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I wrote this review two days ago on google reviews on the Puppy Travelers site.  Since then, our little puppy, “Skipper,” passed away.  We are so heartbroken.  We watched his little body waste away for four days before passing.  It was horrible, horrible, horrible!  Now I’m reading about so many other owners of puppies with the same issues of their puppies dying? Puppy Travelers is going DOWN!  Who wants in? Please read and do what you can. It’s obvious there’s an epidemic here with the van that’s transporting our puppies.   We got our pup on September 11th.  He was playful, energetic and a happy go lucky dog.  Then the 5th day came around, and all of a sudden, my puppy couldn’t even get out of his bed.  Won’t eat or drink.  He’s in a Vet Hospital diagnosed with Parvo and  Giardia. Readings these reviews confirm the fact that these poor, innocent and delightful pups are now dying or trying to survive these diseases. Has the Puppy Travelers been warned?  Was the Breeder aware this was happening?   I plea with anyone of you who have posted in this site or does so in the future with the same issues to please, please, please contact me or continue giving specifics about who your breeder was and if anyone has notified the Puppy Travelers, ASPCA called 911 (filed a report) which I found out is another option.  Has anyone done anything to resolve this issue?  If not, these puppies are going to continue to die.  Let’s all get is act together.  I am sorry for these owners who’s pups didn’t make it.  My heart goes out to you!  I may be in the same situation soon.  I will not be able to handle it well.


I can not find the right words to describe just horrific youPuppy Travelers is, how nasty my puppy was when she finally arrived after a 25 plus hours drive and how your driver had no personality or compassion. I enjoyed my new puppy a mere few days before she fell critically ill with parvo. I have spent over $5000.00 at the vet. She finally arrived home today  In an Urn. People pull this information up and see how many articles are in Newspapers, From Missouri to Florida and back with complaints against Puppy Travelers. I was shocked. And I am most shocked that the Breeder that I bought my pup from defends them so, and acts as if she was unaware of these neglectful issues that have been published. My dog was delivered to me on Aug. 26th. If your dog was on the same truck and has had medical problems, please contact me.


What horrible…Puppy Travelers. Our puppy was transported via puppy travelers. When she was delivered, she had been sitting in her feces for the 24 hours it took to drive her from Missouri to Arizona. Derek lathered her in the baby powder before handing her over and carried her out of the van holding her as if she didn’t have a heartbeat.  Zero compassion. She was not fed from the time she left the breeder (10 am Monday) until I received her Tuesday at 1:30 pm. She also had no water. When we arrived home, she drank water non-stop and was very dehydrated.
She had non stop diarrhea and after a $350 vet visit, she had contracted two parasites, the vet suggested most likely from sitting and possibly ingesting her feces during that time frame — an absolute disgusting company with no care in the world about animals. At least carry the dog as you care. I’m not sure why I paid $300 for transport and you couldn’t even provide my animal with water and a clean kennel. I’ll be sharing this in every social media outlet and the better Business bureau. Shadiest part is the breeder knew precisely what she was doing sending the puppy through Puppy Travelers, but wouldn’t give me the name of this company until the puppy had left. Now I know why, had I seen all the negative reviews throughout google, Yelp etc I would have never allowed her to be in the hands of Puppy Travelers.


When calling to complain, the general manager had told me to shut the fuck up and had also called me a fucker for holding him liable for the conditions that they had put my puppy in.


If you ever buy a dog from a breeder or anyone selling dogs and they are transporting via Puppy Travelers, do not go through with it, there are many articles about this Puppy Travelers stating the horrible condition the puppies are transported in. I recently got a puppy and he was sent to me through Puppy Travelers. This is the third day since we’ve got him, and I’ve already had to spend over $6000 for treatment and hospitalization because he was given to me with parvo, pneumonia, and parasites as well. Puppy Travelers does not take any care of their puppies whatsoever. My puppy is only two months old and is going through all of this because of these people. Do not transport any animals through this Puppy Travelers if you want them to get to you safe and healthy. Find a TRUSTED transporter if you’re looking for air or ground transportation.


Try and stay away from this means of transportation for your pets.

My puppy, who had all his vaccinations, arrived home with kennel cough. The breeder informed me that the drivers would not take the puppy’s food. When the puppy came home, not only did he have kennel cough, but he was not eating or drinking, vomiting, and having explosive diarrhea. Vet visits just within the first few days cost me $600. It took weeks to get my puppy to become normal again.


If I could give less than one star, I would. My puppy was transported from the breeder in the South to New England. The breeder had supplied a bag of dog food the puppy was on, toy, a bag of treats, coupons and all of the puppy’s paperwork. Well, the puppy arrived and was handed to me with the wrong paperwork. The paperwork was not even close to being remotely paperwork for my puppy. The puppy stunk to high heaven. Stench is a better description. No bag of the items he was sent with. So, that tells me there is a possibility after being on their truck for over 24 hours; the puppy did not eat as what were they feeding the puppy. The puppy was EXTREMELY thirsty as if he did not have any water during the trip.

Now, about the driver, the driver did not communicate to me; he was going to be over an hour late. I found out when I texted him letting him know I was at our designated place to meet and that I am early and will wait for his arrival. I received a text back indicating “Oh I am sorry, I didn’t let you know, I am running over an hour late.” Not acceptable and not professional.

I would avoid Puppy Travelers like the plague if I were you. Do your puppy or dog a favor as they will be the ones to suffer.


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