, but for going through this twice you can imagine how hurt and enraged I feel.

Please do not buy pet store animals! Do not even give them your business by buying food from them.They do not care about the health of their animals- only making money. Believe me, I know the animal suffers and so will you.

Rolling Meadows, Illinois


Bahuaka, Inc., The Puppy Shoppe No response from Bahuaka, Inc. regarding warranty included in price Tampa Florida

I purchased a puppy in September,2004. He began limping and after xrays it was revealed that he was born defective. Surgery was a slim option that the vet suggested not to waste the money on, or to subject the puppy to. I will be treating him with medication for the rest of his life. I submitted the paperwork and requested re-imbursement as was promised with the $1000 warranty when the puppy was purchased. My letters have gone un answered. The first was sent certified and signed for. I included all documentation from the vet. I was only asking for $700. Any suggestions on how to proceed, or should I just forget about it? After reading the horrible stories regarding the poor animals, I’m grateful that the little guy only has joint issues.

Bradenton, Florida


Petland Sold us 2 dogs that were sick and are still on meds to date Janesville Wisconsin

I purchased 2 dogs from Petland in Janesville and they both ended up very sick. They both had kennel cough and 3 different stomach virusus’. We have had them for 3 months now and they are still sick. I am spending ALOT of money for vet bills. I called them to let them know how unhappy I was but there was no way I was returning them for another dog. I loved them. They did not even offer a refund or a replacement. They said I should have taken them to “their” clinic and also critisized me on taking them to my own clinic.

When we took them to “their” clinic, they said they were fine. They were not. They were throwing up and had SEVERE diarrhea. I am now taking my one dog back to the vet AGAIN for another stool sample test and hopefully they will be able to take care of it this time. They have been on meds almost every day since we brought them home. I don’t think it is right for them to be able to do this. Selling sick or dying dogs to people. We paid over $2000.00 (that’s right…$2000.00) for these dogs and I don’t know how much more money I can spend. My vet said that these dogs WERE sick when I bought them and Petland knew it.

She said there was also many other cases of this come through their vet clinic.

I was able to print off a complaint to send it to them. I will let everyone know how it goes. untill then, I would love to hear from others who may have had problems with this pet store and maybe we can do something about it. Hopefully this web site will get the “legal” part of people being able to get help from some lawyer who can help us.

I also heard a woman here in my town who bought a dog from Petland and it died 3 days later !!

Brodhead, Wisconsin


New England Pet Center Dba Debby’s PetLand ripoff, sold very sick puppy claiming it was kennel cough and being handled by prospective buyers a lot, failure to completey reimburse for extensive medical bills, Holyoke Massachusetts

On Sept. 12, 2005 I purchased an 8 week old Pekingnese puppy. I asked if it was alright because he was very listless and not acting at all like a puppy. I was told that he had been handled a lot by prospective buyers and that he “might have a touch of kennel cough”. That night I had to call the emergency number because the pup was gasping for air with his mouth wide open.

I spoke with their veterinarian, Dr. Mark Verbin and his concern was that the pup was getting enough to eat because of being a toy breed it would bring down the sugar level and make him listless. The following day, 9/13/05 I brought the pup to my own vet and he had a severe upper respiratory infection and gunk was running out of his eyes and nose, he was put on antibiotics. On Sept. 22, 2005 we returned to the vets because he still had gunk coming out of his nose and had diarrhea so bad nothing stayed in him long enough for him to get any nutrition from it.

He was diagnosed with coccidia parasites and a severe mite problem. Again, he was put on medication. On Oct. 3, 2005 we returned again because he was still tearing at his ears (thinking it was the mites), he had itched so much that he had scabs all over his body and several spots that were bald. He endured a scrape test and was then placed on medication for his skin. On Oct. 11, 2005 we returned yet again to the vet, this time he endured two scrape tests and it revealed sarcoptic mites (mange). Which, is very contagious to other dogs and people. We have a young child and another dog. October 17, 2005 I had to leave him at the vets all day to endure a treatment for the mange. Because he’s so little he had to be monitored in case he ended up having a neurological problem. Now he goes through another treatment on Nov. 3, 2005 and hopefully this will cure the mange.

Needless to say, to date not only have we purchased a very sickly pup at the cost of $1,115.00 but we have incurred $786.35 worth of medical bills. We have only been reimbursed $430.00 and that took an act of God. I have gotten phone bills because of having to call Canton, Ma dozens of times.

I feel that this company should reimburse us 100% and also reduce the original cost of the pup. This company shouldn’t just be held liable for the monatary costs, they should be closed down and fined for the unbelievable abuse they subject these poor innocent animals to. They should be monitored no less than on a monthly basis and not receive prior notice of such surprise inspections.

There is no way that my husband or I will ever believe that they didn’t know this little guy was so sick. He didn’t even hold his head up. I had to make sure he got enough fluids by using a syringe on an hourly basis.

Southampton, Massachusetts


Petland, Arlington Heights PETLAND IN ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL SOLD ME PUPPY WITH PARVO Arlington Heights Illinois

I purchased a l0 week old puppy from Petland in Arlington Heights, IL on l0/l5/05. He appeared healthy. I took him to the vet two days later as recommended on the contract I signed, which was a mistake. She told me he was fine, checked a stool sample and two days after that he was dead.

Petland is trying to wiggle their way out of this one making up some story that he had mushrooms in the vomitis. I ordered a necropsy and it came back inconclusive. The pathologist asked why the vet did not send any mushroom samples to be tested if that is what she was sure he died from. I found a website and was helped by Kim who told me to find a stool sample and take it to an independent vet. I did and they tested his stool at a lab and it tested positive for PARVO.

PETLAND is trying hard to wiggle out of this one. Those murderous liars are contributing to the puppy mills industry. Do not buy a pet from a pet store.

Especially Petland. They should be shut down and jailed in a small dirty cage with no food and water like these poor innocent animals they abuse. I will see them in court and they will lose.

Prospect Heights, Illinois


Petland ripoff, the pet store sells puppy with mange Fort Myers Florida

I bought a pug from Petland in February of this year. I took her in for her first vet visit and found out that she had kennel cough. After treating her for kennel cough and she was well enough I did the free spaying after she was spayed she ended up with a bladder infection.

When the bladder infection was taken care of I took my puppy in because she was developing black spots all over her body. Come to find out it was Demodectic Mange a hereditary type of mange that is transferred from the mother to her pup.

Demodectic mange cannot be transmitted any other way. When I asked confronted the pet store they first told me to bring in a letter from my vet stating that it was a hereditary disease and they would reimburse me the full amount of the puppy.

When I took them the letter they then stated they would pay for all cost to treat the dog and to bring in the receipts as they came in but only if they do not exceed the price of the puppy. They did pay for the first and second vet bill. But after putting my puppy on a very TOXIC medication from the vet I discovered it was not working.

So I found a more homeopathic approach that after only a few days began to work. When I asked the manager if they were going to reimburse me my money she told me NO that because it was not something the vet provided they would not.

The medications the vet puts them on for the mange is very dangerous and can cause other more serious side effects and could even possibly kill your animal. It just goes to show that if you are cruel to animals by submitting them to toxic medications to fix one problem and possible causing other medical problems they are all for paying for it. But if you take a more humane approach they could care less. Instead they go on selling defective puppies to make a profit. Its a shame.

fort myers, Florida


Petland Did not honor Health Guarantee ripoff Mesa Arizona

I bought a Precious Puppy from Petland in 2004. They incude a 21 day health guarantee provided you go to their vets.

On day 19, their vet treated Precious’ ear infection. On day 22, she still had the infection, so I went to my own vet.

She said the microscope said Precious needed a different medication. The new medicine cured the infection, but Petland would not pay the bill.

mesa, Arizona


Debby’s Petland rip-off! Do not buy their sick puppies. Marlboro Massachusetts

We recently purchased a 4 month old Rottie from this company. First off they were very rude and unprofessional, they have 17 year old kids running their store and whenever you ask for a manager they will “be in later on” yet they never seem to come in.

We brought the puppy home with us and he started to vomit and get aggressive. He also seemed to cower whenever anyone would walk up to him or tried to pet him. I called up their staff vet and he said it sounds like the dog has a temperament issue and that the dog sounds as if he was abused by a previous home. He recommended that we bring him back to the store under their compatibility contract. We were then required to pay them a 20% surrender fee $160.00 to bring back a vicious animal. It doesn’t make sense. Then they continued to be very rude and obnoxious to us and recommend that we never buy any animal ever again.

We feel that they breached the contract by their vet telling us to bring him back. We talked to a store manager and she said if the vet did say that then we wouldn’t need to pay the fee. The obnoxious sales person at the counter called the vet and she said he said he never talked to me. I wonder who I talked to… myself?? Not only did she lie directly to our faces but also told us it was our fault that the dog bit my boyfriend in the face. If this animal was so vicious and mentally unbalanced why would they sell him in the first place?

We checked with the Better Business Bureau and there have been numerous reports filed against them and they refuse to reply to any of the BBB’s attempts to solve conflicts. We do intend to pursue every legal option that is available to us and try to save other people from the heartache and headaches we have endured thru this process.

Worcester, Massachusetts


Debby’s Petland ripoff don’t buy here Marlborough Massachusetts

About a week ago I purchased a baby (German bloodline) Rottewiler from Debby’s in the Solomon Pond Mall, and was very disappointed. The dog (Jax) was originally $1300 but they discounted him to $800, so I thought that it was a good deal. I purchased him and they explained their contract with the dog, and that they would also provide a free vet visit from a Shrewsbury animal clinic.

When we arrived home with Jax, he started to vomit profusely, and was very aggressive. The idiots that they had working there said that he was great with other dogs, and that he had a great temperament. Well, after Jax stopped vomiting and growling at us, he decided that he wanted to attack my other dog (6 year old Pit bull). My other dog simply paid no attention to him, and let him do as he pleased.

I decided the next morning that Jax had to go, so I looked into the contract with Debby’s and it stated that if the dog was not compatible with other animals or people in the home, you could return him, but there would be a 20% restocking fee. Once we got to Debby’s, the same arrogant people that sold us the dog accused us of getting the dog sick, and said that they would not take him back.

To make a long aggravating story short, they said that the collar and the leash that were purchased for the puppy were now considered used, and they refused to take them back. However, they took the vicious animal back, and charged us $160 for their “restocking fee.”

In my opinion, they need to keep their animals healthy, and should have a better, more knowledgeable sales staff, instead of a bunch of arrogant, stuck up idiots working their counters.

Holden, Massachusetts


Petland Disgusting Business, more than just a Ripoff Arlington Heights Illinois

On August 31, 2004 my mother purchased a female American Eskimo puppy from Petland as a gift for me. We went to pick her up. We discussed the warranty information, and I had asked the owner where the puppies come from, he proceeded to inform me that they all come from a broker who buys the puppies from licensed USDA breeders. They also informed me that I could take my new puppy to their Veterinarian at no cost for a check up within 5 days of purchase. Petland will cover 50% of any cost of illness (testing, medication, treatment, surgery, if needed)

After the Labor Day weekend, I made an appointment with their Vet. On September 8th. I had the Vet do a fecal and Urine test (100% at my cost) to determine if the puppy had any type of infection (s). Veterinarian comes back in to tell me that in fact the puppy has Giardia, and a Urinary Tract Infection. Both which can be treated and they are common Petland will cover 50% of this. I was then informed by the Veterinarian that Giardia a “common” parasite if transmissible to Humans and other pets.

On September 10th, I had to take my 13-month-old son to the Pediatrician much to my dismay that he had been infected with a parasite that has symptoms of diarrhea from 2-6 weeks. After these findings, I found it nearly impossible to care for a sick puppy and 13-month-old son.
I decided that it was time to contact Petland and let them know what was going on and that I am returning the puppy because I cannot take care of her.

I also explained that she is sick and my son contracted this illness. They were very hesitant in taking the puppy back, but they finally did with a “restocking fee” of $200. Petland assured me that they would isolate this puppy and treat her until her medication is gone not offer her for sale or play.

On September 11th, I had my brother go to Petland to see if they had in fact taken her into isolation and nurse her back to health. It was horrifying to hear that she was back in the cage with a clearance sale price of $299. He asked to take her out to play. They did not hesitate at all. The worker put the puppy in the play area with my brother and answered some questions he had, I.e.. “Is the puppy on any medication?” Worker answers “no, perfectly healthy, ready to go home”.

Together we can end pet store puppy sales.

Lake Villa, Illinois


Petland Fish Ripoff Fort Myers Florida

I bought some tropical fish there a few days ago and was told that you can return then if they die right away. One of them died the next day. When I brought the fish and the receipt back they asked for a sample of my aquarium water to run tests on first and if the water did not meet their standard then I would not get a refund. I told the cashier that I have some fish that have been in the aquarium for years and he said that they might have gotten used to the water.

This is absurd. For $2.00 they are willing to lose a customer for life.

Fort Myers, Florida


Petland ripoff tricked and lied to us Batavia Illinois

Petland sold me a sick puppy and refuses to pay for it’s medical expenses. Please be aware of the Petland in Batavia Illinois, they did not disclose the fact that my puppy had been sick for at least a week to ten day’s prior to me purchasing it. The stores owner told me that the dog was just very calm. When we got it home, it would not stop shitting.

The pup was purchased at 7pm on a Saturday and needed to be taken to a emergency Vet on Sunday morning. After arguing with the stores owner on Monday, he agreed he would pay the medical and medication expenses… Since then he said he would only pay the medication expenses.

I payed nearly $600, on a credit card. The credit card company has my dispute. Since the dog was taken home without him disclosing the fact that the pu was sick, my other two dogs had come down with the same desease. Now they are being treated.

The owners name is Scott Clements of Bartlett Illinois doesn’t know is that he messed with the wrong people !

Please see the various sites in the internet as to why Petland should not sell Puppies.

Batavia, Kansas