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Petland Yelp 1-Star Reviews

Petland Montgomery

7127 Eastchase Parkway

Montgomery, AL 36117



Bad customer service… esp the fat dude, he is so rude and lazy…. fire his a$$, everyone else is nice though, but 1 star for him.. oh and the cages are dirty and it’s a puppy mill..


Petland Bradenton

3530 53rd Ave. W.

Bradenton, FL 34210



New level of taking advantage of customers. I bought $60 worth of cat carriers and did not even use them . Today I was told I could not return anything bought during the hurricane????
They made big bucks charging ridiculous prices while people were concerned about their pets during the evacuation. Hope it was enough to last them a long time.

Can I give zero stars????


I am a school teacher in Manatee county,  this summer I set up a saltwater tank for my students to be able to observe animals they do not get to see. I went to Petland Bradenton and spoke to their “fish” expert. I purchased 5 new creatures for my tank and the next day the fish were dead. I took the fish back and Taylor “the manager” said sorry they died, it must be your water. I had them test my water and it was great. I then asked for the manager or owners name. She was unable to give it to me. I then asked for an email address she gave me one that the owner does not see. If I were the owner I would look at who I have in charge. I am teaching our future and they were unwilling to help. Not a very good business model.


This store sells puppy mill dogs. Stay away! Read up on puppy mills before you get a puppy! These are not healthy dogs, they are unethically bred, they are mistreated. Check any pet store out before you buy:


Please do not buy animals from Petland. I adopted a kitten and have had to deal with the rudest lady I have ever met. She will not help me get this kitten treated for the eye infection, an open sore, and a horrible cough. DO NOT BUY FROM PETLAND!!! Kitty Korner is a horribly run business and the fact that petland and Kitty Korner sold me a half alive kitten is unbelieveable. FUCK you guys


They have a good selection of high quality food and are very close to my house. I’m searching for a new place to get food because I don’t agree with them selling live animals when there are so many out there that need to be rescued. They also continue to support puppy mills by their business practices.


DO NOT BUY A PUPPY/ANIMAL HERE!  We made the mistake of buying a “rare” Silver Labrador Retriever here for the LOW price of $900.  Yeah right.  Before I ran my card, we were assured that the puppy was in good health, AKC registerable (his parent’s werent even AKC, I wasn’t told that until after I ran my card and got the puppy home).  On top of all that, on our puppy’s first vet visit, we were told he had kennel cough.  They treat the animals they have like crap, buy from HORRIBLE kennels (border line puppy mills), and lie about “rare breeds”.  Silver labs are actually a genetic anomaly.

I love my dog, and I should’ve done research, but I was duped.  Please do your research before buying an animal, and do not make the same mistake I did.  Petland thrives from people like me, impulse buyers and suckers.


Petland Davie

11482 West State Road 84

Davie, FL 33325



Went in because I happened to be nearby and needed some dog food. I did not realize that puppy-mill stores were still legal. It was saddest pet store I have ever seen. There were a couple dozen cages with either cage crazed puppies (new arrivals) or lethargic, depressed looking puppies (ones that had been there a while) sleeping on bare wires and far too many ignorant people waiting around for their chance to buy one and perpetuate that whole ugly scenario. It was made that much more disturbing by the fact that there did not appear to be a single employee that was out of their teens caring for those animals.

If you won’t take the time to find a reputable breeder or make time to connect with a rescue dog from a breed specific rescue or a shelter, then you should seriously reconsider whether you should own a dog. A dog should never be an impulse purchase. I walked out without buying dog food because I refuse to give any business to stores that treat companion animals like a lifeless commodity. The whole scene was pathetic.


My second, 1 star review.

I came here today to pick up some dog food for my puppy and to exchange a harness. I opened the harness wrong and cut through the center plastic part thinking it was part of the packaging (my mistake). Although, there were no directions on the label on how the harness is used.

So I asked if I could exchange it. The store manager came over to process the return and said to me she wasn’t sure if they could take it or not. So after waiting 5 minutes for her to make up her mind, if she wanted to do the exchange or not, she came back and said they couldn’t do it.

They also didn’t have the specific dog food that I have been using. They replaced it with another brand they recommended to me. Which I was going to buy from them, but decided not to since they didn’t do the exchange. I decided to be a little petty and just buy the dog food and future pet related items from the Plantation location. Both are about the same distance from where I live.

So I went to the Plantation Petland location. And guess what? Not only did they exchange the harness for me, that wasn’t even purchased there, but they also had the initial dog food I wanted to purchase. A win, win. Being somewhat petty actually paid off.

So over a $12 harness, Petland Davie lost all my future business and are recipients of a one star review on Yelp, that might even affect more of their future business.


I saw online that they had an English Mastiff for sale, which typically runs between $800-$1500. I called to make sure that it was still available and asked the price. They wouldn’t give me the price over the phone. So, we drove 15 miles to go see the dog. When I arrived, I asked how much the dog was and they suggested I let the kids play with the dog, which I did. Kids fall in love with the dog. Twice I ask how much the dog is and the girl says she’s waiting for her manager to let her know. Then rather than tell me how much, she brings out a Tablet to show me a long list of stuff that Petland offers with their pets. After a 10 minute spill, I finally said, ‘ we like the dog and we want her’. The girl says great, “she’s $5000.00, but that includes lifetime warranty and 3 months supply of food”.

Thanks bunch for wasting my time.

We’ve already found an AKC Mastiff for $1000. Don’t know if theirs had gold plates or what, but that’s a steep price increase…. Before I leave, the girl says, “we can finance the puppy for you and if you qualify you can do interest free.. I guess so, after you make $4000 profit from start.


I literally just walked out of there and had to write something because of the (lack of) service. It was not busy at all yet I was not greeted and not even acknowledged until I asked a salesperson to see a puppy by which she just replied sullenly “that’s by appointment only.” This was not mentioned on the website by the way!Even an employee who was training someone else did not even smile at me and I passed by her twice. go to the Petland in Pembroke Pines, they are much more helpful there.


If I could give a negative review I would I called the store asking about a pug they said they had only seen one pug there in the last year 3 hours later someone from the corporate office called me and said great news two pugs coming to the Pembroke Pines location on Saturday so I visited the Pembroke Pines location and the Davie location on Friday prior to the pups arrival puppies were kept in cages no blankets no beds urine feces soaked pans sleeping on metal grates dogs were crying dogs were screaming when I asked about the price of a pug no one could give me an answer so I ask how much the French Bulldog was thinking it was similarly priced believe it or not the dog was between 7 and $10,000 I’m looking for a pet not an entrant in the Westminster Dog Show no one tries to help you the employees are rude I encourage you to avoid Petland find a reputable breeder or rescue a dog avoid this place at all cost


I don’t normally take the time to write reviews but when I was this pet store today I was appalled by the cages these adorable puppies were subject to. More than several of these cages were past due to be cleaned out and the puppies don’t have a bed or blanket to sleep on. Why is this??? This shouldn’t be especially for the price of them! Since it wasn’t busy in the store, one employee was on their cell phone and no one even approached me. This place should be inspected. Would never recommend this place.


***PETLAND = PUPPY MILL PUPPIES***Stay away if you want a healthy pup! Purchased a boxer there who is now 3 1/2. Brought him to the vet when he was 2 for a problem that has turned out to be an aggressive tumor. After further look a d a CT scan  he has a tumors in his stomch, lung and lymphnods. Everyone deserves to know what they are getting when purchasing a dog from there! Poor Bubba never stood a chance!  ***PETLAND = PUPPY MILL PUPPIES***


Just a heads up that 2.7 million pets shelter pets are euthanized every single year due to over population and pet stores. Please adopt your pet from a local shelter. If you have to have a purebred search to find your specific breed from local rescues and shelters. Cities are starting to ban the retail sales of pets (Hollywood being the most recent) and for good reason. Save a life, adopt.


I’ve been coming to this specific store for a while. I bought my first dog which is a goldendoodle 6 years ago and now I’m looking to buy another dog. When I went in there I asked about the husky in the corner and Kelci, the employee I went to, said I couldn’t hold it cause it had the sign saying it needs rest. Which I can understand. The only reason why I had asked was because the week before one of the employees brought me another husky from the same cage with the same sign saying it needs to rest. But when I saw another husky which had no sign on its cage and asked about it Kelci huffed and puffed and rolled her eyes at me and told me no that it was just sold. I can understand that Its going to a home and everything but there was no need for an attitude especially when I’m looking to buy a dog. Me and my boyfriend still stayed around to try to check out other dogs and she didn’t bother to help us but would help everyone else. I don’t know what her issue was but you don’t treat customers in that manner


My husband and I frequent the shopping plaza where petland is located and each time we visit the store to check out the puppies, it has become more and more disgusting. The animals are kept in dirty caged which are too small for one puppy and sometimes even two are kept together! The store smells of urine and bleach. The puppies are clearly dirty, greasy and ungroomed. In addition, they are completely overpriced for toys, supplies and the animals. The employees are rude and very unprofessional. I wouldn’t recommend shopping at this store especially if you are an animal lover!


My son was given an African spur thigh tortoise otherwise known as a Sulcata as a gift last night. I already had most of the supplies but needed bulbs and a few other things. Not feeling like running to Walmart I decided to come to this store since I’ve never been there before and it was closer. After looking around for about 15 minutes I was finally approached by an employee. I started to tell her that I needed a UVB bulb when she asked me what kind of an animal it was for. I told her its for a spur thigh and she had no clue what that was (spur thighs are the most common tortoise owned as pets), so I told her its a tortoise and again she had a confused look on her face! How can you work in a pet store that sells reptiles, and exotics and not know what a tortoise is? My 2 year old son knows what a freaking tortoise is! So as she continued to try and “help” she couldn’t find a bulb so she proceeded to get a young guy who appeared to be a manager perhaps. They don’t carry UVB bulbs, didn’t have regular thermometers or most other things I needed. I then asked if they have wooden half logs that animals use to hide in so the tortoise could get some shade. That’s when the guy showed me a heat rock. I’m no genius but I’m pretty sure a heat rock and a wood log are very different. I told him I can’t use that for a tortoise, well not even 5 minutes later he showed me something else and said I could use that for my bearded dragon. I don’t have a friggin bearded dragon dude, I told you several times its a TORTOISE! At this point I gave up, got the few things they had and got the heck outta there before my brain exploded. Avoid this place if you are looking for supplies for anything alive.


YUCK. The absolute worst and most disgusting pet store I have ever shopped in my entire life.  Puppy mill puppies. Urine and feces everywhere.  Even the fish dept was nasty.  But what do you expect a pet store to smell like? You might ask.  I have been to nearly every pet store in town. Even the Humane Society, which I have reviewed. Out of the hundreds of different pet stores that I’ve been to in my life, this was the #1 worst.  I also witnessed the owners committing one of the most obscene acts of animal cruelty I have ever witnessed. During a flea market in their parking lot, they put out bin full of bunnies.  It was just before Easter.  The bunnies had no food or water. And they were in full sun in the middle of the day.  Several of the bunnies were convulsing. One even had his eyeballs rolling backwards. I would be surprised if all of those bunnies made it through the day. I have never witnessed anything that cruel and that negligent


Every time (including the LAST time) I’ve visited this store, I’ve felt more and more sorry for the animals that are kept there. The puppies are kept in small cages, sometimes two at a time and on wire floors. Can you imagine sitting/laying/living on metal wire for days on end? I can’t. I know it must be very uncomfortable. Not to mention some of them are constantly fighting in the same cage, and I’ve seen them eat each others feces. Not only that but the other animals (birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc) they have out in open cages for people to touch are in my opinion kept in deplorable conditions. Water and food bowls are dirty and empty, and there are gnats flying around. Shame on them for selling animals at such outrageous prices, but on top of it keeping the animals in such crappy conditions. The “staff” that they have, if that’s what you call it are typically younger aged kids (not that age has any relevance on work ethic) that have their friends inside torturing … I mean “playing” constantly with all the animals which has to cause undue stress to them. I will never shop at a Petland store again. Ever.


Petland Kendall

8236 Mills Dr.

Miami, FL 33183



I walked into Petland today and it was the worst experience I’ve ever encountered. First, when I walked in no greeted me, the employees were just chatting in the back. Second, as I start looking around I see the puppies and they looked sad and depressed, one of the puppies was seizing !!!!! and the employees didn’t even do anything about it !! THIS PET STORE IS HORRIBLE AND SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN!!!!!!


This pet store charges between $5000-$10,000 for their puppies. They tell you during their “presentation” that if the dog dies within a year, they give you a new one. That’s their catch. The puppies are all sleeping every time you go in. They don’t give you costs over the phone. They put you in a pen for a few minutes to fall in love with the dog, then comes the BS background and fake stories. It’s actually quite sad. Everyone we’ve talked to has said the same thing about this place. I wish they charge the proper costs of these puppies so they actually find real homes. Oh and they push their “financing”.  And they blocked me from making comments on their Facebook posts since we told the truth. It’s sad. That should be laws against this.


This place is highway robbery!!! Stay very very very very very far away. Literally save your money and go to a breeder or adopt a loving pet. Not only do these people try to charge you thousands of dollars for a puppy they are the rudest and hands down the worst customer service that I have ever encountered.The poor dogs that they are charging you thousands of dollars for are sitting in tiny boxes filled with their own urine and feces it was caked on the poor Huskey I was petting his paws were yellow!!!Horrible my only regret is not taking any pictures of the dogs so cruel. I wish I could rate this place negative zero stars.


There’s a review from a week ago from VS that’s on point. Please, please, please Do not purchase any dogs from this petland or any other petland stores. The (1) Star here was only used to be able to write this review. I went in on Monday, February 26 to play with a boxer with Id #380. As the staff handed us the dog, we were told that the puppy was in isolation and being treated with medication. The puppy had at least 3 or 4 spots in her body with missing fur. Her belly had a crusty scab. After playing with her 5 minutes we also noticed that the puppy had a protruding lump next to the spine towards her back. My husband and I requested to speak with a manager or a veterinarian, no one was available. The staff had no knowledge what the dog was being treated for. The staff had no idea about the lump the puppy had. The whole experience was sickening, tacky and unprofessional as the staff sticks you with an iPad to try to convince you why you should pay $4500 for the dog. The staff is made up of young adults which lack preparation in dealing with public.

Today, Tuesday February 27 I followed up with petland corporate and I told them how heartbreaking my visit was. I was told that the store manager Nick would be contacted and in turn manager would contact me. My call to them was probably about noon time. Needless to say I have not heard from anyone from petland and the sick puppy was taken down from website. Additionally I was actually told in my call to corporate that this was a “returned” dog. My jaw dropped when I heard this, Petland put the dog back for sale instead of giving her the medical care she needs. I’m still waiting for management to return my call and an answer to my complaints.

Petland – for the first time in my life I felt like running out the door with your dog for the right reasons, to save her.

To all of you who read this, i couldn’t go to sleep tonight without posting this. I pray to God Petland got correct medical assistance to that poor puppy. I went to petland with high hopes even though my coworker shared her horrible experience when she bought puppy from petland and almost died. She begged me, “whatever you do, don’t go to petland”. She was sadly absolutely correct.


If I could rate this place no stars I would ! Honestly worst place ever to get a puppy. Save your money folks! I asked them how much is it for a English bulldog that I saw that day. They stated it was $7,000. It’s wayyy over priced. English bulldogs at most cost $4,000. My mom wanted to get this toy yorkie that was there, she asked them how much and they stated it’s $4,000. When the average toy yorkie cost at most $2,000, and plus it’s not guaranteed that it will grow like a “toy yorkie”. We told the sales associate, that that’s crazy and over priced, we had other offering for $1200-$1800. And she stated that those places are not good and that they are puppy mills and doesn’t treat their puppies right. That’s BS. The puppies in petland look like they are all drugged, they don’t look like they take care of them at all. Guys if you want to save a puppy from that place do it, but it’s just to save those puppies lives, otherwise, go to puppies to go on 8th st, or imperial puppies, or luxury puppies, all the puppies there look happy, and clean.


After doing an online search for a Goldendoodle, I found Petland and submitted an inquiry for a puppy I saw online. I received a response within an hour, which impressed me. After speaking with Alyssa, we scheduled an appoint for the same day (12/24) at 2:00 pm. I even was happy to know I could bring my current dog with me so they could meet and play for a bit. Upon arriving at 1:55, I was eager to meet the little puppy to which I was immediately told he was “just sold”. Of course, this was devastating as I had scheduled an appt. with Alyssa and received a text confirmation and all. I immediately contacted her again and upon her review, she couldn’t confirm that it was sold but noted that as if “10 minutes ago” it was still in the system so it must have just happened. Of course I then proceeded to ask – what was my appt. for then, and she advised “sorry, they shouldn’t have sold him”… of course, that doesn’t help me much when ultimately I was seeking to purchase a new member to my household, totally crushing my Christmas this year! I’ll never use these people again and more importantly – would never recommend this place to anyone for their lack of customer service and care for clients.


First off I would like to let anyone know to stay as far away of this place as possible. They are horrible at business, and are liars and scam artists. They overcharge Puppies and tell you it comes with a bunch of stuff that comes into the price. For example they say you get Free Vet visits for life, 10% medical services from the Vet, 50% off Spay/neuter, and a complimentary Day Boarding at said Vet. However I took my puppy to the Vet and he said we still needed to give our dogs vaccines (which Petland Employee told me we don’t need anymore vaccinations and that she wouldn’t recommend it). I was okay with the vaccinations as I was going to do it anyways. The Vet has a program where you pay $300 up front for a program and it includes all the vaccines the dog needed (the vaccines would come out to around $300 anyways), free office visits, 20% off medical services, 50% off Spay/Neuter, and complimentary Day Boarding. So basically Petland does not provide these things the Vet does, so it does not come with price. On top of that they promise a a puppy for the rest of your life. So if anything happens to the dog including accident or Old Age, they will provide the credit I paid for a new dog. She basically told us you are getting 2 dogs for 1 price. Well after the sale is final, I’m reading the fine print and it is not part of price. You have to buy dog food, Joint Pills, and longevity drops through them every 90 days for life. That and extra $100+ four times a year for hopefully 15 years. That’s $6000. So I get a credit of 4500 after paying 6000. Oh and the Vet told us the joint pills are not needed for a puppy only for older dogs and the longevity drops are worthless. So this place is a scam and please stay away. The lady that worked there is apparently a Car Salesman on the side because they push you to buy a puppy and lie straight to your face. Oh and they have the testicular fortitude to tell me that after we agreed on price, they set us up with loan and don’t have to pay a dime until next month, they call and say they goofed up and forgot to charge us for taxes and want us to come back and pay $300. You can find similar dogs for half the price with a breeder or another pet store. If you want all those benefits, just go to the Pou Vet Group. Amazing Vet and he offers all the free vet visits and discounts with the same price you’d have to pay for vaccines anyways.


Petland Ft. Myers

7091-13 College Parkway

Ft. Myers, FL 33907



I walked in to this store today to get a Nylabone for my Chihuahua. This was the first time I had ever been to a Petland. My stomach sank when I looked to the right and saw rows and rows of cages full of unhappy puppy mill puppies. I had no idea pet stores still sold these animals. I normally go to PetSmart and Petco, where they only adopt out animals from rescues and shelters. The puppies at Petland were laying on wire in tiny cages with no warmth, no blankets, and atop urine.

I really want to emphasize that buying a dog from places like Petland isn’t rescuing an animal. If people continue to buy puppy mill animals, the puppy mills will stay in operation. And animals will continue to be abused. The only way to stop puppy mills is to stop buying puppies from places like Petland.


Do not shop at any pet store selling dogs.  These poor puppies come from puppy mills hence all of the medical problems they have.  Pity the puppy’s parents – the female having litter after litter from the time of her first heat until she is too physically tired to breed again.  The male suffers from isolation and poor care until his physical condition has deteriorated.  Please visit your local shelter and see those who have been saved from puppy mills.
Stores which sell puppies need to be forced to discontinue the practice. Do not support them.


Called earlier today, made an appointment with Anthony to see a Pomeranian.  Pictures were sent, price was agreed to as I explained that I was driving 2+hours to see this dog.  I arrive at Petland Fort Myers and find dogs in uncomfortable cages with no place to lay down – there tiny paws continued to get caught in the crates; the drinking water were in hamster like bottles and no food bowls…  A sales person AKA “pet counselor” asked if I needed help.  I told them that I had an appointment with Anthony.  The sales person responded that he was gone because he had to fix a “water well” at his house…  I thought to myself “well that’s good because I need to ask for this dog to be taken off reserve for me since I can’t support this mess”.  I point to the dog and say “Anthony put this dog on reserve for me” she replies “oh we sold it 20 minutes ago”.  I said “really?  No one thought it would be a good idea to call your client that was driving 2+ hours to get here?”…  As I walked away a supervisor/manager came to try to convince me to take another dog and said so sorry you drove so far.  My response to her was congratulations on your sell but, I hope you can live with yourself and what you all do here.  I don’t know much about the pet industry and I will buy my first dog soon however, never ever at a place like this.  I now understand why so many people are appalled with pet stores!  This is a horrible place for animals and buying from here and places such as this does not help those puppies and in doing so only supports a horrific industry allowing them to grow.  This is not ok!


Let me start by saying I wouldn’t give Petland Fort Myers a rating of one star however I was forced to because Yelp requires a star rating. Secondly, I would like to say I will be filing a BBB complaint with this company as they have lied to me about the type of puppy I purchased even supporting their claim with “papers”. I spent over $1500.00 on what I thought to be was a full bred male Boston Terrier. Come to find out this puppy is only 19 weeks and is taller, heavier and longer than a 10 year old full grown pure bred Boston Terrier… The only reason he is said to be a Boston Terrier is because of his colors. His face does not resemble a Boston Terrier what so ever. Imagine my disappointment when I come to find this out. Not to mention the several vet visits because of this poor puppies health conditions. Two days after having this puppy, he came down with a condition known as cherry eye. For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s when the third eyelid gets inflamed and pops out of the eye. It looks like a nice big cherry red fleshy bump protruding from their eye ball. It’s also a hereditary condition of which I was not made aware of before purchasing the puppy however I was stuck with the several visits and eventual surgery that lead after the condition couldn’t fix itself with eye drops. The poor puppy has been doing eye drops since we have had him. His eye ball oozes green whenever we don’t do the eye drops. I would also like state that is other health conditions that have been examined in the vets office has still yet to cease such as his sneeze and cough that they gave him cough medicine for… This puppy needs antibiotics and I can’t go to my vet because the expense comes out of pocket and Petland won’t cover or reimburse unless it’s their vet. I have tried on several
occasions to give them the opportunity to resolve my issues with this puppy yet they refuse to do so. They will not return emails or phone calls. This puppy looks exactly like a Pitbull and they want to tell me he’s pure bred!!!! No chance in heck!! I have a 9 month old Boston Terrier who when we bought her had absolutely no issues!!!!!! But we didn’t buy her from Petland so that’s probably why. If I can attach pictures of this puppy I will. I love him more than life and he is now apart of my family which is why I’m choosing to deal with this situation but it’s not good business to be selling inbred sick puppies to high paying customers. The Petland employees are so money hungry and pushy with their sales and are so quick to push you i to applying for their credit. I want everyone to think before buying a puppy from here or any Petland. Animal Kingdom is where I bought my beautiful female Boston Terrier and she is absolutely flawless! I recommend them!


I went looking to adopt a havanese pup. They had 3 but one was sick. I played with the pups one peed all over me because he was so scared 🙁 poor thing! The other needed some manners but that is not my issue. I asked them who the breeders were and of course they gave me names and kept saying we only use reputable breeders which I was looking for! But when I researched the breeders themselves they breed all different types of dogs! All three breeders housed well over 150 dogs! I don’t understand how they can say they are reputable if they are breeding so many dogs! Let alone the breeders did not have any info about the adults! I ended up finding an actual breeder in the Fort Myers area and adopted one of their retired females! She is great! All I can say is do your research PLEASE! Stop using pet stores that use puppy mills!


Do not buy any puppy from here! Or any pet stores. Pet land claimed they don’t get dogs from puppy mills and they say all their dogs are AKC and from the very best breeders. We bought a golden retriever and she is a great girl. Still waiting for our vet appt but when we bought her we asked them if we could see the parents. They said “for some odd reason the breeder never sends us the pictures but in the package on papers you can look the breeder up and ask” sure enough nothing but puppy mills came up when we typed in the breeder. They lied and rip you off. Please do research before buying dogs from pet stores. I don’t regret my pup at all she is a beautiful sweet girl. Just hoping no health issues since many people I talked to after buying my dog from pet land were saying there puppies were sick. Would’ve saved a lot from a breeder and would have an insight on what to expect from my dog when she grows. I am mainly saddened I have supported such an awful thing.


This place is disgusting. The poor pups eat mush. Their faces are all ‘wet’ like from the food. We witnessed a pup trying to go no. 2 while the other dogs was eating it. Incredibly gross!!! The worker said the dogs average $2000 each. Most aren’t each purebred. Unreal!!! A three month old dog, not purebred,the worker said it may sell for $1500. WOW..
I used to live in a chicago suburb, bought a purebred for $600. Looks like I will be buying up there when I visit family.


I have to say that the workers (Janet in particular) are awesome. However, I also have to say that I purchased a sick puppy who came home and got my other dog sick. I am over my head with the fees for him plus additions vet fees. My disclaimer- no I didn’t use their vet. I figured if their vet cleared a sick dog there wasn’t much use in going back. I love my pup and when you fall in love, you fall in love. I just wish I fell in love somewhere else (with a healthy dog).


Do not go in here! I fell in love with a dog that I purchased. In over a year we have spent thousands of dollars in medical bills. They also advertised the dog as a specific kind and later retracted the statement after he started to change color. We also found out where they got the puppy has been sued multiple times for being a puppy mill! Please don’t make the same mistake I did!!!


Petland Ft. Walton Beach

415-G Mary Esther Cut Off

Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32548



Petland Jacksonville

13740 Beach Blvd.

Jacksonville, FL 32224



Do not shop here! Worst customer service and store policy ever! They obviously don’t care about their customers or want people to come back. I had bought a dog carrier before the hurricane and it did not fit my fat cat. Upon buying it, no one mentioned that there’s no returns or exchanges for carriers. It was never used, opened, etc. Tags and receipts with me, they said no because “people have a tendency to use a carrier, like before a hurricane and come back to return it”.
I said, “does it look like it’s even been opened?” She said that they don’t care, that’s the policy. Go shop somewhere else, but here!


First time coming here have been wanting to come here for a while but always miss when they are open. The customer service here is awful. Took 10min for anyone to ask if I needed help even though I was waiting and not trying to be rude. Actually helped people behind me. I gave one of the girls the look of like to be helped nexted again trying to not be rude when she finished she walked the long way around the store to avoid me. Finally someone asked if I needed help then called a guy over to help me said hi then walked to where I needed help and ignored me and started helping another couple. Very disappointed also seemed over priced compared to some of their competitors.


We were so disappointed coming here to look at dogs and they only had two dogs left. We also wanted to get nails trimmed for our dog that we had bought from Petland in Orlando and they do not provide this service at all. Complete let down, waste of time to drive to this store.


On 10/16/2015, 11:06 am, I purchased a Ware Burlap Door Scratcher $11.99 for a 2 month old kitty. On 10/26/2015, 4:58 pm. Kitty is no longer with me. I attempted to return the door scratcher and I had my original receipt. The owner Jeff refused the refund. He said the item was used and didn’t have the paper tag on it. There was no damage nor wear to the item. How much use can be done by a 2 month old kitty to a door scratcher in 10 days? Jeff that is terrible customer service. You could have suggested a store credit. And the missing tag hanging from the item. Jeff most store locations will locate the same item in their store with the tag, scan that tag and then return funds to the customer. I had the original receipt. I will pray for you Jeff the owner. I have no intentions of sharing your location. Petco and Pet Supermarket are the BEST. Petland at 13740 Beach Blvd with Jeff the owner do not expect good customer service.


Petland Largo

10289 Ulmerton Rd.

Largo, FL 33771



bought a puppy in 2/18/18 we are still taking him to the vet for worms it is now 4/1/18…totally infested with worms, it was a bit more then expected because I spend so much on the pup I was not expecting to take the pup back to the vet and spend that much money…They are going to send $83.. on the vet bill because I didn’t take him the the vet they wanted me too…read carefully what you are signing..


This place sold us a yellow lab puppy. The first day 01/12/18 the puppy was doing fine. The next day the puppy started to get sick vomiting / diarrhea so we brought him to there vet. They gave us some medicine to give him for his stomach. The next day he was still vomiting so we brought him back to the vet and he was diagnosed with parvo. The vet said there’s a good chance that the puppy will not make it. We brought him back to petland and they put him in a SMALL cage and said do you want us to call you if he makes it. No pet should be treated like this. This heartbreaking to the three children that we have.


Horrible horrible place. This is a puppy mill. Please do not buy from this store or stores like this. This is animal cruelty and they should be shut down and arrested.


It’s a shock that this place has not been shut down. This store is highly unethical all around. You know a place has a high turn over rate when the “now hiring” sign has collected dust by the check out line.


I was sold a puppy with a fatal congenital disease. After spending thousands on diagnosing, Petland is now fighting me on costs. It is unfortunately obvious that Petland has little to no concern about the animals they sell. They operate purely based on their bottom line. I’ll never regret purchasing my pup, because she is fun, loving and now my little buddy. However, I will always regret giving a single penny to this awful organization. Such a shame for the animals.


Run far far away from here.  Don’t give this place your money.  These poor babies don’t deserve this.  Theae are clearly from puppy mills.  No reputable breader would sell their pups to this place.  They need to do some undercover investigation 20/20 special.


My best friend got a rottweiler from here a month ago and had to give it back after 48hours because the baby had contracted Parvovirus while at petland. Parvo is extremely contagious with dogs(especially puppies). I hope your puppy is doing great and healthy but, you should be informed.
I tried to put this on a Facebook post of a nice couple who just got a rottweiler puppy trying to save them some heartbreak and was instantly blocked with the comment deleted.
Petland sucks.


My husband and I went into the store to look at a specific puppy. My husband and then I played with the puppy. We were hungry and wanted to finish discussing purchasing the puppy so we asked if we could leave for lunch and come back. The Petland associate told us we could place the dog On Hold for 1 hour. I called them back within that hour letting them know we were coming back for the puppy and THEY SOLD the puppy out from underneath us. So unbelievably heartbreaking and unprofessional.



Looked like a great place with many things but I don’t support places that sell puppy mill dogs for obvious reasons. I will go to PetSmart and Petco that help rescue dogs.


We purchased a dog.. from the beginning it was sick.. after a few months we had her groomed. We noticed her back paw was different. When we took her to the vet the vet said we got a lemon.. he x-rayed the dogs foot.. sure enough it was missing a “finger” on her foot and a bone was missing.. The manager acted highly annoyed that we got an x-ray. We are concerned about what she will be like later in life. Will she have problems walking on it. We cannot breed her.. their response was they can’t guarantee breeding.. seriously people that buy full breed dogs most times are interested in breeding.. maybe they should sell mutts.. we paid top dollar for this dog and we are still waiting for some sort of response from the store. Oh.. the warranty (what warranty) is only valid if you buy food from their stores.. this place sells puppy mill dogs.


As soon as the you open the door the stench hits you. I was horrified to see dogs two to a cage sitting in plastic box like cages with poor ventilation. No water or food, sitting on wire grates, no soft anything to sit on. All the big dogs were knocked out cold. Looked like they were dead or medicated. I was sick to my stomach and left immediately.


NO stars would be much more accurate.

On 4th of July I had ran out of dog food for my pups.  After a quick search, Petland carried the food I needed for my boys.  I walk in and immediately noticed all of the puppies in the back of the store.  What I saw was truly heartbreaking.  The puppies were crammed into boxes, not even well ventilated kennels, two at a time.  Some of them didn’t even have the capability to turn around comfortably.  Most of the puppies were lying in their own urine and feces.

I explained to the cashier that I had no intention of ever coming back into Petland.  She immediately says “How Come? The puppies?”  I proceeded to ask her if the puppies were ever let out of their plastic boxes.  She said they’re constantly played with.  I hate to say, this was an apparent lie.  I stood in the back and there wasn’t a SINGLE employee taking care of the countless rows of neglected puppies.  SOME DIDN’T EVEN HAVE WATER!!!!  Beyond disgusted.

THESE ARE PUPPY MILL DOGS!!!!!. Buyer beware as you will support the over population and profitability of people who see animals as purely profit and could care less of their quality of life.  Please rescue your next furry family member.  Believe me, I have 3 and they’re incredible.


Please dont buy from petland i know the animals are so cute and i know you want to give them a good home and i know you was thinking about going to petland to buy a pet thats why you are here but please listen to me first and dont shop adopt please i learned the hard way tonight dont let this happen to you .petland  gets animals from mills and most are not in great health petland will lie lie lie to get your money i just bought 2 baby rabbits and 24hr later they both are dead !! I had to bury these sweet babies because petland does not care !!! They knew my bunnys was sick and did not inform me they knew that they was from a mill and didnt tell me that they was not weened and was pooping water how dare you petland then when i called on the phone tryed to blame ME saying i might have dropped them on there head omg please stay away from this nasty place i pray as i go to bed tonight for those sweet lil puppys and critters its not fair ! They have 2 or 3 dogs i one cage on display want 4,5,6,7 thousand dollars crazy crazy !! And yes this is at largo petland in florida !!!


I am truly disappointed with our experience at petland. If I could give 0 stars I would. They treated us worse than a used car salesman. We were told at the time of purchase X amount for the puppy we wanted, but negotiated a price down. We had also placed a deposit on the puppy that was to be used as a store credit later. At the time of purchase this was clarified over and over. When we returned to use the store credit for food on our puppy we were told this was not the deal. They ended up pulling a price for her that we did not agree on and the deposit was used to help us negotiate the price. A complete con-artist move, Alana (sad to think we wrote you such a good review too). We ended up not having a discount at all and dealt with the manager, Bridget. Bridget, you were extremely rude, dishonest, condescending, and unprofessional. The puppies are very cute but it’s not worth dealing with these con-artists.  All these puppies are to them are sales numbers – they do not care about them or their wellbeing. I will never support this store again and will not be returning. Spend your money elsewhere at Petsmart or local dog boutiques.


Horrible customer service!!!. I took my 11 year old daughter and her friend to play with the puppies on a Saturday and was treated like dog poo. We had called ahead and were told we were more than welcome to play with the puppies but after spending some time with 3 of them in one of their “rooms” I couldn’t get anyone to help us put the puppies back! I waited for an hour just to get service  because we didn’t want to leave the puppies alone…I approached several salespeople while waiting and was told I had to wait for the original person who helped us who was nowhere to be found! Mind you, the rest of the staff was available but not to me…after our salesperson finally came to help us I told him I wasn’t going to purchase a puppy today but would possibly come back. I asked if we could see another puppy and they said no! They made us leave the room we were in…And there was even another room open! They said the rooms were for only “people who are going to adopt today”. Insane. Little did they know I was actually leaning towards purchasing one anyways .Will never return.


I went into the store to look at a specific puppy. I did not show ANY intrest in any other puppies while there. I ask to play with the ONLY puppy I was there to see and told the sales associate that the puppy was the exact puppy I had been looking to purchase and asked how much? He gave me a price and after waiting 3 hours for the store manager/owner (Marybeth) to contact the breeder to get the weight of the parents FYI This is a designer small breed and she had no paperwork with that information in the store. She finally “said” she spoke to her favorite breeder and got the information. I said yes I will take him and financing would not be needed. She then wrote down the price which was not what the sales associate had quoted me. She then called him to the front of the store and said what price did you give her? He said the price he gave me and then said “I told her they started at that price” . This is a shady place that raised the price $500.00 dollars when they thought they had a sale. By the way, I looked up her favorite breeder when I got home….lots of complains on line about the breeder lying about the weights of small dogs and several complaints saying this breeder was running a puppy mill. Please stay away from these dishonest people at PETLAND LARGO !!!!


I have seen dead animals there all the time. Fish has ick, hamsters eat their babies like its a buffet, puppies are always sicks. Birds often pluck out their feathers. The owners only care about $$ or they would treat their animals better.


Trying to check out but since I have a coupon they need a manger to check me out. Been waiting 15 min for the manager. This is stupid! Going to have an asthma attack waiting cause the air quality so bad!


Trying to check out but since I have a coupon they need a manger to check me out. Been waiting 15 min for the manager. This is stupid! Going to have an asthma attack waiting cause the air quality so bad! Karen the cashier was awesome.  Very kind and patient unlike myself.


Please DO NOT buy a puppy here!!!! They are from puppy mills!! No reputable breeder would EVER sell their puppies to a pet store. The horror behind the scenes of bringing these very unhealthy and mistreated puppies to you is heartbreaking!!! You are almost guaranteed your puppy will either die, or have life long health problems. Buying a puppy from PetLand or from any pet store is directly supporting and contributing to the torture and abuse of the dogs that are bred, and to the puppies who are treated like garbage. This is all about money!! Not about breeding out of love for the animal. I witnessed the puppies at this store laying in their own urine and excitement in tiny, filthy enclosures. Horrific and disturbing. By buying these puppies, you are not rescuing them…you are continuing the demand for them. Find a breeder, go to their home, and see EXACTLY where your pup is coming from. There is a reason that they blocked me from commenting on their fb posts. There is a reason that no one is able to leave reviews for them on fb, or their website. PetLand should be shut down! They know exactly what they’re doing, and it’s dispicable!


This place is truly disgusting.  I was repulsed by how the puppies are stored, they’re lying in their waste with no ventilation, on steel grates.  Some of them look so ill and are breathing so hard that I hope that they make it and escape this horrible, atrocious place. I wish I could give this place 0 stars, if I could adopt all the puppies myself I would.  This store has made me feel disgusting living as a human being and having absolutely no power to help these poor, loving, baby creatures.  I would love to lock the owner into one of these cages that are akin to nazi concentration camp gas chambers.


A week ago, my family decided it was time to buy another puppy. We decided to check out Petland as they had the types of puppies we wanted. We had never bought from a pet store, only registered breeders where you go to their home to pick up your puppy.

We went to the Largo Petland store and found that these innocent puppies are from PUPPY MILL breeders! The puppies we were looking at were registered under the breeder, Kruse. Type into your search engine, Kruse: Salem, Iowa. The google search brings up videos and posts of their Puppy Mill and the abusive treatment these poor puppies receive. I do not believe it is a coincidence that his exact name brings up these results. Just read the 506 consumer reviews on Petland:…. Be aware that the pedigrees and other information being provided ARE NOT accurate. Most dogs are not healthy that are being sold!

I am only writing this review because even if some of these puppies did not come from mills and are healthy, the way they are treated in Petland is heartbreaking. I asked the store’s employees about the puppies – none of the dogs go outside to be walked, sometimes they lay in their own urine for hours if the staff is busy, and they are rarely given baths. How heartbreaking!


Advertise Puppy Mill pets . Anyone looking to purchase a pet needs to stay away from Petland. Animals are not healthy. With all the puppies in rescue organizations pet stores should not be selling puppies. Petland in Sarasota was shut down


This place is TERRIBLE!!  **DO NOT** purchase any puppies from here!! I’ve never purchased a pup at a pet store and as my first time it wasn’t a good experience.

I put a $200 deposit down on a pup I wanted that was originally $5700. When I came in to pick her up I was told she had a “runny nose” that she should be ready the next day when the vet came in because she was on antibiotics. Mind you I was never informed about the pup even being on antibiotics and this is supposed to be my future dog. I call the next day as I was told and they had to keep the pup over the weekend and that I would get a call back that Monday. Well come Wednesday I hadn’t heard anything so I called to speak a manager at corporate and was told I would be contacted the next day by the manager herself after the pup had been seen again and that couldn’t get my deposit until then that Friday which is when the balance was due for the pup. Didn’t get a phone call from the manager as I was told. Instead I got a call from the original rep the next day at 7pm stating she had good news for me.

So I find it funny that after two weeks of trying to bring this puppy home and getting the run around of her supposedly not being sick only a “runny nose” I call to complain and ask for my deposit back and all of a sudden the pup is ready to come home the day after when the $5200 balance remaining is due? Um no never again. DO NOT BUY FROM HERE THE PUPPIES ARE SICK AND YOU WILL BE WASTING YOUR MONEY!!!


This place is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. the dogs here are laying in their own piss and shit, they give the dogs water with a little thing they give gerbils/rats that are usually on the side of hamster cages, which the dogs just bite and arent getting any water out of. The puppies are all asleep AND the dogs are kept in like not even fucking cages. Little tiny in closed plastic boxes. The dogs that are 2 to a box, look miserable and have barely room to turn around. It smells horrible. Most of the dogs had eye crusts all over and red depressed eyes. This place IS HORRIBLE FOR HOW THEY TREAT ANIMALS. the ferrets even look dead. None of the birds chirp. The cat looked sad as fuck. The staff of local 17year olds could give a fuck less about shit. Crocodile dundee looking guy just knocking on glasses randomly to get the dogs to i assume get up(didnt work). Ill never spend a dollar in this store. Ill never recommend it to anyone.


Would not recommend. I ran in here a few days ago to get some supplies for my new puppy – the first thing that hit me was the strong odor of pet waste. The gentleman at the counter was quite intent on selling me a rewards club card, but couldn’t answer a single question I had. He didn’t even know they didn’t carry a popular national high end brand of dog food until after he sent me searching for it… I went back today to get a leash and after being ignored by the lady at the service counter for 5 minutes while she struggled with a container of crickets I walked out. And the smell was just as bad. I won’t be going back.


Terrible pet store! I felt so sorry for the animals here! Store smelled, baby birds lying in his own mess, dead baby bird in bin above him?? I will never return.


HORRIBLE experience with them! Bought a puppy–took to the vet a day later–diagnosed with Parvo…died a few days later!  Store was never closed to treat the whole store. Found out later that they had another Parvo case a few weeks earlier!! I WILL NEVER STEP FOOT IN THIS STORE AGAIN!


Petland Orlando East

453 N. Alafaya Trail

Orlando, FL 32828



Petland breeders are the pits! Went in for a bit and saw a puppy and her paperwork. I did research on that particular dog’s breeder while in the booth. She had been shut down in the past for having an unclean puppy farm.

It’s 2018. Adopt, don’t shop.


If I could give ZERO stars I would, I don’t know why these places are still open their dogs come from Puppy mills! They’re dogs are overpriced! Do not buy a dog from here, save yourself the time & money & get a dog from a shelter or an ACTUAL breeder!


Very disappointed in the inexperienced staff here at petland.  In the 6 years i have been coming to petland to check on there pets, its gone from semi professional adults to young inexperienced staff.   The amount of dogs/puppies they have, the medical attention is very low.  The puppies I have seen have been dehydrated and needing bathing.  I have recently been told by my friend that one of there puppies has passed away due to be neglected to long.  Someone needs to manage this store alot better.  Just my opinion.


I bought 2 Australian sibling puppies. At the age of one I found out one had genetic hip dysplasia and brother probably has it also. It’s a $3,000 to $6,000 surgery depending on we we decide to have done. Petland was notified and could care a less since it was little over a year so they were not covered. These dogs are my babies. Petland received a lot of money for the dogs and that’s all they care about. I will not set foot in store again. Prey that they will be shut down.


Petland Waterford Lakes is selling the puppy in these photos as a “rare color” Weimaraner. This is completely FALSE. This puppy is a fawn colored Doberman Pinscher with uncropped ears. Google “Fawn Doberman Pinscher” and see for yourself. I have owned purebred Doberman Pinschers, (purchased from ethical, Responsible AKC breeders or adopted from rescues) for 30 years so I REALLY know what I’m talking about. I also sent these photos to friends of mine in the Doberman world and all confirmed that this pup is no Weimaraner. Weimaraners don’t have the rust color points on the paws, chest, mouth and eyes. The profile of the dog, shows the pointed wedge shape of the head of a Doberman – not the more blunt shape of a Weimaraner.  If this were a Weimaraner, it would be a very poorly bred one that looks nothing like the breed standard. It blows my mind that people continue to buy dogs from places like this.


Sooo, the puppies are super cute. The store is so crowded and smelly though. It literally smells like hot dog poop. Also the dogs are in poor condition. The puppy visited had poop all over him. Dried bits. I thought it was fleas or ticks at first. Also the dogs are incredibly over priced. The pup we were looking at was over 5k. And still not the most expensive in the store.


This location, is crowded with not a lot of walking around room. The smell takes you over right when you walk in. Its sad to see so many animals into one dirty cage. They added more puppy play areas since the last time I was here, but that just added to the cramped amount of space.



We got our puppy here a couple of weeks ago and he came with a parasite that required medication to heal.

The staff was really pushy and sold us on the package that includes cheaply made merchandise, extra items we didn’t need, and low quality vet care. We also paid way more than market rate for our breed of dog.

The only bright spot was that we worked with a gentleman named Alejandro who was really helpful.


I come here because they have a great fish collection and I am a fish enthusiast. I’ve never had an issue before with their fish until recently. I went to the store to purchase fish for my 35 planted community tank and upon noticing adorable African dwarf puffer fish (I wasn’t educated on the species until after purchasing them) the fish attendant told me they were community fish and that they are fine with pallets and flakes for food. I was ecstatic until I came home to find four of my fish in my tanks with their tails eaten off. I then did more research to find that they are actually natural predators. I called the store to inform them about their misinformation (didn’t even ask for a refund) and was screamed at by the manager telling me their puffer fish are community fish and that it isn’t the fish cashing the problems. Highly unlikely considering  there are only one type of puffer fish that is tiny and can go into fresh water. She also stated she keeps hers in a 10 gallon community tank at home even though puffer fish require 5 gallons for territorial space. I only called so other people didn’t have the same problem as me and instead I was screamed at. Not happy with all of my dead fish and now having to start a new tank do to misinformed employees


Would give a negative 20 if possible .

The store will still charge you for the 1 year vet coverage and 6 weeks puppy training even if you are not in the area to utilize the services .

They make you think you are going on a shopping spree for free or at a discounted rate. However once you see your bill you will see that they charge 500 extra dollars.

The puppy was malnourished and extremely underweight however at the time we were told she was small because her parents were also small. She was under 3 pounds at 10 weeks old which is tiny for a Shiba Inu.

Once I took her to the vet she was diagnosed with hypoglycemia and giardia (they make you sign a hypoglycemia waiver ) . The vet was extremely concerned of the health of the puppy .

We tried to research the breeder and turns out he passed away before the date of our purchase. We can see his name on the USDA list but nowhere else on the internet. After additional research it is not clear if he is even a breeder or perhaps a broker or some type of middleman. We called the President of the Shiba Inu Association within that state and he stated he had no knowledge of the breeder listed on our paperwork .

We tried searching for contact information for the parents of our puppy with no luck . At this point it seems as though she is dying , she will not eat or drink and even with the glucose medication she is lethargic .

Now Petland does not want to deal with you and makes you go through Pawsitive Solutions, of which they are not properly staffed even though it is apparent when dealing with legal timelines and health issues we need punctual assistance .

Do not even walk into this store and risk being tricked into buying a poor sick puppy .


I wish I could give this place less than one star. PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANY ANIMALS FROM HERE. It’s a rip off and a scam! What they do to the animals is awful… they don’t care about taking care of them all they care about is making a dollar. We bought our toy poodle from here she was 3,700 I KNOW A TON!!! but we fell in love with her and they offered a payment plan so we couldn’t resist and say no. We brought her home and everything seemed to fine. 2 days later she developed a terrible cough, sneeze, and runny nose, so we brought her to Petland’s affiliated vet because it was free. He diagnosed her with Kennel cough (after doing research on kennel cough it seems to be that PETLAND is notoriously known for having dogs with kennel cough) and gave us medicine and assured us since we caught it in time she would be fine. Then the next day she was totally unresponsive, wouldn’t move, her eyes were rolling back in her head and she was shaking. We immediately took her to the PETLAND vet and all they did was give her an IV but it didn’t cure the problem only fixed it for the moment. We decided to take her to another vet (one that is a family friend and that PETLAND didn’t cover) she said it was going to be 1,000 to diagnose the problem and 3,000 for weekend hospitalization. She also assured us that our puppy was most likely from a puppy mill and EXTREMELY sick 🙁 we begged PETLAND to pay for her medical bills because we could not afford to pay 4,000 for her treatment, PETLAND said no and we had to give her back. It was a nightmare! We had to deal with the WORST manager I have ever encountered her name is Victoria. She was heartless and rude and kicked us out of the store for no reason! Later on the other managers apologized for her behavior but still this place is awful. Please don’t support their inhuman ways!


DO NOT BUY FROM THIS STORE! I made the mistake to walk in with my kids and buy a puppy without doing my homework on this place. They show pictures of their breeders showing good conditions, but as you will read in other reviews, this is all a front… They buy from puppy mills which produce sick and weak animals.
The puppy that I got was sick the first night. Had to spend 4 nights in the vet. She had parasites (Giardia which is contagious to humans and Coccidia). She was also very low on glucose at 40mg. Normal is 120mg.

You will see at the store that the puppies are drinking a pink water. It is full of vitamin B to keep them “looking healthy”. They are spreading parasites to each other and heavily into antibiotics to get better.

They claim that you can take your puppy back in 48 hours, but read the fine lines…. They kept 75% of my money… $1950 !!!! On a $2600 puppy. The Manager/owner would not even come out to speak with me and they will tell you to call a company that they subcontract that will keep on telling you that you sign the contract and you are basically out of luck.

Don’t be stupid like me. I got sucker on buying the dog because my kids loved it, you can get the same dog for $850 from a breeder that you can visit the home and see the conditions. Be patient and make the right decision. Do not support this people!!!!

Check how the only good reviews are paid ad.


I do not recommend this place to animal lovers. Dogs are cramped into tiny glass cages which are poorly maintained, Beta fish are dying within their containers . Worst of all they have put the dwarf  hamsters at child level and it is horrifying to watch them get squeezed poked and prodded by unattended children who cause unneeded trauma and pain to these already fragile creatures.


Absolutely horrible place of business. Went there was s denied first. Tried applying online get approved. Called applied over phone, accepted sales associate picked out dogs in Price range. Fell in love with dog, while I was waiting for my partner to come and help finalize paperwork and take her home. Sale associate helped me pick everything out set up everything and I asked how much payment s would be she said 70-120 most. Partner arrives plays with dog and falls In love. Manager comes to help finish paper work and I ask how much monthly payment were again. She said “hi, didn’t she tell you? I told her to tell you. It’s 181. ” then we talk she says she feel bad we were lied to and comes back to see if she can help and ends up saying that monthly payments will be 287. Kept us at their location with all the ” paperwork and stuff” for 4-5 hours. To then leave empty handed heartbroken leaving a dog I connected with. Horrible rip off. Extremely disgusted and when Ask for owners number was given a basic generic customer service line for cooperate. Knowing they are a franchise who I can speak to the direct owner. I have the money to purchase puppy and won’t ever spend or hear. Employees selling dogs like used sales men telling us we can buy both for just this much more ( when we were deciding between two pups we love.) horrible. I feel incredibly  sad for the puppies


I purchased a Labradoodle from this store, while I love my doodle, he came to me sick, for a 2500!!! Dollar dog! To have him sick with kennel cough that progressed to Pneumonia is not ok! All their dogs are within close vicinity! Which means all dogs will go home sick when exposed to Kennel cough, they told me he probably didn’t have it despite the fact he was sharing the kennel with his sister who was sick. Kennel cough is airborne.  They are overpriced and not the cleanest.  Not impressed.  My puppy is in the hospital as we speak.


Do yourself a favor and walk past this place. Sales people don’t stick around so they can blame whoever isn’t there anymore for whatever problem you have.


Wish I could give this store less then one star. I’m currently sitting in the vet for the THIRD TIME THIS WEEK because my puppy (which I adopted a week ago) has pneumonia AND an upper respiratory infection which they did not tell me about, even when I asked why he had a cough. Because of that I have to administer medicine to him every 8 hours every day for the next 3 weeks. Today I came back into the vet because my poor puppy is now pooping blood. I have missed work 3 times now. When I called petland the tell them they sold me a sick dog, their excuse was that there was a “miscommunication” and I could “return the dog and pick out a new one if I wanted” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? Return the puppy….?! That’s all the offered to help even after spending an unreal amount of money to purchase the dog. I will never return and advise those not wanting to spend 12 hours a week in a vet office to STAY AWAY. Poor dogs. My heart hurts for all of them


DO NOT buy an animal from here. I bought a German shepherd for $3,300 5 days ago and they told me she was 8 weeks. I brought her for a check up three days later and she has an upper respiratory infection. Next day she has a horrible runny nose and can barely breathe so I bring her to the emergency clinic and the bill comes out to over $1,000. Basically they just don’t care and sell you horribly sick puppies and argue about reimbursement


It shocks me that people still buy puppies from stores and then end up surprised they are sick. But I digress…

I’ve been in this store twice. I hate pet stores that sell animals like this. The first time they didn’t have what I needed (flightless fruitflies) and the second time they didn’t either (crickets). As I hate the condition of all of the animals in these stores, I don’t plan on returning.

The employees are incredibly unfriendly and useless, the animals are living in horrible condition, the store REEKS, and it’s always packed.

Regardless of if you’re wanting a hamster or a dog, go adopt one. You can get breed specific, healthy, fixed, etc. for way cheaper. And you’re saving a life. At the VERY least, go to a REPUTABLE (ie, not on craigslist, not your neighbor that accidentally had puppies, etc.) breeder. You’ll save yourself a lot of $$ heartache and you won’t be contributing to the problem.


This place is pathetic.
First, the manager mentioned her poor yelp reviews and said, “Yelp sounds like the noise a bunch of dumb dogs make Yelp Yelp Yelp”
I should have left right when i heard that.

Like most others, I went to look at a puppy and fell in love with a sheltie.

The manager told me she wouldn’t sell me the dog AFTER I HAD PAID FOR HIM because I wouldn’t buy the whole ” wellness package” with all the crap they wanted to sell me.

I was literally sitting waiting for an hour for them to wash him etc… And then she came out and told me that.

I told her to leave me alone and I got my puppy and he has been an amazing dog.

What a piss poor place.
I will never buy another dog from them, and I would recommend that anyone else please go to a shelter and avoid petland at all cost.


Bought an Auto Waterer for my dog and it leaks everywhere
Went back to return it ( a week later ) and I was told that, since it passed 48 hours, I can not return it.
What a terrible service. !!
I will never return to this place.. nor would I recommend it.
I throwed this Waterer to the garbage right out side their store.


My fiancé and I purchased two puppies from Petland Orlando East, or known as Petland Waterford Lakes. We had been in and out of the store for many months, making a final decision on the breeds. We concluded with getting a Great Dane and a Black Lab. The puppies were said to have been checked by a vet on Aug 4, 2016 and were cleared to go home with us. Today, Aug 10, 2016, after having the dogs for 3 days, only 6 days after Petlands checkup, and taking them to the vet that Petland recommended to solidify the puppy warranty, we learned many new things about our new loving family. Both puppies have Giardia, Coccidia (intestional parasites), and upper respiratory infections. Our black lab also has ringworm, and the Great Dane is deaf. Petland worked with paying for medication like they promised for the parasites and worms and even promised to pay for the medication of our other dogs who now have the viruses passed from the puppies. Although, they are extremely uncaring and disrespectful toward our new Dane. Baloo, our Great Dane, was confirmed to be deaf by the vet, but Petland said the only way to resolve the issue is for us to return the puppy and we will get a refund? Pawsitive solutions, the company that handles all claims for Petland, said that the owners of this store are not willing to even negotiate a partial refund for selling a deaf dog, which is breach of contract, but also for selling dogs with multiple parasites which the vet confirmed is extremely unlikely that they could’ve contracted them and be this sick since their last “check” by Petlands vet on Aug 4, 2016. We researched where the black lab came from, Jake Krus, which is a known puppy mill in Iowa with many, many violations by the USDA and other reputable animal awareness companies. We are unable to do any research on the Great Dane, as Petland said we can’t get his papers until 4-6 weeks after purchase due to breeder request…

Bottom line-do NOT get involved with this place. Unless you are willing to unconditionally love a pet who might be damaged for life due to puppy mill breeding, like my fiancé and I are willing to do, do not purchase from Petland. Baloo and Bagheera are part of our family, and we love every single thing about them. We however would like to warn everyone hat puppy mills are real, and it is confirmed by the vet that Great Danes are not a breed to generally be deaf, but interbreeding will cause this recessive gene to pull through. If you are in the market for a puppy – look for a breeder like we did for our other healthy pups. To the owners and managers of Petland – word of mouth is your best advertisement, and I heed you caution for the operations you are clearly okay with.


We just had a horrible experience with this store.  We spoke with the manager and made an appointment to see a specific teacup yorkie the next day. After driving 45 minutes to get to the store we walked in to a terrible stench. The smell took your breath away but we still wanted to see the dog since we drove so far.  The manager came out with the wrong dog and advised us that the dog was not in the store.  He said that the dog was at home with another manager since he was so small and could not eat on his own at 14 weeks old!  Terrible experience…don’t believe a word they say!


FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PEOPLE…stop buying dogs from puppy stores that come from puppy mills!!!

You have a heart and want to get a dog? Good. Now get a brain. There are millions of homeless animals who are literally DYING for a forever home. If you are breed specific, go to, it will show you every single homeless dog of the breed you prefer in the area.

Now to the store, this place is messy, dirty, and the staff isn’t all that friendly. There is a sour stench in the air that stings your nostrils-mind you I worked in a pet rescue kennel with 50+ dogs and the smell wasn’t this bad.. They can’t even clean up a spill, how are they taking care of a dozen puppies? I wouldn’t even buy fish from these people. The puppys are in a little cage day in and day out until they are “bought” by some shallow narrow-minded individual, uneducated about where that puppy really did come from.

Educate yourself, boycott these stores. Don’t breed or buy while Homeless animals die!


We bought a puppy, a Yorkie and Maltese mix, from here around New Years after losing our cat. We had never bought a pet from a store, always adopted or bought them from friends whose dogs had puppies. Their ads had popped up on our Facebook accounts and we were sucked in by all their cute puppy pictures. The very first night we had her, she would not stop coughing and just slept and wouldn’t bark or anything. I would wake up every hour to check on her while she coughed and I wish I was exaggerating on the frequency. We decided to not go to their vet because we suspected something was very wrong and they would misdiagnose her because the vet was associated to the store. After a few weeks of antibiotics with little result, we got X-rays done and she had a very well developed pneumonia that could have only developed while she was in the store. Thank God our vet was willing to put her on some pretty strong antibiotics after that and she received them well, but we were scared for a moment she wasn’t going to make it. Even now she is constantly afraid of everything and it has taken a lot of time and energy to get her confident enough to bark and run around like a normal puppy. I can’t imagine how they treat their animals if they come out like this. Through the reviews you see that a lot of these puppies are very sick and require a lot of medical attention after they are bought. Save yourself the heartache and adopt a healthy puppy elsewhere !


Please do not consider buying an animal from this store. I foolishly purchased a guinea pig from here and she was dead less than 24 hours later. After doing my homework (which I wish I did beforehand) I learned that she was WAY, WAY too young, tiny, and weak to be separated from her mother, let alone be on display to be taken home. Petland does not care for their animals or purchase them from reputable breeders. They put them on display to be bought while they’re tiny and more appealing to people but unhealthy. I’ve only been into the store twice but both times they had painted pink dogs, totally weird and awful way to get people interested and looking. Please consider adopting an animal or finding a reputable breeder, save yourself and your future pet the heart ache!! It’s a disgusting operation and totally unfair to the animals (and people fooled into purchasing them!) This is a really sad case of people hungry for money with no regard for life whatsoever.


Went in to look as some fish, as soon as you walk in the stink kills you. I thought to myself the people that work here, how can they stand it.  Do they go in to apply for a job and think wow it stinks in here, I can handle it.

Left after a few minutes couldn’t take it.


NO STARS!!  HORRIBLE!!  I purchased a puppy from here April 2016.  The puppy had a slight cough and I asked about it.  They said she had just been check out by a vet the day before and had a clean bill of health.  Yes, the paperwork said the vet checked her – the fill in the blank paperwork that they give you.  I took her from the store to their contracted vet only to find out the puppy has a heart murmur, Giardia, and possible pneumonia.  SAME VET that said she had a clean bill of health the day before.  The vet gave me meds and sent me on my way.  The puppy’s cough continued to get worse so I took her to a different vet.  He did blood work, had to give her fluids not once but FOUR different times –  results were severe pneumonia to the point she could have died, Giardia and the heart murmur.  I am still fighting to get my vet bills paid (over $1,000) and the puppy has been on meds ever since and can’t get rid of the Giardia.  DO NOT BUY FROM HERE!!


Educate yourselves before considering this place. Look up the expose on Petland stores by the Humane Society. These are puppy mill dogs. Go to the shelter or a rescue instead.


Terrible place for any animal.

A majority of the fish have Ick and they always have a discus in their that is about to die. The fish are cheap, but have the possibility of getting your other aquairum mates sick.

I feel terrible for those puppies. Idk if their Milled (probably) but the conditions are horrific in there.

If you are interested in purchasing a specific breed, go research a breeder (they’re usually cheaper and healthier). If you don’t care for a specialty breed, go to the humane society.

Staff is also not on their A game. The fish people gave me bad advice I ignored and can’t really sex their fish well.


It’s sad really. I wish I could rescue every animal in Petland. This place is quite dirty, and the dog cages are not cleaned as often as they should.

The staff will watch you like a hawk when you play with a puppy. As they should, because people can’t be trusted. But I feel like they are watching you for the wrong reason; the reason being “If you’re just here to play with the dog and not actually buy one, you should go.” Which is a shame-those dogs need lots of love and attention.

I got my rabbit here, and, like the dog-watching thing, they make you buy everything right then and there; the food, the cage, the water bottle. Again, it’s not for the right reason of taking care of your pet. It’s a business.
I don’t think buying these products off Amazon and saving money would have made me a bad mommy.

I fell in love with an adorable Yorkie here years ago. I know I shouldn’t have gone in, because I become Mama Rescue, but I did and I wanted to bring this little boy home. Somehow we did not qualify for financing (the Yorkie was $1,200) even though we were approved for furniture twice that amount just a few weeks later. Just ridiculous, to charge that much for a dog anyway and then for myself to not be approved. What should have mattered was that my husband and I would have made great parents, and did have the money to take care of a dog.


I have stopped going to this store entirely for several reasons.

The first one would be how filthy the store is. Yes, a pet store will have a certain smell to it, but even after years of working around animals and becoming desensitized to the smell it STINKS to me. Beyond what is acceptable for any animal environment, because let’s be realistic here – they’re going to smell. But this place? Ridiculous. I’m thinking this comes from the filthy animal cages combined with the filthy store floor and products. We’re talking dust on items, floors that look like they need to be cleaned, and animals that reek of ammonia.

Second would be the animal care itself. The last two times I went in here, the latter being what cemented my decision to never return, there were dead animals out on the floor (not literally on the floor, but in the areas where animals are sold.) The first time, it was a teddy bear hamster. He was seizing and in his last moments. I pointed it out to an employee and she flippantly picked him up and threw him in the garbage. Just like that. I turned around and walked away… the people I was with that day had already decided based on that experience that they would not be returning. The second time, they appeared to have just gotten gerbils delivered. They were obviously very young – possibly too young to be sold – and were in a cage with no bedding, food, or water. I hung around for about an hour and nobody did anything to make them comfortable or provide them with any basics. I reached my hand down toward them and they all flocked to me, aside from one who was sluggish and huddled in a corner. Another animal on it’s way out. Again, when I pointed these issues out to an employee, the attitude concerning them was flippant, uncaring. That was the last straw. I left. Haven’t been back since.

The last would be, the puppies. I am not going to get into the hugely controversial issue that is “puppy mills”, but I will say that the idea of puppies being sold in a pet store instead of out of a certified breeder’s home seems ridiculous and unethical to me. Their kennels are usually dirty and smelly, and I question how well they’re ventilated at this location considering they’re closed in on all sides. Having been involved in animal industries for the past several years, I can tell you I have run across many vet techs, trainers and other “dog people” who have encountered many problems with Petland puppies – cases of hip dysplasia and other long term health problems due to bad breeding, and apparently the most common issue is infections in the feet and UTIs because of their unclean living conditions.

If you must got to Petland, at least go to a different location. I HAVE been to locations that were decent, even good! But something about this one has always been awful. Management issues? Possibly.

I will say, that the last time I was there, the store itself was cleaner and the rest of the animals looked decent – almost acceptable, except for the feeder rats and mice which still reeked from a mile away. The fish section in particular had improved a lot, the man who works it is obviously passionate about what he does. However this is still not enough for me to ever return. I discourage everyone I know from going here. Don’t give them a penny. Take your business to the Petsmart in the same plaza. I don’t even understand how this store is still open.


We purchased a yorkie puppy from Petland on Aug 17th. Before we bought the puppy, the store associates verbally told us that all puppies were insured and the only thing we would have to pay is the initial visit and half of getting her neutered. We followed all the instructions on getting her checked out the next day for warranty purposes. Within 6 days we were at the vet with our new puppy coughing and throwing up. We were unhappy with the vet’s diagnosis but were restrained to them per the insurance. On Aug. 31st she was diagnosed with kennel cough. We have paid 100% of all medical bills and medicine until that visit. It came as a great shock when we found out that we would not be reimbursed for any visits but only for the medication, even though the sales associates bluntly told us the insurance would take care of everything. We dealt with East Orlando Animal Hospital even though we thought they were not the best choice for Leia our puppy. On Sept. 26th we had reached our tipping point and went to Winter Park Animal Hospital in which we take our other dog. They immediately took x-rays and put her on a more aggressive medicine plan. Within 3 days Leia had developed pneumonia and has been in the hospital for 2 days. We have incurred $2,259.70 in vet bills in the last month. That does not include the $1,800 we paid for the puppy and so called insurance. We bought a puppy under the pretense that it was healthy and covered under insurance, which it has been neither. We have battled with the insurance and have been denied any claims. Although we love our puppy, this has been the worst experience we have gone through and are severely disappointed in Petland and the provided insurance. We are hoping that this letter might make its way to someone that would be able to help us with this situation. I am not sure if there is any legal recourse we can take, but it is not out of the question as we have spent over $4,000 for a puppy. Petland should stand by the puppies they sell which is certainly not the case. As of this time we will not shop at Petland nor recommend it and go as far as encourage people to stay away due to the manipulative selling practices and lack of customer service in righting a situation that has gone so wrong.


I went to Petland last night for the first time in several years because my daughter loves animals and it has always been a great place to see something cute. To my extreme disappointment, this location has taken a horrible turn for the worse.
As soon as you walk in the door you notice empty, dusty, cluttered cages to your right on top of a dirty floor that does not appear to have been cleaned for a very long time. To the left, it is more of the same with a sad showing of mice huddled together with grime building up in their ears. The puppy section is, as always, exciting as the dogs are very energetic. We got there in the middle of a cleaning so I can’t really say what it looked like prior but the staff was doing well for that.
Thanks to Pixar, my little one loves salt water fish. Petland used to be great for their selection and a staff the knew a bit about their inventory. Now however the whole area is a wreck. The empty tanks are scattered around making it hard to get around the shop. The section with live fish is dirty, unfilled, poorly labeled, and the display tanks have nothing more then generic rocks in them. Add to it that the tanks are either leaking or there is a hose on someplace and the floor is soaked making the actual trip around the area dangerous. Yesterday they even had some random hose with no apparent purpose strung across the isle making it impossible to get around the entire display area.
While I admit that I might be a bit disgruntled as my my daughter was upset by not getting to see all the “Memo fish” I still feel this store is in a sad state. There is an extreme need to clean, organize, and refresh this shop of it intends on maintaining its customers.


On October 6, 2012 we went to Petland Waterford Lakes at 453 N. Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL 32828. We Purchased a Yorkshire Terries Puppy # 407392. They also told us to buy a kit for the dog so we went with the “Prince” kit which includes a cage, plate, water bottle, two toys, cushion, small bag of food, treats, shampoo, cage cover and a paste for the dogs hypoglycemia. The kit price was $199. Took the dog home that night and the dog started with a cough, it didn’t stop at all he kept coughing all night and crying and neither the dog or us got any sleep at all so the next day on October 7, 2012 we took the dog to East Orlando Animal Hospital. When the doctor looked the dog he said he had upper respiratory infection bronchitis at time of purchase. So we took the dog back immediately to Petland Waterford Lakes and returned it and are expecting a refund for the dog by law from Florida Statue 828.29. We haven’t had an issue on the return of the dog yet. The issue is that they don’t want to refund the money for the kit we purchased with the dog because its used, when the dog only spent a few hours in the cage, and is in new condition. I tried to speak to the owner Ben Hoofnagle that owns Petland Waterford lakes and Hoof’s Pets, but won’t speak to us and is never around to assist us. Only person I been able to speak to is Manager Jennifer Jakowiez and she wont let me speak to the owner. She is not helping us out at all, the only thing she keeps telling us is that she will not refund us for the kit and not willing to work with us when it wasn’t our fault that the puppy was sold to us sick. If they had let us know that the puppy was sick we wouldn’t have purchased the dog or the kit. All I am seeking is what’s fair, to refund me the money for the purchase of the kit which is $212.99


Petland Orlando Lake Fredrica

3920 S. Semoran Blvd.

Orlando, FL 32822



If I could live a 0 stars, I would. Went to see an American Eskimo that they advertised online and was appalled on what I saw. This is my first and last time walking into this store. Shame on me for not reading the reviews in advance.

First, this store is run by very young kids with little to none social skills. Upon walking into the store, the smell was horrendous but some what expected of a pet shop. Upon walking to the cages, we were first in love with all the dogs, but quickly saddened by the conditions they are kept.  In the cage with the American Eskimo we were trying to view, there were 3 other dogs. They were all cramped in a small cage, stepping on feces.. it was absolutely disgusting.  Even with that, we decided to go ahead and inquiry about the dog. One staff member assigned us a view area sort of like a cage itself, we waited there for over 15 mins. Finally, after some additional questioning a lady brought the dog but then another one was assigned to us (sort of our case worker).

The puppy was the cutest little thing and we fell immediately in love with the puppy. We previously owned this breed so it was not hard to wanted to purchase the dog, at this point, I wanted to rescue all the dogs. Take them away from this deplorable conditions. When asked for the cost, they first make sure I saw all the packages they offer. After insisting, how much the puppy cost they said it varies. They wanted to sell me the dog for a low cost of $2700. Yes, $2700 .. are you crazy? A pure bred American Eskimo only cost about $1500. I told her this is insane, do you know the true cost of this breed? She said that the puppy owner sets the price. Puppies are expensive and that is the cost.  I overheard another dog going for $9000. What!!!!

This place should be closed. These type of stores should not be allowed.
I was so angry to have ever walked in there, and sad for all the puppies that are kept in such deplorable conditions.


Don’t come here expected to be served in a timely manner. Everytime I come here it’s a long wait just for someone to get to the register to check out. Also seeing all the puppies locked up in a small pin is always depressing. When expressing my concerns to the employee I was told she was the only one working and was rude. If I didn’t need to come for frozen fish food I wouldn’t come at all.


Go here is you want to be met with sadness by walking in to a wall of precious, adorable sleeping puppies that you can almost see the dream bubble above their little head saying “please pick me. Get me out of the crate.”
I only came in for a natural bone for my own dog. They didn’t even have any. I did leave with sadness for the pups that are left there though.


Do not even open the door.
This business is set up to squeeze your heart; we knew better and we still walked out with a puppy that, two days later was diagnosed with pneumonia. We “rescued” her from deplorable conditions, and we’ll do whatever it takes  to make her well, but here are the facts: Petland sells sick animals, something a legitimate breeder or rescue would never do and sells them for an outrageous amount (which is why they don’t list prices on their website or quote over the phone).
Don’t even open the door.
Read the reviews. Google the place. Then find yourself a breeder or rescue.


Really poor conditions and lack of care for the animals. It was my first time going to any Petland because I heard if you get a membership it last 2 years and you get free nail clippings for your dog. So I walked in and instantly got smacked in the face with the smell of urine and feces from multiple types of animals. The fish tanks were covered with algae. Don’t even get me stared with the puppies that were kept in the crates literally sleeping in their own feces. They all look sickly. While I was waiting for someone to take my dog to the back for her nail clipping I noticed a worker taking random dogs out of the cages doing something and literally throwing them back in the cage when they were done. Some guy came and took my dog in the back and I kid you not when I say he came back 30 seconds later. As he was handing her back to me I noticed his arm was covered in blood and I looked down at her paw and it was coming from one of her nails that he obviously cut WAY to short. I carried her out and by the time I left the store my arm was covered in blood as well. I won’t be returning and this place should be shut down! The pictures are after wiping down her paw twice.


I just left this horrible place! I give it zero stars! It’s my first time here and it smelled like rotten eggs.
All the dogs/puppies are in a small window space. They are all skinny and lethargic siting in their own sh*t. I’m pretty sure they don’t give them baths or feed them enough.
I asked the woman that worked there said a vet comes in every week to check on them, they bath them, and give adequate water and food. I said “Are you sure? Look at them. They look horrible.” All she said is “Sorry you feel that way.” I had to leave because I was going to make a scene.

Don’t come here unless you want your heart broken or $200 off a puppy sale.


Holy cow…. What a scam….  $2,000 to $3,000 for a Boston Terrier? I had to ask the clerk, “You do know how much Boston Terrier pups REALLY costs, don’t you?” She then went to tell me what all you get….. But the thing is, I don’t want all that. All I need is a puppy.  SCAM ALERT.


I was standing there looking at puppies and not one person came up to see if I needed assistance, I wanted to purchase a puppy. Meanwhile a couple came in and they got assisted immediately- decided to walk out and look elsewhere !


Well let me start by say my family and I shop there often for bird food. My daughter was looking at the ferrits when some Spanish girl comes out of the back room and bumps into her and knocks her over then looks back and said “what”, I think her name was Adriana or so that’s what another girl said…Needless to say I won’t be back ever.


They sold me a sick dog. I’m watching her health slowly deteriorate and their employees — just got off the phone with one — aren’t the slightest bit interested in helping.
I haven’t even is the dog a week. Symptoms presented on day 2, which means she contracted the virus in the store.
Their vet, before treating the dog, tried to uosell me. Then the diagnosis wasn’t accurate, as her health has continued to decline:
Call the store and they don’t care because all that matters is ripping people off.
They don’t deserve the one star.


DONT COME HERE!! Very overpriced for the puppies, that aren’t even in good health conditions. If you take a close look, their puppies look sick. I noticed that some of the puppy cages were filled with diarrhea. $3500 for a Rottweiler that looks sick & underweight.


Got so upset going in today and saw a lady in the back who seemed as if she was bathing the pups but was throwing them back in the cage and picking them up in a disturbing manner! They are abuseing those puppies and it’s sad!


First, the place stinks to high heavens!  I don’t see how other people can take it.  It smells like  a huge litter box!  Next, the puppies they have are in small spaces and hardly have any room to move around and they look sick.  They all look so sad.  They don’t wanna be there.  I’d never buy anything from them.  And, it’s not just this location.  The one in Waterford Lakes isn’t any better.  There are tons of complaints about Petland, as a whole.  The smell probably bring the worst.


Went there to see if I could get another wiener dog since I already have 2. They said they were having a special and one wiener dog was like $2,500. That is INSANE!! We got our dog for $600 and the female for like $730 in NC at a pet store and they were both only 2months old. PetLand is definitely overpriced complete insanity!


Seeing all the cute puppy photos on Facebook themed for each holiday or season FOOLS you. Trust me I was fooled. I went to Petland as a child but now that I have a better understanding of what it means to properly care and love dogs, I find that as an adult coming to Petland absolutely horrified me.

Did some research before hand and this place has apparently had issues with sick puppies and history of purchasing from middlemen that buy from puppy mills but I decided I wanted to check out the store for myself.

As I walked in the first thing that popped into my head was over crowded. If you look to the left you see reptile style cages, 3 rows high. These dogs are kept in close quarters with other dogs hardly able to move around. A Great Dane, Labrador, and Weimaraner puppies kept in a 3×1 size cage….completely squished.

As we looked around we noticed these two small dogs in a cage, it was a rat terrier style dog sitting on a miniature Yorkie’s neck. At first we thought it was cute then we noticed the Yorkie was unresponsive. The terrier then started dragging the mini Yorkie around by the legs, then by the ears and the Yorkie was still unresponsive, laying there almost completely limp. No exaggeration. No one working there was around to supervisor or monitoring the dogs so we decided to take action action and advise them of what occurred. This was not two dogs playing around (I would know I have two at home) and have been to the dog park a million times but this was a poor choice of pairing and no supervision or attention. After we advised the worker he went and separated the puppies. He came out a few minutes later and said “Thanks for pointing that out.”

I should’ve figured this place would’ve been a complete and utter disappointment. The way these dogs are kept, in confined overcrowded quarters made me want to weep and be disgusted at the same time. Not to mention they ask for outrageous prices, which is most likely why the don’t quote prices online. The price for a German Shepard was $2,700 and $3,200 for a Husky.

First of all you should NEVER buy a dog for that price, let alone ones from Petland that are kept in poor conditions, with a history of puppy mills. Rescue a dog and that money can go towards 5 years of vet bills, food and toys while saving a life. Don’t support these types of crooks that tell you “everything is included” and we will give you a crate with toys. Soooo not worth it. The pound gives their dog more space, love and attention than this place….



Deplorable conditions. By far, the most disgusting excuse for a pet store I have ever seen. Overcrowded. Unclean. Rundown.

I saw animals piled on top of other animals. Nasty fish tanks. Reptiles with no heat lamps. Holes in walls and ceiling. And the smell – God awful. I’m sorry the employees have to work in such conditions.

I am contacting the State of Florida as well as Orange County authorities.  Additionally, I am sending a message to the Orange County Commissioner requesting info on what can be done.

The owner is either unwilling or incapable of properly taking care of animals.



I stopped by this pet store yesterday and was absolutely appalled. The first thing that you notice when you walk in is the smell. I know that they sell animals, but this smell was way worse than any other pet stores I’ve been to in recent memory. I have previous experience working in kennels  and vet offices. Therefore, I understand that sometimes poop happens, but to get to that level, it’s negligence.

The second thing I noticed upon walking in was the blaring noise of “Get Low” by Lil John. I don’t really judge the type of music as much as I do the volume. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say blaring music probably is not the best thing to the animals’ peace of mind. Maybe they are hoping that their groovy tunes distract customers from the deplorable conditions.

As mentioned in other reviews, the cages are wayyyy too small for the number of animals they cram in there. I saw three puppies in a cage that should really only fit one chihuahua. On top of that the cages were pretty nasty. There was more than one dog playing with poop.

I was tempted to buy a small gray kitten, just to rescue him from that place. He was in a cage by himself and looked too young to be separated from his litter mates. I ended up leaving without the kitty, partly because I couldn’t stand the smell any longer and partly because I didn’t want to support this Petland.

I remember going to this pet store a long time ago and don’t remember it being as bad as it is today. I’m not sure what happened to make the owner and staff care so little about the animals there.


Went today with the intention of buying a beautiful cocker spaniel I saw online and spent around 30 minutes trying to get a very rude employee  to help me, when he finally walks close to me I say “Excuse me” and he said without making any eye contact “Someone else will help you” there was literally no potential clients so I spent around 20 minutes waiting for someone else and no one helped me. Will never come back here again. Also, 3 dogs had pooped when I arrived and when I left they were still sleeping next to it.


A few months ago I bought a cat from the Orlando Semoran Petland location. I asked the manager, a black man, where exactly my cat came from and that I felt uneasy about puppy mills. He stated my cat came from reputable breeder which is why he is more expensive. he insisted the cat came from a top breeder with champion bloodline which is why the cat was 1300.
*The first lie I came across was in actuality by their own vet. The vet stated my cat is one month YOUNGER. I checked his pedigree paper and realized his birthdate was wrong.
*VET told me his papers states that my cat was vaccinated with dog vaccines. He looked a little scared. He quickly told me he would contact Petland to make sure my cat got the actual feline vaccination he needs. So I didn’t need to pay for it. Hence my cat had ZERO immune defense while he was at petland. I called the company that makes the vaccines shots and gave them the serial number and they confirmed it was canine vaccine.
*i called the cat fancier association and they confirmed my Clyde was NOT PART OF THE ASSOCIATION AND NEVER REGISTERED making the papers given FALSE papers made on dogonweb template.
* I called the “breeder” and she PERSONALLY told me she has stopped long  ago breeding cats because they were sick.  This lady sounded very old and I wouldn’t be surprised if those middlemen are using her name without her knowledge or if this lady is actually Bonnie Schindler.
*The manager said “distributor means a truck driver that transports the pet from point A to B”. LIE. their QD kennel owned by TONY AND BRENDA SCHINDLER are class B brokers. That is where they get their pet from. Petland doesn’t even know the breeder. I found out that same tony Schindler is the son of Bonnie and Herman Schindler. Puppy mill owners that were investigated and prosecuted  in 2010. Also tony Schindler is brothers with Lori Conrad another puppy mill owner.  You can simply google this information and search government based jobs.
* petland refused to give me my money back and refused to even acknowledge my baby boy was UNVACCINATED while under their care. They even refused to acknowledge that my cat died of FIP which is common among over bred cats and unvaccinated cats. They did not even apologize for lying to me about where my cat came from.

I won’t lie it took a lot of research to find out about the extreme harsh realities of what a puppy mill is and how I of all people was lied to. THAT IS MY CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. I am NOT LYING trust me having almost 3000 dollars and my beloved baby taken away from me would be a sick way to lie about this company. I did talk to petland and they refused to acknowledge ANYTHING. they either don’t answer or deny everything. If something happens to your pet just like with me they WILL NOT GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK.  While talking to them on the phone the rep lady was trying to twist my words she didn’t even apologize for the passing of my baby boy. THEY WILL NOT GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK.


First of its true. When you go in this store is stinks to high heavens. It’s also true there are feeder rats in the back. I think I’m one tank there is about 50 rats mounted on top of another. Sick. Also I found out my pet came from a puppy mill. I was lied to. All I had to do was research the broker listed and it came up. I feel lied to. I am never shopping here again and I have told everyone I know that used to come here about it. I am not the only story. Research your pets origin. There can be a class action lawsuit.


This place is absolutely horrible. I went there and the dogs were all crammed up and extremely unhealthy! They were sick and scared. Their care for their animals is horrific. It makes me SICK. I asked to see a little husky, he was lethargic and obviously uncared for. Very disappointed and appalled.


We were visiting from Wisconsin. And I love the Petland back home but as soon as we walked through the door at the Petland in Orlando it smelled dirty! And we began looking at the dogs and all you seen was poop and TONS of dog pee at the bottom of thier cage as if they haven’t changed it all day ! It was disgusting! And the poor puppy that we were Intrested in was sick! I would NEVER buy a puppy from Orlando Petland ! DISGUSTING And animal cruelty if the dogs have to sit in thier own poop n pee all day! And to top that off workers were no where in site and when we did spot them they were off to the corner chatting it up with each other !


I am not one to write reviews about a establishment I did not enjoy, but I had to write one about this Petland. Today I came in with my mother looking to purchase a puppy, and after my first experience here I WILL NEVER RETURN! My friend had just bought a Husky here two weeks ago, and the dog is VERY sick! It has been taken to the vet 3 times so far and has a very bad infection and pneumonia! First, the music was so loud I could barely hear my mom talk. The music was explicit rap and was very unprofessional considering there were young children inside! Second, I asked 3 different employees to show me a puppy and they all said “Sorry, I don’t handle the puppies, find someone else.” Third, EVERY dog looked sick and they were not happy puppies. They have three dogs in one tiny little box with feces all over themselves. When I finally found someone to show me the dog I drove a hour and a half to come see, they put me in the little box with it and the dog had feces on himself, and peed all over the room. I told the employee that helped me with the dog that it had peed and he said “Pick up the dog!” In a yelling tone, he was very rude! It was very disturbing. Everyone there was not professional and did not enjoy there job! This place needs to be shut down for animal abuse, or needs some SERIOUS HELP! Please DONT support this business!


Never thought I would be writing a review for a pet store, but what i witnessed was enough for me to do this. On Feb. 14, 2015 my boyfriend and I came in to possibly adopt a new pet, but what we found was horrific enough for a child to be slightly traumatized. We were checking out the rats and noticed how they were literally stuffed in tanks with barely any room to move, and the majority of the rats were sick. What was horrifying was that minutes later we realized that in one of the 6-7 stuffed tanks, rats were literally devouring a rat alive. I rushed over to an employee and notified him in which they immediately proceeded with removing the carcass out of the tank. About 5 minutes later, we noticed that the same thing was happening in another tank.

We noticed sick gerbils with missing patches of fur, dogs playing in their own feces and many dead fish as well. My boyfriend and I felt so disgusted and angered by what we witnessed that we feel the need to reach out and hope that someone from corporate reads this.

As I understand that you are running a business, I hope you understand that I am speaking for those that cannot speak for themselves. No matter how small or insignificant you may find a creature, they are still animals and deserve to be taken care of. That is, proper hygiene, medicated when needed, provided with enough space to be able to move and FED. The conditions that those animals were in when we saw them were enough to not only raise hell but to have it shut down.

I live close by and I will be making frequent visits to ensure that action is being taken.


They still don’t price anything can’t trust them that make the price up as they go worst pet store I’ve been in they need to get their act together I won’t buy anything from them feel ripped off


Only because I can not rate any lower. The store has a warranty which I guess is only good if the store owner is present even though the policies are written in black and white. The dog we purchased was wonderful except the fact that her sockets of her hips did not exist. Our vets first words after looking at the x-Ray were where did you get her and what type of warranty did you get. Never a good sign. Now we are trying to use the warranty but only the owner can do it and she is not available. They are going to try and sell you everything in the world as part of their puppy package which is obviously worthless.


If I could give a Zero to this Petland I would!! I’m going to report them to any animal protective service I can find.  I walked in and the smell was horrible in the whole place. I almost tripped over poor Fred the turtle with his nose to the door, who looked like he is being torture and wants to run out of there. but the worst part was looking at the puppies faces confined into tiny boxes 2 or 3 in the boxes.  2 poor puppies attacking another one, thats what happens when animals are mistreated, malnourished and confined in tiny spaces with other animals.  You have to walk into this store on a busy Saturday to see what I mean. I left there almost in tears for the animals especially the puppies and poor Fred who they use as an animal in a freak show or something with a balloon tied around him.  I’ve been to Petco and Petsmart and never seen animals so sad in my life. I’m a pet owner for many years and actually went there to look for a healthy food alternative for my senior dog. I never knew I was going to witness a  nightmare. I say please go there and help me report this business to help these poor animals.


This has to be one of the most unethical businesses in Orlando, Florida. I purchased a puppy from here took him to the vet the day after and turns out he is sick. Store says the vet bills would be covered, then changes their mind and do not cover ANY of the vet bills after selling me a sick puppy. I encourage all potential pet owners DO NOT SHOP HERE. Puppies are in horrible conditions with lack of food, water, and cleanliness for dogs. 0 for rating .


This place is disgusting! It smells, all the puppies are siting in there own poop and urine. When we walked in there was a huge turtle on the floor with balloons taped on it. Children where pushing it and knocking on its shell 🙁


Petland Pembroke Pines

356 N. University Dr.

Pembroke Pines, FL 33024



THE WORST SERVICE EVER, this is a puppy store and it should be a place of joy, instead Devon “The So Called  Manager” refused to give me a price on one specific puppy I was calling about, even though I explained to him that I live in Miami and would like to know if I could afford the pet before taking the time to drive there.  Liana, the store coworker tried to help but was very clear that the price of the pet was to be discussed at the store and that this was the company’s policy, Devon forced me to give him a budget otherwise he would not provide any further information….  In summary; I woke up this morning wanting to buy a beautiful puppy to surprise my 1 and a half year old daughter and had the worst experience over the phone.

I would never buy a pet from this specific store, the fact that they force you to obey their wishes make me feel like they do not care about the customer’s needs. They should not have the pets posted on any social media or site if they are not willing to at least provide an asking price for what they sell.


I called Petland to find out if they had Frontline plus in stock for my pup.  The man who answered said yes.  I clarified the size of my dog and he said yes they have it.  10 minutes later when I get there it’s not in stock.  Why waste my time? Pembroke Pines Petland won’t get anymore of my $$$.

Also they should be taking better care of the pups instead of letting  them eat each other’s crap.


We purchased my mixed breed shih tux and Maltese mix dog from pet land in 2005. We paid over a grand for him. We were not aware that these dogs come from PUPPY MILLS.
Puppy mills are large-scale commercial dog breeding operations where profit is placed above the well-being of animals. Bred without consideration of genetic quality, this produces generations of dogs with unchecked hereditary defects.
MEANING YOU WILL BUY A SICK DOG. Wether they get sick in the beginning or towards the end.
My dog didn’t live past 7 years old.
When he turned two he had white dog syndrome which was a “hereditary” sickness that happens in white breeds in which Brian inflammation happens. we had to hospitalize him and he was given prednisone for the rest of his life. At age 7 he started to get boils/wounds on his skin. 10K later we tried ever single treatment in the book to get him well again. He had open wounds and underwent surgery and he passed away.
It was the most sad and traumatizing experience. You’re better off adopting a dog from a private insured breeder or the humane society.
I signed the petition for a lawsuit after my dog died. SIGN THE PETITION TO SUE THESE LIARS.


went to this store to look for a puppy to help with depression over son having cancer as an adult. shocked beyond! $5,400 for a yorkie!! i can afford, but after my shock, was ignored! drove to  plantation store as all are owned by different owners.  bought a beautiful black and white pure bred chihuahua for $2,000! chris, and manger, plus staff were great beyond. avoid pembroke location at all costs! horrible!  total rip off. will contact property authorities such as states attorney general. messed with wrong mom…shame on them! go to plantation right down the street. wow! god bless them! i am livid with other store. total rip off’s. thinking of doing a protest! welcome to america!
my bella is great!!!! thank you so very much plantation store and new friends!  god bless!


Got puppy on 03/08/17 — Died 03/25/17!

Got my puppy and she has pneumonia. Every day back and forth to vet (North of Oakland Park Blvd.) and she is not getting any better. I’m very upset that I got my pet here!

Now my puppy is in the NICU at $1000+ for half a day. Get away from Petland at all cost! The puppies are dying!


Overpriced puppies with a car salesman sales tactic. The prices starts at $4500 for a puppy!! Stay a way, do not come near this place, especially if you plan to come with young children, they won’t understand why you didn’t take the puppy. There are tons of listings in Craigslist, just be careful from scammers who is asking for a delivery fee to deliver a free puppy!


They tried to justify selling a French Bulldog for; get this………..$8,900.00 PLUS tax because, according to them, they are a high demand breed and hard to find because they need to be born through artificial insemination and then c-section…. still, that does not justify a $8900.00 price tag.  Unfortunately, that poor puppy is going to be sitting there for a long time.

I rather save a puppy/dog from the Humane Society..


If I could give this place negative stars, I would. Horrendous experience. I posted about my experience previously. THESE DOGS ARE FROM PUPPY MILLS AND THEY ARE SICK!!! PLEASE, PLEASE AVOID AT ALL COSTS. The employees make customers write a review IN STORE at the time of purchase and even tell them to give them 5 stars. Go to yelp and you will see all of the REAL negative reviews. THE VET THEY WORK FOR WILL TELL YOU YOUR PET IS HEALTHY EVEN THOUGH IT IS NOT. This happened to us with our pup. They told us she was fine and later found out she was extremely sick after a trip to the ER followed by a trip to my usual, trusted vet.


There store has the worst customer service that I’ve ever experienced in my life. The guy claiming to be the manager saying his name is Devon is so rude. He claims that he does not know the price of the puppies and that you must go to the store to find out the price. She said you have to make an appointment to find out and listen to the whole policy of the store. This place is a joke stay away.


So the reason I’m giving 1 star is not because the quality of the pets or the quality of the store because it is a very nice pet shop but the reason is that I was persuaded to get a credit card to pay for a puppy. The prices are extremely expensive but they have you pet and play with their dogs in a little cubby hole while they give you this huge presentation on their company. They really know how to sell. The thing is i went there for dog food and left with a 5500.00$ dog. Is that insane or what ? Maybe I’m an idiot but they told me my payment would be 40$ a month and that their payment plan was great !! Well now 3 months into it I’m paying their minimum of 170$ a month and I have to pay off within 2 more months or I get hit with the incredibly high interest rate. This was not discussed with me at all. They only give you 6 months to pay the total which most people won’t be able to pay. It’s crazy !! They also trick you into buying this huge package consisting of a variety of treats that actually made all three of my dogs sick. They really are experts at selling and convince you that the dog needs this package which also contains a bunch of other products that do not work. I love my pup but this was a huge mistake. Think twice about even visiting this shop because once you play with one of these adorable pups you will fall in love and believe anything they tell you ! It happened to me.


So the reason I’m giving 1 star is not because the quality of the pets or the quality of the store because it is a very nice pet shop but the reason is that I was persuaded to get a credit card to pay for a puppy. The prices are extremely expensive but they have you pet and play with their dogs in a little cubby hole while they give you this huge presentation on their company. They really know how to sell. The thing is i went there for dog food and left with a 5500.00$ dog. Is that insane or what ? Maybe I’m an idiot but they told me my payment would be 40$ a month and that their payment plan was great !! Well now 3 months into it I’m paying their minimum of 170$ a month and I have to pay off within 2 more months or I get hit with the incredibly high interest rate. This was not discussed with me at all. They only give you 6 months to pay the total which most people won’t be able to pay. It’s crazy !! They also trick you into buying this huge package consisting of a variety of treats that actually made all three of my dogs sick. They really are experts at selling and convince you that the dog needs this package which also contains a bunch of other products that do not work. I love my pup but this was a huge mistake. Think twice about even visiting this shop because once you play with one of these adorable pups you will fall in love and believe anything they tell you ! It happened to me.


Overprice puppies!  I visited the location and was told all puppies were50% off due to the anticipated hurricane.  When I inquired the sales price of a specific puppy, she told me it was $2500.00 and  that on Saturday the puppy will go back to the regular price of $5000.00.


Awful place. All the puppies come from puppy mills. My friend bought hers from there and it became ill within the first five days of being home. She has always had dogs so she knows that she took all the rights steps. The company will take any dogs. I unfortunately was given my dog from  there and it was not the breed that my bf was told. I have adopted from the humane society and a small rescue since then. Will not give these any money, they take the young puppies from the mothers before their time and are too young to be without their mother’s milk.


I bought my current dog a chocolate lab from them almost exactly a year and a half ago. For $1300.  Which I thought was crazy then but he is an amazing looking lab so I justified spending the money again.  I recently went back with my wife to get him a buddy only to find out the labs were selling for upwards of $3400 now.  I tried to see if they could do a little better on price being that we were returning customers and they laughed and said to look elsewhere.  I’ll never go back and highly recommend others to do the same and to do research on their purebred breed of choice.  Not to mention I bought my dog at 10weeks and due to his horrible kennel cough they wouldn’t release him to us until it passed at 13weeks.  2 weeks went by prom the purchase date and I demanded my dog that was paid in full for which they were reluctant to do.  However, they had no problem taking my money.


We brought our 7 year old daughter in to look at the puppies, and were prepared to look at dogs in the $1,000 to $1,500 range, only to be surprised that they were 4X that amount.  The sales rep kept trying to justify that amount through a ‘financing plan’ they offer.  The whole experience really turned us off, and we will look for a place that we feel actually cares about animals and doesn’t just treat them like lucrative commodities.  But I guess if you don’t mind paying triple the amount of an accredited breeder because they offer ‘financing’, then this may be the right place for you.


I was told a French Bulldog was $9,000. Thats right, dollars not pesos. These people are out of their minds. Quite honestly, for that much money, I’ll rather rescue a dog from the pound and go buy me a car. Don’t even bother to go here. Save your cash and buy elsewhere.


They sold me a rabbit for my 5 year old as well as vitamins and supplies this past Friday (1/13/17) . The bunny was one of he smaller ones and I asked about vet visits and all. The girl told me first year of visits would be covered and she would write down the info (never did) i called the store last night (1/17/17) because the rabbit wasnt very active and was not eating much, they gave me the vet info and told me the bunny was probably stressed but they couldnt do much. This morning the bunny was dead. I called the store and they asked did i purchase vitamins, i advised them that i did. They told me to come in and they would handle it. Well they wanted to obligate me to get a new bunny and i refused, making it clear that i wouldnt want the same fate because of the effect it would have on my child. The store rep then called the owner who refused to speak to me but told him i needed a physical receipt. I informed them that i did not have one but i had my bank statement and my bank card so they could possibly look up my purchase by date. the rep said i was not in their system (girl who sold me the rabbit conveniently never entered me) and that he could not look anything up with my card. I asked where is the copy of the reciept that i signed for them, he had no answer. I left the store and called corporate who told me that they could indeed look it up by date and should be able to pull up my purchase but that this particular store is a privately owned franchise not corporAte owned ao basically other than reaching out to the owner they cannot do anything. Ended up having to dispute the charge with my bank. Stay away from this place, they sell sick animals!


Stay away!!! My friend had a bad experience with a sick dog!!! Now they don’t want to give her a refund! What kind of business are they running with sick puppies.


This place is a scam… Don’t do the life time program. It’s a HUGE LIE. They’ll be fake friendly and use puppy’s adorable faces to sell out of their assess. Don’t buy anything extra. Don’t fall into their trap. GET YOUR PUPPY SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! THESE PEOPLE SUCK. My puppy was given to me sick so he didn’t eat much in the first three months. But I had to continue buying vitamins and food, a purchase of over $60 even though he wasn’t eating it and when I missed buying all that stuff for one month they canceled his life program. It’s a scam. Don’t do it!!!


I purchased my Westie puppy, Annie, from Petland back in August. I was told she had a small case of “kennel cough” when I took her home but when I brought her to the vet I was told she had advanced pneumonia. The following 2 weeks she had to receive nebulization treatments every day. Petland did cover the cost of this treatment as this was an illness she contracted while in their care but only if I went to their veterinarian (45 min away).
Recently I began to notice Annie walking with a limp and becoming lethargic. When I brought her to the vet a week ago I was told she has Legg Calve Perthes Disease, a congenital defect. The cost of X-rays and diagnosis of this cost $500 meanwhile the surgery she underwent today to remove the diseased femur was $2500. I adore Annie and wouldn’t trade her for the world, but I advise you to think twice before purchasing a dog from this store. The “paperwork” provided on these puppies are not AKC. In fact, when I attempted to find further information on the breeder and notify her of this inherited disorder there were no search results. It appeared as if the breeder info had been falsified. Petland’s policy for dog’s with congenital defects is that you’ll be refunded if you return the pet to the store, but of course no one would ever have the heart to do that.
I am appalled that a pet store would not only send sick dogs home with claims of simple coughs but ones that have hidden heritable health conditions. I was always warned about purchasing puppies from pet stores but I will be smarter the next time by finding a reputable breeder instead. I hope you do the same before you’re forced to spend excessive time, worry, and money in caring for one of their highly priced dogs.


Save your money and adopt or buy elsewhere. Avoid this place at all costs. The dogs are sick, guaranteed to have at least kennel cough. My shihtzu that I paid$1300 cost me over 4000 in vet bills and almost died. You have better luck winning the lottery than getting paid anything back from this company.
All these dogs come from puppy farms. Educate yourself before you buy so the same thing that happened to me and so many other people doesn’t happen to you.
Also, the “free vet” for a year….. Is DISGUSTING. Take your dog to a reputable vet.

P.s the store owner/manager IS never there so don’t expect to see them or talk to them or him…


I used to purchase my dog’s food here along with many other things until I contacted them via facebook after I noticed they respond to questions and are helpful. They deleted my question and did not contact me until I became very frustrated. At that point it was too late. I have since found other stores that carry the dog food and to my surprise, the food was significantly cheaper and the vitamins were nearly $10 cheaper at Beverly’s Pet Center not located far from this location. As for my question, I received an answer from every other pet store that I contacted so I found it odd that I was purposely ignored by them.

Also, if your looking for a new pooch, avoid the purchase of dogs through a pet store. Read up! If you’re looking for a puppy go straight to the breeder, a rescue, or adopt! I have two purebreds who came from a breeder – they were cheaper, in great health and one came with all puppy shots, rabies, kennel and microchip!


I bought a Siberian Husky at 9 weeks old on 8/30/2014. Since then, I have taken care of her and her list of issues.

First – She was bought with post-op umbilical hernia. I knew of this since the scar was fairly new. It was taken care of. Second, from her first vet visit, she had hookworm eggs in her feces. We took care of that and paid for the medication. I have done 2 rounds of vaccines, as a growing puppy should have. She’s had puppy vaginitis and we got her probiotics to take care of that. I have only owned her for 2 months and this past Halloween she wakes up and refuses to open her eye. We took her to the vet nearby because Petland’s vet is a 2 hr drive. The vet nearby ran some tests and charged me for a collar and some medication to take care of some ulcers in her corneas. We had to come back in 3 days follow up and it did not get any better. He suggested that we go to an eye specialist and we did. She was diagnosed with GLAUCOMA at 4 months old and we are devastated. I have paid an arm and a leg for her to be healthy and happy. The specialist has already mentioned she already lost vision in the one eye.

Petland supposedly has a warranty. They are taking forever to get back to us. I have grown very attached to my puppy and cannot fathom the idea of losing her. Petland and their breeders are fucked up to be selling puppies with this many issues.

If anyone has any suggestions on what I can do – please let me know.


I have a claim in to get my money back for selling me a wrong breed. I was sold a bichon frise mix with Maltese. Instead of a yorkie poo that I wanted.
Managers are never there when you need to complain about anything.


They sold us a week a go a sick dog. He looked find. We took to the vet the next day, just for check out and he was ok and at night he got very sick. Now he is in the hospital with pneumonia. They say the cover 14 days from the day we bought our dog if he/she gets any bacteria or virus. They have a claim number but nobody answer the phone.


If minus 5 starts was an option that would be my rating..Stay away from this Pet Shop, They are all smiles when you walk in but be aware! I bought a Puppy and with all the fees there was one for $149.99 for the Micro-Chip that would include a 4 month free trial health insurance for the puppy, sales associate Alberto and the store manager told us after they input our info the company will contact us to get info and register the puppy in the program, Guess What? They never did, they never gave me paperwork, when I call insurance company due to an emergency with my puppy they told us we were never registered nor the pet shop call them to start process, Now I have a $3k medical bill and an Store Manager playing hide and seek. They denied everything even after Micro Chip and Insurance company told us that it was their job to start the registration for the puppy and make sure to start process. Store Manager was supposed to call 04/06/2015 in the afternoon, Guess What?? Still waiting for that phone call. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PET-SHOP! TERRIBLE LEADERSHIP WORST STAFF!!!


I bought what I thought was a Goldendoodle.  When I brought the puppy home and had her examined by my vet.  He informed me that the dog was not a Goldendoodle. She has the incorrect coat and she looks like a lab with only long waivey hair on her back and tail which has not grown since I got her. I tried to contact the breeder in Kentucky where they said the dog came from and I got nowhere. I called the pet store to tell them the situation and they did nothing about it.  They say there dogs are guaranteed but really they are not.  I called the American Kennel Club for mixed breeds and wrote a complaint.  I also called the Attorney Generals Office and sent them a complaint.  I feel that what I got was a rescued dog and should not have paid $1,799 for my dog.  Will never purchase a dog again from a pet store.  For that kind of money I could have gone to a well known local breeder. The only good thing that came out of this is I rescued a puppy and she is a great dog.


Went in there with my husband and son looking for a pet tonight and walked out disgusted. We watched a ferret acting so erratically and aggressively I wouldn’t be surprised if it was rabid, even it’s 2 cage mates were staying far away from it. Next to that case, we saw a rabbit rubbing constantly at its massively infected eye in the same cage as a guinea pig with some sort of skin disease/infection that was missing large patches of fur. The salesperson I called over did not even seem concerned with the red, swollen, pus-dripping, discolored eye of the rabbit and merely said it had “tried to jump the barrier” and then was “attacked by a ferret” and would “get better soon” meaning they clearly are not treating this poor animal with antibiotics or any kind of medical care. Can’t wait until the morning when the Animal Cruelty hotline is taking calls so I can report these people. It breaks my heart to think of how long that rabbit has been suffering-infections don’t get that bad overnight! I didn’t buy anything from them, and after looking at other review sites and how terribly unethical they are with their dogs, I shouldn’t really be at all surprised. DON’T GIVE THESE MONSTERS YOUR MONEY they don’t deserve to profit off the suffering of animals!


Petland Pensacola

6235 N. Davis Hwy.

Pensacola, FL 32504



Please continue prayers for our poor sweet baby Stella. She is currently under the amazing intensive care of Dr. J. Acosta, at Veterinary Emergency & Referral Center on Davis in Pensacola, FL. On November 19, 2017 me and my love purchased an adorable 2 lb baby Maltese from Petland Pensacola… the next day, 11/20/17, she wasnt too interested in food but ate a little; the day after, 11/21/17, she started sneezing and wouldn’t eat much, only out of my hand would she take the food; the next day, 11/22/17, she began hacking and vomited a white mucus and wouldn’t eat but two bites out of my hand. The morning of 11/23/2017, at 4AM on Thanksgiving she woke up us with a repeated hack so loud and dry following a choking sound that wouldn’t stop unless she would finally fall asleep…. with these symptoms she wouldn’t eat period or drink water. I took her to the emergency room where the doctor pressed the immediate need for in house care with x-ray’s, iv cathitors with fluids and medication, cough suppression, nebulization, and an oxygen kennel if necessary if progressing signs show that she cannot breathe oxygen on her own. We of course said yes to this bc the doctors recommendation and concern for her declining health surely came before our finances; this baby is our child. We loved her the moment we saw her and to see her so sick was extremely emotional and disheartening. We got a phone call that night at about 8 p.m. with the radiograph results. Stella has pneumonia and may begin to become unable to breathe the normal amount of oxygen on her own. The most disheartening fact of all of these on behalf of Petland Pensacola, is Petland’s reaction and words when informed of Stella’s health position. I am appolled at the lack of any concerns from Joe, the manager at Petland Pensacola. Mind you, there is a 14 day health warranty at Petland. Due to their promise to sell healthy puppies to the consumer. They will pay up to the cost of the puppy in vet bills if you go to the vet of their choosing. I have included a summary of my conversation with Petland’s manager below.

Recap of the teleconference with Joe at Petland: Because of ER vet costs, he suggested we take her out of ER to the their chosen vet and they will pay the costs. We were sold a sick puppy–  we know our consumer rights..828.26 FL statute. I told him that and he began to stumble over words..he tried to feed me false information stating “it’s that time of the year” …and sneezing/coughing is not serious just like humans. FALSE. He even said this after I told him that she had pneumonia. Her condition as he was told by myself, is serious, provided a licensed veterinarian’s recommendations for our puppies symptoms! He just kept repeating to call the third party claims number… She is still under the care of the veterinarian at this time 11/24/17… It is unknown how long she will need to stay to become stable enough to come home and not have to be on the nebulizer & to breathe oxygen on her own. On the phone call he did not once asked about the state of the puppy and I told him that I said I found it interesting that he did not ask one time during the duration of the phone call about the state my little puppy was in. He only suggested to take her out of the ER & take her to their vet bc then it would be covered….i told him he was contradictory to the forms I signed. The limitations that I initialed to the Florida statute say that Petland will cover any costs associated to Olive Branch veterinarian & their referral on holidays is the ER that I took my pet to… therefore they are absolutely responsible for the costs incurred. I then asked Joe to tell me why on earth would I take my 2 pound puppy that is attached to an IV catheter, antibiotics, cough medicine and a nebulizer…etc. out of the environment that she’s in to get poked and probed again?…does he have no heart …and he said he was only trying to save me money… He again told me told me to contact the third party claims buisness and I said I understand completely why you have no response.

I am appolled with the retailer Pensacola Petland and I want it to be known that they do not care about their animals nor their consumers. I am fully confident that they knowingly sold a sick puppy to a consumer. It was announced to us upon purchase that she was a picky eater… It all makes sense now why she would not eat because she was getting sick. I am fully confident as well that they knew this. Their lack of concern for our puppies health, well-being, and survival is atrocious; it should be noted, provided, and shared as information to the public. I am publicly announcing the horror that we are going through in hopes that no one else has to go through something like this in the result of Petland Pensacola’s lack of healthcare for their animals and to prevent another consumer and their funds being at the mercy of Petland Pensacola. Please share and pray for little baby Stella.


If I could give no stars I would whatever you do, do not purchase a puppy from here. We purchased our dog two and half weeks ago and we have learned today the he had PARVO!!! Which is a serious life threatening viruses which is highly contagious. He got it from the our vet confirmed it and also confirmed he was not fully vaccinated when we purchased him. The outcome of our sweet puppy is unclear as this is a virus and can’t be cure if he can’t fight this and with puppy who already have a immature immune system the odds are against him. He will most likely have to be put down. Please save your self the heartache and purchased your dog from a breeder


Don’t go here. Don’t give them any business.
The employees do not cater to the animals needs whatsoever. There were several customers causing animals extreme distress by improperly handling and dropping birds and other animals and intentionally causing harm to some of them. I approached the cashier who had her back turned to the chaos. When I approached the young woman she didn’t care at all that I was alerting her attention to what was happening. The rest of the employees were huddled in a circle talking amongst themselves. Allowing the customers to behave like it was a free for all petting zoo. I am genuinely concerned for the safety and well being of the animals at this establishment. I attempted to call their corporate offices but was unable to reach a voicemail or customer service representative. I did, however, leave a very lengthy email regarding the severity of the issues at hand. I strongly encourage anyone wanting to ensure the safety and care of animals to boycott their business until their protocol and procedures are rectified.


I have been thinking of getting a new puppy for some time. Today, I accompanied my boyfriend to Petland to buy supplies for his fish tank. I decided to look at the puppies and asked to see a bernedoodle that I saw. The “puppy consultant” put us in a cubicle and brought the bernedoodle puppy to us. She explained that he had a runny nose and a “cold.” The puppy was lethargic and appeared not to feel well. He smelled so badly that  I reluctant to touch him. I wanted to pick the poor little guy up to provide him some comfort, but he reeked of a bad odor. He laid on the floor and did not interact, even when coaxed. He then stood up and vomited. The pet consultant returned and explained that the puppy was on antibiotics (he had green mucous in his nostrils and a cough) and that Petland would provide the medications free of charge if we decided to take him home. Out of curiosity, I asked how much he cost and if he came with a guarantee. This sick puppy was $2800 and came with only a 14-day guarantee – even when sick. The “pet consultant”, a young girl, presented as if this was no big deal. Later, the same consultant returned and said that we could return in 3 days when the puppy was “better.” Petland was treating this puppy with antibiotics and had full knowledge that he was sick. However, he was housed in a cage with 2 other puppies,  was allowed to be in contact with me and anyone else, and was allowed to be handled even though he obviously was sick and lethargic, and, initially, was still for sale. Pathetic… Shame on you Petland. I’m sitting here tonight feeling heartbroken for this little puppy (and all the others) and reading review after review of horrible stories regarding puppies that were purchased from Petland. I will never spend another cent in one of their stores and cannot begin to understand how they continue to get away with this and even worse.


Puppies are kept in kennels that are too small and have to stand on grates above their feces and urine. Horrible. Animals should not be displayed like products to be purchased. They are living creatures and should be treated better. I hope all of the dogs get out of there but I would absolutely not support this type of business. If you want a dog please go to your local shelter and adopt a dog who was abandoned. Please do not support places like petland.


August of 2015 i purchased a Shetland Sheepdog from this horrific place. I should of done my reserarch at the time. I was only 19 and had no idea that these dogs came from puppy mills. I instantly fell in love with my now dog Oreo and just had to bring him home. About 2 days after bringing him home he started having this hacking wheezing cough. I immediately took him to the vet and they told me that he had kennel cough.  He just seemed to be getting worse and worse and about 2 days later at 9 at night is when he completely became lethargic he wouldn’t move at all. We immediately got into the car and took him to the emergency referral clinic on davis. We got him all checked in and just to walk in the door cost 90 dollars! The whole visit in itself was 1200 dollars! They took him back and did xrays on him. One look at the xrays and i was told he had pneumonia.  We had to leave him overnight and go pick him up in the morning and then we had to bring him to olive branch pet hospital where he had to stay for a week. The vet had told us that if we didnt bring him in that night he would of most likely died. It turms out that a guy i went to school with had bought a puppy from  here the same week and his puppy got pneumonia too!! There was something running rampid in this place. This place makes me so sick. They almost refused to pay for his vet bills because I didnt bring him to there vet at first.  Of course not they were closed! My mom called them and got real snippy with them  because petland ended up paying for the guy i knew in high schools vet bills. I was way obercharged. I spent 1800 dollars for a sick puppy.  The only good thing that has come out of this is i received a new family member  and he is a happy healthy 2 year old.


DISGUSTING. None of the pets are from shelters and are kept in cages much too small. When I alerted a staff member about one of the several puppies sleeping in its own filth, he proceeded to give me a sales pitch on the breed and did nothing to correct the situation. It is appalling that these people are allowed to run their business in such a fashion. Most of the animals looked unkept and many had poop coated fur.


I will NEVER return to Petland after my experience there this morning. I stopped by to pick up something for my rabbit and they had a dead baby bunny laying in one of their cages. I had to get an employees attention and point it out to them. He just picked it up and walked away without saying a word to me. The store had only been open for two hours so they clearly don’t check on the welfare of their animals in the morning. They obviously don’t care about the animals in the store.


Please DO NOT buy from Petland. My husband purchased a puppy for my birthday here at the store. We loved her and our dog loved her. We were going to try to get a dog from the shelter but just wanted to take a quick peak at the dogs in the store. We got 3 month old Leia and took her home and of course started to grow attached to her.  I took her to her first vet visit and they said she had an ear infection, not a big deal but we got the medicine and took her home. A few days later she had an accident in the house and had bloody diarreah. I immediately took her to the vet. It was a Saturday so Petlands vet of choice Olive Branch Hospital was not open and had to take her to an emergency vet. They diagnosed her with Giardia which is a parasite that affects both other dogs and humans. The hospital called me and told me they called Petland and Petland told them they had had outbreaks of it a month ago (while Leia was still there).  So we ended up spending $200 on those vet bills which we’re hoping to get refunded for but they might not because it wasn’t at their vet of choice. What do they expect us to do with a sick puppy on the weekend when their vet isn’t open? In addition I found out that she might also have a UTI because she was peeing every 15 minutes. Last but not least, ALL their puppies are from puppy mills. We were told she was from “good, reputable breeders” however her papers say otherwise. We couldn’t afford to keep taking her to the vet when they wouldn’t help us so we had to take her back. I wanted to give her to the humane society since I knew they’d take care of her but I found out Petland has it in the contract that you can only return puppies to their store. Petland sells sick puppies and keeps them in filthy conditions. Don’t give them your money! It’s tempting to want to save the puppies that are in there (that’s how we felt) but you’re only giving Petland and their sick puppy mill dealers more business. Oh also, they make you sign a ridiculous contract that within the fine lines has all sorts crazy agreements. Don’t shop, adopt! Our first dog was a victim of a puppy mill and we would have never given them business had we had known. My heart is broken I had to give up my sweet pup


Seriously was looking to get another dog, possibly a French bulldog or English bulldog.  We found one that we were interested in but they said we couldn’t hold it and only for seriously inquiries only.  2 minutes later he was taken out for a family to play with.  I don’t understand why they got to hold him and not my family?!?!.  What does serious inquiries mean?!?!? We purchased one  a year ago from them with no issues that’s why we came back to possibly purchase another one.


If there was a more convenient place to buy live mice I would never step foot inside this place again.   The service is the worst I have ever encountered at any kind of business I have ever been to.   The register is consistently left unmanned and it is almost impossible to get someone to help you with anything that needs an associate i.e., fish, mice, dogs, etc.  I wish I could write about one positive experience I have had here, but if I did it would be a total lie.


I was referred to Petland from a client, my 4 year old daughter and I went to look around.  It didn’t seem like the best conditions so I came online to check reviews.  Not Good!


Petland Plantation

801 S. University Drive

Suite C-106

Plantation, FL 33324



Worst place to get pets. I got a Shiba Inu January 2 2018. They had her seen by their vet before I could take her home to get like a health certificate. The paper said she was perfectly healthy and got her shots for a 2 month old puppy. We brought her home and I noticed she had diarrhea and scratching SO much. We took her to our own vet and they did tests and we found out she had a STRONG POSITIVE for giardia!!!!! We didn’t find out why she was scratching cause they didn’t want to do a skin scraping but the giardia was bad enough. To make it even worse I got it as well!!!! We tried to give her back because they sold me a sick puppy and lied about it. They told us we had to call some company and get accepted to give her back which is the dumbest thing. We talked to them and they wanted proof that the puppy had it and me. I went to the doctor the next day and sent the papers on monday. They said we had to wait 24-48 hours to get an answer. They told us they would pay for our medical bills. We we’re fine with it until we realized she wasn’t good to be a comfort dog cause she acts like a cat and I don’t like cats. We contacted them again and they said we had already passed the 48 hour limit for giving her back. We had to wait even if we turned the papers in the next day. And it’s looking like we won’t be able to give her back and have to pay for her medical bills. We can’t really go and pay money for medicine because we had spent almost 7 thousand for my last dog who had cancer. Had they told us the truth we probably would not have gotten her in the first place. DO NOT GET PUPPIES HERE, IM SURE ALL THEIR OTHER DOGS ARE SICK ALSO. I’m saving you the trouble of spending unnecessary money to make their puppies healthy. Go to a breeder or a shelter but DO NOT go to petland. Save yourself the stupid hassle of dealing with their pure stupidness.

Feb. 17 2018 update
So we were able to give her back and get a different dog. I got a chocolate lab male. He had kennel cough (not surprised) but it’s not too serious. Here’s the best part….. They gave me the “breeder” info for my pet and 1) they spelled the city wrong 2) there is no breeder with the name provided at the address 3) the only breeder with the same last name is for Rottweilers in the same city 4) they say on the breeder i fo that the phone number is “on file” but the number was NEVER given to me.

Seriously don’t go to petland. Go to a shelter or a ligit breeder. Even if the “breeder info” has everything filled out DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!!!


Googled one breeder they purchase from while in their store and that breeder was well known for having dirty and unfit premises.


The store seem well kept and employees are really helpful.  I bought a puppy golden retriever
A I  hope he  will be able to live a long healthy happy life but I am uncertain because I found out he came from  a puppymill from MN  run by Leroy Yoder.  According to some reports, this puppy mill had some code violations for mistreatement. Now you can ask what is mistreament have to do with the puppy i m buying. Well the answer is that it can create some uncertainty about genetic diseases or diseases that the puppy may have in the long run. I do understand about the warranty issue that if your dog dies we fully reimburse or give you a new puppy or if your dog has some issues we fully reimburse and so on and so on… I also do understand that the pets at Petland  are cared by their own vets. However, selling puppy from puppy mills is a huge risk of investment and literally not worth 3500 dollars which is the value of an actual AKC champion breeder with genetic background and raised in a loving environment. Furthermore, the fact that these puppy mills have some violations further increase my concern that my puppy may suffer some issues in the long run as well.  He may even have been mistreated prior coming to me. This is because , according to reports and articles from research and news reports, these puppy mills mistreat their animals and produces in mass and also may have genetic issues or diseases due to their mistreatement. Now it is uncertain that it is the case but it s probable and in order to be certain to not be the case, please find a local reputable breeder and check the environment the puppies are in and interact with. At least you are  sure that your puppy will be healthy than being grown in a puppy mills, which are similar to factories

If you do in fact buy from Petland please consider buying a dog health insurance (even from a local reputable breeder I would suggest it) and please try to find out  who are the parents to see if there are any genetics  issues or if there are any probable issues  in order to prevent them.

My word for all Petlands and including this one. I do understand you may have a contract with these puppy mills  or Leroy Yoder. But if you don’t , please buy from local reputable breeder and  contract exclusively with them. Not only you will have healthier pups but also your clients will know and can get in contact with the breeder directly to know if there are any genetic issues. It will furthermore help to understand  the environment the puppy is coming from.  I am sure the demand can be met this way and can be safer

This is Leroy Yoder’s report where  my golden retriever came from and I refuse calling him his breeder because it is disgusting and unacceptable.


If petland is buying from these breeders then they are supporting their business and increase the risk for their pups to get sick. Leroy Yoder (the breeder of my puppy) had some USDA violations, according to newsreports  and other reports. Some code violations include but not limited to,  deplorable conditions for the dogs,  more than 100 adults dog own,  dog abuse, malnutrition of puppies and adults, and so on and on… it is quiet shocking that Petland support this practice and it s unethical at the same time. They also misrepresent themselves when they say, they do not buy from
Puppymills. If anyone needs more info, I would be glad to give it to them about the dog.

No information were clear about SUnny s parents. My puppy  was extremely skinny for his size when I bought him which is consistent with the Yoder s report as well. Please read it because it may be where your dog comes.


I bought a puppy here a little over a week ago. She not only cowered from the lady in the back when they went to take her out for me to see her, but they claim the sister of my puppy was injured while someone was playing with her. I can only imagine that it may be they injured her themselves if my puppy was so terrified of the lady behind the glass! Then when I got the puppy home, she not only had kennel cough (THANK GOD my older dog was already vaccinated), but she also had Giardia, an intestinal parasite. When I called the store, the girl who answered didn’t even sound like she cared. I’m sure the other puppies in the store have it as well. Who knows how many people aren’t told this by the ‘free’ vet that they’re referred to. Plus it also says on their paperwork that they aren’t responsible for any dewormers. How convenient!

Their prices are also outrageous for their puppies. Not only because of the puppy, but because they have all this ‘STUFF’ they’re pushing on you. And they refuse to take most of it off. Even if you tell them you don’t need it. So even if you get them to drop some of it off and they tell you something is included for free, it’s really not. You’re still paying for it. They just hide it in the price of the puppy, take a look at the paperwork and see how much the puppy is on the paper!

Not only that, most of the puppies were lacking energy, looked like they were either sick or lethargic, and who knows what else. Pet stores should have to have stricter rules in place for the condition of their puppies!


Another sad excuse for a puppy mill!! Go to a breeder, not a company whose 1st priority is money over the animal. I’m disgusted….read the reviews….scarey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Buyer beware!! I bought my puppy here in September for $3,000. I looked at my bank statement and saw I was actually charged $4,000. After going back and forth with the store and the actual corporate office, they told me there was nothing they could do because the store was bought out and they have a new system they use. Not one person was helpful or friendly. They could care less!!!! This place is a RIP OFF!! I highly recommend you shopping elsewhere.


The store is ok and clean. People working there are nice but the girl who helped me recommended and sold me food for a teacup dog after we spoke about a 65 pound dog I was fostering from the shelter and I even showed her a picture.

Just an annoying inconvenience to bring it back, which I never did.

If anyone needs a bag of tea cup dog food, I’ve got one to give away.


Went into this store today and EVERY single cage had feces in it and the store stunk.  None of the puppies had any energy and the staff didn’t even acknowledge us.


My family and I just had the most horrible experience here. We found the perfect puppy after weeks of searching for my son’s birthday. The sales associate was great and we were able to negotiate the price until the owner changed its mind at the last minute. My kids were distraught and confused over such greed and heartlessness. Do not contribute your hard working dollars to this store they are completely unreasonable and untrustworthy…


Don’t buy a puppy from this place! They are sick. So called “vet checks” are done but literally look at the puppy for maybe 30 seconds. Never let us take our dog home, just kept saying “she’s on meds”. Never telling us what was wrong with her. Not to mention they over price their dogs. They say they get them from so called hobby breeders. Lie. Because the breeder they said our puppy came from was non existent. No where to be found. Said she was from Missouri. Top puppy mill place. Save your money and buy from a real breeder so you can assure that your puppy will be healthy and not from a mill.


Went here to find a puppy. Saw a puppy mix with Doxie and chihuahua . ok a MIX will be a lot cheaper. So the sales girl says yes a lot cheaper . she quotes 2600.00..WhAT!! For a mix !! I was here a month ago and help a pure breed doxie and was quoted 2600.00 .. So pure breeds and mixes are the same price. Pure RIP OFF !!!!


Dirty , puppy poops sleep , no bed and eat in that tiny cage . Whole place is stink. Don’t buy puppy from there they are from puppy mill . I am so glad Palm beach county outlawed selling dog.


Terrible experience! The girl that works there has no clue what the dog breeds are. Any dog we wanted to see she will come up with an excuse why we can’t see them. She made us feel super uncomfortable about the whole experience. And it’s super overpriced! Don’t ever come here!


My husband and I bought our 4 and 6 month old puppies cookies from here. I don’t know what was in them but they both ended up with diarrhea and projectile vomiting. Never coming here again!


About a month and a half ago I purchased my mini Australian Shepard there. My partner and I went in to look and it was love at first sight. We decided to play with him and then decided and we wanted to buy him. We went home later that night and asked around and EVERYONE told us that all of the puppies there are sick and they don’t recommend is to buy him. We ignored it and put the down payment down but were told they couldn’t release him because he still had a little bit of “kennel cough”, they told us to come back Thursday. When we came back Thursday, we were told he could be released to go home and that they gave him a strong dose of antibiotics so it would clear up the kennel cough. We didn’t think much of it and we’re happy to take him home. The next day we went to the vet that was the ATTENDING vet at pet land. She also works at Nob Hill Animal clinic. The place was kind of sketchy and she didn’t even check our puppy at all. She automatically sent home a yellow chalky antibiotic and a red cough medicine. The meds took care of the coughing but two weeks after we stopped giving him the meds, he start coughing again and it was extremely worse than before! We wanted another opinion of why he is still coughing so we took him to another vet who did x-rays and a FULL physical examination. Come to find out that he has pneumonia and bronchitis. The vet came into the room and showed us the x-rays. I do not recommend buying your puppy from here! Every one that has ever bought a puppy here says their puppies are sick!


I want to rate this store higher but after today, I was extremely insulted!! I had bought a puppy here a year ago and now I was debating about getting her a puppy friend. I walked in and was excited to see the puppies they had. As I looked around, no one came up to me to see if I had any questions. It actually took me awhile to get any of their attention because they seemed to be more interested talking to other coworkers than to answer my questions. I understand that only the puppies with the green paw can come out to play. I asked if I could play with a certain pup and an employee said no but they have these two dogs in the pen to play with. I played with them but I wasn’t really interested in those two dogs and one kept biting me which has left marks. I kept looking around and asked the guy again to see another puppy. He tried to ignore me. Then he proceeds to tell me I can’t look at any of the dogs unless I’m considering adopting. Ugh hello, that’s why I was there. I told him I had purchased a puppy from the exact same store in April and looking to see if I find another one I like. He ignored me and treated me as if I didn’t have the money. I even have a petland credit card! I repeated twice I am financially okay and would really want to see a puppy I’m interested in. He told me to just play with the puppies in the pen and then went on to the computer and left my further questions unanswered. Why would I want to pet a puppy that bites me? Besides if I’m going to spend a couple thousand on a dog, I want it to be one I’m interested in. I can’t believe how I was treated!! I was even going to buy something for my puppy’s birthday but I was so upset I left. I am for sure going to be calling for the manager. This employee should also be fired. No one should be treated like that and he should act like he’s at work and not to goof off. I guess I’ll be taking my $2,000 to another store. I will definitely be warning others to stay away unless something is done.


I am gravely disappointed in Petland of Plantation. A few weeks ago my husband purchased me a beautiful puppy. She wouldn’t eat for two days and we contacted the store right away. They suggested I give her anything to eat. On the 2nd full day of having her in our home, we gave her an egg, per their suggestion, as she would not eat any treats or food. She ended up having an extreme case of diarrhea. We contacted the store and they said to bring her in. They said she may have a cold and can’t smell the food and they put her in the nebulizer. The following morning I traveled to the Vet which is 30 minutes from my home. If you didn’t know Petland’s warranty is for their vets only, they are all franchisees so if you don’t live near the store you will have to travel to their vet. The vet immediately said my puppy was sick and they needed me to bring her back and forth for 3 days in a row.                                                              I contacted Petland and they really didn’t offer any help, even though I would need to take off of work to go and drop her off and then pick her up which was 2 hours out of my day for 3 straight days and I had to administer antibiotics for 2 straight weeks at home as she had an upper respiratory infection. In addition, while at the Vet I met two other women who also purchased their puppies from Petland in Plantation and had the same issue.                                                                                                                     After speaking with the manager at Petland and letting him know how upset I was that Petland sold me a sick puppy, and after speaking with Petland’s warranty department that stated,  you can trade her in for another one. Yes, that is their policy, use your emotions after receiving a puppy that is a lifetime commitment and just trade her in for another one, the manager told me he was going to talk to the owner, Vicky and have her get back to me. I never heard from her so I contacted her and contacted the manager again.  The manager said he knew she was getting me a credit for the inconvenience but was surprised she never called and would talk to her again. That was over a week ago. I heard from Petlands “warranty” department and they said the owner would not call and was issuing me a $75.00 GC to the store. My puppy, with all of the other items purchased cost $3000.00 and Petland issued $75.00 without a follow-up phone call from the owner.                                                                                                                          In addition, the Vet for a year is a come on. They only cover office visits and if you puppy was sick, make sure you get all the facts as they won’t tell you in the store.                                           If you are looking for a healthy puppy that won’t need to be at the vet after purchase, or any type of customer service from an owner that should care about the dogs she is selling to the public, I would not purchase a puppy from Petland in Plantation.  The joy of bringing home a puppy was ruined by Petland and a little customer service would have gone a long way.


Petland Sarasota

5380 Fruitville Rd.

Sarasota, FL 34232



I went into this establishment to look at puppies and it did smell pretty bad. They claim they get their puppies from breeders which may or may not be true, however, it was the prices of these dogs that shocked me!  They try to sell pups for $3,500 and up to 10,000!  I was really disappointed at that and they try to convince people to finance the puppy!  C’mon why are you robbing people!  Making puppies unaffordable, so they take longer to sell, and because they take longer to sell, their pups get sick.  I inquired about 2 puppies and they were both on antibiotics.  I was told they can’t be sent home, but you can leave a deposit.  Wow, I hope they go out of business.


My son and I visited this establishment yesterday afternoon. We were going to buy some fish for his new fish tank. The store smells to high heaven! So many puppies, cramped together in the cages. The majority of them look terrified and dirty. When we asked one of the maybe 8 employees if we could have some assistance in the fish area, none of them could be bothered. All of hen replied the fish girl isn’t here yet. We were enjoying our time, so I was in no rush. My son wanted to pet one of the puppies, I obliged. The young girl brought us this fluffy terrified shaking smelly puppy! I felt so badly for him! They were more then happy to assist with any puppy questions, but couldn’t be bothered with anything else in the store. Although none could provide any background information about where the puppies came from, parents, registration etc. Finally the “fish girl” came and was so incredibly pleasant. Her name was Hannah, thank you for being the only pleasant thing about this visit! I hope she finds another place to work, this place is a mess! They are up selling the puppies for an obscene amount, and I highly doubt the puppies are in a healthy condition. Beware! Avoid at all cost.


I was visiting FL (apparently I need to include my boarding pass as proof) and popped into this joint with my friend to get some hairball remedy for her cat. This place is absolutely atrocious. The dogs are from mills, the place stinks, the staff is ridiculously rude when you inquire about the SMALLEST piece of background information. If you love dogs, you will not buy them from this hell hole. They say their dogs are from USDA licensed kennels. That does NOT mean it’s not a puppy mill. Nearly all of large scale puppy mills (the worst kind) are licensed by the USDA.


This trash pit does not even deserve a single star. The place is a dump and the environment for the puppies is an absolute disgrace. It breaks my heart to go into this store, the dogs are filthy, half of them drugged/sick…. their small crates are beyond  dirty  and smell terrible (urine and poop) . I feel so horrible for these dogs, if I could rescue every single one I would, heck I would go in there and clean the place out for free including the poor puppies !!! This place either needs to be shut down or needs an entire new staff who is actually educated and knows how to treat living animals and can keep the environment clean….totally disgusting i feel for those poor pups


My family and I have gone into this shop 6 times in the past 2 months. Each time we go hoping that we see something different, but so far that hasn’t happened. The store smells from the second that you walk in. The staff are all very happy to hand you a puppy, but don’t seem too concerned with the fact  that small children are dropping rabbits and hamsters, as well as grabbing birds. The dogs all seem cramped and are forced to lay on wire cage floors- they must defecate and urinate where they sleep, which is against their nature, and just sad. The dogs that we have seen have been dirty quite frankly, and some are rather sickly looking. The prices are outrageous for what you are getting as well. Today we went in because my daughter was told by a friend about a cat that was there. We went in, and of course the smell hit us right away. The place was full of people playing with pups, and of the usual array of young kids running around grabbing at animals while staff simply watched. We did not see that cat, so we decided to take a look at fish since we were there. In ALMOST every tank, there were dead/ sick fish with ick. Honestly I can not believe that this chain is still open, its ridiculous- and in Sarasota there are so many animals at shelters that could use a home. You cant use the excuse of ” I want a pure bred puppy” when you don’t even know where these puppies are coming from- if you want a ” pure bred” do your research and go to the breeder yourself. If you truly care about animals, and you want a great, forever pet for yourself or your family, don’t purchase anything from this place.


Petland Atlanta Dunwoody

4733-B Ashford Dunwoody Rd.

Dunwoody, GA 30338



This store supports puppy mill operations by purchasing dogs from puppy mills to sell in store. They don’t vet them and sell sick dogs to unsuspecting families for insane prices. Adopt don’t shop!


PURCHASES FROM PUPPY MILLS! We purchased two puppies from petland. One puppy had such bad hip problems within her first year, that she had to be put down because of the pain. The second dog developed aggressive tendencies and would bite members of our family. We rehomed the dog with a single woman who lives on a farm because the dog was too anxious in our home. We asked for the breeders name. Dawn Coffman. We were told by George, the manager, that he had visited the breeeder. However, we looked into the breeder. She has been reported to law enforcement for more than 225 adult breeding dogs. This is absolutely disgusting. 225 ADULT BREEDING DOGS. Please seek a real, licensed, responsible breeder. Places like this should be shut down for supporting illegal practices.


This place is awful. It is a hellhole.
Animal shelters that operate as NON-PROFIT treat their animals better than this.
The poor puppies are crammed into tiny wire cages and sit in their urine and feces all day.
When I tried to inform staff about the situation, they brushed me off and ignored me.
Apparently, the care and well-being of their animals is second to selling and profit.

If you want a specific breed of dog, please go to a reputable breeder. No reputable breeder would sell their puppies through this hellhole. ONLY PUPPY MILL PUPPIES HERE.


I walked in for cat litter and walked immediately out as soon as I saw the abundance of cramped cages full of puppy mill dogs. The stench was unreal. How are you still in business? Unbelievable. Will sit in an extra half hour of traffic on my way home to get litter instead of supporting Petland.

EDIT: they took away the option to review them on Facebook. When I left a post, it had to go through a screening process and surprise! never posted. When I left a comment on one of their posts it was deleted immediately. They know what they are doing is wrong but they are raking it in and have no shame. If you love animals, please don’t give this chain your support.


I’m giving 1 star due to the treatment I’ve received since purchasing my beloved Black-headed (white-bellied) Caique last week, who is great, but was definitely OVERPRICED…by about $500-$600!  An employee told me all about their African Grey, and when I asked the price of my Caique, he opened his eyes super big and said “$2,000,” then WALKED AWAY.  He walked away from a “SALE”, which is later what he referred to me as, when he realized I was buying my Caique. He told his coworker (who was the one that actually helped me), “That’s MY SALE.”  The small animals specialist came up while I was already being helped, and asked her coworker why she hadn’t told her someone was interested in the Caique.  Her coworker told her, “the same way you didn’t tell me about the dogs.”  The entire transaction was in my honest opinion, UNPROFESSIONAL.  One employee present noticed the unprofessionalism and even called them out on it, saying the store would get the sale.  I once depended on the commission from “sales” to live.  So, I tried to be understanding and said they all deserved the sale, to avoid conflict.  I asked what was the estimated total amount of the transaction, and ended up paying about $200 more than stated.  I called the store 2 days after my purchase with some questions. I was put on hold for about 10 mins, and the person returned and just hung up.  I called again today, expressed my desire to speak to the store owner, and was told only a manager was available, and the store owner was going on vacation.  After my experience, speaking to a manager isn’t good enough.  I read a review which stated the store owner called them within 1 hour of them leaving a bad review.  When I told the employee, “I guess I’m going to have to leave a bad review to get a call from the owner”….she said “OKAY” very NONCHALANTLY…


If you are looking to support a puppy mill business, look no further!! I bought a dog from here under the impression she came from a reputable breeder, as the manager told me she loves Dawn Coffman and has even visited her once. A quick google search however shows that Dawn Coffman is not a breeder, but a puppy mill with over 225 adult dogs being breed. I don’t know about you, but I’m not into spending thousands of dollars to support such cruel treatment of animals


The store loves to sell merchandise and their dogs are over priced. We however decided that we couldn’t walk out of there without the dog that we fell in love with. He wasn’t cheap but we felt that even though we were buying him, we were rescuing him.

Not long after getting him home, did a cough start. Turns out he has pneumonia and according to our vet, most of the dogs they see from Pet Land have pneumonia. Coincidence? I think not.

You a-holes should be put out of business. I’ll never buy even a bag of food from you again. Your Vet should also be arrested and put out of business for helping you idiots continue your puppy mill operation under false pretenses.

I welcome a response from that shit hole you operate, if you dare.


I’ve been to this store a couple times over the years just to see the animals. I’m only posting a review now because I left it in my drafts. Unfortunately 8-10 months back, my boyfriend and I came and had a TERRIBLE experience. We came in just to pet some pups so we asked to see this young husky puppy. They let us into the petting cubicles with the husky and he started BITING MY LEG and charged at my bf’s left arm and CLAMPED DOWN on his wrist! He has a plate in that wrist from a previous fracture and we were horrified at how NONE OF THE WORKERS CAME TO HELP US. Or at least had no concern or sense of awareness. I asked saying “Help!? Excuse me!?” and saw this female employee in the next cubicle. Not sure if she heard us but she was in my vision and SHOULD be able to hear me AND SEE what was going on since these cubicles only come up to chest height. I knew we were being ignored. The husky opened the door and escaped into the store, when FINALLLY we see the workers trying to track him down. NONE OF THE WORKERS, again, asked us if we were okay because my bf and I had bite marks and you could see some blood. I asked one of them if these puppies get vaccinated and he stated “Yes”. We left and have never been back. These puppies must have been mistreated or neglected for the husky to act out like that. Never again will I come back and no one else should because customers should be taken care of as well.


Bad experience. They asked $2100 for a little dog.  Made us sick.  Why sponsor a business who benefits in animals who probably were ill treated to display them at a pet shop and make a profit with Life.  Adopt a rescue dog, God, a Spirit or something Numinous will bless you!  Don’t sell your soul, sponsoring a business such as this will bring you ill luck.


This place is vile. It’s basically a puppy mill with tons of dogs in bottomless cages piled in on top of each other. I didn’t think these types of places existed anymore. F that place.


Google petland and aka. Read about the puppy mill back room dealings the american kennel association has with these vial mills. They are churning puppies out until the females are no longer productive, then guess where they go? If they are lucky, to an auction, if not, thrown in a corner. Wake up people, buy a puppy keep these low life scum bags in business, You want a great dog or puppy go adopt one, I have purebreds, mixed, whatever, they are all loved and love me, and they came from hell! Save a life, don’t help make the aka and these mill jerks rich.


I wish I could give negative stars because this store is honestly one of the most depressing things I’ve ever seen. Every single cage had poop and all the dogs were dirty and sad looking. It wasn’t even busy or lacking staff for the cages to look this horrible. I feel so bad for the dogs for not having beds, looking starved, and having to stay in their dirty cages. Please shut this store down or do better for the dogs.


AWFUL! All the dogs were covered in their own poop! So inhumane! Not only that, it was so incredibly obvious this store was in it for the money. My boyfriend and I were in here, and we are 18. We wanted to look at a dog, so we asked a worker. She said the dog was too tired. But about a minute later, a couple with a young child asked to see the same dog… she said of course you guys can. And lastly, in this same visit, we saw a woman come in and basically strangle a bunny. Since none of the workers were near the animals in the front, my boyfriend and I didn’t know what to do. This lady grabbed the bunny and held it in her hand to the point where it couldn’t even move. We were both freaking out, and we felt like the employees should have been watching people touching other animals. They weren’t at all. Such a bad store… and I figure it’s all other stores in Georgia as well. Since the Petland in Kennesaw also has an awful rating and reviews. Don’t go to this Petland.


I wish I could give this petstore 0 stars. I got a puppy from them 1 month ago and I’ve never regretted getting a dog so much in my life. She was sick from day 1, worms, Giardia, Coronovirus, and Trichomonas infections. She was dewormed so many times while in their care but somehow still had a such a high load of worms we are still trying to get her cleaned up. The vet they recommended spent 1 month observing her and did not find any of the above issues. It wasn’t until we took her to a new vet that she was diagnosed and started being treated properly.

Be prepared to spend over 1500 dollars in vet bills if you buy a dog here. When I called to complain and ask them to cover the cost of treatment, they would only refer you to the incompetent office and refuse to help in any meaningful way.

I would avoid this place at all costs.


Very sad and disappointed. I bought my maltese here 4 years ago and she is an angel. We came in today to see if we could perhaps find a new addition to our family. Despite the awful stench of a filthy store we looked anyway. I wish I had just turned around and left. Most of the cages had feces sitting beside the puppies…two puppies were miserablly ill looking with a running nose and shakes. We let the young people who “work” there know about the sick ones and we left. Upset and disturbed. The sick ones don’t stand a chance at survival or a new loving home. I’m not against buying an overpriced puppy from a pet store…each is entitled to their own choice but it’s inhumane for puppies to be obviously suffering!!!


In love with our puppy, despite Petland.  This place is the worst. Besides the tactics and selling us garbage “healthy” = over expensive products, they led us, new pet owners, to a ridiculously expensive and less than ethical, go figure, vet. After 3 months of draining us, my girl did a favor for her mother taking her cat to her vet and …well one thing lead to another and we figured out what average, reasonable, professional veterinary services cost. Thank goodness she did.


I don’t recommend! you walk in seeing at least 50 dogs cramped in maybe a 1ftx1ft cage. Dogs are all covered in the own poop and never get baths. its to hot in there and all the dogs are painting. dogs are so overpriced but are so cute it makes you feels so bad for the dogs. Its so hot in the building all the dogs are painting. When i was playing with a dog in the play area it pooped, and was covered in blood and i told the worker. When she was cleaning it the dog like slide into it and she put the dog right back in the cage without cleaning it. No wonder  why all the dogs are sick.


I bought a boy husky pure bred from this store.
When I took him outside, after purchasing him, and he did NOT want to go. I bought everything needed for him, cage, toys, collar, food etc. I spent over 2k for him.
He is a very good dog BUT, he guards his food. He goes after the cat and our pomeranian if they even walk towards the food bowl.

Please do NOT purchase puppies from Petland.
I would highly NOT recommend it.

Go to AKC.ORG and look at buying a pure bred from here. These are very passionate and loving and caring puppy raisers.
We bought our baby girl Cheyenne from a loving home. We had one litter of puppies and we sold them on We have awesome owners and they love us. These puppies are happy.

Where as, these puppies in petland dont see daylight.


This place has animals living in boxes, uses a breeder that violates animal rights. They make money off forcing animals to breed constantly to make a profit. This place needs to be shut down. Please don’t ever go here unless it is to say how horrible it is.


I stopped in here by chance when looking for a particular kind of cat litter.  I wasn’t paying much attention on my way in, but during my search I saw a sign on one of the puppy cages advertising the dog has a $1000 down payment. A DOWN PAYMENT ON A DOG?!?!?

After seeing that horribly depressing sign on a cage of an equally depressed dog, I honestly wanted to shatter the glass and emancipate the puppies from the puppy trafficking operation they found themselves in.  Unfortunately, that would have solved nothing and I would have gone to jail, so I decided to redirect my extreme disdain at the wet pieces of feces that were the customers in that shop actually shopping for a dog (and the employees taking part).  You could tell just by their physical appearances that they were human beings of the lowest morale order, so I guess they belong to the philosophy “It’s not sex trafficking anymore if I buy the trafficked person to have my way with.”

In regards to the actual store, it was not clean and no one even stopped once to ask if I needed help.  For all they knew, I was in the market for a half-dozen purebreds to pull my majestic Subaru home.

Their selection of cat supplies is okay, but they basically carry no variety of cat litter.

All in all, 2 stars for bad service and selection, -100 stars for unethical business.


They are getting rid of the fish section.

I guess puppy mill dogs have higher profit margins. Still totally amazed that people are ignorant enough to buy dogs from here.


I generally try not to go into Petland because the store sells puppies. If you would like to know where these puppies come from and why they are so often sick, all you need to do is type “Where does Petland get their dogs” into your favorite search engine and you will quickly discover the chilling answer from reputable sources including the Humane Society of the United States.

However, I do occasinally wander into the store because it tends to stock freshwater fish species that are unavailable elsehwere in the metro area. They’re overpriced, but available. So I put my politics aside and decided to buy $100 or so worth of fish for my aquarium that I haven’t been able to find elsewhere.

Anyone who buys fish knows that sometimes you have to walk around for a few minutes before a store employee anywhere will help you. But I stood around the fish department for 25 minutes. During that time, I watched the lone high school looking kid working there spend 15 minutes with some lady whose fish died. He tested her water before his questioning revealed she didn’t know she had to cycle a new tank before stocking it with fish, so he had to explain that process.

I understand this, but if this happens, you have to acknowledge the other customers and tell them you will be with them soon, or get help from another employee. There were plenty of other employees, but they were all busy trying to get customers to make impulse puchases of puppies, which is probably Petland’s biggest profit center.

I went looking for other help, but the other employees were engaged with customers in conversations about puppies and a man in black, who I presume was the owner or manager, was up front BS-ing with another employee and I didn’t feel like interrupting.

At least 3 other customers who looked like they also wanted to buy fish gave up and left. When the employee finally finished up with the clueless non-tank cycling woman, he went to help somebody who came in after I did.  I waited for a few minutes, but they went to the filter section and I saw them in a deep discussion about how to find the best filter for your tank, etc….I could tell this was also going to take a long time.

So I finally simply gave up and just walked out of Petland empty handed.

This is a tremendous shame because freshwater tropical fish availability in Atlanta is abysmal and Petland stocks some interesting species. I just don’t have the patience to deal with such terrible customer service and the whole puppy situation is really the icing on the cake (not to mention how employees try to pressure people into buying dogs who clearly aren’t ready for the commitment of dog ownership).

I’d rather just wait until the weather cools down a bit and order my fish from online suppliers who have more reasonable prices and don’t ignore me.


i saw online they had a bullmastiff so i went to go see the puppy. upon arrival other ppl were holding the puppy i was interested in. the girl ask me if i wanted another puppy while i waited i said no she brought one anyway. when i finally saw the mastiff i was interested but didnt want to deal with the puppy right then asked her to take her she didnt. i ended up signing a contract 4 the puppy and went home after sleeping on it i changed my mind and i told them they said since i signed the contract i would still have to pay full price for the puppy. I DIDNT EVEN TAKE THE PUPPY HOME! so i decided to get the puppy i mean why not i would still be responsible for paying over 2000 dollars for her. i changed my mind because they were so anxious to sale her and i was afraid it was something wrong with her. they have so many rules and stipulations. basically these ppl care nothing about the puppy they are in it 4 the money. only reason they have one star is because i have my scarlet and even though their puppies are prone to death and are from puppy mills she is healthy. we almost had her a year and we love her. but if you are NOT finacially stable do not get a puppy from these crooks they will hunt you down! do not sign contract you can not back out even if you dont have the pup.


After I asked to see a second dog, employee said “you are really making my life difficult, I don’t even want to be here.”
I had literally only asked her two questions.


We bought a Cane Corso from here last year for over $2k plus. The dog is smart and bright. We love her and she looks like her true breed. The sales people are nice and friendly. And pretty much will say anything to get you to buy their animals.

After much research, Petland falsified the dog’s lineage. We contacted the breeder on the documents and the breeder said they never sell to animal stores and only sell to individuals.

All Creatures is their exclusive pet provider and will never go against Petland due to their agreement to do continuous business together. All Creatures will never give an honest evaluation on our dog and we have to see another vet for an honest and more qualified evaluation.

Petland and All Creatures do not operate with any business ethics and we knew in our hearts to not buy a dog from any pet store but we made an emotional decision.


Fraud and deceit. This company lied to me and told me that their animal was an AKC purebred animal when it-fact it was bred by a puppy mill breeder in horrible conditions. Many of their animals dies after being taken home. Over 12 months and I still don’t have my paperwork for my animal. My animal had birth defects related to Mill Breeding. Managers and employees are clueless. Owner hides out and according to his own employees is allegedly involved in the Mob. STAY AWAY. BUYER BEWARE. ADOPT DON’T SHOP.


as soon as you walk into this pet store, you can absolutely tell that this is a puppy-mill operation (look it up if you never heard of the term). and that doesn’t even include the rest of the animals.

if you come into this store and don’t buy anything — as much as me & my friends have, you’d notice everything. like how their customer service sucks. they are not trying to get you give these pets a better home. they could care less. or how neglectful these employees look when it comes to caring and feeding the animals. especially the dogs. or how about how they just let the poop stay in the cage and just sit there for the dog to smell or step/sleep on. OR how bout the same repetition of dog breeds. and how depressed each animal in the pet store looks. all definitely look so sad to be there and some just look so mistreated and/abused 🙁 or how about actual ppl who buy these dogs and come in to complain about how these employees lied about records and lineage info..??

all these are reasons me & my friends will never ever support this store!



After adopting my dog from petland three weeks ago we found out that he has an eye issue where one eye dilates and one constricts, it could be a neurological disorder but petland refuses to cover the vet visit because it wasn’t identified during the first vet exam. This is very poor business practices. Don’t buy an animal from them – they’re over priced and the quality of their animals is horrible.


Not a big fan of pet stores that sell “purebred” dogs.  It’s a terrible way to get a pet and promotes puppy mills and backyard breeding.  I guarantee if you put the work in you can find “purebreds” at many shelters and rescues that are in great need of a home.  But if you are going to purchase a pet, at least put some effort into researching reputable breeders. OK, I’ll come down from my soapbox now.  Anyway, on my visit here I was somewhat disturbed @ the condition of the birds they had.  Quite a number were missing feathers and seemed to have some sort of skin condition where the feathers were missing.  When I pointed it out and asked what was going on, nobody seemed to know or really care.  It’s just not in me to support commercial practices of selling animals for profit.  They do a terrible job.


I am looking for a hypoallergenic dog or pup and have been looking at rescues and retired breeder dogs. It’s taking so long to find the right dog. When I saw online that this Petland gets rescues I gave them a call. The price of their dogs I was told starts at $1800.00. I asked what made the dog so expensive, more expensive than from a breeder, she mentioned a crate costing $150.00 and a micro chip costing $250.00. Seriously? Do your research, these items do not cost that much. A micro chip is about $45.00. A crate for the small dog I want is the same price. And now after reading the reviews, I will not be buying a dog from this company.


Those poor animals.  We went to love and care on the dogs and they were so dirty.  No love. No respect.  They should not be able to be in business.  Cruelty to animals


I paid a ton of money for a Chihuahua puppy here….the kids are paid on commission. . they ran my credit and I agreed to purchase this dog…  THEN they tell me he had been sick and had an open fontenalle.. which is somewhat common in this breed. .poorly bred Chihuahuas. .. not one I would consider paying thousands of dollars for! !!!.. of course I was already in love.  So I signed the sheet basically saying i agree to buy a defective animal.. I’m a sucker. .Took him to their free vet check. And of course he said he is fine and it will disappear… Well it’s been two years.  Still there.  AND he now has seizures and a twitch…these people are disgusting.  I’m pretty sure they get the breeders worst puppies and turn around and sell them for a ton of money knowing they are inbred puppy mill defects… I’m ashamed to say I funded this crap..I love my dog it’s not his fault. . But this place should be shut down.  ADOPT. DON’T SUPPORT THIS B.S.


Sold us a sick Puppy, gave us inadequate compensation.

Just 2 days after receiving the puppy, and the night before our “free first vet visit”, we discovered the dog had a dangerously serious pneumonia.

We had to go to the ER immediately, and because we could not “wait it out” and use their in-network vet when they opened, we had to pay for 3 days at the ICU almost completely out of pocket. The ER costs could not be transferred to the free vet.

Our poor puppy had to be in an incubator for 3 days.

The complimentary ACC insurance we discovered had to be manually activated, but since the puppy was too sick to hold out for even the ACC registration to finalize, there was no way we even had a chance to be covered for the costs.

On top of that, the complimentary ACC insurance DOES NOT EVEN COVER ILLNESS, only accidental physical harm, so even if they allowed the registration date to be earlier, it would not be covered at all.

Thankfully our puppy healed after the ordeal, but all we have after all of this is a GIFT CARD that is a fraction of the cost of the treatment. I don’t even want to set foot again in that store.

Horrible, I do not recommend this store to anyone.


Piss poor customer service. Walked into the store and headed straight for the fish department. One employee was already there helping someone else. We made eye contact as I stood there waiting for him to be finished. I stood waiting for about 15 minutes without being acknowledged. A simple “I’ll be right with you” would’ve made all the difference.


Animal abuse everywhere. The small pet cages are open to the public and low enough for small children to stick their hands in. While I was there I saw a girl repeatedly pick up a hamster by the tail, another girl kept shaking a hamster violently in his toy, and grown adults poking and prodding at the small animals. Meanwhile the employees sit back, watch, and do nothing while the animals in their care are being abused. I will never return and I’m currently looking into ways to report their negligence and abuse of animals. It’s sickening.


I stopped by for some quick supplies for my Beta fish. The fish selection was poor, and when I asked the staff for help, he said “I’m probably not going to know the answer” before I even asked my question. OK, well that’s not too helpful. I was a bit put off by the dark small cages the puppies were kept in too. All in all I can say I will not be coming back here for any of my pets’ needs.


Have you ever seen a kitten who’s emotionally dead–who won’t even stand up to get petted?  Ever seen puppies so desperate for social interaction they tried to claw through walls?  At Petland, you will.

I nearly cried after visiting Petland for just ten minutes.  If you’ve ever met a well-cared-for kitten or puppy, you’ll know the difference right away.  But you should probably just stay away.


Dont even want to give petland  one star, I took my Lily to new vet in dunwoody  all test were normal Praise the Lord, al creatures animal hospitial in dunwoody I think is in cohoots with Petland  they make you send you pets there it is horriable place they scream at  puppies getting groomed, nightmare and the husband and wife team that run all creatures are cold as ice so thankful i got out of there found wonderful vet, My advise stay as far as you can Petland is a ripoff, puppmill puppies, the insurance is not real you keep paying and paying


We bought a puppie from petland  dunwoody location Dec 10, 2013, We bought a morkie so sweet and cute , but had not been well since we bought her, now three months later found out she might have a liver shunt, the pet insurance they promise is a bunch of crap, they try to drain you get every pennie they can from you Please if any one else has bought a sick puppie from there please contact me I dont have money for  tests and maybe operation Petland lies and it very decieving Dont know what will happen to my little Lily I put it in the  God’s Hands, I will never ever  go in that pet store again I talked to four different people at vet office that have bought sick pets from there They need to shut down, then they sendyou to all creatures animal hospitial in dunwody, which is a nightmare they torture animals they need to shut down horiable place. Stay away from this nighmare  place I feel so sorry for puppies in there


The employees that work here are great, but I cannot say the same for the managers and owner. Petland does not honor their warranty contract at all. There are other stipulations that are not stated in the warranty and when I addressed this with them, they took no responsibility, so if you’re looking to spend $2000 on a dog and not have them covered, this is the place to go. The Sandy Springs Animal hospital, which works with Petland as well have the worst service as well and overcharge for their services, so if you have your own vet, go to them!


fraud fraud watch the workers who have no ! experience with animals. watch the frudulent managers who run credit with various compaines for a loan for the animals. its bad enough none of us should purchase pups any pet store. the people including the owners are only open for business for $ they could care less about these animals which explains the foul poop odor you smell when you first walk in. which is why youll see a pup eating its poo because of lack of cleaniess. they will charge you for things and never ! give a receipt lie to you about the products and or things for the pup they dont even groom these pups before they taken home. they of course overcharge, and take a look in the back at the fish tanks and the disgusting grim on the walls of the tanks. take a look at some of the tanks with the birds and ferrets with poop piled up inside. dont say your gonna come back to think about a purchase the look of death you get cause an associate just may have lost commission. who charges $6,000 for a puppy a con artist who knows how to run a great puppy mill. and please check your paperwork before you leave theyll lie and tell you things like insurance are free and petkey until petket and ac calls. thats why they tell you to hang up cause petland dunwoody is a fraudulent store just call the 800 number and speak to the associate who says they cant help you cause they privately owned but they wont tell you that theyll just pocket your money off of lies while the owners are still on vacation on all of us. fraud and i hope justice is served to all you ruthless con artist. make god have mercy on your excistence.


Petland Atlanta Kennesaw

2920 George Busbee Pkwy. Suite 101

Atlanta Kennesaw, GA 30144



The entire business model of Petland Kennesaw is deception.  Stock the cages with the cutest, most desirable puppies and hire a bunch of high school aged girls and boys with zero actual animal knowledge (not their fault).  Of course the prices aren’t advertised anywhere because they know that NO ONE would come in if they knew the prices right away.  It is only after you and your family have fallen in love with the puppy and the puppy is licking your face do you find out the ridiculous price of the puppy.

READ IT HERE NOW BEFORE YOU VISIT: There isn’t a single puppy there under $1200.  That is not a typo, these are the most expensive puppies I have ever seen.  Of course they offer low interest credit cards for easy purchase and they are able to “go talk to their manager” and ge the price reduced… remind you of used car salemen?  This place should be shut down.  SHADY BUSINESS


The staff is very friendly we fell I love with a golden retriever, I knew they were pricy but not this pricey. A normal AKC registered pup goes for around $2,000 this company told me that the puppy that we wanted to buy was…… $5,000!! Are you kidding me? And it comes with a 4lb bag of dog food.
They are ridiculous. We are here to buy a sweet puppy and give it love and a home.

I also asked the workers do the dogs get a chance to go outside. She said no they get to play a lot when people ask to see them. I was so sad and it really made me want to adopt the puppy even more but $5,000 is a scam and an insult.

I feel so bad for this puppy.


Not buying a parakeet here. Went there for the first time on a Saturday evening. No one was looking after the birds. They we’re upset because uneducated people/kids kept trying to grab them. Put your hand out and the bird will come to you, if it wants.  Don’t grab and hurt it. Plain stupid.

Sadly, one bird came to land on my wife’s hand but kept biting her. Probably because it was mistreated all day. The layout of the bird cages just does not make sense.  Surrounded by people trying to grab them.
The puppy area was not much better.  Spending 10 minutes in a cubical with a dog is not a way to adopt a pet.


Dear Lauren P. (Petland Kennesaw Business Customer Service),

First, let me congratulate you for at least attempting to make nice on your 11/1/2017 response, two full months after I wrote my review. But since you replied, I’d like to ask a few questions:

1) On the day of this incident I was told BY STORE EMPLOYEES that the customer who bought the dog over the phone had never been in your store. They called Friday and made an appointment to see the pup on Saturday morning, but never showed up. The same employees stated that YOUR store policy does not allow for over the phone sales. So how did this happen to us if profit was not a factor?

2) We were in the store for over 2 hours, primarily because our sales associate Nia kept us hostage! Every time we stood to leave she insisted on bringing a different puppy. She could smell our excitement once she brought us the Pomsky (6 puppies later), but each time we rejected the price she went back to the manager to attempt a better one. You should be proud, she definitely doesn’t take NO for an answer. I totally understand why some reviews talk about high pressure tactics, because Nia did not let up.

That being said, if you posted these insane prices online, we would have never made the trip to your store… but that’s part of the game, right?! We were tired and getting hungry so YOUR TEAM agreed to let us go to lunch to think about the final offer while placing the dog “on rest.” To our knowledge that meant the puppy was no longer for sale pending our final decision. Is this not what “on rest” means?

3) We’d only been gone for about 35 minutes when everything went to poop town! Nia was as shocked (or so it seemed) as we were that the puppy had been sold in the short time we ate. She assured us she had placed a card on the puppy’s pen placing him “on rest”. You say you are not concerned about profit *(chuckle)*, but even ethically, were we not the right choice?

We’d been there all morning when the other family never bothered to show up. We asked the female manager on duty how it was possible to sell him over the phone when store policy does not allowed over the phone sales. She flat out told me the other family wanted to purchase the puppy at full price, which made it far less of a “tough decision” than your reply states. Even if this were all a miscue, it is still no less SCUMBAGGY since WE were the family in the store and YOU essentially told us he was on hold while we discussed the purchase at a café a few feet away.

As far as your main concern being about your animals, I think your long list of negative reviews says otherwise.

BESIDES ALL THIS, our prospective puppy was sick. He had a pink medical collar around his neck and we were told even if we had been allowed to purchase him, we would not have been able to take him home for several days until his “treatments” were complete. Given the many reviews citing sick animals at time of purchase, I say thank you for stopping us from making a bad decision by purchasing from Petland! I am all but certain we dodged a bullet and are now the parents of a 7-week-old pup whom we purchased from a local breeder for less than a 10th of your asking price.


– – – –

[ O W N E R   R E P L Y] :

RE: 11/1/2017  Hello Richard. We are sorry that your experience ended in an unpleasant way. We did look into this situation and received clarification on some of your concerns. It sounds like from your experience, our puppy counselor did her job correctly in matching the right puppy to you and your family. We’re so glad that you were able to decide that you were ready to move forward. We truly try our best to accomodate different budgets, even though our pricing does include so much as a standard the value can be be listed incrementally. Unfortunately due to the timing there was no way to hold the puppy without the deposit done earlier. Here at Petland our number one concern is our puppies not profit. There was another family that had been looking at the same puppy, and they had also left the store to think more about it much earlier. In the end, they called with an approval prior to your deposit, which is what makes that decision so tough. The puppy was being looked at by two wonderful families, and the first family had a set decision prior than yours. We’re so sorry that this came off as “scum bag behavior.” It’s not our intention to take the highest bid in any way. It is our intention to get these puppies to the right family, and sometimes there may be a few at the same time. We’d love to have you back in store to possibly match you with another puppy that may also be a good fit, or simply to better your experience in any way we can.


My family wants a dog and they have amped up their efforts to get me on board by showing me online pics of puppies and scheduling visits to pet stores. They’ve been after me nonstop for weeks now, so I caved and agreed to go with them to Petland, which is an hour from our home.


It was a Saturday and this place was like a carnival. It was loaded with so many people you’d have thought they were giving away the animals. They have about 10 cubicles to sit with your potential new pet and ALL were occupied while more people waited in line for the next available space. Puppy after puppy passed us, but we never seemed to run out of “Awwwww, he/she’s sooooo cute” comments. Even I, who had blocked the thought of owning a dog for decades melted like butter in the presence of these lovable creatures.

While we wandered in and out of people holding puppies of all breeds, we ran across Nia, one of Petlands sales associates. Nia is a heck of a salesperson with a big personality and will not take no for an answer. Couple that with her supermodel looks & she can easily command your attention. Nia brought the kids any puppy they wanted in the hunt for the sale. We must have played with 8 different puppies before absolutely falling in love with a golden blonde Pomsky (Pomeranian-Husky mix) with gorgeous green eyes!!!

I was head over heals for this dog but I kept my best poker face, otherwise my family (and Nia) would have smelled blood and gone in for the kill (sale). We sat with this puppy for over an hour waiting for him to finish napping. He cuddled up in my arms the moment I held him and fell fast asleep. We wanted to see his personality, but the poor little fella was exhausted. Nia eventually told us others wanted to see him and we were going to have to give him back, but we held onto him insisting if someone wants to see him, they can come to our cubicle.


My heart was racing out of my chest as I contemplated buying this dog. But the price was far beyond anything I would have expected. Every animal we have ever owned has been one we found or was given to us. The last pet store we considered buying a puppy (several years ago) had them going for around $800. The Pomsky we’d fallen in love with had an asking price of $5,800!!!!!

We went back and forth with Nia and management trying to negotiate, but the best they offered was $3,800 with all the normal guarantees and training kit included OR $3,000 no guarantee or kit. I personally think anything over $900 for a pet is ridiculous, but now my heart was involved, so we asked if they could hold the puppy while we went to lunch. After all, we’d been there for 2 hours and were hungry.

Nia told us she could put the dog on “rest”, which basically keep him from being sold, while we go make a decision. She insisted we come back and not just drive home. We assured her we would be back and even offered to bring her lunch for working so patiently with us.


After eating wings at a nearby restaurant (and buying Nia an order of lemon-pepper wings, fries, and a drink) we returned to the store with hearts wide open. We’d even decided on a name during our lunch and wanted to name him Niko, after Nia. We thought it was a fitting tribute since we all liked her outgoing personality.

Upon returning I asked the manager on duty if it would be possible to keep the hold on Niko until morning because we had a prior engagement to attend and we were already 30 minutes late! This would also give me time to let the emotion of this calm down. She asked for a deposit, but we worked out a deal that it would be refundable if we called early the next day to cancel.

The manager goes to pull the paperwork for the puppy while Nia goes to get him for us to play with him until the deposit/hold was complete. 10 minutes later the manager comes back and tells us while we were having lunch, the puppy was sold from underneath us OVER THE PHONE. We argued the ethics of it with the store manager and even Nia was upset. Long story short, we left the store broken hearted.


The hour ride home was in total silence as we sat in disbelieve of what had just happened. My wife and kids struggling not to cry. For me, it was particularly tragic because I moved from adamantly opposing being a dog owner to being willing to fork over too much money in a matter of hours. I loved that dog, and I love my family. I am notoriously cheap and I was certainly having a hard time with the price, but the look on my families face moved me from tightwad to “it’s only money”. Once Niko woke up we discovered his personality was a perfect match for our family. But he was stolen from us, most likely because they could fetch a higher price than we were willing to pay.

In retrospect, although my heart still longs for Niko, I am content with how things worked out. Pet stores have always been about the money, so I’m happy not to have been part of the cycle.


I regret that my husband went out of his way to praise Morgan that helped us, when in reality she fed us lies. She ensured us that our Puppy kit was free and all items were included with our dog, but they tagged the costs on regardless.  $1400 for items that was not needed. Trust and believe this company will not progress manipulating people. Be careful what you sign they will rush you out the door…I knew my gut was telling me that something wasn’t right..I was in complete shock during the entire process..excited about my pet but utterly uncomfortable with their sales pitch. Something told me not to trust them. I will fight this.


We had an appointment to see a puppy and I was texting back and forth with someone named Tracy. When we got to our appointment we were told that the puppy we had set up an appointment to visit with a week ago was already sold and that there were no more Yorkshire Terriers.. this made us very upset because we had spoken to someone and yet today 12-4-2017 I still received a confirmation about our appointment with our dog we wanted to purchase.. to say the least this is a shit facility.. why make an appointment and still confirm the day of if the puppy we were going to visit with is already sold and they have no more in the facility?!?! Sad to say this was a long trip for nothing.. very disappointing.. will not recommend this place to anyone!!


I wish I could give this place zero stars, you should realize that when they offer you a package to come in and pick out a new puppy if yours dies that you will probably be getting a sick puppy. My chocolate lab has had kennel cough, mange, and now has giardia and with two other dogs in my house these contagious diseases aren’t particularly great. And at a price tag of $2,400 you’d expect better.


Bought a bag of dry dog food from these guys, took it home and opened it. The dog food smelled horrible. Checked the “Best by date” and found this bag had expired 2 YEARS earlier. I took it back, showed it to the clerk. The clerk kind of grinned at a coworker when they saw the bag, like this wasn’t a surprise. They sent me to get another bag and before I left the store I could see that the replacement bag had bugs in it.

If this is how they take care of the food on the shelf, I can’t imagine the neglect the puppies must be seeing.


Been in the store with a friend today and left with a scar on my leg. My friend and I decided to play with a very cute puppy. When we got the dog, he starts to bite my friend’s purse and then mine. We put our purses away then he decides to bite my leg:( . At the end I have to have the worker put him back. I am not sure if the puppies came from a healthy family. I told the worker that the dog bite me and she was just like oh he is playing with you. Seriously biting me is playing? I have two dogs myself and I know what playing is. Please be aware and be careful when you guys play with the dogs there.


Thank goodness Alanna was on the register. She offset our  Petland experience by 100% although we have no intention of going back to the establishment.  Here is why,.

We recently lost our dog and have just come to the place where another doggy might be nice.  Hence, we stopped at Petland to see what they had.   The young man who might have helped us look at dogs was an arrogant twit and I do mean arrogant, albeit short little twit.  I asked him how much the Husky cost and he told me 4000+ dollars. Caught by surprise, I said, “you must be joking”!  We had just been to Mostly Mutts where rescue dogs are available for nothing close to that price.  Anyhow, he replied “oh you’re shopping for a dog….. we don’t sell dogs!”  He said this with such condescension we were totally caught by surprise… like why else would we be looking at the dogs?

Anyhow it turns out that Petland only sells high-end,  AKC registered dogs that have been chipped and had their shots.  They don’t sell regular dogs —  only pedigree so for us there’s no point in shopping at their store,  but who knew?.  It would help had “High-End Dogs for sale”   been on the window signage. We would have been better prepared for the astronomical price tag.

A quick check of the net suggests that purebred Husky prices looks like this:

Purchase from a pet shop – $1400 to $1800
Licensed breeder/kennel – $1300 to $1500
Neighborhood breeder – $1500 to $1700
Husky rescue – $150 to $350
Shelter – $150ish

You need to add chip and shot expenses to that figure.

I don’t know how up to date these prices are but it will give you a point for comparison so you are not as shocked as we were and it will prevent the rude response you might get if you were caught by surprise.

BTW:  if you search for Petland in any state you will find that their ratings are all in the 1-2 star category.  Hence, it is their corporate management philosophy we see here… it is not limited to the local environs.


Bought a cavalier king Charles spaniel in Spring. She was adorable and very expensive…I finally got the price lowered some. When time to go they brought her out and she was coughing. They took her back for some sort of meds. Her nose was running when they brought her back out. I took her to the vet they suggested(where there’s a discount) She had kennel cough. They did not medicate but said to come back in three weeks or if she got worse. She got worse and my other two dogs developed it also. I took them all to my regular vet who medicated all dogs and two weeks later were better. But, not before she checked positive for guardia. A really ugly intestional infection that again, was easily transmitted to my other dogs. $1200 later all dogs are well. Thank goodness. My vet’s comment was “what did you expect from a puppy mill puppy” Lesson learned!


If I could give zero stars I would. This place should be out of business. I’ve never had a puppy that was so sick in my entire life. My vet laughed in my face when I told him my puppy was from petland. Of course you don’t notice how sick they all are before you buy because all of the drugs and sedatives haven’t worn off yet. How could a business be so heartless to such helpless animals?

Trust me when I say you’ll spend more money just trying to get your pet back in good health than what you actually paid for the little guy.. save your bank account a beating and go to the pound and save a life.


I wish I could give this place zero stars. We paid $3850 for a teddy bear puppy who we had instantly fallen in love with. Less than 24 hours of bringing her home she had fallen so ill that she was throwing up for the next 24 hours coughing like crazy and was so weak she could not even eat. By 36 hours we knew it was time to take her to the vet so we planned to take her to the vet at the Petland store since the first visit is covered in the warranty. Hours leading up to our drive to Kennesaw (which is an hour long drive) we decided that it may not be wise to keep an ill puppy especially after spending that kind of money because we didn’t want the situation to completely drain our pockets. So we called the warranty company pouring our hearts out to them to explain what the situation was and all they had to say was “we can refund you but the contract states you would need to pay us a 25% ($900) rehoming fee….so you sold us a sick puppy and then to take it back you want US to pay YOU?? I am so sickened, heartbroken, and just overall devastated. I will never purchase a single thing let alone a pet from Petland ever again.


It does seem like a friendly place, but once closely examined, there are clear sign of neglect and apathy. I go into their bird area and see this bird. It’s missing it’s toe and had a cracked beak leaving an open wound. I brought him directly to one of the employees and told them that this is just awful and he needs medical attention. This is animal cruelty and this needs to be stopped.


I wish I could give this horrible place less than one star. The first thing I noticed when we walked in was a crew of young girls walking around holding puppies (and who doesn’t love a puppy)…if you stopped to pet one, it would be in your arms in a second and the girl would disappear leaving you to wander around trying to find someone who could take it. The second thing was the loud music. Like a bunch of no doubt confused and frightened puppies and kittens being passed from one person to another wasn’t pitiful enough…they have to have background music added to the din of people….the place is crowded. Another thing that’s even more troubling…if you take a look at these photos…most of the pups are extremely docile…not at all like normal puppies. I wonder if they’re on some sort of mild sedative. If you walk to the back of the store, you’ll be treated to the sight of bunches of birds in small cages. Breeders should be illegal. Everybody should be aware that they are the lifeblood of places like Petland and if you continue to support them by buying animals, you’re also helping to continue this cycle. Petland is prettier than the dog pound and more expensive but every animal you buy there sentences another one to more time in a cage…or euthanasia…and a pedigreed animal doesn’t give you any more love or loyalty than one from the humane society. It’s all about supply and demand…if more people would realize that a piece of paper is relatively unimportant and basically just a sop to their egos…it would stop all this overbreeding and homeless dogs, cats, etc would be in homes instead of waiting for someone to choose them.


Changing it to a one star. This place is a joke. We bought 2 golden doodles from this place and went back for a third dog this year. The second dog didn’t work out and we gave it to my brother. Anyway they tried selling us a standard golden doodle for four thousand dollars!! Are you kidding me!? What a JOKE!! This place is a huge ripoff stay far, far away from this place. Our other dogs were twenty two hundred and we thought that was high!!But even better than that, when we had the dog in the play space the girl tried telling us that there was a “shortage” of golden doodles!’ Bad business and horrible salespeople working on commission.. the more you pay the more they make. Me and my wife walked out and will NEVER be back ever. I will let everyone know this place is a ripoff.


Stupidity at it’s very finest! They will tell you all kinds of stories about how their dogs are the world and price tag them at a 300% markup. When they ask for an offer and you give them one, they start getting nasty and off the handle to the point where they are absurdly unruly and not worth the time and effort to deal with. Some of the sales people were just down right idiots. I got quoted three super high prices for the same dog with no additional packages. Liars! Stay away cause it is an absolute total rip-off. Only a moron would buy from there.

On another note, puppy took a dump in its cage. I immediately informed the staff and she said it will eat it up and you’ll never know it was there. Guess what, the puppy ate it’s own poop. I was super super shocked that they did not do a thing about it. She was holding a golden color puppy and the her coworker, dark hair girl with a birth mark on her face just laughed it off. The young guy working there was more interested in just selling the puppy at the highest price.


I went in for Rx dog food and was told it would be in the store in two days.  Over a week later, no dog food.  Just excuses.

I am giving up on the food, especially considering the type of business this is.  Can you say, “Puppy Mill”?  Lots of people handling the puppies, exposing them to dangerous diseases.  I am not surprised at the other negative reviews.  What a shame.  Won’t be back.


I went there to look for puppy and ready to buy. Went to the counter, the salesperson totally ignored me. So I walked around to find someone to help me and not one salesperson could even say”I’ll be with you in a moment”. After about a half hour I walked out. Oh by the way, total puppy mill and the mark up prices are absurd. Glad I came to my senses. Shop here at your own frustration.


Horrible place sold me a dog for 2900 and found the same dog at a breeders for 1200. They also sold us a dog that wasn’t good with kids and I have two under two. I sold him for only 450 bucks because noone would pay more. Let alone I got ripped off from the start. I would not trust them at all. I say run. Run fast and never look back.


This place is absolutely crowded with folks handling and holding puppies.

We came to look at the puppies.


I gave one star only because I feel I got a pretty good dog.
The BUT is that it’s a giant scam.  High pressure sales tactics, playing on emotions, manipulative, and cunning people there who do not care where the puppy is going and if it will be a good situation for both puppy and owner.
The prices are ridiculously over the top and very deceptive about what you are getting for your money. Watch out!!  I am not easily scammed as a rule and they got me. When I called to inquire as to why they arbitrarily tacked on a $1700.00 charge over and above the cost of the puppy and the cost of all the crap they make you buy for the puppy, they hung up on me!  Twice I called and twice no explanation at all.  I could go on, but suffice it to say every negative review on here is justified.  Never ever even walk in the door there or you will come out with a dog you had no intention of buying, cannot afford, and believe me, they don’t give a damn about you or the dog.


I went in to look at an English mastiff puppy. I was blatantly ignored by every single staff member for over 30 minutes. The dogs did not seem happy and all acted as though they were drugged up. The mastiff was very playfull until she say the staff members in green shirts. She immediately would hunker down and act super sad. I had a question about the cost of the puppy and once I finally demanded the attention of one of the staff members after he tried to ignore me again to talk to an older woman who appeared to have money he was short with me and rude. They will never have my business. From the hour that I spent there I was highly disappointment in the staff and in the treatment of the animals they are asking thosands of dollars for.


I am in here usually once a week. Today I was shocked by one employee…..after I asked his name it is Dwayne.  I was with an 8 and 5 year old.  The 8 year old asked for a puppy. He proceed to tell her okay than got loud with another employee that  he was off and to handle it.  It was not handled well and was in front of the kids who asked what was going on.  The girl who helped us was great. Thankfully she was actually professional.


I bought a french bulldog from here. When we came, the employed would NOT tell us the price of the pets. It took a long time to find out the cost of one and they start at $3000.00. We bought one for 60% off.

I knew there was something wrong with his ears and the manager said they were just dirty. If anyone has owned dogs, they know the smell and look of infected ears. I was assured that they were just dirty, but I still felt uncomfortable.

The next week we brought our pet back to petland for his rabies vaccination. The vet was dressed in scrubs but the man assisting looked like someone from off the street, wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and a baseball cap. I was uncomfortable with this man as a vet tech. Where were his scrubs? The vet administered his shot and we asked about his ears and he said they looked fine. Then he pushed us through for the next customer.

A few weeks later I noticed that his ears were not getting better! I called petland and they insisted that we bring him to their “preferred” vet. First of all, we didn’t trust their vet after seeing and interacting with him. Second of all, we didn’t want to hear, “his ears are just dirty.”

I made an appointment with OUR vet and thankfully we did! Frank had a URINARY TRACT INFECTION and an EAR INFECTION!!  I was RIGHT, PETLAND!!!!!

So after an almost $300 pet bill, I called Pawsitive Solutions. I’m sure Petland hired them just to cover themselves from ALL mistakes made, which I believe may be many. The people at Pawsitive Solutions said, “third parties are not covered.” So we decided to call the owners.

The owners did not call us back, and everyone that we spoke to said they would call us back. That never happened.

Today we decided to take some products back for a refund (joint and mobility powder and vitamins). We wanted to speak to a manager, but I’m guessing he didn’t want to speak with us. While we were waiting, the girl at the checkout charged us for the products instead of refunding us, which ended up in bringing the manager over anyway.

After speaking with him and showing him our invoices from the vet, he wrote us a check for the medical expenses we incurred. We have another bill coming, so we will see what the outcome will be.

We definitely knew they messed up and they knew it too.

If you get a pet from here, get it checked out from an outside vet!


A crackpot operation to say the least.

Pet stores are HORRIBLE in general, but this is an example of the hideousness that they are.

My friend is purchasing a dog for her boyfriend for Valentines days– we’ve been focusing on shelters and breeders, but another friend wanted to go here just to see.

We called before going to inquire about the dogs we were interested, asking for prices, etc. The lady kept giving us the run around and just kept saying come in, come in… so, planning to go anyway, we went and it was chaos. Lots of people, I couldn’t believe it.

And the dog prices??? THOUSANDS of dollars. I’m talking $2500+ for puppies that you could find from reputable breeders for less than half. There was a yorkie going for like $3000 that looked worse off than the yorkie we saw online for $650, registered, etc. When purchasing a dog you really want to see the parents, where the dog came from, its lineage, the breeder should be pretty open in regards to their home, there should be a website with photos, etc. OR you go to a shelter where dogs are rescued from. The Atlanta Humane Society needs to rescue these poor dogs from Petland.

DO NOT purchase from here.

They try to upsell you with a payment plan and financing. This is how the $2500 you thought the dog costs ends up being $4000. Here’s a reality check my friends– if you have to finance a dog it simply means you CANNOT afford it. Simple as that. Do NOT go into debt and mess up your credit trying to buy a dog that probably came from a puppy mill. A reputable breeder would NOT let their dogs be in pet stores, you can go to nearly any breed specific pet forum and find that out.

They also try to say the dog will come with extra stuff, but all that “stuff” can be gotten from ebay, amazon, or craigslist for half the price.

Again I strongly advise people against going to this place. Save your gas and just google the dog you want, look on local pet classifieds, look for breeders in state or out. But do NOT buy from a puppy mill, I mean puppy store.


So so so so sad. I wish I could have gone in a saved all the animals.
I never heard of Petland before so I checked out their website and it states that they rescue animals and take some from local shelters. It was nothing but  puppy mill.

We went in to check out a puppy that was advertised on their facebook. It wasn’t who they advertised. They poor baby had kennel cough and they tried to pass it off as her puppy vaccine. I’m sorry, never in my life have a seen a puppy cough as if it were a child with bronchitis. I noticed other puppies were in the windows coughing as well.

Since I read online that they got their puppies from shelters I assumed there was a process to adopt. Nope, they just had the dog over to whoever is willing to pay. This is how pets end up in shelters. They let kids hold puppies all day long. These dogs get handled so much they are sick and tired. Someone needs to go in and rescue all these dogs. Seriously needs to be done.

Please don’t support this place.


The little girl I nanny loves to come in here and play with the puppies. Every time we leave it makes me sick to my stomach. All the dogs here are so malnourished and overcrowded. They are climbing and sleeping and all fighting all over each other. There is little to no food and water. Almost every dog we get out is shivering and exhausted. It breaks my heart that some of the sweetest puppies are put in these conditions. I want to buy every single one that’s in here and save them from these disgusting conditions.


Bad store with bad ethics. They upcharge dogs to the tune of thousands of dollars over the price of other pet stores. I brought a dog and 2008 and she was crazy from the get-go and was always sick, bad discipline problems. I finally had to give her away. I returned in 2016, just to look at their new store in the new location, nothing has changed, upcharges, staff who do not know anything, but try to give you a poor excuse on why their dogs cost close to $4,000.00 and dogs who are shivering and look like they have health problems. I would not buy here, read all of the reviews. Everyone could not be wrong. And God willing the owners will learn a lesson for their greed and hopefully go out of business, until they gain some integrity.


the saddest place on planet earth.
we came here because i was so excited from their other branch. i took my 10 year old niece just to be greeted by half dead looking animals. it’s like a petting zoo gone terribly wrong. they had two birds that seemed to be dying in the corner of their cages, the animals have this look of terror in their eyes, and i seriously felt like it’s animal cruelty.

then, we finally picked a fish for her and this dude in the fish section just kept selling us the most expensive stuff for the fishes. i had to argue with him that we dont need a 6 dollar fish food but he keeps insisting. anyway, within the next day, the first fish died, the second day the second fish died. so far, the third fish is holding up- this sucks so badly cuz it was her first set of fishes.


I really wanted to like this place.
I really wanted to frequent this place because it seemed that they had a good selection of products and services and they were clean. We had just moved to the area and wanted to find our “home” pet store. We have 2 dogs, a cat, and 12 English Budgies. We buy hippie grain free, hypoallergenic food for the dogs because my wife says it helps with their coats, and I buy Zupreem, Oats, Millet, High Quality seed for my little guys among other supplies. Needless to say, we spend a lot of money on our pets.

I initially came in to check out the birds. A young gentlemen told me the price of the birds and even offered a deal if I was to take them both right there on the spot. I knew my wife was going to flip if I came home with 2 more, so I decided not to.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and we had decided to get the birds! Excited!
I go into the store and ask the price, and the young man who had to check his phone, then go to the back to ask, came back and told me they were $80 a piece? When I first came in they were $40 a piece. How is it that the price had doubled?
I thought it was really weird. Then I noticed that they do not post prices on any of the pets. This tells me that they probably charge whatever they feel like charging at any given time for any given reason. A very shady practice.

I even wrote into the Contact Us section on the stores website and gave them a week. No response.

You could have had a great customer, but instead of posting prices and being consistent, instead of reaching back out to your guest that take the time to get in the car, drive to the store, waste time, waste money, and ultimately become disappointed and cautious about shady practices, you leave money at the door by not caring and not reaching out.

I really wanted to like you Petland, even gave you an opportunity to make things right. Thanks a lot.


Insanely priced puppy mill puppies. We were sold a deformed puppy with one eye smaller than the other but they told us it was scratched during play and it would heal in a couple of days. It didn’t. We paid almost $1400 including the puppy kit. The puppy peed on the floor every-time we let her out of the kennel despite that we took her out 8 times a day! On day 6, exhausted and on the verge of insanity, we returned it back to the store. They took it back and would sell it to the next victim but we came out with not a penny because they only gave store credit within the first 48 hours! No refund under any circumstances! A very expensive lesson for us to learn! And the feeling of being scammed and ripped off is not an easy pill to swallow!

The same puppy can be bought directly from a breeder for $300! If you must get a puppy, buy direct from a reputable breeder or better yet adopt. An adopted dog comes housebroken which could save you months of headaches!


This place is the biggest joke and I hope to god you go out of business!! Made an appt today to look at a dog of yours, I get there and was first told it was already sold a week ago. Good thing the my oh so amazing pet “counselor” looked again. Well it wasn’t even the same one but I still checked it out. I immediately noticed she had a pretty bad cough, the “counselor” then said it must of been from the shots she had just received. That might of passed for an uneducated person having been around dogs all my life I knew it was kennel cough. I then asked what the back story was with this dog, the “counselor” replied with “what do you mean” INFO, WHERE DID YOU GET THIS DOG AT, SOMETHING? He had no idea. The. Went on to say that they get there dogs from “top breeders” and that non are rescued unlike what their website says. After telling me the bs scheme of what comes with the dog I then asked how much. I was told for everything and the dog was OVER $6000!!! Sorry but I came to possibly get a dog not a damn car. I the. Asked how much for JUST the dog, was then told by mr “counselor” that the “best” he might be able to do was still OVER $5000!!!! You people are out of your minds and the dogs are sick!!!! They need to be saved not just in general but from this horrible company that is being ran. The scheme of all these options being available with purchase is nonsense and the food you say you’ll provide is probably cheap, Chinese crap that will kill them anyways. Maybe thats why I was told “if your dog does die, money you’ve spent will go towards another from us” ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!??? Rot in hell, you’ll go under soon just like your other locations.


I am an animal lover. When my best friend wanted to go look at the puppies here, I consented for her sake. I was HORRIFIED. The puppies are kept in tiny little cages and look sick. I started crying looking at them. They are all on top of each other and it’s ridiculous. Don’t ever buy from these places. Read the other reviews and go to a shelter/buy from a breeder. What I saw at that store was disgusting.


sold me a sick dog bought a french bulldog… no $ down for $6600 financing before we left 8.26 the sales guy said he wasnt suppose to be out bc he was taking meds for upper respitory- he showed us the sheet of non completion- came back after i said dont sale me no sick dog i got 2 others at home, he came back with the clear & said they forgot to show he was clear so you;re all set, he wont ever have this problem again. by aug28 the dog was coughing…took him to the vet 8.30 they confirmed he had kennel cough & put him on meds. petland knew this dog was not well before i purchaed the dog & for the sales guy to say he will never have this again lied! even the vet said he didn’t know what he was talking about. i feel they should take a couple thousand off of this dog considering they knew he was not fit to be purchased!!!! per reviews online this is a common thing with this particular petland


So disappointed have been a loyal shopper for 10yrs, have purchased 2 dogs 120 gallon fish tank two oscars all the ghost shrimp food leashes toys and today two guinea pigs a large cage food bedding toys water bottle vitamins a hideaway chew sticks etc an they refused to come down $20!!!! manager was extremely rude! Definitely lost my loyalty!


I just want to start by saying I’ve been a snake owner for years. So my wife and I bought a red tail boa from pet land and had issues from the beginning. The snake wouldn’t eat at all and was really weak and sickly. We talked to the store and they told us you need to buy this and that and make the terrarium better. Needless to say after a month of trying to baby this snake I came home to him dead in his tank. I took him back and they assured me they would have a replacement within 2 weeks. So 2 weeks later I called and the replacement snake had never been ordered, and they had no recollection of my bringing a dead snake back??? So once again they told me they would have another snake for me in 2 weeks..  guess what? 3 weeks later it still wasn’t there. After much debate and trouble all they wanted to offer me was a store credit but I wasn’t having it. I got my full refund and took my money elsewhere. I will never buy anything from them ever again. You would be wise to do the same.


The puppies are in small, dirty cages and the employees are like used car salesmen.  We got a puppy from there and she has deformed toes and luxating patellas that may require surgery. Look for a reputable breeder or rescue a puppy instead of going to a pet store. It will save you money in the long run.


I know, I know, I know…you shouldn’t buy dogs at pet stores. You should go through a breeder or adopt one. But when I went to Petland I absolutely fell in love with my dog. I paid way too much for him and when I got him home, it turned out he had a bladder/urinary infection.

My poor little pup started peeing blood at 10:00 at night and I didn’t know what to do. At the time I didn’t know it was a bladder/urinary infection. I did some quick research online and called a few emergency animal hospitals in the area. All the places I called said to bring him in immediately since he was so young and had blood in his urine. They said it could be any number of things with the most serious being a blockage.  I took my pup to the animal hospital and they discovered he had a bad infection. The following day I called Petland to inform them and hoped they would be sympathetic and offer to help cover the costs since he had clearly contracted the infection during their care and because they have a health guarantee on their puppies. They didn’t seem to care much that the dog was sick. They refused to honor the health guarantee because I did not go to their preferred vet, which wasn’t even an option since their vet does not have emergency hours.

I have learned my lesson and will never purchase a dog from a pet store like Petland again.


Petland Columbus

5592 Whitesville Rd.

Columbus, GA 31904



We bought a Bichon there a little over 2 years.  She is now blind in both eyes from a hereditary defect.  Careful what you buy here, just because they are expensive doesn’t make healthy.   Both vets we have been to said it was gene


We bought a Bichon there a little over 2 years.  She is now blind in both eyes from a hereditary defect.  Careful what you buy here, just because they are expensive doesn’t make healthy.   Both vets we have been to said it was genetic.


We payed $1800 for our German Shepherd who broke out in swollen rashes on his face and body, turns out he has genetic demodex mange from his mom. Thankfully it was an easy fix and he’s not contagious. Maybe instead of investing so much time and energy swearing that they only get puppies from good reputable breeders, they should actually look into what they’re selling. Sketchy and heartbreaking.


Seriously worried about the dogs here, one was breathing pretty heavy and laying on his back, eyes open and the one I can see was particularly rolled back


This place lacks customer service. The employees do not greet potential customers at all. It took about 15 minutes for any of the lazy employees standing around to acknowledge me and my wife. This is very unacceptable and unprofessional to say the least especially for what they charge for puppies at this place. Do not shop here at all. Go elsewhere if your looking for puppies.


I feel like I was taken advantage of. Do I love my new dog? Yes! But a month later to find out another couple was able to talk down the price on the same dog is frustrating. Almost $600 cheaper. They must sell these dogs like cars with the sales people making a profit.


I feel so bad for these pitiful puppies. They are way overpriced and come directly from puppy mills. The employees never know anything about the puppies without going into the back and reading their card. Some of these puppies are taken from their mother far too soon, at 6 weeks. I understand some people don’t want to go the rescue route, by at least get your puppy from a reputable breeder who raises the puppies as a part of their family. Also, the cages are filthy. The puppies learn to soil in their crates and that is a very hard habit to break. Overall, the store part is okay, but the animals not so much.


The fish department at this location is “temporarily or maybe permanently shutdown” according to the less-than-friendly store operator/owner. That leaves very little reason for any aquarium owners to shop there.


We bought a puppy here a very short while ago. They mentioned that he has a week knee “luxating patella” but that it is normal and he will grow out of it as he grows older. I wondered why they carried him to us and had us carry him to our car, never preferring we walk him when we bought him that day… When we took him home, we noticed later that he was a limper and hopped around on his back knees a few times…. made me nervous cuz we spent more then a thousand for him. When I took him to the park a block away from our apartment the next day he would not walk back home with me (had to carry him home). I went and took him to the vet and found out more about his luxating patella. IT WAS NOT NORMAL as the sales person said it was. This puppy was in pain and was most likely bread in a puppy mill. I learned my lesson… PLEASE DONT PURCHASE FROM PETSTORES THAT GET THEIR PUPPIES FROM PUPPY MILLS. Puppies should not suffer genetic diseases because of people forcing unhealthy dogs to breed. Me and my husband are heartbroken that we had to give up such a sweet dog and return him not just because of his health but for the sake of the whole puppy mill industry. I hope he finds a good home where he wont have to be walked too often. Our second story apartment just wouldn’t work for a dog with a bad knee that cant even go up the stairs… I feel terrible.


Petland Dalton

1349 W Walnut Ave.

Dalton, GA 30720



Wish I could give a -50 stars review, because this place is horrible. I’ve never had a decent experience here. Several times, the animals (especially the ferrets) have had disgusting enclosures and no food or water to speak of. I’ve seen dying rats, gerbils and hamsters, and puppies with feces all over their toys. Today was the last straw…. I was completely disrespected by the manager, so much so that I felt compelled to tell others about it….my youngest dog needs to be spayed, and I have went to the low cost spay and neuter clinics that petland has sponsored for a few years. So I went to go ask when the spay and neuter van was coming back around. I went in the store and stood for a  few minutes waiting for someone to assist one did. So, I asked a young girl who was just standing there and she said “Let me go ask”. She just went and started talking to another customer…I waited 5 to 10 minutes and she never went to ask anyone.  The manager was there(the lady with short grey hair and glasses) at the counter with another employee, just talking. I went up to the counter to ask if they might know. I stood there politely, clearly needing assistance.. and they just looked at me and continued talking. I finally said “Excuse me, but do either one of you know when the spay and neuter van will be back around?” The manager laughed in my face and said “we don’t do that. ” and I continued to say “Well, you did it a little over a year ago to my dog…” Because I had gotten my chihuahua spayed at the clinic a short time ago.  she said “Honey, no we didn’t..we haven’t done that in three years or more.” While laughing, and pretty much making me feel like I was stupid for even asking. To be honest, it hurt my feelings and embarrassed me. This store clearly doesn’t care about the animals they sell or the customers that buy from them. I work in retail and would never in my life treat a customer so badly. It was completely unprofessional, and I’m surely letting everyone I know to never go there. If you need pet supplies, buy them on amazon. If you want a companion, go to the humane society. They will actually help you find the best care for your new baby without making you feel like a complete idiot.


Petland Mall of Georgia

3333 Buford Dr., Suite 2068A

Buford, GA 30519



This place is a joke. I wish I could give zero stars! Petland claims that the animals are the most important, but how so with parvo ridden dogs?  And people going home with a disease and having to go to the ER? Puppy mills must be your best friend. Research people. Look online at all of the complaints! How is this place still open?!


I can’t believe this business doesn’t already exist on Yelp! This business opened up many months ago. We looked at this location for a new puppy and like everyone, swooned over their cut puppies. We were a little freaked out by the number of people in the business and the obvious stress it caused these little puppies. Then we asked the price and about fell back in our chair! Having purchased animals from breeders before, I knew what to expect but these prices are twice to three times what you should pay in some cases. They wouldn’t sell a single dog if they didn’t offer financing options.  Anyway, everyone has a right to spend how they see fit so that isn’t my issue. The issue is that my wife and I decided to wait 24 hours to think about it. We were told we could leave a deposit but we decided not to. I spent the next day researching Petland and realized this location is owned and run in connection with the Kennesaw location.  I found countless complaints against both locations due to poor business practices and selling sick puppies that not only died but got their owners sick! The local news channel did a big story about it.  I found a written statement from their old vet that clearly said they were pushing him to OK the sale of sick puppies.  That puppies would come in packed in semi trailers and many would be sick and dead.  So I decided that I had seen enough and we didn’t buy the pup.  We did however go back and have seen many dogs with discharge coming from eyes and nose. Many dogs with diarrhea. We have seen reviews on google buried by fake reviews from reviewers who had just one review, the review they just posted about Petland.  I’ve since learned they buy reviews by offering free stuff.  Listen, spend money how ever you want. Like I said I am not against breeders.  What I am against is animal suffering. I am against a business the knowingly lies and works to cover those lies. Just do your research. Look up the news stories on Facebook and via search engines.


Petland Rome

1600 Turner McCall Blvd.

Rome, GA 30161



Terrible. Terrible customer service. Went on a Sunday afternoon to get three goldfish. Waited for 10 minutes in the fish section and no one ever came. We were told they were short staffed so we patiently waited for another 25 minutes. We got fed up and left, while there were 3 employees standing idly by at the register.

It’s a shame there is no Petsmart in town. I will not be coming back to this place. I’d rather travel to be Petsmart in Cartersville.


Petland Batavia

401 N. Randall Rd.

Batavia, IL 60510



First of all, let me say I’m really ticked off, the reason for the detailed review, after buying a dog from these people 14 days ago.  I should have read the Yelp reviews before spending almost $3000 for a dog that I know know has parasites and other health issues.  (I explain later in this post).

From the shaky start, I should have taken that as an omen.  The sales girl forgot to apply the down payment to the balance when picking up the dog.  I caught it – she didn’t.  When I showed her the mistake, her response was to try to give me a store credit instead of my over payment back.  One would have thought that she would have said, “Oh my goodness…I’m so sorry.”  She said nothing.

I now also understand that they don’t say or explain much of anything that might mess up the sale.  I found out the hard way on the wonderful sounding “guarantee” language etc.  You will have 10 pages of contract / stuff that looks like you’re saving money etc….but that’s totally bogus sales fluff.  I guess I should have had my attorney read it first….but obviously that couldn’t happen.

It’s so obvious looking back that their salespeople are commission based….their underlying motivating factor.  They will say whatever it takes to get the sale.  Let me add that the sales person forgot to give me my pet cage when leaving the store, so I had to drive back to get it.  At that point….I was just hoping for a healthy dog and we’d be done with Petland.  That didn’t happen either.

My new dog’s health bills are adding up (parasites / tests for other concerns etc.) and it’s only been 2 weeks.  I am heading back to the vet right after I write this for more tests to see if the parasites are gone…and other concerning issues to check.  So I called Petland today because I needed their help with how to handled these “covered” issues.  A girl named Ashley said, “Call this 877 number, they handle these things…nothing I can do.  They are called Pet Solutions”  WHAT????  That’s the best a Petland employee can do after I paid 3 grand? Push me off to a 3rd party vendor?

With little choice, I called the number they gave me.  This health “guarantee” I was told I have at the purchase counter.  Well….I now know that this guarantee is also pretty much worthless.  The vet says my dog is sick.  I have paid hundreds of dollars just 2 days after I bought the dog to have tests given to determine the problem.  I will have more vet bills today as I’m headed that way to see why my dog (I’ve now had for just 16 days) continues to not look healthy.  Anyone that has a pet knows that the big bills are the treatment and diagnosis to find out what’s wrong.  They will not pay for that.  They will pay for the medicine…which is $15.

So let’s just look at the whole picture here.  I paid $3000 for a pet on November 25th.  Petland got their money…Petland staff paid their commissions…and I’m on my own with a sick dog…no help at all from the store, and almost no coverage from their Pet Solution guarantee policy.  I could (so could you) have paid far less for this same breed of dog by looking at other options.  I paid the higher price because I thought I was getting more than just a dog handed to me at the purchase.  Well…that’s all I got…a dog handed to me…and the extra dollars paid…gone…and counting.

Stay far far far away from this place.  There is a reason they have a lousy Yelp rating before I am writing mine.  If I could give a zero star…I would.  $3000 is not a small amount of money to get someone to pay for a pet, especially a sick one.

PS  Let me add that I purchased 2 dogs (all the same breeds) 13 years ago from a different Petland store, so I’m not a rookie with Petland.  But in those 13 years, they have changed so far to the bad.  The price has tripled from 13 years ago and the added vet benefits etc are no longer worth anything. Mark my words…..once you buy your pet….they are done with you other than to try to sell you more pet products.


We purchased our Doxie from here a couple of months ago and they stated he had been neutered. Well his balls dropped last week and instead of them just taking care of this, we have to prove he wasn’t neutered. How about a photograph of my dog’s tiny doxie balls? Will that be enough proof? Nope. We have to take him to our vet and have our vet certify that he wasn’t neutered as well. Well clearly, there are balls there so…..yeah.

Your proof is that he still has balls. That should have been enough.

So we do that anyways, and NOW we have to take our dog to one of their vets (one of their vets who certified he WAS ALREADY NEUTERED) to get the procedure done.

You know, mistakes happen. And on top of this they charged me double as well so we had to get that straightened out. But this is stupid. Really, just time-wasting and annoyingly stupid. I bought the dog under the premise he had already had this done, and he hadn’t. OBVIOUSLY. BECAUSE YOU CAN SEE HIS LITTLE DOXIE BALLS. So just make it right, would you? Without us having to use a strange vet that we and our dog doesn’t know and that is 20+ miles away?

That said — the dog is amazing.

Yes, I am well aware I should adopt. But we just connected with this one. And his balls.


They sell sick puppies! My dog that we spend big money on was tested positive for two virus’ called Coccidia and Giardiasis. They claim a vet checks out the puppies every Wednesday which is clearly wrong. Before my new dog had met our other ones, she was taken to the recommended vet the very next day after purchase. We were told a couple days after her vet visit that she had those viruses. Now my other dog has one of the virus’ due to it being very contagious after them meeting just once. Their policy only covers the dog they sold you so if any other dog is infected, they won’t cover to treat them.

Also, the staff there is miserable and can’t answer questions directly.


BEWARE OF PETLAND PRODUCT RETURN POLICIES. My experience today taught me to NEVER again do business with this outfit, not even buy a bag of dog treats.  I have a 10 mo old cavapoo that likes to chew. I’ve gone thru a couple cheap big box store dog harnesses (I prefer walking her with a harness as the pull is on her chest, not her throat) and she got a hold of them and chewed the cheap plastic fasteners used today to fasten the harness. So I web searched and found a good old fashioned harness with ALL METAL HARDWARE made by Coastal (and the Coastal website said it was available at this store, but it was not) – a harness like this

Enhanced Strength Tru-Fit Dog Car Harness attaches to vehicle seatbelt system with carabiner or seatbelt loop

*****Steel Construction Dog Harness Buckle.*****

I was told, quite condescendingly, that she never heard of a metal buckle. Maybe because what Petland has in their leash/collar/harness section is the cheap harness with the PLASTIC CHEWABLE BUCKLES.

My 15 lb dog was right with me, so the associate saw her size. She went in the back of the store. Now at this time, I also had my 67 lb border collie with me as well as my little dog, plus my purse, etc., and my cavapoo was afraid of the loud parrot screeching in the back of the store.

She came back with the Holt harness (which is basically a nylon rope harness, no straps or padding). But I saw all the metal circles…yet failed to see the cheap keeper ring (which adjusts the fit of the harness)…WAS PLASTIC!!!!!   My oversight, but her mistake in presenting this Holt harness to me, when I specifically said I wanted no plastic on it.

Then when I got home and put it on my 15 lb cavapoo—it was too big!  Pulling the plastic keeper ring down far enough made the leash ring so long it dragged on the floor. Definitely not the right item for my dog. I took it off and placed it on a table near my purse, to be returned, and of course, when I’m not looking my chewer pulled it off the table and chewed the plastic keeper ring. (Go to Holt Adjustable Dog Control Harness to view this plastic keeper ring).

I was asking for a refund because #1 it was too big, and #2 it had a plastic part and my puppy chewed it the first night, before we ever took a walk with it on her. The price was only $17.99. A notable amount for me, but not for this franchise. “We can make no exception to our return policy.”  Yes you could. But profit supersedes customer satisfaction.

And Petland makes their money off the outrageous price of (what I believe to be puppy mill dogs) and could care less about customer satisfaction.

I will caution friends about my experience with this Batavia IL Petland and I will never walk into that store again.

I notice 14 other customers who took the time to publish their dissatisfaction on Yelp collectively gave Batavia Illinois Petland 2 stars. So I’m not alone. BEWARE DOING BUSINESS WITH THIS STORE.


Before I knew about the horrors of puppy mills I begged my parents for Figaro, my silly bean, male chihuahua, back in high school. I love him so very much but to know the truth about where these puppies come from is truly appalling.

No, I did not have a bad experience, however, having talked to a former employee you must realize that the goal is making a sale. There is commission to be had and who doesn’t like a little extra spending money?

Petland has “prided” themselves with using USDA licensed breeders. This means that the breeders meet the minimum standard for what is acceptable, which in reality, is appalling to the average human being.

I am a local Humane Society volunteer and can tell you first hand there are plenty cute puppies, pure breeds, and down right wonderful animals at your local shelter.

I am not going to shove my beliefs down your throat and say don’t go to a breeder but I beg of you to do your homework first and make sure they are humane, caring individuals.

When you buy an animal from Petland you are not saving or adopting it. You are simply lining the pockets of the company and giving puppy mills the ability to stay in business. It is basic supply and demand.

Please consider alternatives when looking to add an addition to your family.


I cried after I left pet land because it’s sad to see all the puppies locked in a small cage. I hate this store


This place shouldn’t exist. Not enough employees to watch people freely pick up the bunnies, hamsters, ferrets, guinea pics, etc. Poor little creatures being constantly fussed with.

Oh, and they hold birthday parties there. Not sure how I really feel about forcing these animals to be shoved in a room full of children.

I can’t imagine the dogs are very comfortable in those cages, either.

I left this place feeling the same that I would if I left a kill shelter. Also, there’s a bird named Gracie that’s not even for sale. The owner has decided that she belongs to the store. Gracie could live up to 60! She is 2 years old now and all she knows is a cage in this facility, and apparently that’s all that owner wants her to know. Very sad. I will NOT support this company.



We made the mistake of not researching or attempting to adopt. So, we went ahead and purchased a puppy from here. My fiance and I now care for a beautiful Heeler named Charlie. She had only been at Petland for what they claim was 2 days. We were the second people to play with her and we immediately decided to bring her home. It all went downhill from there.

On the first night home our puppy was super playful and very energetic. She ate her food and pretty much slept through the night. The next day we took our puppy to  my parent’s house for a barbecue. She was really playful with my nieces and nephews, but we started to realize that she would not touch her food. We also began to notice that she was throwing up. We figured it was from all the activity from the day. When we brought her home that night Charlie seemed very lethargic and still had no appetite. Come Monday morning we immediately set an appointment for that same afternoon with the vet.

After our visit with the vet and after our puppy had vomited and pooped diarrhea right in front of her they sent her home with a fluid pack on her back and medicine for the diarrhea. They advised us to continue trying to feed her. When we arrived home that night, Charlie was still super lethargic. We took her outside to get air and possibly go to the bathroom but nothing. Then when we brought her back, she sat up and fainted. We immediately took her to the emergency vet.

Come to find out our puppy has Kennel Cough. She came back negative for Parvo and any parasites. They also informed us that our puppy was underweight for her age and super tiny. They sent us home with Antibiotics, medicine for her nausea and a diet plan of boiled chicken and rice. The emergency vet also recommended that we do some x- rays to rule out Pneumonia. Because we had already racked up expenses for the emergency vet visit and medication we opted not to.

Since her emergency vet visit, now 4 days later our puppy has been doing much better!! It is crazy how much you cant tell the difference. So, Just some quick tidbits. After finding out that my puppy was sick, I began to investigate where she came from. When I was at Petland they told me that she came from a “USDA Hobbyest.” Sounds legit right? Not really, when I called and asked for her breeders names again, after a 20 minute wait they finally gave them to me. Come to find out I had that information all along and I realized they disregarded to tell me her distributor, QD Kennels. When I researched QD Kennels, it turns out they are one of the biggest/worst puppy mills in Missouri.

When we left Petland they recommended we continue to give our puppy the food they feed the puppies at Petland, Nutro. When I researched reviews on the food after Charlie refused to eat, I realized that it has TERRIBLE reviews. A lot of puppies had the same symptoms as Charlie. coincidence that she got a lot better after days of being off the food? Also speaking of food, when we got her they gave us an eating chart hat kept track of how much Charlie ate while she was in the care of Petland for 3 days. It had all 0’s for the days that she had been there. They tried to claim that it was because her crate mate was eating her food. If the food was gone wouldn’t you assume that it was Charlie eating it?? Which means, they were aware she as not eating and just tried to make an excuse for it. Once she is done with her antibiotic we are switching her back to dog food, we chose FROMM.

Also, when you purchase your puppy at Petland they make you sign a warranty that states that anything found wrong with your puppy, as long as you visit a vet form their list, will be completely covered. Well, when we went to the vet on the “recommended list” that vet did ABSOLUTELY nothing. So what was there for them to really cover?? This means that the Emergency Vet we went to that actually diagnosed the Kennel Cough, was not covered.

I have so much anger towards Petland for doing this to poor innocent puppies. The treatment they receive there is not okay. We have had Charlie for a little under a week and already she has been through so much. You can tell she gets nervous in transport (huge identifier that your puppy came from a puppy mill), and to be in enclosed places (also an identifier). Although she is doing better, she is prone to have lung issues when she is older. She is also pretty small for her breed and was underweight when we bought her. We got lucky in a sense because most dogs go home from Petland with pneumonia or even Parvo. Both of these are VERY hard to overcome for puppies and they have a high risk of death. They send them home with people that are ready to love them only to realize that their puppy is probably extremely sick.DO NOT BUY FROM HERE, you are only supporting the puppy mills. Although, I feel we have saved Charlie and love her deeply, I will never purchase a puppy from here again.


Seriously, who would buy a dog from this place?  I feel physically sick just looking at them in those tiny plexi glass boxes w crate wire for them to stand on. Do your research. Many of these dogs are from puppy mills and have health issues. Adopt from a shelter.


Just came back from Petland in Batavia, IL.  I saw a Yorkipoo that I went crazy over.  I phoned my wife and daughter to come to this Petland.  They came and also fell for the little guy.  We asked the price.  It was $399 with the one hundred dollar special.  They asked if we wanted the dog.  We said yes.  Then they brought over two products we had to purchase if we wanted the dog.  Plus, we had to pay $100 transfer fee on the microchip.  The manager came by and concurred that we had to take those additional items to get the dog.  She then said she would call her manager.  She did, but it did no good.  So, we lost the dog.  This would have been the fourth dog we bought from this Petland in addition to a bird.  I’ll never go into this store again.  I often stopped in to see the puppies and get items for our dog and/or bird.  Never again.  Petland shoul be ashamed of their shyster practices.


I’m fostering a couple kitties I found homes for and last night had to pick up two carriers last minute, along with some food, litter. You know, the basics to get the kitties off on the right foot with their new forever homes.

I went for the food first and noticed Iams was about $5 more for the same in the city. Same with the litter. The guy who started helping didn’t make the mark when he began with a put down of my choice for food. Iams isn’t the best. I know. But, the cats are moving to a place where they most likely will be shopped for at the local grocery chain, not foo foo pet stores. I was going for consistent stock.

The carriers, which were the urgent need of the evening, were overpriced by about $50. I hate there’s nothing to be done about it now considering they were much smaller too.

The horrible part, however, was seeing the desperately sad puppies in sterile glass compartments. When asked, I was told they mostly came certified breeders, some even were Amish. Oh, what a lie. Amish are not dog breeders, folks. After this, I grabbed my overpriced goods and bolted. I’ve learned the lesson.  Buy ahead of time and don’t patron puppy mill selling junk stores.


I first called Petland about a week ago about one for the puppies I saw and wanted to purchase. The little Yorkie-Pom was on sale for $299 because it had been there for a long time and was 6 months old, and that was right in the budget that my husband and I had set for getting a dog! I was overjoyed thinking we would be able to get a designer puppy for so little! I called a couple days later making sure the puppy was still there and even had one of the employees send me a current picture of the dog. I was completely sold. He was so cute and fluffy! I drove 30mins out to the store to pick him up. I had already purchased a crate and puppy food from elsewhere because I knew the puppy food there was going to be over priced. Once I arrived at the store, I played with puppy and quickly knew for sure I want to bring him home! So they pulled up all of the paper work and then explained to me I had to purchase dog food ($13) and two dog supplements to prevent the dog from having diarrhea ($20 each). So that up-ed my bill about $60 right there. Then after I filled out the paper work I was told that I was going to be charged an additional $99 to register the dog’s microchip in my name! This I seriously complained about because I know it is always free to change the microchip to another persons name, but they tried to make it better by saying it included a DVD on training a dog. So instead of my bill being on $299 with tax for the dog I was going to be walking out the door spending $490 for the dog, food that I didn’t need, and a whopping $100 fee for registering the microchip. Not only that but I was only going to be given 30 days to get my puppy neutered in order to have the 1/2 off neutering that they offered and I was going to have to spend more money on flea tick treatment, heart worm medicine, and a rabies shot that the dog still had not received.

So after all of this happened and they had already washed the dog for me to take home and they told me the final price I had to call my husband to tell him the new price of the dog. My husband was so upset! I ended up having to leave the dog. I was so sad because the puppy was perfect! I would’ve never gotten my hopes up for the dog had I known about all of the additional costs they were going to charge me. I cried when I left because I knew this dog would be perfect for my husband and I. I wish I wasnt so scammed by these people!


Petland Bolingbrook

744 East Boughton Rd.

Bolingbrook, IL 60440



I came in on a whim and left nearly in tears. The poor pups are in little window boxes and don’t appear to be happy, healthy pups. What really got me was that all of the small animal cages were open to the public to reach in and grab the animals whenever they want. There is no supervision at all, and I saw multiple young kids reaching in to grab mice, hamsters, hermit crabs, etc. The small animals also had inappropriate water sources, as it was just in a bowl, when it should have been in a water bottle. Overall I had a horrible feeling about the whole situation and left immediately. A place like that is obviously in it for the profits and the animals are just “inventory” for sale.


This store is absolutely appalling- I can’t believe they are allowed to sell dogs at all. They are so obviously uncared for- malnourished, filthy, injured, bad bloodlines, overcrowded- you would have to be a complete idiot to buy a dog here. Maybe if people stop buying dogs here they’ll have no choice but to stop selling them.


If your looking for fish and reptiles than this is a nice place to come. That side is friendly the animals are in good quality and the associates will answer any question you have. If your looking for any other type of pet look else where.
To even get the attention of an employee to help you or answer questions is almost impossible and when you do it’s with such an attitude to where you wanna leave.
The dogs and cats are extremely overpriced and the cages always have waste.
All the other animals are in open cages that people are constantly putting their hands in to touch where many are aggressive or scared and hide.
Went there looking for a conure and they did have four of them priced at $799 and every one was aggressive which is not that birds character. Ended up getting one from a bird store in Chicago which was very loving for the great price of $350.
This store is horrible and the way they have the animals displayed is sad. They don’t need to be constantly terrorized by customers and children in those open boxes


I am not one to write reviews, however, I believe this store warranted one. I went in to buy my puppy a bully stick and the minute I walked in, the stench was overwhelming. Out of curiosity I looked at the dogs. I was astonished at the display and how each poor puppy looked. They were filthy, the cages had poop and pee everywhere. Each dog was greasy and ill looking. On top of that, each worker was standing right by them chatting away. Don’t you think you could spend some of that time cleaning or bathing a puppy? I’ve been in puppy stores before and have never seen them so filthy. They should be ashamed at the living conditions. I wanted to take all those puppies and rescue every single one.


This was so sad. There are so many staff walking around but they’re uninterested in the children running around and abusing small animals like hamsters and ferrets. I asked a staff member to say something to an unattended child who was playing rough with the dwarf hamsters and she said it wasn’t her problem. What better can you expect from a store that gives away free animals as promotions?

If you have any respect for animal life whatsoever, go elsewhere. Even places like Petco and PetSmart treat animals much better.


I came here about a month ago to add another rat baby to my family. I already purchased two boys from the Batavia location in November. I had called the day before to confirm if they had any male dumbo rats available and the woman on the phone had to double check but confirmed that there were. So I went in and one beautiful brown and big-eared baby caught my eye immediately. I asked an employee to see that one ONLY if it was a boy. I saw her take it out but it took her so long to bring it out. After quite a few minutes, she finally brought it out and said she “thinks” it’s a boy. I was already holding the baby and became frustrated because I didn’t want to bond with this baby if it wasn’t a boy or else I could not bring it home. I explained to her that I already have two boys who are NOT neutered and don’t want to accidentally bring home a girl and have babies. She took the baby back and after another few minutes, she said that the manager confirmed it was a boy. I was still very hesitant and asked to go in a room with the “male” to play for a bit while I called my boyfriend to discuss the issue. I will admit, we were fairly new to the whole rat parents role but we know what males look like. But the employees insisted that “since it was so young, it was still hard to tell.” I already fell in love with this baby, so I bought “him.”

As the weeks went by, my boyfriend and I were becoming more and more skeptical of the baby’s sex as his testicles were NOWHERE to be seen. Finally after a lot of intensive research and conversations with other rat owners via a Facebook group, we confirmed that our “boy” was indeed a girl. We were deviated because we could not keep her as we didn’t have any room for a separate cage. I did NOT want to return her so I gave her to a friend of mine who previously owned rats. It has been only two days since she left our family and I am extremely devastated and heart broken.

I am extremely disappointed with my experience at this location and I will most likely never return.


This place is just awful. We went to check out breeds of dogs, but would never buy from there knowing they get their puppies from puppy mills. It smelled terrible in there, and it’s clear why. The poor puppies in there are not cared for! All of them had pee or poop on them. It was so upsetting to see these sweet little faces look so sad or stressed. I can’t believe they are allowed to sell dogs. I wish I could bust all those puppies out of there and give them love and a bath.


It doesn’t surprise me that this location has a horrible rating… The dogs all smell like feces and the workers have awful customer service. Monica, Stephanie, Haley, and Caitlin didn’t offer us any help and when we asked to see a dog they all said that the “were busy” and to ask someone else? Lol.

The only nice one was the dark haired young man (Zack?). He has been super helpful while we look for a second dog.

Monica, Stephanie, Caitlin, and Haley all had awful people skills and spend the entire time gossiping or pretending to do something productive. Petland needs to do a much better job filtering out duds and find workers who actually care about helping customers find the dog they are looking for. Two of the girls looked like hookers…. (messy hair, caked on makeup, and cheap tattoos). Please hire people who aren’t duds… find people who actually present themselves professionally!


Full disclosure, my husband once worked for the Aquarium side of this shop, and while he worked there, I found this pet store to be pretty decent. But that was years ago.

Fast forward to last night. I’ve been looking everywhere for a single, female rat. None of the shelters I contacted got back to me, and no luck with the breeders I know of, so I found myself in love with another pet store’s very last female while I was there to buy general supplies. Here’s the thing, though – rats are social and you really shouldn’t have a single one by itself. So last night I was on a mission to locate another female, so that I could “rescue” the lonely rat and have the pair of females that I wanted.

My husband said I should try the Petland. I was in that area, and he remembered the store as having a good variety of healthy rats. I headed over to check out what they had.

My first complaint: all the “pet counselors” were “busy.” To make a long story short, I had to basically beg for someone to give me the time of day. They weren’t very busy, but the employees ignored me. Pushing mill puppies is a better commission.

Anyway, I finally get some help and then the decision to buy is made for me. I absolutely will not buy a rat from them. I suspect they have them as feeders, not as pets – and if that’s the case, they should have said as such instead of wasting my time. How else can you explain the fact that they put sexually mature male and female rats in the same enclosure? Do they WANT to sell pregnant mothers? Further, their associate couldn’t even tell which were male and which were female. Seriously? It’s pretty clear in rats…

To add injury to insult, the associate was lifting and dragging the rats around by their tails. THEIR TAILS. This is animal cruelty, plain and simple.

I am never shopping at a Petland, ever again. They need to train their associates on proper care and handling, and they need to store genders separately. They need to disclose if a rodent is a feeder or a pet, and not sell them as the other for convenience’s sake. They need to pay attention to all of their customers and not just the ones dropping $1000+ on a puppy mill dog. All creatures, great and small, deserve respect that this place clearly can’t offer. I am absolutely disgusted.


I am not a happy camper. My husband really wants to get another husky puppy even though I wanted a hound dog. We base our dogs on personality not breed alone. We first looked at a female husky. But we barely touched her and she yelped, not to mention she was very bitey. She was definitely an older puppy but we wanted to see her anyways as sometimes older puppies are better. So we asked to see the other husky and we were told we could not since it was sleeping. I have looked at tons of dogs over the years there and never been told that. Um, I’m willing to drop a lot of money here on a puppy as we already had a husky from Petland before and he lived to 15 years old. So, then we asked about a Great Dane and we were told that he could not come out since he was new yet there was no sign up stating that the puppy couldn’t be seen yet. This associate also did this to another family who was looking at a couple of dogs.
So, to say the least we were very angry since we have been saving for months now even with a baby on the way. My husband was extremely upset as he misses our husky that passed last year.
Also, this associate kept hovering over us, kept trying to tell us about the policy there even after we told him that we knew the policy, and all we wanted was a price. I wish I could have gotten the name but he wasn’t wearing a name tag.
I don’t understand what has happened to this Petland but the customer service has obviously gone down.
Finally,  as we were leaving this same associate was flirting with some girl as we were walking out and both of them completely ignored us. So, we walked right past all the treats and toothpaste for my other dog at home.
Only the cashier was friendly and said goodbye.
Please, Petland Corporate contact me. We don’t have this issue at other Petlands. And I have never heard of this policy of sleeping dogs can’t come out? Is this a new policy? I have no issues spending my money at other pet stores.


The employees here, especially Bianca, are very rude and unprofessional, Bianca was loudly chewing gum and very dismissive while talking to me.


Do not buy from here,we got two kittens that were deadly ill and had to put to sleep. Save yourself the heartache and money.


I went into the store today to make a return and just as he was about to finalize everything I realized I didn’t have the credit card I had paid with so he told me to go home and get it.
I come back 30 min later and same guy comes but now tells me he has to go talk to someone in another department about the return. He then comes back a minute later and tells me he can no longer do the return bc it’s past the warranty date. Of course I get upset about this and asked why he didn’t know that 30 min ago when I was first there and he says “I don’t know I work in back you can go talk to the other department if you want.”
I go to talk to Erin the manager then and tell her how rudely inconvenient all this was for me and tell her now I see it’s only 1 day after the warranty there has to be something she can do for all the trouble I’ve been through to which she says there’s nothing and gives me a sorry excuse of an apology.
I will never be shopping here again!! Horrible customer service.


I came in here with my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy to look to see if they sold his dog food (they did but at a higher price than in the city). We walked past the puppies and I’ve been having nightmares since that day (2 days ago) that I’m glad we didn’t purchase anything at all to support the horrible treatment of these dogs. These are puppymill dogs! DO NOT BUY THESE PUPPIES! Go online and search for a reputable breeder or go to a shelter.
There was a chocolate lab who needed his nails cut so badly that it probably caused him pain at this point.
There was a Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel also in a kennel that was much larger than my 3 month old Ruby. He didn’t even look like a pure bred- he looked like he had cocker spaniel in him.
Also they had two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in total for sale- a ruby and a tricolor which means these young puppies were probably already vaccinated for bordetella which is not a vaccine this breed should get- and especially not at their young age.
The dogs seemed very stressed out and were either jumping all over the cage, or looking super sad.


I really want to give no star but nothing wrong with my pet so leave with a star. We bought Hamster and Cage but one of cage container was not evenly closed so it needs to be relaced but manger said nothing wrong and refuse to replace the container with nasty horrible attitude!!! I am sure this store business will go down if they don’t change manager staff


Please do not buy a dog from here!! You are supporting puppy mills and the mistreatment of animals. Go to a shelter and find a dog that will be truly thankful and love you for giving him a home. I get physically ill looking at dogs/puppies in glass cases. Disgusting!!!


My daughters and I stopped in to check out two dogs. We decided to go for the older one, not realizing until I was signing papers that the dog had an extensive medical history. (Manager seemed annoyed I was taking time to read the documents as well. Sorry, a $1,800 purchase is not an impulse buy for me.) Anyway, I took photos of the records and sent them to my vet. He said it was a huge red flag for a pup that size to have not only one but two doses of a med that would destroy the calcium in her body. When I asked the manager about this he said my vet didn’t know what he was talking about, THEN said he wasn’t comfortable selling the dog to me. We will keep looking for a HEALTHY puppy, not from Petland.


I’ve been coming to this store for years, and quite frankly I was appalled during my last visit. Don’t get me wrong, the staff is very nice and approachable, however, they are EXTREMELY under educated regarding their animals. I was standing by the rabbits and a family was interested in buying one. (Three years ago I purchased my rabbit here). They were asking the technician all sorts of questions regarding care, daily routines, and food. All of which were the wrong answers. The technician continued to explain fruits are healthy for rabbits to eat, they’re low maintenance pets, they live about 5 years, and you only need to clean their cage two every week… NONE OF THESE FACTS ARE TRUE!!! Over the years of having my rabbit, I learned the hard way with her. Rabbits should be fed fresh greens and timothy hay ONLY, strictly because they have very sensitive digestive tracts. You can feed them a banana or cooked sweet potato every once in a while as a treat, but not as a daily food group. After a very expensive vet bill and days later of syringe feeding her, I even stopped giving her pellets because the veterinarian (who of which has studied and cared for exotics the last 20 years) said pellets also can cause GI issues. Also, rabbits live 8-10 years and deserve owners who will commit and take care of them — not throw them into a garage and let them be (like this family was planning on doing to this mini lop they were looking at…) Lastly, unless you want your house to smell like a barnyard, you should be cleaning their cage daily, or at least their litter box/where they go to the bathroom. Would you want to live like that? So don’t treat your animal this way.

All in all, Petland, please start educating your technicians more. There’s no need for you to lie to customers to get a sale in. That poor rabbit or whatever it may be, may end up losing a life because of your poor education. Be proactive about your animals and start learning the real facts, please!


Need to return an aquarium rock since it didn’t fit in our tank. We had the receipt and everything. They would not accept a return since we used it. It was “contaminated”. It’s a rule that they will not accept a used rock. Why didn’t you tell us? It didn’t say anything on the receipt. So we are stuck with a $35 useless rock. Very disappointed with the return policy of this store and we will take our business elsewhere. And we will not suggest this place to our friends.


Went in to look at puppies, I am considering getting another dog. The staff of almost all teenage girls were not attentive. There were only 2 other people playing with pups. The teenage girl in charge of getting the puppies for customers to play with was helping a customer and discussing the puppy they were playing with. I waited until she stepped away and asked to see one of the dogs. She said she would help me right after she helped one other customer. She helped that customer and continued to talk to the first customer she was helping. Then proceeded to stand there. We were literally the only people waiting and she made direct eye contact multiple times as she stood there. She didn’t help and didn’t assure us that she would be right with us. After 10 minutes, we left. Additionally, I got my first dog from the Petland in Naperville and they are exceptionally better with their customers. Their dogs seem happier and healthier as well. The entire Bolingbrook facility smells, the website is terrible and some of the dogs looked malnourished.  I will never go back.


Poor customer service, high prices and what did those poor animals do wrong to deserve being there. The place should be shut down


My companion Steven and i went to Petland in search of a saltwater fish. We were looking for a saragassum wrass and hoped petland who CLAIMS to have a large selection of saltwater fish. So naturally i got stevens hopes up and when we got to petland to discover not only they didn’t have the fish, but also  they had no idea what we were talking about. I was shocked at what little knowledge they possessed and couldn’t help to wonder if they were all new to the world of fish or were just plain stupid. I could see the defeat and Stevns eyes and could tell he was ready to go. So after Steven had an accident over in the fish department  we decided to leave and never return.


One of the most overpriced places I have ever been to.  I bought a filter online for a little over $100 and they sell it for $284.99!   The fish and anything else will also will cost you an arm and a leg.

This place also supports puppy mills, and if anyone has ever seen one of the documentaries on tv, I don’t know how they could ever buy a puppy here.  Rescue a dog do not buy it here!


Went in there 1 time to check it out seemed pretty cool. Went back to spend a good amount of money there to start up my salt water tank. It was a weekend and the place was jam packed with kids running everywhere touching all the animals, dogs packed into little containers most looked sick, all employees very busy scrambling around with their guests. I waited by the salt water tanks for legit 30 mins until i asked someone if they could take care of me next after no one even acknowledging that i was even standing there. I noticed that there was a “sale” going on. Basically they raise their prices so that they can give you a “discount” on the weekends. (Their “discounted” fish are the same price as every other fish stores normal price) Finally after a total wait of 55 mins someone helped me. I told him i was interested in purchasing the last blue tang they had and he asked me question after question and i was already annoyed for the wait time. I told him look i know what im doing i would just like to purchase the blue tang and leave. So another employee came by and began to ask me the same exact questions i was just asked…i get it they were doing there job BUT where were all these employees when i was standing there waiting for a simple “ill be right with you.” I was on my way to check out with my new fish and get to the register and the guy proceeds to ask me the same questions i just ignored him paid for my fish and left. I get home and notice my brand new $80 blue tang has white spots allllllllllll over his one side which i later found out is called ich. Well that blue tang ended up giving ich to my yellow tang and both ocellaris fish killing my entire tank within 2 days. This is the worst rip off pet store i have ever been too and i do not suggest shopping here an i would never recommend this place to my worst enemy just plain horrible!


this is the worst pet store I’ve ever been to
i love hamster and decided to buy one from this petland because they were adorable but i was cautious because i hated the fact that they let little kids and any bacteria infested hand touch them and grab them i see kids all the time manhandling the open pets like birds hamster and rabbits but i still bought one because i wanted to take it away from that sick establishment. I bought a black bear hamster and it was perfectly happy then 4 weeks later it passed:( i went back to the store and asked for a new hamster or my refund and of course it took 30 min to even talk to a manager who was inconsiderate and stated oh we only have a 48 hour warranty, when i bought it i got told it was a month warranty. Not only do the rodents get mistreated but the dogs look so depressed and sick. They  sell  mistreated abused dogs for money, and even if the puppies are cute  they’re bred by commercial breeders and puppy mills, which is basically funding animals cruelty.


If I could give this place NO stars, I would…… in fact, I would give it negative stars. The employees here are HORRIBLE, as are the managers. I was in about 10 months ago, and they were bringing dogs into the bird aviary! I volunteer at several bird shelters in the Chicagoland area, so I know, and any bird owner knows that birds get stressed very easily, and can become depressed from it. I had two parrots out on my shoulders, and in comes a puppy (the dog seemed scared shitless as well). I was FURIOUS! I spoke to the employee, and told her that I wanted to speak to the manager – who then told me that he thinks the birds are fine (as he’s saying this, the cockatoo in the corner falls from the perch above and is fluttering to the back as the dog is clawing at the front of the cage) and that there is no other place to show the dogs. I ran out of the store crying in disbelief, and have since posted countless blogs about the abuse that goes on there. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS STORE, LET’S ALL WORK TOGETHER TO REMOVE IT FROM EXISTENCE!


The first thing you’ll notice about Petland when you walk in is that the salespeople (all teenage girls) clamor to you like it’s some kind of used car lot… and actually it makes a lot of sense.  They’re obviously only selling these poor abused dogs for commission, and even if the puppies are cute you can’t get it out of your head that they’re bred by commercial breeders and puppy mills.  Ask to meet one of the breeders, see the runaround they give you about it… it’s almost entertaining to listen to their rehearsed bullshit.  Bottom line: Petland’s support of poor quality breeding and animal abuse is very well documented, and Petland Bolingbrook, though polished on the outside, is no different.  Giving them money just adds to the problem.  Don’t even get me started on the small animals, who aren’t given BASIC nutritional requirements and are placed out in the open for every little kid to squeeze, drop, and smack.  I can’t imagine how many hamsters and guinea pigs have died in this store from being manhandled by every sick child that isn’t being supervised.  Absolutely horrifying.  Anyone who knows anything about pets will be immediately appalled at the conditions in this place.  It’s sickening that they’re allowed to operate, but the best we can do is stop giving them money.  Don’t even buy a dog collar here, every penny contributes to puppy mill breeding and commercialized animal abuse.


We initially drove an hour to this business because they were reputed to have one of the best selections of fish and aquarium supplies in the Chicagoland area. They have a good selection, all right, and beautiful displays, but good luck trying to purchase anything. We’ve been there a total of three times, and each time left after waiting in vain for assistance. One time we waited for over thirty minutes before leaving in frustration. Today we left after ten minutes of watching salespeople walk around looking busy but not doing anything. I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I just can’t see how this place stays in business.


Not happy about my puppy having Giardia!! They should clear all these issues up before they actually sell the dogs! She cost us $1,200 plus some extras for what- a sick dog!? That is expensive for a sick dog!! We have gone to the Vet several times trying to clear it up and nothing has seemed to work! Sure they say at Petland to bring the Vet receipts and they’ll reimburse us for the costs. Well that is not the point! The time and energy giving her the medication and dealing with her having this majorly ill disease! They way overcharge for they’re puppies here that I’m sure come from puppy mills. Where else would she gets this, my other dogs do not have it, it comes from lakefront areas and drinking the bacteria in the water! And commonly found in beaver droppings!! What? Can I kill my husband for getting her without asking me?? He does this! AND we just found out she didn’t have a chip!! They told us that she had a chip! And no evidence of her ever having a chip! So if she was lost there would be no way of finding her!! So the Vet placed a microchip and now she’s registered! Petland makes me all this shit, believe me when I tell you- Petland sucks!


Petland is still a bad place to buy a puppy but happy to report that my dog does not have epilepsy… and discovered that my dog does not have this no thanks to Petland and their vet partner (who told me to put the dog down!)


I bought a pup from there with epilepsy.  Stay away from this place.  The people who work there do not know anything about animals.  They are ignorant to the pain they are causing and have broke my heart.  They are not taking responsibility for selling me this “lemon” puppy who I now love and can’t get rid of.  BUY YOUR ANIMAL SOMEWHERE ELSE.  THIS PLACE IS HORRIBLE!!!!!!


Sad story here. My son attented a bday party here for 6 year olds. He had a lot of fun but for me the parent upon picking him up the fun had just begun! All the kids where given a coupon for a FREE pet. Jeez free pet anyone would jump on that deal right? Wrong the scam here was the pet yes was free but the HABITAT was not. So you had to purchase a starter kit habitat for the animal that your child chooses. Well my child got emotional when I told him that we werent getting a free pet that day. Think about the marketing genius this place has. They prey on the emotions of little children to put presssure on parents to buy overpriced animals. Well in this case overpriced habitats. After my son threw a fit because all the other children at the party where getting a pet I gave in. Almost $100.00 later we walked out with an oversized hamptser that did not fit in its habitat. I called and spoke to the manager that evening after putting the cage together and noticeing that the hampster was waay too large for this cage and actually didnt fit into the exercise wheel even?. The manager said it was store policy that the over priced cage could not be returned or even exchanged. I had expressed that the sales person ,being a hampster owner herself, should have noticed that the oversized animal would have had isssues with this size cage? We have since shopped for a new cage that would accomodate this hampster only to find out that the same cage they sold us sells for $32.99 everywhere else instead of what we paid a whopping $69.99 not to mention all the toys,treats etc which of course the salesperson convinces you to purchase as a MUST have. Now if thats not a scam I dont know what is…..


Petland Chicago Crystal Lake

6126 Northwest Hwy.

Crystal Lake, IL 60014



As a dog owner of 3 this place is an absolute disgrace and a place of pure animal abuse. I literally want to take every dog home with me I feel so bad for them and the way that they are treated, this is not how animals deserve to be treated. They are stuck in a tiny cage, with no space to stretch or play. I asked the lady if they take them outside and she said that they are too young which I do not believe. My dogs were going outside at 8 weeks old, they just don’t do that for the dogs. The shelter took them out for play time with the other puppies. And friend and I had asked to look at one puppy because the lady went in the dogs cage to grab something and the dog seemed desperate to come out. She brought the dog out to us and only allowed us to play with him in the back of the store on a leash by the fish tanks and it was completely dark. This puppy was crying and wanting to go past the store, he wasn’t even interested in new people he seemed to just want freedom. I have had all of my dogs since 8 weeks old, this dog was 14 weeks and looked malnourished, severely thin. His body was very disproportionate and I could feel his bones. Puppies eat ALOT when they’re young and these dogs do not seem to be eating because they are sick, something is not right. For puppies the should be energetic and when you walk in the dogs all look sick (goopy eyes, sleeping all the time and very little energy). He was also not groomed properly, his coat was messy as if he had not been brushed, smells as if he was not washed and nails are not cut. The staff here is incredibly rude as well. A staff member was walking with a puppy in her arms and I went to touch it and she snapped at me and said “Sanitize your hands full of germs”. But the other lady allowed us to play with the previous puppy un sanitized. Nevermind the fact that these dogs sit in their pee/poo and other dogs as well inhaling it. That’s healthy and safe for the dog right? Overall unhealthy and mistreated dogs accompanied by a incredibly rude and uneducated staff. I really hope that this store is gone for good. If you are looking for a puppy or a dog, please go to animal house shelter in Huntley. All of my dogs are from there they are treated properly. The staff is incredibly friendly and makes sure you have a best friend to take home. Best decision I made as a dog owner to get my dogs from. Do not come here.


I went to go look at puppies with my boyfriend on January 14th. I was SUPER excited to take them out considering I had a really bad day and recently turned of age to be able to see them and play with them. We walk into the store only to be ignored immediately. We looked at the puppies and tried to catch the employee working at the time many times. She continued to ignore us and find other things to do(which was talk to two couples with a puppy). Finally after the third time of my boyfriend trying to catch her attention (yes that is three times of her ignoring him asking) she tells us that the day is really slow (one of their slowest of the week) so puppy playrooms were not available unless we were serious buyers which did not make any sense. First, if it’s busy, they can afford us playing with puppies. Second, it is very healthy and needed for the puppies to be played with considering they need it for social interaction (makes it easier for them to be adopted and friendlier) and also because they sit in a freaking cage all day drinking water from a spout like a hamster. Puppies need exercise. And last of all, I see many many stories and pictures of people my age taking puppies out all the time who are definitely not serious buyers. Even during actual busy times.
Also, my parents are indeed interested in another dog, we got our Pomeranian from this exact location 7 years ago and are looking to rescue another from puppy mills. However, we are definitely taking our business to another location.


“Don’t get a dog from Petland”  i heard this over and over.  I found Charlie and fell in love with the little guy.  So we bought him.  Just like a lot of the other reviews you see on this company he ended up sick.  They did give us a full refund after we got MRI’s and found out he was terminal.  I don’t have the heart to put my buddy down so we are letting him live his life until that dreaded day.  A word to the wise, research the breeder that they give you.  We found out that Charlie was raised in a puppy mill under horrible conditions.  Please do your self a favor and look else ware for a pet.  I love my dog but this has been a very tough experience.


I bought an adorable Toy Fox Terrier here many years ago. The dog was dead before he even turned 1 year old.

This was a horrible horribly traumatic and sad event for my husband and I. I HATE PETLAND. They should all be shut down. They are most likely supporting Puppy Mills. Google it. It’s horrible. They’ll tell you they’re not. But chances are – they are.

My dog had some type of auto-immune disease that they couldn’t treat. Near the end, he was so sick, and in pain and miserable. It cost us THOUSANDS of dollars in tests and medicines and in the end nothing worked.  My family was devastated, both emotionally and financially.

Please do your homework. Either buy from a shelter where you are truly rescuing a dog. Or buy from a RESPONSIBLE breeder. Not a backyard breeder. A breeder who’s in it to better the breed, not to make a buck.

If you truly love animals, you will never buy an animal from a pet store.


Please, Please read this.  We bought an adorable dog from Petland.  At the store he was very mild mannered.  When we got him home his whole demeaner changed. the dog was biting us like crazy.   I think they must have drugged the dog because the change was significant.  We hired a trainer to look at our dog and the trainer concluded that the dog was taken too early from the liter and the breeding was terrible.  For a trainer to deny taking on a job speaks miles.  We brought the dog to another trainer and after spending thousands we had to put it in a relocation center.  The quality of dogs you are getting from Petland is horrible.  No one wants to fall in love with their pet only to find out that the dog has issues because of breeding  and the quality of dogs that Petland buys.  DON’T BE TEMPTED BY THE LITTLE PUPPY IN THE WINDOW.  BUY FROM SOMEONE YOU HAVE RESEARCHED.  I WAS TOO LATE.


PUPPY MILL PUPS I Bought a dog here and was told it came from a private breeder. Find out he came from a puppy mill in Iowa, He isn’t even the breed that was listed. Went in to the store for supplies this week and the workers were intoxicated and joking about their Costco breathalyzers. Marin? was a 1.04. She and a manager had the foulest language ever. For anyone ever wanting a puppy. PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM A PETLAND PUPPY MILL!!!


I went into this puppy shop because I was looking to buy a puppy. I remembered as a child my mother had bought a cat from Petland and it was a simese, anyways sad to say it had Feline Lukemia, and passed. As well as my kitten Boston who I bought from another pet shop called Ricks, anyways, I fell in love with a Beagle, Mixed with Pekinesse, and …. I took her home after spending 950$ being financed.  &&& Now, come to find out I believe she has kennle cough.  I would not go here EVER again, and my puppy better be okay I already reported them to the better buisness bearu.  Stupid assholes! SHUT THEM DOWN!


Theres a woman that works there with short black hair and she is EXTREMELY rude. just because of her terribly attitude i dont even go in there anymore. i cant beleive they hire people like that. also, the animals are usually sickly looking with goopy eyes or they are so scared to even play because they are so used to being cooped up in those tiny little poop covered cages. dont go there. these puppies are from puppy mills..


Go to this petshop if you want to see dorky teenagers trying to sell you extremely overpriced MUTTS that look either sick or way to young to be there.  In fact- just don’t go, this place is gross.


Petland Chicago Naperville

720 SR 59 Suite 112

Naperville, IL 60540



Don,t buy bought a dog  and they lied about the breed and said knew breeder parents  ,  also had major problem health !!  Went through dna test that told us to do.  They terrible business should not be allowed run . Don’t saves yourself.  you full of you know Mr we called  many times talk your mangers . Also your staff fraud signed new loan paper work to change loan amount !


Donot  Buy from the company every I made big mistake. They said my Dog  English Bulldog also wanted they was Akc !!  When went to own vet they  sad Boxer I sad no English they no way . Called them said Get DNA  which Did.  I yes not a English
Make long story short. please stay away


Lol.  WARNING!!!  Claude is a really great sales person. He talked me into buying a 4,000 puppy who happens to have pneumonia but failed to mention that. If you’re going to purchase a puppy, don’t visit any petland locations please. Save yourself money.

Update:  January 27th 2018.

Dear Carl,

I’ve read your comments on every other negative review that you leave and everything is always super vague not helpful what so ever. If you actually cared about your customers or your puppies (which you don’t) you would go farther than posting in response on yelp. It’s a waste of your time and everyone else’s.

Another thing Carl. I’m actually 100% aware of your “return policy” which actually isn’t a return policy at all.
It’s funny, when i was in the midst of doing paper workand your sales person Claude, was explaining the “return policy” to me, then turned and laughed to his friend and they both looked at me and said “yeah return policy”  quote on quote.

After purchasing the dog I DID call, to talk about the return policy and I even mentioned to Claude that i remember his coworker joking about it with him and that’s how i knew it was a scam. Your version of a return policy is to bring the sick dog back and get  another dog (who is also probably sick, because they’re all sick there) it doesn’t mean you Get anything back. Just a new dog. Which is crazy because why would i fall in love with a dog to bring it home return it and bring it back because it’s sick for a brand new dog? Idiots.

And also, I didn’t look into the return policy because I made a quick decision and just decided to purchase a dog one day? It wasn’t an impulsive choice. Again, you wouldn’t know because you go as far as reading your customers yelp reviews and responding vaguely as if you know the whole story.  I looked into the return policy because I realized my dog was sick as **** and your salespeople are scammers. Just like you.

So whatever I kept my dog. I still have him to this day, it’s almost been a year since I dealt with that grimey place. There was no way i was going to abandon my dog back at that place. He did have pneumonia for about 4 months in which I had to go through Petlands vets in order for them to pay for everything. My dog was hospitalized for about two weeks. And was one multiple different medications when i brought him home. So all in all I’m really glad I didn’t take him back to that awful place and I’m glad that he survived through everything but there’s no reason anyone should have to go through that after spending 4,000 on a puppy.

They will tell you to contact pet solutions. Which is one of the shadiest companies that I have ever spoken to. They are on Petlands team. ( Obviously ) again a waste of your time.

If you are having issues please google Puppy Lemon Law
AGAIN, nobody buy your pups from this place or any other location of pet land. They’re good at what they do.
My heart hurts for the dogs and families that purchase from this place and come home heartbroken because something similar like my situation has happened to their pup.  If you don’t believe me check the other reviews. Google Petland Puppy complaints. And if don’t believe me specifically about this location then look through reviews on here or google Aurora Petland complaints.

Thanks for reading everyone!!


Lol.  WARNING!!!  Claude is a really great sales person. He talked me into buying a 4,000 puppy who happens to have pneumonia but failed to mention that. If you’re going to purchase a puppy, don’t visit any petland locations please. Save yourself money.


They sold me a very sick puppy and then shrugged their shoulders at the problem.  I adopted a Chorkie 2 months ago.  I’m in 3K so far deep in medical bills.  Pneumonia.

These people sold me a puppy to watch it die.

They lie.


I bought a puppy at the end of January after waiting a week going back twice to confirm my decision. My review is not about the puppy it’s about Petland’s process. My understanding and experience is within 48 hours you can return the puppy for whatever reason. The problem becomes you don’t get your money back you get a “store credit” type of return. You are now trapped in a vicious cycle of you have to find another dog you want instead. So, the consumer is almost forced to get another puppy which in turn really is not a good idea or fair to another dog/consumer for those that realized for whatever reason a pet purchase wasn’t for them.  I recommend that Petland consider changing their return policy so people can at least get their money back and move on.


They sold me a sick puppy. Puppy was hospitalized with pneumonia before I could even bring him home to California. They aren’t willing to help one bit. They treat their customers like they treat their animals.


Horrible customer service and after care! They sell you pets like they would a car salesman from 10 year ago. Their prices are much higher because of all the middleman involved, but customer service didn’t equate to the value we had paid. Very disappointed with them! We happened to fall in love with our puppy plus it was our first experience with them. On the hind side, I wished we had gone to a reputable breeder instead of buying from a store that just sells pets for profit! (If there was no star, I would have given that straight up).


I went to go see an over priced Corgi. He was covered in poop and SMELLED like he hasn’t had a bath in days. The whole store was trash. The workers didn’t even bother giving me pet records on the puppy. Didn’t know the breeder, puppy shots given, nothing! Just handed me the puppy and left. I will never go back. Hello happiness is pets and furry babies!

Updated after Carl’s comment-
The lady actually handed me the dog and told me it was covered in feces and she tried to get it off. It was all over. I’d be more than happy to email you pictures.
Not sure what my agenda could’ve been. I bought a corgi for $1200, potty trained, and 9 weeks old from a breeder in Troy Illinois.


I went to go see an over priced Corgi. He was covered in poop and SMELLED like he hasn’t had a bath in days. The whole store was trash. The workers didn’t even bother giving me pet records on the puppy. Didn’t know the breeder, puppy shots given, nothing! Just handed me the puppy and left. I will never go back. Hello happiness is pets and furry babies!


My husband an I purchased a “Yellow Labrador Retriever puppy” on Black Friday (11/25/16), she was supposively 50% off and came with chip, food, crate, toys nature’s miracle, akc papers, free vet visit and spay thru Glen Ellyn Vet Hospital and 30 day viral, 18 month (Congenital and hereditary) warranty. We paid about $1700 with the tax for her.
The girl that was taking care of us said she was a hyper puppy. When were in the small space to meet with her we decided to buy her. The girl kept on asking “Are you sure you want to purchase her?” That was very suspicious.
We brought her home that evening and noticed she was itching her body as well as her ears continuously. She also had diarrhea and regular stool. She was very frightened, too and still is to this date. So we brought her to our vet and had her checked out and found out she had an ear infection. So, we had to put an ointment in her ears for 2 weeks. That same day my husband gets a phone call from “AKC” and they wanted an additional amount of $35 for her papers. Plus trying to make him pay additional money of $200. He told them no! He paid them the $35 with a cc and waited well over 1 month and had to contact them 4 different times to find out where the papers were and they were never processed. Waited another 6 weeks for just a birth certificate.
We went to Glen Ellyn Vet hospital that same week for her free visit. They said for the spay we had to get all vaccinations done (which they were already done), pay for 1yr worth of heartguard, the blood work and medications. Well, that is no free spay!! Told them no as well. Our vet everything’s included.
Well the following week 12/6/16 we were trying to figure out why she was having so many accidents in the house and going pee every 8- 20 min (from day one) and going out about 24 to 25 times a day, plus vomiting. Again back to our vet to get her urine tested. She has a uti. Put her on medication(amoxi tabs) worked for a couple of days and stopped. Got her urine tested again, still has it! Changed medication to sulfer. Worked for awhile and started up again. This time we contacted pawsitive solutions and took her to Glen Ellyn, (where they would pay for it.) they did a urine test and live culture. She was positive and has “enterococcus bacteria” in her urine. Glen Ellyn tried to give us a medication (Enrofloxcin”) that is not recommended by any vets “in puppies, stops growth and may cause serious cartilage and bone development problems, which can lead to long term and potentially very serious health concerns for the rest of the pets life.” I told that doctor we would not give her that medication and she tried saying that it is the right one for her and the risks are very low. We again refused. We told her that other vets recommend that we try doxycycline. So they put her on that but with a high dose of 1 full pill in morning and 1/2 pill at night. Our vet said not to give her that much only 1/2 pill morning and night. We had her on for over 2 weeks. Then had to get her urine culture again, 7 days after being off medication. They said she did not have any bacteria in her urine , but we are still having an issue with her peeing. They suggested we get an ultrasound with dye. So, they called pawsitive solutions and faxed them a referral for a specialist in aurora on Friday evening. We talked with Jennifer from there and she said she had to contact Petland for approval and would get back to us. We put in several phones calls to her and she finally gets back to my husband on Wednesday and says they will not pay for it unless its congenital. She said if our vet did that type of test, it would probably be cheaper for us to get it done thru them. Really!!
They also would not pay for her previous vet/ medications because we did not take her to their vet. She still has the diarrhea and is getting worse. Pawsitive solutions are liars and don’t follow thru. Glen Ellyn Vet is also terrible. Had to contact them for her test results and the first time had no problem getting her test results faxed to us. Now they are refusing to give us those recent results plus the referral. We put in two phone calls and they apologized and said they would and never did. Seems like they are hiding something as well. Who ever response to these post and says they will cover all costs only from there vet that is recommended is a lie! Also, all the good reviews are going away due to all the lies people are putting on trying to make Petland look good. I truly believe they are purchasing puppies that are sick and getting away with murder and paying small amounts to these recommended vets. I also believe these are puppy mill dogs. Update: the Puppy has Guardia as well


This was my FIRST visit to PETLAND, first of all, the employees that work here are so disrespectful towards customers!! A lady yelled at me for trying to get the puppies attention, i was lightly tapping on the window! I did not see ” do not tap” sign anywhere! She comes out and yells at me disrespectfully!!! Then I was interested in a specific type of puppy and the employee’s got very irritated with me because I was asking them many questions about the breed! They were so rude to me!!! On top of that!! These dogs come from PUPPY MILLS!!!!!!! These poor poor animals are all sick, depressed!!! You can look straight at them and their soul isn’t with them anymore!! This is the most disgusting place I’ve ever been in!! I will write many bad complaints and let everyone know not to buy from PET LAND!!!!!! Their employee’ are unprofessional and their animals are sick and depressed! They should be ashamed of themselves! Treating people the way they do and get away with it, they ignored me and didn’t wanna help me!! If I could I would save these dogs and give them real homes! Than have them in that dump !!! They are sick, depressed, UNHAPPY! Shame on you PETLAND AND EVERYONE WHO WORKS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!


SICK DOGS!!!!!!!  BELIEVE IN PREVIOUS REVIEWS.  I just purchased a Siberian husky from this place 2 days ago, brought him to their vet yesterday for his initial “free first vet visit” and my poor puppy has terrible pneumonia.  His lung is triple the size it should be and they had to keep my dog there for possibly up to 12 days! No one wants to purchase a dog and then give it back for 2 weeks the next day!!!!!!!!! They clearly do not have any doctors visit these dogs because they had written in my puppy’s chart that he had a “cold”.  How do you sell animals in this condition?!

Besides this-
The staff that worked with me were great and very helpful so I do appreciate that.  They have an ENORMOUS selection of dogs, holy crap.  They also have a great website that shows all of the available pups with videos of them (which is what drew me into the store for a specific dog).  When you walk into the store and have your puppy picked out you will most likely be shocked at the price they give you, it is about double of what you would pay anywhere else.  But, with this price I took home: my Husky puppy, a HUGE cage the size for basically 2 dogs, 2 feeding bowls, a collar, a leash, a tag with his name on it, a “bathroom bell”, a bed for inside of the cage, about 7 toys, a huge bag of food, a water feeder for the cage (almost like a hamster water feeder), carpet cleaner for accidents, and I’m sure there is more I am forgetting right now.  Also, we got a “free” spay/neuter for our puppy, but in order to receive this you will need to bring your puppy to one of their associated vets for all of their shots etc. until the date of the neuter which is at about 6 months and then you can bring your animal to any vet you would like after.  So if you are planning on buying from here but arent living in the area please be ready for multiple trips to the area in the following 6 months (we took him to the Glen Ellyn location and the place was very nice with amazing staff).  Another thing we received was a huge beautiful binder with all of my puppys information in it including his pedigree and his charts from the time he had spent in store.  So although the bottom line number looks very high, you truly do receive a LOT besides just your puppy.  I appreciate that they do do this because even though I already have a dog at home I can see where all of this extra stuff would be necessary for someone who is a first time owner and would eventually need all of these things that they basically force you to purchase.

If you do decide to purchase an animal from here, please make sure to take them to the vet ASAP to make sure they are healthy ):


Wow prices have almost doubled since last year. Average dog was 2700! Last year the average was half that.

On top of this, they had a sticker on an item, when we went to checkout it was 6 dollars more! When we asked why, they said it was the price. So I grabbed the box with the sticker that said the Lower price and she ripped the price tag off right in front of me! Wow bait and switch much!


This is ABSOLUTELY the WORST pet store I have ever visited. The employees are NOT friendly or helpful. The Bernese Mountain dog was being ganged up on by the Husky and German Shepherd – the Bernese was shaking and trying to get away from them. The employees didn’t care. Whoever gets this dog will be getting a dog with baggage. I seriously thought about buying the Berner just to get it out of there. I asked to see the dog and they wouldn’t let me because I came in the store with a friend and it would break their policy to have each of us look at a dog at the same time – even in different rooms. Nasty people and nasty store. The employees didn’t seem to even like animals.


Visited this,store on Sunday sept 24 in the afternoon again the store smelled and looked like to many puppies,and not enough employees to clean cages most cages had poop in them with puppies standing in it. I wanted to look at the neopolitan mastiff but he,was sitting in poop .


We were just at Petland today about 2:30 pm the smell was so bad through out the store.We stop in there at least twice a month and never has been so bad the Mastiff we went to look at was in a cage with two other puppies with dog poop piled up and after looking around other cages were the same.We have bought a English Mastiff puppie there and have never smelled or seen poop piled up so much until todays visit. Its terrible for the puppies to stay in that kind mess .Makes us not want to go back . The smell was awful.


I purchased my Bryzzo a yellow Labrador retriever on Black Friday of 2016. I was told my puppy was perfectly healthy. Two minutes after I brought him home he had a bowel movement that had blood in it. I immediately called the store I was told they would never sell a dog that had blood in his stool. I then asked if I took my dog to my own vet because I don’t trust their contracted vets would pet solutions cover any of it. I was told they would absolutely cover a percentage. I took my puppy to my vet the next day. He tested positive for giardia and was put on several meds. My dog continued to have diarrhea for months we tried every kind of food thinking it was allergies. Finally we had to see a specialist seeing that my boy wasn’t gaining enough weight and still had diarrhea on and off months after purchasing him. My Bryzzo was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. Pet solutions will do nothing to help us. He now and for the rest of his life will be on meds and prescription food. My vet knew the name of the breeder that is listed on Bryzzo’s paperwork and it 100% is a puppy mill. The owner never called me back after numerous phone calls. Pet solutions was a joke who will not help with anything. The one gentleman I spoke to basically accused me of lying and said that they would never sell a dog that sick. I sent them nearly $10,000 worth of medical bills and they will do nothing to help. I would not recommend this store to my worst enemy.


I KNOW better and did it anyway.

My husband and I have been looking at puppies and dogs for nearly two years.  He wanted a “big” dog, preferable a Labrador or a Golden Retriever.  I didn’t want all the hair of a golden and labs are diggers… ugh.  When surfing the web I came across a photo of a “labradane”, something I’d never seen.  The beauty of a great dane with the possibility of the smaller size of a lab.  Hmmm… she was a beauty.  He was intrigued.  Maybe we had found a new pup we both agreed upon.

We drove approximately an hour and half south to Naperville to take a look at this pup.  We were taken into a large Plexiglas room to interact with the puppy.  The room smelled absolutely awful.  The entire floor was wet with a gray slime.  My husband, the young lady assisting, the puppy and myself were slipping all  over and you were terrified of falling and touching whatever that slime was.  The young lady explained “They just cleaned these floors, sorry they are so wet.  Would you like me to dry this up?”  Well… duh.  She brought out a mop and smeared the slime around some more.  Then she brought out white towels and attempted to dry up the floor.  The towels quickly became gray/black from the “clean” floor.  Maybe change the water once in awhile.  None the less, the floors were never totally clean nor dry and in fact, while squatting to pet the puppy, my husband did in fact slip and ended up on his rear end.

Now, the puppy.  She was visibly underweight.  Her ribs clearly showed and her hip bones were protruding.  We were told that they had just recently increased her food intake by 1/2 a cup per day…. and I fell for it!  Ugh.

We opted to take her home.  Yep… you guessed it.  Not underweight strictly due to feeding but lets throw giardia in there as well.  The parasite of all parasites.  As we are 1.5 hours away, we are using our own vet to treat and just love the additional unexpected medical costs.  In addition, we are overjoyed by the prospect of our 13 year old Chihuahua catching the parasite.  Nothing beats have to pick up watery stools 5+ times per day.  Scraping up whatever you can then bleaching the location in hopes to keep it from spreading.  I so look forward to having to repair my lawn  in the spring.  We all look forward to wiping our dogs butt after every pooping in hopes of keeping the giardia at bay.

As far as Petland NOT getting pups from puppy miller’s … don’t hold your breath.  I located the breeder listed on my paperwork.  Very kind woman but she breeds and sells labradanes, English bulldogs, Pomeranians, poodles and I’m not sure what else.  Sorry… she is NOT a breeder looking to improve the quality of any line.  Just making money.

I beg you to not make the same mistake I did.  You’ve been warned.


(This is basically a recap of my Google review. I’m writing this in hopes that the manager contacts me a does the right thing. I have filed claims with, called the store asking for the manager, and visited the store explaining the situation and was not helped. I was only referred to to file a claim and after several attempts/ messages they are not returning my calls. Additionally I submitted an online claim that they report they get back to immediately but have yet to respond or confirm they received my claim.)

On 7/18/17 my husband and I fell in love with a beautiful Alaskan malamute puppy. We purchased the puppy and as soon as we got home noticed that he began to isolate, cough, and felt very warm. We immediately took him to Yorkville animal hospital not even four hours after purchasing him. At the vet he began to wheeze and vomit. Our vet revealed that the puppy had a temp of 104 degrees, was lethargic, dehydrated, and a chest X-ray showed he had a serious case of pnemonia. He had to be hospitalized and we are now uncertain of exactly when he will be able to come home. Pneumonia takes time to develop, so unfortunately he had it for some time before we purchased him and was not receiving proper medical care. I am relieved that his vet bills are covered this time, but highly disappointed that an ill puppy was suffering undetected and then sold off (which is illegal). I tried reaching the manager and was told by staff to file a claim with which I did, then the manager would get involved. Ultimately, I feel as though I was charged a small fortune for an ill puppy who now my family cannot even bond with until he recovers and I will continuously have to invest more than anticipated in this dogs health for the rest of his life. I’m going to make an effort to receive some form of compensation for this to use towards future vet care. I would appreciate it if the manager would step up and work with me on a form of fair compensation for this issue. It is unaccpeptable and illegal to sell ill animals according to the Illinois Lemon Law. (Petland could potentially be faced with a future lawsuit). The resolutions are either to return the puppy for a different one or have medical bills paid. There is no way I will return my puppy that my family loves and the medical bills will only be covered so long with Petlands warranty. (30 days). My puppy will have long term damage to his lungs due to negligence on Petlands part that he has to live with for the rest of his life and I will be responsible for the vet bills. Reguardless of what I paid for this puppy, this should never be the case.


This place is one of the worst petlands. I was wanting to hold a dog to see if I wanted to get it. They wouldnt let me hold it so sorry pupper I might of gotten you. Highly do not recommend


BEWARE!!!  This location will take your license to handle the puppies.  They may not give your license back, or give you someone else’s license as happened to me last week.  Then they will not return your calls or find your license in the stack of other “lost” licenses they have on site.  If you sadly choose this place to look at a puppy, be sure to check your license before leaving the store.


Petland naperville..This place with a high credit score 700 and up will charge you 119 percent interest they don’t tell you that until you have purchased the dog and signed the contract..owner is never around and apparently no one knows his number this place is a joke and scams ppl..the employees are nice at first and if you call for a complaint they hang up on you


My wife and I went into Petland to look at puppies, we picked out a very cute 10 week old Corgi, and took her home with us that night. She showed no signs of being sick while we were there, and being a first time buyer I wouldn’t know what to specifically look for. Later that night she was coughing constantly and having a very hard time breathing, to the point that she would wake herself up from coughing. The next morning we went right to the vet and were told she has severe pneumonia and coccidia. She was at the vet for the next 10 days getting treatment and recovering. I then started doing research about petland and looking at the paperwork I was given contacted the breeder and did research on the distributor “Conrad’s Cuddly Canines”. A quick google search reveals the truth, this place is a puppy mill in Missouri; and the owner specifically states that “their puppies do not come from puppy mills” This is obviously not the case. Here is a news article from 2015, exposing what the owner of petland is attempting to hide.…

I will never be doing business with Petland again and I hope anybody who sees this will consider going directly to a breeder for their next dog, as I will be doing from now on.
Also be aware that when financing an animal here the interest rate even for someone with a good credit score will be upwards of 120%.


Beware! Sick puppies! We have had our frenchie for a week and a half. We’ve taken him to one of their vets many many times already. He came home with giardia, a nasty cough, an infection, and now is found to have heart defects. We have another dog, which is difficult b/c we don’t want her to get giardia.  I should have done more research before spending an insane amount of money on a sick puppy. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!


Worst experience ever at a pet store. The people that work there were good enough, but the owner does not care about anything but the mighty dollar. Would not even talk to us. After the way we were treated, we will never step foot into that place again as long as it is under current management. Beware!


Terrible customer service!!

So, we have been going to this location for about 2-3 years now. My kids love going and playing with the dog especially the tiny dogs. We love and adore animals. As we were playing with one and I was carful and on the ground with the dog, making sure my kids are being gentle. Suddenly, our fun time is interrupted by a rudeness of a man (later found out that was the owner) he barked at us by saying “YOU need to be more carful with our puppy” I assured him that we were. However, he accused me of lying. So, I handed over the puppy, took my kids and left! He is disrespectful and a liar and I will not be back. The dogs did look sick, they were just lying around.

My poor kids were just showing some love to these clearly puppy mill dogs! So upset this owner ruined our happy experience.


I didn’t read the reviews prior to purchasing a puppy from here. My puppy at 2 1/2 years old has been diagnosed with mast cell tumors, heart murmur and skin allergies. I love my baby girl but have come to terms with her being a puppy mill pup. I’ve paid about 6k in medical bills this year alone. She’s had surgery twice this year and in and out of vets. She is very fearful of people so clearly wasn’t socialized early on. It breaks my heart. I too did research on the  breeder listed on the papers… of course after the fact. Don’t buy from here. The puppy’s aren’t healthy. It isn’t even about the money for the vet bills. My poor baby girl is now going to need chemo. If you buy from pet stores it just supports the reckless abuse of animals


I just left the store and I’ll never return. I was shopping for 30 minutes and wasn’t acknowledged one time. The two salespeople seemed to busy to even greet me. The man seemed to be very fixated on the woman he was talking to and the female was either speaking to him or on the phone.

I believe my treatment was racially motivated, because I wasn’t of either of their races.


When I had trouble finding a reputable breeder in IL, I turned to pet stores hoping I would meet a pup that I could give a home to. When I saw my little guy he was being attacked by a spazy pup in the same cage with him and was trying to get away by balling up in a corner. My heart strings were tugged, I had to get him out of there. The sales person  let me meet with him, when I asked how much they told me $2400 and showed me his puppy binder. She then went into robot mode and listed off all the wonderful “free” services that come with my dog like a training session, vet visit, neuter / spay. I  found myself in sticker shock and needed to think I went home slept on it and knew I had to go back and get him the next day. On my second visit I couldn’t get any service, I stood in the store forever and nobody took notice, I couldn’t even find anyone to grab to help me. When I finally did get someone to help me we were interrupted by a kid who wanted to look at a dog with her babysitter and the sales person blew me off to take a puppy out for them to play with. Frustrated, I decided to leave. Later that day, I went back determined to get help. Finally I was able to see my pup again and made the decision to buy him pretty fast. They ran me through a TON of paperwork about warranties, vet services, puppy lemon laws, their breeders and then some. When I got the puppy home, everything went down hill very quickly.

Fri, Day 1 – Puppy was sneezing and coughing, took to Petland vet and found out he had kennel cough

Sat, Day 2 – Puppy and I had full day together, he had low energy and I had trouble getting him to eat

Sun, Day 3 – I found puppy shaking in his bed, I warmed him up gave him some puppy boost, tried to get him to eat, he wouldn’t we rushed to the hospital. They kept the puppy all day and overnight, Petland agreed to pay for treatment.

Mon, Day 4 – Hospital kept puppy longer to watch blood glucose levels and do a blood test to see if there was an underlying issue, promised to call me with updates.

Tues, Day 5 – Hospital stopped calling me, when I called them they would no longer let me talk to the vet. Since Petland was paying for treatment I needed to call the store and talk to manager. Soon after I heard this news, Petland’s Pawsolutions service called me. Said puppy wasn’t a good match for me, they wanted to take him back and give me a full refund or another pet. They said the outlook for the puppy wasn’t good, they would keep treating him but were afraid he would pass away in my care. Devastation sets in, I’m scared I will wake up to a dead puppy one morning and I surrender the pet.

Wens, Day 6 – So many tears, can’t believe what happened I pack up puppy things, I look over pictures and feel the heartache big time.

Thurs, Day 7 – I go to store to talk to manager and asked for an update on the puppy. Turns out he had a liver shunt and upper respitory infection. They kept him on machines for a day then put him to sleep.  Manager refunds my money for the pup.

I’m just heart broken. I went through a whole process to find a puppy, when I finally found one I loved I was excited to start my new life with him. I told my family and friends sent videos to my relatives I bought him tons of toys and snacks. I introduced him to my cat, I wholeheartedly loved him for the few days I had him and just like that he is gone. Everything you read about Petland, everything people say about the poor treatment of animals, the bad breeders they get their puppies from, the terrible way they box animals together – its all true. When I looked up the breeder information on my puppy it was all false, there are no records on the USDA numbers. The problem with Petland is it’s a business to them, where they see dollar signs we see love, new family members, late night cuddles, walks in the park. It’s all a recipe for disaster. When I first read the reviews of Petland I thought, well they sell animals – there is a risk there that some of them won’t be well and that’s were all the bad reviews come from. I thought, the people that have good reviews, the ones that are happy and love their animals, they aren’t posting – where are those comments. I guess it has to happen to you to truly believe it, I’m still in shock over the whole situation. I’ll take a refund please, I can’t go through this again. F U Petland.


Disappointed. They lied about financing and said you could do 3 year but they had to set it up for 2 year and we could call to change, than they say you get free spay or nueter and they didn’t tell you that you have to buy a year worth of heartworm and use that vet to do so. I wouldn’t recommend this place. Very disappointed. Bought my dog feb 1st.


Bought a Victorian Bull dog even though we new we should not buy from a pet shop but my wife and daughter fell in love with the dog. This may be the best dog I have ever been with she is loving fun to play with and easy to house train. After two months she has had pneumonia, kennel cough and now a bladder infection that no one is sure what to do about it. She has been to 3 vets and now she is with a specialist. If we did not buy her she probably would be dead by now. I have seen to many bad reviews on this place and it seems kennel cough is running through the place. Do yourself a favor and buy directly from a qualified breeder. DO NOT BUY FROM PETLAND!!!!


Rude employees! Came in and  no one ask how we doing. Ask them 3 times to see a puppy. Told the puppy bit me and didn’t care. Don’t go here they are horrible


I’ve been here before, but probably never again. When I got my shelter dog I came to pick out some items for her. It was obvious the animals being sold were not from shelters or rescue groups. I could not find any dog older than a year. I personally will not support places like this. Any place that cares about animals should know better.

Petland has at least a dozen signs along Rt. 59 that read “PUPPIES!” and “PLAY WITH PUPPIES!”. Oh, I wasn’t aware Naperville had a petting zoo. Good to know.

I’ve heard that Petland is going to stop with the bred cats/dogs and start placing animals in true need of a home. I hope they succeed and I hope they keep their word. If this is true then I will consider returning.


I was absolutely appalled by the customer service at this location. The puppy that I played with, first off, smelled terrible, and that just shows me that the grooming there is subpar. Secondly the puppy went to the bathroom in the playpen. That’s not a problem; puppies do what puppies do. The problem came with the girl who worked there. There were only two of them and nobody was around for me to call over to help with the cleanup, so I left the playpen to get one of them. I unfortunately did not catch the girl’s name so all I can do is describe her. She was shorter, with brown hair and Caucasian. When I let her know that the puppy went to the bathroom in the playpen, she snapped at me and said, ” well when that happens you’re supposed to pick it up so the puppies don’t get into it”. How was I supposed to pick it up? They don’t provide you with doggie bags or any other supplies to pick up after a puppy if they go to the bathroom…So… was I supposed to use my hands? She rolled her eyes at me, picked up the puppy and brought it back to the kennel. I honestly was so ticked off by how rude she was, that I immediately left the store and made the decision to not get a puppy at Petland. Terrible, TERRIBLE customer service. I would never recommend anyone go here, EVER.


My boyfriend and I went in there to see what the fuss was about around the holidays. I looked and saw a lot of sick puppies. Majority of the puppies had “kennel cough” which is something my puppy had when I was in high school (which we bought from a pet store). They cough uncontrollably and have trouble breathing. This is very common for puppies who come from puppy mills. I saw even as some puppies were sleeping they’d have some shortness of breath. I held a french bulldog that was experiencing something similar. After the associate gave me information about the puppy I told her the puppies were sick, including the one I was holding. She quickly denied it and said all the puppies are really healthy and vets come every week to make sure they’re good. I gave the puppy back and walked out angry. Do not lie to your customers. These puppies are coming from mills and they’re in poor condition. Please adopt and pick responsible breeders if you buy.


I bought Nature’s Variety frozen raw food diet for dogs here and it was NOT fresh. Do you know how freaking dangerous this is? Not only this, there was also another bag of Nature’s Variety in that freezer that looked even older. Ewwww!

I also stopped by to peek at the puppies and kittens but ended up only feeling depressed and wanting to go home and hug my own puppy.

The staff was pushy and aggressive in trying to get me to buy more things that I did not need nor want.

Bottom line:
Poor quality items, particularly food.
Depressing/depressed puppies.
Pushy staff.

Thumbs down all the way.


DO NOT BUY FROM PETLAND.Nothing like spending over $2400 on a puppy and immediately $1600 in vet bills for pneumonia. We went to their vet to activate their “pet insurance” which is an hour drive and their complimentary appointment cost us $70. We went to our vet after that and she was diagnosed with kennel cough leading into pneumonia with further testing. “Petland Solutions” refuse to reimburse us because we “refused” to go to their vet continuously that was an hour away. (Which wasnt explained that we had to but just a one time visit.) When we got her their were several puppies that looked sick. I had even pointed out to my husband a specific Akita that had glazy eyes and was bobbing its head like it was shaking. We should have taken that as a serious warning but we didn’t. And now we are struggling to afford our new puppy back to health. Every vet I went to had a bad say in petland. Therefore, anyone wanting a puppy from here, do not buy unless you want a basket case of vet bills.


PLEASE STAY AWAY! STAY AWAY! STAY AWAY! If I could give ZERO stars I would.

I bought a beautiful Yorkie puppy from the Petland Naperville store. She seemed fine, adorable, playful, etc when I brought her home. However, she had a horrible cough and did this weird gagging noise which I was told was “reverse sneezing” At her first vet visit, she was sick, was put on antibiotics and had to be hospitalized.

In the 3 months I had her, she went to the vet over 10 times, was hospitalized 3 times, and was taken to the ER 1 time, and that last time was when she had to be put to sleep because she was so severely ill.

She was only 6 months old 🙁

Petland offered me a replacement puppy. At first I said no because I did not want to deal with getting another sick puppy from them. Especially after reading all the horrible reviews about Petland on Yelp and other websites. But then I decided to go into the store to see the puppies and see if I could connect with another puppy again.

They brought a puppy out for me to play with. The poor puppy smelled so bad, and was very very timid. He was on the floor playing with me a little bit, until he stopped so that he could go inthe corner and poop. The poor thing was so constipated. I told an employee that he was constipated and had been trying to poop for the past 6 minutes and wasn’t able to get it out. He told me the puppy was fine. The puppy even yelped a little trying to poop. The employee came and picked him up and wiped the little bit of poop from his butt and it smeared all over his fur. I told the employee that he was smearing the poop on the puppy and he said, oh he’ll be fine. He’ll be getting a bath tomorrow.

After that experience, I decided NOT to get a replacement puppy and opted for my refund. After seeing the condition of the poor puppies and how they were handled, I wouldn’t dare give them any more of my money.

It has been over a month now since I submitted my claim for my refund and have not yet been refunded my money. I have been given the run around from Petland. The store tells me they cant do anything for me, and that I need to go through the warranty. The warranty tells me they will “look into it” and I have yet to receive a rseponse. I called the corporate office and they tell me that the store is franchised and they can’t do anything for me. I have to go directly through the store owners.

Every employee I interact with is rude and very unhelpful. Everyone tells me they can’t help me.

If you’re buying a puppy, go through a breeder. Find a GOOD breeder. A good breeder takes pride in their puppies. A good breeder doesn’t overbreed or sell sick puppies. They invite you into their home so you can see the type of living condition the puppies are coming from.


New years eve 2014. I walk in with my 3 sons. I ask about a great dane puppy. The girl says 3000.00. I ask if there is room on the ridiculous price she quoted. She said no. Only been here 2 weeks. All the dogs looked sedated and I have heard rumors that this place sells puppy mill dogs. Rude employees and mistreated dogs…. stay away.


Extremely angry with this place. My boyfriend and I visited this location today, to look at the dogs as we WERE interested. We see 3 dogs in a kennel, which is normal for their size. The one dog was brutally biting the other puppy’s ear, the puppy continuously whimpered and tried to shield its face. The third dog was trying to stop the dog “bully.” We confronted a worker because it started to get unbearable to watch. The worker responds “they’re playing. They don’t have opposable thumbs like us. That’s how they play.” In a completely rude and snarky manner……keep in mind he did NOT even take a moment to observe what the one dog was doing to the other. We looked at the kennel directly underneath, where we saw two dogs pouncing at each other and rolling around….giving love taps, THAT was playing. We are well aware of what it looks like for animals to play, and the first kennel we saw did not exemplify that. The employees were terrible and arrogant. I will never come back.


If I could give no stars, I would.

We got our puppy here years ago. His name was Fred.

He lived to be four months old.

Fred was born in a puppy mill. His mother and father were suffering, and being bred from two sick dogs, Fred himself was sick. Not a cough, mind you, but deathly sick. We didn’t know until it was too late.

He was growing quickly, and seemed okay. Lethargic, but okay. This went on for a little over a month. One morning, we woke up, and Fred couldn’t get up. He lay there on the floor, struggling for air. We rushed him to the vet immediately.

Fred’s ribcage was deformed, and he was slowly suffocating in his own body. Fred was put down that day, before he could suffer any longer.

Petland offered us a new dog. Why, in the name of all things holy, would we want another sick dog? You can’t just “replace” a living, feeling creature. Fred had died, just a puppy, and they wanted to just give us a new dog and make it all better? I think not.

Stay away if you love dogs.


The puppies are oh so adorable but are in wire crates! Their poor toes! We visit here occasional to play with one, so they get some love (and I get my puppy fix). But if you walk in there saying you’re there to play with a puppy (as the sign outside says to play with the puppies) they will ignore you and just stand there and talk with the coworkers. Really?


I was EXTREMELY disappointed by the way I was treated here. Went in with the intention to make an offer on a dog and the employees could have cared less. I had questions about a dog and with every question, it was like I was bothering them. When I finally got one of the girls to engage in conversation, she was so cocky and rude. I left and have no intention of ever returning


Absolutely horrible… I wish I could give them -stars… I bought my beloved beagle puppy in 2010 for 1200.00… Price didn’t even matter, I simply fell in love with the sweet face that they handed me the second I came in there… All her papers said “no history of illness, from the best pure Breds, etc etc bullshit etc… Well she’s 4 (her 5th birthday is October 25th) and she’s dying from lymphoma.  I hope you shitty people know how awful you are.  My heart is completely broken because I’m loosing my 4 year old amazing pup I thought I’d have for many years because of the “amazing bloodlines” she has… I’ve spent well over 3000.00 with my fiancé trying to help her in any way we can.  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t ever want any other pup but her; however, the pain you’ve caused me with your lies these last couple weeks is incredible.  I will most definitely be filing a report with all my bullshit “purebred AKC perfect bloodline” papers to the better business bureau and keep trying anything I can to shut you down to spare any other person from the pain you’ve caused.  She just received another procedure to drain her stomach of all the fluid today to make her quality of life the best her last couple of days… I hope you know youve broken not only my heart, but my Lucy’s heart-who wants nothing more but so snuggle her family and enjoy life… You’ve failed her miserably and do not deserve any type of a license to care for any animal as no one with a heart as cold as yours deserves to care for such amazing souls… I pray you are shut down so that those animals can go to a rescue facility with kind caring people and not the shitty money sucker assholes you are.


If I could give this place no stars I would! I was headed to Bed, Bath and Beyond, but was surprised to see Petland next door since most went out of business. I am currently looking for a kitten to join my family, but would NEVER consider this or any pet store. I just wanted to take a look around. The place did actually look clean. There were definitely a lot of dogs there some four in one cage and I cringe every time I see these poor dogs on those grids barely any room to move around. How is this ok?

This sales associate with a smile on her face asked, “Is there something I can help you with?” I said, “Do you guys have any kittens?” “Yes, we do. They are in Kitty City. There are four and they are so cute.” I headed back there which was way in the back away from everything and I saw a black and white tuxedo kitten that had no tail already at the door waiting and meowing. When I got in there, I only saw three kittens and it was so cold in there.The floors were cold no blankets down for them and there was this white bench type thing I sat on and under was alittle hole I’m guessing where they kept the litterbox. They did have a lot of food and water in a bowl to share, but they have this small area with no toys, a large cat bed that was also cold to the touch and a cat igloo that had two darling little kittens all snuggled up on each other not even wanting to come out because again it was so cold and I couldn’t believe these little ones came from a rescue and now living in these conditions at petland. The one was a tabby and the other a lighter I want to say calico. They were both sneezing, had runny noses and gunk in their eyes. The calico had green coming out of it’s nose and they just looked so unhealthy and it saddens me even thinking about it. The tuxedo was running up to me purring instantly. It did smell like it hadn’t been bathed and had dirt on it’s fur. I couldn’t stay in here long it was just too sad for me. I feel like these kittens are just forgotten stuck in the back freezing cold.

When I walked out the sales associate says, “See anyone you like?” I said, “They look sick and it’s freezing back there!” She gives this almost scared look and says, “Oh, I will have our vet tech look at them. I don’t know why they are kept back there.” Then walked away pretending to do something. You can tell she didn’t give a crap at all. What if that was your child? Would you let them freeze, not tending to their needs?Definitely not! Animals are just like children and this kind of abuse has to stop. We need to be the voice for these poor animals living like this. I would never buy from this place and a “rescue” who would allow kittens to live in these conditions who knows what they are thinking or if they even exist. It’s very sad and left a pit in my stomach leaving those babies. PLEASE DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM HERE!!!!!!! DO NOT KEEP THEM IN BUSINESS!!!!!!!!


This place blows.  Everything is overpriced and the employees are extremely rude.  Dogs are walking around in piles of their own feces and these people have the nerve to charge twice as much as even other Petlands.  If you want a dog, go adopt one.  If you’re picky about breeds and you HAVE to shop at a pet store, go to the Petland in Rockford.  Prices are MUCH more reasonable, cages are much cleaner, dogs are much happier, and the employees are VERY kind and helpful.  It’s worth the extra miles.  As for this DUMP in Naperville, don’t even bother.


This is a puppy mill operation, the place buys abused or sick, highly inbred dogs at extremely low prices and sells them for thousands profit, look at the reviews and the news, their liars, no employee here has any respect or passion for dogs if they know the real place and certainly not the greasy owner running this disgusting operation.  Customers unknowingly buy puppy mill dogs and support the operations only now are people starting to question after laws suits and complaints, spread the word.  Look up Petland in the news they have law suits and consistent bad reviews against them, typical of most pet stores. Adopt a dog from a shelter and actually help society a little.


I went to his store because i wanted to look at some kittens and noticed that the kittens had absolutely no food and like 3 drops of water in their water dish. there was one soggy piece of hard food in their water dish. The kittens looked lethargic and i noticed they had these charts on the outside of the kittens little cages with dated and innitials of when an employee would changed/fill their water and no one had innitialed filling their water since two days before the day i was in there and the litter, not in 3 days. i could see so many pee clumps on the surface of the litter box sand. i will never go there again. absolutely disgusting. i since then have adopted a kitten from an animal shelter in naperville.  please people, go to animal shelters and adopt a pet instead. they give them all their shots, neuter and spay them, and adoption fees are much much cheaper then buying a pet.


If not for the 1 star minimum, this establishment would get zero.
In between appointments one day, my wife happened upon this place and decided to check it out.  She fell in love with an adorable little Norwegian Elkhound puppy, and convinced me that we couldn’t live with out it.  Approximately $600 later-they will nickle and dime you to death-we were walking out the door with our little Madison (named for my beloved alma mater).  Madison immediately manifested serious health problems.  She had a severe kennel cough, digestive tract issues, seperation anxiety, difficulty sleeping, and a host of other less worrisome problems.  The owner of Petland offered to pay for a vet visit, as long as we went to his vet-Unilateral HMO for pets.  We have an excellent, long standing relationship with our own vet, so we declined.  Within one year, Madison started having grand mal seizures and was diagnosed with epilepsy.  She has been ill her entire life.  We have spent countless thousands of dollars on exotic anti-seizure medications and emergency vet visits.  She has the thickest file-by far- at our vet’s office. Indeed, It’s amazing that she’s still alive.  I will say that she has been a great dog despite her health issues.  She’s smart as a whip, and she’s very playful, but I think that can be attributed to the breed and the nurturing home environment.  I believe that most other owners would have euthanized her long ago, so I thank fate for bringing us together.  I would caution anyone interested in buying a dog or cat from this establishment. As an alternative to a pet store, check out the local SPCA or ADOPT for your next pet.  We adopted a male Elkhound from Naperville ADOPT, and he’s an exceptional dog in every way.


I would give this place half a star if none. Recently purchased a kitten there and fell in love with it. Took it to it’s first vet visit and found out he was covered head to toe in ringworm. What kind of operation is being run that you don’t know the animal has ringworm. Should have known better from the lack of employees that work there and the horrible service. Took us twenty minutes before one employee showed up in the store. And even then he told us to just go in and look at the kittens. The paperwork was forged and the kittens birthdate was wrong. I highly reccommend taking your business elsewhere.


Their aquatic livestock selection is good, and that’s where the good things about Petland end.

Prices on everything from dry goods to livestock are ridiculously high. Customer service is terrible. The store is dirty.

Small critters are kept in open cages where anyone can stick their hand in. This is a great way to spread disease and stress animals out to the point of disease. Additionally, males and females are kept in the same cage which will practically ensure pregnancy if you purchase a female. Often, little critters are kept on pine or cedar even though it’s well known that that is hazardous to their health.

Birds are not handled or cared for appropriately. I’ve seen numerous parrots at various Petlands (including this one) suffering from crop burn.

And lastly, the “registered” puppies they sell are very rarely registered with the AKC. More often than not, it’s the CKC. Additionally, the pups are often ill, too young to be away from their mothers, and are not socialized or maintained in a manner that’s healthy for them. Regardless of what they tell you, these puppies came from a mass supplier. Petland prohibits taking in puppies from “local breeders,” as they have a contract with suppliers in other states. A puppy there is priced often 2-4 times what you would pay from a reputable breeder who has done the appropriate health testing and socialization.


Why do I continue to go to Petland thinking they have what I’m looking for? I needed a prong collar for my Shepherd. I knew what brand I need (Herm Sprenger). I go into Petland and have two employees try to sell me their (cheap) brand or a style of halter. Then try to tell me their prong collars are the same as Sprenger. Absolutely not! I don’t like the double talk or bullshit  to try to sell products. I know what I’m looking for in a collar. I don’t want your cheap collar which would probably break and hurt my dog. Thank you Petland, for reiterating why I hate this place.


Horrible. The poor dogs were fighting each other to sit on the tiny rubber mat in their cages so as to not have to sit on the wire rungs of the crate floor. These dogs looked completely stressed and unhealthy. But then, what do you expect from puppy mill dogs? One dog was eating its own poop while 2 others were biting each other in the groin area while customers were laughing. Sick. Not only was I sickened by what I saw, but also by the awful stench that hit me as soon as I entered the store. Please do not support a store that can house puppies in these terrible conditions.


Petland Chicago Ridge

110 Commons Dr.

Chicago Ridge, IL 60415



Petland Chicago Ridge sell puppies that are from puppy mills. QD Kennel and Heritage Puppies are their two main suppliers. QD Kennel and Heritage Puppies are breeder/brokers whose practices are unethical. This information is no secret; it’s up to the customers/employees to confront the owner regarding this information. Employees are trained  (by the owner and Petland Corp.) to believe these puppies come from loving, magical puppy farms when in fact they are sourced from inhumane puppy mills. When considering buying a puppy from Petland Chicago Ridge, please ask loud and clear if this location does business with QD Kennel or Heritage Puppies. I already know the answer is YES because I used to work here.


I walked into this pet shop as a student in vet school. I asked to see one of the German Shepherd puppies and the man was surprised and brought out a puppy that was an Australian Shepard. So I played with that one before nicely asking to see the actual German Shepard. The man rudely said ok but you only get to see 2 puppies that’s it. The Australian Shepard clearly was very sick and had some sort of upper respiratory infection. I was disgusted. It’s clear they do not take care of those puppies. If ones sick then the rest of them are. Do not buy from here unless you are well aware how to care for these animals and are ready for a sick animal. I didn’t see the German Shepard and just left. Hire certified people who are able to care for animals properly.


If you have $5000 to spend then this is the pet store for you.
My wife and i had just went to the mall and figured we would stop in there and check out the puppies.
We have 1 german shepard and 2 pugs and my wife is a confirmed pug addict.
Well you guessed it, they had a pug in there, before we knew what was happening they ushered my wife into a pen with the dog so that the 2 of them could fall instantly in love.
nothing could break up this new found love EXCEPT  for the $4900 price tag???
who has $5000 for a puppy?
do yourself a favor and stay away from this place


Petland does not care about the animals. They only care about money. They will sell you a dog that is sick and dying for $5,000. This place is disgusting and should be shut down immediately.


Waaaay over priced!! Nice people though.what kind of crazy person would charge 3500 for a German Shepard puppy that’s insane!!


Tsk Tsk
Went here for bones.on the shelf it says 6.99…
At the counter it’s 12.99..
I asked her and pointed out price jump,she states” that’s for big bones ,you looked at small bones” then her coworker jumped in and backed up her claim.i calmly asked for them to follow and showed them the shelf, she Said it’s been a busy got busted
Check your receipts people, this place will scam you and they are all in on it.shame on them.
I should have paid attention to the reviews prior.DO NOT SHOP HERE


I went here to look at puppy’s and I knew what puppy I wanted. After they took me into the holding center to play with the puppy, I asked her about the miniature version of the puppy. She looked at me and Said “The puppy you’re playing with is the cheapest we have.” I was deeply offended because no where did I say, “I have a budget or even disclose to them what my current financial situation was.” I didn’t come in looking for the cheapest puppy. This sure was a way to lose a customer.


Ran by a bunch of kids that have not the slightest clue what animal care is about. Sad to see all the animals suffering due to their greed. Prices for a Shi Tzu is 4000.00?? Seriously wow. Its fine if you want to scam people but do not get helpless creatures involved. So sad … close this place.


This sums it up:

If I were a child living through The Great Depression, and had to have both of my wisdom teeth extracted by a shoemaker, the experience would have been more enjoyable than having to deal with the customer service at pet land.


Anyone with half a brain should know by now that every single puppy you buy at a pet store comes from puppy mills. No responsible breeder would EVER sell their dog to a store. So if you buy from here, you help people make money off the torture of animals. Sure these puppies look cute, but are often carriers for genetic disorders since puppy mills don’t care about quality, not quantity. Their parents are currently in small cages, with no vet care, human interaction, and no access to the outside world. Use a responsible breeder, who will invite you to their home multiple times, or better yet, adopt a dog.  25% of shelter dogs are pure breeds, if you must have one, but I think you’ll find most mutts are just as good, if not better, than that pure bred you’ve been dreaming of.


Literally had to walk out of pet land right now. I read all the reviews of pet land and I couldn’t agree more. The staff is extremely rude. It’s very sad. I went in looking to purchase a 2 ferrets and a couple feeders. I checking out the ferrets and trying to single out the one I wanted.  I got yelled out very disrespectfully. I understand if you had a rough day but There was no need for this little girl to yell at me. She simply could of told me. And I would have asked her if she can take him out for me. Obviously, the owner cares more about keeping staff then costumers.


I bought a puppy from peatland in Naperville 8 months ago.  I’m aware of the rules and process. Stopped in and the staff was beyond rude. I was playing with a puppy and was schooled on the process and “perks” of their Petland puppies. Then approached assuming I was purchasing the puppy by several employees and when I said no was given the rudest attitude.  The owner came over and said congratulations on your puppy. We said “oh no she’s perfect but we don’t think so”. He said well let’s start filling out paperwork and shoved the application in my face. I said no paperwork thanks. He then snatched the puppy from me and told one of the girls to clean the room basically kicking us out.  Everyone is too rude. I wouldn’t support Petland Chicago ridge if I had too!  If I could give a negative review I would!!  Rude rude rude.


Extremely rude staff. They throw the puppies from family to family and are kept in small dirty cages. They don’t care about customers at all. Horrible location


Horrible! I went in there to check it out and the dogs behind the glass look half dead.. One puppy was crying because his nails kept getting stuck through the bottom. I honestly think petland should be shut down.. And to mention the snakes are in containers without breathing holes, and the parakeets don’t have perches. If your going to run a pet store filled with supplies, please supply your animals.


Really need to work on the young workers there attitudes. Rude. They talk with no education on the animals,charm or manners. I wondered why so many people on here complained on the employees there.Now,I know why. The Commons Petland is awful.


A while back I was going to buy a puppy from this store but the worker tried adding extra food, cage, and supplies and tried telling me I had to buy all those items there or I couldn’t take the puppy.  I decided not to give this store my business and haven’t been back since.


I really do wish I can give this place no stars. They absolutely don’t care about their animals. I’ve stopped by in here a couple of times and it was heart breaking. I would never forget this one time they had these beautiful large birds in one little aquarium tank. They were plucking out the feathers of each other due to the little space and they seemed so stressed being in such a tiny area with other large birds. It was so small and packed They had no room to spread their wings
My boyfriend bought me a bunny here during Christmas two months later I notice my bunny getting sick it turns out my rabbit had syphilis. Clearly this company gets their animals from irresponsible breeders since they let infected animals breed. My boyfriend called petland to see if they can do something about it and they didn’t want to do anything. It’s September now and my poor little bunny is still suffering from syphilis. I’ve spent $550+ in vet bills to take care of my bunny. This place is horrible don’t support this cruel business you’re just going to waste your money.


It always says puppies for sale. They are expensive. They are always hiring. I wonder why? They told me a puppy was eight weeks old and 669. I asked for a total and she added pet supplies with it and toys and crates and all the works in the total. I said I just want the total w/out supplies, but she said I had to buy the supplies. It was way over a thousand dollars.
-I read the dogs paperwork, ( I think she thinks people won’t read paper work, which they don’t sometimes) The dog was definitely from a puppy mill. In the paper work it says where the puppy was from, I forgot the name where. The dog was definitely not eight weeks. That was obvious though. – Puppy mills do make me sad and are wrong, but I will buy a puppy if it is from a puppy mill, the puppies have no fault in that, so I would buy a dog if it from a puppy mill, but definitely not supplies and such from the store.
– The supplies are over priced. The dogs are stepping on the poop and eating the poop because they were hungry. ( you can see the puppies lickng their bowls.)
-the other pets caged are clean though, thankfully.
– ALWAYS READ THE PAPER WORK!!!! Than you will know if they are lying.


Wow, this place was a mess! Stopped in to buy a bag of hay for my bunnies, but ended up not buying a thing. The smell of urine was overwhelming. The store was a mess – items all over the floor, prices missing from everything, etc. The animal cages were dirty, especially the dogs — feces coating the bottom of their cage pans. Sick!

Then I saw all the puppies, which I assumed were from puppy mills. I asked one of the employees — who looked to be about 15 years old, complete with braces, where they got their dogs from. His exact reply was, “They come from lotsa stuff.” I said, “So does that entail private home breeders or mills or what?” to which he intelligently said, “Well, these dogs come from a lot of places” and skipped merrily on his way to help someone more sincerely interested in buying a dog than myself.

Ironically, while I was there, a young couple was obviously attempting to return a sick puppy – a little terrier that could hardly stand. As a dog shelter volunteer, I was deeply saddened, knowing how many animals we have to put to sleep simply because there aren’t enough adopters — and rather, people like this who BUY dogs.. meh.

I bought my rabbit’s food at Target instead.. wouldn’t want to support this nasty dump of a pet store!


I wish I could give this place no stars. This place is not humane and I feel so bad for all the puppies here. Poor dogs are mistreated and are so sick. If you buy anything from here you are supporting a company who treats their animals terrible and does not give them the right treatment. I’ve known many people to purchase animals from here and a few days later found out their pet may not survive they are so sick. PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT THIS TERRIBLE BUSINESS.  I promise there are many dogs at a shelter that are much healthier and taken care of. (and you save a life)!


I only give it one because zero is not available.

I cannot believe how rude Mary, the store manager, was.  As a paying customer I couldn’t believe how bad I was treated.  She refused to sell me an animal unless I would buy all the supplies with it (I had informed her that I already had the needed supplies).  She was only worried about how much money she could make off of me.  She also appeared to have a love for animals but I noticed the guinea pigs (who are quite skiddish by nature) were located under and next to the squawking birds.  Hmmm.  From the moment I first spoke with her she was extremely condescending and went of her way to make me aware that she knew best for everything.

I had never been to a Petland before and after this service I will never return to ANY of them again.  Mary, the store manager, ruined this for me.


I would seriously have to be crazy to ever set foot in this store again.  I know from time to time, everyone talks about how bad the service at a particular place is, and for most people, we just nod and smile, thinking to ourselves that they are just exaggerating.  I seriously wish I was with this store.

Mary, the rude and uninformed store manager leads an uninformed staff, set to do one thing; sell everything that is not nailed down to the floor.  First off, the employees make less than minimum wage and the commission is what makes the bulk of their check, so selling you things that are not necessary is part of the game, if they want to bank.  I simply asked Mary a few questions in the beginning, and every word out of her mouth was practicly an insult.  So i just left.  But after realizing that there are not a lot of pet stores in the area, I returned to make a purchase.  Mary would not even sell me the animal, because I wouldn’t buy one of her expensive cages, and could not proove that I had a cage at home.  It was a simple tactic ensuring that her sale would not drag down her average and not take pennies out of her pocket.  I was shocked and couldn’t even see how someone with this kind of business skill could ever be promoted to store manager.

She tries to make it seem that she has a love for animals, yet the store was filthy.  It is a small space and there are way too many animals crammed in.  There are loud birds in small cages hung directly over the guinea pigs and rabbits, causing them to stay hidden in their shelters so they wouldn’t be deaf.  The puppy cages were full of excriment and the only thing the employees were doing were trying to sell, sell, sell.  The best way to end this, is with a quote from one of Mary, the store manager of Petland employee’s, “If your animal needs it, then why not just buy the biggest bag?”


Do Not Buy at this store. They sold me a fish with Lice. Yes Lice. It was disgusting. I noticed ick on fish in other tanks and I SHOULD have walked right out! I don’t know what made me get this fish. But then a week later I realize she came with a few “friends”. So gross. I emailed corporate and never heard back. Do yourself a favor. Do not buy anything alive from this store. Save yourself the heartache.


ZERO STARS IF I COULD! My brother and I walked in the store hoping they had kittens for sale as they rarely do. We were planning on purchasing a kitten for our nephew’s birthday. On arrival it seemed the manager, Mary, was loudly arguing with an employee which made us very uncomfortable on arrival. After she finally got to help us out 15 minutes later, she had a frown and horrible attitude when we asked to see the last kitten. We played with the kitten for about 10 minutes and decided she was perfect. We called her over to ask a few questions before we bought it like any local grooming recommendations, shots, vets, etc. My brother started off by saying she had really long nails (he isn’t used to it because his cat is declawed) and where we could get them trimmed in the future. She responded in a very condescending manner by saying, “it’s a cat” and that we didn’t have to carry her. We were both caught off guard. He actually began to set the Kitten down, but was interrupted by her snatching the cat out of his hands and saying, “you know what, you can go.” Not wanting to cause a scene we got up and left. I called the store asking to speak to the owner, Jim, and was redirected Mary. I told her I knew it was her, explained the situation anyway and asked her to give the phone to the owner. Before giving the phone to him, she tried justifying her rude behavior by saying we didn’t seem serious and she didn’t feel comfortable letting us play with kitten for “safety issues!” What!?!? She then took 10 minutes to get the owner, most likely attempting to explain herself first because god knows it wasn’t busy. He answered with a monotone uninterested voice and came up with a bogus excuse saying she “misunderstood” us and was worried for the animal’s safety. When I asked him to go into detail on why they felt the animal was unsafe with us, he didn’t answer and seriously responded, “I don’t know, what do you want me to do.” After hearing that, I just hung up on him before cussing him out. Never go here! Horrible customer service and extremely rude employees and ownership.


Petland Hoffman Estates

11 Golf Center

Hoffman Estates, IL 60169



Petland is a chain that is well-known for selling dogs from puppy mills. Their outlandinsh prices are 2-3x what a reputable breeder would charge and nearly 8x what you’d pay at a shelter, but they attempt to justify it by offering a 1-year warranty, bed, toys, cage, etc.

I volunteer with one of the big animal rescue sites and while we are aware of what Petland does, there is no way to shut it down without proof of the animals being neglected or treated unfairly. I walked in over the weekend just to observe the well-being of the puppies and numerous ones had visible health issues (which I documented on camera & will submit to the proper department for review) and many had no toys or blankets in their cages. While I have no doubt these puppies will eventually go to good homes, I will not support a company that is an obvious proponent of puppy mills and helps to keep them in business. Unfortunately, puppy mills are not yet illegal in Illinois and in many states, but many advocates are taking steps to eradicate this inhumane practice.

Please be wary of purchasing pets from any Petland location as they are bound to have a myriad of health conditions. Petland will deny this up and down, but take what they say with a grain of salt – two customers in the store were quoted two vastly different amounts ($3000 vs $4500) for a puppy just while I was there alone…


Petland doesn’t care for their puppies at all. I was hesitant to buy from here in the first place because I don’t support puppy mills or the way they treat their dogs but I fell in love with this pup so I took him home which when I took home was coughing. His papers said that he was checked on March 21st and had no cough. He was not checked on or was given something to suppress the cough because he was not coughing when I saw him earlier that day. His cough sounded bad so I took him to the vet Monday . He had pneumonia and Petland is responsible for not taking care of this dog along with all the others. If he was cared for he wouldn’t have to be on a nebulizer and antibiotics right now. I will be calling corporate and going even beyond that.


I purchased my dog from here.  I know, I shouldn’t have purchased a dog from any store.  But, back in 2011 I wanted a min pin.  They had a red min pin that was just too cute to pass up.  So he came AKC certified pure bred and said to have all his shots (up to his age of just a couple months) and to be healthy.  Well, he had horrible diarrhea from day one.  Now, I worked as a vet tech for 2 years.  I hadn’t seen his poop before purchase, but, he seemed healthy, active, and playful when I got him.  2 hours later at home when he first pooped I instantly knew something was wrong.  I hadn’t yet fed him anything, so it wasn’t due to a change in food or new food.  Well, as I said, being a vet tech in the past I knew something was wrong; so, I took him to the vet hospital.  He had coccidia; an intestinal parasite.  How did these workers and care givers he had before I got him not notice this?!?  Luckily, after paying for the vet bills and medication he recovered fine and has been a great dog to this day.

Other than that experience I have purchased cat food and a couple other small items here (not other animals).  I found prices a bit high.  If you want a hamster, this place may be fine.  But, if you want a dog, cat, bird, etc., find a quality breeder.


I love coming here to visit the pets and play with them. However, they have poor service and are cruel to animals. A close friend bought a tarantula at this location with a warranty and a few days after purchasing the tarantula, it suddenly died. Why? Nematodes. They sold him a sick spider and then refused a refund even though there was a warranty in case of death. They also have one cage hosting 5 ferrets, not cleaning up their mess and having these poor animals so crowded in this small space, walking around in urine and waste. Same thing with the dogs. Have seen many dogs mess not cleaned up after, even though there are many employees standing around. The employees here are not friendly, and sometimes they are rude or have an attitude when asked to take out pets. I would never buy an animal here again, and would steer anyone away from buying here..


Well, it is now the end of the year and I have been trying to resolve an issue that occurred at Petland in Hoffman Estates since February.     I will try to be as brief as possible and cover the main details. My husband and I were injured while in the play area with a puppy that was five months old. The price was dramatically reduced due to the length of time the puppy had been there per the sales rep. We were not warned that the puppy was aggressive and the sales rep just stood there while it was jumping, biting and tearing our clothes. I am sure this is on their video for confirmation. We had to ask him ourselves to remove the puppy even though he could see that we were bleeding.  We asked to see a manager who was more concerned about my husband’s leather jacket than the fact that we had blood all over us. I contacted Petland corporate for a resolution.  After several e-mails, and telephone calls, the result was that they would do nothing.  Calls were not returned by corporate or by the local store.  I have records of all e-mails, and dates and times of telephone calls.  I finally filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.  Petland’s response to the BBB complaint was that this happened months ago and they considered it closed! I was aware of how long ago it happened and how many months I had been calling, and e-mailing all to no avail. Maybe they thought if they just ignored me, they could use this as an excuse. I had asked that I be reimbursed for the $299 leather jacket that was ruined, $40 in doctor co-pays and  1/2 day of missing work. After I rejected their response to the BBB, they said their “final offer” was $40.  I was out of town for business and was not able to respond within 48 hours so the case was closed and I was not able to make any further response, that $40 was not acceptable.  I am writing this review because of the experience that I had and the absolute disregard this company has for their customers. I have also included pictures of the injuries and damages.


Everyone complaining on these reviews and not calling the health department have evidence and mail to the health department! This place is dangerous for us to contract anything from these animals and it’s not these poor animals faults it’s this Effing loser who’s running this sht hole!! Everyone stop complaining and do something about it!!!


Two weeks ago we purchased a Havanese puppy at Petland in Hoffman Estates. When we purchased our pet, we were told, and had paperwork corroborating the statements, that our pet was healthy and ready to be adopted. We were also told that our pet had been neutered.

One night after having our dog at home, he exhibited signs of a horrible kennel cough. We called the veterinarian that night and were told to rush him to the closest animal hospital for immediate treatment. When we are at the emergency hospital, we were told that not only did our animal have a severe case of kennel cough but also had not been neutered.
Petland fraudulently represented the condition of the animal. When we went to Petland, the manager of the store deflected any responsibility and said that we had to contact their claims department. We submitted evidence as to the treatment given to our pet as required. A week after treatment for the kennel cough, our pet developed a rectal prolapse requiring a surgical procedure. The veterinarian stated that it was more likely than not caused by the kennel cough in the force and severity of the coughing.

Again, we submitted a claim for the services. The claims department denied our claim stating that the warranty does not cover emergency services.

Not only did Petland sell us and he’ll dog, they do not standby or honor any warranties for providing the sick animal treatment. They fraudulently made representations that were in accurate but have denied responsibility.

This company deserves nothing positive. I suggest that no one ever buy any product or animal from this company. This company needs to be forced out of business due to it’s her Renda’s business practices. In addition to this posting, we are making a claim to the Better Business Bureau as well as seeking recovery in court.

It is unconscionable how this company can make false representations and not honor their responsibility to sell healthy animals. Again, anyone reading this post, I am Ploor you to not ever support this company


My girlfriend and her friend recently visited this Petland just to look and get an idea of some prices for animals and supplies. When she asked about the price of a cat (towards a group of 3 employees just standing around), she was answered, extremely rudely, “What cat” and after my girlfriend clarified they all answered “oh like a thousand” very unsurely but left it at that. No greeting of any sort from them or farewell, although a guy at the front was extremely nice! Aside from the guy at front, this is clearly a 1/5 for poor customer service assistance and attitude. Even the customers were friendlier!


If you enjoy supporting a business that purchase puppies from puppy mills, then this is for you. Want a dog who’s parents live in tiny wire cages and don’t know what grass is? Then come spend a sickening amount of money and support the greed for a business with no morals.

Remember, akc certified doesn’t mean the dog isn’t from a mill.


The workers stood there the whole time talking about their lives while tons of people roamed around. Kids were beating on the animals’ glass and when I tried to ask for info on one of the puppies, the girl was really rude. It was as if I was bothering her for information. The lady inside the kennels was sweet to the dogs, but outside the workers were beyond rude. I have never been to an establishment where they want to charge me so much and still treat me like i owe them something for their time. Ridiculous.


Very disappointed in our visit here yesterday.  My daughter and I asked to see a puppy (English bulldog) and we were told we’d have to wait.  No others in line in front of us, and plenty of open cubicles for playtime.  So we waited 20 minutes, and asked again, and were told to wait again.  Meantime, another couple asked and received playtime with golden retriever puppy.  So we continued to wait.  Staff continued to walk around the store and talk to each other and ignore us.  Finally, we just left.  A real, real pity, as pups sure looked like they could use a little interaction.  Staff’s poor customer service was astonishing.


Awful treatment of animals and customers! They only care about the money not the health and well being of the animals!


Horrible and cruel! The staff is rude all they care about is $$$$ these puppies are sick and run of the mill please don’t support them.


I was here awhile back to buy a hamster and I believe no worker here checks their animals for well-being. We chose a hamster which had a disease. The worker said “We would of never known unless someone picked it.” The disease was noticeable by the way. Plus they do not watch over kids who like to aggressively play with the animals. They have no way control the way customers treat the animals. All they care about is getting money and making sales. Thats why I give this place one star, but I would give 3 for the supplies they have to offer.


Deplorable place to buy any creature. I was there on a weekend, and witnessed people and children alike grabbing stressed rabbits and guinea pigs from their enclosures without proper handling techniques. The rats and mice are in tanks on shelves and it seemed kind of dark and hidden away. I thought their aquarium area was fairly nice, and the fish looked healthy — so I bought some harlequin rasboras and tetras. Within a couple of weeks each one just died. Something I’d expect from this place. The puppies are caged up and then when they interact with people, they have far too much energy and could hurt somebody (like the larger breeds). I’d suggest skipping this store and adopting a pet from a rescue.


Let me start by saying the only reason I rated this place was because I have to give it at least one star in order to post a review. This place almost made me cry due to the way the dogs were living. They have one medium sized cage for a Great Dane and German Shepard to live together. The dogs poo and pee in their cages and one of the dogs was licking his own poop. They went crazy when the employees brought out food, and they scorched down the food so fast so I’m pretty sure that’s because they barely feed them. One of the dogs was so skinny you could see his ribs. There were poop stains on the dogs butts because they haven’t been bathed. They all smelled horribly. They were all sleepy and tired and some of them were shivering. They all looked sad and their eyes were droopy. They slept on wires with one really thin cloth as a blanket for TWO dogs. I felt so bad for all of them and wanted to show all of them the love they should be feeling but every time I asked the lady if I could see one of the dogs she told me it was their nap time and that I could check back in a half hour. I’m pretty sure they drug the dogs to go to sleep at a specific time. Finally I got to see one of the dogs. It was a 3 month old female Great Pyrenees. Mind you, these dogs are usually very playful, energetic, curious, and howl and bark a lot. Trust me, I did my research after I left this place. The dog I spent time with was extremely quiet, nervous, scared, droopy, and tired. She didn’t even care to smell my siblings, boyfriend, and I. She peed twice due to nervousness, she didn’t pick up one toy or even try to play with us. She kept sitting and staring at the doors as if she just wanted to be back in her miserable cage because she was too used to being in there rather than the real world. When I asked the employee questions about the dogs health and why she was so quiet, she answered with one worded responses. I loveeeeee animals. From fish to bears, and I have an adorable Maltese living with me at the moment, and seeing these dogs living this way disgusted me in so many ways. I will never go back to this place and I will never give this place business. I urge you all to please stop giving these places your money, keeping these businesses open should be against the law, this place was horrific. Read my review and understand what I’m saying. If you don’t believe me, go take a look yourself.


All of these fish are either sick, or dead. I am disgusted at the lack of care this place has for these fish. It is truly sad to come to these places and see these beautiful creatures who were either plucked from their natural habitat, or were born into this environment are not treated well. All lives are precious, but not here I suppose.  Also, the dogs they have here were closed in a small cage, desperate to be played with, or even just pet for a minute. Instead, however, they lie in their own feces, looking like the dogs in those ASPCA commercials. I walked into this store open minded, and left depressed.


Horrible place with neglected animals.  Prices are ridiculous, payment plans on puppies that cost $2000.  The store smells like a goat’s ball sack.  Employees are clueless imbeciles.  Manager is some high school drop out.  The aquarium side is a bit better, but the marine fish are mostly diseased and stressed or dead.  Overall very neglected store with inexperienced employees.  Did I mention the place smells like a goat’s ball sack.


stay away from this place!  their corp. office isnt much better. no oversight and the worst animal care and conditions ive ever seen.  dump!!!


that pretty much sums up the place.
The floor reps are rude and they just look like they weren’t happy to be working there.
When you first walk in, a blast of foul urine and feces.
When I looked at the puppies some were standing in their own poop and large quantities of urine on the collection tray below.
They put two medium size puppies in the holding window. If you haven’t seen them they are very small.
A Golden Lab and a husky sharing the same holding block is insufficient space.
This would be classified as animal cruelty.
Don’t buy any puppies here. They are said to be FROM “PUPPY MILLS”

Fish Department I would give 2 stars.
A few times a sales rep would ask me if I needed help.
A few times they couldn’t answer my questions and had to ask another coworker for the answer. (Not very knowledeae).
And a few times the sales reps didn’t acknowledge my prescence.
The fish department has a 3 day warranty on fish. So if it dies after 3 days. Oh well.

Go to Pets mart for fish. They have a guarantee fish policy for 14 days.


We visited this location tonight. Several puppies had diarrhea and the other puppies in the kennel were eating it. Feeling sad for these puppies that are caged up and being sold at outrageous prices of $2200-2500.


Mediocre service – at best. The puppies and kittens were so beaten up.. Probably because they’re all from puppy mills. The fish section was AWFUL. WARNING!!! DO NOT BUY ANY SALT WATER FISH OR CORALS FROM HERE!!!!! (Go to Beyond the Reef, just around the corner). The reptiles looked mediocre as well. Overall a lousy place to go to. I would recommend so many other places over PetLand. (If you need recommendations, let me know– owner of a 40 gal breeder salt water reef, bearded dragon, veiled chameleon and two cats)



I pick up a Fire shrimp and a damsel they suggested a 1$ tranquilizer drug . I spent 3 hours doing a drip before transferring them into a very stable tank that all has been stable no losses for five months. Damsel died Monday and the Fire shrimp died Tuesday. No other fish or invert in the tank show any signs of problems. And I drove all the way from Milwaukee FYI the two were just under $60.00 when I call I was told they only have a 48 hour guarantee period. Never again


I was in this store yesterday evening and couldn’t have been more disgusted. All of the dogs looked dirty, most all of them had diarrhea and were extremely hungry. It was dinner time when we were there and it appeared that all of the dogs regardless of weight and bread were being fed the same food and were being over fed. The ferret cage was filthy as well. There were about  5 or 6 piles of “waste” in the caged area… For only 2 ferrets. The kittens were under ridiculously bright lights and appeared to be miserable. The smell of the store in general was terrible. No one expects a pet store to smell of roses but this was over the top. The guy working in the fish department was sluggish and condescending.  I feel terrible for the dogs and cats in there. I think these animals should be removed from the store immediately.


This is the second time I have been here. There is little to no customer service and they don’t treat their animals well at all. There is open cages low to the ground with no staff watching over it. There are hamsters and other animals and the kids that come in the store are allowed to just pick up and grab whatever animals they choose without supervision. I saw one of the poor hamsters die because the kids were torturing him and throwing the hamster houses around on top of them and squishing them and they didn’t say anything, they just took the dead hamster away like it was nothing#!!# I don’t support this store at all!!


The worst place to buy any animal the cats looked very sick litter boxes full of waste cats eyes and nose very crusty, employees walking around not even attending to these poor sickly animals,  this place should be ashamed of themselves very sad to see


Do NOT buy a pet from here !! Just bought a blue Russian kitten from here 2 months ago for $1200 and it has had constant diahrea, despite passing the fecal testing ! Now at 6 months , the vet can’t even spay her because she has an alarmingly high white blood cell count.  I’m taking her to get tested for leukemia tomorrow , never had a sick cat in my life !! Just so sad and unbelievable


Every single saltwater fish I’ve bought from here has died and it’s not because I don’t know how to take care of them.  Also, the customer service is hit or miss.  Sometimes you can find someone who is friendly and knows what they are talking about.  Most times…not so much.


The people who work here are NOT friendly. My friend and I were looking for a puppy or kitten for her apartment and the woman was a complete b**** and so were her co-workers! They were not interested in their jobs and completely ignored us. Do not come here!

My best friend came here earlier and the Rottweiler attacked her. She yelled for help and the pathetic manager did not even come over to help her out. She wasnt watching them with the dog and did not help when my friend screamed. Awful!


Do not go here!!! Puppies from pet stores are from puppy mills and if you think you’re saving the puppies, you’re actually just freeing up space for another poor puppy and keeping the store and the puppy mill in business.
Not only that but when i went there, all the staffs ignored me. Other stores ask if I was looking for anything or need help, but this store ignores me. The prices are way more expensive then other pet stores. And I hate their rude attitudes and service. There’s so many pet stores just a few mins from this so just go to another pet store


Poor poor service. Sad sad pups. Would recommend going to a rescue. On the other hand they have a nice dog supply selection.


The staff needs to be educated about properly caring for animals as well as ensuring the safety of both critters and customers. On a recent visit I saw unattended children terrorizing mice, hamsters, birds and rabbits. As a result children were bitten. Animals were stressed. The puppies, already looking tired and stressed from being continuously handled by the large crowd, were frantic when a large dog kept lunging at them in their cages. Small children were knocked to the floor in the chaos that followed. Several employees were present but did nothing to ensure safety or diffuse the situation. One tried to ask a manager for help. Nothing was done. Everyone’s needs could’ve been accommodated had the dog owner been escorted to a quieter area of the store until the dog calmed down. When there was room to walk safely, the dog and owner could have resumed his search for another canine companion.
In all fairness, I remember a wonderful visit a few years ago, where a kind, and caring employee sat with us and taught the kids how to properly hold and care for a rabbit. Since then, things have gone downhill. Recent visits have not been enjoyable. We left feeling sad for the animals who have no choice but to depend on Petland staff to keep them healthy and well cared for. We customers can walk away.


We had an unbelievably bad experience here. Last fall, we purchased an adorable female Morkie puppy from here. When we went to pick her up, they insisted on giving her a bath while we did paperwork. I thought that was odd, but I didn’t think too much about it. When we got her home, we discovered that she was very good natured, but horribly sick. We put her in our enclosed kitchen with pee pads everywhere, and she bled and bled and bled. We were horrified and so worried. We rushed her to the vet where she failed a variety of tests. They started her on meds 4x per day and asked that we not leave her alone. We were so afraid she’d die. Diarrhea and blood dripping everywhere. We had to separate our other dog from her. We think they washed her to hide the evidence that she was very sick. The store HAD to know. My husband got angry, which he never does, and took her back to the store with her diagnosis and meds and demanded our money back, which they did. My son and I just sat at home and cried. One of the worst experiences we’ve ever had. Horrible, in fact. Don’t buy anything from here. Please put these people out of business.


This store probably has the worst customer service in the area! After 5 minutes of being in the store I asked one of the employees if I could play with a dog. She told me it would be a minute as she walked by me. After 30 minutes of waiting, I decided to ask another employee. She told me the same thing because “everyone was busy at the moment.” After another 15 minutes of waiting I asked the first employee how much longer it would be. She turned her back at me and started speaking to her friend. Before she walked away, I said “Thank you for answering my question” very sarcastically, and she said “You’re welcome.” and walked away. The other employee spent the half hour standing in a cubby with customers and the dog they were playing with, while the other one spent it on the phone. Everyone seemed to ignore not just me, but all the other customers as well. The animals also looked sick, scared and tired. I was infuriated with the lack of customer service!


DO NOT BUY FISH HERE!!! I bought an algae fish for my tank for 17 dollars and it died 5 days later…. When I called to ask if I could bring it back for a new one, the 2 employees I talked to said nothing can be done for me. Petco has the same fish for 6 dollars and they give you 2 weeks to return them if anything happens. The employees are very rude and I will never buy any animal from here again. I don’t even want to give them a star but it won’t let me post unless I do


This place has the rudest staff I have ever encountered in my life. The girls who work here are COMPLETE …. every time I go here to look at puppies I get completely ignored or a RUDE response. I get enraged every time I come here at how bad the service is. These girls dont want to help you unless you tell them you want to actually buy.. little do they know I have already purchased a dog from an old location and due to their rudeness I purchased a puppy elsewhere (also glad I did due to the condition and state of the environment these dogs are in). The customer service and rudeness was SO BAD that I took out my phone to record how the woman was talking to me.. I was tempted to do something about it but in all honesty its not even worth my time. I will never step foot in here again and I would not suggest anyone bringing their business here unless they fire every single employee with an attitude problem.


Puppy mills suck, plain and simple.  This joint keeps them in business.  I made the mistake of letting my pregnant wife walk around this place.  We left with a new papillion puppy.  Went the free clinic visit and of course, he was sick and needed meds.  I said thanks for the free diagnosis and took him to my regular vet in South Elgin.  Tehy sell sad, sick animals, and will keep doing so.  I’m ashamed I bought a dog there, but happy at the same time to have saved that little wreck of a dog.


When I go to a chain like PetSmart, at least I see their animals up for adoption with blankets and toys.  The puppies here sit in their own filth on metal grates, and the animals are in the open for children to torture.  I would never buy from here, and I think something should be done for the sorry state of these poor animals.  I’m not a fan of PetSmart either, but if a big box store like that can manage to have more humane conditions for their dogs, cats, birds, small mammals, there is no excuse for this place.  It’s awful.


I’ve only been there for the fish, and WOW are they expensive! Their live fish are off the charts expensive. 3-4 times more than other pet stores. Cool store to take the kids, but that’s it.


A good place to browse, but a terrible place to buy.  I’ve been to this place about a dozen times and each time I’ve had trouble getting someone to help.  This last time broke the hump on the camels back as the staff was too busy flirting with each other and talking with their buddies instead of helping customers.  Try another pet store if you actually plan on purchasing.


Petland Rockford

7358 N. Cherryvale Mall Dr.

Rockford, IL 61112



Every single fish tank looked like it had not been clean in months. The dogs had nothing in there little box but a small toy and a water dispenser that was meant for a hamster. And they had a rack for the bottom of the cage and no beds or blankets for them to lay on or food!!! Also their license was expired by 7 months! This place does not look well owned. I feel sorry for all the animals that live there. Would only spend money to get those animals out of there.


Stay away from this store. I have heard about and seen so many sick puppies that come from this place. Most have respiratory infections that are covered up by the loads of medicine that are given to them and after they are off the meds they get sick. If you want a dog think about adopting or find a good breeder.


This place sells people sick puppies!!! Read the review people especially the filtered ones. They try to hide the breeders they get them from. The owners are rude and unwilling to except responsibility for their actions. All they care about is profit. Do not purchase an animal from this place. I came home to a dead dog in less than a week of owning it!


The owner freaked out because I was there with my dogs in the van. I came in and looked around and he was paranoid that I was checking out his store for another reason. He must’ve seen my face after I look at the puppies. It just made me sad. There were some tiny ones that had trouble walking on the grates that were in the bottom of the crates. It looks very uncomfortable for them. They also needed their nails cut which might have helped. One little black tiny puppy had watery eyes and kept winking them like they hurt. When I left I got in my van and had to look at my GPS. That owner came out and asked me what I was doing and was all paranoid. He ended up cursing at me when I mentioned that some dogs need their nails cut. In addition the store smell horrible. I figure he is paranoid because of something he’s doing wrong. I would not spend my money here


Wow. What a horrible time I had at petland. I will never go there. The ownER is full of him self. I also learned many of the animals if not all are sick. Due to the owners cutting corners like cost to keeping the place clean.


The owner Darcy is a crook
Says he cares about animals but doesn’t
I was sold a dog that seemed health but was brought by me to the vet 3 times in six days on the seventh day he was dead he just died today’!!
To top it off I just read a review from an hour and the same thing happened to someone else . The get their puppies from puppy mills . Specifically conrads cuddly canines out of Missouri and when I brought my dead dog in the owner took the envelope of his records and took the paper out that stated he was from conrads …. Obviously to hide the fact that he was from a puppy mill. If you look up conrads you will see what they are and you will see what Petland is !!! They wouldn’t even help us with the vet bill completely and now we have to get our other dog check out for anything. And everything …. Who knows how costly that will be ! Thanks you crooked old man. Poor puppies .
Let’s save them


I was told one week that a puppy I was interested in had a type two heart murmur by a regular employee, Marcia. I go back in about five days later and now all if the sudden the puppy no longer has a murmur and the vet check of the murmur I was originally shown no longer existed! And yes it was the same woman who told me this. It seems a little fishy to me. She tried to push me into buying the poor sick puppy saying “you oughta know if you want her or not”. In my opinion she was very annoying and I was not satisfied with the way she talked to me after clearly lying to me. Heart murmurs are serious and should not be lied about or out lightly. Don’t buy your overpriced sick puppy mill puppies here please.


One of Pet Lands breeders have sick puppies.  I have a puppy purchased from them back in 2010 and after 2 years of spending thousands of dollars and many different vets.  We finally have answers to what is wrong with him I would suggest that you never buy a pet from this location or any other Pet Land store!


My friend brought two mastiffs here. One English, one French. The French one clearly is part pitbull!  The English mastiff has serious fear issues suggesting abuse. (maybe it is just him, but it seems fishy)


I bought some fish from here only to later find out they had ICH! I didnt know what it was and how to cure it so later all my fish died suddenly. Stay away from the fish department!


Petland Round Lake Beach

815 East Rollins Road

Round Lake Beach, IL 60073



Just went in the store & had to walk out. Every puppy cage had messes & the dogs had it all over their feet & noses. The parrots had no water in their cages & the parakeets’ water hadn’t been changed all day. If I could give this place zero stars I would. I feel so bad for these pets.


They called us to say the puppy we wanted was ready to pick up. When we arrived 20 minutes later they told us the puppy was sold. How can you sell a puppy that was already reserved for someone else within 20 minutes of calling them? We won’t be coming back here and will tell everyone we know about their shotty business ethics.


This business contributes to pet overpopulation and euthanasia of millions of animals every year.   If you buy sick dogs that come from puppy mills from Petland, you do too.


My daughter and I stopped in at this Petland in late July/early August to buy bedding for her guinea pig. Usually we go to Petco or PetSmart but we were close to this Petland location. My daughter wanted to take a look at the small animals. I kid you not, 60-70% of the hamsters had large, open pussy wounds on the sides of their bodies! Additionally, there were probably 50-70 hamsters in a large glass enclosure which seemed like a lot but that was the least of my concerns next to the wounds. It was beyond disgusting. In hindsight I should have taken pictures or at least complained to the people working there but I didn’t. My 10 year old daughter was literally traumatized and wanted to write to an anti-cruelty organization to express her concerns (she still talks about it which is what prompted me to review this place publically). I’m just now getting around to writing this and I feel bad I didn’t post something sooner.

Please, take your business elsewhere. The neglect to the animals at this Petland location is physically obvious and this business should not be supported.


Not really a fan of their return policies.  They only offer 30 days/store credit and you can’t even get your money back.  Bought a $30 item for an aquarium that turned out to be complete crap and they only offered me in store credit.  I never shop there.  So why would I want store credit? That’s poor business in my opinion. It’s like saying hey, you buy something and it doesn’t work out… too bad. They are forcing you to spend your money there. Go to Petsmart. This place sucks.


I went in this store to purchase a new bed for my dog, I walked over to the puppies in the cages, as one was pooping, the one behind it was eating it!!! I told one of the employees standing there talking, as there was 3 of them.  I was told “that’s just what they do”  when they have a chance someone will get to it!  This wasn’t a tiny bit either!  Not a fan of this store!


HORRIBLE. Do NOT buy ANYTHING from this place. I have 2 friends that purchased sick puppies from this location. I also purchased an animal and got screwed over and false charged on the price and they wouldn’t refund me. Also I’m educated a lot on animals and they told me completely false information about an animal. If I would’ve taken it home and done what they said it would have had a less than shitty life


We got our Boston Terrier here 6 years ago. Thought nothing of it at the time, just went in and got a puppy. Should’ve known at the time that something was amiss. Fast forward 2 years and our dog starts having seizures out of the blue. Take her to her regular vet who refer us to a specialist. Turns out she has epilepsy. So I decide to dig up our dogs “birth certificate.” Googled the “breeder” PetLand got her from and turns out she owns multiple puppy mills in the south and has been shut down numerous times for puppy mills.
Obviously I don’t regret getting my dog and I love her more than most things, however I learned my lesson and will NEVER set foot in this establishment again.


God Damn this motherfucking shit ass place. I’ve been standing around for a straight god damn hour waiting for some fucking service. When I finally ask to see a puppy, they ignore my request and give it to some other fuckers not once, not twice, but like 5 fucking times. If you want a puppy from here good fucking luck.


Was in the store today and saw a puppy in the worst condition that I had ever seen. With a mixture of kennel cough and being so malnourished from what could have been worms that he could not even sit yet they had him on the sales floor while he received no care or treatment that we could see. The puppy was dying, I hear all of these stories about puppies being taken home and dying and today I have confirmed that. Once we noticed the puppy in the condition it was in we couldn’t look away, so the manager went back and snatched the puppy off the sales floor… If that puppy doesn’t get treatment in 24 hours it very well may die. But I guess all it is to them is money so they don’t care. Will never ever shop here again…not even for food. Look up the puppy mill project, and meet their parents.


After seeing somebody advertising with the sign a puppy sale going on this weekend, I called and very kindly asked one of the employees, Matt, how selling of puppies was going to benefit the 1 million dogs euthanized in shelters each year. Matt told me to get a life and promptly hung up on me. His attitude is an indication of his knowledge of guilt in peddling lives.


Horrible customer service. A girl told us she was too busy to help yet she helped new customers that had just walked in. When we asked to see a puppy another told us to wait he’s resting. Yet 5 seconds later another family was able to play with him. Then we waited 30 more minutes and another employee said he isn’t allowed out. Yet another employee told us once he’s done eating now we can see him. -_- there is no communication and we were hardly helped. Great selection of dogs but horrible staff.


Save your time AND your money and go to your local shelter. This pet store supports irresponsible breeding, puppy mills, and has no interest in educating the public on animal issues such as pet overpopulation and the countless dogs (in your own hometown) that are euthanized because there is no room for them. But they will charge you $2,000+. It’s downright disgusting. #adoptdontshop it will change your life.


This place is ridiculous, the only reason they are in business and still selling puppies is because shelters make it virtually impossible for anyone to get a dog. My daughter got a puppy there at the end of May, we went to see her a week or two before and she looked happy health and great. When my daughter went back and decided to get her she brought her home with leaking eyes, sneezing and hair falling out. The only way the warranty stays valid is if you go to their “vet” who I have read reviews about them not being truthful about the condition of the animals. I told my daughter to go to our vet. Low and behold this precious chiweenie had, mites, ear infection, and giardia. Just wonderful for a 1 pound baby. When I called them to inform them of the parasites they basically said who cares you didn’t go to our vet so warranty voided! Terrible and very rude. She is so adorable and playful issues have been resolved after very expensive meds and multiple visits.


We spent well over $1,500 purchasing a German Shepherd puppy from this Petland store.  Looking back, we must have been clinically insane at that time.  To make matters worse, we later learned (later…  as in, after Petland’s useless “Pet Warranty” expired…) that it was not even a healthy animal, no, it had a serious genetic health defect.

Our Petland puppy was diagnosed with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI), which was a genetic medical problem we had never even heard of before, that made our puppy very, very sick and severely compromised her whole immune system.

Well, we all love our family dog and we would never give her up, but, we learned a hard lesson, we know better now, and we feel like complete idiots for EVER buying any pet from Petland, which was not even an AKC registered canine. It was registered by some ridiculous, unheard of, far-flung place we had never, ever even heard of.

For any future family pet needs, I would ignore the Polaroids of happy people holding their puppies that abound in this store and immediately go online to PETFINDER website and go find a dog (or cat or bunny or whatever) that really needs to find a good “fur-ever” home there instead.

Very disappointed in Petland, in general …  Stop selling overpriced, defective, unhealthy puppies!  And, I can’t stop thinking about where do all these cute puppies go after they are no longer “cute” and they have grown too big to fit in those little Petland cubby-holes?!?

We sincerely hope that this review helps somebody else – save your hard-earned money – and your sanity – and avoid the heartache – and go to PETFINDER instead!


Today I was at this store about 5 p.m..  I remember this store used to have good customer service and now I don’t know if it’s because the economy is down and that they think they can be mean to their customers whenever they please.  I believe that employees need to be nice to their customers for a couple of reasons.  One is no sales means no income and no income means no profit and no profit means no job.  I made a purchase about 3 weeks ago and the  girl manager gave me a hard time  with my return the customer service was aweful.  I was told by one of their employees which I will not mention at this time that I will not have any problems returning the items.  He told me to wait aweek to see if the item would work on my dog.  A week later which is today I tried to do a return and the two girls refused the item and the gentleman told me I would not have any problem returning the item.  Another problem I had is the manager on duty would not come out and speak with me she had the rude employee talk to me.  Me as a manager I live by these rules I treat customers with respect and I am honest with them I am quick in responding to their needs and I am open and I am open and accessible and I don’t make promises I can’t keep.  These are all common sense.  But common sense isn’t terribly common is it.  I have been a manager for 40 years.  It is just the little things that normally that make a difference like a smile an honest inquiry or even just listening to the customers needs.  Just remember customers always spread the word whether it’s good or bad experience.  Giving bad service to a customer is one way of losing a good customer just remember that.  I was made two promises that I could do a return with no problem and each time there was a big issue.  This company takes advantage of their customers.  Enough is enough I will not be treated disrespectfully so I called corporate office so hopefully they will get to the bottom of this.


Staff too busy socializing.  Manager included.  Support your local petshop if your town has one.


I have to say I buy and sell a lot of stuff.  This Petland left me feeling very uncomfortable when I asked about some things I would like to know about.  They just kept going back to their warranty program as enough that I should be happy with.  Even After I researched the breeder and found only bad reviews and problems an wanted to find ways to believe the complaints were mainly sour grapes.  For the first time in 30 years We find ourselves without a dog.  All of my other dogs came from breeders.  I have no idea if the breeder was good or bad in this instance as that no one ever really talks about great experiences.  I just have to say that I was uncomfortable with the tactics in this store. I was in another Petland nearby and was treated very differently.  Sadly it took a day to me to decide I wanted the puppy they had and it was gone when I returned.  I will shop at The Racine store, I will not shop in the Round Lake store.  This is the first review I have ever done.  I feel strongly about this though and felt compelled to say something.  Thanks for taking the time to read this.


Beginning of this year..2012, the first few times I went in, there was a guy named Chris who knew alot about saltwater fish and would talk and give great advice and was very helpful!  He always asked what I had at home and my tank parameters before suggesting I buy anything.  Also the tanks looked clean and the fish and corals very healthy.
Unfortunately Chris no longer works there, and it shows.  The tanks have alot of dead fish, algae and aiptasia in them.  I’ve seen corals literally melting in the tanks as the water parameters were not fit for them!  I’ve seen a mother pick up her crying child once the child realized that the fish he was looking at wasn’t sleeping, but dead, and that his tankmates weren’t trying to play with him but eating his corpse!
Soon as you walk in, you get accosted by some kid who starts drilling me “What do you have at home?  Ooh saltwater or fresh?  Oh you should buy this for your tank!”  Without asking me any question as to whether what they are suggesting would really be a good fit for my tank or whether what he is suggesting would live or prosper in my tank.  5 steps further into the store and another employee starts same routine “Well your tank is salt and this huge overpriced unhealthy fish is a saltwater fish, so you should take it home today!”
Used to be really happy to have a saltwater fish store with at least one knowledgeable employee so close by, but now its a place to avoid.  🙁


Petland Merrillville

1736 E. 80th Ave.

Merrillville, IN 46410



Adopted a puppy from here two weeks ago and she already passed away. The vet strongly suspected she had a liver shunt, which is a genetic defect.  After all of the emotional distress that I went through, petland is refusing to refund my money and instead would like me to come in and get another puppy, which will never happen.


Super expensive, and very depressing. Most animals are kept in tight places, and don’t get much attention. The facility isn’t as clean as it could be, and the staff is very up in your face with prices/facts.


Horrible treatment of their animals. I saw it firsthand. Plus their pups are puppy mill pups. Do not buy here!!! If the laws go thru they won’t be able to sell their puppy mill dogs and will probably close.


Worst place ever.I fell soo bad for the animal especially the dogs being stuck 2 or 3 in a cage.Poor puppy mill puppies.This place needs to be closed down.Very over priced.This one lady named Jackie is very very rude.Went in just because my 4 year old wanted to she was extremely rude from the jump.She let us see a dog and t minutes later gets a huge attitude and takes the dog. She looks at us and goes bye now like really


I am a dog snob. Truthfully, I’m an everything snob. This is not news. If you tell me you got your “purebreed-champion” (misspelled on purpose) “choxie” from a private breeder I know you mean petland. I’m judging you. But I don’t blame your dog.

I used to work for a store like this. Back before I went to college and had some basic education.  I will tell you I used to feed people a load of lies too. “Oh no, these  puppies are from private breeders, not puppy mills!” This is crap. And completely wrong. But like I said, I was uneducated at the time.

To spell it out.  Absolutely NO respectable, ethical, responsible breeder will EVER sell their puppies to a pet store. EVER. Yep…NEVER. Think about it. If you love your dog and it had babies would you send those babies off to sit in a glass fronted cage that is banged on for 10-12 hours a day by screaming, snotty kids? Would you let those babies go to homes and people you never met? Ummmm…. NOPE!

Do yourself a favor and actually research a breed you want, find a good breeder, with references, who gives you a hard time about taking one of her puppies. Do this because it means she actually cares about her dogs, takes good care of them, probably knows a little about genetics, heredity, and lines.

Don’t tell me your CKC dog has “papers.” It doesn’t. CKC is a completely fabricated, disgusting organization. I probably won’t even waste an eye-roll on you. But I will  pity your dog.


Wow twice the price of a reputable breeder.  Petland price $1300, breeder $625.  They don’t even deal anymore like they used to, instead they offer you a store credit card.  I’m shocked.  Obviously oblivious to the Information Age, where you can find realistic prices on your phone in seconds.  I’d avoid this place and go to a reputable breeder!


Hello, I’ve never been to this store but my friend who has no access to a computer wanted me to write a review for them:

After my friend recently bought crickets from this store, instead of the store she normally purchases crickets at. She found the crickets to be infected after her gecko was fed them. The gecko became inactive and listless over the last three weeks. The gecko just died. She believes it was an intestinal parasite carried by the crickets

She had never bought crickets from a different retailer before, and believes that this store doesn’t have a secure and safe source for uninfected crickets.  They didn’t offer to give a receipt for the crickets either which is very unprofessional.

Needless to say, she won’t be buying any more products or animals from them again.

She certainly does not recommend this store to anyone!


I would give this place 0 stars if I could. Sells overpriced puppy mills dogs (I’ve been told they come from a breeder but what respectable breeder gives there dogs to a pet store to be sold!) that are always sick with some sort of respiratory ailment or worse things. This business has really shady practices but a lot of people know that already. Hell, google Petland and you’ll get a whole load of disgusting info about them. The one in Valpo was closed down and I can’t wait for this shithole to die as well.


Petland Terre Haute

3341 S. US 41

Terre Haute, IN 47802



I am only giving this place 1 star because 0 stars is not an option. Petland gets their puppies from mills, does not provide proper care for their animals and rips people off with their prices. Do not support this evil business. They choose to delete and block my comments on this topic instead of facing the truth and doing the right thing.


Petland Iowa City

1851 Lower Muscatine Rd.

Iowa City, IA 52240



Terrible customer service. Staff is friendly when you can actually get their attention, but they are so focused on selling puppies that they fail to greet or assist any other customers. I should not have to pull someone aside and ask for help, only to be met with annoyance.


If you’re even considering purchasing an animal from a chain store like this, you really are lacking basic common sense . Not only are you off your rocker, but you have no compassion either. All of these puppies come from PUPPY MILLS. Iowa is one of the largest puppy mill states in the country.…

I was in this location quite a while ago-just browsing. Of course I was looking at the ‘designer’ dogs in the cages. That’s all they sell; cute, little, designer dogs. Puppies in cages everywhere. The older puppies get deeply discounted and moved out into the center of the store because the older they become the more difficult they are to sell—so depressing.

I asked to play with a ‘Morkie’ (Maltese/Yorkie mix) named ‘Tom.’ He was extremely playful. I then proceeded to ask the salesgirl helping me where exactly he came from. She said a breeder and I corrected her by saying, “you mean puppy mill?’ I then asked to see paperwork on the dog (date of birth, where he came from,etc.) the girl goes and gets her manager. I ask him the same question only to have him look at me like I was an idiot.

Long story short, I was given the paperwork that I wanted to see. Sure enough, the breeder had an Amish name (Amish are notorious for having huge puppy mills and selling their pups to pet stores).

Prices are INSANE! $1200 for a dog that the store likely paid no more than $200 for. You can’t help but worry about their living conditions, health and socialization when you’re buying from a retail pet shop.

Most of these dogs are sick and have to be treated with medications soon after (if not immediately) after going home. PARVO (incredibly deadly in pups), distemper, kennel cough, giardia and upper respiratory infections just to name a few. Inbreeding is huge amongst breeders as well; this practice unfortunately leads to major birth defects that are irreversible (heart disease, kidney disease, deafness and the list goes on). 99% of the time the pups aren’t yet weaned from their mothers, but they’re shipped off to pet stores anyway.

I left that day even more depressed than before I walked in. I’ve since adopted 2 ‘designer’ rescues and I have no regrets or guilty feelings. Please adopt and don’t shop. Many of the pet shop dogs end up at shelters still searching for their forever homes.

Credit: if you have to use Petland ‘credit’ to leave with your animal, what is wrong with you? If you can’t afford the ridiculous prices and think it’s fine to finance the cost of your animal, then you really shouldn’t be a pet owner.


I went there last weekend and saw that they have over 50% discount on many breeds. I asked for the price of one breed which I have asked couple month ago($800 at that time), the seller told me it’s $3000 for that dog and they could give me a ‘huge’ discount to reduce the price to $2600. I literally laughed out.


Something is drastically wrong when former Petland employees are afraid to report neglect and abuse incidents out of concern that Petland will file lawsuits against them.


They buy from puppy mills and overcharge people for puppies!  DO NOT BUY FROM PETLAND!  Buy from a liscensed breeded that has to keep up with state regulations and this will be about a third of the price as Petland!


Unfortunately, this store sells puppies like they are designer purses. “Oh want a puppy? We don’t care if you are making an impulse buy, if you’re going to feed it and care for it, or anything else. We just would like a few thousand dollars and you can be on your way!”

Here are some facts about conditions required to meet USDA standards, the “amazing breeders” who Petland brags about getting their puppies from, are all USDA-licensed breeders. The following USDA standards facts provided below, courtesy of Bailing Out Benji:

“-Cage size: must be 6 inches larger than the size of the dog, on all sides
-Up to 12 dogs can be housed in one cage
-Dogs never have to be let out of their cages. Breeders only need to have an exercise plan
-There is no limit to the number dogs a breeder can have–many have over 1,000
-There is no age limit for breeding dogs. If a dog is able to produce puppies for ten years, that’s how long they could be in the facility.

– The inspections are “risk based”. Meaning if there are no violations, the breeder might not see an inspector for a few years.

– The AWA does NOT cover emotional well-being.

And there are a 115 inspectors to inspect for every single USDA facility… in the entire United States. That includes breeding facilities, factory farms, zoos, circuses, transport vehicles, testing facilities, labs and more…. 115 people to cover over 12,000 facilities.  Do you think that is enough?”

If you’d like to buy a healthy happy puppy, you should find a breeder who only has a few adult dogs and raises the puppies and dogs as family members, in their homes. I understand that some people believe they are “RESCUING” these puppies from petland but in reality you are allowing them to keep their doors open and buy another 10+ puppies with your THOUSAND dollars. Literally they buy them for about $100 from people who raise them like livestock. I couldn’t sleep at night if I knew I had supported a business like this one.


DO NOT BUY DOGS FROM HERE!!! They don’t even know what they’re selling! Our $1,000 “Pomeranian” isn’t even purebred. She’s HALF pom and HALF Shetland Sheep Dog. Not even worth $200. Huge waste of money. I will NEVER be back!


Horrible customer service,Their dogs are from puppymills,The staff are complete liars they tell you anything to get you to purchase an animal even if those statements are untrue. The owners are just as bad and do not stand behind anything the staff tells customers.Be Warned!!!! and share with your friends STAY AWAY FROM PETLAND especially this location…


I absolutely hate going to pet stores, cause I automatically feel bad for all the animals…even the scale-y reptiles.  But I ended up going with my friend cause she needed to pick up kitty-liter.

This place had so many puppies I just wanted to rob the place of all their puppies and go live on a farm.  I really really just feel so bad for the puppies when they are caged up and don’t really have a real life.  I actually almost bought a puppy because I felt so bad.  The poor pup was a 15-week old golden retriever and was basically deemed unworthy because it was so “old”.  Um, what?  The poor pup was still so cute and I was literally two minutes away from taking the babe home.


Petland Olathe

185 N. Parker Street

Olathe, KS 66061



One star is being too kind. As soon as I walked in I remembered Petland is well know for poor breeder issues with the pets they sell. That was quickly verified by the couple who walked in after me with a dog they recently bought and took to the vet to find out the dog has medical issues and was sold as being able to breed, but actually did not have the needed parts to breed. It would seem that this would be something both the breeder and workers at the pet store should have known.

It breaks my heart that this dog is losing its new family. Breaks my heart more thinking about what will happen to the little guy now that he had no dollar value.

Even if you have no plans to purchase an animal here, don’t give them your money. These places need to be shut down and the only way that will happen is consumers not spending their money there.


One star is being too kind. As soon as I walked in I remembered Petland is well know for poor breeder issues with the pets they sell. That was quickly verified by the couple who walked in after me with a dog they recently bought and took to the vet to find out the dog has medical issues and was sold as not being able to breed, but actually did not have the needed parts to breed. It would seem that this would be something both the breeder and workers at the pet store should have known.


Worse experience today. The lady who got us a dog so we could play with him was completely rude. She had a bad attitude and we did not feel welcomed like a customer should. She needs to be either be fired or an attitude check. Will not be going back because of this lady. The rest of the workers were great.


The owners should be out in jail. Animal cruelty on a large scale. Buying dogs from a puppy mill is wrong. These dogs live short sick lives and many don’t survive past a few years. I wish people would stop shopping here.


Petland Overland Park

7911 W. 151st Street

Overland Park, KS 66223



So sad how bad this store has gotten. Rude employees, store smells like the very bottom of the hamster/bird cages have never been cleaned. Had to hold my breath when I was in the litter isle because of the smell. 5 people were at the register, I stood there being the only person in line waiting and I said can someone help me. 4 of them scattered and muttered I’m out of here or I have other things I have to do. The only person who helped me said ya I guess I can. Pretty shocking how terrible of an experience I’ve had. I was a regular customer but no longer will be. Would never recommend Petland to friends.


This is the saddest place on earth. The puppies look so malnourished; do not buy a dog here. Also awful service, no one even noticed us when we tried to ask for help multiple times. One employee was talking to her friend.


Puppy mill palace. They sell sick puppies from tortured mothers for outrageous prices. They want $3,500 for a boxer puppy. That’s almost $1000 for every year this sick mutated dog will live. If you buy a dog here you are a bad person. Dogs are free!


Had the worst experience here. The puppies looked sick and the customer service was horrible. I will never be going back. I will fight the manager. Don’t go here. I hate him.


I hate this place. They buy puppies and kittens from puppy/kitten mills. They rang up my mom’s kitten as dog food, so there would be no receipt, he died within 7 months after thousands spent in vet bills. Unfortunately, this is the only place in south OP for me to get feeder rats for my snake. Buyer beware. Makes my heart sick. Please consider adopting an animal from a shelter – they have specific breeds!!! Rant over.


Steer clear of this place. Horrible odor and puppies do not look taken care of. We visited with a bulldog who wreaked of feces. This place is scary and overpriced.


Overpriced and gets animals from puppy mills. Also had a shipping container outside the store for months and months – for what reason, not sure?


I am going to assume all who have purchased puppies at Petland and can’t understand why your puppy died or has a serious life threatening condition which was not disclosed to you must not be aware that  99.9% of these poor animals are sick and have serious health issues BECAUSE THEY CAME FROM PUPPY MILLS. Educate yourself before buying from Petland or any other stores unless they are legitimate adoptions through local shelters (for instance PetCo).  Just watch some undercover videos on YouTube before you get in the car and see the conditions these mothers give birth in and these babies are kept in before coming to the burbs and sold to you. It will break your heart.  Please don’t buy animals like this it keeps the puppy mills going with your demand.  As well, as a parent for crying out loud you are putting your poor kids through pretty dramatic that in other circumstances  would have happened.
You will have a healthier dog adopting from one of the shelters for instance Great Plains (in Merriam or Independence).  We our adopted our Chihuahua from Great Plains. When we took him home we already knew he was great with kids, other dogs, idea of his temperament, was chipped, shots up to date, multiple health exams, heartworm tested, dewormed if necessary the works. They are very upfront if a dog has an actual health concern that needs special treatment that will be on going and potentially costly.
Please just watch some videos on YouTube before you even go down that road.


Just awful. Went in to have my 7 pound chihuahua’s nails trimmed. We walked in and I told the girls working he has some social anxiety around people he doesn’t know. They got through his front paws and then looked at me and said they thought they’d need a muzzle.. Excuse me?! Poor thing was just frozen and looking at me terrified. He makes these cute “grumbling” noises- like grunts. With his mouth closed. These unqualified employees thought he was growling. Have you ever seen a dog growl and not bear his teeth? He wasn’t growling at all. In the two years since I adopted him I’ve heard him growl literally twice. How can someone working at a pet store not know what an actual growl is?! They didn’t press the muzzle issue but we should have just left right then and there because they also managed to make him bleed too.

Next time we’re going back to Treats Unleashed in Leawood, they’re a little more expensive but we’ve always had excellent service there. You really do get what you pay for.


I asked if they could hold a dog for me for a couple of days and they said they couldn’t because they have a new “shipment” coming in. Pets are not products! They are living beings. Then when I did get my pup home and checked out by the vet there was a nice list of things that should of been taken care of before I purchased her. When I called to talk to them about this (because I spent a ton of money, like an idiot), they blew be off and said it wasn’t their problem.


Awful. This place is the worst. We’ve been there twice and both times the experience was awful. For starters, the atmosphere is not very nice. Its alway very crowded.
Secondly, the salesperson we dealt with was super high pressure. She kept trying to talk us into a dog we weren’t getting a good feeling with. We had to tell her no 5 times before she took back the pup. We also caught her contradicting herself  (lying) when she was trying to push him on us. It made us so uncomfortable we opted not to even look at other pups.
Third and most importantly, this place is RIDICULOUSLY OVERPRICED! they try to give you a whole shpeel about all the extras that you get for the price but its really just the basics. All the dogs are at least 3k.
I’d REALLY recommend trying one of the Many Local shelters and groups. They have tons of puppies including purebreds & designer. is a good place to start. Or if you are really set on a certain breed try Land of Paws. Its a waaay nicer/upscale environment and the sales people are very nice. They dont have as many puppies but they do get new ones in twice a week and you can always be put on a waiting list. Best of all their dogs are less than a third of the price of Petland’s. And they include shots. We got our pup there and he is the BEST!
If you are interested in learning about puppymills, watch Earthlings on youtube. Its very eye opening.


Went to Olathe location. Absolutely disappointed in the management and products they sell. First off I ask if they can get me feeder mice, fish, and crickets. The manager seemed more interested in his phone and the new puppies that they have now. So as one person worked the front and another woman worked the puppy area, the manager stayed in the back on his phone( with the box for crickets and mice [Empty box mind you]) so as I’m waiting for him to do his job a line is forming behind me. I let the cashier ring up person after person. Now I’m feeling a little irritated at this point. So I go find the manager and say I still need feeders. He get the mice for me finally and they are way to big at that to be feeders. Then makes me wait in line for the other stuff. Why do I have to wait in line, he should have already had everything. Then to top it all off the the fish he gives me have killed and made all of my fish that I have had for years the oldest being 9yrs old sick. I had to sadly flush my pets down the toilet because of their scummy feeder goldfish. Now I have to pray my lizards don’t die form their crappy meals too. Well I guess just one of my lizards since the feeder were to big for all but one of my lizards. Terrible customer service, horrible products. Never go here unless you want shitty over priced puppy’s or food to kill your pets.


I normally don’t complain on social medias unless if I had worst experiences. I went into the store last Saturday, and that’s what we like to do sometimes to play with puppies. We have purchased 2 Frenchie Bulldogs from Petland in the past we fell in love with after playing with them. I asked the sales associate if I can play with a cute bulldog, and she just shook her head no. I asked her politely why, and she told me that serious inquiry only. How does she know I wasn’t a serious buyer? I have purchased 2 Frenchies in the past. I really felt discriminated by the sales person, and she had the smirk on her face. Few minutes later, the bulldog was out playing with teenagers and other other family. It was one of the fun thing we did in the past, but I will never go back to that place again or even purchase any dogs in near future. If I run into her again, I will make sure she hears it from me or from her manager next time.


If I could, I would not give this store or corporation any stars.  Customer service was rude and lies about where their puppies come from.  We also felt pressured to purchase the puppy, upon deciding not to purchase the puppy, the sales associate became very unpleasant towards us.  Will never purchase any puppies from Petland. Worst experience ever.


My wife & I got our daughters a dog in Dec last year. We began taking her every month or so to Petland for a bath & to get her nails clipped. She was 4 months old when we got her. They have a package for about $20 we usually would get. A couple months ago I took Angel there again & the clerk who helped said she would be considered a large breed dog & thus the package would cost $30. I said she had always rec’d the reg package! She is a lab/heeler mix. I just said fine & they took her. I watched the employee give her a bath & dry her off. She brought Angel out still wet & said it was the best she could do because she wouldn’t cooperate!! I was so frustrated esp after paying $10 more than usual! Within a couple days I e-mailed the corporate office to complain. They replied to apologize & said they’d forward my complaint to the OP store & that the store mgr or owner would be in touch. NO ONE called or e-mailed me. I eventually e-mailed Cust Serv again to let them know I rec’d no response but not to bother responding since I would never shop there again. I didn’t receive a reply and haven’t shopped there since. Very frustrating none the less!!


Petland Topeka

West Ridge Mall

1801 SW Wanamaker Road

Topeka, KS 66614



Bought a frenchie puppy for over $4000. Was told was in perfect health, came from a great breeder and they had a health guarantee. Dog turned out being deaf, needing nasal surgery, and had Gerardia(had bad diarrhea and took a month and a half to stop it). My vet confirmed all and also told me she was much younger than the store let on.

Looked into her breeder. She has numerous violations from the usda for inhumane conditions and not getting her animals necessary vet care. Doesn’t sound reputable to me.

Had to take a day off of work and drive to their vet to get a second opinion from their vet (initially they wanted me to drive 4.5 hours one way for a BAER test). After over a month of proving all this, caring for the pup, cleaning her poop, and my kids and other dogs are attached,  the only thing they will do is trade her in for a new pup, as though she is a broken refrigerator. They confirmed they can’t resell her. Story constantly is changing about what they would do with her if I did bring her back. Sketchy!

I live my new baby but she is a nightmare to train and I have to bring in the professionals to help me. They offered me 3 group training sessions 1.5 hours from my home at 6pm at night. Group training with dogs that can hear and only 3?!? That is about as effective as sticking a tampon in a dam! Not to mention that conflicts with my work schedule and the 3 hour round trip drive with a non potty trained puppy with diarrhea.

When she gets a couple months older she will need nasal surgery. There is another $1500.

Matters are only made worse by the fact their staff have been rude to me, even messaging me on social media, and pet solutions their organization hired to solve their issues has had me in tears at least twice.

Needless to say, non reputable breeding, they don’t stand by their products and rude, Rude, RUDE! This place is awful! If you must buy a pup, get one from a breeder and go their personally! These people have absolutely no heart!


Will someone please give that iguana a tree (as they are arboreal) and some veggies – at least just for show? Keeps ramming his nose into the walls because the cage is entirely too small. Hard to sell a lizard when he looks like he’s in bad shape. Perhaps turning on the heat lamp could be a starting point.


We called in the morning to say that we wanted to adopt one of the dog. Then they made an appointment at 7pm. We arrived there at 5:30pm but they let another person to adopted it and they have already done the paper stuff without calling us. Then what’s the purpose for the appointment? They don’t hold it for you even you said you wanna do adoption. We are angry, speechless and sad! We won’t go there ever.


We visited on Saturday 8/13/2016 and found filthy pup cages and negligent staff. Pups were laying on, playing with and eating their own feces. Terribly sad to see staff so careless.


Petland Wichita

11333 East Kellogg St.

Wichita, KS 67207



Buyer beware. Pet land uses puppy mills. I suggest you get the breaded name and research online before purchase. This may have saved us months of vet bills with our dog fritz. Fritz was okay the first couple months after we got him but eventually started loosing hair. We went to the suggested vet 2 times with no answer. Then we went to our regular vet and found that fritz had kennel Mange which is common in puppies from puppy mills.
We then started checking on the breeder who was from arkansas. This breeder had various reports of cruelty. This breeder has many different breeds of dogs kenneled for breeding.
The good news is fritz is okay today. Fritz had 9 months of pain though.
The bad news is the warranty was useless. Pet smart didn’t cover any of the vet visits and medication. We had the reports online saying that fritz’s breeder was running a puppy mill. But pet land denied repeatedly they used puppy mills.
Fritz cost 750.00 we spend well over that in vet bills on a dog that was supposed to be warantied.


Today I had a terrible experience at this store. I walked in and notice they aren’t too busy like normal I was super excited! I first notice that the breeds of dogs are all mixed in the kennels, no big deal! I was concerned that the German Shepard pups are in half kennels when there are empty kennels. We ask to play with a small dog they had, all went well but we noticed that the young dog had a slight case of kennel cough. ( now I’m not saying that only because he was coughing, I and the person I was with have vet experience) I inform one of the staff and she giggles at us and continues to play with the dogs throats and blames us for making him cough. Tells us that we handled him roughly and hit his throats when we set him down. First of all I know how to handle a dog, I do not appreciate being blamed for mishandling this puppy… second, this puppy, who was not running around, had to stop many times to cough and make many hacking noises (typical bordetella symptoms). She went on to tell me I didn’t know what I was talking about and the puppy was fine. I ask to see the breeding paper work and I am told they can not disclose that until after the purchase of the puppy? I removed myself from the stall and continued throughout the store. I ask to see another puppy who yet again seems to have the same cough.  After she took the puppy into the back we could her her talking about us, pointing and laughing with other employees. The kennel tech in the back was walking back and forth banging on kennel doors and yelling at puppies for barking, there were piles of poop in the kennels. I understand having one kennel tech is hard but there are multiple employees standing around giving looks and rude comments to customers. The employee asked if we knew about the packet you receive with a puppy we said yes we have been there before. She then questions us, asking us to list what the package was about and what it comes with. We felt VERY uncomfortable and unwelcome in this store.  Will not be returning to this store.


They support puppy mills. Please, do not shop, only adopt. If you could see where the dogs they have come from, the deplorable conditions,  you would not support this place. Quit supporting this evil place!


We actually went in to buy a few new dog toys, but came out with another puppy.  The store clerk wasn’t helpful or knowledgable.  The process to actually purchase is a VERY TIME CONSUMING PAINSTAKING PROCEDURE.

We were there for OVER 3 hours, and 2 of them were completing paperwork and paying.  Once the paperwork was ALL signed, the clerk disappeared into the back office for 47 minutes.  To then return with the same forms that were previously signed.  I questioned her as to why and she stated that it had to be on their letterhead.  I then questioned her about the warranty again & return policy. Inquiring if it in fact was the SAME original verbiage that I had previously signed.  I then asked her for a copy and she stated that I wasn’t able to get a copy.

By this time, we were ready to go home and get to our other dogs.

She also stated that they do not walk their dogs and the ONLY time they get out is when someone looks at them!

We purchased 1 of the 2 oldest puppies that they had.  Needless to say has been nothing but a nightmare trying to get this new puppy potty trained!  He’s a mess and if I could I would have returned him.  For the amount of money we spent and the hassle, we could have gone back to the Humane Society and got one that would have been less money less hassle and a better pet.

I’m not giving up on this little guy, but I’ll say that I’ll NEVER go back to this place again!


Petland Wichita West

3520 N. Maize Rd.

Wichita, KS 67205



Petland Ashland

341 Diederich Blvd

Ashland, KY 41101



We stopped in the store one day to look at the dogs. We didn’t ask about any info on the dog while we were there.

I called a couple of days later to ask how much the dog was, but they wouldn’t tell me over the phone. The lady said I would need to come in to get the price. I was a little aggravated but decided this was a big problem.

The next day, I stopped in the store again to find out the cost of the dog. The employee I asked said that he couldn’t tell me the price unless I played with the dog and discussed a few things with him afterwards.

I was kind of astounded that they refused to tell me the price. I was in a hurry and didn’t have time for all of that. What kind of business doesn’t tell a potential customer the cost of something when they are asked? I understand that the dog was probably expensive, but I wasn’t about to jump through their hoops.

I’ll just find a breeder. It’s probably a better option anyway.


The dog attendants are so rude. I pointed at a dog to show my friend what one I liked (a second generation mini golden doodle, a really expensive dog) and she said “don’t tap on the glass!” And I said “ok sorry.” Then she turned to another guest and said “it’s so loud and it stresses the dog out. I understand but when I’m about to spend $2500 on a dog I will tap on whatever I want to tap on. I’ll buy any dog from anywhere else from now on. Terrible experience.


Petland Florence

7901 Mall Road

Florence, KY 41042



Petland Novi

27200 Novi Rd.

Novi, MI 48377



I wish I could give them zero starts. One worker girl had the biggest attitude when I was asking her a question. If you walk inside not once will ANY workers ask if you need help. If you ask to see a dog they just roll their eyes at you, so disrespectful. These poor dogs sit in these filthy cages all day. I’ve seen cages covered in poop and pee and they don’t bother to clean them! Shame on this store.


I bought my puppy 12/31/11. Harlee was 12 weeks old when I got her. She is a ACA Rottweiler. She also had Giardiasis and had to be treated with antibiotics. She stared having aggressive behavior at 6 months old. Harlee is almost 6 now and has been diagnosed with fear-aggression from genetic abnormality by a Veterinary Behaviorist. She is talking Prozac and Trazodone to help her with her fears. I want to spare anyone else from having to go through this after buying a puppy from Petland Novi. I will never buy a dog from this store or any pet store again.


I bought my German Shepard last week on 10/19/17, when we got home we noticed the dog seemed lethargic and was having diarrhea. Friday morning I called Petland and was told it’s normal and the dog was just adjusting to her new home. The diarrhea worsened Saturday and vomiting started. The diarrhea became so bad the puppy had water coming out from her backend. I took her to VCA as directed by Petland and VCA gave the dog nausea medicine and sent us on our way. The following day the puppies diarrhea cleared up a little but she started to refuse food and water. We contacted both Petland and VCA to let them know something was not right when we noticed she was having trouble breathing. VCA was OPEN and they would not let us come in telling us to take her to the nearest emergency! AVE took X-rays and diagnosed the puppy with pneumonia and admitted her because she needed oxygen. AVE also questioned why Petland was giving our puppy Doxycyline antibiotic. This antibiotic is to treat infection which they DID NOT DISCLOSE SHE HAD! It is absolutely disgusting Petland would not only let the animal go untreated, but sell her to us!


The staff here is awful.  We were ready to purchase a puppy.  We wanted to see how he would act with our children.  We asked if they could spend time with dog and they said no, it was on nap time (though playing and not sleeping).  I told them I could be ready to buy, they offered to go over prices with us.  I told them I already knew how much it cost and I was ready to buy.  They were adamant about not letting us spend time with the dog because it already spent so much time with other people.  I walked out.  After reading reviews on here, I am happy I did.  This place needs to just fade out into obscurity.  They’re one step closer when they won’t let a loving family of 4 see their dogs, especially when they have cash in hand ready to buy.


I would give Zero stars if I could, shame on you! My puppy wasn’t even two and suffered from pancreatitis, liver,  and gallbladder failure. I’m not even sure if she is even 100% Bassett. Then she went paralyzed for awhile at six years old, now diabetes. I’ve never had a dog with more health problems! Then the staff tried to tell me I was getting a “great discount”, because she was a special order and the other ppl didn’t take her! Hmm!


Staff is rude and unhelpful. Seem to be bothered with the dogs and by customers asking questions. There’s about 10 employees in the store and my girlfriend and I have seen one employee smile while interacting with the dogs. The dogs are sitting above pools of their own urine and their paws are stained yellow. Horrible environment for the dogs and even worse staff.


*I once had a review on this business, but the owner of the page said he “had no record” of me being in the store, so he filed a complaint with yelp and had it removed. Fortunately, I checked in with my yelp app and took some pics while I was there, so there is “a record” of me being in the store this time. I am sticking to FACTS on this review. Facts in which I can prove with the photos I took while in the store.*

My first complaint is that the cages were full of dogs, too full in my opinion. 4 yorkies in a cage together, a doodle & a bullet (basset & english bulldog) in a cage together…and numerous other puppies in the same cages. There was room for each dog to sit and lay in the cages, but not to play or enjoy their existence by any means. What angered me the most was the fact that larger puppies were sleeping on grated cage floors. This is not comfortable for humans, so why make puppies sleep in these conditions? The fact that they had no type of bedding to lay on was unacceptable. Do puppies enjoy chewing on things, like bedding? Sure! However, the smaller dogs had bedding, which makes zero sense to me since the larger breed puppies weigh more and need the bedding more than the smaller ones.

Second complaint: I was in the store for 7 minutes and not ONCE did an employee even acknowledge me. At least 5 times, an employee was within arms reach of me. No “Hello, welcome to Petland”, “Can I help you with anything?”, “See anything you like? We offer financing for our overpriced mutts!” (Yes, ‘designer dogs” are nothing but glorified mutts)…NOTHING! Poor customer service in my opinion.

Third complaint: Many of the cages had feces under the cage grates as well as laying on the grates themselves.

A cute little fawn/red boxer puppy was going home with it’s new family while I was there. The only thing that ran through my mind was if the new owners investigated the “breeder” (I use that term VERY loosely) that produced that puppy.

The fact that the cages are covered in discount signs really worried me. “Bullet 50% off”, “Goldendoodle 60% off”, “Apply today for the petland credit card”, “Yorkiepoo 50% off”, “Yorkshire Terrier 60% off”, “Yochon 50% off”…are these clearance rack puppies?

To my surprise, the store did NOT smell like animal waste. 1 POINT FOR PETLAND! However, this is the only positive point in my review.

That pretty much sums up my experience today at Petland, Novi.


If I could give this place 0 stars I would. I would not trade my puppy for the world but he has had soo many medical issues since the day I bought him from there. Petland charged me $3,000 for him. I have spent a total of $2,000 just for medical bills. Every vet I have seen that has looked at him have told me there is a good chance he is sick because of Petland. They all know all about Petland and the diseases that is spread around in that store. The only reason I went into this store in the first place was to look at all of the different breeds so I could find a rescue or breeder for the specific dog I wanted. The worker in there (who looked in his teens) gave me a puppy to hold that was full of pee and his paw enflamed. When I asked him about it he told me the dog looked fine to him. It was a hard decision for me to buy him because I would be supporting this awful company but on the other hand I would be leaving this poor puppy there even if it was for another second. I made the decision to buy him but now have to deal with all of these issues. I have researched online about my problems and there are hundreds of people who are going through the same thing I am and a lot of people who have actually had their puppy die. Please do not give this company any more money. We need this place SHUT DOWN. I have definitely learned from my mistake….


I’ve been to this store three times.  The first time I went in, I was fully expecting to adopt a puppy.  I found a Min Pin I really liked but it took like 15 minutes to get any sort of service.  Even after I asked for help, I was waiting for a while for somebody to come.  Upon playing with the dog for a while, I liked her and inquired about a price.  $1,500 or so because she was a “rare” coloring.  Mhmm.  There were 2 other breeders in the area at the time that had similar puppies for $700.  I wasn’t paying that.

Second visit, once again, I ran into huge problems with being ignored. I had waited 30 minutes to talk to a worker about a dog and was sick of waiting around, so I left.

My third time in was my last.  This time, I asked where they got their dogs from (very innocently as well), and I got a SUPER rude response.  This, actually, is what made me look into it.  Because they were SO defensive and rude, I did research online and found out they’re a confirmed puppy mill buyer.

On ASPCA’s website, it was reported as a store that buys from puppy mills and there were photos of one of the puppy mills that they buy from.  There were several websites from reliable sources citing their working with puppy mills.

One of my sources (with photos):…



We purchased a Multipoo last year from Petland in Novi.  We drove about an hour as we found it was very difficult to find a “reputable” pet store.  Upon arrival the store was very busy and it seemed they were somewhat short staffed, but it was no problem.  Being a first time puppy owner I liked that we were able to have “play” time with the pups to see how they behaved.  The first one we wanted to see was a little boxer and she looked sad so that was our main reason we wanted to see her.  After realizing that she was a little large for what I was looking for we started looking around again and noticed that there were a lot of dogs in each crate display. Finally we noticed a timid little pup, which ended up being the one we wanted.  The sale people seemed pretty knowledgable, but very forceful in selling. Somehow we ended up putting a deposit.  The next day we traveled back to get out new addition.  The paperwork took about an hour and a half, for a puppy, yes for a puppy.  Many disclosures and one in particular we overlooked was the Giardia & Kennel Cough disclosure. In addition, they charged a ridiculous $200 or $300 microchip transfer fee, the humane society charges about $30. That day we bought all of the “supplies” we needed, food, crate, toys, leash, vitamins, you name it. The sales person literally walks around with you and says hey I recommend this.  Which at the time I truly appreciated as I had no idea what I was doing.  The puppy alone for a Maltese and poodle mix was about $2200 and we probably spent another $500 in misc items. Shame on me for the extras, but $2200 is insane.  Now the $2200 did include about 2 months of free vet visits to the VCA hospital. This seemed great along with this microchip device. Plus if you use their food they said they would “guarantee” my puppy for life, you have to buy a bag each month regardless if needed or not.  This was all fine and again sounded great.  Within 48 hours or something we had to take our puppy to the vet. She tested positive for intestinal parasites and was put on medication. Within a couple days of this she had a terrible cough and we went to emergency, which is not covered if you didn’t go to theirs, as we were really scared. She was given some medicine for kennel cough. The cough progressively got worse and after multiple visits to the VCA each and every week, she had pneumonia.  She was on medicine almost everyday from the day we Purchased her for the following 5 or so months. On and off Kennel cough, pneumonia and Giardia. She had to receive 2 breathing treatments that we insisted she receive as she could barely breathe at times. In addition, she had multiple injections as well. The doctor kept prescribing batryl for the cough and come to find out it is very bad for small puppies joint and bone growth. Fortunately today she is so much better, but it was a long tough road. If I could do something to warn more people about this “family owned and operated business” I would. I wish that Petland would admit that their “veterinarian good health sheet” is false and this is a terrible business practice. I don’t know if the dogs come from puppy mills or not, but for God sake try to save these helpless animals. The pricing is out of control and this is NOT right. I do not regret buying my beautiful dog, but something needs to be done. Just as other businesses are required to  treat customers with honesty and fairness, Petland should she to as well. It is sad that twelve oaks keeps them as a tenant honestly. Only our persistence kept us one step ahead of her being sick. Be careful and spread the word if you’ve had a similar experience!


My family went to Petland yesterday for a break from school shopping. While there, we decided to check out the French Bulldog they had. As soon as the “pet specialist” brought him out to us we noticed he had mucous coming out of his nose. We didn’t think too much of it because of his short muzzle. We tried to engage him to play, but he was very lethargic and didn’t want to much other than lay down. By the end of the session, my wife and daughter had fallen in love with him and we decided to buy him (even though he was ridiculously overpriced including the items and vet visits he came with). By that time he was asleep in my daughters arms. As the “pet specialist” was going through the items we were going to take home with him, he woke up and started coughing. It was a deep, wet, rattling cough. At that point we were having second thoughts about buying the dog. I explained to the “pet specialist” that I didn’t want to pay $5500 for a sick dog and that it made me nervous to bring a sick dog home and risk infecting our other dog. She was very annoyed and told us that “that’s why vet visits are included in the price of the dog,” “we didn’t need to worry about him getting our other dog sick if he’s up to date on his shots,” and that “even if he is sick it’s just in the beginning stages.” REALLY?? We held our stance and she ran to go talk to her manager. The manager (who couldn’t be bothered to talk to us in person) had her tell us that they wanted us to put a $500 deposit on the dog and that they were going to take him to the vet on Monday. We politely told her we wouldn’t be putting any money down and left the store. What I’ve learned from this experience is that the animals are considered a commodity at that location. They obviously don’t give a rip about the health of their animals or the other animals in your home. I’m assuming that the “pet specialists” are paid on commission which would explain the hard sell tactics they employ. It makes me sick to my stomach to think that their employees are so concerned with a sale that they’ll pretend nothing is wrong with an obviously sick animal and have no concerns about spreading  the illness to other family pets.


I bought my first puppy at Petland in January of 2014. Let’s just skip to the cost… I ended up spending $1,831.97 according to my receipt. I opened up a Petland credit card and had to pay off that large amount by 6 months to avoid the insane interest rates. I was told, by Shawna, that I had to pay an extra $199.99 for the microchip and that I couldn’t leave the store with my puppy unless that was paid for. Every clinic I’ve taken Baxter to questions why his chip is in his lower arm (I’m assuming it just moved around). Petland of Novi offers you all of these cool warranties until you actually read the small print once you’re done being rushed through it with the associate and already at home with your sick dog. You only get the warranties and benefits there if you’re spending around $30 monthly on food, treats and vitamins…nothing that my puppy enjoyed to begin with! They are complete rip-offs and offer you 3 “free” visits to VCA hospitals because they know that their dogs are sick as hell. I wasn’t thrilled with the people or the care at the VCA clinics (specifically the one in White Lake). Baxter was tested positive for Kennel Cough and I was also waiting for one of his testicles to drop. Speaking from experience, after the third “free” visit is when I had to purchase even more medication because unfortunately my puppy was so sick that one round of medication didn’t work. The price of vaccines at this vet were outrageous. Overall, I really hope my dog is a Yoton and that his date of birth is correct…lol


I went to Petland yesterday after seeing photos of puppies posted on their Facebook and quite honestly, falling in love with the pictures. When I arrived, it was crowded with customers, not something that they can help, however the 4 people that were “working” were talking about smart phones and it took me to feel like I was rudely interrupting their conversation to get their attention. Only one of them was friendly, and I unfortunately didn’t get to talk to that one. I asked if I could see a puppy and I was told that he/she was sold and no, I couldn’t. Ok, that’s fine. I then inquired about one I had seen online and was told he was sick and in the back, they weren’t letting anyone play with him. Disappointing, as I had drove an hour to see 2 puppies whose pictures were posted the day before I came, and now were both “unavailable”. If they are able to put a sick puppy “in the back”, the sold puppies should also be put in the back. I felt like I should’ve been treated a little better, considering I knew what puppies I was looking for making it obvious I was serious about adopting one. It also bothered me that the cages were poop-filled and the puppies were fighting, not playing, fighting because there were 3-5 puppies in a stall. I get they are pack animals and like to be together, but what I saw wasn’t good. If the 4 employees were actually working I would give them a break for not having the stalls cleaned – I know dogs poop and it’s hard to clean up after all of them all the time, but they were doing nothing. I would not buy a puppy from here after seeing it for myself, I’ve heard bad things about Petland and read bad reviews, but thought I would make my own opinion. It’s bad and I would feel bad stepping foot into this place again.


We purchased a puppy from Petland this past Christmas. On New Years eve instead of celebrating, we spent the night at the Animal Hospital because our puppy was shaking, having trouble breathing, and incredibly lethargic. This was 4 days after financing a 3,000 dollar 12 week old puppy. The doctor had told us she has an extreme case of pneumonia which is caused by kennel cough. Kennel cough is common in kennels-however-if its ignored it can turn into pneumonia. There were days where I thought our puppy was going to pass away she was so sick. My boyfriend and I spent our days at work calling Petland and trying to get some answers. They were very quick to offer us to bring her back. We didn’t purchase a watch, she was part of our family now. After numerous weeks of calling the store and trying to get help they offered a few vet visits (which already came with our puppy package) and a refund of a vet hospital visit. After spending thousands of dollars on a dog that we believed to be a healthy regular puppy all we wanted was some apologies, and for them to truly show their concern. We did not do our research before we purchased our little girl but I am VERY quick to tell our story to everyone that wants to hear.


Petland St. Paul

2123 Hudson Rd.

St. Paul, MN 55119



4 years ago I bought the best dog in the world…and was told she was from a great breeder.

Fast forward 3 years – and my dog nearly dies from an Addison’s Crisis. After her diagnose I do some more research and find that her “great breeder” is a puppy mill.

I don’t regret my dog. I love her more then anything. But petland will never have my business ever again.


If I could give this place less than one star, I would. I stopped in here because it was Sunday and Chuck and Don’s had closed already and Petco doesn’t sell the brand of food my dog eats. The second I walk in, I wanted to scream, animals in small cages being touched by everyone. Big puppies in small boxes with METAL GRATED FLOORING, no food and rodent water bottle feeders. Are you kidding me? This is absolutely unacceptable. In the 10 minutes I could stomach being there, 2 puppies had escaped and were pawing at food bags, clearly hungry, one small puppy had had diarrhea in its cage and was eating it, and another dog was laying in its own filth. Nobody was cleaning these cages or the animals and the staff was so inexperienced and uninformed about caring for animals that it was heartbreaking. I am ashamed at having given this place any business and this place should be ashamed that they are even open. I work at an animal Clinic and work with animals every day and was just completely horrified at these living conditions. These people should be ashamed of themselves. Don’t spend a single cent at this horrific place. ADOPT YOUR ANIMALS! GO TO CHUCK AND DON’S OR PETCO! F YOU PETLAND!!!


We visited petland last night and were absolutely horrified by the way the dogs are treated there. They were putting two larger dogs inside one of their plastic cages together, leaving them absolutely no room to even lay down without being on top of each other. I was watching one of the workers put a husky back into his plastic cage and they just tossed him in, and his head smacked against the wall very loudly. So sad. I hope to God this place gets shut down ASAP.


Found out later they bought her from a puppy mill when the worker said she was from a well known breeder… yeah from a well known puppy mill. They stuck us with a high bill and gave us a puppy mill puppy! You guys should be ashamed of yourselves for buying from that breeder… feel completely ripped off! Definitely will be telling people never to go here


Ridiculously over priced. $2,000 for a Morkie? Do not think so. These dogs are kept in a cage ALL day. The day I visited, the store was incredibly hot. I would do more research on a different store, look for a breeder, or adopt. Do not waste your money here.


If I could give this place zero stars I would. They sold me two bunnies. They said they were both male. A moth later I caught one of them mounting the other. Called and Petland advised me to bring them in to make sure they were both male. Brought them in and they assured me I had two males. Two months down the line and guess what? I now have newborn baby bunnies. I called and they said “well whoever you talked to shouldn’t have told you the sex. But we will take the babies when they are old enough” Taking zero responsibility for their mistake and actually wanting to profit from it. As a pet store is it not your obligation to know exactly what you are selling?! The female you sold me was in a pen with all male bunnies! How irresponsible. I will never ever set foot in your store again and make sure to spread the word. DON’T BUY PETS HERE!!!!!!!! They have no idea how to care for pets and only care about making money.


For the most part I’ve had nothing but bad luck here. The employees have been rude to me, just ignored me if we’re very unhelpful about the products they carry. I use to go here to get aquarium supplies but they have gotten rid of a lot of stuff. There is no reason for me to go back.

I had one very frustrating visit last year–I was just coming back from the dog park and needed to quick pick up a new hydrometer for the fish tank. I didn’t want to leave my dog in the car so I brought her with. I assumed since it was a pet store she could come in. Instead of politely approaching me to tell me dogs weren’t allowed, two employees made rude comments loud enough for me to hear about it. It was immature and rude.

One more thing-they are notorious puppy mill retailer


Limited selection of supplies.  Disappointed.  And mixed breed dogs for several hundred dollars?  You don’t even know the actual health of the parents or the conditions they are kept in.


Petland Blue Springs

1803 SW 7 HWY

Blue Springs, MO 64014



Wow!  The smell of feces & urine are so pungent that I walked in and rushed my visit so I could get back out.  It’s toxic, cannot be healthy for the employees or pets.  A good ventilation system is desperately needed.


RUDE RUDE RUDE. I will never ever go there again. What a hateful owner and staff. Go to a different petland or a small petshop. NOT THIS ONE THOUGH


I would never recommend purchasing a dog from this place.  I was set on a certain kind of dog and could only find him here otherwise I had to go through a breeder online who wasn’t local and I wasn’t wild about that.  Their whole “program” is a total scam.  They offer a warranty and guarantee that is complete bogus.  Basically they just want you to spend money at their store buying their food and unnecessary supplements.  Their own vet even told me she wouldn’t give her dog the supplements they want you to give them in order for their warranty to be valid.  My dog had a respiratory infection from being at their store.  I would up spending $400 in medical bills within the first week.  They of course wouldn’t pay for it even though this was due to being at their facility.  Then they told me if I took him to one of their vets they would cover the cost, so I drove 45 minutes to their vet for their ridiculous claims lady, Jennifer, to tell me they wouldn’t.  PSA: Jennifer is AWFUL!!! I was on the phone crying because my dog was so sick and she was just horrid and rude.  I love my dog so much and can’t imagine my life without him but if you are able to adopt your animal elsewhere, I would highly recommend it.  Horrible horrible place.  No wonder they have terrible ratings.  I even know the owners and I’m still writing this just to warn other people.  Don’t be fooled.


This facility sells large species of parrots such as Cockatoos, Macaws, & African Grays.  Staff inadequate experience (two members were scared to remove a cockatoo that was on a customer) in handling these birds, let alone selling to the general public.  Parrots like these DO NOT BELONG IN PET STORES.


They have a dog food promotion going where you buy so many bags and get one free. The card doesn’t list any certain brands or exclusions but once I had enough of my brand for a free bag, I was told it was only good on certain brands, not mine. Very disappointed in this underhanded practice. Normally would give pretty high marks for this store.


So disappointed in this store.  I have two dogs (a lab/rott mix and a Poodle) on grain-free dog food that I can only purchase at a couple of stores in the metro area (this store being one of them), a 20 gallon aquarium with tropical fish, and I foster kittens for the SPCA, and this pet store is fabulous – but I will never set foot in here again.  I’ve always somewhat dreaded going here, simply because the staff is SO high pressure – but I’m pretty good and letting them know I know what I’m looking for and I would like to be left alone, however, yesterday I had a return (totaling around $70) and was treated worse than I could have ever imagined.  The return was for some aquarium testing supplies that my boyfriend purchased, but then discovered he could get the same thing online for half the cost, so of course he wanted to go that route.  I was planning to return his item (with the receipt), and then was going to purchase a $50 bag of dog food for my dogs, as well as some kitten supplies.  I likely would have spent well over the $70 return amount of my refund, but I needed them to be two separate transactions because my return had been purchased with cash, and I was making my new purchase with a credit card.

From the moment I walked in the door with a sack in my hand, I was treated rudely.  At first, I thought maybe the first person I came into contact with was just having a bad day, as he snatched the bag out of my hand and walked in the back room as soon as I explained I had a return.  Then I came across another employee who asked if I needed anything, and as soon as I explained that I was there with a refund, her face dropped, she said “oh…” and promptly walked away.  Finally, the third employee (Eric) came to the register to handle my refund and was quite rude when I explained I needed it to be two separate transactions.  When he printed off the refund form, he set it down in front of me, then literally tossed a pen in my direction – didn’t say a word, didn’t explain that he needed me to fill out the form, nothing – just tossed the pen at me.  I filled out the form and signed in and at this point had still planned to purchase my other needed supplies, but when he didn’t even glance up or give me any indication that our transaction had been completed – much less didn’t offer to help with my 30 pound bag of dog food, even though I was carrying an infant – I told him I couldn’t believe how hateful he was being just because I had a refund.  He still didn’t look up, then finally looked up like he was shocked that I was speaking to him.  I told him I am a regular customer and spend hundreds of dollars a month on my pet supplies and couldn’t believe the rudeness simply because I had return.  It possibly wouldn’t have been quite so noticeable, if not for the fact that these very same employees are over-the-top friendly and helpful if I’m there to make a purchase, no return in hand.

It’s a real shame, because this is a great store and I would no doubt spend MORE money there if the employees would just back off and let me browse…but now that I see how utterly rude and hateful they are when dealing with returns, there is no way I will ever set foot in that store again.  I will gladly be driving to Leawood, Kansas to Treats Unleashed for my grain-free food from now on.


Petland Independence

1022 Independence Center

Independence, MO 64057



Purchased a puppy I love dearly from here. However she has a genetic condition that was discovered with in the second month of having her. The surgery that would help her have a better life costs 5k. While the condition is congenital, petland will not cover any costs because it requires a specialist to treat. If it could be treated without a specialist they would cover 50%. I should have known better than to get a dog from petland. While I do love my dog, I know her condition is form shady puppy mill breeding that petland supports.


Only let us see one dog then employee said we couldn’t see anymore. Also employee kept coming back and nagging on us telling us we needed to hurry up. So we really didn’t enjoy our time here and I much more prefer the one in Overland Park employee just kept and kept coming back and finally just took the puppy. Won’t be coming back.


Petland Joplin

3102 East 7th Street, Suite 400

Joplin, MO 64801



First of all, you should ALWAYS buy your puppy from a reputable breeder and not a pet store. These people generally don’t take their animals welfare into consideration, it’s only about money. A breeder will offer a two year guarantee on their puppy and you see the mom/dad on site so there’s no question about breed. Recent puppy purchase has turned disastrous. The owner won’t follow through on anything she stated when He was purchased and the monetary loss of nearly $2,000.00 is devastating. Please do your research!!!


I would like to be positive but it’s hard to when you deal with dishonest people. We purchased a puppy 13 months ago. We were told he wouldn’t get no more than 4 lbs. He weighs 11 lbs.( considering we drove 2 hours and paid 1750$ for him.) So we got over that. Also purchased puppy for life   extended care. Which is almost useless it does cover shots..but living 2 hours away and Making a appointment for simple care.we arrived and were told it would be later in the afternoon before he would be ready. We asked exactly how long it would take when we made the appointment.we were told 2 hrs for the care we were asking to get done. We get there the grooer told us there were 2 ahead and it would be later. She claimed she was unaware of our appointment. So we walk back next door to the desk and the lady has the odaisity to talk trash and we could hear her through the door. I will not be driving back for anything from there. I hope the owner reads this and replies. I would be willing to chat with that person. And would expect a letter of appogoly from petland as well as paws. You don’t treat people like this. Between myself and daughter we have spent over 6k. Not including supplies…


Where do I begin? I was here a year ago and bought a dog only to find out that the dog was malnourished, had worms and didnt have all its shots. When I approached them abt this issue they said that there was no refunds. They didn’t  offer any warranty or anything on this pet. They lied saying the dog was up to date on shots. I will never buy another animal from this place.

I went there on the 6th of june and some of their dogs had ribs showing.

The only thing that is good to purchase there is the supplies for your animal. They are a bit high priced!


WE WON our small claims against HUNTE VENTURES for selling us a mixed breed, AKC registered dog as a purebred.  BUYERS BEWARE – think twice about making a purchase as it is a pig in a poke with shady business practices at best.


Purchased a “pure bread” from Petland. Vet suggested DNA test because he felt the dog was mixed.  Suprise! DNA came back the dog was mixed. The year the dog was welped the breeder had 36 USDA violations. Shame on you Petland for negligent business practices.


The store is decent but this company has gotten in trouble before for getting puppies from puppy mill situations. 500 for a dog is ridiculous when there is one who needs a home at a shelter that you could adopt for no more than 100. The cages for the puppies were fairly small and most of the dogs didn’t look all that happy. I’ll stick with adoption events at stores like petsmart or going to a shelter to adopt.


Just walked out of this store shocked. Looked all over it for cat supplies.  After several confusing minutes someone asked if they could help me find something. I replied “Yes I need you to show me where the cat supplies are.” Her immediate reply was “We don’t have any.” Shocked I asked “Why?” “Because Mr. Hunt decided to year ago to do away with all cat supplies.”  REALLY?? That’s one of the big 4 that ALL pet stores pander to. I don’t know where you went to business school Mr. Hunt but you deserve a refund or maybe you just HATE cats. Needless to say my money is still in my pocket and you’ve lost my business. Even if I had a dog I’d be going to pet smart. Sheesh I can’t believe how stupidly you people run a business.


I will never buy another dog here again.

In 2012 I purchased an OES from Petland. A week into my ownership I discover that he is deaf. I contact the store manager and ask if I can be refunded or exchange him for a non defective product. I am asked if I purchased the warranty. I say ‘No, because it was suggested by the employee that I shouldn’t need it because they very rarely have issues with their animals. Obviously this was one of those rare circumstances. The manager I was speaking to simply said ‘Sorry.’ And that was the end of the conversation.

So in short I paid full price (probably even more than what an OES should cost) and received a completely defective product.

The manager did say that I could use my free vet checkup and they could do tests to see if he was in fact deaf and they could offer me some guidance in owning a deaf dog. No type of monetary reimbursement though. The “test” the used to determine if he was deaf was to bang some pots and pans together and see how he reacted. Worthless.

So if you really have your heart set on purchasing an animal from here be sure and buy the warranty. But I wouldn’t recommended purchasing an animal from here with such pathetic business morals.


This place has been slowly going down hill in the past year!!! They stopped carrying cat supplies they are quitting their fish department, they don’t carry any kind of large birds. What kind of PET STORE is this place? Unless you only like small pets or dogs it is really crazy. Plus if you look at their employees about half of them look like junkies and as I say this one of my children where there as one employee was making a deal in the parking lot!!!


Petland St. Louis – Lake St. Louis

6131 Ronald Reagan Drive

Lake St. Louis, MO 63367



I would give this place less than a one if I could.  This place discriminates against younger looking people. If you aren’t in a group that looks like a family, they will limit you to holding one dog and assume you don’t want to adopt. The assistants told on us for asking to hold another dog and for making an appointment. The manager confronted me, but after showing her my Id to prove I’m 29, she did not apologize. The dogs look like they are mistreated and sad.  If you want to deal with rude people, then by all means, this is the place for you.


This place sucks!!! The management is trash and they won’t let you look at the dogs unless you’re 100% certain to buy one. 10/10 wouldn’t recommend. All of the dogs look like they’re doped up on drugs!


I posted a video from The Dodo which showed how Petland gets their dogs from puppy mills on their Facebook page. After that I was blocked from commenting on the page any further. Clearly Petland is trying to hide their disgusting practices and trying to silence anyone who speaks out against them. Many of these dogs are sick and come from inhumane living conditions and their mommies are killed once they are unable to breed anymore. Adopt from shelters and rescues, DO NOT buy puppy mill dogs from Petland!


Very poor customer service. And very sad to see the animals treated so poorly. Would in no way recommend even a visit to this place.


I’ve just moved to the area and was excited to find a local pet store. All the other revives with 1 star are on point. This place is a mess and a joke. The bearded dragon ( a desert animal) was in the back in the dark with poor lighting. The temp in no way could’ve been appropriate. The fish tanks had so much algae growth that I’m sure the fish have difficulty swimming I could not see what fish were on there, but could see a fish just not a clue what. Three of the tanks had a dead fish in them. Several items had no prices, the isles were crowded with large items which is a fire hazard, and getting help while there is impossible. I will be looking into who to contact for improper care of their pets.
VERY disappointed!


Puppy received and sold to me 2 days later on 1/31/16. Puppy was 1900.00 (she was 2200.00).  I took her within one day to our vet and discovered she was chalked FULL of worms.

I can’t even begin to tell you how frustrated I am. Do you sell puppies to unsuspecting people anticipating they will get attached completely and not want to bring them back? Is this a scam?

Already wormed? Whatever. Shame on you!!!!

Well, week 4 and our puppy still positive for hookworm eggs and confirmed giardia exposure. Buyer beware!!!


Puppy received at Petland by breeder and sold to me 2 days later. Puppy was $1900.00 (she was $2200.00).  I took her within one day to our vet and discovered she was chalked FULL of worm eggs and continuous diarrhea. She’s on antibiotics, probiotic and dewormer.

Shame on you Petland!!! I hope you go out of business. I can’t even begin to tell you how frustrated I am.

Regarding Chris the “manager”……don’t even bother. This animal was not cared for or treated by a reputable “vet” as far as I’m concerned. I should be able to go to whatever veterinarian I choose & trust in order for my animal to be certified healthy for sale, I believe Petland to be a scam.  They bank on people’s emotions & attachment for money in their pockets. Hook, line and sinker. Blocking or not honoring another vets clinical report & findings is shady.


So petland blocked me on  My  fb page because they don’t want people to know the truth. I had made a poat on fb earlier but they blocked me so no one could see it. Do not buy a puppy from them. They charge $2300 for a husky that should only cost $500. Also they get there dogs from a puppy broker (a middle man) who gets them from other puppy “breeders” we had some breeder information from the broker but could not track Dow. The breeder what so ever! Beware of  Petland!! If I could get less than 1 star I would. Do your research 1st b4 purchasing from them


Do not buy a dog from here. We made the mistake of paying $2500,00 for a husky puppy when we found out a going rate for that breed is $500-$600. We asked if they could take her back 2 weeks after we bought her to see if they could resell her and get our money way back.  They said they would take her for free but wouldn’t give us anything back. So they will sell a dog for way more than it cost, take it back for free then resell it and make even more profit.


Would give them zero stars if possible. Bought a fish tank filter from them, get it home to have it leak everywhere due to a huge crack on an underside. Go back the next day and get another one- get it home to open the box and clearly it’s been well used and missing parts. Call and the manager seems super sympathetic and takes my number and will call me when they get another one in. Two messages later and over a week and still nothing. Will not be returning to this store. Completely unacceptable to be reselling damaged and used filters especially for that price and then to not follow up with the customer.


If I could no stars I would. Everyone here were extremely rude and not helpful. And they all act like they hate their jobs. Like you work with puppies for fuck sakes. Lighten up


I wish that negative stars were an option!
I have been having issues with Petland for a while, but after my last experience, I will never go back.

The selection is not only pricy, but poor. I have better luck finding pet supplies at the Walmart across the street.
The employees all appear to be in high school and rarely do you see the same face twice; I befriended several employees at one point who told me the manager likes having a high turnover. They do not know how to properly care for the animals, have little to no knowledge about their products, and since it is a commission-based job, they will tell you anything to push an animal out the door.
Since all of the cages are at reaching level and open top, anyone can hold the animals. The employees don’t monitor customers, meaning the animal is at the mercy of whoever is handling it. Mostly this consist of unattended children and obnoxious teenagers who scream a lot. After being handled for hours by random, careless people, the animals become skittish and mean.
I paid a good $900 OVER what an actual breeder would charge- I was young and didn’t know any better at the time- for my aussie there. Like a lot of other reviews have mentioned, he came with a mess of health issues. They require you to visit a vet they have contract with within the first week of having the dog for a “check-up.” This is a huge waste of time considering all the vet does is barely look the dog over and say “okay looks good!” and pushes you out the door in about five minutes. I’m fairly certain there is some under-the-table shit going on.
The only once redeeming quality of this “pet store” WAS the fish section, but since both Paul and Phil left, it has gone to complete shit too.
Which is what leads me to post this review. My last experience there, which was a few days ago, was so much of a nuisance that I will never shop there again!
I’m in the process of replanting my aquariums, and they sell decent plants for much cheaper and better condition than PetSmart or PetCo. I now live in St. Louis, and was in the area visiting my parents and running errands so I figured I would stop by and pick up some plants before heading home. Not only that, but they are the only pet store I have found that sells cherry shrimp. I had called every day for a week (obsessive, I know) because when I called the first day I was told their shipment of them would be in “tomorrow.” Not wanting to drive so far out of the way, I made sure to call before driving out, only to have a different person each time stumble their words, say “the shipment will be in tomorrow” and hang up. When I got there, as I picked out the plants I wanted, I made small talk with the kid working the section and asked him about it. He told me they don’t stock cherry shrimp anymore- which I am still trying to figure out if that was a lie because I found a single one there and purchased it that night- that they weren’t expecting shipment, and that they weren’t even supposed to disclose that information. This was irksome, bit whatever, at least I was getting my plants.
I get home, open the bag, and realize that there are only 2/3. I check my receipt and sure enough I was charged for 3. Since I work in St. Peters, no big deal, I’ll stop by when I get off.
The next day I explain the situation to the kid working the register, and ask if I need to speak directly to the manager. He tells me he isn’t allowed to page her, so he takes my receipt with him to the back. He is gone for at least 10 minutes, finally comes back alone, and says he can give me the plant. The one I wanted was still there, and as I point it out he tells me, “oh, that one is actually x amount.” At this point, I am frustrated, and seeing this he says he is going to “check of see if it is on sale.” This is a small plant, mind you. Once again I am left alone while he does whatever. He comes back and tells me it is, which I don’t believe, and fishes it out. I think finally I can leave… NOPE! He tells me he has to ring it into the computer as a return. I’m annoyed, but having once worked retail understand that for the sake of the cameras, it doesn’t look like I’m stealing.
We go through the exchange process, during which he is back-mouthing the boy who helped me and the girl who rang me out. Then he tells me I have to pay a 50¢ difference. This is when I finally began to snap. I told him I drove from St. Louis to get the plant I had paid for to begin with, that it was not my fault their employee did not bag it or ring it in correctly, and that I wanted to talk to the manager. He declined me speaking to her and finally let me leave. This was such a horrible, unnecessary experience, and will be my last ever there.


DO NOT SHOP AT PETLAND!!!! They sell sick puppies from puppy mills and will not take responsibility when these puppies are sick after they are home with their new family.

We bought our bulldog puppy from them on Friday, June 21. On Sat, June 22 we brought her in to the animal clinic they have a contract with “Carter’s Pet Hospital” in Lake St. Louis to have her initial exam. They looked at her (and when I say looked at her that’s all they did… visually looked at her), and said she looked great! I told the vet she had made a hacking sound a couple of times, like she had something stuck in her throat, but it wasn’t a concern to her. So we went about our business.

On Monday, July 1 when my husband came home at lunch to let her out he mentioned she seemed a little off, but wasn’t overly concerned. When we got home that evening she was lethargic and could barely stand up on her own. We tried to call Carter’s so we could get her in but they were closed. So we called Petland and told them what was going on. Chris, the vet tech told us we could bring her in there and she would look at her and maybe give her some meds for kennel cough but couldn’t diagnose anything because she was only a vet tech. We decided to take her in to Veterinary Specialty Services (VSS) off of 141 where they quickly diagnosed her with pneumonia and had to immediately start her on IV treatments and antibiotics and admitted her into the hospital. They told us they had just had another puppy come in from Petland whom a woman gotten the day before she brought this puppy in to the ER and unfortunately died the next day. They told us they were notorious for selling puppies from puppy mills. At which point our stomachs dropped and we instantly regretted not doing the proper research before buying our puppy from them.

On Tuesday, July 2 we called Petland to tell them what had happened with our puppy, Trudy. They were instantly on the defense. They said they would pay for nothing unless we took her to Carter’s (who were already closed at the time when we needed them and had no choice but to take her into the ER). So we called Carter’s who got in contact with VSS and they agreed we did the right thing. They said they would take over care for her and continue treatment. The vet, Sarah Bonstead said she would even take her home that night so she wouldn’t be alone in the hospital. We agreed and released her from VSS and took her to Carter’s. On my way to Carter’s I got a call from Chris, the vet tech from Petland we spoke to the previous evening, who was now suddenly also the general manager, asking what we were doing with Trudy. I told her we were transferring her from VSS to Carter’s and told her they should be responsible for at LEAST half of bill we acquired at VSS because they have a 30 day puppy guarantee for all infectious illnesses. Chris quickly went on the defense and said it was our fault for not taking her in sooner and they weren’t responsible. Period end of story. I am not one to hold my tongue, so I told her what I thought, I’ll leave out the details. 🙂 My husband called Chris the vet tech/general manager after our heated conversation to talk to her more and she said she would turn our case over to the owners.

When I arrived at Carter’s with Trudy, with a cone on her head and IV’s still attached to her legs and a plastic bag full of IV’s to give them, Dr. Bonstead walks in the room and says she looks great and could probably come home with me that night! Trudy did seem a lot better compared to the night before, but VSS was adamant that she be observed for at least 1 more night. I told Dr. Bonstead that they needed to keep her for the night like they promised us and VSS over the phone. She said that was fine. Later that night my husband got a call from Chris the vet tech/”general manager” informing him the owners of Petland would not pay any part of the $650 VSS bill because she left their store “healthy” according to their “contracted vet”.

Thankfully Trudy is on the upswing. And we got to pick her up from Carter’s today. We instantly fell in love with her. While I’m mad at myself for not doing the proper research on Petland and where they buy their supposed “AKC certified” animals from, I’m happy we have Trudy and were able to save her from this horrid place. So I beg you. Do not buy from Petland. Go on the Internet and read their reviews. We are lucky that Trudy is still with us, sadly, other victims of Petland can’t say they same thing about their furry family member.


Worst customer service ever. The employees are no help and just stand around in the back room. I was there waiting for at least an hour asking different people for help and they gave dumb excuses and never even helped me out.


DO NOT shop here. I came in with a few friends with the mindset of adopting a puppy for my little sister. The employees assumed that I just wanted to play with them, and absolutely refused to let me see a few of them. I waited for an hour and a half. I am absolutely appalled at the horrible service I received. I will make sure to inform my ENTIRE social network to never shop here.


Don’t buy your puppy here! Our puppy had kennel cough when she came home. High fever the next day. We took her to visit the vet that Petland said would cover for the fee within 7 days from purchase. The vet said she’s fine, did a fecal test but didnt find anything and just gave us antibiotics. couple days later, our puppy started having bad diarrhea and lots of vomitting so we had to take her to the vet again. After ANOTHER fecal test, turned out she had giardia. Treatment was long and costed us almost $400. Right after that our puppy had cherry eyes… We live in FL so at that point when I caller, Petland manager said they won’t cover anything. We love our puppy so much but DO NOT buy your pet from here.


This place is honestly absurd. Do not go here. Let me tell you why. They have had a LOVELY 6 year old rescue dog named Max. Max seems to be quite the star at Petland right now yet they cannot find a home for this dog. He has been there for about a week now and my family has visited Max about 4 times now and they are always raving how they are trying to find a wonderful home for him. But there are multiple wonderful families that have applied for the rescue of this dog. My family became curious. If so many families want this dog why hasn’t Max found a home yet. We gave petland a call and the adoption manager is too busy to review the applications for Max. Then I asked the question what would happen if I came to buy one of their $900 puppies. The answer being I would have one within the hour. This dog is there sitting in a 2×2 room while people are BEGGING for him. Come on petland really. I used to think this was an okay businees but you will be seeing me with the protesters during the spring. This situation is honestly ridiculous.  For real. Petland. You are awful, the staff may be pleasant but when it comes to business I would not trust them picking up my trash. I just hope the adoption manager has time soon to find this dog a home. Honestly I think they are using Max as a marketing point to show how caring they are and how they care about what happens to the dog, which is not bad don’t get me wrong but when families are begging for a dog I think something should be done.


I really rate them a ZERO!! On their website they claim to be a locally owned, family owned pet store! Yes they are local and maybe a family owns them! Don’t be fooled by this horrible franchise! I only found their true colors just 8 days after my family fell in love with our new bulldog puppy Trudy! We made our visit to Petland on Friday June 21, 2013 and I was Immediately drawn to my dream dog! The friendly sales clerk gave us her big long lie about their AKC registrable puppies that they get from reputable breeders. We played with her and instantly fell in love and decided to adopt her! After going through the paperwork and contract we were on our way! We noticed she had a slight hacking sound but were reassured on our next day well being vet visit with Carter Animal Hospital that everything was ok. We went about loving and playing with our Trudy as any family would! I came home on my lunch break July 1st to let her out and woke her up in her crate. She seemed a little sluggish but I figured I would to after being woken up. She did her business and went back in her crate and my day continued. I came home that evening and let her out again and noticed what I thought was sleepiness was a whole lot more. She was so lethargic she could hardly stand! I immediately phoned Carter who is the contracted vet with Petland only to find they were closed. I then called petland and spoke with their vet tech Chris who asked about her symptoms and said it sounded like Kennel Cough and could prescribe some medicine. Worried about her well being I felt this wasn’t a matter that could wait until the next business day to see a vet and wasn’t comfortable with the advice given by Chris so i decided to take her into VSS veterinary specialty services. After taking her there I was informed she had pneumonia and her white blood cell count was at 37000 compared to the normal range of 17000! VSS advised me she would need to be hospitalized with 24hr care for 1-3 days. I left the hospital empty and ashamed! Through talking with the various employees I found that they have treated other dogs adopted from Petland and have dealt with the worst case scenario of a puppy dying just one day after she was adopted. I was now on a mission to find out what this company was really about and found more than a fair share of horrible reviews all linked with sick, dying dogs that most likely come from puppy mills! The following day I contacted Petland and Spoke with Jeff the manager (turns out to be the owner) and was told all Care must be provided from Carter in order for the puppy guarantee to be honored! I then called Carter and spoke with Dr. Bomstead explaining the events and was told I did the right thing. After she reviewed the charts faxed to her by VSS she told me she would have had her transferred to a 24hr animal hospital so Trudy could get the care she needed! Trudy was on the mend at VSS when I received a phone call from Dr. Bomstead. She said if we wanted to and VSS was ok with it that we could transfer Trudy from VSS to Carter and avoid further charges and she or another vet would even take Trudy home at night to care for her. After discussing with my wife that’s what we did. Petland was made aware of these arrangements and I explained all of the above to them and asked about the Vet bills. The vet tech Chris/now general manager stated that their policy clearly states that they would not be responsible for any outside vet bills accrued! I asked them to strongly reconsider being as their contracted vet said I did the right thing and she was beyond their help needing 24hr care. She again restated her position and said it would be turned over to the owners for review. Later that evening Chris contacted me again and said their hands were tied and said we should have acted sooner to get her to their contracted vet. I again strongly urged for them to reconsider and have yet to hear back. I picked up Trudy today and thankfully she is starting to feel better but none of this should have happened. Please consider this the norm for this horrible company and do all you can to spread the word! No family or puppy should start their family in the way we have!


This place is absolutely ridiculous. I can not tell you how many times me and my boyfriend have gone in there to simply play with puppies and are completely ignored. NEWS FLASH EMPLOYEES: i can see you behind the glass windows and cages doing absolutely nothing but messing around and talking. Today I stood in front of a dog cage for 23 minutes waiting for this puppy to play with. Mean while a women and her daughter came in and we’re given two different dogs to play with while i still was not given the dog I was in front of.  I also watched another women go through the entire process of buying a dog with one employee, while the other three employees passed by me time and time again without acknowledging my presence even though I know they saw me. After this has happened to us time and time again it has come to my attention that I am ignored simply because I am a teenage girl and not someone who can necessarily afford a puppy. And that is ridiculous and the reason I will never again waste my time in that place. Also, upon leaving, me and my boyfriend were quite aggravated after being ignored the whole time, and while walking out a women (who I assume is the manager because she’s there every single time  I’ve been in there) said “have a nice day” to which my boyfriend replied yeah we had had a great time playing with the dogs and she proceeded to giggle and sarcastically “oh your welcome” plain and simple, the customer service here is shit and the owners should really look into who they employ in a job that requires so much customer service. I am usually not someone to rant like like a crazy person, but after being treated the same way so many times, I felt like something needed to be said. That is all.


Petland Henderson

510 Marks St. #120

Henderson, NV 89014




I don’t even know where to begin.

Petland is a BIG joke. I pray that one day, petland closes down. Those puppies are born sick. And if you are not familiar with where those dogs come from, they’re actually from dumbass owners who continuously breed their dogs over and over and over without giving the parents the proper care after giving birth because all they care for is the money. AKA puppy mill. If you don’t believe me then you can do your research online and read the reviews from those who purchased from petland.

It’s the sad and disgusting truth of this store. The store conditions are horrible and not well maintained. Those dogs deserve so much better.

Save your money if you want a “pure bred” or a dog in general. But if you’re willing to save these dogs, willing to be patient and willing to put in $$$$ because of their sickness then go for it.

The vet they recommend you to go to isn’t even that great of a vet.


I already posted this review for the summerlin petland because both stores deserve to get shut down. do


I hate this place.
Never liked it.
When I’ve learned they sell ‘puppy mill’
Pups I disgusted even more


This place is gross.  I didn’t go in with the intent to purchase a puppy or other animal, I just wanted to browse.  The cages are absolutely filthy with feces and urine at the bottom.  The puppies had eye discharge and looked sick. The places smells awful.      All of the birds had ratchet looking feathers.  Are they taking care of these animals?

The employees were just as unkempt.


These people should be absolutely ashamed of themselves! These animals cannot defend themselves so us adults have to be advocates. How can they constantly sell sick animals and not get them the proper medical treatment? And how can they get away with this for so many years? How can they constantly sell sick animals and not get them the proper medical treatment? I came across this photo on a Facebook page. It’s disgusting!
Looks like the local channel news has a hold of the story and is going to blast this company out of business. Thank God!


ADOPT DONT SHOP! These are all Puppymill dogs. The second we stop buying from these profit driven stores, the demand will stop.


They sell dogs for 3500$ + first off!  there also a knock off from akc dogs they aren’t even legit akc registered breeds  !! Ridiculous!!  I have bought  three beautiful Pekingese akc dogs from private owners on legit akc registration websites for only 1200$ at most ! They sell shitty sick ass dogs who are crammed up In little cages with shit in there cage no food or water that I saw when I went in the store !!! Petland stunk !! Petland is Horrible !! this store needs to be shut down ASAP !!!


Bird prices are through the Roof 3 times higher than any other bird store in the valley I guess they want to pay their Mortgage with one bird sale .


Petland is selling puppy mill puppies that were to ill, deformed or badly bred nobody else would try to sell these poor pups.. one boxer pup was severly malnourished and had obviously deformed front legs! This poor pup could barely stand.  Eye discharge, diarrhea, no fresh water,  laying in poop….DISGUSTING IMMORAL INHUMANE NEGLECT AND ABUSE.
Thousands of dollars for an unpapered, seriously terribly bred dog? People get a grip..
Go to the shelter, save yourself the money and especially the heartache


This place is so saddening… Not only do all the fish have ick. But the majority of the fish are dead with mold in the tanks. Smelled terrible, birds are not fully secured or protected in cages. Poor birds all look unhealthy and sickly. The dogs and other mammals all have nasty gooey eyes. Look hungry and did not play or roam the cages. Completely heart breaking.. Disgusting to witness, I can not believe the staff doesn’t care. Will be reporting them.


Zero stars!
This place is awful!
The puppies live in small wired cubes and look so hot and sad.
Guinea pigs are housed with rabbits– which is unacceptable because rabbits can easily kill a guinea pig.
I don’t understand how this place is still in business!


2 months ago I was blessed with the best puppy in the whole entire world. Yes it was pricey, but now I see why. Pet land gave me a million dollar dog in my eyes. I don’t think I’ll ever find something as special as this girl. To be honest what made me buy this dog is how she was treated. Absolutely horribly. I had a friend that worked here and she said that the manger refused to let her give the pets toys, blankets, and they barley got food. When I got my dog her ribs were showing. very unhealthy looking. Now she looks amazing because I feed her well. She was in a cage practically peeing and pooping on herself. This place is criminal.


Do your research before buying from a place like this. All of their dogs come from puppy mills. They only care about the money here. All of their dogs are sick and extremely over priced. I worked at an animal hospital that took care of their puppies when they brought them in. Employees always waited til the puppies were on their death bed before bringing them in and the manager didn’t care at all of the well being of the dogs, just when he could put them back up for sale. And would not even tell the new owners that these dogs were sick. There are pure bred puppies who need homes at the animal shelters! And they are just a fraction of the price!


Went into store to browse and I’m also checking the shelters.Checked some pricing and this chain is totally off point with pricing so much they insult your intelligence for example $3300.00 for a Shih Tzu Really? Service was poor also.i had to give 1 star to be able to post


If you love animals, this place will break your heart.. EVERY SINGLE CAGE HAD FECES IN IT, not a single pup looked happy and they quoted $3,000 for a poodle-bichon mix, really?  When I say every cage, I mean LITERALLY ALL OF THEM. It was clear that they pooped multiple times, diarrhea style (probably from stress). The parrots were distressed and the store is DISGUSTING, which is insane because there were literally 4 employees on the floor….. what? What kind of owner, who cares even slightly for animals, would allow this? Like I said, if you love animals and are looking for one, avoid this place. UNLESS, you are looking to save all of the animals and blow $30,000+. The animals belong in a sanctuary to heal, this place should really be shut down and shame on whoever manages/owns it.  PETA, where you at?!?


0 freaking stars, disgusted at the animal living conditions, witnessed 4 dogs sleeping near their feces. Another note is that they have LOTS of staff but the cages Look uncared for, you can Smell the feces all around the store, this store should be shut down.


First: I bought a puppy from here about a year ago. I took him to the vet the next day after I brought him home and he was so sick. On top of kennel cough there were other things wrong with him and he was on meds for a month! Thankfully he is a healthy pup now.

A month ago I went in and bought two ferrets(I should have learned my lesson the first time, I know) and one of them started acting funny a couple days ago and today I open their cage and one of them passed away. This store has a bunch of cute animals but it just ends up in heartache.

Oh and one last thing.
I can’t remember her name but apparently she’s the owners daughter, is a complete B word. The way she treats her employees and in front of customers is very disrespectful!! My guess her daddy won’t fire her so she does whatever she wants. Maybe she should stop talking shit on her employees (yes we heard her whisper under her breath how “stupid” one of the employees was to another.”) and start taking care of her many sick animals she’s hoarding.

This place disgust me.

RIP Papa Ferret
I’m sorry they didn’t take care of you.


Jan 22nd my Husband and I decided to surprise our 3 kids (3y, 6y, 13y kids) with a puppy companion. We went into Petland Henderson, NV 510 Marks Street, Suite #120, Henderson NV 89014 – 702-945-0540. We purchased our bulldog puppy at 10 weeks old, named him Brutus. We all fell in love, he was clam and sleepy and cuddly. Little did we know he was dying.

2 days after purchase we took Brutus to their recommended Vet (Black Mtn VCA in Henderson) and they kept Brutus for 2 days in their hospital. The day I picked Brutus up they said everything was fine and he was just dehydrated. So we went home. He was not as active as a normal puppy but we thought he was just well behaved and we got lucky. At 12 weeks we took Brutus to our Vet (Inspirada Animal Hospital, Dr Evans) for his shots. Dr Evans pulled his records from VCA and immediately called us with bad news that he thought his numbers were high and he could have Renal Dysplasia. Petland did not seem concerned and referred us to their Warranty company ( who have been a nightmare to work with. Ive been working with Amanda Copeland and TJ Rosebush at 877-658-5155. &

After 4 months of testing and Dr’s saying that Brutus needs a specialist, no one would come forward and give us a diagnosis. Brutus has had an ultrasound, multiple blood test and urine analysis’ done and they come back showing obvious signs of Kidney issues. said unless they have an official diagnosis that Brutus has a congenital defect, they will not do anything. At this point we are heart broken that our new puppy is dying an we have to pay Petland $5,000. not to mention the heartbreak from my 3 kids once they find out. offered us new companion and we can keep Brutus but neither one would have a warranty and they would close our case. This isn’t a new car that you can just swap out, its a living animal that deserves better. He didn’t ask for this and neither did we. So we declined and I started getting opinions from Attorney’s as to what I should do. said once we have the official diagnosis they would give a full refund and let Brutus live out his final days with us, which is going to be costly to keep him comfortable, however we agreed too if they would give us a full refund.

So, we got the official diagnosis from Warm Hearts Animal Hospital last week and forwarded it to There resolution is $3500 refund or a new companion, and they were rude stating this was the ONLY solution. We do not feel its fair for a business to sell a Puppy that has a congenital defect and then expect the new owners to take on that financial burden when we thought we bought a healthy puppy.

This has been the longest 6mo of our lives and its been expensive to care for Brutus as he soils his bed every 30min, doesn’t act like a normal 7mo old puppy, doesn’t eat most the time, vomits constantly, his shots were delayed and now we have to pay for those, etc etc. The medication for his condition is coming next as well as the cost to Euthanize once his quality of life decreases. We think its only fair that they refund the entire amount paid for the dying dog they sold us. The refuse.

This is inhumane, awful business ethics, rude customer service, and just plain unfair to the customer who walks into their place of business expecting a healthy puppy. We will never buy from another pet store chain, especially Petland, and we will see to it that they receive very poor reviews, are reported to the Board of Vets and BBB, and we will fight for this case as long as it takes, cause its NOT FAIR. We are hoping that by contact Channel 13 we can get the case closed as quickly and fairly as possible with our requested full refund paid to Petland in the amt of $5,006.16. Everyone needs to know they should not buy from Petland, its been a very sad and devastating experience.


Big puppies in small cages and small puppies in big cages. Wtf? I was looking for a mastiff and they happened to have a neapolitan mastiff which was was in a small cage, hardly had room to poo without stepping or sleeping in it and when I asked to see him the girl brought him to the puppy play area without any warning he was crazy! He turned around and attacked my foot, snarling and trying to bite me. I kept trying to flag the girl down while holding this puppy down from breaking skin. Not sure if it was just the temperament of the dog or the living conditions. In addition, they are way over priced! They wanted $3,000 for a mixed American Bulldog/Old English Bulldogge while charging that for the pure breds. Again wtf? It’s mixed! Anyway, I ended up finding my pup, half the cost too. She’s half English/Cane Corso Mastiff and I couldn’t be happier!


This was by far the worst pet store I have been to. Nobody greeted us at the door, nor did anyone ask if we needed help. The smell of feces was throughout the entire store. The costumer service was horrible. The puppies cages were filled with urine and poop. I was with my little 14 year old sister and we came from across town to see the puppies because there is no Petland near our house. I had to walk up to a worker that was standing around doing nothing while clearly many people needed help. I kindly asked her if we could see one of the dogs, with an attitude she said ” no. I need to see Id” so I showed her my Id and she rudely said that only I could see the dog and that my sister would have to sit out. I understand that this may be a “new rule” or your store but your workers attitude towards me was very rude. I felt uncomfortable and we left the store. I didn’t see any manager out that I could have talked to. Overall my experience at this Petland in Henderson was the worst! We will not be visiting again. do not recommend.


My husband and I purchased a dog from here and while he is adorable, his temperament is great and we are very much in love with him…he is from a puppy mill. They give you the breeders information and say he’s AKC registered, but do yourself a favor and actually do some research. Our puppy was bred by Ann Nolan of Arkansas who in 2011 had 191 adult dogs in cages in her home in very unsanitary conditions. This is all public knowledge and very easy to find with a Google search. While we are very happy with our new family member, Do NOT get a dog from here, go to a reputable breeder where you can meet the parents and make sure your puppy isn’t being raised in a neglectful, unhealthy environment like ours most likely was.

The staff was very helpful. Great customer service. Just don’t fall for this scam like I did. Going to a reputable breeder will save you thousands and give you a healthy dog!


If you’re gonna charge over $3gs for a puppy I better be provided with some more reassurance besides a AKC cert, which is not that hard to get. As a Basset enthusiast I like to think I know a thing or two about sizin up  pups based on kennel and breeder info along with information on parents including pics weights and measurements, and most importantly if these are champion sired pups, which the sixteen year old kid showing me the puppy could not provide. Without any information the Basset pup appeared to be on the thinner side, a bit small, and not alot of wrinkles. They say over $1000 of the $3000 is “warranty” in case some genetic defect comes up in the puppy within first year…goodluck claiming that when something happens. Also included in 3000+ price tag is their overpriced products(crate,food,etc) that costs over $200 which probably cost less than $75 at the Walmart up the way. These better be show quality pups for $3gs but clearly their not. It seems like these puppies were the least desired from the litter or in other words runts and in a last ditch effort to sell them this corrupt place acquired them. This place thrives off of the emotions of customers who fall in love with the puppy at first site and in their naieveness cough up that ridiculous price with some bs “warranty” reassurance. With pure breeds I encourage much extensive research from the buyer and transparency from the kennel without it forget about it and move on and never buy from a pet store. I personally have not met a breeder that charged over $3gs for even a show quality pick of the litter pup unless its one those shady pit breeders online but that’s whole other story.


They say they make sure no dog mills are used and take care of their animals but doesn’t seem to be the case when the dogs ribs/hips are sticking out and others don’t look well either. I filed a complaint with the animal control and hope they did something about the 4 dogs I seen there that was in horrible condition. I will never return to this store after seeming what I did that day. It has been awhile as I wanted to get animal control time to look into the matter before posting. Should be ashamed for the treatment i saw that day!


I would give them zero if I could. We were in there today and it smelled horrible. Practically every kennel had feces in it. No one was cleaning anything up, dogs were eating it. I was standing and looking a puppy in a cage and all of a sudden a tall male employee starts loudly dropping “f bombs.” No professionalism, no decorum. There was no bowls on water bottle out for any of the dogs, who BTW looked exhausted bc they had been handled soo much. This place should be closed.


They only care about their money, rather than where the dog is placed. They have no idea how their credit company even works. Fell in love with a dog, she was $4000. I talked with the many teenagers that work there that know absolutely nothing about paying for the dog. They all assured me I would definitely be approved and it was just a matter of how large my payments would be. So there I was, absolutely in love with a puppy, playing with her for 30 minutes thinking I was about to take her home. They finally came back to me after running me through their credit system. Said I was only approved for $500. No dog in there is $500 first of all, and second of all, like I said, they assured me I’d be able to take this puppy home already. I offered to put down a $2000 down payment and pay the rest off. They said they couldn’t do that. I asked a bunch of questions about what system they use because my own credit card has a much higher limit. They had no answers and had no idea. Also said I couldn’t use my own credit card, it had to be their system that they don’t even understand themselves. I offered countless ways to pay for this dog and they weren’t having any of it. I left very sad, without my puppy, and with 0 questions answered. No offers to work with me at all or budge on price when the puppy took to me right away. She was even hiding behind my legs when they tried to take her to put her back in her very sad, small cage.


The one star is for our cute pup. This place is a total rip off. The said my first visit to the vet was on them. I took the pup to the vet they told me to take her and guess what. I just got a bill!!
Second of all, the guy that helped us was really sweet and knowledgeable BUT the lady that took over, i’m thinking the manager was a total disaster. The guy told me we had a care package that would come with the puppy. The lady then proceed to take my 6 yr old to grab some stuffs for the puppy. So here I am thinking it is included. I get home and it was NOT. $350 worth of things i had to go back the next day and return.  She was the worst. Of course, she’s talking to a very excited 6 yrs old that picked a $45 jacket for the puppy among other things. What a scam.  I got an email asking me about my experience and someone would call me back. Well, I’m still waiting….
Third: the infamous ‘care box’ came with things that are for bigger puppies. The bowl is way too big for her. The water thing is also way too big. Etc


Had to give it a star in order to write the review. The store manager is a beast. Doesn’t care about the dogs and I say dogs because some of them are almost 6 months old. Absentee owner of course so he doesn’t give a damn. The workers are really nice especially Chloe, who definitely knows more than the beast of a manager. The dogs look so hot and exhausted  I don’t know how they stay in business. They should be closed down……


This company is full of liars. Beginning with their employees who are not trained properly ending with corporate.
I purchased my pup a year ago. I came into this store looking for a specific type of Pomeranian. I showed a picture of what I was looking for gave a $250 deposit and waited patiently for them to find what I was looking for.
When I receive that call I’m obviously excited to see the pup. I see her and I fall in love instantly so I buy her. I asked the owner of the franchise if there were pictures of the parents and he said “oh don’t worry about that they look just like the picture you showed me.” I trusted him. I trusted PetLand $3000 and a year later, I still love her with all my heart but she was NOT what I asked for In the beginning of the process.
This company lies to you. They say they sell pets to you which I’m sure they do. All these animals are pet worthy. But why ask what I’m looking for exactly if they cannot guarantee that?! Why charge a customer $3000 for a “pet” that they cannot guarantee is going to be exact or at least  similar to what you asked for.
I made a claim because I felt like I was completely ripped off by this company.
The people from corporate were nice in the beginning, then as I kept calling to follow up they got more and more rude.

I dunno I’m so upset that I was ripped off. I will never buy from this pet store again.


It is a straight puppy mill and their poor dogs are way too big for their cages stuck in there for weeks at a time can’t even fully extend inside of their prison cell. As soon as I started asking questions and taking pictures they were really nervous and instantly approach me. I’m reporting them immediately. If I could give this place a zero star rating I would. None of them can give me anclear or honest answer. Ridiculous if I can shut them down I would!! You ever went on a long car ride then got out to stretch and you can barely stand up yeah imagine those dogs That can’t even get up and fully extend because their cages are so small check the pictures I posted.. dog shit in the cage fucking straight cruelty do you shit in your bed no I don’t think so.. I’m going to bring my go pro in and record this shit put it on the news for everyone to see! Fucking punks


I don’t see how they can charge so much for a dog when it’s not even coming from a breeder? Felt so bad leaving that puppy cause it was so cute but paying over 3,000 for a puppy not coming from a breeder is ridiculous.


Just bought an EXTREMELY expensive dog. Had I had this app before, I would have taken my six grand somewhere else. This poor animal has two parasites AND I have to take him back for what seems to be kennel cough. The whole process seemed really rushed and I was definitely not given all the facts. Supposedly he is an AKC dog (which is why he was so expensive) but we can’t even breed him now after the vet said one of his testicles haven’t descended. Total rip off and total scam. They had to know about that from the beginning and NEVER mentioned it.


I am very disappointed with this store. First of all, we financed our dog since he cost over 3,000 dollars, and the manager and associates forgot to mention that petland majority of the time offer 12 months deferred interest. So if you do choose to save a puppy from this hell hole ask about pet lands promotional offers, they will lie about it and say they don’t have any, but they do. I bought a German Shepard “pure breed” puppy here a few weeks back and the people who sold us the dog forgot to mention he had kennel cough and two parasites in his system.. I feel bad for my little guy but he is doing so much better. I would recommend rescuing a dog from a shelter or going to another pet store. I would recommend this store 1/10. Hope this helps anyone deciding to shop at this store, or petland in general.


Called in for an appointment for a dog I was interested in. When I went to go for my appointment, the puppy I wanted was already sold. There was no phone call what so ever. I had wasted my time driving to the location to come to find out the dog was sold. Plus, the puppies all looked so sad in there. And the prices are way over priced.


Never buy a puppy from this place!!! Horrible conditions for the puppies!! I feel so sad for them!! The sit in wire cages with no padding.  Crickets in the bathroom!! Terrible!!


I purchased a dog here and had to return it, which I did within the required time frame.  I understood that there would be a 40% redemption fee, but the issue here is that  the manager there refused to give me a receipt showing me exactly was was due to my credit card.  Mind you they tell you that you get your refund in two weeks in the form of a check!  I paid with a credit card!
The manger, there JAMAL is creepy and clueless with a terrible attitude and was hiding behind the younger workers until I requested him to come out!
Terrible customer service!
Buyer Beware!!


Dogs come from puppy mills. As previously stated in many reviews before mine, it is much better to either adopt or find someone who does not neglect the dogs in their care. All the animals from ferrets to dogs have extremely unsanitary cages and most look unhappy in their tiny cages. It breaks my heart to see this poor animals being mistreated and sold at such a high price as well.


Walked in to look at the dogs. There was one little guy that woke up and immediately started shaking. I started tearing up since not only is he caged, but he obviously has something wrong and yet he’s still in a cage with no food, water, or blanket even.

The rest of the dogs seemed okay but I about lost my shit when it came to the betta fish. They have them in an awesome display, but they have little tubes to each one spitting out bubbles. The current from the bubbles is so strong that half the fish are rendered immobile since their fins get caught and they can’t move. The fish without the bubbles looked fine. Swimming about like nobody’s business. The tubes could be unplugged and the fish immediately started swimming around. They need to either turn down the pressure or get a new system because no creature should live in an environment like that


NO STARS because the whole place was unbelievably horrible. The ferret cage literally had a MOUNTAIN of feces. 75% of dogs cages had feces, most looked like it had been sitting out for a while. There were way too many people on staff to have this kind of environment.
The work environment looked like a group of friends just hanging out.
I asked the girl which of the puppies had not gotten much attention today so I could pick which one to play with.
I have asked this before at other locations and employees are happy to help me.
The employee at this location however looked at me like I was stupid and said “I wouldn’t know”
So I’m assuming some of these puppies never get outside of their tiny cages.


If possible I would give this place no stars for purchasing from middle men who acquire puppies at puppy mills. Do your homework before adopting an animal here. It could cost you a lot more than the sale price in vet bills. Not to mention the heartache 🙁


I’m in the market for a dog so after I left costco earlier today I decided to stop in at this Petland location.

When you first walk in it stinks. And not the usual pet store smell, it smelled like straight up urine.

I walked over to the puppies and found multiple dogs that had feces all over their little cubicles. I felt so bad.

There were BIG bugs on the floor crawling everywhere. It was so gross.

There was at least 3 employees in the store and they were all young girls just standing around laughing and talking while these poor puppies were sitting in their smelly cubicles with their own feces.

I would NEVER get a dog from a place like this especially at those prices. I was disgusted and walked right out.



My boyfriend and I had recently decided on bringing in a little ball of joy into our home after some very tragic events happened to our family. We had originally planned to adopt from a shelter or a breeder, but in a moment of weakness we walked into Petland and found the most adorable little kitten and couldn’t resist this [expensive] little guy.

We brought him into the vet for his first check-up just as the warranty said. The vet checked him out and said that he was good to go and to bring him in for his shots the next week.

Our first week with Mr. K was amazing. We couldn’t wait to come home and be with him. He was mellow but always wanted love and affection… his favorite place was in our arms.

Our second week with Mr. K was awful. That following Tuesday, Mr. K started having seizures. When I called the vet they said that it is extremely rare for that to happen to cats, so I immediately took him in.

They gave him seizure medication and kept him overnight for observation. By Thursday his condition had gotten so bad that he became blind. The vet told us the next option was to take him to a neurologist which was not covered under Petland’s warranty. That would be a $180 just for the initial checkup which does not include the $2000+ MRI bill and other testing that would have come next.

When we went to go see Mr. K he was not even the same cat. His movements were erratic, he was antsy, his pupils were extremely dilated and nothing would calm him down.
After speaking with the vet further about our options, they suggested that the most humane option for Mr. K was to be euthanized.

We had him for 10 days. Regardless of the amount of time, he had become a part of our family. It is no coincidence that this happened and we bought him from Petland. There are so many awful stories about buying pets from these places and how sick they end up being. While this isn’t a reflection of the staff there, it is a reflection of their product and the inbreeding that occurs at puppy mills and catteries. Petland needs to be shut down for the safety of their animals currently there and the ones to come in the future. Please take something from our experience and reconsider when buying a pet from any pet store.


Purchased my dog there last year. I never wanted to fund a corporation that deals with puppy mills but I saw a puppy who needed a loving home with an actual bed instead of a plastic matt and I gave him exactly that. Luckily he is happy and healthy unlike the millions of other stories I have read. But I advise you to do your research before hand. I unfortunately did mine afterwards. My puppy came from QD kennels owners Herman and Bonnie Shindler.

QD or Quad Dam KENNELS now a class b dog broker owned and operated by Herman and Bonnie Schindler.

About Class B Dealers
Class B dealers are licensed by the USDA to purchase and sell “random source” animals to medical research. B Dealers obtain animals for resale from other B dealers, shelters and from persons who have bred and raised the animals themselves.
B dealers routinely violate the law by acquiring animals from fraudulent sources and abusing and neglecting them. These animals are often stolen pets, strays or animals obtained under false pretenses through “free to good home” ads. It is virtually impossible to know the true history of an animal acquired by a Class B dealer. Each time a Class B dealer sells an animal to a research lab, a strong possibility exists that he or she is a lost or stolen family pet.
Last Chance for animals has fought for more than three decades to end the B dealer industry via extensive undercover investigations and legal cases.

These individuals have a litany of past offenses from early 2000 to 2010 when their “concentration camp” mettoville kennels and another one called “Teachers Pets” in mexico missouri was shut down by the usda for over 36 pages of nasty violations. They were reportedly put out of businesses and their breeding stock auctioned off ..but they instead got subsequently licensed to be class b dealers. These folks are buying puppies from a variety of unsavory sources including possibly unlicensed breeders and definitely mill breeding operations. They are also authorized to pull puppies and adult dogs from shelters and resell to testing and research labs as well as commercial pet stores like puppy in the window and petland etc..Google them if you don’t believe me it will make you very sad. The other distributor used is CCC KENNELS -CONRAD’S CUDDLY CANINES owned by Lori and Curt Conrad. This equally disgusting class b broker is the DAUGHTER of Herman and Bonnie Schindler and also based in Missouri. Both sets are clearly listed on the Humane societys dirty dozen list of worst possible offenders going back years. No wonder they keep changing there business names! These are the monsters and I don’t use that lightly…

These sales associates at Petland preach to you about how they are qualified certified breeders, only the best….YEAH RIGHT. Look at your paper work closely. My puppy was not only from QD Kennels but breed by a random “hobbyist” named Sophie Stevens. I cannot find her or her license to breed any where online or in my paper work they gave from the store.

If Sophie Stevens is a certified breeder she and her license would be able to be found online easily!

Also AKC  (American Kennel Club) more strict
and APRI (American Pet Registry) are totally different.
APRI registered dogs have a lack of rules
No restrictions against how many times dogs are breed, if dogs are tested before being breed and so on which can lead to congenital defects and poor health.

I called QD kennels myself and a man picked up and I asked if they work closely with Sophie Stevens and he couldn’t even tell me who that was and they don’t have anyone of that name working for them.

I was pissed!

I called the next day and I didn’t get an answer I left TWO voicemails, very polite ones at that just wanting to know my breeders information and a little more about QD Kennels.

No answer. No return call.

Talk about shady.


This place deserves zero stars. As a previous  employee of Henderson  petland, I can honestly  tell you that this place is a complete scam. To start off, the workers are absolutely  fake to customers . They all lie and make stuff up and do whatever they  can to sell a dog. (There is a sales goal daily, like most jobs have…) most importantly , are the poor animals…. they are treated  horribly when customers  aren’t able to see, such as the cages in the back and when being groomed. I was absolutely  shocked when I saw how the other workers were treating the dogs,and not giving them proper care what so ever…. the store is completely  unsanitary , and disgusting . .. the animals are very over priced,extremely  under cared for,and come from puppy mills… do not buy a dog from here!!!! During  my employment  at this crap hole, I had several customers coming back to the store, with the dog that they have just purchased  within a few weeks or so, complaining  they it was very sick and had health issues,when the worker selling  the dog,swore up and down that the dog was perfectly  healthy and fine.  The other employees at the time, were told to make stuff up and lie just to get the dog sold, by the manager david bravo,as i had mentioned earlier….This joint needs to be permanently  shut down,and all of those precious  animals need to go to a better place so they are able to find forever ,loving  homes.


Beware!  I bought a pet from them and was not told that I was being charged 96% interest.  I didn’t even know that was legal.  I even called the company doing the financing Duvera and they were misleading when I asked about the interest in the beginning.  They said it would be $150 in interest, but that was really just the first month of interest!  Petland definitely did not tell me it would be 96% interest or I would have never signed up!  And when I called to complain the manager just told me that I was told.  There is no way I would have signed up for something at 96% interest ever.  Make sure you read everything before you buy your pet here if you are doing financing. I’m an astute person and very careful about my money.  I feel duped and taken advantage of by both Petland and Duvera and there’s no recourse whatsoever.  I’m just out $1,200.

If I had to do this over again I would definitely go through a breeder.  My dog was very difficult to potty train because of the crate situation in pet stores.  They assured me at Petland that the dog didn’t come from a puppy mill and that I could look up her parents on the internet, which I did when I came home.  And she did come from a puppy mill.  I googled Top Notch Breeders and it turns out they are a puppy mill.

I love my dog, and I’m glad I have her, but be very careful if you choose to deal with this company.  There’s nothing I can do now but hopefully help someone else.


I had a terrible experience here. The puppies were adorable, and we played with several of them and I chose one. I had not intended on purchasing a puppy that day but I thought, what the heck, we always wanted one.
The prices were really high, and we came back the next day to return and they still said I have to pay 40% for a dog I no longer had? They over load you with paperwork and crap and you do not get to process everything, especially with an adorable puppy in your arms. Not only that, but our dog was REALLY sick in the afternoon the next day. Why would they sell me a sick dog for 3000?

Overall a terrible experience, I would not recommend anyone going there. Purchase straight from a breeder for the rarer breeds to avoid the third party costs.

And not just that, everything is expensive including the “free” starter kit they used.



If I could give them 0 stars I would***

Only one day after buying our puppy, we found out that he already had upper respiratory tract infection. Then a couple days after, we found out he had tapeworm which isn’t normally seen in Nevada so the vet said he already most likely had it when he was shipped here. After medicating that, found out he had existing giardia too! While petland guaranteed payment for LIMITED expenses incurred because of all three sicknesses, it didn’t cover all the stress and heart ache we had to go through for 3 weeks (and still counting) plus all the expenses we had to incur and time away from work just bringing our puppy back and forth to and from the hospital. Plus when we called the store, the manager was quite rude and unhelpful. They will stick to their script that all the pets there are their babies and that they sell them healthy. But In actuality, they are bad pet mothers but great salespeople.


Large breed puppies are all stuck in small cages. A Saint Bernard was in a cage that he could not even stretch out in. It wasn’t until people started posting on Facebook about it that they actually made the cage bigger. All the puppies come from puppy mills. There is now a new law in effect that will make it so these stores have to get puppies from rescues and shelters, but it will take 2 years until they have to comply. Wish it would be sooner, until then make sure you rescue a dog or puppy or go to a reputable breeder who will let you come visit your puppies mother and father on THEIR property.


Pricing here is outrageous. The animals look taken care of for the most part but the pricing is through the roof can get just as good or better quality animals at cheaper prices as well as supplies for pets. They have financing but only because they know the prices are entirely too high. Same bag of birdseed at petsmart 15 dollars cheaper


Just saw a posting on Facebook from nevada votors for animals with a picture of a starving puppy looking like it’s ready to die! They’re STARVING their puppies!!! This place needs to be shut down!!!


First of all boycott this place .It’s no wonder this place has only one n a half  stars I just went into look at puppies ( before I read the 74 negative reviews) there was an English bulldog for sale of course no posted signed stating how much puppies were I asked the girl how much it was to my shock and amazement she said 6500 yea that’s rite $6500..4 a puppy u can buy for $2500……really  really…. overpriced  I will not return to a store that price gouges………do do not shop here read reviews of sick puppies from the puppy mills were they get there dogs from shame on them…places like this need to just shut there doors and the tiny little spaces were they keep they dogs are to tiny no wonder they pets look sad. ………………… there for my   one star…there isn’t a negative number so 1 it was  boycott petland period …….out of business they need to go


Like other pet stores, Petland acquires dogs from puppy mills. Looking for a four-legged companion? Find a furry friend at a shelter or do a little research to find a reputable breeder. Ethical breeders do not sell puppies to pet stores.


A Puppy with all ribs and vertebrae showing and lethargic.  By the way, they want “only” $2,499 for this Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy.  If they think this pup is healthy, what do you think the health is on their other puppies?


Horrible!  Do not use this puppy mill.  I saw a Rhodesian Ridgeback in the store that was under fed and dehydrated.  Please check out the local adoption agencies.


Nope. This place is terrible. The puppies are all in tiny display cages, no blankets or toys, no room to run around and play, no wonder they are all sick.

Also, they have open cages for a majority of the hamsters and small birds. Not many other pet stores do this, but for good reasons. The birds and hamsters are skittish because they aren’t handled well, they are poked and snatched at by random customers. I’ve seen the employees yell at customers for sticking their hands in the OPEN cages. Also, leaving them open like that gives people an open window (literally) to steal an animal right out of the cage.

In my opinion, they shouldn’t have open cages. If anything, the animals that DO need the open cages are the puppies.


If I could give a zero I would. I have been in this store a number of times to just look at the health of the puppies. Every time I have been here, the puppies are always lethargic and laying in their own filth. I have even asked why they spend time weighing them every hour but not cleaning the poop and pee out of their cages. Apparently it’s not priority according to more than one staff person. I have also seen numerous dogs underweight and with major hair loss that looks to be mange or allergies. I do not understand why anyone would spend a ton of money on a sick puppy mill pup when you can adopt one from a shelter for 1/12 of the cost and they are fixed and vaccinated. Please don’t give this store or any puppy store your money. Adopt and nasty places like this will have to close.


Puppies are very crowded and expensive!!!
I did purchase a puppy which had been there at least 2 months, I offered them less than asking and they took it! BUT! My puppy has giardia, he is on meds now! But will need another round of meds due to severe case! I was told petland is famous for this type of thing!


This store should be shut down IMMEDIATELY. The employees have no idea what they are doing and could care less about the animals. Out of the 20 animal cages at least 3 had feces in them. Most of the dogs are shaking and look malnourished.  I am disgusted by how the dogs are treated here. I will be reporting them to ASPCA.


Many people have told me not to buy a puppy from a pet store.  I wasn’t planning on doing it but the breed we wanted is hard to come by in shelters and local breeders weren’t planning litters in the near future.  Petland ended up having the puppy we wanted and it’s just really hard to say no to a little puppy.

To their credit, the staff at Petland did seem to be concerned about the well-being of the animals.  They made sure we cleaned our hands with purel before handling the animals.  They also asked a few questions about the home we would be taking the dog to.  I have no idea if they would have refused the sale if our answers had been sketchy, but it did provide a level of comfort.

One of the biggest selling points was that each puppy comes with a free new puppy kit.  After we got home and I started filing the paperwork, however, I noticed that the price of the dog was $400 less than the quoted price.  In other words, we paid $400 for our free new puppy kit.  I dont mind paying for those things, but I do mind being scammed.  Just tell me it’s a bundle that is recommended and I’ll probably pay more for it.  No deception needed.

Speaking of deception, let’s talk about the warranty.  Petland offers several health warranties with new puppies.  Each has a various time limit on it depending on the health issue.  The catch here is that all veterinary exams and treatments need to be performed at the vet specified by Petland.  No costs from another clinic will be covered and all warranties are voided if you dont go to their vet within five days of purchase.

Petland warranties the dogs against having intestinal parasites.  If your dog is found to have any kind of intestinal parasite, Petland will pick up the tab for the exam and the treatment.  What they dont pick up, however, is the follow up exam to ensure that the parasites are gone.  In short, they don’t really cover anything.

Finally, the purchase experience at Petland was just generally unpleasant.  The clerk who helped us out was really pushy.  She was more concerned with selling gluten free dog food than she was about telling us the dog’s vaccine record.  Since we purchased the dog on a Petland credit card she kept trying to tell us that we could buy whatever we wanted since we weren’t paying for it.  That’s not how credit works.  Also, at the APR of that card, we’re paying for it.  Twice.

We absolutely love our dog and we wouldn’t trade him for anything.  Now that he is healthy and rid of his parasites and kennel cough, he’s doing great.  Do yourself a favor and just avoid Petland for any purchases.  There are plenty of resources online to tell you what you need when you have a new pet joining the house.


I would honestly give no stars if I could. Petland is contracted with VCA Black Mountain animal hospital. They say they have a veterinarian from that animal hospital who comes on a weekly basis to check on the pups & other animals there. However, in this case. I don’t think anyone is doing their job! The manager there told me that I should go to this specific veterinarian when I go for my pups check up. Thankfully I did not go to that man! I went to a different veterinarian that was there, when he checked on the pup I purchased the day before.. he told me the pup had a GRADE 5 heart murmur. We’re all pretty sure that doesn’t happen in one week since the pups last “check up”. None of the pups medical problems were in the pups records there at Petland. What are they doing? Every pet owner should be aware of everything of the animals their taking home. Petland said the pup & all of their pups are completely healthy! I beg to differ. Here’s the best part, when I wanted to bring the pup back they stated I cannot get my money back & they don’t do refunds. Also, if I did leave the pup with them.. I would still owe what was due for the financing with or without the pup. But due to the wonderful man who helped me at VCA, he got them to refund my money & also get the pup proper medical attention. Don’t get your pets here!


They sure do have adorable pets here to take home, but, they are terrible at taking care of them. I bought my puppy here for 3,000 dollars, it included a one year health insurance against congenital illnesses but they’ll only cover up to 2500 if my pup has to have surgery. My pup came home with kennel cough, diarrhea, was constantly vomiting for two weeks every hour. The associates there would say “we fed him the wrong food so he’s super sick” after many visits to the vet that they contracted for your only go to, he is okay. And by okay I mean, he still has kennel cough and other hip problems but oh well. I feel like this company should be shut down, they put these dogs into tiny little cubicles and guilt trip you by saying “you’ll provide a better home for him” into buying them.

“After an eight-month investigation, the Humane Society of the United States accused Petland, the national pet store chain, of selling dogs bred under appalling conditions at puppy mills around the country.”

I came here to look for dog food after recently moving to the area. I was not only disappointed by their selection and prices, but saddened to see their puppies for sale. Below reviewer claims it doesn’t matter if puppies come from puppy mills…um yes, it absolutely does. Puppy mills are disgusting and barbaric (do yourself a favor and google “USDA licensed kennels” to see what you’re supporting when you buy from pet stores- how can anyone be okay with that?). I will never support any business that supports the cruel and inhumane practices inherently associated with puppy mills (and no, reputable breeders DO NOT sell to pet stores like this). Not only that, the cages were filthy and stunk at this store. Poor, poor animals.

They should instead host rescues and adoptable animals. That might gain my business. Until then, I will not be returning to Petland.


We purchased a French bulldog puppy from here two days ago and today I took him in for his free vet check up. He has a respiratory infection and he has blood in his stool, both since we brought him home. The free vet is a very far drive for me and I’m worried they won’t be honest regarding results of the fecal analysis so I will be taking him to my vet closer to home. The dr. at black mountain animal hospital stated that if I did so, my health warranty would be  void.

Our puppy was very overpriced but I wanted to get him out of there. Our salesperson was nice but I did notice the other girls in the store were just trying to make sales. They also don’t require any kind of adoption application which is scary. I thought that selling sick puppies was illegal in NV?


If I could give this place zero stars I would. Every time I would go to the store to play with the puppies they would throw up and you could tell they were so unhappy. They are kept in the tiniest cages with no blankets and their sitting in their own waste. I would never support this place. Do not buy your pets here.


NOTHING BUT HORRIBLE. I’m not so sure what to called the workers their but they are very pushy. I just wanted to look at a puppy and they were EXTREMELY pushy. They had no idea about the animals and not professional at all.


This place disugst me, all these poor animals are caged up for weeks and months at a time, no comforts at all, and one inch above their fecies and urine. This alone causes all sorts of issues and illness that prior customers that have bought puppies there complain of. They all look so sad and eager to have exercise and attention. Then tonight as I walked past this store after they were closed, I couldn’t believe what I saw. Birds walking around the store like they were lost! Another example of the neglect and cruelty going on there. All in the name of making $$$ these poor animals are suffering.


This place sells you sick puppies! We bought one last year that had coccidia and giarrdia! It took months to get rid of it! She had to spend her puppyhood isolated from the other dogs, was hard to housebreak because of it. She still has issues. She has two bad knees and cherry eye. We researched and she came from a midwest kennel that had over 300 dogs! Many violations unsanitary conditions. We told them about it but they have done nothing. We go in there on occasion and most of the dogs have sloppy stools so am suspicious them having it too. Have read other reviews of people getting dogs from there with the same things! Plus the pricing is way off the charts! You can get an actual real akc puppy healthy with a gaurantee for less than half the price they ask. They also pay 200-500 at most for those puppies and turn around to sell them for 3500 a piece! Really? For a sick puppy? No amount of paying for vet bilks makes up for the fact the puppys temperment and upbringing suffers if you have other dogs as they can not be mixed when a puppy comes into your home with cocvidia and giardia as your other dogs will get sick! I had three months of cleaning diahrea daily. It was disgusting.


Horrible place! We got my mom and dad their English bulldog here.. The staff was all rude and made us feel like a burden.. They also weren’t up front with all of the pricing and had a lot of hidden fees for the dog. I will never come back, we love our dog but they definitely didn’t deserve our business from us getting her. If you wanna be ripped off and treated horribly than go here.


My daughter and I visit the puppies and dogs here because we feel so sorry for them. This place smells horrible, the play rooms are obviously not cleaned very well at all. I originally took my daughter here to possibly purchase a puppy last year but we left feeling so depressed. These are kids working at this Petland who appear to care LESS about these animals well being. It seems to be more of just a place for them to work and socialize. it’s pretty sad. My daughter and I went yesterday and held a Siberian Husky pup around 10 weeks old, and the poor guy was lifeless. Pups can go through different moods, or they’re tired but i have never seen a pup so lifeless. This poor baby was just not happy. I’d never buy from either Petland store. The W. Charleston location isn’t better but doesn’t reek to high heaven. Just kids at this location as well no genuine care for the pups or cats they’re selling.


This place is absolutely horrible, do not do not do not get yourself a puppy from this place every single puppy that comes into this location they are either sick or die yes I said it dead. This location has been on investigation from animal control and spca for over a few years now and have been fined thousands of dollars for the filthy back room the keep there precious puppies in, the staff has no clue what the hell they are talking about and of course just a bunch of kids there to get a paycheck. Do not buy a puppy from this place. The animals are always sick.


My wife and I went into the petland store on marks st. In Henderson Nevada. We fell in love with a 4 mo old boxer puppy and we purchased it. Mind you the prices aren’t cheap 2500 dollars later but we agreed and we’re happy about the new addition to the home. The sales Mngr told my wife about the 48 hr return policy in case it doesn’t work out. We get the pup home and it couldn’t of been a better day for us and the pup. The next morning when we were by ourselves alone with our 2 yr old daughter the puppy became very aggressive and started to go after the baby. At first we thought it was just playing but it was getting more and more angry to the point of showing teeth and growling and really going after the baby. Even when my wife got in front of the dog and baby it snapped at her and tried to get around her to get to the baby. We had 3 boxers before this and never experienced a 4 mo old dog that aggressive. So we decided to take back the dog to be safe and when we get there they gave us the biggest run around trying to return the dog. They said it was in our contract to pay 40% of the total fee of the dog to return it. We told them that we are returning it because it is real aggressive towards the baby and not because we made a quick decision. The reg Mngr told my wife she will not help us we f stuck by the contract. She called her district Mngr and she came down and listened and they still charged us 500 dollars to give the dog back. We showed her the bite marks the dog left on the baby’s leg and everything but would not budge on the price. We should of gotten our money back. Very greedy place. Would never buy another thing from that store or any other of there stores.


$5000-$7500 for a dog?! Couldn’t believe it! My fiance & I went in to get a few toys for Christmas for our pup &  decided to look at the pups. They looked so sad, so uncomfortable with no blankets, beds or toys. The staff told us if the dogs had blankets they would chew them up. I understand dogs chew but can’t they have a bone to chew so they don’t chew on the cage, then maybe they can have a blanket? Anyway, we asked how much bulldogs were & they said $5000-$7000. That’s ridiculous! Those pups are going to be there forever! This hurt my heart seeing those pups like that & with the staff being very rude & pushy, I can’t see them treating the animals very nicely. Today, I decided to read the reviews for this place & am stunned at how many people have had issues. How is this place still in business? Please do NOT shop here. Support your local mom & pop shops & if looking for pets, adopt.


The people that work here are LAZY!!!! They dont walk the animals and they dont feed them all the time i work next door and i constantly hear them crying on easter Sunday nobody came to feed them til 5 p.m. they should not be allowed to work with any animal ever!!!!


I would give this place zero stars if I could. I beg of you to go somewhere else. Please help shut the establishment down. Poor animals. Disturbing


DO NOT BUY YOUR DOG HERE!!!!! Purchased my dog here and they told me that they don’t buy from puppy mills and that there is a money back guarantee, both of which are lies. My dog was sick from the moment we got him. We took him to doctors all over the country to find out what was wrong with him. Turns out after almost three years that he had chronic renal failure the WHOLE time. They include a certificate with each purchase to prove the dogs lineage. I did a bit of research and discovered the “breeder” listed was a puppy mill that had been cited many times by the city for health violations. I know that it could just be that we got the one bad dog that ever came from that puppy mill but I also know that a real breeder would take every necessary step to ensure the health of all their pups not just turning a profit. please protect yourself and DO NOT BUY A DOG HERE!!!!!!!

When I called about getting some money back to make up for the thousands I have had to spend at the vet they said that since we didn’t take him to their doctor the entire time they wouldn’t give me any money back. I couldn’t go to that doctor because I moved six months after I got my dog. On top of that when I called to tell that what had happen and complain they mocked me asking me if “I had nothin better to do with my time.” DO NOT BUY YOUR DOG HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please do not support this company. Petlands all over the country are getting shut down because of their unscrupulous practices please see that this location is next.  DO NOT BUY YOUR DOG HERE!!!!!!!


If I could give negative stars I would.  It makes me sick that these people have starving sick puppies for sale.  Especially for such an outrageous price that makes it hard to save them!! It should be illegal. It’s really sad quite honestly and I’m not sure how they live with themselves.


Went to get a parakeet for my little brother and was told the birds had been hand fed and raised, but they were just a little shy and needed some time to be reintroduced to human hands. What a lie! That bird had never been handled in her life. She bit viciously and refused to eat or drink, she became dehydrated within two days and we had to take her back. The staff at Petland were SO RUDE! They demanded to know why we were returning her, then went and yelled at the guy who gave us the misinformation (it was true, they had not been hand raised), and then THAT guy came up to the counter to snap at us and ripped the bird out of our hands to throw it back in the cage with the rest of the parakeets.

Horrible customer service, and terribly overpriced. They had tons of puppy mill puppies in tiny cages stacked along the walls, and a beautiful Goffin Cockatoo that they wanted $1700, which is more than twice the going rate for Goffins. Will never go back there, don’t bother wasting your time or money going to Petland.


This place was SHUT DOWN in 2008 when the franchise owners sued Petland Corporate over the un profitability of selling sick puppy mill puppies.   (Google it) Well apparently the lawsuit got settled because it’s back…Same gross place.  The only nice thing I can say about it is it has a large parking lot.  No I am not paying $1000 for an American Eskimo puppy that might have kennel cough!


When I went into Petland in Henderson NV, I honestly didn’t expect to be purchasing a puppy that night. I noticed an underweight border collie hidden behind a husky and I had to at least take him out. Of course I instantly fell in love.

The salesperson told me he was originally 2400, marked down to 2000 for the weekend which i knew was still really overpriced. They told me he came with all this free puppy stuff a crate food etc and the dog kept looking at me with those eyes so I agreed.

Upon further review of my purchase i noticed the dog was actually only 1600, and that “free” puppy stuff was 400 dollars on my bill….not a cool deception considering i would’ve had to buy all that stuff anyway? why lie?

But thats not the worst part….

My salesperson rushed me through the process showing me the vaccines he got and will still need, telling me he’s doing great and if he has diarrhea its “only stress” He tells me my puppy comes with a free vet visit with an affiliated animal hospital and he must go within 5 days or my warranty is void. I agree and I sign the paperwork excited to free my puppy from that place and take him home.

The next day I call the veterinarian and they tell me the free visits are only on thursdays….but thats more than 5 days away, they insist itll be okay and i make an appointment.

The day after that i notice my poor puppy is coughing so much, hacking up a lung and his poop is not only loose its bloody. I am freaking out seeing my puppy so sad, and angry that i was told he was healthy and clearly he is not.

I opened up my warranty booklet and read over his medical records all written in medical terms noone would understand so i googled it all. My puppy at only 11 weeks old had been dewormed FIVE times, and was on medication for kennel cough and worms the day i bought him. Obviously since i didnt know he was sick i hadnt been continuing his medications – which of course i wouldve done. I also noticed that if you do not bring a stool sample to your first vet visit pet land will not cover worms, which my puppy clearly still had.

Now enraged and unwilling to let them get away with their contract manipulation, i scooped up my puppy and a poop sample and walked straight into the vet. They agreed to see him for free even though it wasnt a thursday, and sure enough diagnosed him with worms and kennel cough.

My puppy is now on two medications and definitely doing better- thanks to my thorough reading of my contract and warranty i managed to get all of his treatments covered- but my overall experience has been heartache and stress. I love this dog, as anyone would, in only a few days of knowing him – and the blatant disregard for his well being by the staff and salespeople at petland disgusts me.

I would have bought him with or without the cough and worms, i wouldve nursed him to health – but the lack of honesty at this establishment made my puppys illness last days longer than it had to.

I will never, ever, buy another dog without googling and researching every single medication it has ever had to take.

If you plan to get a dog here i suggest you do the same-
Or just dont walk in to begin with.


This is a review that I should have written months ago…I bought a “Pomeranian” which looks more like a Miniature Eskimo, anyways I was looking at her “pet profile” that was given to us by Petland. I googled mapped the breeders address and it was in the middle of NOWHERE. I then googled imaged the distributor and it turned out to be Hunte Kennel Systems AKA Hunte Corporation . Which is a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE puppy mill!!! Go ahead and google Hunte Kennel Systems and see for yourself. I am so disgusted! My family will never buy ANYTHING from Petland again. Please if you are looking for a pup take the time and do your research and look for a quality breeder that you can go visit. Ask to see the “pet profile” and google the distributor BEFORE you hand over your hard earned money. Also her original price was $2799.00!!! Her price was $588.88(price written on glass window) then when we went up to pay our total was $900 something…BIG DIFFERENCE.Hmm..bait and switch??? Very shady!   SHAME ON YOU PETLAND FOR DEALING WITH A PUPPYMILL!!!!


HORRIBLE!! I saw a dog that I just adored and planed to get him in a few days so I told one of the girls there and she told me it was fine and that they were able to hold him for up to a week, then I called two days later and they said he was still on hold for me. So I came in that night and I didn’t see him. So I asked one if the girls. And she checked his file and told me he was sold 3 days ago. The night that I put him in hold. Wtf.


Terrible prices and service.  Their yorkies start at 3k.  They are out of their mind.


I’m moving to Henderson from out of state and I went to see what supplies they have for my cat. I saw the puppies and my heart clenched. They are in small cages with a small square pad and one crappy broken toy. The puppies looked like they needed a bath and a hair cut, matted fur and eye discharge. When they brought a puppy out to play with me, I saw they quick brushed his fur and sprayed him with perfume. He was very sweet and so adorable but way overpriced, especially when I looked at his papers. The puppy’s sire wasn’t even AKC registered, red flag. I google mapped the town where the breeder was because I knew the state but never heard of the town. I saw a google map picture of the middle of the town and from that picture I can only imagine what conditions he was born into, red flag. On his paper in his 2 1/2 month life he’d been all over including a “kennel” in Missouri, red flag. I volunteered at the Humane Society back home and the conditions there for the animals was way better than this place. It just makes me sad because I wanted to get that puppy, save him and give him a good home but I don’t want to fund a place like that.


If I can give them negative stars, I would. DO NOT BUY any puppies from Petland or any pet stores. By doing this, you are simply supporting puppymills. And these puppymills will continue to practice and produce bad breeding because people buy them. A reputable breeder WILL NEVER EVER sell their puppies to a business instead of finding them a great home. The “It’s not where it’s from, it’s where it is going” is simply an excuse. Granted, you want the cute little puppy you can raise and call it your own. I’ve been there. But please do your research and look what’s available in rescues. There are reputable breeders all over the country that cares about their puppies and will provide you a health warranty for congenital and hereditary conditions. Speaking of “warranty” Petland claims  “WarrantyWe Stand Behind the Puppies We Sell: Our puppies come with a 14 day warranty covering infectious and contagious diseases and a 1 year warranty covering congenital and hereditary conditions.” Guess what? They don’t. 3 weeks ago, I adopted the sweetest and the calmest 7 month old Siberian husky from a couple who didn’t have time for him due to their busy work schedule and renamed him Sawyer. I already have one named Yuka, so I took him in without a second thought so that Yuka will have a playmate. The couple bought him originally from Petland in April this year. Everything was fine until I started noticing that he seemed to have poor judgment on distances. He appears to be clumsy and frequently tripping, bumping into furniture, and stumbling during walks. So Sunday, 9/21/14, I brought him to the vet for an overall health check up. I was told that he has Hereditary Juvenile Cataracts. I immediately brought him to an Eye Specialist the following day 9/22/14. The eye doctor confirmed it and I was devastated. I contacted the original owner and was told he still has a warranty. I called Petland Henderson and they referred me to file a claim to Pawsitive Solutions. I hang up and called Pawsitive Solutions right away. After explaining to the manager about Sawyer’s condition, HE DENIED his warranty. He bluntly said “UNFORTUNATELY, THERE WILL BE NO WARRANTY BECAUSE YOU ADOPTED HIM.” I cannot believe what I heard. For someone who is taking care of a dog that is going blind, I cannot contain my frustrations as these people are just simply there to make money. They couldn’t care less about the puppies they sell and will find a way to avoid having to deal with their so-called “warranty”.


i don’t even want to give this craphole one star.  They sell sick puppies, and not just ours.  This is all a scam, they are in bed with the warranty company and the vet vca black mountain.  We love our puppy however it is very sick and no one, and i mean no one wants to step up to the plate to resolve this issue.  So much for the customer is always right, only here is the customer always wrong.  i am disgusted at the manager at this petland, all Mr Nice guy to your face and as any business manager would be after spending $4000.oo in one night in his store for not just the puppy but a conure also.  Our puppy has eye problems that are very serious and it just feels like no one cares, well, except Dr. bennett and Dr. fuentes.  Do not even walk into this store to “play with puppies”, your heart strings will get pulled and the regrets many, except for the very fact that we love our little girl and always will, unlike the petland manager, pawsolutions (their sucky warranty company and the head of vca black mountain).  i won’t stupe so low to say names, they know who they are, but shame on all of you for how you conduct your business.  this petland was closed down for issues in the past, i am hoping it gets shut down again.

Incidentally, when we had our puppy in for her eye issues, a young man had a bull dog that was 9 mos old also bought from petland, same one, and was more than likely going to lose his puppy.  He was having seizures and was in and out of consciousness.  I know we are not the only ones who have had to have such misfortunes and i say mis fortune very emphatically.  You will pay way too much for a dog that will only cost thousands more when all is said and done.

In the end,Ii know we will be providing paperwork from a licensed veterinary opthamalogists very soon that will prove that what she has is obviously congenital, they will have to return our money, but nothing can ever return the stress, aggravation and such personal indifference we have received from those individuals i chose not to name.

karma, karma, karma!!!!!!!!!  life will give you yours when it’s time.

keep treating people and dogs by looking the other way, when it means you may have to step up to the plate and you find a way out of it, it will make your wallet fat, but will be sure to curse you in the end.


My boyfriend and I have been to Petland several times to purchase dog treats and toys and we like to look at the puppies while we are there. The place is usually packed with people, the staff is usually standing around, and the cages are never clean. Most of the puppies have bad tear marks and watery eyes and they are cramped in tiny spaces. And it’s INSANELY overpriced.

When my boyfriend and I started looking for a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, we were not interested in a pet store at all. One day we went into Petland to see if they had any since we wanted to play with one just to make sure it was the breed that was right for us. They didn’t, so we left. A couple weeks later I saw that they had a Pembroke for sale and I called just to see how much they were asking. They wanted $3,000!! I couldn’t believe it. I asked how much it would be without the puppy starter kit and they said it came with the dog whether I wanted it or not even after I explained I already had everything. We ended up getting our puppy from a highly reputable breeder for $1,250 with two show-quality parents who we met in person. We also got our pick of the litter and she was (is) in PERFECT health. Don’t forget to research hereditary diseases in your breed, puppies at pet stores are almost never tested for these, which means you could end up with a paralyzed companion after only 6 years.

Puppies are not shoes or clothes or a new TV, they are a decade long commitment. Please do not impulse buy a puppy, and ESPECIALLY not from a pet store. They are overpriced initially and come with tons of hidden costs when you find out you bought a sickly animal. It is always worth it to wait for quality instead of instant satisfaction of a pet store. Waiting also gives you the chance to decide whether the dog breed you love is a good fit for your lifestyle. And don’t forget about other costs like pet insurance, shots, spay/neuter, food, and grooming that isn’t included in your initial purchase price. If you just want a companion, adopt. If you want a specific breed check local breeders and don’t be afraid to drive to a neighboring state, it’s well worth it!

We no longer shop here even for toys because it means that we are supporting puppy mills by doing so.


Horrible experience rude unprofessional staff not to mention over priced !


I feel soooo bad for the dogs caged up everyday. I PERSONALLY ASKED do they walk all the dogs the girls said NO! they pick and choose favorites.  some had been in cage for 3 days straight. #nolies thats what they said. PLEASE BUY A PET they need to be free and have a home. People are breeding dogs just to sell them to a pet store where they are left behind caged for days no teachings no love. The workers are unprofessional and are mean to the pets and take out their frustration on pets. seen with my own eyes.


I was extremely disappointed with my experience here, this was our first time purchasing a puppy at a pet store, and I will never go to another pet store again. The person who was “helping us” had no idea what she was saying, we went in there expecting to pay a certain amount because of what this person had told us and when we went to walk out with our puppy in hand they added on all of these hidden fees. Because this girl forgot to mention the p.e.p fee, she kept telling us we can choose not to pay it if we don’t want to. and if we did it was  an additional $150 dollars, and the other lady (which was actually much nicer and knowledgeable) told us because the puppy already had the chip we would have to pay $150. regardless. She also didn’t tell us any information about the credit card so I later had to call and request the promotional rates they were offering at that time. We felt as if this place squeezed as much money as they could out of us and sent us on our way. They were not helpful with any puppy or credit card information. They also lied about the pricing of VCA spay and neuter fees, she kept saying it was only 30-60 dollars. Such a lie!!!!! We went to the same vet they sent us and its $200 to spay. Also my puppy had kennel cough from this place, which was $70 in medication to cure. Oh and I wont forget to mention the first girl was discriminating against my husband and I because we got approved for a larger amount on our credit card, she said it shouldn’t matter if we have to pay the additional fees because we got approved and the credit card will cover it. And that we should feel lucky because the workers there don’t even get to use petland credit card? I’m not sure if she knows this but that is still money that is coming out of our pocket!!!!


I could cry every time I drive by this store because I know the poor babies are sitting in there with no blankets,  no toys,  nothing. I went in it once to buy a certain kind of food. It was the first and last time. I confronted one of the workers and asked if the puppies would ever get out, she said no. Only if a customer wanted to play with them. But she assured me that they were fine. WHAT??????? Oh yeah – and of course you don’t  purchase from puppy mills! What certified breeder who cares about their dog would sell his babies to a puppy store!?!? Every person with some common sense knows better than that. Can’t wait for the day when Nevada finally bans these kind of businesses! Adopt – don’t shop!


I would like to give a zero star rating but unfortunately I cannot write a review without a star rating.  I begrudgingly give a one star rating.    I purchased a golden doodle puppy recently from Petland.  I was not made aware that this puppy had been treated by their visiting vet for cough and fever.  Her fever had only been monitored for several days and never checked again.  Once I purchased her I noticed her coughing and feeling warm.  Once I got her to the vet we realized that she had a fever over 103, with a cough and an infection that showed up in a stool sample.  The Petland Manager was not very concerned about my complaints and brushed me off.  I am so frustrated at this point and want to be sure that others know that what you think you are getting from Petland may not be exactly what you get. I assumed I was purchasing a healthy little girl but instead I am dealing with a sick puppy.  Shame on you Petland, Shame on You!!!!!!


DO NOT BUY FROM PETLAND! I bought my little guy, November 18, 2006 from the Petland in Henderson, NV. I was told that he was a full blood miniature poodle. It was mandatory to take him to the VCA Black Mountain Vet in the first couple of days. They found a heart murmur and he wasn’t over his kennel cough. When I took him back to be checked the vet office had lost his paperwork, so I took him to another vet. Thank God for the new vet who worked in cardiology. As Tomy got older his heart murmur got worse. To the point we were referred to the Vet Referral Clinic to see a vet who specialized in cardiology. After 2 years on medication, his condition got worse. To the point we talked about quality of life. Since he was only 4 years old, my vet referred us to southern CA to a specialist and he had a balloon inserted into a major artery to expand the artery that was closing near his heart. He was getting to the point he could barely run without having to lay down. He was always breathing heavy.
In researching Tomy’s background, I found he was born in a puppy mill. I didn’t know anything about puppy mills until this point. He was not a full blooded poodle but part toy schnauzer also. AKC will register any breeder regardless of the living standards of the dogs. His lineage is wrong on the paperwork. They state you can return your pet within 48 hours. My God you have already developed a relationship with your pet. There was no way I was taking him back. I didn’t realize there was the amount of problems with Petland until a few years later. Do to his heart murmur being a pre-existing condition insurance didn’t cover any of the medical bills. Tomy is going to be 7 years old and has been having ultra sounds for the last 5 years and will continue for the rest of his life. His surgery was over $5000 and with the rest of the medical bills regarding his heart I have spent close to $15,000.
I do not regret saving my baby from that horrible place because not everyone would pay that kind of money. It makes me sick every time I have to drive by Petland. DO NOT BUY FROM PETLAND!


My partner and I purchased a puppy from this location and the owners got the paperwork mixed up with our dachshund with another. We were sold a dog that was supposedly nurtured but after a visit to the vet they confirmed the dog hadn’t been. We contacted the store and they apologized for the mix up and told us they would send the corrected paperwork (a month later) we then asked about the neutering and were told they wouldn’t pay for the service unless it was with their vet. This was unacceptable as they work with VCA Black Mountain and they were nothing to brag about. I told the employee that I would accept compensation in the amount they would pay that vet and I would take my puppy to my Vet which I thought was reasonable but he refused. The sad part was the employee had to play messenger and the owner wouldn’t even come out the back room. These people who own this place are complete losers and I hope that karma catches up with them one day. Please seek other options! We love our pet and wouldn’t trade him for the world but will never deal with these shady people again.


Tried to buy a pug here.  They offered a pug for $1700.  This is an extremely high price for a pug puppy that doesn’t have championship lines.  But Petland explained that the price included microchipping, and registration.  I was unsure but they agreed to drop 200.  I was ecstatic but when I went to purchase they tacked on a 150 mandatory fee for microchipping and registration that justified the $1700 fee in the first place.  It was a total bait and switch at the register.  The discount they agreed to was offset with a mysterious mandatory fee that they never mentioned before.  I felt I was about to be swindled from a store that I knew had a dubious reputation…so I walked out without the puppy.  Sad about losing the puppy, but felt the sales people were very shady.


Will never shop here again…I bought my first dog here and that will be the last time I ever will. They charge thousands for the dogs and when it comes to customer service they don’t care, as long as they got their money you don’t matter… They charge you 40% if you return the dog and only in 48 hours… And they don’t care about you the customer they just sell dogs they don’t sell service. My experience was horrible and then employees belittle you. Unbelievable how bad they made you feel.


Do not purchase a dog or anything from here!  These puppies are from puppy mills, which are cruel and inhume breeding grounds.


Petland Las Vegas

8800 W. Charleston Blvd., Suite #3

Las Vegas, NV 89117



Please think twice when buying a pet from Petland!

Petland insurance requires to purchase 3 items a quarter (food being one) but what do you do when they don’t have the food you have been purchasing in the past??????? When your dog has sensitive stomach you can’t just switch to another kind. Yes, they ran out of food and they still make you liable if you don’t purchase three items!


I fell in love with the most beautiful puppy, the problem started when I filled out their credit application. I ended up spending over 4.5hrs and didn’t get approved, ended up finding out the credit company system had problems and nothing to do with my credit. They said the only way I could take the puppy home was to pay with credit card, I had to pay with two cc as the amount was quite large. The store manager also said once my credit application is approved, they will credit back the charges back to my credit cards. I went to the store once my credit was approved, now they are saying because I paid with two credit cards, their system won’t allowed them to credit 2 credit cards! Strange rule don’t you think? how come they were able to take two credit cards but can’t credit them back? Per the Manager, the owner offered to mail me a store check for the total amount charged on my credit cards but first they have to process the charges on the approved Petland credit card I was approved on. I’m ok charging the Petland cc but at the same time I want my money back from the two credit card by refunding them or by providing a store check. I have been waiting for 4 days now (today is 10/09), I haven’t received a call from the manager to find out when to come by the store. I am Very disappointed with the customer service, lies and promises.
Another major problem and lie was when I took my puppy home, I heard him cough and sneezing prior taking him home. I asked the manager if he was healthy or if he had any health problems, they said yes, he is well. I took him to the vet 3days after taking him home and he was sick with “Respiratory Infection”, you can imagine how angry and betrayed I felt. The vet also asked me for a record of shots but that’s another thing I never got from Petland.

FOOD-they sold me a bad quality of food called DIAMOND, they said it was very good for puppy’s but after checking the reviews, that DIAMOND DOG food is one of the worse, the vet even told me to return it and pick a different quality.

Petland offers a life warranty for pets but you have to buy at least 3 items a quarter to keep the warranty valid, they want to have a good lasting relationship with the pet owners and of course making sure we keep buying their product. Bunch of scams and lies.




These people should be absolutely ashamed of themselves! These animals cannot defend themselves so us adults have to be advocates. How can they constantly sell sick animals and not get them the proper medical treatment? And how can they get away with this for so many years? How can they constantly sell sick animals and not get them the proper medical treatment? I came across this photo on a Facebook page. It’s disgusting!
Looks like the local channel news has a hold of the story and is going to blast this company out of business. Thank God!


You guys. Look at this dog I got from the Las Vegas Animal Foundation. I got him as a puppy (3 months old) for $250 and that included all his shots and neutering. He is perfect and I love him. Don’t support puppy mills!


Absurdly overpriced and the rabbits live in appalling conditions. Well, all of the animals live quite terribly. The rabbits have zero room to move around and just lay there as if they’re dead without moving. It’s horrible. Don’t support these sick places and adopt instead.


Poorly treated animals. Beware some are very sick. This place needs to be shut down. What a disgrace


I came here in looking for a new family member and when I got there it was feeding time but the lady that was feeding all these pups was just throwing the food like she hated that job and trying to hurry up so she could leave. These puppies looked sad and some of them I could tell they needed medical care ASAP. This place shouldn’t be open AT ALL.


This is a sad place to walk into. The puppies are in metal crates with a very small square of plastic to lay on. The kittens look just as sad. No bedding or comfort of any kind. This place should not be allowed to sell these animals. They are overpriced and under cared for. It makes me so upset to walk into this store and see this.


The puppies and kittens are in horrible conditions. Those working at the store don’t walk the animals enough. They are confined to a small glass shelf that isn’t even big enough for an adult to lay completely stretch out. The prices are super high and the quality of the pet you are getting does not match. Many animals go sick to their new owners because of the lack of consideration the store has for an animals well being. Please stay away from this corporate animal mill.


We wanted to adopt this Frenchie until we were told he cost $7,000!! 🙁 idk anyone that would spend that much for a dog?


I am VERY UPSET AND FRUSTRATED at the fact that this “business” exists. My bf and I came In confidently wanting to buy a puppy. We were not greeted, and were ignored the whole hour we were there. I really hate to make it a race thing but it really was. We are Asian, and everyone else (customers and workers) were white. Keep in mind my bf and I got here before many others arrived, I asked for help politely but an older worker walked past me, said “one second” and literally went to the family next to me WHO JUST WALKED IN and asked if they needed any help which they didn’t. I look at her again and she MAKES EYE CONTACT WITH ME yet walks past me and asks other people if they wanted to play with a puppy. They say no and she wanders off as if I never asked for help to begin with. 10 mins go by and a younger worker asked if we had any questions, I asked how much a Frenchie was and she said “I don’t even know” and asks a coworker and she answers “$78,000” my boyfriend repeats “thousand?” TWICE and she says yes then later corrects herself to $7800 which is WAY overpriced for a puppy. We ask about another puppy and she answers “5,000” we say “oh..” in disappointment NOT because we don’t have that kind of money but because we know for damn fuckin sure a puppy shouldn’t cost that much. Then she rudely says “our puppies range from 3,000 and up”, WHILE walking away from us, not even giving us eye contact. Does this bitch think we can’t afford anything???? Dumb bitch. Aside from the most racist and ill mannered service, the conditions the puppies are in are TERRIBLE. They all looked sick, malnourished, and uncomfortable. Don’t ever come here, all the bad reviews says it all. I hope this shit place gets shut down and these “workers” never work in an environment with animals OR people ever again because they suck in all aspects of their so called service.


Dogs are unhealthy, illegal pet breeding, ADOPT DONT SHOP.

I went to pet a husky, it had bad behavioral issues developing already. Puppies shouldn’t bite so hard that you bleed. The dog had liquid diarrhea all over the area when we were in the private room with it.

They’re making a fortune off these dogs, just adopt!!!


I am appalled at how terrible this place is. The cages for the animals were completely filthy. The workers did absolutely nothing but stand around and talk about boy problems in the corner of the store. Many of their animals showed great signs of stress. There was one bird in particular I saw that was literally screaming and plucking it’s own feathers off. It made me feel absolutely terrible for these poor creatures. Stop supporting this place!


Just bought a puppy from them and she has kennel cough and parasites!

They must not take care of their puppies.



I bought a puppy and the puppy was around a 1,000 but she was adorable my first experience in there was ok then i went in again ti get the brother of the puppy i bought I asked if i would get a discount since they were housed together and i felt sorry to leave the brother without the sister but they said they couldnt i was ready to buy the second puppy but i didnt like the way they treated me …. so no sale and so many puppies at these ridiculous prices….. it should be more like finding them a good home ….


I’ve been here once and am choosing not to return because I can not stand to see the conditions the dogs have to live in. It is very sad that they can’t even give them a comfortable bed or cage. These animals are suffering enough and that is the last thing they need! We need to be their voice and it’s disappointing that the establishment alone doesn’t choose to be that voice. Puppies were sick as well when they should be extra careful with those puppies and they seemed to be neglected. Not happy with this at all.


I can’t say for sure whether Petland gets their puppies from puppy mills or not, but I can say that it is WRONG to breed & sell animals for profit while thousands die in shelters. I know many people justify supporting places like Petland because they want a specific breed, want a young dog, etc. But, at the end of the day, all you are really doing is funding an industry which takes potential homes away from homeless animals and continues to perpetuate that animals are commodities. Over a million dogs & cats were euthanized last year. If you want a dog/cat/bird/reptile/whatever- great. There are millions in shelters waiting for a home. If you’re dead set on a specific breed of dog- there are many breed-specific rescue agencies and you can use to find them. There are plenty of puppies and kittens in shelters as well. But for the love of God please do not support a business as repulsive as Petland!!! Don’t spend thousands of dollars on a Petland puppy because your money is going to a business that forces it’s animals to live in small wire cages with inadequate socialization and exercise. This past year I adopted a beautiful 8 week old Golden/Aussie mix and she’s an amazing dog.


Got our baby here and thank god !! They tell you that the price includes free supplies come to find out it’s added on the bill .. we took her to her first vet visit and she was sooo sick ear infec and respitory infec.. the vet told us they New our baby and that she was sooo sick and just left their 4 days ago .. must i add no one told us she had parvo until  we cashed out they apologized and said she’s cleared ..also come to find out she had hernia surgery wasn’t told that either .. we love our baby and I’m blessed that she’s healthy now!! Makes me sick that this place is open still .. oh and I’m trying to google the breeder and puppy mills come up must i add 2,600 later they wanted 3,300.


We went here to visit and play with the puppies. After falling in love with a little Pomeranian I got all the details of the “reputable breeder” from the workers and puppies paperwork. Come home to do my research and this “breeder” is on the Humane Society’s worst puppy mills list with horrible things to say about their treatment of animals. I don’t understand why a business can support that and continue to buy pets from someone and someplace so heartless. This needs to stop.


The problem with petland is they sell animals that are directly from puppy mills and to those who claim they don’t care about it, need I remind you all that these puppies parents are confined to small cages, petland only cares to make a over priced sale, and that for a mere $100 to maybe $200 you can go to the shelter and adopt an animal in need.  The staff however good at sales they may be are directly lying to their customers on how “high quality” their pets are. On another note I’ve seen some of those puppies there for months at a time, confined to those small cages so it raises the question: When and where are those puppies getting exercise? And secondly, since Petland staff have informed me before that they take pets home, what kind of conditions are these pets being put in when taken to an employee’s home? Save your money ladies and gentlemen.


When I asked for the price of the puppy, Ashley told me the price will be $3,500 and it “includes” so many things like 1-year warranty, $100 gift card, food, and various pet supplies.  However, when you receive the receipt the receipt indicates the puppy only costs $2,900 and they charge you seperately for all the other items that are “included”.  They charge $150 for the 1-year warranty but, in order to qualify for the 1-year warranty you have to buy Health Extensions food and vitamins for a year or else the warranty is void. They charge the pet supplies and food separately as well.  The “included” $100 gift card was added to the bill and then was used to pay for $100 worth of additional items so the gift card is not “included”.  Ask for a detailed receipt BEFORE you pay for anything and read the fine print regarding any paperwork BEFORE you sign.  They will try to rush you through the paperwork and distrct you during the buying process, but be patient and ask questions and DECLINE any items you do not want to pay for.  It will save you hundreds of dollars if you still decide to buy a puppy from them.


i wish i went do my research before purchasing a Border Collie here, what’s worse they have this 48hrs return i wish it could be like a week or two and my dog was sick when i got her went to their PREFERRED VET Blue Cross Animal Hospital in Hualapia which start charging for hidden fees, Petland associate had told me i need to take the pup if there’s something wrong, unfortunately my pup been still sick for 4 weeks so took her and they start charging me. and i called the store advised me Oh we will reimburse you i was like what do you mean i had been told it will be covered i spent $2325 and more. So Please be careful with this kind of business


Wow! Super wow!
The cashier was a young woman with so much contempt in her face and her voice that I thought for one second that i was in the wrong place. As one of those restaurants that have rude waiters that suppose to be funny….
I’m cashing out and first question “telephone number?” Not hello, did you find what you need it? Or would that be all? No, just give me your number, I asked why? Second question “who is the dog food for?” Even with a more rude attitude than before, I answer is for a friend, she look away and with a huge disappointment about me the costumer, me such a dumb paying costumer that she had the bad luck of attending, she give me the total and cash me out…….
I will never never give my money to a business like this


We had our dog for a year and a half before he was put to sleep because of multiple seizures. Poor dog must had bad breeding. Too young to be put down. They should have given us medical care for things that happen to a pet that you buy from there. I believe it was from a puppy mill. Too much coincidence.


First off,, They sold us a pregnant hamster!! wow,, but, what the heck, stuff happens, this is Vegas.  So, I get my 3 year old a hamster, and the dang thing gives birth 4 days later, thus my 3 year old can’t even play with her new hamster for weeks!! That being bad enough, we ended up raising 12 of these little things for 5 weeks.  It is actually quite a bit of work and took a bunch of research along with buying all kinds of extra stuff including another cage because the boys and girls have to be separated after 3-4 weeks.  Anyway, I digress.  The kicker here is we set up an appointment to sell them back and my wife went in to talk to Brian, I think his name was.  This guy was extremely rude to my wife; I really regret not going with her (lucky for Brian).  He basically snatched the hamsters from her, walked off, dumped them into their floor stock with the rest of their hamsters and handed the boxes back with a condescending “thanks”.  That’s it!! My wife didn’t know what to say or do, so promptly left.

So, in conclusion, this place isn’t even competent enough to get selling a hamster right!! They didn’t even offer any store credit for 12 hamsters that are ready to sell!   And, you’d think they’d at least check them out to make sure they are healthy before just tossing them in with the rest.  Who’s to say we didnt provide them with a bunch of sick hamsters?? I will say,, there are some nice and courteous employees there.  I wont lump them all in with ole Brian just because he hates his life.  But on that note,, our business there is concluded,,, permanently.


I honestly hope that no one comes here and purchases from this store.

They are well stocked on toys and supplies for your dog, cat, rabbit, or bird, and even include little outfits but all of the merch here are priced the same as your local Petsmart or PetCo. Pricing aside, I don’t support this little store because of all of the dogs and cats that they have “for sale”.

I walked in, intrigued at their display on the glass wall and was surprised to see that there was a whole glass casing wall of dogs on display as well. There were Goldendoodles, Huskies, Labs, Bulldogs, Dachshunds, and so many other dogs here that I just wanted to give hugs and kisses to! An employee came out as I was admiring the dogs and I asked, “Are these dogs up for adoption?” She responded, nonchalantly, “No, they’re for sale.” I then asked how much do these dogs cost, just out of curiosity.” The price range for these dogs BLEW ME AWAY. Starting price for them was $2,000.00!!! One goldendoodle was $2300, another was $2600. One of the dachshunds was $2500. She then told me that they come with bowls, all of their shots, and some other things (I can’t remember now). She even added that they had a payment plan for purchasing these dogs as well.

I felt so sorry for the dogs just sitting there, miserable & lonely, waiting for their forever home.

I didn’t want to add this because I wasn’t 100% certain of what I saw, but I will add it anyway. As I was walking around looking at the toys and costumes for the dogs, my eyes just barely caught a husky hitting the glass wall and I saw a woman’s leg retreat from the dog’s confined area. It looked and sounded to me like she had kicked him in because he refused to go inside. When I looked up, she made eye contact with me and then moved away. I stayed nearby to see what was going on back there but nothing more happened.

ADOPT. DON’T SHOP. This is such a sad & depressing little store. I will not return and will continue to dissuade others from shopping here.


This place is run by greedy and ruthless people. Exploiting innocent animals, selling them for a fortune is their way of life. If you are wise and an animal lover go to ASPCA, Humane Society, or other local shelters, where the there are wonderful friends waiting for a loving and caring family.
Always remember: Don’t Shop-Adopt!


SO SAD, went in yesterday to look for a husky. We were obviously looking at all other dogs as well and we noticed how these idiots placed the wrong dogs with other dogs.. seriously almost all were fighting NOT play fighting but genuinely fighting. We noticed two pups in particular one was legitimately chomping away at another dogs fur and neck. The employees were all on their phones and lacked interest in what was going on. I noticed an employee with blonde hair and another man (employee) head to where the rabbits were and this lady grabs the rabbit by the neck apparently not proper since the rabbit shrieked of pain. I absolutely hate this place. I see why people say most of the pets you get from petland are all damaged. The way they are treated is so disgusting and terrible.


Just bought my Bassett hound here yesterday. I know my puppy is sick. I was warned after I already purchased her that the dogs are from puppy mills and my friend bought his dog from there and she was sick. Well my dog is coughing (kennel cough) she is missing some hair on the top of her head seems like some sort of mite issue maybe. I was warned not to use their vet either. Forget almost the 4 grand we spent for her. My main concern is getting her back to health. She cries a lot, grunts. She seems extremely uncomfortable. Petland is horrible. . That is not the way to take care of animals. Shame on you. Im sure by all the reviews you guys WONT do anything about it. So all I have to say is kiss my ass.


Worst service I’ve ever received!
First off, we walked in to ask the price of a puppy…the woman who responded was dismissive and rude.
The wall where the puppies are housed was ridiculously overcrowded. We asked four times to play with a puppy, the associates forgot we had asked and never returned. We waited 20 minutes to finally play with him. The play room we were put in was out of hand sanitizer so the associate told use to spray the cleaner they use on the floor on our hands, he tried to tell me it was the same thing, just not foamy. I know I was lied to, as my hands then smelt of bleach! I asked to play with numerous puppies because I was not impressed by the ones I had seen, and he told me no. And that I could only see two. He also old failed to tell me the price of the puppy until I asked four times. Very rude. Very dismissive. Terrible experience.


This place is horrible ! They get their pets from puppy mills and kitten mills.. animals are also put up for adoption even when the owners/staff members know that the animal is sick. They put their animals in wire bottom cages. Sometimes they don’t even have enough space to move. This place breaks my heart … THIS ESTABLISHMENT SHOULD BE CLOSED DOWN ASAP.


Ok I went here the other day and I’m amazed that this place stays in business. I wanna applaud anybody who wants to spend a thousand dollars for a mixed dog. I came in here and almost bought a mixed beagle dog. The guy tried to sell the dog for roughly $2600…are you freaking kidding me??? The dog isn’t even purebred and you want that kind of money for it? I ended up adopting a healthy beautiful purebred huskey for $67 from the Nevada SPCA. Spade and fully trained they even gave me a free week of health check ups and dog food. I’ve been told by previous workers here that these dogs often live here for months before getting transferred to a different store because the prices are so high. Which is extremely sad and emotionally abusive for the dogs in my opinion.


YES PETLAND SELLS PUPPY MILL ANIMALS…Investigation video proof about Puppy Mill included in this review.

In 2005 I bought my dog from Petland.  I didn’t know anything about Puppy Mills back then and didn’t plan on even buying a dog when I entered this store back in 2005.  It was love at first sight. I just fell in love and bought my dog. I love her to pieces and wouldn’t change a thing.

She had kennel cough and an ear infection at her first vet appt. which we went to within the first 5 days of owning her (per Petland’s Warranty at that time–you had to have a vet check-up with in 5 days of purchase.)  I didn’t know she was from a Puppy Mill for the first few years I owned her.  I kept hearing stuff about Puppy Mills and Petland so I googled her Breeder.  What I discovered was actually shocking.

Breeder: Linda Kleven
USDA # 41 A 0015
Fair View Kennels

On 6/14/2005 there is a video investigation of the Fair View Kennels in Minnesota where my dog was born.  A dogs pregnancy is about 63 days.  My dog was born 8/18/2005 which is 65 days after the CAPS investigation and video took place.  There is a video online of the actual puppy mill so you can see for yourself that Petland does in fact do business with Puppy Mill Breeders.  You can see the conditions of this particular Breeder’s operation which had 130 dogs at the time of the investigation.  My dog’s parents lived at this terrible place.

Link to video from CAPS the Companion Animal Protection Society below:…

If the link won’t work just google.  Linda Kleven Fair View Kennels 2005,  The first 1:33 of the video is the Fair View Kennel.


Purchased my suppose to be pure bread cocker spaniel here. He came with all the paperwork, etc but come to find out a year later taking him to different vets finally a vet I found that I like asked me “what is he mixed with?” Feeling confused I asked her what she meant, he’s suppose to be a full bread cocker spaniel although as he grew up I could tell he looked different. She said he’s definitely not a full bread. I paid this piece of shit company over $2500 for a lie. I have contacted them expressing the issue and their response was “You can trade him in for something else.” Um, no?? Im glad you may be able to do that or others might but I’ve had him over a year now, he’s part of my family but what I paid for I didn’t get. I do plan to seek legal action against this matter. I never buy from a pet store but this was a one off but never ever again.


I walked in to buy some toys and there was a customer telling the employee 2 dogs were fighting in a cage. As she rudely told him off and said they were not these dogs continued to fight and hurt each other. I work with dogs for years for a living. The were definitely fighting. Poor dogs. And the worst customer service I have seen.


I feel embarrassed to even say that I was considering buy a dog from this place but let me tell you a little story. Like most people, i love puppies and I love any chance I get to hold or play with puppies. My boyfriend and I share this love and would come into petland all the time to play with the dogs. There have been several dogs that I absolutely loved but none that stood out to me until one day, when I went in and there was the tiniest white and black Chihuahua inside a little hamster igloo (weird I know) in one of the kennels. He was he tiniest thing and I was attached right away. My boyfriend and I have been looking for a puppy for a while and chihuahuas are my weakness.  After playing with the puppy and completely falling in love with him, I started to inquire. He was $2400, wow, and I heard the whole spiel about the warranty and paperwork and stuff blah blah blah. I knew petland bought their dogs from puppy mills but I couldn’t resist this dogs face and I had a glimmer of hope that with their new changes, maybe this dog wasn’t from a puppy mill. After taking about 30 seconds to look at his “background paperwork” I googled the address of the “breeder” and immediately found 10+ articles about how the “breeder” was a puppy mill, completely with videos and pictures. If in 30 seconds, I found that information on where the dog came from, I can’t understand how petland wouldn’t know or I guess just didn’t care. I was sick with the information I found with a quick google search on paperwork PETLAND PROVIDED ME TO ASSURE ME THE DOG CAME FROM A BREEDER. Do they think people are really too stupid to just do a simple google search? My advice if you’re considering getting a dog from this place because you got suckered in as well, look at the paperwork they give you on the dogs “pedigree” and “breeder info” and literally just google the breeder name or address and you’ll know within seconds if it’s a puppy mill, which, guess what?? It is. And after you figure out the dog is from a puppy mill and you still can’t resist getting the dog, look at the health paperwork they also provide. The dog I was in love with had a hernia that was “repaired” and was under watch. Please please take the 30 seconds to actually look at the paperwork they hand you when you’re interested in the dog and just google what the paperwork says and you’ll see for yourself. Crazy that they’ll still buy and sell the dogs even knowing where the dogs come from.


And I thought the places they rescue these puppies from were terrible… The customer service was inexplicably horrendous.
I respected the fact that the puppies need rest time being summertime, which is apparently when hordes of people come in to play with the puppies, but the fact that the woman who was working there, on a Friday, with the thick eyeliner (or eye makeup), basically lied straight to my face was INCREDIBLE.
I walked in and the store was essentially empty, few individuals playing with bunnies and looking at the cats on display, I walked over to one of the puppies which I had full intention of playing with and later purchasing that same day. However, with her attitude and demeanor, I’m sad to say that I won’t be spending thousands of dollars here anymore.
My friend and I had asked to play with a husky on display, and when we presented ID to the woman with thick eye make up, she had told us that we were only allowed to play with the puppies that hadn’t been played with yet. Since apparently every single dog had been played with a million times before we came in, I mean if this was the case, the puppies would be asleep, but they were awake and barking and running about in their spaces.
Anyways, we got the puppy and played with him for a while, and then we returned him to the young lady with glasses and a bun (she’s very nice). We had asked to play with a German Shepard puppy, noting that it was awake, and not sleeping, we asked the same woman with thick makeup and she refused to let us play with him because “we only limit one dog per customer.”
Some BS policy that I’ve never heard of before. I’ve been to this same petland several times and played with several dogs during my one visit. The dog I had played with wasn’t even the one I intended to purchase. So we had asked if there was any chance we could even see the German Shepard puppy and she refused again because “he’s been out too much today and needs to rest.” But while he was in the cage he was awake and walking about….
Anyways, as my friends and I are walking towards the entrance to exit, we see the same woman with thick eyeliner/eye makeup pull out the same German Shepard puppy for another family to play with. And then after that, she didn’t put him back into the cage, she gave him to another family to play with, both families had played with more than one dog that say as well.
I don’t know what was wrong with the way I had asked politely. We presented IDs. We respected the fact that the puppies needed to rest. We “exhausted” our one play with a dog we didn’t request to see.
Perhaps the woman with heavy eyeliner/eye makeup should invest in better customer service classes rather than eye makeup.
Thank you Petland for making this experience the worst. I hope you treat your puppies better than your employees treat their customers.


This place is horrible. I am not even upset with the fact they are “selling dogs” but more so how the animals are treated. I was interested in one of the dogs and when we brought our dog to meet the dog we were hoping to bring home, I talked with the sales associate only to learn the dogs are not walked or let outside. They are kept in the glass cages all day long, unless a family takes them out to play in the small cubicles inside. the dogs are living on wire grid flooring which probably hurts their paws. Then I witnessed a dog being taken home and the employee had to take the dog in the back to “get them ready to leave”, which they are given a bath and groomed before leaving. They business has a door that the has an opening, where people can see through and hear what goes on behind the door. The lady was yelling at the dog saying “sit still, shut up! You’re finally getting out of here. be grateful.” While roughly trying to hold the dog still.
Such a sad business that is being run. Poor animals.


I hate this Petland the one in Henderson is so much better. The workers are so rude, unfriendly, and lazy. They make up rules that aren’t true and just are so rude to customers. They do not even care about the puppies. They just sit around and talk to each other. They act like they know everything in the world about animals when they don’t even pay attention to them. If I could give them 0 stars I would.


I guess I should have read the reviews before purchasing from this store. Not only is the pricing on animals here astronomical but their staff have a way with leaving out information or bending the truth. I purchased two Siberian Huskies this past September. When I arrived to see what they had in store there was a male 13 weeks in -store. Staff Arielle was the one to help us. Our initial conversation about purchasing a puppy was that I have never owned an animal but really wanted Siberian Huskies. I explained that I didn’t know much information about the paperwork side of owning a dog and to explain clearly as I would be taking notes. I guess the error falls on me for not fully researching WHAT type of purebred and registered dog I would be looking for. It falls ethically on the company that I was given misinformation and well as left out information which in my eyes is a lie. I purchased my first male pup on 9/14 and when asked if the puppy was purebred and AKC her response was he’s purebred but registered with ACR when in fact he’s registered with APRI. But when asked if AKC and ACR were the same, her response was, “Totally. We just don’t have his registration number yet so we had to add him to the ACR. But you can register him with the AKC once you get that information from the breeder” Again, taking advantage of the fact that I wouldn’t know or understand the difference. An ethical company would state: No, they are different and here’s the difference. You can’t register a pup with the AKC if their Sire and Dam are not registered with the AKC. My intentions were never to breed my pups but IF I ever wanted to improve the breed by breeding, that ship has sailed. In the end I paid $3k for a dog that’s not champ/show (AKC) worthy. Not to mention they don’t take good care of their pups when in their care. My male pup who had been there over a few weeks was given to me with a bad case of Kennel Cough and Giardia and was malnourished and under weight. My female pup whom they only had a day because they specially prayed on the fact that I wanted a male and female pup so they went out and got a female pup the next day when they realized they could haggle me out of another $3k because I was new to this also had a bad case of Kennel Cough and was under weight.

The sad part is once you’ve purchased your animal, this store could care less about you or your questions and concerns. They brush you off like you never visited the store and dropped a large amount of money in the first place.

I also like how they sell you a dream on their Petland Enhanced Protection. They expect you to buy 1 dog food, 1 vitamin supply, and 1 supplement every 3 months for the life of the dog to get the price of the dog back should it pass away. The sentence sounds rewarding but what they don’t tell you is that the price of all these items are astronomical compared to other brands that offer the same result. By the time you paid for 1.5 years worth of supply, you have already paid for the price of your dog! I could have saved the difference in brands myself!

I guess I learned my lesson! NEVER listen to sales staff. They’re only out to get your money and fully research BEFORE going in because you won’t get what you paid for in the end!



My boyfriend and I had recently decided on bringing in a little ball of joy into our home after some very tragic events happened to our family. We had originally planned to adopt from a shelter or a breeder, but in a moment of weakness we walked into Petland and found the most adorable little kitten and couldn’t resist this [expensive] little guy.

We brought him into the vet for his first check-up just as the warranty said. The vet checked him out and said that he was good to go and to bring him in for his shots the next week.

Our first week with Mr. K was amazing. We couldn’t wait to come home and be with him. He was mellow but always wanted love and affection… his favorite place was in our arms.

Our second week with Mr. K was awful. That following Tuesday, Mr. K started having seizures. When I called the vet they said that it is extremely rare for that to happen to cats, so I immediately took him in.

They gave him seizure medication and kept him overnight for observation. By Thursday his condition had gotten so bad that he became blind. The vet told us the next option was to take him to a neurologist which was not covered under Petland’s warranty. That would be a $180 just for the initial checkup which does not include the $2000+ MRI bill and other testing that would have come next.

When we went to go see Mr. K he was not even the same cat. His movements were erratic, he was antsy, his pupils were extremely dilated and nothing would calm him down.
After speaking with the vet further about our options, they suggested that the most humane option for Mr. K was to be euthanized.

We had him for 10 days. Regardless of the amount of time, he had become a part of our family. It is no coincidence that this happened and we bought him from Petland. There are so many awful stories about buying pets from these places and how sick they end up being. While this isn’t a reflection of the staff there, it is a reflection of their product and the inbreeding that occurs at puppy mills and catteries. Petland needs to be shut down for the safety of their animals currently there and the ones to come in the future. Please take something from our experience and reconsider when buying a pet from any pet store.


Terrible customer service. It was told I would get $100 gift card for a puppy purchase after the sale now I don’t get the gift card because they discounted the dog.


We purchased a beautiful little King Charles Spaniel. She was fun and energetic the day we took her home. She went down hill from there. Petland offers a medical warranty but requires you take your new pet to their vet within 14 days for a check up to validate the warranty. Unfortunately our little girl has Giardia and and Kennel Cough. The vet was very nice and advised this pretty conman for Petland pets. So far I have missed 2 days of work and spent close to 300 dollars in vet fees to have our puppy looked at by our vet. She is till fighting the Giardia and is on round 2 of medication. I called Petland’s warranty company to file a claim for the additional expense. I have nothing positive I can say about. I spoke to Karen twice who assured my I would get a call back after they review my case and I even spoke to their manager, TJ who also assured me I would get a return phone call. Guess what… no return calls. The local staff at Petland is very friednky but I would avoid buying an animal there. Their affiliated vet said the animals are often sick and their claims company clearly does not care about customer service. Avoid Petland!


Rarely do I give a one star review.  I purchased auto water bowl. Got it home it’s was broken.  I’m busy. It took me a few weeks to exchange it because I work a lot.  They refused to exchange it because it’s more than a week old.  Now I didn’t want a refund.  Just an exchange because it was a malfunctioning product.  And I’m a great client not only buying all of my dog food and supplies, but also have referred a lot of people because it’s a smaller less commercialized.  I will not go back. The sales person was rude and very nonchalant insinuating that she basically did not care.


Oh my god, someone please help these puppies and birds!!! I noticed an extremely emaciated Staghound pup here yesterday, with a reduced price tag of $900. Whatever is wrong with this poor dog (besides being kept alone in a very small pen for weeks) her vet bill is not going to cover the expense of paying to get her out of there. I witnessed eratic behavior, and she had an extremely profuse case of diarrhea. When I asked to play with her, they brought her to me, and the poor puppy did not know what to do. She was unsocialized (of course) wanted to play like crazy. Her paws looked crippled and there was a gigantic, painful looking cyst on her back right paw. I cannot get her out of my mind. It seems to me that this store should have a veterinarian around- much larger and more comfortable kennels. All of the puppies sleep on steel grates so that their urine and feces waste lays on a tray beneath them. I do believe that the very young staff here genuinely cares for all of the animals here- but they are too young, perhaps nieve to see the big picture. These puppies and all of the caged animals in this store are suffering. My heart broke when I had to leave that poor puppy.


I will never go to this place again they’re prices are outrageous.

I went to pick up crickets I go there all the time. This time around not one person said hello, not one person asked if I needed help I waited 30 minutes.

They’re customer service stinks. 1 male manager the rest are all young girls.


This store has unfriendly, unprofessional staff. We walked in and nobody said anything to us, not even hello or at least asked us if we needed any help. We walked around the store for a good 20 minutes and still nobody said anything to us. The two girls were just at the cashier talking but totally ignored us. This is one store that I won’t be visiting again. We won’t be buying our next dog here.


I am APPALLED at this “pet store” for the treatment of the dogs at Petland at Boca Park..  The dogs continually look undernourished, scared and neglected.  Tonight we saw two dogs (described by the staff as “greyhound mix” dogs) that were absolutely skeletal.  When we addressed the issue by telling the staff the poor dogs needed to eat, the response was indifference and ignorance.  “We can’t feed these dogs because they will get fat and have to lose weight”.  WHAT THE &#&&$#&Q@#$??!!  That is a terrifying response and shows how little care these animals receive.  I feel absolutely terrible for these animals and if I had the exorbitant fees required to purchase these animals i would buy them all to get them out of this hopeless prison.  PLEASE avoid this business and go to a rescue shelter to find your forever companions.  Put the despicable k-9 equivalent of a prison camp “out to the dog house”!


Worst customer service. This associate who works there had the worst customer service. She was not helpful. When I asked to play with one of the dogs. She said that play time was over at 8:45. Because they close at 9. I looked at my phone and notice I had 5 minutes. I told her that. She told me no and came up with an excuse about how she has to go get the dog. Then bring it back. It sounds like lazy shrew. She was. I hope the manager Ariel is not like that. You should check your crew. It makes me worried that there’s people like that work there. Who knows if they abuse those animals.


These pups are born at nasty puppy mills, with several Infractions. Just google it once you ask for the breeders information, which is annoying because the woman looked me dead in my face and said they choose specific breeders. They won’t give you a price on a puppy until you’ve held it. Basically it’s them saying we want you to hold it and if you love it and it’s $4,000 were still gonna try and push the pup on you anyways, even if you can’t afford it. Just a waste of both our time. Bad business. Go to a shelter where people aren’t trying to make big profit off of animals.


I always find myself trying to give a place a second go. Worst. Idea. Ever

Listen to my sad story. I’m on the verge of tears as I write this.

We’ve been looking for a puppy for months. We’ve tried pet stores, rescues and my favorite place, the Animal shelters.

Well, I decided to come with my husband here as this was the only place I had yet to look on our venture. As we walked in I was surprised at how the cages were clean, the employees were friendly and attentive. They answered any and all questions. We saw and played with about 8 animals. None of which my two year old got along with well. She was either afraid, or it wouldnt play with or or there just wasnt that “spark”.

My husband noticed this beautifully fluffy cockapoo that in the two hours we had been there hadn’t gotten any attention. They were slam packed too since its close to valentines. We spoke with this extremely kind girl who said the female cockapoo was four months old and no one wanted or would play with her because shes not a puppy.  She also mentioned that since she had been there over 2 months she was on sale. From 1100 down to 118. Great deal. Had all of its shots but 1.

Once we played with the dog we knew it was the perfect one. Here were the signs;
1. Leilah and the dog played for a straight 45 minutes. it didnt bite her and would go up to her and lick her instead.
2. it had the same personality as other family dogs that we had had in the past.
3. had the same birthday as my mother, coincidence? I think not!

We would have gotten it right then and there but we have a room mate til june and we wanted to make sure it was okay with her. The problem she was at work with her phone off and worked at shift from 3 to 11. So we would have to come back the next morning.

We asked if we could put down a deposit since we were serious and for sure. The employee said sadly, if a dog is on sale no deposit is acceptable.

The next day I got up as soon as I could. Let me tell you, getting a toddler ready, whos in the terrible twos is no walk in the park. Got there 20 minutes after 10am (they open at 10am) and as I walked in they were selling it to another woman. I was heartbroken and immediately started crying.

Heres the part thats upsetting. I tried to put a deposit down. Even worse is that they werent even respectful. This african american employee said, “guess you should have bought it yesterday, if you really wanted it” and continued to make smart ass remarks “just buy another, its no big deal”. Horrible customer service. The correct thing to say is, “Im sorry that you missed out on purchasing this pup but heres one other that we think may be right for you.” Or whatever.

I will never come here again.


Came in here with a friend interested in buying a dog.

They were busy, like usual.

First thing i noticed was that the dogs all were asleep or sad looking. it didnt look as if they were getting out of the cages. There was poop all over the cages and most of them had not been cleaned, about 65% were filthy. It made me sad for them. I hate dirty cages and would hate to have to sit on my own poop.

We asked to take out a dog. The lady employee couldnt even tell us what type of dog it was, she had to go look twice. Then she brought us the wrong dog and we had to correct her. Finally, she brought the correct dog..  it was very excited and then was super loving and calm. It was a weenie dog, priced at 1200. Not bad, had its first round of shots and pure breed papers. It had gorgeous coloring, grey and black.

As we continued to look there were two employees in their early twenties running around the store smacking each others butts with towels. Very unprofessional. It really upset me and its the main reason why we left

How about cleaning the animal cages instead of acting like children?! Will never buy a dog from here. I’d rather go to the shelter.


Large breed puppies are all stuck in small cages. A Saint Bernard was in a cage that he could not even stretch out in. It wasn’t until people started posting on Facebook about it that they actually made the cage bigger. All the puppies come from puppy mills. There is now a new law in effect that will make it so these stores have to get puppies from rescues and shelters, but it will take 2 years until they have to comply. Wish it would be sooner, until then make sure you rescue a dog or puppy or go to a reputable breeder who will let you come visit your puppies mother and father on THEIR property.


I have been meaning to follow up on this review for a while. Keep in mind I was the only 5 star review they had and I really was pleased until what took place. It turns out my dog was the product of bad puppy mill breeding and as a result had to have both back legs operated on. Recovery tine for both 3 months for each leg!…I also noticed early on an issue with her eyes ..turns out she had severely detached and inoperable retinas. One eye was completely blind and the other was 50% impaired the specialist we went to said she could wake up any day and be completely blind in both eyes..When I mentioned where I bought the dog he was not surprised in the slightest. He told me in all his years of practicing he has never seen a case this bad. The store refused to refund my money instead they told me that their warranty would cover up to the purchase price of the dog. I went in to discuss with my sales person and an argument ensued and she just walked away from me..totally unprofessional and unacceptable…basically they offered to give me another dog or pay for the surgery on the legs which btw the vet was kind enough to discount so that petland warranty would even cover that. This business is nothing but that,a BUSINESS!!…they don’t care and all they want to do is push over priced damaged merchandise on unsuspecting buyers.  They either get you financed at 35% interest or will take the dog back at a 40% restocking fee.. ridiculous. They will give another dog?…I wouldn’t take any animal from them for free…they hide behind Nevada laws that protect them from prosecution. I started out having a nice relationship with them..until there was a that point they ran for the hills..completely fraudulent. ..and unprofessional…I will of course keep my dog I love her…but basically petland has saddled me with with a handicapped animal that will cost me time and money for the duration of her life…shame on petland.  Your not selling inanimate objects your selling sweet animals that have personalities and souls… how can you look at yourselves in the mirror with pride as you cash pay checks…smh


I would give a ZERO if I could and encourage everyone to BOYCOTT PETLAND.  Here’s my story:

So we find a puppy we like, and I ask the lady if Petland Puppies come from good breeders or puppy mills.  She says, “Oh, we only use handpicked breeders.  Our owner is an engineer, and he’s very meticulous.” I ask to see the name of the breeder for the puppy we like, I look up the breeder on my iPhone in the store…AND IT’S ONE OF THE MOST NOTORIOUS PUPPY MILLS IN THE USA…WITH TONS OF INFRACTIONS, A THOUSAND DOGS IN HORRIBLE CONDITIONS, FINES, ETC.  EVERY ARTICLE I SEE ON GOOGLE ABOUT THE BREEDER IS SAYING IT’S ONE OF THE WORST MILLS IN THE COUNTRY AND LISTING INFRACTIONS.   It’s no wonder so many of the dogs at Petland look “off” when you take them out.

Don’t believe it? Just take a smart phone with you, ask to see the puppy’s paperwork, and google the breeder while you are in the store.

in my opinion, this Petland should be BOYCOTTED for lying to customers about the sources of their puppies


The manager on duty was extremely condescending & disrespectful. We have been there a few times. My son has shown a history of allergic reaction to dogs, not cats. The allergist specialist suggested we go to our local pet store once a week or so over the next 6-12 months & see how my son reacted to certain dog dander/saliva. My sons reaction is not immediate, it is a gradual reaction. If we found a dog over this time that he was compatible with, we would want to purchase this pup! Well, first couple times we went the ladies we had were very helpful, friendly & considerate. This last time we went, the associate was nice but the manager saw us & made some very condescending comments. Basically poking fun as if we were lying about my sons condition just to get some free play time with the pups. It was rude & un called for, if we wanted just playtime we have our neighbors new pups to play with but the doctor (allergy partners of nevada) specifically suggested this tactic. Then she made a comment loud enough for me especially to hear, “we dont take those pups out just for play- you have to buy!”
Really? Hmmm. Horrible attitude & tactic as we have money we were willing to spend eventually if we found compatibility. We believe in making sure it will work before purchase so that puppy & my son do not have to go through unnecessary separation if he is allergic to specific dander.
You would think a manager would understand this & not react so immaturely, pushing customers away. If my son & daughter were out of control brats i would understand but they are not. They stay by my side & ask before touching.
We’ll find another pet store or a private breeder. I also noticed on this visit some pups seemed sick & a couple had sores on their skin/eyes. Diarrhea stuck to back leg fur & tail. Im sure w/a manager like this the care is going down hill because she only cares about $ not welfare of the animals.


The service could be improved by a ton. Asked to see one of the dogs and spent less then 5mins with it. The employee just picked her up and didn’t even acknowledge that our time with the dog had ended. All so she could have the dog play with another customer’s dog.

$5100 for a French bulldog? That’s insane anyway.


Overpriced puppies ,  pushy & uninformed employees. Some of the dogs were caged in small space. I told all my friends and co workers dont shop at this place.


I had the worse experience ever. We were so excited to see the puppies and kittens. I saw a munchkin kitten that I just HAD to have. I asked if I could see the munchkin, and I of course fell in love. When we were done they took the kitten away and I decided to ask questions about the kitten the worker answered one then walked away and acted as if I wasn’t going to purchase the kitten, since she acted so rude I would never purchase an animal there EVER. The workers there ignored you and went to drink their Starbucks instead and joke around. The dogs smelled of pee and poop, because the kennels were disgusting, half the animals there looked sickly especially the guineas. I will never return and make sure no one else I know never goes there too. This place is terrible, terrible work ethic and terrible manners.


Looking for a puppy mill puppy? This is the place to go!! The salesperson promised my family that they “only get puppies from high quality breeders”. I got my puppy home and she was sick the next day. I googled the name of the breeder to find that he has over 500 dogs on his property at any given time. Petland gets their dogs from the Hunte Corporation… Google it and you will see for yourself what you’re getting into! If you want a healthy dog, do not go here. However if you’re looking to spend over $1k on a puppy and then have a lifetime of vet bills, go to Petland!


Way too expensive here, charging 2600 and up for a puppy? No thanks, I’ll keep looking elsewhere.

Sales lady we had was very pushy, kept saying we could finance through them. They have to get commission for selling animals.  She didn’t even seem to care what type of environment the puppy would be going to and kept saying that my husky would immediately get along with any puppy.

Also, saw a dog eat it’s own poop in one of the glass windows.  Doesn’t seem like they take care of their animals here. Some puppies were sleeping on each other and she just grabbed one of them and said look at this puppy!

Very disappointed, hopefully this place will learn to price more fairly and will take better care of their animals.


DO NOT GO TO PETLAND!!! If I could give negative stars, I would! I’m seriously livid…more than livid at them! I’m always the type to adopt instead of buy (I HATE supporting puppy mills, but at the same time, these poor babies still need homes too….) Long story short, we end up with an overpriced puppy to begin with. I decide to take her to the vet the very next morning because she had mucus running out of her nose. As soon as the doctor took one look at her he said she needed to be immediately hospitalized! My puppy ended up having to stay there for a week with an upper respiratory infection that was on its way to developing into pneumonia…and then potentially death. We only had her from 8pm until 8am the next morning when I took her to the vet. It was such a hard week not knowing what would happen.
THEN, I looked over her “pedigree/lineage” and “breeder” paperwork and I googled the name of the breeders… THEY ARE ON THE 100 WORST PUPPY MILLS IN AMERICA LIST!!!!! — complete with a PDF file with all of their disgusting violations!!!!!!!!!! Seriously this whole thing is a huge scam; NOBODY actually genuinely cares for these poor sick puppies, just making money!!! So I felt horrible enough that I “supported” these so-called breeders with spending $2500 on a puppy– $2700 after tax… And my puppy is already sick again after being out of the hospital for a week and a half. DONT LET THEM FOOL YOU! We had great customer service, not pushy or anything, however they do make commission (I asked.) they rave about “the books” on the dogs (meaning the breeder information and AKC paperwork) but if you google the names it’s all just torturous puppy mill BS!
The saddest and most sickening part is that all of these animals have feelings and souls and that is clearly not taken into account at this messed up establishment. Although my puppy has already had health problems, she is the most loving little thing, her personality is awesome, and she really completes my family. I’d like to think that I actually rescued her, because per the vet, she was on the verge of death. I wish I could just get all of the puppies out of this heinous situation at petland, and take the dollar signs out of everyone’s eyes that are involved in this “business.”


I came here looking to get a puppy and they a multiple breeds here. Unfortunately I didn’t end up purchasing a pup from this location because of the rude customer service here. Most of the staff here are rude and have attitude problems. I asked a staff member to see one the the Frenchies and her response was “Are you looking to just play with him or purchase because he plays too much”. First off, what gives you a right to ask that question? Yes I was highly interested in getting a frenchie, but that quickly deescalated. I asked another staff to see a different pup and she wasn’t as friendly as well. I ended up purchasing a puppy at Petland in Henderson. Much better customer service and friendly staff. Highly recommend the Petland in Henderson you will fill more comfortable there when purchasing a new puppy. I returned to this same location to return an item and apparently even though they are the same company you have to return items at the exact same location you bought it from. The staff clearly explained that to me with attitude. Staff needs to be trained the curtesy of customer service here. This location is closer to where I live, but I’d rather go out of my way and drive to the Henderson location for friendlier staff.


Went to Petland today, and noticed that a wiener dog at the very end of the case was sick looking. It looked like it was about to vomit, it’s eyes were closed, and it had a crusty nose. I told the girl, and they took it out of the case immediately. The girl told me it, “probably had kennel cough.” I proceeded to ask why it wasn’t being watched and why no one paid any attention to even notice the dog, she yelled and go very defensive with me. She was so unbelievably rude, and she then went in the back and talked trash about me to her coworkers and even manager. No one would give me her name, and the manager tried telling me the girl was “new, and probably caught off guard by me asking about the health of the dog.” That place is a joke. They also had 3 German Shepherd puppies in one cage together. So sad for the dogs. Wouldn’t recommend anybody going into Petland.


The machismo in this place sucks.  Starting with an employee named Marshall. Our family went in to buy a puppy for the kids.  That’s where it all started.  We were being assisted by a friendly young lady at first then he took over like a used car salesman.  He claimed he would give us a discount, so I said that’s cool during this holiday season.  I mentioned that the price was pretty steep and he said “well that’s what the puppy is going for today because sales are high.  If not, it could down by $1200.”  I had no idea that animal sales were like this.  It makes me sad.  Every time one of the females got close to us while we were playing with the puppy he would tell them to go do something else because we were his clients, in a rude way. The manager stood there and watched him.  I really feel bad for the women employees and the puppies who are missing out on a good home because of greed.  The way these 2 jerks acted isn’t professional at all.  I recommend that people boycott this place.  Look at the rating history.  They don’t care about the animals, employees or the clientele.  STAY AWAY, BOYCOTT…


Very expensive.. They try and push $3000 dogs on you. We bought a puppy and he ended up having flees, worms, and more health problems. They try and recommend you to their vet but I decided to take him to our vet we’ve been seeing for the past 8 years. When you pay that much for a puppy you expect it to be healthy and not come with $$$$$$$$ health problems. This store should be shut down for the way they treat/neglect animals. They just want your money. I can’t believe I was fooled by this scam. Stay away!!


When we arrived all the employees were standing around gossiping in a circle and weren’t helpful (about 8 of them). Then once we actually talked with an employee they tried to guilt trip us numerous times to take home a puppy. We also heard from a former employee that when one of the animals gets sick they just put them down so they do not get the other animals sick. They are also insanely expensive. When I asked how much one of there Pomsky’s was she said $2900 but she could give them to me for $2300 just like that, I don’t know what kind of salesperson just drops that amount of money off without a hesitation. They work for commission so they will do anything to get rid of the dogs. Although they have a great selection of different breeds. The prices are ridiculous and the employees do not care about the animals just the sale. I would not recommend this place to anyone. If you love animals and are considering buying one this is NOT the place to go.


This place kills me, it really does. I fell in love with a sad-looking kitten there, only to reach through the bars to pet it and find it sickeningly skinny. I *really* don’t need another cat, but I was all set to rescue this little girl, because I was pretty sure she wouldn’t last another week.
Since there was no signage, I asked the nearest sales person how much the kitten was, and was shocked to find out it was $899.99. For a nearly dead “pure bred” persian that had gunk in it’s eyes and was the saddest thing I’ve ever seen.

It should be illegal to sell an animal that sick looking. My heart is so broken, knowing that kitten is suffering. I’m terrified to go back to see it. I can’t afford it, and I’m beyond frustrated that I can’t do anything about it.

The dogs all looked pretty sad, and their cages weren’t clean. The only positive thing about this place, was the man in the bird section that obviously knew a lot about birds and we could tell he really cared. They need more people like him.


After reading the other two reviews and this not being my first visit to Pet Land I totally agree with both of them.

All of the dogs look sad and depressed and it makes you want to buy them all and take them home to love them and take care of them. I personally would adopt a dog before I would spend $1,600 on a puppy who could possibly be sick. My mom made a comment about the brown little beagle looking sick, which he did.

I just hope these dogs are purchased, and taken care of like they deserve. Don’t buy a pet if you’re not ready for the responsibility because some animals require as much attention as babies!!


I went to Petland with the hopes of purchasing a puppy as I am a new resident in the Las Vegas area.  I went into the store and was not acknowledged by anyone which wasn’t a problem as everyone was working busily.  However, 20 minutes went by and I still wasn’t acknowledged .  The manager even brushed right past me without an apology and continued to serve guests that had arrived after me.  The animals were very cute and seemed healthy, but the staff is incredibly rude and obviously untrained.  Petland needs to take a look into who they allow to work in their stores from now on.


My husband and I were very excited about purchasing our dog and unfortunately, our dog only lasted one month due to a heart condition. When we contacted the pet store they were very insensitive and acted as if they could care less about us losing our puppy. They told us to pick another one and when we did, that dog was also sick! I will never buy a pet from this place again!


I will never go into or use this store again. Jeffery who claims to be the manager of this store is the rudest person I have ever spoken to. On the phone he proceeded to call me stupid and told me I do not understand how business works. I told him that I help run a business and his response was he hoped my business goes bankrupt as he hung up on me. Up to this point we had been happy with this store’s services and everyone else had been friendly. It is too bad that this bad apple has to ruin customer relationships like this.


Heartbreaking really …

— So awful to see puppies trying to lay and sleep on wire bottom cages – many of them with poop that hadn’t been cleaned up yet (to be fair, I DID see employees cleaning while we were there). Talk about making crate training your puppy harder when you get it home – when the environment they’ve been in so far is one where they MUST potty inside a crate!

— Having only bought from actual breeders (or adopted from shelter/rescue) in the past, it was depressing to find out that I could walk in off the street, give them $1400 and walk out with a bloodhound puppy straight from a mill in Missouri.

Their Google Places reviews have been loaded with fake 5 star entries from obvious shills – who all seem to miraculously like the same businesses in August/Sept 2011 (Petland, 702 Motoring, Bozarth Chevy, Napoli Pizzeria, and a few other repetitive entries). I hate to give any credit at all after seeing them try to load their reviews, but I will say that the staff was quick to respond to questions and did seem to be actively helping people, not hiding at the front counter.


$8,000 for a dog???? And there was no customer service whatsoever we tried asking questions about the dogs while 8 (eight!!!!) sales associates just stood there ignoring us!! I will never return to this store


The reason why they charge so much for their dogs is because they have a high rate of turnaround. Think about it they can offer a deal where if your puppy dies you get another. because let’s be honest they buy from puppy mills which have Giardia, illness and various genetic disorders.  I thank God my puppy was on their clearance rack ($750 vs his original price of $2500 for a dachshund) because he is laced with Giardia,in fact Vet says on a scale from 1-3 he is a 3.  If you don’t know what GIardia is, it is virtually impossible to get rid of. I’m into week 4 of treatment & he is still a 3.  Giardia is also highly contagious, so he stays caged away from other pets (so sad).  The Beagle he was caged with also has Giardia now & any others.  I specifically asked the girl if he had this (common in puppy mills), salesgirl said “no”.  I always told myself not to buy from pet store ever since my “Meadows Pets” incident but kids n I fell in luv immediately.  Good luck, hope this helps


Worst place ever! I bought a tortoise from here who died shortly after purchase. These people are not knowledgable about their animals because everything they told me was wrong, I just happened to go to another pet store for lights and equipment who showed me books and articles of how I should take care of my animal. After about a month my tortoise came down with an upper respiratory infection. WHAT!?!? The vet said that I couldn’t have done anything since I fed him right and had him in the correct temperature. These people had no consideration for me and what I had to go through with this small creature, and the poor thing itself. They just want their money and do not care about the animals once they leave the store.


Okay, I don’t really even know where to start with this.  Am I the idiot for attempting to purchase a puppy for $2000, or are they?  You decide.  So here we go.  I walked into the store one day and I was looking at puppies.  I absolutely fell in love with one of them and asked the girl for the price.  She gave me the price and I asked if there were any discounts if I purchased the puppy.  She said I don’t know, but let me go and ask a supervisor, which I understood and that was fine.  She came back to tell me that they could discount the puppy by $100.  I said okay, I’m interested in the puppy, but I won’t by it this very second.  I’ll be back tomorrow to get it and she said okay.  Now this is where this whole thing gets dicey to say the least.

I came back the next day ready to purchase the puppy.  They brought her out and gave me the price.  I asked about the $100 discount and was told that they had to ask the manager as the girl was off that day.  Okay, not problem, right?  Wrong!  This manager guy, Jeffrey, came out and said that there weren’t any discounts on the puppy.  I explained to him what I was told the day before and he said he wasn’t there.  I asked him, who was the supervisor that was there as he/she approved a $100 discount and he said, I have no idea.  Mind you, all this with a horrible attitude, which was really not necessary.  I asked him to please honor the discount or ask the supervisor that was there the day before about it.  He says that he is the only one that approves any discounts and that he isn’t going to give me one.  Moreover, he tells me that he’s going to fire the girl that told me that because he’s been there for 7-years and knows all the policies and she doesn’t.  That’s a terrible thing to say.  If that is the case, how about informing her and coaching her, not telling patrons of the business that you’re going to fire her.  Again, major attitude.  At this point, I am getting a little irritated as he is less than professional in his approach and communication.

I now ask him if he could please call the owner and explain to him what’s going on and see if I could get the discount.  He says, I’m not calling him.  He proceeds to tell me that if he calls him, and I’m quoting him, “I’m not calling him, are you going to pay my bills if he fires me?  I already know what he’s going to say and I’m not going to call him.”  Now that in itself is the most unprofessional answer anyone could have given someone.  As he said that, a patron turn towards me and the look on his face said it all.  He walked out of the business at that moment, and so did I.

Now for some idiotic reason, I return the following day as I really fell in love with that puppy.  They get the puppy’s paperwork ready and I whip out my credit card.  Now this girl says that I have to buy a bag of their puppy food there.  I told her kindly that I wanted to buy the food elsewhere.  She said okay, but when I see the price, I noticed that she was charging me for the puppy food.  I kindly told her that I didn’t want the puppy food, that I would buy it elsewhere, once again.  She tells me that I cannot buy the puppy without purchasing the food.  She gets the manage, and as usual, comes to the register with his terrible attitude, “what’s the problem?”  I explain and he says, you have to buy the food as I want to make sure that you’re going to feed the puppy.  Seriously dude?  I’m going to spend $2000 on the puppy, but I am not going to feed her?  Come on!  He carried on with his attitude at which point I finally said, I do not want to ever give these folks my business or even the opportunity to earn it again.  They didn’t sell a $2000 puppy over a $12 bag of food.  Ridiculous! This guy is seriously an ass clown.  He will run that business into the ground with that kind of attitude and lack of professionalism.

I’ve also left several messages at both of their locations for the owner, Bradley Logan, to call me, but of course, all to no avail.


Do not come here!! The staff was soo rude! My friend and I drove all the way from the Petland in Henderson to look at the puppies because we were interested in getting a dachshund and my friend wanted a poodle mix.. Anyway so once we get there we asked to see the puppies and we were told we couldn’t see them. The associate said we could only look at the larger dogs and that we could only look at the dogs if we were serious about buying one.. Seriously how do they know if we were serious or not they didn’t even give us a chance. We had kids with us and they were soo disappointed that we couldn’t see the dogs we wanted to get too. So we go up to another associate to see if we can see the dogs and find them talking crap about us. We spoke with the manager about it and she was very polite but how insanely rude is were they.. We were just looking for a puppy but I guess we will find one else where. This place will never get business from us. My advice don’t come here unless you wanna look at the dog u want through a glass and be talked about by the staff while you’re there.


We bought our Boston terrier here six years ago. A week after bringing her home she began to have trouble breathing we took her to our vet (the vet they pay for couldn’t diagnose the problem) and it turns out her nasal passages were too small a known result of bad breeding. She had to have surgery to repair the issue.   She’s now dying of cancer.  We have spent thousands of dollars and cried many tears. This sad little business sells dogs from puppy mills. They have no regard for the health of the animals they purchase from bad breeders. I looked on my dogs papers and noticed she was removed from the breeder and driven from Oklahoma to Vegas at only five weeks old! They will have a lifetime of problems. I will always regret purchasing a dog from here though I wouldn’t trade our girl for anything. Save yourself the heartache and purchase from a rescue, shelter or responsible breeder.


I came in to purchase a parakeet. Rude service and over priced. The store manager is nasty to the employees and customers. Although there is a fairly large selection of pets, the cages are often crowded and dirty. The puppies are in cages that look too small and have to sit on wire all day. A sad sight. After my experience at this store I only visit Petsmart and Petco. Avoid this location. 1 star is too much. Meh.


I just went in here looking for a leash for my dog and was so disgusted by how sad and sick the dogs they had looked I had to walk out…  Something needs to be done about this place!  All of those dogs should be rescued and they need to lose their license!


Me and my husband went to Petland yesterday and had the WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!  The girls that work there are so inexperienced!!!  They know nothing about the dogs, and they don’t tell you anything about the dog before you sit with the puppy.  There was a 16 week Golden Retriever there (ooh I wonder why) that was marked down 33% which was about 1090.00  Waaay too much for a puppy that bites and bit my husbands finger and bit a hole in my Yankee tshirt!!!  (really)  The girl gave me a rag to let the puppy chew, because she says all puppies bite because they are teething!!!  REALLY? The puppy practically ATE the rag, and I had to save its life by calling the girl over to take the rag from him.  No replacement to bite on.  Soooo he decided to bite us!!!   Well that dog was biting soo hard, I had to practically YELL across the store, to get someone to get that manic puppy off of me!!!  Finally, after getting bit, and running out of the play cubicle and leaving the puppy running wild and crazy inside, someone FINALLY gets the dog.  So when she put the dog away, another couple came to see that SAME puppy!!!  I dont think that dog will EVER become adopted with all the problems it has at 16 WEEKS!!  By the Way:  There was ANOTHER puppy in another cage that was TREMBLING sooo bad!!!!  My husband says he saw one of the workers giving this poor puppy INJECTIONS!!!!  REALLY??  IN FRONT OF EVERYONE????  No one in their NOT SO GOOD right mind would buy this puppy!!!!!


While a few have had a good experience and most poor, I had to speak up about the living ‘conditions’ of these dogs that were witnessed upon entering the store. The cages are small and for the larger breeds who are past the 8 week old, cute, puppy stage-they seem to barely have enough room to stretch out and lay on their side. Part of the high prices and their success with selling the dogs at such a markup is because when you see them, you can’t help but want to snatch them all up and get them out of those conditions and into a warm and loving home.  All the dogs had water, but I saw no food, and in fairness, I didn’t notice too many dirty cages.
They did seem to be well staffed and no one in the store was rude to me. It’s fair to say they were a bit aloof but it’s clear for most of the staff this is just a job; maybe they just get indifferent after being there awhile…
Honestly, you have to think of this place the same way you would think of a shelter.  Your saving a life and giving each of these sweet little souls a chance at a good life outside those conditions, the only difference is you get to have them as puppies and pay a much higher price.
All this said, Petland is a business and owners make decisions about how their business is run, so in a sense-it is what it is, and it is their right to operate in a way they see fit.  As a consumer, I won’t be back because I prefer not to support a business whose practices I don’t agree with. That said, for those that buy, bless you. You really are giving each animal at Petland at better life by bringing them into your loving forever home.


I would leave a zero star review if I could. I watched the manager grip pets far too tightly, I watched the staff lie to and give misinformation to clients, and they treated a dear friend of mine so badly she has told absolutely everyone who will listen the story of it.


This store is nothing but a business that is only interested in taking care of  themselves and their cash register.  You walk into this place and there are store associates everywhere, but do you think they would acknowledge you and help you…heck NO!!  I looked at the poor animals in the dirty disgusting display boxes with very little room to move around in and be comfortable.  This store is VERY OVERPRICED ON EVERYTHING!  From a previous store purchase they gave me this scratch off to use on a future purchase.  Well i went into the store after that visit and took a bag of dog food, but to learn that this so called redemption card does not qualify towards buying pet food out of it.  The card was valued at $25.  The snobby rude clerk told me to buy some toys for my dog…Honestly do you think i’m going to buy over $25 in toys for my dog, when he has a toy box full of them?  How ridiculous!  On the way out of the store, I noticed a big box filled with stuffed pillows, and was going to buy one of them.  But when I asked a store associate how much it was, she said it was over $60.00.  Oh, no thank you, I will pass.  This store is insane with their merchandise and how damn expensive they are in “EVERYTHING” they sell!  If I could rate a 1/2 star i would, because of the poor operation of this business!  I will NEVER shop this store again.


Petland Albuquerque

6600 Holly Ave.

Albuquerque, NM 87113



The owner is very RUDE!!! I would think twice about spending hard earned money here.


We regularly shop here and our experiences have gone from bad to worse.  From  a lady yelling at my son for touching a bird in a obvious area for petting animal to the most recent event of a rude manger during the death of a parakeet of my daughter’s.  We had purchased a parakeet previously and it died after about 6 months.  We returned to purchase a new parakeet and were told that there was a three-day guarantee if something should happen.  We still had a parakeet from before and were told that as long as we put them together and watched them for a little while they would be alright together.  This morning the new parakeet was dead after having only over night.  We returned to the store as our daughter was distraught over loosing two birds in as many days.  The manager was rather rude in saying that we had to bring the dead bird with us so they could see it was actually dead (again traumatic for my daughter).  Once we returned with the bird the manager informed us since we put the new bird with the old bird they would not honor anything and that we had not purchased the health guarantee.  We were never told about purchasing anything and were told there was a three-day guarantee.  At this point we were upset and simply asked for a refund if they would not replace the bird.  We were told no.  Essentially.. too bad.  A little compassion and grace would have gone a long way but there was none.  The bags of dog food that I usually buy from the cost more than the bird.  Unfortunately the lack of compassion, understanding, and customer service have cost this store all future business, which certainly would have been much greater than the profit on the bird.  I rarely leave reviews as I am in the retail business as well but I hope to spare some families the same experience as we have had.


Update:::the large booster seats material at the bottom has now ripped open. Poor quality merchandise. This particular brand was 60 bucks. Really wish I would’ve brought this junk back instead of keeping it bc I didn’t want another altercation with the rude owner. Ugh! East of money

What to expect from this store:
1. When you purchase merchandise as I did ( dog booster seat) do not , I repeat, do not expect the most polite service from the manager or owner (not sure what she was.)
2. Overpriced bad quality merchandise.
3. To be treated as if you’re dumb by management and possible owner ( still not sure if this was a manager or the owner)

Here’s what happened to me. I purchased 3 dog booster seats at a total price of 160.00. I noticed upon taking the large booster seat out the box the plastic clip was broken so I waited till the following weekend to return bc , ya know, work. Anyways, management / owner proceeds to explain to me she doesn’t understand how this plastic clip is broken and I must have done something to break it — oh and it looks like it was chewed!!!!! Manager then proceeds to tell me she’s not even sure she wants to do business with me bc of this???!!!! What in gods name?? It goes on! She then tells me she knows how plastics made and this doesn’t come
Manufactured like this!!!! I’m like I’ve seen the show “how it’s made” I know how plastic is made and surprise plastic breaks!! This lady is really trying to make me look like some kind of fool but what she’s done in the long run is lose my business and everyone that I can let know to please not shop there. This is unacceptable! Not only do I shop for my dogs but I also shop for shelter and rescue companies as I donate things monthly. I don’t even want to keep the things I’ve purchased from petland . I have good mind to return all the booster seats bc hey, she doesn’t want my business anyway!

Please keep in mind – I’m very soft spoken- I don’t raise my voice nor speak ugly to people- I believe everyone should be treated with respect. Not this lady.

I will never step foot in this store again. This is not good business.
One star bc I have no choice!!


What to expect from this store:
1. When you purchase merchandise as I did ( dog booster seat) do not , I repeat, do not expect the most polite service from the manager or owner (not sure what she was.)
2. Overpriced bad quality merchandise.
3. To be treated as if you’re dumb by management and possible owner ( still not sure if this was a manager or the owner)

Here’s what happened to me. I purchased 3 dog booster seats at a total price of 160.00. I noticed upon taking the large booster seat out the box the plastic clip was broken so I waited till the following weekend to return bc , ya know, work. Anyways, management / owner proceeds to explain to me she doesn’t understand how this plastic clip is broken and I must have done something to break it — oh and it looks like it was chewed!!!!! Manager then proceeds to tell me she’s not even sure she wants to do business with me bc of this???!!!! What in gods name?? It goes on! She then tells me she knows how plastics made and this doesn’t come
Manufactured like this!!!! I’m like I’ve seen the show “how it’s made” I know how plastic is made and surprise plastic breaks!! This lady is really trying to make me look like some kind of fool but what she’s done in the long run is lose my business and everyone that I can let know to please not shop there. This is unacceptable! Not only do I shop for my dogs but I also shop for shelter and rescue companies as I donate things monthly. I don’t even want to keep the things I’ve purchased from petland . I have good mind to return all the booster seats bc hey, she doesn’t want my business anyway!

Please keep in mind – I’m very soft spoken- I don’t raise my voice nor speak ugly to people- I believe everyone should be treated with respect. Not this lady.

I will never step foot in this store again. This is not good business.
One star bc I have no choice!!


Like Angela said. I’ve been there a handful of times. Not once did anyone help me. And there was a young girl outside crying because the female owner was yelling at her.


Petland Syracuse

5701 East Circle Drive

Cicero, NY 13039



If I could give them a zero I would! We purchased a golden retriever here 1 week ago and wanted to return her because she had all of these health issues Petland didn’t tell us about when we paid $2900 cash for updront. I warn you to not spend your hard earned money here!

Now I’m out $2900


We live in Auburn, called last night about nail clippings to be told by Nicole to come back on a Saturday or Sunday. We’ve never had this happen before. There were Atleast 3 associates on. They seemed more worried about selling puppies than taking care of one’s that they have already placed in homes. Free nail clippings shouldn’t be advertised if it’s not going to be honored. An hour and a half drive wasted.


This is the fourth time I have shown up to petland in hopes of playing with puppies and they have declined me. Generally I understand that some puppies have been played with too much and no longer can afford playtime. When this happens I leave understanding. This time was different, I called ahead to find a good time to see puppies and play and I was told any weekday. I showed up on a Tuesday. Upon arrival I asked to see puppies and they said they would let me know when the dogs finished eating. I waited about 35 minutes. I then asked another employee about playtime and they went to get that same lady. The lady told me all puppies were unavailable today because they were waiting for appointments (nobody was in the shop but I). I would not have minded this if she didn’t have me stand around for 35 minutes waiting to see the dogs. If this was her mind set all along she should have been straight up rather than wasting my time. Terrible customer service.


Me and my boyfriend were looking into getting husky and we fell in love with the one they had at the store the woman said that she could get a price and financing set up for us. So I figured financing $600 wouldn’t be that bad she came back and told me the price of the dog was over 1000$. I don’t remember the exact price but I think it was about 1600$. Outrageous I can get a pure breed husky from a certified breeder for 600$. They are majorly over priced on everything else too. They have also been caught getting puppy’s from mills. Please don’t buy animals from here. Go on Facebook and join a rehoming group or adopt.


Company works with puppy mills. Don’t buy pets here. Friendly staff and great fish. But too bad the company has been caught in the puppymill racketeer.


I just hope everyone educates themselves before buying a puppy here. I have talked to many people who paid a lot of money for a purebred dog that was not a purebred dog at all. These people have also had a lot of behavioral issues with their dogs probably as a result of these puppies being too young when they are taken away from mom. It is so sad. Go rescue a dog instead of fueling puppy mills.


Everyone is crazy if they even thik of buying a dog here. They are overpriced, usually appear to have kennel cough, and some dont even look purebred although they are probably being pawned off as such. All you will be getting is a puppy mill puppy with a whole host of issues both health wise and behavioral. If you take a puppy away from mom too soon the puppy misses key socialization that you then have to deal with and most of the time it is not fun to deal with. Please people go to a shelter or find a REPUTABLE breeder. Know where your dog is coming from and know that they are staying with mom long enough. You want to enjoy your dog not deal with unneccesary behavioral problems


They get their puppies from puppy mills. Before considering getting a puppy here google “puppy mills” and see where these dogs come from. You don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for a sick puppy just to help fuel the puppy mill industry. Find a real breeder or adopt from a shelter.


Petland Athens

977 E State St

Athens, OH 45701



This place is a joke, yes of course it’s an animal mill. And the workers are paid by commission. They also harass you to try and get you to buy an animal, any animal they really don’t care. I went there to buy dog food and I had one of the workers following me around the whole store the whole time trying to get me to look at puppies and buy one. I repeatedly told him no and I wasn’t interested but  these people don’t understand what no means. Be smart and adopt your animal’s at the local shelter and don’t contribute to this business making money in the animal trade.


I have had friends buy puppies from here, and it took all my strength not to completely chew them out about their decision. Look, all pet stores get their puppies from puppy mills, it really is that simple. Petland is a pet store, so their puppies come from puppy mills. That means their parents are kept in utter squalor, and are shot when they can’t produce any more puppies. If that doesn’t bother you, (hey some people are soulless!) the risk of adopting a puppy that has had no socialization, could have infections do to filthy conditions, and potential health issues do to improper breeding SHOULD terrify you. Also, these dogs are outrageously priced. A healthy dog from a reputable breeder can cost less than half the price of a Petland dog. You are just paying double for the ability to conveniently bundle a puppy home at first site, that day. Is it worth it? UMMMM NO!


Petland Chillicothe

881 N. Bridge Street

Chillicothe, OH 45601



Petland Chillicothe Central Center

601 Central Center

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Petland Cincinnati Fairfield

5470 Dixie Hwy.

Fairfield, OH 45014



Do not purchase puppies from any Petland location. Their puppies come from puppy mills, and thus they contribute to a cycle of horrible animal abuse. If you care about animals at all, do not spend your money at Petland locations.

Edited to add – Claims that Petland gets their puppies from reputable breeders are false. Anyone with Google and 10 minutes to spare can figure that out. Stop lying to your customers – and people, STOP shopping there.…


No stars!! Don’t purchase from any Petland PLEASE trust me on this. I looked up the breeder that was on the “AKC paperwork” that I got and found a breeder with a similar name in the news for running a puppy mill. Basically, Petland had changed the name hoping to throw people off. I got a Great Pyrenees from this location a year and a half ago. I see other people’s reviews stating that the “free spay or neuter” is not free. They are correct. The vet still charged us $600. She had Giardia when we brought her home and had diarrhea all over the house for days. Another tell tale sign was she did not trust ANYONE at first. She would sleep between the couch and wall for the first three months we had her, it was sad. She still has anxiety because of her life before we brought her home. I love her and I wouldn’t trade her for anything, but I wish I was smarter and researched good breeders. Not only is Petland more expensive than getting one from a breeder, but you don’t know what you’re truly getting. My Great Pyrenees turned out to be a mix. Again, I don’t care, it’s just the fact that they sold me a mutt (a beautiful mutt) for $1,500 that irritates me. I know the puppies are cute and they can sucker you in, but please be smart and go to a breeder where you can meet their parents. Better yet, get a rescue. Anywhere but Petland.


DO NOT BUY PUPPIES FROM PETLAND!!!  They get all of their puppies from commercial puppy mills!!!


Puppy mill perpetuators. Sick dogs, parents kept in deplorable conditions. Exorbitant prices – they want you to finance so you can get in over your head financially.


Staff are not knowledgeable about many of the animals they sell. Rarely have products or give the excuse,”we didn’t get a truck this week.” Puppies appear unhealthy and their cages are disgusting. Would recommend anywhere but here


My fiance and I purchased a “clearance puppy” from Petland in late October of 2014. This post is nothing negative at all about our pooch, our loving and rambunctious Chihaua Dobby – this is about the store/ puppy mill/ teenage hangout that is Petland.

I am against pet stores that sell dogs and cats for profit but my fiance and I stopped in just to pet the animals one night and we fell in love with Dobby. Then we found out he was on “clearance” (which is completely odd, just b/c the dog was older than the other puppies he is now worth less money?!)  We talked our selves out of the dog once the sales people got a little pushy about us taking him home and we started driving home. About half way home we decided we were meant to have Dobby and turned around to go purchase our pooch.

The purchase process was BIZARRE! Signing my life away to take care of an animal seemed a bit much. We literally signed a half inch thick stack of papers. We had adopted a dog earlier in Spring of 2014 and all they needed was a couple signatures, 75 dollars for their organization, and our word that we would love our new furry friend forever. Petland also tried selling us a puppy training kit for an absurd amount of money, which we declined b/c I do not cage my pets. We purchased a few items from the kit separately which seemed to annoy the young sales girl.

Petland informed us we would get a free neuter and a free visit to a local Vet, sounds great, but let me tell you ITS NOT! The Vet was great, it wasn’t a Vet I would typically choose but the staff at the Vet was very knowledgeable and kind to us. However Petland did not let us know that pain meds and any other medication needed was in fact NOT INCLUDED in this free neuter and office visit. We paid out of pocket for these things which is not a huge deal HOWEVER it would have been nice to know.

Dobby also had Giardia – which caused him to have diarrhea for the first month we had him home with us. The Vet Petland told us to visit did make Petland pay for the meds for his Giardia so that was a plus. However we still had to pay out of pocket for the overpriced vet visit fee.

Petland also convinced us to buy their specially recommended puppy food which they told us Dobby loved and ate all the time. We purchased the puppy food and some puppy paste we could give him in case he went into shock from playing too much. They scared the living shit out of us that we were going to kill this puppy accidentally so we purchased both items thinking we NEEDED them. Dobby would not eat the special puppy food or the puppy paste. What he would eat is the food our other dog ate – Purina Dog Chow. We donated the food and paste to a local dog rescue figuring they could use it, but again that’s money we didn’t need to spend but money Petland conned us into spending.

Another super awesome thing they told us was that we could have free nail trims for both of our dogs for life  – we just had to bring them in to their store. BIG MISTAKE, HUGE, EPIC MISTAKE!!! Our other dog is a rescue and has a touch of pet store anxiety – normally he is a little whiney if we take him near one. He flipped his ever loving shit at Petland!  Which we attributed to his pet store anxiety. He got some of his nails trimmed but they couldn’t do all of his nails. Dobby was fine for his nail trim, just worried about his brother. They had us hold the dogs while they trimmed the nails and were not patient with Axel, our rescue. This all took place out in the open in the chaos of the pet store. Why they didn’t take us to a private room beats me (I know the reason, it is b/c they could give a shit less about you once you have already purchased a dog). It was not a good experience and I vowed to never take either dog to Petland again. Fast forward a month later when we took Axel to the groomer – the groomer took the time to pet Axel and take a longer look at his nails. His “quick” the under part of his nail is grown out too long – due to his previous owners not grooming him regularly – and when Petland trimmed his nails they trimmed this part of the nail which caused him pain. My poor Axel, I cried when I heard this knowing I had let him be put through such a painful experience.

Petland is a JOKE! All they care about is profit, not the care and well being of animals. I love Dobby and I am thrilled we found him but I would never in my life go back to Petland. They charge an absurd amount of money for these dogs which they pimp out to customers b/c they are “pure bred” and you the customer can have the dog as a show dog or a puppy hoe and have them produce litters with another of their puppy hoes. They promise you things that they cannot deliver on. They are not upfront and honest about their products, the Vet service they “include” in your puppy purchase, and they let young employees do nail trims without the proper knowledge.

Petland only cares about PROFIT not the well being of any animals! Please do not do business with them!


Very crowded. I went to purchase a brand of dog food not found in grocery stores. After fighting my way to the back, I grabbed the food I had been looking for and headded to the front to pay. I could only see one employee helping people play with puppies. After waiting for 5 min. someone finally came to help me checkout. He did apologize for the wait.

Only after taking the dog food home, and mixing it in whith what I had left of my current food did I see that the food was a month and a half expired! Maybe I should have checked, but they should be checking too! A month and a half expired is unacceptable!

This is my first and last purchase at Petland.


I do not recommend this store at all. My wife had bought 2 baby rabbits and all the things needed to raise them. She was told they were both female and would be no problems. One of them had a cough and my wife was told it would be ok. When the cough did not go away my wife took the rabbit to a veterinarian. That is when she found out the female rabbit was a male rabbit so she had to have it neutered, and by medicine for the rabbit. This was an additional cost of over $200. When she tried to get things settled at the store they were not willing to do anything but take the rabbit back. Nothing to reimburse the money we were out so my wife called the corporate office. After my wife had a discussion with someone at corporate she was told he would get back with her. It has now been over 3 months no one has gotten back with her. No one answers when she calls and no one returns the messages she leaves. Shop there at your own risk I hope you do not have any problems there. I give it zero stars.


When I walked in this place I couldn’t be certain if it was really a pet store or some kind of teenage drop-in center. I’d visited with plans to pick up some food and maybe a cat toy or two for our fuzzy little house monster, but evidently the combined youth of Fairfield had other ideas.

I don’t really know what was going on. The store was packed with groups of teens, some just crashed out and lounging on the floor in front of the shelves. Others were congregated around the fish tanks, more still by the live hamsters and dog bowls.

By my reckoning there were 30+ kids just hanging about. I didn’t feel intimidated by them, more frustrated by the fact that none of them wanted to get out of the way down any aisle or when I wanted to look at something behind them.

Not sure if this is a staff or management problem but it’s a terrible first impression. I just gave up trying to get near the things I needed and walked out. I doubt I will ever go in again. After all, there’s plenty of other pet stores in the region to chose from, most of which manage to get by without their own in-house lame emo congregation.


They get their dogs from puppy mills (even though they will say they don’t) and their treatment and care for the animals is abhorrent. They will fit animals in the same cage, even if they fight each other bloody, to maximize space. Don’t bother voicing any complaints to the staff or management. They know and don’t care. Animals are not safe here, go to your local rescue to get a pet. Put these monsters out of business.


Buyer Beware!   After the situation would never buy a pet at this Petland store.   There are many negative reviews and after my recent encounter I don’t doubt them.  My experience is that this is not a customer based business.  The owner we encountered appeared to be driven by profit only and had little interest in animals having the right home.  A truly reputable business with animals usually has a trial period.  More importantly, a good business and business manager should not berate, intimidate, or become instantly nasty with a customer when there is an issue.  But that is what we encountered.

My friend recently bought a dog for her daughter at Petland in Fairfield, OH.  They loved the dog and were distraught when within a week they realized she was highly allergic to dogs.  My friend is not from the U.S. and her English is not always good and she doesn’t always understand.   When she bought the dog the employee spent time on how to care for the dog but did not explain about the full return policy – which is NO return.   They had her sign a sheet that explained no return, but she didn’t really understand.   I will say upfront that she did sign it and she is at least in part accountable and was naïve.  But we are talking about $2600 for a dog (which is robbery in my eyes).

It is the next encounters though, that cause me to write about this business and their practices.  She brought the dog back to the store.  The girl took the dog and said the owner would call her about getting her money back.   John called and gave my friend a very hard time.  She described him as very mean and she was extremely upset by the conversation.   She tried to explain to the owner that she didn’t completely understand the policy, she loved the dog but couldn’t keep it, and said she would even get a doctor’s note.   He accused her of being able to understand the contract because she had a driver’s license.  She explained she actually took the driver’s test in her native language, not English.  He said he couldn’t take it back because the dog might be sick.  Oddly, this is the one reason in the contract that allows the person to bring the animal back.  He said he’d give her a different dog but she was too afraid to get another dog due to her allergies.  Plus he had already berated her and she was nervous about future problems with the store.  No money back.  She asked for just half the money.  He said NO.  He said maybe he would give her 25% back.

She came to me extremely upset by the conversation.  I said I would call and see if he could bend a little.  The conversation was short.  I said was calling on my friend’s behalf and explained about her English and seeing if there was something we could agree on.   He quickly snapped asking me if I was her lawyer.  I tried to keep it light and in a joking manner said no I am just calling one human being to another human being.   He said he wanted everyone to hear the conversation and put me on speaker phone.   All this seemed odd unless he’s been in this situation many times before.  He nastily asked whether I know the law in this case.  I said I really just wanted  to talk about her situation.  His next statement had a truly venomous tone. He said well the law says I don’t owe her anything! Did she tell you I would trade her for a hypoallergenic dog or I would give her 25% back, but now I’m not going to even do that!   At this point I calmly said he was being nasty to me.  He said I don’t need to talk to you and hung up on me.

Honestly in my 60 years and over 25 years in business, I have never encountered a business owner that acts this way.  It is a red flag of a store to avoid.


I’d give less than one star if I could. When I read negative reviews about this store in the past, I simply ignored them thinking that those incidents or bad experiences existed among some people but had nothing to do with me. Well, I was wrong. Before I write anything, I have to admit that my kids loved the idea of going to a pet store and they sure do have cute puppies and kittens there. One of my neighbors got their dog from petland so we decided to get our new dog from there as well. The whole experience was fairly straight farward because they’re very business minded. They don’t let you return the dog even though it has major health issues. I don’t want to get into the details because this whole thing with falling in love with a new puppy/the puppy being so sick, etc. has been heartbreaking for my family and on top of that, the owner of petland had a very bad attitude towards ‘after service’. When I called, he simply said that it wasn’t their fault and he could give me some money back. If you spend nearly $2000 for a dog, we’re not talking about returning some cheap goodies and get the refund for less than a half of the price you paid for. The staff people there seemed to know about John’s-the owner- mean attitude because it was obvious that it wasn’t the first time someone has talked to them about a sick pup. This kind of a place seems great for kids to hang out and play with animals but I really do not recommend getting anything from them. How can someone be so cruelly mean to their clients just because they’re ‘done’ with selling puppies and they got their money in their hands?


Petland Columbus Bethel Road

2620 Bethel Road

Columbus, OH 43220



Please, please don’t shop here. Don’t buy animals or supplies from this business. Today I was really disappointed; I came to play with some puppies after finals week and saw a horrible sight from the back. There were already so many puppies out in the front cages and then in the back they had tons more, all sharing smaller cages than the ones out front. We played with a German Shepherd puppy and you could feel every rib; He was not being fed or cared for properly. Then we snuggled with a Golden Retriever puppy that was obviously very depressed and sick. If you think that you might as well buy puppy mill puppies because they’re already there, just know that someone else feels the same way and will buy that puppy. But you not giving them that $2000-$8000 hurts them from being able to buy more and more.

Please don’t give this place your business. Before you do, look around and see what is happening in the back.


These people are terribly misleading! READ THE FINE PRINT!!!!!!!

My dog developed Pneumonia while at Petland (according to my vet) and he started showing symptoms only a couple days after purchased. We were told, by Gabby at Petland, that his free AKC insurance was for the first 30 days of buying him, but that’s not true. It needs to be registered which took two weeks* and then some.

Then there’s the 14 day warranty for viruses. I drove up from Cincinnati to get this specific French Bulldog that was only at this Petland. Turns out that the warranty only covers the two places near Columbus**. So when my dog is critically I’ll because of the terrible place he came from, I have to make him wait until I can drive him up to columbus during their limited business hours when these places are open and I can take off work, hoping my dog didn’t die by then.

They sucker you into these dogs by showing you how cute they are and where they would have to go back to if you don’t buy them. Then while playing with them they mention the astronomical price but how they have these great programs***, warranties, insurance, and free things it comes with. It sounds like a deal. Then when coming back to buy the dog they hand it to you in one hand, and make you sign a stack of papers in the other while having a squirming brand new puppy distracting you. It’s a loud distracting place to sit down and read every fine detail, but they also don’t even give you all of the information even on paper. They don’t tell you how the insurance works and that it could take nearly three weeks to take affect. By that point your dog probably has already been to the hospital a few times on your own dime, uninsured, with the inconvenient times, places, and diseases**** the warranty covers.

There’s a reason it’s illegal to sell dogs in store in other states. They get sick for a reason.

*The dog could be registered only after waiting for a phone call from Third Party Pets, providing information, then waiting for an email that said to wait for an additional email that will arrive within 72 hours. That email took 7 days to arrive. It took two weeks to get this insurance registered and even then there’s a 1 day waiting period to start working, and then a 5 day waiting period to start covering illness.

**Bethel Animal Hospital and Faithful Friends Vet Clinic.

***The puppy for life program supposedly covers if your dog ever dies from anything but neglect, but only if you buy, and prove you’ve bought, the healthy extensions food, vitamins, and supplements for the life of the puppy, 4 times a year, at the same store you bought the dog from. This stuff is expensive! You’re subscribing to this costly program when they tell you it’s included.

****Only covers parasitic, bacterial and viral infections at the above locations and hours of operation.


Went here over the weekend disappointed. The prices for these puppies & dogs are higher than what you’d find at the pound, or the humane society. The store wasn’t that busy for a Sunday, & when I asked to see a puppy I was completely ignored. Made eye contact with one of the helpers & everything, & I seemed to be invisible. Most of the workers just seemed annoyed bringing puppies in & out of the cages. Also, nobody really smiled. If you want a puppy or a dog, maybe try checking other resources before you shop at a store.


Got a golden puppy from here. I love him and he is the best puppy ever! However, within the first week home we noticed he was sick and had pneumonia… he survived and pet land did cover the vet bill. I just wonder what would have happened if we had not adopted him. Also they said he was micro chipped and he was not. The vet they recommend, bethel animal hospital is also terrible and they lie for pet lands benefit.  Be careful, the puppy’s deserve good homes, but pet land does not deserve you’re money. And don’t get me started about the puppy mills…


Yes they have tons of puppies. But they will try so damn hard to get you to buy one. The dogs get so worn out it makes me sad. No new born dog should sleep soundly while being passed between total strangers. Also, they charge insane prices because you can’t just buy a dog, you buy all this “free” stuff that comes with it. $3600 for the one I looked at.


Never go pet land if you are a pet lover!!!!!
We bought a $3288.88 pomeranian 2 years ago from pet land, she died yesterday in OSU vet hospital. Because she has genetic liver disease which it was called liver shunt. In this two years we had spent over $8k on her medical care, she can only eat low protein dog food since her liver had poor function. Her blood pressure and protein level is way much lower than normal because this disease, she was a really inaction little one cause her body can not even support the appropriate energy.
We have to give her euthanasia because she was in extremely hard breathing yesterday night. The doctor from hospital said the ultimately reason cause her death is this genetic liver issue. So petland should tell us, or at least the breeder should know that, her parents must have this disease but they still selling their sick puppy.
This is really hard time for our family and we decide to prosecute against petland company soon. Sorry for the poor English writing because it is my second language. But anyway, if you decide to get a new puppy, please do not go petland! They treat them like goods, and the only thing they care is business, and custom service will kick you to the moon! They don’t even want pay a penny for my lost. Petland should not exist in the business.


Petland continues to sell puppy mill dogs even after years of sick puppies and poor reviews. They care nothing about the poor momma dogs that are forced to produce litter after litter to keep them in stock. Since they refuse to be humane, the public needs to boycott their stores to show them that we don’t support the rape and abuse of the momma dogs.
Since most of these dogs are sick and there have been many with extremely contagious diseases, DO NOT interact with these puppies. You put your own dogs in danger of contacting these diseases.
The employees are not trained adoption counselors. They are paid by commission for each dog they sell !!! They will not look into the best interest of the puppy and have no formal training on the right home for each dog which results in most of these dogs being sold for free on the internet or dumped at shelters.
Stop shopping at Petland!


DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! I have a husky who I bought from petland, I love her to death but she has health issues. She has very dry eyes has to have four different eye drops a day, numerous times a day. She recently had to have her tail amputated due to a cancer tumor that was found on her tail and I received the results of the biopsy today and it has a very good chance of recurring and spreading. They claim she was from a breeder but there’s no way with how many health issues she has. It’s a sad thing to see all those poor babies in the store that have no option and can’t help what and where they came from but this place is not the place to get a dog. I wish they would go out of business forever


I am ashamed to say that I went here, but I did, and I have quite a bit to say about my experience.

We adopted a rescue cat and found out that she was originally from here. She’s a wonderful cat and we’ve been looking for one just like her, so we eventually caved and headed over.

We walked in and the place was PACKED and super loud, which first of all, makes me sad. There are tons of rescues that can’t get anyone to visit but this place, with more than questionable business practices, is overflowing with people.

Still, we walked in, and almost immediately saw the cats we were looking for. We saw one that looked exactly like our little kitty. The cage said something like $54, half off. We were thinking, “wow, that’s crazy… I thought our cat was outrageously priced when she was first bought!” She seemed pretty scared in the super loud environment. An employee came over and suggested we play with her in a room.

The kitty let me hold her and carry her to the area without putting up a fight. We almost immediately noticed that she had feces on her back paw which we had to clean off ourselves. Not the best sign.

Still, we played with her a little, and she was playful and cute. We asked how much she was. Yes, she was half-off. Unfortunately, that price tag, deeply discounted, was about $1100. WHAT?! That is absurd, even for the breed of cat we were looking at. We paid $60 for our cat from Colony Cats, a rescue down the street. There is a rescue in the area that has only this breed of cat and the most they ever are is $300. Plus we’d have a lot of additional costs, as she wasn’t spayed, unlike at most rescues. How do they get away with those prices?

We walked out and saw a few really upsetting things; a bunch of kids left unattended (one who was seriously squeezing a cat to the point of nearly injuring it, another who was pounding on a dog’s cage, another who was poking a cat). Someone should be saying something to those kids. Kids shouldn’t be left unattended in general, let alone at a place where they can injure defenseless animals. Many of the employees seemed really young and/or uninterested.

Overall, pretty upsetting experience. I’m sad we went here, and we won’t be going back.


The amount of times I have seen children try to steal hamsters after their parents said no, is very disturbing. I see the puppies stacked in tiny crates in the back because they are too young to put out for sale. I wish they treated their animals like the living, breathing creatures they are. But unfortunately they don’t, and probably never will. I’ll never walk into a Petland again. Adopt don’t shop.


I naively went into this place to purchase a dog toy in a hurry one day because it was the closest pet store to what I was doing. I regret going in there and I regret giving them $10 of my money and support. I didn’t realize that Petland was a supporting of puppy mills and breeders and I do not support that. It was so loud, chaotic, and packed when I went in there. The staff was not friendly and the store was not organized. I will never shop there again and have since actively told others to not shop there.


It is clear that the staff cares little for the puppies. And with over 80 dogs in the store, it’s easy to see why they’re so neglected. When I asked for information regarding background, breeding history, and health records, I was given a folder with only a HALF of a piece of paper relating to my particular puppy. There is no hand sanitizer to use between holding dogs; when the puppy I was with peed, a staff member simply mopped it up with a paper towel (NO disinfectant); the dog cages are barred with metal all along the bottom – I can’t imagine how uncomfortable that must make the animals. Terrible place. It’s very sad to see uninformed people support businesses such as Petland.


Petland is a horrible and depressing place. My only experience is with this location, but via my research, I’m sure it’s the case with all of their locations.

I first went in here because I ran out of food for my dog and it was the closest store to my home. Petland ropes you in by having you join their program and after buying 6 bags of dog food, you get the 7th free. It seemed innocent enough and I could save money on dog food in the long haul.

But, after going the 2nd time, I realized how sad Petland is and how awful I felt supporting them.

Petland clearly gets their animals from puppy mills (Humane Society research shows this). This is heartbreaking to know and even worse to see as tons of puppies are put in cramped spaces behind the windowed area of this store.

On top of that, many parents bring their children to the store either to potentially get a new pet for their home or just to pet the animals. Either way, this covers up the children’s knowledge of the situation just believing the puppies to be cute even though these same lovable puppies have endured horrible conditions throughout their lives. This combination of the innocence of the children with the brutality that the puppies have felt makes it even more depressing to watch.

There are always a ton of people in this store leading the place to be loud and chaotic. Once again, this frenetic environment makes you feel even worse about everything that’s going on around you. The cleanliness of the weird box pods that you can play with pets in is questionable as well as the level of care parents have towards their kids here. It feels like an insane zoo at times.

Another red flag to how bad this store is that the front window of the store has a permanent decal saying “NOW HIRING.” This gives off the impression that there is a revolving door of employees there. Most of the employees are teenagers, which leaves open the question as to their level of training in handling these animals as well as the seriousness to which they care about their job especially since the store is apparently hiring permanently.

A previous Yelper suggested this is a great place to go on a date or to just pet animals. To just even step foot in Petland is supporting it, so if you truly love animals, I highly suggest you don’t do that. I once saw a man vomit in the garbage can right outside Petland after being in the store. No idea why. He may have been drunk for all I know or really freaking out over his family adopting a dog from here. Seriously, do you want to take your date here and have him/her vomit?

If you are considering adopting a pet, please go to a local animal shelter and support them. Do not go here and pay over $1000 on a cute dog that has been treated horribly. I wish I could save all these pets…


I hate going here because they buy from puppy mills which in turn supports the puppy mill industry (google it, it’s horrible!) BTW, if puppy mills aren’t enough to scare you off, the prices of these puppies are double to triple what you can pay a reputable breeder…people are ding dongs when they fork out that much money for a sick puppy mill mix, when they could get a healthy, well bred dog or even a shelter pet for much much less…. I work for a vet and see these puppies come in for care and pretty much 90% of them have some type of illness. Alas I had a poison dart frog that I had to buy flies for and petland was the only place I knew of that sold the cultures, so here are my experiences…

Anyways, the kids handling the poor pets haphazardly is awful. I’m sure many animals have died at an unattended child’s hand because they are allowed to hold them. Petland doesn’t care, they just hope the parent falls in love and they make a sale…or you break it you buy it..even if it’s a life.

Secondly, the majority of the employees are rude and ignore you unless your buying a puppy or something they can make a big profit on.

Lastly, my ex-boyfriend bought a puppy there that was not registered, and had asked if he could be registered with the akc. The employee said “yes”. Lies! We got no akc paper work, and when we approached the manager about it a week later he said that it couldn’t be registered but he could exchange the puppy…I’m sure he only offered because he knew we would say no…


In August, we were looking for specifically an American Eskimo or Shiba Inu puppy. Unfortunately there were no breeders with available puppies in reasonable distances from us, but we found Petland had two Eskie puppies. I did a ton of research on Petland, knowing the risks of buying from a pet store and getting a puppy mill puppy, but it appeared from positive recent reviews that Petland had turned a new leaf in recent years after multiple lawsuits and negative publicity. Still, we were cautious and were debating on buying from a non-breeder.

We went in to the store to see our specific puppy we liked (from their website) and it was love at first sight. She was perfect, had a great temperament, was extremely friendly to all three of us who went to go see her, and didn’t cause allergic reactions in our roommate who thought he was allergic to dogs.

We stayed for a total of three hours to see if we were REALLY ready to get this puppy, who seemed to have the absolute PERFECT personality we were looking for. Throughout our stay, she sneezed a couple times and had a tiny (but not concerning at all) cough. I asked the employee who brought her out if she was sick, and she assured me she wasn’t and that sneeze and cough were from her spraying puppy perfume on her for presentation purposes. We asked in detail about where they got her and were told she was bred in Missouri and the breeder information was all included in the folder we would get with her. They assured us they did not get her from a puppy mill. This eased our minds a bit, thinking that she came from a reputable breeder.

In the end, after reading recent positive reviews on people who had bought from Petland (their puppies didn’t die right away or weren’t extremely sick) and from multiple reassurances and answered questions by the employees, we decided to take the puppy home.

The puppy comes with a free first vet visit, so I took her one week later to her first appointment. She was completely healthy and fine, according to the vet. Not one hour after bringing her home from the vet (who obviously has a contract with Petland and new puppies), she began vomiting and had lethargy. To spare you the details, we went through 3 months and 4 vets of trying to figure out what was causing her to cough every night. She went on 3 antibiotics, had 3 x-rays, went on steroid medication, had topical antibiotics, and still was sick… after THREE months. In the end, we were forced to take her to MedVet for specialized care and hospitalized her for two nights. Turns out the experienced vets there have seen tons of Petland puppies for problems like our puppy had. She had an extremely resistant strain of kennel cough (bordatella) that she had AT THE STORE when we bought her, another bacterial infection, and a virus all at one time.

The vets at MedVet told us about how Petland puppies take much longer to recover from illnesses and tend to have much more resistance to treatment in their years and years of experience. Our puppy was definitely sick when we purchased her and finally after 3 months and countless dollars spent, we are seeing she will recover soon.

Regardless of what the Petland employees tell you, take it from somebody who made the mistake of believing them that the puppies they sell are often sick and will cause lots of problems in their young age. We love our puppy to death and she is perfect and SO friendly, but the hassle and worrying we had to deal with was all because of Petland.


No stars in my opinion. They sell mixed breeds for a ridiculous price and say they are pure breeds. Go adopt at a shelter that way your not endorsing buying from a dishonest pet store that get dogs from puppy mills. The cages have no blankets no food, toys or water. they hire ppl who DO NOT have any type of proper training or vet tech degree. Please look up shelters in your area. We need to wipe these kind of places out, along with back yard (crappy) breeders.


If I can give this place negative stars I would. We got our puppy here a few weeks ago. Shortly after, we found out that she has pneumonia. A respiratory tract infection that made its way to the lungs. From the time we picked her up she already had a runny nose. We asked one of the employee who works there about that and she did not say anything. She merely wiped our puppy’s nose and wished us good luck with our puppy. Now 1 1/2 weeks later our puppy is at the vet staying overnight for 2-3 nights on iv medications. I have spoke with other people and they told me that a similar thing happened to someone they know who got their pet from here. Although I am still praying for our puppy to be healthy and well I am frustrated at this situation. If this has happened on more than two occurrences then perhaps petland should be shut down. We paid a lot of money for our puppy, now to see her go through this and to spend even more money on vet bills is outrageous. Had we known we would have never came here. The puppies get tossed around like a petting zoo. No wonder why they are sick from the get go. Who knows what kind of diseases they can get from random people, children, and other animals in this mad house.

Also they will recommend bethal animal hospital as their preferred vet. I say screw that and go to your own. Bethal is nothing different. It’s dirty and the people who works there are rude. It’s no wonder why you get free pet visits after buying a pet from petland. If I didn’t know any better I would think that they were working together because they know animals coming from petland are usually sick. It’s a shame and I can only hope our puppy gets better soon. She’s only 3 months old and still has many years left to enjoy.


Wow!  what an experience.  I went against everything I believe in about dogs by purchasing one.  I love my doggie I “rescued” from Petland, however, I would never recommend “rescuing” a dog from this establishment.  The place is a complete zoo on the Sunday evening in which I was there.  I think it is best to truly rescue dogs from the humane society, there are so many animals that need homes there, this is why it goes against my instincts to “purchase” a dog.  I purchased my pup on a Sunday, yes these folks are like used car salesmen.  There were two ~ dogs, I could not decide which one was for me and my family so they said to me, if you pay for one, we can let you make 4 bi weekly payments on the second dog!  I was stunned people do business this way.  My pup got sick 3 days after being home.  It was about 6:00 pm I noticed she was getting a little lethargic,I watched her for about an hour; she was not really doing much better.  The Bethel Road Animal Hospital was closed; I found a hospital close by; since the dog was so new, I called Petland, explained to them what was going on, Molly, the young lady that I spoke to advised me that I had to wait til the Bethel Road Animal Hospital opened the next morning.  I felt she needed to see a dr. that night, Molly then said to me “Well, you should have taken her when “they” (Bethel Animal Hosp) was open!”  According to Molly; my dog just did not get sick at the right time.  If I took her to the hospital it would come out of my pocket.  End Of Story!  She advised me to call the insurance company, I did, they were closed too!

They get their money and then they do not care about the animals.  They should be ashamed of themselves.  Do yourself a favor, do not go there, fall in love with a dog and take it home.  Either go to the humane society, or go directly to a breeder.  Just stay out of this store!


Going into this store is like going into a hot, sweaty zoo where you can pet or hold pretty much any animal they have. There is a tank of Siberian dwarf hamsters that have been handled so much by so many unsupervised kids you can be sure you will see one with a horrible injury in the tank any time you go.  They are pushy, too. My son was interested in getting a hedgehog and we heard they had one there. We went to see it (no intention of buying it there, he just wanted to see a real one) and it was an adult, though they claimed it was a baby, and the employee told us what easy, care-free pets they are which is completely untrue.  She also told us several time that we should buy it because they don’t get them very often but she did this without a smile and with her eyes scanning the puppy cages looking for people who wanted to hold a puppy. The puppies are overcrowded and the pet products are overpriced, we have dogs, fish, rats and a bird so I buy a lot of pet products but everything here is at least $2.00 more than other stores and the store is incredibly loud. The animals must be miserable in there.  I know I was.


Very rude staff. Always talking amongst themselves and never are helpful. I asked an employee if I could see a dog. He told me I could not see that specific dog because it was out a lot that day. I asked to see the dog a cage over and he stared at me and just walked away!!!! Rude much???


Puppy mill dogs, staff that doesn’t care, and low-set cages for small animals/rodents that children can just grab/poke at/whatever. I’ve literally seen a child pick up a mouse then drop it from at least 3.5 feet in the air.


When my fiance and I were looking for a puppy, so someone suggested Petland. We go one Friday afternoon and the place is a zoo. One of the sales associates pounced on us like a car salesman. We told him we were looking for a dog that is good with kids, protective, and easy to groom. He brings us this one pitbull/mastiff mix. So we go in this dirty play area to peep him. He ends up jumping and biting on my 2 yr old son. After that, we asked to see another puppy. They bring out this GORGEOUS brindle boxer. We all instantly fall in love with him and then talk prices. The associate told us 1400 out the door. We talk him down to 1100. He talks to his manager to approve it and he says we can get him for 1100. We decide to wait because we planned to meet a breeder for later that afternoon. We told the guy if that doesnt go well, then we would be back for the boxer. We exchanged info. The next day we go back for the brindle. My fiance sees the same sales guy, and asks for the brindle. He gets him, and tells us that its gonna be 1700 for him because another couple wanted him and were willing to pay 1500 for him that night. After arguing with him about changing the price, he tells us his manager would be willing to lower the price to 1300 out the door. We go make the transaction and they charge us 1600. They say it was because of the fees and microchip blah blah blah…. But the sales guy already fucked up because he told us EVERYTHING (microchip, puppy food, tax, ect) would be 1300 out the door. The manager tells us his hands are tied and he cant refund. My fiance and I left there a little pissed, but overall happy about our pup. Later that night, the puppy has this hacking/gagging cough. Turns out to be kennel cough. Long story short, Petland sold us a sick pup, and raped us out of an extra 300 bucks. We called and talked to like 3 different “managers” who werent helpful at all.


Wondering if these pups come from puppy mills; anyone who bought a pup there know who breeder was?


Petland Dayton York Commons

3444 York Commons Blvd.

Dayton, OH 45414



We paid $3200 (not including supplies) for a SICK PUPPY MILL PUPPY. I love my pup and wouldn’t trade her for anything, but come on!! Petland has big ad campaigns against puppy mills, and are buying their pups from Amish breeders known for being puppy mills. We will NEVER buy another dog from a pet store again. I am glad that we “rescued” our baby from this chain. From now on we will be searching  through the rescue sites for our Rottweilers


Let me start off with I have nothing against pet stores. This is not why I’m giving this specific petland store, a one star.

I’m giving it this review because this specific location legitimately is just horrible. At least, my experience was. Not only did they block me from posting/commenting on their Facebook page when all I did was tell my experience, but they also deleted my post. Why would you try to hide a customers bad experience? That’s entirely dishonest.

So I go in, looking for a baby male rat (as a pet). I ask the cashier if she could please show or tell me where the baby rats were. In the most monotone voice I’ve ever heard, she says “yea….” and just starts walking away. I follow her, since I assumed I was supposed to. She leads me to some ten gallon tanks, with zero airflow, just absolutely filled with white feeder mice. She said, “here they are…” again, so upbeat and chirpy…not really.

I again asked her to show me where the male baby rats were since those were not rats at all, but mice. She actually had the audacity to tell me they were indeed rats. Baby rats. I think, as a rat owner and previous snake owner who fed the snake mice…I’d know the difference between a rat and mouse. Oh not according to this happy go lucky employee. Those white feeder mice, were definitely rats. I was dumbfounded. Luckily, the baby rats were right next to the mice, in another ten gallon tank with no airflow. And mixed sexes, so I’m sure the girlies in there were nice and pregnant. I walk over and point to the tank and said, “well here’s the actual rats…and I need one of the males.”. She then rolls her eyes, oh yes, clear as day as if I just insulted her ancestors. Huffed and puffed and almost blew the house down. It was just ridiculous. I got my rat. I hope she got whatever it is she needed that day, an attitude check and a quick education course in rodents for starters.

Sadly, I did not let that deter me from going in again at a later time. Or it could be it’s the only pet store that sells what I need. I’m going with the latter. The next time I go in, is for a hamster. I understand the whole trying to upsell the customers thing, but again, stop acting like we are ignorant beings who know nothing about these animals we are looking at! I tell the employee I have everything for a hamster and she gets annoyed and huffs off because she can’t sell me a cage and a ton of unnecessary accessories.

This store needs to work on its employees. That is the biggest issues…the employees.


Stopped in for the “puppy sale” sign. Just left 3 humane societies looking for a yellow lab (or mix) to be told they wanted $2099 for the puppy and that was the sale price. Place must be crazy. Champion blood lines don’t demand that $.

Not worth the stop, adopt!

Puppy sale my a$$ (to be clear I just wanted the dog not the other BS they push on you)


Stopped into Petland out of curiosity because I am from out of town, and where I am from puppies are no longer allowed to be sold in pet stores. A man asked about a price on a puppy, and I almost fell over when the person who worked there said $ 2500.00 dollars!! When she walked away I said to him, ” You could buy a German import for that price”. Scandoulous!! Also went in on Thursday, and saw a sick puppy. Went in the next day and there was the same sick puppy, with a obvious respiratory infection, breathing rapidly, listless, eyes practically glued shut, and blowing snot out her nose with each breath. It is obvious the people who work there just don’t care. It breaks my heart…..buyer beware. These puppies more than likely come from puppy mills.


Do not go to this petland for anything !! I have visited another petland closer to my home but this petland advertised for several weeks on its Facebook page that it had a certain puppy available. Not wanting to purchase a pet store puppy but just wanting to play with it I drove 40 minutes only to be told VERY RUDELY by supposedly the manager that this puppy was on rest til the vet came to look at him in a week. That upset me because this poor puppy was just in a glass cage unable to come out for now three weeks. I had asked a male employee and this “manager” walked by and answered for him and didn’t even look at me while snapping answers at me. Rude. The following week I came back and the same woman told us he had been played with four times that day so we weren’t allowed to play with him. It wasn’t an hour after opening this was dinner time… The worst part is she had an overwhelming amount of attitude BOTH times! To make matters worse a few minutes after denying us this dog another family came in and asked another employee to play with him and that employee got him out for them! I stared at them in disbelief only to catch the “manager” noticing me watching so she ran up and rudely told the employee that puppy was on rest. Later we asked another male employee why we weren’t allowed to play with him and told him we were interested in purchasing but not under these circumstances. He went up to the manager and came back and said he didn’t know why but she said we couldn’t play with the puppy and he didn’t even understand why. They also told us he was $3600. I would never drop that money on a dog however the tone in which was used to tell me the price was very demeaning as if I couldn’t afford that. (Mind you they have no interest payment plans). I will never return to this petland. I even saw something I wanted to buy for our other dog but refrained because I refuse to give them my money. This girl needs a major attitude check bottom line.


Petland Gallipolis

2145 Eastern Ave.

Gallipolis, OH 45631



Had an employee literally steal a bird out of my daughter’s hand as she was going to buy it, claiming it for herself. This was after another employee had spoken with my daughter and asked her if she liked the bird and was going to buy it. There was no “sold” tag on this bird, nor was it set aside. Totally took me by surprise as we were buying toys for it and she snatched it away. That girl should be fired. I will get her name and the manager will be hearing from me.


I have had nothing but problems out of this store. It all started with them selling me a bearded dragon. They were out of his special kit so they gave me a gecko kit. NOT the same thing. So I had to spend a bunch of extra money getting a proper heat bulb. To top it all off, they sold me a pet that they refuse to keep food stocked for! They are the only pet store for miles and I have no other options. They stay out of crickets for days at a time. SHAME on you Petland, as far as I am concerned you are scammers who care nothing about the animals you are selling. My poor animal has went without his needed protein numerous times in the two months I have owned him; as a juvenile he is supposed to have insects daily. As soon as I get the money saved I will be ordering worms from the Internet instead. Good riddance to this company!


Petland Grove City

2740 London-Groveport Road

Grove City, OH 43123



No living underwater plants. $2300 for a dog.  $30 for aquarium gravel.  They are PRICE gougers.  I didn’t buy anything and I still feel burned from walking into the store.

I worry for the dogs.  The wait for the price to drop down to reasonable ruins them, I suspect.  Dogs can suffer from “failure to thrive” or “untouched puppy” syndrome.


Petland Heath

920 Hebron Road

Heath, OH 43056



Petland Hilliard

5253 Nike Station Way

Hilliard, OH 43026



The dogs don’t have toys to play with, they have thin blankets. Their aquarium is nice and the hand held animals are good, but when it comes to the dogs they are just puppies that aren’t that taken care of. The team member didn’t even recognize us when we walked in and was just on her cell phone.


The petland in Hilliard, Oh is a horriable location to purchase your new puppy from.   We fell in love with a goldendoodle puppy about 2 weeks ago.  Our sales lady didn’t know anything about the dog or the policies in place at her store.  She was confused on pricing and kept telling us different prices.  She kept going back and forth to “find that out” We finally agreed to purchase the puppy after they came down on the initial price of $4000.   We purchased the puppy for $2800. .  You can’t help the dog you fall in love with, right? I asked her if there was a return policy … just incase I got her home and it didn’t work out with our other dogs  . . She said you can return the dog within 48hrs. We were told $2800 for the dog but rang up at $3600  .  Then $3400  . . Then $3200.  They wanted to charge $200 for the cage and toys and bowls. . . Um  no  . . You can get all that on Amazon for under $100  . .  She said the cage was $150 itself . . Again,  Amazon sold it for $60  . .  So she rings us out and only after charging our card does she she tell us the 48hr return policy is only a %50 refund.  I had to have a “manager” come and approve 75% and hand write it on the paper  . .she sd they have to do that because they would have to take the dog to a get checked out at the vet again if we were to return her. . .  Fair enough
But no vet charges $1000 for a check up.  Their “warranty” is crap. . . You have to buy their brand of food and all the supplements from that store. . . So BEFORE we bought the dog we specifically asked our sales rep, Linda Esway, if I could purchase the food from the Petland near my home. . .  She said yes just go there and get registered for the Puppy for a life time program.  Guess what I went there today and they don’t even carry the food I HAVE to buy to keep the warranty on the dog.  So I called the hillard location and the girl (harley) was rude  . . Talked over me  . . And when she finally asked the sales rep that sold us the dog and verified what I was told she said ” that was her first puppy sale so she was not aware of the policy and you will have to buy your food here or it voids your warranty”.  I stated im not driving 45min to purchase dog food because they can’t properly train their employees . . .that is not my fault.  I asked to speak to a manager and She sd one was not there and I should call the warranty center  . Why would a call a thrid party to handle their mistake? I said “no i want the manager to call me back”  . .  Harley then said the manager wouldnt call me back unless I called the warranty place first and then said you can take this number to call them or I will just hangup.  I again asked why do i have to call them she then hung up on me.  When my husband called back the same sales rep answered and acted like she had a bad connection, like an immature child, and then hung up on my husband.
We bought a dog there with false information  . . The vet that we HAD to take her to within so many days of the purchase even told us to not give her the vitimans they gave us.  He said it’s a waste of money and only needed if the food wasn’t providing the dog the right amount of nutrients.  We were also told that they don’t do business with puppy mills .  I specifically asked my sales repnthis question.. but again … AFTER we purchased the puppy were we given her breeders information and it’s an LLC. . . Conrades Cuddly Canines LLC IS A PUPPY MILL!!!. so many complaints have been filed and the comments on their FB indicate what I feared.  The vet said anything with more than 8 breeding bitches would be considered a puppy mill.  This store is riddled with incompetent and rude people. We plan on contacting their corporate office as well as file complaints with the BBB and animal welfare.  When I spoke to the manager at the location near my house he also told me this was not the first time he had heard of complaints from that location and stated “they (corporate stores) are the reason Petland gets a bad reputation”. We love our new family member and this isnt about wanting a refund.  It’s about exposing the lies they tell to sell the puppies.


Puppy mills. Do not buy. But please go pet them to get their poor little toes off the cages.


The worst form of racism I’ve ever experienced! My sons and I went in to potentially adopt a dog that day, but when we entered the store, no one in there ever even greeted us! Strike one.I could have gotten over that, however, when we were actually looking through puppies trying to make our decision, not one person offered us if we wanted to have one taken out of those tiny cages!…we were there for a while too,but when a Caucasian man walked up to puppy shop, he.was offered help of all kinds.I will never go into this store again unless I’m among the waking dead and Need supplies, water or food!!!


Yeah, as the previous poster mentioned, not a fan of this place either.

A few Saturdays ago, my Mom, hubby and I went into this Petland after breakfast at Scramblers. We were on a mission to find a brush for our dog. Given that we checked another place and didnt like the selection they had. Anywho … while looking at the leashes for our dog, the owner (Mike?) started asking us questions – even before we knew he was the owner. A little freaky, yes. So he proceeded for the next 10 minutes of how their ‘fowl, wild animal’ dog food was so much better than the Iams that we are feeding our dog. Something about not using fillers in the food, you may/may not know whats in your dogs food, etc. (whatever!)  At the end I didnt care what he thought about what we feed our dog … if the Vet and the rescue where we got our dog says that Iams is the best thing for him, well, thats what we’re giving him. If the vet says elsewise and its not good for him, we’ll consider another route.

Long story short – you just had a weird feeling when you walked into this place and it smelled. Ok, I know its an animal store, but it was a bad smell. Yeah, I dont see myself going into that store EVER. I  (heart) Petsmart!


Grossly overpriced.  I had 3 kids with me dying for a puppy (a mutt… Not a designer breed.  A MUTT that they couldn’t tell me what all was in him).  They wanted $700 for him.  My three kids went to the OWNER herself and asked her to come down to $400 as they all devised a plan to pool their vacation money for this dog.  She knew this and would only come down to $499.  Really? My 3 kids showed some serious teamwork in pooling their money and she patronized them with $499. In the end, we refused to pay $500 for a mutt.  I left with 3 kids in tears and I was furious.  I didn’t catch the owners name since I was focused on my kids so I could name her personally on here.  I really wish I had.  Not only would she not come down on price, but she was really rude to my kids and didn’t act like she appreciated their efforts in the least. I’m sorry Petland on Rome-Hilliard road, but you have SEVERELY disappointed me.  Treat your customers with a little more respect than what you have showed my family.


Petland Hillsboro

699 Harry Sauner Road

Hillsboro, OH 45133



Petland Lancaster

1400 River Valley Circle Suite 140

Lancaster, OH 43130



Petland Lewis Center

86 Meadow Park Ave.

Lewis Center, OH 43035



Don’t believe the lies these people tell you when you consider buying one of their puppies.  It’s all a huge money-making machine, and they will tell you anything to get the sale.  Of all the big, fat lies we were told about the puppy we considered buying, the biggest one was “we buy from very reputable breeders, not puppy mills.”   I regret to admit that I foolishly believed the lies and ended up buying a puppy that I was repeatedly told and promised came from a well-vetted family that breeds only this particular breed as a hobby.  One of the first red flags that should have shaken me out of my trance is how I was forced to sign and initial a load of paperwork (I.e. Petland’s legal “protection” from lawsuits) that was falsely summarized by the sales person who gave me no time at all to read over and verify her verbal summary of what I was signing on each page.  In the signed contract, I learned after getting home that I had apparently agreed that I cannot hold Petland accountable for any false information or misrepresentations that the store’s employees may have given me to secure the sale.  It even stated that there was no warranty and guarantee of good health and that any claims made regarding the puppy’s actual breed by the store’s staff and/or specifications made on all accompanied paperwork could be inaccurate.  The contract needs to be read carefully no matter how distracting the sales people will be to prevent you from reading the fine print.   Issue number 2: we were absolutely appalled at the way that several greedy and insensitive employees treated us after we refused to purchase 8-10 of their “strongly recommended” highly-overpriced puppy toys (plastic china junk that’s priced between 5-20 times higher than the same toys at the nearby Walmart).  We were guilted into buying a few toys, including a large expensive plastic toy key set that our puppy absolutely HATES so much that we finally threw it away after our other two dogs even refused to play with these highly recommended toys made in China.  The greed of these commission-paid employees puts the health and the best interest of pets at risk.   Unfortunately, We truly realized the extent of their greed after eventually learning that our puppy came from a very well known Amish puppy mill located in NE Indiana – even though we were repeated told over and over again by the salesperson wanting her commission that Petland buys ONLY from reputable breeders.  A simple web search was all it took to learn that the breeder of our puppy operates a puppy mill in an Amish Indiana community and breeds/sells/ships multiple breeds of dogs to pet stores and online buyers.  We love our puppy but feel absolutely foolish that we were duped into believing the big “Lie” that pet stores like this one are telling customers so they can continue buying from Amish puppy mills to sell for an enormous profit.  Even though we love our new puppy, we regret our foolishness and want to find a way to help stop the support of puppy mill operations.


The puppies are so cute! The cost is so high! You will pay $2000-$3000 for the puppy. Probably a sick puppy. Don’t worry though. If that cute puppy that you now love with all your heart dies, they will just give you another one!
The store makes financing so easy. Too easy. Anyone can sign a purchase contract for that $3000 dog at 30% interest with no problem! But that puppy is so cute!
This cost does not take into account the price that the parents of these puppies must pay. They live their entire lives in cages in barns with no social interaction, no toys, no love. They are bred repeatedly to produce as many puppies as possible for as long as they are able. Then they are discarded in the easiest way possible. No responsible breeder would EVER sell their puppies to any pet store. Puppy Mills and Puppy Brokers are the only suppliers of pet store puppies.
Choose to adopt your next pet from a shelter. If you must buy a purebred puppy, buy from a reputable breeder. It will cost you and the dogs MUCH less!


The girl who helped us was very nice, but was also quite aggressive with trying to get us to buy. They offer some seemingly nice perks, like insurance in case the dog gets sick within a certain period after buying and a (slightly insensitive) policy of replacing your dog for life if they die. This seems like something designed to keep people from getting upset if they are sold a sick dog. To that point, a few of the dogs seemed lethargic and several seemed very afraid when being removed from cages, and we were told that the puppy we were looking at was already neutered, despite being only around 9 weeks old (most vets don’t recommend doing that until six months old). And of course these perks don’t come cheap, as the dog costs $3000. They are very quick to offer financing (at a high interest rate of course), and seem generally to treat the puppies strictly as products rather than living things. I’m not the kind of person who insists that you should only ever get a dog via a rescue, but if you do purchase a puppy, you should do the research and commit to buying it from a reputable and ethical breeder. They will try to throw you off by telling you their puppy suppliers are USA approved, but keep in mind that many “puppy mill” type suppliers manage to go unchecked by the USDA.
Also, the manager picked an argument with my fiance about a tarantula they were selling that was labeled as a “birdeater” which is a term that applies to pretty much all tarantulas. Neither the employee nor the manager seemed to know the exact species, which is kind of important. This is especially concerning as the species my fiance estimated it to be (having kept a wide variety of tarantulas for several years) is usually aggressive and should not be handled unless by a professional, but the employee indicated that the spider was safe to handle. The manager claimed that the breeder who supplies her spiders just gives her whatever is popular and doesn’t give specifics, or something along those lines, which isn’t really in keeping with the practices of a reputable breeder of any animal. If you’re also checking the put on Google reviews, be wary. I noticed a lot of five star reviews clustered around a particular period of time, most of them 5 stars with short comments or none at all, many the only review posted by the reviewer. Then I read  a customer’s review about a photo contest the store apparently held for which she said posting a positive review was a requirement to be allowed to enter.


The way they treat their animals is horrible! Was looking at fish the other day and you can tell they don’t maintain their tanks. Algae everywhere, cichlids with tetras and the women helping couldn’t identify the fish. If you look closely at the store, you can tell the employees don’t care about cleaning or taking care of the less profitable animals.


I called asking for a certain breed. The woman on the phone was doing everything possible not to tell me the cost of the dog. I couldn’t get a word in to say anything and when I finally did she would interrupt me. I can’t say that I would ever go there with that kind of behavior. Talk about not being straight forward with customers.



Do yourself a huge favor and stay away from this horrid place. A very long story short: Our beloved 9 year old cocker spaniel died 6 mos ago. My husband and I took our daughter there just to see the pets,  turtle and fish, etc with ZERO intention of buying a thing. Manager began talking to us – found out about us losing our cocker to cancer and low and behold … out he comes from a back room with a cocker spaniel puppy which made me cry. He told me the price – $2300 – absolutely BRAINWASHED by my emotional pain and the adorableness of this puppy, I didn’t even flinch. It was like I was under a spell. Normally I would have told him he was on crack and walked out. He knew exactly what he was doing. A**. Every dog I’ve ever had has been a rescue dog. I’ve never purchased a dog from a pet store. Well, stupidly – we now have a puppy from a pet store. They charged us $2900. These disgusting people are con artists!!  They know exactly what they are doing. We tried to fight and argue – useless. Once you buy a dog, they wash their hands of you and the only thing you can get out of them is to call Positive Solutions – those people are useless. The only thing they will say is “their contract is iron-clad”.  Pigs.  Our dog is on antibiotics for “kennel cough” that won’t go away and she developed a mass on her left shoulder 5 days after bringing her home. Took her to Bethel Rd Animal Hospital (docs are nice, staff is rude) they said she had a reaction to her microchip..? The mass is regressing, but seriously… who the hell knows what we are in for with this poor little thing. She is TINY and severely underweight for her supposed age. I have had a major anxiety attack since all this started (literally) and while our puppy is a great little girl this was a MAJOR lesson learned. I am totally totally ashamed we even considered buying an animal from this place (we found out about their reputation after the fact) … Do yourself a favor – STAY AWAY!!! Don’t believe me? Google the company – and look up other locations on yelp.


Petland Pickerington

1514 Stonecreek Drive

Pickerington, OH 43147



Petland buys puppies from puppy mills and has no regard for the momma dogs 🙁  Please do not BUY a puppy. Adopt from a rescue or reputable breeder.


I went there to get dog stain cleaner, a squeakie toy, and a dog hankie. I waited 10 minutes at the cash register and I was just ignored my the workers. I also got overcharged $6


they  get you to buy a petland fishy Friday shirts and never have the buget to get fish , told every week the same thing folks if you not gonna have fish give me back the money for the shirt !!!


I walked into Petland not knowing many facts about the store. I walked out with a puppy who I soon found out had severe pneumonia and a collapsed lung! After taking it to the vet within 2 days I was informed that if I do not get the proper care this dog needs within 24 hours she will die. I rushed her to MedVet in Worthington where she stayed for 5 days and cost me about $4,000. When I contacted Petland I was so angry and told them the story. The store manager finally said that she will work with me as long as I keep all of this a secret. We sued Petland and they sent me a stack of papers that said their puppies all come from puppy mills. They are delivered on a truck with terrible ventilation and some do NOT survive the trip. Please do yourself a favor and do not support or shop at any of the Petland store. Save yourself the time and money and do not get a dog from any pet store. They are unhealthy and have all sorts of problems. Save a life and go to the shelter where you can get a happy, healthy, dog for $50, not $3,000.


Petland South Point

348 County Rd. 410

Ste. #7

South Point, OH 45680



Petland Strongsville

1148 Southpark Center

Strongsville, OH 44136



This place is terrible. Just like the other pet store in Southpark Mall. I will never come back into this store again. I used to stop in every now and then if Im in the mall to see what new breeds they had in but I will NEVER come back here. If you want to see a more popular puppy the workers will only let you see it if you are going to buy from them yet they will let teen girls who loiter and stand in groups by the glass; squealing at puppies, sit with a dog. I dont understand.
Not to mention the worst part, in my eyes. In the forgotten corner of the front of the store are the betta fish. Nearly ALL of the tiny cups with a fish have cloudy dirty water with poop floating all over. Most of the fish look or literally are DEAD! Why do you people just ignore them and leave them there to rot. That is so depressing and makes me angry.
Ironic a pet store with workers who claim they work here because they are animal lovers. Yet you will treat fish like they are not animals. You can clean up a dogs poop but not the fish swimming in there own poop. Fish should not be treated any less than dogs or cats.
Aside from my rant, if you ever need assistance or have a question the workers here will ignore you and continue gossiping with other workers even if you are standing right next to them waiting for them to finish.


When you request information on the Breeder of the Puppy you want to purchase the staff will not or cannot provide it.  If you can’t have a breeder name then you are most likely purchasing a puppy that has been born at a Puppy Mill.  Be Careful!!!  I requested this info and was refused – not in a polite manner…. I was helping a friend who wanted to purchase from here – not a good choice.


Horrible conditions for all the “pets” that call this dump home.  How can the city of Strongsville let this hellhole stay in business?   It smells, the pets are sickly and the staff so rude!!  I went in here on a  number of occasions, just to see if things had improved from the first horrific visit…NO! They haven’t changed one bit.  Don’t buy a pet here.  Go to a rescue or shelter.


The workers here are honestly so rude. Im 19 but I’m very short and I asked them if i could see one of the dogs and she looked at me and said “are you even old enough to have a pet without your mom and dads permission?” That was so rude. The dogs aren’t carried right. They hold them by the necks are its so sad how these dogs are treated. They look so sad like they are being hurt. Its honestly the saddest thing. They only sell to people that look wealthy. While i was in there I was asked to leave too so that people who were actually going to buy could see the dogs. I was going to buy a dog that day, but once she said that, i defiantly would NEVER go to that place to buy a dog.


Horrible return policy on merchandise!  If there was a no star I would give it that!   I am so disappointed on how they force you to buy things that are completely unnecessary.  I was told I needed to buy excessive cans of food for my puppy, told I needed harsh shampoos, treats etc.  My puppy ate the first can of food but he always had the runs.  I switched to a raw food and his poop is now drier larger and firmer.  When I called to ask to return the items that are not necessary, or not to his diet… they said they do not accept any returns at all!   Petsmart accepted my returns no questions asked.  Even when we tried the treats they still accepted the returns.  Petland is a money mill, they force and intimidate you into buying all of these unnecessary items and don’t offer you any opportunity to try it out.  I will never purchase anything from this store again.  The only saving grace is that our puppy is perfect, once I found better food and treats for him.  He is now thriving.


If I could give this place negative 10 stars, I WOULD. Me and my boyfriend purchased a dog from petland in Dublin,Oh (Columbus). Great experience! However, when going to this location, because of it being more local, we experienced an awful visit. The puppies were NOT the issue. It was the rude and unkind staff. They did nothing but yell at the dogs, I even watched one of the staff scream at a puppy, maybe 7-9 weeks old. When it wouldn’t sit and stay. It was absolutely ridiculous! I will NEVER go back to this store. Staff were cussing and yelling at other customers and staff members. This store is in a mall, I understand that on weekends malls can get busy, however, the fact that you have to stand in a line with 13 year old girls in front of you who just want to ” hold and play with the puppies ” is a little upsetting. We waited 20 minutes to look at the Doberman puppy we wanted to look at. When we finally when we looked at the dog, the puppy had an accident in one of the rooms. The woman yelled at us for allowing it to do so. What were we supposed to do ?! Lick it up !? I have never in my life received such awful and negative customer service! You’d think when you’re looking at $1,000 dollar dogs, they’d do everything but stand on their heads to help you out !


Today my fiance and i stopped in to look at puppies just for fun. We fell in love with a little pug and decided we wanted to purchase her as a little sister for our other pug. We informed the staff that we wanted to buy her but we wanted to introduce her to our other dog first. The staff told us she would hold the puppy for an hour for us while we went and got our other dog.  After 45 minutes when we were walking back into the mall, we got a call from them saying that we needed to hurry up because there was another couple that wanted to purchase the pug. We got to petland in the next five minutes and the staff informed us that they had sold the pug. My fiance was devastated and couldnt hold back her tears. All the staff told us was that we should have put down a deposit on the dog, which was never told to us in the first place. The staff was very rude to my fiance and i afterwards. We spent 2 hours in the store with the puppy and our entire day was ruined. The lack of customer service and care for the emotions of others was despicable. If i could give this store a negative star i would. Never shopping from this company again.


I wouldn’t enter this pet store again if you paid me!!  I bought my daughter a hamster here and the hamster got out the box on the way out so we went back to the store to get another box. The employee took our hamster out of the box and said ” you know she’s pregnant?” We said NO! We told the employee we did NOT want a pregnant hamster. The employee helps us to pick out another hamster. 2 weeks later we have hamster babies. We cared for them none of them died and I tried to find good homes for them. We unfortunately couldn’t find a home for 6 of them. So we returned them to Petland. They willingly took the hamsters back (as they would make at least $100off of them). We asked if my daughter could get a gift  card or compensated for this. The employee asked us if we wanted a hamster! We just returned 6 of them! About 3 weeks later we returned to this wretched place just to look at the puppies and saw a hamster had just given birth and was eating her baby!! This place is disgusting and needs shut down.


Petland Norwin

12120 State Rte 30

Irwin, PA 15642



Petland Pittsburgh Mills

151 Pittsburgh Mills Circle

Tarentum, PA 15084



This is an extremely small store. Extremely!

There are a ton of dogs here to buy. At first, i noticed how cute and adorable the dogs are. Then i realized that the sizes of their home is extremely small. Some dogs didn’t even have access to food.

What upset me the most is I realized these are all puppies.. Not adult homeless dogs who need home. All 15 dogs were puppies and $800+. I kept thinking they are buying these dogs from puppy mills and over charging for them. Of course I’m don’t this for a fact just stating my opinion. There are so many homeless dogs i don’t get why only tiny puppies are FOR SALE here. (Adopt. Don’t shop)

I noticed a puppy repeatedly smacking its head off the ceiling to escape.

My heart hurt here. This isn’t normal.

Also we left at 8:40 and they shut the door & locked it behind us on a Friday night. So glad they are using all possible minutes to get those dogs adopted. Great job guys. *sarcasm


“KITTENS $89.99!”

That’s what the sign said.

Pets are to be adopted, not bought like television sets.


I came across these puppies at the Petland in Pittsburgh mills mall. These 3 puppies were there, clearly sick. Eating their own waste, then instantly defecating again. The great Dane was laying in her own filth and her food bowl was full of throw up. The other 12 puppies were so tiny, clearly immature and they were all living on wire grates for the convenience of the store to not have to worry about their waste. I asked the manager if they were ok, and he all but threw me out. My husband and I were ready to buy the big 3 puppise just to get them out, but they total $10,000. We can’t afford that, and sadly if we were to save them, three more would arrive in their place. This shop has been cited by the humane society for too young dogs multiple times, as well as buying puppies from puppy mills in Ohio and New York. Just Google it and read the report.


Petland is a horrible chain of pet stores that gets all of their animals from puppy mills.  Many of them are sick.  I bought 2 very sick rabbits from this store, and after vet treatment, one managed to survive but the other did not.  It was very sad and I have never been back since.


Petland Pittsburgh Monroeville

4100 William Penn Highway

Monroeville, PA 15146



Staff is nice enough but my heart breaks for those animals!!! The prices are ridiculous over $4000 for a mixed breed!!! I couldnt believe it. Alot of the pups look sick……save your money and visit a shelter


The prices they charge are crazy.  They want $2800 for a Teddy Bear puppy on their website.  I can get one from a small breeder outside of New Castle for $700.  I got my last one from a shelter and only paid $350, but finding small breed puppies at a local shelter is difficult.


I purchased a puppy here that “John” said was purebred. My vet said he wasn’t when I took him a few days later. Owner at Petland, Kurt, demanded DNA testing, I contacted Wisdom Panel and proved that he wasn’t. When I called and talked to some female staff member she said the pup couldn’t have worms because he was vaccinated. Well apparently he wasn’t vaccinated because the Vet verified the pup had worms. Kurt, the Owner, is rude and really doesn’t care about your pup even when I said he had a seizure the day I brought him home. Don’t go here. NEVER. I received all of my $1,500 back. I even contacted the breeder, Ronda Boyers, who said, “I can’t say that this has never happened before” when she admitted her own beagle crawled under the fence and impregnated her labrador which she pawned off on Petland as purebred. Wow.


I would give this a MINUS 5 stars if possible !! WHY ARE THEY IN BUSINESS ??? I am not from PA so I do not know what the standards are in this state but I have NEVER been in a pet store any where seeing animals in such abused conditions !! The pics of the rats alone speaks many many words ! Over crowded no food no water that they have to eat their own !! DISGUSTING HORRIBLE CONDITIONS ! Not only should they be closed down they should set in jail for the conditions of these animals ! This is nothing more then an over priced puppy mill so to speak ! If your not going to care for animals the PROPER way until they are sold to a good home then do not have them period !! I stopped in here just to pick up some food while visiting family.  I have never been so horrified at the conditions I seen these poor animals living in !! Needless to say I didn’t give them a dime but I did take plenty of pics and plenty of video and I do intend to report these people !! Even if your not purchasing a pet and just buying food supplies etc for your own pet you are still supporting such a neglectful situation. They need to close this place down !!


They sell dogs here and charge top dollar for them and do not stand by a guarantee of health from genetic issues (which is a buyers’ guarantee of good breeding).
Top dollar dog pricing is reserved for folks who do OFA testing and can provide the OFA certificate of the sire/dam if asked.
Goes the same for Cardiomyopathy and any other concerns regarding breeding.

A.)  It’s buyer beware when purchasing animals from this store.

B.)  Every single time I’ve stepped foot in here, I am disappointed and annoyed by the fact that those dogs *live* in those cages until purchased.
The cages are always a disaster with poo
The last time one of the dogs was eating the poo

These are puppies, you’ve got to stay on top of the clean up in those cages–it seems that they never do.


Facebook posted one of their posts on my feed about puppies available. So I asked them in the tread if they were adoptables from a shelter or puppy mill. The location in East Liberty hosts dogs from local shelters. They blocked and banned me from their site instead of just answering the question. Very rude. I would suggest going to the East Liberty location or your local shelter. Sorry Monroeville location but your rudeness has put me off.


Petland Pittsburgh Robinson Town Centre

1530 Park Manor Blvd.

Pittsburgh, PA 15205



If I could give this place 0 stars I would. My boyfriend and I walked into Petland expecting to be greeted by at least one of the five employees just standing in the back talking but we were rudely ignored. Furthermore we were in the shop for a good 30 minutes and still did not get greeted by anybody even though some employees walked by us. Also as my boyfriend asked to see the one puppy, we got a very rude tone answer in return while the employee didn’t even look up from the computer. God bless those poor animals for being in an environment like that. Do not plan on returning.


This place is very rude. I asked about pricing and scheduling a visit and they basically ignored me. I’ve been to a few places looking for an hypoallergenic dog but this place is the worst. Couldn’t believe the poor attitude. Hopefully this “New Ownership” will change things around.


If I could give them 0 stars, I would. This place is ridiculous. Everyone is rude, and they won’t let anyone under 21 (with ID) to play with the animals. “Because kids were buying puppies and returning them.” First off, that’s awful. If they buy the dog, they keep it. How do you even allow returns of dogs?  Keep in mind I’ve lived on my own for years, but since I didn’t have my ID on me, I couldn’t even look at the dogs. And now they just let a puppy go home, knowing that he was sick. That poor puppy died and they did nothing. Shut this place down already!


Terrible place!! Sad puppies! I think that this is as close to a puppy mill that it could be. A lot of the puppies looked under weight.
They tried very hard to talk us into buying a puppy. They didn’t seem to be having much luck with anyone that day.  The prices started at $2500 and went up from there!
I would not go back to this store ever!


What a terrible experience.  There were 4 people working and my husband and I waited at the checkout desk for 5 minutes and were completely ignored.  One girl was looking up Starbucks drinks on the computer that is supposed to be used for store  purposes only.  She also had a very hard time staying off of her phone.  All I wanted was to buy a dog toy for my parents dog that I am looking after for a week but after being ignored I will not be returning.


My Petland credit card just came in the mail today, after the owner of this Petland assured me that I was NOT applying for a credit card. So yes, I am writing a full review now. Things to watch out for:
(1) If you do not want a Petland credit card, do not give them any of your information, no matter how many times they tell you that you’re not applying for a Petland credit card. IT’S A TRAP! You are absolutely applying for a Petland credit card!
(2) If someone tells you that “you’ll only have to pay $50/month for 36 months,” THAT IS ALSO A TRAP. The owner of this place cannot do math, nor does he know that the “credit card that you are not applying for” does not have any promotional period. The puppy I was looking was apparently $3600, not $1800 (according to math), and the APR on the credit card is 29.99% (and for anyone who is not familiar with credit card interest rates, that’s INSANELY HIGH).
(3) If someone is asking you to pay $4k for a puppy, you are most likely getting ripped off anyways. After doing some research, I found a lot of great breeders in the area that charge $400-$1k for a puppy. Anything above that price range, you should also be getting a bag of money to go with your puppy.

It’s disgusting how the owner of this business feels like he has to lie to you to get a sale. I hate posting bad reviews, but after the credit card (that I didn’t sign up for) came in the mail today, I feel as if I now have a responsibility to warn others of the horrible business ethics at this place. BUY A PUPPY ANYWHERE ELSE. NOT HERE.



One word to describe the owner of this facility – GREEDY!!!

I was interested in a boxer ‘puppy’ back in early November. Needless to say, the poor dog is still confined behind the glass window today.
I made an offer and the owner wanted $100 more. A week later, the owner decided to come down the $100 and expected me to pay what I had asked a week prior.
(The dog was a week older and I was down another $100)
The owner refused my new offer. This time I offered $1199 and he wanted $1299.
Four days later I returned and the poor thing was still sitting behind the glass.

Yesterday I made the my final offer of $1100 for the dog, figuring he would be happy to take $1100 and give this dog a home for Christmas but he wanted MORE money.

I said to him ‘You mean to tell me you came down from $1899 to $1299 and you couldn’t come down another $100? You expect me to pay the same price I offered you before and the dog is a week older.’
There is a dog that is losing it’s value each week and rather than the owner taking a reasonable offer he continues to neglect these dogs to put more money in his pocket.

It’s sad these dogs are being dangled by the hands of a man/woman who is clearly ALL about himself/herself.


The owner of this store is incredibly rude with no customer service skills.  He is a sexist sociopath.  I would never buy a dog from such a misogynist creep.  After the owner LOUDLY criticized myself for being a stay at home mom he said someone else would have to take care of me & than hid in the back.  His very nice employee apologized profusely & stated that he understood if I wanted to leave and not purchase the dog we were interested in.  Out of his own employees mouth I was told that this man is a sociopath who is known to start fights with customers and employees the same.  That they have had screaming matches themselves.  This man has no right owning a business until he checks himself into some anger management classes.


First, I noticed that the small kennels don’t offer a lot of air flow were extremely warm. It is a very hot day today and the building itself wasn’t very cool to begin with so I could only imagine that this would be like locking your dog in a hot car. ALL, and I kid you not ALL the dogs were panting and sleeping and not moving. Some of the kennels were actually fogged up due to how warm it was in the kennel. Second, I hear the the manager stating to one of the employees who asked when the vaccines would be available for the dogs, he laughed and replied, “who knows it might take while” and laughed as if it wasn’t important. She  replied,” what are we supposed to do with the dogs who aren’t vaccinated?” He said they will just “Have to wait”. Third, I was standing there for awhile no one asked if I needed help. I continued to look at the dogs while an older woman came in and asked to return a products one of his employees told her she would be able to use with a backyard coy pond. Turns out the product isn’t compatible with her pond. She explained very nicely that she talked to the customer service over the phone and the employee sold her the wong product. The guy who I thought was the manager claimed he was the owner and he said he would not give her a refund because, ” It’s not his fault she can’t read well”. I then started to pay attention to the conversation and he kept being extremely rude to her to the point where I stepped in. I stopped him from raising his voice to the older woman who barely had said anything. He said to her several times, I own this location I don’t HAVE to give you a refund. I stepped in and apologized for his actions and said to him this woman is a customer in your store and she should be spoken to with respect and this is no way to handle a customer service complaint. I continued on by saying I don’t care if she spent $3 in there she deserves to be spoken to as a human being and customer. He belittled her for at least 10 minutes until I stepped in. I would give this -5 stars if it allowed me to.  I also contacted their corporate manager and also the BBB.


if it were possible to give negative stars, this place would get -5.

went in to look at fish tank dimensions and saw the following:
– lethargic looking puppies, all available on financing.  if you can’t afford to buy a dog right out, you probably won’t be able to pay for its vet bills – particularly since you’re most likely being sold an already-sick puppy (90% of the puppies had diarrhea…in their too-small cages).
– pet care counselors who pretend to be veterinarians.  one dude actually told a customer that her vet was underdosing her puppy on medications.  a puppy she bought at petland that went home sick.  what 8-year program did this guy finish?!
– black-bellied, overcrowded fish in dirty tanks.  again: sick & pitiful looking.
– the creepiest salesperson of all-time who asked why we were “hiding” in the aquarium ornaments aisle.and i am not the easiest person to creep out.

you want a fish that won’t kill the rest of your tank with Ich?  go to oddball pets out near carrick or elmer’s in monroeville where they know what they’re doing.

you want a dog?  go to a shelter or through a rescue.  at the very least, don’t finance a purebred pooch like you would a flatscreen tv or a porsche just cause they’re cute.

you want a pathetic looking pet and an uncomfortable shopping experience?  petland in robinson is for you!!


Petland Pittsburgh Village of East Side

6401 Penn Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15206



Don’t go here.

On my most recent visit, walked through an empty store to observe dying/dead beta fish, some in decorated display tanks.  One I would presume was dead for quite some time, long enough for a film to grow over the entire fish.  Shouldn’t a store account for all of its animals every day?  Hard to believe these fish were missed.  When your aquatics area is about half your store, you might show more care to it.

Besides the betas, other fish in the store were pale and borderline sickly.  Including the discus, which were of interest to us… one had a sore on its side.

Great that the store tries to promote the adoption of shelter pets!  Except one poor dog on the top row had a notice on its cage that said something along the lines of “PLEASE don’t approach me, I’m afraid.  If I start barking back away.”  And I can assert he/she looked very afraid.  So this poor (large) dog in a small cage in full elevated sight on the TOP row is AFRAID of being on display… why is he/she being displayed???  Poor dog.  Very poor decision.

After most of the previously mentioned observations were made, we were about finished looking at all there was to see.  A man who maybe ? owns or manages the store (he wasn’t wearing the khaki safari suits the other employees were) asked us if we needed help.  We politely responded, “no, thank you,” as he was walking past us, to which he responded that the store was about to close … in other words he told us, the potential customers who came to look at $90 discus, to be on our way out.  Even though it was quarter til close.  Really?  It’s that important to tell two people who’ve explored nearly the whole store already (we were the only ones in the store, not as if he couldn’t have kept track of our progress), 15 minutes til close, that they need to be leaving?  Say we were even 5 minutes past close — which we wouldn’t have been — but lets consider that for a second.  What real disadvantage does that present to you?  You’re counting down the clock that hard?  Sorry for you and your business.  You don’t get mine now.

Oddball Aquatics is an AWESOME place for fish.  If that’s too far for you, try the Petsmart on Centre Ave.


So let me preface this by saying that I actually like this pet store for buying supplies. I have a cockatiel, and this Petland offers a variety of different products that are high-quality and hard to find at the “big box” pet stores.

However, they really don’t understand smaller critters. We wanted to get pet rats, and were hoping to get a pair of females. When we called in, they said they had female pet rats, so we came over to take a look. They had a boy rat (caged alone) and a girl “rat” (also caged alone). They took us in back to show us the feeder rats, too, but they’d been caging the boys and girls together and we didn’t want to take the risk of getting a whole lot more rats than we have space for. But we didn’t like seeing the rats caged alone (they’re social critters), so we bought the little girl “rat” without getting a super-great look at her (she’s small – they told us she was a baby). When we got her home, it was pretty obvious that she’s a mouse. We called back and talked to the other employee, who says he “thought” she was a mouse, but that he might have been wrong.

I don’t understand what they thought was going to happen with them? Either somebody would have bought her, thinking that she can be kept alone (not true) or would have put her in a HUGE oversized cage with improper bar spacing (like we did at first, though thankfully we had a setup with better bar spacing). She’s adorable, for a mouse, but she’s definitely a mouse.

So, to recap: they failed to correctly identify the species of the animal we purchased, which we purchased in part because we felt bad about the conditions it was being kept under.  If that isn’t the basis for a one-star review, nothing is.


I’m absolutely heartbroken and angry.  I adopted my best friend here. She is amazing and I couldn’t ask for a better  temperament for a dog. Awhile everything was perfect. Just this last week she’s developed staph from scratching her skin, based on her evaluation from the vet. She was scratching so much it was causing it to bleed. Concerned I took her to the vet. I was told she was doing this to herself because she has demodectic mange. A condition we were not informed of when adopting her. They in no way treated her the required 6 months, they only treated her for 45 days!!!!! The negligence they showed her can cost her life if the mange doesn’t clear up in 6 mos. We were told she wouldn’t adoptable if it never clears up. This breaks my heart because I cannot afford the lifetime medication she would require. This Place should not be operating. It’s horrendous!!!


Just received rude and unprofessional service from staff here. A manager yelled at my daughter, accused her of ignoring our dog’s poop (my daughter hadn’t seen it, was busy trying to pull the barking dogs away from the other dogs). Stormed out and yelled at her. When my daughter explained that she hadn’t seen the poop, manager tells her she saw him dragging the dog away. Then walks away while my daughter tried to explain. And when I confronted her, she accused my daughter of lying!


Petland Summerville

975 Bacons Bridge Road

Summerville, SC 29485



Petland Knoxville

9339 Kingston Pike

Knoxville, TN 37922



I went in this store and got a sweet dog. She died within seven days and their own vet said he wished they would stop buying these tiny dogs because they don’t do well. The store honored its promise and paid me back for my vet bills and allowed me to pick out another dog. While I love my new dog, I am disgusted by the financial gain this company is gaining off me. They get people when they see their faces fall in love. Nice play, Petland.
I called up the financial companies they put me through because it seemed like I was close to being done paying. The dog cost 3k (my dumb mistake) and then I’ve paid a grand and still owe 4 grand. Math doesn’t make sense, huh? Interest. Interest. Interest. Before signing that line, call the financial institutions they are setting you up with. See how much the initial cost is to finance through them, the interest, and fees. I feel sick. I would go in and buy my new puppy her food, treats, toys, and anything else here. Found out they are up charging by more than 100% on items in their store too!!!!!! Go find a local Breeder. A company should want repeat business, people referring them, and people feeling great about their purchase. This place left me feeling gross, mad, and sick to my stomach.

Tip: Go to PetsMart. They will price match everything.


If I could give “0” stars, I would!
First problem, they give all their puppies antibiotics to protect them from getting sick. Strange thing is as soon as I brought my 8 wk old French Bulldog home he was coughing and short of breath about 36 hours after leaving Petland, which is I think due to the fact that he already had Bordetella (kennel cough) and his antibiotics were working their way out of his system revealing the symptoms. He has had 4 visits to the vet in the 20 days I have had him. Now I have to go through the claims dept to try to recoup my money from vet bills.
Second problem, which pushed me to write this.
I had a family member willing to pay by credit card over the phone but they said they can’t do that and kept PUSHING these same as cash financing plan. I told them I was paying it all off before my first payment was due and then he ran my credit. I filled out 2 forms and he said he would run 1 and if they would cover the amount of the loan that he wouldn’t run the other one. He came back to me saying that it would have to be split between the two lenders because neither wouldn’t loan the full amount. I said that was fine as long as it was same as cash too. He assured me yes it was. Well 2 weeks later I find out that he flat out lied! I get a credit card in my name through the mail which I assumed had $2-3k on it and I would receive something soon from the other lender regarding the rest of the loan. One lender did cover the full amount after all and he lied and opened the other account anyway.
Third problem. Goes together with the 2nd one but makes me the maddest. I go to pay my loan off in full today only to find out that there was the tiniest line at the very bottom of the pamphlet they gave me that states that an Introductory Fee will be added to the principal loan. Never in all the conversations we had did he state that there was this fee and that same as cash was BS! INTRODUCTORY FEE WAS $500.00!!!
I am amazed at how crooked this business is and will be contacting the Better Business Bureau


Petland Dallas Highland Park

11909 Preston Rd. Suite 1428

Dallas, TX 75230



Warning: Do Not Buy A Dog Here

We purchased a French Bulldog here 3 1/2 yrs ago for $4500. Our dog has had so many health issues. Just today our dog is at the Pet Hospital being observed for seizures and other health issues. I know that some dogs can have health issues but as I was in the emergency room today I was talking to a technician there and she told me that they see a lot of animals from Petland. These animals are coming in with issues of parvo and other health issues that are contributed by practices of inbreeding and puppy mills. I just had to stop crying to be able to write this review. There’s nothing that makes me more sad to know that a place is breeding these poor dogs to have health issues and live lives that aren’t substainable. I really don’t even know how they have their doors open. I have looked at so many reviews and have seen so many people say that their dogs have health issues that were purchased at this location. Thank God we have had the means to pay for a lot of his health bills but not everyone can do that. Just today at the ER we have spent $1300. Our sweet dog is on daily medication (4) pills a day. He also has pancreatitis which means we have to give him special food for a specific diet which can be very pricey. I know I keep talking about how much money we have spent but this is a major issue. We love our dog and we do everything that we can do for him but it’s unfair to have a Store Front Puppy Mill that is tricking people into thinking they are reputable breeder.

Please do your research I wish I had.


Lol $5,000 for a Pug. Other breeders we contact were $500-$1,000. This company is a joke. Instead of finding great homes for their puppies, they just want to make as much money as possible. We were willing to pay $2,000 (which is already overpaying an insane amount) that they turned down. Please go anywhere else.


I had a review taken down because it said I was not a customer, therefore my review was not credible. I am not sure what led to that conclusion. Have I ever purchased anything from this store? No. However, I have been here as a consumer, making this a credible review. It was shocking to see dogs being sold in a store in general, but these dogs are not even old enough to be away from their mothers and litter mates. One suckled on my friend’s finger trying to nurse!
It is very clear by the obvious health issues and the prices that these dogs are not from reputable breeders. Very likely puppy mills. The Lewisville location closed years ago because the accusations were accurate. I am not sure how these stores are still alive today.


Made an appointment to see a certain puppy, the day of the appointment we got a reminder to come see the dog and not to forget. Upon arrival they had a standing around. We told them again what dog we were here for and they said oh well sorry it went to a home last night. Then we stood around waiting for a manager, the visiting room they have us was given to someone else. My 10yr old brother was absolutely heart broken as this is what we came for. The manager didn’t seem sorry she seemed compelled to come over because we asked.
They don’t care about the family just the sale!!


Very offensive in this day and age to have a pet store that sells animals. Disgusting. Adopt don’t shop.  How about helping with the 600 dogs at ft Worth shelter or the 500 at dallas animal services. This barbaric practice needs to end


They get their dogs from puppy mills. If you must buy, do you research and buy from a respectable breeder.


On their website they boast that they have 5 star reviews from 80 customers. That is only because they decide which comments to post. After I hit submit, it took me back to the reviews page and my review is no where to be found. I went back and tried to submit it two more times, and still nothing showed up.

I am giving this store a 1 star, not because of the staff, but because of the values of the store’s brand.

This is my review of them that I tried to post to the website.

“This place is a puppy mill. When I went in I was not expecting I was going into a puppy mill. Forking out $3200 for a puppy that was taken away from their mother before the 5th week. I would not pay any kind of money that does not treat the puppies and the parents with the upmost care and respect.”

What I did not add is, the puppy I asked to see, bit me and all but broke the skin. It is a puppy, so I was not going to say anything because that is how puppies play. But they learn the difference between biting within the first 8 weeks of their life. Clearly the pup was ripped away from its mother and litter mates before they were able to learn.


After two visits, and a heartbreaking end to my second visit… I can say: DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME HERE. My first visit on 12/23 I was originally told I could not meet the Pomsky due to him getting meds. So I just watched him and played with another puppy. Before leaving I spoke to another individual about setting up an appointment to meet the Pomsky, she looked at me and said why not play with him today? I told her what I was told, and she double checked and asked an employee to bring him out.

After speaking to Robert about pricing ($5,800 to be exact) you get pet insurance for 30 Days, kennel, dog food, and three training sessions. Also have to buy their dog food and vitamins once every 3 months to keep extending the pet policy (if anything were to happen to the dog so long as they weren’t neglected or abused, they will replace the dog or give you half the money back). He knew quite a bit about the husky and Pomeranian breed. He set up my next appointment to bring in my boyfriend. I wanted him to meet the dog and make sure he’d be a great fit with our husky.

Fast forward to today at 1 PM. I show up 10 minutes early to check in, with Monica (that’s the name my boyfriend was told on the phone since she never once introduced herself), and bring my boyfriend to look at him through the kennel. I had to ask her where we needed to wait in order to get a room to play with the dog. We had the dog for 15 minutes at which point I had filled out the paperwork for finance options. I hand her the paperwork and she asks if she can take the dog since there’s another couple here to play with the dog. This is their second appointment. I knew who these people were because they stood at our door while I played with the Pomsky.

20 minutes after that, I ask Monica about how long it would take to hear back what my options were. She says 10 minutes and then says “oh by the way, the Pomsky will most likely be going home with the other couple!” My response was, “I only want the Pomsky. So no need to run my credit.” She brings me back the sheet I filled out and I walk out of the store nearly in tears.

I relay the rest of this information to my boyfriend who had to leave after filling out the finance sheet. He calls Petland, only to be told by the manager and owner, that Monica says the other couple was playing with him first. Well, if the owner would take the time to look at their camera footage that is well archived since a dog was stolen there not too long ago… they will see me and boyfriend lovingly gazing at the Pomsky napping in his kennel, before we had to track down Monica to get a room to see him. To the owner, who can do nothing but take our information down and let us know when the next Pomsky comes in… you might want to look at that camera footage and ask your employee why she feels the need to lie. It’s heartbreaking enough that I was waiting to hear if I could finance the puppy, to only be told that another couple who came in shortly after us would most likely getting a dog, as if my time, energy, and money aren’t worth anything.

There isn’t any transparency when it comes to this company. Except for all the hoops you jump through. I, too, was on my second visit and got treated terribly. My boyfriend even commented to ask for more info on Facebook before I went there. Only to be told to call to get pricing, and then called to be told they don’t give out pricing over the phone. And then you have a single employee, Monica, who straight up lied to defend her actions. Which are utterly indefensible. All I can hope out of this heartbreaking experience, is that all of the dogs including the Pomsky go to loving homes.


They sell sick animals. We bought a french bulldog and it died from parvo  weeks after I bought him.
They didn’t want to pay saying it was our fault.
We new not to take him out in public or dog areas till he had all his shots.

We later found out that they get their puppies from puppy mills

Don’t shop there. My family and I made the horrible mistake of buying a puppy before doing research,  BEWARE


I went into this Petland to inquire about their puppies. I asked for information about their breeders. I was given nothing other than “they’re USDA certified” so I did some investigating myself. This is what I found and this is why I will not give any business to Petland, nor encourage others to do so.

Fact: Petland Highland Park buys from puppy mills. Specifically from the worst puppy mills in Missouri. Please google who the Petland breeders are and read the MANY citations they have received from the USDA. Petland acquires puppies from:

1) Hunte: Cited for Small Cages and Underage Puppies
This store received shipments from a massive Missouri puppy broker, The Hunte Corporation, in 2009. Hunte is a middleman animal dealer which the USDA has cited for keeping dozens of animals in too-small cages, repeatedly transporting underage puppies, and other violations. The Hunte Corporation sells about 80,000 puppies a year from hundreds of different kennels and puppy mills.

2) Mid-America: Cited for Small Cages and Incorrect Medications
This store also received shipments from Mid-America Pet Broker, LLC in 2009. Mid- America is a middleman animal dealer in Missouri which the USDA has cited for buying from individuals without verifying whether they were licensed, expired and incorrect medications at the facility, too-small cages, and other violations.

3) Brenda Arnett: Cited for Inadequate Weather Protection
Also in 2009, this store received shipments from Brenda Arnett (Edwards, Missouri). In her most recent (2008) inspection reports she was found having 6 puppies with no identification, open buckets of trash and feces adjacent to the outdoor kennels, outdoor kennels with inadequate weather protection, and one outdoor kennel where five dogs had only a single plastic barrel to share as shelter from the elements.

4) Out-of-State Sellers with Animal Welfare Act Violations
This store received shipments directly from Missouri out-of-state sellers in 2009, some of whom have been cited for Animal Welfare Act violations.

Adopt Don’t Shop!!!


Petland’s “We Care” slogan is load of crap.  Think twice, no think three times before you shell out hundreds or a couple thousand dollars for a pet at this place.  I purchased two Yorkie puppies from Petland in 2010 and paid $3000.  I thought I was buying quality pets but one of my Yorkies had a genetic disorder which ended up in multiple trips to the emergency hospital and cost me thousands more dollars just trying to keep her alive.  She died a week before her 6th birthday.  They say they purchase their animals from quality breeders.  I ended up speaking with the lady who Petland acquired my pets from and she said she was getting out of the business and didn’t sound like she had it all together upstairs.  She also tried to tell me that my dog died from using the wrong type of collar, which wasn’t even applicable since my dogs used harnesses the few times that I walked them and wasn’t actually carrying them in my arms.  Petland had me send them my purchase paperwork and asked me to send them all my medical records for my pet only to come back and tell me that I didn’t purchase the “Pet for Life Guarantee”.  Excuse me????  Why would I shell out thousands of dollars for what I believe to be a quality pet and not expect it to live a long & healthy life.  Why would they request I send them all types of medical receipts only to tell me, “Sorry, we can’t do anything for you”.  What a bunch of sorry ass bastards!  Don’t buy your pets from this place.  Go to a breeder or adopt from a shelter or plan on spending money for their “Pet for Life” guarantee so that at least you have something to fall back on when your puppy mill puppy dies a premature death.  Their so-called “service team” could care less.


Buying from pet land means buying from puppy mills! If you really love animals you’re better off not having one than buying into this animal trade for money pet land profits off of.. be a conscious consumer


I don’t usually do reviews but for this case i will. Last week me and my family decided to get a chinchilla. We had gone to petland the day before we purchased the chinchilla and had really nice help from what it seemed to be a real knowledgeable young lady. She seemed to really know about Chinchillas. Anyways next day we came back and wanted to purchase one. It was busy and  the lady that we were talking the day before was busy with a customer so we asked one other lady that we were wanting the Chinchilla. I dont remember her name so ima call her Anna Nicole. She automatically said okay let me go get a box. Did not even care to ask if we even knew how to take care of a Chinchilla or anything just…let me go get a box. Im sorry but she either had a mental disorder or she was on drugs. Slow to speak, very spacey and sounded like Anna Nicole. We had to ask questions about caging and all kinds of things but she took about 30 mins. to even finish a sentence. I tried to be real patient but it was getting ridiculous. No information about how young the Chinchilla was , didn’t even know the gender. So anyways we ended up getting the attention of the lady that helped us the other day and thank god she went and looked at the Chinchilla and told us the gender and was helping us pick out some stuff.   The first lady checked us out, we did not sign any paper work for the animal or anything. Chinchilla cost 200$ + whatever items you need which we ended up going to petsmart for the cage cause the first lady wanted to sell us 2 level small cage not suitable for a Chinchilla.- totally clueless.  SOOOOOOOOO anyways……..after all this we were on our way to petsmart and noticed that my husband wallet was missing so we had to of accidentally left it at petland. I called petland and guess who picked up the phone…yes….the first lady. She went to go look  ..took about 2 mins and got back on the phone and said she could not find it so she will wait untill CLOSING and look real hard then. Are you freaking serious…closing! for a freaking wallet that has our whole life in it. I said to her well its a wallet…..shouldn’t you look for it now??? She said she is in the middle of a dog sale and will go look for it when shes done. I was absolutely stunned. I ended up calling about about 2 mins after the phone call and another lady picked up and i asked her and said yes she noticed it and had put it away in the i guess the first lady didnt even ask anyone if they had seen it……………Who runs this place!!??? I dont understand it at all. Im sorry but i will never ever return back to this place.


I bought my puppy from pet land not knowing what a puppy mill was. When he became older I decided to breed him because he is way too cute not to. The Breeder that wanted to breed with him asked me for his paperwork. After we both looked at the paper work we soon realized it was all fake. We did find the breeders name where he came from but sadly it was a puppy mill that had over 400 dogs. Don’t get my wrong I have the most amazing dog and I love him so much but I would advise anyone to stay away from pet land. When you buy a dog here you are keeping puppy mills in business. If you don’t want to take my work for it just look up the name Mark Steffensmier. This is the puppy mill my boy came from.


I have now bought 2 puppies at Petland…the 1st was in San Antonio…my hometown..however when it came time to get my son’s puppy (it was a surprise for him so we needed it before he got home from his dads house) the SA location had none.  Since our experience at Petland was so awesome with our first puppy (a german shepherd), we decided to go to another Petland…it was a 4 hour drive for us, but they had the breed (siberian husky) we wanted with a few to choose from.  I called and talked to someone over the phone first…and admittedly, did NOT ask the price.  I figured it couldn’t be a whole lot more than the location by us was (we had been researching them for a while).  We finally got to the store about an hour before they closed and fell in love with our pup…they ring her up and when they told us the price…we were floored.  Over 1000 dollars more than our San Antonio Petland was charging for the same breed.  They justify it all with including extras that are ABSOLUTELY USELESS to someone who lives hundreds of miles away (vet visits, training, nail trimmings etc).  I’m sorry…but if someone can provide proof that these items are unusable, there should be a way to not charge for this nonsense. Not to mention that all the warranty they taut is useless to me because I am not driving my sicky puppy 5 hours either and will take him to a local vet.  I am not driving 5 hours to take my dog to training or a vet.  Unfortunately because of timing…because we fell in love with her etc…we ended up getting her anyway…but VERY DISSAPPOINTED in this Petland.  If the San Antonio Petland has your pup…I highly recommend going there as they do not charge ANY of this nonsense.


family cairn terrier purchased there 10 years ago at 4 times more than what they go for from reputable breeders (or you can find them in shelters or rescues too if you’re patient). this dog died of a freak heart condition at 8 years old that was apparently congenital. do not buy from these puppy mill brokers they capitalize on suffering !!


This chain supports puppy mill breeding. This is where dogs are not treated as loving pets but kept in small cages and have litter after litter after litter.  They are no quality dogs and are often in poor health due to the living and breeding quarters.
Buy your dog from a good breeder or adopt from a shelter.
There is a reason the majority of pet stores discontinued this process over a decade ago.
Puppies are left over night in the store and have been stolen in robberies.  This is a heartbreaking practice.


I stop by from time to time to play with the puppies, cause they’re puppies, c’mon. So I came in last week and to my excitement they had three Italian greyhound puppies. This was the first time I’ve seen them sold here so I asked to play with two IGs, a grey one and a tan one. The grey one seemed like a normal, hyper puppy but the tan one was very sluggish and his head was very warm. It ended up sleeping in my lap the entire time. I thought maybe it was just worn out. I came back a week later because I wanted to see them again. The tan one wasn’t there anymore but the other two puppies were. I asked to play with the white/tan one because I didn’t get the chance to see him last week because a couple was playing with him. A worker there went to the back, read something on the side of the cage and said he can’t take him out today. So I asked if I could see the grey one instead. He went to the back again and as he read something on the side of the cage, he looked a bit troubled and came out and told me that he can’t take that one out today either. I asked him why and he said that they just arrived and the vet needs to check them out first before they can be seen. That’s a lie because they were brought out a week ago and I played with the grey one. It just seemed very sketchy. They were both very lethargic and the white/tan one looked very skinny compared to the last time I saw him and I saw two fleas on him. Although I like playing with the puppies here, I would not actually consider purchasing one from here. One, they are seriously overpriced (one of the IG was over $3k) and they’re most likely from pet mills although they’ll tell you that they’re from reputable breeders, USDA…etc. I suggest everyone do some research on where these puppies REALLY come from before purchasing them.


STOPPPPPPP BUYING DOGS FROM PETLAND!!! Slap yourself if you paid $1000+ for a dog at a petstore. The owner at Petland is laughing at you in his vacation home in Miami. Oh, you got the dog on a discount? you’re soooo smart. PSYCH!!! there’s a reason why it was on sale. Nobody wanted to buy it before you came along like a sucker. They gotta get the dogs out the door to get a new shipment of dogs in. It’s a cycle! You were a weak sauce so they got your money. Do yourself a favor and research!!! you’re feeding into an unethical business who’s abusing animal for greed!!!!!! The employees are trained to tell you “No, we do not get the dogs from puppy mills” I’ve been inside this store and several others. They don’t take care of the animals good. On one occasion, I saw one puppy ate feces off the other one as it was pooping because these people don’t feed it everyday. I’m sure the vets are pumping medicine into the dogs so they’ll be fine at the store. When you take them home, dog will start to get sick because the medicine is wearing off.

Heres a few things to start on your research.……

nobody in their right mind would leave petland a good review unless they’re blindsided or works for petland! my roommate and I bought a dog from petland in college. We didn’t know any better. We just saw the cute puppy and we must have it! We bought it. The pekinese didn’t open her eyes two days after we got home. We took the dog to our own vet and the vet told us the dog had genetic illness. We took the dog back to Petland for a return but the return policy stated only if THEIR vet declare it a genetic problem. What do you think? of course Petland’s vet is not going to tell you, yes, I’ll refund your money. They told us it was not their fault and that we had done something to the dog. Why would we do that when we just paid $2000 for the dog? we had to spend extra $1500 to pay the outside vet to treat the dog. I was naive once until I went through that so I started to do my own research.


I get an icky feeling there. Been several times as my daughter goes to swim class next door. Whenever I go in, it seems to me like a bunch of distracted high school teenagers working there, chatting in circles, not really paying attention or knowing what their doing and worse tending to the needs of the dogs. I just feels wrong whenever I walk over to see the adorable puppies, and the attendant person doesn’t remember what type of dog it is when that’s her only job. She also said it hadn’t been taken out all day. Additionally, the other pets, like the rabbits, mice, Ginny pigs, etc are all in open (grabbable) cases. Anyone and I mean ANYONE, ages 2+ can reach their little hands in there and no one is really watching. The bird bit a kid who put it on his shoulder and in the same visit the mouse bit my 3-year old who was holding it gently under the supervision of her grown up uncle. For one, it traumatized her. She still talks about it (she’s almost 4) and two, these poor pets are also traumatized! It’s no wonder their mean. Anyways, I’m not so sure this isn’t a puppy mill type of center. I’m not surprised they have only two stars. I know rents in this area and I just don’t think this is the industry they should be trying to make money bc they seemingly inhumane and it should be care over profit. People will drive far out for pets. You don’t need to be in Preston center…plz. I feel so sorry for the pets at the mercy of this industry


I live by the adopt don’t shop philosophy. They get their puppies from puppy mills and the $1,000 price tag you see they didn’t pay that for it. (Maybe 450). I’d you want a purebred then look at rescues or find a reputable bred Der in your area. Most breeders will microchip, give a health guarantee and so forth. You just have to ask. Please go anywhere other than here.


My family went into this store on Saturday seriously looking for an English bulldog puppy. I had called in advance knowing the budget we wanted to stay around and knowing that this puppy would cost around $2,000 or more. When I called the women told me that she could not give an exact price due to their pets being stolen in past, understandable. So I asked her if a certain puppy we were interested in was more than 3000 she stated that no she was not. We decided to drive the hour distance, upon getting there we are told the puppy is $5,500. We spoke to a manager stating what we were told on the phone, she then proceeds to tell us the $5,500 is incorrect and she is $5,800. I felt like it was all a scam and we were just being lied to! We ended up going to petland of frisco were we adopted a male English bulldog puppy for under 4,000 and the staff was truthful and caring. This petland needs serious help and needs to be shut down. One last thing they tried saying frisco does not work with as good of breeders, come to find out our puppy comes from champion blood lines and was originally a $6,200 puppy, thinking their breeders are just as good if not better!


Wether you know the truth that puppies are bought from puppy mills ask yourself what you are looking for. Search on line for local rescue groups who have MANY puppies everyday. Search your shelters. Trust me you’ll save a life, spend 100.00 or less and get a companion that will love you. Please don’t support places like this when good animals are looking for homes everyday. Shelter and rescue animals are vetted, chipped and spayed and are very healthy. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find!


Puppy mill and backyard breeder puppies. Stay away, adopt from a shelter and hopefully they will stop encouraging the practice and become a store that can be shopped at without feeling guilty.


I received a mail circular/postcard which had a few coupons. one of the coupons was $10 off a purchase of $25 or more on regular priced items. At checkout with my bag of food which cost approx $28, i was told (after the clerk went to ask someone else, presumably the mgr) the coupon is not good on food. There was no such exclusion listed on the circular or coupon.


Petland Frisco

2930 Preston Road, suite 810

Frisco, TX 75034



I went into Petland last Sunday and purchased my puppy. And here we are less than a week later and my puppy has passed away. We had an appointment with the vet they recommend for this Monday. I have to rip and run to have an autopsy conducted on my puppy to determine the cause of death. I have never disliked a place as much as I do Petland right now. The vet that conducted the autopsy informed us that numerous people have came to her because of extremely sick puppy’s from Petland and she often protest outside their doors. I will become one of those protesters! Please don’t purchase a puppy from this place!!!!!!!!!!!

Update: my pup died from Parvo. I will post a picture of the results on every form of media after I get them from the vet.


$3000 for a German shepherd! All the dogs look so sad. All puppy mill dogs :/ This place needs to be closed down.

I asked the girl working if they are AKC certified … she “THOUGHT” so. How do you not know?


This place has been a joke so far.  Brought our puppy in for questions regarding training and first after hunting down an employee they then disappear and do not answer questions.  Rude and terrible customer service !!


AVOID ANY PETLAND!!!! I bought a Corgi on 3/20/18 not even one day after taking him home he was coughing, wheezing, shaking, having diarrhea and vomiting. I took him to a ER vet where he had a pre-temp of 102 and they gave him some antibiotics for nausea and 2 prescriptions. It didn’t seem to help my puppy since he still was not eating his food or drinking. The next day he had an appointment with his vet and we were able to be seen a bit sooner because of all the symptoms he was having. The doctor took a look at him said she would have given him all the same scripts that the other doctor would have given him but she had to give him fluids because he was dehydrated and his temp was now at 102.4. I took him home, he seemed a bit better since he was walking around, eating and drinking. The next morning though again didn’t want to touch his food, water and didn’t want to move he was very lethargic. I took him outside to do his business and saw that he had once again pooped brown and green but this time through up yellow since the vet that I took him to asked if he had vomited after being seen at the ER and I said no she said okay that’s good it means that medication is working and when I saw the vomit I called her right away. she saw me straight away and told me that he now had a temp of 103.4 a very high fever for a 2 month old puppy, still not wanting to eat still not wanting to drink. They didn’t know what was wrong with him and said he would not get any better. Unfortunately my puppy ended up passing away. I called PetLand at Frisco and conveniently the manager “was not in” and “not sure that he’ll be in tomorrow” I’m writing this review now since I’m sure that I also won’t get a call back since Moses (the guy that I talked to) spoke to me as if he didn’t care and like he heard the sam situation all the time, also ended up just hanging up on me. Please DO NOT  purchase animals from here.


I came here today looking to buy a carrier for a bird (which they didn’t have). What I found was appalling. The entire right side of the store was like a jail full of puppies for sale. They have multiple puppies in very very tiny cages. I saw one puppy attacking another puppy. I saw puppies in cages full of urine and multiple areas of excrement.

I recently moved here from Virginia, and before that lived in California, and before that lived in Connecticut. I have never, and I mean NEVER seen something like this before. I wish the state of Texas would make stuff like this very very illegal. What they do to these poor animals is disturbing.


We got a quote for a mixed half Maltese and half something he didn’t know…. $3200.

Second quote was for a full Frenchie for $9500.

These prices are not even close to being reasonable.


Petland Frisco is probably the one business in this city I passionately hate. NEVER NEVER NEVER buy an animal from this place. Better yet, spread the word to boycott this sorry business. So here’s my story. We bought a golden retriever puppy from Petland in 2005. The owner and staff never told us of any medical conditions she may have had since they brought her in from Iowa. 3 years later, she died. She had kidney failure. We later found out that Petland uses puppy mills. Basically they breed animals just to make money, thus the animals could have health problems(ours did). So we ended up suing Petland and we won. It makes me so angry and sad that we lost our three year old dog and that Petland endorses this unethical practice. There is a reason protesters have been outside this place for years. It is a trap and I would encourage anyone to message me if they have any questions. I am looking forward to the day this place closes.


The staff at this location were nice and polite, but the experience is not.  Not only are they over pricing for animals, but they do not test these animals for diseases.  Perfect example if you read the google reviews you’ll see one about how they treat these animals with respect and we love our animals, and ensure they all get their shots.  Sounds great but it’s a slight of hand, what they’re doing is vaccinating blindly.  No Vet on staff to test for things like I don’t know… Parvo maybe?!

My experience, I bring my daughter’s puppy home to her on Wednesday and in less than a week’s time, she’s diagnosed with a disease that could kill her.  What makes it worse is that I paid to take her out of pocket to an Emergency Clinic before her first visit to the regular vet.  She’s got less than a 50% chance to live.  Petland can keep their guarantee, the guarantee won’t look my daughter in the eyes and break her heart if it comes to that.  These are living pups that don’t have a bar code and restocking policies.

We connect to them right away and have emotional investments.  I’m sure if worst comes to worst, Petland Frisco will try to find a way to weasel out of the guarantee anyway.


Came in after driving by the store a couple of times. I wish I never walked in.

When you walk in there is an odor of feces, not a strong sent but is noticeable.

First thing you notice are “cubbies” that you can “test” out puppies in. On the right side is a wall of puppies with glass windows for each breed. There is a sign that says only one customer per dog to play with simply because customers can take turns. The dogs look sad in somewhat clean sections.

Second thing when you walk in is to your left are OPEN areas for hamsters and birds. People were picking them up and out and placing them down. People were trying to grab the birds out of the open “cage.” Those poor things wings are clipped so they can’t fly. These “cages” are on wheels. When I moved the one with the parakeets there was 7 that escaped on the floor looking out the window. I notified an employee and he want ahead to catch all of them to put them back.

Many of the parakeets feathers were coming off (caused from stress, mites, fungal infection, or “French molt” caused by inbreeding ). And some with no feathers at all on their bellys!

Lastly, I looked at the beta fishes. Their cups were filled in there own slime (lack of clean water). Many of the betas have fin rot that is noticeable on there body. There were even some frogs individually in each cup with slime and poop in them as well. There was one dead frog still displayed for sale in a cup.

The selection of products are few and things you can purchase at your local Walmart, petsmart, or Petco. Customer service is non existent. Being in the store for an hour, I was never greeted.

Animals look sick and no customer service, I am not coming back!


The employees at this place are a bunch of morons. Young, arrogant kids who are incredibly rude and full of themselves. Just stand around talking. Don’t even pay attention to the animals who are suffering in horrifying conditions. The whole staff should be fired. I tried to rescue one of the bunnies from their care but they wouldn’t “allow it” because I was buying it for my underage cousin who is 17. WOW! It’s like they enjoy hurting animals. They should be ashamed and this place needs to be illegal.


Update: Petland has deleted all comments I have made regarding our situation off of social media.


Thank you Petland Frisco for our time we got to spend with our sweet Charlie. This Christmas Eve instead of showing our little boy his new golden retriever puppy we found out he had passed away overnight at Parker Animal and Bird Clinic in Plano. We purchased Charlie Saturday, December 18, 2016 on Tuesday, December 20, 2016 he was admitted into the hospital for PARVO, GIARDIA & a BACTERIAL INFECTION. I called your store the night he became lethargic and your advice was “force feed him”. When I decided to go see someone in person your manager told me “He’s a big guy he will make it.” Not one person has called and checked on this situation and even better not a single person showed any empathy for our family. If you bought a dog recently from here I suggest you take them to the vet to be checked since he was so contagious. They guarantee that they are healthy but when I told them about Charlie they didn’t seem concerned about it at all. They just want your money and do not care about your heart ache.


They knowingly & willingly sold me a dog w/ a birth defect and kennel cough that had not been cleared by their vet!  According to Pet solutions, Petland has gone above and beyond by offering to pay for medical bills up to the cost of the dog.  In addition to caring for a medically fragile dog I am to keep receipts and fax them and wait patiently for payment if any.  When you charge what is charged you expect a healthy, high quality dog.  I was told I could bring the dog back and swap but euthanasia was likely.  I was told I could keep the dog and get a new dog but who can handle two puppies at once.  I was then called and told that they still did not have the dog I wanted and my credit was about to run out.  Then, I was told there was no records of the above agreement.  I love the dog.  The dog is where he should be, but businesses like this should not be allowed to sell animals.  I feel like a fool for purchasing a dog here.


This is definitely not the place to go to purchase a pet.  It is all about the “almighty dollar” at this location. To say “All Sales on Puppies are Final” is ridiculous!!! I purchased our puppy on Sunday Evening and I call back on Tuesday, less than 48 Hours, to try to return and they just past you off to a 1-800 number who in turn just says that, “all sales are final” at this store and you lose your investment and all the money you spent.
This is a ripoff if I ever heard of one. My suggestion to anyone is if you are ready to invest in a dog, DO NOT purchase at this location. Please run as far as possible to somewhere else such as a breeder or another rescue location!!
Really Pissed Off Consumer!!!


Let’s try this again hope it doesn’t get removed again. Where to start, over priced is the biggest problem. Every toy they have is marked up 5-10 over other stores. The dogs are crazy over priced, the dog I went to purchase was a corgi, they wanted 4,300 for the dog. A champion blood line will run you between 700-1300. They also don’t clean the cages enough while waiting to see a dog we watched not 1 but 2 puppies eat their own poop which had been in their cage for a good minute. And don’t think they are understaffed, they had probably 14 teenagers all working and talking to each other. I have been to this location multiple times while looking for a puppy then while looking for supplies. They also sell their dogs with a lifetime warranty hahaha if you buy the food their and something happens and your dog dies or gets killed they will replace it, but you have to bring the dead body back in. Real classy. Hopefully this doesn’t get deleted, their is more to tell but yelp will delete it again. So I leave you with buyer beware.


Very rude staff!! I went in and it was very understaffed and the only worker in sight, Sarah, was extremely rude and short to my friend and I. Definitely will not be returning and will tell others not to go here as well.


My boyfriend and i are looking to get a puppy. when we stepped into the store my eyes fell on a english mastiff and i wanted to see if we could see it from outside the cage. First of all the lady showed us an attitude the whole entire time. She grabbed the poor puppy by its paw and just snatched it out the cage without even caring that she was hurting it. I saw her wack it on the head before she cane out the back and brought it to us… um okay? If you wont do that stuff to a human baby then dont do it to a puppy. Anyways i had some questions about the dog before we wanted to make a final decision. I asked about his diet, how much playtime he got and whether or not they just sleep in the cages with no bedding on the bottom. He was very clumsy for a 9 week old puppy and looked like his joints were kind of messed up. She answers my questions vaguely as if im a nuisance saying theres a field in the back… where? And that they all have beds… i dont see them though… im not going to spend 4,200 on a puppy when the employees are rude, treats the puppy like shit (wacking it on the head) and acting as if were a nuisance. Oh and what kind of pet store doesnt have papers on the dog? So unprofessional unethical. Just horrid


My husband and I were reluctant to stop in here with our 7 year old son after hearing numerous people advise us to steer clear simply because they purchase from puppy mills. We ended up purchasing a brindle boxer puppy for $1900. The girl who sold us the puppy seemed genuine and knowledgeable. The day we purchased him we inquired about kennel cough because he sounded like he was a little congested. We were reassured by the sales girl, Mercedes, that he did not have kennel cough and had not been ill. Per the warranty, I took him to the specified vet within the allotted time frame. Immediately I was informed by the veterinarian that our puppy had been extremely sick and in isolation for 3 weeks prior to us purchasing him. He informed me that he had previously been diagnosed with kennel cough and giardia (and had been given 13 rounds of meds) which he was resistant to. We then put him on antibiotics for the cough as well as another round of giardia medication. He never improved. We went back for a steroid injection & more antibiotics. 5 visits later he has only deteriorated.

Saturday his leg began to swell out of nowhere. The vet took 2 X-rays and started pain medication. His cough has progressed into a wet cough and he is now running a fever. We just did a second set of blood work in attempt to find the source of infection. They’re saying it could be septic arthritis or more.

Moral of the story is that we were lied to and deceived by Petland. They told us we were buying a healthy puppy and 2 months later, after our family is attached to this dog and racked up almost $1000 in medical bills, we have a puppy who is only getting worse. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THESE PEOPLE. Please heed this warning. There’s a reason why there are protestors and so many problems that stem from this place. The way they go about selling innocent animals is criminal. They’re out for money, not the best interest of the dog. Don’t be fooled and fall victim to their lies. It’s been a complete nightmare.


Against our better judgement we bought a puppy from Petland.  After purchasing our puppy and taking her to the vet, the puppy had already been treated for a parasite (giardia) 3 times.  Although their pet “Contract” states that they do not guarantee their animals to be parasite free, we were never informed that she had already been treated for said parasite, or that she was infected.  So the puppy comes home and infects our other dog with the parasite.  She also had to be treated for a tapeworm.  2 months into owning the puppy she has been diagnosed with EPI, a  pancreas disorder. The puppy will have to be medicated for the rest of her life. Now we are dealing with their warranty company. Stay far away from this place.  They don’t care about their animals at all or their customers.  I called and asked to talk to a manager, of course there isn’t one and they just refer you to the puppy warranty company.  Terrible company, terrible puppy mill.

*Update 10/17/17 – Thanks for the lip service Josh N!! No phone call which really shouldn’t be a surprise.  The warranty company offered to give us another dog of “Equal or lesser value” or pay for the vet bills up to the purchase price of our puppy. I already have one sick puppy from your establishment, why I would ever want another puppy from your organization is beyond me.   I opted to go with the vet bills which I’m sure we will burn through within the first year then I’ll be left eating the cost of her care for the rest of her life. I don’t know how you people sleep at night knowing you sell sick puppies to unsuspecting customers.


HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. We came in with 9 people, 3 of which wanting to buy a puppy today. Was told that we can only handle one puppy per visit, for 9 people!!!! That’s ridiculous!!! As soon as the rest of the group left the store, i overhead 3 of the employees talking bad about the people that wanted to spend money here. Mainly the young girl that couldn’t stay off her phone. DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY HERE!!!!


They don’t take good care of the animals. I’ve gotten a few bunnies from there and they all needed vet care treatment for head colds. They basically sell puppies that probably have come from puppy mills. The puppies stay in small glass cages. The employees are uncaring the say the least. All I’ve ever seen them do is hang around on their phones talking to one another behind the front counter. Customer service is not at all important to the workers. This place truly saddens me.


My family and I purchased a GoldenDoodle on April 1 2017.  She seemed Lethargic and low energy.  We were told that was just her personality.  We bought her for 3,600 and took her home.  The next day she was so sick she was barely moving.  We took her to the vet and he felt like there was a good chance she would not make it because of her pneumonia and that two from the same litter at petland had expired the day before.  What proceeded was horrible.   We had to make trips twice daily to the vet to get intravenous antibiotics for over a week.  It truly traumatized our young family and children.

Petland refused to accept any responsibility other than the vet fees.  My opinion is if you spend the idiotic amount of 3,600 there should be a better result of the product you get.  I love our sweet miracle baby.  Just wish it had not had to be a miracle and sincerely am shocked petland would offer not compensation.  Truly shocking under the circumstances


My family had been bugging me for years to get another dog. Truly refused to ever walk in this pet store but one day did and saw our new puppy.  Their prices are RIDICULOUS, and we walked out, but all day I kept thinking about our poor dog. Went late that day and got him. I honestly feel horrible having given them our money, but I’m so glad we were able to get our dog out of that place. They can sell you a pet that “comes from a breeder” all day long but they really just come from puppy mills. I never believed those crazy people with the signs outside of their shopping center until I brought home our puppy who showed zero symptoms at the store, but got extremely sick by the next morning. Poor guy had giardia  and a horrible kennel cough. Took about 2-4 weeks for him to get better but he still has GI issues. Never again will I buy a pet from a pet store. I know they were giving him medicine to help mask his symptoms, I know this because I bought him on a holiday weekend when vets offices were closed, and took him to the store so they could give him “breathing treatment” and god knows what else. Do your research before you buy a dog.


Horrible, horrible horrible- do not buy a pet here!!!!I purchased a golden doodle last Sunday and she has kennel cough. I have never seen a dog this sick in my life! I took her to the vet two days after the purchase and started her meds. All she does all day is lay around and she has no energy and is so sad- we spent $3,800 for an unhealthy puppy. My other dog contracted kennel cough from the puppy and we spent $200 on the medication to treat him. When I call to complain we are told there is not manager or owner on duty to speak with, what a surprise….


This place is really sad….My wife and I are looking for a German Shepherd pup for our daughter and figured we’d stop in here since the web site said they had 2. The store is pretty much like any other pet store ive been in crowded and every inch of space used, so the presentation was normal. As i looked a women approached my wife and ask her if ahe needed help, and she told the associate what we were looking for. I walked in on the conversation just as she was quoting her the price….3700 dollars…..i had to pause for a second and ask what exactly are you selling me for that? Basically its a crate, toys, bag of food , a leash and a warranty? Yes ladies and gents a warranty…..on a dog….basically insurance to 1500. We’ve been looking around and have found directly.from breeders UKC and AKC shepard’s for a fraction of that cost. So not worth the time for such outrageous pricing.


I knew it was going to be bad when the dog crates said “serious inquires only” and they had sales guys with ties in a pet store.  “How much?” I inquired. $3,400 for an Australian Shepherd.  Seriously?  “It includes everything” I was told and “have you shopped for puppies in the last couple of years?” And “there are so many online scams.” No, sorry, Petland is the scam.  Stay away.


I bought what we thought was an English bulldog but we found out later he’s an Aussie bulldog. He’s much bigger than an English bulldog. I love him no matter what but please make sure they are the pure breed your looking for. We spent to much money for him. He’s not really registered. I’m going to have them investigated because they are getting to people.


This location had a heat lamp on in their crested gecko cage with absolutely no humidity and no food bowl. The padding on the gecko’s feet were peeling & couldn’t adhere to things like a normal crestie should with the right humidity. All the animals are miserable in this place. Seriously don’t know how animal abuse like this is tolerated on such a wide scale.


Puppies were having diarrhea and the other puppies were eating it. Other cages had poop sitting with them. Enough said. 0/5 if I could. Outraged by how these dogs are treated.


Horrible customer service,  horrible treatment of the puppies,  and rude associates. Never again.  All the puppies look miserable and when I asked to see one,  the guy yanked him out of the cage! There is feces all over their cages,  half of them were texting,  and the others were all in the back room.  They couldnt even tell me what type of dog they were.  I hope all of them get adopted and they get shut down!


My girlfriend and I walked into this place just to look at their male golden retrievers because we thought it would be a good idea to get our current female golden, a friend to play with. Although the puppy was a fairly large male for being 11 weeks, he was not provided with the proper nutrients nor exercise. I didn’t realize until bringing the puppy home that they were feeding a LARGE puppy breed, miniature puppy food. We were also told he had kennel cough and was already “treated.” We took him to the vet immediately the next morning and sure enough, he had NOT been treated. He’s now recovering and we are slowly switching him off his old food and onto some nutritious large breed puppy food. One of the main reasons I even agreed to purchase him was because i knew he wasn’t getting the proper care at this place. He’s a great dog and i’m glad we brought him home, just wish these places weren’t such a bad place for these dogs. If i could buy them all and take better care of them, i would.


Totally devastated. Instead of surprising our little boy with a new puppy for Christmas, we were informed that our newest member of the family had passed away. Unbeknownst to us , at time of purchase our $3200 dollar golden retriever Charlie had Parvovirus, Giardia and a bacterial infection. We got to spend two days with him before we rushed him to the vet for showing signs of Parvo. He passed early Christmas Eve morning away from us scared and crying. When we brought his sickness to the attention of the PetLand staff, the remark of “Oh he’s a big boy he’ll be fine” was not only highly dismissive of what my family was going through but grossly negligent to the lives of the other pups in store and their potential owners. I’m disgusted and heartbroken with my experience and hope no other family has to go through it as well.


DO NOT BUY A PUPPY HERE. I wish I went to consumer report and read the hundreds of horrible reviews before buying!! I spend 3000$ on a puppy who is super sick and the vet they ask you to go to does not tell you whats wrong! thats why the warranty is only valid if you go there. Plus they only cover for 14 days of you finding out that they are sick and it has to be from there vet. Ridiculous. And everything the puppy comes with is sooo misleading. It says free spay or neuter but only if you first get all the puppies shots with their expensive vet (you cant do it elsewhere) and then you have to pay for the spay. After you show petland you paid, they will give u a 75$ credit to their store. Lol what a joke. Customer service is rude as well. Maria was nice but that was it. Shes the only reason we bought the puppy. Wish we did our research first.


I took my daughters to look at puppies last night. It’s time for us to get a new one. Granted, we were not planning on purchasing a dog last night (although I had the cash in my pocket to do so if I found the perfect dog). I have been in retail sales for 15 years, so I know how retail works. I’m a dog person, and while I have a few minor issues with the dog handling at the location, I’m aware you cannot tell if a dog is depressed by looking at them.

First, I was excited before going in about the sale prices on the fb page, not overly so, but they were good deals nonetheless.

My daughters and I walk in and there are a few customers in the store. I know that means I will not be getting prompt service, and that’s ok (not ideal, but understandable). I found an employee (tall man with dreadlocks was unloading food onto the shelves) and asked to see a spreadsheet or price list of some sort that had the breeds available and the respective prices. He dropped what he was doing and did his best to help me (kudos for good service to him). He went and asked if they had one and I was told no, but someone would be with me in a moment. We waited a bit, and I saw one of the dogs that was advertised on the fb page. It was the one I wanted to see (a white maltipoo). When the employee came over (no name, but it was a larger Hispanic woman) I inquired as to the breed in the cage (it was the maltipoo) and I asked the price. She said $2700. There was only one listed online, and there were a few in the cage, so I said no I want the white one there that is on sale for $388. She said it wasn’t on sale. I showed her the fb posting and she said “we don’t actually have those dogs. The owner comes in and posts that but that dog was sold immediately and left this morning.” (Keep in mind, I’m looking at THE SAME DOG IN THE CAGE). I’m not going to beg a company to take my money so I said ok, and she went on to help someone else in Spanish. As it turns out, I speak a little Spanish. I heard her giving different prices to the person she was speaking Spanish to, than the others she was speaking English to.

I understand negotiation, and they may have been in another level of negotiation, so I am not implying anything other than she was giving different prices to different people.

I will say this, however, it felt like she was sizing up the customers based on what she thought they could afford and not what the actual price of the dog was. I heard her tell a well to do man and his daughter that the shih-tzus were $3700. Let’s be clear, an AKC breed standard show dog produces puppies worth that price, and these were not breed standard show dogs. He was wearing a rolex and some fairly expensive clothing, though, so maybe she thought she could get that much from him.

It’s a free country, you can run the business how you see fit to maximize your profits. I have no problem with that, but for legitimacy I would recommend publishing the prices for the animals so there’s, at least, less confusion and those not interested in buying can move through quicker. I’m not saying this is a shady company, but the person working seemed less than trustworthy, and it seemed as though she was manipulating prices based on who she was talking to (and didn’t want to honor sale prices the owner had posted online).


There is a lady that works there that is such a nasty female dog. (Lol) She literally will chase people out of the store. She very abrasively asks people if they’re buying a dog when they walk in. So so so so rude. Is she aware they sell toys, treats, and other pet stuff? She should be greatful for her customers but she hates her job and probably her life from her attitude . I would have bought my dogs and cats their treats here but she was so rude, I won’t ever come back. Don’t ever come to this pet store. Plus, I hear the place supports puppy mills and that their puppies come from mills 🙁 and seriously 5 grand for a Pug? What a joke.


Liars!! A few months ago we bought a yellow lab puppy… I have now discovered he’s not a pure breed!!! Apparently petland has a habit of selling mixed breeds as pure…
Rip off!!  Get DNA testing!


Would never recommend this place. First off I went in there looking for a dog and the customer service received was the worst I have ever received. We asked for assistance several times and each time the employees just walked off. We asked to play with a dog after 20 minutes and Lauren turned and said only serious inquiries  and walked off. The people at this location are the most hostile and disrespectful people I have encountered. I saw previous comments with similar experiences, and I too am in my 20s. I believe this could be seen as age discrimination. I would hope the employees read the comments and see how disrespectful they are being. Everyone deserves fair treatment…


Went in there with my roommate earlier today… We were interested in looking at a dog. Unfortunately, because we are in our 20s apparently that was not considered a serious inquiry and the rude and condescending employee told us that it was not their policy to allow us to look at one of the dogs. I kid you not, two minutes later he allowed two other people to play with a dog????? When we asked him about this he reiterated that playing with the dogs were for serious inquiries only. I don’t understand how that makes any sense. I want a puppy, but I will not be purchasing one from Petland and I encourage others not to as well.


Plenty of people have posted about the puppy mill thing, which ironically is probably what gets the most people in the door. Who doesn’t want to go look at puppies, right? All you have to do is swallow your guilt at the conditions in which they live (cramped enclosures, a loud environment, and people constantly pounding on the glass “BANG BANG BANG OH MY GOD LOOK AT THE PUPPIES, LOOK AT THEM!!”), and just enjoy how cute they are. I’m as guilty as anyone else, I guess.

Beyond the puppy issue, which is probably bad enough, the rest of their animals live in pretty questionable conditions. If you want to buy a hamster that has probably been grabbed and squeezed by dozens of eight year-olds already, Petland is your place. I once came this close to buying a chinchilla simply to get it out of the deplorable conditions in which it was being kept. And as bad a choice as that would have been, I still feel kind of bad that I didn’t.

So yeah. Let’s call this a VERY charitable one star.


My puppy was very expensive, but she came with a lot and I was sold on the warranty.  My puppy has been very sick.  It started about 5 days in, I took her to her exam and she had giardia.  Her whole litter had it according to the vet.  She did two rounds of the medication and still isn’t better so we did blood work due to the blood in her stool that had been there since the second week I had her.  I thought she was going to die.  She had a blood infection that the vet said was serious.  The warranty covers medication, not diagnostics which were 300 dollars.  If I hadn’t done the diagnostics she likely would have died, and the warranty would have given me a new dog.  BUT they won’t pay for the diagnostics.  I’ve called the store twice, and gone in once, and no one has called me back.  This company is immoral, and has no integrity.


Extremely rude staff, worst experience Ive ever had. There were about 6-10 employees standing around, but when you asked for help they would send you off to the next person. None were helpful and we just ended up leaving. The Petland in Dallas is way better way nicer staff. Never again !!!!!


I got my Yorkshire terrier from here and within two days he got really sick he had kennel cough. And other problem we have been back and forth to the vet for 4 days straight he is so sick he’s had a seizure. He has no energy at all cant even stand or lift his. And hes been neutered already so I didnt even get a chance to choose if I wanted to get him fixed or not and they didnt tell me he had been fixed. I’ve had him for about a week and have had nothing put problems with his health. If they took better care of there puppies they wouldn’t all be sick. Every time I’ve been to the vet there has been one to two dogs coming from there that are sick as well.


This place is a freaking disgrace. They sell puppies that are from mills WAY overpriced. I have gone in several times and “looked” and have ALWAYS asked for the paperwork on the dogs they claim are papered. LOOK UP THE “BREEDER” ON YOUR PHONE – READ reviews about the breeder. Every single time I’ve gone in and asked where the puppies come from and I read on my phone – they’re from mills.

Today I was in there, looking at some Goldendoodles. The very pushy lady who was the “keeper of the puppies” came over and demanded that she help me. I asked her the price of the golden doodles and she snapped, “$3000 and you couldn’t afford it”. I looked at her and flashed my 5 ct wedding ring. I actually have a top 50 in the world labradoodle who I paid $1600 and then a sheepadoodle who I paid $1400 for – BOTH papered.

NO BREEDER FOR GOLDENDOODLES WILL CHARGE $3000!!!!!!! do no pay this money!!!! do your research and find a reputable breeder or adopt one!!!

This place disgusts me. They’re liars and cheats. DO NOT BUY A DOG FROM THEM!!!!


I have frequented this store a few times to check out the pups they have available, but have never been able to convince myself to purchase one of these poor souls due to the sheer fact that I always had a gut feeling these puppies were from puppy mills.

I was in there recently, looking at a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, and was very surprised at how friendly and social he was. Almost saying to me, “Please take me lady!! I will do anything to get out of here!!”  When I asked the price, the gentleman told me he was $1950!!!!! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?? You can get one from any reputable breeder for MAX $1200!! I mentioned this to the gentleman and HE AGREED WITH ME that this puppy was overpriced!!! It’s so sad to me that they would do this. People are so gullible when it comes to cute puppies and will pay anything for one, which this store obviously knows. So I asked the guy for any information where this adorable little puppy came from and he brought me his “packet” with all the info that he was sent with. I saw the name of the “breeder” so I instantly researched it on my iPhone… When I finally found the “breeder” it was reviewed by MULTIPLE (like 40+) people online that this “breeder” was a PUPPY MILL in Missouri!! They ONLY sell to puppy shops and have probably 20+ breeds of dogs at their mill. This disgusted me!!!! Makes me so angry.

Right after I saw this, I said my goodbye to the pup and was about to hand him back to the guy when the poor thing looked at me and “coughed”.. he obviously has kennel cough!

I just want anyone that goes there to just BEWARE. This place does not have healthy puppies and they are all from mills. Go online and do your research or go to the local shelter and adopt. If you do decide to go here and look at a puppy, as to see the information and research the “breeder” to confirm that it’s not from a mill. Don’t settle for a cute face and pay thousands of dollars for a sick puppy that will cost you thousands more in vet bills for months to come!! Good luck!


Please do not buy puppies here. We got a puppy that already had parvo and they wouldn’t cover the treatment when it says so on their warranty. Long story short…horrible people, very unprofessional, and a scam. Jake Patel, the owner is horrible. He is so shady!!! The vets that they partner with are untrustworthy either! The vet we took our puppy to that Petland recommended worked along with Jake to steal our puppy from the vet. Jake ended up going to the vet and took our dog without even telling us and wouldn’t give our dog back. He claimed that it’s his now and didn’t care to help us in any way. The worse experience ever with a business. Petland corporate didn’t do anything and all they did was give our refund back for our puppy and covered some of the ER bill we paid the first night. PLEASE don’t buy any animals at this location. Horrible people…


please do not buy puppies here. we got a puppy that already had parvo and they wouldn’t cover the treatment when it says so on their warranty. long story short…horrible people, very unprofessional, and a scam. we had our puppy at the vet they recommended us and the petland frisco owner jake patel goes to the vet and takes our dog without even telling us!! they lied to us several of times trying to hide shit. jake patel is so rude and unprofessional. i dont know how the hell he’s still in business. jake patel calls us and says what do you want and comes off very rude when we were being nice at first. he accused us for following him when we didn’t even know about him. he is the one that was at petland while we were there and he didn’t even come out. so petland stalled us so jake patel can go to the vet and take our puppy. he says the puppy is his now and hangs up on us. please don’t buy anything at this location! we’re taking this place down!!


DO NOT GO HERE. Terrible workers, they basically torture their animals in here..allowing them to sleep in their own filth claiming “oh, we have the best service to keep your dog healthy!!” BS. You can’t fool me. The lady their needs to get taught manners as well as the other workers, they are so rude. Moral of the story: go elsewhere where you know the animals are well kept.  🙂 don’t go here!!! 😀 you’re welcome..


If I could give less than one star, I would without a second thought. The fact that the puppies are in small kennels filled with their own feces and urine kills me inside. The workers at this location were rude and had no business working at a place like this. I was here just to look at puppies and see about getting a bird for a friend. My two friends and I were looking at the birds and some were not clipped and were flying around. What I don’t understand is why there was a ferret cage next to a bird cage…but there was. The ferret kept trying to jump up and get at the birds around the area. As my friends and I were trying to get the birds off of the sides of the open ferret cage, the workers yelled at us to not pick up the animals so we immediately put the bird back down. We left for a minute and came back to the ferret still trying to get at the birds. Then, he cause a tail feather and that was it; he tore the bird up in a matter of seconds and no matter how loud I yelled for help, the workers could not hear me because they were in the back and there was no one up front. I ran to the back and yelled for them to come get the bird and they acted as though it was no big deal and it happens all the time, and took a solid 10 minutes to come do anything about it. A man came out and goes “dammit this is the third time”. Obviously there’s something wrong with your setup when it’s the 3rd bird that the ferret has killed. THEN, another woman turns to my friends and I and says “that’s why kids aren’t to be left alone with the animals and you’re not to pick them up” UM I’m 21, my friends were 23 and 20. We’re not children and we were the ones here trying to move the birds in the first place. Needless to say, we won’t ever be back, and I don’t even want to know how many animals have died due to their negligence.


this is the worst place ever. workers are awful and sit there in the center (by registers)  and gossip with out paying attention to costumers awful attitudes as well. pretty much had to drag a worker to help get info about a rabbit and when this punk girl finally came over  to help she left for about 10 minutes to “check the prices” she had no idea what she was talking about. we then walked out. drove about 2 hours to come to a highly spoken of place to get absolutely no help!!!


I purchased a Chihuahua here and it was sick from day one. He had Giardia and other internal parasites. He has been on 6 rounds of medication to get rid of them but still has them and it has been 9 months since I purchased him!
The employees hang up on me when I call the store to seek a resolution and the owner Jake is extremely rude and unprofessional. They get their dogs from puppy mills and this is why they have so many sick dogs. They were on local news for selling sick puppies and you can just google Petland complaints and see thousands upon thousands of stories, many of them worse than mine resulting in death of the animal. I was offered to come “trade in” my dog for a more healthy dog. They clearly only see these poor souls as products not living, breathing animals!


The woman with short hair who works at this location is by far the rudest person I have ever met. Typically you’re supposed to be nice to people who are buying something from you but I guess she missed that memo. I have been in twice. The first time she wouldn’t allow me to play with a puppy because she “was too tired to get him out” and that I should just ask someone else. I was so mad that I walked out. How are you going to turn down a serious inquiry? The next time I came in was today with my fiancé. We were just looking and didn’t have any intention of playing with any of the puppies. We asked her about the breed of one of the puppies we saw and she basically said that he wasn’t the type of puppy we were looking for because he was going to be 220 lbs and “wouldn’t fit in the purse I was carrying.” How disrespectful can you be to someone you don’t even know? I’m not sure if she thought that we didn’t have the money to afford a dog from there or she’s just a horribly rude person in general but she’s probably the reason that half the puppies there have such a hard time finding homes.


I came in to get a collar for my husky puppy and other customers came up to see him. The staff were friendly, the selection was poor. The manager ended up yelling at my dog for barking at the other puppies. Customers were as surprised as I was.  I will NEVER be back.


Very happy with our new puppy. Not so happy with the kennel cough and ear mites that she apparently came home with. (apparently we aren’t the only ones either)

And it seems a lot of the “perks and extras” the purchase comes with are just add ons built into the price (duh!). A lot of which we really didn’t need according to our own vet.

In hindsight, we should of went directly to a breeder. Live and learn.


Jake Patel is the WORST most unprofessional owner. He has no business in the pet business. Obviously he doesn’t care about puppies or customer service. Treats people like crap and animals even worse. Only caring loving people should work with animals. He in big scam and sells very sick puppies. He belongs in prison for how he treats animals and people that only want there puppies healthy!!! Warranty he sells says will pay for care of puppy if gets parvo well the place he makes you go isn’t hospital it’s dumpy vet clinic lake country animal hospital so when brought puppy there they said puppy couldn’t stay there overnite. The puppy was too sick. Had to start IV and Vet dr. Mays was not very nice , shady I said what are we suppose to do with this dog. So we called warranty company and petland they just gave us run around. We transferred dog ourselves to Er and they had to give blood transfusion and put  in NG tube. Then after weekend warranty company said we’d have to pay difference from what puppy costs. That’s not what warranty said it said would care for puppy. Lake country place very shady as well in cohorts with Frisco petland Jake Patel. Had to transport puppy to and from ER and lake country . When went to petland to talk to owner staff kept telling us he wasn’t there when he was hiding in back. Not out of state. He took puppy from lake country and we haven’t seen puppy since.


My fiancé and I purchased a beagle from Petland in Frisco four months ago that looked to be in healthy condition.  Unfortunately our puppy died due to kidney failure.  Regretfully, we did not read the horrible reviews on Petland until after we bought our beagle.  After we purchased the puppy we took her to the vet and she told us that numerous  puppies have died early from Petland and she feels like it is her duty to help try to save the sick puppies that come from Petland.  We contacted the store owner Jake to tell him about our incident and he was extremely rude.  We want our money back since Petland sold us a sick puppy but he won’t answer or return our phone calls.  He have contacted Petland NUMEROUS times, but the employees always state that Jake “just left work”, “isn’t in today”, or “busy”. We are highly upset that the store owner is avoiding this serious issue.  This is just my warning to stay away from Petland this store sells sick puppies. The cost of trying to save them is far more then the actual puppy price.  Hope everyone can help spread the word.


Puppies are sick and unhealthy here!  Its like playing Russian Roulette! Your lucky if you get one thats healthy.  The reviews that are positive are from friends and employees.  I purchased a puppy here and in 3 days she developed a kennel cough.  When I took them to the Vet they said that most all the puppies that come from there are sick.  They haven’t seen a healthy one.  Unbelievable!   Do not buy from these dishonest people….They will do and say anything to make you sign the papers and then afterwards push it in your face and tell you you are stupid for not taking the time to read it, yet they rush you through it and explain nothing.  When you call them, they ignore you and do nothing to resolve the issue.  No customer service skills. They just want your money!   I will be taking my puppy to another vet and will be writing a report on this issue….They picked the wrong person to sell a sick puppy too.  I am a journalist.  BEWARE OF THIS PLACE!


Petland Plano

1301 Custer Rd.

Plano, TX 75075



This is a puppy mill. They treat the puppies like they are just an object to be sold, not like an living being. I felt like they were trying to sell us a car the way they were talking.


If I could give a 0 or -, I would.
Overbred pups, ask where the parents are or where the pups come from and they have no idea; puppy mill breeders are usually used; some animals look sick and are probably very sick.


Petland San Antonio Leon Valley

7030 Bandera Rd.

San Antonio, TX 78238



Came in to the store today ready to adopt a puppy. Walked in and no one greeted my partner and I. Looked around at the puppies and not once was asked if we needed help. So I finally asked one of the employees who was just standing around if I could visit with one of the puppies. Without even looking at me she replied that they were on dinner break and wouldn’t be available until 6:30 which was a whole hour from the time I was there. Another one bumped into my partner on accident and didn’t apologize or acknowledge her. I was very disappointed with this visit and took my business else where. How can people be so rude when you work in a store full of puppies?


i came to buy a hamster and they were ALL sick. one had a gash that was very infected and a lot of their eyes were shut with crust!! do not buy from here go somewhere else!!!


Petland San Antonio Vineyard

1309 N. Loop 1604 W Suite 101

San Antonio, TX 78258



Do not buy a pet from here. We had a good experience with our first purchase and went back just to look around. I fell in love with an English bulldog. She was just the most adorable puppy and couldn’t help but love her.  I knew she was overpriced but thought it was worth it due to their health guarantee and they have a long list of possible ailments. We had her for about 3 weeks when in her second appointment with our vet she was diagnosed with a heart murmur. We called and spoke with the owner and we were told they would have their vet check her out and if needed order an echo for her. They did pay for the initial visit to their vet who confirmed she has a grade 2 murmur but then refused to pay for the echo which is needed for her so she can be spayed and have surgery to correct her cherry eyes.

The only option they have given us is to return her and they will replace her. How could I possibly return our puppy that we have had for 2 1/2 months and who we love dearly. They pray on he fact that no decent person would return a dog they have had. So they do not offer any kind of health guarantee unless you want to give up your pet which they lied because they said you can’t return your pets but in this instance that is all they are willing to do.

Please never shop there and never buy an animal because if your unlucky and get one who is ill they will do nothing to help with their treatment.

This is the worst service ever!!!!!!!!!


While I have had several great visits and purchases from this store including a very large breed dog, my most recent visit was beyond horrendous. Although everybody was friendly I have a serious issue with the integrity of some of the sales people.

I went during my lunch break to look at some dogs and found a couple of options that I thought my daughter would like. I took pictures sent them to her and she picked two that she really adored. I asked for a price quote on both dogs and was given a price that seemed a little high based on my research but I was willing to do it because Petland has great benefits included. I left the store to finish work and then came back to purchase the dog.

When I arrived they had everything ready for me to purchase except the price was $1,000 more then what I was quoted. This is after I finished all the paperwork and retrieve all of the pet supplies I needed. I asked to speak to the manager and he told me they would discounted $200. I appreciated the gesture however that is a bit of an insult when I took the time to come back to the store to purchase the dog that I had expected even though the quoted price was higher than standard. What is even worse is they failed to tell me the dog we originally chose, could not be picked up for another 10 days. Apparently it was sick.

Long story short this felt like a very typical car salesman bait and switch.  I will never step foot in another Petland and I will make it a goal to ensure everybody hears about this experience. I can understand people making mistakes but how you handle those mistakes is how a business is perceived. In this case this mistake was handled extremely poorly. Or it was very much a bait-and-switch situation and intentional.

Again I say they offered a $200 discount not because they misquoted me it’s because I had been there and purchased a very expensive French mastiff in the past.  That is not customer loyalty.


Buyer beware!!!! We purchased a “purebred” puppy from here and what we got has been a disaster and nightmare. Not only does the dog have health issues-fine, we have her on meds and we will make her better. She had an infection in her uteris, an infection from flea bites (that the sales person told us was “dander”, the vet confirmed it was a FLEA INFESTATION that caused an infection!), and was just crazy vomiting from the infections! However, the main thing is that we RECEIVED NO PAPERWORK ON THE DOG TO DATE-MONTHS LATER! The sales people here feed you a load of bull to get a sale, the managers will never call you back nor will the owner, and to boot they will not even provide you with information about the breeder. This was such a disaster and such a scam-total used car salesmen. I will make sure that we tell anyone and everyone about our experience so someone else does not go through the same thing!

**edited to add, paperwork that was finally “received” after complaining to the BBB and our credit card company, is MIXED BREED registration with NO breeder information (probably because they use a puppy mill which would explain the FLEA infestation)!!!! Walk away from this store FAST and use a reputable breeder if you are looking for a purebred dog. We learned our lesson the very very hard way!!!


Never come here. The people that work here are completely rude and have no idea what they’re doing half the time. Not to mention, they don’t know how to pick up a phone. I’ll get my Taste of the Wild somewhere else.

Oh, and don’t go for the animals. A Husky is $2000! And same for a Shiba Inu. Guess what? I paid $800 for my red Sesame Shiba and I paid $850 for my Husky, both AKC registration and health guarantee. This place is a ripoff.

If you want a pure bred animal, take your time finding the right breeder with the qualifications. Remember: breeders want to better the overall breed, whereas puppy mills do it for the money. That’s how you’ll always know the difference.


I recently bought a Corgi here. They said I couldn’t take her for another 10 days because her brother had a little nasal infection so they decided to give her meds just in case. I visited her al most every day and she would always seem to be choking or coughing up something. They said she was fine and just hacking up what was left from a little runny nose she had from the stress of the kennel. When I finally took her home she was worse and coughing all the time. I’ve had her for a month now and she’s still sick with Kennel cough. The vet gave her antibiotics and had me give her over the counter kids meds for a cold. All along they never admitted that she had kennel cough. Including their Vet who said she had nothing wrong. That’s pretty screwed up to pay $2,500.00 for her while she’s sick and having to spend more to take care of her. Last year I got a English Bulldog here for $4,500.00. You would think they wouldn’t treat a good customer this way. I see they have nothing but, bad reviews on here. Never will I buy from here again.


Everything was going well but ask bout the price on a French and was shock about the $700 price it sounded like so ask twice same thing until final paperwork right up too 7567 lol beautiful French bulldog puppy but not for that much homie…!!


I wish I had the option to give this store 0 stars! This is by far the worst pet shop around.  I just left there and I am so upset. On Sunday at 1pm they had only one person on the floor to help a store literally full of customers. I wanted to purchase some fish and when I asked for help the only girl working said that they were too busy to help anyone unless they were buying an overpriced puppy. They didn’t have anyone to even ring people up.  I asked to speak with the manager and she said he was too busy filling out paperwork for the people buying the puppies.  So unless you want to purchase an extremely overpriced puppy then do not go here. But if you want to feel undervalued as a person and a customer than this is your place! Horrible!


Please adopt, don’t shop for pets. Petland sells pets bred to sell, and to people who often purchase animals to breed and sell themselves. In other words, buying and selling pets for profit.

There is absolutely nothing unique or special about this place compared to any other specialty pet store. Please do not shop here, do not support their breeding.

Side note: for being a specialty store, the associates were shockingly not knowledgable about dog food. They suggested that I just switch my dog cold turkey to a new brand. It is common sense that you have to gradually change a dogs food- or else risk them getting very sick.

The only reason I shopped here once is that I just moved here and needed to find my dogs food locally. Now that I am re-stocked, I will be finding his food at any store other than this one.


The staff is extremely unhelpful… We wanted to look at dogs and they just stood there talking about global warming. The dogs look really sad and they’re trapped in tiny cages all day. Not good


I wish I could give this place 0 stars. I walked in and the store was pretty empty. There was one employee (in uniform) having a personal conversation with a lady and her son. I know its was personal because I could hear the content. I looked at the dogs and saw one I was interested in purchasing and waited near the cage for roughly 10 minutes. Its worth noting another customer walked in while I was waiting, who was also not greeted. I still had not been greeted at this point. In order to get acknowledged I had to essentially stand in the conversation at which point the customer, that’s right not the employee, stated she would let her get back to work and left. I pointed out which dog I was interested in and she said she would get her. She pointed to the cubby where she would bring her and walked off. No, not to get the puppy to have another full blown conversation with the customer who walked in while I was waiting. Fed up, I went and asked her name and went to leave. I then turned around and asked Taylor, I believe that’s her name, who the manager of the store was and she stated she was because her parents owned the store. The customer service is horrible and staff is extremely unprofessional.


He was actually treated for giardia while he was in your care, says so in the paperwork you gave us. Yet the vet diagnosed him with giardia a few days after we got him from you. Not fifteen days. So obviously he was sold to us knowing he had a parasite…since it didn’t clear up during his first treatment at Petland. Yes, you guys did cover the cost for Kingsley’s $40 deworming…but did you cover the cost for our other three infected pets…? But that wasn’t even my main complaint. You do buy your dogs from the Hunte corporation, who gets their dogs from puppy mills. Why not just buy them from reputable breeders? Because you won’t make thousands of dollars off of people? Thanks for your response, but please don’t call me a liar when the evidence is right in front of my face.


We bought our French bulldog puppy from Petland 4 months ago. We had a few problems with the store manager before we got Kingsley, but we took our puppy home and fell in love with him. Not long after, he infected everyone with giardia, which is not surprising since I just discovered he was born at a puppy mill. After researching all of his paperwork I found out that Petland ordered him from The Hunte Corporation, a puppy broker with horrible living conditions, who bought him from a breeder who has multiple breeding violations AKA a puppy mill. So my puppy wasn’t even bred in Texas, but was shipped from Missouri! $3,800 plus hundreds of dollars in vet bills, for a sick puppy. We will never make this mistake again. Please adopt. Puppy mills and Petland need to be shut down! Don’t trust any pet store that says their dogs aren’t from puppy mills, they are LYING!! Do you have a response, Petland?


Unless you come in wearing a business suit and have a wad of cash in your hand don’t even bother. The workers are rude, the pets look miserable and this place is very unhelpful.


I was extremely excited to hopefully purchase my future puppy. I even went online to select the black French bulldog I was hoping to meet this evening. When I arrived and asked for my furry friend, I was informed he was no longer available. I then saw another French bulldog and asked to hold it. The tall, thin gentleman then told me you can only hold the dogs if you’re looking to purchase one. I was at a loss for words at first, then politely stated that I am looking to purchase one. Yet I was still denied service from this man. He then turned around and allowed other customers to hold and play with the dogs. I have never been so embarrassed in my life. I cannot believe he had the audacity to deny a customer that went in with every intention with taking home a puppy that day. Petland has lost a customer.


We just moved to this area and were totally excited that they sold the dog food we feed our pet, but when we got the food home it was FULL of CRUMBLED pieces of dog food to where our dog couldn’t eat it without coughing/drinking every 5 seconds because of how hard the kibble “dust” was to swallow. When I went back to talk to the manager about how my $60 bag of dog food was disgusting and hard for my dog to eat, the manager/owner would not come out of their office to talk to me and told a sales person that all they could do was let me buy ANOTHER bag at half price. I told her that we would not be back and we have not. So disappointing because we would have been there every 3 weeks buying that dog food and other treats she likes too.


ANYTIME you buy a dog from a pet store, they originally come from puppy mills. It does not matter what the pet store owners, employees or managers say. Respectable breeders NEVER sell to pet stores, and obviously dogs aren’t pulled from shelters to be sold in a store. So as long as people buy from these stores we will continue to have puppy mills where the moms are over bred, don’t get treated for anything, live in small cages with wire floors and have eyes hanging out of their sockets etc. (you can find plenty of information online) PLEASE QUIT BUYING DOGS FROM PET STORES!!!!!!!!!!! There are so many specific breed rescues that have dogs ranging in all ages up for adoption and shelters have MANY MANY purebred dogs! They are not all mutts.


They’re very rude there! We went a couple times to look at dogs. We sent our kids in (my 21 year old and 13 year old) to play with it and decide whether or not we want to purchase it. A worker came in and grabbed the dog from my kids and said they were going to let “real customers” see it. Don’t recommend this place for families who are contemplating.


Be wary of the puppies in Petland at the Vineyard. My shih Tzu had had eye surgery at 3 months and later developed a lacerated cornea. The owner and associated Smith & Shedd vet threw their hands up when I voiced my concern. The outcome: neither parties were accountable. I recommend you buy from a reputable breeder and take your new pup to a knowledgeable vet!


Petland Tyler

4512 S. Broadway #A1

Tyler, TX 75703



Petland Fairfax

9404-A Main St.

Fairfax, VA 22031



The only reason I’m leaving a review is so that management would realize that 98% of their dogs are left to eat/roll around in their feces, because the workers don’t clean it. I recently went for the first time with a friend and we were both so shocked by the poor conditions the puppies are forced to live in. The puppies are also extremely overpriced. We asked for a price range for the puppies and the worker just said “in between 3-4.5k” without giving us a glance.

I would never consider purchasing a puppy from Petland and it breaks my heart to see all of the puppies there.


HORRIBLE customer service, the puppies are way too over priced, one of my friends even told me they bought a puppy from here and it turned out that the puppy was extremely sick and they had to end up paying even more for the puppies medical expenses.
I went inside their store last month and all the little girls working had the ugliest stank face as if they hated anyone who came inside the store. If they were having such a bad day, they should’ve just gone home and taken their stank face elsewhere.
It’s cute to play with puppies and all but I do feel bad for them being stuck in a little box.
Please, if you’re looking for a puppy, an alternative would be adopting one or even looking on Craigslist. I bought my 8 week old, Spooky, from a lady for WAY cheaper than what these people sell all their puppies for. He’s the best, cutest, and healthiest baby ever.


The puppy we looked at (a mix of three breeds) was dirty and smelled terrible. I wanted to adopt him just to get him out of there. They wanted $4k for the dog. When I scoffed they mentioned they offer financing. Financing for a dog? Nothing about this place seems right or ethical.

Yelp wants me to add more to this review just so it will post, so I’ll add the fact that no one from the company is commenting on any of these terribly sad and outrageous reviews is very telling.



You morons are just perpetuating the horrible fact of puppy mill breeding.  if you don’t know what the hell I am talking about go here:…


Really? You guys are still BUYING dogs??? Okay, if you don’t know what a puppy mill is please google it. California just banned the sale of puppies, for a reason. Also, this business has a terrible reputation. Google them. They do not care about animals at all. ADOPT YOUR DOGS PEOPLE, RESCUE. STOP SUPPORTING THESE MONSTERS WHO PUT MALNOURISHED DEPRESSED PUPPIES IN GLASS CAGES FOR PURCHASE. I mean really, do some freaking research before you bring an animal home. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE.………

RESCUE! Pure breeds are genetically inferior anyways, do some freaking research my god!!!!



Not a great selection of pet food; they did not have many of the major brands of cat food and certainly not the healthier versions.

It’s hard not to notice the puppies in their cages when walking through the store. While very cute, most of the puppies appeared ill. 80% were asleep (which is not atypical) but none exhibited energy or excitement for their onlookers. One puppy looked like it had a contusion on its eye and several had cages that could use a good cleaning.

I don’t plan on returning and I certainly wouldn’t recommend anyone purchase their pet here- look at your local animal shelter first, Arlington Animal Welfare League is a great place to start.


I went to Petland in December of 2016 to grab some dog food aaand I left with a puppy. They assured me while he had a runny nose a few weeks back the vet had cleared him and said he was healthy. That night the poor little guy could barely breath and was coughing. I took him to emergency and sure enough he had an enlarged heart, Pneumonia  and giardia. The next day I decided not to take him to the vet that said he was healthy- even though the contract says that PL would only reimburse me if I went to that vet. Well, $4000.00 later, my little guy is healthy. Finally. I submitted the bills, spoke to their insurance agency (the fact that they have their own insurance agency should have been a red flag) & called the store to give them a heads up since he was contagious. While everyone was pleasant they refused to acknowledge or reimburse the money spent. It was ridiculous. Anyways, for what it is worth, I get the cute factor of the puppies and the saving the sick puppy factor but just be prepared for the bills to pile up. I am currently contesting the credit card bill. So that is  fun and new obstacle to tackle.


They have a sign that says “Adopt-a-pet”. NOT TRUE, they use that in order for you to be interested in adopting and then they start trying to sell the poor dog. If you are thinking of having a dog, just remember that you can’t buy love… but you can definitely rescue it. Adopt don’t shop.


Never buy a puppy from here or any where supporting puppy mills is there common practice adopt!!! They take horrible care of there animals they should be shut down appalling Shame on you Petland!!!


This store uses known puppy mills. Anyone who writes a review for good customer service isn’t doing their research when purchasing a dog.

Puppy mills are terrible and often the dogs suffer terrible illnesses. Petland needs to release the animals in their care and stop purchasing from criminal breeders like the one’s in Iowa.


Came in here with family, saw a puppy we liked. A corgi….we were going to buy that lil puppy until the person helping us said the lil puppy cost $2300.00. OMG r u kidding…the dog was a mixed, not a purebred. Not shopping here at those prices!!


This store takes very poor care of their dogs. Even if you look at the dog and think he or she is healthy you are probably in for a surprise. I took my dog to the vet the next morning and she was diagnosed with Giardia and then Petland refused to cover the treatment because I did not take the dog to their vet. It makes no sense for me to take my new dog to their vet because there is an inherent conflict of interest in a person that they paid to take care of the dog to tell me that their dog is healthy. I would not trust them. I am looking forward to signing on the class-action lawsuit that has gotten started and Georgia against Petland as a company.


They get their puppies from the PUPPY MILLS!  Don’t be dumb!  DO NOT SUPPORT NOR BUY FROM THEM!!  The only reason why they’re still in business is because DUMMIES are willing to pay $2500-$5000 for these poor sick puppies that lay in their own pee and poo all day.  ADOPT from a shelter is the way to go!!! This should be illegal.


I had such an awful experience..I’ve been to this Petland a few times before and I got quality service but today, all the employees were just ignoring me. I asked to play with the puppies twice and these women came in after me and got to go in before me. Other customers kept coming in and getting to go ahead of me. Then they just ignored my friends and I the entire time we were there. Service was poor today.. get better please.


Purchased a puppy approximately 3 weeks ago. She has been riddled with illness, and unfortunately this morning we hadn’t lay her to rest. I am beyond sad and hurt, not to mention out a significant amount of money. Will seek retribution. Please DO NOT purchase a puppy from this store.


I had to laugh at Behram’s post because USDA accredited is the same thing as getting USDA choice meat – it doesn’t mean jack when you’re talking about a living, breathing, HEALTHY animal.
Petland purchases dogs from “puppy mills”. Google  “puppy mill” and I can only imagine someone who even heard that they might do this would consider talking to a breeder (unless they are a friend of someone who works there and is doing them a solid with a bogus review…hmmm).
SO people – you want a healthy dog? Join a dog breed group on Facebook, learn about the breed you are interested in buying, and then ask for breeder recommendations. You will get a healthy animal at a cheaper price (immediate and long-term costs). You can also check out… for breeders of merit (or if you want to cross reference the recommendations you received). A bonafide breeder wants to speak with you to make sure you are a good fit for them and them for you because they breed for the love of the animal, not because they want to turn a profit. Reputable breeders do NOT sell to pet stores.
So, perhaps do a little more research – I mean you are on Yelp for a reason. Google one of Petland’s “USDA accredited” breeders:
Carla & Tom Steffensmeier – Top Notch Puppies
Mark Steffensmeier
Larry Steffensmeier
Puppy mills tend to have a lot of buildings with no outdoor running areas / dog runs. Think of all the contagious germs and unsanitary conditions that lead to kennel cough, distemper, pneumonia, etc.
This is what a Steffensmeier operation looks like:… (same “breeder”)…
hudson-imkindofabigdeal.…… (CTRL-F Steffensmeier)


I was looking for a place to buy food for my cats today and happened across Petland. I was upset to go in and see a store selling puppies who lived in tiny cages with wire bottoms that hurt their feet. The floor is maybe 25% covered by a small mat and the pups (even the larger breeds) have to share that space with their food and water, as well as any pee or poop that will inevitably happen. The kittens had a larger area, but most dogs were in ~3×3 squares.

The other small animals (rabbits, guinea pigs) are in an open top bin without any protection from people who want to pick them up – nowhere to hide.

I suspect the dogs are puppy mill dogs. Man, i wish we could outlaw those.


HEARTBREAKING horrible conditions for these animals. How are they allowed to do this???? My 12 year old wanted to walk in there. I warned her but she still insisted. She cried all night. The puppies and kittens live on grates with no toys or soft things to lay on. Kittens looked stressed out. Completely inhumane!! Do not give these stores any business!!

Update to my review…SHOCKER, just saw Petland on the news(10/3) for selling sick puppies and their inhumane treatment of the animals. Get your pets at shelters or reputable breeders who truly care for their animals!


DO NOT SUPPORT ANY PETLAND ESPECIALLY THIS FAIRFAX LOCATION! I haven’t had the chance to get around writing a review for this place, but I bought a baby budgie from them a couple of months ago. I was depressed after my hamsters death after a year and spontaneously decided to get another friend. The manager Jeremy seemed really friendly at first, he also made himself look like an animal lover and an expert. I trusted him to sell me the budgie. I’m aware that parakeets need other parakeets because they’re very social creatures. When I asked him questions about it, he said that I’m the parakeets best friend and I wouldn’t need another one…. UM STRANGE! He caressed the beautiful bird and put it in a box. I purchased it at first because it stood out from all of them. The color was really unique (light yellow and blue). I used to come here all the time, since I was younger to pet and play with the puppies (not aware that it is purchased from puppy mills)– which  puppies are forced to breed and kept in horrible conditions. Also they had two cats that were kept in a dirty corner. The puppies and cats looked super depressed/neglected.

Going on, I didn’t buy a cage from them, since they only had small ones to begin with. I bought the budgie for $30 something dollars– expensive compared to other pet stores. I brought it home and put it in a fairly big cage with toys, quality food, and treats. I interacted with it a lot before I was going to go purchase a friend for her. I didn’t even get the chance because she died the next morning (within a WEEK) . THEY SOLD ME A SICK BIRD AND I DIDN’T REALIZE. My mom noticed that her belly looked a little odd and discolored (some sort of infection) since I bought her. We were EXTREMELY UPSET/DEVASTATED and had to bury her in our backyard next to my hamster. I really wanted to go in person and yell at the manager but had my dad call instead. Jeremy was extremely rude and turned it back against me, saying that it was my fault and that the store had no fault. It was perfectly healthy yada yada and that they can’t give my money back but a 10% discount… ugh *rolls eyes* he yelled at my dad over the phone, gave attitude and was extremely unprofessional. He runs the business with his brother.


I went with my friend and he bought a $3000 puppy. A few days later he was extremely sick, almost to the point of dying. He took the puppy to the vet and it had “kennel cough” as well as parasites. This establishment knowingly sells sick puppies and will do anything for a dollar. They have hundreds of lawsuits. Please, do not support this business.


I recently adopted a puppy and wanted to purchase a snuggle puppy to help ease her separation from her littermates. This was the only store in the local area that sold them.

When I entered no one greeted me and I soon realized they sold puppies (many of whom I overheard were sick). I wanted to abandon the whole thing but thought of my puppy and her cries and decide to only purchase the snuggle puppy and be on my way. The cashiers were rude and did not even offer any niceties such as thank you or have a good day. Customer service at this store is nonexistent.

I will be writing to snuggle puppy to ask them to stop selling their product here and find a more reputable local pet store.

Pet owners- Please seek another store for your pet supply needs and your local shelter or rescue organization for your next family pet!! There are so many deserving animals that need homes!


Sold us a sick dog. 5 weeks later…still sick and now we have to pay for it. Thanks Petland for living up to your reputation. Is it too late to give it back??


We called in to ask about a specific puppy that they had on their website. We were asked if we would like to set up an appointment to see her. When I told the gentleman on the phone that we would have to drive about 35 minutes to get there and would not be able to make it until about 8:00pm, he said that would be fine. When we arrived, all of the employees working made it obvious that it was a huge inconvenience that we were coming in a half hour to close. Even though they scheduled us for an appointment! They tried to have us reschedule and come back a different day (Strike one).

One of the employees looked around frantically to see if we were really scheduled and claimed he didn’t see my name anywhere. Finally, one employee fessed up to having our name down as one of their appointments for the night. The other employee tried to make it seem like it was going to be such a big hassle and that we should talk about what comes in the puppy package and pricing options. He then tried to say that they typically don’t like to wake the puppies up if they’re sleeping because they have had such a long day (Really? Strike two).

The employee showing us what comes with the puppy was nice enough and showed us what comes in their “puppy package” but then goes on to tell me that the mixed breed puppy that I’m interested in is going to cost $2800! WHAT?! A pure bred puppy of either of the breeds the puppy was mixed with wouldn’t even cost that much even if we flew them in from another state. The crate along with the starter items they were going to come with the puppy wouldn’t even come close to making that price right.

This poor puppy is now going to sit there for WEEKS while they try to haggle someone to pay high dollar, for again, a mixed puppy. I feel so so sorry for that poor puppy who will not have a loving home or proper training for however many more weeks because they’re asking for an outrageous amount of money.


DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT purchase a dog, cat, bird or any animal from Petland in Fairfax, VA.  I brought my puppy on Saturday, August 19th for 1500 dollars.  First of all, that’s way too much to pay for a puppy but I caved in because of my son.  While you are waiting for the dog (supposedly they are giving the dog an exam prior to you taking it home), they are pushing their products and going over the paperwork and their “so called” warranties.  When I purchased the dog, they informed me that it included a complimentary vet visit from their vet of choice.  Fairfax Veterinarian Hospital in Twinbrook Shopping Center.  Well three days later, we take the pup to the vet.  She was out of date with her shots (rabies, distemper etc.) and had a slight ear infection.  The vet proceeds to tell me that he was going to give me an estimate on the shots.  When I informed him that Petland was to cover the cost, he disagreed or acted as though he was unaware of this arrangement that he had with them.  So, I called Petland to talk with the manager.  The manager tells me that I have to call Solutions insurance (something that they also talked about in the paperwork) to see if this is covered or that I can pay for it and get reimbursed.  From that point, the verbal exchange between me and the manager turned into a screaming match.  He was the rudest person in a leadership and customer service business I had ever encountered.  I stormed out of the vet to address that manager in person.  Needless to say, the in person visit was just as ugly.  He was very nonchalant and didn’t see anything wrong in his responses to me as a customer.  Ultimately, the customer service department from Solutions insurance called the vet to indicate that they would cover the costs of the shots but not the medicine for her ear infection because she was certified as being healthy on the day I purchased the pup.  When I asked the store manager who certified the health of the dog, they indicated the same vet who was offering the complimentary exam.  When I returned to the vet office to get the dogs shots, I asked the assistant for the name of the vet who certified the dog as healthy.  She said it was not their office and that I had to get the name from Petland.  However, she proceeds to go to the back.  I believed she briefed the vet because then he says that he was the one that examed the dog on the day that I brought her.  I don’t believe him because I purchased the dog on a day that his office was opened.  I tell you now, this place is not transparent at all.  I think they have a shady business deal going on including with the vet.  I will never ever ever ever go back here or recommend anyone go here to purchase any type of pet.  In fact, I’m strongly considering someone investigate their business practices.  Oh, and one more thing, I ignored all of the red flags the day that I brought the pup because most of the ones we wanted to play with (before making our purchase) were sick and couldn’t be allowed out of their cages.  I should have known then that something wasn’t right with this place.  I wish I could give it a negative review.  That’s how strongly I feel.  I’m going to have someone investigate this place immediately.


If I could leave negative stars I would!!! DON’T buy puppies people!!!

I wondered in here to purchase a automatic feeder for my three ADOPTED cats from reputable shelters/foster families and not thinking what this establishment was- (thought it was just another Petsmart type place) I’ve been working insane hours at work tired, and as soon as I walked in I was hit with a feeling of dread!!! I could sense all the animals- puppies, bunnies, birds.. were all from puppy mills!!

The cages were SMALL- just born puppies were in cages by themselves- probably never taken out by staff and nurtured nor walked!! Salesgirl didn’t know full story on history with the exception that they come mostly from Ohio and Amish families!! Now please excuse me if you are a decent Amish person however 98% of puppy mills are ran by the Amish faith and their logical thinking of animals is not healthy and sensible, read the facts on Google, watch Oprah on her puppy mill episodes…

This place is a disgrace in Fairfax and needs to close!! Spending $2,000 or more money for a pet is a disgrace and the animals are in a very unhealthy state!!

Don’t ever “buy” a pet- instead rescue and adopt a loving dog, cat, rabbit, ferret, bird…it will feel like they rescued you too!!

And soooo many more!!!!!


Worst customer service ever, the staff were very very rude. It blew my mind. If you want to be treated like s*** go to this place. My family and I had an awful experience we went to see puppies and buy kitten supply’s. The assistant manager Alex and a female worker Allison treated us very poorly. The female worker responded to our questions very rudely and with a lot of attitude, We waited for over an hour and half to see a puppy but then were told that we lost our privilege because we kindly spoke to her about her poor customer service. This place is unprofessional, I have a genuine concern for the animals in this store and their well-being. This place needs to be shut down or looked at for the well being of the animals. I will never shop here again.


Petland’s pups come from puppy mills!! Under no circumstances should you ever buy a pet from Petland.  The USDA has done numerous reports on Petland puppy conditions and they are not favorable.  If you want a pup, rescue one from a shelter or even go through a home breeder, but never buy one from a chain like this!!


I just wanted to give an update to this location concerning the puppy that was purchased last year.  The puppy was advertised as English bulldog and pug.  Ok, cool combination as we already have a pug.  After she grew up we haven’t noticed anything pug about her.  Definitely bulldog characteristics though.  I decided to get a DNA test on her and turns out she is English bulldog, but with beagle not pug.  As a matter of fact, there isn’t one ounce of pug that was found in the DNA test.  Obviously, we feel like we have been taken advantage of because of what she was originally advertised as.  Don’t get me wrong, she is a very sweet dog and we wouldn’t trade her for the world.  It just sucks that these people don’t truly represent what kind of dogs they sell.


I should have done more research here before actually going to the location.  My girlfriend and I found a dog on their website and we absolutely loved her.  We went and looked at her and fell in love with her and did buy her.  As we were trying to finish up the sale, one of the workers saw there was a hold on her because she had been treated for a cold and the vet needed to give her a clean bill of health.  This was on a Saturday and the vet would be in “Monday or Tuesday”.

I never heard anything Monday a