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Petland Reviews and Complaints


Petland – Terrible manager, terrible service

I went in to the the Petland store in Lake st. Louis missouri with my mother at the end January.

We decided to purchase some of the leftover Christmas clearance items on an endcap marked 50% off. Upon going to the register and ringing out we noticed some of the items were 50% off and some were not. We first asked the cashier noticed for an explanation to which she replied she didnt understand it either.We noticed a manager named Kyle standing near the endcap so we asked him for clarification. He replied ugh..remember whenbi asked if you needed help thats what i was talking about cant you read.

Told the sign is bright red and says Christmas merchandise 50%off. It does not say some is and some is not, or priced as marked, or hey get a suprise at the register. Hes like well thats how it is its normally way more expensive so you are getting a deal (even though it was almost February and it was Christmas stuff) After he literally insulted us we both asked for our money back and returned all of our merchandise. Problem is guess what, our money never came back on our cards, and Kyle kept our receipts.

We have called corporate my mother got her receipt taken care of, now here I am going into May and I am STILL WAITING ON MY MONEY BACK FROM THE LAKE SAINT LOUIS PETLAND!!! Ihave kept my end of the bargain by never shopping there again, and jave told everyone I know about their terrible service and treatment.

We all know this is somethi g that couls have been handled at store level. Especially since this gentleman still works there.

I liked: I will never go back.

I didn’t like: Dishonesty, Customer service, Service, Service the manager all of it.


Petland – Unpaid employee

I was a customer at the Staten Island location by the Staten Island Mall and I seen a customer that got clocked out by his manager his manager Brenda did not tell him anything he was working till 8:40 while I was trying to decide I’m with fish I want to take he left the store at 8 45 and his manager said she clocked him out at 8:10 he did not know he was working without pay I don’t know this young boy’s name but he was a sweetheart and he deserves pay


Petland – Pregnant and sick animal

Update by user Mar 28

Not to mention I wanted a fancy rat and ended up with a dumbo rat they are very different in size

Original review posted by user Mar 28

I bought a female rat whom was apparently pregnant because i only bought one now i have 11. I called the pet store they said i could bring the babies back in a month.

This is my first rat i have no idea how to care for them. I called the store march 27 because my rat has had these bumps on her ears and they have gotten worse. They notified me that they are currently treating rats for mites. They failed to tell me this when i called about her birth knowing they had infested rats.

I dont have the money to take her to a vet for 70 dollars plus whatever care and medecine she may need i have also been informed that over the counter medecine can or will kill her nursing babies and i cant see letting them die and dont have another female to wet nurse them while she gets better i am also sure that the store ans its rat care providers are aware of the difference in care for a nursing mother and are failing to offer advice or care for her i really cannot kill her children with medecine amd cant afford for mites to go to my dog or other rodents that i have. Please help.

Review about: Petland Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.


Petland – Puppy mills animal cruelty , terrible customer service

i got a dog a while ago ( 2008 )there. paid 1700 dollars for her ( *** dumb i know ) . she was purebred mini dachshund . anyways after getting her i did some research into her bloodline..and found out she came from some breeder in kansas…all good it would seem..nope the breeder was wanted by the irs for tax evasion…and then did more digging and found out he was arrested in other states for animal cruelty and running puppy mills. so i went to petland with this proof and asked them to refund the money i gave them based on what i found out. they refused they said give us back the dog and we will talk. ( the manager at the time was an rude arrogant d*** ). i called them out for working with illegal puppy mills and they of course denied it up

and down even with the proof and a report from the kansas police dept. about the breeder …. so basically i was dumb and got a dog from there.

….. and they are all for puppy mills and animal cruelty. in theory selling illegal merchandise is against the law…but they get away with it. im just glad that even though i got f***ed with my money just glad i was able to get one dog out of that hellish place so do yourself a favor do not support them.. they are a worthless company that could care less about animals ( cause keeping a animal in a small cage and being out there for people to bother is pretty traumatizing ) do yourself a favor just type in petland cruetly in a search engine. this is the reponse from the owner of the cicero petland Jeffrey Frankel today “You should really gather your own FACTS rather than blindly believing internet propaganda.” “You are entitled to your opinion however we get frustrated dealing with people like you that are uninformed, willfully ignorant and worse arrogant.”

i was told they were going to set up a meeting with myself and director of company stores and the director of animal welfare july 8th 2015 but i went in and the manager had no clue what i was talking about ive left my number there numerous times last year and so far 5 times this summer and not one person there has contacted me , im pretty sure the workers are told not to talk to me.

Review about: Petland Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.


Petland – Shi**y service

Went in to look at a new puppy (had previously bought a puppy from here with no issues) once inside we waited at least 15 mins and were passed by workers NUMEROUS times. Upon asking someone to see the puppy I was told “were too understaffed and don’t have time for all of you” with 5 people just standing behind the kennels watching all this happen you’d figure someone would have been able to get off their lazy *** and help huh?

Not to mention the handling of these puppies. Tossing them carelessly back into cages…will not have my business.

Get it together petland. SERIOUSLY.

Review about: Petland Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.


Petland – Call from your employee Lake Frederika Florida rude hung up

I received a blind call from Petland Lake Frederika Florida on a recorded line. She wanted to sell me a dog. I told her I already bought a dog from Petland at Lake Frederika Florida. I asked to speak to the manager and she hung up on me.


Petland – Filthy and Roach Infested

Had made a trip today to check out the animals and as my daughter was looking at one at the bottom me and her both witnessed roaches crawling on the floor by kennels, not just one but several. It was disgusting


Petland – The worst experience ever

The workers were rude and make you wanna ge tour he store dogs are dirty and too young to be sold and staff Isterrible


Petland – No one answered

I’m having issues with making payments on my dog because y’all seem to have trouble finding my account


Petland – Horrendous!!

I purchased a puppy from this establishment. I purchased him because I felt sorry for him and my kids really wanted him. We asked to see the puppy and when they brought him to us he smelled so disgusting I wanted to throw up! Every one of the cages had urine and *** all over.

When I made the final decision to purchase the puppy I asked the associate to please give him a bath because he stunk so bad. They told me they would take him back to give him a bath. So when they took him back I watched through the glass and they did not give him a bath all they did was spray him with dog cologne. I still took him anyways, even though I wasn’t happy about that.

When we were doing the paperwork, I flat out asked the associate if he had all his shots. He showed me the paperwork that showed the shots that he has received and told me that yes he had all the shots except for rabies. The associate told me that all he needed was rabies and his yearly shots. This was a complete lie to my face.

I took the puppy to the veterinarian 4 days after purchasing him and the veterinarian told me that he needed several series of shots still that we’re going to cost me even more money. This establishment is ripping people off! They charged me over $2000 for this puppy that isn’t even recognized as a breed with the AKC. The associate also lied to my face when I asked point-blank about the refund policy.

I also found out when the puppy was being examined by the Veterinarian that he had health problems that is also going to cost me more money!

Do NOT buy a puppy from this place! They need to be put out of business!

Review about: Dog.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.


Petland – Bunny purchase

WE bought a bunny on 1/3/18. Petland did not provide many details, but claimed she was 8 weeks old at the time.

10 days later and 1000$ in medicals bills the bunny has died of Gi-Stasis. The vet said that she was too little to be taken away from milk and her mother. No way she was 8 weeks old when we got her. She spent 10 or more days at the store before we purchased her.

She lived with us for another 9 days before getting sick.

It was heartbreaking experience for us. Now we are stuck with a brand new cage and supplies.

Review about: Petland Rabbit.

Reason of review: sick bunny.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.


Petland – Horrible service

January 28,2018 5:13 pm…… I was very serious about buying a puppy, I recived no help for 30 minutes or longer and finally when I did get help I had about 6 minutes with the puppy until one of your workers rudely harassed me and finally kicking me out of the room taking the puppy away from me not asking if I wanted to buy the puppy in which I did! The whole time I was there as well she gave me dirty looks and ignored me the entire time.

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Review about: Petland Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.


Petland should not be able to sell animals

I inquired on a Domestic kitten. They want $400 for him.

This is outrageous. This poor kitten will never sell and have to live his days in a cage. I am so disturbed and upset. I feel there is nothing I can do.

I told the girl that I have to Persians and didnt pay that much for them, so sad! How can they get away with this. Petsmart sells theirs for $75 and theyre already fixed and have shots. That is reasonable!

$400 is ridiculous and shows they do not care about the animals just full of Greed. Maybe a petition should be started to shut them down!

Reason of review: Animal gouging.

Preferred solution: Stop selling animals for so much so they can get a home.

I didn’t like: Price on domestic kitten.


Petland – Do not buy from any of these stores

Bought a puppy from there on 10-26-17. Got her home & in 10 minutes we had to take her to the vet. She has severe pneumonia & worms. DONT BUY ANY ANIMAL FROM PETLAND!!! They lied about EVERYTHING




Puppy Dead! After 3 days…we paid thousands of dollars to keep him alive!!!! They are crooks…puppy mills and unsympathetic. DO NOT BUY FROM THERE!!!! THEY ARE FROM AMISH MILLS!!!!! Please dont be a victim!!!!


Petland – stay a away or forewarned is forearmed

Please have an orthopedic specialist check your puppy. I purchased mine from Petland Robinson 07/16, he almost died twice in the first month and has permanent physical disabilities from this nightmare establishment.

My Akita has tibial torsion, elbow and hip dysplasia; not to mention, he is grossly undersized. He has had physical therapy so that he can maneuver steps. I wrote a letter to the Allegheny County Humane Officer to no avail. This place absolutely needs shut down immediately.

I picked him up on a Thursday and had to have him emergency vetted Saturday as I almost lost him because he couldn’t breathe, had a horrible upper respiratory infection. He was completely lethargic and most of his face was covered in green mucus. The owner (at the time) was an ignorant, pompous, arrogant bigot with zero respect for humans or animals. Laughed because I am a woman and said I couldn’t handle the breed.

He is a greedy narcissist…we can only hope that karma will do the job that the law is not doing. May he rot in *** with his hundreds of thousands of dollars in blood money from these poor animals.

Review about: Petland Akita Dog.

Reason of review: My Akita is permanently disabled.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Allegheny Humane Officer needs to shut this place down for violations.

I didn’t like: Owner.


Petland – Very Mislead and Completely Disheartened

My husband and I would go into this store a lot- usually just to play with the puppies (it can be therapeutic for animal lovers)- one day we saw a new arrival- a puggle female. She is a very unusual looking little puggle(maybe ugly to some, beautiful to us), and she really tugged on my heart strings.

We left, thinking we shouldn’t probably purchase a dog, that we should consider adoption instead. For many weeks, my thoughts of that puggle kind of haunted me- my husband checked in there a few times over weeks that turned to months, hoping that someone else may have given her a home. Petland kept lowering her price tag, and she was unfortunately still there and getting older. One day she was taken down from the web site, so I was ecstatic to think that someone gave her a home.

A few weeks passed and my husband ran in to get me some treats for our other dogs. He called me and said she was not gone- that she was still there, which was NOW 4 months into her stay at that store, and it really broke my heart. They told my husband she had to be quarantined due to an “infection”, so they had taken her off the website, which made no sense to me- unless she was gravely ill, but that was what they told us, but they also made sure to say she was STILL for sale and that they and cut the price in half, to 800.00 . I decided to call my mom and ask her advice about the situation, as we were getting ready to leave town for a few days.

She advised me to go out of town and then decide if we could do another dog once we got back. When we returned from our short vacation, my parents had gone and purchased her for us. Of course, Petland had told them about their puppies health guarantees and all of the “extras” that they include when you purchase a puppy from them, which they had also told my husband and I on many occasions, trying to educate us on their puppy guarantees. So, now we had her and were excited to give her the home she had not had for SO long.

She came with a terrible case of kennel cough, but we used Vitamin C, Coconut oil,and Sambucus to get rid of it. A week passed after we purchased her, and I took her to the vet that Petland asks you to go to (to keep their health guarantee in check)- the vet said she looked and felt fine to them and they sent me on my way. Here we are 2 months later, she had begun having a hard time walking, sitting and even laying down- we thought she may have just pulled a muscle or something so we waited a few days and then when things got worse we took her back to the same vet that said she was healthy (that Petland suggests you use). This time the diagnosis was not good.

The vet felt around a bit on her hips and watched her walk and then said he suspected she was a Perthes dog. He said it was probably a congenital defect(possibly breeding) and said that it is usually only found in 1 hip. They did a series of XRAYS and found that yes, not only did she have a severe case of Perthes in her right hip, but that her left hip was also deteriorating. He came back and said that we had the option of doing orthopedic surgery on her that following Friday(this was a Monday) or if we let it go further that the muscles may atrophy and she would be in severe discomfort and danger.

He said that they could only do 1 hip at this time and so somewhere down the line we would have to do the 2nd. We were devastated. She is only 6 months old, and she was just getting used to a home and a yard. We took her in for the surgery that Friday and we went by and spoke to Petland about the situation we were in, and about how they should have probably known, after 4 months of having the dog.

They tout the health guarantee whenever they get the opportunity- so we asked what were they going to do to help us with a 1300.00 surgery, which was only for 1 of her 2 bad hips? 1300.00 is A LOT of money and beyond THAT, we had not even had her for a full 2 months when this was diagnosed. Petland said they remembered her(since she was there for over 1/2 her life) and that they had insurance on their puppies, so they would talk with the owners there and figure something out. They never called or followed up, so when we took her for her surgery on Friday- we asked the vet if Petland usually handles sick dogs this way?

They said that they would speak to Petland and let them know full diagnosis. We had the surgery done and went to pick her up when they opened the next morning. I was FULLY prepared to pay for the surgery as upset as I was over this whole thing- the stress on our puppy, the stress on our family and the inconvenience it had put on our household and our puppies life. The front desk clerk said that Petland was actually going to totally take care of the costs (after they had spoken with them), and we got our dog and THANKFULLY left with follow up instructions for her care.

I took her back in for her laser therapy TODAY, which is the following Tuesday and when they brought her back- a lady from the back came out and apologized, but said that she had spoken to Petland and that they had not agreed to pay for ANYTHING. First of all- that made me sick to my stomach- THE VET stated that PETLAND had covered the charges 3 days earlier, and then that lady also stated that PETLAND told her we had ONLY paid 300.00 for the puggle(a lie, and kind of condescending-does it matter how MUCH you pay for a dog that you are giving a home anyway?) and that they would never cover a surgery for a dog that cost that little for the amount that the surgery had cost. After watching my dog go through all of this- they are seriously going to do this TODAY??? After we did everything we were supposed to do and we were told that the costs had been covered by Petland just a few days before?

AND- the vet or Petland couldn’t have called me on Monday or emailed me to tell me there was a huge mistake made, but wait until I’m back for a follow up with my puppy and corner me with this then? She acted like Petland did not even know what they were talking about with my puppies surgery. DISGUSTING. I left there not knowing how to handle this- sick to my stomach.

I now have a dog that will be compromised twice for surgeries in the first year of her life, with apparently NO health guarantee. My heart goes out to all those creatures in that store and the folks that bought an animal there thinking that they would be healthy.

Review about: Petland Puggle Dog.

Reason of review: They sold me an unhealthy puppy with very bad health issues .

Monetary Loss: $1900.

Preferred solution: I would like for the Petland to pay for the surgery, like I was told they had. .

I didn’t like: How my puppies health issues were handled.


Petland – Really bad..

We got a baby bunny on Saturday. 8-19-17 we purchased the bunny kit that away my boyfriend and i could have all the things the baby needed.

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Today 8-21-17 my boyfriend and i woke up for work and at 5:30a.m. i went to check on the baby at around 5:40 just to see him laying there stiff as a board… I find it morbidly inhumane and sickening that in order for us to get a refund on this baby. We had to bring him in….

I find it ridiculous as i was handing the manager this dead bunny that she was practically laughing in my face. I find it nuts that only 1 of their employees seemed to care. And im guessing thats because hes a new hire. But anyways.

My boyfriend and i will never be setting foot in another petland. Not even if our lives depended on it.

Review about: Petland Rabbit.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.


2 of my dogs died that we bought at Petland.

Please don’t buy any puppies at Petland! My husband and I had 2 puppies from Petland.

One passed 1/19/15, the other passed 7/23/17. Our heart is so broken at our loss. Not one but two. Get a rescue if you must get a pure breed, go to a reputable breeder and please do your research on them too, Our dogs are our family and my husband and I miss them everyday.

They are way over priced too. They don’t take care of the puppies. They are just in it for the money. RIP in peace Kalani and Zeus.

We will see you again in heaven.

I hate you Petland and hope you go out of business. My fur babies can never be replaced.

Review about: Petland Dog.


Petland – Stay away!!!! Puppy mill puppies!!!

We bought our Akita from petland in Robinson Pa about 3 weeks ago… he’s had diahhrea on and off since we bought him!

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Been to the vet twice and can’t figure out what’s wrong. Besides that point, I did some research on where my puppy came from… took me 20 minutes to type his breeders names in, and he brought to a website with a list of all these puppy mills from Arkansas, Indiana and Iowa, which is where mine was from! His breeders names were on there and there was pictures of the cages they’re kept in and everything!!!!

Don’t pay $3000 for puppies coming from these places! Them and their parents aren’t taken care of properly, and it results in illness, disease, and so many other problems! One of our puppies *** hasn’t descended… and if it doesn’t he’s not capable of breeding properly.

This place is disgusting…

please pleaseeeee go to a shelter. Do not give your money to people who are associated with puppy mills!

Review about: Petland Akita Dog.

Reason of review: Bad quality.


Petland – Agonizing death of a fur-baby

Do NOT BUY THEIR “puppy-mill babies”.We were told we have 72 hours to see”PETLAND’S” vet after purchase.Appx.24 hrs. after purchase,the puppy(($900)),started making a hacking sound and we found him on the air vent gasping for air.We were 60+ miles away from “THEIR” vet and 2 miles from ours.We spent a lot of money to find out he had pneumonia not kennel cough and at this point could barely open his eyes.He was lifeless and both vets concurred to put him down.They DO NOT WANT to work with us at all because we didn’t go all the way to their vet.They do not exhibit even average business practices.Do not go to PETLAND…

Review about: Petland German Shepherd Dog.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.


Petland – Sick Animals.

I went to petland to get supplies for my rats and I took a look over by the animals. One of the puppies eye looked like it had an infection, and another puppy had a loss of fur.

I then took a look at the hamsters and a ton of them had *** marks and a lot of them were weak and hardly moved.

We decided to look at the birds and some of them were visibly sick and had patches of feathers lying on the cage floor. I am surely never adopting or shopping there again

Review about: Petland Hamster.

Reason of review: Bad quality.


Petland – Kennel cough

Several years ago I bought my doxie from petland. I too was told it was a registered dog from a champion bloodline.

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These papers were bougus and they too were found to be a puppy mill when I did my research. I noticed the first day I brought my new baby home, she had a cough, supposedly she had just been vet checked, by there vet. I Took this pup to the vet, which they at that time recommended. I was told by my vet, this pup has kennel cough, was given meds for her.

I returned to Petland for answers, I was told its very common and we have no control over it, and no vet bill expenses were alotted back to me, as I was told there vet just had seen this pup and was given a clean bill of health before I Purchased her. Good news I fed her very good nutrition, and she did live, a healthy life till she was just on the brink of her 15th birthday.

No illnesses or back/ bone issues. Too bad she started out life with kennel cough.

Review about: Dachshund Dog.

Reason of review: Not as described.


Petland – Bad service, pet underweight, ect…

I purchased a 2500 dollar dog with the pet for life replacement. I also purchased a few things to take home when I got my puppy.

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This rep. was so pushy with trying to sale me everything under the son. I bought one of the products because my man is a push over and was told that if the dog does not like it bring it back. So a few days later after trying with my puppy he did not like it so I took it back.

i talked to the manager of Petland Largo and she rudley said I can’t take this back. I said to her the her employee not only was pushy she also said I could bring it back. i thought there would be no problem since every pet store lets you bring back anything. Its not like we can read our pets mind andknow what they will and wil not like.

I than asked how often do I need to purchace pet food so I don’t let the pet for life policy laspsed. She had no clue all she kept saying was we will work with you and describing another a pet much smaller than my Saint Bernard which will eat alot more than a 3 pound puppy. She coudn’t give me an answer other than we will work with you and don’t let it lasped. I would have to say she is about the most oxymoron that I have meet in a longtime.

My puppy was very skinny he has gained weight thank God. If I were you I would check theme out thourghly.

Review about: Petland Customer Care.

Reason of review: my pet is a polydactyly they did not disclose.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn’t like: Customer service state of the pets, Manager with no knowledge of policy, Didnt disclose my pet has polydactyly.


Petland – Pet abuse

Recently visited this store and found that the puppies were crated and only had the crate bars to stand on. This will ruin their paws and cause them great pain!

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Some public agency needs to monitor this store for their treatment of animals. I contacted several local shelters who say they have protested in the future and nothing has been done. This is a shame because animals have rights and should be treated kindly and with respect.

The young people working in the store have no idea about how to care for these pups. They are just happy to let people take them out of the crates and play with them.

Review about: Petland Customer Care.

Reason of review: Pets paws are being damaged because they spend the day in crates with only crate bars on their paws..

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.


Petland Sanitary Conditions Review

I went into Perland in Largo, Fl. It was awful, soon as you went in the door the smell hit you in the face. The poor puppies where behind dirty glass, and they looked sick. I’m going to report them to Animal rights group.


Petland Pet Medical Service Review

Got my husky from petland I couldn’t take her home for almost 3 weeks due to kennel cough then I took her to my vet for her vaccines and a physical exam only to find she has giardia.


Petland uses puppy mills…do NOT buy a puppy from them!

All you need to do is Google “Petland puppy mills” to find multiple reports (including one from the Humane Society of the United States) of Petland getting their puppies from puppy mills…Google “puppy mills” and you’ll see the problem. People…PLEASE do NOT purchase puppies from pet stores!!!

You are SUPPORTING animal cruelty by enabling puppy mills to continue! Please, do your research, and either buy from a REPUTABLE breeder who is willing to show you BOTH healthy parents ON-SITE and also provide health documentation or even better, ADOPT from a local shelter or rescue! has every breed imaginable available for adoption. Don’t contribute to animal cruelty by purchasing a pet from Petland!

Reason of review: selling puppies from puppy mills.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Stop supporting animal cruelty by profiting from puppy mill dogs/puppies. Please, have a conscience, corporate. Do the right thing..

I didn’t like: Petland supports animal cruelty by buying from puppy mills.


Petland Frisco sells puppy with Parvo, Giardia & a Bacterial Infection

Thank you Petland Frisco for our time we got to spend with our sweet Charlie. This Christmas Eve instead of showing our little boy his new golden retriever puppy we found out he had passed away overnight at Parker Animal and Bird Clinic in Plano.

We purchased Charlie Saturday, December 18, 2016 on Tuesday, December 20, 2016 he was admitted into the hospital for PARVO, GIARDIA & a BACTERIAL INFECTION. I called the Petland Frisco store the night he became lethargic and their advice was “force feed him”. When I decided to go see someone in person the manager told me “He’s a big guy he will make it.” Not one person has called and checked on this situation and even better not a single person showed any empathy for our family. If you bought a dog recently from here I suggest you take them to the vet to be checked since he was so contagious.

They guarantee that they are healthy but when I told them about Charlie they didn’t seem concerned about it at all. They just want your money and do not care about your heart ache.

This person wrote the review because of bad quality of petland retriever dog from Petland. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Petland to “shutdown petland”.

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Petland – Puppy Dachshund Review

I purchased a puppy from Petland South Semoran in October 2016. I paid 2,400 Needless to say I fell in love with my puppy the moment I saw him.

So I did it… I financed him. The very night I brought him home I ended up rushing him to the emergency vet he was pooping blood and at an alarming rate. Petland had sold me a very sick puppy.

I called the store to confront them on the issue, they told me I needed to call pet solutions a 3rd party insurance company to be reimbursed the fees I received from the emergency vet .

So I filed a claim and here we are… over a month later and I still trying to get some answers and resolution

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss warranty issue of petland dachshund dog. Petland needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster’s claims.

Other people also mentioned petland dachshund dog in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Petland.



OUR DOG IS DEAD AFTER 12 DAYS On November 13th, 2016 we purchased a Papillon puppy from Petland. He was in the back and $100 off.

We assumed there were just so many dogs that they had to have some in the back. They brought him out and it was love at first sight. He was so sweet and so affectionate. We were told that the dog was a “fussy eater” and we were told to syringe feed him every 2 hours.

We signed all the papers and we took him to Petland’s recommended vet for a check-up three days later. The vet told me that Samson only needed to be eating three time per day. So that’s what we did. The day before Thanksgiving Samson was having some vomiting and seemed lethargic.

When he woke up in the morning he was basically limp. We tried feeding him but he was having a hard time. A few hours later we checked on him and he was lying on the floor in his own ***. He was starting to seize.

We took him to the only vet we could find open because it was Thanksgiving. They started him on an IV of 5% dextrose. We expected to come back the next day to our same happy puppy. The next morning he was still in awful shape.

We had to transport him to his regular vet-Tinselown (the vet they recommended and work with). This vet was literally a half mile down the road. By the time we arrived at the doctor’s Samson was already in worse shape than we picked him up in. They kept Samson and did a test to see if he had a liver shunt.

The vet said that this was not normal behavior and further testing was required. At this point we are trying to work with the PAWSitive Solutions place and see what the next steps are. We felt like we had done nothing wrong. They tell us that what is happening with Samson is 100% preventable.

For the next two days he has to remain on at least 5% dextrose IV fluids or he would begin to seize again within 30-40 minutes. By Saturday we have drained most of our funds to try to keep this dog alive. The ER vet gives us some options. We could either take him home.

Where he will suffer and eventually succumb to seizures again. OR we could do euthanasia. One of the worst parts was the owner called the solutions claims place and told them that Tinseltown Vet said that Samson was better and was ready for PICKUP. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT??!??!

HE LIED. Samson WAS ready for pick up but only because we had to transport him to the ER because he was in no better condition than we left him in. At this point we are at a loss. We don’t want to see this poor dog suffer.

And what kind of a life is it having to live on an IV??? The vet said he might even have to stay on it for up to a YEAR. Of course we can’t get a diagnosis documented because we don’t have the money to keep testing a dog WE JUST BOUGHT 10 DAYS AGO. You think you are paying all of this money to get a quality “product” ….

Which is so unfortunate because that is exactly what this business treats these animals as. Just another “product”. They use every loophole they can in order to keep your money. All the while making YOU feel like YOU killed the dog.

We are emotionally scarred. We have three children that had to witness all this as well….. During this whole period of time. The owner has nothing to do with us.

They claim to “care about pets” and how “pets make life happier” yet the owner has NO CONTACT with us AT ALL. He will only go through the solutions claims place. I completely and whole heartedly do not want to see anyone have to go through something like this. I don’t want more puppies to suffer.

PLEASE listen and PLEASE spread the word. DO NOT BUY FROM HERE. They need to be put out of business. Even if we don’t get our money back, we just want to make sure this doesn’t happen to somebody else.

We will never get the time back we got to spend with a sweet dog. It was only two weeks but I can’t believe the tribulations they’ve put us through. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!


This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $2900. This person is overall dissatisfied with Petland. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Petland could care less about their animals!

I was in their store for some time on a day when they were full of puppies for sale. I was actually buying dog treats and other items but I asked about a labrador who seemed to be older and was told he was 15 months.

As the young girl answered my question she looked at the pup in the cage which had a pile of *** in the center making it impossible for the poor dog to lie down (which is why I had asked about him to call her attention to it). She simply ignored it as did all the other employees that were milling around showing puppies to people or visiting with each other.

It took a while to check out and yet none of the employees made any attempt to clean the cage. I will NEVER shop there for supplies or anything!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss a product or service. Petland needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster’s claims.

Other people also mentioned a product or service in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Petland.


Petland Customer Care Review

Wow I have the best service ever. Maria was super amazing I was in the store just looking at the puppies didnt have any intention to buy one but Maria sold me 3 puppies she is wonderfull. puppies are healthy and beautiful. They provided all the breeders info. I give them 5 stars. Thank you Maria and Thank you petland… you guys made my life so much better with my 3 furry babies


Petland – Do not buy a puppy from these crooks!

I have always been against pet stores, but I went against my better judgment and adopted a 10 week old lab puppy from Petland at Carriage Place on August 21st. The puppy ended up being almost $3,000 all said and done, which is ridiculous in the first place. We were told he had been diagnosed with kennel cough, was almost done with his antibiotics, and that it was no big deal, just a puppy cold. We signed all the papers and brought our puppy home. We noticed green discharge from his nose right away. We took him to our vet on Friday, August 26th, as that was the soonest they could see him. After reading the horrible review for Bethel Animal Hospital (the vet office Petland has a contract with) I decided to take my puppy to the vet I’ve used for years. They found kennel cough in his stool and said the green discharge was definitely not normal. They put him on a stronger antibiotic and said to call back if he got any worse.

Related: 2 of my dogs died that we bought at Petland.

On Monday, August 29th, we called the vet to report that he was not eating and had a horrible cough. We were told to bring him in immediately. After chest xrays, our puppy was diagnosed with pneumonia. The vet told us if he was not treated properly, he would die. He has been on an IV drip with fluids and antibiotics since the 29th, it’s now the 31st. They think we may be able to bring him home tomorrow, but his lungs still sound bad and he still has a cough. We’ve now spent close to $1,000 for treatment for our poor puppy.

When we contacted Petland on Monday to ask them to pay our vet bills, they said they would not because we did not go to their vet for treatment. The sales girl actually suggested our deathly ill puppy be removed from his IV treatments and driven 1.5 hours to be treated at their vet. That is just about the dumbest thing I have ever heard in my life, and just goes to show they couldn’t care less about those puppies. We were given a number to Solutions Pet, left two voicemails and submitted a claim online before anyone got back to us. I explained the situation to the rep and she said she would be contacting the owner of Petland at Carriage Place to see what they can do. I have yet to hear back from anyone.

I can tell you right now that I will be getting my money back for my treatment, and if necessary, I will be getting a full refund for my puppy as well. I will be contacting an attorney or going to small claims court if necessary. This is the most ridiculous situation I have ever been a part of, and I can’t believe the blatant disregard for the puppies they have at their store. Every single puppy that came in contact with mine at the store now has a very good change of having kennel cough that will turn into pneumonia because their vet is cheap and doesn’t provide proper treatment. Please, do not buy a pet from Petland! I thought I was helping a puppy by adopting him and getting him out of that tiny cage, but all they saw was another sale and another place to put another sick puppy. I’m glad we have him because he would have died without our care, but this shouldn’t be my financial burden to bare. Go anywhere except Petland to get a puppy!

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $1500. The author is overall dissatisfied with Petland. The most disappointing about petland dog from Petland was crooks, customer service and treatment of animals Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Petland – Terrible owners and puppy mills

i got a dog a while ago ( 2008 )there. paid 1700 dollars for her ( *** dumb i know ) . she was purebred mini dachshund . anyways after getting her i did some research into her bloodline..and found out she came from some breeder in kansas…all good it would seem..nope the breeder was wanted by the irs for tax evasion…and then did more digging and found out he was arrested in other states for animal cruelty and running puppy mills. so i went to petland with this proof and asked them to refund the money i gave them based on what i found out. they refused they said give us back the dog and we will talk. ( the manager at the time was an rude arrogant *** ). i called them out for working with illegal puppy mills and they of course denied it up and down even with the proof and a report from the kansas police dept. about the breeder …. so basically i was dumb and got a dog from there. and they are all for puppy mills and animal cruelty. in theory selling illegal merchandise is against the law…but they get away with it. im just glad that even though i got *** with my money just glad i was able to get one dog out of that hellish place so do yourself a favor do not support them.. they are a worthless company that could care less about animals ( cause keeping a animal in a small cage and being out there for people to bother is pretty traumatizing ) do yourself a favor just type in petland cruetly in a search engine. this is the reponse from the owner of the cicero petland Jeffrey Frankel today “You should really gather your own FACTS rather than blindly believing internet propaganda.” “You are entitled to your opinion however we get frustrated dealing with people like you that are uninformed, willfully ignorant and worse arrogant.”

i was told they were going to set up a meeting with myself and director of company stores and the director of animal welfare july 8th 2015 but i went in and the manager had no clue what i was talking about ive left my number there numerous times last year and so far 5 times this summer and not one person there has contacted me , im pretty sure the workers are told not to talk to me.

added is the convo with the owner at the time

This reviewer shared experience and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Petland and uploaded a picture. The most disappointing about a product or service from Petland was dishonesty, customer service and animal conditions Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Petland – Dog Review from Temple, Texas

We drove 2 1/2 hrs to get our puppy, we had agreed on a price out the door via phone, when we got there they added $600 in taxes, out the door means taxes included to most people! Then since we lived so far we weren’t able to keep the Vet appt so we didn’t qualify for the 14 day insurance, however, I did take my baby to my Vet and it turns out she had numerous shots for diarrhea and other diseases, it was seriously overkill and she has a upper respiratory infection!!

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They also rushed her through a bath before giving her to us and she has an ear infection, the poor baby has been through a lot due to this stores negligence and it has cost us lots of money! Please go somewhere else, it is hard watching your brand new thousands of dollars puppy be sick!

This reviewer shared experience about not as described and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Petland. The most disappointing about bulldog dog from Petland was sold me a sick animal, quality and animal conditions , but reviewer liked new puppy. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Petland – Dog Review from Brownsville, Florida

Just bought a dog Saturday July 16 Th at night and the dog is sick!!! Respiratory infection and eyes infection.

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Does not eat for 4 days. Now I need to treat this dog for 14 days. Terrible experience. It was suppose to be a happy nice thing.

They charged 2,600 dollars for a sick dog and now it cannot be returned. Poor dog! This store has no respect for families and fogs. If we wanted to rescue a dog we could have gone to s shelter and would not need to pay for a supposed perfect healthy dog!!!

This store is aweful! Do not go there ever!!!

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Petland. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Petland – Dog Review from Hilliard, Ohio

This is Jax, a grey Newfoundland. I got him when he was about 2 months old at a Petland in Hilliard Ohio.

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He was 5,000 dollars and little did I know that he was sick with bronchitis and pneumonia. They didn’t tell me and when I took him to the vet 2 weeks later they said if I would have brought him in any later he would have been a goner. Not only was he an outrageous price but 3 months later and he’s still having problems. I’m still in the process of getting him back to health and it has been a long struggle.

Please never buy a puppy from here and don’t support them. I think all Petlands should be shut down, nobody should get away with selling these helpless puppies

This person wrote the review because of bad quality of newfoundland dog from Petland and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Petland to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The most disappointing in user’s experience was sold me a sick animal. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Petland for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.


Petland – Review in Pet Stores category from Minneapolis, Minnesota

Got a pom-chi from petland, had it for 45 days he was 17 weeks old, starting to have seizures, took him to the emergency care on 6/18, the vet that took care if him did all the tests possible, he seemed a healthy puppy when we got him, but that night he git very sick out of nowhere, if he got disconeccted he will not make it thru the night, so he died, we called petland, took them the death certificate, and they requested a necropsy, he was sent to the U of M and when the results came back, on 6/27 called petland, asked for Vanessa Rojas, she didn’t have the courtesy of taking our call, instead, had Megan or Morgan take our call, and as of 07/14, no one has returned our call. We want our money back! They are selling sick puppies, and just making money or stealing money from customers like us, that only wanted a puppy!

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Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of owner is not answering our calls. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of pomchi dog. Petland needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster’s claims.

Other people also mentioned pomchi dog in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Petland.


Petland – Review in Pet Stores category from Lake Village, Arkansas

Purchased a puppy from petland and paid 500 down and would owe 390 on the dog. Well I get the dog home and it attacks my 9 month old.

Brought the dog back the next day and they told me that they couldn’t refund me my money and then called the police on my husband for asking for the dog back. So we walked out with them taking 500 from us as well as the dog.

Called corporate and they called the store and sided with the store and the owner is so conveniently out of town. Now we are left without 500 dollars, a bit child, and no dog!

This reviewer shared experience and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Petland. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Petland – Review in Pet Stores category from Metairie, Louisiana

Dogs are kept in wire floor cages, nothing to lay on but a metal floor. Then want 2-5k for a puppy that who knows where it came from.

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Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss not as described of petland dog. Petland needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster’s claims.

Other people also mentioned petland dog in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Petland.


Petland Customer Care Review

I hate being called “honey”. Im a grown woman. Give me a break little girl! Lost a customer… HATE IT!


Labrador Puppy Review

Giardia, giardia, giardia. Adopted my puppy on March 19, 2016 and he still has it.


Great Puppy from Petland

We purchased a Chihuahua puppy from Petland and he’s adorable. He had a slight kennel cough and now he’s perfectly fine. Petland paid for his vet visits and medicine. We liked Animal Care Center so much we have switched our other dog over to them for care as well.

Petland took great care of us and could not have been any nicer to us. They are very helpful as far as feeding tips for little puppies. Our new puppy is definitely a purchase we will never regret. He is such a joy and a very unique color. We would definitely return there to get another puppy when something happens to our older dog.

I asked specifically about the breeder and they gave me a paper with the breeders name, address and phone number as well as the pedigree for our puppy. They did not true to hide anything. I looked up the breeder and it is a reputable breeder and appeared very clean and it was NOT a puppy mill.

This reviewer shared experience about “great puppy from petland.” and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall satisfied with Petland. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her for further discussion of this matter.

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Petland Cat Review from Kissimmee, Florida

A few months ago I bought a cat from the Orlando Semoran Petland location. I asked the manager, a black man, where exactly my cat came from and that I felt uneasy about puppy mills. He stated my cat came from reputable breeder which is why he is more expensive. I knew I could buy a cat for 1000 personally from a breeder however he insisted the cat came from a top breeder with champion bloodline which is why the cat was 1300.

The first lie I came across was in actuality by their own vet. The vet stated my cat is one month YOUNGER. I checked his pedigree paper and realized his birthdate was wrong. In my opinion if the breeder is that reputable she should know exactly when my cat was born. This meaning she doesn’t have hundreds of cats she doesn’t know what to do with.

The second incidence was also by the vet. He told me his papers states that my cat was vaccinated with dog vaccines. He looked a little scared. He quickly told me he would contact Petland to make sure my cat got the actual feline vaccination he needs. So I didn’t need to pay for it. I thought this was strange because his papers has that vets name on it. I assume he would remember or at least NOT make that mistake while working for Petland.

My cats CFA (cat fanciers association) is wrong falsified. The CFA paper is not authentic. It was done my their broker using a web design called I have tried reaching CFA and they have no knowledge of the breeder DELORES CARLOS. also his pedigree paper number for the sire doesn’t match the number on the QD kennel paper. The dam cat number isn’t even listed on the pedigree paper which is strange.

Less than a month ago my beautiful boy died of FIP. I have spent over 700 dollars in vet bills. On top of that I have been dealing with stress due to the traumatic passing of my cat. I did not buy my cat on a whim. I have wanted a Persian for a very long time. My vet told me, he even put on paper my cat died of FIP. I checked the warranty and it states the cat should be free of multiple disease and FIP was one of them. I quickly checked his medical paperwork I was given and those thieves only checked for feline leukemia. I have called their solutions line and they told me and I quote “we do not medically check the animals for those diseases, our vet ASSUMES the animal doesn’t have those diseases”. That got me furious. How can a “reputable” pet store not check their animals for a disease. How can a pet store just have a vet assume a VIRUS isn’t there. Especially when viruses stay dormant in the system until it transforms into the disease. That is why they checked for feline leukemia to see if that virus is present. Why are you forgetting about the other diseases.

I have tried to look up my cats origin and what I found out got me boiling. The manager said “distributor means a truck driver that transports the pet from point A to B”. LIE. their QD kennel owned by TONY AND BRENDA SCHINDLER are class B brokers. That is where they get their pet from. Petland doesn’t even know the breeder. I found out that same tony Schindler is the son of Bonnie and Herman Schindler. Puppy mill owners that were investigated in 2010. Also tony Schindler is brothers with Lori Conrad another puppy mill owner. Of course Petland denies but what gets me furious is that they blatantly lie about it. I have proof. Actual proof that can be seen and easily looked up in regards to their relationship. I was baffled how they lie. They said it’s a coincidence. Wow. I called the breeder and she informed me that she doesn’t even sell cats anymore.

I do not have any cats. I moved to a brand new apartment complex where NOONE has lived in. I am literally the first human being to live in the apartment. My cat has had NO contact with any cats. The only time he has had contact with cat *** and saliva is in Petland and QD KENNEL AND the breeder. that is how FIP is contracted. It is by cat ingesting infected cat ***. I have the vet on my side and I have medical research that correlate to the time line of my cats passing. All evidence indicate that my cat contracted FIP in their hands. Petland does not want to give me my money back. They refuse. They even refuse after an ACTUAL VET provided paperwork stating that he has FIP. I have called them multiple times and they keep changing their story. At first they informed me I would get a full refund if I showed proof that my cat died of FIP. which I did. My vet states it in the medical records. Even after that Petland refused. They refuse even after a VET provided record of my cats passing. Please read the contract carefully and ask a lot of questions. 14 days mean NOTHING. many of those diseases stay dormant for longer and then they KILL your beloved pet. PETLAND knows this and that is why they say 14 days. So that when the pet actually begins to show symptom after 14 days they can wipe their greedy hands clean. Again they DO NOT check for the diseases listed. They do not do any blood work. They have their VET ASSUME. It’s like a human Doctor ASSUMING you don’t have HIV AIDS just by looking at you.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of petland cat. Petland needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster’s claims.

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Petland – I’ve been had! Don’t buy!

I walked into petland with zero dollars in my bank account and walked out $1600 dollars in debt. So, I looked at a puppy that I’d been eye balling for weeks.

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It was $2000k when I started looking about a week prior. The day I walked in there it was down to $1100. I was excited but still knew I couldn’t afford it. They let me and my daughter play with her.

Loved her! The sales associate told me that I could possible apply for credit. I told them to see if I could get credit and let me know. They went to check and 30 minutes later came back with an approval slip.

Not only was I approved but they wrote it up. They announced it in the store, in front of customers and my daughter. I felt compelled to follow through with the sale; not to mention the puppy was begging me with her eyes to take her home. 3 hours later, I signed a lot of paperwork, most of which I didn’t read.

Had a sales associate run through the script with me the terms of the contract which i wasn’t listening because the store was too crowded, i was stressed and my daughter had the puppy in her hand. Anyway got the dog home and she had way to much energy for me. Was sick and throwing up. I took the dog back within 48 hours and they told me NO I couldn’t cancel.

They took the dog back from me so I have no dog and still have to pay the easy pay bill. No one cares. easy pay told me they would drop the credit if petland give them their money back. petland wont give them their money back.

so I’m stuck with a $1600 bill, no pet and my credit is getting ready to go to *** – all because I walked into a petland store. Jesus fix it!!!!!! Unfair business practice – I should be able to return a dog before 48 hours. I’ve been had!

duped! Oh lord!!!!

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to issue a partial refund as the author lost $1600. The author is overall dissatisfied with Petland. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Petland – Pet Adoption Review from Athens, Ohio

Athens, OH petland, woman with black hair Thursday at 4:30 (4/14/16) was very rude and took the dog away we planned to adopt and said “there is more to a dog than the price” and yes that’s true but the dig sure wasn’t free. We are interns at a hospital adopting a puppy and we left because she took our dog away. Extremely rude woman!

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Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of petland pet adoption. Petland needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster’s claims.

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French Bulldog Dog Review

We bought french bulldog yr and half hold threw a disc 500 dollars later and it will happen again they say hes a living thing stuff happens. NOT HAPPY


Other Product Review

Horrible horrible horrible!!!!! I had to leave the store….4 dogs were attacking one dog repeatedly and sales associate refused to do anything. Petland in Merrillville Indiana SHAME ON YOU!!!!


Petland – Dead Baby Lop Bunny March 24

Bought a bunny I loved so much on March 11 Went to see bunny March 24 and she was dead in her cage with wet tail end called “wet tail” they told me – she died with diahrea coming out and her eyes wide open – never seen this before very fast death – pretty devistating Easter Surprise – I must say Petland staff in Petland’s defense the staff was very kind and compassionate about this and offered me a complete refund or exchange – I loved my bunny so I took a chance on another baby lop and am praying he will be fine and will live a long healthy life. Sometimes health issues are individual natural cases not the breeder’s fault or the petstore either. It takes all parties; the breeder, the petstores, and the owners to maintain responsibility to care for their bunny with all possible care for the life of their pet.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of animal conditions and sold me a sick animal. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of bunny. Petland needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster’s claims.

Other people also mentioned bunny in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Petland.



I was in here yesterday and saw the most horrible treatment of animals! They had a poor little puppy that apparently they thought it was a good idea to DYE PURPLE. This dog had the most terrified look and was trembling. How could a company like this allow such mistreatment of animals. The employees and the managers avoided me when I wanted a Franchise owners number. Videos to follow.

Hair dye and pets do not mix. You may have seen photos online of dogs that have had their hair dyed and noticed that some people think that it is cute. It is far from that for dogs because it can undermine their health and safety due to the toxic chemicals in the dye. Dyeing any animal’s hair or fur is wrong for a number of reasons.

Hair dyes are designed for people

Hair dye is actually intended for human consumption only. There are no hair dyes specifically made for dogs. Officially, there are no completely safe dyes for animals, period, as there have been no studies to show if there are any long terms effects. Since there are people that have reported health problems using hair dye, it is only natural that a dog may have some of the same reactions. Their skin also may be more sensitive to the harsh chemicals, like ammonia or hydrogen peroxide, frequently found in human hair dyes.

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Health risks

The process of dyeing a dog’s hair can cause a number of health risks. Unlike people, who only dye the hair on one portion of their bodies, a dog must have its entire body covered in hair dye. There is a potential for the dye get into the dog’s mouth, eyes, and ears, which can be harmful. People who have had their hair dyed understand that the dye can and does cause some burning, itching, and skin irritation.

Imagine how it would feel to have these chemicals poured all over your body and have an increased risk of chemical burns and skin irritation. Some dogs can experience allergic reactions to hair dye as well. There is also a potential that the dog may attempt to lick his coat during or even after the process, and possibly ingest some of the hair dye, which is toxic to both humans and animals. This could cause an emergency situation if the dog ingests hair dye, leading to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and some other serious health issues.

Psychological ramifications

People tend to dye their hair for cosmetic reasons, but dogs have no understanding of this concept. Pets do not understand why they are being subjected to this type of treatment, nor do they like it, because it is unnatural for them. The dog has no control over how it looks and it cannot do anything about it. Truthfully, most people do not like to see dogs covered in hair dye either.

Dyeing your dog’s hair is not recommended under any circumstances because it can be physically and psychologically harmful to your dog. The chemicals in the dyes can cause skin irritation, chemical burns, and even nausea and vomiting if ingested. Psychologically, a dog cannot process what has been done because it is an extreme and unnatural process that is out of their control. All dogs already have beautiful coats of hair with colors ranging from white, auburn, tan, black, and everything else between. Why not enjoy their natural beauty?

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of other product. Petland needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster’s claims.

Other people also mentioned other product in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Petland.


Rabbit Review

I bought a baby rabbit from these guy’s a week later she died, I’m seriously beginning to think that those vitamins they tell you to.give them causes them to die. So please people look elsewhere for yoyr baby bunnies..


Petland – Mill puppy

After looking up info on my puppy, I now consider her a lucky rescue, and myself just lucky. I had done a search after I got her 5 months ago, without luck.

Can’t find it now, but thought the papers indicated she came from NC, which bothered me at the time–that’s a long way to ship a puppy. Nope, she came from a MO puppy mill. The photos I found online are awful. Fell in love with puppy and don’t regret getting her.

She’s been healthy, but still likes to nip my hands, esp. If I don’t let her have something she wants. She loves people and goes nuts when we run into anyone. Still have a lot of puppy exhuberance, but when she’s older and settled I hope to train her as a therapy dog–use that love of people in a good way.

She does well with other dogs, but the ones here in our apt. Building are all older, some rescues with poor socialization, and she kind of drives them nuts. She is very afraid to go into a pet store, I’ve always suspected the smell reminds her of negatives from the past.

If I’d known the pups came from breeders out of the area I wouldn’t have stepped in the store. Like I said, I feel lucky because my experience has been fairly positive.

This person wrote the review because of not as described of puppy from Petland. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Petland to “people to know that the puppies from petland may be from puppy mills”.

The most disappointing in user’s experience was deception and dishonesty and where they get their dogs from. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Petland – Lop Rabbit Review from Sherwood Park, Alberta

My boyfriend purchased me a valentines gift from Petland. I guess he could’ve examined the rabbit more closely.

However, the first night I knew there was something wrong with him. Turns out when we got our “free checkup” the next morning, he might have ring worm….and he has a sinus flu. Poor little guy has been sick for who knows how long and they sold that to me. The owner toke full responsiblity for the animal, but if the rabbit was already in such bad shape then why would I trust them to get him back to full health?

They obviously don’t care about him.

I know I could get infected and it’s probably best to keep him at Petland with their staff, but I just have a bad gut feeling.

I am very upset over this whole situation. If it were some young child it would totally ruin the experience.

I have never liked major pet retailers like this. After this experience I won’t be getting anything from those kinds of stores ever again…

This person wrote the review because of damaged or defective of lop rabbit from Petland and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Petland to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

If you have a chance, please immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Petland for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.


Petland Staff Review

The employee I saw was extremely rude. He was completely unprofessional, and would not even let me see a dog I was interested in buying. Never going back


Petland – Baby bunny DIED!

I bought a baby bunny from petland in Olathe, KS. He was about 8 weeks old and a total sweetheart. I took him home and i fell in love with him. He was super playful and loved all of his toys and even took naps with me. I got home and went right to his cage to get him out and play with him, he was cold and sort of hard. I put him on my heating pad and then went to my vet. They gave me critical care food and sent me home. He was doing MUCH better and he was playful again. Then he laid down and couldn’t get back up. I tried helping him up, but no luck. I picked up my baby boy and he tried so hard to play. He ended up having a seizure and passing away instantly.

Of course i was livid so i went to petland and they immediatley knew what happened. They said this happens often. They need to learn how to care for every animal. I go in there almost every weekend to play with the animals. The birds are stressed out and self harm, the hamsters have staph infections, the fish are dead in their tanks…

They dont tell you this but, if your animal gets sick call Petland and they will pay for your vet visit at their vet.

I highly reccomend buying from local places. Dont support Mills.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of rabbit and associated monetary loss in the amount of $140. Petland needs to issue a full refund according to poster’s claims.

Other people also mentioned rabbit in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Petland.


Petland – Dog Review from Wheaton, Illinois

I purchased a puppy from Naperville on 01/10. On 01/15 he was diagnosed with Kennel Cough.

Related: Petland – Sick puppy

The vet told us he had Kennel Cough prior to our purchase date. Our family pets are now at high risk for this illness also. All pets at the Naperville location were exposed. We made an appointment to visit the store with our family dog.

We walked thru the store with our dog and the puppy then played in the visitation room which had toys on the floor which both dogs played with. Every puppy that touched those toys are exposed. I contacted the store on 01/15 and was politely told it was my fault my dog was exposed because they are not allowed in the store even though the store, call center and employees gave me permission.

When asked what the store will do to advise other customers about the exposure the store replied to file a warranty claim and nothing would be done to clean the visitation room, no notice within the store to other customers and no communication would be shared with the call center. The store clearly is ignoring this major issue.

This person wrote the review because of poor customer service of petland dogfrom Petland. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Petland to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Petland for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.


Petland – Dog Review from University Park, Florida

My husband and i went to petland after searching everywhere for a golden retriever for our daughter. Shes 5 and has autism and loves dogs.

Related: Petland – Dog Review from Wheaton, Illinois

He is meant not only aa a family member but also a service dog. We take him home and notice he ia not aa a normal puppy should be he was very down on energey didnt want to wat so we followed all the instructions given to us at the store gave him vitamins and watched over him day and night 3 days later Monday we called the vet that was part of the petland package and asked for an appointment they gave us wednesday. Puppy was not getting better finally got to see the vet he prescribed special food,antibiotics, iron and said to go back saturday should he not get better sure enough we went back 2 days later and thr nasty horrible vet who was there said we didnt give enough time for meds to work and didnt offer anything else!!!! While we were waiting there were 4 other people who bought puppies at Petland pembrokepines with the same issues.

This is horrible what they are doing. They are selling sick puppies and this has to stop.

My daughter ia devastated the dog wont even more poor puppy and we dont know what else to do. I wont stop until they pay for what they are doing to these animals.

This reviewer shared experience about damaged or defective and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Petland. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

Also, you can continue reading comments about Petland.

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French Bulldog Puppy Review

Went to purchase a French BullDog, and they would not assist me or show me the puppy so I walked out. If I’m spending $3500 I feel they should approach me.


Petland – Dog Review from Hunters Creek, Florida

On 12/2/15, I purchased a puppy from Petland on Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL 32828. They consider this the East Orlando store.

Related: Petland – Review in Pet Stores category from Metairie, Louisiana

At the time of purchase, while still in the store, I saw the puppy have watery BM with a line of blood. I asked the sales associate about that and I was told that the red was a medication that the puppy was taking. Bought the puppy, brought it home and brought to the vet the very next morning. The puppy was infected with Giardia, an intestinal parasite and also an upper respiratory infection, Bordetella.

Two weeks later the Giardia has cleared up, however the respiratory infection was so virulent that it is still being treated with antibiotics. Petland advises customers to use only the vet they “contract” with and I have not taken my animal to that vet as they are very persistent. However I was requested to submit my care receipts to a third party called “Pawsitive Solutions” and they have paid for the medications because my dog was ill leaving their store. Now they are trying to use any persuasion possible to get me to go to their “contracted” vet with follow up care.

I refused. This contracted vet of theirs provided a forged document stating that this dog was appropriate for sale. The line on the document stating that the dog was negative for Giardia is clearly forged. The document they provided me was dated 11/24/15 and the dog was bought 12/2/15 however the stool test results are hand written and it’s apparent that it was whited out and written the day of sale.

My suspicion is that the staff were hoping I would go to their contracted vet and then the illnesses could have been swept under the rug. Right now, they are threatening to Not pay for any more meds unless their own vet is seen and writes the script when they have already paid for 3 prescriptions thus far. You would think there would be no difference to them if this is something they would be paying for anyway. It’s clear to me that the vet they want me to use have a very suspicious business relationship.

That is really even more of a concern as it relates to the pets that remain at the store who have communicable diseases such as, Giardia and Upper Respiratory illnesses and the vet caring for them has suspicion of signing a clean bill of health for my sick dog.

It worries me what type of care this vet really provides for the animals that remain in the store. They are running many scams against customers but the animals in that store are unhealthy and I request that the facility get inspected and be monitored more closely.

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Petland. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

Also, you can continue reading comments about Petland.

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Another Petland complaint reply and weap

same here, my puppy with a few things was only just at 995 dollars but my Pom weighed only 3 pounds and also had Kennel Cough when I called the store in the morning after up all night with sweet sick pup they told me You signed a contract basically buyer beware! it took me months to get Ms Bailey well. then just as she was feeling better I had to have 4 canine teeth pulled for she had long baby teeth that never fell out they just moved over to the adult. She was tearing up paper and acting out however, I was flossing her teeth when she gave me a wide shot of her mouth and 300 $ later had them pulled.

Related: Petland – Pet Adoption Review from Athens, Ohio

The real crime here is they used their fake young personality to sell me on an in-store Petland card for 1000 dollars called the bank and asked them if this card had 1000 dollars purchase power or did I owe them a 1000 dollars? the lady said YOU OWE US I about fell over. So my puppy was sick had huge vet bills and cost almost 2000.00 so with my Capital One card I disputed the amount charged of 995 and won my case then after the young person did not get his % for the total sale.. he took and sold my credit card number with the verification # and sold it to on-line gamers who ran up over 2000 dollars of charges for games and food for delivery with purchase of expensive boots etc…I do not know to this day if they got into trouble for this crime .. it was sold to 4 different users.

I tried to dispute the 1000 for unauthorized charge but the bank isn’t doing anything in my favor. I was ill and my puppy was finally well when I got sick, I was so sick and was experiencing withdrawal from my pain medication which is the icing to this nightmare cake…I wanted to place bailey in foster care for 10 days so she would not experience me going crazy coming off of the meds.

Instead the woman I trusted had me sign adoption papers and I never got her back.. I did not have a copy of what I signed but I met this woman via my Vets office who I trusted so much

Not a day goes by that I don’t cry for my bailey baby .. how cruel is this?

so now I am under different care for my health and have my pain medication back but not my baby The only thing that keeps me from flipping out is that I did save her life for Petland Euthanizes their puppies once they are sick and it shows or the puppies get too old. These people own their own puppy mills and they make up fake paperwork.. they are real pips and are professionals as far as animal cruelty They use to be in the Exotic Sales of Animals but were arrested for the murder of a Albino Bengal Tiger some where in TX lost their license, went bankrupt then opened the doors of the upper end pet store, using young sales clerks dressed so yuppy and perky .. keeping the price of the puppies to the last thing they tell you about after you are attached in the store for holding your new pup.

When I was trying to get them to give me back my 1000 dollars I told them if they did not give it back I would call ASPCA and have them come to do an investigation for the Kennel Cough that virus stays and these folks packed up and moved the store in a matter of hours. So they are crooks and you are just one of many who were taken by their underhanded sales pitch.

I am so sorry for your daughter and sorry for myself for I am alone and would love to have my girl in my arms.. I have all her clothes it is so very sad

cathy Hildreth

AvaaWhite wrote the review because of damaged or defective at Petland. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $2600 and wants Petland to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The most disappointing in user’s experience was liars cheats used young people hidden sales practices, sold me a sick animal and animal conditions. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Petlandand petland pet adoption for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.


Petland – Sick puppy

Chief-I just purchased 2 dogs from the Naperville IL store. My Great Dane had Pneumonia from Kennel cough. I took her to the vet and contacted Pet Solutions as well. I complained to the store and the manager “Derrick” basically did not want to help. So I too my dog to the vet Ned she is very sick too. They took her away from me to treat her. I paid $1,200 for a sick dog.

Related: Petland of Lakeland sold me a sick puppy. I spent over 00 to save his life.

The owner of the store Carl Swanson called me and apologized to me. He said he will make sure they pay all my vet bills and if my dogs at home get sick he will cover them too.

He was informed that I was dissipointed with his store selling sick dogs and his vets are not doing their job keeping the dogs well.

Pet Solutions called me back and told me that the store will cover all my animals as well.

I hope they do, or I will be contacting HSUS and my attorney.


This reviewer shared experience about “sold me a sick dog” and wants this business to “they promised to pay my vet bills, hope the follow thru” as the author lost $1200. The author is overall dissatisfied with Petland. The most disappointing about petland dog from Petland was animal conditions and sold me a sick animal Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

Also, you can continue reading comments about Petland.

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Sold Sick Dog By Petland, Never Told It Was Sick

Purchased puppy St Bernard, dog was delivered to me in Pa from Ohio by Petland employee, never advised it was sick, I took the dog to our vet in PA serious issues, called them and advised them of the situation, they never replied back as to issues and request reduction in cost of dog to cover additional vet bills. I spoke to Petlands Vet whom stated, if Petland sold you a sick dog then go see them. November 12, 2015Petland Carriage Place2620 Bethel RoadColumbus, Ohio Jennifer,I find it very disheartening that I have to write this letter. I purchased a Saint Bernard from your store in good faith which as deliver Monday hoping to bring happiness and joy to my girlfriend and her children but instead find out I was never told the dog was sick, the extend of its illness and I also find out today that your charged my credit card and additional $49.00 dollars for what I was never told.This dog if I knew she was sick I would never have purchased. As far as your pets for a lifetime, I will never get another pet from Petland and at this point in time am consulting my attorney. The deception and failure to be up front and honest in regards to this dog’s health is basically borderline criminal. It is disturbing that a business would hurt kids this way by praying on their emotions by selling a sick dog knowing they would become attached to it. We had the dog to the vet here today and I am shocked as I’m sure the news media will be as to this dog being sold having bronchitis which can turn into pneumonia which is contagious to our other dogs and it cost me an additional $263.00 in vet bills not to mention the additional visits I have to make due to this dogs illness.The kids were so happy and are attached to this dog and now it is sick, coughing and on new med’s plus we now have to worry about the other dogs getting sick costing us additional vet bills. I have attached the vets report and I am demanding a substantial refund in the cost of this dog as well as the cost of this vet bill and any future bill which is a direct result of this illness and I want nothing to do with your Pet for Lifetime Program. I really have to wonder what kind of business and people would sell a sick puppy to someone and allow their kids and family to get emotionally attached only to find out the puppy was very sick.At this point I am giving you the opportunity to make this right, these kids are emotionally upset as is my girlfriend and myself are. If we can’t come to a reasonable settlement I will have my attorneys take whatever action necessary and I will be contacting the Ohio Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection, the ASCPA and the media. If I don’t hear back from you by the end of today I will assume you have no intentions of settling this issue. If that is the case I will move forward with legal action.Chief Vernon m BarkleyHeidelberg Borough Police

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Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss damaged or defective of petland dog and associated monetary loss in the amount of $1500. Petland needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster’s claims.

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Petland – Dog Review from Port Richey, Florida

Bought a dog from petland bethel rd.I was not told by Holly dog was sick.I had her back and forth to bethel rd animal hospital she never got better.They took dog back but sold her again sick.Such dirty people

Related: Petland – Dog Review from University Park, Florida

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of petland dog. Petland needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster’s claims.

Other people also mentioned petland dog in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Petland.


Never get a dog from Petland

We recently got a puppy from Petland. We took the dog to the vet within the correct time.

At the time of the visit, the vet told us he had nausea, and extreme dehydration. The pup stayed overnight for some tests. Turns out he had Pneumona, Respiratory Disease, Bleeding in the chest. He was at the vet 1 week when he died.

There is nobody that can convince me he was healthy when we got him. You do not develop these issues in that short a period of time.

I would not advise any person to get a pet from Petland. They are very deceitful.

This person wrote the review because of not as described at Petland. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $2000 and wants Petland to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Petlandpuppy for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.


Petland Adopt-A-Pet Review

Bought puppy 2 years ago from Petland in Round Lake Beach,Illinois. Had her 13 days had her put down for liver shun cost me over $800.00 just to purchase her and $170.00 to have her cremated. Got nothing from Petland but people continue to buy there sick dogs. Be informed before you buy better yet save a pet adopt a pet.


Petland – Puppy

Bought a puppy a few weeks ago , should of known never get a dog at a pet store…. Was sick 3 days later , yes…Kennell Cough..

it infected my other 3 dogs so they all had to go to a vet..Plus she had severe diarehha, which has subsided..

I trusted in them , but never again ,they will lie to your face to get in your wallet , plus sell you a sick pup….One of my dogs is so sick hes having breathing issues because of the cough and infection, drainage from nose etc… If your thinking of getting a dog please get from a breeder..

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of animal conditions. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss “dog was sold to me sick with an infection , had her looked at by a vet..that put her on antibiotics. ” of puppy. Petland needs to “you need to take better care of the dogs, they say that there vet checked and all ,then they shouldnt have an infection, when you get them.. plus all my other dogs are extremelly ill now because of this” according to poster’s claims.

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Petland – Bad service, Bad products, STAY AWAY!

My daughter bought a leash for her rabbit at Petland. She saved for over a month to get that leash.

The clerk recommended the leash glowingly. When I opened the package, I noticed that the clasp was broken. it was dollar store quality. I took it back to the store and very rudely, the clerk and manager told me that it was sold “as is” and that I could not get a replacement or refund.

Even if it is company policy, the way they delivered the message, with my 8-year-old daughter there, was equivalent to “go *** yourself.” It taught my daughter a hard lesson about how awful people can be.

Rot in ***, PETLAND!!!

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $13. Henryshag is overall dissatisfied with Petland. The most disappointing about rabbit leash at Petlandwas quality and customer service Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Petland Staff Review

Recently I made 2 stops to Petland in Racine. The first time I waited for an hour for someone to even ask if I wanted to hold a puppy. The second time I waited 20 minutes before I decided that they do not deserve my business! Customer service is a joke!


Petland – Puppy Review from Nelsonville, Ohio

Sick puppy from beginning bought her at 4 months she is 9 months today still no better and no help from Petland she has had blood in her stool since day one. Been to several vets no reimbursement.

First was campy bacterial. Contracted by dirty environment she was in. Told she has colitis needs scope. Petland will not pay for anything.

They say gotta have a diagnosis they have had 2 and need more treatment.

Always excuse why they don’t stand by their warranty. I say.shut down Petland !!!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss puppy. Petland needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster’s claims.

Other people also mentioned puppy in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Petland.


Petland Staff Review

Workers are rude, misinformed, and disinterested. Puppies’ cages are filthy.


Petland – Bulldog Review from Athens, Ohio

I bought a bulldog from local Petland. She was in store after purchased a week with no vet care.

I demanded the get vet care immediately. So they took her to their vet and the vet was instructed by Petland no to talk to me. She was real asked from vet. All I could get was a letter from their vet stating she was ok they weren’t allowed to give me records.

She was my dog just under their warranty care!! She is 8 months old now she has blood in stool been to three vets , called for help from Petland called local store where purchased I had to drive 1 hour and half to their vet needed approval asap.her app was in 2 hrs spent all day their. Then yelled at by warranty lady not to call corporate or local store again. All they care about is money not animal .

Nobody from corporate will call back. Sick dog for 4 months.

This person wrote the review because of poor customer service of bulldog from Petland and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Petland to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Petland for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.


Petland – Feliway Refill Review from Lewis Center, Ohio

I went in to the store for a Feliway refill. The girl that I asked where they were, looked like she hadn’t showered in days and had no idea what I was asking for.

She found another employee who was very rude. After seeing how overpriced it was, I didn’t get that and had another item to buy.

She then tells me to go and wait in a long line, while she just goes and stands at another register-doing absolutely nothing! Worst customer service and way overpriced-I’ll never go back!

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). This person is overall dissatisfied with Petland. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

Also, you can continue reading comments about Petland.

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Petland of Lakeland sold me a sick puppy. I spent over $5000 to save his life.

I have never purchased a puppy from a pet shop, and had not planned to on the day my family and I went in to Lakeland Petland to JUST LOOK. Before I knew it, a sales girl brought out a Boxer puppy for me to play with.

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Well, after he looked at me with the adoring eyes, he was bought. Within a couple of weeks of purchase, the puppy became ill. The nightmare began. I received NO help from Lakeland Petland store owner or manager, Petland Claims and Warranties was slow in acting, and no help there either.

The Petland contracted veterinarian just so happened to be the husband of Lakeland Petland, and the puppy was getting minimal treatment at this vet for his illness. I actually had to take the puppy to a 24/7 emergency vet, where he stayed for a week for around the clock treatments. Needless to say, this was expensive. I then had to pay our veterinarian costs to cure our other two dogs from Kennel Cough.

The puppy I purchased from Lakeland Petland had Kennel Cough, which turned into pneumonia, which almost KILLED him. To this date, I have spent over $5000 in vet costs on the puppy purchased at Lakeland Petland. The latest issue with the puppy purchased at Lakeland Petland, and after the necessary emergency treatment to save his life, is tape worms. My veterinarian is sending a tape worm sample, which is 18″ long, to a lab to determine the species.

“It is highly possible the puppy had the intestinal parasite upon purchase, and it may have come from a puppy mill outbreak”.

The owner of Lakeland Petland, and her husband, the Petland’s contracted veterinarian, were both arrested on 6/5/15 for falsifying health certificates for puppies purchased at Lakeland Petland.

Needless to say…I am PISSED.

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Petland. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

Also, you can continue reading comments about Petland.

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Petland gave us a sick kitten that we had to put down after 10 days.


Related: Petland Cat Review from Kissimmee, Florida

My boyfriend and I had recently decided on bringing in a little ball of joy into our home after some very tragic events happened to our family. We had originally planned to adopt from a shelter or a breeder, but in a moment of weakness we walked into Petland and found the most adorable little kitten and couldn’t resist this [expensive] little guy.

We brought him into the vet for his first check-up just as the warranty said. The vet checked him out and said that he was good to go and to bring him in for his shots the next week.

Our first week with Mr. K was amazing. We couldn’t wait to come home and be with him. He was mellow but always wanted love and affection… his favorite place was in our arms.

Our second week with Mr. K was awful. That following Tuesday, Mr. K started having seizures. When I called the vet they said that it is extremely rare for that to happen to cats, so I immediately took him in.

They gave him seizure medication and kept him overnight for observation. By Thursday his condition had gotten so bad that he became blind. The vet told us the next option was to take him to a neurologist which was not covered under Petland’s warranty. That would be a $180 just for the initial checkup which does not include the $2000+ MRI bill and other testing that would have come next.

When we went to go see Mr. K he was not even the same cat. His movements were erratic, he was antsy, his pupils were extremely dilated and nothing would calm him down.

After speaking with the vet further about our options, they suggested that the most humane option for Mr. K was to be euthanized.

We had him for 10 days. Regardless of the amount of time, he had become a part of our family. It is no coincidence that this happened and we bought him from Petland. There are so many awful stories about buying pets from these places and how sick they end up being. While this isn’t a reflection of the staff there, it is a reflection of their product and the inbreeding that occurs at puppy mills and catteries. Petland needs to be shut down for the safety of their animals currently there and the ones to come in the future. Please take something from our experience and reconsider when buying a pet from any pet store.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss “awful treatment of animals” of petland cat and associated monetary loss in the amount of $1600. Petland needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster’s claims.

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Petland – Lies!Fraud!Fake Paperwork! Puppymill!

The short version, They overcharged us $513.00, the “licensed and reputable breeder” is on the list of 100 worst puppymills. The manager created fake AKC paperwork so they wouldn’t have to refund 75% of the purchase price for fraud (Advertising and claiming the dog was AKC and the AKC said he has no definable bloodline). All he did was change one of the registration numbers from a 3 to a 2 and put that on our AKC form so this random dog is listed as the sire, not the actual sire on his family certificate. Not to mention all the claims that APRI is the “new temporary AKC” and that’s why it was on some of the paperwork until we submitted our name. Then the owners response was “Too f*cking bad for you, you shouldnt have bought a dog from us”.

Petland Of Cicero people. Jeffery Frankel is the owner, and this is the worst business I have ever encountered. He doesn’t care her screwed over two disabled Veterans, he will do anything to make a buck. Even his employees tell horror stories how he treats the puppies! for updates

This reviewer shared experience about “fraud,lies,fake paperwork, refusal to make any effort to fix it!” and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $1225. vthomas121 is overall dissatisfied with Petland. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

Also, you can continue reading comments about Petland.

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Other Product Review

Dont buy from them there worse then used car dealers 2100 is high price already put on there credit line it turns into 7000 with intrest


Petland – Dog Review from Bellevue, Washington

There was a big puppy that was biting, which happens I understand, however I didn’t get an associates discount util I was screaming for someone to come over. I was watching the people at the counter the whole time and and three were on there phone and two were talking to each other laughing.

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AND THEN, they lectured ME.

They were mad that I “made a scene” but I think that was justified considering the dog broke skin on both my arms and one of my feet. I even drew blood.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Petland and uploaded a picture. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Petland – Puppy Review from Mountain View, California

I also purchased a very sick puppy. 3 days aftet I got him he was in the hospital.

Kennel cough that turned into pneumonia , blood tests showed the other viruses. He’s been on 6 different medications three times a day for the last four weeks. he is still suffering from horrible coughing. Worst of all I have not been able to socialize him with any other dogs due to the risk of him being contagious.

Petland claims does not answer calls and have left me waiting for any reply or reimbursement almost $2000 worth if vet bills.

My focus now is to get my puppy well. After that my focus will be on finding out how many other animals have gone home sick from this store.

This reviewer shared experience about damaged or defective and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Petland. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Petland is a DECEPTIVE and HEARTLESS company.

Their “breeders” are not actually breeders, they are puppy mills and usually end up with genetic abnormalities, parasites or worse. It’s a shame that the company is more concerned about making money off these animals than they are about the health and well being of their dogs.

I’ve been working with dogs for many years and unfortunately have come into contact with many former petland puppy owners. In almost every one of the cases, the dog ended up with a variety of problems including but not limited to: worms, giardia, bow legged, spinal problems, respiratory problem, so on and so forth. Also, I’ve met a handful of people who bought “pure bred” dogs from’s a load of *** in order to get more money from you. If you need to hear the truth about this company, I will gladly bring it to you.

Recently, one of my coworkers (who just moved here and did not know any better after moving here ) went to petland and bought a shiba inu pup. He did not last over a year. He ended up having problems with his nasal passages and having other respiratory problems. When complaining to the store about her baby’s health issues, they offered her a small amount of money in order to “pay for the problem”.

This was not even close to what she paid in vet bills. A few months later, the dog’s problems continued and started having more severe problems. After taking him to the vet, they determined that he only had a matter of weeks left to live. He lasted 2-3 days, that were filled with seizures and suffering.

Unfortunately she had to put him down in order to ease his suffering. I told her after she bought him this place was trouble. If our state did not see animals as property and there was something that could be done to shut this sorry excuse for a company down, I would in a heartbeat. I’m tired of seeing client’s and friend’s dogs suffering and even worse dying.

This is not okay. If they bought these dogs from reputable breeders who were concerned with the dog’s wellbeing, or even cared for responsibly, I might not be as upset. It’s hard seeing this happen to so many animals I’ve known and yet nothing has happened to the company. I’m disgusted by Petland and I can’t wait for the day we finally find a way to get them shut down.

If you don’t believe me, do some research or take your chances buying a puppy for your kids, it won’t live long enough to grow with them. It’s not just a problem with the Petland in overland park, it’s the company and it’s entirety.

It has been a problem from the beginning, and it still is happening. They would like everyone to think they no longer do this and that their conditions have improved, all lies.

This reviewer shared experience about damaged or defective and wants this business to “out of business”. The author is overall dissatisfied with Petland. The most disappointing about puppy from Petland was their deception and dishonesty, where they get their dogs from and treatment of their animals Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Petland – Review in Pet Stores category from Ellenton, Florida

We purchased our pup from them last week… The “pet counselor” was very helpful and did state we needed to see their vet within 2 days or the warranty would be voided. She actually did an amazing job an explaining the warranty in depth. We brought our pup to see the vet in the designated time period and were told we had a healthy pup… Which he did seen perfectly normal and perfect.. About 2 days after the vet visit though I am concerned he may actually have kennel cough… Again no big deal because they offer 2 well checks, a free stool culture, and covered sick visits up to 14 days (minus meds) included in your purchase…

Not sure why you didn’t utilize what they offer… (Unless the counselor didn’t properly notify you of all that, in that case it’s their fault) but it would have saved you hundreds of dollars and frustration.

Reviewer is in happy mood. Please contact the author of this review to discuss good customer service of positive experience. Petland needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster’s claims.

Other people also mentioned positive experience in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Petland.


Petland – Dog Review from Georgia, United States

Petland gets their puppies from puppy mills. I was looking at a puppy & asked the sales person about what I’d heard & read about the puppy mills.

Related: Petland – Dog Review from Beltsville, Maryland

She got her manager and she got very upset with me and denied it. I’ve done more research and have found overwhelming evidence that Petland DOES get their puppies from puppy mills. Please don’t patronize Petland.

I ended up getting a dog from my local shelter and I love her – and she loves me – very deeply. She’s a great little dog!

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Petland. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Petland – Does not care about their pets health

We bought our Maltese puppy in January 2012 at PETLAND MONROEVILLE. We brought her home with kennel cough but that was not a problem with us.

The next three years we deeply fell in love with our little girl. We maintained her health and got her groomed every five weeks. We were especially careful in what she ate. This past Christmas was a good one for all of us.

Beginning the new year, we noticed a few lumps on our sweet Violet and took her to the vet not only for him to look at her bumps but to get her next vaccination that was due. When he told us she had lymphoma we were absolutely DEVASTATED. This loving member of our family has lymphoma? Where did this come from?

He mentioned to us that in his 30 years as a veterinarian he has never seen a dog so young get lymphoma. He asked again if she was only three and I assured him she was. We started chemo immediately. After a few weeks, we chose to stop the chemotherapy but keep her on prednisone.

We put her on a holistic diet (recommended by a holistic doctor that is a friend) with homemade fresh food consisting of 12 different supplements. We cooked three small meals for her during her last two months. This did not remiss her cancer. We had to euthanize her last week.

We are absolutely DEVASTATED by her loss. Not only because she was such a beloved member of our family but the fact that she only lived a little over three years. It just does not seem fair. I called PETLAND MONROEVILLE requesting to talk to the owner to inquire about the breeder.

I thought they might be interested in knowing what happened and to check on her breeder to see if perhaps any other dogs from that litter had congenital problems. I thought when I talked to him he really cared but I was really wrong about that. He said he would call me back. He never did, nor did he mention the three year warranty that I discovered later on.

Since I told him she was three it could have been possible that she was within the three year warranty. He also stated he was the new owner and he bought the business a little more than a year ago. In extreme grief my husband and I visited PETLAND MONROEVILLE this past week. We were greeted by a woman who informed us she was the owner and after talking with her she said her four sons run the store.

Funny, the guy who called me said HE is the owner and he’s owned the store for a year and a half. I told her about our Violet and she went in the back of the store and brought out a Maltese puppy that we could purchase for $2k. Her behavior was very inappropriate. It is definitely clear to me what the priority is to these owner(s) and it is not the health of the animals.

Needless to say, we are not interested in a new dog. Don’t really know when we would emotionally be ready (if at all} for another dog. I am writing this to add to the complaint list about my experience with this pet store.

I will never buy an animal from PETLAND MONROEVILLE again. Hopefully this story will make people realize that buying from a breeder is a better route to take.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of maltese puppy. Petland needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster’s claims.

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Petland – Dog Review from Beltsville, Maryland

We bought a Yorkie and he was just the most playful pup ever. The family loved him and he loves us.

Related: Petland – Dog Review from Port Richey, Florida

We had the dog for one week exactly when we discovered he had a terrible cough. When we took him to Emergency they told us that he has pneumonia and bronchitis. He is only 10 weeks and 2 pounds. He began to play less, not eat, and loose weight.

The dog is on medication as well as a breathing treatment (3x a day). Petland continues to give us PawSolutions number and we made the claim but Petland won’t let us speak to the manager. The dog has been in the vet since we took him to the ER and we refuse to bring a sick dog home.

Last thing we want to do is wake up to a dead dog. We are very upset and we will get our attorney involved.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of petland dog. Petland needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster’s claims.

Other people also mentioned petland dog in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Petland.


Petland – Purchased a puppy, diagnosed with Heart Murmur, won’t cover exam to determine severity of condition.

Do not buy a pet from here. We had a good experience with our first purchase and went back just to look around. I fell in love with an English bulldog. She was just the most adorable puppy and couldn’t help but love her. I knew she was overpriced but thought it was worth it due to their health guarantee and they have a long list of possible ailments. We had her for about 3 weeks when in her second appointment with our vet she was diagnosed with a heart murmur. We called and spoke with the owner and we were told they would have their vet check her out and if needed order an echo for her. They did pay for the initial visit to their vet who confirmed she has a grade 2 murmur but then refused to pay for the echo which is needed for her so she can be spayed and have surgery to correct her cherry eyes.

Related: Petland – Dog Review from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The only option they have given us is to return her and they will replace her. How could I possibly return our puppy that we have had for 2 1/2 months and who we love dearly. They pray on he fact that no decent person would return a dog they have had. So they do not offer any kind of health guarantee unless you want to give up your pet which they lied because they said you can’t return your pets but in this instance that is all they are willing to do.

Please never shop there and never buy an animal because if your unlucky and get one who is ill they will do nothing to help with their treatment.

This is the worst service ever!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of petland dog. Petland needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster’s claims.

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Petland bradenton fl sold me 2 sick pups

i bought 2 golden retrievers male and female 8 weeks and 9 weeks which now both have pneumonia and also kennel cough and roundworms which now i have spent a large amount of money trying to get theses pups healthy and when you try to contact the store they are we cant help call our claims dept also stated to me that my 2 day warranty is voided because i went to my own veterinarian looked up the breeders they are both from IA and are know to be puppy mills I am so frustrated with this store and they they have the nerve to say they are against puppy mills but sell these dogs from them.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of golden retriever puppy. Petland needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster’s claims.

Other people also mentioned golden retriever puppy in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Petland.


Petland – Puppy Review from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Dog was given to us (new puppy owners) with “kennel cough” but we were told cough was almost gone. On the way home puppy was coughing up stuff and having trouble breathing.

Store was closed so had to take home but took back pup first thing in the AM (12 hours later) only got half the money back. Pup also had “peanut butter” *** and slept through the night (unusual gor a new pup) and some missing fur patches.

This person wrote the review because of damaged or defective of puppy from Petland. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Petland to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

If you have a chance, please immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Petland for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.



For years I have been trying to get something done about the Petland in my town. The puppies are thrown into tiny, filthy cages and usually have no food.

They are overcrowded, never cleaned, and are stuck walking on that thin wire bottom. I have even seen dogs fighting in the cages, where the employees do not seem to care at all. Every single person I have spoken to that has bought a dog from Petland ended up having to have the dog treated for kennel cough and other illnesses. I think it is safe to say that the animals hardly ever have food or water.

They do not separate their male and females, so often times the females are pregnant, in regards to hamsters and other rodents. The enclosures for the reptiles are not properly set up, leaving room for reptiles with illnesses and growth problems. I picked up a ferret once with a broken leg and the employee did nothing about it. I know for a fact after talking to the employees that they are not aware of a guinea pig’s need for vitamin C.

I have seen more than one pig in the store with scurvy (a vitamin C deficiency from which they will most likely die if not treated.) I have also seen more than one pregnant guinea pig. I have 5 tarantulas of my own and Petland does not know how to care for them. They are kept on sand, which is a minor issue, but still a problem. Same goes for keeping the sponge in the water dish because it can absorb bacteria that the tarantulas are a lot more sensitive to.

I actually bought one from Petland, a rose hair. I was told that she had been eating a pinky mouse once a week. For one, that is DRASTICALLY overfeeding a tarantula that size, and second, can cause aggression in some animals. I now cannot handle this tarantula at all.

I feel I should also mention that no one in the store is even willing to box up the tarantula. I had to do it myself. One day, a friend and I visited only to find a tarantula literally in the process of dying. My friend did take photos bu was rudely approached by an employee insisting that she stop taking pictures.

I purchased an iguana from there that had epilepsy. I had seen the male employee pick her up and tap her hard on the head. As much as I want to save as many animals as I can, I cannot give them anymore money to fund their actions of cruelty!

They clearly care more about making a sale than they do caring for the animals. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn’t like: Animal conditions, Customer service.


Petland – Do not breed or buy while shelter dogs die

Everyone knows by now that you don’t breed dogs anyway!!!! Have you not heard about the over population problem by now?

Get a real job instead of buying puppies to breed!!! The pound and local shelters have wonderful, health dogs and they have been fully vetted and stand by their health records. And if you have a problem they will be glad to help or exchange the pet.

You need to start visiting the shelters and see how many puppies and dogs we have and you wouldn’t think of breeding. Also every time you breed and find homes for the puppies, you keep those people from going to the shelters and adopting.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.


Petland Overland Park – Puppy Review from Leawood, Kansas

DO NOT buy a puppy from this or any other Petland. They buy puppies from hobby breeders that can’t be sold because of genetic problems, and sell them for astronomical prices.

They send you to THEIR VET who says the animal is fine, but that is not the case.

We got taken twice by them.

We purchased two puppies to the tune of $3600 and can’t even breed them because of hereditary health issues. But we will fight!

Reason of review: Not as described.



Their dogs are always underfed and whenever I go to play with the dogs there they always seem to have “kennel cough” which ends up being something worse. Certain workers take out their frustrations on the customers and the owner is completely incompetent and rude!

Related: Petland – Dog Review from Bellevue, Washington

I do not, under any circumstance, recommend buying a dog, cat, etc from Pet Land in Robinson Township. It makes me sad to know that the owner can get paid to give these innocent animals the awful living conditions that they have. This place deserves to be shut down.

They lie about details of the dogs and in certain cases I have heard that people will buy these puppies and in less than two weeks the dog will die. By going there and buying a dog you’re only helping them

Review about: Petland Dog.


Petland – Dog Review from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Got my shih tzu puppy 2months old from petland on nov 6. Next thing you know shes coughing so i took her to the vet they recommend Nob Hill Animal clinic 3 days after and they gave me medicine to give her.

Related: Petland – I purchased a Sibarian Huskey and he was very sick. It devistated our whole family. Our three boys are still not over it.

Gave her the medicine and seemed to be getting better then out of nowhere a week later she wouldnt eat walk could hardly breathe kept sleeping was throwing up mucus. It was bad. Took her to the emergency clinic nov 16th and they told us she has severe pneumonia. They have to keep her overnight the next few days.

$2000+ later my dog is still sick. They gave us a sick dog and now she might die because of them after we’ve become so attached to her. Do not get any pet there.

Do not rush. Look somewhere else.

Review about: Petland Dog.


Won’t shop at Petland again!

I have also had a bad experience at the same Petland store. We were also looking at the reptiles and one of the female employees was helping my son and me.

She was not friendly at all, was very short with her answers to our questions and was not helpful at all. I also noticed that their reptiles are a lot more expensive than other competitors as well as their merchandise. The same reptile set up aquarium my son bought at Petsmart was 130.00 more at Petland for the exact same item, brand name…..I honestly don’t know how they are still in business.

Petsmart employees were way more friendly, helpful and informative.


Petland – They sold a tarantula to my 12 year old

My 12 year old came home with a scorpion from the Crowfoot Calgary Petland location. What happened to their responsible pet owner policy of only selling to adults?

Who sells a poisonous animal to a 12 year old? Claiming they thought he looked like an adult doesn’t cut it- shame on you!

Did it not occur to the employee he was dealing with a child when my son signed his name as only his first name in print for his signature? Having to return a pet once brought home just doesn’t cut it, that causes emotional stress for everyone in the family!


Petland – Pet land credit fraud

My daughter bought a puppy for her mom who recently lost her beloved chihuahua. They never told her that the interest rate on the credit forms she signed was for 189% interest.

Related: Petland – DONT BUY A DOG FROM HERE

So a $1500.00 dog is costing her over $3000.00. Their response was to bad it’s what she agreed to. My daughter had no idea what she was signing it was never explained to her. They just wanted to make a sale.

All she got was a sales receipt she was never given any paperwork on the credit. She did not even realize why a company called PPD Duvera was taking $300.00 from her account. She had to call this company to find out it was for the dog. After paying over $1800.00 she wanted to know if that was the last payment only to find out she still owed over $1000.00.

So everyone beware of Pet Lands shady loan shark credit before signing anything. Needless to say no one in my family will ever shop there again.

They took advantage of a woman who was mourning the loss of her dog and the daughter who wanted to do something nice for her Mother. Shame on them and their way of doing business.

Review about: Petland Dog.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.


Petland – I purchased a Sibarian Huskey and he was very sick. It devistated our whole family. Our three boys are still not over it.

We have been looking for a Sibarian Huskey for three months and I should have known better to purchase a dog from Petland. My boys and I couldn’t resist when we found a blue eyed male.

Related: Petland – Pet land credit fraud

When we brought him home he seemed fine until about 20 hours later he started crying, wheezing, vomiting, and literally passing out, falling flat on his side stop breething and shaking. This continued happening on and off for about 15 more hours. We took him immidiately to the veterinarian the following morning. Come to find out he had a Congenital Disease and a huge hole in his heart.

He also had a upper respiratory infection. Petland’s veterinarian told us to take him back! When I contacted Petland they told me that they have the dogs looked at once a week!? What kind of veterinarian’s do they have and how would they not know that my poor puppy was so sick!

They also told me that they knew that he had an upper respiratory infection but “figured” I would be taking him to the vet in five days anyway!

What kind of horrable people would do this to a poor dog!? My three boys were devastated.

Review about: Petland Dog.


Petland – Couple who bought the Goldendoodle, please contact me.

My organization has been trying to close the Frisco Petland store for a long time. Many customers and several former employees have come to us with their stories of predatory and unethical practices.

Please contact me so I can add your information to our long list of people who have bought puppies there who have died or been very sick. We give this information to people when we protest at the store, and it turns them away from Frisco Petland. We are there every Saturday from 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM.

Call (972) 407-9396 or e-mail

Or come by during our protest. Thanks.


Unsocialized and aggressive St. Bernard from Petland Strongsville.

Have had family dogs all of our lives, usually two at a time. For a lot of reasons I have never purchased a “store” dog, but have generally had purebred dogs with a good track record. We purchased a St. Bernard puppy last fall who was discounted as he was growing out of his cage. He has always been a little hyper (expected) and slobbery (expected). But he remains aggressive towards kids in the house, company, even adults a the dog park. Generally he bites hands when people are trying to offer a “sniff.” He goes from wagging to biting in the blink of an eye- its startling. No warning growl; nothing. We had him neutered as our vet thought this may help- it does not. I have always taken dogs on backpacking trips and family camping. Not sure I can even do that with him. Its a sad place when you children both love and are frightened of the family dog.

Related: Petland – Purchased a puppy, diagnosed with Heart Murmur, won’t cover exam to determine severity of condition.

Contacted the store who were short, curt, and took no responsibility. In fact, they claim their puppies are socialized better than breeder sold dogs. They simply said to take him to a behaviorist. I will feel horrible if we have to find another home for him, more so if they have kids.

We absolutely love dogs! A few years ago we even took out a home equity line to get chemotherapy for our old lab.

Confused, conflicted, devastated, and sad. Never, EVER buy a petland puppy.

Review about: Petland Dog.

Reason of review: non disclosure of puppy history, aggressive..

Monetary Loss: $2200.

Preferred solution: Either free (and effective) behavioralist training, or partial refund and re-homing (assuming the store gives full disclosure of his aggressiveness). .


Petland – The owner doesnt care a thing about you or the animals

i got a dog a while ago ( 2008 )there. paid 1700 dollars for her ( *** dumb i know ) . she was purebred mini dachshund . anyways after getting her i did some research into her bloodline..and found out she came from some breeder in kansas…all good it would seem..nope the breeder was wanted by the irs for tax evasion…and then did more digging and found out he was arrested in other states for animal cruelty and running puppy mills. so i went to petland with this proof and asked them to refund the money i gave them based on what i found out. they refused they said give us back the dog and we will talk. ( the manager at the time was an rude arrogant *** ).

Related: Unsocialized and aggressive St. Bernard from Petland Strongsville.

i called them out for working with illegal puppy mills and they of course denied it up and down even with the proof and a report from the kansas police dept. about the breeder …. so basically i was dumb and got a dog from there. and they are all for puppy mills and animal cruelty.

in theory selling illegal merchandise is against the law…but they get away with it. im just glad that even though i got *** with my money just glad i was able to get one dog out of that hellish place

so do yourself a favor do not support them.. they are a worthless company that could care less about animals ( cause keeping a animal in a small cage and being out there for people to bother is pretty traumatizing )

do yourself a favor just type in petland cruetly in a search engine.

this is the reponse from the owner of the cicero petland Jeffrey Frankel today

“You should really gather your own FACTS rather than blindly believing internet propaganda.”

“You are entitled to your opinion however we get frustrated dealing with people like you that are uninformed, willfully ignorant and worse arrogant.”

Review about: Petland Dog.

Monetary Loss: $1700.


Petland – Pet Medical Services Review from Columbus, Georgia

Bought a Great Pyrenees puppy and in less than 48 hours of taking her home we had to take her to an emergency vet; the vet said she has severe pneumonia, X-ray showed her lungs are all clouded up vouching and labored breathing 1800 bucks and an overnight stay for my new baby we will push to get our money back to this vet bill lawyers or not.


Petland – Review about Bad Customer Care

I have called Corporate headquarters three times and left a message, it seems to me that they don’t care about there customers or the pets they sell.


Petland – Golden Retriever Puppy Review

Bought a $1000 golden retriever puppy from petland. They said they called her booger because she licked their nose.

We took her home and she was coughing and sneezing with lots of phlegm coming out. She was having a hard time breathing and had a lot of snot coming out. We took her to the vet and she has kennel cough plus 2 parasites found in her stool. She is now on 4 medications and we can’t even take her out in public for another 3 weeks.

My puppy is tired all of the time I would never ever recommend anyone going there. The 2 girls helping us were arguing over what was best for my puppy n fought over who was going to check us out. It was stressful and now I’ve been dealing with a sick puppy who is not getting better. It makes me sick how the puppies are treated.

They also told me they were giving her a bath before I took her home but she smelled like pee and was dirty.

This place is disgusting. DO NOT GO TO PETLAND IN LARGO.


Petland – Puppy fighting for life

Our 14 week old puppy who wasn’t even home 5 days is currently in critical condition at a local veterinary hospital in Syracuse NY. She was treated for an UR I by Petland Cicero NY with 4 different antibiotic meds and we took her home on Saturday, by Thursday evening she was so sick she could not stand up and was taken for the 3rd time this week to our vet who took an x-ray and found she had a critical case of pneumonia and she recommended emergency care…she also had a high fever and fought for every breath she took…she was put into ICU and placed on oxygen…this day she is no better than lastnight…we went to Petland and the owner who had an “I don’t care” attitude said the warranty doesn’ t cover emergency treatment….as this is the result of negligence on the part of Petlad as the dogs immune system was compromised due to over medication…once the medication given to her at Petland wore off she was susceptible to most anything…we at least expect, at the very least, the purchase price of the dog to cover the medical expenses…this is not over Petland…We will pursue this as too many dogs from the Cicero store have been seen and some have died due to your negligence and improper treatment…

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Review about: Petland Dog.


Petland – Puppy couldn’t even walk by the time we got him home. So sick

We purchased a puppy at Petland Frisco last week. They said the dog was just tired from playing but by the time we got him home he couldn’t even stand up.

Related: Petland – Puppy fighting for life

We rushed to the vet to find he was very sick.

He had Cociddia and Giardia and our vet wasn’t sure he would live.

They were asking $2900 for this puppy and it was obviously from a puppy mill that malnourished and neglected their dogs. We forced them to give us our money back but refused to pay the emergency vet bills we incurred.


Review about: Petland Dog.

Monetary Loss: $400.


Petland – Pomeranian Puppy Treatment Review from Doylestown, Pennsylvania

My pomeranian puppy is deathly ill…one minute he was fine running around, playing then he tried to stand up after sitting and he couldn’t he just kept sitting back down or falling to one side. He then threw up 3 consecutive times then started throwing up foam. He didnt want to eat his lunch or his dinner. I knew there may have been something going on because of the constant sneezing but I assumed he may simply be allergic to something in the home.

I got my puppy a little over a week ago from Petland and I’m afraid he might not make it the night.

I must say Petland did go above and beyond to take care of my puppy, with the overnight stay and the vet seeing him early Sunday morning. But at the same time I’m afraid they may have sold me a sick puppy.

-Hope my puppy makes the night



i purchased a puppy that cost more than my 1st, 2nd and 3rd car which i was told came from top breeder. I found the so called breeder.

They have at least 75 breeding dogs on premesis at all times, their state has bogus laws on pet breeding. But still Petland buys from puppy mills and claim they come from “top breeders” and “breeders that only produce quality family pets”. my puppy was ill right away and had a bundle of issues that cost me a fortune to fix.

Plus she is not the mini they claimed she was, her dad is huge and mom too 🙁 Petland refuses to make this right in any way. this business should be shut down!!!!

Monetary Loss: $5197.


Sick Hamster Review

Bought a hamster there. Sick in hours. Half dead. No returns or exchanges. BEWARE! They very much sell SICK pets!


Petland Manning – Bad Manager Review from Edmonton, Alberta

This store opened last year and the staff were great also a very clean store I enjoyed it as pet smart was a very dirty store and no customer service . 2months ago managers had changed and now this store is dirty and only a few old staff work there now, I right l knew a few of the new staff members and recently seen the new manager BArb and reliezed she was a Petsmart employee that was terminated and I realize all the new new staff are from petsmart . What happened to the pet land that cared about the animals the small animal room is dirty and the dust on the shelfs l can write my name in once a fantastic store has gone down the drain.So beware pet land hires nothing but pet smart staff which means customers are treated badly as I had a situation with this lady previously she is rude and will swear at you. Shop elsewhere as this great store has gone down hill since the previous manager


Sick Puppies Review

Sick puppies


Petland Dog Review

The owner of the Robinson petland is a greedy money hog. Charging $3500 for a French bulldog from a puppy mill in Texas. He is a very rude ***. Obviously these dogs aren’t his priority. They are all sick with upper respiratory infections, severe diareaha, fevers, kennel cough. Omg it’s horrible. This man needs stopped. Shut down this business. Don’t buy a puppy here. Puppies are suffering.


Petland – Rude, disrespectful employees and management

A week ago, my husband and I went to Petland with our 5 yr old son and his friend/classmate along with her 3 yr old brother and mother. While playing with a puppy, the dog had pee’d on the floor.

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So before cleaning it up, we returned the dog and got the kids out of the playroom, trying to keep them together in the extremely chaotic, unsupervised environment. An employee named Aliya, walked over with paper towels and rudely stated to the mother I was with, “Here’s towels. Clean it up!” (We hadn’t gotten to it yet with everything happening). Then said more rudely, ” The dog pissed, clean it up!” and stormed off.

After I wiped it up, my husband thought the manager should be aware of this employees actions. So he went to talk to the manager which turned out to be more rude than Aliya. His name is Alex Hawkins. He told my husband he told her to come tell us and offered no apology.

After hearing this, I simply went to talk to him to make sure my husband hadn’t exaggerated the situation and quite frankly, wanted an apology. After asking Alex if that’s how he talks to customers and lets employees treat paying customers that way, especially if they’re expected to pay $800+ for a dog, he told me ” Oh please, you weren’t buying that dog.” I asked him, “oh? How are you so sure I wasn’t buying that dog? Or any animal in this store??

Or anything in this store for pets I have at home???” I then told him how shocked I was that he was so condenscending and rude and thought an apology was appropriate. He responded with an eye roll, said, “I don’t have time for this” and walked away. I grabbed my son, friends, and husband and before leaving, he said directly to me in front of my son, “thank you for ruining my night and making it miserable.”

I don’t like to complain until I find it necessary. My son was there.

I wasn’t getting anything out of it. I simply wanted the manager to address his inappropriate employee, know what happened and apologize for the awful “customer service”. Turns out, he’s worse than her. Embarrassing.

I called the Customer Complaint Center “Pawsitive Solutions”, was informed it would be taken care of…these 2 are still employed. As long as they work there, I will make sure to take away as many customers as possible.

Review about: Petland Customer Care.


Netherland Dwarf Bunny Review

I bought a netherland dwarf bunny from petland about 3 weeks after Easter, and now a month later he just passed away. Not sure what he died from because he died before I could get him to the animal hospital but he was flailing around his cage and had bubbles coming from his nose and died immediately, he had also vomited or diarrhead the night prior to dying.



TERRIBLE staff and TERRIBLE service!

I took my three birds (two parakeets and one green cheek conure) to have their nails and wings clipped. I warned the staff that the parakeets have not had their nails clipped so they might be skittish. They took the birds back and I waited outside. 20 minutes later I was asked to come back into the employee’s area because there was a problem…the technician had KILLED one of the PARAKEETS, because she said the bird was trying to fly out of her hands so she held it tighter but and accidentally snapped it’s neck!

However, I would like to note that this employee (Pati) was on her bluetooth set, still talking to someone while I was in the room, and I saw them on her full-screen skype video she had on her laptop that was set up right where she was working. The bird was literally on the edge of the laptop, clearly this employee was distracted!

On top of that, the sales manager, Jeremy, had horrible customer service, and said that this is not worth a fuss over just a bird. He claimed that if it was a dog it’s different they are more expensive, however these are cheap birds and you can just replace them. He did not believe in any emotional investment one might have in their non-dog pets what-so-ever.

To top it off, the next day when we went back to talk to the store owner, the technician claimed that she did not in fact kill the bird, the bird was already dead! (Why in the world would someone bring in a dead bird to have their wings and nails clipped?)


Petland – Rude sales person

being a big time pet lover and have bought from pet land over the years. i decided after a recent visit that i do not feel i would buy from them again.

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the employes are rude all they care about is how much money they can get for there puppy’s that are not even akc register. they advertise that they are but to go find out that these puppy’s for 2400 don’t have any papers. they don’t know where they come from and that the puppy is a bobby breeder which means some one from the store or friends decided to make big bucks off of people that don’t know anything about the dogs in the store. i feel they are using the store for there personal use and that the owner doesn’t even know about it.

i have know this owner over 10 years and have never been treated this way before. the sells person Lauren is very pushy and rude if you know more then her she will disrespect you. you can get a hobby puppy any where for under 900 with out papers. so go to your veterinarian or a friends veterinarian and find out who is breeding there pets and buy one from them.

who has a good clientele with there pet owners. remember this staff has no knowledge on there puppy’s,they have no idea who or where they come from. . they are over pricing puppy’s that are with no papers you can not sell a dog for top dollars and not have some kind of registry on them..

who would be *** to buy a dog for 2400 just because they are sold at pet land.

also just to let you know she try to sell me the puppy for even half the price. that just prove that they have less value then what they are trying to sell them for.

Review about: Petland Dog.


Betta Fish Review

A few days ago I bought a betta fish I eventually notice it had Finn rot. I’m guessing it’s from the tinny and stressed environment it was in


Petland, St Paul, MN, sells sick dog

In July 2013, I purchased a Boxer puppy from the Petland Store, 2123 Hudson Road, St. Paul, MN.

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She was 13 weeks old. I was told that she had a cold earlier, but she as treated and was fully recovered. Within 48 hours, I had a very sick dog. She was diagnosed with a severe case of pneumonia and possible diverticulits of the esophagus.

After treating pneumonia for several months and accruing Vet bills in excess of $900, she appears to be doing well. The Pet Store owner, Matt McCarthy, refuses to reimburse me for the Vet bills.

I won a judgement in Ramsey County Conciliation Court, but no reimbusement.

Review about: Petland Dog.

Monetary Loss: $914.


Petland – Rude, inconsiderate, and discusting workers.

I spend over $1,000 to purchase my new dachshund from Petland in Athens Ohio, and regret it very much. After spending thousands of dollars there spoking my new puppy, you think that they would respect you.

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For one, when I got my puppy he had colon problems from the Heath Extension food, yet I still have to buy that food to keep my puppy for a life time program. My vet told me that his food needed to be switched, and I should not use the crapy supplements you also have to purchase from Petland in Athens to keep the program. On top of that, I went into the store, and I was questioning the manager about brands of dog food. I switched my puppy to Merrick dog food, and he gained so much energy, and seems much happier.

The manager flat-out told me that Merrick was a better brand and that they make money off Heath Extension Products, and that brand promotes Petland. I’m sorry, but that stomachs me. They pretty much just told me that they care more about the money than the pets we spend thousands on, and treat as our own. This is a disgrace.

I go into Petland Athens weekly since I got my puppy, and still run into problems evey time I go there. Kyle and Bobby, the managers both teamed up on me, a 19 year old college girl, telling me that it was too busy of a night to make my return! WOW!! I wish that I never stepped foot in that store, even though I love my puppy very much.

He is now all healthy thanks to Doctor Allen’s Pet Clinic.

Review about: Petland Dog.


Petland – Puppy Died 10 Days After We Brought Her Home (Ruby)

We were very excited to see a female English Bulldog for sale as we have been looking for another one to help entertain our eldest bulldog, Winston. The Bulldog was being sold for $4200, which included a 3 year warranty for medical expenses. First year was fully covered, and then each subsequent year it was a percentage which was covered. We were approached by the owner who seemed very creepy to say the least.

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We purchased the puppy and named her Ruby. She was an adorable bulldog and very affectionate from the beginning. Petland’s owner, Jeff Koury, sold us Ruby even though she was coughing, had nasal discharge and was sent home with us on antibiotics. The Health Examination, which is required by the state to be conducted by a licensed Veterinarian prior to us purchasing Ruby, did not indicate that she was sick (the health exam indicated NO COUGH). Petland did submit to us a subsequent health examination that was conducted by their staff which indicated she had nasal discharge and was being sent home with medication. Note, the staff at Petland are not licensed Veterinarians!

Two days after we purchased her we realized that she was getting worse so we took her to our Veterinarian at Bansfiend Pet Hospital in Cranberry, Pennsylvania who suggested that we get additional x-rays because they felt she may have pneumonia. We called Petland and the owner suggested that we give he a stronger antibiotic, Azithromycin, to combat her illness. This did not work and 5 days after we brought her home we had to rush her to the hospital because she stopped breathing. Again we contacted Petland and they told us to bring her back for a full refund. When we asked what would happen to her they said it was not our business. We elected to treat her at the hospital because we felt that the owner would kill her. Pennsylvania Puppy Lemon Law states that if the dog presents a life threatening illness that the buyer has 2 options; either return the dog for a full refund or receive reimbursement of medical bills up to the cost of the puppy if we chose to treat them. Again we spent $4200 plus tax ($4800) so we thought if we spent this much on treating her she should get better and we would be reimbursed for our medicalexpenses.

Four days later we had to put Ruby down and our medical expenses exceeded $6000. Petland only reimbursed us for the $4200 and did not offer to replace the puppy. So essentially we purchased a puppy from Petland in Robinson for $6200, that never lived longer than 10 days after we brought her home! ?Please do not support this company. I would hate for them to do this to someone else.

Review about: Petland Dog.

Monetary Loss: $6200.


Petland – Employee rude and said racist slurs

i was asking to see a guinea pig and the employee had a very nasty attitude rolling her eyes in the back of her head and sucking her teeth because she wanted me to ask to hold it instead of saying see it .then she called me and my fiancee *** blacks. now i feel very uncomfortable going to the petland on westchester sq bx ny i told her i was going to speak to her manger and she really didnt care she once again sucked her teeth and rolled her eyes and said she comes in tomorrow 10 am -8


Petland – Sick dog with Giardia and signs he is from a puppy mill

Dog had Giardia that took over 6 rounds of medication to get rid of. Vet said dog shows signs of being a puppy mill dog.


Store owner Jake Patel had his employees hang up on me when I call store for resolution.

He issues me a refund for the in-store training I purchased because he didn’t want me in his store to tell potential buyers about the issues they will likely face if they purchase from this place. It is proven that he purchases his dogs from some of the worst puppy mills in the country and he must be stopped!

Review about: Petland Dog.

Monetary Loss: $500.


Petland – Company did not honor 48 hour return policy

I bought a dog from Pentland Frisco, and must admit was a bit more expensive than I was hoping to spend. The dog is great but again we didn’t think about the debt that we just added to ourselves and came to the hard decision that we must return the new addition.

We checked the corporate site and found that the company did offer a 48 hour return policy plus an administration fee, which was expected.

Now I am being charged $300 for the administration fee plus they want to keep the $500 I put down. This isnt right.


Petland – Neglects their animals medical needs

My husband and 2 year old and I were at the local Petland store in in Pembroke Pines, Florida, looking for pet rats just tonight. They had no rats, not that it matters because after what we saw this evening I’d never give this chain any of my money.

The first thing that disturbed us was the behavior of a ferret. In a cage of 3 ferrets, one was chittering wildly and thrashing about and exhibiting incredibly aggressive behavior, while the other 2 were cowering at the far end of the cage. But this is nothing compared to what we saw next.

In the clear cage butting up to the ferret cage was a white and black rabbit, sitting up on its hindquarters and rubbing it’s eye. and rubbing…and rubbing…and rubbing…

I stooped down and what I saw broke my heart. The poor thing had a massive eye infection-redness and pussiness all about the eye, the eye itself was discolored. This was what I could see in between the constant rubbing of this poor rabbit. The rabbit was sharing it’s cage with a guinea pig which was missing large patches of hair on its back-I’m guessing it had some sort of skin disease or infection of it’s own. There was another cage of rabbits and guinea pigs across the room. I guess they put these 2 in the cage away from the healthier animals. At least they had the sense to quarantine.

So I called one of the staff, a young man, over to comment on what terrible shape this rabbit’s eye was in. He lamely offered a mixture of excuses-that the rabbit had tried to jump over into the ferrets cage but didn’t make it and hit it’s eye…and that a ferret attacked the rabbit. He said he was ‘sure the rabbit would be better soon.’ because apparently, no medical care was being given to what was clearly a massive infection that will claim this animal’s eye, if not it’s life. I am calling the Broward County Animal Cruelty Hotline as soon as they are open tomorrow because this level of neglect in a petshop is just sickening. Hopefully they don’t just kill and dump the rabbit after my obvious disgust with their lack of animal care. Absolute monstrosity to treat these helpless creatures with such neglect-it truly is abuse.


Petland – Absolutely NO customer service

I had an appointment at the Shawnessey Store in Calgary to have my dog groomed – at 11 a.m. on Thursday, Sept 12th.

On June 29th of this year I had a heart attack and therefore had a Dr. appointment prior to the grooming at 11 a.m. and I was 15 minutes late arriving at Petland. The groomer told me rudely that I was 15 minutes late and I apologized but before I could say any more she told me the 15 minutes I was late required a “penalty” (that is the word she used) of $10.00 .

I just said no thanks and left. I just got this dog from Calgary Animal services in May 2013 and everything I purchased for him was from Petland but I will not spend another cent at the place and I’ve told everyone possible about the ignorance of this groomer.

She was not waiting for me but was actually rooming a dog who was on the table while we spoke. Obviously business is too good so I will do all I can to change that



I have adopted two dogs from animal shelter over the past twelve years and they are like my babies. I went into the store to buy new toys for them and absolutely fell in love with one of the maltese puppies there.

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Within two days of purchase she went to two different emergency vets. Firstly, the vet petland makes you take the animals to so that your “warranty” is valid is a freaking joke!! He did not catch that my dog had pneumonia or kennel cough. Then when they helped me take her to an emergency vet that same night he saw her for 10 minutes and sent us home said she would be fine as long as we gave her some Karo to get some sugar in her (she was not eating a lot for me and at this point I had only had her for 24 hours).

The very next day I took her to medvet in columbus because she had a seizure and was literally almost dead. I had had this puppy for two days, fed her and had her drink as much as I possibly could and she was still in awful condition. She ended up staying in the hospital for a week and I had a $2400 hospital bill (on top of the $800 I paid for her)!! The vets at medvet told me that she would not have lived if I had not bought her because petland took such awful care of her.

On top of all of this, when I called the store to inform them of everything that had happened with my brand new puppy, the manager tried to act like all of this was my fault somehow and that I was a bad pet owner.

Needless to say I gave the lady an earful and hung up. I will never again support the petland organization in any way and every chance I get I dissuade others from so as well.

Review about: Petland Dog.

Monetary Loss: $3200.


PETLAND LAKE SAINT LOUIS BAIT AND SWITCH SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To whom it may concern:

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My husband and I were interested in purchasing a German Shepard puppy. I have four years of experience as a veterinary technician before I decided to pursue a future in law and I also have a two and a half year old son. With the knowledge that I have obtained I am aware that purchasing a pet is a big decision especially when a child is involved. We visited the Lake Saint Louis, MO Petland for one hour (past closing time), once at 10 am the next morning, and again at 5 pm that evening to ensure the puppy would play well with our son. During our first visit (Andrea as I am told by the GM) told us about the pet deposit if we wanted to ensure that no one adopts the puppy, who shall now be referred to as him throughout this correspondence. Andrea was aware that we were looking at a puppy at a rescue also, and I asked her if we decided to go with a dog elsewhere could we use the deposit for leashes, food, or whatever else our puppy might need and she told us on several occasions that it would not be a problem and yes we could. The next morning Rachel opened the door for us and was extremely pushy, I felt like reminding her this is a puppy and not a pair of shoes! She, too, mentioned the deposit and again, I confirmed that if we decided not to adopt him would we be able to use the money for supplies for the other puppy, which she was aware of, and she, too, said yes! We knew we were going to need supplies because we are getting a puppy from one place or the other so if it didn’t work out no big deal we would not be out any money that we weren’t already going to spend, so we put down the deposit. When we showed up at 5 pm we had every intention of adopting him if all went well, however, he was more aggressive and grabbed my, already shy, son by the pants and actually *** his leg and was pulling on him. Rachel witnessed this and realized this wasn’t going to work, and took the puppy. Obviously this was not the puppy for us, and she immediately tried to show us any other puppy in the store, but as I mentioned before we were seeking a German Shepard puppy. My husband asked her how the $100 credit worked because we need to get some items for the whatever dog we end up with and Rachel said she would check , she went in the back, and completely avoided eye contact with us for 10+ mins .I finally went to the front register and asked for a manager. The manager came out and immediately (before anything was said by me) told me she was on the phone with the owner and they refused to do a refund. I explained we were told we would get a store credit and I did not want a refund. She called me a liar and said that no one on her staff would say that!!! Then went on to tell me they only give refunds in special circumstances… Is this not a special circumstance? Please elaborate what constitutes a special circumstance. My son was bitten by the dog that we really wanted and we didn’t want another dog, again we were not shopping for shoes, but a lifetime companion for our family! I was furious. Why on Earth would I ever give someone money without some arrangement to use the money elsewhere, knowing the possibility that this would not work out with our child? Yes, the receipt does say Nonrefundable, but it does not say nontransferable, therefore, I believed what I was told by multiple staff members. After a very heated discussion with the GM (as she identified herself) I asked to her to bring out the employee because the one from last night (Andrea) was off today. Rachel blatantly lied to mine and her bosses faces. She said and I quote “I told you this morning when you asked me that question that I would check to see if you could use the $100 for in store credit if you didn’t buy the puppy, but I never gave you an answer”. WHY WOULD I GO OUT OF MY WAY TO ASK THIS QUESTION AND THEN JUST HAND OVER MONEY WITHOUT A RESPONSE? Honestly, think about it, if I am so concerned about this and have asked so many other employees and was confirming once again, why would I give her my money without some sort of agreement or understanding? She then went on to tell me she would not lie to her boss, which is of course another lie, and then the GM told me that she believed Rachel and not me, to my face in front of Rachel. I told her I needed to call the police to file a report and she told me to call the police, she will talk to them, and told me she didn’t have time to talk to me, and went back to hide in the back corner of the back room. Once I made the phone call, I asked to speak with her, again. When she came out I asked her to come to the other side of the store by the mice to avoid a scene in front of the other shoppers. She directed me to the chairs and sat. I calmly asked her why would I be making this up and told her to look at the facts. Multiple trips, a background in animals, two different employees telling me the same thing, why would I make that up? She then told me that she “has a hard time believing two seasoned employees would tell me this”. I had to interrupt her and ask how seasoned these employees were because Rachel is now insisting she didn’t know the answer to what the GM was making sound like a very simple and routine question! Her reply was that people come in ALL of the time and put $100 deposits and never come back and, once again, repeated they only do refunds for special circumstances. I reiterated that I DID NOT want a refund, I wanted the credit I was promised so I could buy my new puppy some supplies! She tried to tell me the dog part brought in business that was separate from the fish and food, etc. She also told me I could use it for a different puppy, but we wanted a German Shepard. She then, again, said the special circumstances and that the receipt says nonrefundable. I told her that it does not say nontransferable and she replied very forcefully “WELL IT WILL NOW”! Then, again, told me to call the police, she would talk to them because she had other things to do. I was even more confused after our conversation because I never left the premises with the puppy, I was told no one else had come in to look at him, so they did not miss an opportunity to adopt him, I just cannot wrap my head around the issue here. I was told I would receive a credit by multiple employees and then when the dog BIT my son, I was automatically the bad guy for expecting something that I was promised by multiple employees??

I have contacted the corporate office multiple times to resolve this issue. On the third attempt, I, finally, received a response that stated they could not help me and I was redirected to the store owners Tom and Jeff Hartmann to resolve this complaint. Conveniently they are never in and the rare times they are in they are busy and I am assured by the employees that my message will be placed directly in their hands. The corporate office could care less about this or any complaint (Google Petland reviews) and the store owners only care about the money, which, I guess, is what I should have expected from a puppy mill wholesaler. This complaint has been going on for over two months and I have never received an email or phone call response from any person affiliated with Petland, outside of the generic redirect from corporate. Only a response from Petland to my bank calling me a liar. If you read the reviews online you will find way too many complaints regarding the bait and switch that occurred with my family. I guess it is not against corporate policy to lie to the customers about a store credit or (in some cases with the online reviews) a refund because they have been made aware of these unethical practices and have done nothing to stop them.

Before purchasing a pet or any item from this store DO YOUR RESEARCH. I now know they are a puppy mill wholesaler, none of the pets that they are selling come from the “good breeders” that they will try to convince you of. (Online reviews besides the “bait and switch” are generally regarding very sick animals or not actually AKC registrable pets that they REFUSE to refund- there are tons of them everywhere including BBB (which they are not accredited) Rip off reports, as well as, the standard review sites) I am ashamed that I did not do more research before I entered the Lake Saint Louis, MO store Petland store, although, it has become apparent that these disgusting practices occur in every store in the country. After reading the reviews and researching complaints, and newspaper articles, I am surprised that this company is still in business. There are plenty of local stores that support animals and animal welfare and do not treat their customers like they are the *** of the Earth. I would recommend going anywhere, but Petland!

Review about: Petland Pet Adoption.

Monetary Loss: $100.


Petland – Completely UNEDUCATED and Unreliable

I bought a rabbit about a month ago and they sold me all the “right” sized supplies including the cage, liter training bin, etc. They told me since she was a dwarf she wouldn’t grow to be much bigger.

I made sure that the smaller cage would be okay and they convinced me it would. Now, a month later, she’s TRIPLED in size and I need all new supplies. After going back to the store and explaining my case they “felt bad” but could only give me a 10% discount on the new supplies. I spent an EXTRA $200 on stuff that I never would have had to buy had I been informed properly about my pet.

Part of this was my fault for assuming that Petland employees are educated about their pets, when in reality they only provide false information. DO NOT PURCHASE A PET FROM HERE, go to PetCo, they’re MUCH more educated.

Monetary Loss: $200.


Petland – Rude Employee

Something happened to a young white male in the store which caused the bunny he was holding to jump back in the cage. The employee told the young boy, no more bunnies for you.

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After that, other people were holding the bunnies. I am a young adult, who is African American, and the employee caught an attitude with me and yelled saying, “I said do not touch the bunnies!” I backed off with out saying anything.

Then other white people were touching the bunnies and she didn’t say anything. Then when the last person touched them, I received a dirty look.

Review about: Petland Customer Care.


Petland sells sick puppies

My daughter just bought 2 new little adorable puppies from Petland. When she got home she realized she had purchased 2 sick little puppies.

One had diarrhea/ and both have kennel cough; ear infections and ear mites. My daughter spent $2,700 on these little guys and still had to pay $24 for fecal test and $56 dollars for ear mite exam/treatment. The puppys heath was supposedly guaranteed for 7-10 days.

As soon as her credit card was swiped Petland’s customer service completely stopped and no help with the additional vet bills. I would not recommend Petland to anyone in the market for a new puppy that’s for sure.

Monetary Loss: $3000.


Petland – Lost my baby

On May 23, my baby Junki (2 years and 3 months old) passed away from kidney failure caused by a liver shunt (which are known to be hereditary). We’ve had him for over two years and we was my little miracle and angel. He was a healthy beautiful baby and we made sure of that. He always had urinating problems as a pup so we changed his diet to consist of rice and chicken instead of dog food more often and it seemed to work for a while because the problems stopped and he was healthy. We made sure to feed him carrots and alot of healthy foods (of course with a couple of unhealthy treats every now and then) to promote a healthy system since he didn’t like exercising much (he tired very easily).

Related: Petland – Dog died after 6 months

Our vet (recommended by Petland) couldn’t figure out how the shunt was developed, but I suspected that Junki had it since we got him and everytime we visited the vet, they said he was going to be fine. I recently did some research and found that he probably had portosystemic shunts.

Suddenly, without any idea what was going on, we found urate bladder stones (about 5% of overall bladder stones found in dogs) which are uncommon in malshi breeds (less than 5%) in his urethra. Everything happened so fast and the day after we found out about his stones, he passed away painfully in my arms. It was the most heartbreaking experience of my life. After doing some research, I found out that Petland got their puppies from puppy mills, and I can only suspect that Junki recieved his liver shunt genetically from his parents and the poor treatment in the puppy mills. I can’t explain how heartbroken I am.

NEVER GET YOUR PUPPIES FROM A PETSTORE! ESPECIALLY PETLAND! You can’t trust where their puppies come from and what conditions they lived in. I am so disapointed in myself for supporting puppy mills and pet stores and letting Junki suffer that way. I love him so much and I don’t want anyone to lose someone they love the same way.

Review about: Petland Dog.


Petland – Poor Unethical Service

Petland of Racine sold me a two puppies in which one was injured by jumping off my son lap onto the floor.Both puppies were to be covered under warranty and vet discounts. After visiting Union Grove Vet a few times I decided that my puppies where not getting the right care but my pockets were getting overly charged.

The people at the vet told me the reason for all the charges was because Petland cancelled both puppies warranties. I didn’t get upset or say anything to Petland about it. I just decided to cancel all of my Pet’s future appointments and change vets. While visiting Petland for some items the same store manager walks up to me and confronts me out the blue about the concerns since I switched vets.

Which as the owner I have a right to go wherever I want especially after the warranties were cancelled without them even talking to me. Petland is overpriced and this Racine store and Union Grove Vet are both unethical.

I would recommend to never buy here or use this vet. For the same cost you can purchage your puppy from Illinois or a puppy breeder just as they did.

Monetary Loss: $1200.


Petland – Like buying a car

Me and my family went there to buy a rabbit.After picking one out we had to endure a 30 min sales pitch on a rabbit kit of supplies that that was 129.00.I told him i did not need everthing in the kit.So while picking up the food and water bottle and other stuff. he kept trying to push more.i finally after about 45 mins now said pleade stop i know thay want you to try and sell as much as you can i am good can i check out please.get to counter and he says hold on one min i have to get my manager.i tell my wife if he to trys to sell more i am going to snap. manager comes over looks at my stuff and holly cow he wants me to buy vitamins for the rabbit.i lost it and said i just want to buy a fu!!king 30 dollar rabbit stop already.he says sur if you are going to swear your getting out of my store well after about 20 mins of swearing and tryong to get him to step outside to pound my frustration of just trying to buy my daughter a rabbit now a 268 dollar rabbit that most buy to feed there snake i was forced to leave by the cops.never will i shop there again i felt like i was buying a car stay away from the store in round lake il


Petland – Ick

Foolishly bought neon tetras from Petland in Bay Ridge after going to the Bensonhurst branch and seeing how filthy it was. Added them to my tank and a few days later the entire tank had ick.

Lost all the neons I already had, plus the ones I bought even after treating the tank. Been in the hobby for the last 50 years. Never will buy anything from them again. Too bad I used to buy from a Petland years ago in Queens, but no longer.

The tanks are not as clean as they should be and often have floaters in the tank in mid afternoon. Don’t they have a net?

Monetary Loss: $25.


Petland – Trying to buy a rabbit

On March 23 2013 i went into the store located at liberty avenue in brooklyn to buy a rabbit for my kids. I went in the first time to price the rabbit i said OK i would return.

I came in a second time and i was told i had to buy a cage or bring in my own so i left once again to get my cage i got at home when i went in the “THIRD” time i was told he couldn’t sell me the rabbit unless i buy it with the cage At this point im disappointed because they should’ve told me that the “FIRST” time i went in not on the “THIRD” visit. I felt as if they were trying to get me. This is very unprofessional. This store employees are very slow and every time i go in i have to wait a long time before i get any type of help.

the employee are always M.I.A.

i will no longer go into this store. this store truly SUCKS…….


Petland – Providing wrong snake information

I went to go and get more information and products for my milksnake and got NO useful information. First of all I asked questions and the guy I was talking to detoured from the question.

Second, there was another person who started to help usout and told us that the driftwood in the reptile section was not suitable for reptiles especially snakes. The guy I was talking to told me specifically to massage the snake with water to help the snake shed! Who does that!?! I asked him if he did lots with snakes and the general way to set up a terrarium or how he might have set up a terrarium for a milksnake, if has ever,and his answer was ” I love snakes” Just because you love snakes doesn’t mean you know anything about them.

Heres to you petland get staff that knows what they are talking about. The worst thing that you guys did was generalize all reptiles to be trsated the same. When people go to a petstores reptile department they expect proper answers to best maintain and care for their pet.

With the information i was given i would kill my poor snake. And to all those snake owners/lovers the smartest thing that came from petland was my “Milksnakes” book which im sure you could order online or purchase from a more informal petstore.

Monetary Loss: $300.


Petland – Just put my puppie down this week : (

My boyfriend and I purchased a basset hound puppy at the Athens, OH Pet Land in late November. That night we noticed her coughing. I called in the morning to let them know and they said that we needed to take her to our local vet (we live near Toledo, 3 hrs away). We took her the day we got home (2 days later) and to our surprise our sweet little girl had full blown pneumonia. They did not think she was going to live. We did all kinds of antibiotics and vet appointments twice a week. Her lungs never fully cleared. We then find out a few weeks later that she had a tumor in her throat, and a previously punctured lung. Our vet wasn’t comfortable with doing surgery on her because she was worried that with how sick she was, she wouldn’t wake up from the aesthetics.

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Our vet also did a little research on the vaccines she had been given and found out that she was from a major puppy mill in Arkansas. Which is weird because I asked them twice if she was from a puppy mill and was reassured that she was from a local breeder.

They continue to *** us around about getting our money back for her which was $700, and also informed us that they would only reimburse our vet bills to the worth of the dog. Our vet bills come close to $3000 for her.

Needless to say poor Ruby couldn’t fight off the sickness and had to be put down earlier this week. My 3 young daughters are heartbroken, our other 2 dogs have been depressed, and I lost my little buddy.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE think long and hard before you consider buying a dog from a Pet Land store.

Review about: Petland Dog.

Monetary Loss: $4000.


Petland – Buyer Beware

I was told that the puppy I wanted was $1,200 however the salesman said he couldget me a better deal. I wasn’t happy with the salesman I had and left the store.

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A day later I called to see if they still had the puppy and spoke to a wonderful salesman who was very polite and told me that I could ask for him my name when I came back to the store and he would get me a better price for the puppy. Upon my returning to the store I wanted to deal with the person I spoke to on the phone but found out that was a big problem which in my opinion cost me the puppy. I guess I insulted the first sales man by telling him I didn’t want to deal with him. I told him it wasn’t personal I just liked the second person better.

Gosh what ever happened to customer service. So now that I upset the first salesman the price of the dog that I was going to get a better deal on now stood firm at $1,200. Even though I had two salesman tell me they could get me a better price. I didn’t want to spend $1,200.00 on the puppy which I told both of them several times.

No problem said both salesmen, I could get interest free financing. I gave them my information, my credit was approved. Now, I am going to go home with a puppy. Wait, not yet.

I am now being told the price of the puppy goes up to $1,399.00. Hum, neither one of the salesmen tell me that before hand. I didn’t want to pay $1,200.00 and now the puppy is $1399.00. I guess interest free isn’t so free.

They should inform their customers before hand that there will be a higher price for financing the puppy. Who does business like this? I told them they did not need my business and left the store.

Buyer Beware!

Review about: Petland Dog.


Petland – Worst pet store ever!

I bought a 5 gallon fish tank and gravel. Bought fish they died.

They said oh your ph is too high. I emptied the tank and filled it with distilled water per their instructions. Take the water in and get it tested. “Your ammonia is too high, you need to buy new gravel.” It’s a brand new tank with brand new gravel.

I will never shop there again. Jack’s is 10 times better and worth the additional 20 minute drive.

I had a 75 gallon tank from jack’s for 6 years and never had one problem with it. I know how to keep fish and have not had a fish from petland live more than 3 days.

Monetary Loss: $70.


Petland – Never again.

We recently purchased a 3 month old Pomeranian from Petland. After debating back and forth on whether or not we wanted to pay the steep price, we decided we would since I was in love with this puppy.

After getting our puppy home we realized he had kennel cough, since we had a wellness exam we weren’t too worried we just kept him away from our other dogs until the appointment. At our appointment we discovered that not only did our new poor puppy have kennel cough but he’d had it so long it turned into bronchitis and he also had two different intestinal parasites. All of this would have been fine, if we would have known when we purchased him but they kept it a secret and then didn’t care at all when we informed them later. We now have another dog in our home who has come down with kennel cough (hoping the other two don’t also start showing symptoms).

After our visit with the vet we discovered Petland isn’t well thought of in the animal care world. Petland lead us to believe the animals are seen often by veterinarians when in fact the puppies are seen when they first come in and then when purchased.

Both of my pound rescues received better care than these puppies. I will give Petland in that they covered the cost of medical expenses of the puppy purchased from them, but as for the dogs I owned before my house was contaminated, I’m on my own.


Petland – Dirty, stressed, animals.

I purchased a parakeet from pet land thinking it was fine. Dumb of me to support a horrible pet store.

It died the next day and i was stuck with a dead bird and an expensive cage. I called pet land and asked for a refund for the bird and they said i may get a new bird, i told them i did not want a new bird it will die too and they asked for me to bring the dead bird in, so i sadly put the poor bird into a bag and took it in.

I then asked to return the cage and i was told no. I was baffled, i have a day old cage with the stickers and price and receipt! I was very displeased and go in monthly to investigate.

The puppy’s ears are dirty and have mites, there was a deathly looking hamster with swollen eyes. Do not support this!

Please do not shop here. Adopt!

Monetary Loss: $55.


PetLand at St. paul, Mn is a big scam


I bought a puppy at pet Land in St. Paul thinking that I am going to get an healthy puppy and good customer service which I thought worth the high prices they charge, actually it is the opposite they sold me a sick puppy for which I spent extra $400 for emergency room charges within couple of weeks of buying the puppy.

When I called them the employees say they can’t help me and I have to talk to the owner, after trying 2 weeks repeatedly I got hold of the owner and he refused to take responsibility of puppy’s bad health and tried to blame me for it. After arguing with him he agreed to pay me just the medicine expenses and not everything, fed up with the way they are responding I agreed to it and the owner said he will mail me a check right away. The employees say they are informing the owner every time we called them and the owner says he was not informed by his employees. Didn’t received the check even after 3 weeks of repeated calling and then I went to the store which is 35 miles away from my home to talk to them again the employees say the owner is not available and they can’t take any decision without him and I can’t reach the owner.

It is more than 2 months now and I called the owner numerous times and he stopped taking my calls. This whole thing looks like a scam and unfortunately scams like these are run by people at a company like Petland. I recommend not buying anything from these guys and stop encouraging scammers like this otherwise you will end up with worst customer service and risk losing money.

The employees also respond to you only until you buy the pets after that they just ignore you and don’t even like to listen to you. Once I bought the puppy they started saying the owner is the only one who has the power to take any decision and he won’t be available at the store most of the time so to me it looked like they are trying to avoid me instead of helping me.

Monetary Loss: $1199.


Petland Lakeland fl

It’s been 4 weeks since we bought our puppy from petland and posted our first complaint. Here is our update.

We’ve been to the vet 6 times. Puppy was sick from day one and continues to receive treatment under the warranty. 2 X-rays, 2 urine samples, 6 *** samples and weekly meds, but she still is sick. We’ve also discovered she had had a broken tail.

What do they do to their pets? Truly go elsewhere.

Do not shop petland. We love our puppy but I am so scared she will die like so many other posts have stated.

Monetary Loss: $927.


Petland Deerfield

My daughter and I went to look at a puppy for her birthday. After talking to the sales guy Ryan I was told about the great deal I would get.

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I applied for financing which was approved but then George tells me I will have to pay an additional $350 as the finance requires Petland to cover a percentage. I asked if they would hold the dog for me as I will try to sell shares and it should be free by Thursday. I was told yes but I had to put $150 as deposit. NEVER did George or Ryan say yhe refund is non refundable as they rushed paperwork.

The next morning we call to say we won’t be getting the dog and want our deposit. Only then does a sales girl tell us store policy is they don’t give deposits back! I called again and heard the same thing so I asked for George but he wasn’t in. Finally I reach George and he says that the other sales guy.

Ryan should have told me that when I signed to hold the dog my deposit was non refundable. George was the one who helped us.

My only choice is to buy a dog I don’t want and also their puppy food and vitamins even if I have my own pet club and vet. What get’s me even more…they have a 48 hr dog return policy but not a deposit refund.

Review about: Petland Dog.

Monetary Loss: $150.


Don’t shop at Petland

We purchased a puppy and some supplies on Saturday. When the girl put the collar on the puppy i said it was too tight.

She assured me it was fine and I believed her. My first mistake. I took the puppy to the vet today and the puppy is sick. She is on 2 antibiotics and received a shot before we left the vet.

I then went back to the Petland to return the collar. They told me they do not allow refunds or exchanges. I asked where that was posted and the girl could not show me any signs in the store. She said “we use to have signs”.

She had first agreed to the return and then changed her mind she said i needed to go through warranty department and then gave me a slip of paper with the number on it. They had a stack of them at the register, im guessing they use them alot. The puppy will go back to the vet next week and i hope she will be ok, we have already gotten attached to her.

Save yourself the heartache and headache and shop elsewhere. This was the lakeland Florida store.

Monetary Loss: $927.


NEVER buy from Petland

We received a puppy as a gift to my daughter for her birthday from Petland in ST PAUL MN. at first it was love at first sight..

but problems started. She bites aggressively, has SEVERE seperation anxiety, and is destructive to herself and our home. She was sold as “registered APR” but to datefor the life of me cannot get an employee to talk to me or call me back. WORST money ever spent, and I fully regret the decision based on looks and temperament in the store.

DO NOT BUY, you will want to bang your head off the closest wall possible.

Monetary Loss: $1300.



Management at Heath Ohio Petland is AWFUL!!

On September 10, 2012 I called the Heath Ohio Petland to inquire about returning a dog that we were very dissatisfied with. The chihuahua mix is extremely aggressive towards my current dog, constantly biting and picking fights with him, very hard to control and/or train.

She barks non-stop and uses the bathroom everywhere inside the house; not to mention we brought her home with flea dirt on her and now we are treating her for fleas. After a long week of battling for better behavior, continually cleaning up *** and pee and watching her chew on wood furniture we decided we couldnt keep her due to the safety of our current dog. So I called the Heath Petland and spoke to the owner Cindy Birtcher. She was not sympathetic at all and said sorry, it’s been past 48 hours.

The only thing she said she could do was to return the dog with NO refund and she would try to find it a home(Meaning she would resell the dog that was confirmed by my husband). I think it is very unprofessional and we were treated with nothing but disrespect. The salesperson Don said the dog was docile and did not even bark, and would get along with our dog which we have for 5 years. This was a gross misrepresentation of what the dog is.

So my husband called to explain the situation and she quickly became very confrontational; she hung up the phone on him three times and denied being the owner. This behavior is not very unprofessional. If Cindy and Mike Birtcher cared about the well being of the dogs they sell in their store, or Petlands reputation, then they should be more caring and compasionate about local customers like myself.I would like to return this dog for a full refund,rather than give them the dog back to resell it. How is that fair?

In the business world, this is called double dipping meaning they make double the profit for the same pet. Cindy stated she would try to find him a home, and when my husband asked her intentions, she said the dog would be resold. Petland of Heath is a bad representation of your company, and if it was my company, I would be very concerned. I have read other complaints from Heath Petland store, and noticed that all complaints seem to be the same scenario.

So now i must question the Petland company integrity not only in Heath ohio, but nationwide. ANOTHER VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER

Monetary Loss: $199.


Petland – They sell puppy mill puppies

I got rocky our bull mastiff from petland, he had so many problems it was terrible.. We replaced both of his acl(knee joint) spent over 4000.00 just for the surgeries, not to mention all the test…

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After we got him through all that, we find out he has a brain tumor that is inoperable,and we have to put him down at 3 years of age… He was the best dog we have ever had and no one should have to go through this.

Do yourself a favor and the poor dogs… Don’t buy anything from Petland

Review about: Petland Dog.


Petland – Knowingly sold a sick dog – no disclosure

8/17 we purchased a Boxer puppy from Petland Robinson. On the way out the store the puppy vomitted on my daughter and the owner asked 2x “is this puppy sick” and was told “NO”.


On 8/21 we took the puppy to the family vet and discovered a very sick dog and worse – an unsympathetic owner who thought giving a bag of dog food for free was enough to make us go away.

The vet wrote a letter listing the problems this puppy had so as not to look like we were just complainers – the manager is ignorant and unsympathetic to the plight of our puppy. We won’t be back to that store EVER.

Review about: Petland Dog.


Petland – Sick dogs from pet land

Bought the cutest little pug, fell in love with him and in less than 24 hours this adorable little puppy was taken to the vet to get 2 types of antibiotics. He was weesing and coughing to the point we didn’t think he could breathe.

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The worst part we went to the store to see if we could get our money back after spending almost $1700 on this dog, in which we were already heartbroken that we weren’t going to keep him. I mean if in less than 24 hours he was looking this bad, how much would we have to go through just to get him better, and to get even more attached and than loose him..we just couldn’t do it..the girl at the store was just soooooo rude when my husband brought the dog to the store. She actually called the cops on him saying that he was harassing the store since he told a customer that he should read the fine print in his contract, because they will sell a sick dog, and will only refund 50% of it back.

Whats worst, the store has a vet that works under them to make sure no letters are being written showing the dog is permanently ill (Since that is the only way to get a full refund on any purchase)…So DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM PETLAND!!! They are unethical, rude and all their animals are sick!!!

Review about: Petland Dog.


Petland – They have sick reptiles

My friend and I went in to the Petland in Regina, Saskatchewan the other day just for something to do. When we first walked in there were several employees just standing around the till talking and they didn’t even look up or say hello or anything.

We went straight to the back to look at the reptiles because my friend was looking into either getting a leopard gecko or a blue-tongued skink. When we looked at one of the bigger leopard geckos we noticed that it was sickly looking and way too big for its tank. His tail was swollen and infected looking and just didn’t look healthy at all. We spent sometime looking around at the fish and as we were leaving we decided to say something to all the employees standing around.

They barely looked up and said all their animals were very healthy and continued talking amongst themselves. I asked to talk to a manager and two of the people that were standing around were managers. I couldn’t believe it.

I found it very unprofessional that they didn’t go look to see what I was even talking about! I will never shop there again.


best pet for you and petland are the same!

same vet, same warranty ,same akc companion(all american dog), same sick dogs, same usda breeders same transporters! same lies!

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The dog was on sale and their vet said it was o.k but it wasn’t. I looked up breeder and they were out of bussiness when i bought the dog! USDA couldnt help me they are not as powerful as we think! i never got a writen refusel of warraty from jennifer and she would not give me her last name or address.

The dog is akc companion and not akc reg. as stated by store i even said to write it on the warranty they did and fired the sales girl for the lie but did not do anything for me!

Review about: Petland Dog.


Pissed off at Petland

I have never bought a dog from Petland, however I know all about their tatics to sell their dogs saying, “they are healthy, happy dogs”….yeah right. I have a ton of experience with dogs (I foster about twelve dogs a year all of which come from shelters and were about to be put down just because there needed to be more room in that particular shelter and I have been a foster mom for about three years).

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Sometimes I get really frustrated by people who think Petland is a great place to get their new family member but I understand many people don’t know what puppy mills are all about. So to all you readers out there please please please reconsider from buying a new pet from any pet stores or if you do please try to see past there lies and do more research!!!

So my point, consider getting your next family member at a local animal shelter-most shelters pay for all the vaccines and spay/neuter and I truly believe shelter animals are more healthy than any pet store animal! Thanks for reading!

Review about: Petland Dog.



Walked in and Don asked if he could help me find anything. I said No, I have a coupon for $5.00 from the mail and he just said “Oh”, thoroughly lacking customer service and friendliness.

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As I moved throughout the store, I was observing the puppies in their cages. Saying hi to them and touching the glass, I moved on to each one. At one point I said “you poor things” and in a very defensive tone, Don laughed and asked why they were poor things. I told him I felt that way due to them being in cages.

He strikingly and rudely went on a rampage of how the animals are taken care of and they get their vaccinations, etc. He could of easily informed me that they do their best to make sure everything is okay with the animals but his approach was very sour. He was extremely unpleasant, arrogant and the very opposite of what customer service should be. After being spoken to in such a disrespectful manner, I asked his name and if someone higher was available.

Again, he laughed at my request and said that Mike, the owner was “behind there” with a point of his finger. As I approached, I asked if he was the owner & instead of getting the customer service anyone deserves to get, I received a “yeah”. Not a concerned, “Yes, Is there a problem?, or a “How may I help you”. I was immediately alarmed.

I went on to tell him that Don was rude, disrespectful and lacked proper customer service. All he responded with was, “What did he say”. He never once apologized or acknowledged that I was an upset customer, nor seemed to care. Once I told him the full situation he also laughed in my face and said, “Oh, you don’t like dogs in cages?”.

I was baffled. So not only is it more important for the Employees of Petland to lack customer service, it’s to be rude, disrespectful and lead with arrogance. This was the opposite of what I was expecting when I was walking to the “so called” owner of the store. After he made that comment I stated that I was going to complain to the Better Business Bureau & that got his attention, but in a very negative trait.

I asked his name again to verify and he attackingly asked mine, and childishly made the comment of, if I want his name he wants mine. And this is the owner of a business? As I started my way towards the Exit of the store and he headed me off and BLOCKED my path! A man almost three times my stature & I felt very threatened.

I felt like he was trying to intimidate me. I continued walking out baffled at what I had just experienced. If this is how the owner displays customer service and runs his business it’s no wonder his employee, Don, lacks the effective communication skills and customer service training needed. I have never felt so attacked and mistreated in any place of business in my life.

This is very unacceptable and I will let this be known. Also, I will be talking to authorities about my options with Mike and his intimidation tactics. This man SHOULD NOT be in business dealing with people, let alone animals.

If this is how Petland treats a customer, then how does Petland treat the animals? Think about it.

Review about: Petland Customer Care.


Petland cicero

I now have close to $1000.00 in medical billed and can’t get “paws” to return any phone calls

Alll is suppose to be covered, happened within 90 days of purchase and medicine is still on going

Managers at Petland telll you what you want to hear and Paws doesn’t return their calls either

Looks like it’s time for a lawyer


my puppy was sick when I purchased him there for his kennel mate at Petland had to all so be infected

Good luck to you!!!




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this pup came from arkansa, why not from a New York breeder?? talk about stress for the puppy

Review about: Petland Dog.

Monetary Loss: $1600.


Petland clerk Meagan. nasty to all customers. manager thinks its a joke.

Petland discounts /Glendale 8989 union turnpike11385. 1718 846 0755.

Ever since this clerk Meagan has been working in this petland, she has been so nasty to customers and complaining about every cusstomer so other customers can hear her from behind the counter. She even mumbled *** and messed up my transaction. The manager Martin thinks ig a joke. Its funny.

Never have I felt so uncomfortable shopping in a store. and this is the last time I shop in that petland.That clerk needs to be fired.! She hates ber job.

And hates the customers. Ill start ordering pet supplies on line if this is what its all coming to.


Petland – Dog died after 6 months

Petland on Bethel Road in Columbus Ohio. I spoke to Holly (what a joke) all she could say is she worked for the company for 8 years.

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Bought 3 dogs from there and never had one bit of trouble…ummm do you think she would say that if she didn’t work for them. Very unsympathetic that I just had to put down my long hair chiquaqua that I purchased from them in December 2011. Not one im sorry to hear that. The dog was sick the 1st month I had her.

I took her to the vet he said that the dog didn’t have last worming and so we wormed her and she was ok for a little while….then she turned yellow…jaudice. Eyes were yellow, skin yellow she was a very sick little dog. I had to let her go. I wanted to say…that Petland was so nice when I was giving them my $1700.00 at Christmas time….to bad they couldn’t have the same empathy when I was explaining that I had to put my long haired chiquaqua to sleep due to how ill she was.

Her liver shut down and her pancreas. I was calling to see if they tracked this stuff and if there was information they needed to know. Boy was I wrong.

I have 3 other dogs and I will promise you EVERY CHANCE I GET I WILL TELL ANYONE AND EVERYONE THAT WILL LISTEN HOW I WAS TREATED AT THE PETLAND ON BETHEL ROAD (CARRIAGE PLACE) IN COLUMBUS OHIO. It will be a cold day in *** before I give them a dime of my money.

Review about: Petland Dog.

Monetary Loss: $1700.


Petland sucks i hate petland

I HATE PETLAND IT SUCKS NEVER GO THERE MY HERMET CRAB DIED TWO SECONDS LATER I WAS SO MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate pet land i hate petland i hate pet land i hate pet land i hate pet land i hate petland i hate petlanbd i hate pet land i hate pet land i hate oet land!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it sucks it sucks it sucks!!!!!!!!!! dont go there dont go there dont go there dont go there!!!!!! i got a dog and it died a day later and then freaking petland said it had nothing to do with them!!

seriosly!? i hate petland!!!!!!


Dont buy Bunnies from Petland!


I bought 2 Netherlands dwarf bunnies from them and after I had them for a week and put them on the diet my veterinarian told me after i had gotten them, one bunny died from Mucoid Enteritis and my other one is very sick with the same disease! And even after my first bunny died I went back to the store and asked for a refund with the receipt IN HAND and they denied me.

I highly doubt my other bunny will last very long since there is little you can do for this disease…. THAT BEING SAID BUY FROM A BUNNY BREEDER WHO KNOWS THEIR STUFF and has their bunny a clean bill of health and not around other sick bunnies!!

Monetary Loss: $55.


Petland Gave me a sick dog, then lied to me so I could return him

I purchased my pup in May of last year.  My pup was sick since the car ride home, Petland said the dog was car sick.

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 I had to take him to Best Friends the very next day.  Petland told me the puppy was on preventatives but I found out through Best Friends that he had kennel cough and was also neutered due to an inguinal hernia.  The dog was rushed to the ER 2 days after purchase and again 2 days after that.  When I called Best Friends 24hr hotline they didn’t answer.

 They had lame excuses to why they didn’t answer so I was stuck paying the the emergency bill.  On the 3rd time, I stepped out the house for maybe a few hrs and came home to find the puppy limp and practically dead.  Best Friends animal hospital told me that my puppy appeared to have distemper and that I should return him to Petland because he was going to die a horrible death.  I refused because they refused to test him for it.

 I feel like they wanted to get me off their back.

I am now starting a petition and protest at the Petland of Ft. Myers

Review about: Petland Dog.

Monetary Loss: $3000.


Petland Breach of promise.

I am a bird breeder, new to the hobby.

I have sold 6 birds to Petlands in southern Ohio, They are parrotlett.

The Manager, and owners of these stores gave their word that the birds would be housed separately, as they are clutch-mates, and interbreeding is inadvisable.

Each time I go to check on the birds, they are housed in pairs, male and female of course, and some misinformed store associate tells me they are some type of hybrid parakeet.

When I inform them that the birds are in fact mine, and shouldn’t be housed together, suddenly it is the responsibility of some absent manager, or owner. These Issues have never been corrected, even when addressed.

I will never again sell or buy anything at Petland.


Petland – Rudest and dumest Petco store owner EVER!

I was lookig to purchase a dog from the Crystal Lake location, as they are having a puppy sale. I brought along a Illinois registered animal technician to help purchase an animal.

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When I asked the price and conditions of the animal the owner Dan was extremely rude. He was unprofessional and insisted I tell him who “taught me my current information on the desired breed”. He then went on to tell my friend the registered tech that he wouldn’t believe anything she said. I left the store completely embarrassed and distrusting of this location.

I called the location back to get corperates number and Dan sated that he’s the owner. I asked again, and he hung up the phone. What kind of grown man does that?? I called a second time requesting the number and letting him know he’s rude and I will be leaving a review and contacting corporate offices one way or another to reprimand his awful behavior.

I will NEVER again buy from this location and I will be sure my friend let her customers know not to purchase from here either. I am in such disbelief that this is what Petland wants representing there franchise!Â

Review about: Petland Dog.


Petland – Sold me a dog that had genetic defect

We bought are beloved Boston Terrier from the Batavia, Il Petland in May of 2011. When we got her she was already had kennel cough.

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They said she was fine but we had to hospitalize her twice and she was on meds for 2 months. We nursed her back to health and all of a sudden she had a siezure that lasted 2 hours. We had to rush her to critical care and put a $1500.00 deposit down for her care. They said it was a genetic defect.

Her siezures never stopped and we had to put our beloved pet to sleep. We originaly bought the dog for our son who has special needs. He needed a friend and we thought how great it would be to grow up with a faithful friend. Today we had to tell him she died.

May the breeders rot in *** for causing such heartache and only caring about the dollar.

Beware everyone Petland breeders do have violations that you can check online and there pets no matter what they say or how cute they look are not healthy. Everyone warned us but we didn’t listen

Review about: Petland Dog.


PetLand PBG sells SICK puppies, lies @ AKC

I bought a $2300 french bulldog from this store on 8/21/11;checked by my vet 8/22; taken back on 8/24 for coughing, runny nose, lethargy – gave antibiotics. Took her back 8/26 bc still not ok, more meds; that Sunday 8/28 she was in distress & had to be hospitalized.

She had a 103+ fever, had to be on oxygen to breathe & pulled thru 5 days later. When I bought her I noticed they gave her liquid in a plastic syringe & I asked what it was. They said “kennel cough preventative” which I learned doesn’t exist! It turns out they were prob medicating her w antibiotics bc she was sick & they wanted to be able to sell her.

That’s why it took a few days after getting home (& being off meds) for her to get sick again. So they knew she was sick & lied to me about it. My bill was only $1,000 for 5 days of ICU, Petland said they’ll pay $238? My vet wrote a letter, documented everything.

She is still on antibiotics!

PLEASE HELP OTHERS AVOID THIS. She was supposedly AKC reg, but turns out she is not.

Monetary Loss: $3300.


Parvo at Petland

Update by user Jan 26, 2013

I dislike this site and tried to have this complaint and accoutn removed (but it wasn’t allowed) because of what happened with the commenters just being rude and ignorant and still will never shop from pet stores to this day and will educated others on puppy mills but I just wanted to let everyone know that I did indeed get my full refund back for all costs thanks to the Pet Lemon Law. Still miss my Castiel

Original review posted by user Aug 16, 2011

Im in a situation where I bought a puppy, beautiful shiba inu, from Petland in Waterford Lakes Center, Orlando for $1600, $1900 with puppy package supplies 8/8/11. I went straight to petsmart and bought him a collar and leash $75 and $13 for tag. He was diagnosed with kennel cough and coccidiosis on 8/11/11 by East Orlando Animal Hospital and prescribed medications Costs $59.

He was taken to emergency vet at 10pm 8/14/11.

He was diagnosed with Parvo 8/15/11 in the Emergency Veterinary of Casselberry, I have notified Petland, and the Bureau of Animal Disease Control, Division of Animal Industry, and Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. I ask if they will check up on them to make sure they are following through with getting the outbreak under control so this does not happen to many more people, but they said they only do yearly check-ups and referred me to my local animal control, saying they may be of some assistance. I want to do everything I can to let prevent this from happening to others!

My puppies emergency care cost $599, then he was transferred to Longwood Veterinary Clinic for continued care initial payment $500 minimal payment for 48 hours. He is on IV’s and antibiotics.

It’s very costly. I’m afraid if my puppy was infected with Parvo, possibly all the puppies at Petland could be. Parvo is very contagious and it’s a deadly virus, I’m not sure if my puppy will make it, but I can’t bare to not give him a chance! I’m putting myself in debt to save my little puppy, that I instantly was attached to, Castiel. I got him right after my favorite cat, Tiger, died. Petland will only follow their “petland warranty”, when I want to follow the pet law, they want us to transfer him to East Orlando Animal Hospital, when frankly I dont trust anyone associated with them, when I no longer trust their guaranties the puppies will not have parasites and parvo and other things.

To make matters worse if my family and I weren’t distressed and heartbroken enough, the very day we contacted the manager informing them of the Parvo, she, Taylor, had complete and continued attitude, to the point where I don’t want to talk to her, she leaves me voicemails every day that she needs to talk to me about the warranty and he needs to be transferred to East Orlando.

Every morning I wake up and make sure my puppy made it through the night, I hope he makes it through this, no one deserves this suffering!

I have learned my lesson and will never buy from a pet store again

Monetary Loss: $4000.


Petland Overland Park KS Is horrible!

This store is horrible. They DO get the puppies from mills, and there are dead hamsters all over in the cage.

The guinea pigs all have mites and dead fish galore. I was *** enough to purchase a dog there before I knew any of this and my dog has had more health issues than any other I have ever known. Kennel Cough, Runny nose, seizures, and skin infections! All within the first month of bringing it home.

They did nothing for the puppy or the expenses I had to pay for their nasty mistake of buying from mills. Don’t believe the ” our owners know the breeders ” line the sellers use, they get commission and are mostly teens. They are brainwashed. The day I was in last ( never again will I go in there ) the owner I would suppose was actually cursing at someone on the phone.

Must have been another UNsatisfied consumer like myself. Please take your time, do your research, and go to petsmart on the weekends or petfinder, save a life dont support mills.


Petland – My poor bunny, Oreo.♥

Today I went to Petland in Overland Park and purchased a bunny. I have been wanting a little bunny for so long and I was super excited to have one. Well, I got home around 3 or so and had to work at 5. The bunny, who I named oreo, she was very inactive and the lady at petland admitted that she didnt seem as active as most bunnys.

I had held her and pet her and I got her cage all set up and everything and I went to work, which I didn’t get off until a bit after 1 in the morning.

I got home and went in my room and I had looked in the cage and she was laying down which was really weird, so I looked at her and she wasn’t breathing and her eyes were open.

This had to be one of the most depressing things ever and I dont fully understand why pet land doesn’t like to tell you that your new pet is sick.

I bought my puppy from there back in March, and he is perfectly fine now but when I first got him, 4 days later I had to go to the vet to get antibiotics for him because he was sick.

Why do they sell sick animals? I don’t even want a new bunny because you can’t replace that memory, so if they don’t give me my money back I’m going to be pissed.



First of all Petland is the worst place i have ever been to!!! When questioned they said they didn’t not buy there puppies from puppy mills.

They said that they buy there puppies from the best breeders in the U.S. BUT… the animal humane society traced about 1700 puppies from puppy mills to petland. They only care about the money.

If you don’t believe me go to the humane society website, click videos, click investigations, and watch the one about petland. Petland makes me SICK!!!

Don’t even buy pet supplies there. Those poor helpless puppies can’t speak for themselves but you can be there voice

Join the petland protest!!


Don’t buy dogs from Petland they suck!

I when to Petland looking for fishes but my wife what it a dog and we got a dog so the sales guy was like if your not sure you can always bring the dog back before 48 hours and get your money back . they lie they only give you 50% or the purches they are crazy .

I would never do business with them ever and on top of that they still sale the dog for the same price that crazy.

if you like to give money for free than go to petlie!! please dont ever ever think of buying from them


Petland – Got a pet that was sick would not return money or pet that died after 4 days pet land sucks.

went to petland in hillsboro for a water dragon at petland . the water dragon lasted 4 days .

i called because i had 7 days for return when i called the guy said he could not do anything about it.that pet store sucks a pet store shouldn’t sell sick pets and get away with it!!!! do not buy from this place unless you are buying food because they just take your money….

they charged me $36.00 just for info on the dragon that didn’t help i say this petland needs to take care of there pets before selling them and not charge for info on pets. and if a pets dies within 7 days replace the pet for free not yell at them on the phone and tell them because they did not buy something the pet wasn’t covered.


Petland is bad place!!!!!!!!!!!!

i got a ball python i spent months trying to convince my mom and learning all i need to know to take care of them it died with in 2 hours i took it back and they said there was nothing they could do:-[ now im 12 its bull *** i love snakes i i hope petland goe’s bank rupe so do not i mean not buy antthing from petland they just dont care about the animals its all about them and there money $$$$$$$ screw petland they have no no hart i paid $74.00 on that i hate petland

Monetary Loss: $74.


Petland – Inadequate transport accommodations upon purchase of ferret

Update by user Jun 01, 2011

My co-workers decided to surprise me for my birthday since I lost my last ferret last year and bought me a ferret from Petland.

Original review posted by user Jun 01, 2011

Upon purchase, the cashier did not provide a carrier for the ferret to be transported to its destination. My co-worker did not want to buy one of the carriers available for sale in the store and mentioned to the cashier that the person she was buying the ferret for still had all of the belongings from her prior 5 ferrets. She asked for something to carry the ferret in and was provided a small, 12×12 in box which was about 6-7 inches tall in height. The cashier was not even going to put holes in the box until my co-worker mentioned it. At that point, she jabbed 3 holes in each side of the box which weren’t even 1/4 inch big. The store manager was also present throughout this entire transaction.

Even the two ferrets I bought from Petland (Kody and Mellow) back in 2002 provided me with a disposable, cardboard carrier with ventilation holes to transport an animal home. It was an adequate accommodation for them to be able to move around in but not escape from. However, what my co-worker was provided was horribly inadequate.

Another note I would like to add is that the employees could not provide my co-worker any documentation showing that this ferret had been examined and vaccinated by a licensed, certified vet. The only thing they could tell my co-worker was the date the ferret was born. The store managed claimed that it was a Marshall Farms ferret, but there was no documentation. It is standard policy that each Marshall Farms ferret purchased by a customer is also provided an one year warranty pamphlet of health as well as documentation showing when the ferret was born, examined and received its vaccination which I was provided when I had purchased my two ferrets in 2002.

My co-worker had no alternative and left Petland with the ferret to return to work which is 3 miles away and about a 10 minute drive. She had the air conditioner on and kept him in the front seat near the vents so he could try to get some cool air through those tiny holes since it was over 90 degrees outside. Since she was alone, it was not possible for her to keep the small box open for fear of him jumping out of the box and into the car. My co-worker explained that he was riled up, moving around and seemed like he was trying to get out of the box. Upon arrival, he was immediately taken out of the small box provided by the cashier and placed in a larger box then presented to me as a surprise.

I was appalled at the original box that the cashier provided my co-worker to transport the ferret to his destination. As I looked inside the bigger box my co-workers placed him in to give him room to move and cool, I immediately noticed he was lethargic, very limp and listless, glassy-eyed, breathing rapidly, and had a fast heart rate. There were signs of him vomiting which contained streaks of blood, urine, and liquid bowel movements. He continued to do this as I tried to keep a fan on him to cool him down and tried to get him to drink some water.

After doing this for about 15 minutes or so, I called Petland to find more information on him and get any documents on him showing when he was last examined as well as express how upset I was over the whole matter since his purchase in the store. It was at this point that the manager told me they knew he was 4 months and came from a Global Pet Expo from a vendor in Florida. She said that it was a Marshall Farms vendor. I proceeded to ask her for the warranty and documents that should have been provided with him upon purchase. She said they didn’t have any and that she would try to find them. I asked her to fax them to me if she found them.

After he showed little signs of improvement, I called my vet to see if I could bring him but he wouldn’t be able to see him until 5:30 pm. Upon initial examination, I was told that he will need to stay overnight and was not sure if he would make it. I went to Petland immediately to speak with the manager. I even brought the box he was originally transported in to ask her if she thought that was adequate for any animal to be transported home in. After about 20 minutes of debtate, talking, and giving her a piece of mind, I left. I did get the owners name but she could not tell me when he would comes to work. She also said all sales are final. She did not even try to make any compensation for what my co-workers paid to buy him nor what I had to pay for the vet.

Six hours after purchase, my vet calls me to say he passed away. I decided to name him Zen. May he rest in peace. B: 2-14-11 D: 5-31-11


Petland in crystal lake have no hearts

7 year old complaining abaut pet land. do not at all ever get a pappy from pet land !my puppy lily dide!

i crid so mach it was to hard for me to take it.And she was only a year old. i am so mad at pet land! my name is veronica .

she had samething rong with her her hole life. man i am jast so sad wow jast dont go to pat land.iiiiiimmmmm sssssoooooooooooo mad and sad I just don’t understand how you can buy a pet and it be so sick from a oet store.


Petland – Sue B Omaha-Stop bilking,lying,denying, and abusing!!

No reputable breeder would sell puppies to a warehouse. The AKC does not regulate where a puppy is born, just the lineage. A registered puppy from this horrible place means nothing, except if you need that “status”. The poor little thing is probably terribly in-bred, with no thought to inherant defects.

The managers have no capacity to feel any pity, sympathy, or simple kindness toward the animals in their “care”. Nothing matters except the bottom line.

Petland should be named Profitland, and “spare no expense in the pain and suffering department” should be their motto.

Never buy a puppy from this horrible place, unless you want to open yourself to heartbreak.


Stay away from Petland!

I bought a Chihuahua puppy from a breeder. when i got him he had all of his shots and in perfect health!

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i never took him outside( puppy pad trained)or around other dogs! the only place i took him was petland in Robinson.

when i took him there, the workers were tending to the puppies they had for sale and when they seen my pup they came over and started playing with him not thinking to wash their hands or anything. some of their pups you could tell were really sick and their sickness transfered to mine through the workers and the toys they let my pup play with.

i went to petland 5 days before my chihuahua got deathly sick, the vet told me parvo has about a 5 day incubation peroid.

my pup is currently at the vets and we dont even know if he’ll pull through. im so far into over $1000.00 in vet bills to TRY and save him. The vet also told me that about 90% of their ” parvo puppies” come from petland. i called petland and explained to the manager what happened and they didnt even care and acted really rude!

We’re so attached to the little guy, how do i explain to my 3 year old daughter that her puppy might not come home? Petland is a disgrace, STOP SELLING SICK PUPPIES AND NOT CARING!

Review about: Petland Dog.


Petland – Deerfield Beach – Disgusting


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Please do not even purchase your pet supplies from here – do not support them.

I typically, do not condone or promote buying from a puppy mill, pet store. Unfortunately, I saw my little baby and fell in love with her – I did not have the heart to leave her behind. I couldn’t bear the thought of her spending one more night in there.

To make a long story short, she was very ill the very next day, she also made my other 7 month old puppy very ill – we actually thought he was going to die. I have literally spent probably 70 to 80 % of my time over the last 30 days tending to both sick animals and running to and fro the vet. If I am not dealing with Diarrhea, vomiting, kennel cough, hacking coughing.. I am either on the phone with Petland complaints / legal department or on the phone with the vet.

My first puppy lost over a pound. The poor animal can’t even breathe half the time and has to constantly be in a nebulizer. It is so bad, that I can no longer be using up 2 hours of my day every single day, at the vet. We have built our own nebulizer box and are rotating the pups 3 times a day.

Firstly, PETLAND should never ever have sold me a sick dog. Secondly, they should never ever have charged me the $1000 plus that they did – in fact they wanted $1800 – OUTRAGEOUS. Thirdly, they really should be put out of business – period.

There are animals in there that are skin and bone – ribs sticking out. The store is kept at such a low temperature, you can see the poor pups physically shaking and shivering from the cold. They do not have blankets, they stand on wire floors – it is completely heartbreaking to be in there. I too, was told the pup was new to the store “and not “infected’ with the pet store environment” … absolute nonsense. The anxiety of the pup, when left alone or in a cage at home was heartbreaking.

PLEASE, of course the staff are friendly, they make commissions – TRUST ME, when I went back .. THEY WERE NOT FRIENDLY IN THE LEAST.

From my constant trips to the vet- I see all the other Petland/Petzone people walking in with their with their new puppies – only to see them again the next day and the day after … just like me – they too begin the cycle that I am in……….

It is completely unacceptable that a perfectly healthy puppy almost lost his life, is still very very ill and both pup have been on 8 different medications for 30 days. This puppy should not have gotten ill in the first place.

Please note that the recommended vet is amazing and is going over and beyond to help my two pups – his staff are amazing. I must stress – this is not a negative post about the recommended VET for PETLAND/PETZONE – but a negative about the pet store.

I have videos of all the coughing, choking, sneezing, lots of pictures.

Review about: Petland Dog.


Petland is horrible, got a cockatiel for my husband and it died

I bought a cockatiel for my husband as a gift, first off I was told it was a male when I first brought it home, wrong I went to a bird professional and found out it was a female, bought a second one, was told it was a male it too was a female, it was very mean and not hand fed, so took it back, well the grey one I had first seemed ok, but screamed a lot, and just today I uncovered her and she was at the bottom of the cage dead, I will never buy anything from petland again.


Petland – Made my life ***.

Back in April of 2010, I worked for a Petland in Canada. Before I even applied, I walked around checked the store out, looked at the health of the animals and decided that they were okay. Prior to this, I volunteered at a Petland, every Sunday for my high school credit, this was a different establishment. I was treated great by the employees that worked there, but the Boss, did not give me the respect I deserved for working for free. All and all I quit after that incident.

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Little did I know of the problems of my new job when I applied. I worked as a sales associate, while at my volunteer job I worked as a Assistant Veterinary Tech. Don’t let the name Pet Counselor fool you we are just your run of the mill sales associate, with sometimes zero hours of training. To get the job, first you must work four hours for free, to see if you have what it takes to sell sell sell. The other Petland I worked at it was an entire weekend before if you were the right “fit” for the job (source: one of the employees that worked there), needless to say that Petland went bankrupt due to poor location in the city.

Everything seemed fine and dandy, I got along well with my co-workers and my managers, occasionally my manger would drive me home for the sake of the area was not great. I learned a lot about the company and the owner. The manager that worked there had worked there for six years, and only being paid $10.00 per hour, a dollar extra than what I was being paid (and minmum wage at the time). I learned that the owner was sexist and only hiring only “good looking” girls that they think would be able to sell an animal based on their looks. Sex sells even in a pet store, who needs brains when you are a walking attraction. I was mortified at this, but I still kept going back.

Where to start next, probably with the labor laws they broke. By law, if we work 4 hours, we are required to have a 15 minute paid break. 5-7 hours, a paid break and a half an hour unpaid lunch. 8 hours +, two paid breaks, and on unpaid half an hour lunch. I’d work an 8 hour day, and only get a unpaid lunch, once I didn’t even get a lunch because I had sold a puppy to a happy couple and it was close to closing. Closing time was an interesting time, we’d have closing duties, which were required and could not be left to the next morning because they involved feeding the animals and providing them with a clean environment. I also had to help customers as well, so sometimes I would be leaving work an hour after it was closed. Want to hear the great thing about it? I wasn’t paid for it. We were paid form the start of our shift to the end of our shift.

Our boss was money hungry and just wanted to be young, as he was 50 and his girlfriend one of the managers was 25.

At the start of my job I was told I was expected to make $75 per hour in sales, which I was like: okay, that is a little high, but that is okay, I can do that. Haha, it turned out to be $120 per hour. To everyone reading this, how many times do you go into a pet store and just look? Many, you don’t buy because of the expenses, responsibility, and time animal needs. When you are placed in the biggest mall in the city, then it is very hard. Every hour we’d be given a slip of what our current says were, and one day I’d be expected make over $1000! It was unreasonable, unless you sold a dog, or someone came in wanting to buy the pretty bird in the window (which wasn’t very often). Anyways, my sales had been falling behind and the owner came and talked with me, basically he took me to the front of the store talked with me and how he couldn’t be having this too often (basically threatening to fire me if I didn’t get my sales up). I cried and what was worse I was in the front of the store on a Saturday afternoon where everyone could see me. Oh the humiliation. The next day I came in with a fiery rage and told him I quit, he also had the stupidity to tell me if I ever need the job that I’m always welcome back there. Like *** I would.

Regardless I made friends there and the manager that would drive me home, quit, which I am proud of her. We all shared a common bond and love for animals (expect for the owner). Now every time I step into the store and I see the owner he always asks me how I’ve been what I’m up too. When I told him I was starting my own business in photography he seemed a bit skeptical until I told him how much I could potentially make, his eyes lit up like he just won the Lotto Max.

To the treatment of animals, while we treated the animals with respect and care, some of the environments that they are kept in are not suitable for the numbers. Rodents especially are kept in a five gallon fish tank. Two ball pythons were kept in another five gallon tank, and they were getting fairly large. Some amphibians were kept into small beta tanks. What was worse was three large Boxers (or American Bulldogs) were kept in our largest display area, but even so, they were growing and it was very crowded for them. We were told that whoever sold one would get a $100 bonus from the owner. You know that little Yorkie in the window worth $1400? Yeah he was bought for $500. I’ve seen people buy these animals for such a ridiculous amount and on top of that, the proud new owner is expected to buy all the things that come with it (training video, toys, some probiotic). I understand the concern that we want these dogs/cats want to go home to has the right necessities, but I can not understand the fact that these animals need this. I have had a dog for over 11 years, when I got him as a puppy at 8 weeks old, we potty trained him (now that he is getting older his bladder is easily going when he gets too excited), he does not destroy our furniture or anything (our hardwood floors do not count because they are laminated and are of a softer wood). I would not doubt that these dogs are bought from puppy mills those we claim they are not, we usually say we get them from breeders. Usually breeders only breed pure breeds or a certain breed of a dog. When our manager would come back, she would come back with a few different breeds of dog from the same breeder.

Oh yes, you aren’t adopting these dogs, you are buying them. $1400 for a dog? You can adopt a perhaps healthier dog from a local shelter or a Humane Society. Even looking in the local newspaper for unwanted animals that are free. I received my dog from a farm. While I cannot vouch for the health of these animals, I’ve seen very little problems. I’ve bought my cat from Petland (the one before this). My friend bought a hamster for her boyfriend from Petland and was just fine. Same with a fish I bought (I refuse to buy anymore fish from them due to the expensive price). Sometimes if anything it is the owner and those first few days with the owner. I did see sick dogs, but they were taken into a vet.

While with my mom shopping, we decided to visit another Petland just to look. The environment was much much better as it was a quarter of the size of a Wal-mart. I noticed both men and women working there, but I did not know how they were treated. However, when I was walking in I saw something that absolutely disgusted me to no end. Back in the pick up truck were a bunch of various small animals, including rodents. They had just come from the airport (I heard their delivery woman say). I live in a city that get quite hot in the summer, and this particular day it hit + 40 C with the humidity. These poor critters were in the back of pick up truck, with no roof to shade them form the hot sun, or in the back of a van that had the A/C running. Makes me wonder if they leave them out there in – 40 C, which it has been just this past week.

This is from a former employee and the things I witness and experienced in one month. I would not buy from them due to the reasons stated above.

Review about: Petland Cat.


Petland – Malnourished and dehydrated pet degu. And wrongly sexing

Last week me and my boyfriend had bought a pet degu from a local petland in Calgary. For those who dont know anything about degus I’ll give you a quick run through.

Degus (octodons) are a member of the roddent family and come from chili. They are cute little bushy tailed brown furred fluff balls. Degus are extremely social and if left alone to long will commonly stop eating and drinking (pretty much commits suicide)

This degu that we got was all alone. had the top of the cage locked off so no one could even say hello if they wanted to. as soon as we walked over to the cage he started meeping. and calling to us. just one look at this degu and we knew if we didnt adopt him than he would eventually pass.

We’d already had a degu at the time which was also purchased from the same petland. They told us that our original degus were males and that if we were to get any more than we should make sure their males too. Well… the new degu we got was 100% a male.. but.. the one we’ve had for 2 years, turns out was a female.. they have vets? Well shouldnt their vets know the proper sexes? Well.. then came the vet appointment to get our newest member nuetered.

At the vets we got notified that our newest degu (steve) was missing 20% of his body fat, and was extremely dehydrated. So much so that he immidiatly got put on nutrient supplements and antibiotics.

its clear to me that no one at the petland store even cared enough to watch how much he was eating or drinking, and that no one cared to try to make him recover.

that is a link to show you how skinny Steve is. you can see all his bones on his hind

Monetary Loss: $70.


Petland – Sold us sick kitten

We bought a beautiful black kitten that was in a lot of pain. We felt sorry for it so we bought it.

Little did we know it had no teeth and the vet for the Pets for Life foundation snapped all the teeth our and left root tips in. We immediately took it to our own vet who was appauled at the conditgion of the pet and said it would hve died had we not adopted it. so $3000 later for roots to be extracted and infection to go away….our kitten is the best!

No thanks for Pets for Life Foundation who has a vet that is a butcher and doesn’t do diddly for its animals. May as well have killed it than to leave it writhing in pain like they did!



Petland Robinson Town Ctr

Where do I start?

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This place is a joke!!!

In June of 2010, my boyfriend and I went into this store looking to buy a puppy. After visiting the store several times considering and reconsidering an actual purchase, we decided on getting one of the puppies.

When we spoke with a sales person regarding the sale of the puppy she was nice in the beginning. As the conversation went on her attitude changed. She seems annoyed and became short with me due to my questioning her about the puppies health and condition.

First red flag, right?

After considering the purchase and taking a tour of the store. We were almost frightened into buying the puppy and all of these additional accessories and food products.

We were informed that the puppy had be micro chipped. I asked why she was micro chipped before we had a chance to confirm whether or not we wanted it. One of the store manager’s “Leah” informed us that the type of dog that we wanted is very popular with theft.

That was an automatic $60.00.

Second red flag, right?!

The puppy alone cost $1700.00 and with the additional merchandise, and micro chipping the bill came to $2050.00

We were given a lot of paperwork to read and sign. There were things on forms that I didn’t understand, so I started asking questions. Once again the associate started to become annoyed and short with us again.

Third red flag……

The very night that we had taken her home she started to cough really badly. We called the store and they advise us to bring her back in. After a brief exam she was Dx with “Kennel Cough” which I know is common among dogs.

Ok, so now under the advice of the store staff we left her at the store until the vet came in which would be five days later at a cost of $10.00 per day.

Five days later when we picked her up with medication, we were advised to take the puppy to our vet within 10 days, which we did and when we showed the vet the exam papers for the puppy he told us the puppy had a hernia and something was wrong with one of her hips.

I was never informed of these conditions prior to the purchase. When I contacted the store again, I was told that there was nothing that could be done about it.

Another flag, right?

Now 5 month later the microchip that was inserted into her neck has started to protrude from her skin. Again, I called the store and spoke with the owner about the situation. He practically called me a liar because evidently this has never happened before! Right…..

He was very, very rude and talked very condescending to me. The conversation went back and forth for a moment until I abruptly interrupted him and ended the phone conversation.

All I can say is “Buyer Beware!!!!!” Do your homework….research before you purchase pets from anywhere and anyone, and stay away from this “*** HOUSE!!!!”

Review about: Petland Dog.


Petland – Manager wouldn’t refund dead snake after only 2 days.

We bought a Ball Python Snake at Pet Land Henderson, Nv. on 8-12-10 It died after only 2 days.

Found out it had a respiratory infection. Manager refused to refund or replace the snake. They didn’t give me a contract and didn’t have me sign anything. But when I went in, they said that because I didn’t buy their Snake Kit there, they wouldn’t refund or replace.

How idiotic is that?

I showed them a reciept that I did in fact buy one, only at another pet store because it was $30.00 cheaper. They still refused.


Rabbit dies from Petland’s Negligence

am writing this post in the hopes that no other family will have to go through what ours recently has due to the negligence and disregard that Petland of Springfield shows towards their animals. We went in just for fun one day and ended up falling in love with a baby lop eared rabbit.

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Normally I would not buy from Petland because I know of their tainted history of being a supporter of breeding kennels for dogs. However I couldn’t resist this adorable little creature. I asked what I would need for her and was told that a cage, water and any rabbit food would suffice, and some vitamins that the store sold me. I went to Pet Smart to buy her supplies.

A lady stopped me to ask about my cute bunny and I told her I had just bought her at Petland. Sadly she told me she had just lost her rabbit she purchased from Petland after having it for three days. It just died one morning she said. I was shaken by this story but took my new little bunny home.

My children and I loved her and became attached very quickly. I called Petland the next day. I was a little concerned because the rabbit, now named Annabelle was having diarrhea. I offered to bring her into the vet there and would have gladly paid for it.

I was told it was simply the stress of being moved to a new environment and completely a normal situation. Annabelle continued to eat, drink, snuggle and play normally. She had no discharge from her nose or eyes so I took their word for it. Two days later I called and said she still had the diarrhea and that I was becoming concerned.

I asked specifically if there was any way the feed I bought her at PetSmart could be causing the diarrhea. I was again assured as long as I was giving her the vitamins I was sold there was absolutely no need for her to see a vet. Annabelle died in her cage hours later. I called the store and they offered to exchange her out for a live rabbit, as if she was a garment that had been purchased and was not quite the right size.

Even though we had Annabelle for only three days she could not be replaced so easily for us. Petland returned the money for the rabbit in exchange for her corpse. I then began trying to investigate what caused Annabelle’s death. I called a rabbit breeder and a veterinarian who both informed me it was the sudden change of feed on her sensitive system that killed Annabelle.

It was devastating to learn that this could have been prevented. I trusted that anyone who sold an animal would have some knowledge of how to care for it or at least be able to say, “I don’t know. Call someone who does.” I called the store manager and told him of my findings to which he said he would bring it up to his employees at the next training. I wonder how many innocent Annabelles will suffer and die unnecessarily before he does or how many children will cry themselves to sleep because their new friend passed away in their presence.

I suppose it doesn’t matter to Petland as long as they continue to make their next buck and hopefully some of the buyers won’t bother to get or save the warranties to their animals. Now I know why my gut instinct told me not to purchase ANYTHING from these people. I hope someone runs them out of business soon. And my hope is if you are looking for a little friend in the form of fish, bunny, dog, or any other animal you will be wiser than I was and buy or adopt elsewhere.

Please do not support this unethical and cruel business. If you need any other information feel free to google other complaints of misconduct and horrendous behavior this business has committed against animals.

I only wish I had to begin with.

Review about: Petland Dog.


Petland lied by claiming my dog was registered and she is not

We purchased a puppy from Petland in Racine in February. We signed a purchase contract, also signed by the store manager, stating our puppy was registered.


After 12 weeks of waiting for her papers, we started calling and asking where they were. After calling three times, we were told “OOPS, our mistake, your dog can’t be registered because she is a *** a poo.” They are also claiming that registration does not affect the price of the dog.

I think if they pay the breeder more for a registered dog, they propably would charge more. I think they are liars and do not recommend anyone buy from them.

Review about: Petland Dog.


My PETLAND puppy has giardia!

I watched the PETLAND special on animal planet last night and got sick to my stomach!!! I BOUGHT a puppy for the petland in robinson town center and like the puppy mills on the animal planet special admitted their puppies had giardia, mine did too.

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I paid 1,000.00 for him, I think this is a lot of money but I couldn’t leave without him. I agree that any dog from anywhere can get anything. Petland knowingly buys sick puppies and sell sick puppies and then the owner JEFF KOURY blames you!!!! I had the puppy for a day and a half and took him to my vet only to find out he was very underweight and had giardia.

Also these puppies are stuffed in these boxes/display cases, its just sick! I will adopt from a rescue from now on.

Review about: Petland Dog.



I visited Petland many times and fell in love each time with a new puppy or kitten. SO I thought, what better place to work? After being hired, I immediately noticed how the puppies were shipped to us (On semi trucks like common cargo).I then noticed the condition the puppies were in. Skinny, teary eyed, and having diarrhea.

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I started working in the kennel and was trained thoroughly on “preventatives”, as in every puppy received them with signs of sickness or not. Some puppies came in looking fine and healthy, most others were under weight and under supervision for possible giardia, upper respiratory, and even Parvo. All through out my training I was constantly assured we did not get our puppies from puppy mills. I was told to not believe the stories I heard from most of our customers, that they were just cranky.

I was also told to push the sale, make a sale to anyone, get anyone financed. I worked on the sales floor and in the kennel. I witnessed multiple ‘puppy seizures’. There always seemed to puppies in quarantine. Sanitation was an enormous deal there because most puppies were sick and it would be bad for business if every puppy was sick.

In my opinion, PETLAND DOES NOT CARE WHERE THEIR PUPPIES COME FROM OR WHERE THEY GO. Petland is a retail business, they sell a ‘product’, and that ‘product’ just happens to be cute animals. To end puppy mills and places that put those puppy mills in business would for us animal lovers would be to do the unthinkable and not ‘help’ these animals by taking them into our homes, but that is how these businesses make their money. It is a horrible circle. PETLAND NOT ONLY LIES TO THE CONSUMER, BUT THEY LIE TO THEIR OWN EMPLOYEES. Every employee is guaranteed that each puppy is healthy and safe, but they are to NEVER show the customer the puppies medical record because it raises questions. Employees speculate that the reason there are so many sick puppies is because there are so many of them. It couldn’t be because the puppies are 5 to 6 weeks of age when they get to a Petland. I currently work in a Vet’s office, and run the boarding kennel as well as my own Grooming salon. We consistently have more dogs and puppies in our facilities than a Petland has in it’s kennels without outbreaks of kennel cough, or anything for that matter. So it does not mean that because there is a large group of animals together there should be automatic sickness. Not every puppy is sickly at Petland, but the customer will still get charged some ridiculous amount.

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Petland – Decieved and lied

Do not buy pets from pet land. They buy from puppy mills even if they say they don’t.

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Do your research first. I wish I did. I asked for the address and breeder information which they never would provide me. My family pet was very very ill and only 12 weeks old.

Oh yeah, I can ask for my money back but that’s not what this is about. It’s about this poor sick and suffering puppy. Buy from the humane society. They make sure all animals are taken care of physically and mentally.

How can the owners, employees and ececutives sleep at night? Oh yeah, they make good money while these dogs cats are suffering living on top of each other with urine and *** all over thier bodies. The wimpers of pain hunger and fear!!!!

All for a buck!!!! I have a heart of gold but I honestly hope all people responsible for the suffering of these animals live a long painful sick life

Review about: Petland Dog.



Greedy Petland

I bought a pug for my niece at about 9:00 pm on saturday. I fell in love with him right away and even named him.

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My niece unfortunately did not feel the same way, after coughing and sneezing she was in a full blown asthma attack requiring and ER visit. We did not know she was allergic to animals/ first pet. I returned the pet at 11:00 am the next morning much less than 24 hours. I expected a fee to be involved with the return but they were charging more than half of what the dog cost to return it.

The dog cost me $750 and they were charging me $400 to return it. The owner was not only unreasnable but condescending as well. Even after explaining the circumstances for the return and that I was willing to pay $200 for vet fees.

I filed an official complaint with federal services but I will never shop in this petland again and if you do not want to get ripped off you shouldnt either. The owner and therefore the company did not seem to care about the consumer and much less the well being of the pets.

Review about: Petland Dog.

Monetary Loss: $400.


Petland did the same to me !

Bought a St. Bernard 4-11-2010 from Robinson Twp.

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Petland-puppy had somewhat soft stool told my daughter was concerned with this-4-12 started getting a little worse-that nite full blown runs!!! called manager this am he yelled at me very ignorant! Told me the dog need to be created all day!!! and away from my other puppy-only allowed out of the crate 15 min.

then back in for 30mins.!!! This is a very large dog to be crated -will not grow poperly if it can’t have exc. I have raised Arbuzzi Maramma’s for 15 years-never had any problem like that!!! The store owner is an ***!

The dog is under nurished for her size-she will be seeing a private vet.

tomorrow-we will see what I do after that!!! This store needs to have some kinda fines asscessed for their behavior and treatment of animals as far as I’m concerned

Review about: Petland Dog.


Petland – Sick puppy

I purchased a Golden Retriever puppy from Petland 10 months ago. I just want to say she was sick with in days of getting her.

She ended up with Kennel cough which I thought the puppies were vaccinated for this. I immediately took her to the vet for this. She was put on medication, but her cough was so bad I filled the bathroom up with steam to try to relieve the cough!! Horrible!!

Then she proceeded to get sick off and on. She was anemic, then her lymph nodes swelled up, they thought she had lymphoma. I was an emotional wreck with this puppy!! She is now 10 months and seems to be healthy, FINALLY!!

I wouldn’t buy from petland again. Just be warned you may be in for some stiff vet bills!!



well when i posted my other one on petland i didn’t get the papers or anyone to do anything for me well FINALLY i did and we got registration papers in the mail today. well i got on to register her online and i did everything it told me to do and this is what is said The information you entered indicates this dog should be a Female.

However, the litter was registered as consisting of 1 males and 0 females. Please verify the information you entered and try again. If the information you entered is correct and you are still receiving this message, please contact or AKC Customer Service at 919-233-9767. now you tell me that they run a good business!!

i am pissed and driving up tomorrow to tell them to shove it and i have had enough i am keeping the dog and i want my money back!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $950.


Petland is a horrible place to buy from..

I went to the Petsmart on Dixie Highway in Ohio to get pet treats and some toys for my girls. I at the time had pet rats.

And I usually go to Petsmart to get things for them but I was in Fairfield and it was right around the corner from where I was and convenient. I walked in and have to say I was very impressed at first. All the cages in the front of the store that housed the gerbils, geinea pigs(sorry for the spelling), rabbits and animals like that were very clean and free of *** or any odor at all. Now since I have pet rats I always go to the cage they are in to see them.

The sales girl directed me to the back of the store and when I got back there I was horrified to say the least. They had 3 rats crammed into a 10 gallon aqarium and couldnt tell me the sex of any of them. And on top of that was discusted by the fact that I asked if they could take them out so I could see them. I came to the conclusion that 2 were male and 1 was a female.

She was breathing funny and had *** caked in her fur and on the bottems of her feet and tail. Not to mention she only had half of her tail left due to to much moisture in the cage and got ringtail which causes a rat or mouse tail to basically rot off. She was on no antibiotics.I only have females so we dont have any breeding so I couldnt take the 2 boys but decided I had to get her out of there. So I told the guy handling them that I would take the little girl.

I did realize at the time there was a very big possibility that she was pregnant and the sales ppl told me that is she had babies that it wouldnt be for another 2 months and they would take all of them off my hands. I asked the girl how knowledgable she was on rodents and she replied, I am very knowledgeable and I used to be a vet tech. I said well if your so knowledgable on rodents and used to be a vet tech I would think someone of your backround with rodents would know that rats dont stay pregnant for 3 months. They have there babies 19 to 21 days after conception.

She tried to feed me a line but I wasnt buying. I have been raising and rescueing rats for about 10 years. I asked for the manager. When he came out I proceeded to tell him his cages were atrocious.

I said you may sell them as feeders that is your deal but no animal should live in foul conditions like that. I said its rediculous. I can tell with only 3 rats in that cage and as dirty with urine and *** it hadnt been cleaned in well over a week but he tried to tell me it was cleaned 2 hours before I walked in the door. Which I wasnt buying that either.

Well I purchased the rat and straight to the vet we went. My vet also does walkins. They diagnosed her with ring tail(i already knew that) they also diagnosed her with a severe respitory infection that was turning into pnumonia(which I also knew). They prescribed vibramycin but the tail was already healed so there was nothing they could do for that.

About 2 days later the labored breathing subsided and she started to feel better. 2 days after that she popped out 15 babies. I knew that there was no way I could take care of mentally or emotionally that many babies so I contacted a rat rescue that found homes for all of them except the 2 that I ended up keeping. I also contacted the B.B.B.

and made a complaint against petland. When that didnt work I contacted the S.P.C.A. in my area and they went out to check there store. I guess they got into a bit of trouble over some dirty cages and they threatened to have them shut down.

From what I learned they gave them a 4 days to get everything cleaned up. I dont know what happened in the end.

I havent step foot in that store since the first time I went. And I never will again

Monetary Loss: $100.


Don’t go to petland in Lewis center ohio

I felt with them in saltwater fish and tanks and my fish have died and they tell you its your fault. The tanks leak and then they will tell you there’s nothing they can do.

I had the tank for four months and they said its out of warranty. They tell you that they will help and it cost you more money.

I emailed there corporation office and all they can say is its privately owned, and I stated the name on the sign says petland so you can help. I have been working on this problem since August and I’m using the Better business bureau to help me.



we bought and english bulldog from them about 6 or 7 months ago and they old me that i would be getting the AKC papers for her and we have not got them yet we keep calling them and asking about the papers and all they can tell is that thy dont own the dogs that they sell!! now how can you sell a dog for 3,500 and NOT OWN the animal you are maken that much money off of.

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We really dont own the dog either we just have her and no way to really prove that she is ours and we cant even breed her!!

we are very upset and will NEVER go back to them for anything!! we want our money back or the papers or just take them to court.

Review about: Petland Dog.


Petland = puppy mills

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On December 26th 2009, my boyfriend and I decided it was the right time for us to get a puppy. The humane society was out of the question for us, since we only rent our property and do not have a screened in backyard (learned from a previous dog rescue attempt).

We unfortunately did not have alot of knowledge about where to get a dog and after a BRIEF online search, found Petland. We viewed their website and from first glance they seemed like a pretty reputable place with words like “USDA approved breeders” and “health warranty”. A little puppy Yorkie caught our eye at a location near our house in South FL and we decided to go and check out the place. We got there and were put into a room with the Yorkie.

We quickly fell inlove and were then told of a brother of the yorkie also available and he was put into the room with us as well. Well my heart sank, I did not want to separate these littermates. There was a size different of the two, the smaller one being priced at $2290! The larger one was priced at 1800$!

We spent over a hour with the dogs and left the store to privately discuss. I felt inclined, thinking that no one else would purchase these guys together and my boyfriend and I had to do something. We had saved up some money and decided to use it towards getting these two guys a happy healthy home. While in the store, of course the Manager and other sales associate used their usual Petland pitch and us being blinded by puppylove fell right into it.

We were originally told that both dogs were 100% healthy. Upon signing the paperwork, the Manager corrected herself stating that the smaller dog ( now named Bentley) had an open fontanelle and a luxating patellar grade 1. We were reassured it was nothing to be concerned about and there was really no better place to buy a dog from. When we were about to leave the store, the larger dog (now named Jack) started to cough, the Manager of course followed up with a poor excuse of the dog being stressed and it should probably go away on it’s own.

When we got the new pups back to our place, we noticed the cough getting progressively worse. The following day was Sunday so we had to wait until Monday for our new puppies to be seen by a vet. On Sunday, I had all these doubts about Petland’s pledge to providing healthy dogs. I turned to my computer and decided to do a little research.

And yes, I sat there stunned and horrified at what I found out. Petland=puppy mills to be frank about it. At first I was sickened to have contributed to such animal cruelty and then it hit me that I was happy that we got these guys in our lives and could provide a good home to them. **So a bit of a disclaimer that I am not writing this to be lectured about purchasing dogs from Petland or just petstores in general, so please don’t reply to purely guilt me** After learning about Petland, I was skeptical to use the Vet they recommended.

I tried to make a visit with a trusted family used vet but was unable to get an appointment. I found another Vet close to my home and brought them in on Monday (two days after getting them). I was told each one had an upper respiratory infection and was prescribed Claramox. I was only able to get a stool sample from Jack and awaited the results of that.

The following day the vet called and said he tested positive for Giardia and recommended treatment for both dogs. Meanwhile I was able to get an appointment with my trusted vet for that day (Tuesday) and decided to get medicine there. UGH, well my vet was overbooked and I saw another vet who was helping out in the office for the day. I inquired about my Jack itching his ears and thought he may have an ear infection, the vet said his ears were just hairy and plucked out some hairs, said they looked clean & fine otherwise.

I was given Panacur for both dogs for the Giardia. Within the next few days, I followed treatment and dosage according to the vets in hopes my pups would get better. Bentley’s sneezing and coughing was getting worse, Jack as well. I called the vet and he actually told me vet bils will begin to pile up and recommended to me that I go to the vet Petland told me to be covered.

So I did. With the holidays and such, I bought my dogs to the Petland warranty covered vet on Saturday (one week from purchase date, third vet visit). This vet, unlike the other two was actually very thorough to my delight. I went over their history with him and he examined each one.

He found earmites in Jack (hence the scratching; that the other two vets failed to find). He also told me the original dosage of the Claramox was way too low and not even a good antibiotic that gave good results. He checked each dog’s stool once again, telling me that not only did Jack test positive for Giardia but also coccidiosis. I was given a new antibiotic for both and a new dosage for the Claramox.

Bentley did not have coccidiosis (at least it did not show up yet) and they only wanted to treat Jack. Jack was given his puppy vaccinations and thankfully did not have an adverse reaction. My poor babies are on a bunch of medication now. I fear these parasites will never go away, the possibility of them spreading them back and forth to one another.

My boyfriend and I clean as much as possible. They for some reason love to try and play on their wee wee pads (as we are indoor training). I strongly try to discourage that behavior but they sure are thickheaded little guys. My boyfriend and I are also having stomach issues ourselves and hope we did not get giardia from them – and that it is just our nerves from worrying about our puppies.

We are still trying to communicate with Petland to try and get some sort of refund from our sick dogs (no luck so far). I have inquired about getting in touch with their supposed breeder ” Cindy Zeigenbein” and was told they could only provide an address and did not guarantee i would receive a response. I contacted Petland Corp. to only get the runaround, and was offered zero help, told that each store is owned privately and to contact the owner.

Okay, So I tried calling the owner of the store, the manager told me he was not available but I could try again tomorrow with no guarantee he would take my call. I called up the petaled warranty department, I was told they were not employed by Petland, upon asking who they were employed by I was told, well not Petland Inc. but by the store. If there really a difference?

I contacted the breeder, she was clueless as which dogs I was talking about, wouldn’t a good breeder KNOW their puppies? I could go on and on, as there are other parts of my guys story but I think thats enough for now.I am getting very disgusted myself.

Review about: Petland Dog.


Petland- robinson township PA- Stay Away!!

This was the most awful experience I have ever had! I bought a puppy from the Robinson Town Center store one evening, the store was basically run by a bunch of kids.

I took my puppy to the vet a few days later to find out he was under fed and had a parasite! I called and spoke to the store owner who by the way was the most rude, unprofessional person I have ever dealt with. I called to tell him my new puppy was sick, he began screaming at me and told me it wasn’t his problem! I filed a complaint with the better business bureau.

I would Never recommend buying an animal at all (I spent 1300.00 on him) and would prefer adopting, however I feel like I saved this puppy from being in a very small glass box all day and night and being severely underfed.

My puppy is much better now after a lot of medicine and love! I refuse to return to another petland.


Please Beware of Petland Puppies

We purchased a puppy from Petland Columbus, Georgia almost three years ago and have sorely regretted that rash decision. We paid an exorbitant price for our puppy, almost three times what a local breeder wanted, but we felt it was worth the extra money because Petland had such a great health guarantee and they assured us we were getting a quality puppy, from premium breeding stock.

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About two years later we started to realize what bad shape our little dog was in. Our vet confirmed he had horrible joint and back problems, all genetic issues. “This is the result of bad breeding,” he said. “What were his parents like?” We had to admit we had no idea. But we loved our little dog to pieces so we were willing to do whatever we could to get him the extremely expensive surgeries that our vet said he desperately needed.

We went back to Petland and explained the situation. They were very accommodating at first, saying how sorry they were and how they wanted to help us and would absolutely pay for the surgery… on one condition. We had to take the dog to their vet and have her confirm he really did need the surgeries. Imagine our astonishment when we reached the vet’s office, she took a quick look at him and said, “No. He looks like he’s managing just fine. He can live a very full and happy life without surgery.” He died two months later from complications of his back problems. He was playing in our front yard one day and fell, compressing his spinal cord and paralyzing him. He was in severe pain and would likely never walk again. We had no choice but to have him put down. My kids were devastated.

Here’s what I learned the hard way about Petland. They buy their puppies from a farm that breeds for quantity instead of quality. Meaning, they breed females who have genetic problems and aren’t fit to have puppies. Then Petland marks them up 300% and sells them to the public with a “Health Guarantee”, but the fine print on that guarantee states that their vet must be consulted if any health problems arise. Their vet spent five minutes with our dog and declared him fit when our personal vet clearly told me if was in danger and required surgery right away. This is the experience of a heartbroken pet owner. I won’t tell you to not buy your dog from Petland, but I do hope you read my story and make your own decision.

Review about: Petland Dog.


Petland – Im pissed

i bought a baby rabbit that was the only one that would let me pick it up so when i got home it woudnt let anyone touch it and it keep on coughing so i went to the vet and they saied i needed to feed it more and i just got it so it was already sick i gave it a normal rabbit food suppl and guess what it died well kinda it was still alive but it woudnt move and seriosly i think there the one who made it sick the vet said i could put it down or i could pay 498$ to get surgery of coures i put it down because it was in so much pain i coudnt bear it any longer i feel so sorry for it it wasnt its fault it was abused in petland im still really mad and iv sued them for 467$

Monetary Loss: $498.



I bought a puppy from Petland on November 30, 2008. Since that time the vet bills have exceeded $500!

The puppy has so many digestive problems, she is on eight different medications and is still having diarrhea and vomiting. Petland refuses to discuss it at all and have had me banned from the store. Apparently, they don’t like anyone saying “sick puppy” in a crowded store at Christmas! Well, my Christmas is ruined because the vet bills have taken everything I had and more.

Petland is digusting!

Their employees are liars. I don’t understand how they sleep at night. They are trained specifically to deceive the public. I will never stop telling everyone I meet about the low-life thieves that work at Petland.

I’m glad I rescued my little Roxie from those monsters but I will NEVER do it again and I will campaign with all I have and every spare moment I have to make sure they don’t do it to someone else.



An 8-month-long investigation by the Humane Society of the United States finds one national pet store chain is the country’s number one supporter of puppy mills. An undercover investigation has tracked almost 17,000 puppies from Petland to puppy mills, most from puppy mills in the Midwest.

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The Humane Society says many Petland stores across the country are supporting cruel puppy mills…even while telling unsuspecting customers that the dogs only come from good breeders. Most of the puppies come from a puppy mill in Minnesota which practices illegal procedures such as cesarean sections and spaying and neutering. Stephanie Shain, director of the HSUS Stop Puppy Mills

Campaign, says that like many pet stores, Petland Incorpation claims that they dont buy from puppy mills.

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PETLAND is horrible!

I bought a ferret from Petland located at 8800 W. Charleston Blvd.,

Suite #3,Las Vegas, NV 89117,702-949-7387 because he was on sale. He was absolutely beautiful, although a little bit lethargic.They waved this full warranty *** in front of my face and me like an *** I believed them.We left Petland and took him directly to the Vet, where we spent an additional $50 having all the tests run for parasites and so on. I woke up the next morning and he was DEAD. We called Petland, they said bring him in and they would make it right. When we got there it was a completely different story. They refused to exchange it for another Ferret. They refused to give us our money back. And then they told us to have the Ferret autopsied, and theyre vet, at our expense. More than $200. The vet wouldn’t autopsy him because he had been dead more than 12 hours. Petland told us we were screwed, and if we wanted our money back to take them to court.

We didn’t even have the ferret for 24 hours. He was a birthday gift, and holding a dead ferret for my birthday was NOT my idea of a good time. I was hysterical, they told us they would take care of us then they called security to usher us out of the store. Our entire experience was heartbreaking.

Their warranty is not worth the paper it was written on. I urge everyone to stay far far away from this store at 8800 W. Charleston Blvd.,Suite #3 Las Vegas, NV 89117, 702-949-7387.


Petland Is Not Bad – Employee

I work at Petland in the kennels so I know exactly what goes on. I don’t know about other places, but I know that the Petland Arboretum in NC is a place where the hierarchy is as follows:

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Want to know why the puppies are so expensive? Because our store managers drive out to the breeders to check conditions (I know this.) So that $3000 Bulldog is $1000 for the Bulldog and $2000 for the trip.

Some of my fellow kennel workers have been fired on the spot for not sanitizing their hands before touching a dog.

Like I have said, I cannot vouch for other Petland stores but the one I work in have the puppies as the highest priorities.

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Petland Store 17657 North Dale MabryHwy,Lutz, Florida

I was told by two different employees at this Petland Store in Lutz, Florida that they would clip my parrot’s wings and nails for the price of five dollars per parrot..this was on Tuesday. Today, on Thursday,when i went into the store, they first cut my african grey’s toenail way too short and she was bleeding, they scared my lilac crown so bad, he was shaking when i got him back from them,then they hiked up the price that i had been quoted to thirty dollars, and told me that it was incorrect that i had been quoted the price of five dollars for each parrot..manager hid in her office, never came out to even speak to me, ridiculous, never will go back there again!

my husband was standing next to me when they quoted that 5.00 price to me. i raised cane with them, but they still charged me twenty dollars!! they obviously do not know what they are doing in this store, called to lodge a complaint at company headquarters, sent directly to someone’s voicemail…they do not care about their customers or the animals, my parrot has been clipped by many folks, and never got cut like that! no apology, no empathy, no nothing!

they are very unprofessional!! they stink!!!

do not take your birds there to be groomed!


I will never buy anything from Petland ever again

I bought a puppy from them and that is only because he was on sale and he looked almost exactly how I wanted him to look. He is a Dalmatian. They waved this full warranty *** in front of my face and me like an *** I believed them.

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They promised that the puppy was perfectly healthy. The warranty was supposed to last a year. well after a couple of months the puppy’s stomach began to swell up. i thought it was parasites so I took him to the vet. The vet said he had a heart murmur and that he could not digest sodium so his stomach began to swell.

I went back to Petland and asked them what there warranty would cover since the sickness is congenital. They basically said I was screwed that they were not responsible. They sold me a sick Dog and they didn’t feel they were responsible! Their warranty is not worth ***.

The good news is the puppy is doing fine. I am keeping him on medications and on a special diet.

Sadly he still has the heart murmur but not like Petland would care.

Review about: Petland Dog.

Monetary Loss: $650.


Petland – Former employee

please do not buy from a former employee i know that the puppies come from puppy mills. i have seen alot of puppies come in sick and numerous upset customers that ended up with sick puppies. i know of 2 instances where there was a sick puppy taken to the vet since they were to sick to sell and they never came back.word was that they had parvo but we were informed by the manager of the store if we mentioned that word we would be fired.if you want a puppy do not buy from a petstore.


Never buy from PETLAND

Long story but I learned my lesson. NEVER buy puppies from Petland.

Petland breaks my heart for those puppies. They are awful and should be shut down. If you want a puppy please do research of your own. Adopt or buy from someone reccomended by a friend.

There are so many babies out there that need a good home. Check with your vet they could shoot you in the right direction. Just please take my word on it. NEVER buy from Petland.

Well.. unless you have LOTS of money and can afford vet bills coming out your whoha.

PETLAND broke my heart. 🙁


Petland Dog Costing Me Thousands

I wish I’d known about puppy mill dogs before I walked into Petland in Las Vegas and fell in love with an adorable puppy. That puppy is now 3 years old, and has already cost me thousands in vet bills due to having two genetic disorders.


The first, an eye disorder which could have been caught had the breeder used genetic testing or actually checked the health of their breeding dogs, requires life-time medication and frequent check-ups at an eye-specialist. The other involves the growth of tumors that have to be removed and tested for cancer each time they appear. Not cheap.

So my 3-year-old dog, whom I love more than anything, has already cost me thousands in vet bills and medication. I don’t even want to think about multiplying these costs over the course of his lifetime. And I thought the $750 “sale price” I paid for my puppy was high!

Unfortunately I listened to Petland employees (working on commission?) when they said they buy from “breeders” not “puppy mills” (Puppy mills ARE breeders!) and when they said they have a money-back guarantee (read the fine-print). Not that I ever would have returned my dog (and his disorders didn’t show up for a couple of years anyway).

Don’t buy the potentially sick puppies from Petland (or ANY pet store). Put the time and effort into adopting one of the millions of discarded dogs living in shelters, which is what I’m doing when I decide to get another dog. Your conscience, and your finances, will thank you.

Review about: Petland Dog.


Don’t buy puppies from Petland (former employee)

I am a former petland employee. I advise not to shop at petland georgetown.

Not only was i treated horribly but i witnessed many customers treated poorley by the owner and manager. When i started i was intrusted on how to “deel” with customers and they take pride in kicking people out and scaming them for all the money that they can squeez out of you. They will do anything to sell you a very OVERPRICED puppy. A puppy they bought for $600 will cost you $3,500 Puppys are said to come from breeders, but many come in sick and are sent back to be put to sleep.

As a person working in petcare (former Vet-Tech) I advise youSearch your papers and internet for a puppy breeder DONT SHOP AT PETLAND!!! (georgetown)


Petland Lied about Ferret we bought

My boyfriend and I decied to purchase a pet. Due to living at home and in an apartment, we decided on a ferret. We read up on them, and my boyfriend’s family has a sweet bald old ferret. We checked out a few petstores and someone said Petland in Monroeville is a good place to go, and that all their ferrets were from that store.

That was about 2-3 weeks before the original purchase. We picked 2 that we liked and asked when the ferrets had come in. The co-manager said that the six had come in the day before, and that they were 3-4 months old.

On the tank for the ferrets it said the were ” Up To Date” on vaccinations, guaranteed for 1 year, and healthy. Another sign said “Ferrets $149.99 Save $50 Everyday price $199.99”.

On 4/9/2008 we went in to purchase our ferret. We ened up with a light sable female, who was our 2nd pick from the two we liked 3 weeks ago. Our sales girl said they were 3-4 months old, and that we had to buy a $25 bag of food to get a 3 year guarantee through the breeder.

She also said that we should buy a “Pet Club Membership” so we could get another $50 off on the ferret. We agreed, purchased our ferret and took her home.

Everything was good for about 3 hours. Then Kikyo became agressive and bit my boyfriend drawing blood. She also began shaking the cage with her teeth.

On 4/10/2008 we called Petland. The Sales Associate we talked to refused to allow us to talk to a manager, and said we would have to pay 25% to restock her if we retured her, and that we could not have our money back.

We took her up to Petland immediately trying to return her. Her behavior changed, and the co-manager we had talked to 3 weeks ago passively talked us out of putting her back. They said they would just put her in a tank by herself and “re-sell” her to someone else for $50. Also he then said she was not 4 months old but 5, and teething.

He convinced us to buy “Grennicks Bitter Apple” and to spray it up her nose and in her mouth. That it would keep her from biting due to the bitter taste. Another $12. 83 and we were on our way home with Kikyo.

The Grennicks worked for about 2 hours then she started biting through the taste. She bit my mother, and drew blood.

On 4/11/2008 I woke up to Kikyo coughing violently for about 15 seconds. I figured she maybe ate too fast or just needed to cough. My boyfriend then heard it later again that day, and it continued all day. At 10:00 P.M. we were instructed by an Emergency Vet to bring her in.

We brought her to the vet, and they both said she had her adult teeth and that she was not teething. They also said we should have recieved vaccination records and to quarantine her for 10 days, because we were not given them.

They diagnosed her with an upper respriatory infection, and prescribed Amoxicillin ( which we are both allergic to). They said ferrets dont show signs of illness until its in an advanced stage( so it was in her system for about 2-3 weeks), and that she could have died if left in the petstore or untreated for a few more days. We acquired a $105 vetbill, on top of the original $245 purchase and Grennicks for $12.83.

4.12/2008 We registerd our ferret online at the breeder’s website at about 2 AM. Ten minutes later we recieved the Guarantee in an e-mail and it stated the “seller” was responsible for everything. We did research late into the night, and found out numerous problems with Petlands all over the country. We returned to the Monroeville store and showed them all our bills and recipts.

The manager, wouldnt even let me say what was wrong with her. As soon as I stated that Kikyo was sick, she blurted out “OH she has a URI, most of our ferrets develop them” She also stated that they know their animals are sick and sell them with medication.

She gave us a $20 check for the Amoxicillin, and said they wont cover vet bills because we should have called the store, that even though the store was closed the automated message had her cell phone number on it ( I called later that day and it was not on there). Also we were supposed to take her to their vet. We were never told they had a vet.When we asked for the vaccination recoreds they said we cant find them come in monday. They were rude took the box the Amoxicillin came in from us and pretty much hurried us out of the store.

4/13/2008 Everything seemed to be going fine, we were researching a small claims case against the store, and Kikyo seemed to be coughing less. Well late that night while we had her out to socialize, she bit my boyfriend on the thumb, sinking her teeth in shaking her head aggressivley.

Because she was still under quarantine, we called the Emergency Vets and were instructed to go to the hospital. We did and my boyfriend ended up with a band aid, neosporin, and a quick dose of anti-biotics. We recieved our bills and it was $304.32 for the ER, and $263.75 for the physician.


We once again returned to Monroeville, to demand the vaccination records. The co-manager said petstores dont keep those, and began getting very short with us. We walked out and said see you in court. Not even five mintues later down the road they called saying they had a paper. It said Kikyo was one of 8 ferrets she was born 1/14/2008, and was vaccinated at 5 weeks old on 2/22/2008…which is way too young for a ferret to be vaccinated.

Also Triple F Farm’s called me. We had been calling them since 4/10/2008. He said it wasnt their problem but that the guarantee card should have had her age, and shot record on the back.

During the next week we called everywhere, and ended up finally being able to contact corporate, after days of trying the week before. A sales associate in Athens Ohio Petland put a call through for us. While waiting for a contact from corporate, we found out she should have been vaccinated at 8, 11, and 14 weeks old, and that the vaccination used on her was for MINKS ONLY ( DISTEM R TC).

We talked to everyone from the American Ferret Association, The USDA, the Vet that supposedly vaccinated Kikyo, and anyone else we could get ahold of. Another vet said that she would need 2 shots at her age of 5 1/2 monts to 1 year old ( because her adult teeth are in) which will run us about $100 if not more.

We are currently in the process of getting our case together, and filing a law suit for over $900 against the PetLand in Monroeville. Corporate called us back and said that the owners of the store refuse to refund us any money other than the $20 check for the amoxicillin ( which we havent cashed yet). We got the names of the owners ( which the last name was wrong) and that Corporate cant do anything more because this Petland is a franchise.

We are just now one of the 1000’s of people who have been ripped off from another Petland Store. We have a good feeling we may win our case and get most if not all of the money back considering we have the backed into the wall so to speak.

Anyway I just want to warn anyone looking into Petland for an animal. You will just end up amongst us all who are out hundreds if not thousands for buying a sick animal from their horrible store.


Petland – Bird was being starved

Feb. 2007, I stopped at the Petland Store at Town & County shopping center, whitehall, Oh, to see if they had any kitten formula. out, again. While there, I asked if they had any canary birds. the sales girl first said no, then the manager came up and he said that they had a femal canary that I could have if I bought the cage, etc. I told him OK. They went back in the back where they keep the dogs, cats, and all the bad smells. Out comes this poor canary, poo at least 1/4 of an inch of more in the cage, filthy. The poor thing was blinking it’s eyes to adjust to the light. I knew then I had to get this baby out of the store.

His legs were scaley, or rather hers was, very long nails, and she looked so sad. This bird was for my 85 year old Mother. OK, cage, stand, food, cost me over $150.00.

The poor baby was starved for food & a clean cage. She did OK, chirped, played with the toys we had gotten her. The week of 4/15/2007, mom noticed that he was laying in it’s dish, after we had gotten back from a funeral out of town. 4/27/2007, Mom went to uncover the bird and it was dead in the bottom of the cage.

Mom called the bird vet right away and they told us to bring the baby out. I cried, Mom cried. Upon an exam by the Avian Vet, Billy, was starved before we got her. It’s bone density should have been 30, it was 10. Her bones were very brittle, from the lack of good food, and it was starved before we got it. No matter what we would have done, we couldn’t have helped this baby. Found out that the manager was breeding these birds, bringing them into the store to sell.

I called the Humane Society and they went and checked out the store and made a report. Please don’t buy anything from any Petland. They also were putting cats out the back door that was brought into the store to be sold. A Lowe’s employer told me this, as they seen an employee do it…..


Petland – Worst place everrrrr

They keep male and female hamsters together. when I told them their hamsters were humping the guy that worked there said “oh good maybe will get some babies!” these hamsters were FOR SALE which means some family is going to end up getting 20 hamsters for the price of one yay!

(not really if you have had it happen) also there puppies are all from puppy mills and normally are twice or more the price of the same purebreed puppy from a reputable breeder. alot of the puppies also already health problems and they are still over charging.



Petland is HORRIBLE

I bought 4 fish at Petland on April 12. They went belly up within hours of going in my tank.


When I took them back with a sample of my water, I found out my water wasn’t so good. Jim told me that my water wasn’t habitable for “Any animal”. Yet, I’ve got 3 fish who have lived for more than 2 years! When I began to complain about their “48 hour fish guarantee” he said “It’s not my fault you killed your fish”.

When I offered to follow his suggestions and then return in 1 weeks time to get my water tested again would he then replace my fish? He said “Sure, I’ll put your dead fish in the freezer and give them back to you next week!” No joke! He honestly said that!Then when I suggested I would write a complaint about him and this ‘customer service” and “guarantee” he said I was threatening him with ‘extortion”. When I mentioned he didn’t care about my “fish” because he already got paid, he actually told me he didn’t make any money on my 4 fish.

I said “well you sure didn’t pay what I paid for them” and he MOCKED ME! I’ve reported Petland in Westland, Mi to the BBB. I refuse to allow someone to get away with that! I think everyone should chime in with their horrible antics and customer service skills.

I can’t wait to see what will happen now!

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Petland – Health issues of puppy not disclosed

I purchased a Brussels Griffon (11 weeks old) from Petland on 2/15/08. I thought the manager of the store had gone over all the papers with me. When I returned home tho’, I noticed that the dog had surgery or a hernia and had been neutered at that time.

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I was really upset that his medical condition had not been explained and even tho’ I didn’t plan for puppies, I was upset that I had been told of the surgery and neutering and given no idea what his earlier “problems” were.

I went into the store and the manager there didn’t want to speak to me with the exception of reviewing the “insurance” that was given with the puppy. I was told that I’d been notified about his surgery and neutering (I was not). My discussion with the manager was in the middle of the store and the manager was very upset that other customers were able to hear my problems with Petland. Another employee called the police because I was “unmanageable”. Their only problem was they didn’t want other customers to hear the issue.

The police officers took a report, and I was issued a Criminal Trespass Warning which keeps me from ever entering the store again.

I’m going to contact their store manager next week in the hopes of having my “say” in their unethical practices. I don’t know that the puppy will have any health problems, he may not, but I should have been told about his background.

Angry at Petland!

Review about: Petland Dog.


How petland views its customers

Iapplied and was hired at Petland, and after only one day on the job, I wouldnt go back for a million dollars. Okay folks, lemme fill ya in on my first day of training and how petland trains its employees and how to treat the customer.

You either make min. wage or commission, which ever is higher. Most of the dogs there sell for 2,500 or higher so you can make a easy 500 bucks in one day of sales. well when it came to the guy and owner who were supposed to train me, lets just say they were to busy selling dogs then to train me. Everytime theyd start to tell me a policy they would rush over to someone looking at pups. they wouldnt rather no miss a commission then do their jobs training a new employee. first off the owner lauren tells me that, my main goal is to sell a puppy and to make money, this is a commission job.Its not like “hey guys lets find these puppies homes”, nope its like “move them out at any cost”.

Wanna know how eptland see you, its costomers? take this in for consideration. I was about 3 hours into my first day and in walks couple asking if they can “play” with a puppy. The owner takes me off to the side and says “ewww they are trashy people, they arent here to buy, only to waste our time while they entertain themselves”. The shes goes off in detail about “how poor these people look and that they have to be unemployeed because of their clothes”. Personaly they looked fine to me, i mean they werent dressed like a movie star but they were wearing everyday average clothes that even Id wear… ya know jeans and teeshirt. Then the owner preceeds to tell me Petland refers to these people or people who just come into look as F.O.S. I was confused and asked “whats that mean”?, she said “full of ***”! I was SHOCKED!!! I was sooo offened becasue i had come into the store before i was hired just looking around at whatever and now i know they considered me F.O.S because I was only looking.

Okay it gets worse. my boss told me their policy is “that the customers isnt always right, and that petsmart had spoiled them into thinking they are”. She said “if a customer comes in I have the right to treat them anyway I want to and i can say anything i want to”. Well then we get a sweetheart lady in asking if we sold a particular type of catfood, and the owner says “do you see it on our shelves, you are *** for asking such a dumb question”. I was appaulled, she could have just said “no Im sorry we dont”. The lady was attacked unprovoked, she wasnt rude or anything, the owner just jumped on her.

Then get this, its my first day and a little boy about 8 asked to see a hampster and his mom was standing behind us holding a 2 year old in her arms. The owner came up and asked “umm whats this about…if we let ever kid hold our hampsters they get wet tail and die”. The little boy looked all upset at his mom and she covered her daughters ears (the 2 yr old) and said can we have less of the (spelling the word out to the owner) D-E-A-D?” the owner barks back yelling “umm its about time your kids know about death, i think they are old enough”. HOW DARE THE OWNER JUDGE WHAT A PARENT TELLS THEIR KID AND WHEN!!! Ive never seen a pet store where it is their policy to treat the customer like ***.and yes… it still gets worse!!!

In the front of the store they have animals in open cages called “petters”. These are ferrets, guinea pigs, hampster, bunnies, and birds. Petters mean you can pet them, but on the cages it says “we may ***”. well all day long kids come in and pinch and prod these poor animals. the ferrets have taken up biting as play. so many people dangle their arms into the cages that the ferret thinks to a game to ***. STORE POLICY ON BITES: pet counselors are not to hand the animal to someone who wants to hold it, if the wanna hold it they get it out for themselves or their kids. If they get bit, they should have read the sign that they *** and its their own fault. Well i was trying to straighten a water bottle up in a petter ferrets cage and the thing bit and drew blood on my hand. A few minites later a guy came in and i felt it was my duty to warn him that the ferret bites and not to handle it. Then my boss started yellin at me for tellin him this. Another gentleman decided to try and hold it because he has ferrets. The ferret bit on to him so hard blood poured down his hand and dripped on the floor… the owner once again said “pffff its his own *** fault”. So i spent most of my day terried for some poor unsuspecting kid or adult to put their arm into a cage that says “petter”, not “bitter” and get bit. Now i dont know about you, but ive got to much of a conscious to stand there and let some innocent person get hurt. My boss had the nerve to tell me “ya know if you spend most of your day up here at the small animal section youll never make any money. Um hello money or trying to keep someone from getting hurt, you be the judge, aparently they can ignore it,but i couldnt.

Next comes the fellow employees. I now you arent at a job to make friends but to do your job but there has to be some sense or comradory and loyalty. the minute two of the other girl pet counselors left, the other girl began tellin the boss “so and so stole my sale and so and so did this”… she got the two other girls written up after they left when they werent even there to defend themselves. it seems at petland that if someone is to much compeitetion to you and they are making more sales and getting more commission you do what you have to to get them fired so you can have more sales. I never heard one employee say one nice thing about another, it was all about getting someone written up.

Now about kittens. it seems that people off the street come in with litters of kittens and surreneder them to petland. petland makes a copy or their current drivers license and then keeps the plain off the street joe anybodies kittens and sells them for up to 150 bucks a pop. I have cats and my cats all came from friends or shelters. I couldnt in good faith sell someone a plain ol cat for 150 bucks when i know they can go to a shelter and give one a home or get one for free just about anywhere.theres are not breeds of cats, these are off the street kittens being sold for that price.

Damage Resulting = My first day was 10 and 1/2 hours long with no lunch or breaks. i came home that night in shock and disgust at my “new job”. My boyfriend said I ranted for about three hours. Ive never quit a job after one day. I worked my first day and had two days off. i didnt spend those two days off relaxing, i spent those two days racking my brian wondering what i got myself into. I couldnt even sleep at night because everything i had witnessed was running through my brain. I dont have it in me to be that mean to work there. I cant be mean to customers, or to fellow employees but that seems to be normal policy.I cant treat people who come in just looking as what my boss said “F.O.S” because that pretains to me as well cus i came in before just looking. And how can a person stand their and watch his fellow man get bit but a animal that they know WILL not may bit??? One day working their was far to much for me. Petland does not care about you, the customer… they conserider you F.O.S unless you buy a 4000 dollar dog which may be a mix breed. They dont care if their petters *** you, they call you stupide for getting bit. They call you *** for asking questions. They dont care about the welfare of the puppy only about how much that puppy brings them in commission. They dont care about their employees cus if you leave or they get you fired its more money for them. work for petsmart or a pet supplier, but not petland. I thought it would be a great job but boy was i wrong.

When I actually did quit, after one day they were even ruder to me. They asked me why I was quitting, and i told them that i had to much of a conscious to work there. I told them i couldnt stand there and watch person after person stick their hands into cages where i knew they would be hurt and bitten. the owner just said well “if the customer gets bit, they are ***”.Can you believe that??? Its not like their animals might ***, their petter WILL ***.The owner told me “well we figured you wouldnt have lasted”…Ive never been more happy about quitting a job, Id of felt like a sell out and a horrible person to have kept working there. I actually like people, theres no way I could work at a place who has no concern for its customers. Petland doesnt care about its pets, customers or employees.

One last thing I thought about the night before I quit was about their puppies health. Now Ive had tons of puppies in my life time but something they said about their dogs struck me as odd. When you buy a puppy, they give you Hypoglycemia med for the puppy and tell the new puppy parent to limit play for the first four days. The owner told me that after the puppies are taken home, their new owners might play to much with them making the puppy go hypoglycemic from loosing to much blood sugar and then crash and go into shock and maybe death. Now all of the puppies Ive owned over my life time have never crashed and killed over after playing to much. A normal health puppy will simply stop playing and go to sleep when its played to much, not go into shock. maybe their puppies arent as healthy as they say.

Ive got a friend who has a chipmonk from the store and it was a bitter when he got it, and it still is. Their small critters are treated so badly that they will never make good pets and its not even their fault. these poor animals are allowed to be stressed poked and prodded by teens and jerks cus petland doesnt care enough to protect them. Ive had gueina pigs for nearly 25 years and ive never seen pig pigs as agressive as petlands. I couldnt even get my hand in the cage long enough to give water to or pet the *** pigs.

I just want people to know that petland isnt worth your time because they dont consider you worth theirs. Do you wanna visit a store that considers you “F.O.S- FULL OF ***”?


Petland does not take care of young puppies

After 14 years I had to put my yorkie to rest one week before xmas. I am a dog lover and took it very hard.

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I walked into the Petland in monroeville PA just to see if I was ready to be around another dog, this was 12/26/2007. I am writing this 6 days later. I saw a tiny yorkie that looked just like mine, held it and talked with the manager, she said the dog had had a respiratory infection but had her last dose of antibiotics, was checked by the vet and ready to go. I paid $1,899.00 went home, put the dog down and heard it was breathing funny, I immediately called her, she said bring it down to our vet to be checked again.

I said why would I trust your vet when he said this dog was fine today. After 6 days of round the clock caring for this dog and an additional $400 in my vet bills the dog is doing better, everyday has been an ordeal. I do believe that even though I had to put my dog down had I left this sick puppy at Petland she would of died. I saved her life at my cost and when I called Petland I was told my cost were not covered on the warranty because I didn’t use their vet.

I like everyone with these sick dogs should really take these matters further. Want to get together email me at

Review about: Petland Dog.



We purchased a black lab from them in February. I brought my kids with me, so the salespeople were aware of their ages (10, 7 and 4).

I was assured by the consultant that this breed was a good family dog. Recently she attacked two of my children, on two separate occasions, causing injury and terror. In both cases, the attack was unprovoked. She has been to training (6 weeks) She has plenty of room to run and gets lots of exercise.

She is well taken care of. After doing some research about the animals that Petland sells, I worried that our dog could have some genetic deficit that casues her to snap. When I called Petland for some advice, the owner, Jeffrey Frankel, would not come to the phone. I was told he would call me back and he did not.

He only returned my call after I said that I was putting the dog in the car to bring her to the store. Once there Jeff explained to me that it was a behavior issue and that we must be training our dog to behave this way. He suggested that I get a personal dog trainer. When I asked about the training that was supposed to be a part of the VERY EXPENSIVE package we got with the dog, he showed me the 1-800 number!!!

He sold me a phone number, no real help. This is clearly a dangerous situation, but he offered nothing.

Don’t make the same mistake I did, get your dog from someone reputable, who will stand behind what they sell!!!!