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570 Petland Consumer Reviews and Complaints


Jennifer of Kissimmee, FL Verified Reviewer

Original review: June 6, 2019My family and I purchased a chocolate Labrador Retriever from Petland Orlando East on June 3rd, 2019. We paid a total of $3248.25 for the puppy package and supplies. We were also given a health certificate that the puppy was healthy and had been checked by a vet that visits the store. The first night with the puppy, she was awake coughing most of the night. She vomited twice and was extremely lethargic since we brought her home. I called the vet in the morning that we were told to go to since the visits to this particular vet were covered for one year with the puppy. I was told to bring her in right away. When we arrived, the vet took x-rays and said the puppy had severe pneumonia. She also had an injury to her spine. The vet was not sure what would have caused two of her vertebrae to be so close together. We were sent home with an antibiotic and nebulizer. The $70 nebulizer cost was not covered by Petland.

The next morning, the puppy was still very lethargic. We decided we were not going to be able to continue to care and pay for a puppy that was ill. I contacted Petland and was told to call Solutions which deals with their warranties. I was told I could return the puppy and pay a 75% administrative fee or get a new puppy. Very sadly, we decided to just return the puppy before the 48 hour mark. When I arrived at the store to return the puppy, Solutions had never contacted the store to let them know of my decision. After a twenty minute wait, a woman tells me I will be refunded a total of $425.01. I asked many times how she came to these numbers. I was told I would only be refunded 25% of price of the puppy, which was $2100. So I expected $825 to be returned to me. But this was not correct.

She said I needed to pay for the used merchandise for the puppy. We had only used some of the toys, the leash, harness and two days worth of food. This did not add up $400. She said the only way to dispute this was to call Solutions again which I had already spoken to three times. The only way to get a full refund was to have a vet say the puppy was deemed unfit sale. Interestingly enough, the same vet we were told to go to is the same vet that issues the health certificates at Petland. There is no way the same vet that said the puppy was fine would ever go back and say now they are unfit. I signed the paper to receive a total of $425.01 back. My family and I lost a total of $2823.24 for a puppy that was sick which broke our hearts and my children’s. Please do not purchase a pet from this place. They are running a scam selling sick animals and will not return your money. They will simply offer you another animal that is sick.

Lorraine of Weston, FL

Original review: May 25, 2018

Purchased a King Charles Cavalier in May 2017. Dog had kennel cough but I waited until she was cured before taking her home. I was told she came from a reputable Amish breeder. Recently I noticed she was not walking right on her back legs. As required, after contacting Petland, I was told to take her to the Petland vet. She was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia. Then Petland told me to call Pet Solutions the company that handles the guarantees. After numerous calls to them I still have not received a course of action or a resolution to this serious problem. If she came from a reputable breeder this could not have happened as it is a hereditary condition. They recently had another Cavalier from the same breeder and they were aware of this problem with mine and still did not remove the dog from being on display for sale. At this point I do not know what further action I can take to rectify this situation. I really need help.


crystal of Las Vegas, NV

Original review: May 24, 2018

I went to Petland in Las Vegas N.V. Boca Park 89117, This Petland is privately owned by a man named Jeff. This was my first time in the store, I fell in love with a Chinese Crested… I purchased her in July 2017. She was my companionship. My first puppy… The first day I brought her home she had kennel cough… The veterinarian said it’s very common for Petland puppies. She sees us a lot and she’s not a fan of them. Just started having eye problems 4 months old. The veterinarian said it was dry eyes, it ended up worse. Epicenter mental 5 ulcers in her eyes… We took her to a specialist eye doctor in Las Vegas who said this was hereditary, I brought him and all of my Chinese Crested paperwork from Petland.

The veterinarian then told me to look up the breeder. I did. It was Velvet Dream kennel like Petland have purchased her from, it’s a puppy mill in Arkansas. The saddest part about the story is I got very close with this dog and Petland did not care. No sympathy. The Petland warranty told me I could get a replacement puppy after I put her down. I was heartbroken. This was my baby. Petland warranty gave me the run-around and as of right now they say they have a Chinese Crested search for me. I will keep everyone updated to see how long this takes. I don’t recommend anybody ever buying from Petland and if you do ask for the puppies paperwork and do investigating where it says the puppy was bred.


Olivia Celina of Miami, FL

Original review: May 15, 2018

We bought a Shiba Inu May 13, 2018 as a Mother’s Day gift for $3300. We were told that the $500 off promo they had plus the $100 off upon reserving was already taken out of the price. This was the first flag, surely a Shiba Inu from a pet store is not that expensive?! Unless the puppy has a legitimate line? When asked about the puppy’s parents we were told that they were AKC registered, no other response regarding pedigree information. Upon reading the paperwork afterwards, they are only ACA registered, and I can’t find any information online about the sire and dam of ‘Tri-Star Kennels’. When we were at the store, the puppy pooped soft to watery stools 3x.

We thought she was just stressed. Brought her home and diarrhea continued in the car and in the house. Did not sleep due to her pooping all night till morning. Brought her to the vet they say she has worms and giardia virus. She’s been coughing and still pooping with blood. I have had dogs, never did I see them in the state this Shiba is in. They have a return option in 48 hrs but charges 50% of the pet’s purchased price that we have to pay as admin fee?!


Renee of Beaver, PA

Original review: May 13, 2018

The reason a lot of these dogs are sick is because there are so many of them that are not selling for months because they are overpriced by thousands of dollars. They are sharing crates and diseases. I am surprised that they are allowed to price them this high, even offering financing. Their reasoning is that they are giving you a crate and toys, the animals are microchipped, and have their shots. The salespeople, who are very nice, are trained not to tell you a price until you sit in a small room and become attached to it. Then they tell you about the financing. They are living creatures, not cars! I felt so badly walking out of the store and leaving those beautiful animals behind. Not many families can afford these costs. You’ll spend a lot less money buying a dog from a breeder.


Celina of Coconut Creek, FL

Original review: April 20, 2018

Petland is the worst credit card you can get. They take advantage of people that don’t understand the small print. They are crooked and senseless. I will never do business with them again and I will advise my friends and people that I know.


Andy of Elizabeth, PA

Original review: March 19, 2018

First off, the Petland in Norwin sells rescue dogs and pups which go fast and that’s great. Great family owned place. Go there if you can! This review is for Monroeville. We go in there looking for a puppy, reluctantly given Petland’s prior controversies with selling puppies. I knew it would be pricey but what I experienced was shocking. We look at a Corgi puppy, go into the room, kids playing with it, wife loves it, etc. I go up to get the price… $4300! Are you kidding? How does Petland get away with that? They offer this ‘package’ which is maybe $500 worth of stuff. Poor dogs. Line up 10 cars… 9 Honda’s and 1 Porsche… that Porsche will sit and sit and sit until that ONE person comes to buy it. That’s what it was like. Shame on you Petland Monroeville.


Barb of Sharon, MA

Original review: March 11, 2018

I decided to write because all the reviews here are so negative. On March 7, I went into Petland to consider a new pup because I had recently lost my best friend, Buffy while here in my RV for the winter. I found the cages full of what seemed to be healthy puppies, and after considering 4 or 5, CJ chose me and we are now a small (and happy) family of two. She is an absolute delight and smart as a little whip! She came from a breeder in Iowa who must have given her love and some training. She cries and barks to go outside to poop and is only 11 weeks old. Peeing is a bit more challenging because she thinks the puppy pad is for play but I am confident we will get there with some crate training.

The second day CJ was appearing to be trying to throw up or breathe oddly like a cat with a fur ball, so I took her to the Pets First vet in Estero that they recommend. She was put on some antibiotics as a precaution. (This vet is also wonderful). After I got her home and observed her for another day, I saw that as soon as she pooped, she scrambled to eat it. My guess is that this may have started at Petland where they are confined and pups can’t ask to go out. Now that I pay attention to her obvious need to go out (dashing around and looking “for a place”), she is no longer scarfing down her poop and the odd “cat with a fur Ball” behavior has disappeared.

I am so happy with her and feel her behavior resulted from the 9 days waiting to find her furever home, because someone, no doubt this breeder, has spent time with her to create this smart and loving little companion. This resulted simply because of the cage environment which one would expect to see at a pet store. My only issue with Petland, is with the sales rep who told me I would get “free things” and then loaded my basket with supplies I paid for and didn’t need and ended up returning some the next day. Just call me, HAPPY in Naples. This pup had to come from a loving breeder and I am very grateful.


Sara of Evanston, IL

Original review: March 7, 2018

My daughter went to Petland in Iowa City to purchase a puppy who was going to be trained as a service dog for her. The staff reassured her that the puppy she fell in love with was a perfect match. Having spent a small fortune for the puppy she then took the pup to the vet that Petland recommend. They put the pup on antibiotics straight away. Over the next day the pup went to a registered trainer who noticed very quickly that the pup was very sick. Dreadful hacking cough, not eating at all – regardless what she tried to give her, very lethargic & very runny stools.


Pamala of Independence, WV

Original review: March 6, 2018

I purchased a puppy from Petland in Robinson Township. The same day I purchased her she became sick later that night. It continued into the next day. So I called the veterinarian and made an appointment for ASAP. She is a English Bulldog. She was diagnosed with pneumonia with partial collapsed lung. I have had her back again for increase in medications. Continue praying that my girl makes it through this. Please be careful with purchase from Petland. She was fine and so so active in the store.


Elysia of Mckinney, TX

Original review: Feb. 16, 2018

Purchased a 9 week Maltipoo from Petland in December 2017. She (puppy) seemed perfectly healthy at the store (happy and energetic). Within 30 minutes of bringing her home she began to cough and hack non-stop. After a couple hours of this I Called Petland and they said she wasn’t coughing at the store… Hmmm okay. Figured I’d wait and see if maybe the cough would go away. It didn’t. Next day it was worse. Her throat was so inflamed she would barely eat anything except a little baby food (chicken) from a syringe.

Long story short I took the dog to the vet for an emergency visit because she vomited bile (3rd day after purchasing her) and wouldn’t eat. Turns out she had kennel cough, giardia, and coccidia. After weeks of several different medications and a lot of money – she’s finally doing better. I strongly urge you to reconsider purchasing a puppy from Petland. These puppies are getting sick from the poor condition of Petland kennels or their puppy mill suppliers.


Leslie of Buford, GA

Original review: Feb. 8, 2018

EVERYTHING about this place is absolutely HORRENDOUS!! Everyone please read this! I purchased a puppy from this establishment. I purchased him because I felt sorry for him and my kids really wanted him. We asked to see the puppy and when they brought him to us he smelled so disgusting I wanted to throw up! Every one of the cages had urine and feces all over. When I made the final decision to purchase the puppy I asked the associate to please give him a bath because he stunk so bad. They told me they would take him back to give him a bath. So when they took him back I watched through the glass and they did not give him a bath. All they did was spray him with dog cologne. I still took him anyways, even though I wasn’t happy about that.

When we were doing the paperwork, I flat out asked the associate if he had all his shots. He showed me the paperwork that showed the shots that he has received and told me that yes he had all the shots except for rabies. The associate told me that all he needed was rabies and his yearly shots. This was a complete lie to my face. I took the puppy to the veterinarian 4 days after purchasing him and the veterinarian told me that he needed several series of shots still that were going to cost me even more money. This establishment is ripping people off! They charged me over $2000 for this puppy that isn’t even recognized as a breed with the AKC. The associate also lied to my face when I asked point-blank about the refund policy. I also found out when the puppy was being examined by the Veterinarian that he had health problems that is also going to cost me more money! Do NOT buy a puppy from this place! They need to be put out of business!


Pgh of Pittsburgh, PA

Original review: Feb. 6, 2018

I found this company to be very evasive about the integrity of their puppies, when I inquired about a Golden Retriever puppy. The “Sales Manager and Puppy Counselor” both refused to disclose pedigree, type of registration, price, vaccinations or age. All they wanted to tell me is how Petland looks at the total cost of ownership and that they cannot compete with breeders. On top of that, JUST RUDE.


Dana of Indian Trail, NC

Original review: Feb. 5, 2018

I ordered a Choat Leopard Wrasse and two other wrasse. The day my order was supposed to ship I got an email saying the order was canceled. I called to ask why and was told since the Choat Wrasse was available but the other two were not they canceled my order. I asked if they could just ship the Choat Wrasse. They said that I would have to place a new order. I then placed a new order for 2 Choat Leopard Wrasse and asked that if both were not available to please send at least one.

I called several times including the day of shipment to verify this. The day the order was to ship they canceled my order again. I called to find out why and was told they had only one Choat Wrasse so the order was canceled. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I then asked if I could reorder just one and was told no they were out of stock. The website showed the Choat Wrasse were in stock several days after the order was canceled even though I was also told the website updated once a day. Stay away from Pet Solutions parent company of Petland


Sharon of Orlando, FL

Original review: Feb. 4, 2018

PETLAND, Waterford Lakes Mall – I had the most horrific experience through this pet store. This tale is nothing more than a greedy owner selling sick puppies through puppy mills where they keep dogs in cages and breed them over and over for years. A friend and I went it just to see what the store was like. I just happened to ask if they had a little dachshund. They brought the dearest little dachshund to me and when I held her, I fell in love.

Unfortunately it did not take me long before I realized that the dog was very ill. She was extremely lethargic and was nonresponsive to any attention. When I placed her on the floor, she was so weak and emaciated looking. She could not even walk. My friend, who is a nurse looked her over and checked her out stating that she was severely dehydrated. We told the gal helping us, that this dog needed to see a vet immediately, or she was not going to live. I cannot tell you the rage and anguish I felt towards this pet store. They acted like, they could care less. Needless to say, I did not sleep at all that night. The next day (Mon), I returned to PETLAND, and they told me the dog was at the vet on an IV. I called on Wed, to inquire and they told me she was doing good and was still at the vet on IV’s. I called or went to the pet store every other day to check on this dog and continued to get the same message about her.

After 10 days, I became suspicious about the info I was being given. No vet is going to keep a dog on IV for 10 days, esp. when I am told she was much better. I returned to the store and demanded to see the assistant manager. He was a shady looking character and avoided giving me straight answers. I had offered to volunteer my time to go daily to hold this puppy and love on her and go to the vet to help. They said, it was against their policy. The assistant manager said, after 3 weeks, if they do not sell a dog, it has to be returned to the breeder. I offered to pay the vet fees and adopt the dog. I asked the manager if he would discuss this with the breeder. He assured me he would. I left my phone #, but never got a call back.

I returned to the store two days later and was told by a clerk that the dog had died shortly after I had come in that first day. I was also told by this employee, that when they get these little dogs, that they force feed them because they are too young to eat on their own. The place was very stinking, the cages dirty, many animals had no water and some looked matted and dirty. Plus, they were charging $3200 for this little dachshund. They would have sold her to me that day, as sick as she was. I am so sad that I did not have the ability to save this little dog’s life. I doubt if it was even more than 5-6 weeks old. They tried to force feed her, but she wouldn’t eat, so she literally starved to death and had no water for days. I found out, that I could have called the police. If they could not have helped, I could have called the emergency phone # through PETA.

Please, please, please read the reviews about this place. Do NOT purchase a dog there. There are some puppies and wonderful dogs that need to be rescued and adopted. PETFINDER has over 1,000 pages of pets that deserve to have good homes and be loved. They are rescued from these breeders who use these dogs only for their gain. May they rot in hell. I have experienced so much anguish and heartache from this experience. Stay away from this hellhole.


Ebony of Powder Springs, GA

Original review: Jan. 29, 2018

I purchased a puppy from Petland and I was told that I was purchasing a Shih Tzu puppy! I later was told after I noticed that it was actually unregistered that it was a teddy bear! If I wanted a teddy bear I would have gone to Walmart j/s! I was told there is nothing they can do. This was all in the same day! I paid cash btw!! They are scam artist. Do not go to any of them. I personally went to Alpharetta!!! I will be suing them. If they think I’m going away quietly they have another thing coming. So I will see them in court!


Marjorie of Ocilla, GA

Original review: Jan. 26, 2018

I am a very unsatisfied customer. I purchased a very sick Bull Mastiff last spring. At the time of purchase she had a slight runny nose. (This purchase was made on a Friday). I was informed this was normal and that she was fine. Then on Monday she was hospitalized for a severe case of pneumonia. I was not guaranteed that she would survive. I tried getting in contact with a manager there and was told that I needed to contact another company to report this to. Also at the time of purchase, I was rushed through all the paperwork and was not explained everything that was included. She was financed through a 3rd party and I “wasn’t” given all of the paperwork.

It took me almost a year to get a copy especially of the “guarantee”. Also when I took her to my vet for the pneumonia, I found/saw that there was a possible heart defect. On the paperwork from her wellness check, it was handwritten to have the heart rechecked. Months later I have taken her back due to other problems, my vet recommends me to have her spade. There is no guarantee, due to her size, that she would be able to carry a litter. I have an AKC registered English Mastiff that I wanted to breed her with and cannot. (FYI… on the guarantee form, that I was rushed through, says there is no guarantee on being able to breed or on show quality).

My vet has informed me that she is the “smallest” Mastiff she has ever seen. (1 year old @ 80 lbs.) If I bred her with my Mastiff, it would kill her. NOW, we are working to have surgery on her eyes and have had to deal with “dog acne”. These are hereditary traits. I was trying to contact the breeder, but guess what, they are being investigated also. What I don’t understand is, WHY does Petland charge so much for the animals if there is no guarantee? I have tried to solve this problem and I keep getting the run around from them and Solutions.Pet, that now I’m going public!! I DO NOT recommend Petland of Kennesaw. I’m glad I have my Annie Oakley. She is part of our family regardless of her health. We will continue to take care of her and love her. Do your homework before making a purchase from here. I wish I had.


Paul of Orlando, FL

Original review: Jan. 24, 2018

We were recently scammed by Petland. We bought a Wheaton Terrier puppy for $2800 and after 3 days he developed pneumonia. Horrified at this we took him to vet (Econ River Fl) on their so called Care Plan and were told by their vet he’d swallowed cotton plus had pneumonia and would need surgery. Not happy with this diagnosis. We took him to a more reputable vet who advised there was no cotton in puppies GI, and it was just bad pneumonia.

We’ve now amassed another 2k vet bill and are awaiting results as I write this email. Our naivety at not researching Petland first also weighs heavy. There seems to be a slew of people who’ve had similar to experiences with dogs from these so called puppy-mills. Also I feel the vets assigned in care package are in on the scam as well, ours was Econ River. They told us they were going to do surgery for they’re diagnosed cotton swallowed. Other reputable vet stated vehemently this would have killed the puppy in his current pneumonia state. They also tried to upsell me on care package. (WHAT A RACKET)

Is there anything we can do for recourse? We contacted Petland where we purchased and of course they fobbed us off to their Pet Solutions warranty’s dept which was VM only. Can we join an existing lawsuit? I believe there’s one going on in TX or are we just another statistics beaten by a corporation? I contacted the ANIMAL DEFENSE LEAGUE, but no response yet. I sincerely hope this review stops someone falling prey like my family did. We love the dog and as of today 1/24/18 he’s on the mend, thats the only good thing in this mess. He could have been just another Petland statistics.


Sarah of Apollo Beach, FL

Original review: Jan. 23, 2018

We purchased a Shiba Inu puppy from Petland Sarasota in October. They lied about the breed, they lied about the price. She was $2800, but they charged the cc company over $4000 for it and apparently, I signed off on it. (?) When I questioned how the price jumped so high, I was told they have a $1200 mandatory puppy package that everyone must purchase.(?) BS. The worst part of the whole experience is that my new baby was very sick. Days after we bought her, we found out she had kennel cough and giardia. Her cough had turned into pneumonia and she had to be hospitalized for 3 days (2 nights). Customer service is a complete joke. They refuse to look into anything for me. They don’t even try to hide the fact that they don’t care. They won’t refund/reimburse.


Jeff of Sylvester, GA

Original review: Jan. 6, 2018

I purchased a puppy from Petland Malls of Georgia 26 Dec 2017. We found the puppy we were looking for. When I asked they stated she was a purebred English Bulldog. All the paperwork they show/gave me states English Bulldog. They have a 3rd party do all their AKC registration, was instructed they have prepaid for everything for you. Today I went into AKC’s website to look up information on her and she is listed with them as “All American Dog”. I contacted Petland where I purchased her, in which they in turn had me call their Management group. Pet Solutions is their management group, they stated that they are not responsible for validating that the animals are purebred animals. Who in their right mind would pay the price for a purebred with papers and it not be? Buyer beware!


Ashley of Pittsburgh, PA

Original review: Jan. 3, 2018

WARNING… WARNING!!! Stay away from this place. I went to their store to adopt a Bernese Mountain puppy. I filled out the adoption application and one paper to see if I qualified for financing prior to talking about the price of the puppy. They took the application paper and applied to 2 loan companies and opened a Petland credit card in my name without my consent to finance the dog. They then told me just that I was approved and the dog was $2100 and my payments would be $44 per month. Little did I know that they gave my info to the other two companies and electronically signed for my loans. One company is charging me 143% interest and the other one is $151%! They’re now saying the dog was $4500 and that they told me that… They did not. I am now stuck with 2 loans and a credit card bill and they aren’t willing to do anything.


Eva of Mason, OH

Original review: Dec. 27, 2017

We brought our new puppy home Friday night 12/22 and by Christmas Eve she was totally lethargic, accompanied with diarrhea and vomiting. We took her to the emergency vet, spending the better part of our Christmas in the ER where she was diagnosed with coccidia AND parvo. She is now in the hospital getting treatment that we will pay for out of pocket rather than have Petland’s crackpot vets handle it. This place is a disgrace and should be ashamed of the way they care for the animals. If I could get this place shut down I sincerely would.


Allison of Clanton, AL

Original review: Dec. 4, 2017

We bought Radar a 13 week old German Shepard pup who was thin but we didn’t think anything of it, as large breeds grow fast. We took Radar home and loved him, he got the best food and love we could give and I noticed on day 3 of having him he had a large lump on his bottom and that he wasn’t eating like normal pups. Off to the vet we went. They thought it was a hematoma and drained it… I took him home still bleeding and upon arrival he hemorrhaged all over the floor. It wasn’t a hematoma. Back to the vet we went after being told, “Oh no it’s not a big deal that there was blood out of his bottom.” I sent the emergency vet a photo and he finally got it. Called and had me rush Radar in.

They couldn’t handle what they thought it was (never told us) and sent us to another vet where I had to pay cash to have Radar treated. Keep in mind he’s puking all over the place now. They discovered at the emergency ICU that Radar had Mega Esophagus and a peritoneal hernia. We had to put my sweet boy down a week after he came home to the day. I found out today at work that a coworker’s boxer died 18 hours after going to her new family from the same shop. Don’t buy your puppy’s from there.


Matthew of Winder, GA

Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

We financed a great Bernese puppy from Petland Kennesaw for $3500. At the store, we noticed her eyes were watery and were told that she had just received a vaccination and it was just a side effect and that she was fine. We brought her home and that night she began to go down hill. Her nose began running and she started coughing. The next morning my kids came downstairs to see their puppy and found her in a pool of blood that was coming from her nose and mouth. We rushed her to our vet who told us not to get our hopes up about her surviving. He said in all the years he’s been a vet, he has never seen distemper, but if he had to guess, that’s what he would guess she had.

We contacted Petland and they told us they would pay for her care but we had to drive 2-1/2 hours to see their vet. Our puppy had to stay at their vet’s clinic for 10 days. Petland did pay the bill, but we had to take off work to drive back and forth from their vet, not to mention the gas money and the emotional trauma my kids were put through. Our dog survived, but we were told if she hadn’t been such a large breed, she would not have pulled through. I will never buy from a pet store ever again. Also, we researched the breeder who Petland claimed bred our dog, and this person doesn’t exist. The only reference In relation to this person’s address were accusations of a puppy mill.


Elijah of Allen Park, MI

Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

I bought my German Shepherd last week on 10/19/17, when we got home we noticed the dog seemed lethargic and was having diarrhea. Friday morning I called Petland Novi and was told it’s normal and the dog was just adjusting to her new home and it is common signs of “anxiety”. The diarrhea worsened Saturday and vomiting started. The diarrhea became so bad the puppy had water coming out from her back end. I took her to VCA as directed by Petland and VCA gave the dog nausea medicine and sent us on our way. The following day the puppy’s diarrhea cleared up a little but she started to refuse food and water. We contacted both Petland and VCA (which is the Vet they have a contract with) to let them know something was not right – we noticed she was having trouble breathing and had bright green mucus dripping from her nose.

VCA was OPEN when we called and they would not let us come even for an emergency visit because they were booked, so they told us to take her to the nearest emergency! AVE in Allen Park took X-rays and diagnosed the puppy with pneumonia after taking X-Rays and admitted her over night because she needed oxygen, breathing treatments and IV fluid. AVE also questioned why Petland was giving our puppy ** antibiotic before she was sold to us. This antibiotic is to treat infection which they did not disclose she had! When Petland was questioned, they stated the antibiotic was preventative! Antibiotic are never given for preventative measures to humans or animals! It is absolutely disgusting Petland would sell us a sick animal instead of taking the time to treat her of the illness!


Laura of Lancaster, OH

Original review: Oct. 17, 2017

Well happy birthday to my son. His Robo hamster killed his other Robo hamster. He woke to bloody hamsters, one dead. He has begged us for hamsters for over a year. I was in the day before asking questions about habitat and food etc. Not once did anyone mention hamsters aggressive behavior when housed together. We had the hamsters 3 days.

So on the bloody morning I go back to Petland. Petland says “it happens” and offers me a refund of $15. We spent over a $100. They tell me everything is used so no refund, but they will gladly refund $15 for the bloody murdering hamster. It took every bit of my self control not to shove the hamster’s dead body in the face of that smug little twit behind the counter. It happens? Why the hell didn’t these morons tell us not to get two? Why were we not told they need separate cages? It’s not even the money that makes me angry. It’s the fact that my son is devastated, his birthday ruined.

I was warned not to shop at Petland. I wish I had listen. I’ll be spreading the word of the disgrace Petland is. My son is devastated, but hey Petland made the sale. I just looked up more info on Robo hamsters. It says Robo hamsters should NOT live in groups. It causes aggression. Funny. Petland has 50 hamsters in one habitat. I believe they drug them to control aggression.


Genette of Land O Lakes, FL

Original review: Oct. 16, 2017

Purchased a puppy that came with a 30 day health care guarantee. Two days later the dog was diagnosed with respiratory issues and 2 more days later diagnosed with pneumonia. The Petland veterinary clinic was closed due to family emergency so I was forced to take the puppy to an outside vet (which is reimbursable per their contract). Petland breached their contract by not being available when my puppy became ill and not reimbursing me for the expenses I incurred. They have been nothing but rude and unhelpful and accept zero responsibility for selling me a sick puppy. Right now they owe me $639.82 which is how much money I put out for this sick pup, I still am incurring vet bills for follow up.


Kylha of Marietta, GA

Original review: Oct. 5, 2017

On August 18, 2017 I financed an eight week old Cavachon from Petland in Dunwoody, Georgia who I named Kaydee. Kaydee was given a clean bill of health prior to my purchase by All Creatures Animal Hospital and had no health issues in my home. I took Kaydee to the same veterinarian within 48 hours of me taking her home and also brought sample of her stool as instructed. I was told that she was healthy and to expect a call in couple of days for her fecal test results.

That following Sunday I received call from the vet stating that Kaydee was diagnosed with Giardia. I was informed that this was nothing to worry about and to pick up her medication. The vet tech instructed me to administer ** for three days and to give her a bath on the third day. I did as instructed and Kaydee didn’t to seem have any issues at all.

Approximately one week later Kaydee started having episodes of bloody diarrhea. I placed a call to the clinic and expressed my concerns and was told that diarrhea was normal after being treated for Giardia. The clinic also stated if her symptoms continued to give them a callback. I called the clinic back after a couple of days of diarrhea and a new onset of vomiting. I then took her into the clinic and she was treated with IV fluid therapy and antibiotic therapy and a bland diet for a week. I also took another stool sample into the office during that same visit. The vet tech stated they would call me with results of the fecal test in a few days.

Kaydee begin to show signs of improvement and after a few days I placed a call to the vet for the results of her fecal test. I was informed that her fecal specimen was lost “in route” and to bring in another sample. At that time Kaydee had shown signs of improvement so I did not provide another sample and was told I can use the $30 I paid for the sample to be tested as credit.

On the late afternoon/early evening of October 1st, I took Kaydee in as an emergency visit because she was not acting her normal self and had an episode of diarrhea and multiple episodes of vomiting. Kaydee did have habit of eating things during her walk and thought that is possibly of what happened. At the time I took her into the office she was alert and oriented to her name, although I can sense she wasn’t feeling well she still wanted to play when she was around other dogs in the clinic. She was triaged and the plan that was given to me was they were going to run some diagnostic tests and begin treatment. Her expected stay was two to three days.

On October 2nd I received a call informing me Kaydee had passed. I am an emotional wreck as I had buried a Bichon three years prior whom I’ve had for twelve years and now I have to grieve the loss of Kaydee. I cannot make sense of this. No one ever informed me that she took a change for the worse. I feel like Petland had sold me a sick puppy from the beginning. I’m looking for answers and resources as to try to figure this out. I financed this puppy for over $2000.00 and spent well over $3000.00 since I had her for all of 6 weeks.

I have spent money on vet bills, food, medication, pet supplies, grooming and down to puppy school. I feel like Petland and All Creatures Animal Hospital should reimburse me for Kaydee’s expenses as well as payment for emotional suffering. I did contact and speak with a store manager by the name of Jaime who informed me of their “puppy for a lifetime” policy and she also stated she would speak with other managers to help me in this situation. I have read about a Petland fraudulent health certification class action law suit under federal racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations (RICO) claim. I believe my story fits this case.


wendy of Rome, GA

Original review: Sept. 12, 2017

I purchased my Boston terrier from Petland December 2016. I fell in love with her and financed her for $2500. Petland did not tell me that they used a 3rd party finance company that charges 30% interest rate or more. My payment was supposed to be $140 but sent me an email saying that my payment is now $294 a month now. That is higher than my car payment!!! My puppy has been to the vet several times and is up to date on her vaccinations but still has problems throwing up. I love my dog and wouldn’t take anything for her but I WOULD NOT recommend PETLAND to anyone!!! I am now having to pay over $7000 for a dog that was supposed to be $2500 with the puppy package!!! DO NOT buy from PETLAND!!! They are really deceiving about their prices and financing!!


Kristen of Houston, TX

Original review: Aug. 30, 2017

I paid $2800.00 for a 10 week mini Goldendoodle puppy who I was told was AKC registered. Months later, I never received the AKC registration papers in the mail that I paid for, and even had to pay an additional $7 for postage, as I live in Texas. I got a call 3 months later informing me that my puppy is NOT registered, and they want to refund my $7. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I would NEVER have paid nearly $3,000.00 for a puppy that was NOT registered! These stores get their puppies from PUPPY MILLS! They are fraudulently selling “registered” dogs. DO NOT PURCHASE AN ANIMAL FROM PETLAND! I will be pursuing legal action as this is consumer fraud and a misleading business practice. I was told the employee who sold me the puppy no longer works at the store, therefore I am left to suffer the consequences.


Elizabeth of Gibsonia, PA

Original review: Aug. 22, 2017

My 23 year old son went into the Petland in Robinson with his girlfriend with the intent to just look at the puppies. He ended up falling in love with an English Bulldog that was 12 weeks old. The sales person had my son finance this puppy thru two separate financing companies of which charged over 24 – 26 percent interest over a 7 year period. Bottom line is the cost of the puppy was $7,200.00 and by the end of the financing terms would have cost my son close to $12,000.00. Now I admit my son lacks the financial experience in reading the lease terms and only acted off his gut and that was he wanted this dog.

After taking the dog to a reputable vet, we asked her how much she thought my son paid for this dog and she said at most $1,000.00. When we told her the cost of this dog she was upset to say the least. As a parent, I ended up contacting the financing companies and bought out both leases so that my son was only paying the principal amount. After I had bought out the leases, I contacted the owner to see if I could at least get some type of discount as I believe their salesperson took advantage of my son and his lack of experience. I was willing to pay $5,000 for the dog which was still way over what this dog was worth. He said that he only makes about 7 – 10 percent profit on these dogs and assured me she came from a reputable breeder. After researching the breeder, I had found out that this puppy came from a puppy mill and that she had other charges against her. He assured me that these dogs can go in excess of $30,000.

I realize my son was in the wrong for signing such papers and that from a legal standpoint, there was nothing I could do. I am still very upset about this purchase as English Bulldogs have a history of only living 5 – 8 years if lucky and typically go for $1,500 – $3,000. I would never do business in the store again and would highly recommend that anyone looking for a dog go elsewhere, someplace where they could be treated fairly. There are so many puppies that need a good home and to have a pet store charge such an outrageous amount is unethical.


Christian of Fort Worth, TX

Original review: Aug. 20, 2017

Do not buy from Petland!!!! There is no guarantee that you are getting a pure bred dog. We paid 3000 for what was supposed to be a Pomeranian. Already ashamed of the price but our kids have always dreamed of owning a Pomeranian since they are so cute and fluffy. We got sucked in by being able to pay monthly payments which is our own fault of course. We noticed after 6 months that her hair was not puffing up like a Pomeranians so we called Petland and they told us not to worry that the Pomeranians go through a “puppy ugly phase” and by the time she’s a year she should have her full adult coat and it should “puff up”, so we waited. She is now a year and 3 months old and she obviously looks like she is mixed with something.

Pomeranians are only supposed to get up to 9 lbs, called Petland Dallas and told them that our dog is too big to be a Pom, she told me that Poms are supposed to get up to 9 lbs and her EXACT words after I told her that the last time we weighed her she was 12 was “OH THAT IS BIG” She then gave me the number to their warranty department. We called Petland’s warranty department and we were told to take a picture of her on a scale so we took to her a vet and she weighs 12.6 lbs. The vet told us that she is either a Schipperke or mixed with one. He was sure that she was not full blood Pomeranian. In fact he told us that we should get with who we bought her from and research.

After sending Petland Warranty company a picture as they requested of our dog on a scale showing that she weighed 12.6 lb they then came back and asked to send them the breeder’s information that we got from Petland and told us they would research. Waited and nothing. So I emailed them again asking what the latest was and that is when they replied back that stating that they didn’t sell us our puppy for us to breed her??? I NEVER PLANNED ON BREEDING HER! In fact we got her “fixed” when she was 6 months old!!

They then basically told us that they were not accountable for “physical traits” and that there was nothing Petland was going to do about it??!! SO PRETTY MUCH, WE PAID FOR A POM BUT IF PETLAND FALSELY SOLD US A CHIHUAHUA THEN THEY AREN’T LIABLE SINCE THEY DON’T GUARANTEE PHYSICAL TRAITS??!! I guess they could sell us anything if that is the case! They were not willing to work with us in any kind of way. Do not buy from Petland, there is no guarantee what kind of breed you are paying thousands for.


  1. of Sarasota, FL

Original review: Aug. 16, 2017

On July 1st we went into Petland to possibly purchase a puppy to train to be a Service Dog for my daughter. We found a Dachshund and they explained the dogs come with veterinarian care till they are 6 months old. They also said if anything happens to one of my older dogs their vet will care for the dog at Petland expense. They told us all shots, care were taken care of with the puppy package that we get when we take the dog. I asked again to make sure I understood her that all shots and care up till 6 months old is covered and she said yes. I let them do a credit check to see if we could finance the dog. They came back and told me I passed their Store Credit Card so we could purchase the dog that way. I then explained we are on disability so I need to budget and need to know the exact amount each month we would be expected to pay.

They went off and my daughter kept playing with the puppy. At that time we noticed it was sneezing and coughing slightly. They returned and told me after talking to the lender the payments would be around $150 or so. I told them that was too high we couldn’t do it. They said they would go and talk to them again and see what they could do. They came back and said they were able to get the payments down to $95.00 a month and I said better but let me go home and budget and come back. I understood they couldn’t hold the dog and I was okay with that but I couldn’t give an answer till I was able to do a budget. This was a selling factor as was the veterinarian covering needs till she is 6 months old. We left.

Later on when done I called and told them we could do it and I was coming in to get the dog. She said: “Great.” I get there and they are in a panic as it seems another employee had shown the dog to a family who was going through the credit process and had left for dinner and she called them and told them they passed and they can come get the dog. This in the same time I was told to come in. Neither girl knew the other called me or the other family. We got there and my daughter took the dog since we had applied 1st and they showed us the young girl who wanted the dog from a distance. All of a sudden the girl’s mom came in and the girl who up till that time was taking it well broke down crying.

Out of nowhere Gloria walked up to her and handed the dog to her and told her to keep him. We can wait till they get another one in a few days. Everyone was shocked and after the store saying no we keep it I put my foot down and said we will wait. On the 4th of July I got the call another pup was in so we went in to see her. We saw her and she was sickly. My daughter came over and told me the dog was really sneezing and coughing and lethargic. When I looked at the dog she blew a rather large snot bubble and at that point I stopped and asked for a vet tech or the store manager. I went out of the booth to do the paperwork and to talk to them about what I was seeing. The girl brought me tons of paperwork to sign and as I tried to read them she kept talking explaining I guess the pages before I could read them fully.

Now understand we were there already for hours and I was tired and I didn’t have my hearing aid in because I rushed so we wouldn’t lose the chance at another dog. When the girl was confused as to why I wanted them I said I am not comfortable bringing a sick dog home at this time with 2 older dogs already there. She said no manager or vet tech was probably still around so I asked her to go check. She came back and said the vet tech was still there and would be out soon. I asked her how they handle sick dogs. Do they isolate them or put them back with other puppy’s and she said most likely it will be put back in with the ones she traveled here with. I told her unacceptable as she is sick and needs to be away from others.

The vet tech came out to me. I asked him to look the dog over and had my daughter tell him what she was seeing with her in the booth. He looked her over said yes she is sick and he will start her on meds till the vet came. I asked when is the vet expected and if she will be isolated or back with others and he said vet will be in on Thurs the 6th and she would be put away from other dogs. I said okay and he took the dog and I went back to the paperwork. Well we got to the financial papers and she turned around and said the payments won’t be $95.00 it would be over $100.00 plus but in time the payments will go down as it is paid off. Then she informed me there were 2 lenders not 1 that I will be paying. One was the Store Card, the other was a company that lends money that was why my payments would be higher than the promised $95.00 that I had went home and budgeted for.

Why I wasn’t told this on the 1st when they checked my credit and approved me is beyond me. I saw the store card paperwork and did read it but saw nothing for the 2nd lender. She told me she would be right back. After almost a half hour and me falling asleep I was told to come to the phone at the register. It was the girl and she said the phone I was on wouldn’t allow her to get through to the 2nd lender and that it was an electronic signature so she had to go to the back and call them there and she needed to ask me some questions on their behalf so I said fine. She said when done I will get an email with the contract. I finished all the paperwork and we finally left.

We waited all day Thurs the 6th for the call to see how she was no call So I called them that night and they said the vet will be there in the morning we can’t take her home. So on Friday the 7th we stopped into see her and she looked and acted really bad. They told me the vet said she needed to stay and he would be back to look on her in a few days.

All this time I didn’t get any calls on her so I kept calling or stopping in there. Also I received the Store Card and information on what to pay each month but still nothing on 2nd lender or their name. I called the store and was upset I had nothing about 2nd lender so they gave me the managers name and told to call her back tomorrow so I did and the manager Jen was busy and said she would call me and she didn’t so I called her back later and she and I talked about the mix up with the 1st dog and the poor information I was given about the finances. She apologized explaining she had been away from the store for a week or so and she would get to the bottom of it all. She also said she would take the puppy home and watch it till it was better. She even gave me her personal cell number to call about the puppy.

She had me call the store back ask for Kerry and get the name and number of the 2nd lender since she doesn’t handle the financial part. I called got the lenders name and called them. I was given another shock. Seems the lender was told I took his loan out on the 1st so my 1st payment was due on the 31st of July not August like the other lender. I was like wow I have to come up with a payment and I don’t even have the dog yet. Then he informed me I have 6 months to pay on a promotion and if not paid in full then I will be charged interest from the 1st day of the loan July 1st even though I would have had already paid 6 months of payments I will still be charged from day one amount not the amount due after the 6 months is up.

Then I see there was a Loan Origination Fee % of $208.00 which brings my loan to $2,808.00 never told that and then I see the Total Number of Payments on bottom of loan page and for a loan of $2,600.00 when it’s done I will have paid them $5,046.17. Wow never told that either. Lastly there are two (2) amounts on the loan page for interest to be paid. One says 29.992% APR and the other says 26.020%. Not sure which I am paying and the store when I asked Karry said she has no clue either. Also I had to borrow the 1st payment since it was not budgeted for the month of July because I was told payments would start in August but they started in July.

Called Jen and told her all that and how I was upset about this not being disclosed to me from the start. Jen told me I signed all papers so I was informed and I informed her this was electronically done and supposedly her phone up front was not working so her girl had to go to the back and do the calling and that didn’t seem right. Anyway I got the number to corporate and I called corporate. I explained everything that had happened and the girl Lissa (not sure of correct spelling) told me she was having her supervisor call me and to expect a call from a Jen later that day or the next. Yes it seems her supervisor is also named Jen like the Store manager. She ended the call with saying Jen will find a way to compensate me and make this right. Let me add right here I have a program on my cell that records all incoming and outgoing calls.

I waited 2 days for this Jen to call me then I called and left a not so pleasant message that I was going to put a complaint in with the BBB. Guess what I got a call from Jen who said sorry was not was aware she was to call me. Jen told me she would check with the store and get back to me. Well a few days later she got back to me and it didn’t end well. Her people denied everything and no mention of making this right. I put the complaint in with the BBB. Petland’s response so far is priceless. It went from me demanding a vet tech to them finding the dog sick on their own. It went from them telling me the shots and any issues with the dog were covered by the puppy package to me having to pay for shots and when blood was found in her stools I had to pay for it to be looked at and taken care of.

Also I picked the dog up on the 13th of July, 13 days after they had submitted the paperwork to both lenders so they show me as having the dog on the 1st not the 13th. Lastly our courts told the store not to sell any dogs but we found out after we already bought it and they still are selling dogs. They are heading back to court.


christian of Irving, TX

Original review: Aug. 14, 2017

We bought was we thought was our dream dog Pomeranian from Petland Dallas on July 24, 2016. Ashamed to admit how much we paid for her, had to get a payment plan! We started noticing that our dog was not puffing up like a real Pomeranian and have made several calls to Petland asking why. Each time we were told that the puppy was going through a “puppy ugly” phase and her hair should puff up by the time she is a year old. We waited a year and her hair is still flat on her back and she is extremely large for a “Pomeranian”. Now I realize we were scammed into waiting a year.

We have had several random people ask us what kind of dog that she is and when we told them Pomeranian they look at us funny and a few of them have had their own opinion as to what she is, some of whom HAVE their own Pomeranians and one was a Pomeranian breeder. We took her to PetSmart to weigh her and the vet looked at her and immediately said that she was a Schipperke or American eskimo dog. After researching yes, I agree that she is mixed with something and is not full Pom.

She weighs 12.6 lbs and Pomeranians are supposed to get up to 7 lbs, I called Petland and the girl who answered was like “whoa that’s big”. We have read several reviews that Petland are getting dogs from puppy mills and now it is becoming clear that we have been lied to and scammed and I want a full refund for her. Our kids love her and we will not simply “trade her in” as it was mentioned on the phone. “As we explained previously, this puppy is provided solely for the purpose of a companion pet. Per Petland warranty, there is no guarantee expressed or implied that you will be able to use this pet for showing or breeding purposes.” <– NOTE: MY DOG IS FIXED, NEVER DID I MENTION WANTING TO BREED HER.

“Petland does not guarantee physical traits. At the time of purchase, the pedigree, canine partners instruction sheet and APRI registration application were provided to you.” <– So pretty much they can sell me a pig and call it a Pomeranian but because I signed something that they don’t guarantee physical traits they can get away with it? “Unfortunately, there can be no compensation for concerns over physical traits. If you would like, we can reach out to Koda’s breeder to see if we can get any pictures of her sire and dam but that would be the most that can be offered in this case.” I need a reasonable resolution from Petland, this is terrible service!!!


Susie of Topeka, KS

Original review: Aug. 10, 2017

After paying $2300 for an AKC long haired Chihuahua puppy at Petland, I discovered the average market price for them is $500 to $800. I have never felt like such an idiot. Do your research. Besides, the pup sneezed a couple times while I was purchasing. I told the worker he sneezed. His reply was: “Just a sneeze. That’s all.” Within a week he was diagnosed with a cold and cough. A few days later he was hospitalized for pneumonia for 6 days. He’s still getting over the cough and I’ve had him a month. I have had to put potty training off because he’s been too sick. I feel so ripped off. Do NOT buy a pet from Petland.


Paula of Overland Park, KS

Original review: Aug. 9, 2017

This company plays on a person’s emotions. Their procedures are to get your emotional attachment in high gear before telling you the cost of the puppy which is astronomical. Then they bombard you with how supposedly easy the payments will be of only $25 monthly with 0% interest. All the while you’re getting sucked in by the emotional attachment and the idea that it’s not a financial burden. I’d like to say I’m an intelligent person and make wise decisions in regards to financial matters but I got snookered. Then I took the puppy I bought to my vet and the poor thing had ear mites so severe it took months to get rid of them. She still gets ear infections because of those ear mites.

This company is worse than a loan shark or those payday loan companies we read about. After the puppy is brought home and the excitement has calmed down I learned that this 0% interest is only for 12 months and if it’s not paid in full by the end of that time – not only does the interest jump to 29.99% you will be charged the interest for that year regardless of your balance at the end of that promotion. I fortunately did a balance transfer but for those who can not or did not realize the scam – they have no recourse. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH PETLAND. They do not care about the animals or finding a good home – they only want to take advantage of people.


Angelica of Holiday, FL

Original review: July 28, 2017

In December 2016 I purchased a Neapolitan Mastiff puppy from Petland Sarasota. I was an idiot for not researching them beforehand. My mother and I went in to pass some time and we decided to play with brother and sister Neopolitan Mastiffs. We asked the sales girl how much the male was. We were told $4500. I asked if he was AKC registered. She said that he was and went on to explain that all of their puppies came from reputable breeders and that they are against puppy mills. My mom and I decided that I would see if I could get financed. Their computers were down so they said it was going to be a little bit. My mom and I walked next door to Target then went back. I got approved for part of the cost. We negotiated that $4500 was a little high. The sales girl went and talked to someone.

When she came back she said that if we chose not to take the crate and toys that came with him they would take close to $1000 off. That left a total of $3700.00, $259.00 tax, and a $49.00 finance fee putting the total at $4008.00. There was a down payment of $1979.49 due at the store. I was financed for $1000.00 from a different company so that left a payment of $979.49 due. We got to bring a puppy home for the family at Christmas. The sales girl explained the puppy for life program, which was included in the price, as long as we took the puppy to Petland’s preferred vet, fed him their food, and gave him their vitamins and supplements. However, since we live 75 miles from the store and vet we were told that we could take him to our vet. The sales girl handed me the puppy and went over the paperwork with my mom.

It was Christmas time so I neglected reading over the paperwork thoroughly when we came home. When I went to change his registration with the AKC to me as his owner I found out that he is only registered as AKC Partners. I had never heard of that. I researched it only to find out that any dog can be registered with Partners, whether it is full blooded or not. After finding that out I looked to find out the name of the breeder he came from. It was listed as Michele ** as his breeder. I started to look into that. I found that Michele ** is related to the owner of Stonehenge Kennels, Steve Kruse. Steve Kruse has received multiple violations and has been suspended, however I’m not sure if he’s still breeding. Michele ** is also right down the street from Stonehenge Kennels.

After finding that out I asked my vet if we could do a DNA test. I spent $80.00 to find out that my puppy was in fact pure bred 3 generations back. He also had no genetic issues listed on that specific test, I later found out from another vet that certain tests only test for certain things. At that point I figured it would be pointless to contact Petland about any of this. In May 2017 my puppy got sick. He quit eating, was losing weight rapidly, and did nothing but sleep. I took him to my vet who told me if I had any chance of my puppy surviving that I had to get him to an emergency vet that night, so I drove him to an animal hospital 45 mins from home. My vet believed he had a bowel obstruction. The emergency vet kept him overnight. Their thought was that he had leptospirosis. He was in the hospital for 4 days.

When we brought him home he was on 4-5 different medications, had to be fed with a syringe, and had to have subcutaneous fluids (iv fluids we had to administer under his skin). He had 3 leptospirosis tests done and they all came back negative. Without further testing they were not able to tell us if it was a communicable disease or if it is was hereditary/genetic. However, I couldn’t afford any more testing. In 5 days I spent $5000 on vet care. My puppy did get better, but it is unknown if he will get sick again. At this point I did a Google review on Petland Sarasota explaining all that had happened. Their response apologized for my bad experience then referred to the warranty that came with my dog that states I have 14 days following my purchase to contact the store if a licensed vet finds my dog unfit for sale or 48 hours if a vet finds my puppy unfit due to hereditary disorders.

The funny thing is, even if I made the review right after I got him, it took them 2-3 weeks to respond stating that policy. I then decided to do a complaint with the BBB. Again I explained everything. I did say my mom signed the finance paperwork. However I think I signed the finance paperwork and that my mom handled all the other paperwork. I said that I felt I deserved at least a partial refund. Their response stated that the General Manager said that it was explained to me that my puppy was AKC Partners and ACA registered. I have never heard of ACA until I got the BBB response. They also said that I signed all of the finance paperwork, they sent copies of the paperwork and my driver’s license with the response.

I couldn’t see the copy of the paperwork they attached with the response so I got my copy out to look at. Well, there is no signatures on my copy so I’m not sure if I signed them. They said they are surprised my puppy came down with an illness since they were never notified and neither was their preferred vet. That there is stipulations in their warranty about hereditary issues and I am welcome to take my puppy to their preferred vet if I feel that is the case. Petland said they could not comment on the ban that is in place stating they are no longer able to sell puppies and kittens because they are currently in litigation with the city of Sarasota, but they can say that I purchased my puppy before the ban.

I will agree with the fact that I did purchase him before. I purchased him Dec 17, 2017 and the ban was supposed to start Jan 27, 2017. Petland filed a lawsuit against Sarasota County’s ban in Oct 2016. I did mention in my BBB complaint that I had learned that Petland had been going back and forth with the city over the law, I never mentioned anything else about it in my complaint. In my rebuttal to Petland’s response I said that yes I bought mine 2-3 weeks before the ban but that does not take away from the fact that 7 months after the ban was to be in effect they are still selling puppies and kittens.

Petlands final part of the response was that they are sorry I was not completely happy but they see nothing that would merit a partial refund of my contracts. My puppy has severe separation anxiety. He cries, barks, sheds, and pees if he’s put in a crate. If he is not confined he chews anything and everything he can, no matter how many toys or bones he has.


Robin of Sterling, VA

Original review: July 14, 2017

I Purchased what we were told was a purebred Silver Labrador puppy last August from Petland in Fairfax Virginia. From two days after we brought him home he had GI issues which the vet told us was Giardia. It took 9 months of treatment to cure him of this and thousands of dollars later, we find out through a DNA test that he in fact is not a purebred dog but a mix of lab/Weimaraner. The test indicated only one of his parents was in fact a purebred! I am so upset. We filed a complaint with AKC who has opened up a case and have a case opened with Pet Solutions who handles all of the claims for Petland. I don’t know how this happens, my dog is registered with AKC as a purebred dog! And according to his pedigree paperwork everything is in order, AKC told me that the sire and Dam might not in fact be his parents!

I asked Pet Solutions how they verify that what they are being told by the breeders is accurate? I was told that they go by the paperwork that they are given. I am so frustrated and upset. If I had wanted a mix breed dog I would have adopted one! Don’t get me wrong. I love my dog. He is a wonderful dog, but I do not want to be lied to and cheated out of 3000 dollars for a mixed breed dog. This company either knew it wasn’t true just to make a quick buck or they need to start doing their homework before you buy from a breeder, I had been told he was from a small family breeder in Ohio. I google the owner and bring up a map of this breeder and he has many large buildings with no doubt kennels in them!

I’m truly sickened by this, my fault I know buying from a pet store having read horror stories about puppy mills. Well at least my dog was one of the lucky ones to have escaped that horror and has a great life. Petland needs to be put out of business! I will not stop until I get restitution for what has happened! Shame on you Petland!!! Now the wait begins as all parties do their own investigations.


Frances of Cape Coral, FL

Original review: July 6, 2017

This place where is at they do not use puppy mills but I have a very bad feeling they do. I spend $2,700 on a miniature poodle. She has a parasite. She came from the puppy mill with that we can’t get rid of. Her hair is not growing in certain spots. That is because it is not from a reputable private breeder. I thought I was doing a good thing. My little poodle died and I wanted to replace him and I was grieving but I made a very big mistake by going to Petland. I went to the one in Fort Myers on College Avenue. Do yourself a favor and stay the hell away from there.


Christy of Wellston, OH

Original review: July 3, 2017

I purchased a cocker spaniel from Petland. During her first year of life, she developed cherry eye in both eyes. The warranty would pay for a procedure that would remove her tear glands. I would have to administer eye drops 4 to 5 times a day, and still run the risk of eye ulcers. I opted for a tuck procedure that would preserve her tear glands. It was more expensive, so I paid the difference, which was a couple hundred dollars. Warranty department did not care what was best for the dog, only what procedure was cheaper. Year 3 of Maggie’s life, she is having ear infection after ear infection. Her ears become swollen and inflamed, eventually swelling shut, with pus seeping, despite multiple Vet visits and medications. Vet diagnoses her with proliferative ear disease and Maggie is sent to a surgeon at MedVet.

She has to have the skin in her ear canals removed in both ears. (TECA) WARRANTY DEPARTMENT REFUSED TO PAY ANYTHING. Even with a letter from the vet stating this ear disease was a congenital issue, so should be covered, the warranty department refused simply because she was not diagnosed her first year of life! This surgery is thousands of dollars that I have to pay with no help from them, despite the claim they stand behind every puppy they sell. In addition, she has complicated food allergies that we are still trying to figure out. Warranty department does not care at all. I am responsible for everything.


Josie of Stockton, MO

Original review: June 28, 2017

I bought a 11 week old female Siberian husky at the Dallas Petland. I knew they weren’t angels but I got a puppy anyway and she’s doing fine. The thing I’m concerned about is that I did not get the sire and dam name 3 to 4 weeks after. I have been getting shady names from Junior Detweiler or Allen Junior. And I got a address but it just leads to a random road in Princeton Missouri. And the phone numbers just goes to a random voicemail. I looked up her dam and found the owners who previously owned her and found out they rehomed all their huskies to a Amish guy but won’t go out and say his full name. I asked for a real phone number or email and he said he didn’t feel comfortable which just made me even more suspicious. He told me if I had a problem to call Petland which we have already and still nothing comes up. Getting fed up.


Nancy of East Syracuse, NY

Original review: May 22, 2017

Don’t buy puppies from them. I was looking for a black and white toy poodle for my autistic grandson to help fill the void left when his first black and white poodle passed. At the time this was the only place I could find that said they could find me what I was looking for. I was contacted by someone in the main office I believe. Told them what I was looking for. She sent me a few pictures (some of breeds not even interested in). I fell in love with a cute little guy. I was told when to expect him to be delivered to the Cicero store. He was to be 5-7 pounds. The wait was longer as I was told he needed to gain more weight. I waited.

Finally I got the call we were waiting for. I would look at his picture everyday with anticipation. We scheduled an appointment to pick him up. I took with me my 10 yo grandson who lives with me and my 2 yo granddaughter who I babysit. We were led into a backroom to meet him!!!! Where was the puppy I had been waiting weeks for?? There was a black and white toy poodle but not the one we picked. The manager at the Cicero store told me the pup I picked had a knee problem and was sent back… No call to me about this problem. Just another dog sent in his place. And I had been calling the store and the original lady to check on “my” pup. What a big disappointment. How awful I thought and felt.

Remember I had with me my autistic grandson whom the pup was for and a 2 yo. I ended up taking this pup. I tried getting a price reduction (as anybody who has gotten a pup there knows the cost it VERY high). They would do nothing for me. Our new pup has grown to over 11 pounds also. It has been 2 years since this purchase. Almost everyday I think about the pup I fell in love with. And wonder what happened to him. Yes we do have a toy poodle. But the way he was brought into our lives is just so wrong. I have thought of doing a review a long time ago but tried to deal with my emotions to no avail. Hopefully this will help me and others. I have owned many dogs in my life but never through a store like Petland. It will definitely be my last through them (still paying on the pup).


Stevie of Edmonton, AB

Original review: May 3, 2017

We bought a parrot from Petland. The initial issue was he had no ring on his foot, I.e. we were told he had one by two members of staff but in fact, he didn’t. They lied to us. Head management were to call us back about six months ago and never did. My last visit to Petland ended with the manager telling me I’m not doing myself favours by coming into their store. So much went on, too much to explain. The parrot an African Grey who still has no identity came to us with very bad habits. Inexperienced staff are to blame. Because of all this, he pulls his feathers out, three vet trips later still pulling his feathers out and biting my children causing them to bleed. Also, he’s on medication to calm him down. He’s only 1 year old. Never settled with us.

I’m fed up leaving messages with Petland. They don’t care. I spend $400 on a bird carrier so Oscar the parrot can accompany us everywhere we go. Still pulling feathers. Bought humidifier for him, all different foods, $50 on a UV lamp, lots of toys, and massive cage, still his habits haven’t changed, and still he has no Identity tag. I’m in this now for thousands of dollars, so so much lies and issues with Petland staff. Management staff don’t return your call. STAY AWAY FROM PETLAND. That’s my advice as a customer that got treated appallingly.


  1. of Arlington Heights, IL

Original review: April 27, 2017

Was at Petland to see pups. Came across a large Golden Retriever sharing a cage with a med size dog. Golden Retriever be 4-5 months was Skin & Bones. You could see Shoulder, Hip & Ribcage bones. It was a disgusting sight to see. This place had very sick puppies. I have tried to purchase two dogs prior, only to be stopped because the dogs were under vet care with meds for kennel cough.


bryan of Lewis Center, OH

Original review: April 18, 2017

Solutions. pet or paw-sitive solutions has a company that undoubtedly is one I recommend. Their grooming, healthcare and preventative products will help your new furry friend from having some common health issues. I have had the pleasure of talking to a representative named Jennifer. Her knowledge of what it takes to provide the very best healthcare for my pet has been priceless. Many people think that spending money on their pets is a waste of money. I believe spending money on products that will keep you out of the vets office makes since. Thank you Jennifer for making a difference in me and Ali the greatest life. You and your team deserves a big ‘Wow’. How cool is that. Just saying.


Luna of Iowa City, IA

Original review: April 7, 2017

I’m a freshman in college, after moving out of my family’s house and leaving my friends and dog baby behind I felt a bit lonely. I went to Petland with a friend who was a previous employee and purchased 200$ worth of adorable baby bunny. I grew up with a dwarf who was my best friend and lived for almost a decade. She was so sweet and didn’t run when I held her like bunnies always did. I should have known that there was something wrong with the bunnies lethargic attitudes but it never crossed my mind that there would be sick baby bunnies although they were in bad conditions. I was convinced once I got her home she’d be a loving lifelong companion. I named her Buns, I took her on walks every day, made sure her home was cleaned daily, I even had plans of making her a big hutch since I didn’t like seeing my baby in a cage. I had instantly fallen in love.

I noticed how frail and malnutritioned she was the day after when grooming her and that patches of fur were missing. I thought that is neglect on the part of Petland but thank God in a few weeks I could resolve this. Unfortunately she started showing signs of wet tail as well a few days later and stopped being as active, I tried to make up for this by giving her fruits and veggies and more hay, I also refilled and cleaned her water every few hours.

Today I woke up and my little Buns was obviously in a great deal of pain. While waiting for a ride to the vet I tried spoon feeding her mashed food and water but she literally would not open her mouth for me. I cleaned her very diligently, gave her a tummy rub and tried to keep her warm with hot water bottles. I finally decided that her passing away was not an option if I had anything to do with it, I put her in the pet carrier and literally ran to the closest vet because I could not bare to wait any longer.

When I arrived she was convulsing and lying almost upside down. The nurse said they don’t usually take walk-ins but this was an emergency and convinced the vet to see her. She was in the back for a long time when the vet came out and said “I’m so sorry but your baby has passed. We had no choice but to put her to sleep.” I instantly started balling my eyes own and told them that I couldn’t bare to see her dead and carry her back home. As they handed me back her things I told the vet, “If I could have just gotten here a few days earlier I could have saved her,” to which she responded, “She had to have been ill when you bought her, there was underlying issues. This is not your fault.”

I didn’t get the warranty because I am a broke college kid who couldn’t really afford a bunny to begin with. Petland has blamed me upon contacting them and had continued to say if I didn’t buy the warranty they could do nothing. But even that doesn’t really matter because money won’t bring her back. I was so heartbroken I’ve been in bed crying today instead of going to my classes. I read others reviews and learned what a despicable place this was. I can’t believe they conned my friends, teenagers in their first year of college, into working for them and believing the propaganda. My heart goes out to everyone else who has suffered at the hands of this business. I love you Buns and I’ll see you again one day. I’ll never forget you or how you were treated.


Tiffany of Dallas, TX

Original review: March 2, 2017

I adopted a very ill puppy from Petland last year. The dog required medication three times a day for over a month – the vet said the dog was showing signs of distemper (the dog threw-up when I was playing with it at the store, they just said it had an upset tummy). The dog would cough so much it would throw up and then get diarrhea. The puppy did eventually get well, but this was one of the most untrainable dogs I’ve ever had (it would run into a wall… And then run into it over and over again). Whatever I would do, the dog would always sleep in its own waste and eat any poop it would find!

I decided to research the dog’s pedigree – after contacting the actual breeder I was told that the pedigree information provided by Petland was fake! After that, we found out that the dog wasn’t even a purebred, but a mix (and probably a product of a puppy mill)! The breeder started his own investigation as he was trying to figure out where the falsification had occurred.

Thankfully, I did not purchase the dog with the Petland credit card, I used my personal credit card and was able to dispute the charge (the price of the dog was set for “clearance” hmmm… I wonder why?). Do not buy a dog from here, they do not deserve your hard earned money! There are tons of reputable breeders where you can get a dog from – avoid Petland like the plague! I repeat, DO NOT BUY A DOG FROM HERE – DON’T BE A SUCKER!


Tahmarrah of Detroit, MI

Original review: Jan. 8, 2017

My dog died in a week??? I had a pomeranian. He was 5 months old. I took him to the vet the next day after purchasing him. Once I told her where I got him from she said I “rescued him”. He was underweight, not eating, and had ear mites. She had to use over 40 q-tips to get wax out his ears, she said it caused him muffed hearing. Then a couple days later he woke up at throwing up blood. We rushed him to the emergency vet and as soon as I told her where I got him from she said, “50% of the dogs that have come here are from Petland and most of them don’t make it.” So I called and tried to make a claim and she wanted me to go pick up the dogs body, take it to Wayne State so they could perform test on it. I asked her, “What type of care are you required to do the dogs?” She said, “WE ARE ONLY REQUIRED TO GIVE THE DOG ITS SHOTS,” meaning you might get a good dog, you might not but we aren’t responsible.


kellie of Orlando, FL

Original review: Jan. 2, 2017

I purchased an Australian Shepherd. He is almost 2 and has severe hip dysplasia which is a hereditary disease. He limps constantly. I spend $250.00 a month so he is not in pain and to take the inflammation down. I’m very devastated and he is my world. He has to have surgery that will cost 4,000. Petland will not help with any of the cost for this because he has not been on the cheap vita chews that they sell which would of done nothing considering he was born with HD. I will be calling an attorney tomorrow. 🙁 Petland should not be in business. Customer service is horrible. I have never bought from a pet store and should of never started…


Cindy of Chaska, MN

Original review: Nov. 27, 2016

I bought an 8 week old male Pekingese puppy after my 11 year old male had died from an overdose of anesthesia after a routine dental cleaning. I paid a premium show dog price for this puppy and was assured that he was not from a puppy mill and that he was registered. Turned out, he was APR registered not AKC that I paid for. When I bought him he was having a problem with loose stools. I was told it was due to a “food change”. When I took the puppy to my vet the day after I purchased him, I was told he had coccidia (a common parasite). A week’s worth of treatment and he was fine. The vet also diagnosed that the dog had pinched nares and entropion eyelids that would require surgery to correct. He was also diagnosed with bilateral locating patellas (loose knees). I was assured that the “warranty” would cover his problems.

It was decided that it would be best for the dog to wait to see if he would outgrow any of these problems before performing surgery. He did not. Fast forward and now a Petland did not want to cover the surgery. They finally agreed to do it so after taking the bills to them, they announce that they will pay for the procedure – not any anesthetic, not the intubation or surgical supplies or anything needed to perform the surgery. As far as they are concerned, he could be carved up like a Christmas turkey without benefit of anesthesia or sanitary supplies. So now I have a $1000 vet bill that should have been covered and they will cover less than $200. They will be happy to take him back, euthanize him and give me a different one. Over my dead body! This boy is my baby regardless of the bills. Just don’t ever buy a pup from them.


Dennis of Mc Henry, IL

Original review: Nov. 23, 2016

We bought three dogs from Petland Crystal Lake Illinois. One we purchased in approximately 2008 and we purchased another one in 2009. Took him to the vets that they sent us to set. The dogs were fine. Later to find out the oldest dog that we purchased in 2008 she had a tumor that attached to all her organs. Later dying from cancer. The other dog from the time he had we had gotten him had had a stent put in because he was genetically deformed and could not urinate. When the other dog passed away Petland were rubbing replace her with another dog. Later to find out this dog he had diabetes and genetic problems and now is dying at the animal hospital we believe and the doctor doesn’t believe to that these dogs were product of a puppy mill. Wanted to warn the public not to buy dogs from Petland in Crystal Lake. Humongous expense and heartbreak.


Eric of Melbourne, FL

Original review: Nov. 1, 2016

The poodle mix I paid $2000 for from Petland was so sick he almost died. Ton of love and cash later he is fine but wow the first two weeks home were really rough and extremely emotional for my family. My opinion is that petland and their owners are criminals, using every loophole and out they can to stay in business. Just reading some of these complaints you can see the pattern of how they do business. Most of their dogs are very sick when you get them home so how can they not scan the dogs better on a daily basis to point out the sick ones and get them treatment before a family of 1-2-3-4 pays $2000 hard earned dollars on a sick dog that will turn their life upside down!

I took a two week vacation when I realized he was so sick and stayed home with our boy to personally nurse him back to health. He had pneumonia and bronchitis so bad – he would cough white mucus would come out of his nose and mouth. He was a true fighter and wanted to live because I could see the fight in his red pinkish eyes. He was so sick – I was beside myself.

Last time I owned a dog was 35 years ago and I am positive he was never ever sick (lucky for us). So to say the least I had no idea what was going on with his puppy I had brought home for everyone to fall in love with was that close to death. The night before I took him to the vet and they put him in the incubator thingy with the hoses in his nose and all the other drama (antibiotics) two different strong antibiotics and they wanted me to bring him back everyday for the next week until he was better. Thank God he had the fight in him and he got better real quick within 3 days. He was feeling better. However he still has somewhat of an eating problem but I think that is breed thing? However we have to feed him twice a day and must give him some kind of treat or incentive to eat, always.

Anyway if I had to do it again I would definitely never buy a dog. Visit your local pound and if it takes a few months and many trips to any different pounds to find the right dog it will be worth it when you do finally find the perfect dog, for who’s life you will be saving which will make it that much nicer experience for the whole family. Maybe take the kids to a regular dog store just to look at the ridiculous prices and then take them to the pound to show them dogs that humans gave up on and how you can save that animal’s life for a few dollars. It will be a life experience that will everyone’s life better I promise. 🙂

Love to all dogs, even the ones at petland, however no one should ever buy a dog from there. Maybe if everyone boycotted petland and just let the dogs sit in their store until they have to give them to the pound, then everyone can get their dogs for FREE!! Like it should be, NO DOG ANYWHERE should be $2000!! Shame on you petland!

You can tell the manager guy at the petland in Davie & Plantation FL is a winner, he won’t even show his face. He stays in the back and lets the teenagers take care of everything. He knows someone could come in at any moment and complain about the crappy sick mangy dog. They have a 30% interest rate credit card for which has $2500 on it and have to come out of pocket for special food, medications, time off work, up at night with the sick dog! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM PETLAND PET STORES! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!


Sonya of College Park, GA

Original review: Oct. 21, 2016

My family and I were treated horrible when we came into the store to look for a pet. We are ** Americans and my kids blind-folded me and brought me in the store. I was surprised about the gift but was concerned about the price. Once I asked the questions, my family told me that all the sales agents demeanor changed as if they were dealing with ** people with no money and wasting their time. One of my daughter’s friend asked to play with a bulldog but Rachel kept saying the dog cost 5K before she gave him the dog (as if he could not afford the dog). Another friend asked to play with a different dog but Rachel never came back with the dog. When I decided the dog was too much for my daughters and that I would check with my prior breeder, I was told Rachel took the dog and rolled her eyes when she walked away.

I spoke with Rachel and the manager, Rico this morning. She said she did not remember treating us like this and Rico said he would report it to the private owners. I am forwarding this message to corporate to let you know that your sales rep who live in a ** city are treating ** people like this. We have money too and should be treated the same. I personally make 145K and my daughters have good jobs and are in college. I actually was going to get the dog after talking to my oldest daughter who told me not to worry about the cost. But because of the way we were treated, I will buy the dog somewhere else. I hope you speak with Rachel about the potential ** customers she will have in a ** city – Atlanta. I am also reporting this to the BBB.


Sierra of Parkville, MO

Original review: Oct. 13, 2016

I would even give them 1 star. I bought AKC registered male husky from them and he was healthy. Surprisingly no problems. He’s almost 2 years old now and now problems are showing up with him. Of course the warranty has run out. But let me start from the beginning. When I first bought my boy they told me 2000 which was fine. I told them I don’t want the training or the puppy package but they included that! I was so mad about that. I did my research and found that he came from one of the top 5 worst puppy mills in the USA. I was again irate. I wanted a refund of 75% and they denied me that even though they lied to me and told me he came from a top quality breeder. I didn’t have time to deal with them as he was not sick or unhealthy at this point. Well they kept calling me and harassing me wanting me to give the puppy that after interest was 3000.

I continuously told them to leave me alone. I had to change my phone number because the calls were non-stop. When my boy was 6 months old I once again took him for a check up at my vet who told me he was really small for a husky and his growth plates looked swollen. I tried to call Petland and they told me that it was my fault and basically to screw off. No major problems yet so I was like ok I can deal with him being small even though I bought him for show and he’s not showable. So everything is going great and then now he is having more problems pop up such as digestive tract problems and zinc problems as well as onset hip dysplasia at 2 years old. I have grown to love my boy and I only get to have him for a short time. Vet told me next year we will have to put him down. Poor baby boy. I hate Petland for the emotional stress and sadness they have placed on my family and I.


Laura of Vandalia, OH

Original review: Sept. 30, 2016

On Sept 15th 2016 my boyfriend bought me a rabbit for my birthday from the Petland in Dayton, Ohio. They told us she was about 2 years old, and that she was one of the rabbits someone randomly left at the door. So I was already hooked on having her more since they told me that, so that I could give her a better life and the love for her since the people before couldn’t. We bought all the supplies; hay, cage, food, etc. All in all it was roughly $220.00 for everything including the rabbit. We took her home, set up the cage, let her hop all around – seemed like everything was fine then we noticed after like 3 days she wasn’t eating, and rarely drinking so we started to give her carrots and/or veggies just so she would have something in her system since it seemed like she wouldn’t eat.

So the following Saturday the 24th we stopped in Petland and told them the rabbit wasn’t eating right, and we wanted to know why. So the lady at the store asked if we feed her anything except for the hay or the pellets we got. We said “yes, because she wasn’t eating correctly.” She said “you aren’t suppose to give them ANYTHING except for the hay and pellets for at least 6 months.” (Nobody told us this when we got her.) But we also thought it was odd since she was an adult rabbit and not a baby. So we left and tried again…

The following Monday the Sept 26th same results – not touching her food, drinking a little but not a lot. So then we noticed as she would go to the bathroom she wasn’t going correctly. She would pee but then she would poop – it wasn’t solid. It was yellow and looked like mucus was stuck to her butt so I kept having to clean her bottom with baby wipes or washing her behind since the bedding would stick and become like a hard rock and was hard to get off. So by Sept 28th I’ve google the not eating, drinking, the poop problem and got all kinds of things going through my mind by this time. So I call Petland and tell them “there is definitely something wrong with my rabbit. Is there anything you can do to help me?” Their response “no we can’t do anything but you should go to the vet because that doesn’t sound right.”

So I asked if she was sick before I got her. She said “not sure, we don’t do vet checks on the rabbits, just our dogs or cats.” Okay. By this time I am completely livid that they told me they wouldn’t or couldn’t do anything PLUS telling me they don’t check all their animals before reselling to a new owner. Now today Sept 29th took her to the vet because I thought enough was enough. Today I want answers. So got home from work, went to see her. She was so weak. She couldn’t move or stand up so I rushed her to the vet office and they told me her lungs sounded horrible and that she was really bloated and that she had an illness called GastroIntestinal Stasis and perhaps a touch of pneumonia. So they ended up taking her in the back of the office and put her in ICU and put her on oxygen cause she was having trouble breathing.

They told me it was completely up to me but she had a chance of 20% of living through the night and that we could try to fight it but with her staying over night, getting the meds that there want much hope and the cost would of been $249.85 or I could take her home and she could go on her own time. Or put her to sleep. Obviously, by this time I want to do everything in my power to save her but also I don’t have that kind of cash right now. Since she was suffering I told them to just go ahead and put her to sleep because I don’t want her to suffer any more than she already has.

Sadly after saying my goodbyes to her and left the room she went on her own time today at 4:45pm. ;( So with all this being said I will NEVER shop at Petland again because they basically sold me a sick, dying rabbit and wouldn’t even own up to it or refund or anything in my behalf!!! Awful place. Will never buy or give them the time a day!


Jenyfer of Orlando, FL

Original review: Sept. 10, 2016

This was Toby born on July 9th, 2015 came from Arkansas. We went to Petland on December 11th, 2015 in hopes of obtaining a long life companion. He was on SALE and very very skinny. It seemed like no one wanted him but we saw over his skinniness and decided to give him a chance in life… We named him Toby… He was our family Christmas present. Toby was constantly sick diarrhea, vomiting, no appetite. We took him to the follow up veterinarian appointment that you guys provide us with and the vet suggested some additional tests to be done because she was concerned for Toby. I contact Petland corporation and they denied the services to be covered. We decide to go along. We feed him with baby food with a syringe and ** for all the diarrhea. He grew and grew but continued to have his constant accidents. He has potty training but still couldn’t hold on. Constantly drinking excessive water we thought it was a puppy thing.

Until this Saturday August 6th, 2016 Toby got again really sickly but this time it was much more than just another sick. Toby had no energy. I decide to do the same procedures I did when we got him from Petland, baby food in a syringe, ** to restore his electrolytes from the diarrhea but nothing seems to work. In fact, things got worse. He started having shakes attacks, wouldn’t move, look due anything. We decided to take him to an emergency vet Saturday evening. We went in to the vet trying to get our baby well again so he could be back to be playing with his big brother Sparky and all of us. But it was to late. The vet told us that Toby had kidneys failure, his kidneys never fully developed something that would off been caught earlier if it wasn’t for Petland denying the further testing requested from the vet. My heart aches as I write this but Toby crossed the rainbow bridge this Saturday August 6th, 2016 at 10:25 pm.

It was the hardest goodbye as our sweet boy closed his eyes. Leaving behind a heart broken family. I am destroyed!!! My son is going through a hard time understanding and is depressed that requires for him to sleep at night in bed with us. Our family will never be the same. We loved him like the baby. He was the loving boy. Toby deserved to be alive. Toby deserved to have been tested that day after we bought him. This could have been prevented… My Toby boy I will forever honor your name baby. Sorry you had to go so soon. Toby only turned a year old on July 9th, 2016. He was only part of our lives for 7 months, 7 beautiful, loving, caring months. We got to take him to the Smokey mountains on our trip… You will forever be missed. Rest in peace my sweet Toby. Mommy, Daddy, George and your brother Sparky miss you tremendously. Wait for me at the gates of heaven.


Joseph of Roselle, IL

Original review: Sept. 3, 2016

My wife and I purchased a Teddy Bear puppy (a shih tzu and bichon mix) because we wanted a companion for our adopted lhasa terrier. As with many other reviews I read (very much unfortunately AFTER the sale and not beforehand) we were assured that the owners of the store visit each breeder – all of whom are “accredited” and “held to the highest standards” – and they only choose the safest and happiest puppies.

Fast-forward to after our purchase when we took her to the vet to get checked out (our vet, not affiliated with Petland whatsoever) only to find that she has a parasite called Giardiasis, which is very easily spreadable. She also has jaw and dental issues because her lower jaw has such a severe underbite. Now we’re paying to have to get her dental issues fixed (to the tune of nearly $1,000) plus the medicine for her parasite and the additional chores of having to super-clean every inch of the house so it doesn’t spread to our other dog or the kids.

When I try to contact the store or its warranty department to cover the medical costs incurred from their supposedly happy and healthy puppies, someone takes down the info and will “get back to me.” This is only the beginning, because I will not let this go until there’s resolution. Anyone looking to stop in and visit the cute puppies and kittens should just keep on driving. It’s sad because not only do they criminally mislead people but they also fully support the mistreatment and God-awful conditions in which the puppies reside. AVOID PET STORES AT ALL COSTS, ESPECIALLY PETLAND IN HOFFMAN ESTATES!!!


Adrienne of Sarasota, FL

Original review: Sept. 1, 2016

We purchased a Bulldog from Petland Bradenton in April 2015. Right away the poor thing had pneumonia and bronchitis! About a month after that she got cherry eye. We have had 2 surgeries done that have not been able to fix her cherry eye. A couple months after that we noticed her limping. We had x-rays taken and found out her hips are not even connected. We were referred to a specialist that said she is one of the most extreme cases he has seen. She will eventually lose her ability to walk. She is on pain meds on a daily basis. How is this fair to her or to us having to see her in this pain?

We did research on the breeder Petland used and found out it is a puppy mill. Just a couple months after our puppy’s birthday, the breeder was found to have numerous violations causing them to shut down. We did contact the warranty department who had told us to send them all documentation. I got together everything which happened to be a huge stack of paperwork. I emailed them exactly how they had told us to and got no response. I emailed them again, with no response. I have paid out an extreme amount of money to help this dog that my family has fallen in love with so she does not suffer. The specialist did inform me this is a congenital disorder. The mother had these problems and it was passed down to her pups. How can people possibly do this to animals? I will never buy anything else from Petland and I will do whatever it takes to make sure everybody knows the pain and financial costs we have experienced.


Caroline of Kansas City, MO

Original review: Aug. 20, 2016

My fiancé and I recently purchased a $2000 puppy from Petland in Independence. We put $800 down and the rest on credit, with the idea to build our credit and make it look good. This was on Sunday, August 7th. Tuesday, one day after we brought him home, he was deathly ill. He had a bloody stool, was lethargic, etc. He was hospitalized for a night. When we picked him up and he seemed to be okay, but he still had a cough that we watched very closely. The cough got worse and we took him to the emergency hospital. They diagnosed him with pneumonia. It is now the 19th of August and he is still in the hospital. Also, on August 14th we discovered a piece of paper that wasn’t filled out. There’s spaces for us to fill out our social, license number, and a signature. This is the only piece of paper that states the OUTRAGEOUS 29.9% interest rate. This paper was shoved in the folder and never shown to us.

We’ve contacted our local Petland and “Pawsitive Solutions” every day since his first visit to the hospital (a day after we got him). We are demanding a refund and aren’t backing down until we get one. We’ve contacted the BBB, our attorney general, the department of ag, animal control, and multiple news stations about this situation. They will not get away with selling extremely expensive and sick puppies to loving families. We’re currently trying to get enough people who’ve gone through the same thing with Petland together, in order to file a class action lawsuit or at least a protest. There has been one filed before, but we would like to try again. If interested, please email me: **.


Chris of Winter Park, FL

Original review: Aug. 13, 2016

I bought a husky from Petland. When I brought her home she started having severe diarrhea. I took her to the vet and they said it was just an upset stomach and gave me some pills. It got worse from there and I took her back and they found out she had hookworms and parvo. I took her back to Petland for a refund and they were extremely rude and would not do anything for me. I said I wanted a refund so finally they gave me a phone number to call and said I could leave the dog with them. The next day I called the number. They denied my refund and said I abandoned the dog at the store, and since they treated it they now take ownership of the dog.


Peter of Orlando, FL

Original review: Aug. 13, 2016

DO NOT BUY A PUPPY HERE! My partner and I came in on March 10th to look at dogs and fell in love with a fluffy Siberian Husky. We made the decision to get the dog and finance him. The sales associate Victoria told us the dog was 3,000 dollars and we were able to talk her into taking off 200 dollars. They asked if we wanted the shopping spree and they said it was gonna be an extra hundred and we would get all our supplies. It sounded like a good idea so we decided to go ahead and do it.

We went over the puppy contract and they told us with our dog we get warranties, training etc. Everything sounded good so we went forward with the dog. The first day we noticed our pup was very lethargic. We took him to the vet during the three day vet policy petland had. Petland disclosed that he has kennel cough however, when we brought him in they told us he also had pneumonia and worms.

We returned for the next seven days to get his shots to get him better which was a huge inconvenience and when we told Petland they couldn’t care less. They covered everything except for the seventh day which was an extra 45 dollars out of my pocket. After all the medicine my dog was still sick. I called petland to make sure since my dog was still ill that petland would cover it and the associate assured me they would. I went to the vets and this wasn’t the case. They didn’t cover anything and I had to spend an extra 80 dollars which I did not have at the time. Shortly after I got my payment book and saw they were asking for over $4000 dollars which I did not understand because they told me 2800 plus the shopping spree.

After fighting with the finance companies and petland for months I finally was able to receive the invoice which took four months to get because they sent it to an email I did not give them nor do I own. As I saw the invoice I became furious because the training, puppy for life program etc was all additional prices that accumulated to over a thousand dollars more. As well my dog was not three thousand but 3,176 dollars and the shopping spree was hundred more. None of which was told or shown to me. They made seem all the training and everything as inclusive. I received no invoice or receipt or not vocal confirmation of the price and they reviewed no contract with the 4,000 amount just the contract for my puppy. I never even used the training program and various other items and could care less about the warranties.

When I called petland to voice my complaint I spoke to Wagner and he told me he would email head of corporate to see if they could do anything and he would call me in two days. I called a week later after hearing no word and the manager Scotty told me that Wagner was going on a week vacation and that he will call and see if he got any update.

I asked Scotty to call me back even if there is no update and let me know when at least Wagner will be back so I could call and follow up. I never heard back from both of them. I got in contact with the loan company and they contacted the store owners or so they told me and they didn’t care at all and would not help. I emailed the store twice and called to get a hold of the store owner so I could sit down and resolve my discrepancy amicably and I never heard back.

I spent hours on the phone with this company, loan company, corporate etc. Spent hours of my life over this issue, lost hours of sleep, and it created so much anxiety in my life for the past 5 months. I have never done business with a company with such bad customer service, lack of care for their customers and animals. I have two other friends who got their dogs from this company both of which said their dogs were very sick as well. I will never do business with this company again. Not only did they lose a customer but they made an enemy. I will spread the word about my experience over social media, blogs any outlet I can find, encourage everyone I know to never go to this company and tell all my friends to write negative reviews on this company. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!


Haley of Apopka, FL

Original review: Aug. 2, 2016

We bought a puppy from Petland in Waterford lakes last Saturday and he passed away Tuesday morning. They wouldn’t refund our money so we got another dog and took him to the vet and checked out fine. 2 days later we are back at the vet and he had kennel cough, a very serious parasite and ear infection. He got worse as the day went on. After arguing with Petland we finally got our money back but had to return that poor puppy. I couldn’t go through losing another dog. Please don’t buy a dog from these people. They sold us 2 sick dogs and they know they are wrong. These places should be shut down. They are cruel disgusting people. My heart breaks for all these animals.


  1. of Resaca, GA

Original review: July 23, 2016

I purchased two male poodle mixes in May 2016. One was advertised as a miniature poodle. However, AKC advised he was a mix, and the vet concurred. The “miniature poodle” was not as energetic as the other puppies and very tiny. I noticed a severe cough…after I had held him and fallen in love. The young saleswoman said it was probably a hairball. Another salesman said it was nerves. Given his lethargy and severe wet cough, I immediately thought it was kennel cough. They said they would treat him over the next 4 days with a nebulizer and I could pick him up on Saturday. I foolishly signed the contract and adopted him.

When I picked him up, he did seem somewhat livelier but still coughed. I was told to make an appointment with their vet the following week. I made it for that Monday. While picking up my baby, I also adopted a schnoodle who had severe mats in his long hair (only his butt was shaved down; I can only speculate because he had poopy stuck in his hair) and severe tear stains on his face. Even the same young saleswoman who sold me the first poodle agreed that his hair was in bad condition. I said, “this is neglect”; and with that I adopted him too. My heart broke for them both.

I immediately had problems with both dogs. The miniature poodle mix was extremely sick, coughing all night, sleeping a lot and not eating much. He was only 3 pounds to begin with and wasn’t thriving. The schnoodle was aggressive and bit the poodle. I was overwhelmed. I tried calling the PAWsitive Solutions hotline, but no one returned my call. I called and spoke with the saleswoman who was very short with me at first, but when I told her I had to find a good home for the schnoodle so that I could concentrate on getting the poodle well, she was more than happy to volunteer her aunt.

I just spent a fortune on a sick puppy and a severely neglected puppy that this saleswoman received commission on. There was no way I was going to let her have my baby. So, I gave the schnoodle, not sold, gave, to the groomer after breaking down in tears. By the time PAWsitive Solutions got back to me, it was too late. I had re-homed the schnoodle and broke the contract. I did what was right for both of them. The poodle at first showed what I thought were signs of improvement while on an antibiotic and steroid, prescribed by Petland’s approved vet. However, he had an adverse reaction to the steroid and his respirations were significantly increased.

I tried calling PAWsitive Solutions, but it was after hours. Likewise the vet’s office. I knew it would break contract, but I rushed him to the ER 40 minutes away. I was told to discontinue the steroid. They offered to keep him overnight, but Petland would not reimburse me unless it was with their vet, so I took him the next day to their vet. The vet took him off all meds, including the antibiotic and “observed” him over the long holiday weekend. They declared him better, so I took him home. His cough became worse each day, and he was lethargic. I videotaped every episode, every day.

I brought him back several times. Petland never reimbursed me. Instead, they gave me a Petland gift card for the amount of his first vet visit only. I was emotionally, physically and financial exhausted. Finally, on his last visit to the vet, the vet heard the wet cough we had been hearing every day and gave him a chest x-ray. The vet diagnosed it as severe bronchitis and prescribed morphine, no antibiotics. When I asked about antibiotics, I was told they would not help. The next day, Saturday, my baby was worse. He barely lifted his head. His nose was warm, and his cough was worse. I called PAWsitive Solutions, but the phone just rang off the hook. I finally was able to leave a message.

The next day, Sunday, I felt my puppy boy would die if he didn’t get the help he needed. So, in desperation, I called a reputable dog rescue. They were very concerned and took swift action. I didn’t want to lose my second boy, but I would have done anything to save him, including signing my rights away. The next day, the rescue company drove miles to pick up my baby and take him to a veterinarian. He was diagnosed with pneumonia. PAWsitive Solutions, Petland’s help line, finally called me back on Tuesday. Too late again. However, they said they would speak to the owner to see if they could help me in any way.

I knew they weren’t going to do anything to make it right, because I broke their iron-clad contract by re-homing the puppies and taking one to the ER. Still, I had hope they would care enough about their puppies and customers to do something; therefore, I filed a complaint through the BBB. Petland’s response was to copy sections of the contract and call me a liar by stating the schnoodle’s hair was not matted and accusing me of not contacting PAWsitive Solutions. Eyewitness accounts, pictures and videos, and phone records back up my statements. Please, I urge anyone wanting to adopt a puppy or any pet to adopt from a rescue, shelter, or reputable breeder. Please do not buy any pet from Petland.


Cristhiane of Miami, FL

Original review: July 20, 2016

I need help. Bought a dog that has not eaten or sleep since we bought it three days ago. Back from veterinarian and dog has respiratory infection. Tried to come to an agreement to the store Petland plantation and they offered me to re home the dog and I would still pay for the amount of 2,650 USD. I am lost and frustrated. Anyone on same issue? What should I do. If you Reading this do not buy anything at this place. My dog is sick here since day 1 and has not touched food even after veterinarian. I am video all so I can look for laws that may help my case. What a terrible experience for my Family and the poor dog. Please help me if you are an attorney and think this is Worth fighting for.



Kelly of Plano, TX

Original review: July 12, 2016

My puppy came down with Parvo, a very expensive disease to treat with around a 60% survival rate, but we had a 14 day viral warranty. They did not notify potential customers of the infected puppy when I let them know, which makes me wonder if they had knowingly sold puppies with Parvo prior to me without posting that information. They will not pay for medical bills. Let me qualify that – they have compensated me for the price of the dog and state that is all that they are willing to do, even though the warranty has no cap. The price of the dog pales in comparison to the vet bills.

They will tell you that their warranty only covers bills if you use their vet, but their vet REFERRED me to somewhere else. Their vet also gave her the wrong electrolytes and about 2/5 of the plasma she should have been given for treatment, indicating that her care was sub par. I hope this helps you make an informed decision about buying a dog from this company. I would not recommend this store to anybody.


TAMIKA of Merrillville, IN

Original review: July 10, 2016

So the next morning I asked some friends that has Shih Tzu and they told me to feel his ears and that he might have a fever. I did just that and he was very warm and he was looking very pink and just laying around with no energy. So I called customer service and they told me to return the pet so when I got to the store at 11am when they opened they immediately demanded 500 from me because it was nothing wrong with him according to the manager. I asked for her to take his temperature in front of me and she refused. She took the puppy in the back and returned 5 seconds later with another worker who stated he is fine his temperature is 102.5 which is normal for a dog. I asked if I can see it. They looked at each other and started demanding 500 for his return. I kept telling her I wanted the puppy but if he’s sick I didn’t want a sick puppy. The manager suggested that I take him to the vet if I didn’t believe her but I needed to give her 500.

After going round and round with her I gave her the 500 in which I felt I shouldn’t had to since I didn’t have the puppy for 24 hours in my care. So now I have an upset child whom was attached to the puppy and I’m out of 750. 500 for his return and 250 for food, insurance, toys, cage, and etc. that I was convinced at the store to buy and was told everything was non-refundable once I returned him. Petland is selling sick puppies and I am heartbroken that I had to give my sick puppy back but I’m pissed that I had to give them 500 back for a sick puppy I spent 1500 on. Where is the justice here? I’m out of money with no puppy. I do not recommend Petland for nothing but dog food. And I demand my 500 back!!


Lisa of Lewis Center, OH

Original review: April 13, 2016

I will never EVER step foot inside a Petland ever again. I’m seeking further action, if Possible. This store was going to run my credit. I started filling out an application out of curiosity, to see how much a puppy was that they had. I stopped myself, and told the rep to destroy it, shred it, whatever needed to be done. I started to sign it. I only put the letter L, then completely scratched it out. I have the photo document of this supposed contract that I signed. When I got home, I started getting phone calls, about a revolving bank account, and some other companies that wanted to loan me money. I contacted Petland to get some information. He chastised me and accused me of completing an application that never was fully completed. I sent in a complaint to the Ohio Ag office, they are of absolutely NO HELP.

Meanwhile, Petland sends back a letter, stating here is the application that I filled out and completed. It’s technically, not fully completed. There are scratch lines on the document where there was supposed to be a signature. They claim that’s a signature which it’s not and the application isn’t even complete, yet they are swearing it’s completed. This is far from over. They have several companies calling me, wanting me to open an account after I asked them NICELY to please not run my credit. I was honest with them and told them my credit isn’t that great. This company has to be stopped!!! I am completely disgusted that this company would think scribbled lines, is a signed document? Who the heck employs these managers? I will be seeking legal counsel.


shawn of Pewaukee, WI

Original review: April 9, 2016

My family recently purchased a chihuahua from Petland in Hoffman Estates Illinois. We drove from Wisconsin so we took her to our vet the next day for a checkup and a stool sample. Two days later the vet called and said the puppy had two different parasites in her stool and it wasn’t surprising to him because her papers stated that she came from Missouri and several puppy mills are located in that state. He prescribed three different medications. Since a Petland vet did not exam our puppy we did not receive reimbursement. We called Petland because we wanted the remaining chihuahua in their store to get their stool tested for parasites but no one seemed concerned. The chihuahua was in the same cage with ours and born on the same date, Jan. 12, 2016 so they may be littermates from the same breeder. Whomever adopts her needs to have her tested for intestinal parasites immediately. I am concerned for this puppy’s health!


Erika of Dalton, GA

Original review: March 18, 2016

I have purchased two puppies from the Dalton GA store and both have been excellent. One pup did have a cherry eye, which is completely normal for the breed and Petland paid for the removal surgery. The best way to handle buying from any pet store is find an associate who knows what they’re doing. Ask for a supervisor or an older employee who has more knowledge and can give you more details on the puppy. When there are 30+ puppies in one area some are bound to get sick like an elementary school.


Lisa of Fargo, ND

Original review: March 10, 2016

A quick web search finds hundreds of complaints about Petland stores across the country, of 3 main types: selling sick animals from puppy mills; falsely claiming animals are registered purebred to inflate the asking price; and promising free vet care and not delivering (over 500 complaints on, and 154 more at Now I want to warn everyone that Petland’s financing can be just as shady as the rest of their operation. At the Topeka, KS Petland, my Army son and his wife purchased a cat (a purebred ‘Teddy Bear’ registered with United Feline Association but I can find no such recognized breed or registry online), and were told there would be no interest for 12 months on their financing. They made a down payment and started paying a monthly amount that would pay off the balance in 12 months.

Imagine their shock when several months later they discovered they are being charged 29.99% interest! They’ll be paying much longer than 12 months, and way more than the original amount agreed to. The loan is financed by Military Credit Service. The papers they signed said nothing about interest. MCS blames Petland for not accurately describing the terms of the loan, but the MCS online loan statements don’t give the interest rate either. Neither Petland nor MCS will honor the no interest for 12 months verbal promise. MCS has been sued in the past by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and been found guilty of violating the Truth in Lending Act by failing to properly disclose the terms and interest rates of its loans.

Some Petland franchises may be run by honest people, but quite a few seem to use deceit as their business model: please, do your research before buying a pet at your local Petland, and insist on a written statement of the interest and fees of the loan or credit card they set up for you. Please re-post, & hopefully you’ll save someone else from being screwed by scumbags!


Tara of Acworth, GA

Original review: Feb. 28, 2016.

I recently moved to Georgia and I wanted to bring a dog in my home. I saw Petland and decided to go in the store to see what pets they have. Immediately I saw the puppy of my choice, Weimaraner. I Sat in the booth with the puppy and he seemed okay. So I decided to proceed with my purchase. I called the day before and a woman told me they had adoption available but when I was in the store they told me they do not have such policy, I would be purchasing. I thought that was weird for another employee to say one thing. Anyway, I proceeded with the purchase. The puppy was 2900. When I brought the puppy home, he immediately started with what I thought was Kennel Cough. He threw up everywhere in my home. Petland had me purchase the same dog food they were giving him and when I fed him that night he kept throwing it up.

The dog kept me up all night. I knew something was wrong. I have a friend who is a vet. I took him in and while she was checking him out, I did research on who the breeder was, to only find out that he had come from a Puppy Mill. I was furious. My friend came out to let me know that he was very sick and I would have to pay lots of money to keep him healthy and to not give him that food he was eating because he does not like it. He kept throwing it up. I took him back home, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford a lot of medical expenses at that time especially since I just moved out here. So I contacted the store to return him and they told me I would have to contact Pawsitive Solutions. When I called Pawsitive Solutions no one answered. I also did a search on reviews of Petland & Pawsitive Solutions and the reviews were TERRIBLE. They said Pawsitive Solutions does not answer the phone. So after reading that I called again.

When the guy finally answered, he told me (with an attitude) that he was sorry he didn’t get to my calls even though I called a minute apart. He was stuck on the phone with someone else. I asked him, so are you the only one answering phones? He didn’t answer and just said what could he help me with. I told him I wanted to return the puppy. He asked me why, and I told him exactly what I mentioned above. He said I wouldn’t get my full refund that I owe 25% of what I paid.

Supposedly, it was in a paper that I “electronically signed.” It didn’t make sense, especially since I didn’t have the puppy for a long time. I had him for less than 20hrs, if that. He told me that is what’s in their contract. I explained to him that no one told me that, all they told me was that I had up to 48hrs to return him and he said the reason they didn’t was “What were the odds of someone returning a puppy in less than 24hrs” and I told him that I didn’t think that was fair and I wanted a full refund.

I did not want to keep the puppy longer than 24hrs because then I wouldn’t have been able to return him. So when I went to the store to return him, I received a call from Pawsitive Solutions, to ask me how was I enjoying my puppy, I told him that I was returning him. I then said, “So I know you guys get your puppies from puppy mills” and the agent said ” YES ” and I said thanks for confirming that, and then went into detail about how I should be given my full refund. He told me if I speak to the store manager they would give it to me. Do you think they gave it to me? Of course not. Poor doggy wouldn’t stop throwing up. When I told the manager that the puppy didn’t like the food, she ignored me. I really hope that puppy goes to the rightful owners & not someone who will not take care of him, because he needs a lot of attention.


Tracy of Shawnee, KS

Original review: Feb. 25, 2016

Bought a Vizsla puppy at the Independence Petland and he had Kennel cough and a bacterial infection. Was doing better but 2 weeks later he has pneumonia. Emma in Liberty please contact me. We are planning a protest to get these area Petlands shut down.


Janet of Topeka, KS

Original review: Feb. 23, 2016

It really happened to granddaughter. She used her money to buy bunny from Petland. The bunny was sick. Was taken to get vet. Said animals from there weren’t very healthy. Bunny died. Went to Petland to let them know wanted refund. They was told they didn’t buy the rabbits water bottle or food from them the warranty was void. She spent her own money for rabbit 55.00 and vet bill 46.00. When they told Petland what the vet said about the bunny’s health they didn’t seem concerned. It just wasn’t about the money. The other bunnies are problem – going to die as well. The kids were really upset. They have other rabbits, it’s not like they didn’t know how to take care of it. I looked up online. They are known to dump dying or unsellable pets in their dumpster. It on the internet. I’m sure other pet stores do it. Buyer beware and shame on you Petland the one in Topeka KS at mall.


Merry of Unit B, IA

Original review: Feb. 9, 2016

I adopted a tiny Teddy Bear from Petland Iowa City, on January 2, 2016. I listened to a sales pitch, which has since proven false. I was promised coverage for medical expenses that surfaced after we took the puppy home, like cold or bug that clearly could have been contacted from other puppies. I was told that their vet would have to examine my puppy within 5 days of adoption. Not being from Iowa City, I took my new pet to well known clinic in my town. After a careful lengthy exam, the Vet. told me that my puppy had an irregular heartbeat. I returned to Petland, where they told me that it probably developed after I took the puppy home! Really! They suggested that I contact Jennifer at their warranty center.

Before calling Jennifer, I took my puppy to the Petland Vet. She looked at my puppy, and listened to her heart. She told me that during the ‘check in’ exam, she was only listening for heart murmurs! Then she confirmed that the heart beat was irregular, and suggested that I make an appointment with the Eastern Iowa Specialty clinic, and have a cardiology work-up! My next step was to contact Jennifer at Petland Warranty Service. They don’t take calls, you have to leave a message.

Days later they will tell you to send a copy of your warranty, vet. paper, and itemized list of treatment needed plus estimated cost. Since completed their requested information, I have made several additional contacts via email, but have heard nothing! It is clear that the warranty is not a ‘real’ thing! And Petland does not stand behind the health and quality of its animals… In one Petland review a person said they were encourage to purchase $200 in products they didn’t need. That price is now $400! Pets do not need a vitamin supplement, their food should provide the needed vitamins. The ‘no chew’ spray just encourages licking, and is of no help, either. The water bottle leaked and my puppy had no clue what to do with it, etc.


Connie of Wichita, KS

Original review: Jan. 18, 2016

1/14/16 I went to Petland Wichita to purchase a puppy for my fiance, for his birthday. As I look at four possibilities, I pick a ten week old german shepherd. As I visited with the puppy I noticed that she was not as active as the other puppies. I also noticed a cough. The lady I was dealing with just blew it off as the hiccups, so I let it go thinking she was experienced at her job. Now during the sales pitch that all of Petland employees are required to do, they stated that if when you get your pet home and they are sick due to a viral infection contracted from our store and our recommended vet, we suggest you use within the four day due date to get your animals first physical finds that if she has any virus no matter what type that we will pay and are fully responsible for little did I know.

So I bought the puppy anyway. Got Anna home, and my fiance noticed she wasn’t an active puppy like normal, he quote; said she’s sick. The next day I took her to my vet and he asked how long has she had this cough. I told him I just met her last night and she had the cough. The vet made note of it. the Petland employee also stated that she may have a little diarrhea for a couple of days due to her new environment. So I took that into consideration as well. Thursday night she played with my other pets in spurts, but mostly laid around coughing a lot, and drinking lots and lots of water, no eating. Friday morning and throughout the day, she played even less, no eating at all and more pooing almost liquid to no substance.

Saturday morning I wake up to my living room full of 20-30 piles of throw up and diarrhea. At this point I was fuming, know the petland knew they had sold me a very very sick dog. I called positive solutions, and told them I had been to my vet the prior day and I read off to them the notes my vet had written. I informed them of Anna’s condition and they suggested I take her to Petland’s doctor immediately. The doctor on call xrayed Anna’s chest and confirmed that she did contract bronchitis from petland. She stated that she was also borderline pneumonia and was 7% dehydrated and needed to go to the emergency hospital. The vet called petland during the visit in the exam room, and informed them of her condition and she needed an IV and medicine, also she needed to go to the emergency hospital.

Petland refuse emergency care and denied care at petland due to they don’t have the equipment to accommodate her needs. They suggested we take her back home. They finally accepted anna back at petland and are (they say they are giving her hydration and meds). I called positive solutions and ask for a pre-approval vet visit after released from petland. Just to have peace of mind at their expense, because we are not there to make sure anna is getting medical help. Positive solutions are to get back with me.


Daryl of Mc Donald, TN

Original review: Jan. 9, 2016.

On November 14, 2015, I purchased a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Prices are not posted in the store. After I took the puppy into the play area I asked the price. I was not quoted a price until I listened to the long sales pitch about their healthy puppies and all the products you receive with your purchase. Finally, at the end, the price of $2300 was revealed. It included $200 for products that I did not need, but was required to purchase. Although this was far beyond my budget, I fell in love with the puppy and purchased it. The salesperson then walked me through the store picking up all the items I needed for the Puppies for Life Program – an additional $60. I was assured they do not buy puppies from puppy mills, only happy and healthy puppies.

While holding the puppy I noticed congestion sounds and she was extremely quiet for a puppy. I was assured she was healthy, maybe a mild case of kennel cough. Her quiet nature was typical of the breed. We had previously owned a beagle and Dalmatian so this was possible. I assumed she would be more playful once she adjusted to her new home.

Once all this was completed, I was shown the contract that required a visit within 4 business days to their contract veterinarian. The first salesperson told me I could take it to my vet because I lived an hour away. The salesperson in charge of the contract told me I had to take it to their vet, but just for the initial visit where any medical issues would be resolved free of charge. Of course, their vet was not available on Saturday – the day of purchase. At one point their contract states the puppy must be under the care of a licensed veterinarian for limited one year warranty. Later it states they will not pay for diagnostic testing or bills from other veterinarians. Again, you are assured that your puppy is healthy and any issues will be resolved at the initial required visit.

Over the weekend, the puppy just wanted to sleep. She was really not interested in eating or drinking. They had advised me at purchase that overexcitement could lead to a hypoglycemic puppy (which is not covered in their limited warranty) so I let her rest. By Monday, I was becoming more concerned about her behavior and congestion. I contacted their contract veterinarian and set up an appointment for the following afternoon.

Upon arrival, I described my concerns to the receptionist. The veterinarian took the puppy out of the examining room. When she came back, she told me the puppy had an intestinal parasite, coccidia. I asked again about the congestion and my concerns were dismissed. I was given medication for the coccidia, no follow-up or retesting needed. Just keep trying different food until I found one the puppy liked. At the end of the visit, I was informed I was responsible for paying for the medication (free visit?) and delivering the invoice to Petland Dalton which I took care of that afternoon. A week later, I received my reimbursement in the form of a store credit to Petland.

The following day we took the puppy to our veterinarian due to a lack of confidence in Petland’s veterinarian’s diagnosis and our puppy was still not eating. At 3.5 pounds, our veterinarian told us to bring her in immediately. They gave our puppy shots and medication for diarrhea and to help with her appetite. We were told to bring her back in 2 days for a follow-up. At her follow-up appointment on November 20th, our veterinarian performed blood work and x-rays that revealed pneumonia and blood deficiencies. The puppy was put on antibiotics for the pneumonia. She had several follow-up visits over the next week, at one point receiving fluids by IV. She was fed at home with a syringe.

On November 30th, the puppy had not shown expected improvement. She was transferred to the University of Tennessee Veterinary Hospital and admitted to the ICU on December 1st with a feeding tube and in an oxygen tent. A surgical procedure was performed under anesthesia to determine the cause of her pneumonia. A culture obtained during that procedure also revealed the presence of bordetella. After 4 days at UT, she was released with specific instructions at home which included antibiotics several times a day for 30 days. She returned to UT on December 30th for retesting and to our local veterinarian for additional follow-up appointments.

Our puppy is still struggling with some residual pneumonia and we do not know about any permanent damage. Medical expenses to date exceed $4000, not including days off from work and additional expenses for gas – UT is 90 miles from our home. Their medical report at purchase also failed to identify two hernias that appear on the breeder’s medical report two days earlier. This report was NOT presented to us at purchase, it was tucked inside a pocket of the Puppy Resource Kit. There are also medications listed that may have been from a previous parasite infection that we were not informed of.

I wrote to Petland Corporation after our visit with our vet on November 18th. I received a call from Pawsitive Solutions on November 25th offering to cover only the costs of her injections. At that time, I informed them of the pneumonia diagnosis and that there would be more medical expenses. They suggested I return the puppy to their veterinarian. I explained I was not comfortable taking our very sick puppy back to their contract vet who failed to diagnose her pneumonia or even request a follow-up.

Over the next few weeks, I received periodic phone calls from Pawsitive Solutions asking about the puppy by breed only, they never referred to her name although it was on all my documents and the veterinarian’s. I was given a fax number and told to forward all medical reports and invoices which I completed on December 1st and December 8th. Whenever I asked about reimbursement I was told someone was working on it.

On December 22nd, I received a call from Pawsitive Solutions stating they were not responsible for our puppy’s illness and they would not pay any of her medical expenses because I did not return her to their vet. They knew this from the beginning, so I am not sure why they kept requesting reports and invoices. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau on December 22nd. On January 2nd, Petland’s response continues to deny responsibility for her illnesses (that were clearly contracted in their facility – we do not have any other pets at home) or medical expenses. They claim their vet did not address her congestion because she did not have a cough! There is another BBB report from a few weeks before our purchase at Petland Dalton. Their vet unsuccessfully treated another puppy for pneumonia and it was transferred to another facility. With this knowledge, diagnostic testing should have be completed at the first visit.

We have since conducted online research and are shocked by the number of complaints against Petland. Different pets and locations, but the same story. Pet families left with huge medical bills trying to save their pets and no support from Petland. Their claim that they do not buy from puppy mills also appears to be false. The Humane Society conducted an undercover operation in November 2015 that included several Petland stores in Georgia. This report can be found on their website. I encourage all perspective buyers to research the internet before conducting business with Petland. Photo of our puppy is from the evening of purchase.


Daniel of Monroe, MI

Original review: Dec. 31, 2015

My wife and I were very interested in purchasing a puppy and the saleslady stressed we needed to apply for their private credit financing, but that the credit check inquiry would drop off after 30 days. I asked again if that is the case and she reassured us it would. When I look at my credit report it still shows up and states for 2 yrs. She also sold us on the pet packages they have and we ended up with a bunch of wasteful products, as the vet said that stuff is not necessary. Their staff is only out for themselves and will lie to make a sale. Also our puppy ended up with kennel cough, and at the vet’s another person had purchased their dog a year prior at the same location and also had kennel cough.


Nancy of Largo, FL

Original review: Dec. 30, 2015

course, we fell in love with him. We filled in an application and were never told that it gave them the right to go into our personal records. I understand this is illegal, according to one of the complaints below. In any event, we were astounded at the price they were asking, $1600.00. They explained that they do not buy from puppy mills but rather from AKA approved breeders, and, the dogs were all AKA inspected prior to their sale. I am sure now that was an outright lie.

When we were about to leave, although we had fallen in love with several of the same breed, how can one not, they said they had one that had been there a “little too long” and that we could have him for $800.00. Since we figured this was a “game” they were playing once they were sure we were leaving, and reduced the price be because of that. We were told to see their Vet within 4 days. We had just had our old dog down and were very happy with our own vet so the very next day we took him there only to find out that he had Kennel Cough. Knowing how hard this is to get rid of, and how long it would be before he could socialize with other dogs, we decided to take him back.

When I called the store and told them about it the reply from whoever answered the phone was “Well, what do you want to about it?” I said that we may have to return the dog and wanted a full refund of our money paid plus the cost of vet bills and medications. They said they would. I gave him the meds ordered and when they were all gone he seemed to be getting worse. I called the number on the card the day after Christmas and said, although we were becoming very attached to him that we would have to take him back. The woman to whom I spoke said “you own this dog”, we can’t take him back. My response was “you sold us a sick dog and no matter what you say, I will be returning him.” She then said “well you’re over the warranty period of 14 days.” We purchased him on Dec. 13 and that was on Dec. 26. Also Christmas Day had been included in that period of time.

Once again I told that she had sold us a sick dog and, no matter, what we have the right to return him. When, once again, she advised me that she was the one who made the decisions and that, no, she wouldn’t take him back and return our money. I then suggested that the newspapers, the readers of facebook, consumeraffairs, would be most interested in hearing about this. She then said “take him to your Vet and see what he says.” He said that it would take two or three more sets of prescriptions to get rid of this. We had fallen in love with the little so were so relieved to find that there was a light at the end of the tunnel, so we happily kept him.

None of this makes it right for them to have sold us a sick pet.. I will call regarding their reimbursing the monies spent on the Vet and the medications as they come along. This been a long letter, and I apologize. However, I just feel this needs to be documented. Thank you for any follow up you do. Unfortunately I am unable to add the receipt, I was unable to figure out how to do it. I do however have the receipts and I will keep them.


Carly of Cedar Rapids, IA

Original review: Dec. 17, 2015

I went in to look at puppies at Petland in Iowa City, IA in November of 2015. I knew I wanted to purchase the puppy and the employee ** told me I had to fill out an application. After filling out the application, she came back and told me I had been approved for 2 different credit cards. Not only did she not tell me she was pulling my credit, she lied to me about the application. She did not tell me it was a credit card application but said it was for purchasing the puppy.

I work in the financial world and it is ILLEGAL to pull someone’s credit without their knowledge, consent, and purpose. This can potentially ruin someone’s credit and most people who go to buy a dog don’t want to finance it via a Petland 29.99% APR credit card. I chose not to use their card to pay for my dog, but I still received their credit card in the mail. I immediately called and cancelled the card because I did not want to have it open due to their lack of communication and blatant lying.


Emma of Liberty, MO

Original review: Dec. 17, 2015

We bought a Siberian husky that was 2 months after Christmas and I have always wanted a dog and I fell in love with this one so we brought it home and I noticed that it would only be playful outside when we brought it inside. I noticed it would go right to a corner and lay there. I couldn’t get it to play or anything unless we were outside and the next day we brought it with us to weber’s carpet instead of leaving it home alone. And it started throwing up everywhere and then it had diarrhea and so we called the vet and Petland said bring it back but the fee is 500 dollars. But we took it back because we would spend more money at the vet even though we should have done that because they still have all our money. And they gave us a sick dog so they should have given us our money back.

And It had parvo and that was my first dog ever and Now it’s gone so if anybody would like to team up with me to get them shut down and get the puppies to a better place because they treat their pets terrible on the website. I don’t know if any of you guys have seen this on their website but it says our pets are healthy and in good shape when they come home with you because we give them weekly/daily checkups. That’s a lie if this many people are complaining so who’s with me on trying to shut them down and getting the puppies to a better place and get our money back if they took your money too. I’m in, are you. Help the animals.


diana of Columbus, OH

Original review: Dec. 8, 2015

I am a college student who one day sporadically decided to go play with puppies. I walked into the store and immediately fell in love with a teacup 8-week old male Yorkie. He was only 1.1 lb and just arrived to Petland. I asked the price and they said an absurd amount $3,800. I am originally from California and dogs are not even close to the price that Petland advertises. After going back and forth I decide to purchase the dog, as soon as I finished signing all the paperwork. The lady later tells me, “Oh just so you know he has a mild cold here’s some medication.” So after a couple of days I notice my puppy isn’t eating and due to the size the little ones need to eat consistently to not suffer from a Glycemic episode.

After 5 days of having him I wake up Sunday morning and see that he is very lethargic and isn’t responding. I immediately call Petland and they request me to their local veterinarian who happens to be closed because it’s a Sunday. They tell me to take him to an emergency veterinarian. I take him to the OSU Vet hospital. They immediately take him in and check him into the ICU. He stays the night there and I pick him up the next day, the vet tells me that he has suffered from a Glycemic episode due to being sick from Bronchitis leading to him not eating. The vet lets me know that if I did not bring him in that very second he would have died.

I immediately call Petland to inform and complain that first off, they sold me an ill dog and wasn’t disclosed this information prior to purchase. Second, are they going to reimburse me his $741.00 vet bill that I paid not even a week ago of purchasing this dog on top of the $3,800 I just paid for a healthy puppy? After multiple phone calls with Pawsitive Solution I was reimbursed only 65% of my money back and the rest store credit at the store. I decided to reason with that and wanted it to be over. After purchasing this Yorkie in March, I go back to the same Petland in November where I bought my teacup male Yorkie and decided to purchase a female teacup Yorkie for $2,700.

After signing the papers again for her, the worker hands me medication and lets me know that “She is suffering from a mild cold.” After being a little puzzled and having flashbacks that both dogs I bought were sent home with medication from Petland and my male Yorkie almost died due to being so ill, I decided to give Petland another try. The WORSE MISTAKE EVER! After 3 days of having my female Yorkie I noticed she had a terrible cough, and she kept throwing up everywhere. I immediately take her to Petland’s local veterinarian where the vet lets me know she is suffering from pneumonia and needs to be admitted. She ends up being admitted for 5 days. After being very upset I pick her up from the vet and take her home. The vet lets me know that she is still suffering from an upper respiratory infection which won’t be completely healed until 3-4 weeks.

I take her back home while I am still trying to juggle finals weeks and after a couple of days she starts to throw up again and is having a very bad itch on her bottom. I once again take her to the vet where they tell me she is fine and nothing is wrong with her. After going back and forth between school and vet trips, I pick her up the next day and take her home. She is doing fine and I am still giving her medicine for the upper respiratory infection. After a few days of comprehending what these last 2 weeks consisted of, the stress, tears, and money this company has put me and the puppies through. I refuse to pay a penny of the $2,700 that my second dog was worth. After many back and forth calls with Pawsitive Solution, they offered me only full refund of the puppy. They always mentioned on the phone, “We want what is in the best interest of the puppy.” Which was complete **.

They would not even consider 50% or anything off the price of her. They said the veterinarian costs were enough to compensate me. Keep in mind my second Yorkie I received ill, without being disclosed this information prior to the purchase of the puppy. After thinking long and hard about this situation, I decided that after 2 weeks of having my girl Yorkie I will be returning her back to Petland and will not continue funding this sick company. It’s a shame and heartbreak that my girl Yorkie had to be caught in the crossfire, but the more people who continue to buy from these places will keep funding these poor sick dogs being sold. Unfortunately I was one of these people, and it took this story to break the cycle. I brought the girl Yorkie into the Petland store I purchased her from and saw the lady that sold me my first teacup male Yorkie who is still healthy and living at my parent’s house in California.

She immediately starts to bash me saying, “You’re giving up on your dog, so when a dog is sick you just leave it.” Being very saddened that I have to already return the female Yorkie this lady who clearly has no idea what the situation is about is telling me that this is my fault. This company needs to be shut down. They keep selling sickly high priced dogs and all the staff wants is a sale. They don’t care about the well being of the puppy because if they did they would have let me keep the girl Yorkie, but they wanted to make another sale off of her instead. They’re willing to jeopardize poor sick puppies for money. It’s disgusting. One thing I will thank Petland for is my male Yorkie because he is perfect, a very wonderful and spoiled dog. However, the experience I have had has been an absolute nightmare. Please stay far away.


Caitlin of San Antonio, TX

Original review: Dec. 2, 2015

We bought our French bulldog puppy from Petland 4 months ago. We had a few problems with the store manager before we got Kingsley, but we took our puppy home and fell in love with him. Not long after, he infected everyone with giardia, which is not surprising since I just discovered he was born at a puppy mill. After researching all of his paperwork I found out that Petland ordered him from The Hunte Corporation, a puppy broker with horrible living conditions, who bought him from a breeder who has multiple breeding violations AKA a puppy mill. So my puppy wasn’t even bred in Texas, but was shipped from Missouri! $3,800 plus hundreds of dollars in vet bills, for a sick puppy. We will never make this mistake again. Please adopt. Puppy mills and Petland need to be shut down! Don’t trust any pet store that says their dogs aren’t from puppy mills, they are LYING!


LaLa of Dayton, OH

Original review: Nov. 29, 2015

I have two dogs a terrier and a rottweiler. I have been shopping for them here for 2 yrs for the terrier, and a year for my rottweiler. My visit I spend over $100 or more. The workers were very polite, helpful an professional. The last visit I was told my dogs would receive a free bag of dog food which is Merritt no grain. One of the very nice workers referred this brand after a horrible experience with blue! I am very satisfied with this brand! Today I sent my daughter to get our free bag. She was told they don’t do that anymore. Their systems have changed. I am a very loyal customer and feel that after all of my purchases I have done only with Petland they could have honored this agreement since just three weeks ago they told me I would receive one free! I am very disappointed and feel this is poor customer service. I cannot and will not do business with Petland again.


Lisa of Spring Hill, FL

Original review: Nov. 19, 2015

My husband and I were searching for a companion to our 7 year old rescue Beagle and after searching everywhere we came across this beautiful Lemon Beagle puppy at Petland of Largo, FL. We were so excited because I had always wanted a Lemon Beagle. We purchased her on 6/11/2015 and were told by the staff at the store that she had a “runny nose” and had been on antibiotics to treat it, this was a Thursday. We took our new puppy home and everything seemed alright until Sunday night 6/14/2015 when she was lying in her bed and her head flopped to one side and her eyes rolled back in her head, she was shaking and had labored breathing. She would not respond to my voice at all and seemed to be completely out of it.

We rushed her to our emergency vet where she had to spend the night in an oxygen chamber with numerous IV fluids being pumped into her. We picked her up the next morning, 6/15/2015, to bring her home as they said she was stable and was prescribed antibiotics. On Wednesday, she was to see our regular vet for a checkup following her emergency visit. We brought her in on 6/17/2015 and were told at that time she had full blown pneumonia which she spent 3 days in our vet’s office fighting for her life. Thankfully she did recover from the pneumonia which took almost 2 months.

We contacted Petland of Largo and worked with them to have some of our money returned for the vet costs. Of course we could have brought her to “their vet” for treatment. Well I cannot drive over an hour with a puppy on the brink of death when I have a veterinarian just blocks from my house that I have used for the last 7 years. Really, they seemed to think that it couldn’t be pneumonia in that short of a time. Well that’s because she already had pneumonia from their store, so of course it couldn’t have surfaced in 4 days time. She didn’t have a “runny nose” as her papers said, that was a lie! After numerous phone calls back and forth and submitting all of our receipts to them they finally reimbursed us $687.00 out of the nearly $1,000.00 for her medical expenses, and her illnesses don’t stop there.

After the bout of pneumonia, she has developed a variety of other medical issues. She has a food allergy which now requires prescription food for the foreseeable future, a urinary tract infection and now a staph infection and conjunctivitis in one of her eyes. She suffers from severe anxiety and other behavioral problems. Our vet has determined that her immune system is underdeveloped and compromised because of her breeding. After looking into her paperwork more closely, we discovered that she did indeed come from a puppy mill (Brule Creek Kennel) in Iowa, but the breeder is listed in South Dakota. Now that seems like a red flag right there. I have never purchased a puppy from a pet store before as I have always had rescues and I can say that I never will again.

It’s disgusting that these people sell these dogs for outrageous prices knowing these animals are sick to the unsuspecting public. You are under the assumption that they are “healthy” puppies and they get them from the “best” breeders possible, well that’s just **. The only positive thing that has come out of this experience is that she ended up with my husband and myself who will spare no expense to make sure she has the best life possible. Despite her many medical issues, she’s a happy puppy and her sister beagle loves her to death.

Buyers beware. DO NOT EVER PURCHASE A PUPPY FROM PETLAND! They are misleading and are selling dogs that are sick and will probably continue to have a life of medical conditions. These stores and breeders need to be shut down. No animal deserves to live in the conditions that they come from. These are pets, not a commodity. I wish that I had done my homework before I purchased her but am grateful that I can provide her with the greatest life I can.


Alana of Redford, MI

Original review: Nov. 14, 2015

On 4/4/2015 I went into Petland Novi looking for a very specific breed of puppy after my 13 year old Siberian Husky passed away. Gage, the salesman, greeted me and my brother, and we were soon seated with my puppy Argos, who was 8 weeks old as he was born 2/2/15. When I asked the price of the dog AFTER interacting with it (this price should be clear from the get-go so they aren’t intentionally pulling at the heartstrings of their customers), I was told $3,099. I was shocked, as purebred Siberian Husky puppies typically run $1500 at most when you get them from a five star breeder. To give some background, my last husky was $600 when we bought her from a pet store.

After telling us the price and seeing the shocked look on my face, Gage quickly went into his well practiced explanation that this price was actually normal because it included extras such as vet visits and some supplies. Looking back, it certainly wasn’t a normal price in the least, especially when costly vaccinations can not be included. There is no question in my mind that Petland marks up their puppies an insane amount to get profit, and pushes the sale no matter what. My total was $3530.95. They added a mandatory microchip activation which was $200. There were also some additional supplies that weren’t included such as leash, food, etc, and sales tax. I tried getting approved for one loan for the full amount but was denied. I ended up taking out two loans, one with Petland/Comenity for $1450, and another with MCS for $1500 for a total of $2950 credit. I paid $580.85 on my debit card.

I was told by Gage that I would have 6 months to pay off my credit to defer the interest, and he certainly made this sound like it was the same for both loans. Gage gave me absolutely no information on my second loan with MCS. When I spoke with MCS on the phone at the store when we were okaying the amount, there was no mention of the interest rate, which I think is absurdly predatory. In fact, I did not know about the interest rate until I talked to one of the MCS employees after the purchase, and when I found out it was 35.83% and was shocked, they admitted that they knew that Petland was not accurately training their sales representatives concerning explaining the interest rate. Therefore, they are completely aware of their wrongdoings in this area which is another unsettling discovery.

Another issue, I did not discover until nearly two weeks after my first payment to MCS that they also added in an additional $315 for insurance that was never explained to me. Instead it is a covert, hidden, automated checkbox option that is intentionally misleading to customers. When I initially spoke to an MCS employee about getting this refunded, they told me I could after opting out, which I did. After opting out, they refused to refund the first month of insurance I paid for unknowingly, equal to $40, even though they admitted to me that they were aware that the terms of their loans were not being properly explained at the Petland stores. I tried getting recordings of the phone calls that they have but they refused to give them to me. Eventually, they ended up refunding the full $315.

At the store at the time of purchase, Gage very BRIEFLY explained that my puppy had cryptorchidism, which is a condition where one testicle has not dropped. This makes them sterile. This is the one of the only thing that Gage said about this condition. When I asked about the effects of this disorder, Gage told me that my dog would be more friendly because of the decreased testosterone. After I got home I researched the topic and found out that my dog is 10x more likely to develop testicular cancer with this condition untreated. His neuter will also be more costly due to it being more invasive.

Additionally, my puppy was sent home with a UTI from the Petland store. As soon as I brought my puppy home I noticed that he had been licking his private area and urinating frequently. I have never had a male dog before, so I figured this was normal. When I had a feeling that it might not be normal, I called and took him to the vet. Without even having to test his actual pee, they informed me he had a UTI. The reason why an actual pee test wasn’t needed is because he had such a bad UTI that his penis was covered with the white blood cells. I was told that my puppy was only in the store for a day by all of the Petland employees. If this is the case, and they get their puppies from clean and responsible locations, how did my puppy get this bad of a UTI in one day? It’s simply not possible, especially considering my puppy is male and it is even less common for them to get UTI’s in the first place.

UPDATE 11/13/15: I decided to take my puppy to a local Veterinary Clinic to get him neutered. At the exam, mandatory blood work was done on him. I received a call at work that his blood had high levels of Creatine, Potassium, and Lymphocytes. The doctor wanted to do more tests to see if something might be wrong with his kidneys before putting him in for surgery. So, we dropped him off for some testing. Dr. called to inform me that she conducted an ultrasound on my dog’s kidneys and they were not normal and she was not comfortable moving forward with the neuter at that time. She told me that she had been dreading calling me. My puppy had a highly abnormal ultrasound for a nine month old puppy. His kidneys both have cysts on them. He has crystals in his urine, impaired kidney function.

The doctor informed me this is congenital and incurable. She has seen dogs live years with this and she has seen them die extremely young. We have him on herbal supplements. Had VCA done thorough testing on my puppy when he had a UTI instead of rushing me out the door, I could have found this out and been helping my dog much, much sooner. VCA did not even do a urinalysis on my puppy when I took him in for a UTI.

I immediately tried to find the other puppies from the litter that my puppy was born from. There were three at the Petland store. One was female and the other was male. I spoke with the male puppies owner at the store, and they also lived in Redford, so I thought maybe I could find them on Facebook through community pages. Petland also left an extremely long comment on one of my statuses which I found incredibly insulting, telling me that I am misinformed when I have done hours of research on this. I ended up getting in touch with the female puppies owner who lives in Garden City.

She told me that she played with all three puppies that day to decide which to take home, and each had something wrong with them. Mine had the testicle issue, and her puppy had an umbilical hernia. She couldn’t recall what was wrong with the other puppy and I have not had luck getting in touch with that owner. The owner of the female puppy that I spoke to also talked about her awful experience at the VCA Garden City when her previous dog had a UTI, a similar experience to mine, which led her to the VCA Beech, and they have not done a urinalysis or bloodwork on her puppy either and her puppy has been spayed.

I find it disgusting that VCA Beech partners with Petland and doesn’t even do mandatory blood work or a more thorough exam when they so obviously partner with puppy mills. If they are pet lovers, as they should be as veterinarians, I don’t see how this can slip through the cracks. It is despicable that American Kennel Club, American Canine Association stand for this behavior.


destiny of Hammond, IN

Original review: Nov. 12, 2015

went with my friend to buy a dog for her. She picked out a border collie and it was outrageously price but she wanted the dog. And then I had to pet it while she went on vacation and the thing was throwing up every given the fact it came straight to my house after we bought it. We called Petland and they told us to go to the required vet. When we showed up the waiting room was full so we went to the urgent care near my house. They said the dog has gastritis which is cause by the dog being starved then feed too much food at once, or by letting the dog eat its own poop. So I call Petland to get reimbursed for all the money I just spent on the dog with the vet bills. And they told me no cause I brought it to an “out of circuit” vet. And then they hung up on me. I paid for 685.53 vet bill and 93.72 in meds. Never going to them for a single thing again.


Mia of Las Vegas, NV

Original review: Nov. 3, 2015

I bought a 10 week old male German Shepherd for 3,035.80$ at Petland located at sunset and marks. I followed all guidelines and procedures as Petland asked. I took him to the vet Petland chose, VCA black mountain animal hospital and the vet there told him he was fine and not to bring in a fecal and put him on medication for kennel cough. I wasn’t exactly happy with this because the vet spend less than 5 minutes with him. They did not care for my puppy how I liked. So I took him to a Desert Inn animal hospital and the first thing they asked for was a fecal test. He was tested and came back positive for a FULL parasite called giardia. Keep in mind we had him for about 2 1/2 weeks at this point and for giardia to become a full parasite it takes about 7 weeks. Proven paperwork stating he had not received it with us.

Also remember,100 percent of dogs housed in kennels will develop it due to the massive exposure and closely shared living spaces and that Giardia is growing resistant to many common antiprotozoal medications with the result that increasing numbers of pets can become persistent carriers. I called Petland and went in the very next day and they told me to call PAWSitive Solutions. They said to call Petland. They told me to call a different place and then another place, and I just kept running around to get almost 2000$ in vet bills covered.

4 months down the road they told me ONLY giardia is not covered and they still have not taken care of this. If it wasn’t covered then why point me in different directions when the finger actually points at you? Petland also has an INACTIVE LICENSE. They REFUSE to do anything about this. Ive seen and heard so many similar stories. Its not right.


Katrina of St. Louis, MO

Original review: Nov. 2, 2015.

In November of 2014 we decided to purchase an English Bulldog puppy. Our entire family, especially our children, fell in love with her. After a week we noticed that our puppy would not answer when we would beckon for her. She was unresponsive to loud noises and would only “bite” at our ankles when she wanted our attention. We discovered she was deaf. We immediately called the General Manger at Petland and she said that we had to have documents sent over from their contracted Vet stating there was suspicion of the puppy being deaf (completely understandable). Less than a week later I faxed the documentation to Chris as did the Vet. For 2 weeks Chris the General Manger dodged our calls until we were forced to make the 45 min drive back to the pet store with our puppy. I called prior to making the drive to make sure she would be in the store. When we arrived one of the employees told us “You all just missed her”.

I informed the young man that I just called and he needed to call her on her cell phone or call the owner and let them know there was an urgent matter they needed to attend to. The young man goes to the back and the General Manager was mysteriously back in the store and coming up front. She was very disrespectful and unwilling to listen to any of our concerns. After a hour of speaking with her she finally said “Ok, we will honor your warranty and provide you with a replacement puppy”. She advised us that we would be able to pick out a new puppy once they received the new arrivals. After another two weeks we go to pick up our new puppy, one that we did not pick out but was “hand picked” for us by the GM. On early February we picked up an absolutely adorable 9 week old English Bulldog. Again, we instantly fell in love with her.

She had a hernia surgery that was not disclosed to us in any of our paperwork but we decided not to “Fight” that because she was seemingly in good health. Fast forward to the end of October. On Saturday October 24 we noticed our 10 month old puppy did not want to walk or eat so the next morning we rushed her to the Vet (Vet contracted with Petland). The vet said he didn’t see any signs of trauma or injury and he told us she had a muscle strain. The Vet gave us a prescription and told us she should get better within the next few days. When I returned home from work on that Monday afternoon, our puppy could not walk at all. We rushed her back to the vet again and they stated she may have mild spina bifida, yes spina bifida. I’ve worked in the medical field for several years so I thought this was kinda strange.

The next day we rushed our puppy to the local Vet Specialist and after examination they stated she would need a $4500 surgery because she has a disc disease. The next morning I called Petland back and the GM stated she would like me to send over the records and I did. She told us she would not pass the information on to the breeder or the pet store owner because the documentation was not definitive enough. At this point we called PETA. To summarize a long story.

In the week of our puppy getting sick we spent $1000 going to different Vet’s in the area getting second and 3rd opinions. On 10/31 a representative from PETA called the store’s GM and she tells him, “I told the family they could put the pet to sleep and we will send off for a necropsy (autopsy).” Not once did the GM EVER mention this to us. Putting our puppy to sleep was NEVER an option but we had our backs against the wall. Rather than paying for the diagnostic MRI they wanted us to put our pet to sleep.

Unfortunately we had to make the tough decision and put our puppy to sleep after only having 9 months with her. Her health was deteriorating and no one was willing to help us. The story is not over. Now we have to wait for the results from the autopsy to prove our puppy had a cognitive or hereditary disorder for Petland to honor our warranty. After the findings are available they stated they will offer another puppy but not a full refund for the $3500 we paid. As you can probably understand. We do not want another animal from this place. The animals are sick and the customer service is absolutely disgusting.


Heidi of Hiram, GA

Original review: Nov. 2, 2015

We bought our French Bulldog in 2012. We were assured he was healthy and from good lines. In June of 2015, he started having seizures. After one month, it was determined that he has Polycythemia Vera, a rare blood disorder that requires expensive treatment to keep him alive. He is a member of our family and we love him dearly. He will have to be treated for the rest of his life (he is 3). It has cost and will continue to cost us a fortune in vet bills to treat this condition. We have since found out that he is from a puppy mill (which we were assured the puppies from Petland did NOT come from). Petland purchased him from a breeder named Becky ** who has since lost her license to breed due to deplorable conditions. We paid top dollar, $3,000, for a healthy, reputable puppy that we did not get. We feel very deceived.



Adam of Sunrise, FL

Original review: Nov. 1, 2015

We spent $3000 on a tea cup Pomeranian Puppy at Petland Plantation. We have never ever purchased a puppy before but had lost our 18 year old Pom and needed the love from another furbaby. This poor thing has been sick and still had not gotten better. We keep investing time taking her to Petlands vet which lives off all the sick Petland puppies coming in and all they do is prescribe antibiotics and a cough syrup. As soon as these run out the puppy starts with the hacking cough again.. We are at our wits ends with this situation and never any support from Petland. The worst experience ever!


Kristin of Hudson, FL

Original review: Oct. 18, 2015

On October 1st, 2015, I purchased a male English bulldog from the Petland in Bradenton Florida. Today is the 18th and I’m still battling extreme diarrhea and my dog just being miserable! He has been to a vet 3 different times. Yet the vet Petland had me go to said he was fine. He tested positive for giardia. He’s on his 3rd dose of medicine to try to get rid of this. Petland described all their pets to be 100% healthy. This is healthy! I’ve had to be home & take care of our sick puppy 24/7! My other animals are at risk and so am I! Does Petland not care of course not! How can this company sell a puppy for $4700 dollars & yet put such a burden on a family??? No I don’t want to exchange him for another sick puppy! These people should be shut down! Every puppy there has giardia and who knows what else!


Robert of Lindenhurst, IL

Original review: Oct. 1, 2015

We bought a puppy back in October 2014 for a very reasonable price. There were signs on the cages that states the dogs weren’t from puppy mills, and the staff also said the dogs weren’t from puppy mills. A little while later I looked at the paperwork and went to Google and started searching around for the breeder, immediately the breeder came up as a known puppy mill and has been cited by the police for issues. Anyways I love my dog more than anything, she’s a part of our family for life now. But I think people should be warned that they are using puppy mills and lying about it straight to your face.


Kellie of Columbus, GA

Original review: Sept. 25, 2015

Purchased the most beautiful, calm and intelligent Cocker in 2008. After about 2 or three years he started having hip problems, ear problems, eye problems, skin problems and stayed in joint pain. Took him to the vet and an x-ray revealed our precious boy was so INBRED from being in a puppy mill that he had every known allergy to Cocker Spaniels. His dog food was $30 for an 8 lb bag and $50 or $60 for the 25 lb bag. This was a necessary expense because after the vet told us allergies were causing way too many ear infections and surgery would be a must if they did not stop. Sooo on with the expensive food. He was worth it, but did not deserve the life he had.

I had to put him down Oct 2014 after facial paralysis made it hard for him to keep food in his mouth while he chewed. He could not perk his ears and could not flare his nostrils when panting. Vet diagnosed low thyroid as the cause of the facial paralysis. Not more than 4 months later overnight he became paralyzed from the hips down and was in severe pain. He was my “Jackson”… smart, well behaved, loving, a social eater (wanted you around when he ate), loved to play ball, run and all the things a 7 yr old dog does but he did not get to enjoy the other 7 or so years he should have lived.

We paid a high price for Jackson at the store and then in our hearts everyday loving him. As unfortunate as it was, he was our sunshine! Called the store, told them about the inbreeding, they asked me to look on his papers to see who the breeder was. I called them back and probably out of shame and guilt, they had already looked it up themselves and told me that they took that breeder off their “buy from” list. That was all the thanks we got from them after 7 years and thousands of dollars.


Bri of Pgh, PA

Original review: Sept. 25, 2015

I know of many BAD stories from friends that went to Petland stores. Petland does not care nor help get fur babies adopted by teaming with the local rescue leagues as most reputable pet stores do. They seem to be still trying to make large profits by buying from unkempt, unsafe, and unhealthy pet mills. Please do not shop here! If people stop buying here, this store will not exist. Adopt don’t shop! You can even find the exact breed/age/sex you wish for through adoption with just a tiny bit of patience and research. There are now many rescues that specialize in specific breeds! Boston Terrier Rescues, Retriever Rescue, Siamese Rescues, Bull Dog Rescue, and so on. If you are truly passionate to gain a new furry member to add to your family, that you will love/care for… You should wait a bit so you can find the perfect match that’s right for yours… the right way!!! PLEASE Do Not Support the Petland Stores!


Jordon of Tisdale , SK

Original review: Sept. 18, 2015

I went to Petland in Prince Albert yesterday and spent 300$ on my bearded dragon, then decided on the new tank. I wanted to buy him note 350$ tank and the general manager refused to sell it to me and attempted to sell me a 55 gallon tank for $175 with no lid. The lid wasn’t even in stock, then proceeded to tell me if I didn’t buy the tank she wanted me to buy I was a bad owner. I want to buy a tank that had a matching stand and was a 60 gallon tank. I found her extremely rude, I will never go back. If I’m wanting a specific tank and am willing to pay $350 for that tank I obviously want it, yet she refused to sell it to me, found her so rude and disrespectful. I will drive the extra 2 hours to Saskatoon for their Petland. The reptiles manager is so kind and tells me everything I need to know and doesn’t refuse anything!!


Adam of Beallsville , PA

Original review: Sept. 11, 2015

Petland in Robinson PA is a well-orchestrated scheme buyer beware. We went there with intention of just looking at puppies but kids and us fell in love which of course is easy to do. Following an extremely long application process that my wife was signing for and another employee led me around the store for supplies that was “required” to care for our new family member. Then as we were working on this whole process we were informed that we wouldn’t be able to take the puppy home due to him being on antibiotics for a “runny nose”. We needed to come back three days later to pick him up.


Samantha of Fairfax, VA

Original review: Sept. 6, 2015

I went in the store a few minutes before the opening time. The store was open because they had dog training, and I walk into a store employee putting a cocktail bird in its cage, and the bird looked washed and like he had trouble getting up as if it was put to sleep. That scene was horrible to watch. Then I look at the parakeets and they have no food. And the substrate was all dirty. I look at the puppies and it just doesn’t look right to be put where they are. I think they should be out and around, not locked in a cube kind of thing. Petland should be shut down. Also a lack of employees to help customers out.


Zakary of Andover, KS

Original review: Aug. 30, 2015

At PetLand the enclosures for exotics, birds, and rodents are all four foot by four foot open topped glass tanks. The cages are too small for nearly all of the animals – save for the hamsters – but what really upsets me about this is that they have at any time about 30 rats crammed in this big glass cell with no bars to climb in and only one big water dish (the last time I was in the store this dish was nearly empty and had a lot of feces in it) and one very small hamster wheel. Rats need two cubic feet of space per animal – a requirement not being met – and are known for having a low tolerance for ammonia.

Ammonia is found in rat urine and can cause respiratory distress and infections in rats. The largest problem with glass walled enclosures for rats- especially uncleaned ones – is that ammonia is heavier than air and sinks. The “cages” these rats have to live in are unsuitably ventilated and are the reason that my rat, Spoot, has recurring respiratory problems and stunted growth.

At PetLand the enclosures for exotics, birds, and rodents are all four foot by four foot open topped glass tanks. The cages are too small for nearly all of the animals – save for the hamsters – but what really upsets me about this is that they have at any time about 30 rats crammed in this big glass cell with no bars to climb in and only one big water dish (the last time I was in the store this dish was nearly empty and had a lot of feces in it) and one very small hamster wheel. Rats need two cubic feet of space per animal – a requirement not being met – and are known for having a low tolerance for ammonia.

Ammonia is found in rat urine and can cause respiratory distress and infections in rats. The largest problem with glass walled enclosures for rats- especially uncleaned ones – is that ammonia is heavier than air and sinks. The “cages” these rats have to live in are unsuitably ventilated and are the reason that my rat, Spoot, has recurring respiratory problems and stunted growth.


Kenneth of Rome, GA

Original review: Aug. 26, 2015

I got what I was told was an English Bulldog puppy. Turns out she is not and the AKC papers that came with her is fake. Called them about this, all they did was give me an 800 # to call and all they are doing is give me a runaround.


Julissa of Boca Raton, FL

Original review: Aug. 17, 2015

Two nights ago, my fiance and I financed a puppy with Petland. When we bought the puppy, we were told that we had a 48-hour return policy. The puppy was $3157. On our first night the dog was barking and we got a knock on our door from one of our neighbor (friendly neighbor of ours) saying that dogs were not allowed. We always assumed they were because other tenants have dogs but we didn’t know those apartments were individually owned. We didn’t want future problems so we returned the pup the next morning. The dog was also trying to throw up all night so we were worried we had a sick dog on our hands. And after reading reviews we became even more horrified and influenced our decision even more to return her. When we got to the store they told us they only refund 50%!! So we will have to pay $1800 just to return.

After speaking to the “manager” he said he was able to refund the whole amount on the financing credit card, but since we were being rude this morning, he wants us to pay 820 in CASH in order for him to refund our money! So we paid the 820 but decided not to give him cash and did it with our debit card so that we can file a claim on that money as they will have no proof that we purchased anything. We are still fighting this case. This is so unethical and outrageous and to be treated like this by a company is completely insane. Charging us because he felt we were being rude and asking for cash! I don’t know what my chances are at getting my money back, but I will try so damn hard to make sure they don’t get a penny. PLEASE STAY AWAY.


Melissa of Kansas City , MO

Original review: Aug. 4, 2015

We purchased a Zuchon puppy July 28th 2015 at the Independence, Mo store. She was a healthy looking puppy, acted good, and happy. The store was clean, and the sales people were REALLY REALLY nice and helpful. We get our little of bundle of joy home, and noticed she was scratching her ears a lot. We took her to our Vet ASAP. She had a slight yeast infection in her ears. Now that we had the puppy for a week and everyone has ooooh’d and awww’d over her, we finally had time to sit down and read through her paperwork and get her registered.

I decided to ‘google’ the breeder’s name that was given on her pedigree. I started finding articles about the breeder and how this breeder had been sited for deplorable conditions. The latest violation was 2014. The Humane society had quite a list of violations against this breeder claiming they had hundreds of dogs and referred to them as a puppy mill. I was in a bit of shock. I was hoping that the story would be that our little Zuchon puppy had been rescued and Petland was doing it’s part to help. However, the more I researched the more I found that simply is not the truth. I personally feel like a very irresponsible person for contributing to this situation.

I found the “breeder” on Facebook. They had postings that said things like STOP SUPPORTING THE HUMANE SOCIETY… That was my tip off, what type of an animal lover and advocate would picket against the Humane society? I called Petland, and of course did not receive phone call back. I have also called the Humane Society. I know I’m only one person, in what appears to be thousands of cases, and hopefully letting people know that Petland is STILL buying puppy mill puppies that have horrible conditions and charging outrageous prices will eventually gain attention. It needs to STOP Petland and it’s connections with bad breeders. As for now, we are lucky and our puppy has been okay, no major health problems, yet, she is only 10 weeks old so who knows what the future has in store.


Luis of New York , NY

Original review: July 23, 2015

There is locked Cat in a small cage by the window all night long. Animals should be freed to walk in the store and use the bathroom. This is animal cruelty.

Updated on 07/30/2015: I went back to the store because I got an email that the police went there to investigate the problem. The Police wrote me back and they stated that they couldn’t do anything because when they went the store was closed. “So break the darn door.” Why going at midnight when the store was closed. I saw this morning at 4:30 am the Cat was still locked in the cage. I am so angry at that I will never buy nothing from Petland.


April of Pittsburgh , PA

Original review: July 21, 2015

Recently a family member entered the PA Robinson location Petland. They were looking for a new kitten to join the family. Only to find 3 older kittens for sale for $300.00 each! No shots listed, no neutered/spayed info listed, and no papers on these kittens available. Most reputable pet stores that have adoptable pets work with a rescue league of some kind. Most reputable pet stores just want to place pets in need with good families. Most reputable pet stores are not trying to make a profit by selling “mill” animals at incredibly high costs for their own gain. This is sadly not the only location of Petland that has such awful standards, neglect, lack of passion, and a disgusting practice in the treatment of the animals. Please do not shop there! Even for a small pet item, like a toy, just go elsewhere. The more consumers continue to support the Petland stores, the more pets are endangered!

Do your homework when looking for a new member to your family. Try to adopt! Do not buy from breeders or stores associated with breeders. There are too many beautiful furbabies homeless, the greediness from companies trying to make money with breeding more pets is just horrific! They do not care about the mother that birthed them, or the health of the babies they keep in crates to sell, just the amount they will get for each sold is all they care about! Adopt don’t Shop!!! Rescue is so rewarding!


Annabelle of Delaware, OH

Original review: July 21, 2015

My name is Ann ** from Delaware Ohio. My husband and I just got a puppy from Petland in Lewis center Ohio on 06/24/15 and the puppy is four months old and had been at the store for a month and a half only weighing two and half pounds. He is a Pomeranian, he is very sweet. We named him Andy. We were charged $2877.22 for Andy and with finance charge the full told cost will be $4279.80. The manager at Petland said Andy came with a free package of items and I looked at her and said “no it’s not free”. The manager said “well it’s a package deal”, it will be included in my final cost. The manager said there is a coupon for (one) dog training session for two hundred dollars that I paid for and I to buy the items before we could take Andy home treats, dog food, shampoo, vitamins, a crate and many other items that we would never use.

The manager also got a cart and tried to get me to buy other items from the store. She said “follow me and let see what you can pick up for your new puppy. Maybe a new bed, put anything in the cart you like to have”. I told the manager “no I don’t want anything else”. I told her “I could get it cheaper somewhere else”. Company was trying to get more money from me. About a week after that I got a credit card in the mail from Petland for twenty-five hundred. I call right away and told them I don’t want a credit card for them and to close this account. Andy was more but the manager took thousand dollars if we take him. I knew I had to get this little puppy out of there. Andy was sick when the woman at the store handed him to me. I said “is this dog on any medicine?” She looked at me funny and said “yes he is on antibiotics, upper respiratory infection and sinus infection”.

Andy’s breathing was also raspy, mucousy. Andy was one sick little puppy and I knew I had to help him to get out of there no matter the cost. I have had Andy to my vet’s office twice in three weeks. My vet has put him on a z-pack for seven days, now he is on another z-pack for another seven days and I am also giving him breathing treatments every day for seven days. My vet told me she sees a lot of dogs from Petland who are very sick and now my other dogs with no health problems is now making raspy sounds like he can’t get his breath.

The manager also told another work to take Andy back and trim his nails before I took him home. I followed the work back and she didn’t see me following her. She was hurting Andy trying to cut his nails. I pushed the door open and said “you take your hand off him. I have my vet do his nails”, and took the puppy away from her. Most of the worker are high school students and the smell that came from the back room when I pushed the door open was awful. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME. Petland needs to be punished for the way they do business.


Topeka of Columbus, OH

Original review: July 19, 2015

On July 12th 2015 I purchased a Bichon Poo puppy from Petland Lewis Center. The sales associate ** explained the contract details to my daughter and I. Verbally the associate stated that the animal had to taken to their preferred vet within four days and if the animal got sick after that, we could take the pet to whatever vet we wanted and the visit would be covered. The puppy was also sent home with vitamins and antibiotic. (“Just as a precaution,” the associate stated) It seemed a bit odd to me, but no one mentioned that Puppy might possibly be sick.

I took Puppy to the preferred vet on Wednesday July 15th. I told the vet that the puppy had a slight cough, but the vet didn’t address the issue. Saturday, July 19th Puppy woke up coughing and not really eating his food. So we go to MedVet. Puppy was diagnosed with a mild case of pneumonia. Contacted Petland to find out if this emergency vet visit would/could be reimbursed. Petland referred me to Pawsitive Solutions. Contacted Pawsitive Solutions and was told that because we did not take Puppy to the preferred vet, the emergency vet bill MIGHT NOT be reimbursable. The preferred vet was closed (because it was Sunday evening) and the emergency number the vet had on its voicemail was the number for the MedVet clinic we took Puppy to. Still hoping for a positive resolution to this situation. Puppy’s emergency vet bill is $800+.


Michelle of Natrona Heights, PA

Original review: July 17, 2015

Purchased 3 month old bitch Feb 14, 2009 @ Pittsburgh Mills Mall, Tarentum, PA. She looked very good & was sociable, happy, etc; a couple months later, at local vet spay, discovered “extra” full set of teeth in mouth that needed to be removed, (extra cost) due to bad breeding. At age 6, discovered common breed specific eye issue that causes blindness, extreme dry eye & eye infections which is also due to poor breeding. She is partially blind on one eye & the other was starting. Extra cost for diagnosis/testing & eye meds (w/ eye lubricant OTC, too) for life to try to halt progression of blindness. She has chronic yeast infection problem in ears that even with diligent grooming, preening and fussing still provides her with distinctive ‘odor’ that is not associated with healthy, non-shedding dogs.

Impulse buy by elderly family member who knew better than to buy from a pet store! Go to a local breeder, or better yet, try your local shelter–the puppy mills operate because of franchises like Petland.


nicholas of Deerfield Beach, FL

Original review: July 14, 2015.

My wife and I go to PetLand at the Deerfield Mall in Deerfield Beach FL 3 times a week. I think we are going to another pet store. Reason being you’re too over priced, and you hire young kids that don’t want to help. They ignore you, and they’re rude and they don’t have a clue about what they’re doing. They are not trained properly, the other day I found two employees talk on their phones while helping customers and texting. This is so rude.

I asked how much were the steps for dogs, and they said 59.00 dollars. I could get them in PetCo for 39.00, in Walmart for 29.00 and at Swap Shop for 19.00 dollars so why are you overpriced. I will ban your store for that reason only, over priced, and I will tell all of my friends to ban your company, as well as my customers. I used to love your store but now I’m very upset with your pricing taken advantage of your customers, twitter, facebook, and all reputable online companies will hear from me. Very upset.


Sherri of Lakeland, FL

Original review: July 6, 2015

Purchased puppy from Petland Lakeland. I took my puppy to care animal clinic for 1 free visit as offered. The puppy was having issues w/ diarrhea and some type of rash, which was never resolved in what was causing it. Dr ** didn’t charge me for 1st set of meds for the treatment of both. But all meds after was getting more and more costly. So I called the Petland after 1st visit to see if I could return the dog and they told me “No”, that the dog would have to be basically half dead in order to return her. So I quickly realized I might be in over my head cause each Dr visit after something was wrong. The dog has been itching, scratching just miserable every since I have owned her. The Dr never did get rid of the worm/rash situation.

It started becoming a cost factor. They kept asking me if I let the dog outside at anytime. Yes to go to the bathroom. Other than that she was crated because she was a baby. She wasn’t out long enough to get fleas nor ticks and she was given the meds to prevent that. But they insisted it was from that. Knowing you cannot avoid the dog being out at some point. Just for rest room reasons alone. The dog still itches, is in misery. Has a constant smell even after I take her to groomers.

Dr visit to numerous extent haven’t been able to fix her misery yet. I’ve taken her to diff vets. Changed her food to 50.00 a bag plus. Changed her flea meds to Trifexis. Just been a nightmare for her.

Then I saw them on the news both Petland and Dr **. Checked my paperwork on the shot records and the paperwork has been altered as the news stated they were doing in a fraudulent manner. So now I don’t know what my dogs true health records should be, I have ongoing health issues ’til this day. I’m concerned they were more interested in selling a puppy than the health of the puppy and they passed expenses on to me.


Victoria of Peosta, IA

Original review: July 6, 2015.

My 13 year old Maltipoo was put to sleep May 18, 2015 after being diagnosed w/ heart disease. For nearly a year I kept her going w/ various meds and finally it was time. With much pressure from my family members to get another pup, I discovered what I thought to be a perfect breed available at Petland. I had done my research on the breed and drove into Iowa City, IA Petland just to hold the pup, not committing to buying the dog. I walk in having an appointment and was handed the dog. She was small, licking my face and before I knew it, the sales girl had pushed a small grocery cart to stuff w/ everything I would need for the dog.

The breed is a Coton De Tulear. This was not a pup that was featured online as a healthy-looking Coton, for short. Her right eye seemed pink around the rim and hairless, and a growth on the upper roof of her mouth. She had been checked over by Petland’s vet. and other than an overbite was deemed healthy. I plan to take her into my vet as soon as I can get in for a thorough exam. The policy at Petland is they will not refund my money but give me a new pup.

Throughout my life have always purchased my pups directly from a breeder. I believe Petland and other pet stores have the process of unloading a dog finely tuned especially to a “lonely” person coming in looking for companionship. I don’t know how this story will end yet, but please buy your next pup from an accredited breeder. Do your research on the breeder. I’ve had this little girl for less than 48 hours. She’s very affectionate and if she’s healthy, naturally I will keep her. But when a person plops down $1900.00+, we expect a nearly perfect dog and healthy.


april of Frisco, TX

Original review: July 2, 2015

I was in Petland Frisco on 7/2/15 when a tall dark gentleman approached my daughter and me smelling VERY strongly of marijuana. His eyes were bloodshot and he was just a little too friendly with me and my daughter. I asked his name ** and looked him up and the man has 5 felonies, a DWI in Austin, and served prison time for drugs, fleeing the scene and MANY other VERY disturbing charges. I am APPALLED that your establishment allows common thugs to work with CHILDREN on a daily basis. I will be telling everyone not to let their children go to ANY Petland and I will not be returning to any location EVER.


Lorie of O’Fallon, MO

Original review: July 1, 2015

Purchased Pom on 05/18/15 to only find out it has allergies. I took Zd back to Petland in Lake Saint Louis, MO and spoke with a very unprofessional Manager who told me the dog is my responsibility now to take to Vet and get in my wallet again to find out the issues then have it treated which was basically saying… “you bought it, you’re stuck with it”. Zd was Vet approved by their Vet and the Vet I was obligated to take him to according to their contract… I ended up selling him for hundreds of dollars less than we paid because the snorting and honking was extremely annoying to my elderly Mother. No thanks to you Petland, I can now understand why many Picket your Stores on the weekend.


Gary of Atlanta, GA

Original review: July 1, 2015

They sell you dogs for profit only.. Both the dogs I bought were sick and took many months to get well. Never never never buy from these greedy retailers.


Celia of Kennesaw, GA

Original review: June 30, 2015

We got a cute Teddy bear puppy only 2 months old at the Dunwoody Ga location. We brought her home and my kids fell In love with her. We took her to the vet they recommend and they said she was fine. A couple days later she got really sick and could move or barely breath. I took her to my personal vet and she had pneumonia and was hypoglycemic. She came so close to dying. We had to keep her at the vet. Lots of money later thankfully she is getting better. I called the location we got her from and they said that’s too bad that it’s cold season. They did not care at all. Do don’t get a puppy from there. I feel bad for the puppies. They are so sweet and cute but Petland needs to be stopped. The image her lying down is when she couldn’t move. 🙁


Allison of Valparaiso, IN

Original review: June 24, 2015

First of all, my husband and I lived in Naperville, IL, so we often visited and played with the puppies at this location because we love dogs. There had been numerous instances where the puppies were in extremely poor conditions. They would have green mucous in their eyes, nose, genital areas and would often have some sort of wound. When I notified the staff, they would change the subject completely. We were interested in “rescuing” a Cairn Terrier because it had a huge bump above it’s eye and my husband adores Cairns.

When we went in to see if she was still available, the staff made up some excuse of why she was not available. Finally, one staff member had said she was in the new puppy crate and therefore was not available. I had told them that we had seen the puppy before. Then, in a whisper, one of the staff members said that she was in quarantine with about 10 other puppies in the same crate, still viewable to customers. I was in complete shock at the level of improper treatment of these animals.

Still, my husband and I ended up purchasing a German Shepherd Puppy due to wanting to “rescue” her. She had green mucous in her eyes, nose and genitals. She was completely subdued and unplayful. We decided to get her and treat her. She had been tested positive for worms, amoungst other infections/diseases. She was not only was physically ill, but she was, even as a very young puppy, skittish, fearful aggressive, wants to attack strangers, not confident and highly anxious.

We had enrolled her in two behavioral training courses, but none the trainers had a good prognosis for her and even mentioned that she was probably this was due to genetics or trauma at her birthing place/petshop. Although we are glad that we “rescued” her, she has been a liability with the neighbors, and has been a lot to handle as pet owners. Please reconsider purchasing from petshops, you do not know where the puppy came from, how much trauma it has endured and how much work they will be in the future.


Michael of Cheswick, PA

Original review: June 18, 2015

I recently purchased a puppy from Petland, Pittsburgh Mills Mall. I was told by the salesperson that the dog I was purchasing was a certified pedigree and was registered with the AKC (It is not). I was also informed verbally and in writing the dog was a full blooded Labrador retriever (It is not). I have since talked with the owner store and got absolutely nowhere speaking with him on the phone. He was rude. He told me it was not registered and probably not a fullblood dog. I said “why would I pay $1,500 for a mutt.” And that is when he hung up on me and when I called the Better Business Bureau, Petland (is not) an accredited business. (I WONDER WHY.)

I am urging everyone who has been hurt by the business practice of Petland to file a complaint with the BBB and maybe if enough people get the information this place will be shut down. I will not stop alerting everyone about the way they do business. And I hope everyone that has been hurt and ripped off by Petland will do the same. My family and I are happy that the puppy we have, (but not what we wanted or what we were told we were buying) is out of their hands.


Brian of Lakewood Ranch, FL

Original review: June 16, 2015

On 6/14/15 we went to Petland on Fruitville in Sarasota, FL and visited with one of the kittens in the store. We fell for its great personality and inquired about the pricing, we were told it was a pure bred “Teddy Bear,” and the cost would be $1200 or perhaps less. We were taken by surprise on the cost, but chose to Google the breed. None of the results returned such a breed, instead some seems to indicate that it was a mix of breeds.

Regardless, the cat’s personality had won us over and we contemplated an offer. We spent some more time with the cat and as the store was preparing to close, we offered $500, despite the fact there was no evidence or recognition of the cat being a “pure breed.” Initially, one of the assistants, **, thought we were talking about another cat that the store apparently had priced at $500 that she had showed us earlier, but we clarified that we were making the offer on the “Teddy Bear.” She agreed that the cat could be sold at that price. Since the store was closing, we advised we would read more about the claimed breed overnight and return the next day, to which ** indicated she hoped she would see us tomorrow, 06/15/15.

My wife, **, returned the next day, today, 6/15/15, as she had advised to purchase the cat. She was told that they would not sell the cat for $500, and then they advised her that the price was now $1300 because the was a pure breed! My wife discussed the pricing and the fact that nothing online identifies “Teddy Bear” as a pure breed. Regardless she was still willing to pay $500. The staff then showed her a certificate for a male cat, the cat we wanted was female. The certificate stated it was assigned from the American Feline Association, to which I have been unable to locate online either.

The above issue anger me and my wife for a number of reasons. First, Petland did not honor its pricing statement. Second Petland seems to be trying to pass off a mix as a pure breed to get more money. Third, Petland seems to avoid placing pricing on most animals; hence, you must ask which is not a big issue. However, it seems that they may use this as a means to set whatever price they choose at a particular time. My family was looking forward to adding a new family member to our household. Instead we have come away truly questioning Petland’s reputation and pricing strategies.


Natalya of Glenview, IL

Original review: June 10, 2015

I bought a puppy from Naperville store. I was told that I would be able to return a puppy within 30 days. My son developed allergy to a puppy. When I called to get questions how to return a puppy I was told that they can only take him back for adoption, but none of my $1600 would be return. How would I know that my son would have an allergy to a dog. If it was a few hundred dollars no problem, but it is a lot of money for a puppy without any guarantee. The store is there for money not for service. The sale person was not friendly at all. I would not recommend anyone to buy any puppies from that store.


lesia of Dunwoody, GA

Original review: June 8, 2015

I purchased a 2 month old Yorkie on June 4th 2015, and tried to return the puppy on June 8th. The manager said it was too late that the 48 hours return policy had expire. No one can learn about a dog in 48 hours. I truly feel that it should be a week. Petland throws so much information on you to make a sale. It just isn’t fair. The management is nice and funny but the 48 hours should change.


Atulane of Lakeland, FL

Original review: June 5, 2015

We bought a chihuahua at Petland in Lakeland, Florida. We spent a lot of money on him. The people said he had a health certificate, was healthy, etc. The next day the news headlines read “Petland Owners Arrested” – the owner, Mrs. Carrier and her husband, the vet that certified the pets as healthy, Mr. Carrier! We have had the chihuahua 3 days and spent nearly $200.00 on vet bills and meds for the dog. Unhappy doesn’t come close to say how UNHAPPY we are. These people are criminals.


Caitlyn of Las Vegas, NV

Original review: June 3, 2015

DO NOT GO TO PETLAND!!! I’m seriously livid, more than livid at them! I’m always the type to adopt instead of buy (I HATE supporting puppy mills, but at the same time, these poor babies still need homes too.). Long story short, we end up with an overpriced puppy to begin with. I decide to take her to the vet the very next morning because she had mucus running out of her nose. As soon as the doctor took one look at her he said she needed to be immediately hospitalized! My puppy ended up having to stay there for a week with an upper respiratory infection that was on its way to developing into pneumonia and then potentially death. We only had her from 8pm until 8am the next morning when I took her to the vet. It was such a hard week not knowing what would happen.

THEN, I looked over her “pedigree/lineage” and “breeder” paperwork and I googled the name of the breeders. THEY ARE ON THE 100 WORST PUPPY MILLS IN AMERICA LIST — complete with a PDF file with all of their disgusting violations!! Seriously this whole thing is a huge scam; NOBODY actually genuinely cares for these poor sick puppies, just making money!! So I felt horrible enough that I “supported” these so-called breeders with spending $2500 on a puppy– $2700 after tax. And my puppy is already sick again after being out of the hospital for a week and a half. DON’T LET THEM FOOL YOU! We had great customer service, not pushy or anything, however they do make commission (I asked). They rave about “the books” on the dogs (meaning the breeder information and AKC paperwork) but if you google the names it’s all just torturous puppy mill BS!

The saddest and most sickening part is that all of these animals have feelings and souls and that is clearly not taken into account at this messed up establishment. Although my puppy has already had health problems, she is the most loving little thing, her personality is awesome, and she really completes my family. I’d like to think that I actually rescued her, because per the vet, she was on the verge of death. I wish I could just get all of the puppies out of this heinous situation at Petland, and take the dollar signs out of everyone’s eyes that are involved in this “business”. I repeat: DO NOT GO HERE FOR ANY REASON!!


Michael of Wheeling, IL

Original review: May 29, 2015

I brought a new family member purchased at Petland last Sunday. Due to a number of red flags and first visit I decided to research not only the store but Petland overall. I became very disturbed by not only what’s been said by other customers also by distraught employees. I became very emotional over the possibility of risking the health of my current Boston Terrier, Kurby, from contracting whatever diseases my new Puggle puppy may have. I felt like taking the dog back immediately on Tuesday since Monday was a holiday. Yes, I was in tears and I am a 57 year old adult.

Upon calling store Tuesday a.m. I was told their 48 hour policy is not a 2 day policy but actually to the minute 48 hours. Since I was in Chicago I could never make it in time. Anyway since reading all the stuff I did I decided I did not want to ever step foot in a Petland store or any of its affiliates, which by the way I got at least 4 calls from affiliates wanting to sell me something by preying upon my emotions on the very next day Monday (memorial day of all days). I decided to immediately take new puppy to my own veterinarian for a checkup regardless of voiding the warranty by Petland; which by the way, every single thing said, every question asked, and every piece of paperwork from Petland is designed to make the sale rather than provide the truth.

Looking back even all the different ways which to void their warranty is to make things difficult for the buyer to ever comply. And sure enough my doctor shook his head when reading the vaccines given to this 10 week old puppy needlessly. He also found puppy to be congested along with 104.5 degree temperature which required antibiotics immediately to manage whatever virus puppy is suffering with. I was told virus untreated could be life threatening not only for new puppy but also for my other dog and that I should separate them.

I feel good about not returning puppy since most likely just saved his life. People at Petland appear to be most concerned making the sales and not at all concerned about qualifying the buyer. Im sure they get animals from the cheapest breeders and never the best. They claim to have breeder certification documents which don’t mean anything regarding quality of breeder nor the animal’s family health history. The place is a joke and I for one out of love for animals am going to exercise my right to free speech to inform all agencies and potential buyers of my experience with Petland including the deceptive sales practices, for example claiming to use only the best breeders with stringent qualifications.

My puppy is now in good hands and will be well taken care of. He was rescued from a money hungry could care less about the truth pet store named Petland. This letter will next be copied to IL State’s Attorney Lisa Madigan who represents the consumer against fraud and deception. She has a excellent track record going after companies like this. Again, it appeared to me and by the looks of all these complaints their number one priority is to sell the pet and never qualify the buyer nor provide what they promote, and those responsible should be ashamed of themselves. Petland if you read this, you don’t have to worry about honoring this puppy’s warranty. I would not get close to anyone affiliated with your name. My priority is with the puppy and not satisfying your stupid worthless warranty along including your worthless included healthcare… I wont be back… ever!


kelly of Lockport, IL

Original review: May 29, 2015

Petland Bolingbrook, IL – Purchased a shih-poo last week. $1,800.00. The puppy is very sick. I took him to my vet. My vet told me to call Petland. I called and they gave me midwest in Orland Park. Here in the parking lot 30 minutes. The vet is supposed to out to the parking lot. I called claims. You only get a recording to leave a message! This is terrible!


amy of Bolingbrook, IL

Original review: May 27, 2015

Spent over $2000 for a puppy, was lied to and told they only get puppies from a “hobby breeder” when in fact I researched and found out my puppy came from a notorious mill in Indiana ran by the **! The puppy is also inbred more than once and is shown on their so called “pedigree.” The puppy has a very bad upper respiratory infection and has giardia and coccidia and they knowingly sold me a sick dog since one of their workers admitted that an upper respiratory infection was going around their shop (nice, huh?).

I am so furious over this that I will be contacting a lawyer and the Better Business Bureau! This dog is so sick that I fear it may not recover. But not only that. Now, I have to worry about any abnormalities that may arise as a result from inbreeding as well as cancers & hip dysplasia that are very common when that occurs! This is theft by deception! The vet clinic who they send their puppies to admitted that they recently had 2 puppies with parvo, 1 from Bolingbrook Petland and 1 from Naperville Petland……

I own other dogs, how dare they put them at risk! Buyers BEWARE!!! Oh yeah, another thing, they said that in the price, the registration and that puppy stuffed toy is free and included in the price yet they charged an extra $99.00 and it states for registration and that puppy plush stuffed toy… more LIES and DECEPTIONS! And they marked up their dog food abnormally high, much higher than anywhere else yet they claim you MUST buy it through them… ridiculous!


Magaly of Des Plaines, IL

Original review: May 17, 2015

The staff is really rude and honestly they were complete ** especially the chick with piercings all over her ears. The old man always has a damn pissed off look, never smiles. The person in the back of the kennels was screaming at the poor puppies, just mistreating them. Never again will I go there or buy anything from there. I will also let all my friends & family know not to shop there. Worst experience ever.


Veronica of Syracuse, NY

Original review: May 16, 2015

Lied to multiple times, also our signed contract states our puppy was 949.99, sales rep added $510.00 extra with no explanation. Sales rep said many times over our dog was AKC and several of their own papers said it. AKC says he can’t be registered. Owner said “Too ** bad for you, you should have bought a dog from us.” We’re taking him to court. Please see our page for in depth details, documents, and updates.


Richard of Norcross, GA

Original review: May 7, 2015

My daughter purchased a Maltipoo on a Thursday. They also sold her $1,000 worth of supplies. On Saturday, I went back to the store to return some of the unopened items. They want not give me a refund. Talked with Paw Solutions and they are just as bad. Told me it was out of their hands. Amex has stood up for me and is contesting the charges. I have hired an attorney as nowhere in their contract does it state anything about returning supplies. This is not right BUT I am going to love this fight!! Goodbye Petland…


jennifer of Loma Linda, CA

Original review: May 6, 2015

We went to Petland in Las Vegas, Nevada on with no intent to purchase a puppy. However, as we were browsing, this beautiful little Papillion puppy caught our eye. We visited with her for an extended period of time as well as questioned the employees about the puppies. We had heard that places like these get their puppies from puppy mills, but found it hard to believe that she was one of them. She was very clean and seemed to be extremely happy and playful. The employee ensured us that the stores puppies were healthy and came from private and reputable breeders and that each was researched and recommended by the USDA and AKC as well as that they are periodically visited in order to keep their license.

The following she had greenish colored puss in her eyes as well as a visible worm problem, as she had gone to the bathroom in her crate overnight. We took her to the vet that Petland stated the animal had to be check by that morning, less than 12 hours after purchasing Bella. At West Charleston Animal Hospital, in Las Vegas, Nevada, they examined Bella and determined that she had an eye infection, which he provided us with drops for, as well as an obvious worm infestation. A fecal parasite exam was completed and determined that Bella also suffers from Giardia, which she was also prescribed medication for.

The vaccinations that we were told have been given to Bella prior to purchasing her were not administered by a vet and cannot be proven. The health record that was provided has small writing stating that indicated vaccine(s)/treatment(s) were administered by the breeder prior to purchase of the dog by Hunte Corporation, who is listed as the distributor on the pet profile. Additionally, Petland stated that the puppy was current on vaccinations, which is not the case, due to the fact that we purchased her 5 and a half weeks after she was allegedly vaccinated. Therefore, she not been properly vaccinated while under the care of Petland, and could have been exposed to many illnesses.

Bella was also advertised to us to be AKC-registered and excellent breeding quality. After further review of her AKC paperwork, we have determined that her father was unregistered with the AKC, and was only given an AKC number for identification purposes. There is no proof that this puppy is pure-bred, and therefore is not AKC breeding quality as promised. Bella has had health issues since birth, which the Petland employee stated were all common with toy breeds. After further research, we have found that the open fontanel and inguinal hernia repair that she had were likely due to hereditary issues with her parents. These dogs should not be breeding and should have been fixed.

Additionally, at the time of Bella’s inguinal hernia repair, she should have also been fixed, in order to prevent her from reproducing which could not only result in puppies with similar issues, but could also result in health problems and even death if Bella were to ever be pregnant. Bella will need to have another surgery in order to be spayed, which should have been done at the time of her last surgery. However, being spayed, the breeder would not have been able to sell her for as much money. Petland did not provide us with any veterinary information regarding this surgery, and there are no visible scars on Bella’s stomach. Therefore, we are not sure whether or not this surgery was actually performed to correct this painful and dangerous health problem.

I called Midway Veterinary Clinic in Neosho, Missouri, which is the vet listed on Bella’s paperwork as the vet that did her surgery, microchip and vaccinations. The employee stated that she did not have ** (the breeder) in her system and that even if she did, I would need to contact him to have her records released to me. Although it appears that it will be expensive to look after Bella, we do not want to get rid of her. We cannot imagine putting this poor puppy through any more than she has already been through and intend on giving her the best life possible. However, it is quite distressing knowing that we have purchased a dog from a puppy mill and supported this horrible industry, and plan to do anything in our power to stop this from happening to these innocent animals. If you have any information on puppy mills, Petland, Hunte Corporation or **, I would love to see it! Please visit me on Facebook at: **.


Jamika of Atlanta, GA

Original review: May 5, 2015

If you don’t want to be completely ripped off then PLEASE go to any pet store other than Petland in Kennesaw. Here’s why: The price they tell you for the dogs (and maybe cats idk because I got a dog) are not the actual prices. They add in AAAAALLLLLLLLLL kinds of packages that cost hundreds of dollars and force you to only work with them, and don’t break that down to you. They told me my dog cost $3200, but on my receipt the dog was $1800 and everything else was added like $420 lifetime AKC package (which includes training), $300 training (additional that I have NOT received), $240 spa package, $120 treat package, etc. A whole bunch of stuff you could get much cheaper somewhere else.

They WON’T refund you anything, despite what your receipt says. The receipt says that anything purchased in a bundle can be returned as long as the entire bundle is unopened, but the Pawsitive Solutions people will disagree and say “well you signed the receipt and contract showing you were aware of what you bought and what was included in the price of your dog.” They will say they don’t have a store manager and refer you to Pawsitive Solutions, where they don’t resolve anything. Thank you ** for being so helpful (sarcasm). I will definitely be sending this to a lawyer. You can’t return any dog, just exchange. And please don’t make the mistake I did and finance a dog. It’s a debt I can’t cancel for an over priced ticket. The only positive is that I got a beautiful healthy puppy from the deal.


emily of Las Vegas, NV

Original review: April 18, 2015

I went to Petland today in Boca Park for the first time and what I experienced was so disgusting it should be illegal. My boyfriend and I asked about an Alaskan Eskimo puppy who was 8 weeks old. First the sale associate told us the puppy would only weigh up to 10 pounds so we look it up and this dog will weigh 40. Then told us the puppy was $2100. How insane, no dog from a breeder costs this much even with championship bloodlines. Then in another cage, two small dogs started fighting and another girl banged on the cage and yelled like a psycho. The cages were all full of urine and none had food or water. I don’t understand how this company is in business. Someone please tell me how this is legal. Where do these puppies come from and where do they go if they don’t sell? I can’t believe anyone would treat animals this way and sell them for such a high price. I have lost hope for humanity.


Jonathan of Pensacola, FL

Original review: April 15, 2015

Have purchased pups from Petland (Pensacola, FL) before. Since the new management the last two I’ve purchased have had issues. Pup A. A St Bernard has the genetic strain of mange. Pup B. A German Shepherd (currently still fighting to get after being bought and paid for) has had repertory issues the last three weeks the dogs been at Petland.

Latest news from the vet was a x-ray was needed, and a suggestion to get the dog to the owners due to no improvement, and it being the pups best interest to get out of the cage restriction he’s currently in. The store owner has been arrogant and ignorant to the pups well-being. Not only making excuses for not getting the x-ray in a timely manner to outright lying about the pups well-being. An 8 week old German Shepherd not gaining but a single pound in the four weeks the pet shop has held the dog shows neglect and ignorance to the animal’s well-being.


  1. of Roselle, IL

Original review: April 9, 2015

I started as a sales associate and quickly moved up to a manager of the Racine WI location. After seeing my performance, my gm transferred me to Crystal Lake IL to run that location while he focused on Racine. I didn’t notice how bad things were until I transferred and had more responsibilities.

I’ll start with small animals. Small animal cages were all open, so anyone could reach in and grab them. Needles to say, hamsters and such are terribly nervous as is, so all this handling sometimes caused them to bite. Initially, this meant put the animal in a cage in the back and give it extra love until it’s more socialized. After a short amount of time, I was told there were too many animals in the back, and this was no longer an option. One bite = death penalty. The locations owner ordered us to either put it in a box and freeze it alive, or put it in a bag and slam it against a wall until it was dead.

When I said I couldn’t do that, the men that worked there were handed down the orders I wouldn’t accept. The freezer became so full, that dead animals fell on me any time I tried to open it. Rabbits fought often because of overcrowding. Wounds were not allowed to be treated because the value wasn’t enough to preserve the injured. I treated them as well as I could by cleaning the wounds, applying antibiotic ointment I purchased on my own, and dressing them. Sometimes my efforts helped. But sadly, I couldn’t save them all.

Next I’ll touch on kittens. Kittens were donated. 100% of them. Wild kittens sometimes would be donated and sold as domestic. These animals started at $99.99 a piece. Since the sources of these animals are unknown, many would have health issues. If the cost to get treatment for the animal was greater than the value, we would be forced to sit back and let them die. The vet that visited once a week would ignore them due to direct orders from the owner and gm.

I saved the worst for last. Puppies. We were misled and told all puppies were from licensed breeders, in turn forcing us to mislead the customers. Licensed breeder was loosely thrown around. After doing research, I found that many states give licenses to puppy mills with little to no research about the facility the animals would be kept in. Bottom line, Petland only sells puppy mill puppies. I can guarantee this because I’d helped with ordering so I knew all the names of the breeders. I researched each individually and found the truth. One of the puppy mills we used, **, had over 2000 puppies crammed in tiny cages in her facility in Mexico, Missouri.

Why is this a problem? Well, for starters, akc and other company registrations were usually received by fabrication of who the parents were. So customers were charged thousands of dollars to purchase a “pure bred” who probably wasn’t a pure bred at all. On the contrary, many were INbred. Next, illness and disease. Too many puppies in too small of an area, means things spread fast. To me personally, that meant a lot of angry customers.

People came in complaining about how: the puppies had thousands of dollars worth of medical bills in the first few months; the new puppies infected older family dogs with things that eventually killed them; puppies died – many before 1 year old; and finally, I started getting complaint after complaint about our puppies being diagnosed with Parvo Virus. This also meant for me, the heartbreaking job of removing dead puppies from the kennel when I got to work every day, before the other employees came in.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, a vet visits each store once a week to check out the puppies. Almost every puppy ever to have been in a petland has had kennel cough at one point or another. The puppies were given medicine to treat it, but many of them left our stores with permanent damage to lungs and bronchial tubes from the treatment not being aggressive enough to actually cure the illness. It was a poor effort so we could say to our customers “every puppy had been checked out by a vet before we even let you visit with them.”

Finally, I’ll just touch on the topic of commission based sales. Petland offers its employees commission on sales to encourage ripping customers off. We were trained to sell every little thing we could to a person purchasing a puppy. We were trained to condemn people almost, by making them feel guilty if they didn’t spend $1000 in product along with the $2000 they just spent on the puppy. Yes, if you’re purchasing a puppy, usually you need supplies. But some things we were forced to tell people they absolutely needed, was a con to get higher sales – NOT for the animals welfare.

That being said, you’re probably wondering what I did about all this? For starters, I did my own internal investigation with videos, pictures, and written testimony from numerous employees. I turned my report in to the Health Department, ASPCA, PETA, and any other group I thought could do something. What happened with all this? Well, the health department investigated. We failed our inspection. I was ready to jump for joy until I heard the dreaded words “I’m not reporting everything I’ve seen. Get these items taken care of. I’m going to let it slide this time.” So of course, I continued to turn them in, yet the same result happened with every inspection. Slap on the wrist and no further actions taken.

One – I repeat, ONE group followed through with investigations after I turned in my evidence. PETA. And with all of the radical ways of PETA, people do not respect the group enough to listen wholeheartedly when they speak. So, here I am, more than ten years later, STILL trying to educate the public, and hopefully one day finally get them shut down for good.


Pamela of Lakeland, FL

Original review: April 3, 2015

I purchased a Boxer puppy in the month of October, year 2014, from Petland located at Lakeland Square Mall in Lakeland Florida. I had the puppy less than 2 weeks when he became very ill. I had already scheduled his first puppy check up, with Petland’s contracted veterinarian, and within the contract time frame of 5 days after purchase, the veterinarian stated the puppy looked good. The contracted veterinarian then wanted me to schedule the puppy in the following week for his vaccines. I did this, however, before this next scheduled visit the puppy became ill with green mucus and a cough.

I contacted the contracted veterinarian and explained what was happening to the puppy. I was told to keep his scheduled visit, but the vet would probably not give him his vaccines. Upon arrival at Petland’s contracted veterinarian, a sample of mucus was taken from his nose. The vet stated that it was a sinus infection. I was given meds to administer until a week later when the vet scheduled him for another checkup.

The HORROR story began…I continued to take this sick puppy to Petland’s contracted veterinarian for treatment, which included several different types of medications and breathing treatments. I even had to leave the puppy at this veterinarian facility for a full week of breathing treatments. Then on another week, my family and myself were taking the puppy to this same veterinarian on a daily basis for a week of breathing treatments, as was prescribed by this contracted veterinarian of Petland. Meanwhile, I tried getting help and answers from the Petland store from which I purchased the puppy. I called on many occasions, asking to speak with the owner and/or manager. NO ONE from this Petland store returned my calls until almost two months had passed.

I also tried getting help from Petland Claims and Warranties…that was a JOKE. First of all, you never get anyone to answer the phone, instead, you receive an automated message to leave your information, and someone will get back with you. The automated message also states that calling more than once in a 24 hour period will delay the process. Well excuse me…I have a very sick puppy that can’t wait until someone decides to get back with me.

After no help from Petland, and the puppy continued to decline rapidly in health at the care of Petland’s contracted veterinarian, I was getting concerned. I asked the contracted vet for an x-ray of his chest, because he was coughing so very badly, day and night, and coughing up a tremendous amount of phlegm. The contracted veterinarian refused an x-ray on both of my requests. The day of 12/2/14 was our last visit with Petland’s contracted veterinarian, and we were told by the contracted veterinarian that he was done with the puppy, to take him elsewhere. We left this crackpot of a veterinarian, and on the same day was able to get him in to the veterinarian we use for our other dogs. Upon arrival at OUR vet, the puppy was given an x-ray and severe pneumonia was found in his lungs, along with a fever and underweight puppy.

Our vet told us in order for the puppy to survive, he would need a 24/7 emergency care facility. We immediately took the puppy to the suggested facility, he was there for a week for extensive treatments and 24/7 medical supervision. Also, our other two adult dogs, both of which have always been up to date with their vaccinations, became ill with Kennel Cough. The puppy purchased at Petland of Lakeland had been sick prior to my getting him, and Petland was disguising the illness with medications while he was in the pet store.

So..after almost $4,000 in vet bills from the emergency facility and our vet, we finally have a happy healthy Boxer. Petland initially had refused any reimbursement until I contacted the BBB, and filed a claim. Once I submitted all of my documents and facts, the BBB worked as the mediator, and Petland of Lakeland refunded the full price of the puppy. I now plan on going after the almost $4,000 in vet bills I had to pay due to the incompetence and lack of caring from Petland’s contracted veterinarian.


Debra of Athens, OH

Original review: April 3, 2015

I paid for a muzzle that was $14.99 tax = $15.50. I returned exactly 24 hours later, it was too large. I wanted to exchange for a different size and the price was $13.49 tax = $14.45. I also had to pay $2.03 difference. I tried explains to the lady I was exchanging with a smaller price but then had to pay the 2.03 more. She stated the register did not read the receipt. The machine was down the day before. If they cheat people everyday someone is making a nice tip. Please take care of this or I will place on social media. Thank you.


Avery of Eastlake Ohio, OH

Original review: April 1, 2015

I was going to Petland in the South Park mall, and I went to Petland because I wanted a cat. All the cats had colds and stuffy noses, and then I saw the hamster cage. The workers put the boys and the girls together and almost all the girls were pregnant. It was horrible.


Wendy of Savage, MN

Original review: March 24, 2015

We paid $1200 for a Shih tzu/bichon and now that we had her DNA tested, there is no bichon in her. Yet a mix Shi tzu, lab, pug, toy poodle… a mutt for $1200. Really??? Where do I sign up for lawsuit????




Lynda of Monroeville, PA

Original review: March 16, 2015

We bought our Maltese puppy in January 2012 at PETLAND MONROEVILLE. We brought her home with kennel cough but that was not a problem with us. The next three years we deeply fell in love with our little girl. We maintained her health and got her groomed every five weeks. We were especially careful in what she ate. This past Christmas was a good one for all of us. Beginning the new year, we noticed a few lumps on our sweet Violet and took her to the vet not only for him to look at her bumps but to get her next vaccination that was due. When he told us she had lymphoma, we were absolutely DEVASTATED. This loving member of our family has lymphoma? Where did this come from? He mentioned to us that in his 30 years as a veterinarian he has never seen a dog so young get lymphoma. He asked again if she was only three and I assured him she was.

We started chemo immediately. After a few weeks, we chose to stop the chemotherapy but keep her on prednisone. We put her on a holistic diet (recommended by a holistic doctor that is a friend) with homemade fresh food consisting of 12 different supplements. We cooked three small meals for her during her last two months. This did not at all put the cancer into remission. We had to euthanize her last week. We are absolutely DEVASTATED by her loss. Not only because she was such a beloved member of our family but the fact that she only lived a little over three years. It just does not seem fair. I called PETLAND MONROEVILLE requesting to talk to the owner to inquire about the breeder. I thought they might be interested in knowing what happened and to check on her breeder to see if perhaps any other dogs from that litter had congenital problems.

I thought when I talked to him he really cared, but I was really wrong about that. He said he would call me back. He never did, nor did he mention the three-year warranty that I discovered later on. Since I told him she was three it could have been possible that she was within the three-year warranty. He also stated he was the new owner and he bought the business a little more than a year ago. In extreme grief, my husband and I visited PETLAND MONROEVILLE this past week. We were greeted by a woman who informed us she was the owner and after talking with her she said her four sons run the store. Funny, the guy who called me said HE is the owner and he’s owned the store for a year and a half.

I told her about our Violet and she went in the back of the store and brought out a Maltese puppy that we could purchase for $2k. Her behavior was very inappropriate. It is definitely clear to me what the priority is to these owner(s) and it is not the health of the animals. Needless to say, we are not interested in a new dog. Dont really know when we would emotionally be ready (if at all) for another dog. I am writing this to add to the complaint list about my experience with this pet store. I will never buy an animal from PETLAND MONROEVILLE again. Hopefully this story will make people realize that buying from a breeder is a better route to take.


catherine of Fort Lauderdale, FL

Original review: March 12, 2015

I bought an 8 week old maltese from the Plantation store. I told them that I wanted a very small dog. I was told that my maltese would weigh no more than 7 lbs full grown. My maltese is now 13 pounds. I am very disappointed with them.


josh of El Dorado, KS

Original review: March 11, 2015

My family purchased a new puppy. The Petland vet that we saw was very unhappy that they sold us a dog that was not taken care of, she had matted hair in her ears and was sick with kennel cough. We gave her the medication that the vet supplied us with. We paid to have her groomed and cleaned up just 4 days after getting the new pup. She spread the kennel cough to our other dogs and this was not covered by Petland. So we paid for our other dogs to go to the vet and get medication. The vet recommended we wait to get another parvenu vaccination until the pup was healthy. The dog never got healthy, the kennel cough was passed around between the dogs for about 4 weeks.

At this point we made another appointment to have the parvenu vaccination again and the day of the appointment she passed away. Petland will take no responsibility for the death of our dog. After several months of trying to get a hold of the “manager” or someone that could help me, they have finally returned my phone call. They said, “Sorry but we won’t cover any medical bills or replace the dog.”


Melissa of Milton, FL

Original review: March 9, 2015

I worked at the Petland on Davis Hwy in Pensacola from 9/2004-12/2004. While I was there working in the kennel I was advised to give certain dogs certain medicine and shots. Mind you, I was only a kennel tech with no experience. These puppies were very, very sick yet they pumped them full of vitamins to perk them up. I was beyond disgusted. I was also advised that I would be responsible of taking the extremely sick pups home every night to care for them. Again, I have NO veterinary training.

I of course fell in love with one of the pups and opted to purchase her. The price was $950. They agreed to allow payments from each check until the total was paid and she would belong to Petland until the total was paid in full. I ended up having to pay $900 for medical even though she was not my dog yet. They refused to pay her medical bills when she contracted double pneumonia and puppy strangles. Needless to say, the owner agreed to let me take her home that day without further payment and I quit after threatening a lawsuit. I know for a fact that all of these puppies are from puppy mills. Pups would come in so young that they were unable to walk! Petland needs to be shut down!!




Donna of West Mifflin, PA

Original review: March 6, 2015

I purchased a Puppy on Oct 27, 2014 from Monroeville PA Petland. I was told that it was a PUREBRED Labrador Puppy by **, the sales clerk AS WELL as the Breeder, **. After a couple days, my Vet thought he looked more like a beagle mix and the puppy had a seizure the day after I got him. (Apparently, beagles are prone to seizures). **, owner, said he never said it was Purebred! Petland was supposed to do DNA testing, I never heard back from them so I did DNA testing and he is a Beagle/Lab mix.

** was very rude and could have cared less. ** never even asked how pup was after he seized!! Said her beagle must have accidentally dug under the fence/impregnated the lab and she couldn’t say it hasn’t happened before! Again, really?? I have all texts from her. Didn’t give a darn about the seizing puppy. A TRUE BREEDER would DEMAND to know so she can act accordingly with her other dogs and prospective litters AND follow up with the DNA tests. DONT BUY FROM HER. There are wonderful other breeders out there!


michele of North Port, FL

Original review: March 5, 2015

I purchased a puppy on 2/22/2015. Noticed on the 26th at 2am puppy was in distress. I took my puppy to the emergency after hours vet and he had pneumonia. ** I will gladly help you anyway I can. We did go to their vet and contacted the number. That was another bill. I am going to fight them all the way to make sure that my expenses are covered.. I was guaranteed a healthy dog. Funny thing is the emergency vet said she treated other golden puppies recently with the same symptoms…..


Mark of Shawnee, KS

Original review: Feb. 28, 2015


We purchased two Boxer puppies from this location in April of 2014. We were told that the puppies were in good health, and from reputable breeders. Now almost a year later we found out the male puppy has mange and cannot be bred. Petland returned half of the purchase price. We also started training the puppies for competition, but can’t do that either because the male is larger (much) larger than breed standards and walks like he has some sort of skeletal problems. It is very hard for him to stand up straight and almost looks like his hind legs are longer than his front legs, and has a permanent curve towards the rear of his spine. His temperament is fine, but we will never be able to breed him or enter him in any competitions.

Now to the female; as a puppy she resembled a boxer and due to the fact that the sales people said the same thing about the breeders and AKC REGISTERED and I thought it would be ok. I know from experience that with some breeds it could take a few months to a year until the full physical character traits of the dog actually come out. Well the female turned a year old on Jan. 9th this year, and she doesn’t resemble a boxer. She has the colorings of a boxer, but that’s about it. No short pushed in muzzle like a typical boxer, and her coat is very long. When I got the dogs I scanned the barcodes on their info packages and it shows that they came from the same breeder, but their pedigree and AKC paperwork show something totally different. We paid close to $4000 for two puppies that we had great plans for and now can only have them spayed and neutered.

When we found out about the male puppies hereditary issues, I asked for contact information to the breeder and was denied. I have since researched reviews from other Petland customers, and found out that I’m not the first person who has been sold inferior/ poorly bred puppies. I am prepared to take this case to small claims court if I do not receive a full refund. Update; Petland refused to reply to the BBB complaint. This will be reflected on their rating, but I was told by their complaint department pawsative solutions that this didn’t matter as people would always buy overpriced puppies from them. DO NOT BUY PUPPIES FROM PETLAND!


susie of Pickerington, OH

Original review: Feb. 25, 2015

I recently purchased freshwater fish from the Petland in Pickerington, Ohio. The associate chased the fish around the tank and took forever to net them. When he finished, he went to a sink and started to fill the bag with more water. I asked what he was doing and he said it was fine… it was good water. I asked him to STOP because this is an unheard of practice. Why would you mix water of a different temperature and chemistry into the bag? He told me it was R/O water… which is besides the point.

I informed him that I work at a fish store (large area aquarium/fish retailer only) and he argued with me and said “so do I.” He needed to just do what the customer asked and not argue. I did talk to the manager about this and he had no clue why this would not be a good practice. I informed him that is was stupid to put any water in the bag that was not from the tank the fish were in. By the way, all 5 of the fish died within 24 hours. I have 27 fish tanks and have been keeping fish for more than 20 years. I would like to also state that it is hard to get an associate to help you in the fish department. I am sure that is because all the big money is in the puppies.


Kelly of Nelsonville, OH

Original review: Feb. 17, 2015

I bought a puppy on Feb 10. The puppy came in with kennel cough. On Feb 12 the vet was supposed to see a vet on February 14. Vet didn’t make it to store. On Sunday Feb 16 went to pick puppy coughing bad. And on Feb 17 still no vet still haven’t seen a vet. Had to call corporate to get results. Was told only nasal congestion by Petland kennel tech. Spoke to vet’s office hasn’t even been seen yet. Lies, lies, more lies. Still no answer just want a healthy puppy. Never again will I buy from Petland.


Tina of North Port, FL

Original review: Feb. 9, 2015

I purchased a puppy she is now very sick with pneumonia. I only had her a week. When I call the store they say call out claims department, the problem I have is they said I voided my warranty because I used my own veterinarian and they don’t stand by the 14 day purchase warranty. I am now spending thousands of dollars to save her. They will not return phone calls and if she dies they are like sorry for your loss. I feel that they are stealing people’s money and selling bad puppies.

Another issue I have is I purchased a 2nd puppy before I found out the first one was so sick now I’m looking at another heartache for my children if something happens to this puppy. Someone needs to stop this from happening. Also I have to use an emergency hospital because it’s the weekend. I am so angry. I plan on taking this to the media and hire a attorney for all fees involved to stop this company from selling bad puppies!


Jillian of Columbus, OH

Original review: Jan. 30, 2015

October 10th, 2014 at the Bethel Rd. Petland, my boyfriend and I bought a 9 week old male golden retriever. I knew better than to get him at a place like this, but I had been looking for male goldens at shelters for 2 years and could never find any. So, I fell in love with him. My dad was a vet tech when I was younger and I’ve had Bichons when I was growing up, so I kind of knew what to look for. While we were playing him at the store, I was checking him over – his joints/bones and listening to him breathing. I asked the sales associate how much he cost, and she told us (without being pushy) then we left to get lunch and talk it over.

We decided to go back. When we got there, someone was playing with him already. I found the sales associate I had asked about price, and she was holding a pup. She handed me the pup so she could go get paperwork which I thought was kind of weird. So we got a room and held that puppy. It was a female golden retriever and she had a LARGE cyst on her side which made me feel really worried. So I asked her to get the dog for us so I could check him over again. He really did seem all okay so we asked her to see if we could get financed – which we were told was interest free for the first year (which wasn’t true).

The sales associate was about our age, and she was very nice and not pushy at all. But while we were playing with him while she was getting us financed (because we weren’t certain at this point we were going to go through with it), an older male employee, I’m assuming the manager came over. He kept asking us questions about what we were going to name him and how he could tell he loved us (which I feel was a pressure tactic) and then went on to say that since we were in college he would be easy to take care of. (Uh no.) Thankfully I’m not ignorant and knew how much work it would be. Telling college kids having a puppy is easy till they find it isn’t is how poor dogs get in shelters.

So anyways, we get him home and everything is fine. They told us we had to take him to their vet within 5 days to be eligible for the pet for life program. We took him the next morning and he had a bit of a runny nose so the vet gave us medicine for that at no charge. They gave him a clean bill of health. Thankfully he never got kennel cough which I was fully expecting him to get. I’m also lucky my dad is knowledgeable about dogs and he looked him over as well and thought he was fine.

Everything was fine until November 17th 2014 when we took him to the vet to get his rabies shot. We got him home and 3 hours later his face and tongue was so insanely swollen he didn’t look like him and couldn’t see out of his eyes. We rushed him to the vet and they took him back right away and gave him medicine and kept him for a couple of hours. When we came back to get him they gave us more medicine to give him and didn’t charge us for anything – which I am VERY surprised about.

So anyways, we’ll have had him for 4 months February 10th and everything has been okay so far. BUT, I know my experience is very rare and I wouldn’t recommend buying any living thing from a Petland. I do believe they’re unethical and just out for the money. Find a legit and reputable breeder that loves their dogs and not just money. Also, don’t just do it because you’ll get another dog down the line. I’ve opted out of the pet for life program because I even know I probably wouldn’t have the same results with another Petland pup down the road.


Reba of Old Monroe, MO

Original review: Jan. 30, 2015

My boyfriend (at the time) bought a bulldog at Petland in Bradenton, FL 4 days after my back surgery. He called me and asked if I could cosign, since my credit was good. I agreed over the phone to co-sign for the dog. It wasn’t until almost one month later the loan papers came in the mail and EVERYTHING is in my name. His is nowhere on anything. And I still can’t work, he is not in the picture and now I am totally responsible for this dog. I had to move back to Missouri because I can’t work. All this on top of the dog having pneumonia and almost dying three days after he brought him home.

The poor little guy has been at the vet more than most people go to the doctor. I have called Petland and all the other people I can think of and filed disputes, but I believe I am now stuck with even more debt because of Petland’s screwed up policy and my ex. I am still dealing with the dog’s sickness and it sickens me that this company is still in business all over the country and all these problems related to their dogs and policies. I think that is why they sell you insurance with the dog, because they know these dogs are sick. Plus they are NOT AKC registered, they LIE LIE LIE! PLEASE CLOSE THIS COMPANY DOWN!!! They are in it for money, only money.


Stephanie of Palmetto, FL

Original review: Jan. 29, 2015

I purchased my sweet Boxer puppy at Petland and when I took him to the PETLAND REQUIRED Veterinary Clinic, I was informed my puppy was very malnourished. Seems like something more food can fix. HOWEVER when an 11 week old puppy is pumped full of food, it means house training nightmares and the fears for my family that he isn’t healthy. I called Petland and asked to speak with a member of management if for nothing else than to give them the heads up about the party they purchased my boxer from. Not only would no one talk to me but they told me to stop wasting their time and I would have to call Claims and Warranties.

I am certainly glad they are not concerned with their reputation considering the mark up on these animals is astronomical. When I paid what I paid for this puppy I fully well expect him to be in tip top condition. Wish me luck in my venture and please tell everyone you know not to purchase anything from them. The sale of unhealthy animals has to be stopped and the only way to is to hold them accountable.


Marcia of Des Moines , IA

Original review: Jan. 11, 2015

After we read all complaints and experiences from previous reviews, our family is devastated how stupid we were planning to get a purebred German Shepherd from that store! 1200$ really? What would we have supported here?! Puppies squeezed in a wire floor kennel inside a mall where the heater is blowing almost non-stop. We are experienced with dogs and we could see at least half of their pups having kennel cough, some others had diarrhea. During the weekend, the “busy season”, people rush in and want to hold these pups which means for them a 10-12 hours bacteria party. In their young age they will easily get sick. We ended up learning about a local GSD rescue club. There we found a gorgeous boy, who lived with a loving foster family. We ended up with a new family member, well trained and 100% healthy. BTW we just paid 300$…


emma of Liberty Mo, KS

Original review: Jan. 7, 2015

I purchased a Siberian husky at petland the day after Christmas and the puppy would never play, she had the prettiest blue eyes and I loved her. I took all my Christmas presents back just for this puppy and the next day, she started throwing up and had diarrhea and could not stop throwing up. So we called petland. They said for us to bring her there because they have vets. But they said they would not give us our dog back but we had to pay $500, just to give her to them. And when we asked the lady what is going on, she said she is just adjusting to her new food and she has a type of disease that starts with an R and with that disease she was about to die. And now my birthday present and Christmas present is gone and so is my dog. I miss her so much and now she is adopted by a new family and I’m never going to see her grow up or see her ever again because of petland.


  1. B. of Bluejacket, OK

Original review: Jan. 1, 2015

On Nov. 9, I adopted a Aussie from Petland. She was 2 months old and was my family’s baby. Little did we know when Petland got her, she was infested with hookworms. And 2 days before adopting her, she had surgery on her belly button. I gave $399 for her and thought she was going to be in my family for a long time. Well they failed to tell us any of this and when I took her to PAWS vet clinic, which is part of Petland I believe, the lady tells me when she arrived she was suffering from a serious case of hookworms and pointed out how she was missing hair on her paws. We never noticed the paws until she pointed it out. She said she thought it was mange but she tested negative so it must have been from all the hookworms, she tells us. This is on Nov. 12 or 13. They test her and they act kinda funny and tell me she don’t have live hookworms but she has a lot of eggs still. So they send us home with meds. Long story short, my baby Paisley died on Nov. 28th. The necropsy report PAWS did said she had tapeworms and pneumonia. They said it was due to neglect on my behalf. I have looked this up and parasites cause this in animals and in puppies, it hits harder.

All I can think about is how sick this baby was and if Petland would’ve just got her 100% healthy then put her up for adoption, she would still be here. But no, they just want that money as soon as we said we will adopt her they went in to selling us stuff she will need ext. We didn’t even get her until we was walking out the door because they was taking us all over trying to sell us stuff to make them more money instead of telling us about her surgery or how she had hookworms and it’s deadly to pups. I should’ve listened to my gut when the manager said over and over, “If the puppy dies, you can have another puppy for equal or less value but no refund.” Now he says we can’t even get another puppy but I told him that is no problem because would not take one because they are all probably sickly. He needs to do a better job at taking care of them before selling or adopting them out. Joplin MO is where I adopted her from and wish I had some legal advice to get this store in trouble for neglecting these babies.


Cathy of Topeka, KS

Original review: Dec. 30, 2014

They lied about the micro chip saying it is different from all other chips, it is satellite controlled! They can locate my baby anywhere she is. No need to scan the chip, then they said would I like to apply for a pet land card and I said yes, little did I know it was a card that I would owe 1K, not for purchase until it is paid off. They have nothing to do with pet land’s problems. Well after reading these horror stories I see mine is no different. I thought my puppy which had kennel cough and weighed but 3lbs. I took her to their vet or the contract would be invalid. I also had to buy their food & some other supplement or same deal, every mo. they had so many ways to get out of the contract you could drive a Mac truck through it. I am disabled and was using a cane, also have serious lung issues which keeps me home bound and can’t walk far. I was getting sick in the store and tried to stop the purchase but they said it would be just a few more minutes which turned into hour or more. They did not let me hold my new puppy but for about 5 min. then after they conned me with the pet land in store credit card which was really another 1K charge. When it came in the mail I called and asked “do I owe you this or is this for purchases?” They said I owed them.

I thought my dog plus the things they said I needed for her was 884.46 but then add the 1K to it and wow what a rip. I missed all the training she needed so she could be good when we went to Pet Smart and be around other people and pets. I paid for a training course via email but could not follow it due to her being sick for over 2 mos. She coughed every hour on the hour I would look at my clock. I patted her little back to help her cough up what ever it was she was trying to cough. Now she just coughs when she wakes up after sleeping all night.

BTW: if you do not take the pup to their chosen vet, it ends the contract so I did and they diagnosed her with kennel cough then they gave me pills. Finally I took her to my vet who I trust and he told me all they were giving her was a cough pill. He gave me antibiotics and something in it. I tasted it and it tasted like vanilla. So I gave it to her, it was like feeding a 10 mo. old baby food it doesn’t like. But she took it so now we will go back and have her checked out again. That one visit cost me 83.$, the last pills at the pet land vet cost me 34$ for they said the 30 days were up, it was Thanks Giving weekend.

The vet never called me back so it went past that date. I doubt if I live long enough to enjoy my baby Ms. Bailey Irish Cream for a few years or less. I will have to find someone to adopt her and at least pay off the cost of her. I tried to return her the very next day before I got attached to her so they told me to read my contract. I said “what contract?” I thought I was signing for the credit card. I would never have signed such a horrible – should be illegal contract. I am dying, on a transplant list for new lungs. I doubt at 64 I will get them. Been praying for a 100 car pile up on I 70 in KC KS. With all organ donors. Sad but that would be my only chance. I was getting sick in the store and told them to hurry up so I got the puppy and as soon as we got in my car she coughed, then kept coughing. Kennel cough has a 3 to 7 day incubation period. They couldn’t sell her fast enough. I called the vets who are all referred to them by Pet Land contract. They brushed me off like I was a mother with a new baby. I have had lots of pets throughout my long life and knew she had Kennel Cough, my vet confirmed it so I disputed the charges on my credit card. They are wonderful and will not let them keep my money until all is figured out.

I printed out all these complaints to send to my credit card company. They will see that this is just one of 420 & this is just this site. There are tons more. Pet Land is a bunch of liars about the puppies, about the DNA of the breed. Which use to be a 30 to 40 lb dog German Spitz. A guard dog & sheep herder, well these tiny pups still think they are. They are not afraid of anything, cars trucks and people. They run like a rabid jack rabbit and I am on a cane plus lung issues so bad I just can’t deal. I bought her an outdoor big kennel so she could run around outdoors for the most part, she sits there looking at cars passing by. I tell her to run around so she gets tired and sleeps. I am taking her to my vet to get her Rabies shot. And he will take care of her like he had for my other dogs. My other pets died 2 yrs ago both of heart problems. I believe there was interbreeding going on. That is why this time I went to what I thought was an upscale pet store. One thing I hope all people read this site before buying a pet from any pet store. Puppy mills are everywhere. I never dreamed that this tiny pet came from one of those. They have to have C sections and the vet of their choice told me that they need to be spayed or they would get cancer. What a thing to say!

Well, I also wished I had researched the breed and as cute as they are, I would not have picked her. At least she has a good mommy like me to make sure she gets well. Oh yeah one more thing. Research your choice before you buy and buy from a breeder direct. Then you know what you are getting. Make sure you ask all the important puppy Q&A’s. Thanks for the ability to tell my horror story – my puppy was born Aug 2 and bought Oct 20, 2014, sure looks like many of these stories happened in this year. When I threatened them with reporting them to the SPCA, they moved their store without notice of any signs or notices. They knew that the SPCA would have tested all the pups. For if one had it, they all had it. So I believe they had enough time to move for I never had time to call on them but they did not know that. They moved to our local Mall in Topeka KS. Do not go there. From reading these stories, it looks like they buy a sick pup who makes other ones sick. My puppy is wild but she trained to the wee wee pads and she does some tricks but walking her is a nightmare. She puts on the breaks, this is why I spent even more funds on a outdoor kennel run.


Dawn of Leesburg, VA

Original review: Nov. 28, 2014

I don’t give these guys 1 star but had to for submission. Bought a teddy bear puppy on a Sunday night along with a yorkie at a discount because no one wanted it “for some reasons”. Got home and the yorkie was so hyper it annoyed the teddy bear puppy so we took the yorkie back. However, the 10 week old teddy had fleas as well the yorkie did, and the teddy bear pup has been throwing up and diarrhea since we got him every day now for a 3 days. Sounds like all the stories I have now read unfortunately after purchase. The vet is waiting for a worm test to come back to see if it is worms. I am at the point where I think we all need to call channel 4 news and get them to run a huge worldwide story on this corrupt business.

I have a friend in the local station here who says if we all get together and call our local news stations, we can begin a movement to get national attention and put these crooks out of business! I am also willing to put a huge billboard and signs everywhere every week to advertise against these guys in Fairfax and the employees who work there. Embarrassing them to and bringing attention to them will get them to quit and put these companies out of business. Let’s spread the word on all social media which I am going to get my IT friends to set up blast marketing against them. We can do this and get them all closed and strip them from their reputations in the communities they live.


Satish of Gurnee, IL

Original review: Nov. 22, 2014

I bought a golden retriever 9 weeks puppy in October 25, 2014 for my 6 year old daughter. Read the contract, it says you need to send a yellow card in 5 days from a licensed veterinarian. I called on Monday October 27, 2014 that puppy was not well and not eating. He said to call the warranty line and hung up the phone. I called and left a message. I realized it always goes to a voice mail and also says not to call in 24 hrs. I took the puppy to a licensed vet and got it checked. I had to take off from work. The vet said it is suffering water in lungs and need to be treated with antibiotics and cough medication. I got it signed by the vet the yellow card with the with the diagnostic

I went back to the Petland Round Lake Il on October 29, 2014, dropped the card and talked to the store manager about the situation. She asked me not to worry and take the puppy is just distress and sold me some more stuff and suggested me to Spring Grove Animal Hospital – SGAH on Saturday Nov 1, 2014 and I was blindsided again.. When I took the puppy I was just set in room for nearly 2 hour and said was told that they were not able to contact Petland Warranty group and suggested me continue antibiotics and use turkey buster to force feed the puppy. I paid again $94 for medication.

Meanwhile I received an email from Petland warranty group asking to fax the Petland contract apology that being sick did not respond earlier. Again no phone number to contact. I faxed and asked her to acknowledge the receipt. Finally had to hospitalized and slapped with a charge for 3 days and X-rays with $900 and with two follow up checkups $140 each Nov 10, Nov 16 2014 and do not know how many….But I will save this puppy.. I had the luxury of a good credit line and was able to handle the finances… Or these organizations would have killed the puppy in all this red tape and blindsiding the consumer.

As a good citizen, a loyal taxpayer and all the pain I have gone since October 25,2014, I have a strong faith in consumer rights, the US Department of Justice and the animal cruelty organization will provide justice to the little puppy. Please advice the next steps and pledge other consumers who are blindsided like me.



Kristina of Boynton Beach, FL

Original review: Nov. 16, 2014

I bought a Siberian Husky at 9 weeks old on 8/30/2014. Since then, I have taken care of her and her list of issues. First – She was bought with post-op umbilical hernia. I knew of this since the scar was fairly new. It was taken care of. Second, from her first vet visit, she had hookworm eggs in her feces. We took care of that and paid for the medication. I have done 2 rounds of vaccines, as a growing puppy should have. She’s had puppy vaginitis and we got her probiotics to take care of that. I have only owned her for 2 months and this past Halloween she wakes up and refuses to open her eye. We took her to the vet nearby because Petland’s vet is a 2 hr drive. The vet nearby ran some tests and charged me for a collar and some medication to take care of some ulcers in her corneas.

We had to come back in 3 days follow up and it did not get any better. He suggested that we go to an eye specialist and we did. She was diagnosed with GLAUCOMA at 4 months old and we are devastated. I have paid an arm and a leg for her to be healthy and happy. The specialist has already mentioned she already lost vision in the one eye. Petland supposedly has a warranty. They are taking forever to get back to us. I have grown very attached to my puppy and cannot fathom the idea of losing her. Petland and their breeders are ** up to be selling puppies with this many issues. If anyone has any suggestions on what I can do – please let me know.


  1. of Elgin, IL

Original review: Nov. 13, 2014

I recently purchased a puppy for $3,800 from Petland. We had him home only three days before he had to be hospitalized for 5 days. His nose was runny, which they told us was normal. His sheets said his stool was firm and no problems. The first time he went when we got home he had diarrhea. The first time the Petland vet was open we took him in. He had a high temperature, they took x-rays revealing a severe respiratory infection and needed to have ongoing nebulizer treatments and antibiotics. On top of that, we paid for a fecal test (Petland doesn’t cover this) luckily, to reveal he had two potentially fatal parasites that also needed immediate treatment. The good news he is fine, and Petland is paying for all the medical costs. Just please, if you purchase a pet from Petland, pay the approx $50 for the fecal test immediately. Chances are very likely there will be parasites.


Yvette of Moon Twp, PA

Original review: Nov. 13, 2014

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS STORE! I purchased my puppy in June from the Robinson Twp, Pa Petland store. She had “kennel cough” when I got her or so I was told. Turns out she is a lot sicker than just kennel cough. After many antibiotics, my vet, a specialist, a lung wash, my baby is still sick with not only pneumonia but a Pseudomonas bacteria that the specialist says she has never seen in a puppy this young. We don’t know if she’s going to make it at this time. She is fighting hard but the bacteria almost seems stronger. I was offered “free” insurance when I purchased her and I extended the insurance only to find out that the insurance won’t pay for any of her bills because it was pre-existing since it came from the breeder or the pet store. I paid for a sick puppy along with thousands in Vet bills and my baby girl is still sick. BUYER BEWARE. EVERYTHING YOU HAVE HEARD IS TRUE ABOUT PETLAND PETS.


John of Plantation, FL

Original review: Nov. 11, 2014

Purchased a Siberian Husky puppy from Petland Plantation, 802 S. University Dr, Plantation, FL on June 29, 2014. Came with it’s wellness certificate and everything seemed okay. Having her for seven months, we noticed a slight limp and a change of gait. We took her to the vet and found she has severe hip dysplasia needing an operation. After deep research, we found the dog came from a puppy mill in Princeton, MO. They pump the puppies out the door to a broker and then out to a store to be sold. NO HIP OR EYE Certificates are made available. On June 5, 2014, according to the USDA inspection, this breeder had 118 adult dogs and 55 puppies on his premises. Need I say more other than be very careful when making a purchase. We are waiting for their response.


Nilda of Orlando, FL

Original review: Oct. 27, 2014

On 6/28/2014 I bought a Sheep dog from Petland at 3920 S. Semoran Blvd. Orlando, Florida. Phone #407-381-5777. I called them about my dog being sick. They had no comment. Never offered any help, or what to do. So I went to my grandmother’s house in Jacksonville to take him to her vet on July 2, 2014. I took him to Oceanview veterinary Hospital in Jacksonville. They did some tests and determined the dog had Parasites. They treated him, but when I got home a few days later he was still sick. In Orlando I took him to Banfield Pet Hospital on 7/8/2014. He still was sick with parasites. Both Vets told me that they get that from other animals. The only pets that he was around was at Petland. He even goes to potty in pee pee pads. I never took him outside.

I called Petland and they reimbursed me for the medication which was small amount of the bill. I paid $350.00 for the vet. visits and tests. They refused to pay for the test & the veterinarians’ charges. I paid $1700.00 for my dog, and you would think they would have taken better care of their pets. I found out that a coworker had the same problem with them.


Jessy of Kissimmee, FL

Original review: Oct. 2, 2014

I bought a 4 month old chihuahua from Petland for about $1500. The day after we got him he started coughing a lot so we took him to a vet to find out that he had kennel cough, which is nothing serious and is very treatable. The vet prescribed medicine and we came back a week later for a followup appointment. Turns out he didn’t have kennel cough and that it was something a lot more serious. The vet didn’t even know what it was and wanted to take x rays but I couldn’t because I didn’t have $200 on me, so they just prescribed me stronger medicine that I’m currently giving him. He could either have a collapsed trachea or pneumonia which could kill him overnight. He could possibly need surgery which would cost about $2000 and Petland is only going to pay about $800 towards it, which doesn’t count for the 2 check ups, 2 different medicines, and x rays. NEVER BUY AN ANIMAL FROM PETLAND. I can’t stress this enough.


Michele of Oak Lawn, IL

Original review: Sept. 30, 2014

We have been looking for a Siberian Husky for three months and I should have known better than to purchase a dog from Pet Land. My boys and I couldn’t resist when we found a blue eyed male. When we brought him home he seemed fine until about 20 hours later he started crying, wheezing, vomiting, and literally passing out, falling flat on his side, would stop breathing and start shaking. This continued happening on and off for about 15 more hours. We took him immediately to the veterinarian the following morning. Come to find out he had a Congenital Disease and a huge hole in his heart, the vet told us that he requires very expensive immediate surgery, that he most likely would not even survive.. He also had an upper respiratory infection. Pet Land’s veterinarian told us to take him back to the store immediately!

When I contacted Pet Land they told me that they have the dogs looked at once a week!? What kind of veterinarians do they have that would not recognize how sick my poor puppy was! They also told me that they knew that he had an upper respiratory infection but “figured I would be taking him to the vet in five days anyway!” What kind of horrible people would do this to a poor dog!? We ended up bringing the dog back due to its untreatable illness and my three boys are devastated.


patricia of Flatwoods, KY

Original review: Sept. 18, 2014

In the past I have bought three hamsters and a rabbit from Petland. I will never shop there again. The hamsters didn’t last a week and the rabbit lasted two weeks. I called them about the rabbit and they said they could credit us to get a new rabbit and I told them we don’t want a new rabbit because all the animals just die anyways. She told me that it is all they can do. They have lost a customer.


Sandy of Syracuse, NY

Original review: Sept. 17, 2014

Puppy bought had/has health issues that were not mentioned pre-purchase. I found out through first vet visit by attending vet. Also, misinformation about all future vet visits for the life of the dog was incorrect. Papers for dog were missing. Petland states that they would contact breeder for a new set. They did not do so and I was told after purchase of puppy that papers could not be found.


Sonya of Chattanooga, TN

Original review: Sept. 12, 2014

We bought our baby in August 2014. She is a Yorkie Terrier. We love her so much. My heart goes out to the animals being sold by Petland. My baby was 11 weeks old when we bought her. When we bought her, she was coughing so the store manager did a breathing treatment on her. Said it was just kennel cough. We went back the next day after bringing her home and they did another breathing treatment on her. We went to their Vet 2 days later, as instructed and was prescribed medicine for her cough, but it did not help. So I went to my vet who was very concerned and I pushed for an x-ray of her trachea. Good thing I did. It showed a collapsed trachea and an enlarged heart. I called Petland to tell them about the grim diagnosis and they didn’t call me back. I had to call 3 times that day before I was able to speak with the manager, Chris. Using the store vet is concerning because it creates a huge conflict of interest. As the vet is contracted to act on behalf of the store and not the owner of the new pet. Keep this in mind.

Got the CD of the x-rays from my vet and took them to Petland’s vet who could not dispute the findings. I am taking my baby to a cardiologist to determine the proper treatment for her condition. Fortunately for my baby, I own my own business and can afford expensive vet bills, but the point is – I SHOULDN’T HAVE TOO!!! NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS!!! I had to tell my children their very first pet may die in 10 months. My family is beyond angry and hurt over this situation. I am praying my baby doesn’t die as I was devastated when I was told she has a heart condition at 12 weeks of age – 10 days after buying her. I cried all day and night. My baby is so very precious. In this situation, the puppies suffer and so do the owners. The store and puppy mills get the money they want and continue these inhuman breeding practices. Don’t buy from a store. This is a lesson learned for us. I don’t regret buying my baby, we love her and feel it was meant to be. Thank God I did, if I we hadn’t purchased her, she would more than likely have a very short life or be treated badly because she is sick.

I regret not getting someone in the store to investigate their practices before buying her. No animal should suffer like this. I am taking my case to my uncle who is an attorney in Atlanta. I am filing a complaint with the Attorney General. You have to be diligent about pursuing a course of corrective action. If you don’t, the puppy mills and stores will continue to breed puppies that are not healthy and suffer. In the long run, the real victims are the animals. Stand up to this injustice. Don’t just write something on a board. Contact your state’s attorney general’s office and file a lawsuit!


Brandon of Richardson, TX

Original review: Sept. 10, 2014

My wife and I bought a goldendoodle from Petland Frisco. The dog was diagnosed with distemper 48 hours after bringing it home. The dog died less than two weeks after purchasing it. We spent over $2600 on the dog, training, and some supplies. They said all we had to do was show proof of the vet bills and we would be given a store credit for up to the amount of the vet bills. We did submitted all of the paperwork in the necessary time frame, but they continued to try and say things like, “It’s not an actual diagnosis” and that we had to submit additional documents. They called 3-4 four times per day to sign us up for the dog training courses before our dog died. Now that we are trying to get them to cover the $800 vet bills we can’t even get them to return our call or messages. I will likely have to take them to small claims court.


sheri of Johnson Creek, WI

Original review: Sept. 10, 2014

We got a purebred Jack Russel terrier from Petland August 26th, 2014. She was born April 29th, 2014. We were so excited to get her. The clerk was not very friendly. Her goal seemed to be that she made sure that we knew we could NOT return the dog for ANY reason. She repeated that several times. That thought hadn’t even crossed our mind especially since we hadn’t even gotten her yet. We finally got through their grueling process and was able to pay for her and take her home. She was $700.00. We had no problem with the price. The dog was beautiful. We stopped and got all the things we needed for her and brought her home. We were all thrilled.


Amanda of O’Fallon, MO

Original review: Sept. 10, 2014

I bought a Siberian Husky puppy from Petland in Lake St. Louis in September of 2012. She was ridiculously priced but luckily we got her knocked down a bit. She was and still is a beautiful dog but when we brought her home we discovered she had some pretty bad diarrhea. The vet they had sent us to pretty much brushed it off and after a few months it finally went away on its own. And when I took another look over her papers I discovered that I was also told the wrong age of my puppy. I was told she was 16 weeks but looking at her birth date on the papers I discovered that she was actually 14 weeks. I wasn’t angry about her being 2 weeks younger but I was angry that they didn’t even know the correct information about my puppy. They also never emailed information that they were supposed to to me and when I went back to the store to ask about it they told me to check my email again. Seriously? As for the staff, some were friendly but others seemed very annoyed and pushy. I don’t think the staff actually care about the puppies as much as they do selling them because they are paid on commission. I will not be purchasing another puppy from the store again.


Rachel of Dublin, OH

Original review: Aug. 28, 2014

I purchased an Australian shepherd-poodle puppy from the Bethel Road Petland, in Dublin, OH. All the employees were very friendly and not pushy at all. They even let me take him home for a 3 hour visit to make sure he got along with my cat. He was expensive at $1700 but came with a lot of extras (crate, food, toys, training, etc.). I took him to the recommended vet, who gave us a medicine for his tapeworms (which is common in ALL puppies). He has a little bit of a cold but we have had him for almost a week and he is super active and playful. He is getting the hang of potty training and is eating very well.

He is acclimating to sleeping in his crate also. Smart little guy. I am as ethical as anyone can be (I am a vegetarian and don’t wear leather, etc. ) and always promised myself I’d never buy from a pet store OR breeder but my last rescue dog ended up causing heartache for us because of his abusive past and I wanted to be able to raise a puppy and teach him about life. I cannot speak for all Petlands but this one has really cleaned up their act in the 8+ years I have visited them. No more sick-looking puppies, bigger cages and you have to be 18+ to handle a dog alone. We’ll see how he turns out but I have high hopes for this little pup 🙂


Heather of South English, IA

Original review: Aug. 26, 2014

I bought “Shih Tzu” puppy in March 2014. I was charged an outrageous amount because he was special and unique… He has one blue eye and one brown. I have since found out many Shih Tzu’s have this trait. We have raised him now since he was 8 weeks old, as he grows we noticed he doesn’t look like a Full blood Shih Tzu. His nose isn’t pugged, his eyes are wrong, he has a long wide nose compared to a true Shih Tzu. His feet are huge and his manly areas aren’t right, his head is not shaped correctly, so on and so forth. So I had him looked at by my vet who hadn’t seen him since he got his last shots. He agrees he is Bicon/Shih Tzu. I called Petland and was told it was out of their hands! Come to find out the warranty is void because I didn’t use THEIR vet but my own!! So they over charged me for mixed mutt! Don’t get me wrong we love him but they should refund most of our money! This is a scam! Now I’ve heard from many people they do this all the time! Why should they get away with scamming people out of their hard earned money! I will never buy from them again! I will also spread the word! They need to get out of our state! Iowa.


Joan of Bronx, NY

Original review: Aug. 19, 2014

Hamsters were brought into the Petland store in the Bronx as “donations” and the clerk there mixed the donated hamsters with in-store hamsters and one of the donated hamsters got his head bit off. Literally. I was shocked and appalled to see this. This happened on Wednesday, August 6th, 2014 at the Petland at 5550 Broadway, Bronx, and N.Y. It was horrible.


Avery of Richardson, TX

Original review: Aug. 1, 2014

I learned after buying an adorable dachshund puppy from Petland what I may have gotten myself into. I did not know prior to buying that most puppies come from puppy mills. My dachshund is just over a year old now and I absolutely adore her. But recently, she has been getting sick more often than I feel she should (throwing up, diarrhea, etc) and she has had the hiccups/gagging for almost a day now. Now, when I say more than I feel she should, I mean that she has gotten sick twice in the last couple of months and both times could have been from her eating something she shouldn’t have (I live out in the middle of nowhere basically and cannot monitor her every move). But anyway I am so worried that something is truly wrong with her, and after reading some reviews, I am very worried she could die from poor breeding.

However, after reading some reviews, I realized that I could look at her papers and find out what breeding facility she came from. Turns out she came from Ridgeview Kennels in Durant Oklahoma and I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this place? I have tried to search it and cannot come up with anything other than their license number. Any information would be helpful. Thank you!


LaTonia of Pensacola, FL

Original review: July 20, 2014

My mom got the puppy for me. I pay the bill. The bill is split into two bills. 1 bill comes out at the end of the month with not problems. The second half with is on a Petland credit card it’s always a problem. I schedule a payment. Online it takes them over 14 days to take the payment which is making the payments late. The last payment I schedule they never took it out of my account and charged OVER 30 dollars of late fees. I will never buy another pet from them again. I will never use the petland credit card. To call in and make a payment over the phone is 15.00. The store do not tell you this. Will never never finance another pet through petland nightmare.


Michael of Laporte, IN

Original review: July 19, 2014

I’m sure you have heard the many complaints about one of your stores selling “mini” pigs. I will no longer be a customer in any of your stores because I do believe you are/were trying to sell them and you or your employees are not educated on pigs. I will also be spreading the word on this situation and try to get others to ban any and all of your stores also.


Tracy of Bloomington , IL

Original review: July 19, 2014

We purchased a Rottweiler puppy from Petland Naperville (Illinois) in December 2013 after ours passed away from cancer. We love our pup to the moon and back and get her the best care at U of I. Our papers stated Yoder from Iowa was the breeder. If you are getting a puppy from them be sure to check the breeder (unfortunately they will not give you this information until AFTER you purchase). We love and will care for our puppy but their warranty is void if you do not use their vet who was the initial care provider while in their store/customer, who I may add missed the heart murmur that our vet found immediately a few days after we bought her.

This place is HORRIBLE and if you’re not prepared for HUGE vet bills due to shotty breeding and complete lack or want of knowledge on their part DO NOT PURCHASE A PET THERE!!! I looked up the supposed breeder on our paperwork and they have been cited and investigated multiple times with photos of puppy mill conditions.


Summer of Milton, FL

Original review: July 18, 2014

I feel luckier than most with my Petland experience, but the company LIES by not accurately portraying how it purchases its dogs. They claim to purchase from breeders, not puppy mills – but guess what, Petland? Buying from a USDA-licensed breeding facility CAN and DOES count as buying from a mill. Why? These types of breeders are solely profit-seeking and can legally keep hundreds of dogs with bare minimum requirements for shelter, food, and water. People believe that puppies coming from a breeder are raised in home and under foot and Petland KNOWS this. However, a responsible breeder would NEVER send his/her puppies to be sold at a pet store – he/she would insist on meeting and vetting EVERY buyer of his/her precious puppies.

I impulsively purchased a very small chihuahua puppy in 2007 after the sudden and devastating loss of another chihuahua. I paid $1200 for my new baby, Ava – I HAD to have her, I was lost without my Astrid. Ava was a sickly baby and had kennel cough at the store. Petland offered to “nebulize” her a few times a week to help with the cough and I agreed.

Ava did get better and I still have her today. She is a great chihuahua and I love her. But after digging into her history, she came from a USDA licensed puppy mill in Missouri. When you buy a puppy, you should physically GO TO THE BREEDER’S PROPERTY to see the parents and the puppies. Most USDA facilities do not even ALLOW you to go see their animals! Moral of the story is: Choosing to buy a dog rather than adopt from a shelter does not make you a bad person – but if you do choose to buy, be as ethical as possible about it and do not buy from a pet store. Buy from a small, responsible breeder with like ten breeding dogs or fewer. Why? Typically hobby breeders are NOT relying on a profit from their animals – they have a day job or other income and breed the dogs for pleasure, meaning they truly love their dogs and select only the best breeding stock, providing lots of attention and socialization.

Additionally a NEW LAW was just passed that any dog breeder selling puppies over the internet must be USDA licensed if they have more than FOUR breeding females. This is GREAT news and it will curb high-volume “backyard breeders” that try to circumvent the USDA regulation process. I never will make the pet store purchase mistake again and I consider myself lucky that Ava survived.


Denise of Wenona, IL

Original review: July 17, 2014

Bought a sick puppy that had bad case of Giardia, so bad it was in her lungs. She had plugged nasal opening and open soft palate. She had no nasal flares to breathe out of so my Vet had to open them up surgically with a laser and had to suck out garbage out of her lungs (food, feces, wood shavings, etc) and close her soft palate so food would go into her stomach and not into lungs. She was on death’s door when I bought her. I cancelled credit card and I am disputing it right now, I contacted Dept. of Ag. and I contacted Attorney General’s Office. They want more complaints, they will act on them if more people call and fill out complaint forms. My puppy is doing better but between the owner and the so-called Vets she would have died! It will catch up to them, I will hound them around every corner until they do the right thing and they know what that is.


Sarah of Largo, FL

Original review: July 16, 2014

We purchased bird food and mice for our snake at Petland in Largo Mall on a regular basis. We always noticed the puppies and my children enjoyed looking at them. On one particular visit my 10 year old daughter mentioned that they had a Basset hound. I knew that the prices of these dogs was exorbitant so usually we looked but never considered purchasing. Also we were aware of the possibility of these dogs coming from puppy mills. We felt bad enough supporting the store by purchasing the bird food there. We stopped by the puppies and the Basset was crammed into a small box with a beagle. This Basset hound was not small and we were told that she was four months old. They were dropping the price down from 1200.00 to 250.00 dollars. This dog was in atrocious conditions. She was too large for the cage and could barely turn around and then they put this hyper beagle in there that was leaping all over the place and biting and chewing on the Basset pups ears.

We decided to purchase the Basset puppy to rescue her from the conditions she was kept in. The store clerk seemed to care for the Basset and she told us that she felt bad about the dog being kept in such a small cage and that when she could she would take her out to walk around the back room. We brought her home and I thank God that there were no health problems BUT, we later returned to the store to get the dogs nails trimmed and the dog completely panicked. She didn’t panic during the nail trim. She panicked as soon as we opened the car door and she saw the store. Something happened there that scared this dog so bad that merely the sight of the store was enough to cause a full panic attack and since this was the first time we came to the store since the purchase/rescue it wasn’t anticipation for the nail trim.

The only reason I would ever buy a dog there again would be to rescue it from the store. The clerk that sold us the dog seemed to feel genuinely concerned about the dogs but seemed helpless as to what to do and I think this one individual was the only person that gave these dogs any positive human contact. The dogs were treated as merchandise with no needs or feelings and the care was the absolute bare minimum necessary to just keep the puppies alive and cute enough to catch the eye of the consumer. This is of my opinion but please educate yourself before you purchase animals there.


Aisha of Hermitage, PA

Original review: July 2, 2014

First, I noticed that the small kennels don’t offer a lot of air flow were extremely warm. It is a very hot day today and the building itself wasn’t very cool to begin with so I could only imagine that this would be like locking your dog in a hot car. ALL, and I kid you not, ALL the dogs were panting and sleeping and not moving. Some of the kennels were actually fogged up due to how warm it was in the kennel. Second, I hear the the manager stating to one of the employees who asked when the vaccines would be available for the dogs, he laughed and replied, “Who knows, it might take while” and laughed as if it wasn’t important. She replied, “What are we supposed to do with the dogs who aren’t vaccinated?” He said they will just “Have to wait”.

Third, I was standing there for awhile – no one asked if I needed help. I continued to look at the dogs while an older woman came in and asked to return a products. One of his employees told her she would be able to use with a backyard koi pond. Turns out the product isn’t compatible with her pond. She explained very nicely that she talked to the customer service over the phone and the employee sold her the wrong product. The guy who I thought was the manager claimed he was the owner and he said he would not give her a refund because, “It’s not his fault she can’t read well.”

I then started to pay attention to the conversation and he kept being extremely rude to her to the point where I stepped in. I stopped him from raising his voice to the older woman who barely had said anything. He said to her several times, “I own this location. I don’t HAVE to give you a refund.” I stepped in and apologized for his actions and said to him, “This woman is a customer in your store and she should be spoken to with respect and this is no way to handle a customer service complaint.” I continued on by saying I don’t care if she spent $3 in there. She deserves to be spoken to as a human being and customer. He belittled her for at least 10 minutes until I stepped in. If you look up other reviews of this location, MANY of them say the Owner/Manager is rude and had 0 understanding of customer service. Not only is a jerk, but he also sells sick puppies. He doesn’t treat people with respect. I can’t imagine how he is treating the dogs.


Tori of Hamilton, OH

Original review: June 18, 2014

I was very disappointed today to find out that both my German Shepherd and Shiba Inu came from a puppy mill; not only that, but THE SAME PUPPY MILL!!! It is called Pine Hill Kennel in Hagerstown Indiana. I went searching for my German Shepherd’s mother and father to see if I could get an idea of what she will turn out to look like. I put in Pine Hills Kennel Indiana, and the first thing that popped up is news reports of puppy mills in the state. They are run by Amish families (3/6 of the PM runners were interviewed, all 3 Amish), and given to the local Petland. Puppies can get illnesses from their parents being bred too much. My neighbor’s beagle (rescued from a mill), accidentally got pregnant by another rescue and my puppy from the litter had a heart condition.

For the store itself, they definitely need to be shut down. My local petland is clean, but the arrangements aren’t very good. My shepherd was kept in a cage with a rottie and my shiba was in a smaller cage with an eskimo. The German Shepherd had no issues at all according to the store’s vet, but luckily we took her to another vet and she was still great! My Shiba Inu on the other hand, he had developed kennel cough and we weren’t told about it before leaving the store. He got better after taking him to another vet, but it was still sad. THEY NEED SHUT DOWN!!!!


Diana of O Fallon, MO

Original review: June 13, 2014

I went into this store a few times to grab dog food and would walk by and “visit” with the dogs for sale. Many looked sickly, some really sickly. Being a former show dog handler, none of the specimens were even a fair representation of their breed. Out of curiosity of the breed I had shown, I asked to see the papers on one of these puppies. Not even AKC registered, yet asking more than what I paid for my first car, and more than I ever got for my AKC champion lined dogs for the WHOLE LITTER! I was convinced these dogs come from one of the many disgusting and abusive mills in my state.

I will never go back in there, and every time I drive by and see the protesters outside the store with their signs, I honk and wave in support. Petland not only needs to be closed, their staff need to serve jail time.


E of Orlando, FL

Original review: June 3, 2014

I purchased an adorable bulldog puppy from Petland Alafaya, FL. My mistake was even going into this store in the first place. But i did and immediately wanted the one that looked like my 8-yr-old bully. Everyone there was super nice, puppies seemed happy. First, noticed my puppy had poop on her fur, and after I purchased her, I asked if they would bathe her for the ride home. They said they would. When I returned to pick up my puppy, they claimed she had been washed, then they apologized when I showed them the poop still matted into her fur. Not that big a deal, I guessed.

Once home, I actually bathed her to find fleas on her. So I gave her the cheap topical they gave with her “puppy package”. She had loose stools which I assumed she may get with being nervous… However upon her free visit to Petland’s choice vet (which was about 40 min from the pet store & almost 2 hrs from my house), They found not only did Petland send me home with the wrong puppy’s vet check clearance, my puppy had Giardia (a parasite that can infect humans, other pets, even your yard!) too.

Feed up with the fact I shouldn’t have been sent home with a sick puppy in the first place, I decided to take my new puppy and my other dog to my vet. Good thing too because the night after taking her to Petland’s vet, she developed kennel cough. My vet tested again, found giardia and coccidia (something her correct paperwork said she had had and been treated for, but no follow up). Keep in mind this is all within the first 4 days of having her home, since I purchased/get Friday and started vet visit the next Monday. After 500 bucks in vet bills, she was sent home with tons of meds and seemed to be getting better only to start urinating blood. Back to the vets and another 200 dollar bill. Now my kids need to be tested for these parasites 🙁

Huge mistake buying from Petland. My vet even said that the puppies that come from Petland all seem to have big health issues especially with parasites. Keep that in mind if you have kids or other pets, it can be spread just by smelling the poop!


April of Coral Springs, FL

Original review: May 20, 2014

My husband and I had just recently had to put my old Chihuahua to sleep so to brighten my spirits my husband brought me to Petland to make me feel better by getting me a puppy. When we got there I fell in love with a beautiful 11-wk-old German Shepherd and we were told he had been checked out by their vet and he has a clean bill of health but to take him into their vet in a couple days for a free checkup. Well the next day after we got him, I noticed he wasn’t eating at all and only wanted water (A LOT of water) which I found strange but I figured he was getting acclimated so maybe he might not want to eat just yet. The next day the same thing, he didn’t want to eat and he started looking really skinny and lethargic, well skinnier than when we first got him.

The next day, I was able to get him to eat a small amount of food but immediately started throwing up and having severe diarrhea, so we took him to the hospital where he was in and out of consciousness. The vet did all kinds of tests on him and it came back that he was full of worms and has a strong positive for Giardia (parasites which can be passed to HUMANS too). Now he is on five medications and will hopefully get this out of his system. After just three days of having him, I have to rush my puppy to the hospital. Luckily we got him there in time and hopefully my sick puppy will be able to get over this. NEVER GO TO PETLAND! They need to be shut down. They only sell sick and injured puppies from puppy mills.


Kim of Columbus, OH

Original review: May 18, 2014

I wish I had read these reviews before I purchased my gorgeous little Chihuahua puppy from Petland of Chillicothe. It was love at first sight when we saw him at the store not even two months ago. We should have run when the associate told us that we couldn’t leave to discuss it, we had to make our decision then and there…. and he was gorgeous and full of personality….. so we bought him. After four hours of waiting and paperwork (of which we never did get a copy) he was ours. We noticed the moment we got him in the car that he had a minor cough but no big deal.

That was on a Saturday. That next Monday we took him (as per requirement) to the Petland Vet, North Fork Animal Clinic. They told us that he was fine, other than that little cough, but here are some liquid and some tablet antibiotics JUST IN CASE it is something. We gave him the medications as per instruction, but he never quite shook that cough, it would pop up occasionally when he was excited or had been playing too hard.

Last night was a typical night….. the dogs had their dinner, had after dinner play and potty time, and then went to their separate crates. This morning we get up and our Shelties are fine but our beloved Chihuahua is lying dead in his crate. Other than that little occasional cough (which the vet said was nothing), he has never had an issue. He seemed to tire more easily than our Shelties but he has never exhibit any symptoms of anything, and seemed fine last night. He had his dinner so we know it was not hypoglycemia, and he has never had an issue with it anyway.

We called Petland Chillicothe who told us that we need to take his body to North Fork (makes sense, they want documentation that the pet is deceased) but talk about add insult to injury – they are saying that they need a necropsy. Now the warranties we have do not say that a necropsy is needed, just a vet certificate….. but that any diagnostics and tests are the cost of the owner. So they are going to force us to pay who-knows-how-much to do a necropsy on our little pet. Talk about insult to injury. Run away from Petland. Run far, far away. Don’t deal with the heartache we are suffering.


gayla of Wellston, OH

Original review: May 16, 2014

Wanted a shih tzu puppy. We had lost our 5 yr. old one to cancer, fell in love with a little female, tri colored female. That very night she threw up, coughing, mucus coming up and out her nose. Called different phone numbers, all they did was put off seeing the pup later. Now she is in the clinic with pneumonia, not known if she will make it or not, and she has infected my other little dogs. And yes, they had always had all their shots. I am 60 yrs old, my husband is a p.o.w., let’s just say we are heart broken. They should take better care of the dogs.


karelle of Weston, FL

Original review: May 8, 2014


I bought a female guinea pig from a Petland store. She was really sweet and affectionate. I got her home and notice from 4 days she laid in the same spot – no drinking or eating food I provided for her. On the 5th day, I called Petland thinking maybe she needed a friend because she was used to being with buddies. They said they had no more guinea left so I bought one from Pet Supermarket. The new one I got was really alive and well, bouncing around being a normal guinea. The next day, I noticed my new guinea no longer was acting that way so I called Petland again. The lady told me all their guineas were sick and a vet was coming out to check them.

Meanwhile I bought one that was sick and nobody contacted me to inform me mine could be sick too. Now I have two sick guineas. I took the Petland one back to the store and they said they would refund my money. The “owner” was in the store and had no words to say not a “I’m sorry, we will call a vet for yours”, nothing! Just a stupid refund like my guinea was a t-shirt or a pair of boots! I told her I will take the refund but I want to know what is wrong when the vet comes. I told her I will come back for her if she’s treatable. Well that was today and something is telling me I won’t receive a call. If they don’t I fully intend to sue in small claims especially since my other guinea is sick! DON’T BUY FROM PETLAND!


karelle of Weston, FL

Original review: May 8, 2014

I bought a female guinea pig from a Petland store. She was really sweet and affectionate. I got her home and notice from 4 days she laid in the same spot – no drinking or eating food I provided for her. On the 5th day, I called Petland thinking maybe she needed a friend because she was used to being with buddies. They said they had no more guinea left so I bought one from Pet Supermarket. The new one I got was really alive and well, bouncing around being a normal guinea. The next day, I noticed my new guinea no longer was acting that way so I called Petland again. The lady told me all their guineas were sick and a vet was coming out to check them.

Meanwhile I bought one that was sick and nobody contacted me to inform me mine could be sick too. Now I have two sick guineas. I took the Petland one back to the store and they said they would refund my money. The “owner” was in the store and had no words to say not a “I’m sorry, we will call a vet for yours”, nothing! Just a stupid refund like my guinea was a t-shirt or a pair of boots! I told her I will take the refund but I want to know what is wrong when the vet comes. I told her I will come back for her if she’s treatable. Well that was today and something is telling me I won’t receive a call. If they don’t I fully intend to sue in small claims especially since my other guinea is sick! DON’T BUY FROM PETLAND!


  1. W. of Midlothian, TX

Original review: May 8, 2014

I have always wanted an English bulldog. A friend at work bought one and was always showing us pictures of his dog and he said he bought it at Petland. I had never heard of the store so my husband and I stopped in to check it out with no intention of buying a dog that day. Then we spotted a beautiful brindle bulldog all by himself. We took him into one of the rooms and I knew he was meant for us, but we wanted to go home and think about it first and prepare. Bruce did have a runny nose when we were there, but they assured us it was allergies because he had just been checked out by the vet.

We decided to go back and get him the next day because I couldn’t stand the idea of him being there any longer. He was sent home with “prophylactic” antibiotics. We followed up in 72 hours with their vet just like we were told. He actually asked me why I bought from there when there are so many breeders. I should have seen the big red flag staring me right in the face, but either way, Bruce was our baby. He put him on another round of antibiotics for kennel cough (mind you that he is only 9 weeks old). He just seemed very lethargic after that, but we kinda chalked it up to being a bulldog. Then it got worse and we decided to take him to our vet. He took X-rays and he had pneumonia. He died 3 days later. We had him for 3 small weeks. We paid $3200 for him, but it really isn’t about the money. Our whole family was affected by his death. Petland gave us a store credit towards another puppy, but that won’t be happening. Live and learn, I guess. I would never recommend anyone to buy from there!


Renee of Chesterfield, MO

Original review: April 17, 2014

I am looking for a Maltipoo or Maltese and I was looking for places nearby. I am so glad I read these reviews before going to the store!! I cannot believe what I am reading, esp the experiences in St. Louis at either store I would’ve gone to! Thanks for all the warnings!!


Jessica of Volo, IL

Original review: March 29, 2014

Me and my husband went in originally looking around, wanting to see the puppies but not intentionally wanting to buy one. We stopped and looked at a mixed breed (Pekingese/Beagle…. or Peakle as they called her). She was sweet and cute. We though did not have the money to buy her so we put it on the credit that they provided from the store. Now.. remind you we did not know until it was too late that the puppies we were looking at were puppy mill puppies. The staff member that handles us was very pushy and always seemed like he had somewhere else to be until he found out we were going to buy her. Then she turned as nice as could be but still pushy.

We barely got to pick her collar and leash as well as the harness she would need because of her breed type having a pug nose. Everyone else would follow you around the store, comment on this and that and always trying to get you to buy something. Thankfully she had no issues, health but behavior wise she is very timid and is now getting used to a “friendly” reach into her kennel where at the start she would jump back because she was used to getting harshly grabbed and yanked out if she would not cooperate to their liking.

I watched this as they were taking her out so we could bring her home finally after 5 hours (!) of signing papers and their contract. The vet they had on hand I have to say was a lot better than the ones that a lot of folks mentioned. The head vet particularly but she never really seen what was going on and the store employees always hide in the back if they were caught doing something by someone that could get them in trouble. I just wanted to get my poor pup out off the conditions they were in.

The second time we went back, we still did not realize what we were doing. I wanted a larger breed dog for myself. We asked one of the guys that were on hand as everyone else was busy what breed they would suggest as I wanted a calmer breed and one who was easily trainable. A goldendoodle… He was a big ball of fluff from what we could see from the outside, asked to take a look at him and set in one of the consulting booths and the poor guy hide behind me the whole time we sat there. He would not come out for nothing and we asked the guy if we could have some time to interact with him though he never went far but at least he was out of ear’s reach when we spoke.

I told my husband we have to get him, take him home and out of this place because they were obviously mistreating them far worse than what we had known. We bought him. He was on sale for $700… Thankfully for us he had no health issues other than being underweight (the peakle was $1600). At the time, we still did not know these poor babes were puppy mill pups, and honestly the money does not matter other than the fact that we supported them when we should not have been. But we are happy to have the two that we do. They are highly intelligent and smart thinkers, easy to train but still to this day timid and shy around others and hard for them to trust anyone new. For a beagle mix, you would think she would have barked up a storm at whatever… just a few days ago this month 3/14, she barked for the first time.. the first time.. Our goldendoodle boy still won’t bark at anything… Would rather hide than be confronted by anything or anyone.

Our third trip back… (yes I know a third!!!)… the sights that we had seen were very sad. A little black Dachshund puppy… majorly underweight and looking sick… Husky pup who would and should have been highly active… depressed and overwhelmed by her own conditions being alone and in a small cage by herself. I went back to the vet, the one that they recommended and did a little fishing for info. I asked her if she had any complaints about any of the dogs there being mistreated or mishandled. She got upset and told me if she had, she would stop giving her services to the pet store. I realize now that she could have been trying to hide the fact that they do and the dogs that came in sick were all from Petland.

Don’t buy from them, regardless if the papers they give you have a breeder’s name on them. They are either fake or misinformed intentionally. Don’t even go to buy food or supplies of any kind because you are supporting them to stay open. All Petland pet stores need to be closed down and should no longer be in service period, and that goes the same for all pet stores who sell puppies and kittens. They are all from mills. I can’t walk into a pet store and not buy a distressed animal even if I end up paying a small fortune for them.

It breaks my heart to see them suffer and it is hard for me to realize that they are just animals because to me all animals have a soul. One reason to not even walk through the door. If you need a bag of food, go to Petsmart or Petco. At least there you will run into a dog and cat adoption from a shelter… animals who need a home and cared for and loved… without helping the danged puppy mills. Thank you for reading this. I know it is horridly long.


Vani of New York, NY

Original review: March 23, 2014

Petland 125th St and Lexington Ave, NY, NY Manhattan – Went into the store looking for a job. Was told they were hiring. However being Black that was not happening. All of a sudden, there were no applications. Attitudes were not nice. Petland is not hiring blacks anymore???? And continuing to do so. This is not the first and only time, and not the only Petland.


Helene of Palm Harbor, FL

Original review: March 6, 2014

In February 2014 Petland in Largo, Florida sold me a sick Teacup Morkie puppy. The 11 week old puppy was not eating and had to be forced fed. I had the puppy 2 weeks during which time I took her to my vet twice and was told the puppy was hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) and was also at high risk for having a liver shunt which would contribute to the low blood sugar condition. Yesterday morning, March 5th I brought the puppy to my veterinarian early in the morning as she was not conscious and exhibiting seizure-like tremors. The Vet felt she would pass but was willing to try to help save her. Despite his best efforts, little Mitzi passed away a half hour later.


Stacy of St Charles, MO

Original review: Feb. 10, 2014

PETLAND LAKE ST LOUIS – I purchased a mini Australian Shepherd in October 2013. 2 weeks after purchasing the puppy he started having severe pain on his front right leg and would not put any pressure on it. I took him numerous times to the vet, they pretty much force you to go to, Carter Pet Hospital, which I recommend you stay FAR away from! They couldn’t find anything wrong with him, of course, because we were still under the 30-day warranty. Then they lied and told us we must have broken the dog’s leg at some time, even though the X-rays did not show a fracture, but said he needed a $1200 surgery. We then took him to another vet for a second opinion and it was confirmed he has elbow dysplasia, which is what I had thought all along. Indeed this does need a very expensive surgery to help alleviate the pain he is in. I am telling you, do not buy a dog or anything else from this place. I am filing complaints and also contacting the local news channels to get some resolution for our hurting puppy. If anyone else in the area has had problems with Petland, please contact me and hopefully if we can all ban together we can get some results. Thank you!


Todd of Flatrock, MI

Original review: Jan. 17, 2014

We bought a Yorkie from Petland. It was priced at $ 1,300. The representative said that they could sell her cheaper. They ended up selling her to us for $100. We said wow even if we didn’t want the dog, for that price you’d have to buy it. She was 15 weeks old in Aug 2013. It is now Jan 2014 and she has severe hip displacement and pain. We’ve only had her for 5 months. She only uses 3 legs, it’s so sad to watch her try to walk or run or climb the stairs. Her name is Bella and we love her dearly. My point is that Petland drops the prices for the dogs because the warranty only covers what you pay for the dog. She needs a major hip surgery and I think they knew that before selling her to us and us thinking we got the deal of a lifetime, so her surgery is like $1,500 and we only paid $100. So do the math and ask yourself, is this good business and good customer service? So be aware as to why they drop the prices on the dogs, sounds like a big scam.


Jo Anne of Cottage Groe, MN

Original review: Jan. 14, 2014

In July 2013, I purchased a Boxer puppy from Petland, 2123 Hudson Rd., St.Paul, MN. I was old that she had had a cold earlier but she was fully recovered. Within 48 hours, I had a very sick dog. She was diagnosed with severe pneumonia and possible diverticulitis of the esophagus. The store owner, Matt McCarthy, refused to reimburse my Vet bills. I was awarded over $900 in Ramsey County Conciliation Court, but the owner still refuses to reimburse me. Buying a dog from the St. Paul Petland Store can be very expensive.


April of Panama City Beach, FL

Original review: Jan. 4, 2014

Do not buy a Pet from Petland. They house dogs in small glass or plexiglass enclosures with no socialization and a horrible sterile environment for a dog. Many of the puppies are larger dogs in entirely too small of a confined space 24 x 7. The worse part is the fact that Petland perpetuates private owned puppy mills that breed endlessly, house dogs in horrific situations, do not vaccinate, neuter or socialize the dogs. Many of the Puppy Mills have feces filled enclosures, in unheated or overheated rusting small cages with little or no water available at most times. STOP PUPPY MILLS. STOP OVER BREADING OF DOGS. STOP euthanizing beautiful healthy animals at Shelters across the U.S. DON’T BUY A DOG AT PETLAND…


Samantha of Woodbury, MN

Original review: Dec. 19, 2013

I walked into Petland with my two year old and 4 month old in tow. I told the manager I wanted a small dog to befriend my two year old as she loves dogs. I was no longer able to play with her all the time. I asked for a dog under 15 lbs for apartment purposes and preferably under 10 because I do not want a dog who can knock my 2 year old down, but not too fragile that she could get hurt, though my daughter is really gentle. They showed me a couple dogs, but we fell in love with Chobani, a 10 week old blue merle mix of a Pomeranian Chihuahua. We loved him and he loved us. They told me he was PERFECT for our family cause he would be the perfect size. She even “called the breeder” to see if he recommended him, then again told us he was perfect because this dog was “specifically breed for families with small children, so he’ll be a little bigger, 8-10 lbs.” We were sold for $1,300.

Now my dog is 5 months old and I know better. There is NO chihuahua in him at all, possibly some Pom, but he has a short coat so I’m not sure. He weighs 16 lbs at 5 months, which is the biggest giveaway. A vet looked right at him and told us there is NO way he’s half Chihuahua. But as a puppy, it was believable. Now though, I’m kind of pissed. I love my dog. But I can’t believe they let me pay that much for a dog that wasn’t even what they said. I know many people who adore “Pomchi” dogs and for the “toy size” they’d pay that much. But that’s not what my dog is.

And remember how I said I didn’t want a dog who could knock my two year old down? Well my daughter has been around Pomeranians and Chihuahuas. Neither have ever knocked her down by jumping up. However our dog can knock her down easily. We still love him, and yes he is trained. But what little dog doesn’t jump up while they’re playing? It’s bothersome that I could be lied to like that. The vet said for me to demand a refund, and we scheduled a DNA test. And then I called Petland and said, “So what would happen if I told you that I paid $1,300 for a dog from you and he turned out not to be what you told me he was? I’m sure you knew since you claimed he was from a licensed breeder. What breeder doesn’t know his dogs?” They hung up. I called back twice and no one answered.

After the test proves that they lied, I am calling their corporate offices. I’m mad. I love my dog. But I don’t believe they should be ripping people off and expecting people to pay that much to get something nothing like what they expected.


Renee of Lansing, KS

Original review: Dec. 13, 2013

I did not purchase a dog from Petland and by all these reviews, I’m glad I didn’t. My boyfriend and I heard about this store from his cousin. His cousin went wanting a certain breed of dog, they told him they will have to look in the back…. So right there I’m assuming they have even more puppies in the back not available for viewing.

We were told several great things about the English Bulldog that they had. We played with the puppy and everything seemed fine. But then they told us that the puppy arrived at the store the day before we visited. When the puppy’s picture has been on their website for three weeks, as far as we know. They also had an employee tell us they bought a Husky’s sister a few months ago when another employee said that that dog arrived four days ago and that the dog was shaking because she was scared. I fear now that the dog has been there for a few months since the dog’s sister was adopted and is now getting sick in the cage.

They also had a German Shepherd that was way under weight. She told me that they were trying to make him eat more but you could feel every bone on him. He was sickly looking and was not playful. He just stood in the booth with us. Bringing up the puppies eating. We were there while they fed the puppies and they placed one bowl of food in the kennels for several dogs. I witnessed a dog bullying the others and the bully ate the food while the other three were in the corner. No other food was placed in the kennel for the other dogs. The dogs are not being cared for and by the other reviews are already sick. The employee helping us gave us her card so I’m assuming that they get commission on the puppies.

This place is sickening to me. And by every other story, the people are cruel. My mind is blown that they are still in business. And I want them shut down. DO NOT SHOP AT PETLAND.


Why? of Why, PA

Original review: Oct. 31, 2013

Petland sold me a “Chihuahua.” This dog is a chi mix. I was ensured that it was a purebred Chihuahua and it was fixed. When I already checked out and was finishing paperwork, I was informed that it wasn’t fixed. It’s really obvious that it is a chi mix, but my daughter loved it so I bought the thing. I would have bought a mix, but I think there is no need to lie. They also list a “reputable breeder” who is “not a puppy mill” on the form with an address. I looked it up and this “breeder” doesn’t exist. They straight up lie to get a good price and sell puppy mill and backyard breeder mixes.


Monica of Gulf Breeze, FL

Original review: Oct. 27, 2013

We, like many others of you, went in to buy dog food… We bought two Chihuahuas at $750 apiece in Sept. 2009. In reality, one is a Rat Terrier mix and the other is also a mixed breed. We knew better, but felt the need to save them. Their names are Sweet and Dude. I took them to the required vet Petland gave us, since Sweet was lethargic, coughing and seemed very ill. Of course their vet said he was just fine. Within 12 hours Sweet was at our emergency vet, very ill with kennel cough, numerous parasites and worms and having seizures. He was in the hospital for 4 days… It affected his liver and he has visited the hospital numerous times over the last 4 years. Dude had similar kennel cough and roaming parasites… He needed a liver biopsy and abdominal exploration within the first 3 months… He has also had liver problems. I hand fed them for the first 4 months, had to carry Dude 2 weeks after his abdominal surgery and flush his stomach tube every 4 hours… We have spent over $15,000 on vet bills for these two… We love them and would go through anything for them. But I will tell you with certainty… No responsible breeder or animal lover would put their puppies with Petland. If they didn’t come into Petland sick like their vet certified, then they got deathly ill at Petland in a short period of time… Regardless, stay away and seek out a responsible breeder.


Percy of Henderson, NV

Original review: Oct. 16, 2013

We bought an 11 weeks old Pomeranian at Petland store located at 510 Marks St. # 120, Henderson, NV 89014. The dog was wonderful but it was sick. We went to VCA animal hospital and we were told that that dog was there before for a pulmonary infection and was under IV. They prescribed antibiotics for 10 days. They never mentioned anything about fecal analysis since by visual inspection its poop looks ok. After 10 days the dog was with diarrhea and not eating. We went to a different doctor for a second opinion and they told us that symptoms were not related to a pulmonary infection but suspect it was Giardia. They told us to do a fecal analysis and the results showed Giardia.

The dog is under treatment now with medicine for 10 days. I called the warranty company and they said they would not cover Giardia if a fecal analysis was not done during first time of the physical examination of the dog. Also they cover only at VCA facilities. We found later the store sold the dog without fecal analysis and the doctor never said about doing a fecal analysis. The warranty company said fecal analysis is optional and it is not covered by them. This sounds scam complicity between the store, VCA and the warranty company. How could you sell an expensive dog ($2000) without fecal analysis? The warranty company said it was my fault to not request fecal analysis to VCA but VCA never mentioned about fecal analysis.

VCA, Petland and the warranty company know that fecal analysis is a must but they never mentioned to me. That silent means “scam”. This is not about the cost of the fecal analysis since I already spent $2000 for a dog; why should I not pay for a fecal analysis? I had small kids at home running the risk to be contaminated with Giardia too.


Jennia of Rossville, GA

Original review: Sept. 16, 2013

I purchased a pug on 7 Jan 2012 and it was sick. I am looking for his siblings to see if they are still alive. My pug passed away in Aug 2013. He is not even 2 years old. When I purchased him, he had kennel cough. I also purchased a Peeka-Szu and she had kennel cough also. She is still alive. I purchased both of them together to have playmates. Please email me ** if you purchased a pug. He was from the Yoders on his papers.


tim of Reynoldsburg, OH

Original review: Sept. 16, 2013

I bought a Old English Bulldog from this location with a full warranty for 12 months! I owned my Dog (Te’o) for 7 months and he passed away suddenly. I then immediately contact the store where he was purchased from (Pickerington) and Megan answered the phone and said she did not know what to do and that all the managers were out of town. She then said that she was the acting store manager and she proceeded to tell me to leave my deceased pet in the back yard until Monday (4 days later) until management could return. That was very wrong and very misleading with her advice!!

We took our pet to the Vet that Pickerington uses and setup a time to have him cremated (a sad time for our family), then we contact Jr with your corporate the very next morning and he acted like had some concern. He also mentioned a necropsy, so we contacted the vet immediately and they said that too much time has passed to perform one. With Meagan’s advice, 4 days would have been way too long also! We are currently speaking with the Attorney General about this issue and want some kind of replacement or a refund!! We do not wish to speak with Jr because he never returned our calls and was no help. Our next step is to contact 6 On Your Side because we have found several complaints about Petland and did not know any of this until after the fact!

I am including a link for the complaints as I did with the Attorney General complaint. It seems that Petland has this problem all of the time and it is kept quiet!! Well I will not remain quiet, because this was a family member that was lost and we did everything right. If I cannot get an agreeable resolution to help my grieving family, I will hire an Attorney and beat this case for everyone that has received the poor service that Petland hands out! I would like someone from your company to contact me to help me with this problem! I look forward to speaking with you.


Teri of Saint Petersburg, FL

Original review: Sept. 12, 2013

We bought our puppy on August 9 2013. Fell in love. When we asked to see him, he was in another room. They claimed to be giving him a bath. We took him home the following Friday. He had a runny nose and congested. Took him to their vet and they cleared him. Then a few days later, he was in for a cold. Then a week after that, he developed cherry eye in both eyes. Petland is supposed to cover genetic problems and we bought an extended warranty. The vet we use tells us there is another bully in there that is the same size as mine. Thinking it is a sibling. The breeders should be aware this has happened. I asked for the breeder’s info before the cherry eye and never got it. We are now stuck with this huge bill and my baby’s eyes are bad.


tom of Alex, VA

Original review: Aug. 27, 2013

Petland sold us a sick puppy that had PARVO virus. They said he was healthy. Scooby died 6 days after purchase. They would not send Scooby to the 24 emergency hospital, only allowed their contracted vet see him. The same vet that supposedly said he was healthy. The horrible story is that the owners of Petland, Kareem Koshok and his brother Aymen, just thought it was okay to let this little 2lb puppy suffer alone with their contracted vet who closes its doors at 8pm rather than send him over to the 24 hour emergency hospital to be treated for properly and humanely. They are horrible. They don’t stand behind what they sell.


Melissa of Saucier, MS

Original review: Aug. 15, 2013


Three years ago I bought an English Bulldog from Petland for $3,200. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. She had a little bit of a cold which I was assured was just a common cold. Her nose was runny and she had a slight cough. I was required to bring her to their vet within 72 in which I did. She was given antibiotics. She eventually got worse where she was extremely congested. I thought she was going to die. I had to start bringing her back to Petland for breathing treatments. After a month of these treatments and me putting her on a humidifier with a Vick’s Vapor medication, she got better. During one of these visits, one of the new workers brought me back where they keep the dogs to show me another English Bulldog. There were several dogs kept in isolation that were extremely sick. Snot dripping down their nose, coughing, sneezing, and some were swaying side to side. Some were very lethargic and barely moved. There must have been about 10 dogs in isolation. It was so sad.



Erin of Saint Charles, MO

Original review: July 1, 2013

I wish this website would allow me to give zero stars!!!!! I have never been treated so poorly in my entire life!!! My husband and I were interested in purchasing a German Shepherd puppy. I have four years of experience as a veterinary technician before I decided to pursue a future in law and I also have a two and a half year old son. With the knowledge that I have obtained, I am aware that purchasing a pet is a big decision especially when a child is involved. We visited the Lake Saint Louis, MO Petland for one hour (past closing time), once at 10 am the next morning, and again at 5 pm that evening to ensure the puppy would play well with our son.

During our first visit, Andrea (as I am told by the GM) told us about the pet deposit if we wanted to ensure that no one adopts the puppy, who shall now be referred to as him throughout this correspondence. Andrea was aware that we were looking at a puppy at a rescue also, and I asked her if we decided to go with a dog elsewhere if we could use the deposit for leashes, food, or whatever else our puppy might need and she told us on several occasions that it would not be a problem and yes, we could.

The next morning Rachel opened the door for us and was extremely pushy. I felt like reminding her this is a puppy and not a pair of shoes! She, too, mentioned the deposit and again, I confirmed that if we decided not to adopt him, if we would be able to use the money for supplies for the other puppy, which she was aware of, and she, too, said yes! We knew we were going to need supplies because we are getting a puppy from one place or the other so if it didn’t work out, it was no big deal; we would not be out any money that we weren’t already going to spend, so we put down the deposit.

When we showed up at 5 pm, we had every intention of adopting him if all went well. However, he was more aggressive and grabbed my, already shy, son by the pants and actually bit his leg and was pulling on him. Rachel witnessed this and realized this wasn’t going to work, and took the puppy. Obviously, this was not the puppy for us, and she immediately tried to show us any other puppy in the store, but as I mentioned before, we were seeking a German Shepherd puppy. My husband asked her how the $100 credit worked because we need to get some items for whatever dog we end up with and Rachel said she would check. She went in the back, and completely avoided eye contact with us for 10+ min.

I finally went to the front register and asked for a manager. The manager came out and immediately (before anything was said by me) told me she was on the phone with the owner and they refused to do a refund. I explained we were told we would get a store credit and I did not want a refund. She called me a liar and said that no one on her staff would say that!!! Then she went on to tell me they only give refunds in special circumstances… Is this not a special circumstance? Please elaborate what constitutes a special circumstance. My son was bitten by the dog that we really wanted and we didn’t want another dog. Again we were not shopping for shoes, but a lifetime companion for our family!

I was furious. Why on Earth would I ever give someone money without some arrangement to use the money elsewhere, knowing the possibility that this would not work out with our child? Yes, the receipt does say “Nonrefundable,” but it does not say nontransferable, therefore, I believed what I was told by multiple staff members. After a very heated discussion with the GM (as she identified herself), I asked to her to bring out the employee because the one from last night (Andrea) was off today. Rachel blatantly lied to mine and her boss’ faces. She said and I quote, “I told you this morning when you asked me that question that I would check to see if you could use the $100 for in store credit if you didn’t buy the puppy, but I never gave you an answer.” Why would I go out of my way to ask this question and then just hand over money without a response?

Honestly, think about it. If I am so concerned about this and have asked so many other employees and was confirming once again, why would I give her my money without some sort of agreement or understanding? She then went on to tell me she would not lie to her boss, which is of course another lie, and then the GM told me that she believed Rachel and not me, to my face in front of Rachel. I told her I needed to call the police to file a report and she told me to call the police. She will talk to them, and told me she didn’t have time to talk to me, and went back to hide in the back corner of the back room.

Once I made the phone call, I asked to speak with her, again. When she came out I asked her to come to the other side of the store by the mice to avoid a scene in front of the other shoppers. She directed me to the chairs and sat. I calmly asked her, “Why would I be making this up,” and told her to look at the facts: Multiple trips, a background in animals, two different employees telling me the same thing, why would I make that up? She then told me that she has a hard time believing two seasoned employees would tell me this. I had to interrupt her and ask how seasoned these employees were because Rachel is now insisting she didn’t know the answer to what the GM was making sound like a very simple and routine question!

Her reply was that people come in ALL of the time and put $100 deposits and never come back and, once again, repeated they only do refunds for special circumstances. I reiterated that I DID NOT want a refund; I wanted the credit I was promised so I could buy my new puppy some supplies! She tried to tell me the dog part brought in business that was separate from the fish and food, etc. She also told me I could use it for a different puppy, but we wanted a German Shepherd. She then, again, said the special circumstances and that the receipt says nonrefundable. I told her that it does not say nontransferable and she replied very forcefully, “WELL IT WILL NOW!”

Then, again, she told me to call the police; she would talk to them because she had other things to do. I was even more confused after our conversation because I never left the premises with the puppy. I was told no one else had come in to look at him, so they did not miss an opportunity to adopt him. I just cannot wrap my head around the issue here. I was told I would receive a credit by multiple employees and then when the dog BIT my son, I was automatically the bad guy for expecting something that I was promised by multiple employees??

I have contacted the corporate office multiple times to resolve this issue. On the third attempt, I, finally, received a response that stated they could not help me and I was redirected to the store owners, Tom and Jeff Hartmann, to resolve this complaint. Conveniently they are never in and the rare times they are in, they are busy and I am assured by the employees that my message will be placed directly in their hands. The corporate office couldn’t care less about this or any complaint (Google Petland reviews) and the store owners only care about the money, which, I guess, is what I should have expected from a puppy mill wholesaler.

This complaint has been going on for over two months and I have never received an email or phone call response from any person affiliated with Petland, outside of the generic redirect from corporate, only a response from Petland to my bank calling me a liar. If you read the reviews online, you will find way too many complaints regarding the bait and switch that occurred with my family. I guess it is not against corporate policy to lie to the customers about a store credit or (in some cases with the online reviews) a refund because they have been made aware of these unethical practices and have done nothing to stop them.

Before purchasing a pet or any item from this store, DO YOUR RESEARCH. I now know they are a puppy mill wholesaler. None of the pets that they are selling come from the good breeders that they will try to convince you of (Online reviews besides the bait and switch are generally regarding very sick animals or not actually AKC-registrable pets that they REFUSE to refund – there are tons of them everywhere including BBB which they are not accredited, Rip off reports, as well as, the standard review sites). I am ashamed that I did not do more research before I entered the Lake Saint Louis, MO store Petland store, although, it has become apparent that these disgusting practices occur in every store in the country.

After reading the reviews and researching complaints, and newspaper articles, I am surprised that this company is still in business. There are plenty of local stores that support animals and animal welfare and do not treat their customers like they are the scum of the Earth. I would recommend going anywhere, but Petland!


Melissa of Janesville, WI

Original review: June 14, 2013

I just want everyone to know about this business and to never go there again. I used to work at the Petland in Janesville, WI where I worked for about a month and had to quit. The owner and the general manager both bullied me into quitting. I felt like I was treated unfairly because the general manager’s niece who worked there never did her job right. The general manager said she should be fired but she’s not and the niece still never did her job correctly making others suffer. So on my last day of work, they sat me in the middle of the store closed with the other employee and said that I shouldn’t feel that way and I was wrong for feeling that way. As I was crying from them tag team bullying me, the owner said to me, “I would be crying if I were you too.”

The owner and general manager also made fun of me for being quiet thinking that it may help me to talk more. Now about the animals, when I was working there, eight puppies got parvo **. Four dogs died from this. When the second dog died, the owner told me not to tell anyone about the parvo or they would be shut down. If I could do something about it, I would have shut it down, quarantine the place and reopened.


Lisa of Woodstock, GA

Original review: June 10, 2013

My 20-year-old son purchased a puppy on credit issued to him by Petland. He had never had any credit before. He was told that he could return the puppy within 48 hours if there were any problems for a full credit. He returned the puppy in 12 hours. He was issued a store credit and is now being turned over to collections. I think Petland deliberately misled my son. He had no idea he would still be responsible for the credit card bill. He thought credit meant refund as would any naive young person. He can’t afford to pay the bill. The puppy has been resold. Petland got their money. They are holding my son’s credit hostage and ruining it as well. Judging by the customer comments, my son is not the only one to fall victim to this scam.


Abby of Rockwall, TX

Original review: May 31, 2013

I went to Petland a week ago and I bought a Yorkie and we bought everything they told us we needed to buy. This was a very expensive and high maintenance dog. We didn’t even have her for half a week and she started having troubles. She wouldn’t eat or drink. She was so weak she would lie in her own poop because she couldn’t get up and walk away.

We had to force feed her. She had a seizure and we took her to the vet that we were supposed to take her to. They said that she was fine, just some hypoglycemia. So we left and then she died 3 days after that. Then I found I out that Petland sold puppy mill dogs. They said we could have another dog but I don’t want a dog that will just die again. I want my money back and I doubt they will give me that back either.


Don of Gurnee, IL

Original review: May 15, 2013

My family and I went to Round Lake Petland to buy a rabbit. Salesperson wanted me to buy a 169 dollar small pet kit not including the cage. After about 30 min. of telling her that I don’t want kit, just food and bedding, she went and got the manager who started in on vitamins and pushing the small pet kit. Now we were at 45 min. just trying to buy a rabbit which I have 2 at home already. My children were starting to get crabby. When I finally snapped at the manager and said, “Stop already! You guys are like ** cars salesmen,” they would not let me buy the rabbit. I guess $49 for a rabbit isn’t what they want. They want to make money off other products. So, the kids started crying when he would not sell rabbit. So you could only guess where my anger went. They called the police to get my family and me out of the store. I will never walk into a Petland ever again.


J of Olathe, KS

Original review: May 1, 2013

Although the prices on dog food were average, what I didn’t appreciate about Petland was being followed around constantly by a salesperson trying to sell me everything under the sun in the store; and every time I looked at a product, I was told, “Oh yeah, that’s the best brand out there!” Although it seems like a little thing, it was a very uncomfortable shopping experience.

And to everyone on this site who keeps buying puppies from places like Petland, just stop. There are plenty of good puppies and dogs for adoption at shelters. Quit contributing to the puppy mills!


Sharon of O Fallon, MO

Original review: Feb. 14, 2013

I bought a Chihuahua from Petland about 5 months ago. He has had problems shortly after we looked up the breeder and there are reports that they have other sick dogs. It started out with seizures, so we had him tested and his white blood count was very, very high because Petland will not pay for a specialist. I have tried to deal with this. Unfortunately, I cannot afford one. Last night he started vomiting and they found a huge tumor in his belly today. We are going to have to put him down. Petland has been very nasty to me when I call and try to talk to them about this. I have been hung up on and talked to meanly. I hope that you read this and think twice about buying a dog from them. Their answer is they can euthanize him and give me another dog. Why would I want another sick dog?


Malli of Aventura, FL

Original review: Feb. 5, 2013

I wanted to update my previous post, but don’t know how. I am the one who got a Pomeranian from Petland who is very sick, coughing and wheezing and throwing up all day long. Well I took him to the vet who refuses to acknowledge that the dog has any type of chronic condition without doing extensive (and expensive) tests. He ordered x-rays of his chest, which is a couple hundred dollars among other tests to see if his lungs and other organs were damaged. Obviously, paying that much money to confirm what we already know is a waste. Petland won’t even give us a cent because as far as they are concerned, he just has kennel cough. Just kennel cough that has been making my dog cough and struggle to breathe for over a month now and which four types of different medication have not even slightly improved the condition? Give me a break.

I did a search for positive reviews of Petland in hopes that maybe, just maybe, there were people satisfied with their pets (so I can go and exchange mine for a healthy one). But what I found was discouraging. Out of nearly 400 reviews, there were 2 that rated 5 stars and one of them said his dog was very sick and Petland wouldn’t help. So I think that was a mistake. Only one person was happy with the purchase and every other rating was 3 stars or less, with 1 star being remarkably higher than the rest. Why does Petland not react to this? Why don’t they change their ways? This is horrible. I don’t know what to do with my puppy now. I may have to find him a new home, but who will want a sick dog? Poor little guy.


Malli of Aventura, FL

Original review: Feb. 4, 2013

I got my Pomeranian from a friend who purchased him from Petland and was unable to keep him. We took him to the vet to get all of his shots and everything and he was already on medication for kennel cough. After a week, the dog’s coughing and wheezing was not improving; if anything, it was getting worse. We took him back to the vet, who put him on a different type of medication. He is currently taking two different meds twice a day and not getting better. It seems like he has a chronic condition but we have not yet received confirmation of that from the vet. We will be taking him to the vet again to check. If he does have a chronic illness, then I plan to return him to the store and try to get a refund with a note from our vet indicating the dog is chronically ill.

I would like to get another dog but don’t want to take a chance with Petland selling me another sick puppy. I am very disappointed and sad. I took this puppy for my four-year-old and we have had him over a month. Both she and I have grown very attached to him but I cannot keep him knowing that he is sick and could die young. I had a puppy that died at a year old when I was a kid and it was very traumatic for me. I want a puppy that my daughter can grow up with. The dog also pees and poops everywhere and he throws up and eats his own vomit sometimes. He is not a healthy dog and I cannot take a chance with my daughter. She will be very upset that we have to give him back but I really do not see any other option.

Shame on Petland for selling sick puppies! After reading a bunch of other reviews, I realize that this is a common thing with them. I wish I had known this before. I would never have taken the puppy if I knew his “minor kennel cough” was actually a chronic condition. It’s terrible. Don’t buy anything from them. I know I won’t.


Pissed of Hillsboro, OH

Original review: Jan. 20, 2013

I have been there 3 times, and every time, it is a different story why I cannot have fish in my tank. You need to buy distilled water; you need to buy pH balancer for your distilled water; and your ammonia is too high you need to replace your brand new gravel. This is the worst pet store ever. Don’t even go in the door. 70 bucks wasted, waste of time. Jack’s is a far better place to go for pets here in Ohio. I will never go to Petland again.


carol of Jefferson, GA

Original review: Jan. 14, 2013

Please do not buy from Petland! I went to the Athens, GA store. I purchased a shih tzu that was and apparently he was sick. I purchased him on 12/24 for my 2-year-old. He died at the animal hospital on 12/29. I asked the store what they were going to do about it. They were like, “We will take care of you,” but still nothing. The manager Chris was out and no one could help me when I came back. No one calls me, so I called them and he stated the owner wants to get the report from the doctor – like I killed the dog myself after paying $1,200 for it! Now my son keeps asking for this dog that we only had for a few days. You would think they would have done everything they could to make this situation right!


Venkata of Eden Prairie, MN

Original review: Dec. 27, 2012

This Petland is a big scam. I bought a puppy at Petland in St. Paul, MN thinking that I am going to get a healthy puppy and good customer service, which I thought worth the high prices they charge; actually, it is the opposite. They sold me a sick puppy for which I spent extra $400 for emergency room charges within couple of weeks of buying the puppy. When I called them, the employees say they can’t help me and I have to talk to the owner. After trying 2 weeks repeatedly, I got hold of the owner, and he refused to take responsibility of puppy’s bad health and tried to blame me for it. After arguing with him, he agreed to pay me just the medicine expenses and not everything. Fed up with the way they are responding, I agreed to it, and the owner said he will mail me a check right away. The employees say they are informing the owner every time we called them, and the owner says he was not informed by his employees. I didn’t receive the check even after 3 weeks of repeated calling.

Then, I went to the store, which is 35 miles away from my home, to talk to them again. The employees say the owner is not available and they can’t take any decision without him, and I can’t reach the owner. It is more than 2 months now, and I called the owner numerous times, and he stopped taking my calls. This whole thing looks like a scam, and unfortunately, scams like these are run by people at a company like Petland. I recommend not buying anything from these guys and stop encouraging scammers like this; otherwise, you will end up with worst customer service and risk losing money. The employees also respond to you only until you buy the pets. After that, they just ignore you and don’t even like to listen to you. Once I bought the puppy, they started saying the owner is the only one who has the power to take any decision, and he won’t be available at the store most of the time. So to me, it looked like they are trying to avoid me instead of helping me.


Debbie of San Antonio, FL

Original review: Nov. 13, 2012

I purchased a puppy and went to the vet within 48 hours. The puppy is sick, on 2 medications. I’m hoping she will be okay. The bigger issue was that the store would not exchange a collar that they sold me, which was too small for the puppy. I told them I thought it was too small and they said no. I should have insisted. I can’t believe after spending $930, they would not exchange a $17 collar. If they didn’t stand behind the collar, what can I expect if the puppy doesn’t get better? Save yourself the trouble, shop elsewhere.


Ann of Miami, FL

Original review: Nov. 4, 2012

Well, $1,300 later, I come to find out what I suspected all along. Petland gets puppies from puppy mills. If you don’t know anything about puppy mills, they are breeding places that mass breed puppies without concern for their health, behavior, or lineage integrity. They kill their dogs mercilessly and sell the rest to pet stores including Petland. Petland is a huge buyer from puppy mills. They sold me my dog for $1,100, and she has nothing but health and behavior issues. A year later and her separation anxiety is too much to handle, she’s still a ball of nerves. She can’t control her bladder urges and piddles in the house all the time. I have tried training her for a year to no avail. She has a thyroid condition and sheds horribly. I bought her from Petland in Davie, but don’t buy from any Petland.


William of Frisco, TX

Original review: Oct. 24, 2012

Poor customer service at Petland in Frisco, Texas! On 10/24/12 between 4 and 5pm, I visited your store with the purpose of purchasing a few fish for my tank. When I walked in, I was not greeted or even acknowledged. Not once did any employee walk back to ask if I needed any assistance. I realize that I could have asked, but it is your duty to provide customer service. There were plenty of employees congregated around the cash registers, drinking sodas, that could have taken a few moments from their busy schedule and helped. I realize my purchase wasn’t significant. But who is to say that wouldn’t eventually be interested in one of your high-dollar pets. To make matters worse, this is the second time this has happened, but I decided to give your store another chance. Not again! I will do you a favor and provide advertising services for free using the word of mouth method.


  1. of Cleveland , Collinwood, OH

Original review: Sept. 29, 2012

Kittens were cold and shivering and there was neither food nor water in the case. I felt so bad for the smallest one. The other two weren’t having anything to do with. The case was near the doorway; it was in late October and it’s rainy and chilly. The kitten was shivering hard. I bought her, had her micro-chipped. There’s no record of her microchip. How can I report if she, a cat now, gets lost? I have no record and was never given one from Cleveland Heights, Ohio. She’s a tortie at 7 years old (our time). Does it even work anymore? They’ve closed. There’s no forwarding address or information. All I want are her correct numbers! The puppies and full grown cats in the back of the store were warm and toasty. Three kittens alone were in the constant draft. That was just wrong.


Juan of Plantation, FL

Original review: Sept. 19, 2012

We bought a Yorkie at Petland in Pembroke Pines, Florida for $1,600. The day after, he was coughing and gagging all time. We took him to their vet, which was far from home because after spending another $500 in supplies at the store over his price, we did not have Pet Insurance to take him to a closer to home vet. Their doctor was good enough to treat him for 5 consecutive days (we dropped him and picked him up) with a nebulizer treatment and we paid $60.00.

After that, we continue treatment with a local doctor that found more troubles, and she mentioned that we could return it to Petland, but we love him so much we could not. We contacted their “warranty” department and it was a battle of back and forth faxing documents to the point we give up. So my recommendation to anyone looking for puppies, do not buy at Petland!


Karen of Lighthouse Point, FL

Original review: Aug. 30, 2012

We purchased a Boston terrier puppy for $1,300.00, took her home and the next morning, she was pooping blood and throwing up. I took her to my vet, not their awful vet. She has Giardia, turns out their vet knew this and falsified the records that allowed her to be shipped to FL. She was also severely underweight and malnourished. Our vet put her on a supplement and very good puppy food and she has gained 4 lbs in a month! She is fine and much loved and I guess we are lucky that that is all that was wrong. But it enrages me that this place can continue to sell puppies that they know are not healthy. Thank God our baby doesn’t have anything else wrong with her!

I’ll never buy a puppy here again, for what I paid I could have gone to a breeder that was reputable. Oh and to top it all off, I researched her AKC papers and the place she came from is a puppy mill, so they lie to you that they are from good breeders; lie, lie, lie. Our baby is just going to be a pet and be spoiled and loved, so her pedigree is not important to me! But I don’t like the bald face lying. Shame on Petland! I’ll tell everyone I know not to get a dog or anything else there!


Sara of Dayton, OH

Original review: July 23, 2012

I visited the PetLand in Vandalia Ohio to purchase dog food…my children and I fell in love with a little male Bichon. I always wanted a Bichon…and he was 75% off. I swore I would never buy a pet store animal and went against my own word and did it. He has kennel cough and ear mites (which spread to my other dog). I was not charged by the vet (for the first visit, antibiotics and 1 month of Revolution) but why would you keep sick animals near other animals and keep them untreated? The vet that “works with” PetLand said the animals are checked when they come in and if they are ever sick…well hello…apparently not…this one was sick and untreated until I took him to the vet. Please go to a rescue home and not to PetLand.


Erika of Hollywood , FL

Original review: June 27, 2012

I purchased puppy at Petland on a Tuesday. I was told she had to stay to get checked by the vet. I picked her up on Friday and that same day I had to bring her back for blood in stool and trouble breathing. I was not told she was in any shape but well. I was told to go home with her and that she would be okay. Told her to go to the vet the next day and vet told me she had a broken tail and a hole on top of her head. She was sick with a cold and was given meds for cold and blood in stool. A week later she was ill and couldn’t breathe. I took her to vet and was told to take her to the ER. When I took her to the ER, she was x-rayed and in oxygen. A couple of hours later, she died. I was never told the cause of death or why she died. Petland required autopsy too late and I don’t find it fair to have to pay for a dog that I had for a week with health issues already.


Janelle of Brookline Station, MO

Original review: June 25, 2012

I bought a Golden Retriever puppy for $900. The price was reduced because he had been there for about a month. I was not educated about puppy mills and how most pet stores get their dogs from puppy mills. My golden is almost a year old and he has always been healthy and a very good dog. I decided to research my dog’s breeders, only to find that he came from a puppy mill. I reviewed reports by the USDA about the breeder, viewed the ratio of dogs and puppies owned by the breeders and inspection reports. I did not find anything too extreme about the breeder, but it was a listed puppy mill. I am very thankful that I have a healthy dog and am very saddened he came from a puppy mill. Now that I have educated myself about puppy mills, Petland and my own dog’s breeders, I will not support Petland any further.

The Springfield, MO store where I purchased my golden closed recently, so much for any warranties that I signed for. I love my dog very much, but next time I get a dog, it will be adopted or from a local breeder with a good reputation. I refuse to support a business that gets its dogs from puppy mills. I recommend that everyone who has purchased a dog or is thinking about it from Petland, research the breeder.


Gretchen of San Antonio, TX

Original review: June 23, 2012

I bought a dog in 1/2012 from a a Petland in San Antonio. They guaranteed my dog and even showed me a pedigree chart from her parents and everything. I have had nothing but problems since. Apparently, my dog has a congenital disorder where her skin is constantly falling off. She has horrible bloody patches all over and there is no way she can have a normal life. I have sent all the information the warranty place has asked for and nothing. I have not heard a word from them.


Jose of New Port Richey, FL

Original review: June 13, 2012

Back in 11/2011, I made the unfortunate mistake of letting my wife walk into a local Petland in Lutz, FL while I was conducting business next door at another store. Long story short, we saw a maltese/yorkie mix puppy that was very affordably priced. We say this considering the other puppies we saw were $1,500+ while this little guy was just under $300. What attracted me was his ‘spunk’ and very playful. We asked why he was so cheap and they said “customer left a $100 deposit on him but never came back and since they had a deposit they couldn’t sell him’. I bought into it and felt bad for the pup.

We bought him and took him home. Since then, it has been constant problems. Many symptoms showing he came from a puppy mill. His testicles never dropped so he needs surgery to have them removed. He has major behavior issues, problems with eating his own feces and other problems. In fairness the sales people were nice but they were pushy and looking to make a sale. I’m in sales so I get it. No beef with them. I will never buy another puppy in the future but rather adopt a rescue. If I’m going to go through the issues, I’d rather it be rescuing.


Tara of Naperville, IL

Original review: May 13, 2012

I was at the Naperville Petland today. I always go to see their kittens, but each time is a heartbreaking experience. My boyfriend and I went into the kitten room and two tiny little ones and one larger kitten were curled up asleep on the cold floor, nothing else was offered but a cold bench. We woke them and they were cold and so skinny I could outline the spines and hipbones. We held them for sometime and they just wanted to be warm. I found a little blanket on a top perch that none of these little guys could have reached and we pulled it down and placed it on the bench for them. There was no food in the room.

When we placed them back together, they searched for food for a minute and then the two littlest kittens began to try to suckle from the larger one who just slept. It was so sad. I located a “manager” and asked him what was up. He said they just got them. Well, this is the same story I have heard before the last time I was there. They had a small underfed kitten who had blood coming out her nose. I will not accept this. I made sure to have them feed the kittens before I left, but I find this very despicable and will ensure I’ll make as many calls as I can until the issue is resolved. If they cannot take care of the cats, then just don’t have them. They are suffering!


Robin of Crystal Lake, IL

Original review: March 9, 2012

We bought our puppy (Shepherd) on February 2012. Of course, the sales lady was very nice. After we brought our puppy home, we noticed he kept coughing and he’s having a hard time breathing. We ended up bringing him to the vet. He had kennel cough and needed several other treatments. My bill was over $200 a week after we brought him home. I have phoned Petland a few times about the puppy and concerns regarding their “warranty” not being honored. The store manager yelled at me and told me I was lying.

I phone today about the procedure to check about his hips. We were told that we had to wait 10 weeks. I read the warranty and it said when the puppy was 10 weeks old (which he was over when we got him). I called to see what we were supposed to do since we were given the wrong information (we wrote it down while talking to the sales lady). The woman who just hung up on me told me that I should have just gone. It’s not their problem. I am not responsible for the test. This company is horrible! Shame on them! I am so disappointed considering the “puppy sale” still cost us over $1,300, not including his vet visit. I won’t buy anything ever again from Petland and will make sure no one I know does either. I’m so disgusted.


John of Abrakat, other

Original review: March 6, 2012


I went to Petland on a nice sunny day in Afghanistan in Poosville and I wanted to buy a cute puppy for my daughter’s birthday. I went in all happy until I saw one of the employees abusing one of the puppies. I was horrified I called the police and didn’t let her see me so. She wouldn’t run away. She got arrested and went to jail for eternity.


Angelika of Rainbow land, ms

Original review: March 6, 2012

Don’t buy any pets at Petland! Well, I bought a hermit crab. Then, about 3 days later it got very sick. It couldn’t move or eat. We started to get very worried about it so we took it back to Petland and started complaining to the owner. They said that it had nothing to do with them, but before I went I researched about them and it said it takes at least 6 days before they are very sick. We told them that, but they said that it wasn’t true. I looked on every possible website and it said the same thing: it take 6 days for them to be fully sick. I thought it was pretty stupid. I got the crab for 20 dollars. I tried to get my money back, but they got really mad and annoyed with us and they just kicked us out. I missed my little crabs and it’s very sad to watch them die, but if you listen to this one word you will know what not to do: never go to Petland to buy any pets! My mom and dad got very mad at the owner and almost called the police. This is from a grade 6 student.


Abby of Chatsworth, GA

Original review: Feb. 15, 2012

We bought a teacup Maltese puppy from Petland two weeks ago. When we bought him, he was given shots and needed one more in two more weeks because they couldn’t give it to him that day. We were told they would pay for the shot because it was a must have shot but he couldn’t have it the same day. He had all the other medicines. We were told several times they would pay for it. When we took him to Dr. **, they told us it would be $30 because Petland wouldn’t pay for it. We called Petland and they were very rude about everything and told us they never told us they would pay. My fiance and I both heard several times they would pay. I’m very upset at the rude customer service and them changing their story. If it’s a mandatory shot and they would have given him that shot that day if it wouldn’t have been too much at one time, then why wouldn’t they pay for it? If I’m going to pay $1300 for the dog, it needs to have all its shots. Petland in Dalton, GA has horrible customer service and they will not get a single penny from me or my family again.


dennis of Lake havasu city, az

Original review: Feb. 14, 2012

On Feb. 02, 12, I bought a puppy from Petland in Henderson, NV. I brought her home. She was doing fine. On Feb. 07, she got sick. I brought her to the best vet in Havasu. They examined and hospitalized her. The vet told me she has parvovirus, so isolation she was put in and treated. Well, it was no luck and she passed away. Dr. Lange at the vet center looked after her and did the best they could. Now I am retired with fixed income. I have hospital bills. I had to pay the cost of the puppy plus all the needs she needed. I wrote to A K C. They told me that the only recourse I have is if we can’t settle this, I have to go to attorney general. I don’t want that. But I seem to be getting unfavorable response from your David in Henderson. The doctor told me she had it before I ever got her, 14 days I was being told. Thanks. I need help


Chelsie of Huntington, WV

Original review: Feb. 10, 2012

I purchased a muzzle for my dog and was informed at the time of purchase that if the item did not fit, I could return or exchange it. After testing the product on my dog, I found that it was too large and I would need to get a smaller size in order to prevent her from being able to remove the muzzle.

Approximately a week and a half later, I returned to Petland to exchange the item for a smaller size. When I walked into the store, the male behind the counter noticed that I had the muzzle in my hand. He said, “Are you returning that?” I replied, “I just need to exchange it for a different size.” He then stated, “Oh, well do you know how long that is going to take? I still have to do the all the paperwork as if it is a return.” I proceeded to ask if I should go get the other size while he continued assisting another customer at the counter.

I went to the where the muzzles are located in the store and chose the size that I needed. I returned to the counter with the item. At this time, the employee asked if I had my receipt. I let him know that I did not have it with me, but didn’t want to return it, just exchange. He then asked if I was a club pet member, which I informed him that I was. When he pulled up my information in the computer he stated, “This item can’t be exchanged because it was purchased in 2009.” I advised him that this was incorrect as I just been in the store the previous week. He then said “Well, it shows me right here that it was in 2009 and I can’t take that back.” I asked at that time if it would be possible they put it under someone else’s account on the day I checked out.

After about 10 minutes of him basically calling me a liar, he found that my name had been spelled wrong at one time and due to this fact, I had 2 club pet memberships with Petland. After finding the correct account, (I never received an apology from him basically calling me a liar) he opened the muzzle. My dog had worn this muzzle one time for approximately 20 minutes and it was indoors. The man then informed me that he couldn’t exchange it because it had been worn. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the muzzle, in my opinion. He just didn’t want to take the time to process the return, when in all reality it could have been processed in half the amount of time he took to accuse me of lying about the date of purchase.

I have always gone to Petland for all of my needs. I have 2 dogs and a cat and have spent a large sum of money with this company. I will not be returning to Petland due to this one bad experience, from now on my business will be at Petco. I recently made a visit to Petco and the employees there were very eager to assist and seemed as if they enjoy their job and appreciate their customers. Maybe Petland should visit the Petco store and see how customers should be treated before they lose more business.


Blake of Springfield, MO

Original review: Feb. 9, 2012

I purchased my pet in late January. He has kennel cough. I checked the medication given by Petland vets. I was told to call or come back, if not better soon. When I tried to get health care for my puppy, I could not, due to the store remodeling. No one answers the phone, or returns emails. The cost of my pet included vet care, and help with this problem. I was never told they would be shutting down in a month and a half. Petland also told me to come back in February, to get 6 months of heart worm medication. I am seeking other vet care for my puppy. I’m trying to be a responsible owner. Petland is not.


Suzy of Syracuse, NY

Original review: Jan. 31, 2012

My boyfriend purchased an English bulldog from Petland in Cicero, New York approximately 12/20/10. He followed up with a visit to their recommended veterinarian, which revealed a severe elongated soft palate that would eventually require surgery. This will most likely happen once the dog was fully grown (after 10 months of age or so).

This is a genetic defect in bulldogs which in the most severe cases can lead to breathing complications and heat stroke. On July 23, 2011 (the dog is now only 8 months old or so), he goes outside for his morning potty routine and within 10 minutes, collapses. He is immediately rushed to the emergency veterenary where they perform CPR. The dog never woke up.

Petland’s “breeder/puppy mill/broker” should never have continued to breed this defect in its bulldog. I have done a lot of research on these elongated palates in bulldogs since then, and while breathing problems are common in bulldogs, it should never have been this severe. We are now awaiting Petland’s response and hoping they decide to do the right thing before further action has to (and will) be taken. Their guarantee states that they will replace or refund any genetic life threatening/altering diseases.

Well, the dog dropped dead! A seemingly healthy 8-month old bulldog, who was too young to undergo the corrective surgery that it would have needed and we would have happily paid for!


Marie of Saint Mary’s, WV

Original review: Jan. 9, 2012

Bought a Bernese Mountain Dog less than 1 year old and had Severe Hip Dysplasia, no muscle tone. Surgery cost 10,000 dollars and Petland did not want to honor warranty. Cannot afford the surgery and Petland representatives repeatedly hang up on us and were very rude about it.


Kelly of Murrysville, PA

Original review: Jan. 6, 2012

My husband and I purchased Charlie, a golden retriever puppy from Petland in Monroeville, PA on 02/02/2011. We paid $900.00 for Charlie. We were told that he was “on sale” because he had been there for over a month (longer than they wanted him to be). Within two days of having him at home, he developed a severe skin condition. I called Petland. Not one time did they ever advise me to take him to their vet, so I took him to my vet who has taken care of my animals in the past. Tests they ran showed no conclusive results, so Petland wouldn’t pay for my vet bill. They did reimburse me for Charlie’s medication that he needed because he had giardia. Two months later Charlie became lethargic and wouldn’t eat and was acting very strange. I rushed him to my vets and he had a temp of 105. He was given IVs and kept in the hospital for a few days. He was home for one day when he became sick again.

I again rushed him back to my vet who hospitalized him again and ran all kinds of tests on him. His red blood cell count was very low. The tests that they performed for Lyme disease or other tick borne illnesses came back negative. I was told to take him to see an internal medicine specialist. He had to have a blood transfusion at this time because his red blood cell count kept dropping. I took him to see Dr. J. at PVSEC (a wonderful doctor) and was informed that Charlie had autoimmune hemolytic anemia, which is a hereditary disorder.

I immediately called the breeder (whose number I had to find on the internet because Petland would not give me his number). The breeder denied any history of this with Charlie’s parents, which of course he would do. After $5000.00 in medical expenses alone, not counting heartbreak and everything else, Charlie succumbed to his illness, and on November 25, 2011 (six days after his first birthday), Charlie had to be put down as he lost mobility in his muscles and was experiencing respiratory failure.

All along Petland told me that once I had a diagnosis, they would reimburse me for Charlie’s medical bills. And when I had a diagnosis, I immediately notified them and they then said that Charlie’s 30-day warranty was up. I have done a lot of investigating since Charlie first got sick and I found out that Charlie came from a puppy mill in Missouri. They have been in violation numerous times for unhealthy living conditions, etc. I would love to be part of a class action lawsuit in my area if one exists. If not, I would love to bring a lawsuit against them myself. I need to know what kind of lawyer to contact and what I can do. They need to be shut down. They are under investigation by the HSUS and ASPCA for selling puppy mill puppies. Please advise me what I can do.


Aggie of Plainfield, IL

Original review: Dec. 29, 2011

I saw a Shiba Inu puppy at Petland in Naperville, IL (720 S. Route 59, # 112) and learned the puppy has been in the store for almost 2 months and no one would buy it. I have a Shiba Inu already and wanted to get another one. I kept coming to the store to see and play with the puppy. I noticed that the puppy was coughing every time I see it and I told the staff about it. They told me that was a kennel cough, but I didn’t think they were right as her cough was different to be just a kennel cough. I also noticed the puppy was warm and her nose was dry. I finally bought the puppy and when I took it to the vet the next day, I had to leave it in the hospital because the puppy had pneumonia. Her temperature was almost 104 degrees, one of her lungs was filled with fluid and the doctor stated the puppy must have been sick for a long time to develop such severe pneumonia.

My heart was broken when I had to leave it in the hospital. She was given an IV for few days as she was dehydrated. She was getting nebulizer three times a day and had to be isolated. She stayed in the hospital for almost two weeks, as the lungs were not healing fast. She also has a parasite that took me over 3 months to get rid of. When she was in the store, she was in a cage with another puppy and I saw her eating her own and other dogs’ feces (I think because she was hungry, the amount of food she was getting at the store was very little).

The vet called the store and told them they needed to be checking pets’ temperature every time they were being checked. The vet was very upset with the condition of that puppy. When I called and talked with the manager and told him what happened, he didn’t seem upset at all (it was almost like “oh, okay. Another sick puppy. No problem, we’ll pay for the hospital stay, it is in our guarantee”).

Even though I bought the puppy in the store, I feel I rescued it. I traced it and know it came from the puppy mill (the mills sell it to so-called distributors who then sell the puppies to pet stores). The breeder the puppy originated from was fined several times in the past. I can just imagine what horrible conditions these puppies were in. Petland employees and Petland stores don’t seem to care much about the animals. They don’t clean them as often as they are supposed to, they do not feed them appropriately, they do not provide sufficient medical care. It’s very sad. I have read many, many negative stories about Petland and I am surprised that they are still in business. I never went back to that store and I buy all the food, toys and other things for my two dogs and a cat at a different retailer.


Erin of Pittsburgh, PA

Original review: Dec. 27, 2011

My husband surprised me and my kids with a kitten on Christmas morning. He purchased it five days earlier, checking on it every day to see how it was. When he picked it up, they were in the back cleaning it up. They told him she had diarrhea, probably stress related. A day later when Santa brought her, she was covered in her poop. We brought her to the vet the next day. He seems to believe she is no more than six weeks old. They told him she was two and a half months old and obviously has some sort of parasite. The diarrhea hasn’t stopped and she is miserable. It should probably still be nursing at this age.


Jennifer of Columbus, OH

Original review: Dec. 8, 2011

We purchased a Victorian bulldog from Petland on Bethel Road in Carriage Place shopping center on Saturday, 12/3/2011. We took him to the vet on Monday, 12/5/2011 to find out that the dog had an upper respiratory infection & phenomena, with water in his lungs, and would need to stay in the animal hospital. I contacted Petland to ask them why they sold me a sick dog, and they stood by their word that they didn’t sell a sick dog, and even went as far as to tell me, he could have gotten sick in the day and a half we had him, before taking him to the vet.

The vet told us it was a known condition by Petland, and Petland had him on medicine prior to selling us the dog. I decided to go to the Petland store, and talked to a manager. I was told no manager was in the store. The guy there said there was nothing he could do, would not offer any compensation, and said we are paying the first vet bills, so you should be happy you didn’t have to pay them. I am not happy. I purchased a dog that they knew was sick, and is now in the vet hospital for who knows how long. My thought is; 1. they should have never sold a sick dog; 2. they should have made sure after the 10 days that they had him on medicine, he was clear of his sickness, before selling him. Upon further research from the breeder that is listed on the paperwork, he is a known puppy mill dealer. It is now my belief that Petland not only sells sick dogs, they buy from known puppy mills too. At this point, I can only hope my puppy is getting better at the vet, and will be back home with us soon.


Mark of Liberty Hill, TX

Original review: Dec. 8, 2011

I purchased puppy rat terrier “Shiner” on November 25th from Petland in Georgetown, Texas. A large laminated sign on his kennel window indicated his marked down price and exactly what was included for the price. My wife and I became attached really quickly after playing with him. We wanted to purchase the dog. The sales person started explaining the sales process which included an additional charge for an identification chip. We both immediately pointed out the sign indicated the cost of the chip was included. The sales person and the manager both said there is always an additional charge for a chip. They said they understood how the sign could be confusing and they were sorry.

I told them there was no confusion, the sign was very clear. The sales person explained how price for the dog had been marked down because it had been in the store for a month. I was extremely irritated and expressed my feelings to the manager. The store manager apologized, but this did not change the way I felt. We purchased the dog even though the store manager would not honor the price. We left the store with the impression our feelings had been used to swindled us out of an additional $130. The old “So you Love the Puppy, huh?” Well, the sign is not accurate. It will cost you another $130 plus tax. Method is a poor practice and a poor way of doing business. I explained to the manager I would be filing a complaint.


Elise of Palm beach gardens, FL

Original review: Nov. 11, 2011

Bought mini Schnauzer. Took to Juno vet as offered free wellness visit by Petland. Dog had kennel cough and worms. Free visits ran out, condition still exists! Went to my vet and dog had kennel cough and Giardia. At about 6 to 7 months, the dog has fecal incontinence cause cold be docked tail nerve damage, too much worming. We changed to high grade food. In any case, it is not treatable. Puppy mill dog.They ran me around then say “Oops, times up!” No refund,no returned calls. The manager is never in the store! No nothing.

I will either live with a dog that poops all over the place or put it to sleep. Petland closed the store two months ago but I know they wouldn’t do anything anyway! I tried. they suggested I make her an outside dog! I didn’t pay hundred dollars for an outside dog! She is a mini Schnauzer. I was also told she was AKC but she is an AKC companion pup not a registered pure breed. Would love class action lawsuit! Count me in.


Terri of Chardon, OH

Original review: Oct. 30, 2011

On a fluke, I went into Petland in Mentor, Ohio while my husband and son was shopping at the hobby shop right down the walkway. I saw a very tiny 2 lb yorkie poo puppy that I fell in love with. My husband heard about Petland getting animals from Puppy Mills and so I spoke to the owner and I asked if this puppy came from a puppy mill. Immediately he said no way! That is only a rumor. I drilled him on this because my husband would not allow me to purchase a dog that came from a puppy mill. I was told that she was AKC full breed and that she did not come from a puppy mill. This turned out not to be true.

After one week, I had to rescue her because I could not leave her there. So I purchased her on August 21st 2008 and she was born on June 8, 2008. When I bought her I again drilled the owner and asked and asked and asked him if she came from a puppy mill and he promised me that she was not. At that exact time, there were many protesters holding signs in the parking lot in front of PetLand stating that PetLand sold puppy mill puppies. The owner told me and promised me they were lying and to ignore it.

Today, I just found out that she was indeed from a puppy mill. When I brought her home I had so many problems health wise. She would not eat. she lost weight, she would throw up daily and nightly. Her tail where they cut it in half, it was all bloody and scabby and she would not allow me to touch it. It took months before it healed. I had to put ointment on it as it was very infected! It was very infected and I asked PetLands owner about that. They blew me off and never answered my question. Instead they gave my dog a free toy. Whoopee! I paid exactly $1,314.04 and I still have my receipt. I was told that she was an AKC pure bread and she was not. She was a yorkie-poo.

They out right lied to me and they knew what they were doing. A woman named Annie sold this puppy to me. I went back to the store and called many times and they tried to convince me that she was not from a puppy mill and her cherry eye was normal and her loss of weight is because she would not eat and was completely normal. Her throwing up daily was normal. Her not letting me leave her alone was normal. Her bloody spots outside her ears from her scratching was normal. According to them it was all normal. All they did was try to sell me a bunch of crap from their store. That is all they cared about- money.

I had to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars to get her back to health. She was very sick for months and months and months. It makes me sick that I was lied to in such a way that it literally made me depressed for over a year and a half, actually almost 2 years. I love animals so much and I was so scared that she was going to pass away because she was so sick. After spending 24 hours a day for over the first year and tending to her unrelenting needs, I was able to get her to be a little bit better. I am very upset that I was lied to. All they wanted to do was to sell another puppy mill puppy and they did not care about anything but the money that they made. They did not care who they sold this puppy to. All they wanted was money, money and money.

Is there anything I can do to get my money back? This has put me in such a state of depression because I love her so much and if she died I don’t know what I would do. The owner promised me that she was not a puppy mill puppy and she was. I was not aware of the class action suit until right this moment when I looked it up online and after talking to a friend of mine today. I want my money back but the store that I purchased her from is now closed down. Now I know why. I was literally suckered into buying a puppy that was not healthy. Please advise me on what to do. Thank you so much. Please do not get me wrong. I love my Bella (that is her name) more then life itself and I can’t imagine not having her but she literally suffered from day one. I would do anything for her, that is how much she means to me. But this puppy mill business has to stop! Oh, Annie the saleswoman promised me that Bella would not grow more then 5 lbs and she is now 10 lbs. It is not the weight that bothers me but the fact that I was lied to in such a way to deceive me so that I would buy her that day.

They literally pressured me into buying her that day and I did. They would not take no for an answer. Puppy mill puppies are not the same as rightly raised puppies from good breeders and you can tell the difference. This has been the most stressful situation for me since day 1. I have major health issues and do not need to be dealing with this one bit. PetLand was wrong and I will never shop there ever again.


Beverly of Williamsport, OH

Original review: Oct. 27, 2011

I would not give a rating at all, but I had to. This is my second complaint against Petland in Chillicothe, OH. I purchased a Cocker Spaniel puppy from there on 10/1/2011. The puppy had kennel cough, which then turned into pneumonia. Petland’s approved vet said she was fine and her lungs were clear. After she got worse, I took her to my vet. I had to, otherwise health dogs at home, a 12-year-old Chihuahua and a 5-year-old Labrador mix. After purchasing this sick puppy from Petland, my other two beloved dogs got very ill. After two days of not eating, I had to take my Chihuahua in on a Sunday to my vet for an emergency to find out that he was very sick with what the vet called the dog flu.

She was not sure he would be strong enough to survive this because of his age. After nursing him at home for four days, I had to have him hospitalized to have antibiotics injected and fluids administered as well as a drug to open his airways. My Labrador mix was at home and very sick as well. She had dark green mucus draining from her nose and would not eat as well. Luckily, my vet saved my Chihuahua, but he may have trouble breathing now for the rest of his life. Both of my dogs had to be on two rounds of antibiotics and my Chihuahua had to be hospitalized or he would have died, all of these because Petland sold me a very sick puppy that I brought home to my well dogs. Thank God my vet’s office was vigilant and did what it took to save my Chihuahua. At this point of owning this new puppy for almost four weeks, I have spent almost $500 in vet bills. I asked them to pay my vet bills and give my money back.

They did pay all but $7 of my vet bills, but would not give me any money back for what I paid for the puppy. I told them I would have been happy with just getting half of the money back. They said that is the reason I bought the extended warranty. With the extended warranty you have to take them back to the Petland approved vet who said my puppy was fine. I refused to take any animal to their vet ever again. I think they should have refunded my money as well as my vet bills for all of my dogs, including the puppy. I almost lost two healthy dogs because they sold me a sick puppy.


Debbie of Dalton Ga, GA

Original review: Oct. 18, 2011

I got an 8 week old AKC from Petland over 7 months ago. He seemed fine in the store. They were having a big sale that day. When I got it home, 4 hours later that night, it stared to cough. The lady at the store had told me sometimes stress did that to puppies. My granddaughter and I were up all night with the puppy. I called the store when they opened on Monday, and they told me to take it to the vet. We did and found out that it had kennel cough. The vet said that was common coming for a store.

Three weeks later, it’s condition was worse. We took it back for shots and antibiotics. It had an upper respiratory infection. Of course by now, my 10 year old is in love with Nuget, the family member. After all the nights of getting up, giving cough medicine every 4 hours, and all the antibiotics, the dog was so unhealthy, we couldn’t get the chip that we paid $99.99 plus tax for and we are still afraid to put in the chip. They have my $99.00 plus tax and the dog still has a cough when it runs much.

I called the other day, and they were supposed to mail me my AKC papers. They said, “They are here. You must come in and pick them up,” which is another expense of gas and going back into the store where I might pick up something unhealthy. To make matters worse, in fine print on a punch of papers, it said “adoption” on the papers. Nothing in the store that day was said about adopting the dog it was for sale. They sent me home from local breeder. I didn’t pay nearly $800.00 for a sick dog to adopt from Petland, when I was supposeD to be buying form the store. I’d love to adopt, but we didn’t go to a high-priced store to adopt form a local breeder and get a sick dog. The girl who sold me the dog was no longer working there.

I am calling them again today and asking again for my AKC papers on this little dog who has won our hearts but still coughs when he runs. I read up on real bad kennel cough and upper respiratory infection and found that it can damage their little lungs. I think that happen to our little Nugget, but we will still of course take care of it since it has become part of our family and my 10 year old granddaughter, who has lost enough in life. I can’t take it back to the store where it would get sold to someone who might not love it and who would not take it to the vet when it coughs in the middle of the night. My granddaughter named it after her best food in the world which is chicken nuggets.

How can we not love him forever but if something happens to him, I don’t know how this sweet little girl will react. She loves it just like her sisters and brother who live with others. We love them with all our hearts. I will take it that she loves all God’s creatures and all man kind still, even when no one wanted her, she still loves. She doesn’t think grown-ups should deceive anyone. She’ says, “Why did they sell us a sick dog? Didn’t they know I’d cry granny?”

Stores should be up front and not sale sick dogs because kids and old people fall in love with them just like family. I would like to get my full money for the chip back but they will only give me store credit or 40 percent off. I don’t want to go back to that store. It makes me sick to know they sold me a for adoption dog form a local breeder, which I could have gotten for $150 form a local breeder. Buyer beware. Take your dog on a weekday, and don’t let you child even see the pet until you are sure it is well, and take it back the very next day. Don’t buy on a Saturday or Sunday when vets are not open.


Beverly of Williamsport, oh

Original review: Oct. 7, 2011

I bought a Cocker Spaniel puppy from Petland in Chillicothe on 10/1/11. I was told I had to take it to the Petland approved vet in four business days of purchase to validate the warranty. Nothing was said that I always had to take her to this vet. Saturday night she was wheezing and coughing all night. Called the Petland Vet clinic on Monday and made them aware of this and set up an appointment. Their approved vet saw her on Wednesday and said her lungs were clear when clearly you could hear her wheezing. He put in on a medicine that said it was for mouth infections and wounds but would not diagnose her with kennel cough.

She was not any better by Thursday so I took her to my trusted vet of 12 years and it was confirmed that she has kennel cough that has turned into pneumonia and is now on two different medicines and was told to stop the first medicine that the Petland approved doctor gave her. When I called Petland to make them aware of this after I left my vet, they said I had to call the next morning and speak to the kennel manager and I did. She said I have to take her back to their approved vet for her to be treated. I told her that he said nothing was wrong with her and that is why I took her to my vet. They are refusing to pay for treatment because I refuse to take her back to their approved vet. I hope this is the only thing that is wrong with my puppy.

They are selling sick puppies and no one in the Petland Corporation cares about it. I called their corporate office and was told that I have to take my puppy back to the Petland approved vet for the warranty to be valid. I told her that is not what was told to me. I told her they said she had to be seen in four days of purchases which she was but that they said she was fine so I took her to my vet. At least now she is in good hands and getting the care that she deserves. These places should be shut down and put out of business. I said I would never buy a dog from there but this little girl was so cute and she chose me to be her mommy so I brought her home.


Patricia of Sarasota, FL

Original review: Oct. 5, 2011

I can’t rate my experience. I had nothing but heartbreak and disappointment! I have been very sad and hurt because I had my baby girl, Sassy, for nine days and she passed! Those people are horrible and they have no remorse or feelings for the pain that I have had through this whole experience! I lost my husband in May 2011 and bought a pet to fill my heart with joy and fullness. But they didn’t even care! I hate them for that.


Debbie of Allen, TX

Original review: Sept. 20, 2011

On Saturday, 9/17, my husband and I stopped at the Petland store in Frisco, TX to buy some bird food. After looking at the small amount of bird food they had, I found it all to be expired. The coupons attached had expired on 4/12. While we were there, we browsed the puppies and saw an acquaintance sitting with a Pomeranian. We have a two-year old one so we started talking to them and showing pictures of ours. I mentioned where we bought ours and asked what the price of their dog was–$795! We had paid $250 for a purebred Pomeranian with papers and all shots and the dog is very healthy.

Then, I was confronted by a female employee and was told that I couldn’t talk to these people about other puppies. We exchanged a few words and I told her that I would never purchase a puppy from them. We left the building and I waited out front for my husband to pick me up with the car. Out comes a man I hadn’t previously seen and he tells me that I can’t talk to people in his store about other animals not purchased there. Again, we exchanged a few words and he told me that I wasn’t allowed to ever come back in his store. He told me to get off his sidewalk, to which, I stated that it was a public sidewalk.

He said that he would call the police if I stayed there. I again told him that I was waiting for my husband. I would never come in his store again and that I understood why people protest against Petland stores. He was so angry, all he could say was that he paid the rent, I wasn’t allowed to even stand in the street in front of his store and that he would call the cops. I told him to call them but then my husband arrived and we left. If there is ever a protest at that store, I will be the first one to arrive and join it.


Samantha of Las Vegas, NV

Original review: Sept. 10, 2011

In 2005, my dog of 16 years passed away and I swore I would never get another. However, in 2006, I purchased a Papillon puppy from Petland in the Boca Park shopping center. I fell in love with her simply by seeing her in the store window. I went in and played with her. She was a ball of energy, very agile even though there had been a note on her cage that she was reduced in price due to a leg deformity. I didn’t care about that, I figured I would take her to the vet and we would work through it. She was just too cute and had so much energy!

I took her to the vet that was contracted through Petland. This vet is called VCA Animal Hospital and it is the one located on 2939 Lake East Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89117. The reason I gave their address is to warn everyone to stay away. Take your puppy to your own vet and do it immediately after purchase! This is what happened: I took my puppy to VCA and was told she was perfectly fine. I took her home and she began having bloody, slimy bowel movements. When I returned to the vet, they tested her for everything including Giardia and told me she was fine; that they had found nothing wrong. When I went back a week later, still having the same problem, they were going to charge me $200 to run the same test on her again and provided medications because Petland’s contract would not cover it.

After the vet had deemed my puppy was healthy the first time, we got into an argument after I reviewed the original test results, which I demanded to see. I found that the vet had lied to me. The results clearly stated that my puppy had Giardia. So I took my puppy to the vet I’ve used for the past 21 years and had them check her instead. My vet found that she had kennel cough and Giardia. Her leg, which I was told was defective, was perfectly fine though. We treated her for kennel cough and Giardia, changed her food to a top of the line holistic brand, and her sickness and parasites cleared up.

Though we love her very much and she is doing fine now, here are some other issues she has had: Our dog has a bad case of OCD and is very aggressive toward our cats. She will not let the cats sit near us if we call them over. If they walk past her food bowl, she runs over and body checks them. If we move something in the house or change something, she freaks out and runs around the house, scratching every corner where the walls meet. If I change my hair, it upsets her. Particularly if I put hot rollers in my hair. She is very protective over us when we sleep and if one of us goes into the room where someone is sleeping, she growls and gets into an attack stance.

I feel sorry for so many of the other people who had tragic results and I’m thankful that my dog has issues that we are slowly working out. With each passing year, we are slowly getting her behavior in check. The OCD hasn’t gone away, but we have been working on her aggression and she is starting to calm down. She is very smart and very loving with us. We have even taught her to give the cats kisses instead of attacking them. Now when she runs over to block her food, we yell out “Give kitty kisses!” and she instantly licks their face and ears instead of attacking.

Petland is a horrible place, but I wouldn’t trade my dog for the world. She’s quirky, but so smart. If you buy a puppy for Petland, just make sure you get the dog checked out by your own vet as soon as you get him or her. Have them test for Giardia and feed them good quality food and not the ** they sell at Petland.


Mh of Winnipeg, MB

Original review: Sept. 6, 2011

I wanted to return a product to Petland. I phoned the Petland store I bought the product from and the person I spoke to assured me I could return it to any Petland store in Winnipeg.

We were in the Polo Park area, so I decided to bring it to the Petland in the shopping centre. The manager there was very rude and very reluctant to give me a refund. She constantly complained to the employee handling the refund right in front of me. I felt very uncomfortable and awkward. Just horrible customer service from the manager of this store. The employee was nice enough, but this manager was so rude that I will never return to the Polo Park Petland and I will tell everyone I know to stay away from it.


Laura of Cathedral City, CA

Original review: Sept. 3, 2011

This is a very sick place and abuses dogs, probably more than the dogs that came in. For 9 years, we rescued chihuahuas and one day, I was in and saw that a 3lbs chihuahua was on the “hit list” because supposedly, he was too aggressive. I spoke with every supervisor and manager there because I have taken in very aggressive chis and turned them around. I’ve never failed at it. I wanted to take this little guy home but they refused. They just want to kill, kill and kill. Before this, I adopted several chis and all was well. I was under the impression that Petland was a “no-kill” shelter because the huge ASPCA vet building right next to it has a recording saying that Petland is a no-kill shelter.

Then the issue came along with the big bad 3lbs chihuahua. I’ve trained big dogs not to be aggressive and have been successful. I find it terrible that the wretched (I want your donation) ASPCA which, by the way, does not get homes for the sad dogs you see on TV that breaks your heart. No, they only sell the top breed, perfect dogs. I think this is horrendous and something should be done about Petland and the ASPCA. One Petland officer told me that the dog was going to be “euthanized” (their new keyword) and I just flat out repeated every time she said euthanize in public, I’d say “You mean kill the animals here? You kill the animals here?”.

Hopefully, more people adopted dogs and cats that day. It smells, the cement is always smelly, wet, with feces and urine all over the place. “Lack of funds for support” is their excuse. I volunteered and never heard back, and this was before the “euthanasia/kill” incident. I’m sure there are some people there who really do care, but I have yet to find one. Shut this place down.


Maureen of Mount Vernon, NY

Original review: Aug. 27, 2011

I purchased what’s supposed to be a Quaker talking parrot for an amount of money. I had it for a couple of months training it and nothing. I called the store about the return policy but that didn’t work out. I visited the store a few times about it and still nothing. I was told to keep working with it and it will eventually say something; nothing but screaming. How do I go about this situation?


Karen of Pompano, FL

Original review: Aug. 16, 2011

I purchased a dog from Petland Deerfield Bch Florida. My dog is sick. My vet of 20 years said my new puppy has a parasite (Giardia).

Thanks so much you, **. How can you sell sick dogs/animals to people? I hope they shut you down!


Briana of Altamonte Springs, FL

Original review: Aug. 15, 2011

I was looking for a new puppy in my life and I decided on 8/8/11 to go to Petland in Waterford Lakes. I met the most adorable shiba inu 8-week puppy, cream colored. Though it broke my budget, I couldn’t help but get this adorable pup.

I purchased him for about $1,600 dollars on credit card, not including the puppy package, which equaled out to $2,000. I idiotically, through signing all these papers at purchase, signed away my rights to a lawful refund if the puppies are infected with parvo and other things, only to get a store credit or a different puppy (why would I want another infected puppy).

The past 8 days, my family and I have fallen in love with my little puppy, Castiel. On 8/11/11, he was taken to East Orlando Animal Hospital, recommended by Petland, and paid $59.55 for the extra fecal. Petland suggested against saying he already had one and if I got another test, it would not be paid for by their warranty.

He was found to have a respiratory infection (kennel cough) and gastrointestinal parasites. I started his medications on 8/12/11. That evening, he began having diarrhea. I called the vet and they told me to stop the medication and try to get him to eat.

The following day, 8/13/11, he would not eat. The next day, his listless, loss of appetite and, added on projectile vomit, became severe. I just submitted him to the Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Casselberry, FL this evening to find he has Parvo, a very contagious virus (meaning probably all the puppies at Petland have it).

I could not bear to lose my new baby. I have started treatment costing $669 just for the one starting night, which is 6 hours worth. He is now on intensive care, IV fluids and antibiotics. I never thought something like this would happen from just buying from a Pet store.

I will notify the Bureau of Animal Disease Control, Petland and East Orlando Hospital in the morning of the Parvo outbreak. I’m also afraid, even if he survives treatment, I may not have the additional funds to keep the treatment going. I’m completely heartbroken in this situation and don’t want it to happen to anyone else.


Jennifer of Las Vegas, NV

Original review: Aug. 12, 2011

I got my Min Pin, Holley, from Petland Boca Park for $800.00. They tried talking me into extras. I told them I am paying this much for a puppy and will go somewhere cheaper to get the rest. I was really serious and bitchy about it so they didn’t say much more. So far, my baby girl is doing good, she is a terror though. I really don’t like how they have ignorant people working there.

I had my puppy tested for everything at my own vet the next day and our vet said we were lucky she was so healthy. They will try to get you to buy a Nutro food; it’s the worst dog food ever! Don’t buy into their crap and be strong about how you feel, and they will leave you alone. I still will NEVER buy a dog from a store like this again. It was sad.


Leslie of Aurora, IL

Original review: Aug. 9, 2011

I purchased my puppy there on 07/31/11. After taking him home we found that he has biting and growling issues. I do not mean the normal teething issues where a puppy bites often. He is vicious and breaks skin when we try to touch him or touch the toy he loves (this only happens when he has a toy he loves). I feel this issue should have been noticed during his stay at Petland, and also mentioned to me at the time of purchase. When I called to speak with someone about this, I was informed that the staff usually only takes the time to play with and pay attention to the pets they like. Yes, those were her words. I asked if they had some sort of training help to break this problem, she directed me to the training DVD that came with my purchase. When I informed her that I did not want DVD help for this issue, since this is a serious issue and I want real help, she told me she would have someone get back to me. This has not happened yet.

On Thursday 8/4/11 I took him to the vet, where I was informed that he has Giardia parasites. I completely realize that it is common for puppies to catch some sort of parasite, but seeing as this is something (according to the vet and my research on google) that was picked up by another animal, its obvious it came from his stay at Petland or from the breeder. In my Petland warranty, it states that if my puppy has any health issues due to his stay at Petland, they would cover the costs. When I called Petland Naperville they directed me to call their claims department. Seeing as it was the weekend when the vet gave me the test results, I had to leave a message for the claims department. After work today I checked the message that they left for me, which is why I am typing out this complaint. I was thanked for informing them that my puppy has parasites and told there would be no need to call again due to this issue being noted. Noted? I don’t want it simply noted. I want a refund for the medicine I had to purchase to get rid of the parasites my puppy picked up from his stay at Petland Naperville.

Again, I do realize it is common for puppies to carry parasites and also realize I will be purchasing medicine every two weeks for a few months to keep him clean of them. But since this specific parasite was caused from another animals feces or shared drinking water, I feel it is Petlands responsibility to cover the cost of the meds I purchased this week for the issue and any other costs these Giardia parasites may cause. If I had only paid a few hundred for my puppy, I would not be so upset with these resolvable issues. But seeing as I am paying 1624.93 dollars (this is the base cost + starter kit cost… not including taxes), I expect what I pay for. Don’t get me wrong, I am madly in love with this crazy puppy. I simply feel the failure to nurture each puppies needs… including play time and safe drinking water.. is unprofessional and uncaring.


Deborah of San Antonio, TX

Original review: Aug. 6, 2011

I had a bad experience with the way the manager spoke to me, only because he said he was the owner and manager of the franchise. This situation was not handled in a professional manner.

The mistake was due to an employee giving me a wrong price on a koi fish. I asked for the price on this fish since there was no price on the tank that the fish were in. So I just asked Haley, the employee, what the price was and she said $5.99.

She never went to ask to verify with anyone if she was not sure. So my fish were put in the bag of water to take to the register to pay for them. I had one question, should I just put them in an outside pond with the bag for a while or just dump them in the pond?

So she asked Chris, also an employee, what I should do and he said those fish are not $5.99, they’re $19.99. So, at that time, I asked to speak to a manager. Manager David came out of his office and did not introduce himself or ask if he may I help me. No manners at all. He just said, “Are you asking about the fish?” I said, “What are you asking me. I am asking to speak to you about the price that was quoted to me by Haley.” He said, “I’m the manager and owner and I’m not going to sell this fish at $5.99. I can sell it to you at $15.99, and that’s it.”

Right in front of me, Haley dumped the fish back in the tank, without waiting for my answer. I was very, very pissed off. I think this company will not survive. Really bad service!


Alisha of Oakdale , MN

Original review: Aug. 4, 2011

I worked at Petland back in 2007. I have read all of these statements about these animals and the new owner. I’m shocked. Back when I worked there we had some sick puppies, but nothing that meds didn’t cure before they were sent home. I know that if some of our pups were sick that they would return them back to the breeder. To be honest, I was told by the owner back in 2007 that they were from breeders. I actually remember some of their names on the paper work, but it sounds like the new owner is getting them from somewhere else.

I actually would take pups home with me that had kennel cough. I would stay up all night long with them (I was pregnant most of the time I worked. It’s a funny thing that I went into labor there). I remember one time we had a yellow lab pup that was sold, but came back sick. I believe it was a week later (but this was a while ago so I’m not positive). She really had a bad kennel cough. I’ve never seen kennel cough so bad before. I brought her home and stayed up all night long padding her chest to break up the mucus in her lungs. I really thought this pup was going to die. But the next day, I brought her back to work. I remember I had a couple of days off. And when I came back in, she seriously looked like a totally different pup. I was so glad to see her healthy again.

I actually just heard that one of my old managers there that I worked with quit, because she didn’t like the new owner BC. It was all about the money and the owner didn’t really care about the animals. I got to say thank the Lord I quit when I did. I have to say it has gotten way worse since the new owner. I really liked Petland but haven’t shopped there in years. To be honest, I hated trying to sell puppies. Why try to make someone, who is just starting to think about getting a puppy, when they are not fully ready? For that one moment, I thought that I was wrong and didn’t sell many, so my job was on the line. Hey I’m honest to my customers! I am so sorry for everyone that has had so many problems with their animals. From there, it makes me sick to think that Petland doesn’t put their animals and customers first!


Sc of Arlington Heights, IL

Original review: Aug. 3, 2011

I purchased a puppy from Petland in IL. It is a Yorkie/Silkie Cross. Cutest thing ever! No problems!


Brian of Hempstead, NY

Original review: July 28, 2011

The manager luis was very disrespect full and all the previous managers I’ve dealt with there were not like him they were courteous all the time I’m a firefighter in the area and we are tax exempt we have the form on file in the so store and anytime we purchase items for the aqauirum at the firehouse the previous managers would go into the file and ring us up tax exempt but not this guy he wanted didn’t believe we were fireman and even after we furnished department id he had the nerve to say we had the id made up this guy is definitely not managerial material and should be demoted.


Hong of Largo, FL

Original review: July 24, 2011

My boyfriend and I decided to purchase an Ori Pei puppy which we felt so sorry for at Petland. It seemed to be there for quite sometime and from what I gathered it was already four months old. She was extremely skinny with a head bigger than her body. They did cut the price from $1600 down to $500 because she was hard to sell. Our family named her “Stella”.

Needless to say after taking her to the Vet, we were told that she was born with several serious defects. She had a defective shoulder-blade which caused extreme weakness in walking properly and beginning stage of glaucoma. They explained that she will eventually need surgery to be able to walk normally. After discovering this, I contacted Petland and left several messages for Bridget, the store manager, to call me but I never received any calls.

I eventually brought Stella back into the store so that I could confront her but of course, she was not working that day. Even the employees there felt really sad for Stella’s condition. They had promised a return call which I never received. When I did finally get a hold of Bridget, she advised me to have the Vet fax over the health records. I contacted the Vet on several occasions and they assured it would be taken care of. Again, I never heard from anyone. This had been going on for months because I had to do this between my very busy schedule so I couldn’t follow-up everyday.

Months had passed by when finally I was able to go into the store and this time, I had Bridget call the vet herself for the records she claimed she never received. She said that once she got them and reviewed, she would call me. Of course, I never got the call so I had to call her myself after waiting over a week. She basically told me that there was not much they could do and that the warranty only covered up to the $500 which we paid for the dog. I told her that an animal with these condition should have never been sold in the first place and the breeder needed to be contacted. She claimed that they cannot do that but she did say that they could refund the $500 only if the Surgery was done, which she knew I could not afford.

At this time, Stella’s condition is even worse. She has never been able to run and play like puppies do. I have to carry her to get around and make sure that she is able to eat because it’s so hard for her to stand for a long period.


Kim of Lebanon, MO

Original review: July 16, 2011

My husband bought me a 10 week old Papillon on 6/08/11 two days later she was diagnosed with kennell cough. She has been on 5 antibiotics coughs all night and yesterday was diagnosed with broncual phnemonia. Petland has been hard to deal with they rationalize her sickness and denies she has phnemonia which was obvious on there x-ray. I feel we were misrepresented the day my husband bought her the vet their said she was in perfect health. And still says that and she has a wet croupy cough. Its obvious shes sick.

Jennifer of Poplar Grove, , IL

Original review: July 12, 2011

7/12/11 My fiance and I purchaced a 8 week old golden retriever from petland yesterday morning…within 3 hours of being home….He stopped being playful and eating…He trew up all his food and undigested food as well…The size of the pile of vomit was bigger then him…He proceeded to vomit the remainder of the day…Then later that night he started having mud pie foul oder diaharea with mucous and blood in it. he also would not stop sleeping..extreemely lethargic and wont eat or drink anything….I callled a vet friend of mine and they told me what to do..we tried everything she suggested..He was getting worse….ocassionally after the puppy had a bowel movement all watery, bloody, and mucousy by now…he would perk up for a few minutes, then lay back down and sleep…..I took him back to petland after it has been 24 hours now…my fiance called them when this all started btw.. they said they would observe him over night…so I brought him in today to have that done and complain….

THey told me to go to there vet next door that they use and make an appointment and they would cover medicine only..I said bulcrap…they gave me a warrenty and guareenteed me a healthy puppy..He is not…he is very , very sick….I have looked online at numerous complaints of the same thing happening to people when they by there dogs from petland….Not to mention the price…Also ex workers annonomusly said there are secrets about them if it ever got out it would shut down the business….Thats wonderful to know now…after dropping 1200.00 on a sick puppy who could die….They also are in connections with certain vets and tell u its nothing…but if you go to a vet not associated.

They wont cover the bill, back up the guareentee..That is horrible….THey also told me they new the owners of this breeder personally, that they were friends..When I looked up the breeder…( Top Notch breeders) Only to find out that they are a puppy mill. and that most of there dogs are sick, or die….Im worried sick, we love this dog..Petland is not helping me, and there expecting me to pay for his problems, even after 24 hours…This is insane and very unfair and after reading all of these complaints…which i should have dome before i bought the dog..i would have refrained…I was told by a freind of mine who worked there as well…he said they were from a puppymill and extremely mistreated and that there paperwork is fake as well as warrenty…and people dont understand this….THese poor animals, and the peoples hearts that get broken…..I also have a 3 year old golden retriever whom is perfect bought from a friend who bred…Im worried that if this puppy has parivo or something else that was contagious or deadly, whats gonna happen to her…..


Deestiny of Shakopee, MN

Original review: June 29, 2011

I had bought a bunny for my daughter 2 months ago, and my daughter found it dead this morning. They say it’s not their problem. I should have bought a cage with it. My 7-year-old has been sad all day, and that was the very first animal she has ever owned. I just want people to know how Petland does not care about their animals and customers.


Garry of Heath, OH

Original review: June 23, 2011

I attempted to return a product to this store. The store owner called me a liar when I told him I was told I could bring the product back if it didn’t fit the dog. The discussion soon escalated into shouting with the store owner taking a swing at me and calling me a “*** of a ***”. All of this over $16.04. I was stressed and was stuck with a product I cannot use.


Tonya of Brooklyn , ny

Original review: June 23, 2011

I went to pick up fish and dog food but I noticed that the shelves were filled with mouse droppings. In fact, this store is always dirty and never ever organized. Someone should make a surprise visit and check on how poorly the store is being kept. The consequences is that–I believe since I live one door away from the store, it is resulting in a pest problem in my home as well. The mice are traveling to my building just one door down.


Kristen of Springfield, MO

Original review: May 25, 2011

On 5/24/11 a friend and I took a regular visit to Petland to look at the animals. We saw a Napoleon Mastiff puppy who was about 10 weeks old. As the girl was getting him out of the kennel in back I noticed how he kept backing up and trying to avoid being taken out of the kennel. She set him on the ground in the visiting room and he was fine at first. We set him back on the floor to walk around and I went to pick him up a second time. I worked as a vet technician for 5 years and have had dogs my entire life so I feel really comfortable handling dogs.

As I started to pick him up, he snarled at me and actually started snapping at me trying to bite. I didn’t react because I didn’t want to drop him and I wanted to calm him down. I was holding him on my lap and he became so aggressive that he was showing his teeth, growling, snarling, and actually trying to bite my face. I set him down and he started to go towards my scared friend so I picked him up again. He was acting so viciously, other people were looking into the section we were in. No attendants saw the incident.

I tried to control him as best I could without being bit so he wouldn’t attack my friend. He bit my hand and drew blood. I had to let him go on the ground as gently as I could and he came back at me growling and trying to viciously bite again, and even went towards my friend who almost jumped on the bench to avoid being attacked. This puppy was very young,but large, and this was the worst case of aggression I have ever seen out of a dog this young.

The girl that brought the puppy came back to us and opened the door. The puppy was fine with her so she grabbed him and I started to explain that he was really aggressive and this was serious. She states, “Well, what you do is lay him on his back. He won’t like it at first but this is what his mom would do.”

I explained that he might let her do this because he knows her, but if I had tried that, he would have bit my face. She looked really nervous and said, “Well, we will continue to work with him.” This is an animal capable of killing a human and simple training sessions aren’t going to change a dogs temperament, especially a breed prone to being aggressive. I showed a cashier my hand and said I don’t think you should have that dog on the floor for sale because if a child had been in that situation, they could have been seriously injured. They sort of laughed and said that’s typical of a napoleon mastiff. Exactly! So why are they selling vicious breeds?


Ed of Overland Park, KS

Original review: Dec. 13, 2010

My daughter Emma was to work her first shift yesterday, December 12, 2010, from 12:00-6:00. She was one of 3 people selected from 30, a couple weeks ago during a group interview (this was her second interview, she really wanted to work for Petland).

She was never informed of her expectations, that the paramount goal of her employment was to sell pups, really, and nothing more. My daughter was terminated less than 3 hours into her shift for not selling any puppies. Another person was let go, and the third was kept as he sold a dog. As stated, my daughter never was informed of the expectations of her employment. Obviously this is Petland’s practice, to hire 3, not tell them really what they were hired to do, then several hours into their very first day, very first shift, fire 2 and keep one.

I find that practice abhorrent, unfair, and hurtful. Hurtful because my daughter went back for a second round of interviews, she wanted to work for Petland so bad. But she was judged as apparently not suitable to do what Petland really wanted her to do–sell. She was so high on getting the job, and so low on being let go 3 hours into it. I will never go to, use, or visit Petland again. Maybe not so much for letting my daughter go halfway through her first shift, as so much for the general practice of how you must treat people and your staff. Again, I find it unfair and sad you do


Loghan of Wichita, KS

Original review: Nov. 22, 2010

We purchased a $3200.00 English Bulldog from them with a warranty that covered all genetic diseases or disorders. We purchased this male dog with the intent on breeding him. Around 1 year of age, he began to mope around and was unable to open his eyes. After taking him to the vet, our trusted vet for the past 20 years, we were told that he had entropion in both eyes and would need surgery if we wanted to save his vision.

I called Petland and they said to have the procedure done and they would reimburse us for 50 % of the surgery costs just as the warranty we purchased stated. After the procedure, I had my veterinarian fax them all the appropriate paper work including a personal letter about the condition of the dog and the fact that the breeders should have never bred together his parents, because they would have been well aware that this disease is passed down to all in the litter. It has now been 2 months and after repeated phone calls to Petland, no one will return my call and they are never available when I call or visit.


Barbara of Medford, NY

Original review: Nov. 18, 2010

On August 14th, 2008, I purchased a beautiful blue parakeet from Petland. The whole family immediately fell in love with him. He was the sweetest little thing! He was treated as if he was our baby. He was fine the first 8 or 9 months of his life. After that, he started vomiting but we didn’t notice it because it would always happen at night and not having much experience with birds we figured he had stuck his head in the water dish and that explained the wet feathers on his head. On Memorial Day weekend of this year Bobby started vomiting regularly.

That really scared me when I witnessed it for the first time. All the vets where closed since it was a holiday weekend, so I took him to the Emergency Hospital for animals. Had to drive a half hour away since the one by me didn’t examine exotic pets. They gave him some anti vomiting medicine and $128 later we were on our way back home. Two days later, Bobby started vomiting again. Took him to my local Avian Vet gave him an anti fungal medicine and figured he was going to be fine. Well, that was the beginning of the end.

For the last six months of his life he went through **. We must’ve tried at least six different medicines. I had to medicate him twice a day. I could feel his little heart tremble as I held him in my hand. Nothing seemed to work. Finally, I brought him to a different vet that only specialized in exotic animals. Even though nothing worked I still had hope that he would get better.

He was down to 21 grams when he really should be between 30 and 40 grams. The vet told me that he was starving to death. He was finally diagnosed with Avian Gastric Yeast, which is an infection in the lining of the stomach and they can only get it from another bird. We didn’t have any other birds in the house, he was never near a bird since he left Petland. Tried more medicine, still Bobby continued vomiting.

Bobby died on November 10th, 2010. He was 21 grams and very weak. He could barely fly up to the top perch of his cage. His little heart was so weak that it stopped beating. He died in the car on our way home from the vet. I just looked at him and kept saying “Wake up Bobby, wake up! ” But Bobby didn’t wake up. He is in a better place now. No more having to catch him twice a day for him to take his medicine. This went on for six long months.

I can’t even imagine the stress he must’ve been going through. The vet bills came to over $1500 for my $20 bird. But I loved him and I would spend that again if it meant that it would bring my Bobby back. He brought us so much happiness in his two short years of his life that it would last a life time. Thanks to Petland and the birdy mills that they are running, there is a whole in my heart and it can’t be filled by anything else. All I can ask is why?

Why do they do this to beautiful little birds? How many birds have died since then that were in the same cage as Bobby? If it wasn’t for Petland, Bobby would still be alive. Just because they are such inexpensive birds it doesn’t mean that they are disposable. People buy them because they love them not to discard them out a few months later. Bobby was so loved that I don’t have any regrets. I tried everything until the end. But how do they sleep at night?


Ronda of Washington Court House, OH

Original review: Nov. 14, 2010

I have not purchased a puppy from Petland but have had bad experiences as far as parrots go. I was in the store a week a go. There was a baby umbrella Cockatoo that was breathing very hard. I have hand raised baby parrots before and knew this baby was ill. I brought to the attention of the teenage who was supposed to be taking care of the babies and she tried to tell me it was just hungry. When I told her I knew better, she just said ok. I was mad. One of the store clerks asked what was wrong. When I told her, she said she would get the manager. The manager would not come out and talk to me. I am trying to find Corps. site. This is the second time I have had a run in with those people. They need to be put out of business.


Lisa of West Palm Beach , FL

Original review: Oct. 22, 2010

I bought my pug puppy there and on his paper it told me that he had nose surgery. I had a health contract that if he has any problems with his health for the first year, they would cover it. I took him to the vet and they only covered $100 and had to pay $165 so they lie on their health contract.


Devika of Orlando, fl

Original review: Oct. 16, 2010

If you are looking for a healthy pet to bring home and build great memories on, then I suggest you do not ever go to Petland. I walked into Petland at the Waterford Lakes area (Orlando) and was completely disgusted with everything I saw. From the fish tanks to rodents to puppies, these were the most unhealthy animals I have ever seen. Corals were dying, there were numerous fish with disease kept in tanks with other fish.

Clearly the staff knew nothing about the environment that these animals were to be kept in but I can talk about that forever; I am not sure anyone would pay much mind about that. However, this is important to me especially the puppies. Puppies absolutely stuffed in their displays, walking on their own feces. They all looked so sick and there were even two with casts on their legs with a note on their cage saying they’ve been dropped. Honestly, they are selling these animals for hundreds of dollars. People should just go to the humane society and rescue one.

After what I saw at Petland, I wish I could just rescue all of those animals and shut places like that down. Please don’t get sucked in with the idea of having a cute tiny Petland puppy; it will only take a month or two before you realize how many problems you’ll have. Between its poor breeding and living situations, every single animal at these places will need a very thorough vet checkup.

Furthermore, to finish up, I bought a beautiful puppy from Petland. I, too, was suckered by its appearance. Two days after I brought it home, I found out it had a fecal infection it got from Petland. A week after that, I found out that it had lung and breathing problems and right after that, dermedex mange. I bought this dog for almost $1,000 and with vet bills, I payed nearly a thousand more.

Petland gave me the biggest runaround. Please, a word of advise, look elsewhere before ever going to Petland!


Joanna of Davie, FL

Original review: Oct. 12, 2010

I went into Pet Land in Pembroke Pines, FL and I was approved for financing on a long-haired Chihuahua. I took her home and after about 5 days, she started acting sick. I took her to the pet store and I was informed that I had to force feed her. I took her home and I did as they directed. She got worse and started having seizures. I took her to the vet and he told me the same thing, and that it could possibly be hypoglycemia. She kept getting worse. One morning, I had to rush her to the animal hospital. She died that morning. The doctors at Saint Francis Hospital told us that it did not seem to be hypoglycemia, and that it could possibly be liver shunt. I took her body to the vet where the autopsy was covered by Pet Land.

The doctor later informed me that when he opened her and saw her liver, it did not look normal. It was very pale and frail. He also stated that her stomach had food, which eliminated the possibility of hypoglycemia. He sent some samples to the lab and confirmed that it was her liver. Pet Land now states that they will only give me a new dog and they refuse to refund me. After this experience, I do not want another dog. I want a refund and I don’t want to ever have to deal with them again. This dog that died after being in my possession less than 2 weeks was obviously unfit for purchase. I want reimbursement for what I paid and I want them to pay off this loan by giving back the money they received from the finance company.


Melissa of Hiddenite, NC

Original review: Aug. 17, 2010

I was in WV for my daughters soccer games, Mother’s day weekend this year. We were in between games and went in Petland to kill time. Soon as I walked in, I spotted the red tri aussie I had been wanting for quite a while. I ended up bringing him home, told I would get his papers within 6 weeks. Well, that evening I notice he had a cough and we were in WV and had to get home to NC to take him to vet. He had upper respiratory infection and was put on 3 different meds. He got so bad I thought I was going to lose him.

I did send his vet bills to petland and they paid part of them. Still I am paying 1300 for a dog that I thought was healthy and from a reputable establishment that I could trust, I was so wrong. I still haven’t received his papers and don’t feel I should have to pay that amount for a dog I have no papers on. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Ruger and would never part with him now, been thru too much. But there has to be some repercussion to what they do.


Marinna of Bolingbrook, IL

Original review: July 29, 2010

I bought a min pin from the Bolingbrook Petland in November of 2009. He seemed healthy and we followed the “rules” that Petland gave us. We feed him their organic food, put proboitics in the water, and gave him the finicky eater supplement all of which is expensive. The next few days, he was having diarrhea but they said that might happen from stress. ***! We took him to the vet within the first five days of owning him, as demands of the health guarantee (which is a freaking joke but ill get to that a little later) and it turned out he had hook worm and the worst possible case of Giardia! Sick! People can get that from animals and it originates from unclean water containing particles of beaver feces. My dog had to be treated for two months before he was clear of it. Every time I went to the Glen Ellen Animal Hospital (one of the few places to choose from that you have to go to), they asked me to pay for the stool sample test and meds. I never backed down and made Petland pay for everything they promised they would but it was a struggle every time. And I thought the nightmare was over!

Months later, one day out of the blue, my dog has a tiny limp in his back leg. We talked to the vet and she said maybe he overexerted himself or sprained his muscle. “Just keep in inactive as possible and he will be fine in a couple days.” Haha. Nope! (I’m not really laughing more like crying.) His limp just gets worse. The vet gave him pain/muscle relaxers in hopes it will help. Nope! He starts holding the leg up and stretching it all backwards and won’t lay on that side. The vet does x-rays and finds he had leg-perthes! I found out that my dog has to have surgery to fix this and he’s not even a year old. Even with the surgery, he may still limp or just not use the leg. I call Petland in tears and they act like its no big deal and want me to go “confirm the diagnosis” with one of their vet 40 minutes away from my home. And then they want to give me a credit toward a new *** dog! Well, I hope they know they will be paying for the surgery and the 6-8 weeks of rehab my little baby needs. If they don’t want to pay for the vet bills, they should not sell sick dogs or they should not give you a guarantee!


Laura of Springfield, MO

Original review: July 29, 2010

One day, we went into Petland in Springfield, MO just for fun and ended up falling in love with a baby lop-eared rabbit. Normally, I would not buy from Petland because I know of their tainted history of being a supporter of breeding kennels for dogs. However, I couldn’t resist this adorable little creature. I asked what I would need for her and was told that a cage, water and any rabbit food would suffice, and some vitamins that the store sold me in order to obtain a seven-day warranty.

I went to Pet Smart to buy her supplies. A lady stopped me to ask about my cute bunny and I told her I had just bought her at Petland. Sadly, she told me she had just lost her rabbit she purchased from Petland after having it for three days. It just died one morning she said. I was shaken by this story but took my new little bunny home. My children and I loved her and became attached very quickly.

I called Petland the next day. I was a little concerned because the rabbit, now named Annabelle was having diarrhea. I offered to bring her into the vet there and would have gladly paid for it. I was told it was simply the stress of being moved to a new environment and completely a normal situation. Annabelle continued to eat, drink, snuggle and play normally. She had no discharge from her nose or eyes so I took their word for it.

Two days later, I called and said she still had the diarrhea and that I was becoming concerned. I asked specifically if there was any way the feed I bought her at PetSmart could be causing the diarrhea. I was again assured as long as I was giving her the vitamins I was sold there was absolutely no need for her to see a vet. Annabelle died in her cage hours later. I called the store and they offered to exchange her out for a live rabbit, as if she was a garment that had been purchased and was not quite the right size. Even though we had Annabelle for only three days, she could not be replaced so easily for us. Petland returned the money for the rabbit in exchange for her corpse.

I then began trying to investigate what caused Annabelle’s death. I called a rabbit breeder and a veterinarian who both informed me it was the sudden change of feed on her sensitive system that most likely killed Annabelle. It was devastating to learn that this could have been prevented. At the very least, the pet store should have offered to have one of the in-house vets look at the rabbit or referred me to a vet that specialized in rabbits. I trusted that anyone who sold an animal would have some knowledge of how to care for it or at least be able to say, “I don’t know. Call someone who does”. I called the store manager and told him of my findings to which he said he would bring it up to his employees at the next training.

I wonder how many innocent Annabelles will suffer and die unnecessarily before he does or how many children will cry themselves to sleep because their new friend passed away in their presence. I suppose it doesn’t matter to Petland as long as they continue to make their next buck and hopefully some of the buyers won’t bother to get or save the warranties to their animals. Now I know why my gut instinct told me not to purchase anything from these people. I hope someone runs them out of business soon. If you need any other information, feel free to search other complaints of misconduct and horrendous behavior this business has committed against animals.

I only wish I had, to begin with. I was refunded for the price of the rabbit, however the pet store did keep the money for their “vitamins”. The vitamins were a mandatory purchase in order to have a seven-day warranty on the rabbit. We will consider purchasing a different rabbit from a different source at some other time but it will not replace Annabelle or the emotional distress that my family went through as a result of losing her. Not to mention that she was a sweet, innocent animal that clearly died due to being handled and sold by negligent and ignorant persons only out to make a dime.


Rachel of Kennesaw, GA

Original review: July 22, 2010

My boyfriend and I went into the Petland in Kennesaw one day just to look around. We fell in love with the Old English Bulldogs they had and left with one of the puppies after financing it. Once we got the puppy home, we realized it had kennel cough. This would be understandable since all the dogs are living so close to each other but because Petland did not tell us about it, our other puppy also got it. We got both puppies treated. The next problem came along when we went to get her last puppy shot at the veterinarian there.

We were told that the puppy shots were free with the purchase but were charged 40 dollars for one shot! We were not happy but once again let it go because we had already fallen in love with her. She is now 9 months old and we just want her papers back. She is clearly from a puppy mill. The same names keep showing up on the papers and all the dogs are from the same breeder. After looking it over in more detail, we noticed that her mother’s parents were full brother and sister. She has allergies so bad that we cannot take her outside without giving her Benadryl. She is always scratching at her skin where she is broken out and it causes her fur to come out sometimes so she has bald spots.


Linda of Arnold, PA

Original review: July 21, 2010

I bought a puppy in May 2009 from Petland. In November, he had to have cherry-eye surgery, which after a fight, Petland did pay for. Not long after that, the dog got some type of rash all over the skin. Here we are 1 year later, and I’m still dealing with the skin issues which they believed maybe allergies.

After paying $1000 for the dog, I can’t afford the $200 vet bills per month. The dog is losing his hair at this point. I’m at my wits’ end. Petland has offered to take the dog back for store credit, and when I asked what would be done with him, there was no answer. I paid $1000 for what I thought was top-of-the-line dog. Not to mention, the ongoing vet bills. I believe if I gave the dog back, they would have put him down which made me sick to my stomach.


Linda of Troy, OH

Original review: July 7, 2010

I got my kids an English bulldog. It’s 3 years old now. Petland went out of business the second time now. The vet bills are high and the cost of the dog was $4000 now. No Petland or papers, how do I get on the class action lawsuit? The vet bills, the dog papers after 3 years are nowhere to be found.


Mary of Pensacola, FL

Original review: June 12, 2010

Me and my partner had adopted a kitten from a man inside PetLand that was adopting the animals out, he had us pay 35 dollars to him and said that 25 of which will be a donation to stop putting cats down. The man assured us that the kitten was about 7 weeks old and had been dewormed and been given a bath. Over a span of a couple of days me and my roommate start noticing that the kitten is not eating dry food, we’ve tried to wet it down with water, we even bought some kitty formula to try to mix with his food, he started trying to nurse on my female cat and we started researching how old this kitty really may be.

The man told us that he is at PetLand every Saturday and since we had misplaced his paper work we were waiting until Saturday to confront him about the age of our poor kitten. Our kitten did not survive that time span, we found him early Friday morning barely breathing on my floor. Me and my roommate took him to the vet and we were told that there was nothing else they could do for him because he was so young and he had to be utinized and his official age was between 4 – 5 weeks old. Come to find out this man that was being contracted by PetLand had been kicked out of PetSmart for similar situations and has citations against him.

Me, my partner, and my roommate are very big animal people, we love our animals because we make them part of our family. I was very emotionally hurt knowing that this kitten had to suffer because of the neglect of this man. For the short time he was a part of our family, he was very loved and we do not want a replacement cat, we wanted him. We spent the money to try to make him comfortable and the visit to the vet and utinization.


Amber of Rockledge, FL

Original review: June 8, 2010

This is a bit of a double-sided tale. I use to work at Petland Viera as a kennel technician. Meaning, I was behind the scenes. And I saw everything that happened. I loved my job, being with the puppies, getting to see them every day. Only after a month I was fired. For several reasons I think. One being I saw what was really happening. After a month, I noticed that there were some dogs that were very, very sick, and after the dogs seemingly got better they’d be put into window kennels. At one point, we had the absolutely sweetest Rottie girl who was returned because she had nipped the owner’s face in play. This dog was placed in a holding kennel, where she couldn’t stand up, she couldn’t move around. She could barely move to use the restroom, and then because of her size, had to sit in it most of the time.

The workers were in no better condition. My shift started at 8 in the morning and ended at noon. That entire time, my hands were in feces. I was breathing fecal matter. We had no gloves, no masks, and had to wear scrubs. I got an infection in my finger and I got very sick. I was let go from the job, and once that happened, I made sure to tell everyone not to go to Petland Viera.

Though, this does have a happy ending. Roughly half a year later, my dad and I went to Petland at the Merrit Square Mall. Knowing what I know of the old Petland, I was a bit nervous. But then something, or should I say, someone caught my eye. Laying in a clean kennel, was the dog. For years, I’ve always loved Pembroke Welsh Corgis. And there he was, lying in the kennel. I asked how much he was and instead the guy brought him out, and put him in my arms. And I was sold. We ended up leaving the store without him, then ended up half an hour later, turning around and speeding back to get him. He’s still with me and we took him for a checkup, and he seemed to have no problems. He’s hyper, healthy, and playful!


Kim of Bowie, MD

Original review: May 27, 2010

We purchased our puppy on February 15, 2009 from Petland in Fairless Hills, PA. After a lot of thinking and debating, we purchased Robin Hood for a steep price of $1,500. Add an extra $400 onto that for the supplies they insisted we purchase before bringing the puppy home and we’re up to almost $2,000. It was worth it since our puppy was sweet and loveable. Petland insisted that we take her to their vet, a local vet that I had known for years. If we took her to their vet, we got the first visit for free. We took her the next day and found out that she had a loose kneecap. If she jumped off the couch, slid on the floor or even walked wrong, she could break her leg. I called Petland to remedy this problem, since they had sold me the puppy and told me she had a 100% clean bill of health. They assured me, after much arguing and fighting, that they would pay for a second opinion. Another local vet told me that there was nothing wrong with her leg. Petland was good on their word for the second opinion, but refused to take any accountability for selling me a puppy under false pretenses. Once we got Robin Hood back home to Maryland, we started finding more problems. She had a bladder problem that led to her urinating every 3 minutes. She also had an anxiety problem that continued on well into her first year. It was a problem that needed to be treated symptomatically and cost us a pretty penny to get under control.

Petland assured us that Robin came from a proper breeder, even supplying us with paperwork. After much research, we found out that this certified breeder was no more than a puppy mill. All Petland and their employees care about are making a sale. They are not compassionate or caring and they are not helpful. We spent a lot of money on a dog that we were assured was in great condition. I love my puppy. She’s well and healthy now and I wouldn’t trade her. But I also wouldn’t have gotten her if they had been up front about the issues. Petland is deceiving and deceitful.


Jennifer of Shakopee, MN

Original review: May 24, 2010

I purchased a Shiba Inu puppy from Petland in October of 2009. The store clerk assured me that she came from a USDA choice breeder. Stupidly I believed her and purchased my puppy before doing any research on her so-called “top notch breeder”. After $1,000 plus in vet bills for a bladder infection that wouldn’t go away which they thought at first was kidney failure, I contacted Petland and asked for some sort of reimbursement for my vet bills or the purchase of my Shiba. They said the warranty doesn’t cover that condition. After googling the breeder listed on the paperwork, Steve ** in Iowa, I was appalled at the inspection reports. He had 500 dogs in 2008 on his property. USDA Top Notch my rear end! I will never purchase another puppy or shop for supplies there ever again, but I will join in the protest outside of the stores against puppy mills!


Cody of Letohatchee, AL

Original review: May 18, 2010

On November 23, 2009 I bought a female Lhasa Apso from my local Petland store. I had never bought a puppy from a pet store before. In late December I noticed she had a nodule right above her left canine tooth and within 2 days it tripled in size. I immediately took her to the vet and they had not seen anything like this in years. He then told me that he would need to get some dental x-rays and a biopsy. After about 1.5 hours I went back to the vet’s office to pick her up and find out what was wrong with her, the doctor took me into a family room and told me that he had been doing some research and that he feared it was an aggressive form of cancer called Juvenile Papillary Squamous Cell Carcinoma. He then told me that he was sending her biopsy off to the labs at the Auburn School of Vet. Medicine. I was in shock, devastated, I was crying hysterically at the thought of possibly losing my baby Bella. She was diagnosed at five months old.

A couple days later I got the call confirming that it was cancer and what course of action needed to be taken to ensure that she at least have a chance to live. On Wednesday, January 27, 2010, Bella had to go into surgery and have part of her upper jaw removed, permanently disfiguring her face (but I still think she is the most precious baby). The surgeon sent the bone and tissue removed from her surgery to have a pathology report done, it was also sent to Auburn. When the results came back I was heartbroken again, she was not able to get clean margins (meaning she was not able to get the entire tumor). Bella still had a very small piece extending up into her nose. We were then referred to the oncology department up at Auburn’s School of Vet. Medicine Small Animal Clinic. She ended up having to have an 18 sessions of radiation which she finished in late March. We returned for her 6-8 weeks follow up CT scan when the doctor’s found something suspicious in the same area of her mouth, they biopsied the area and we are awaiting the results.


Heidi of Baton Rouge, LA

Original review: May 18, 2010

In 2005, I worked for a veterinary clinic that Petland used to have their puppies “evaluated before sale.” However, the only time we would see a puppy from Petland, which was very often, was when they were very sick or the new owner brought them in after they were purchased. I can not tell you how many Petland puppies I have seen, some go home or back to the store, but a lot didn’t make it out the clinic. I have watched so many puppies die from Parvo virus, distemper, parasites and respiratory infections. I have had puppies literally die in my hands. The Petland owner did not bring the dogs in until they were near death then of course it was too late. If we did manage to pull the dog out of it all, he was worried about was when it could come back to the store so he could sell it.

There were two specific cases that made me say this is enough. One was a black pom puppy showing signs of neurological problems. We told the Petland owner it needed to be hospitalized and he said no and brought it back to his store. The next day, I went there to check on the puppy and was told it was sold. Upset, I talked to one of the other vets where I worked and was informed that they didn’t sell it, that it had died overnight at the emergency clinic. The second case was another pom. We never did find out exactly what the puppy’s diagnosis was but for two weeks, I would feed syringe feed this puppy multiple times a day. After two weeks, even though she seemed to be making progress she died on a Sunday afternoon. That was the last straw.

I called corporate to report all the cases I had experienced. They told me pretty much they are personally owned and it wasn’t their problem. So I contacted the owner of Petland, which didn’t go very well. From that point on, I called corporate and the Petland owner every time a puppy came in sick whether it died or not. It got to the point where they would hang up on me because they were sick of me calling. This was between September 2005 and April 2006. Finally with the Petland problems and the vets at that clinic caring more about money then the health of the animals I left and went to another clinic. I couldn’t handle it anymore. It was so devastating to see so many sick puppies from one place and to see so many owners and children crying because their new puppy was so sick and may not come home. Our isolation room was always filled with Petland Parvo dogs! I could go on and on and on with horror stories! Now, almost five years later, Petland is being investigated for the exact thing I have been telling people about! When will they be shut down? When will they be stopped? I will continue to tell people about my experience in hopes that the right people will hear!


Elissa of Loretto, PA

Original review: May 18, 2010

On my birthday, I went into Petland just to play with the puppies and fell in love with a very calm and seemingly just sleepy miniature pinscher. I did not intend on buying this puppy but I became so attached to him that I wanted him. I did not have the money for him at that time but the salesperson in the store was very enthusiastic about a “payment” plan. After waiting in the store for almost an hour, I bought over $200 worth of puppy supplies including vitamins for his water and puppy gravy and sat down to fill out paperwork for the dog. I was told none of Petland’s dogs have had Parvo virus or have been sick for a long time and that my puppy had champion in his bloodline and that I could breed my male puppy and earn back the money I was spending on him anyway. We were told that the females in his bloodline were only bred three times so that the puppies would be healthier. I had no reason to be suspicious.

I took him home and even in the car, he would just lay. All he wanted to do was sleep. When we got to the house, he played briefly with a stuffed animal that I had for him then he would lay down and try to sleep. He had no energy whatsoever. If you would not sit with him, he would lay anywhere he could, even on your feet. He would not eat or drink and had diarrhea. I called Petland back and was told this was normal and that it would go away in a couple days. The next day, he also would not eat or drink, had diarrhea, and threw up constantly. I felt so bad I did not know what to do.

I called Petland again and they again said this was normal. I couldn’t get into the vet so I called in some favors and got an appointment for that night. We rushed home and went in early because Riley was dying in my arms. At the vet, during the Parvo virus test, I could not get any movement from him and screamed for the vet to come back. She came back and said the test wasn’t even done yet but it was a definite positive for Parvo virus and that he probably wouldn’t survive and asked what I wanted to do. She had to leave the room because I could not stop crying. I decided I had to keep him there and pump him with fluids. I could not let him just die. Riley died the next day. The vet said he definitely had it while at the Pet store and that they had to have known they sold me a sick dog. I was a wreck. Happy birthday to me. Now, I want to know what I can do about it.

Since I was paying for Riley on a payment plan, I was told I did not have to pay and my vet bills would be taken care of. I am sending the bill tomorrow, and I assume the payment has been cleared. It broke my heart to see Riley in the pain he was in. At least, he did not die alone and had people that loved him around him and took care of him. Petland would have just let him die alone and put another dog in replace of him. I can not explain how attached I was to this puppy. I will never buy from a pet store again. I was lied to and these people need to be stopped!


Jeffrey of Seminole, FL

Original review: May 15, 2010

I purchased an American Eskimo dog on 5-8-2010. The dog was in the house for 2 days and we noticed it was scratching itself. We didn’t think much of it until we saw something zipping across its belly as we pet it. I’ve lived on this property for 5 years and have had 2 cats here the whole time who, although are mostly inside cats, venture out occasionally. I went out in the yard today trying to get some kind of insect, like the one I saw on Sam jump on me (front back and both sides of the house). Guess what, no fleas no bugs because my yard was treated last week by myself, the only means of infestation would be from the pet store.

And now here is my experience form my call to the manager of Petland that occurred tonight approximately 8:45. I believe her name was Tina and Robert and Mark. Here was their response on asking them what could be done about this. Robert was most helpful and it was beyond his area of responsibility. He referred me to the above named manager (not sure if it was Tina or not), then after explaining (at the end perhaps heated), she hung up on me. I called back within 1 minute and I believe his name was Mark answered the phone, and when I explained why I was calling, he told me that she was in a job interview! (At that time of night?) Then I asked for the corporate number for Petland, he said that he did not know the number. I asked him if he could interrupt the female manager for a moment to get the number and he said no. At that point I believe I said that I guess I know where I’m not getting my pet supplies from. And now we’re here online. Will you be as rude to me as one of the managers of your stores was to me?


Ashley of Clarksville, TN

Original review: May 12, 2010

I visited Petland many times and fell in love each time with a new puppy or kitten. So I thought, what better place to work? After being hired, I immediately noticed how the puppies were shipped to us (On semi trucks like common cargo). I then noticed the condition the puppies were in. Skinny, teary eyed, and having diarrhea. I started working in the kennel and was trained thoroughly on “preventatives”, as in every puppy received them with signs of sickness or not. Some puppies came in looking fine and healthy, most others were under weight and under supervision for possible giardia, upper respiratory, and even Parvo.

All through out my training, I was constantly assured we did not get our puppies from puppy mills. I was told to not believe the stories I heard from most of our customers, that they were just cranky. I was also told to push the sale, make a sale to anyone, get anyone financed. I worked on the sales floor and in the kennel. I witnessed multiple ‘puppy seizures’. There always seemed to puppies in quarantine. Sanitation was an enormous deal there because most puppies were sick and it would be bad for business if every puppy was sick.

In my opinion, Petland does not care where their puppies come from or where they go. Petland is a retail business, they sell a ‘product’, and that ‘product’ just happens to be cute animals. To end puppy mills and places that put those puppy mills in business would for us animal lovers would be to do the unthinkable and not ‘help’ these animals by taking them into our homes. But that is how these businesses make their money. It is a horrible circle. Petland not only lies to consumer, but they lie to their own employees. Every employee is guaranteed that each puppy is healthy and safe, but they are to never show the customer the puppies medical record because it raises questions. Employees speculate that the reason there are so many sick puppies is because there are so many of them. A Petland kennel can house 50 or more puppies. I currently work in a Vet’s office, and run the boarding kennel as well as my own grooming salon. We consistently have more dogs and puppies in our facilities than a Petland has in its kennels without outbreaks of kennel cough, or anything for that matter. Not every puppy is sickly, but the customer will still get charged some ridiculous amount.


Nichole of Fort Wayne, IN

Original review: May 12, 2010

I worked at Petland for about a year. I only worked in the fish department, so I never sold puppies. I was around them in the back room all the time, though, and it seemed like there was always a sick puppy. The manager/owner was always very shady about where the puppies came from. “Just tell people they come from local breeders.” Nothing more or less than that. People have to realize that all those puppies come from puppy mills. A pet store that can claim they always have puppies means they are getting those puppies from a place that is always breeding them: puppy mills. People may have good experiences with the dogs they have received from Petland, but this could very well mean the customer was lucky that they got some of the first breeding stock between 2 new breeding animals.

They may have this wonderful warranty with their puppies, but many genetic issues from puppy mill dogs are likely to turn up after the first 3 years, which is how long the warranty covers. I got my puppy from Petland while I was working there. He was a pug someone returned because his front legs were deformed. They were fixed by our vet, and after that I adopted him. Or saved him, is how I saw it. He had diarrhea for most of the first few months I had him. The vet diagnosed him with a couple different things, gave him medicine for it. After the medicine was gone and he hadn’t improved, the vet basically told me, “Oh, well. He’ll just deal with this for a while.” Needless to say, warranty or not, I saw a different vet.

That vet suggested changing his food and that worked instantly. I later gave myself a crash course in dog food, and found out their food that they “feed and recommend” is **. He’s on high quality chow now and doing great. If there was one thing I hope people take from this, it’s to think hard about where you get your new puppy. A reputable breeder would not allow their puppies to be sold in a pet store where they have no say over how they are treated and who they go to. A reputable breeder has at least one parent on site and will ask you many questions as well as being more than willing to answer any and all of yours.

Petland is a joke. They have the Pets for a Lifetime program, which states that any pet that a customer can’t keep that was purchased at Petland can be returned and re-homed (for free) to any employee and their families. This is how I got my pug and my ferret. This sounds so heartwarming that they love the animals so much they want them back to give another home to. Here’s the manager: “Freeze those hamsters. They’re mean and no one is taking them home. And a guy is gonna come Saturday to pick up those rabbits and guinea pigs for his snakes.” Do I even have to say anything more? I will only reiterate. Petland is a joke.


Judy of Livonia, MI

Original review: May 11, 2010

I am hoping you can assist me in sharing Simon’s story, another heartbreaking story about my puppy that was purchased at the Westland MI Petland in September 2009. Simon is a 5 lb Torkie, Toy Fox Terrier and Yorkie mix. After losing my collie Rascal to cancer in July of 2009, I desperately wanted another canine companion. I made at least a dozen attempts to locate the right companion at my local Humane Society but had no luck finding the right match.

On my way home from the Humane Society, I passed by the Westland Petland and saw a puppy for sale sign out front and my temptations got the best of me. I stopped in and the minute I saw little Simon, it was love at first sight and my thoughts went into rescue mode. I had to get him out of that small cage, away from the kids pounding on the glass and the other chaos going on in the store.

I inquired with the young sales girl about Simon and that’s where the story really begins. I thought I asked all the right questions about his breeding and his health. I was not aware that Petland had so many pending issues with selling sick puppies. I was told that Simon was a healthy 2.5 lb Torkie puppy that had been regularly checked by the store’s preferred vet. I was informed that Simon had an issue called Luxating Patella or in common terms, a trick knee. I was not familiar with the issue so I inquired and was told Simon would grow out of this issue. I was also told that it was common in small dogs, that it was not serious and would not require medical attention.

Well, months later, his so-called knee issue was not getting better. Simon has now been diagnosed by both my vet and the store’s vet that he has a very serious issue called Legg Perthes. The issue was not with his knee, it is a congenital hip issue that causes a dog to go lame and can only be corrected with costly surgery. Simon’s back right leg is completely lame and it’s causing strain on his back left leg. Simon is being robbed off his wonderful puppy hood, he can’t run and play like a young puppy should because of the pain and discomfort in his hip.

Petland is well aware of the issue and I have asked their assistance in helping me with the expected $2,100.00 surgery fee. I have asked to speak with the store owners in person but, so far, I have only had personal contact with the store manager. The owners did send me a few letters expressing their concerns but, so far, have only put me in contact with their vet to do the surgery at a reduced fee. This is the same vet that misdiagnosed Simon in the first place.

On 4/28/10, I inquired about the breeder and was told by the manager that they knew who the breeder was and would follow up with me with the information. When I want back to the store on 5/10 to pick up my copies of Simon’s X-rays and asked again for the breeder information, the store manager told me they did not have the information like I was first told. I went home and called the store back. I felt I was being lied to and the manager admitted the owners put her up to it. They intentionally had her lie because they did not want to release the breeder information.

At this point, I am beyond upset. I feel the store is hiding the fact that they are dealing with bad breeders and puppy mills. I just want justice for Simon. I need to come up with the money for his surgery and I feel that Petland and their vendors should be responsible for covering the costs. I also want to make sure the breeder is held accountable for selling sick puppies. I don’t want another one of Petland’s customers or puppies to go through this heartache and pain. Simon is in constant pain and discomfort and will be until the surgery is performed. I don’t have the resources to cover the costs.


Barbara of Lakeland, FL

Original review: May 6, 2010

Petland in Lakeland, FL (Justin) told us the Yorkie we bought was micro-chipped and we had to pay the $99.95 fee for transfer of pay work. This was a lie and was not done and now they will not refund our money. Beware of their scam.


Sheryl of Odessa, FL

Original review: April 21, 2010

We purchased a bassett hound from this pet store on Saturday. On Tuesday took it to the pet stores recommended vet for a check up. I noted the puppy has had diarrhea since we’ve had him. The vet did a “float test” and said it came back negative. That afternoon puppy started acting lethargic. By early evening was vomiting and had mucus and blood in stool. We took the puppy immediately to the nearest emergency vet because it was 7pm and the pet stores recommended vet was closed by then.

After several diagnostic tests and taking blood the puppy was found to be a very sick puppy. He had a severe case of worms which had caused internal bleeding. He had a very low red blood cell count and a very high white cell count. We walked out of there with a bill for $500. When I went to the Petland, the next day and told them they said “that’s too bad”. And, “I’m sorry”. It specifically says in their “warranty” that they neither guarantee nor will they pay for any condition having to do with worms. What do you think? Thank you.


Tina of Margate , FL

Original review: March 16, 2010

A neighbor offered to watch our bird for two days while we moved. She then took our umbrella cockatoo, a 2000 dollar bird, to Petland and told them it was her bird; she wanted to donate it. Crystal is a 14 year old bird with severe respiratory problems along with a beak that has been severely cracked and requires a vet’s attention a few times a year. He needs meds for the respiratory problems.

Petland never asked for any proof of ownership, no medical history. They do not even sell exotic birds. They took Crystal, never had him seen by a vet, and sold him as is to someone that has no idea of his health problems were. Beware. Do not buy an animal from any Petland. As they stated, they will take any animal from anyone, no questions asked and sell it. Never go to a Petland, They sell sick animals, some of which they take from people off the street just so long as they put money in their pockets. They do not care about the animal or the people buying them. We have tried everything to find our bird. Petland refused to contact the person that bought him. All they want is to keep the money they made selling him. My 12 year old daughter cries all the time for her bird.


Diana of Bronx, NY

Original review: March 15, 2010

This is what happened, they have 2 big turtles along with smaller turtles in a small tank. The big turtles have no room to swim or just simply move around. I stood there watching their pain and tried to make a complaint to the employees. They said they had nothing to do with that and that there is no other tank for them. Please help me help those turtles. The turtles will eventually die of the stress and not being able to move as they please. Its heartbreaking.


Kim of Sheridan, IN

Original review: March 5, 2010

Without going into great detail, we purchased a puppy from this Petland (now closed for business since Nov 2009). After we signed on the dotted line, they told us he was “getting over a head cold”. We took him to the local VCA to validate the warranty. We then took him to our family vet, which over the course of his short life would be a regular occurrence! We were back and forth about every month to month and a half until he was finally laid to rest July 2009 at the age of 1 1/2 years old!

I proceeded to contact the local shop (which had changed hands since our purchase) with no satisfaction. The manager/s in the store that day “wished me luck” in contacting Petland Corporate and boy were they right! I have contacted corporate 4 times and none has returned any of my calls. Upon further research on my own, I found that the breeder is a known puppy mill operator in southern Indiana (USDA certified of course!). Nothing will bring our baby back, but something has got to be done about the scam Petland has going against the general, unwitting public.


Tina of Margate, FL

Original review: March 1, 2010


Petland is taking sick stolen pets from people off the streets and selling them to the public. Our 14 year old umbrella cockatoo, Crystal, was taken to Petland by our neighbor. She told Petland that the she wanted to donate the bird to the store. With no proof of ownership or health certificate, Petland took our bird, then sold him within a few hours. Crystal has quite a few health problems and requires a soft diet due to a very badly cracked beak, which requires care a few times a year. He also has respiratory problems.

Petland refused in court to try to locate the person that bought our bird. The owner stated in court that he will take almost any animal from anyone, no questions asked. All the person has to do is sign a paper saying they are donating the animal. Petland is selling stolen sick animals. They will continue to do so as long as they can get away with it, and keep making money by selling sick and/or stolen animals. In this case, they took a 2000 dollar bird from someone, sold it, and put money in their pockets, while our bird is sick. This person knows nothing about Crystal’s health, how to care for him. Please never buy a pet as this should be a red flag. We are still looking for him. Please, he has been in our family for 12 years.



Natalee of Tallahassee, FL

Original review: Feb. 5, 2010

I bought a female bull mastiff at the Petland in Tallahassee (no longer in business there). After several months of owning her, it appeared strange to me that a bull mastiff would stay the same size. Bull mastiffs are supposed to be at least 100lbs (females) and 23.5 inches tall. My girl, Hemi, is 1.5 years old now and still barely 55lbs with a frame of a boxer.

I have contacted both Petland and AKC and both have gotten me nowhere. It turns out that Petland has an AKC representative that basically disputes any claim they receive about impure breeding. I sent them every piece of paper they gave me when I bought the dog, pictures of her then and now (also one of her compared to my AKC yellow lab to show size difference). I even had my vet fax me her charts which had her weight and height over the 1st year of her life.

Buyer beware. Petland is obviously severely overpriced. Most importantly, you don’t get what you pay for. I ended up with a skiddish 55lbs “bull mastiff” and a severe decrease in my bank account.


Nina of Bolingbrook, IL

Original review: Feb. 4, 2010

I bought a miniature pincher from Petland bolingbrook in late Oct/ early Nov. The team assured me that for nearly $1300.00 my new puppy would be happy and healthy. They said he had been checked by a vet at least 4 times, while under their care, and was parasite and disease free. Well, obviously they are complete liars! So, they make you go to one of two specific vet, or the doggie 14 day warranty, in null and void. So, I take my dog to their vet and surprise surprise the dog is infested with giardia! The vet said not only do they not treat puppies for giardia at all, that they must have know my puppy had it if he was ever supposedly checked by a vet!

I took my puppy home and called Petland, they acted like they were surprised and that this never happens there. Then I have to give my puppy medicine that makes his have terrible diarrhea and he keep re-infecting him self because he’s a puppy and like to try to eat his poo. I clean up everything as much as possible but he continues to have parasites until Feb! Every time I go to the vet (the ones they made me go to) The vet/assistants continue to ask me for money for the medicine or lab work for my dog needs due to his parasites. I told Petland, unless they want me to come into the store and resolve this matter (which I would totally have made a huge scene and lost they customers for sure) they better pay for every penny that my dog incurs due to their negligence.

After all of this, I still go to the vet, Petland made me use, to get the puppy neutered for free (which was part of the deal when buying him). The vet said, I only had til end of Feb. to use my free pass but that they can’t do his surgery until the parasites are gone. Or they will do the neutering but are not responsible for his complications. Oh it just makes me so mad!

Then while I’m at the vet arguing with the assistants about payment again (like they don’t know they have this deal with Petland) I see a woman with a Petland take home packet and her puppy. I tell my baby is from there too and she said “Your little guy got giardia too?” I say damn right that place is infested, because I’ve talked to 2 other people who got puppies from there and every one of them had giardia and one had hookworm too! It isn’t right and the fact they lie to us is repulsive! I told the woman to never pay a dime for the labs or medicine and I could see the vet staff get ** at me. They just think because they ask and people don’t want to make a big deal out of 20 bucks that they can just take your money. Well, my dog had 4 rounds of meds and labs, so at 20 buck a piece were talking over 150 more dollars for someone else’ s problem!

I won’t lie that my dog is a great little guy, I don’t think he was from a puppy mill. I think the people at Petland do a great job of socializing their puppies. They just aren’t taking care of their health. I realize it might be hard to keep from getting parasites completely, but not even treating the dogs who have it, deplorable! Shame on Petland. And the worst thing is that the puppies are the ones paying the price.


Jenna of Oceanside, CA

Original review: Jan. 28, 2010

I purchased a Bullmastiff puppy from Petland in Tucson, Arizona on June 13, 2007 for an outrageous price of $2,799.99 due to their promises of the reputable breeders they use. As Bettie grew, I noticed her walking funny and took her in for x-rays with a veterinary specialist in Oceanside, Ca. It was then that Bettie was diagnosed with severe congenital hip and knee problems that the vet had never seen in such a young dog all at the same time. He has provided me with a disc of her x-rays and is more than willing to provide me with any documentation I need regarding Bettie’s case.

My now 2-year-old Bullmastiff puppy suffers from 2 bilateral cruciate ligament tears, a luxating patella, hip dysplasia in both hips, and arthritis. The cost of the operations she needs would total $24,000, and the cost of the medication she requires every day to keep her comfortable costs me around $300 a month. I am a college student who works full time. In paying for her meds every month, it prevents me from saving for the surgeries she needs. Bettie had to be in bed due to her only growing to 80 lb when the AKC standards for a female Bullmastiff range from 100-120 lb and due to the severe congenital defects she suffers from.


Kristin of saint Petersburg, FL

Original review: Jan. 25, 2010

On December 21st, 2009, I purchased a teacup Chihuahua from the Petland in Largo. I named her Ruby. The window advertised that she was 1.7 lbs and was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. After the devastating loss of my previous Chihuahua of 15 years (Pepe) this past April 2009, I was ambivalent to allow another Chi into my heart, but my partner (who actually made the purchase as a Christmas gift) convinced me it was time to love again, so we brought her home.

Bridgett, the senior pet manager from the store, informed me that she had a little runny nose and because of her size, it was necessary that she eat every 3 hours due to hypoglycemia being so common in those breeds. I assured Bridgette I had owned a Chihuahua for many years and am very familiar with how to care for them. She also informed me to be sure to visit their veterinarian within 4 days (free of charge) to ensure her health. My partner gave Petland 4 postdated checks approximately $400 each to be cashed every two weeks to cover the total cost of the dog ($1594 + tax). Off we went to start our long happy life together.

The evening of 12/22/09, I noticed Ruby to be congested and snotty so I made an appointment with their recommended vet VCA of Saint Petersburg for 12/23/09. She was seen by Dr. Jacqueline ** DVM, who stated she was not 1.7 lbs (as initially stated in the window at the store), but that she was barely 1 lb. She diagnosed her with an upper respiratory infection, sent her home with Doxycycline, 4 ml for 10 days. Later that evening, Ruby developed a horrible cough and became a little more lethargic. I returned her to VCA on 12/24/09. Dr. ** stated it was a kennel cough, gave me some cough medicine and advised me to keep up with the Doxy. A follow-up appointment was scheduled for 12/26/09. After that appointment, Ruby appeared to be doing better; she was active and seemed pretty normal. I brought her back to VCA on 12/30/09 for a re-check. Though she had not gained any weight, she appeared to be getting healthy.

On 1/6/10, the day started out as any other, Ruby came to work with me (she remained in a playpen in my office while I worked). I let her out to run around. I noticed she had a little diarrhea and was drinking a lot of water but throwing it up immediately and was a little unsteady on her feet, becoming increasingly lethargic. When she squatted to pee and nothing came out, I rushed her to the only vet that knew her, VCA. As I gathered up her belongings (her bed), I noticed a chewed leaf, thinking she may have ingested it while outside. I brought it with us to the vet and Dr. ** wanted to keep her there to run some tests. $546.81 later, Dr. ** called and said her labs were alarming and she needed overnight care.

I picked her up and immediately drove her to Tampa Bay Emergency Care Center in Largo. Dr. ** DVM/MS evaluated Ruby and stated the chewed leaf may have caused a dietary upset, but she would evaluate for other potential causes. Ruby did test positive for giardia (an internal parasite) and was given 3 doses of medication consecutively for 3 days with a 3 week and 3 month follow up. The doctor was unsure why the previous labs were so screwy, but stated it may have been a lab error because they were normal that morning.

On 1/7/10 and additional $555 later, Ruby was discharged and appeared to be in good health. That next week, Ruby was doing great! She’s eating well, developing normal, and stealing my heart with her love and affection. On 1/12/10, after a completely normal day at work, I did notice that she was sleeping a bit more that day and drinking a lot more water than usual, but she was urinating normal so I let it go. I let her out of her pen when we got home. Strangely, she ran so fast around the house like a maniac barking like I’ve never seen her (I thought she was “goofy” from being in her pen all day and needed the exercise), but when she stopped running, her head bobbed like she was dizzy and I thought it was from running so fast.

But then she kept falling over and when I picked her up, she literally became alarmingly lethargic. Without reservation, I immediately rushed her to Tampa Bay Emergency Care Center. By then she was not herself at all. Dr. ** attended to Ruby and stated because Chihuahuas are predisposed to many congenital defects, she would keep her and evaluate her. At approximately 9:15 pm on 1/12/10, Ruby vocalized, had a seizure and went into cardiac arrest; subsequently she died. The emergency care center had no explanation as to why Ruby passed. That visit cost me an additional $520.

The next day, 1/13/10 at approx 3:45 pm, my partner contacted the manager of Petland to inform them about Ruby’s death and demanded a refund of the $800 previously paid to them (I did stop payment on the 2 un-cashed checks, approximately $800). She was advised by the manager on duty to have all the medical reports faxed to them and they would evaluate it and get back to me. VCA faxed their p-work on 1/13/10 approximately 5:30 pm, and the Emergency Hospital faxed theirs on 1/15/10 at approximately 5:30 pm. I have yet to hear anything from Petland. On 1/20/10, I called Petland, left a message for Bridgette (MOD) to contact me and have yet to hear from anyone. Needless to say, I am heartbroken!

Anyone who knows me knows how protective I am of my pets. I do not have any children and look at my pets as my life. I had the luxury of being able to have Ruby with me 24 hours a day, even at work. She was always with me. I was very careful treating her as a baby due to her small size. I do feel Petland and/or the breeder gave me a sick dog from the beginning. I thought I would never buy a pet store animal; however, I justified it as my “rescuing” her from their facility. Though I am financially out $2421.00, I am least concerned about retaining a refund and more concerned with not allowing any other consumers experience the pain and suffering that I have gone through in the 3 short weeks that I had her. I have experienced sleep deprivation; guilt; and have re-lived the loss of my first Chi, Pepe, all over again. Please help me seek justice for my Ruby. Thank you.


Jennifer of Geismar, LA

Original review: Jan. 15, 2010

My name is Jennifer and I am a mother of five children. Two of these children were born profoundly deaf. My family decided to get a dog but purchased our dog from a friend who was privately breeding his dog. We brought our dog, Zeus, home and began diligently training this dog and teaching him sign language so that he could help my deaf sons be aware of any dangers in the home that they may not be aware of (fire alarm, door bell, etc.).

In the meantime, our neighbors had made the decision to purchase a puppy from Petland for their family as a Christmas present. Their decision to bring this puppy home to our neighborhood has devastated my family! Within three weeks of that puppy walking between our adjoining properties, my dog started having diarrhea and vomiting. My dog still being a puppy, we figured it was just something he ate and he would feel better soon. A day later, he was dead! We found out from our vet that he had contracted the Parvo virus. We couldn’t understand how this was possible. He never left our property!

Learning how deadly this virus is, we began to worry about the neighbors and their pets and started going door-to-door to let everyone know. That was when we realized that Zeus actually contracted this virus in his own yard because our neighbors had made the irresponsible decision to not inform anyone in the neighborhood about what was now lurking on their property and any adjoining properties!

I feel that Petland is being allowed to spread this highly infectious virus from neighborhood to neighborhood, house to house, family to family. When will they be stopped? How many more animals have to suffer? How many more properties will become infected before someone decides that this cannot and will not be allowed to continue?

I understand that I cannot “formally” file a complaint with Petland for the death of our beloved Zeus. I just wanted to inform you that this situation goes above and beyond the pets that Petland is allowed and continuing to sell sick, infected dogs.

The consequence of this has devastated my children. They are heartbroken over the loss of our dog. We have lost thousands of dollars, between purchasing him, immunizing him, food and toys, burying him, etc. The time lost that my family had invested into Zeus’ sign language training and the life safety training is immeasurable! Not to mention that now we cannot even begin to think about bringing home another dog knowing that the virus has now infected the ground in and around our home.

The economic damage that is being caused by this virus is that it is being spread from home to home, neighborhood to neighborhood, community to community which can stay dormant for up to seven years in the ground! How many more properties will become infected? How many more animals must die from this terrible deadly virus before Petland is stopped and held financially accountable for their actions? How many more families have to suffer?


Stephanie of Margate, FL

Original review: Jan. 4, 2010

On December 26th 2009, my boyfriend and I decided it was the right time for us to get a puppy. The humane society was out of the question for us, since we only rent our property and do not have a screened in backyard (learned from a previous dog rescue attempt). We unfortunately did not have a lot of knowledge about where to get a dog and after a brief online search, found Petland. We viewed their website and from first glance, they seemed like a pretty reputable place with words like “USDA approved breeders” and “health warranty”. A little puppy Yorkie caught our eye at a location near our house in South FL and we decided to go and check out the place. We got there and were put into a room with the Yorkie. We quickly fell in love and were then told of a brother of the yorkie also available and he was put into the room with us as well.

Well my heart sank, I did not want to separate these littermates. There was a size different of the two, the smaller one being priced at $2290! The larger one was priced at 1800$! We spent over a hour with the dogs and left the store to privately discuss. I felt inclined, thinking that no one else would purchase these guys together and my boyfriend and I had to do something. We had saved up some money and decided to use it towards getting these two guys a happy healthy home. While in the store, of course the Manager and other sales associate used their usual Petland pitch and us being blinded by puppylove fell right into it. We were originally told that both dogs were 100% healthy.

Upon signing the paperwork, the Manager corrected herself stating that the smaller dog ( now named Bentley) had an open fontanelle and a luxating patellar grade 1. We were reassured it was nothing to be concerned about and there was really no better place to buy a dog from. When we were about to leave the store, the larger dog (now named Jack) started to cough, the Manager of course followed up with a poor excuse of the dog being stressed and it should probably go away on it’s own.When we got the new pups back to our place, we noticed the cough getting progressively worse. The following day was Sunday so we had to wait until Monday for our new puppies to be seen by a vet.

On Sunday, I had all these doubts about Petland’s pledge to providing healthy dogs. I turned to my computer and decided to do a little research. And yes, I sat there stunned and horrified at what I found out. Petland=puppy mills to be frank about it. At first, I was sickened to have contributed to such animal cruelty and then it hit me that I was happy that we got these guys in our lives and could provide a good home to them. So a bit of a disclaimer that I am not writing this to be lectured about purchasing dogs from Petland or just pet stores in general, so please don’t reply to purely guilt me. After learning about Petland, I was skeptical to use the Vet they recommended. I tried to make a visit with a trusted family used vet but was unable to get an appointment. I found another vet close to my home and brought them in on Monday (two days after getting them).

I was told each one had an upper respiratory infection and was prescribed Claramox. I was only able to get a stool sample from Jack and awaited the results of that. The following day the vet called and said he tested positive for Giardia and recommended treatment for both dogs. Meanwhile I was able to get an appointment with my trusted vet for that day (Tuesday) and decided to get medicine there. Ugh, well my vet was overbooked and I saw another vet who was helping out in the office for the day. I inquired about my Jack itching his ears and thought he may have an ear infection. The vet said his ears were just hairy and plucked out some hairs, said they looked clean and fine otherwise.

I was given Panacur for both dogs for the Giardia. Within the next few days, I followed treatment and dosage according to the vets in hopes my pups would get better. Bentley’s sneezing and coughing was getting worse, Jack as well. I called the vet and he actually told me vet bills will begin to pile up and recommended to me that I go to the vet Petland told me to be covered. So I did. With the holidays and such, I bought my dogs to the Petland warranty covered vet on Saturday (one week from purchase date, third vet visit). This vet, unlike the other two was actually very thorough to my delight. I went over their history with him and he examined each one. He found ear mites in Jack (hence the scratching; that the other two vets failed to find). He also told me the original dosage of the Claramox was way too low and not even a good antibiotic that gave good results. He checked each dog’s stool once again, telling me that not only did Jack test positive for Giardia but also coccidiosis. I was given a new antibiotic for both and a new dosage for the Claramox. Bentley did not have coccidiosis (at least it did not show up yet) and they only wanted to treat Jack. Jack was given his puppy vaccinations and thankfully did not have an adverse reaction.

My poor babies are on a bunch of medication now. I fear these parasites will never go away, the possibility of them spreading them back and forth to one another. My boyfriend and I clean as much as possible. They for some reason love to try and play on their wee wee pads (as we are indoor training). I strongly try to discourage that behavior but they sure are thickheaded little guys.

My boyfriend and I are also having stomach issues ourselves and hope we did not get giardia from them and that it is just our nerves from worrying about our puppies. We are still trying to communicate with Petland to try and get some sort of refund from our sick dogs (no luck so far). I have inquired about getting in touch with their supposed breeder ” Cindy **. ” and was told they could only provide an address and did not guarantee I would receive a response.

I contacted Petland Corp. to only get the runaround, and was offered zero help. Told that each store is owned privately and to contact the owner. Okay, So I tried calling the owner of the store, the manager told me he was not available but I could try again tomorrow with no guarantee he would take my call. I called up the petaled warranty department, I was told they were not employed by Petland. Upon asking who they were employed by, I was told, well not Petland Inc. but by the store. Is there really a difference? I contacted the breeder, she was clueless as which dogs I was talking about. Wouldn’t a good breeder know their puppies? No one wanted to take responsibility. I could go on and on, as there are other parts of my guys story but I think that’s enough for now. I am getting very disgusted myself.


Tiffany of Chesterfield, MI

Original review: Jan. 3, 2010

We have purchased four dogs from Petland. But the one story that I would like to tell is of our French Bulldog Sammie. We purchased her on January 26, 2008 for $3499.99. Sammie’s Certificate of Pedigree came from The Hunte Corporation and the breeder is Jason **. Pets purchased from Petland come with a puppy warranty sheet. And one of the items on the list is that the new owner must take their new puppy to VCA Animal Hospital within the first five days. She had been diagnosed with Giardia since the very first visit to Dr. Brown at the VCA Clinton Township.

When I called Petland, they asked me to fax all of Sammie’s bills and file from the VCA. They told me that they would evaluate it for a refund. This tells me that they are admitting to the puppy’s sickness. I have not done this yet. We thought that having a pure bred dog would mean that they come from a high quality breeder. Petland deceived us with all of the facts they had and unfortunately we did not do our research before we bought our dogs. If we would have known that these poor puppies come from puppy mills where the dogs are stuck in small cages and may never touch the ground, with minimal to no health care, we would never have bought our dogs from them. When I talked to the staff at VCA Clinton Township, the ladies on staff have even stated that “You should see how many pets we see that are very sick from Petland.” Please use the information that I have provided in any way to help close Petland and as many puppy mills as possible. Thank you for your time!




James of Viera, FL

Original review: Dec. 18, 2009

Exactly 1 year ago, I was pressured by my wife & 2 teenage daughters into an impulse-buy (“Christmas present”) of a 6-week old Cairn Terrier that they fell in love with in Petland, Viera, FL. Jumping to the end of the story, she is now 14 months old and hasn’t had a single problem to date. Read on if you care to hear something besides a horror story.

I hadn’t done any research prior to going to the store (didn’t plan to buy a dog that day). While there, of course, we asked a bunch of questions, but surprisingly (?!), the subject of puppy mills never came up. I didn’t know anything about them until I got home, new puppy in tow, and then, started doing some research into what and where we bought. To say I was shocked and concerned is an understatement, but we took the “let’s wait and see” approach. Well, so far all we can report is, all’s well. Not every Petland story ends (or begins) with regret, although it certainly appears to be a huge gamble.

Knowing what I now know, if I were doing it all over again, I’d definitely give serious consideration to the other alternatives (such as personally visiting/interviewing breeders, or going to rescue shelters, etc. I see there is a Col. Potter’s rescue shelter that specializes in Cairns?). But in fairness to the honest part-time, minimum-wage employees of Petland, I wanted to offer a tentative success story, and let people know that they aren’t all out to bamboozle the public with sickly, defective dogs. But I don’t know how to predict good ones, either.

On a related note, my sister bought a Labradoodle from a breeder in Maine around the same time, and by comparison, hers appears to be mentally handicapped and physically imperfect. So I’m much happier with my result at Petland than I would be if I were my sister. And for full disclosure, I am not employed by/ friends with/ or even acquainted with anyone at all in the breeding or selling business. I’m just a guy off the street whose family pressured him to buy a dog one day and couldn’t say no during the holiday season. I’ll gladly answer any questions if someone wants to know more.


Jackie of Smiths, AL

Original review: Dec. 8, 2009

We purchased a puppy from Petland, Columbus, Georgia almost three years ago and have sorely regretted that rash decision. We paid an exorbitant price for our puppy, almost three times what a local breeder wanted, but we felt it was worth the extra money because Petland had such a great health guarantee and they assured us we were getting a quality puppy, from premium breeding stock.

About two years later, we started to realize what bad shape our little dog was in. Our vet confirmed he had horrible joint and back problems, all genetic issues. “This is the result of bad breeding,” he said. “What were his parents like?” We had to admit we had no idea. But we loved our little dog to pieces so we were willing to do whatever we could to get him the extremely expensive surgeries that our vet said he desperately needed.

We went back to Petland and explained the situation. They were very accommodating at first, saying how sorry they were and how they wanted to help us and would absolutely pay for the surgery, on one condition. We had to take the dog to their vet and have her confirm he really did need the surgeries. Imagine our astonishment when we reached the vet’s office. She took a quick look at him and said, “No. He looks like he’s managing just fine. He can live a very full and happy life without surgery.” He died two months later from complications of his back problems. He was playing in our front yard one day and fell, compressing his spinal cord and paralyzing him. He was in severe pain and would likely never walk again. We had no choice but to have him put down. My kids were devastated.

Here’s what I learned the hard way about Petland. They buy their puppies from a farm that breeds for quantity instead of quality. Meaning, they breed females who have genetic problems and aren’t fit to have puppies. Then Petland marks them up 300% and sells them to the public with a “Health Guarantee”, but the fine print on that guarantee states that their vet must be consulted if any health problems arise. Their vet spent five minutes with our dog and declared him fit when our personal vet clearly told me if was in danger and required surgery right away.

This is the experience of a heartbroken pet owner. I won’t tell you to not buy your dog from Petland, but I do hope you read my story and make your own decision.


Ashley of Denton, TX

Original review: Dec. 6, 2009

My fiance and I purchased our bull terrier puppy from Petland in Lewisvile, TX on November 21, 2009. We got a really good deal on him considering he is a rare breed in this area. He is 4 months old, so his price was considerably cheaper than other breeds (he went from $2000 as a baby to $400 when we got him). We had him checked out at our vet (not associated with Petland in any way) as required by Petland. He is perfectly healthy! We were told by Petland and it was in our paperwork that any congenital issues that might arise in the first 3 years of his life would be covered by the company; luckily he is excellent! The Petland in Lewisville was extremely friendly and helpful. Our puppy is full blooded and came with all of his paperwork from his original breeder. We are registering him after Christmas. He is the sweetest dog and so good with children as well as other dogs. I would definitely go back to Petland again.


Brittany of Bedford, TX

Original review: Dec. 4, 2009

I bought a Yorkshire Terrier puppy for an early Christmas present for my family. I brought her home on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. On Wednesday morning, I had her examined by our vet. He noticed she had received weekly vaccinations for something that is usually only vaccinated monthly in puppies. Other than that, she checked out “seemingly” okay. She began vomiting later that day. My husband and I thought it just adapting to a new environment. By Sunday, we were at the Emergency Animal Hospital because she was having a hard time breathing and was lethargic. She was diagnosed with pneumonia. We left her overnight for treatment and then took her home on Monday.

We had her rechecked with our regular vet on Thursday, Dec 3rd. She died on the examining table at the vet’s office. I contacted Petland and they basically told me it was negligence on my vet’s part. He should have heard the pneumonia as it is usually a crackle sound in the chest. They sent me home with kennel cough information but told me she had been cleared of it. Now, in retrospect, I think they were just trying to “unload” her.


Janice of Simpsonville, SC

Original review: Nov. 23, 2009

I purchased a TICA registered Bengal kitten on 10/23/2009 from Petland, USA. I have not received my TICA registered papers. I have spoken to the breeder and he has assured me they were sent to Petland. Petland closed on or around November 10th, 2009. Petland also said the dob for the kitten was 06/29/2009. This was not true. After speaking with the breeder, he assured me the dob was 05/17/2009. I need my papers for the kitty.





Andrea of Papillion, NE

Original review: Nov. 19, 2009

In February 2006, my husband and I bought a male Maltipoo from Petland. We had another Maltipoo at home, a girl we’d bought from a breeder the previous year. We’d had such a flawless experience with our Maltipoo from the breeder that we let our hearts take over when we saw the Maltipoo at Petland. We hadn’t planned on buying a dog that night (we went there just as something to do) but we were told he was in great health. Once we took him to our vet, however, we were told he had problems with his kneecaps and other things that might be issues in the future – but since there was nothing major at the time, we assumed “the future” wouldn’t be until he was elderly.

While our Maltipoo from the breeder has had zero problems (she will turn five in January 2010) – we’ve had to take our Maltipoo from Petland to the vet on numerous occasions because he gets sick and we never knew why. Just days after he turned four years old, we learned that he has stage 2 cancer. It is just a matter of time before it becomes stage 3 or 4 which means he will only have months to live at that point. Of course, we don’t regret buying him because he’s been such a sweet joy to our family – but, as I’ve reflected over the past few years, it is so obvious why I hear people say don’t buy from pet stores.

My Maltipoo from the breeder is so strong and healthy compared to my fragile Maltipoo from Petland. We don’t know where he came from or what kind of life he led prior to buying him when he was 3 months old. I am certain his cancer and other problems are a result. Yes, our pets die but having it happen at 4 years old and spending huge amounts of money in the meantime is not the way it has to be. Use your head – get your pet from the Humane Society or a breeder, never a pet store. I thought Petland had higher standards than others, but I’ve learned the hard way that I was wrong.


Shane of Laredo, TX

Original review: Nov. 10, 2009

My family has bought dogs in the past and we had luck finding healthy ones, none being from Petland. I wanted to add that it is very important and I will repeat myself, it is very important to do lots of research before you buy a dog. Do not ever buy puppies or dogs from puppy mills. I know it is hard to say this because they have a life like we do, but every time somebody buys a pet from these places, the puppy mills only get more money, which means more business and more dogs that are hurt and abused.

Stop buying from Petland. I believe they acquire their dogs from puppy mills which come with all sorts of diseases and nasty infections. Be careful about other pet places as well. Other pet stores may receive dogs from puppy mills as well because they are cheap and can be sold for a lot of money. This is how they keep their stores alive. My family was considering buying a Norfolk terrier at a pound on November 6, 2009. The dogs in the same kennel with it looked diseased and sickly.

My mother was thinking about getting it and we decided we would rather wait a couple days. We went back and the same kennel was empty. I asked the people in the front what happened to the dogs and apparently, they had contacted parvo. All of them were put down the morning we had visited there. We looked at some other dogs and found another one. They tested the dog for Lyme disease and it was in the early stages of it. They wouldn’t consider helping us pay to help it and get the problem fixed. They need to be stopped and hopefully, the more complaints we get about these places and the more actions we take will do that.

It doesn’t matter what you do to show that you want these places shut down. My last school wore white shirts to school one day and proclaimed we wanted to put a stop to these businesses. Something as simple as that could help make a difference. I, myself, am trying to inform the government with concerns about these problems and hopefully that will help. Many people have already taken action and you should too.


Victoria of Bolingbrook, IL

Original review: Oct. 20, 2009

We bought a Pomeranian puppy who had a bilateral hernia operation already preformed on her. Also, she had an upper respiratory infection, Coccidia, & Giardia infections. They did pay for all medications, but not the stool sample. I had to pay for that test! She is still sick, but we love her & do not want to take her back. She shakes a lot & seems very scared. I can’t imagine what this poor puppy went through?! I found out that this puppy came from a confirmed puppy mill in Indiana that goes by various names, “Knepp”, Delilah, Jean, Abner, etc. & this puppy was bought through a broker named Levi ** who is known to sell sick puppies. Please, buy from a reputable breeder instead, where you can visit their home & see where your puppy was raised! Do not buy from pet stores! I wish I knew this before. We need to put these mills out of business!


Monica of Aurora, IL

Original review: Oct. 20, 2009

I purchased a 15-week old boxer pup on October 8, 2009 and less than 12 hours later, I had to rush the puppy to the animal hospital because the puppy had kennel cough. Today is October 20, 2009 and the puppy is still hospitalized. I have made numerous attempts to make arrangements with the store manager, Jackie **, who insists that the new environment caused stressed on the puppy. We checked with the vet and they assured us that it was no way possible that a new environment could cause the puppy to get kennel cough and that the puppy had to be contaminated within the kennel at Petland prior to us bringing the puppy home. The tragic part is that he informed Petland employees the day we bought the puppy that we noticed a runny nose and a strange cough. The employee stated that it was merely a hairball. They offered a gift certificate for our troubles and said that there was nothing more they could do.


Mark of Pittsburgh, PA

Original review: Oct. 20, 2009

We recently bought a Labradoodle from the Petland in Robinson Town Centre, Pittsburgh, PA. Let me first start off by saying that the management does not know a thing about customer service! This dog was $1,000 which is expensive enough, but then upon reading through the paperwork, the manager asked us if we want the dog “microchipped.” We said no, as we’ve never done that with any of our pets. She then insisted that we cannot buy the dog without the microchip. We finally agreed, and she told us that it will cost us $70 to have him “microchipped”. I said, “okay, you can take that cost off the cost of the dog.”

Mind you, we were already giving them $1,000 for the dog. The girl said no, and we were forced to pay another $70 on top of all of that. As part of Petland’s requirements, we were to take our new puppy to the vet within 7 days. We complied, as any good pet owner would, and our dog tested positive for Giardia. The vet also informed us that our new dog had been severely underfed, as well as could have only gotten the Giardia from unsanitary conditions.

Petland had an obligation to tell us this before we brought home the dog, but, again, they failed to follow ethical business practices. Petland’s policy states that if there is anything wrong with the dog, that if in writing from a vet, will be taken care of by the owner of the particular store. This was where things really got bad. I had the extreme misfortune of having to speak to the ignorant store owner who proceeded to insult me, and stated that it was my fault the dog had Giardia.

Mind you, we took him to the vet the day after we bought him, and he was living with our two other dogs who did not test positive for Giardia (we got them tested too just to make sure). When we got all the proper documentation over to this, I can’t even call him, gentleman that owned the store, he stated he would not pay for our dog’s medical expenses. It’s horrible to think that a pet store would sell you a sick dog, and then leave you with the medical expenses, but it happens.

Fortunately our dog is still alive, but requires regular medicine which is a significant cost to us. You would think especially in a down economy that businesses would do anything to get your business. Well, Petland did! They sold us a sick dog! In closing, I warn customers to beware. This store and its owner are criminals and do not deserve your business! Go to a shelter and rescue a dog!


Rose of The Colony, TX

Original review: Oct. 17, 2009

We purchased a silky terrier from Petland, Lewisville, TX on 9/26/09. Within 5 days, the puppy died of Parvo. The puppy was purchased for our 7-year-old grandson. He contributed $400 of his hard-earned money for this puppy. Unbelievably, the store owner and Petland were not at all concerned. They offered a new puppy, and frankly, we had no choice. Our grandson was so distraught the puppy was sick. We could never tell him the puppy passed away.

The store brought in another silky terrier. We picked this puppy up on 10/7/09. We just took her to the vet on Wednesday. This puppy has an upper respiratory infection, and the vet advised that the puppy could get pneumonia. I am in such disbelief that we could pay so much for this puppy and continue to get sick dogs. How can they get away with this. Are there no laws?

There were no financial concessions; everything purchased had to be thrown away due to the Parvo infection. My house had to be thoroughly cleaned with Clorox. It cost hundreds of dollars, and now, we are going through it again. I am stunned; our grandson loves this puppy, believing it is the same puppy he originally picked out. He says she’s the toughest little puppy ever. I cannot even nor do I want to imagine how distressed my grandson will be if this puppy dies as well. Can they get away with this? You might as well purchase a puppy for 1/4 of the price at a flea market. You’re likely to get a healthier dog.


Tom of Wonder Lake, IL

Original review: Oct. 9, 2009

Recently, purchased a Yorkie pup worth $1500.00. Within 24 hours, I had to take the pup to the vet. I was told it was hypoglycemic. Two days later, I brought the puppy to the emergency, and within a hour, the pup was dead. Petland said they would refund my money, and I’m still waiting. They keep giving me the runaround. I would never recommend them to anyone. Now I’m told it could take weeks before they process my refund.


Amber of Janesville, WI

Original review: Oct. 8, 2009

My daughter and I went into Petland at their Janesville, WI location. We wanted to just look at puppies to see what they had. They had a Boston Terrier in there that we liked. I was very interested in her. I had them take her out so I could play with her. She was pulling on my pant leg and being a typical puppy. I decided to give it a week and think about getting her for the $800 price.

A week later, I went back and they were trying to pressure me into purchasing her. They showed me her vaccination records and just said that she was A.C.A. registered. Needless to say, I purchased her. I took her home. About an hour after I brought her home, she was making a coughing/wheezing type of noise. I called Petland and they told me that it was normal because they have the smashed-in face which makes it difficult for them to breathe. I was like, well, how come none of the other Bostons I have had have done this? Not to mention, they told me that they have a vet (the same vet they have used to take our puppy to) that goes into their store once a week to examine each and every puppy.

They assured me that the puppy was healthy. They told me to make an appointment to get the puppy in to their vet, which I am sure they pay lots of money to. The vet wouldn’t get the dog in until a week later. Well, the day after I made the appointment to get her in, she had green snot coming out of her nose and her cough was much worse. I called the vet again and insisted that she needed to be seen. They finally got her in and they diagnosed her with a bacterial infection that would have turned into kennel cough if I would have waited any longer.

At this point, I was furious because I was lied to by Petland. I called them and told them I wanted my money back, but they refused. The puppy I purchased from them is still not very playful. She is very timid when it comes to people. She will not come to me at all no matter how much I try to bribe her with treats or whatever. She runs every time I walk towards her. It sounds like they may have abused this poor puppy. If you know Bostons, then you know they are happy little dogs that love to cuddle, play, and be with their humans. There are more problems to this story that I have not mentioned but I would be on here all day typing.

I would never recommend Petland to anybody! Please, people, do your research when buying a puppy. It will save you lots of money and heartache if you do your research. There are hundreds of people that are buying these unhealthy animals only to be disappointed. If you want a healthy animal, please just go to a reputable breeder. Petland needs to be shut down. Petland is only in this for making money off unhealthy puppies from puppy mills.


Shelly of Ankey, IA

Original review: Oct. 2, 2009

I purchased a puppy from Petland West Desmoines, and I have had very good luck; it did get kennel cough. But if you understand that kennel cough is like a child getting a cold at day care, you people would stop complaining! I have purchased puppies from home breeders in the past and have had just as many problems. And the lady from Ankeny with the husky story is getting old! They are living beings, and things can happen. You need to leave Petland alone.


Suzanne of Mentor, OH

Original review: Sept. 18, 2009

Recently, I purchased a 10-week-old puppy from the Petland in Mentor, OH location. We had the puppy for 4 nights. I was going through the packet on the 3rd night and noticed that the puppy had some sort of hernia surgery. I contacted the owner of the Petland store and was given a few options, one being to return the dog and receive a full 100% refund because the salesperson did not mention anything about any “surgery” done to the dog.

That same night, I returned the dog back to the store with the promise of a full refund the next day. The owner called me back the next day and has changed his story, stating that the sales rep fully explained the surgery and what it entails and that I was ok with this? First of all, I would have never purchased a dog under these circumstances. Now, the owner has the dog and will not give any refund. I have contacted the corporate office, the local news station, and an attorney to pursue this further.







Jessica of Ankeny, IA

Original review: Sept. 17, 2009

I told my story here a year ago, after I lost my husky from Petland’s negligence. I had our local news camera crew come out here, and we did a story on Petland, the cost of the puppy mill dogs, and how rude they are. I see this is still going on all over. If you get more people educated in your surrounding area, they are bound to lose business. Get on the news and protest. We have had several protests at the West Des Moines store. Like everyone else, I didn’t know what puppy mills were; and a lot of people don’t. When they find out, they will not want to buy from Petland. Get out there and get educated. Start a plan with some friends to help this from not happening to another family. Good luck!


Casey of Altamonte Springs, FL

Original review: Sept. 17, 2009

I am sure you are already aware of it, but I wanted to take the time to let you know about some recent Petland news that I discovered. Petland is launching a new chain of pet stores under the name Safari Stan’s Pet Center. If you look at the website, it is obvious that it is the same store as Petland but under a new name. They even use the same graphics.

I feel that this is an effort on Petland’s part to shed the negative connotation that is attached to its name. If a person googles Petland, there are hundreds of negative articles, personal stories, and videos that pop up; which is bad for their business. By opening the same stores under a new title, Petland is preying on an unsuspecting market that has no way of knowing that Safari Stan’s Pet Center is a subsidiary of Petland, Inc. This new chain also promotes opening franchises. Potential franchisees are being sold this chain and not knowing about the connection to Petland and the outrage that will arise once the news hits.

My point is further proven by the fact that the only place on the Safari Stan’s Pet Center site that Petland or Petland, Inc. is mentioned is one blurb on the About Us page. I feel as though this is an attempt for Petland, Inc. to dupe the public and increase their revenues. I know you all have done a great job of exposing Petland’s unethical methods in the past and I thought this could use some attention. Thanks!


Lisa of Dayton, OH

Original review: Sept. 1, 2009

Recently, we purchased a baby rat from Petland. After the first day we had her, we noticed that she was walking funny. I called Petland and asked questions concerning the reason why she may be walking this way. Being a new pet rat owner and the rat being young, we weren’t sure if maybe it was normal for her to walk this way or if there were issues. The next day, we took the baby rat back to the store to compare her to the other babies, and, sure enough, she was not normal.

We talked with a young fella, very nice guy named Jason, who offered to trade (Feiona) the baby rat for a different one, which was the right thing to do, but we were already attached to this baby. We asked him what would happen to her and he told us that she would end up being snake food! This made our daughter very emotional, and upset to where we decided to keep the baby rat we already grew to love. Jason went ahead and gave us another rat, whom we have named Bella.

After the 3rd day of having the two rats home, we noticed sores showing up behind Bella’s neck. We were told that possibly it was just from her being nervous from the transfer from the old cage to the new one or possibly the two little girls were fighting. After the first week, Bella’s back was severely raw, and sore! I started looking on the internet on the reasons why this was happening to her and found out that the reason behind this was the baby rat was infested with a parasite called mites!

I called Petland and asked to speak to the manager and told him what was going on. He basically told me that because we had the rats for over two weeks that the issues were our fault and that their baby rats were all vet checked. He also told me that they get their pets from walk-ins off the street. If this is so, then there is no way they are going to have each and every one of them rats vet-checked. I feel that Petland sold me baby rats infested with the parasite, and I want them to have my baby rats vet-checked and treated.

I don’t feel that I should be the one to have to pay for this when they are the ones at fault. I’ve also tried to contact their district manager and she has not returned any of my phone calls. I am very upset with this company and will go to all means to have them put out of business some way, somehow. This is wrong. Petland is selling sick and unhealthy pets to people.


Callie of Melbourne , FL

Original review: Aug. 31, 2009

We got our 8-week old Dachshund puppy 2 and a half weeks ago and from the moment we brought him home, things have been bad. Do not get me wrong, he is a great dog but he is sick. At the store, he was fine and then when we got home, he was coughing and sneezing and had snot coming out of his nose. Petland recommended we go to this vet because the medicine would be free in the first 14 days of seeing them.

Well, on the first visit, they said he was fine and we took him home. We found out after that he had kennel cough. I called the vet again and Petland. Petland had me bring him in for 7 days to go on this nebulizer where he breathes in antibiotics for 20 min. and the vet gave me medicine for his kennel cough for 7 days as well. I called the vet to see if we needed to come in because he was done with his medicine and they said, “no, do not bother.”

Recently, he has had weird things with his poop. It turns out he has tapeworms and he is still coughing. So, I called Petland about the tapeworms and the lady took my name and number and said they would call me back and she doesn’t think they paid to get the tapeworms treated because that comes from fleas. Well, my dog does not have fleas. We have given him baths and I have checked him.

The guy that sold us the dog that works for Petland was in the store for the 7 days we brought our puppy in for the nebulizer. He called me back and he talked to us each time we were in there and he did not remember me on the phone. He said he would have the lady call me tomorrow about the tapeworms. Well, we took our puppy to another vet connected to Petsmart and they confirmed he had tapeworms and was not properly dewormed and also he still has kennel cough.

I am so upset we are having so many problems and have not even had our puppy for a month. Do not ever get a puppy from Petland. I feel so bad for those puppies that are all sick. You will have lots of money in vet bills as well. All the vets we went to, after we said we got him from Petland, shook their heads and said, “yeah, a lot of our sick dogs come from there.” Also the vet they recommend all the owners that go in there got their dogs from Petland and they’re all sick.


Mary of Lake in the HIlls, IL

Original review: Aug. 30, 2009

On 8-23-09, I purchased a Pomeranian puppy from Petland in Hoffman Estates, IL. The puppy displayed occasional unstable, wobbly stance, but otherwise appeared normal for the first two days. On day 3, the puppy began having diarrhea. On day 4, the puppy began vomiting nearly every hour. She was taken to the vet the next morning and diagnosed with Parvovirus and Giardia. Other ailments are unknown at this time. The puppy is currently fighting for her life at Animal Emergency of McHenry County (AEMC).

I spoke with Petland the day my puppy was taken in at AEMC and was told the manager was not in. I called the following day and spoke to the manager, Josh. When I told him the puppy they sold me was diagnosed with Parvo, his attitude was at the least lacking concern. He immediately offered to pay the medical bills up to the purchase price of the puppy, $1299.99. This seemed strange to me, the feeling of being given immediate forfeit of cash to go away. I began investigating online and discovered countless complaints against various Petlands across the nation as well as complaints against the distributor, Hunte. Upon checking my paperwork, Hunte is listed as the distributor of the puppy I had received.

It should be noted that while I was in that same Petland, I witnessed at least one other dog with severe diarrhea. I told one of the staff, Sara, that she “should check on the westie. He just had major diarrhea!” It is my belief now that the west highland terrier is another dog that is currently infected with Parvovirus, and if he is still alive, he’s still for sale in that store.

My paperwork also shows that the puppy I received was one week late for the second of 4 vaccinations against Parvovirus. This was brought to my attention by the vet who checked over my puppy the day after I brought her home. Petland knowingly purchased this puppy through a distributor known to have countless complaints about sick animals. Furthermore, they failed to provide adequate medical care, failed to administer proper and timely vaccinations, and failed to provide any warning or instruction on preventative measures against Parvovirus.

Further information provided by Petland at the time of purchase follows: Pomeranian, female; sire number TR164516/01 ROBINSON’S BANDIT II; Dame number TRI94478/01 BABY ANNIE III; Breeder: Joann / Lebenon, MO 65536-6727; Whelp date: 6-2-09; and distributor: Hunte.


Richard of Orlando, FL

Original review: Aug. 24, 2009

We purchase a Dachshund puppy that’s 8 weeks old. We were told to take him within four working days to the vet, theirs preferably, and have a checkup. We did this but in 3 days, as he became ill with kennel cough. The vet said his lungs showed a slight congestion, gave us some medication, and wanted to see him back in one week.





THOMAS of Wantagh, ny

Original review: Aug. 15, 2009


I purchased a 72 gallon bow fish tank with the stand, the lights, the filter, and gravel. The tank came with a two-year warranty against any defect. The tank was purchased in April 2008. We were sitting in the den, where the tank is set up; and we heard a cracking sound coming from the tank. The whole top tank support had broken away from the tank, leaving the tank without a support. I contacted the store and got the runaround. They told me I had to contact the manufacturer about this. In the meantime, I had to purchase another tank immediately for fear of the broken tank giving way. The store has no intentions of refunding my money that I spent on the new tank. I spent $238.96 and purchased at another one of Petland discount stores.


Brenda of Willow Spring, NC

Original review: Aug. 12, 2009

We purchased a puppy from Petland and he died one month later. The store said that we had to prove that the dog was sick and to take him to a lab which cost $300. Now we have spent $2,300 and all we have to show for it is an empty dog bed and cage. Someone needs to put this to a stop now. People are losing their money and pets. The vet and the store are in it together.


Angela of Washington ch, oh

Original review: Aug. 11, 2009

We bought a chihuahua puppy from Petland over a year ago. We were told the puppy was in great health and they were going to give us a deal! We ended up spending $1,380 on this dog. We even took her to the vet because they told us to do so. About a week later, we found a small bald spot on her. We asked their vet about it so he looked at it and said to put some Neosporin on it. Well, we did, but it kept getting bigger so we took her to our local vet. He said it was demodectic puppy mange but we caught it in time.

She had to be dipped every week (it was $30 a dip for like 6 weeks). Good thing she is better now. We told Petland and the vet and they acted stupid – like they couldn’t believe it. They were really shocked! But later on, I found out from our puppy’s papers that she came from a puppy broker that buys their puppies from puppy mills. Our dog was bought from a Minnesota Amish puppy mill for around $250 – they get a lot of their puppies from there! Petland says they get there puppies from top private breeders but they really get them from Amish puppy mills!


Lauren of Largo, FL

Original review: Aug. 7, 2009

This place is a complete and total cesspool. Let’s begin with the horrendous smell that accosts you the moment you walk in the door. It resembled a mixture of excrement and B.O., and it basically smelled like what I eventually found in the back: uncleaned dog, cat, rodent and bird cages (if you could call them cages). Prison cells would be a more accurate description. They have these open-top plexiglass cages that are stuffed full of rabbits, hamsters, rats, mice, etc. I’m talking about a 2″ x 2″ spaces back to back with 25 or 30 small rodents or at least 10 large size rabbits basically piled on top of each other for lack of room.

There are no hand sanitizer stations. There were several children of various ages unsupervised going from cage to cage and picking up the animals since they actually encourage you to do this. There were also several large birds – a cockatoo and a green parrot if my memory serves me right – which were also in open cages. I know for a fact that either of these birds could snap a finger off.

There was an African Grey – the smartest of all birds – in an enclosed cage in which it had to actually slump down to fit into standing up. I thought that was bad. I wasn’t prepared for worse. I turn to my right and there is a whole wall of these cage boxes, enclosed with plexiglass windows. These spaces are the same size as the rodent and rabbit boxes; however, since they are stacked on top of each other, the space from the ceiling to the floor was no more than 24″.

Under glaringly bright lights was one of the saddest sights I have ever had the misfortune to lay my eyes on – puppies and kittens. Some small, some almost too large to stand up or turn around. Some two to a cage with no blankets, no toys, no water dishes and no food. Wire mesh separated their cage bottom from the floor. About 2 inches or so above the actual cage bottom (most of which were soiled with urine and feces) is where the wire mesh sat. These babies, these poor little souls, were on display like a Blimpie sandwich at a 7-11 convenient store.

Every cage I passed was the same thing: sad eyes, a defeated demeanor and a lethargy. It was absolutely disgusting and heartbreaking all at once. How a national pet store chain or its employees for that matter could continue to be in business is a wonder in itself. I personally plan on posting as many complaints on this place as the Internet allows. I will also be contacting my local humane society to discuss this matter with them as well.

I only have one thing to say to anyone who is an employee at Petland or has any stake in the company at all: You are a base-level and soulless human being. God didn’t put animals on this earth to be neglected and sold from vending machines like chocolate bars. Shame on you and shame on Petland! If any of you who are reading this have a conscience, you will steer clear of this puppy/kitty mill enabler and buy your pets and products from a reputable source who actually care about the animals they are peddling.


Shawn of Waynesville, MO

Original review: Aug. 6, 2009

On 23 July, I purchased a German Shepherd puppy for 1300 dollars along with the food, medicine and vitamins they require you to get at purchase time. My girlfriend and I brought him home and the next evening, on the 24th, while taking him for a walk he started choking. Our puppy soon lost consciousness and 10 minutes later, he passed away. From the beginning, I told Petland I didn’t want another puppy and wanted my money refunded and Rob said it would have to go through the 10-day claims process. The puppy had some kind of viral pneumonia when it was given to us and it had it for some time. I received a letter via email from Petland stating they would give us another puppy and not refund our money now. The next step is legal action, I guess.


Sean of Brooklyn, NY

Original review: July 27, 2009.

I requested a price for a custom-made fish tank, 9ft long by 3ft wide, or an estimation of such measurements equivalent to mine. I was asked to hold on. While holding on for 28 minutes and 49 seconds, I listened to a whole lot of profanity, slurs, goofing around and the voice of the person who answered the phone said, “Screw him, **, **.” and informing others to “walk away from the phone, leave it like that, ** him.” I was informed by the person who finally came to the phone that the employee’s name was Nathaniel. Because of the lack of concern for my requests, I will not be spending the 1,500 dollars to this Petland discount store that is in the spending budget for a custom-made fish tank. The staff was young and needs to be more professional somehow.


Luther of Easley, SC

Original review: July 22, 2009

My daughter found a dog we wanted and I asked the manager to hold the dog for me so that I could pick it up the next business day. They guaranteed me that it would not be sold and was being held for me. After driving 100 miles to the store, when I asked for the dog to buy her, I was told by the worker that it had been sold the very same day I was guaranteed it would be held for me. Consequences: 200 miles of driving and the cost of gas, heartbroken child and pissed parent





Melanie of Westland, MI

Original review: July 16, 2009

I recently bought a 13-week old Boston Terrier. I should have done my homework before purchasing a puppy from a pet store but now I know. We went to a Petland store to look at puppies. After speaking with the sales manager, we decided to get Georgia (the Boston terrier). The manager said she came from a reputable breeder and that all their puppies were in great health! She lied. We brought Georgia home and three days later, she was diagnosed with Stenotic Nares, basically a congenital problem with her nose and throat. The vet said it needed to be operated on.

So I called Petland and told them what was wrong and asked them what I needed to do for them to honor my warranty and pay for her surgery. To make a long story short, no one has called me back. I will never ever go back to Petland. Not only is Petland a joke, but they said I had to see their vet. If you ask me, I think the vet and Petland is in on this scam together. Good luck. Hope this helps!


Christina of Gahanna, OH

Original review: July 13, 2009



They have a bird there who looks very, very sick and anyone can tell it is suffering. It is a big green bird and something is wrong with his neck and he cries all the time. Can someone please go and look?


Natalie of Dallas, TX

Original review: July 10, 2009

On July 10, 2009, I was driving down Preston Rd. in Dallas, TX near a Petland store and on the street corner, I saw a man holding a Petland sign – advertising for the store. He was in a full dog costume, covered head to toe. It is July. In Dallas, the temperature this day is 104, heat index is 110. I am not exaggerating, Dallas summers are cruel. I called the store to complain as I saw this as very wrong. The man I spoke with proceeded to tell me that I was the “4th or 5th” to call and complain, and that the man in the costume was “literally a bum” who had come in asking for a job, so they offered him the dog costume deal.

Apparently, he comes in every 15 minutes for a break. I do not care if the man begged for the job, it is too hot. He could get heat stroke and/or die. Was there no “dirty job” they could have given the man? It is a pet store, after all. If the excuse is not wanting him around customers, I don’t buy it since he supposedly comes in every 15 minutes anyway (where I would assume he takes off at least part of the costume) and he wouldn’t have to be around the customers to be doing a job inside where there is A/C. The whole incident was cruel and in my opinion, they took advantage of a poor man desperate for money. I hope the homeless man is okay (time will tell if I see more costumed people advertising) and that the people in charge at this Petland store will gain better judgement and realize how very wrong they were to have allowed this to happen.


Lacey of Las Vegas, NV

Original review: July 6, 2009

I worked for an animal hospital that had a vet that would go and treat their animals, so I know how truly bad it is and I’m beyond disgusted of the store and the vet! How dare he go there and know ** well how bad it is? He should’ve done something and saved those poor animals! What kind of vet is he? Well I know, but this is about Petland. Petland in Boca Park went bankrupt and the shady owner turned all the business and whatever to someone else so he could get himself out of debt and reopen! Why would you reopen that excuse of a pet store? I knew people that worked there and told me prices of the puppies and I wanted to cry! Petland doesn’t care about their animals and never will! They try to find the cheapest puppies from those God forsaken puppy mills then turn around and sell it for thousands, knowing good and well that poor puppy is very sick! What the hell is wrong with them?

Do not buy anything from Petland! Nothing! Do not support a place that is abusing poor little puppies and kittens! Petland all over the US need to be put out of business! When that horrible place reopened, we saw three puppies with Parvo! Parvo! In the first week, they were back open. That’s another reason why they shut down! They had all kinds of rampant disease running around in there and they’re not even open for a week and puppies are sick already!

We all need to unite and take down Petland! They’re animal abusers and if you’re reading this, then you’re an animal lover, so stand up for our beloved four-legged friends and fight for them! Those poor puppies need us to have a better life and to be saved from the horrible hands of Petland employees. Once Petland is done with them onto the Puppy Mills. One day, all of the animals in the US will be free of disease and live a long happy, healthy life. Shame on Petland! And how dare you!


Nicole of Wichita, ks

Original review: July 2, 2009

I bought an English bulldog puppy from Petland a year ago. When we got her home, she started getting sick, throwing up and coughing. So we took her to Kutter Vet in Andover, KS. They said that it was kennel cough and it’s normal for dogs like that. I had to drive out there for 5 days straight putting $20 or more in my gas tank each time I drove out there for her treatments! We also have a 6 year old bulldog that she gave the kennel cough to and Petland would not do anything about it. Then when she was about 6 or 7 months, we started seeing little spots of hair falling out.

We called Petland and they wanted us to drive all the way out to their vet again. So I just took her to our vet and she had genetic mange. My vet faxed everything over proving that she had that and they still didn’t do anything about it. That cost me $35 a week for the treatments for 2 months! We paid almost $4,000.00 for her. All I can say is that I will never go back there. To the people that are thinking about going there, don’t go. Go to a local humane society and adopt there or go to a breeder.


Sarah of Waukee, IA

Original review: June 29, 2009

My dog has been sick from the moment we bought him. He had kennel cough and bronchitis but Tim ** refused to pay for the medication even though it was stated in the warranty. He said we could not prove our dog came home with it (it was 2 days after we bought him). My dog also had severe allergies to everything, food, environment, collars etc. He has chronic ear infections and is too large for his breed. Our dog loses his hair, scratches his face and body until he bleeds, refuses to eat for days and when he does eat, he gets violently ill. The medication he is on costs $98 a month and his food is $45 every three weeks. These items only take away 1/10th of the symptoms he has. We are giving him 30 more days to get better or we will have no choice but to put him to sleep.


Tina of Elk grove, ca

Original review: June 17, 2009

My family and I went in there looking for a puppy for our family. We found a cute little cocker spaniel. We played with her in the little room and talked to the sales person about questions we had and health concerns. Nothing was brought up. So we left to think it over and also discuss the high asking price. We decided to go head and get her. They said she had a three-year health warranty, etc. I should have known if it sound too good to be true, it is. My husband was in there for one hour and 30 minutes filling out the papers, etc. At the end, the last page, the woman disclosed that she has had surgery to remove an umbilical hernia and she has had patella luxation but not to worry it’s something puppies have and they will grow out of it. So we brought her home and bonded with her and the next day, I took her to our vet. Surprise, the patella luxation was not going to go away. Most likely, she was going to need surgery and each leg was $1200-$1500.

I called the warranty department four times and no response. I called the store and they said they informed us. etc. We ended up returning our puppy to them and then they wouldn’t even give us all the money that we paid for her back. They kept 30% of what we gave them. I can assure you if they were honest and up front and said she will need surgery and it can be between $1200-$1500, I would not have bought the dog and put my family through an experience like that.


Tracey of Canton, MI

Original review: June 15, 2009

+On our third visit to Petland Novi last 6/01/09, we purchased a female Shorkie (Shih Tzu/Yorkie) from Petland Novi, Michigan. During our consult, we asked specifically whether Petland gets its puppies from puppy mills. They assured us that they do not. They only use those approved and visited by Petland Corp staff breeders and brokers. Bella’s State of Michigan Health certificate shows she was treated from 5/18-5/29 with antibiotics and nebulizer treatments for an upper respiratory infection. This was only mentioned as we signed the final paperwork to purchase and was minimized as normal.

On 6/04/09, she (now named Bella) stopped eating, became lethargic and got diarrhea. We took her to the Petland affiliate vet where we were told she had Giardia and hypoglycemia. We were told that the vet office was closing and it was recommended that we transfer her to the emergency center for an IV, medication and supervision to assure that she made it through the night. We did so. 6/5/09, we transferred Bella back to the affiliate vet. She remained there on and IV until 6/6/09. On 6/6/09, Bella was still refusing to eat. We discussed transferring her back to the emergency center for continued care or to bring her home, hoping that she may begin to eat. We understood we would need to take her to emergency if she did not improve.

On 6/6/09, we met with Randy H., the owner of Petland Novi. He agreed to pay for of the emergency bill in addition to the warranty covered affiliate care. We expressed concern over Bella’s breeder and were given her contact information. The phone number was incorrect, but we found the correct information online. Bella improved. She returned to the vet on 6/8/02 for a re-check and we were told that while she had lost weight, she was responding to treatment. On 6/9/02, Bella started coughing and sneezing. We returned to the affiliate vet and she was diagnosed with another upper respiratory infection. She is currently being treated with antibiotics. On 6/13/09, there’s a follow up visit and stool sample was taken. 6/15/09, we were contacted by the vet and informed that Bella’s stool tested positive for Coccidia. We began treatment for Coccidia 6/15/09.

On contacting the breeder we discovered:

1) The breeder admitted to having 50-plus adult dogs and additional puppies and that only herself and her 2 under-aged sons provide the animal care.

2) When we requested a photo of the dame and sire to confirm health and breed, she refused.

3) When we told her about Bella’s Giardia, she recommended Tums and said: “I don’t care what the vet says, you can give a dog anything you can give a human.” This brought her competency and basic animal welfare knowledge base into question.

4) The breeder became defensive and said she would not pay for any care for Bella (we had not asked her to). She had sold the puppy to the broker and was no longer responsible.

We believe Bella and our family are Petland’s perpetuated puppy mill victims. Tears, fear and trauma have been suffered by all involved. Instead of a happy process of family acclimation to a new pet, countless hours have been spent caring for a very sick pup, force feeding medicating, researching breeder/ broker information, driving back and forth to the affiliate vet and in fear for her life. Our training has been interrupted by the illnesses and has possibly been permanently affected.

Thus far the financial costs have been: $797 (purchase price), puppy welcome kit for $149, microchip activation for $69; miscellaneous supplies for care amounting to $300.00, emergency vet care on 6/4 for $357.00 ($178 paid by Petland Novi); Petland affiliate vet care on 6/5, $414.42 (warranty); 6/6, $844.25 (warranty); 6/8 and 6/9, $70.45 (warranty). Thus, total as of 6/10/02 is $3001.12. While we appreciate Petland’s paying for the vet bills, thus far, this does not rectify our situation nor does it protect other puppies and other families from experiencing the same trauma that we have. The breeder information we have now does not line up with what we were told by Petland staff while considering our purchase.

Petland’s policy of any outside vet examining a puppy voiding the warranty has only caused more frustration and concern. We have had a relationship with our local vet for 9 years and greatly trust their care. In order to accommodate the warranty, we have driven back and forth the 40 minutes to the affiliate vet 10 times (5 trips times two directions) in the first ten days. The ability to utilize our own vet would have greatly diminished the stress and expense of this crisis.

In accordance with our warranty, we have not had Bella examined by our preferred vet; however, we did consult them by phone. After describing the issues, they confirmed that while common in pet store pets, the issues and severity that we have faced with Bella are not normal in a healthy breeding situation. They also confirmed that the care that Bella has received from Vet Select (affiliate vet) has been standard protocol. This confirmation allowed us to continue Bella’s care under the warranty via the Affiliate vet. In addition to the above expenses, we have purchased VPI pet insurance to assure our ability to pay for any future problems that may arise for Bella and to be able to have her treated by our own vet. This is an additional cost of $44.00 per month (indefinitely) for my family. The Petland motto, “Petland Pets make life better,” has most certainly been misleading. In our case, Petland pets have made our life, stressful, frightening and traumatic.


Juanita of Hammond, IN

Original review: June 11, 2009

I bought my three-month old border collie Charlie from Petland on 11/28/2008. My husband and I were reassured that their puppies only come from reputable breeders and are in good health. Charlie could never gain any weight on him or grow taller. I took him to the vet every week just to keep track of any weight fluctuation—nothing for four months. Our vet reminded us that border collies are naturally slender breeds and to be patient with him. She suggested to feed him liver and rice. She added vitamins to his diet and eliminated the possibility of worms. After those changes in his diet, he gained only two pounds. At this point, Charlie was about six months old and only twelve pounds. The average border collie at six months was almost full grown and thirty pounds. We spent hundreds of dollars running blood tests on Charlie to try to find out what was holding him back.

When Charlie was just eight months old, he died. His body was defeated by malnutrition and dehydration even after all of the food, water, and love his little body could ever desire. The only answer we were given was that he was born with a congenital liver disease. However, we could not afford to pay for an autopsy. My husband and I are devastated for our loss and feel we are left with no real answers or closure. I am fighting and investigating Petland for Charlie. His life was cut very short and there is no excuse for it. We do not want a lawsuit, just to put Petland out of business. If there is any way we can help, please contact me directly. I have retained all of Charlie’s paperwork from when we purchased him to every visit to the vet and his pictures and video footage of his frail body


Laura of Woodstock, GA

Original review: June 9, 2009

Animals (dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, etc.) were ill, undernourished, sick, dirty, and unattended in cramped conditions with full urine trays. The smell was horrendous! Please investigate immediately!


Lance of Hamilton, OH

Original review: June 4, 2009

I bought a English Bulldog form this store. From the first day, the dog would throw up eight times daily. I took the puppy to the Petland vet. They gave us some medicine and said it was normal for the breed. They said that if it keeps happening to bring her back. The puppy still has the problem of throwing up and now has a skin condition a form of Mange. The vet said the puppy would have to under go four sessions of 8-hour each chemical dip and drip dry to fix the skin problem and she would have to be spaded because this is aretary. She also has a rash on her mouth and a deformed ceper. This was also aretary. We called Petland in Fairfield, Ohio but haven’t got a return call. We paid $3,550 for her. Her papers say she has seven champions in her bloodline. She is only six months old. We have another dog that is a English Bulldog as well. We were going to breed them.


Maria of West Des Moines, IA

12 days ago, I bought a 12 week old Cavalier King Charles, cute as a button. I spent $1,100 for this puppy, I did not know about the horrific reputation of Petland. I did not know the Cavalier breed. I stated she was way too expensive and Megan said to apply for a Petland credit card and make payments. Simple, I thought.

I was not happy to find her initial exam and ‘free” spay meant I had to use the Petland recommended vet, far from my home. If I was to encounter any health issues, the warranty states, such diagnosis must be backed up by this veterinarian. I took her for her visit and she has luxating patellas Giardia and had hernia repair at 5 weeks. She also has some type of seizures that happen while she is sitting and her head trembles and she falls to one side. My vet, whom I took her to for an unbiased evaluation says I need to get these episodes on video so a diagnosis can be looked into. She may have epilepsy.

I just had 2 dogs two weeks apart put down because my beloved rescue dogs Annie, age 14, her hind legs gave out. Nick, age 11 had stage 3 mast cell cancer. I am still grieving their loss. The guilt is tremendous. And now, I will have health issues with this puppy who I had such high hopes for. It is devastating to read about Petland horror stories which sadden me beyond belief, and I am physically sick that I kept them in business one more day.




Kathleen of Woodstock, IL

Original review: May 31, 2009

After doing extensive research as to breeds that would be good with my 3 special needs children, we decided to settle on a St. Bernard. We wanted a male as we have never had female dogs and already have 2 males (shelter dogs) that are older. There were no local breeders and with my work schedule, I could not travel far to a non-local breeder. We searched rescues, local and non-local shelters. I called 10 Petlands; the one in Wheaton said they had a male St. Bernard/Sheltie mix. I asked ** about Shelties not knowing much about them. He sold me a line of crap that they are awesome dogs too. I asked about the price and he sold me another line of crap that the $1,595 price tag would be negotiable if we were prepared to take him home today.

My husband and I make the 1+ hour trek to the store. Of course, we fell in love with him and figured this way he would not be as big as a St. Bernard. When I inquired to ** about the “negotiable” price, he initially said no. But when my jaw dropped, he said that he would go in back to see what he could do, while playing with him all the employees were asking if we were taking him home as if they were trying to get rid of him. ** came back and said that if we purchase the large puppy pack, they would take $100 off. We talked and decided that taking from my husband’s retirement would be worth it, as our dogs are getting older and our kids are so special this may help our son who is autistic.

We told ** we would take him. He then took him to the back for what we don’t really know. As he was picking out supplies for us (of course not included in the puppy package), I looked on one of their ads to see the price of the puppy package was $199.99. He was telling us about hypoglycemia and how important it is to give the puppy these supplements included in the package. I am a nurse and my husband is diabetic and he only gets hypoglycemic when he does not eat. So I am thinking the puppy will only get this if he doesn’t eat. I should have seen the red flag here, but obviously was so excited thinking about the kids and how excited they would be when we got home with him.

In the meantime, ** was congratulating us on our purchase. I told him we had to get going because we had to drive the hour plus back to Woodstock to get our son from school by 3:15pm. While everyone was taking their time, I kept looking into the spot where our puppy was and it was empty. I just couldn’t imagine what they were doing with him. I was a little nervous when the total was over $2,100, but figured it would be worth it to see the puppy grow up with our kids. When our credit card would not be accepted (I called the back before going in, so the money was there, ** reassured me that it will go through one way or another; we called the bank and got this taken care of). By this time, it is getting late for us to pick our son up in time, so they just flew by the paperwork, had me initial certain places and then signed.

I asked if the free vet could be transferred to our local vet and was told “no”. I looked at the vet record and it looked complete to me but I did not know what to look for either. They announced to everyone in the store our purchase, congratulated us and off we went. The looks on our kids’ faces was just precious when they saw him and of course were fighting over him already! We called the Petland vet in Glen Ellyn and the only time that they had we could make was Saturday at 10am. I was a little nervous in the fact that this was past the 48 hour return policy, but what could we do?

After dinner while unpacking all of our things from our purchase, I discovered we never received the puppy booster that they claimed was so critical he have. I called the store and ** said that I could come to get some; it was 7:30 at night and not possible. He said I could go to the local Petland store in Crystal Lake to exchange it. All I need to do is have my paperwork ready and have the Crystal Lake store call them. So I drove to the store 20 minutes away only to find the store manager ** state they don’t even carry this product. She was very nice and went to the back to call the Wheaton store. She came back and said that I could purchase their version and next time I was in Wheaton, show my receipt and get reimbursed. I told her at this point I wasn’t worried about that but just wanted to do the right thing for our dog.

Friday night while holding the puppy the kids named “Ziggy”, he started sneezing and coughing and panting. I gave him some water, took him outside and put him in his crate for the night. He has only had 2 accidents in the house since we got him, so I was optimistic about how this might not be too difficult to do. The kids love him; the other dogs are okay with him. We did watch the DVD and registered his microchip. Saturday morning I drove the 1+ hour to the Petland vet. I was shocked to see what could have been his identical twin there also. This pup’s owner asked if ours was St. Bernard/Sheltie mix. I said yes. She had her hands full with 2 little kids and this puppy so I did not have any more conversation with her.

Ziggy was brought back to be examined by the vet. She said he had kennel cough and bilateral luxating knees, while not severe it can cause problems and needs to be watched. I was greatly disappointed at this news. As we are checking out, the vet comes out to tell us he also has an intestinal parasite called coccidia and needs a different antibiotic for that. Okay, so this is covered by the free vet exam. I was asked to schedule the next visit for more vaccines and was shocked to find out that all of his vaccines, tests, exams, meds, lab work, etc. has to be done at this vet in order to get the free neutering at 6 months. Not only that but he needs the heartworm, flea, and tick treatment to be purchased for a year upfront for the free neutering. But now he cannot take the heartworm pill until the kennel cough and parasite infection clears up. Now I am getting paranoid to think we have a sick puppy that I have to drive an hour plus almost weekly one way to have treated. I really wish this was explained to me!

So I got home with Ziggy to notify Petland of the vet findings and noticed my red Labrador is sneezing and coughing. In looking over all the paperwork received, I see that the vet saw Ziggy on 5/20/09 and never checked the knees for the luxating patella and checked negative for kennel cough and parasites. What is interesting is the fact that ** told us that Ziggy arrived at Petland on 5/21/09. Was he at the vet being treated? I called Petland and asked for the manager. After being placed on hold for several minutes, a guy named ** talks to me. I told him what was going on with his knees and he said that they don’t usually do surgery on them until 1 year or later. Well this would mean that they only have to pay 50% of the costs for treatment. I told him that was a crock and he puts me on hold for **.

** comes back after another long hold to say that ** the kennel manager will call me back. He will be in in 15 minutes and call me in 2 hours. I bet this is the same ** that gave me a line of crap about the Crystal Lake store snafu. Well it is now 8pm and I called at about 3pm. I wonder what time zone the store is in because it has been 5 hours. In the meantime, tears are flowing and will not stop reading all the complaints about Petland shops. I am freaking out about having spent our retirement money and having no legal recourse on this. I guess more will be revealed.

Consequences: potential leg/knee complications that are genetic and not being told of them, the kennel cough that now my other dog has, and the intestinal parasite. I know Petland will not honor their end of the bargain and we have no legal recourse in this. My kids and this poor puppy will have to be traumatized by all of this.


Wendi of Tucson, AZ

Original review: May 29, 2009

I walked into Petland to look for a small hamster to add to my family. As I waked along the rows of cramped cages, I came across the backroom store clerk holding down a Maltese type dog. I glanced at him; he noticed me watching and seemed to let up on the dog a bit. I thought that strange. His grip seemed unfriendly to the dog so I walked passed him and stood out of his direct view. (I could see into the cage. I could see his hands and the backroom a bit.)

As soon as I was passed (he seemed to think I was no longer watching), he grabbed the dog and threw it up against the wall. I immediately confronted him through the Plexiglass but he acted all innocent. No one should be treating an animal like that ever, especially if you work with animals in a pet store! Oh wait, no human who cares about animals would be able to stand to work in such an animal prison. I went to their website and saw that they promote the idea that as a salesperson, you can make $50,000 or more as a salesclerk. I’m just sick.


Lina of Sewickley, PA

Original review: May 20, 2009

I had bought a puppy from Robinson Petland and found out that it was sold 3 times! I called corporate offices and they informed me that the stores are individually owned and had nothing to do with it! This has to be wrong – talk about not caring about the puppies and all about the money! I posted my concern on a blog and found 2 other people that found out that their pups also were purchased and brought back as sold again at the original price!

One person noted that they had to call the Petland Robinson store as they had to bring back 2 pups they couldn’t handle. The manager there told them to not bring them to the store but the staff on the sly met the people and kept the pups themselves. They were told to never mention it to anyone especially to anyone at the store. I understand that they have a policy to always be able to bring them back to the store instead of the overcrowded human societies, which I applaud. But to sell them for original price, making 2-3 times on one pup, is just unacceptable. I love my baby and I don’t regret getting her, but it’s just not fair to people who really can’t afford a pup. I see a lot of pups that are in those cages for months and months!


Melissa of Kettering, OH

Original review: May 14, 2009

I bought a Weimaraner puppy in February of 2007 at the Petland at the Greene Crossing in Dayton, Ohio for just over $1,300. I had the puppy home for 2 and 1/2 weeks, and began to notice (on a Friday) that he had begun limping, favoring his front paws. The condition got worse as the weekend went on, and by Sunday he couldn’t even get out of his crate and walk around. Because it was a Sunday and my vet’s office was closed, I immediately took him to the Dayton Emergency Veterinary Care Center, where I spent over $800 to find the puppy had a temperature of 104 and they didn’t know what the problem was. The puppy spent the night at the emergency room and then on Monday, I went to see my regular vet (which Petland required me to go to but is very good). They recommended that I take Tressel, the puppy, to the Cincinnati Area Emergency Care Facility (also very good). The dog was there for a full week and underwent a variety of tests, which added an additional $3,385 to my debt.

I was now faced with a decision to undergo more surgery and tests or put the 3 month old puppy to sleep. I decided to go on with the surgery and the test because I couldn’t bear not giving him a chance. Tressel ended up receiving a feeding tube, x-rays and antibiotics. I was willing to do anything to make him better. Unfortunately, after a week, there was nothing else that could be done for the puppy and I had to have him put to sleep. At this point I had only had the dog for a little more than a month and had spent a total of $5,000.00 in hospital bills. This does not include all the days I had to take off work to take care of him and the cost of medicine that he was on at home, and the devastation of putting a helpless puppy to sleep.

I contacted Petland right away, and the staff at the Greene Crossing was as helpful as they could be. Let me say this is in no way a negative comment against the staff or store manager at the Greene Crossing location. They have all been as polite and caring as they could be. However, I was informed that the only restitution they could make would be to reimburse me for the $1,300 and some odd dollars that I spent for Tressel and nothing else.

I had always been leery about buying from a pet store, but when the manager ** told us that the advantage was that with their “guarantee” that if anything health-wise happened to the puppy, it would be covered by Petland. I had already fallen in love with the pup, and this was enough to get me to buy him. While I still think that most of the staff at the Greene Crossing Petland location was very good, I am very disgusted with the Petland corporate offices at their practice not honoring what was stated to me before I paid for the puppy. I will never purchase a dog at Petland, and I have told everyone I know about the situation I was in.

I put all the medical cost on my credit cards. As of today, I am still paying off the debt that has accrued. This is the first puppy that I had to put to sleep. It was so devastating! I couldn’t ever imagine putting a helpless puppy asleep. I don’t ever want to go through that again. I will always remember my puppy, and I will never ever shop at Petland again.


Laura of Stow, OH

Original review: May 8, 2009

My husband and I bought a Boston Terrier (Otis) from Petland 1 year ago. The sale price was $1,400, which was totally ridiculous, and I knew that because I already had a Boston Terrier that only cost $800. So I did some negotiations with the Manager and he brought the price down to $825. So, my husband and I brought him home and that night he started showing signs of sickness. He was coughing, constantly hyperventilating, not eating and just lethargetic. A day or two had passed and there was no sign of improvement. I honestly thought he was going to die.

I took him to my own vet, not the one Petland recommended, and thank God I did, because he had kennel cough and he was extremely dehydrated. My vet kept him overnight and nursed him back to health. He was given antibiotics and needed a lot of rest but in the long run he pulled through. My vet informed me about puppies from Petland and that they come from puppy mills. I was never aware of puppy mills until I got Otis but when I returned home from the vet, I researched the topic on the Internet and “My God, people are cruel.”

Otis is now 1 year old and as happy as ever but only because I used common sense and took him to my own vet and not Petland’s vet. Petland also said that he was a purebred Boston Terrier and that his papers would arrive in the mail soon after I purchased him. I waited and waited. I even called the Petland store and the sales clerk said I had to speak to the manager regarding purebred papers. He never called me back and I was never able to reach him. It’s kind of funny because Otis does not look like a purebred Boston Terrier. Instead, he resembles a mix between a Boxer and a Boston Terrier. He has long legs and he does not have the muscular stature of a purebred Boston Terrier. His black and white coloring is the only thing that resembles a Boston Terrier. He is a cute though.

Petland knowingly sells sick animals and the consumers are the ones that have to pay the true price and watch a helpless animal suffer in agony. I don’t think it’s fair that consumers are robbed when purchasing these sick animals, then they have to pay more money to keep them alive. These are animals, with hearts, brains and feelings. I don’t know how some people can be so cruel and breed and sell sick animals just to make a dollar. They will be punished, maybe not in this lifetime but the next.


Kelly of Joplin , MO

Original review: May 7, 2009

My friend, our kids and I went to Petland to buy food for my pet rat. My friend took my kids and hers over to look at the snakes and fish while I got what I needed. I always, in any pet store, have to stop and look at the bunnies, guinea pigs and so forth. I heard a squealing sound and looked over. I saw a little boy holding a poor little kit (baby ferret) and swinging it by the tail. Now let me ask you, does Petland hire people who care for animals? No, they do not. A worker who stood a foot away from me looked on while the boy was doing this and at round (my guess of ten years old) I would hope his parents had taught him not to abuse animals like that. So I had to be the bad person and step up and say, “Hey that’s not nice. Please put it down.” He threw the little kit in there, on top of the others and walked away – saying bad words about me.

I had to giggle inwards too. I picked the ferret up and the poor thing was shaking to death. It was nipping me cause he was scared. I pet him, settled him down and decided to buy him because of what I saw him go through. My friend Tina decided he was cute and her kids, seeing that my kids were getting a ferret, decided they wanted one too. So Petland made a lot of money off us that day. I know I paid well over $600 and she paid I’m sure close to the same for everything she bought as well. I took my ferret to the vet a few days later and got its immunizations. The vet discovered he had a broken tail and even now, several months later, he still nips when anyone touches it by accident. If infection ever starts to set in, he may have to have it amputated because it isn’t healing correctly. As sad as that is, it gets sadder.

My friend took her ferret to the vet 4 days after she bought it because it was acting strange. They discovered it had a severe cold that could not be treated. It was too late. By the next morning, her ferret had died. She took it back to the store and here’s the real kicker. She bought the Marshall food they told us it had to have or the warranty is gone if it wasn’t kept on it. Well I wonder if they give the ferrets something cheap while they have them in the cage because they came back after tests on it and said, “We can’t warranty your ferret because it was taken off the Marshall food.” Well as for the warranty, they know they got the innocent buyers before they walk out the door with the ferret, because any ferret owner knows that they like treats and fruits, and a variety of foods (not the same all the time) so you’re pretty much screwed.

I have sat and thought a lot about Petland, and have kept away from there since that horrible day. But I wonder if maybe the reason so many of their animals are sick or injured when bought from there if it isn’t in a lot of ways to the fact that they are similar to a petting zoo? No need to buy. Just walk in, play with it, abuse it and do whatever because unlike a petting zoo, the employees don’t care about the animals. And FYI to anyone who may come across this: Ferrets can catch colds from humans. If they are handled by someone sick, they can easily get sick, thus being the reason my friend’s ferret probably died. So if you’re smart, go somewhere where employees only handle them and play with them, where only potential buyers are allowed to come in contact with them so they will have a better chance of being healthy when you buy them.

I was lucky my ferret had not caught the cold and he still lives with only a broken tail bone. Unlike my friend’s ferret, mine is still alive for my family to love. My friend lost her ferret and had all the stuff for it. I suggested trying Pet Warehouse where I bought my sugar glider and she got a ferret there. She told them the story of what happened and they actually sold her one cheaper than Petland would have if she had bought another one there. That’s sad that another store took sympathy because of a major chain store’s stupidity. Her new ferret is still healthy and she has had it for 6 months now, without any issues. So double think before you jump in and buy a pet anyone can play with because it may be unhealthy.

Petland needs to make sure people are interested and not there for a free day of playing with all the animals before people handle them. That way, the people who end up buying them don’t end up brokenhearted in the end!


Michele of Pickerington, OH

Original review: April 27, 2009

R.J. was purchased from Petland in Columbus, Ohio, located on Hamilton Rd., on July 26, 2004. RJ started having seizures the first week we brought him home and has continued to have them about once a month, sometimes more. The vet said he will need to be on meds at some point if they get worse. We are hoping we do not have to go there because, at such a young age, they will shorten his life. At age 3, RJ has developed a cataract in one of his eyes and has had his knee come out of socket and may need surgery at some point to fix both problems. RJ has cost us a lot of money and will continue to do so. RJ is a Lhasa-Poo. You would think because of his mix he would not have been inbred, but all his problems prove otherwise. I do not think it is fair for a company to get rich at the expense of these little puppies.


Lou of Kennesaw, GA

Original review: April 26, 2009

I have been purchasing food from them for years. The people there are great, but I think they just are not being told about this problem. I had one of my Boxers pass away last year and I am convinced it is due to this food now. My other dog will not eat another bite of this crap. The one that passed away was healthy and then when this started to come out first about 18 mo. ago, and the hush was on, IMHO. She developed a tumor and in 2-3 months was gone. This is criminal and the people behind this should have to be put down like I had to do to my baby. An IV drip would be the nice way to handle these criminals. The only difference is I would not be crying as they passed away.

Look into this company and there should be a good lawyer who will start a class action suit against them. I don’t want a penny since money cannot replace Xena. So jail, suicide or death penalty would be fine with me. Thank you.


Anna of San Ann/Wesley Chapel, FL

Original review: April 22, 2009

Overall, I was very happy with my decision to purchase a puppy from Petland Wesley Chapel. The puppy is very happy and healthy. She is a great addition to our family. The sales staff are very helpful and knowledgeable when helping me prepare to bring my new puppy home. I won’t buy a puppy from any other pet shop but the Petland in Wesley Chapel.


Jeremy of Fort Benning, GA

Original review: April 21, 2009

I bought a Chihuahua from Petland for almost $2000. I thought that was kind of a high price for such a small dog but my wife and two kids wanted her so badly and I must admit I was a little excited myself. I had just returned from the war in Iraq and had a little money saved and I wanted to make my family happy with a new puppy and a companion for my other full-blooded Chihuahua (that I got for free). I was still unsure about buying her because I had never paid for a dog, more or less gave up $2,000 for one. The deciding factor for me was the sales pitch. I was convinced by two separate Petland employees that their pets were the healthiest and came from the best breeders and that they take every step to ensure the animals’ quality and health.

Well, I bought that line of ** and a month and half later, all my dog’s hair started falling out. After taking her to the vet, I learned she had mange which there is no cure for and can only be transmitted from mother to puppy. So the breeder of my puppy or whoever Petland gets their animals from clearly knew that she had this disease, as did my dog’s mother and her mother and the mother before her, etc. If you have ever seen a dog with mange, trust me you will notice. Now can someone tell me how not one person knew she had mange or that her mother had it? I mean these are all experts and professionals. Rip off, con artists, liars is more like it. Thank you, Petland for the $2,000 lesson in ignorance and mistrust. I will be letting all those that I talk with know that they should not purchase so much as a dog collar from you.


Charles of Jamaica, NY

Original review: April 18, 2009

I bought a rabbit on 04/09/09. On 04/17/09 at 8:40, the rabbit died. The whole week, it was no problem. I always sit him on my lap. At that time I was shocked to see he died. I called the store but it was closed. When I took the rabbit back to the store, they were very mean. They said that I didn’t buy that rabbit from their store even though I had my receipt with everything I bought for the rabbit at the same time. I had to sign my name in a book for the store records. When they looked my name up, they found it. Then they tried to tell me it wasn’t even though I had my ID. Then he told me if this one dies, I can’t bring him back. Then he put a red mark by my name so I would not be able to bring it back.

I know a lot about rabbits. People come to me before and after they buy one so I could check them. At this store, they are so mean. I will never buy anything from there ever again, not even pet food. I know a lot of people who have pets that shop at Petland. When I tell them this, we all will be going to Petco where they are much nicer. When we bought our pets from them last year, they are still alive. This always happens at this store. You need to fire all the people who work in your stores in Queens and find new ones who know how to care for animals. Every time you go in one of your stores, there are dead pets in the cage with live ones. I never want to see this store again.


Lillian of Noblesville, IN

Original review: April 18, 2009

In October of 2007, my daughter bought Sammy from Petland. He was a beautiful little Japanese Chin puppy. He had a cold and they almost didn’t sell him, but decided it was okay to sell him and gave us a courtesy vet visit. They said it was just a cold. Sammy died via euthanasia on April 16, 2009. He had irreversible acute renal failure. He did not drink antifreeze. He was sickly from the start and lethargic, but we loved this dog. My daughter Laura paid $700 for Sammy. Then she paid $600 to try to save his life this week – the $600 she paid out of her education student loan money.

We got online and saw the complaints against Petland. I want them to know this. Our hearts are broken. We would appreciate Petland refunding Laura the vet bill, medications of $600, but from what I have heard online, they won’t. Tell me why you did this to our family. You could have gone to an AKC breeder. You could have made sure to sell healthy puppies. Your lack of care has cost my daughter much more than money. Sammy was very precious to her. You should really stop selling pets! I will never walk in your store again.


Risa of West Bloomfield, MI

Original review: April 6, 2009


I just want to warn people regarding buying an animal at Petland. My parents bought a Yellow Lab puppy for me and my husband in October 2005. I called Petland reporting a feeding problem. Puppy would eat a couple nibbles of food then would lie down. She seemed too tired to eat. I also noted that puppy urinated frequently. The advisor at Petland told me to use the appetite stimulant, Nutri-Stat, to be added to some soft food. Petland advisor told me that this puppy had feeding problems while at Petland but assured me at the same time that everything was okay.

On November 2, I took Shayna to Vet Select (vet connected to package agreement) in Commerce for the initial check up. Dr. ** suggested I mix two dry foods together, Proplan and Eukanuba. Dr. said regarding frequent urination that puppies do that. She assured me that puppy was healthy. Vet did find an ear infection that I did report back to Petland. On November 2-10, the puppy continued to have eating problems with the dry food mixture that the vet suggested. Sometimes I fed the puppy with my fingers, force feeding for nourishment. I returned to the vet on Nov 10, 2005 for vaccinations. I reported the food problem.

Dr. ** still said to mix the dry foods together. Vet administered vaccinations. When I took her home, she appeared to have the shivers and was shaking; her back legs were curled up and she was not very responsive. I called the vet immediately requesting that a tech call the doctor. I was referred to to the Novi office to take the puppy. Dr. ** said she was treating the dog as if she had a vaccine reaction by giving subcutaneous fluids, Benadryl and steroid. I came back home with the dog and she vomited. I kept vet informed of what was going on and it was returned to their care, then was taken to Animal Emergency Center, Oakland Vet.

To make a long story short, she had to be treated for renal (kidney) failure. The doctor at Oakland Vet explained that the puppy was sick at the time of purchase. My mother reported to and left a message for the owner, Bob Thorton, to call her but instead the manager, Kim, called my mother on Nov. 15, 2005. After Kim spoke to the owner, Bob, Kim called my mother back stating stating that Bob wanted to investigate the vaccine manufacturer. Kim also stated that if the puppy was sick when purchased that she is sure that my parents will get a refund for the purchase price.

Kim called back on November 20, 2005 stating that the owner refused to reimburse the purchase price because the dog could have been exposed to Lepto. Petland never requested that the ill puppy be returned (removing the dog from the IV would kill her). She was tested for Lepto and showed she did not have it. My puppy was discharged on November 22 from Oakland Vet with abnormal readings. Orders were to go to a vet or back there for a blood draw and exam at the end of the week.

We took her to Gasow Vet. Dr. ** tested for Lepto again which again showed negative. The puppy had to be put on IV fluids at Gasow vet for very elevated numbers. On December 8, 2005 it was also reported that the liver was a problem too. Meanwhile my mother called Petland on December 7, was told Kim was out of town and the owner, Bob, was not available at this time. Manager finally called back my mother stating that the puppy may have had a problem since birth or acquired her health problem even before she came to Petland. My mother told her she still had not heard from the owner and he has refused to even refund the purchase price!

My mother stated also that the owner did not want the puppy back when she was on IV life support and still has not wanted the puppy as the puppy has been off and on IV fluids. Manager did not respond regarding her employer’s actions. My parents dealt with the charge card company giving them detailed notes that I was recording daily. This was the only way my parents got the money back. I had to nurse her back to health. Sometimes I had to crunch food up, etc., whatever I had to do, I did.

Shayna lived on liver medication and kidney medication. She was quite a expense but we did everything, giving her subcutaneous fluids when needed. She required blood work sometimes every mo. or 2-3 mo. Shayna was a great dog! In Feb./March of 2009, there was a big turn with her numbers and it could not be brought back down with IV fluids. She had head seizures and was throwing up her last few days of life! We had to put her to sleep on March 19, 2009. She lived to 3 years old. Shayna was a great dog, very gentle and sociable. It was very emotional having her. There were a lot of moments we did not know what was going to happen.

Do not get a dog from a pet store, especially Petland!


David of Tucson, AZ

Original review: April 6, 2009

My daughter purchased a puppy from the local Tucson Petland stores. After 6 months, an issue arose that required support from the Corporate office. I am pleased to say that with little to no delay from corporate, this issue was resolved to our satisfaction. There are many negative entries on this website. Even though the situation should not have required corporate support, the help and resolution received was both timely, and adequate. Thanks to Petland Corporate office for the help in resolving this issue.





April of Joliet, IL

Original review: April 4, 2009

I have 3 great dogs that I have purchased from 2 different Petlands. I have never had a bad experience at any Petland that I have been into. We are consumers and when you go into a pet store of any kind to purchase either an animal or supplies, you will have to research what you are buying. People just do not walk into a Best Buy and say, “I want that 36″ flat screen TV, so here is my credit card.” No, you research different kinds and prices to find what is the best for you. You ask questions and do your homework. If I go to any store and a sales associate is rude to me for any reason or I feel I’m not getting a straightforward answer to my questions, I take my business elsewhere. I like Petland a lot. I go to one in my town and it is always clean, the people are friendly and I feel they do truly care for all the animals in their store.

There was a time that I overheard a sales associate tell a family that he doesn’t feel right selling the puppy to their family because it was a bit too small and they had 4 kids that were rather young, and the puppy might not get the correct attention it needs; they should go home to talk about it more because it seemed to be an impulse purchase. The man and lady were taken aback by the honesty of the sales associate. They agreed and left the store. That shows you that this store cares for the animals, because they let a customer leave without buying a $2,000 female yorkie that was tiny as can be. I will continue to shop at Petland and purchase my dog food, toys and all other supplies from them. In the future, I will buy another puppy from them. I am completely satisfied with Petland.


Jessica of Chatsworth, GA

Original review: March 31, 2009

I’ve had so many problems with this Petland that I don’t know where to begin. First of all, I bought a hamster from Petland over the summer and a few days later it died. I thought it was just a sick hamster and I went back a few days later to buy another one. The second time I bought a hamster they told me that without Drytail, the animal would get sick and die. The salesperson I bought my first hamster from told me nothing about it so I informer the second salesperson about the incident and she casually said Oh yeah..that’s probably why it died then. Are you kidding me? They offered no type of refund even though it was entirely their fault for sending me home without any information whatsoever about taking care of my hamster.



Sherry of Masury, OH

Original review: March 31, 2009

I bought a Shitzu puppy at the Cranberry, PA Petland eight years ago, his name is Brandon. I had just put my 16 year old Shitzu to sleep, because she was ill. I was so sick after I lost her, I had to go get another Shitzu puppy. I went out the very next day, and bought Brandon at the Cranberry, PA Petland. I paid 1,200 dollars for him, which he was worth every penny. At the time I bought him, I would of never thought about puppy mills, but I do believe after 8 years, he did in fact come from a puppy mill. He has had problems with his eye pigmentation since birth, he suffers from ulcerated eyes, and my vet said this stems from alot of things, but we see this alot with puppy mill dogs. I just have to say, I would never go back, and buy a puppy from any Petland! I have seen the stories, and these puppy mills, and where these dogs come from and I just have to say it makes me sick to my stomache! Now that I see what’s going on, I believe my dog Brandon, came from a puppy mill. I really didn’t realize it, until each month I’m taking him in for an ulcerated eye. The vet bills have been very expensive, because everytime he has this problem, you have to pay for an office visit, and the uv test to find out where the ulcer is located in the eye plus the medicine. Yes this is getting very expensive, and didn’t find any of this stuff out until today, when I took Brandon back to his vet for a recheck on his eye. My vet told me the whole story about Petland, and he said more than likely he came from a puppy mill. I don’t care what I have to spend to take care of my Brandon, I would do anything for him, he is like my child. I just hope all people read what everybody is saying on this complaint site, about Petland’s. Find a reputable breeder in your area, when looking for a new puppy. Do your research, in the long run it only benefits yourself from having any problems. I didn’t, I was in a hurry, I had to have a new puppy right away when I bought Brandon. My hope now, is that all Petland’s have to close their stores for good after what I have seen and read! As a matter of fact, the Petland I had bought Brandon at in Cranberry, PA closed down a couple years after I had bought him. I heard that those puppies were moved to the Boardman OH store, which I always go in their to go look at the puppies. Now after seeing what puppy mills are like, I will never step foot into another Petland! I just can’t see how they are getting away with this, and of course somebody that works their is going to say, no they do not come from puppy mills, they are there to make money! Sounds to me it’s just like someone selling you a car, they just want to move the puppies, not care and stop and think, where these puppies are actually coming from. The sad part is that they know, and they just won’t admit it! Why would they it’s their job. I just hope now, that they all get shut down and this cruelty does not continue, that’s my main concern. I am a true animal lover, I recetly adopted a 13 year old smooth fox terrier, and I have a 3 year old calico cat that was a stray and took in. My animals are my world, and I know what these people are going through, that did buy there pet at a Petland. I don’t regret buying Brandon at all, but after watching the videos of what goes on in a puppy mill, it makes me sick to my stomache to see what Brandon may have gone through as a puppy. Let’s put a stop to puppy mills once and for all! Also check at your local Humane Society, there are so many animals out there that need homes so bad. Again if you are looking for that special breed, find a reputable breeder. I know it’s especially hard, when you are looking for a certain breed of a dog, first thing is let’s go to the pet store. Just remember where these puppies are coming from. I just really hope something is done about this, soon! NO MORE PUPPY MILLS! PETLAND’S SHAME ON YOU!


Lisa of Lethbridge, AB

Original review: March 31, 2009

I don’t know how you people get sucked in by petland I live in Canada yes we have tons of petlands here and I am horrified everytime I go in there for my Parrot food(there the only ones that carry it).

I don’t know how you guys get AKC papers here it is illegal for a petstore to sell a dog as a purebred they can be shut down by the canadian kennel club it is also against the code of ethics for a breeder to sell to a pet store and can be stripped of there membership. All puppies that come from petland or other pet stores are puppy mill dogs people breed them to sell to the pet store and believe me they don’t get as much as the pet store sells them for. Today i was in petland and the lady had a pomeranian puppy out walking around the store and she stopped at me and was telling me all about this dog I think she was hoping my sone would do the mommy please thing… She went on to tell me how this was a purebred and how it was all hair and how it was a teacup… I stopped her and told her I was a member of the CanKC and informed her of the legalities and told her a pom IS A TOY SIZED DOG THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TEACUP and also informed her that 7 week old puppy was the same size as my 4 lb full grown show male as I too breed pomeranians and actually know the standard..


Jennifer of Bradenton, FL

Original review: March 30, 2009

My family bought a puppy in May and she died in August. I went into the store several times and asked for a manager,not on premises. I called to talk with manager, no call back. I am asking for a refund for the puppy and they refuse. I have all documentation on this dog’s visits to vet and animal clinic. I would like the refund due to lack of communication on Petland’s end. If they had called and offered me another puppy at a good price that would have been fine, they didn’t even do that.

Phoenix of Burlington, WI

Original review: March 29, 2009

Me and my girlfriend went to petland to buy a puppy so our son would have a dog to grow up with in the future. Well we fell in love with our siberian husky, and we had to get her and we took her into the booth and saw that she did well with our son so we said lets get her and she had a cough there but we thought it was just from playing. Well we bought her and it took us 2 hours to buy her because the person charged us 3 times for the dog. Well anyways we got her home and within a day she was coughing and we thought it was just allergies but her cough started to get worse and it got to the point were she was coughing so bad that it was making her puke. So we took her to the vet and he said she had kennel cough and had high tempiture. So he gave us medication for the cough and the fever and we had to do a follow up with in a week. After the week was up we followed up she still had a high fever. She has had i high fever ever since we got her and we are not able to give her the seconded round of shots that she needs becasue we can not bring down her fever. We have paid 1100 for her and now I am afriad of other complications that might come along the road. Becasue I was told that this dog came from a breeder that has been breeding huskies for years then I come to find out that she came from a puppy mill. I just felt like I was scamed out of 1100 dollers, becasue I was lied to now I question if she is even a pure breed.


Linda of Tampa, FL

Original review: March 29, 2009

On Tuesday, 3/24/09, we purchased a chocolate Labrador retriever from Petland in Lutz, FL. We fell in love with Annie from the beginning and she is a welcome addition to our home. We took her to the vet the next day as in order for Petland to honor the 14 Day Warranty, you must take your pet in to be checked within 48 hours. Annie was healthy, except for a diagnosis of Kennel Cough. She was given Baytril, an antibiotic, and was sent home. She was fine for another day, but the coughing grew worse and worst until it inhibited her ability to breathe properly. She stopped eating and would only lie down and sleep. She no longer wagged her tail and seemed listless. We took her back to the vet today, 3/28/09, where she must be kept for treatment and will have to have nebulizer treatments twice a day until she is better. It could be more than a week. We haven’t even had Annie in our home for a week and she was taken away from us already.

When I went back to the store to address the situation, a lady approached me and we asked to speak to the manager. After learning of what my reason for being there, she immediately began to backtrack and said she was not the manager. She denied that the puppies had kennel cough and that if they were found to be sick, they were kept separate. I will return tomorrow to address the real manager. Petland should not be able to get away with dishonest sales practices. They are lying to customers on a daily basis – it’s all about sales. The health of the puppies are not taken into consideration, and the emotions of the people who take these pets home are also ignored. I am glad that the Humane Society has filed a class action lawsuit against this corporation. They deserve to be shut down. Perhaps that will be the start of bringing an end to puppy mills.


Ashlee of Las Vegas, NV

Original review: March 27, 2009

To alex of pittsburg, who is completely ignorant and gullable. you are absolutely a disgrace and must have no heart. To defend the people of petland disgusts me and makes me want to throw up because they are nothing but liars and horrible people. For ANYONE to accept that dogs are being put in that situation from dog mills and to defend the people who did so?. I bought my teacup pomeranion, tiara from petland in las vegas on july 10,2008. They told me she was hypoglycemic and was originolly $2800, but since she was hypoglycemic that she was $900. They told me that hypoglycemia was caused from not getting enough food, which now makes so much sense reading the lawsuits and finding out she was from a puppy mill. They told me that she would be absolutely healthy and fine as long as we gave her nutrostat. They said to just give it to her for a month or so, so she wasnt weak. We gave it to her for 3 months just to be safe, and she ate great and very healthy. They told me I would never have to worry about the hypoglycemia, that it was not life threatening, and death could never result from it. I was 100% ASSURED that she was a healthy puppy from a great breeder that would live for years! I never had a problem with tiara until she dropped dead today. We had no idea what could have happened. The vet told me that she had a liver stop, and the hypoglycemia and her genetics is what caused her death, that something just triggered it, like a plant or eating something wrong. She would have never died from that if she didnt have the hypoglycemia, or genetic problem. I called Petland and they said well you have to get the diagnosis papers from your vet and fax them and then well send them to the breeder and it will take a month to even see what they can do about it. They honestly didnt care at all. My dog was my world, she was like my child, I was closer to her than anyone in this world. She was filled with joy, and was the sweetest thing alive. How do you think it feels to be betrayed and lied to and find out that the reason your dog dies was from heartless people that just lied to me to make a thousand dollars?




Charles of Center, PA

Original review: March 26, 2009


i purchased a pup from robinson petland and i seen his record/chart that had pup was on a medication… i believe an antibiotic. when i mentioned it, they insisted it was dewormer, my pup got pneumonia and because i signed that the pup apparently was healthy, the pup did cough but they said it was from playing, and to keep an eye on him. well, he played and coughed a little, he’s a bulldog and when i called the store and spoke with a Jeff, he said i was hearing normal bulldog sounds? my vet called and they told her the pup was on an antibiotic 2 weeks ago for a runny nose! should you not be told if there has been a cold or anything Jeff insisted it was not kennel cough… this cold turned into pnemonia. My pup is still on medication, which along with the antibiotics, a cough suppressant, a bronchiadialator (?), which will be for several weeks, the store said they only cover antibiotics, not medications to ‘mask’ the conditions!!!


Crystal of Dayton, OH

Original review: March 26, 2009

On 3/14/09 my partner and I purchased a dachshund from the store. The lady that helped us with the dog told us that she had her pedigree papers. Had four generations pedigree. She already had her microchip. Professional breeders. When I went to the register to pay there was a charge to activate the microchip. The lady that helped us kept talking about a take home package. This was the paperwork and a dvd. When I got home there is no pedigree papers. Called and talked to Ethan the next day and he said we signed the agreement that 95 percent of the dogs had papers. That is fine but we were told numerous times she had papers. We paid $650.00 for her and he gave us $200.00 to fix the problem or we could give the puppy back. I told the pup to the vet for vomiting and bloody stools. They gave her some meds and sent us home. The pup has sores on her feet and she said it was caused from a virus. The sores are caused from being on the wire cages I told her and she said the dogs lay on rubber mats in the store. Well thats funny I have been in there 3 times since the purchase and guess what, there was nothing on top of the wire cages for the dogs to sleep on. Big surprise. The pup was still sick a week later and he gave us another free vet visit. The vet said the pup is fine and the stools are from the food and the sores are a virus of allergic to grass. It is 3/26 and the pup is still vomiting. The vet and the store work together so you will get no where with problems. So we now have a sick pup which we will take to our regular vet and one that does not work with the pet store to make money Shameful. I talked to Ethan and asked for the breeder info.He gave me Katy Jones Rambling Springs 8431 State Route AD West Plains, MS 65775. There is no such address and the zip code is not correct for the state. So much for four generations pedigree, the best breeders and so on. Why cant I get the correct info if it is from a usda approved breeder. Give me a break. SO they sold us a very expensive mutt which I cant get any info about or health problems or concerns we may have. I dont know how these people sleep at night. I guess on a pillow full of money. The fact is they dont care about the pups its all about the money. They lied to us about everything to make some money off of a pup. I am glad we got the pup she is very cute and sweet. I am glad she is out of the situation she never asked to be in. If you buy from the store ask to see papers an get info before you buy a pup from the store. Be warned


Kate of Winter Springs, FL

Original review: March 26, 2009

I purchase a maltese Feb 14, 2009 and my puppy has been sick from the first day I brought her home. She was diagnosed with severe kennel cough , parasites, worms and a uti. I’ve had this puppy a little over one month and she has been on medicine several times a day. Petland will not take responsibility for her care. The vet wants to do blood work to see what exactly is wrong starting at $125 and petland refuses to help offset the cost. I paid over $1000 for my puppy, and have spent several hundred dollars already and the puppy is still very sick.


Kate of Winter Springs, FL

Original review: March 26, 2009

I purchase a maltese Feb 14, 2009 and my puppy has been sick from the first day I brought her home. She was diagnosed with severe kennel cough , parasites, worms and a uti. I’ve had this puppy a little over one month and she has been on medicine several times a day. Petland will not take responsibility for her care. The vet wants to do blood work to see what exactly is wrong starting at $125 and petland refuses to hel offset the cost. I paid over $1000 for my puppy,o and have spent several hundred dollars already and the puppy is still very sick.


Nicole of Rockford, IL

Original review: March 25, 2009

I went into Petland and bought a female Basset Hound. When I got there, it’s like they just wanted to get her outta there. They didn’t take the time to explain to me anything about her. My mom had the same problem a few years back when she bought her male Basset Hound. They are rude people who buy their dogs from puppy mills and don’t take care of them. I think Petland should close down for business and more animal shelters should be put up and have people who actually like animals take good care of them, instead of greedy ** who are just in it for the money. I also bought a bearded dragon from there and they told me the wrong information on how to take care of him, and he ended up dying. These people aren’t here for the animals. They are just trying to make a quick buck and our government allows it. I think its **. I’d rather have animals alive than humans, but that’s just my thoughts.


Zelika of Tucson, AZ

Original review: March 24, 2009

I purchased a female boxer from Petland in November 2006 for $2000. The first visit with Buena Pet Clinic the veterinarian told me she had a heart murmur, and recommended I take her back. I did not have the heart to take her back, but I did notify the manager of the store. They kept giving me the run around when I asked for them to pay for further tests. In addition to her heart murmur, my dog also has a skin condition, which she needs special prescribed food, which is very costly. I would not recommend this pet store to anyone.


Alex of Pittsburgh, PA

Original review: March 24, 2009

I purchased a boxer back in 2005. Petland and its employees have made my whole experience a true joy. The relationship I have built with my dog is just unexplainable. I can say nothing better about Petland’s employees. They have treated me with respect and I know that if anything happened with my dog, that they would take it to a serious extent and made sure that I got the necessary care. I personally know some of the Petland employees and obtain that the dogs go through many checks by liscened veteranarians before sold to the public. These puppies are treated by vets more often than children are treated by doctors. Out of all the puppies, you will find that some do get sick. This also happens to normal people or children, it is impossible for them to obtain a perfectly healthy life. I therefore conclude the outmost respect to the Petland family and to wish them the best of luck concerning these terrible accusations.


Erin of Chillicothe, OH

Original review: March 20, 2009

We purchased one of their puppies on July 24, 2005. He is a Lhasa Apso. We have problems with his skin now for the past 1 1/2 years. We have tried all kinds of products. Nothing works. And I learned of this lawsuit and the breeder that he came from is from Missouri.


Diane of Austin, TX

Original review: March 19, 2009

I pointed out that an apricot poodle puppy was violently vomiting; they replied they had given it some meds. Again the puppy was ill and seizing. The manager came escorted myself and 2 friends out of the store very rudely and told us never to come back. I will notify ASPCA and PETA.


Candace of Georgetown, TX

Original review: March 19, 2009

We purchased a Cavalier King Charles back on 1/12/07 and from the day we got her home the




Joel of Deerfield Beach, FL

Original review: March 19, 2009

Our puppy was purchased from Petland located at : 3964 W. Hillsboro Blvd. Deerfield Beach, Florida on July 07 / 25 / 2007. Within 24 hours we were at the vets office for she was very ill with kennel cough and needed immediate treatment. The vet mentioned that this was common although, later charges incurred and she has experienced other non-related kennel cough illnesses that have amounted to very costly vet & specialists bills.


Don of Murfreesboro, TN

Original review: March 19, 2009

On March 11, 2008 we purchased a black and tan, male Miniature Pinscher from Petland in Murfreesboro, TN. Prior to the purchase we made several trips to Petland to play with him and observe his behavior. We wanted to be confident in our decision to bring a pet into our home. On each visit we were told by a Petland employee how all the puppies were breed by top breeders and gauranteed to be free of any major illnesses or deformities. After careful consideration, we purchased the Min Pin puppy and immediately fell in love with him. When our puppy, Hans, was approaching his first birthday we noticed he was not using his one of his back legs as before. After having him examined by the Veterinarian, we were told Hans had a very serious problem with his hip. Consequently, due to the increasing pain and limitations, Hans had to udergo a femoral head and neck ostectomy (FHO). The surgery was very painful for Hans, and very expensive. Hans is currently undergoing physical therapy. In addition, the surgeon informed us that he was confident that Hans had Legg’s Perthes Disease. He confirmed the diagnosis with results from the biopsy of the tissue removed during surgery. This is a disease our healthy puppy had when we purchased him.

We attempted to contact Petland in Mufreesboro, but the store went out of business. We have contacted the cooperate office, with no response.





Denise of Columbus, OH

Original review: March 18, 2009

I run a rescue shelter and have received about 10 diff Petland puppies over the years, some are unhealthy, some do not look like the breed they are, but mostly the number one problem I have dealt with is behavioral issues, I have a Newfoundland who is food aggressive, not typical for her breed, a Dachshund who pee’s herself all the time, a English Bulldog who can barely see, and she is only a year old the vet seems to think these problems are from over breeding




Nicole of Aurora, OH

Original review: March 18, 2009

On 2/18/08 a female boxer was bought from you Akron Petland Store for $1200. We were told that the female boxer (Tori ) was in good health. On 2/22/08 Tori had to be taken to Akron Medina Veterinary Hospital. Tori became so sick that she was falling on the floor unable to walk. The Vet kept her all day and ran tests on her. The diagnoses was Coccidia and Giardia. We where given medication that was given as directed. Dr. Hicks said to bring Tori back for a vaccination in a month. No other follow up was required. Because of the treatment from the staff at Akron Medina Veterinary Hospital we decided to take Tori to our own vet. On 4/28/08 Tori was taken to see Dr. Novy from Companion Animal Hospital in Solon. Tori had been throwing up and had soft stool. We also wanted to get her shots. A fical test was done and a positive result came back for Giardia. Tori was treated and sent home with medication. We needed to bring Tori back for another vaccination in two weeks. The cost of that office visit excluding normal costs was $153.00. On 5/7/08 we where called and told more medication was need for Tori. $5.00 On 5/14/08 Tori was give a second vaccination for the Giardia. $22.00 We started noticing that Toris hair was getting thin in spots. We had Dr Novy check it on 6/10/08 when Tori was scheduled to be fixed. A skin scraping was done with the diagnoses was that Tori had Demodex. We where told and given information that Doemodex (see attached) was a result of the immune system being low. The cost of this visit excluding the surgery costs was $72.00. It is very clear that Tori had been sick when we purchased her and that her immune system was so low she was unable to fight these parasites. We where also informed that Tori would have to be dipped several times at the cost of $80.00 a visit. A call was made to your Akron Store when we found this out. An owner was to call me back. But no one returned the call. I called back to your Akron store and that is when I received a call back from you. Tori has had to be dipped three times at the cost of $80.00 a time 6/19/08,7/2/08, 7/16/08, total cost for dippings was $240.00 The delay in getting this information to you was, Greg and I felt it would be better to wait until Tori had all of her treatment so we where able to send all the information and the bills at once. Also part of the delay was Akron Medina Veterinary Hospital had to be contacted twice to get Toris medical records which I just received on Monday 7/28/08. You are aware from our conversation that we hold you as owner of Petland in Akron responsible for the full out of pocket cost. The total cost of getting Tori Healthy is $492.00. Greg Davis & Nicole St Claire This letter was sent to the owner of petland. In turn his why of compensating us was by sending a gift card. We used some of the gift card at the store for things we really did need or want. Tori has to be on special dog food they don’t carry. I ask for the cash off the card and it was denied. Tori’s medical bill keep growing. For a week Tori would not eat. Back to the vet to find out that Tori may have a savor mussel disease that will cause her mussels in her head to deteriate which will make her face and head to cave in. She has urinary tract infections all the time and is on some kind of meds the time.


Lisa of Leander, TX

Original review: March 18, 2009

To see our story, visit a website we started after having to deal with Petland and the BBB over the sick puppy we paid a fortune for. They refused the veterinary services he needed for eye Entropion because we refused to use the vet of THEIR choice who’s facilities were filthy and caused our other dog to get sick. Petland guaranteed veterinary problems would be paid as long as we went to a licensed vet. Petland Georgetown said unless we went to their vet, they wouldn’t pay anything. We have everything in writing. We asked Petland POINT BLANK Did this puppy come from a puppy mill? to which they responded Oh no! We would never do that! Our puppy was very antisocial to the point of being vidious. He bared his teeth and bit everybody who came near him. Ultimately we had to get him neutered at 3 months which our vet initially refused to do but after trying to deal with the puppy, our vet agreed that pediatric neutering might make his mean disposition slightly better. We’ve spent a lot of money fixing problems and Petland has refused to even respond to our letter. We have published 12 of the 13 letters Andrew Hunte had online in his letter to the GSCA (German Shepherd Club of America) in his application for membership in which he denies most of the allegations against Petland but our puppy was never socialized. Puppies go from the breeder to Hunte Corp where they stay and are given myriad injections of antibiotics, wormers, and more and more drugs. Our puppy was underweight and gained a mere few ounces in the 8 days he was at Petland vs. the several pounds he gained in just one week with us. We have the USDA reports for the breeder which we obtained under the Freedom of Information Act which show the deplorable conditions of this particular breeder which Petland described to us as elite and no Iowa Golden Retriever clubs we contacted had ever heard of Tom Steffensmeier. Petland said if anything was wrong at Tom Steffensmeier’s place (thereby admitting the puppy came from a puppy mill), it was a broken lightbulb. The FDA inspection reports show that at the time we bought the puppy, there was a whole lot more wrong with Tom Steffensmeier’s facility including filthy conditions, dogs with fight injuries and sores, it was very disheartening and we were deliberately deceived.


Lesley of Merritt Island, FL

Original review: March 17, 2009

My husband and I bought a German Shepherd puppy from Petland in viera. We had already heard about Petland’s association with Puppy mills but the girl working there assured us over and over again that they were healthy well-bred puppies. Well in the end we decided to get him anyways. We took him home and immediatly noticed that he had diarrea and blood in his stool. I called Petland and they told me this was normal and was caused from stress and would go away in a few days. (no such luck) I took him to my free vet visit at Sarno Animal Hospital and they told me he as perfectly healthy. I argued, telling them about the diarrea and bloody stool, and that he was way to thin (you could see most of his ribs) They just blew it off and contiued to try and sell me ear cleaner, and shampoo and all kinds of other bullshit. I was so upset about the whole thing I took him to my vet. I told Sarno I wanted nothing to do with them and they told me I was breaking my contract with petland for a free nueter. Whatever.

My vet found out he had two types of parasites, giardia and another type. He also had kennel cough and conjuntivitus in his eyes. My vet also told me if I had waited any longer for treatment the parasites would have starved him to death! (STAY AWAY FROM SARNO ANIMAL HOSPITAL. THEY ONLY WANT YOUR MONEY) Lets just say in the end I ended up paying more in vet bills than for my actual puppy. He’s healthy now, (but the vet found that he has an abnormal growth on his heart, and they don’t know what it is) But he plays and is the smartest, most loving dog I could ever have. He’s about 11 months old and I have to be completely honest I didn’t think he was going to live this long. I don’t regret saving his life. I just want to warn other people to stay away from petland.


Cheryl of Apopka, FL

Original review: March 13, 2009

The store was closing and all I went in there for was to buy dog food. I seen this adorable little mini schnauzer and just he and another dog were in the cages. I just felt so sorry for this little guy I bought him. I don’t know how to get a hold of the coorporate office if any of you do have a phone number please give it to me. I have AKC registered papers saying he is a full bread mini schnauzer and we can do DNA on him but, of course it is very costly. I was sold this dog under false pretenses. We do love him and our only problem is potty training we think he is mixed with Jack Russell I want to call corporate offices but, can’t seem to find a telephone number or even know what state they are in. Anyone with help I don’t care if my e mail address appears on this site


Amber of Boardman, OH

Original review: March 9, 2009

i know not all petlands can be so bad but i do know the one in boardman is run horribly! i personally know a few of the employees that have previously worked there but got sick of supporting the animal cruelty and quit. i am aware of the fact that they keep rat poisoning out to punish any animal tha gets out of his or her cage. i am also aware of the fact that the dogs mostly come from puppy mills (which is no suprise) i have heard from my friend that when the puppies come in they are dirty they all have ear mites and worms. some have fleas that are so bad the dogs are bleeding. however they do test for medical problems by their vet and kill the ones that arent excepted rather than to just give them away to a good home. they get sent back to puppy mills to be used as bitches and if not they kill them. supporting petland by buying there puppies only encourages puippy mills to keep up their cruel work! without petland noone else would support them and lie about them to everybody


Donna of Melbourne, FL

Original review: March 9, 2009

I purchase a chihuahua puppy on 1/16/09. A few days after purchase puppy had giardia, upper respiratory, diarrhea and urinary tract infection and continually drips urine. I mentioned this to the Sarno Animal Hospital, they are more interested in promoting their product than the health of the puppy. I took the puppy to another vet for a second opinion. We tried an antihistamine, x-rays to rule out bladder stone. Xrays came back negative and antihistamine didn’t work. The next step is ultrasound ($300), CTI ($1600+). Does this sound like a healthy puppy that I purchased from Petland? I bought washable diapers to put on her for the leaking problem. I want to keep the puppy and re-negotiate the contract price to be fair since I purchased an unhealthy puppy. Petland Viera and Petland Corporate will not work with me until I can give them a diagnosis of a specific congenital and/or hereditary defect. To do so, this will cost $$$ as noted above and will supersede the cost of the puppy. Petland is definitely not concerned about the welfare of their pets and the consumers.


Angelica of Laredo, TX

Original review: March 6, 2009

i was told i had no finance charges x 6 mos and have accrued monthly fin charges since beginning of loan pmts


Mary of Bridgeview, IL

Original review: March 5, 2009

I dont get it petland sells thousands of puppies every couple of months and theres all of these complaints but very few saying anything good.they cant all be bad! i bought my golden retriever from there and my 5 month old teddy bear from there and 2 cats from them. and all of them are happy and healthy. you can ask for the health charts on any of the puppies they have and they will show them to you. they have all of the breeders information and if you ask they have to tell you where the breeder is and who it is. and the petland i went to i actually got a whole tour of their kennel and they had no problem with that at all. not all petlands are bad. like one of the previous posts said if its dirty and you dont get a good vibe then go but dont black list all petlands unless youve been in all of them. theyre all franchise owned. i mean all of the complaint posts that are on here iunderstand why theyre complaining but you have to keep in mind theyre just babies and sometimes just like humans they get sick or have health issues that show up as they get older. so good luck to everyone looking to add to their families and not all petlands are bad.


Amber of London, OH

Original review: March 4, 2009

Every petland is different. I work for a petland and I love my job. We do not abuse the puppies. Our puppies are very spoiled. You cant judge every Petland the same. I have been taking a chaweenie home for a week that was not eating very well. I was waking up every two hours to make sure she was ok and feeding her. I nursed her back to a healthy and happy puppy. I love every puppy that comes in and so does the staff that I work with. So it upsets me to see all these awful complaints about Petland and people saying that we are horrible. I LOVE MY JOB AND I WOULD BUY FROM PETLAND BEFORE I WOULD BUY FROM A BREEDER!!!! I have two Schnauzer that I bought from Petland and they are my world!! 🙂


L of Englewood, OH

Original review: Feb. 28, 2009

I adopted a kitten from this store on the same day that my ‘old’ cat had to be put down…my children picked her out. the store manager stated to us that she was with her momma cat and the momma was hit by a car so that the kitten was hand raised by one of the workers in teh store.

we had to take her to the ‘warrenty’ vet and the office staff was just awful- a sham, a crooked place…in Vandalia Ohio. We took the kitten to our vet for her spay/declaw surgery—she had some sort of congenital problem and died on the operating table…for a routine surgery–just two weeks after we got her. the store did nothing to make it right.


P of Leganon, NH

Original review: Feb. 26, 2009

To all of you who have bought puppies from PETLAND, please be aware that they are owned by the HUNTE Corporation, the largest broker of puppy mill dogs in America. Puppy mills must be stopped! The breeding dogs spend their entire lives in small cages alone and in most circumstances never seeing the light of day, as they are enclosed in large buildings. They produce litters of puppies of for years until they are no longer useful. THey are often inbred. If you want to really see what it is all about, you can do a search on Youtube for Puppy Mills and you will be sickened.


Felicia of Diamond, OH

Original review: Feb. 23, 2009

My name is Felicia, and in September of 2008 I purchased what I thought was an English bulldog from the Pet land store in the Chapel Hill Mall. It was probably my worst experience with customer service and sales in my entire life. I would really love for you to hear about it.

My puppies name is Bullet, and he cost me 2,000 dollars. Now that he is bigger and closer to being full grown, I started to question his breed. My dog is long lean and athletic, instead of short fat and loveable. My pup has no wrinkles or a cute smashed face. His temperament does not match that of an English bulldog either. Ive talked to two breeders of English bulldogs and my local vet. They have all concluded that he is Pit-bull/boxer/bulldog. No one pays 2,000 dollars for a mutt! NO ONE After feeling extremely taken advantage of I called Pet Land, of course the Manager on duty had no clue how to help me or what to do, she was completely clueless. Finally I got the owners number from her. Once Gary Winslow heard the story he avoided most of my calls and cancelled our first appointment for him to see the dog he had sold me. When I finally did get to meet with him, as soon as I walked into the store all the employees said Defiantly looks nothing like and English bulldog.? The owner of Pet Land even went as far as to say he wasnt a very good looking dog,? and that he was embarrassed.? Gary told me he was going to take the pictures I brought him to the breeder and hopefully he would be embarrassed as well. After about a week and a half I never heard anything from Gary, he wouldnt return any of my calls. So I started doing research of my own. I found from an unsuspecting inside employee, that dogs in the Boardman pet land have been killed with rat poison, and dropped resulting in broken bones. She said many puppies come in very sick, and she takes them home to nurse them back to health. Ive also discovered that the Breeder of Bullet was an Amish puppy mill? owner, and had over 200 dogs and 18 different breeds! In my opinion that makes the chances pretty high that my dog was mixed. I also went to the AKC website and put in the supposed registration numbers of Bullets parents in, and nothing came up. That was also just another lie. How can you sell something when youre not sure what it is? How can you just openly lie to your customers and think that its ok? I was told he was a purebred ENGLISH BULLDOG, All my paper work from Pet Land and the breeder say ENGLISH BULLDOG. But thats defiantly not what I have. At this point I love my pup with all my heart. I could never give him back to the pet store just for him to be killed off by the breeder, because he cant make him money anymore, or for him to be given to the pound.


Katy of Utica, MI

Original review: Feb. 23, 2009

I will agree with a lot of what has been said about SOME petland stores. However they are all independently owned and operated. Please keep in mind that NOT all stores fit into the general description.

I’m currently a proud Petland employee. I work there because I love animals, and enjoy giving them all the love and attention they need and desire. I have walked into other petland stores and have been horrified by what I saw. There are stores out there that couldn’t care less about the health and happiness of the dogs. If you walk in and smell the animals before you even see them, there’s a problem. The employees of Petland in Sterling Heights, Mi ALWAYS put the needs of the animal first. We ABSOLUTELY DO NOT knowingly sell ANY sick animals for ANY reason WHATSOEVER. Our puppies are happy, healthy, spoiled and comfortable during their stay with us. While we do have cages with metal grated bottoms, they all have soft mats to stand on, room to stretch out, and PLENTY of warm blankets to snuggle up with. They have more toys than they know what to do with! Unlike other stores, we don’t care if it’ll be one more thing to wash. As long as they’re happy, healthy and clean. Even our little white mice are spoiled. My co-workers and I put A LOT of time and effort into cleaning up after and maintaining the animals in our care. Everyday, customers walk in, stop and say WOW, everything is SO clean!. This is more than just another job to me. It has become my passion, and my reason for being. Please, don’t just assume that all Petland stores are filthy and don’t take care of their animals. If you’re looking into buying a puppy. Look around you first. If the animals are dirty, sick, lethargic and living in their own feces, turn around and WALK OUT. DO NOT SUPPORT THESE STORES. If everything is in pristine conditions, and the animals are happy, you’ve gone to a place where the employee care. That makes all the difference in the world. Please judge petlands on an individual basis, and not as a whole.


Kim of Croydon, PA

Original review: Feb. 18, 2009

My fiance and I bought a puppy from Petland. An adorable shiba inu. We were torn on whether or not to get the dog because she was so expensive. Eventually, we decided to get her. She was friendly, loving and sweet.

We were told in the store that the puppy had a perfect health record. There was absolutely nothing wrong with her. If she were to develop any conditions from her stay at the store, the store warranty would cover the condition. We were also given a free visit to their vet. We took the puppy to their vet, who was ignorant, rude and condescending. He informed me that my puppy had a loose kneecap and that it was a very serious problem. If the puppy were to jump off the couch, slide across the floor or do anything to her leg, it would break. It would be a very expensive surgery to fix. He also told me that the pet store was aware of this problem with the dog. The pet store NEVER informed us of any problem. The pet store did offer to pay for a second opinion. But they refused to refund any of our money on the puppy and basically said they would do nothing else for us. I was appalled by their lack of consideration. I also could not believe that they knew vital health information about my puppy and decided to keep that information to themselves.


Holly of Cohutta, GA

Original review: Feb. 17, 2009

On November 25, 2008 we bought a yorkie from Petland in Dalton, GA. Every dog is suppose to come with a four generation pedigree. However, ours did not. We immediately called down there and the manager ensured us that they have ordered it and it would be here within a few weeks and they would call us. At the end of December, we called again and they said didn’t have it. They said it would be here in January. And now it is the middle of February and we still do not have it. They also ensured us the Petland credit card was no interest for a year and yet there has been interest added every month since we bought the dog. I certainly will never do business with this company again because they are not true to their word!


Michelle of Jupiter, FL

Original review: Feb. 17, 2009

I purchased a Boston Terrier from petland on Dec4th, 2008 she had kennel cough, round worm and some other type of bacteria in her GI tract, after 2 doses of antibiotics and being dewormed she improved. Then Jan 26th, 2009 she had a seizure x’s2 12hrs apart, she had blood work done and ultrasound done of her liver that showed she had a intrahepatic portosystemic shunt, on Feb 16th 2009 she went to the Dr. to have it possibly fixed due to the location and the size the doctor was unable to fix the shunt, due to the loss of blood and dispite medications and blood replacement she passed away around 10pm that same night.


Nicole of Anytown (USA), AL

Original review: Feb. 17, 2009

I can definitely attest to the fact that some Petland stores are absolutely horrible. I have seen with my own two eyes that some dogs are sick or neglected, and in some stores all they want to do is sell you a sick dog at a ludicrous price. However, Petland stores are individually owned, and I have also seen Petlands that provide exemplary knowledge of a puppy’s history and I have seen employees that actually care about dogs. The Petland closest to my home fortunately falls into the latter category. I went into said store for the first time several months ago, and I was highly skeptical. Upon entering, I was not badgered to buy anything, as I was in a previous Pets Plus. I quickly located the dog food I was there to buy, and then I made a beeline to the adorable puppies in the cages. An employee caught me staring at an adorable little Maltese that was playing energetically with a Yorkie. She asked if I wanted to hold her, and I agreed. She led me over to a little cubicle-like space that another employee was disinfecting with a bottle of sanitizer. Then she went off to get the puppy out.

She was very cute, as all puppies are, and she behaved like a healthy puppy should. The employee told me that the puppy was for sale for 1400 dollars, and I was shocked. Who would pay that much for a puppy?!?! Not me, that’s for sure. The employee explained that the puppy came with a complimentary veterinary analysis from a local independent veterinarian, a microchip for easy identification, was AKC registered, had her bloodline traced back 4 generations, came from a USDA licensed breeder, was up to date on wormings, was vaccinated for parvo, kennel cough, and several other diseases, and came with a three year health guarantee. I still wasn’t sold. I asked about Puppy Mills, and the employee gave handsome info on the breeder, a couple from Arizona who had been USDA registered for 8 years. She even gave me their address but alas, no phone number.

I was rather impressed by this, although a little baffled by all the info. I did not buy that puppy, as my better judgement would not let me. At the end of my visit with that sweet little puppy, I politely declined to purchase the pup, accepted some hand sanitizer, and left the store. I have seen all ends of the spectrum when it comes to Petland stores, and I honestly think it all depends on the morals of each particular store’s manager. All you as a consumer can do is to know where to shop! If your neighborhood Petland is appalling, don’t willingly buy a dog from them. Use your brain and DON’T SHOP THERE! If it seems fine to you, shop there as much as you like.


Chloe of Westerville, OH

Original review: Feb. 9, 2009

I walked in to see the puppies. Then I saw that the puppies were on barred floors and uncomfortable. I told the woman that I gave the puppy back to that she really should put mats down. She replied that then the employees would have to clean up more poop. I was so shocked at how cruel someone could be. To just let puppies be in pain and uncomfortable all day all night. Think how you would feel standing, laying and sitting on bars all the time. Then I went to the back to see some mice for sale. I saw anywhere from 15-20 mice in that small cage. That is way too many. They also had no enrichment toys or treats. I was also concerned that they didn’t have an exercise wheel. I was not impressed.

One of my close friends is looking for a dog but, doesn’t know what kind to get. So she knew that there was a large selection there at Petland so they went. They look at some breeds there. There was one individual dog that had a broken leg she thought. She said that Petland did not do anything about it and they just let it sit there in pain. I don’t know what kind of cold-blooded person could do that. I know that I couldn’t go into work every day and see a poor innocent look in a dog’s eyes and just ignore it for hours at a time. I asked my friend if the dog was in the last cage to the left on the bottom row and with a chihuahua? And she said, “Yes. How did you know?” I said that the other dog was gone (the one with a broken leg). And the chihuahua was half off. I suspect it’s because there is something wrong with him just like the other dog that they put to sleep.

I want to know what can be done about this neglect and abuse done to all of the animals at Petland?



Ambry of Henderson, NV

Original review: Feb. 7, 2009

I bought a Yorkshire Terrier on Saturday, 12-27-08. I took the puppy into Paws in Springfield, MO (one of their affiliate vets) on Monday, 12-29, to get a check up. They said the puppy was healthy and had no health concerns. Thursday, 01-01-09, the puppy threw up twice and had diarrhea once, so I immediately took the puppy to an emergency vet. They diagnosed the puppy with parvo. Thankfully, I had bought the warranty on the puppy at the time of purchase. Treatment for the puppy consisted of four days of hospitalization costing approximately three thousand dollars. I was aware I would not be reimbursed for the entire cost of treatment; however, the warranty and store manager assured me I would be reimbursed the price of the puppy ($1400).

The store manager, Karrisa, referred me to Tammy who takes care of the claims on the puppies. I spoke with Tammy on Friday, 01-02, and she asked me to fax her the pet bills, a paper with diagnosis, and any other medical information. Tuesday, 01-06, I faxed the paperwork to Tammy and verified it was received. A week later, I had not heard anything about the claim, so I called Tammy to check on the status. She informed me that it takes 2 to 4 weeks for the claim to be processed and that I would be hearing from the corporate office. She also asked me to try to be patient. I waited 4 weeks (01-30) to contact Tammy again. This time she said she would email corporate and try to find out the status of the claim and she would call me back. I never received a call back, so a week later (02-06), I called Tammy again.

This time she told me she was just doing her job and that when she spoke with corporate (via telephone) they said the claim was in progress and on the desk of the claim handler. She told me she has done all she can and that it is in corporate’s hands. I asked for corporate’s number and she could not give it to me. She said I could write a letter expressing my disappointment with how the issue was being handled and bring it into the store or fax it to her and she would make sure they got it. I am at my wits end. I don’t know what else I can do. I am trying to be patient and considerate but I feel like I am being put on the back burner. I NEED to be reimbursed asap because the vet bills are due and I am having a very hard time making ends meet.


Brenda of So St Paul, MN

Original review: Feb. 6, 2009

Several years ago, my husband and I bought a puppy (Boxer) at this Petland. We bought her because she was anxiety stricken and kept in a tiny enclosure and it broke our hearts. We were given a baby book along with this pup. I was not aware of puppy mills at the time but when our beautiful little girl started having heart attacks and seizures I decided to investigate this so-called breeder. The breeder did not exist. Our poor little dog was from a puppy mill and her health records and breeder info were all a sham! Our dog died at 4 yrs from cardiac arrest. My other dogs that we adopted from private families (all Boxers) have lived to ripe old ages. CLOSE DOWN PETLAND!!! They are inhumane, filthy, and get all their livestock from mills that are even more inhumane and filthy!


Michelle of Rockledge, FL

Original review: Feb. 3, 2009

I bought a 5-month-old Yorkshire Terrier from Petland. I took her to the vet and the receptionist recognized her and said the last lady had her brought her back because she was too sick for the lady to take care of. There had not been a Fecal test done on her either, which is a state law within 30 days of sale. I called the manager and he told met that the puppy had Parvovirus and was hospitalized for 14 days then quarantined for the next 10. Then I bought her and I had nothing to worry about. I read about Parvo and it scared me so much that I called Sarno Animal Hospital, which was their preferred vet, and they told me that Jeff was mistaken and got very rude with me. I was crying so I couldn’t think straight.

I went to the store in Viera and the manager, Jeff, told me that he does not legally have to provide me the puppy’s health records. I was puzzled as to why a puppy’s health records would be such a secret. He told me that he was calling the cops on me and I would have to leave (other patrons could hear us)… My puppy was being treated by the nebulizer in the back for Kennel Cough, so he was reluctant to let me stay but said that the puppy had ringworm not Parvo and that it was another puppy that had Parvo. I told him to prove it but he said he would in the morning, that the clinic was closed. Needless to say that they would not let us play with any puppies anymore and the staff was now being rude… not to mention, that my puppy’s pedigree showed that the puppy’s mom and dad shared the same dad… I smell a puppy mill puppy cover up!


Danielle of Alpharetta, GA

Original review: Jan. 31, 2009

I was at Petland to pick up food for my dog. I couldn’t resist looking at the dogs that were there. I saw a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy and asked to take him out to play with him. The puppy was so large that he couldn’t stand up in the cage. When he was presented to me to play with in the ‘puppy room’ I commented to the worker about how skinny the dog was. He told me that Ridgebacks were just naturally skinny like Boxers. I challenged him by explaining to him that I had a three year old Ridgeback. He finally admitted to me that the dog had been sick and he also said the puppy was four months old and could use a good home.

It was so sad to put him back in the cage for so many reasons. I knew I couldn’t take him home with me, but I also knew that this puppy would probably die at Petland due to their complete neglect of their animals and the ignorance of their staff. Like most animal lovers, I wish I could take all of the pets with me, but since I can’t… I want to let the public know in any way possible about the neglect of the dogs there and new owners have to understand that due to that neglect, there are so many problems when you bring a puppy like that home. It’s a horrible cycle that needs to be stopped! Puppy Mills are horrible! And the irresponsibility of Petland is horrific!


Anonymous of West Des Moines, IA

Original review: Jan. 29, 2009

I have worked for Petland in the recent past. I know there are a lot of secrets that if they got out, this store would go under. Seeing how the animals are actually treated by the upper management at the store is sickening. They will say such things as, “I care for each puppy like it is my child,” but in all reality, many of them go days without even touching a puppy. I know for a fact that Petland of West Des Moines, Iowa buys the majority of their puppies for less than $200, and then turns around to sell them for at least four times what they bought them for. Petland’s warranty is a store joke, and is hardly ever backed up, unless threats of lawsuits begin.

Petland of West Des Moines just recently stopped paying the Veterinarian of Avendale Veterinary Clinic, so he no longer visits once every week to check the puppies. The majority of the people who do take care of the puppies are teenagers with no prior experience caring for animals (other than household pets). They are the ones who are expected to keep a watch on the puppies and to tell the managers if they think one is sick. There is only one person allowed to work in the kennel from 11:00 am – 9:00 pm. This requires the one person working back there to care for up to 60 puppies by himself or herself. Needless to say, these puppies do not get the care they deserve.

The most important thing a worker in the kennel is told to do, however, is keep the glass clean so the customers can see, and then buy the puppies. This is the main concern of the managers, because it is the main concern of the owner (who is the father-in-law to the general manager of the store). Petland is a rip off. If they did not sell $1000 puppies every day, they would not be in business, and they realize this. The cost of shelf items is at least 50% more than at the competing pet store chains.


Cynthia of Zephyrhills, FL

Original review: Jan. 27, 2009

I purchased a delightful beagle pup from the new Petland Wesley Chapel store. It was a gift for my grandson. The pup has been the best therapy for my grandson who was had a lot of medical issues. The dog has really brought my grandson out of his shell and brought him a-lot of happiness. I don’t care what others say about Petland. I will be their customer for life. They helped me find a great pup that really filled a hole in my grandson’s life. No matter what you hear animal rights nuts say, a great pup like our beagle could not possibly come from bad, or mis-treated parent dogs. Our beagle pup is happy, healthy and well adjusted and a real pleasure to spend time with.


Matt of Redford, MI

Original review: Jan. 26, 2009

We walked into Petland Sunday evening on January 25th, 2009 to look at a sheltie puppy that we were considering purchasing. The price was $1500.00, which I could not afford at the moment. We would have the money in two weeks and had intended on returning then to purchase the puppy if he was still available. We were playing with the puppy and when we went to give it back, a woman, also a customer there, asked us what kind of dog it was. We replied that it was a sheltie and she told us that she had two of her own. We asked her where she got her dogs and she replied that they were from a breeder in state. We asked her if we could give her our phone number so she could call us with the name of the breeder so we could do some comparisons between dogs. The woman agreed and as we were attempting to give her our phone number, a female employee rudely told us that if we were going to be exchanging breeder information (which we were not) that we needed to leave now. We did so without complaint, even though we were not exchanging breeder information.

We were standing outside of the store, in the general mall area, talking to the woman when the owner of the Petland came storming out and accosted the woman verbally, yelling in front of at least twenty other customers and mall patrons, telling her that she had no right to be stealing his business and customers. The woman was shocked and very apologetic, trying to tell him that we were just exchanging personal information but he wouldn’t stop yelling long enough to even hear what she was saying. We stepped in at that point and defended her, but he merely turned and yelled at us as well, telling us to get out. We were already outside of his store, so we left the mall to escape any further wrath. We were deeply disturbed and offended by his inappropriate behavior as was everyone within hearing distance of the confrontation. We will not be returning to buy that dog, nor will we ever set foot in that store again. In the past, we have frequented the store and spent large sums of money there, but the owner’s behavior was so wildly inappropriate and offensive that we cannot, in good conscience do that again.


Kelly of Davie, FL

Original review: Jan. 25, 2009

My family and I are regulars to the Petland store in Davie, FL. We are always welcome there to interact with the animals without any pressure to buy. We have purchased two Chihuahuas from there. Both experiences went smoothly with all of our questions being answered and concerns being addressed. Both times we received considerable discounts because the puppies had been there several weeks, with the full puppy guarantee in place. The vet that they pay for you to see is wonderful. Any time I need to see this particular vet, they get me in asap, and all times, Petland has covered the visits minus any vaccinations that were due.

The owners are always visible and willing to answer any questions. There isn’t a high turnover there at all. We’ve been talking with the same sales associate for 2 years since they’ve opened. Regardless of where these puppies come from, they too need loving homes, and the people at Petland Davie are very accommodating.


Zena of Dalton, GA

Original review: Jan. 19, 2009

I have purchased two Italian Greyhounds from Petland and absolutely adore both dogs. They are both from different breeders and have two totally different personalities and characteristics. We loved the first one so much and wanted one from the same breeder, but this isn’t an option when purchasing from a pet store, it seems. We came to love our second, IGGY, just as much as the first, but in a different way. Both dogs were at the store longer than the norm and we got a large discount on both. I felt like I was rescuing them, by not leaving them in a glass cage any longer than they were already there. I feel that any dog purchased from any pet store is a rescue, but that does not mean that I am unhappy about this. It was my opportunity to adopt/buy and do the right thing for these two lovely creatures.

I am glad that I was able to find these two babies and have the privilege of raising them and loving them. Petland did everything right for me. They were very helpful with both purchases and were themselves pleased to send the dogs to a happy home. I’m not certain what all the hoopla is over puppy mills and pet stores, but adopting, buying, or acquiring any dog, from any source is a wonderful thing if the owner takes the full responsibility of knowing the breed and raising it correctly and fulfilling the dog’s needs. Any person who purchases or adopts a dog has a choice as to whether they will do the right things for the dog throughout the dog’s lifetime. I have only had good experiences with Petland and it is now my job to raise and love the dogs.


Sandra of Lockbourne, OH

Original review: Jan. 18, 2009

On Jan. 17, 09, I found myself in an unfortunate and irritating problem that I needed to call Petland for assistance. My granddaughter took our dog to your affiliate Animal Medical Ctr for a procedure that was included in the purchase price of our dog. She was told to call them at noon which she did and it was said the dog would be ready after 3:00 or 3:30. No mention was made that they would close at 4. She arrived at the medical center at 4:03; they were there, came to the door, and said, “We have closed up our DRAWER and cannot give you your dog till Monday.” Now, mind you, this is Saturday.

I have never been so disappointed and annoyed by any business practice as this. First of all, she was not told 4:00. Second of all, it is winter and bad driving conditions and it was 4:03. Trust me; no one I know will ever purchase anything from Petland. They kept my beloved pet from me after surgery because of a 3-minute delay; just how ridiculous is this? I am just as annoyed today as yesterday and doubt that I will ever forget your inconsiderate practice. I called your store at 4:45 for help. You took my number and said you would investigate to see if you could help anyway and never even bothered to call me back.


Bailey of Round Rock, TX

Original review: Jan. 18, 2009

I bought a Lhasa Apa puppy a year ago, and the guy was so nice and my puppy is wonderful. Plus, I have a lifetime of free nail trimming. It was great service.


Violet of Henderson, NV

Original review: Jan. 17, 2009

I had purchased a 2-month-old baby Pomeranian on November 27th, 2007 from a Petland store on 510 Marks St. Henderson NV. At the time, I was guaranteed the dog would be healthy or I would receive my money back during the first year I purchased her if she had a hereditary or congenital disease as it states in the warranty. Petland guaranteed me that all of their dogs come from good blood lines and they don’t do business with puppy mills – the only breeders they use are ones with that are reputable.

After having my puppy for a couple of months, she started having seizures. She was around 6-7 months old. I was shocked because I had just lost my previous Pomeranian from epilepsy. The very next morning, she had another seizure. I scheduled her appointment with the veterinarian and at that time she was diagnosed with epilepsy which is a hereditary disorder by Dr. Robert **, D.V.M. I asked the front office of Black Mountain Animal Hospital VCA if they can write a letter stating what my puppy was diagnosed with so I can take it to Petland.

The next day I picked up the letter from VCA and took it into the place where I bought my dog on 510 Marks St. #120 and gave a copy of the letter to the Manager there named **. He said he would have to give a copy to the corporate office and they will be issuing me a check for the price I paid for the dog in a couple of weeks since she was still in warranty of the 1st year. After 3 weeks, I called him and left several messages to see the status of my claim and he never returned my phone calls. I finally got a hold of another store manager at a different location and told her my situation. She told me there was no corporate office, just the two owners of the company, Brad and Karen Logan, and she told me they worked out of another store.

So I finally reached one of them. I inquired the status of my claim. She didn’t even know what I was talking about. After explaining to her my situation, she accused me of lying, that they don’t know if the dog is really epileptic and had the nerve to tell me to just return the dog after almost a year of having her. I told her the veterinarian that diagnosed her is the one it states in the warranty to use.

Since then I have not been given a check and my calls have not been returned. I have been giving my dog Phenobarbital every day twice a day since she has been diagnosed. I did my own investigation and found out that my dog’s breeder is not reputable and has sold many sick dogs to Petland. She gives them shots so they can go into heat early and inbreeds the animals with their own brother and sister. Now Petland on Marks St., Henderson, NV the one that I purchased my puppy from is under investigation by the US Humane Society for purchasing dogs from puppy mills when they guarantee healthy blood lines or your money back. Petland practices fraudulent activities and false contracts. They should be shut down not only for making false statements in their warranties but for animal abuse alone.


Jorjeanna of Belvidere, IL

Original review: Jan. 17, 2009

On 1/11/09, my daughter and I went to Petland to look at the puppies. We fell in love with a Saint Bernard puppy that is 13 weeks old. We went home to get my husband so he could see her. We did purchase her for $899. They told us that we had to take her to their vet for a well visit and then to have the hip dysplasia test. If Charlie (her name) did have hip dysplasia, they would cover it 100%. If we do not take her in for the test, the health warranty would be voided. So we took her in and the vet said that she had hip dysplasia. He said that if he did the JVC surgery to fix her hips, he would have to neuter her. We did it because he said that she had the dysplasia and if we did not do the surgery, it would void the health warranty.

The next day, I called and talked to the vet. He said that he said she only had a possibility of having it and he could not be definite in his diagnosis because of her age. I asked why he did the surgery and neuter her then. He said that it is his belief that if the dog has altered hips, she should not breed. He had told my husband that she did have it; that was why we did the surgery. Everyone we talked to after this asked why the surgery was mandatory now. It could have waited till 6 months of age. It cost me $404 to get Charlie back from a free visit. I’m not sure how that works???

I was completely lied to by Petland about this doctor. I truly believe that they are working together for the money. They have now neutered and cut Charlie’s pelvic bone because of a possibility. We had originally wanted her to breed and now we can’t plus we put this puppy through a surgery that was not necessarily needed. We will still keep her and love her but this whole situation is totally wrong.


Kim of Wylie, TX

Original review: Jan. 14, 2009

We bought a 14 week French Mastiff, and we got a deal $600 marked from $1,800 – was told price reduction due to the fact he was getting older. This was our dream dog so of course I couldn’t pass this up. When we picked him up, we were told he may have kennel cough. That night he was hacking real bad so we took him into their vet the next day. The vet there was wonderful. He did have kennel cough which was paid by Petland, but the vet noticed one of his dew claws had grown back. So I contacted the manager at Petland and he said, “You can return the dog to us and we will send it to the breeder to remove it and send the dog back to us taking about 3 weeks.”

I love my dog. I don’t want him being sent all over the place now, he’s safe with me. So I asked about Petland paying for it at their vet. They said, “No, we don’t do that.” I said, “Well I still owe you a little money. Can we work something out on that? He said NO. So although at this time he is getting over the kennel cough and we will have the dew claw removed, everything else seems good. He’s a smart pup and a joy for my whole family. Consequence: Bringing him home with me gave one of my other dogs kennel cough.


Tina of Auburndale, FL

Original review: Jan. 13, 2009

Three days ago, I purchased an 11-week old Yorkie from Petland in Lakeland. It was a rushed process as the store was busy and I was dealing with a toddler so they basically pointed to every box I needed to sign. I was not able to read anything. In any case, the salesman Anthony who discussed the dog’s history with me did not advise me at the time of purchase that this dog had a luxating right patella which the vet says is congenital. I was not even aware of this matter until the day I took the dog to the vet for her warranty visit. I was so upset that I had just purchased a high priced dog with potential problems that were not disclosed to me. In addition to the problem with the puppy, my 4 year old son is allergic to the dog. I found out today by his pediatrician, and he recommended the dog leave the home.

When I called the owner at this Petland store, she said she was sorry that the salesman did not disclose the medical information on the dog with me, and that he was new and still needs to learn all the procedures. And that unfortunately, I could only trade the dog or get a doctor note on the allergies and pay a 30% return fee. That made me even angrier. Exchanging the dog was not an option because of the allergies. When I later called her again asking if I could go ahead and return the dog and just suck up the 30% fee, which I felt was completely insane considering the medical condition error was not my fault, she stated that, “Oh I have recently consulted with my business partner and we aren’t even going to allow the return of the dog with the 30% return fee because you did not contact us within 48 hours.”

This has been the most horrible experience for me and I’m finding that other local people have had the same issues with this store. They should not be allowed to continue to get away with this unprofessional behavior. And unfortunately for me, I am stuck with a dog to get rid of that I can’t even keep in my house due to allergies. Please do not buy from PETLAND unless you make them slow down and take time to explain to you all of the dog’s medical history and what this means to you before signing any paperwork. Just a horrible place of business and very unprofessional owner. She was quite rude to me.


Rebecca of Davie, FL

Original review: Jan. 11, 2009

I worked at this Petland for a few months and found nothing said on the sales floor to be true: these puppies come from puppy mills and are shipped in on large, refrigerated trucks. Upper respiratory infections, coccidia and giardia (both of which are transferable to humans) run rampant in the kennels – and these dogs are shown to families with SMALL CHILDREN. There is a general lack of knowledge on the staff’s part, or motivation to report a sick animal – and if a sick animal IS reported, the owner won’t do anything unless a customer complains.

Case in point: a ferret had a horrible upper respiratory infection. Looked like death warmed over. Owner was warned repeatedly by staff members to treat the animal but the owner ignored them until a customer came in and ASKED IF IT WAS ALREADY DEAD. This is absolutely disgusting and unnecessary – it’s also not the only issue. Bird cages never have their shaving replaced (because they don’t look dirty), reptiles die because they aren’t heated or fed properly, and customers are repeatedly lied to about the health, condition and warranty on the dogs. This company is disgusting.


Amy of Des Moines, IA

Original review: Jan. 11, 2009

I would just like to say, I have purchased 2 puppies from the West Des Moines Petland and have not had any problems. The manager there was very helpful and educated us on the breed. People need to also write about the good stories and not just the bad. I know of people who have had just as many problems going through breeders. Puppies are living creatures that can have illness just like humans.


Elizabeth of Pittsburgh, PA

Original review: Jan. 11, 2009

I was at a Petland store today in Pittsburgh. As I was walking past a smaller puppy, I believe it was a Welsh Corgi, one of the kennel techs opened its cage, grabbed it only by its arm which you should never do. Not only did she just grab this dog by its arm and let it hang there, she opened another cage and threw it in there by the arm pretty hard. The dog’s head smashed off the window and it yelped. I was very upset at this and asked where I could complain. A woman was brought to me and said that is the normal way to handle an animal. I can tell you right now that that is not the correct way to pick up a puppy. It was absolutely ridiculous and horrifying to see that poor puppy being treated that way. That woman is a disgusting human being in my opinion.


Phyllis of Columbus, OH

Original review: Jan. 10, 2009

On Fri eve, 6 pm, I received a free hamster with coupon in Columbus dispatch mailer, $25 bucks worth of hamster gear. I had to fight to get the $10 off coupon for gear but was successful. I had to tell the sales staff they needed to put the cardboard box the hamster was put in for transport in a plastic bag as it was well below freezing. Hamster was home and appropriate, eating, playing and housekeeping. All well until Thursday eve. Hamster was lethargic and seemed its right eye seemed swollen or matted shut.

I called the store and they said to come in to be given drops on Friday – this is common. On Fri am, hamster was dead when we awoke. I returned to the store on Fri at 5 pm. For two weeks, employee said she knew nothing about the hamsters. Manager said the wet bottom medicine had a guarantee. But in examining the dead hamster, we saw there is no wet bottom issue. We were given no wet bottom meds nor told to purchase. No one said anything about needing meds or illness at all. Nate says he doesn’t replace free hamsters and refused via telephone. Daughter was devastated.


Ashley of Indianapois, IN

Original review: Jan. 8, 2009

My fiancé and I had purchased a three-month old Silky Terrier from Petland located in Carmel, IN. The moment we brought her home, we noticed she was having difficulty going to the bathroom. This continued on to the next day. We called Petland (it was a Sunday and all Vets were closed) to find out if this had occurred before. The sales manager said, “Oh yeah, we should have told you. We have been giving her Pumpkin because she has dry stool.” He offered to give us a can of it. We gave it to her that night and it seemed to help a little. On Monday, we got her to the Veterinarian that had been seeing her while she was at Petland. I could tell from the moment I got there and signed her in that they knew something. The Vet Tech met with me first and started to tell me that there was an issue with her bowels but couldn’t talk any further because she was not allowed to.

Right then, I knew this was something more than just hard stool. The Veterinarian came in and told me that the puppy had been having issues with her bowels for some time and that they had been recommending to Petland to have further tests done but Petland had felt she was fine. Sadly, we had to take the Silky back to Petland. We did get a full refund but money wasn’t even the issue. We were heartbroken. I feel Petland was negligent in the care of the Silky and also dishonest with us. When we purchased her, the sales manager is supposed to go over the medical history which he failed to do. I feel that the store knew there was something more seriously wrong with her than they led on.


Phillip of Sarasota, FL

Original review: Jan. 7, 2009

On Saturday, December 20, 2008, I purchased a second ferret (approx 3.5 months old) from Petland to join my 20-month-old one. On Tuesday the 22nd, before I could even get a vet appointment, the older one was showing signs of severe intestinal problems and had to be rushed to the vet first thing in the morning. The baby went the next day. After Christmas weekend, on Monday, we were able to pick them up and bring them home. It was the vet’s conclusion that the baby had PPD, a highly contagious bowel disease. Petland is only covering what they have to under FL law, which is the purchase price of the animal (to the best of my knowledge). I have all the documentation to prove these facts. I have not received the check from Petland, but it has been promised. I am not sure if I should cash it yet.


Harry of Zephyrhills, FL

Original review: Jan. 7, 2009

I purchased a female Chihuahua from people who own Petland Wesley Chapel. She is the nicest, most well socialized dog I have ever owned. She has turned out exactly like I was promised and has been a joy to own. The people at the store did not high-pressure me to make a decision, but were very helpful in making the decision to purchase a dog. I could not find a Chi-Chi at any of the local animal shelters, so I am glad I made the trip into Petland. It is annoying to read some of the insane ranting that others have posted to this site… Most of the complaints seem to be made by people who do not know how to care for young puppies and the woman who said puppies are killed at 20 weeks was obviously off her medication. No business would kill their inventory, even if they didn’t like pets (which they must to be in that business). It is common sense that it would cost more to kill and dispose of pets that get old, than to sell them at a discount, or even at cost. My experience with a Petland puppy was excellent and I will definitely shop there again


Tam of Saint Paul, MN

Original review: Jan. 7, 2009

The two Petlands in Shakopee, Minnesota and St. Paul, Minnesota buy their puppies from known puppy mills. Do not ever give business to a store like this unless you know for sure the name of the breeder the puppy came from.


Joanne of Glassport, PA

Original review: Jan. 6, 2009

I bought a Baby Maltese off of Petland. I had her 4 days. She got deathly sick; I had to bring her to the vet hospital, Avets, 412 373 4200. You can call them her name is Baby Sissy. My hospital stay was $807. I had to give up my baby puppy back to the store. They reimbursed me the cost of my puppy but they will not give me back my $807 for the vet bill.


Sandi of Monticello, IN

Original review: Jan. 3, 2009

I see Pete’s Petland is still in operation and made the news again in 2008. I know it has been 18 years since I purchased a Shih-Tzu from him. I did report him to the Department of Agriculture of IL where I lived at that time. A Dr. ** was in charge and since has retired this past year. My vet saw he had a problem after being purchased; it was a hernia. The place where he purchased it from did cover up with surgery by pushing the hernia back in and sewing it with non-disposable stitches. There was no evidence of this when I purchased him.

At 11 months, Pug started swelling and my vet did emergency surgery. That is how he found the non-disposable stitches. About three years after, he passed away at the age of 15. I worked in the area of Pete’s and customers told me the conditions of the store. That is when I contacted Dr. ** and he and his associates shut them down for 3 days. But apparently, he is still running his business. Why can’t the government shut down all Petland stores? There is news about them and picketing constantly in every state.


Ashley of Henderson, NV

Original review: Jan. 1, 2009

I purchased the most beautiful little Beagle at Petland and was absolutely in love with her. Within hours of purchasing her I was notified that I would have to leave town for work for an extended period of time. I had no one to take care of her and I couldn’t afford to board her for the time I would be gone. I was completely broken-hearted when I had to take her back to the pet store the next day. I had paid a little over $1,200.00 for her but Petland would only give me $700 back. I ended up paying over $500.00 for a puppy that I had for less than 24 hours. The manager didn’t care about circumstances; he simply told me it was company policy and there was nothing I could do about it. I will never purchase anything from Petland again and I’ll tell everyone I know not to buy there when looking for a pet.


Lauri of Mount Dora, FL

Original review: Dec. 28, 2008

Just to let you know I work at petland in Altamonte springs florida. Our puppies are all from licensed breeders. Now I will say SOME petlands do buy from puppymills, but all petlands aqre individually owned, so all owners make different choices. I know Petland leesburg buys form puppy mills, but we dont. If you want to make sure, ask information on the breeders and look them up yourself. =]


Denise of N. Syracuse, NY

Original review: Dec. 28, 2008

I was in the usual Christmas rush right before Christmas and still had to pick up ferret food and mail stuff and Petland was unfortunately the store by a mailbox so that’s the one I went to. I usually won’t use this store as don’t want to see these poor little puppies in these little cages, especially when know if they are not sold they’ll die. I was told a while ago from someone I know that works there that I didn’t want to know what happens to older puppies and since then I refused to go there. She knows how I am and I can’t handle hearing the words. Anyway there was of course a line and there was a precious goldendoodle that was not little anymore. I kept trying not to look, it just breaks my heart. So on Christmas as we were at my cousins for dinner, i mentioned the dog and my cousins daughter was telling me that’s why she got her dog there last year, because it was basically on death row. At 20 weeks they put them down. I couldn’t bear the thought and I was leaving early the next morning, so before I left I put a note on the door of Petland asking them to please call me if that one puppy was still available, I will buy it, and to please NOT call if it wasn’t so I could at least have the hope that it went home to a nice family for the holiday’s. Well all day I didn’t hear and convinced myself the dog found a home. After all, what person could possibly hurt a poor animal at chritmas. Well, my ignorance came to an end when the owner, Jeff, called to inform me the life of that puppy was over. Then calls back to tell me that was the most rediculous note he ever read and commented that you can’t fix stupid. So I want to know how anyone can support a place that has dogs bred, (and I’m sure they are puppy mills, because actual breeders would take the puppies back)only to kill them when they don’t sell at 20 weeks.


Stephanie of Overland Park, KS

Original review: Dec. 27, 2008

Petland gets their pups from Hunte Corporation. Who in turn purchases from puppy mills. Get the fact by googling Hunte and Petland. DON”T BUY SICK PUPPIES!


Melissa of Lutz, FL

Original review: Dec. 26, 2008

I purchased a puppy from our local Petland and thought everything was great. The very next morning, the puppy started having a runny nose and sneezing. I took the puppy to the vet that was specified for us to see and he said the puppy had kennel cough. I asked the vet if it would affect my other dog and was told no. I have had the puppy for 5 days and have been to their vet twice, and my vet once. Not only has my new puppy been very sick, but now my other dog is very sick with a fever.


Kristine of Las Vegas, NV

Original review: Dec. 24, 2008

i think you guys have your opinion and thats okay. My opinion…When i was searching for my dog, i went to all the shelters in las vegas. All i found were dogs that had problems or pit bulls. I went to petland and I saw the dog i wanted. I bought a 3 month old Pug. I made the most amazing decision. She is the perfect addition to our family.When choosing a dog, this dog is going to be in your family for a long time and I dont think anyone should settle for a shelter dog if they dont want to. In this case i just didnt find one that i would love until petland.


Doug of Lincoln, CA

Original review: Dec. 20, 2008

We bought a Mini-Schnauzer from this location about 2 weeks ago. She has been to the vet for her free health check and for her next set of shots. She is fit as a fiddle. We purchased this dog from this location after I was aggravated by picketers out front of the store. It turns out, that most of the people in the store purchasing, were glad the picketers were out there. The store is off the beaten path and is hard to find if you are not looking for it. The protesters are more like free advertising. I only went in to by something for our other dog Maverick, and ended up finding a little angel we named Harley. What happens to all these innocent animals if everyone listens to the idiots with the signs out front?


Shannon of Syracuse, NY

Original review: Dec. 20, 2008

On August 31, 2008 we purchased a Papillon puppy from Petland. The dog was lethargic the first day we had it. We called the vet Monday morning as the dog was coughing. Of course it had Kennel COugh. The dog was so ill for about 2 weeks that it barely ate or drank, and was so lethargic it slept most of the time. After about 2 weeks the puppy started to perk up, and we thought it would be fine. A few days later it started urinating ALL the time. It urinated while it wlake dor sitting on your lap and did not know it was doing it. The vet insisted it was behavioral. After 2 weeks of this, I insisted that the vet do something. For the last four months the dog has been at the vet two to four times a month for $100 to $400 each visit. They want to run another $500 to $1000 worth of tests as they still do not know what is wrong with the dog! We are being accused by the vet of being irresponsible pet owners because we refuse to have more tests, medications, exams, etc. We can’t afford anymore!


Kristine of Langhorne, PA

Original review: Dec. 18, 2008

As an employee at Petland, I believe many of these statements only speak for the stores you have been to. Each store has a different owner and use their own brokers. Where I work we obtained a list of all the puppy mills we were accused of buying puppies from and compared it to our list of over 800 and none came back as from puppy mills. Our store has only been open for a year and I came to this job from Pets Plus. The difference was amazing. I couldn’t get over how clean everything was compared to my experience at Pets Plus. I aslo suggest thinking about getting a puppy and the information the Pet counslers give you before making a decison.


Diane of Austin, TX

Original review: Dec. 12, 2008

My husband and I bought a yorkie from the SouthPark meadows petland 12/3/2008. After taking it home all of our friends were upset because of the talk about petland buying from puppy mills. i assured them that we had the papers where the puppy came from, sure enough.. it is from a PUPPY MILL in the midwest. we do not support puppy mills.

our yorkie is having trouble walking because of weak ligaments from it being in the cage for too long with out any excersie. PETLAND supports PUPPY MILLS. if you don’t believe me then take a look at the human society’s webpage. PETLAND is a HORRIBLE PLACE to buy animals. they are not in good condition, the warrentys are full of crap, and the prices are too inflated. PLEASE HELP STOP PUPPPY MILLS-DON’T BUY FROM PETLAND.. try personal breeders or even better, the animal shelter!


Tina of Zia Pueblo, NM

Original review: Dec. 11, 2008

On August 24th, we purchased a yorkshire terrior from Petland. The puppy came with 2 free vet visits and a health guarantee. Within the four days the puppy was not eating well. We thought this was normal for a new puppy to be in new surroundings, however we had to force the dog to eat. We took the dog to petland’s vetenarian, and the doctor recommended hospitalizing the puppy at a 24-hour pet hospital due to hypoglycemia. At this point petland said they would pay for the dog’s medical bills for being at the emergency hospital. When my boyfriend arrived at the er, he found out petland had called, and said they were not going to pay for the bill. So we took the dog back to petland, and they said they would care for the dog and treat his hypoglycemia. Petland cared for the dog for 2 days, and when he came home he had a cough. His appetite was a little better, but still not normal. One morning the dog was so congested we took the dog back to the vet and they treated him for kennel cough by giving him a shot. Two days later, we rushed the dog back to an er, and he was diagnosed with pneumonia due to a severe respiratory infection. His stool sample was tested for parasites, and it came back positive for parasites, which is why he was not eating. The puppy suffered in the hospital for 5 days, and he went into cardiac arrest, and we lost him. Petland denies any wrong doing, and said theres no way the puppy was sick while he was in their care. The puppy died with 17 days of me purchasing the dog. The bills totaled 2504.68 for the 2 1/2 weeks we had the dog. Petland refuses to pay this. It was only after writing to petland’s corporate headquarters, we got a call from the store’s manager who wanted the er’s medical record on the yorkie


Virginia of Cedar Park, TX

Original review: Dec. 7, 2008

My daughter and I purchased a puppy from Petland November 30, 2008. We took her to her first free vet visit within three days and found out she was sick. The vet bill was $68. We had to pay it. We took the puppy back to Petland yesterday along with the vet bill in hopes that the manager would make good on the vet charges. The bills were forced from my daughters hands and we were herded from the store by five employees who were calling us profane names. The police were called and they actually tried to lie and say we assaulted their employees! Keep in mind that we are two women against for large male employees and one very foul mouthed female employee. The police viewed the video tape and determine (of course) that there was no assault. Shame on Petland! We have since had to pay another $113 for medications to treat a severe yeast infection in both her ears and a foreign body growing on her spine. We are not allowed to contact Petland so have no way to settle this matter with them. I do intend to make this matter very public. Be warned! Petland sold me a sick puppy!


Brenda of Nolanville, TX

Original review: Dec. 7, 2008

I purchased two rabbits today from Petland, and after reading all of these negative consumer reports I am worried for my little bunnies. I ended up with two because I picked up this tiny little lethargic bunny who when he was in my hands all I felt was bone and since it broke my heart and I didn’t want him to suffer I purchased him. Once the transaction was made everyone began to act very sketchy with me and then gave me this form saying that after 7 days the bunny is not their problem basically…. I’m keeping a very close eye on him and it was very emotional for me to see him eat because it took many hours for him to finally eat and drink. Just in the short time that I have had him he has a full stomach and seems to be healthier than what he was in the store. Hope he doesn’t have any mysterious diseases… The other bunnie I purchased was the oldest bunnie in the tank. They seemed to be relieved to finally see her go… since the big ones don’t sell as well as the tiny ones. I just hope to give them the best life possible away from that pet store.


Hailey of Calgary, AB

Original review: Dec. 4, 2008

Before you complain About Petland prices being steep , please understand that there is a reason that the prices are the way they are. Petland has Vetting twice a week that includes Vaccination check us that cost MONEY . they also have to FEED ALL their animals so that costs MONEY too.The reason Petland has High prices is so they can take care of their animals properly , not because they are trying to make a profit . GET the facts !





Jessica of Ada, OH

Original review: Dec. 4, 2008

In September 2008, I purchased a goldendoodle puppy from Petland. The salespeople at the store were very nice and helpful, and I bought the dog and took him home.He was a perfect little puppy, but I noticed a large lump on his shoulder. I made a mental note to tell the vet about it later that week. Two days later, the puppy scratched the lump and it ruptured, spewing blood and pus. The poor thing was howling in pain. We called the emergency vet number, and he said it was probably an abscess and to clean it out and take him in in the morning. We went to the vet that petland required, and it was an abscess from a puncture wound that got infected, most likely from a litter mate. It healed up fine, and petland took care of the bill. That being said, I feel petland was negligent in taking care of him. His infection was huge and very noticeable. If they took such good care of their dogs, the abscess would have been taken care of.


Kimberly of Fulton, NY

Original review: Dec. 3, 2008

I bought my Pekingese from Petland in 2005. The salesperson was very knowledgeable. I have had no problems with my dog Teddy. He’s in perfect health and has been the joy of my life. The price I paid for my dog and the supplies was steep but he is well worth it. Just wanted to say that not all Petland stores are bad.


Jennifer of Aurora, IL

Original review: Dec. 3, 2008.

I purchased a puppy with a genetic defect (necrosis of the femoral head) and Petland will only reimburse me the amount of the puppy, not the enormous pet bills! Please help!.


Laurie of New Port Richey, FL

Original review: Dec. 2, 2008

A few years ago I bought a Maltese puppy from the petland in Largo florida. They said he was a full blooded Maltese and ckc registered. Well it turns out that he was NOT a full blooded Maltese. His ckc papers mean nothing. Maltese are supposed to have straight hair, a silky coat and my maltese has the coat of a Bichon Frise. He is also much larger then a maltese, around 11 pounds full grown. I feel like I have been totally ripped off since I had my heart set on a maltese and not a bichon. I paid the Maltese price for him too, which makes me sick to my stomach !!! I would NEVER buy another puppy from Petland again. They are the biggest rip off artists on this planet!!!


Sara of Fort Wayne, IN

Original review: Dec. 2, 2008

I purchased a Bernese Mountain dog puppy from Petland on Dec. 20th 2007 and brought him home on Dec. 21st 2007. I had noticed at the store the puppy had a small amount of blood in his stool and questioned Matt, the employee helping me, and he stated the the puppy had just come in from an Ohio breeder and that it was stress related and would resolve after he got settled so I went ahead and purchased the puppy. On Dec 21st when I brought him home it was clear after a couple days that something was really wrong. I called back the pet store and was told to give him more time and to make a vet appt. Since it was right before christmas the vet (the one you must use to keep keep the warranty valid) was of course closed. Our puppy Gus seemed to improve a little and I took him to the vet Dec. 26th to find out that he had Giardia and our vet questioned how long he had had it since the records from Petland showed he had been wormed 7 times and was only 8 weeks old. I had to pay out of my pocket an extra 40 dollars for meds and Parasite screens and that was only the beginning. I was back in the vets office Jan 11 2008 and my puppy was still having diahrrea and another 30 dollars and a Parasite screen later I was told he no longer had giardia but needed bowel rest so I was sold a 10 lb bag of special food for 25 dollars and sent home. Feb was a better month but Gus developed diahrrea again and was taken back to the vet on Feb 25th and put on reglan and diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This office visit was another 54 dollars. Gus did not improve and I took him back to the vet on Feb 28 th and was sold more canine I/D dog food and he was put on a medication called flagyl. That appt was 38 dollars. The meds helped but again another relapse and I was back at the vet on Mar 13 and Gus was put back Reglan and Flagyl and changed to Canine W/D dog food and that appt was 47 dollars. On April 8th I had Gus neutered and x rays done to check his hips and found out they were only rated fair. May 21st I was back to the vet for more Reglan and Flagyl for all the diahrrea Gus was having again and this appt was another 26 dollars. These extra expenses were on top of the regular vet care and shots I paid for. I spent many nights sitting up with him and on the vets recommendation boiling hamburger and rice and feeding him yogurt to replace the bacteria in his intestines. Gus was never given any dog treats the only thing I could find to give him as a treat was cheerios on my vets recommedation which he loved dearly:). Then in Oct 20th, a day after his first birthday, Gus began to limp on his back left leg and I took him into the vet on Oct 21st and he was put on pain meds and had to be on a leash for strict resting on the left leg for 48 hrs. That appt was 72 dollars. Gus did not improve and I took him back to the vet on Oct 23 for hip and knee x rays under anesthesia. That appt was 258 dollars and what they found was absolutely devastating. I stood there listening with tears running down my face as they told me his left hip socket had almost completely disintegrated and that it was only his large amount of muscle mass that was holding the hip socket in place and that the reason he began to limp was because his (CCL) ligament in his left knee had ruptured-we were sent home with pain meds and his x rays were going to be sent to Ohio State Vet School for evaluation on how to treat Gus. My vet called me later that day to tell me that gus’s xrays were the worst he had seen. On Nov 1 st I recieved the report from Ohio State and was told his right knee CCL was partially ruptured and he would need a total hip repair and both knees repaired and the cost would be around 7000.00 and he would need to be on a leash for 6-8 weeks following surgery and would require physical therapy. Sadly I made the decision to put Gus down on Nov 24th 2008, the pain was getting worse and he wasnt himself anymore I couldnt afford the surgical costs he needed. I tried contacting several BMD rescue groups in surrounding States to see if I surrendered Gus over to them if they could get him the surgeries he needed but after leaving voicemails no one called back. I also searched numerous vet schools online for a clinincal trial gus would qualify for because they usually give you a discounted rate for services but the only one I found was Purdue Univ and its incentive was free xrays but no help with the cost of surgery. I tried many assistance funds online that say they can help with the cost of your dogs medical treatments but all had long waiting lists and Gus didnt have that much time left. Gus finally got to the point that he couldnt tolerate pain meds without causing uncontrollable diahrea and I couldnt let him suffer after all we had been through together. I loved him like one of my children and had an esp. strong bond with him since I was his primary caretaker since he entered my heart only a short 11 months ago. Tell me how Petland can say their number 1 priority is and has always been the health and well being of their pets!!!


Sally of Sterling, IL

Original review: Dec. 1, 2008

i bought a pin pin and while i was there that woman was rediculios. attitude and not a very good seller. i am 20yrs old and she knew i was young and treated me like i didnt know how to care for my puppy. my pup got ill i cald and ricka told me owell read my paper work thats bs. i will never buy another irem from sterling,il location again


Tom of North Fort Myers, FL

Original review: Nov. 30, 2008

my wife and i bought a toy poodle from pet land in aug, i took the dog in for a one week check up with there vet as required, i told the vet she had a persistant cough and he noted it on her paper work.The dog has been taken to our ver for checkups for the cough since we have had her, pet land has promised to reimburse us for the mediction she has had to take, to date the cough and gagging persists.I got the number for the breeder and called to ask if there were any problems with the brood, i was told that they were not the breeder but just the broker, this to me is a false statement ,in that they are listed as the breeder, how does petland get away with this, anyone with info please contact me at thanks all you pet lovers and please be aware of shady dealings with petland.


Christi of Westerville, OH

Original review: Nov. 25, 2008

I have been reading on this website about all the complaints about Petland stores.

In June I made an emotional purchase of a 10 week old maltese puppy ( my 14 year old maltese died in May). When I called the store to tell them that I may have to return her because my husband was really mad, they were very understanding and would take her back, but reminded me of the paperwork that stated that I would only receive one half of the purchase price. To make a long story short, my husband changed his mind and I kept my precious Molly. She is healthy, happy, and smart. I love her to death. Even though many people have had bad experiences with Petland, mine was a good one.


Vanesa of Tallahassee, FL

Original review: Nov. 25, 2008

My boyfriend and I are just appalled at Petland, especially reading so many complaints about it. About a month and a half ago, we bought a baby bearded dragon from Petland, who we named Reptar. We brought him home and gave him everything a beardie needs. Our setup for him could not have been more perfect. We were a little worried because we read so much online about how babies should be eating alot of crickets, yet ours only ate a bit of veggies and about 2 or 3 crickets a day, which is way below the minimum. Either way, he was active and awake almost all of the time. About 2 weeks after we got him, we went back to Petland and bought another one of the babies they had, so that our first one would not be lonely. We named him Yoshi. Only four days later, Yoshi died. It was horrible to see this little beardie die the way he did, he seemed like he was suffering a tremendous amount. We grew so attached to them so fast. Once Yoshi died, Reptar was still behaving the same way, still active but did not eat as much as he should have from what we read online and in a bearded dragon book we bought. We went back to Petland about getting our money back. By the way, they only have a one week guarantee on bearded dragons, which is absolutely ridiculous. Anyway, the manager had gotten 2 new baby ones, but they had just practically hatched and we did not want to have such little ones. He told us that if they got bigger and did not die they would call us within the next few months and give us one of them. All of this without getting our money back or anything, we were just expected to wait 2 or 3 months until they called us back. About a week after this, we decided we did not want to wait for those and we bought another baby beardie at a shop that was not mainstream and all of the animals seemed incredibly healthy, you know like if the people actually cared about keeping them alive and well. This was about 3 weeks ago. Turns out, our baby Reptar died 4 days ago, he experienced the same exact symptoms as Yoshi, but he took alot longer to die. We took such good care of him, giving him baby food and antibiotics. We ended up going to the vet about a week after Yoshi died because Reptar stopped eating completely and got very skinny. When the vet saw Reptar and heard the story about Yoshi, she immediately said that she did not like Petland or other stores like it because the breeders did not care about the animals and these stores did not give them the care they needed. Our own vet told us that. After spending hundreds of dollars going to the vet three times and giving him medicine, he died too. This is just ridiculous that customers who actually care so much about their pets have to spend money they will never get back just because places like these do not care about their animals or get them from breeders that just breed animals that are related. Our vet told us both diseases Yoshi and Reptar had were probably hereditary and it is possible that their lungs/stomachs could not develop properly(those were their main problems).


Laura of New Palestine, IN

Original review: Nov. 24, 2008

In August 2008, I bought a Chihuahua from the Petland in Columbus, Georgia. All the pets there were in cages with similar dogs to get socialized and there was a senior citizen whose job it was to play with them so they were well socialized. The cages were clean and every dog there was well cared for. The staff was very helpful and genuinely wanted the best for the dogs there. I talked them down from $1,500 to $1,000 with $200 store credit. I took her to own vet close to my home within a week and he said my puppy was in excellent health. Just needed a few more shots and to be spayed. The manager called me after a month just to check up on us. My dog is now 6 months and has been a loving pet. We have had no problems whatsoever with her (except the occasional accident on the carpet, of course). Many of the complaints on this site relate to behavior problems, many of which could be solved with proper training. An obedience course could do wonders for you and your dog.


Travis of Madison, WV

Original review: Nov. 22, 2008

We purchased a teacup yorkie for our daughters for Christmas. The dog never made a sound on the 30 minute drive home so we were able to keep her hid. Little did we know that the reason the dog was quiet was because she was sick. We were atimate about giving her the glucose gel prescribed. In the few days that we had her she was taken to the vet about three times. The final time they wanted to send her to an emergency animal hospital where she could have 24-7 care. Being unable to afford this because we gave 2800.00 for the dog, we elected to call Petland. They told us to bring the dog in and they would care for her. A few days later we were told she passed away. Our children were heartbroken and they tried to blame us. However we had documentation from the vet. They replaced our dog with a chihuahua (which we love), but her value was only 1400.00. We are still stuck paying the full amount for the dog we began with. I would not have raised such a fuss if they would have made a price adjustment to our bill. However we made several attempts to correct the problem with Petland. George tried to avoid us several times. We were told that he wasn’t working even there he was in the store and in uniform. We just ran into one lie after another. We even contacted the better business bureau, a lawyer who told us we would be out more than the price of the bill, and the main Petland corporation. The Petland corporation told us that the Petlands were privately owned and that there was nothing that they could do about our problem.


Alisha of Wheelersburg, OH

Original review: Nov. 22, 2008

I bought my Maltese from Petland in 2005 and the only problem I have had with him was allergies. He was taken care of at the store and had up to date shots and Vet visits, he also came with a free follow up visit to the vet when purchased. My brother-in-law has also purchased a puppy without any health problems. The staff at the Chillicothe Petland were very nice and helpful with our new pup. All the pups seemed happy and playful with each other. I have yet to have a poor experience in any of the local Petlands (Chillicothe, Portsmouth, and South Point). Would recommend these stores to anyone.


Nathan of Jackson, OH

Original review: Nov. 22, 2008

i had bought 2 mice off them and fed my snake one and woke up the next day and my snake was dead so i caled them and they told me they cant give me a discount on a nother snake ther mice kiled my snake



Kristy of Heartland, TX

Original review: Nov. 21, 2008

I, along with my parents and son went to Petland in Dec 07 with the intent of buying my son a puppy for christmas. My son found a puppy he wanted, but it happened to be $1,100. I thought that was a little steep for a mixed puppy, but a store employee told me that it was a good deal considering the puppy would come with is shots and you would get free vet care and shots for the first year of the puppies life. I told my son he could have the dog and they gave it to him. As we went to check out my parents where reading over the paperwork and there was no info on the vaccine or vet services for a year. When asked about it another employee stated that the employee that gave us the info was wrong, the puppy only comes with first shots and 1 vet visit that had to be done within 24 hours. We did decide to buy the puppy as my son was already attached and I couldn’t take it from him. I called the manager and owner and all they told me was that there was nothing they could do. I tried to explain that I would not have bought a mixed breed dog for 1,100, that the only reason it was ok was because of the shots and vet. They where no help and pretty much told me too bad. We love the puppy, but will never deal with them again. I find them to be a very shady company with employee’s who have no idea what they are talking about.


Ferlonia of Wichita, KS

Original review: Nov. 20, 2008

I went to the store to buy a puppy. The puppy I was interested in was a Min-pin. While my husband and I was playing with the puppy we notice coughing and gagging.The sales rep. said she just finished eating and needed water. She took the puppy, gave her water and return her. As we continued to get to know the puppy, we started to notice more coughing and gagging. I ask if the puppy was sick the saleperson said no, I asked if the puppy was healthy, Ashley said yes. She made us believe that the puppy was healthy and wasn’t sick even through the puppy was coughing before purchase. Ashley was so excited about selling her first puppy, she didn’t show any concern regarding the overall health of the puppy. Ashley sold this puppy to me under false pretense and still to this day diamond our puppy has a constant cough and gag and its been over 45 days sense purchase. I’ve been refused a refund as well as an in store credit by the owner of Petland.


Nicole of Santa Fe, NM

Original review: Nov. 20, 2008

On October 18, 2008 I purchased a Bichon Frise puppy from Petland in Rio Rancho,NM, which at the time of purchase, the petland owner’s brother Peter, who is the Manager, stated that the puppy was healthy. Within an hour of leaving Petland, the puppy was throwing up, but at that point in time, I thought the puppy was just nervous of her new surroundings. That evening, the puppy was coughing and her lungs sounded extremely congested with fluid. She was whimpering and had a very hard night. The next day, the puppy continued to throw up and was coughing with an extreme amount of fluid in her lungs. Her nose was bubbling mucus and I realized that something was terribly wrong. I immediately contacted the emergency veterinary clinic, as it was Sunday and they stated to get the puppy over there immediately. In route to the ER Vet Clinic, I contacted Peter, who agreed it was vital I get the puppy to the ER Vet and he apologized for the puppy being sick. (It should be noted, that upon purchase of the puppy, Peter stated that because I reside in Santa Fe, that the puppy could be examined in SF and that I just need to fax over the documentation to Susan Kern). After many tests and X-rays at the ER Vet Clinic, it was discovered that the puppy was suffering from Infectious Respitory Disease and was at high risk for pneumonia. The Vet, reviewed the documentation that came with the puppy and noticed that mixed amongst all the paperwork, was an area that showed that only a few days earlier, the puppy had recieved very high doses of antibiotics and cough syrup. At that point, the vet stated that the puppy was very sick, and is highly contagious. At this point, not only was I dealing with a very sick puppy, but she had now infected my other older puppy. The vet stated it was important that I take both puppies to their normal vet the next day.

October 20, 2008 at 8:55am, I contacted Petland’s owner Susan Kern and told her that the puppy they sold me was very ill and that I had spoken with the store manager, Peter about the situation. At that time she denied that the dog could have been sick while in their possession. I stated to her that I had just bought the puppy from them, and asked her why the manager did not inform me that the puppy had been given high doses of antibiotics and cough syrup and was ill. Susan Kern stated that it is common practice to give them high doses of antibiotics and cough syrup to prevent illness and denied their store did anything wrong.


Merlin, of Lakewood, OH

Original review: Nov. 20, 2008

i went into a petland and they were hiding sick dogs and saying they were nervous… the dogs and cats were all sick and very scared


Steve of Columbus, OH

Original review: Nov. 20, 2008

I was in this store 19 November and the smell as you walk in the door was just nasty. Some of the pets in the front of the store looked as if the bedding had not been changed in days and the persons working there acts as if they don’t care about the costomers let alone the animals maybe they should be treated the same way


Mike of Martinsville, VA

Original review: Nov. 19, 2008

We first purchased a puppy from Petland in Roanoke, Va. back in 2003. We took the puppy to their vet for a free check up as directed by the associate at Petland. Their vet gave the puppy a good bill of health. When we took the puppy to our vet it was found out that the puppy had some major health issues with her kidneys. The vet told us that the puppy was born with this disorder. Eventhough Petland in Roanoke was contacted about this issue they did not step in to help do anything for this puppy. We kept her alive for 5 years by having surgeries and etc. We spent thousands of dollars trying to give her a good life in her last days we were even giving her ivs at home but we finally had to put her a sleep. We did not want this family member to suffer any longer.

We had not walked in to a Petland store for years. My wife was ready for another puppy and decided to give Petland in Roanoke, Va. another try. On November the 8th, 2008 we drove to the Petland store in Roanoke, Va. My wife found a SHIH TZU puppy that she really liked but was still alittle hesitate to purchase from Petland in Roanoke, Va. again so she spent around 2 hours or so their playing with the puppy and asking lots of questions. The assdociate that was helping my wife was very nice. She would go ask the manager on duty questions to get answers that my wife had and etc. My wife questioned about using their vet for the first check up the MOD said that she understtod the concern due to the first dog and told us that we could take the puppy to our vet for the first check up and that they would take care of the bill. My wife decided that she would give it another try with Petland in Roanoke, Va. and decided to purchase the puppy. After puppy was paid for we were told that she had a knee (loose joint) problem but it would get better with exercise they also informed us that the puppy had 2 more de-wormings to go through before we could take her home. I asked them why was this not done before they put puppies up for sale. I was told that this was standard practice. I thought here we go again. I asked my wife what she wanted to do since we had already paid for the puppy. She decided that she still wanted the puppy and since our vet would be checking her out that it would be aok. On Sunday we drove back to Petland in Roanoke, Va. My wife asked to see her puppy. The male associate there told my wife that he did not think that she could see the puppy that it was in the back sick. I went and found the MOD she told me that the associate did not know what the heck he was talking about and that my wife could see her puppy. On Monday it was time to pick up the new puppy. My wife called Petland in Roanoke, Va. to let them know what time she would be there to pick up the puppy. She was told that the puppy was having some issues such a soft stool and was not going to be able to go home. My wife also remided them that she would be taking the puppy to our vet for its first check up and the MOD on duty said that you will not be allowed to do that. My wife called me and I drove to the Roanoke store. The MOD at the time first tried to give me the run around telling me that it is standared practice for all puppies they sell must stay at their Petland store for 5 days after purchase to be checked out. I told him I wanted to see the puppy but he never went in the back to get her. I informed him that this was not the first time we purchased from Petland and that I had also seen puppies go straight home after being purchased on Saturday and Sunday. I also told him that it was sure funny that he would say 5 days when another MOD said 2 days. He tried to change his tune. After a fairly heated conversation with him he figured it was best to refund the money for the puppy. We also had purchased a cage for the puppy that we left in the store and never took home. We are still waiting on our refund for this item. Also the MOD told me that the owner would be back in town on Friday and that he would see that he calls me. Needless to say we have received no phone call as of today 11/19/08


Brandi of Calgary, AB

Original review: Nov. 19, 2008

I bought a dog 3 yrs ago from petland. She was malnutriced, had a collapsed trachia and a UTI. later we found out she was mentally challanged and we could not care for her so we found another home that could. We paid $900 for her plus vet bills, petland did not reimburse us for anythign. I bought another dog from there again a month ago. she had Giardia and a UTI. We have paid vet bills plus the money pad for her, again petland is not doing anything although we have a warrenty.


Tammy of East Mckeesport, PA

Original review: Nov. 13, 2008

On Saturday Nov. 8th at 9pm, we purchased a mixed breed (G. Shepherd and Chocolate Lab) puppy at the Petland store. We were told that he had been seen by vets, and that he had either pneumonia or it could be kennel cough. We wanted the puppy still. The store manager gave us 5 unlabeled clear syringes filled with a light amber liquid, said that they were antibiotics and to give the puppy one per day for the next five days. But they did not tell us what they were, nor did they give us a sheet to tell us about the drug, even though we asked. We were told that the person that we needed to talk to was not in.

The next day as I was bathing him, I noticed that his ears were full of a black gunk that covered the insides of both. It took me 45 minutes each to clean out. I then looked at his vet records from Petland and saw that the only vet that he had seen (Petland guarantees that they’ve seen 3 by the time that they’ve been purchased) said that he had mild discharge in his ears on October 15th. From his records, the puppy hadn’t been rechecked for it since. The vet also noted an infection on his back to be treated if it did not clear up. The vet records show the puppy’s temperature being taken for a few days, and a bath being given on Halloween. Otherwise, nothing was ever noted about him being on antibiotics or being diagnosed with kennel cough or pneumonia, his temperature was not checked the first week of November and there is no record of him being given antibiotics before we purchased him. On Nov. 11th, the puppy began being listless and began to refuse to eat. By the 12th, he had diarrhea, vomiting and a fever. I called my vet, and they were unable to get him in for an appoinment until 4pm. So, I called the vet that Petland stated would care for the puppy for free of charge. I was told that they could not see the puppy until the following Thursday. I told them that the dog couldn’t wait, and that I would just take him to my vet. Once there, they did a test for Parvo. It came back positive. He is now on ivs, and we are waiting to see if he survives. I’ve already begun to dispute the payment charge. They sold me a dog that had not one, but three ilnesses. I’ve talked to the Humane society (who are going to investigate) and am waiting for the Pennsylvania Allegheny County Dog Warden to return my call to see if they’ve done anything illegal in regards to lack of record keeping, etc. Petland has stated that they will cover $400 of his vet costs, but his vet bill, if he survives, will be higher than that. One other thing to note is that that we live about 15 miles from the store. This is the second dog that my vet has seen in 2 months that has parvo from that location. The family who had purchased that dog chose to return it. When my vet asked about the dog yesterday, he was told that it died.


Deborah of Bellevue, NE

Original review: Nov. 12, 2008

On February 18th,2008 I purchased a 10weeks and 5 days old ST Bernard puppy said to be free of any genetic defects. On March 11th, 2008, I noticed my puppy having trouble walking. After discussing this with my vet we decided on June 3rd the day of her spay that we would have ex-rays taken to determine the cause of the trouble with her walking. After reviewing the ex-rays our vet referred us to a specialist at Iowa State University. On June 26th, 2008 it was decided in our puppy’s best interest to have a TPO performed on her right hip. On August 7th, 2008 during her follow-up exam , it was noted that the hip displasia on her left sided had increasingly worsened and would not be considered for a TPO. We will have to wait until she is full grown at about 2yrs of age until we are able to have a whole hip replacement on the left side. Until such a date we will have to comfort her with through pain management and glucosamine supplements. When bringing my concerns to Petland I was told they were willing to give me store credit in the amount of the purchase price . My response was that store credit is not going to cover her medical expenses. I purchased my puppy for $1029.99. Had I known I was purchasing a puppy with a severe genetic

defect i would not have. Her medical expenses far out way the purchase price by 10 times the amount. Petland should not warranty pets if they are not going to stand by their moto of having healthy pets for sale. Especially when they are charging more than that of a reputable breeder.


Ashley of Sarasota, FL

Original review: Nov. 11, 2008

ok so I bought my beloved little yorkie on 10/07/08 (BY THE WAY I SPENT A TOTAL OF 3024.77) and brought her to the vet(of course you know you have to go to THEIR vet) on 10/09/08 JUST LIKE THE GUARANTEE STATED!!!!! she was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and was put on meds and sent home. about 2 MAYBE 3 days later she was taken back to the vet because she wouldn’t eat. so they did a stool and it came back positive for coccidia, which is an internal parasite that attacks the intestines and digestive tract. she was treated for that, her food AND MEDS were switched . she was sent home supposedly fine . three days later she was rushed to an emergency vet because she became hypoglycemic from not eating . she spent 6 or 7 hours there . I went to pick her up and brought her home for ONE HALF OF AN HOUR 30 minutes !!!!! then she was taken to her normal vet where she spent the next 2 days . she was sent home and I changed her vet. I took her to the NEW vet (which in turn happened to be owned by the first vet which is linked to petland)so they saw her and immediately diagnosed her with chronic pneumonia and was sent home with me for the night. the next morning I woke up and took her to the other vet ( which is owned by the same man )where she was admitted.I felt like I was getting the run around going from vet to vet not knowing that all of them had a contract with petland and are owned by the very same man who gave my dog a clean bill of health while she was sick. I could hear her drowning as she slept and didn’t know how to fix her. I lost countless hours of sleep in fear that I would wake up to a dead puppy in her bed. I went back to visit and she was supposedly doing fine but they still wanted to keep her. so the next time I spoke with the vet he told me that I could come pick her up that following week. when I went to pick her up I was informed that not only would I NOT be able to take my baby home but at the end of that next week she would be put down due to chronic pneumonia and the start of kidney failure. heart broken I went back to petland ….. not for a refund but to find out why I was sold a sick puppy. just out of curiosity I started looking around the other cages. there were NO BEDS, NO TOYS, DIRTY OVER POPULATED CAGES and the sick dogs that were in the very same cage as mine …… GONE……SOLD….. to unsuspecting people just like you and me !!!! and when I brought this to the attention of the GENERAL MANAGER he stated and I quote ” JUST BECAUSE ONE DOG IS SICK IT DOES NOT MEAN THE OTHERS IN THE CAGE ARE TOO.” THEN HE PROCEEDED TO TELL ME THAT “MY DOG WAS SICK FROM BEING TAKEN OUT OF THAT ENVIRONMENT(PETLANDS ENVIRONMENT)AND BROUGHT TO MY CLEAN WARM LOVING HOME”. I have had many many many animals many different species. I know a sick dog when I see one and sadly they are sick !!!!!!! I want them shut down all of them !!! class action sound good to you ? do it for the animals and their heart-broken families IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO START A LAW-SUIT TO GET THEM SHUT DOWN AND OR THE PUPPY-MILLS THAT SUPPORT/ENCOURAGE THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME BY E-MAIL WHICH IS EVILANGELTEARS@YAHOO.COM


Edwin of Vancleave, MS

Original review: Oct. 11, 2008

I just submitted another form on this company a few minutes ago. Doing another because I called them again to see if They had any New cans of DogSure. They still had 2 cans on the shelf with the same numbers imprinted on the bottom. I was told 2 days ago by the manager they were expired and they would take them off the shelf if they had any more cans with the same numbers! I asked the clerk to call her manager at home and find out for sure and call me back. She called me back and said they weren’t sure if they were expired or not but they would take the cans off the shelf until they could find out for sure.


Edwin of Vancleave, MS

Original review: Oct. 11, 2008

On 10/09/08, I paid $8.53 for 1 can of DogSure made by PetAg Inc., after stopping by Walmart and had frozen foods and dairy products in the car and had to drive 14 miles to get home. The DogSure was for our registered 5-month-old Yorkie who has just been treated (10/04/08) with IV fluids/antibiotics and medications for severe dehydration, vomiting, diarrhea and a severe case of hookworms from licking the grass outside where the strays come through. I got home and gave the DogSure and a can opener to my 14-year-old stepdaughter to give to Max (the Yorkie) while I unloaded the perishables from Walmart.

After Unloading and putting up the groceries, I checked to see how Max was eating. He was still weak and not eating well and having irregular bowel movements. I noticed there was a bowl with the same colored substance as the DogSure the vet had given us, but this was all chunky-looking. I looked at the can in the refrigerator and tried to pour some more out into the bowl. It barely came out and what did was something that looked curdled like yellow cottage cheese. The bottom of the can is imprinted with 0518D and under it is X2 10 UPC Code: 20279 99400.

I called Petland and told Amy ** – the cashier that had rung it up about it and she said to bring it in and I could get an exchange. I told her as far as I lived from there, it would cost me more to go there, than the can of DogSure. She put the manager on and I explained the problem AGAIN and I asked how to read the expiration date and I gave her the information from the can and she said that yes, it was expired and to bring it in. She would either exchange it or give me my money back. I want you to know that this can has been expired before this store was ever open. When this can expired, I don’t think the building they are in was even finished being built.


  1. of Bradenton, FL

Original review: Oct. 10, 2008

I have worked for Petland for over 2 years. The Kennel staff work their hardest to make sure each puppy is eating well, gaining weight, and getting socialized. They spend well over 2 1/2 hours EVERY morning sanitizing the kennels. Most of the puppies are fed 3x a day. If they do not eat well, they are transitioned over to a food they do like. Sometimes the staff mixes in cottage cheese or yogurt w/ their food to encourage them to eat. Their water is always full and clean, and their kennels are checked for feces regularly, if not by a kennel tech, then by a pet counselor. Each puppy also gets a weekly bath.

The puppies ARE socialized often. We are each assigned to socialize puppies for 45 minutes each, not counting the customers that play with them throughout the day. Not only the puppies are given attention, but you would find that the birds and small animals are extremely friendly and well-socialized. The puppies and kittens are vet checked every week, and their vaccinations are updated when necessary.

If a puppy isn’t sold immediately, their prices come down until they are sold. They are not sent back or put to sleep. I could not work there if that was the case. We haven’t had a puppy there longer than 2-3 months. If a puppy is returned (which is not very common) it is resold to another home, not sent back. Each puppy has a health chart that is updated w/ every meal. They are weighed every day, and are scored based on how well they are eating.

We always pair our puppies up in their kennels w/ another one so they aren’t alone. They are paired together according to size and age, and how far along they are in their vaccinations. If a dog is sick after purchase, they are treated through our vet immediately. Our vet is always on call. We have very good warranties and we do fulfill our end. There are things that are the customer’s responsibility, such as feeding them regularly to avoid hypoglycemia. I purchased my dog from petland last year. He is in excellent health, and a great companion. I have absolutely no complaints working at this store.


Ashley of Syracuse, NY

Original review: Sept. 30, 2008

I went to petland on a friday with my boyfriend and my niece so she could play with a few puppies. We seen the cutest black and white papillon. However she was sick and could not come out to play. Well, my boyfriend and I went back on Sunday. The sick puppy had been sold. I thought it was odd that she had been too sick 2 days before but was now gone. There was another red and white papillon that we held and despite whatever fears I had.. we bought him. He stole our hearts.

However when we looked at our paper work 2 weeks later we read that our warranty on him would only be good if we brought him to the vet within 2 days of purchase. Well we were so lucky to have the new guy whom was suppost to be guided and watched, was selling us this puppy alone. We don’t have a guarantee because one, we were never told, so needless to say they would not give us a warranty on him when I called. He was treated before we got him for giardia which is an intestinal parasite. He was given a clean bill of health.

Well there were other dogs living with us and all of them tested positive for giardia shortly after we brought Spike home. It’s not a life threatening thing, since we have no warranty and spent about $2,000 on him. Alot more than we wanted but he was worth it.


Elizabeth of Smyrna, TN

Original review: Sept. 26, 2008

I purchased a puppy from Petland and still have not received my registration papers. I have tried to contact the company several times, and Petland recently went out of business here. I just want my papers showing the registration of my dog.

If this dog is indeed not pure breed and not registered, I’d like a refund. The only reason for purchasing this puppy from here was to be sure that it was pure breed.


Haley of Great Neck, NY

Original review: Sept. 25, 2008

We bought our sweet little Bichon Frise for only $199! he was very very sad and corky looking, considering he’s been in a box longer he’s been with us! The lady convinced me that he was the most gorgeous thing ever once he was groomed, and she was absolutely right! My Husband groomed him himself, and he is now super happy and the most gorgeous Bichon ever!


Kevin of Washington, PA

Original review: Sept. 13, 2008

We went to the store inquiring about our dog’s matted fur. Our malamute’s coat was a mess. The staff at this store was so knowledgeable about what product we needed to purchase. Thankfully, the product was exactly what was needed. Our dog’s matted fur is gone and he is wonderful to pet. Thanks to Petland Wesley Chapel for the wonderful help.

We didn’t need to take our dog to the groomers, which saved us a lot of money


Ken of Warrenville, IL

Original review: Sept. 7, 2008

We purchased a (8 week old) Weimeraner on August 26th, 2008. We had visited Petland for 4 consecutive days before we purchased our dog. During each visit we inquired about the kennel cough that we noticed. The salesperson and assistant minimized the concerns. Three days later the cough turned into a running nose and slight fever. The fever would rise during the evening hours and peak right before we crated the pup at night (Aug 29 and 30th).

During Memorial day weekend the dog’s health regressed to the point where on Monday Sept 1st the dog was not eating and was running a temp of 102. We called Petland on Monday morning Sept 1st @ 11:00 am because the dog was seriously ill. Petland contacted the local vet/animal hospital (Glen Ellyn animal )and called us back to say that the vet would not be available until later that day and gave us very specific instructions on how to treat the dog in the interim. Petland called us back once @ 2:30 pm to check on the puppy and to say that the vet was not available until early evening. By the time the vet was available the pup was running a temp near 105. We dropped off the pup @ 6:00 pm and waited for the clinic to call.

One of the Vets from the clinic informed us that the Weimeraner pup was very ill and was diagnosed w/ pneumonia. When we questioned the vet about the possibility of a case of Canine Influenza the Vet responded that we treated the dog as if it had indeed has the Canine Influenze since there have been 61 documented cased of the disese recently reported in Illinois since June of 2008. When we asked why they did not test for the disease they responded by saying we do not have the lab equipment or capability to conduct that test and that if we wanted that test conducted we would have to take that up w/ Petland. The pup has been in the animal hospital since then. When the Animal hospital called on Sat Sept 6th to say that the puppy was ready to be picked up we explained that we were unable to pick him up on short notice.

We visited the Petland store on Sun Sept 7th to express our concerns about the dog, Derrick the manager was not very cooperative with us concerning some of the long-term effects that we had about the future health concerns about the dog. We are currently investigating some of the long-term implications of the potential influenza strain and the potential effect of these latent effects on all three dogs. We are also now very much concerned about the puppymill connection w/ Petland and would prefer to purchase our Weimeraner from an independent breeder. Petland has offered to accept the dog back and place it the Adopt A Pet program w/ zero compensation for our costs including the bordetella shot for the 7 yr old dog not purchased from them.

Since the dog was purchased w/ kennel cough and diagnosed w/ severe pneumonia and potential canine influenza we are seeking compensation for the impact on the other dogs and full re-imbursement for the Weimeraner. Petland has not offered any compensation or recognized any culpability for the potentillay sick dog

Valarie of Carl Junction, MO

Original review: Aug. 31, 2008

went looking at snakes, was told that i could put 1, on layaway just like they do other animals. well found kingsnake that had been lose in the store for 2 months, figured it would be a survivor. paid cash over 2 wks. cost was 43.00 well my tank broke when i went to set it up, went to explain to manger that i couldn’t purchase the snake.

she got in my face real nasty said we could of sold this snake. i said it had been lose in the store for 2 months not no one reported it to the customer’s, nor to the police. she told me to leave the store, that petland doesn’t due refunds nor layaway’s on animals. i contacted petland 2 times about this no one has ever contacted me. no refund, no snake.

bay ferrets are being sold that are less than 4 wks old. 1 that was so sick this woman told them for 2 hr’s it had blood coming out of it. when she threatened to call human society they got the vet to check the baby. that was the last anyone ever seen of it.


Betsy of Ashland, KY

Original review: Aug. 29, 2008

I’ve purchased 2 puppies from Petland over the past 20 years. The first in 1986. We had 24 hours to have the required vet check, but the puppy was sick when I brought it home. I should have recognized it. In the store it wasn’t playing, seemed lethargic and eyes weren’t as bright and clear. By the time we reached home it was evident the puppy was very sick. We immediately made an emergency trip to the vet and by the time we arrived puppy had bloody diarrhea. A tests revealed Parvo.

We phoned Petland from the Vet’s office and were told that we had 2 options. We could return the puppy for another one or have the puppy treated by the vet and Petland would pay all costs and if the puppy didn’t survive they would provide a replacement puppy. The Petland owner did clarify that due to the nature of the parvo disease if we opted for a return he would need to speak to the treating vet to give authorization to have the puppy put to sleep. We opted for treatment. Petland did pay and all turned out fine. Our Siberian Husky lived to be 16 years and a wonderful pet.

Our 2nd purchase was a Westie in 1999. I had gone in to buy pet supplies and fell in love with him. I made return visits daily for 1 week watching for any signs of illness due our last experience with parvo. At the end of the week when the little guy still seemed healthy and happy I made the purchase. It was almost closing time and Petland said they would mail the registration papers to me. I went back the next day to purchase some items to spoil my new pet and discovered the store had gone out of business.

It took me 15 months to finally receive the registration papers. I made 23 documented calls to Petland Corporate office and around 7 letters. After receiving the run around I finally contacted the Attorney General’s office in Kentucky where the purchase took place and the Attorney General in Ohio where the Petland corporate office is located. Magically within 2 weeks my papers arrived along with a gift certificate for merchandise. Unfortunatley by this time it was past the AKC’s registration deadline of 1 year of age. So I have an unregisterable dog. Good news is at 9 years he’s still healthy.


Ryan of West Palm Beach, FL

Original review: Aug. 25, 2008

We bought a 9 week old male boxer puppy from Petland June 19th of this year. He had a parasite, but was treated and sold to us with a certificate of health. We noticed him coughing and not gaining very much weight, so we took him to the vet complaining of the cough. We had blood tests and fecal tests run on the puppy and he was found to be anemic. He was put on vitamins and antibiotics, the vet assumed he may have had a blood parasite, but the medicine should take care of it accoring to the vet.

On August 20th, our puppy began acting different. He hid under our shed and was almost comatose. He wouldn’t eat or drink (not like Rocky) and only moved around a little bit. We kept him warm and went to bed with him around 11pm. At 12:15am on Thursday the 21st, he was whining and had vommitted in his crate and had bloody fluid leaking from his nose and anus. I rushed him to an emergency 24 hour vet and arrived at 12:45am. He died in my arms at the front door.

The vet said she had never seen a puppy die in such a way, and that he had completely leaked out on her exam table in the back. She offered to do a post death exam, but said it would cost around two thousand dollars. I did not have that money to spend. I only had my beautiful puppy for eight weeks.

Petland sold us a puppy knowing he had a parasite, Banfield did numerous studies and did not detect anything other anemia, which they also assumed was due to a parasite. He had been given all of the medication that he was prescribed. The corporate office of Petland today took our phone call and hung up on us when we wanted to place a complaint. We found the breeder that bred our puppy in Oklahoma and the president of the Oklahoma Boxer Club said that they felt sure it was a ‘puppy mill,’ which PetLand guarantees it does not buy its puppies from.

I would have to say this was the most traumatic experience I have ever had with a pet. People have to come to grips that older dogs are most likely going to pass at some point, but no one ever thinks so of a puppy, a four month old puppy. More than anything else, I would hope that PetLand would have to endure something substantial to ensure that this will never happen again to any of their customers. In total we spent around $1500 for the puppy itself, and around another $600 in vet bills.


Melia of Urbana, IL

Original review: Aug. 23, 2008

I bought a Miniature Pinscher at PetLand on July 27, 2008. He was 3 months old when I bought him. I paid $899 plus tax ($1,020.98) for him. I was specifically told by the Pet Counselor (Liz) that sold him to me that he had never had Kennel Cough. I was also told that I could only take him to their vet to have a free check up, and if he needed any treatment that it would only be cover at their vet. I was surprised that they would say this. We had him in the car for 20 and 5 minutes after we got home he began coughing.

My boyfriend took the puppy to their Vet on 7/29/08. The vet wrote down his vaccinations and said that he had been treated for Kennel Cough at their vet on 6/27/2008. The vet prescribed an 10 day antibiotic for the Kennel Cough and an antibiotic for a parasite that he had. On 8/2/08 I took the puppy to a vet in St. Joseph, IL for it is a neighboring town of where I live (Champaign, IL) so he could get vaccinations. The vet gave him an exam and and gave him an antibiotic because his kennel cough had not gotten better. On 8/11/08 I took the puppy to my vet and his cough had gotten worse. Again he was given an antibiotic for Kennel Cough. He was also given an antibiotic because he still had the parasite. On 8/20/08 I took the puppy to the vet because his Kennel Cough had not gotten any better. Once again he was given an antibiotic. The Vet said that he needed to be seen on 8/23/08 if he was not better.

It is now 8/23/08, and we took him to the Vet this morning. He had an x-ray which found that he has Pneumonia. He is now on another antibiotic. Mind you he has still not had his vaccinations because he has been sick since I purchased him.

I called PetLand 1 week after I purchased the puppy because I was told that I would receive papers in the mail for his microchip. An employee answered the phone. She said Oh I’m sorry yeah. I asked when I should expect the papers from the microchip company. After I had not received the papers from the microchip company I called them and they said that they had never gotten any information regarding the puppy. I called Helpmefindmypet on 8/20/08 because I yet to receive papers from them. Once again they said they had not received confirmation from PetLand.

On 8/22/08 I called PetLand to speak to the owner. I was told that she would call me on Saturday 8/23/08. On 8/23/08 the owner(Mary) called. I told her the situation and that he has been sick since I bought him. She kept interrupting me, and told me that he had never had kennel cough. I told her that their Vet treated him for it and she said that their Vet staff is proactive and that every little cough is treated. I told her that the puppy was sick immediately after he got home and she said that sometimes happens. I became so furious that I hung up and she called back saying that they have no records of the puppy being treated for Kennel Cough by the breeder nor their vet. She also said that Helpmefindmypet lost the papers that PetLand sent but she would resend them for me.

I have Vet bills that total 155.35. The Vet said that he may need more antibiotics and treatment. The vet recommended perhaps returning the puppy to PetLand. I mentioned this to the owner of the store and she said that they don’t accept returned puppies. So there are consequences for them selling a sick puppy?


Flora of Zephyrhills, FL

Original review: Aug. 22, 2008

I purchased a Chihuahua puppy at the Lakeland Petland ( from the original owners )and it has been the perfect companion. I am an older person, but the puppy has given me the excuse to walk more often and gives me someone to take care of and think about besides myself. I have read a lot of negative comments on here and a few positive ones, but my experience was very good. my dad always used to say if you are in business some people will swear by you and some people will swear at you…


Stephanie of Overland Park, KS

Original review: Aug. 19, 2008

Most puppies come from Hunte Corporation. This is the middle man who purchases from the breeder (puppy mill) and them sells the pup for a huge mark up. A lot of times as seen on here these dogs or animals are sick. Don’t shop – adopt! It is that simple. Also just because it is USDA approved, doesn’t mean it didn’t come from a puppy mill!


Victoria of Skokie, IL

Original review: Aug. 17, 2008

We purchased a German Shepherd puppy 3/2/08 from Petland Niles. We contemplated whether or not to get a rescue Shepherd but the store convinced us that we didn’t want to take any chances since we didn’t know where the rescue dogs come from, afterall, they can turn on you at any time.

On the other hand Petland puppies are a much better choice. The puppy had to be put to sleep 4 months and $5,000 later. It appeared that the dog had distemper despite all of the vaccinations he had supposedly received. According to several experts on canince immunology it most likely lay dormant in his system from the time he was a small puppy. The dog most likely came from a puppy mill where they live in unsanitary conditions with sometimes hundreds of other dogs. The puppy mill proprietors save money but inocculating the dogs themselves. They are not trained to administer vaccines correctly, do not store them properly, and often just skip dogs alltogether.

We had our puppies blood tested to see if he had antibodies to distemper which he should have had he been inocculated and sure enough he did not. When we contacted the store they said sorry about your dog but without an autopsy and proof that he had a congenital problem they were not responsible at all. When asked if they could contact the breeder to find out if there was a problem at their facility Petland stated that they worked with reputable breeders and that would not be necessary. We specifically asked if our dog came from a puppy mill and they said NO.

After researching a little further we found out that our dog not only most likely came from a puppy mill but it appeared that he may have come from one of the worst puppy mills in Iowa. This is consumer deception and fraud at its finest. The public pays a very high premium for dogs in good faith that the breeder had been researched by the pet store for them. They believe that is what they are paying for. It is completely the oposite. Petland is one of the largest distributors of puppy mill puppies. In fact, approximately 95% of their dogs come from puppy mills. Sometimes you are lucky and get a healthy dog but it is best not to take a chance since they are born into very unsanitary and unhealthy environments. Buyer be ware.

We owned the puppy for 4 months. Including purchase price, 1 month training at a boarding facility, and vet bills we have lost about $5,000. Our 3 year daughter is broken hearted and we have no recourse with the store.


Frances of Skokie, IL

Original review: Aug. 14, 2008

My sister in-law purchased a puggle from this Petland location. She had advised us not to purchase a puppy due to her puggle having kennel cough, but she never pursued retribution from Petland and decided to pay out-of-pocket for some hefty vet bills. My husband and I went to visit and play with the puppies for fun. We chose a husky that was sleeping. He was very calm and appeared to have a good temperament. Then, the puppy made noises and body jerks that showed difficulty breathing. We mentioned this to the salesperson, a very nice, sociable young man. He told us that the puppy was fine but was just getting over a little puppy cold.

We told the salesman that our sister had purchased a puppy 3 months ago that had kennel cough and that we were concerned that this puppy also had kennel cough. He told us that he would check with the manager and took a while to return. He advised us that this puppy has been on antibiotics and that the vet was not present but that he could find out when the puppy would finish his 2 weeks of antibiotics before he was able to leave the store, if we were still interested. Since our sister had purchased a puppy previously, they decided to knock off $50. from the outrageous asking price.

The salesman suggested we purchase another puppy from their store since we were concerned. He stated that the rest of the puppies were in fine health and not suffering from kennel cough. After sitting with the puppy for 2 hours, my husband was in love with the poor and sick creature. We decided that we could wait for the puppy to finish the antibiotics. We took the puppy home a few weeks later. He acted more like a puppy, but he got tired easily and had the same labored breathing.

We took him to the Niles vet, the one that Petland recommends. The vet told us that the puppy basically has pneumonia and that we need to take the puppy back to Petland immediately. The vet told us that the puppy needed to be quarantined and go on stronger antibiotics for a few more weeks. He added that he only volunteers for Petland because he feels so sorry for those animals that do not get proper care. He stated that most of the dogs have kennel cough and that the store should not keep purchasing and selling puppies until the place was clean of illnesses.

I was upset, but I wasn’t sure what I was hearing. I returned the puppy to Petland, and the vet had already alerted them of the return and care of our puppy. The staff were very kind and allowed us to visit the puppy in the “quarantined” area– a smaller room with 4 kennels and an intubation spot– but it was still located in the same kennel as the other puppies and the door was not always closed. We got to go into the back area of Petland, of course, and we saw that most of the puppies’ charts showed that most of them were on antibiotics of some sort. There were definitely some healthier puppies and hopefully they were sold quickly and never got sick.

The Petland manager threw in a free water dispenser for the puppy when we picked up our “healthy” puppy. Since then, the puppy has been to the vet numerous times. We decided that we did not trust Petland after the experience. We considered continuing to see the Niles vet, except that the staff were not so friendly, and perhaps the vet was in on some scheme in the long run.

The puppy has never been healthy. We met him at 2 months old but did not take him home until he was 4 months old. He is going to be 2 at the end of this year. We were told that he will not grow to his full size because he was so sick. He weighs about 40 lbs and our other male husky is twice his size and weighs 75 lbs. He is unable to digest foods normally (we’ve played around with different protein sources and starches– he cannot even handle the prescription ID food, cannot eat white/brown rice) and is constantly requiring a vet visit for an IV and antibiotic shot. He is beautiful and happy, otherwise, but he has never really known how “healthy” he should actually be… being sick is who he is.

Furthermore, we’ve told all of our family and friends NOT to purchase from Petland and to be wary of kennel cough and other illnesses, if they chose not to heed our warning. Our friends purchased a puppy 5 months later, and they went through the same issues. Their puppy had kennel cough, and Petland told them it was just a little cold, that the puppy will be fine in a few days, just like humans. They have had numerous puppy issues and vet bills, as well. Their own veterinarian told them that the puppy will never grow to its full size and that it will always have health issues as a result of being sick at such a young age.

A lot of time missed from work due to watching the puppy, who is basically like a sick baby/child. Veterinarian bills that are pretty routine. Trial and error buying of various foods with a lot of waste since the puppy couldn’t handle most of them. No paid-time off from work and physical damage to property from a puppy who has had unnecessary accidents out every end of his body. His purebred status is also questionable, as many have pointed out to us. We paid top money for this “purebred” puppy.


Lindsay of Leesburg, FL

Original review: Aug. 12, 2008

I’m only 16. I have two dogs, which are both muts (meaning they are impure / mixed breed). I love my dogs very much, and am a sucker for animals. (I even have a pawprint tattoed on me.) But I walked into the pet store to look around, because I like playing with the puppies. I came across a pedigree 2-month-old Beagle puppy. I felt horrible that she had to stay in such a little cage, when beagles need plenty of room to run around.

Needless to say, I bought her with my entire 2-week’s paycheck… I guess from all the reports, you could call it luck, but she’s perfectly fine. She’s not depressed, she eats most of her food and is the sweetest thing I’ve ever met! And I even made suer I bought her a mat and pillow so she would atleast be a LITTLE comfortable in those horrible cages. But overall, best choice: atleast leave your puppy there for a week. Maybe during your visits you may notice something wrong.





Kara of Topeka, KS

Original review: Aug. 6, 2008

I am a former employee of Petland Topeka and as an employee had purchased several pets from the Topeka Store. All of my pets have been in good health and I would recommend Petland Topeka to anyone who was looking for a new addition to their family. Petland Topeka has been working with the same breeders for as long as 20 years and their puppies DO NOT come from puppy mills! Their puppies are happy and healthy as are the rest of their animals. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful and they are definately needed in the community. If you have ever shopped at PetCo or PetsMart you will understand why I say this.



Chelsey of Davie, FL

Original review: Aug. 4, 2008

i walked into the store just to look at the animals.when i stumbled across somthing that broke my heart. there was about 20 kids under ten years old running around with hamsters and bunnies the kids where rough and not one person at the store was watching.none of the animals looked heathy and happy the kids could easly drop one of the amimals annd hurt it and noone will even know they need to watch the small animals more and take more percoutions


Melissa of Belleair, FL

Original review: July 22, 2008

We bought an 8 week old Shorkie female puppy on 7/14/08 for our 3 children. The puppy became sick through the night & I took it to VCA vet (Petland’s choice) & the puppy had parvo virus. I took the dog to the store & received a refund; however, my kids are heart broken & I have spent $1,500.00 having a Stanley Steamer cleaning my house & furniture. I am told by my vet that I shouldn’t get another puppy for 6-12 months & my 6 year old lab needed to get another parvo booster even though vaccinated. This virus can live up to 5 plus years in our yard. This has been a horrible experience & many wasted hours bleaching my home again & again to prepare for another puppy eventually. 3 kids 7 & under with broken hearts. $1531.00 cleaning bill & $42.00 for my 6 year old lab booster shot & numerous ongoing cleaning hours…sadly. Probably will have to throw away rugs that can’t be bleached.


Joe of Bellaire, OH

Original review: July 22, 2008

i was working at the Mall,and about closing time, i saw a man with 4 kittens in a box go past my store. I asked him where he was going with the kittens. He said,, Petland. He said they give him $5.00 for each kitten he gives them. These are kittens off the street. No shots or vet checked. Sure enough, he came back empty handed. He sold the kittens to petland for $5.00 each. True story.


Victoria of Geneva, IL

Original review: July 21, 2008

Yes I disapprove of Petland but what can I do? I don’t have the law on my side, the power to shut them down, nothing. Many large organizations say to avoid buying puppies from Pet stores. However, I can’t just watch the puppies suffer in there iddy-biddy cages. i must do something! I’m forming a new orginization; For the Sake of Dogs (FSD). I don’t know how it will go but I hope, I pray that in the end I can make petland stop selling puppies, one store at a time.


Richard of Land O’Lakes, FL

Original review: July 19, 2008

The Petland Wesley Chapel staff & owners are incredible, friendly, warm, inviting, and knowledgeable – we will always be back for supplies and hello’s. The soft-coat wheaton puppy we purchased is beautiful…This has been the very best experience and we would, and have been telling everyone about this Petland. Thank you, our family is now complete.

Their Vet at Seven oaks Pet Hospital takes great care of our puppy. We absolutely recommend Seven Oaks and Petland in wesley Chapel to others.


Hollie of Columbiana, OH

Original review: July 19, 2008

The pup I purchased at Petland was sick with parvo. Within 24 hours of purchase, the little guy was so sick we rushed him to the vet clinic who lives next door to us. When he told us what the dog had we knew he had received the illness at Boardman’s Petland because the gestation period for the illness is 7-10 days and they told us the pup had been at Petland for 30 days and gave us a discount on the purchase price because of it.

The girl who waited on us, Sarah, replied when I asked her if the pup was in good health (our dog of 7 years had just died and I told her I could not handle the situation emotionally if the pup was seriously ill) she said, If the dog was not healthy, it would not be in the window.

Because of the detailed warranty restraints coupled with the severity of the dog’s illness (50/50 chance we were told) we immediatley went, in person,at 9 in the morning (before any customers were there so it would be private) to Gary (Sarah was there as well and vouched for the fact that we had called within 12 hours to tell her the pup was not eating) who told us it was okay to use another vet (our vet’s nephew, Jeff, works there and was right by Gary when he spoke with us and vouched for his uncle) and stated that the warranty would be upheld anyway as it was just a guideline anyway, and that he would do right by us and shook both our hands.

The pup got well, and we felt they owed us the vet bill only so we went to negotiate with Gary in his office one week later. This would have been the time to tell us he could not pay the vet bill (we took him copies of all health documents and the itimized bill) and that he could only give us our purchase price back, but instead he agreed to pay the full vet bill and said he did not have the money right now on hand and had to wait until the end of the week to write the check and that (said it twice in front of Sarah) we would have it by the beginning of the week. This was a very good meeting full of handshakes and smiles and personal stories etc. Gary and Sarah seemed truly pleased that the pup was well, and Gary even said, God works in miraculous ways before we left.

When we did not get any check by Tuesday’s mail, my husband called to touch base only with him about the situation. At that time Gary told us that he did not have the money, had no idea when he would, and had no idea when we might get a check with the tone in his voice that we were not going to get it ever. He pretended he did not know who we were even though this was a 10 day tiem frame.

When we first contacting him about the pup’s health, we were trying to help him out by telling him up front about the parvo situation. Parvo is highly contagious (we have to change clothes before we can leave the house after being with the dog while he is contaminated for a total of 30 days) so we thought he should know since his pups may be between parvo shots and get parvo as well. When we went to talk with him, I looked at the cages to see if the other dog who was in the window was okay, and the cages had been cleaned. It did not look as if Petland had done anything differently to the cleanliness of the area. In the 7 days our pup was in the animal hospital,how many people purchased dogs, played with pups, or went home to deliberate about buying the dog they played with with parvo on their unwashed hands or shoes(yes,the hidden illness can attach itself to shoes, hair, hands, and clothes it is that lethal to dogs who have not had their parvo shots).

My backyard will be contaminated for 1-3 years and no new puppy can come into our house or our fenced in backyard until the pup has had ALL its shots. How kindly do you think your neighbors are going to be if you bring parvo into the neighborhood? The good news is that once the pup has had it, and survived it, they cannot get it again; but an older dog who may be sick can still get it. We went to find joy in a pup, and now are disinfecting our yard, our house, our clothes, our shoes, and telling people who we know who have dogs we can’t come near theirs for 30 days and, no, they can’t play with ours.

Gary claims to have been in the business for 30 years, so folks, he KNOWS! Petland does not care. All Gary had to do was give us something, even if he could not give us the full vet bill. Our attorney (yes we are making plans) told us that the warranty has twisted wording so that the health of the pet is the responsibility of the new owner provided you go to their vet, and they have no emergency clause in the warranty if in the middle of the night your dog gets sick and the THEIR animal hospital (in Niles) is not open.

I am writing this to you because I was told to NOT go to Petland before I walked in there, but just like you, I felt that it would not happen to me and that our local Petland was not like those other nasty ones. The pup looked fine. They will until you get them home. And have you thought about what will happen 2 years down the line in that 3 year warranty if you happen to be away on vacation and the dog gets ill in a kennel or in a different state and you cannot get him/her to THEIR hospital. Yep, you got it, the warranty will not hold. Just read what you signed. They have no intention of paying you or replacing that dog. They will say whatever you want to hear and hope you leave fast and don’t call back. The Petlands in America have been to court so often they probably do not even show up (Google that one, too). The cruelty to animals is hideous, and the cruelty to the consumer is just outrageous.

Read above.


Kt of Tulsa, OK

Original review: July 18, 2008

I have worked at a petland and I would like to say, I have had a great experience with my location (I cant speak for all). I read some of the comments on here and it makes me laugh. By NO MEANS do I laugh at the pain/illnesses of the puppies nor the expense the people have to pay for the puppies, but people who comment on how petland gave them a sick/abused/dying puppy, when most of the time, these symptoms I read are consumer error in taking care of the puppy.

I read one comment on how her puppy wouldnt eat or drink… thats hypoglycemia. Something that ANY puppy/dog can get in a stressful state of moving from one place to another. The owner needs to MAKE that puppy eat and drink. Take care of the animal as if it were your child. If it doesnt eat of drink, make it. Yes, you make need to take it to a vet before it gets worse, but you would take your kid to a vet before it would get worse.

And as far as the microchip goes, its a 90% success rate, not 100%. True, maybe not all vets check, but in a good town, if someone found a good puppy, they would take it to police and/or shelter where they WOULD microchip it and find you, the owner. I have also read comments about past employees saying dont get a puppy from petland, may i remind you, most of these people probably havent learned and dont know half of the stuff some of the stores go through. They were probably fired for good reasons, and are very bitter, so of course they are going to say bad things.

Again, some little 10 year old (showing you that ANYONE can comment and say crap) said that they thrown out/kill their puppies at a certain age, and that offends me. I am a huge dog lover and i would not have worked there if that was the case. They keep them there and lower the price untill they find a home.

And last but NOT least, i have also read comments of how people say the wire bottoms look uncomfortable and are cruel to keep them in the tiny boxes. The wire grates are for sanitary reasons. Its easier to keep puppies out of the poo and pee if it is able to fall through a grate and someone to see and clean it up. When a puppy gets big, it has more potential to stay on the grate, and yes they may eat some of it, but we try to prevent that. (the intestine is still growing and developing and they still smell a little nutrition, so they try to eat it) Most if not all of time, compare by size, these areas are WAY bigger for little puppies, compared to the ones they give bigger dogs at shelters, and they get more playtime. (at least at our location….) We have people who regularly come in and play with the puppies, and we love it! It gets them socialized and playful until they find a home.

You can ask many petland employees if they have gotten a puppy from there, and i can almost guarantee at least 3-4 at each location has gotten a puppy from there. Why would they get a puppy from there if it was a horrible place as these ignorant people make it. Petland doesn’t offer you a machine that is 100% guaranteed to take care of itself and be 100% proof of ANY illness for a lifetime. Its like a kid, take care of it, and it will love you and make you happy.


Rikki of Oronogo, MO

Original review: July 18, 2008

bought a ball python and had it for about a month, it would not eat and then died, they replaced it, the 2nd one lived for about 2 and a half weeks, then died as well, not to mention, a clerk recommended a certain type of bedding for our guinea pigs and after having one of them die we found out that this peticular bedding is fatal for guinea pigs…

we bought the snake for our daughter for her birthday, when i had to tell her it died, she was heartbroken, but when etland said they would replace it, there was some comfort in knowing they cared, this was after they told me there is a 48 hour return policy and i had to argue with them to get them to give me a new one.. now, having to tell her again that this one is dead…. she is only 6 years old and does not understand what happened and she wants me to give her answers that i dont have…

the guinea pig was a present for my husband for his birthday and we had him for over a year with no problem, then he just died.. luckily we figured out the problem before it was too late for the other one who in al actuality got pretty sick and almost died as well… apparently unbeknownst to us, this is not the first issue that petland has had with their snakes, i am not sure about the guinea pigs, but i have now found several complaints from customers of petland who have bought sick snakes that laer died as well…


Charles of Washington Crossing, PA

Original review: July 13, 2008

bought a 1/2 fish bowl and a can of fish food and was charged 9.00, everyone-else in the area sames the same for 6.00 maximum. this was a new store so I expected a deal, guess not.

will never shop there again.


Gina of Wesley Chapel, FL

Original review: July 12, 2008

We went to the Grand opening of Petland and were very impressed with the friendliness and knowledge of the staff. We’ve never purchased our pets from a pet store, but Petland Wesley Chapel was different. You could just tell that the owners really cared about their pets and their customers.

We were very pleased with our experience and their customers service.


Alicia of Joplin, MO

Original review: July 12, 2008

I have bought alot of stuff at the store here in my town i have bought 4 snakes now and 3 out of the 4 are dead i went to the the store to tell them about the first one and they replaced it ok thats fine until we get back there and they got a dead snake in there cage aswell and then they want to tell me that there snakes arent sick well guess what they are if they wasnt my snakes wouldnt have died and then they tell me there is nothing they can do about it they only offer i 48hour return policy

i feel if there snakes wouldnt have been sick my other snakes wouldnt have died so if you are from this area please do not buy your snakes from petland.


Veronica of Henderson, NV

Original review: July 12, 2008

My fiance & I went into petland to look at puppies. They ended up selling us two puppies. Telling us they wouldn’t allow us to leave with the puppies untill we bought everything the puppies needed. We were so amuzed by the puppies that we were taken right before our eyes.

For a mini pen & mini yorkie both puppies after grown would weigh under 10 lbs. But they sold us 2 of their largest & most exspensive crates. We could seriously fit 5 same sized puppies in each crate a peace easy! They sold us anything & everything they could rack up on our new petland credit card that we were approved for. Telling us the reason why the dogs were so exspensive was because these wonderful micro chips they have in them. That if they were ever lossed we would have a great chance at getting them back.

Long story short our Yorkie was stolen right out of our back yard. Then a few months later out mini pen took off & got out of the yard. Now my fiance feels horriable about lossing both puppies & doesn’t blame anyone but his own self for not keeping a closer eye on them when in the yard. Now we have done everything we can to get them dogs back. We have offered a 1000 reward & contacted every vet & pound in area. We have put up posters & knocked on doors.

But the most disapointing thing of all are these GREAT micro chips they sold us on & pushed. Oh how great these things are. Come to find out that 90% of the vets don’t even bother to check for them. Even if they do they just go off what ever lame exscuss the person whom brought the dog in gives. We have been contacted by many people exspressing how sorry they are for our loss & how there dogs too had micro chips & were never found.

We are now the proud owners of a VERY LARGE Billing statement for two lossed puppies & 2 large empty crates. We have been paying 100 a month to our bill & that is what they sugjested we pay at the pet store. Our bill with the 21.10 annual percentage rate is now over what it started. This is horriable biz they do at this store. NOT only are there puppies over priced we learned over time. But their credit card company is a horriable rip off.

They should also be more honest about this micro chip thing they offr & tell the truth about these micro chips. Something has to be done. We were told there is a law firm somewhere putting a class action together agenst these pet credit card companies. PLEASE if anyone knows or thinks we are being screwed badly by this company. PLEASE contact us with any info on what we can do to get help. We now have a toy poodle we bought & paid for cash. We take very good care of her & we wont let her out of our sight. We keep a name tag on her at all times & will never make the same mistakes again. PLEASE somebody help us with any info on how to help! We need some advice! Thanks


Matilda of Mcgregor, TX

Original review: July 12, 2008

I took my kids to visit Petland for the first time today. When we first walked in, we were excited to see all of the puppies. Most of the puppies were asleep and they were precious. After walking through the store, we walked back to look at the dogs. This time, most of the dogs were awake. We saw things very differently the second time through.

We requested a visit with a Golden Doodle. He was in a small cage (about the size of a small coffee table) and he took up more than half of it! The cages have wire floors that are very uncomfortable for the dogs. They have small plastic trays to sleep on. It is very sad to see a 20+ pound dog trying to squish his whole body on a lunch tray. When he came out of the cage, he was VERY active and bit a lot. We were told that this was his first time out today. It was 2:30 in the afternoon!

When looking closer at the other dogs, my kids noticed that some of them looked sick. One large dog had his ribs and hip bones sticking out. He looked very underfed. One dog was eating his poo that had been in his cage for a while. When I pointed it out, it was yelled I KNOW IT! I’M TAKING CARE OF IT! I have been very disturbed by the visit and I was very disappointed to read all of the complaints against Petland.


Lyn of Joplin, MO

Original review: July 10, 2008

As an X-employee, I would not recommed any one to buy a dog at this store!! The owners are scammers, and are only in it for the money! Many times I have seen sick or defective puppies go home with a customer, and we were not allowed to tell thim there was anything wrong! They say they only care about the puppies, but thats not true, they only care about there bank accounts!! Otherwise they wouldn’t mind telling a customer that the puppy should not be used for breeding, or it have a skin rash, or as had a cough or Cold!!

If the vet checked the puppies and found a defect, we where not allowed to tell the customer or but it in there file where it would belong! And we sell a warranty with the puppies, however, You may get help, and you may get nothing, depending on how the owner feels. the customer is suppost to follow the warranty, but if it doesn’t work for him, then he doesn’t have to! And this is not even the half of it, so BE AWARE!!!

The dogs in the paper for less that half the price are more worth it!!!!! They will tell you that less that 1%, of there puppies get sick, but I would tell you that we hear from customers with sick dogs about 1 out of 3 that go home. Also don’t allow your family to work for them as well!! They are very rude and hateful to there employees, and threaten your job on a daily basic for no reason. Hatefull email, and horrible statement like I don’t pay you to see you family.


Petra of Geneva, IL

Original review: July 7, 2008

have little power when it comes to helping the poor puppies at Petland. I can see they’re sick. They never get excersied or play with other puppies, therefore they are unsocilaized. Their ‘prisons’ are cramped, not sutble for one puppy let alone two. The puppies have a hard plank to sleep on, which can only fit one at a time, and they are lucky even if they have a toy. Urine and poo just sits in their ‘prison’ and nobody cleans it up. Whats worse is the puppies may have a ‘playmate’ who is ill. These conditions break my heart.

I’m going to try and get an inside job. I’m going to try and convince the manager and owner they will make more money if they sell HEALTHY, HAPPY, and REASONABLE priced puppies. That is my goal. Then, maybe, just maybe, other Petlands will follow this Petland when they realize having healthy animals and knowldge about each gets them more money. This will then start putting puppy mills out of buisness because nobody will buy from the brokers that buy from them. ALL wish me luck in myt struggle to give puppies the life they really deserve!


Beth of Wesley Chapel Florida, FL

Original review: July 3, 2008

As soon as we walked into the new Petland Wesley Chapel Store we were greeted by friendly and very knowledgeable staff. We were given the attention we needed when we were playing with our beautiful new baby boy Neo.Mastiff . Thanks you for Everything!!

[We were very impressed with the follow-up vet care available ]


Daralynn of Marietta, GA

Original review: July 2, 2008

August 2006,my precious Yorkshire Terrier was purchased there. I never knew how terrible pet stores are about the neglect, abuse and disrespect customers receive as well with Petland. After purchasing my puppy and going through all the devastating things we both endured I found droves of complaints about pet stores. Petland companies led the list of complaints.

I never thought I could love an animal as much as I love and animal as much as I loved her. When I purchased her she was in the hospital the next day! She suffered from breathing problems, bloody stools. There are so many complaints here and we all have very similiar stories, therefore I’ll make mine short. The owners weren’t nice to me and unwilling to give me a refund. When there vet looked her over they didn’t find anything wrong with her. They claim was they always get depressed once they leave the store.

I spend at least 3,000 in vet bills. My personal vet and hospital bills combined alsmost caused me to get behind on other bills. But I wanted the best for her. Unaware of all the complaints I figure we would get past this illness. Finally my vet told me her illness is chronic. How could I continue this way. At this point it was 2 weeks of back and forth to vet and hospital. This went on for 6 mos. Th eonly reason she lived that long is because my vet kept her on Iv and meds. all the time. But it became too costly.

Finally my vet agreed to take her for me. She cared about her after 6 mos. of going through the emotional heartache of losing a dog as soon as I got her from Petland. I love the breed, but I’m afraid to get another dog after this turmoil. In the 6 mos. I had taught her to potty and retrieve her ball. My intentions were to give her a better life then she knew. My vet ran every test it was in the world for a puppy and they couldn’t find anything wrong.

I wish someone would closed down pet stores that sell pets, crack down on all puppy mills and find a way to make sure breeders are taking proper care f the animals to ensure better health. The puppies suffer but they can’t talk. If anyone can do something about this please contact me. I would love to be inform of the crack down. It seems as if we are all making this complaint to the wrong people. I’ve complained some place before, and know one seems to care. This is all about making money. Know one care abou tthe pets or the people that love them.


Kathleen of Wesley Chapel, FL

Original review: June 16, 2008

On 5/28/08 I purchased a two month old pomeranian female. She was seen by the vet before I was able to bring her home. I was told by Petland that I had to take her to see the Vet. in four days. I went to Pebble Creek Animal Hospital and by that evening she was experiencing piercing screems. Next day I took her back to the vet and they told me she had kennel cough. They said that it could lay dormant for up to three weeks. They gave me an antibody for her to take.

She didn’t seem to get any better and then one week later she wouldn’t eat and all she wanted to do was sleep. She only weighed 1-1/4 lbs. When I took her in she had bad pneumonia and they had to keep her for 3 days giving her nephalizer treatments around clock every 4 hours. I have to bring her back tomorrow for the next 3 days before they take another xray as only one lung has cleared up and the other is still not doing well.

My friend is going through a similar situation but her dog didn’t have to stay overnight but brought her in every day for 3 days. While we were there on Saturday a golden retriever puppy came in very sick with pneumonia and parvovirus.

My complaint is that when we purchased these dogs in good faith that they were well dogs. Just the opposite they are all sick coming out of Petland Wesley Chapel. I am concerned because my dog is so small and underweight for 2 months old. What recourse do I have at this time as a consumer? Is there a lemon law that protects customers and dogs. They shouldn’t be allowed to sell sick dogs. Also I worry about the future of my dog will she be sustible to other diseases especially if she is exposed to other dogs?

Is there any way that I could be reimbursed for the inconvenience and heartbreak of my puppy. They are covering the medical expenses for 6 months for a sick dog. But I want a well dog


Janice of Wesley Chapel, FL

Original review: June 15, 2008

On Thursday, May 22 2008, I went to browse the PetLand store, in Chicago Ridge, IL. I was greeted by sales associate and manager, Mary. I chose an 8 week old female Bassett Hound to look at and see if she’d be the right fit for my home. I eventually made the decision to make her the newest addition of my family. After $1,300 spent, I finally got her out of that horrible place. Within two days of having her, she started to cough and was not able to breathe. I tried contacting the vet they wanted me to go to, but being it was the weekend and Memorial Day weekend on top of it, they were closed. I had to work fast, she was only getting worse. I waited another day and just couldn’t bare the thought of something happening to her; so I brought her into a vet that was open and willing to help out.

After having x-rays and a lot of other procedures done, it turned out, she had Kennel cough, and pneumonia. They immediately treated her with 2 antibiotic shots, fluids and things I couldn’t even begin to explain, since they had to call in another doctor, because the fluids in her lungs were so bad. Once we left the vet ($2,300, not including the meds she had to be on for 2 weeks and the RX food she needed to be on and is still on, later) she is a HAPPY, & HEALTHY girl. She has been to the vet every week since; she and I are known by first name there.

I did contact Mary, to let her know what was going on, and all she had to say, (with a attitude) was that it’s not their fault the vet was closed and I should have just waited until their vet was open again. That nothing is covered and so sorry, too bad, it’s all on you to take care of the dog and you should have expected a puppy to get sick. I am so happy I saved this puppies life, but I would NEVER go there again and am making sure to let it be known to others what horrible people are at PetLand , how cruel they are, and the conditions they allow their puppies to be in. BBB has been contacted as well as many other places. DO NOT BUY FROM PETLAND!!!!


Ashley of Mansfield, OH

Original review: June 4, 2008

Let me just start by saying my 12-13 week old English Bulldog is in good hands now. My fiance and I purchased our dog in Mansfield, Ohio. My dad was nice and put $1,000 on her to put her on hold so my dad could get a loan to pay for her so I could pay my dad back.

Well when he put that money down my dad told them that we would be back next week by friday to pick her up. They harrassed us and called us twice a day to find out when we were coming to pick her up. Well we finally picked her up on Friday when we told them we would.

My mom requested for me that I watch how they bathe her to give her the best care I possibly can. Well they did show me how to after giving me a huge hassel with my age that they recommended that my mom should be present to help me understand. Just for the record I am 16 and I graduated early please tell me I need help cleaning a dog!

Then we took her to the vet (yesterday) that they recommended and I am not pleased because I had to pay $100 just in medication for her infected ears and unproperly cleaned wrinkles. My parents are taking her next week for another visit so more is to be known.

Thankfully, there is no long term damage so far known.


Andrea of Calhoun, GA

Original review: June 3, 2008

It is a shame that these animals are living in the situation that they are. This place is nasty, smells terrible and they just moved into this building. No water, urine in the cages. Something needs to be done the employees and the owner do not seem to care.


Brittany of Jacksonville, FL

Original review: June 3, 2008.

I got my puppy from Pet land. They made me go to Beltway animal hospital. The animal hospital has said he has had kennel cough for 7 months. They just keep giving him antibiotics and he just keeps getting worse. Kennel cough isn’t suppose to last this long. I am now at the point were Im spending $134 a visit when Pet lands 3 year warranty should be paying for it.

I’m paying $134 for a visit. My dog isn’t getting any better. I’m losing money and may be losing my dog


Theresa of Liverpool, NY

Original review: June 3, 2008

I purchased a female Siberian Husky for $1,100. Part of their contract states that you have to bring your animal to a vet they are contracted with. So, I brought my dog to Cicero Animal Clinic Upon, my first visit, I was told my dog had kennel cough and she was given an antibiotic.

I was also told that my puppy had an amibilical cord hernia and could NEVER be bred. This is something that petland DID NOT tell me upon the sale of my dog! They also tested her for Parvo and Gihardia. She came back positive for Giahardia. And had to be treated for that. The reason I do not like Cicero Animal Clinic is because the claim they called me and left me a message stating that my dog had Giardia. Well, I NEVER received the message. And found out she had it at her next visit which was a MONTH later and they cleared her with a CLEAN bill of health! ( which they should not have done until after she was treated for the Giardia and deemed fit for sale)

I called the Manager at Petland to report that my dog had kennel cough and Giardia. I also reported that I was never told upon sale of my dog that she had an amibilical cord hernia and could not be bred. The manager was completely rude, unprofessional, and did not care. He had the nerve to say to me Now why would we do that? Why would we sell a dog to you and keep that from you?

Then the jerk stated It was in your paper work wasnt it. The point of this matter is. It was in the paperwork, in a little statement that the common person would not pick up on. The other point of this is that Petland puts it in the paperwork to cover themselves, BUT does not tell you upon the SALE of the animal!! My Husky is now a healthy, happy, well loved, and now 6 1/2 months old. I cleary took her out of Cicero Animal Hospital and have her at the vet that I take my cats too and am very happy with my vet. I also called the AKC registry paperwork for my dog. The paperwork is false paperwork which stated she is not registered and probably came from a PUPPY MILL!!


Walter of Dayton, OH

Original review: May 30, 2008

Purchased a Mini-Schnauzer. He was supposed to be AKC registered. On 1-11, Kate assured me he was registered. On 1-13 (date of purchase) Travis again assured me the dog was AKC registered, and that the papers would be sent to me. I return to the store six weeks later to find out why I had received the Registrastion papers. Kate informed it took twelve to thirteen weeks to receive the papers.

On 5-16 I went to Petland to find out why I hadn’t gotten the paperwork. Chris informed me there had been an error made by the previous Manager. No papers, they had no infromation on the breeder. I should contact AKC but without the breeders name they couldn’t to anything. I e-mailed Petland twice. They never responded. I now need to purchase a AKC registered male Mini-Schnauzer


Karen of Atlanta, GA

Original review: May 29, 2008

2 Puppies in the store have mange, they are a mixed breed appromately 5 months old, another puppy , a bulldog, has pneumonia. The owner will not reduce his prices and these dogs are too large for the cages.


Mechelle of Winston Salem, NC

Original review: May 17, 2008

We went down to Medina to purchase a Minature Schnauzer. My partner was very explicit whe she asked if the puppy was AKC registered. We were told YES. My partner shows dogs in AKC sanctioned shows. We finally received the papers on May 15, 2008. The original purchase date was March 14, 2008. This pup’s papers to be registered is with the ACA. This is the American Canine Association. This is not the American Kennel Club. We spent $958.00 for what?

Our purpose was to show this dog in sactioned AKC shows to get his AKC Championship and to utilize him as a stud for quality AKC puppies. Our economic loss on this is substancial. Yes, he is a companion to us, but now we should have him neutered as his worth as a stud is null.


Stefanie of Euclid, OH

Original review: May 9, 2008

Well, I am a student at Ohio University and I visit Petland regularly. Some of the pets that I have seen are in horrible condition. The Chihuahuas shake uncontrollably and some of the larger breeds that come in like the golden retriever are entirely too skinny.

One particular dog that sparked my anger was a Maltese that came in about two weeks ago. The dog had close to no hair and looked to be way younger than 8 weeks old. I will never buy a dog from Petland.

Well, the local dog shelter that euthanizes many dogs throughout the year has had to fight with Petland over selling dogs. Petland sued the city for making an ordinance that said dogs under 6 months of age couldn’t be sold. There is a massive overpopulation of stray cats and dogs in the area.


Tara of Washington, IA

Original review: May 1, 2008

I volunteer at my local animal shelter, we recently received 2 Bichon Frises due to the owner being allergic. He had bought them both from Petland, while he is still paying for them, over $800 each. Which of course he couldn’t take back. They are now is a loving forever home and was adopted out for $115 each. Local animal shelters do have pure breed homeless animals from time to time. Or even if they are a mix with whatever breed the consumer is looking for, they generally more heathy that a pure breed.

Please adopt a homeless pet from your shelter, don’t spend thousands of dollars on puppy mill dogs. The thousands you spent on your pure breed could have helped hundreds of loving companion animals.


C of 555 Southview Tr, TX

Original review: April 30, 2008

I am a former petland employee. I advise not to shop at petland georgetown. Not only was i treated horribly but i witnessed many customers treated poorley by the owner and manager. When i started i was intrusted on how to deel with customers and they take pride in kicking people out and scaming them for all the money that they can squeez out of you.

They will do anything to sell you a very OVERPRICED puppy. A puppy they bought for $600 will cost you $3,500 Puppys are said to come from breeders, but many come in sick and are sent back to be put to sleep. As a person working in petcare (former Vet-Tech) I advise youSearch your papers and internet for a puppy breeder DONT SHOP AT PETLAND!


Lenny of Imperial, PA

Original review: April 26, 2008

We purchased our Boston Terrier from Petland in November of 2005 without a health certificate for $1499.00. Six months later she developed a rear leg condition that required surgery on each rear leg. We contacted the Robinson Petland, and felt pressured into complying with the stores requests of faxing info, Organizing an x-ray,which we did, but wasn’t good enough. Then it was about seeing a Doctor in Plum, PA (which wasn’t happening, nor was it in the warranty to do so.)

Hearing about the store owner going to our vet to demand all our dogs records was quite upsetting. Hearing how he could have the surgery done at little, or no cost to us, was also upsetting. We were happy that our vet was trusting and honestly answered that this is a genetic defect documented from poor breeding. (Puppy Mills) We compared the warranty with PA state puppy laws and were shocked as to what we found.

We ended up filing in Allegheny County Arbitration Court, which can be done without an attorney, and were awarded about half of our expenses. To this day we haven’t been paid from Petland. We also have six months left of the Petland Warranty. We also have made the Attorney Generals Office in Pittsburgh aware of the differences between the PA State Puppy laws and Petlands Warranty.

We have a dog we will always need to watch that has a pin placed in each rear leg, bothered by the cold weather, someday they may need to be removed. Sure it’s great to play fetch on the good days, but one bad day really upsets us seeing her licking her rear knees over, and over. I’m sure the store owner could give a Brass Band Speech over it, but I know by talking with a dozen, or so of a hundred+, x-Petland employees, they didn’t like what happens there either.


Mary of Canal Winchester, OH

Original review: April 13, 2008

I got a siamese kitten (lola) from petland on 3/27/08. when i was looking at her i noticed that she had yellow crust in the corner of her eyes. i thought it was just eye sleep that had dried up and no one had wiped away. i took her to their vet for her check up and told them that she had been scratching her ears and i thought she had ear mites, they looked and said they were just dirty and that they would be fine.

a couple of days later her eyes were swollen, pink, and they both had a discharge, i took her back and they said it was just an infection and gave me eye drops, after 2 weeks she still had it and my other cat (carson) had it also. i took them to a 24 hour vet in worthington, and said that they both have a upper respiratory infetion, from feline herpes. now i have to give them eye drops eye ointment an oral antibiotic and another antibiotic i have to mix in their food. they will have this for the rest of their lives. my boyfriend and i are going to do something about this, its not right.





Julz of Roscoe, IL

Original review: April 6, 2008

I purchased a male westie puppy who was around 8 weeks old from the local Petland store. This was way before I had EVER heard of puppymills. I recently watched the special Oprah Winfrey had on such places and was completly horrified. I had NO idea that people could be so inhumane!!!. I just wanted to say that I am one of the very lucky ones I believe. My westie is now 6 months old and VERY HEALTHY!!. He is awesome with kids, other dogs and quite entertaining. I have never kenneled him, unless he is in trouble, which has only been a few times. So, I truly feel VERY lucky that I received one of the GOOD ONES from our local Petland. I can say that I will never purchase another pet from ANY pet store, after watching the special on TV, even though mine is awesome. I will definetly go to our local shelter/adoption facility.


Kathy of Merrillville, IN

Original review: April 6, 2008

I bought a pomeranian puppy from Petland on Rt 30. Pomeranian breed standards say they are supposed to grow to 4-8 lbs, she is 25 lbs. She is the size of a sheltie. This is breed misrepresentation, you do not get what you pay for at Petland. She could have been registered thru one of their junk registries APRI, but there is no point in registering through there because you cannot show any dogs without AKC anyway.
She is now 6 years old. She has knee problems, breathing problems, seizures, and is neurotic. She hides and hoards food (probably learned as a small pup for survival).

I have been to the vet many times with her over her breathing problems and seizures. I never added up the dollar amounts for this. I had her spayed in honor of her mother, who is probably still in a mill churning out unhealthy mentally ill puppies for Petland.


Nancy of Tampa, FL

Original review: March 31, 2008

My mother purchased a toy poodle on 2/29/08 fly home to N.Y and puppy was one

step away from being dead, they rushed puppy to emergency animal hospital and they keep it for the night. The next day took the puppy to the Vet. and they keep the puppy for the next night. After several days trying to get this puppy to eat and ran tests on her the vet advised my mother to put her down because she was not a well puppy. The vet. even called the store to explain all this to the manager.

So now were in a total disa greement with the store because they did not agree with the decision of the Vet. they will not pay for the puppy or the vet bills. We have spent over $2,300 and

we have nothing but heart ache.


Abby of Athens, OH

Original review: March 30, 2008

I’m only ten years old and I know how bad Petland is for our town. Petland puts their dogs to sleep or PUTS THEM OUT ON THE STREET if they don’t get adopted! That is overcrowding our dog shelter and causing unnecessary euthanasia (putting to sleep)!


Brianna of Des Moines, IA

Original review: March 13, 2008

We fell in love with our little siberian husky named Nala. She was cute and sweet but our one concern was that her nose was a little warm. The next day we went back to shop for chew toys and a brush, and one of the employees from the day before helped us. When we were questioning about her dry warm nose, sneezing, and coughing she informed us that she was being treated for kennel cough while she was at Petland (which was not disclosed to us or no remaining mediacation was given). She told us it is treatable but could not tell us yesterday because she could get fired for telling us.

She just encouraged us to bring her in to their vet and we wouldn’t have to pay anything for treatment. We brought her to Boulder Terrace Vetenarian office, which was required to do so in 5-7 days after the purchase that way it would be covered if anything was wrong with her. We could not choose to bring her to our vet. He brought her to their vet the next day. They gave kennel cough medication and said everything else was fine and they would contact us if anything came back bad from the fecel sample.We didn’t hear back from them.

Our our own vet ran the test and it came back positive for Giardia. I’m glad I can finally cure our poor sick puppy. She is going to have the best life ever and she will be a survivor, luckily we caught this early. ALl in All it has been two months and lots of hassle.


Dennis of Pittsburgh, PA

Original review: March 12, 2008

On August 5, 2007, I purchased a puppy from Petland at the Robinson Towne Center store.The breed was a Dogue De Bordeaux.The puppy was purchased as a birthday present for my 6-year-old son.The purchase price was $2399.00 plus the sales tax. Everything seemed fine with her until Halloween night, 2007.We noticed that she had been sleeping a lot and wasn’t her normal self. She was also not eating or drinking as before. On November 1 we took her to the vet to have her checked to see what was wrong. The vet did some tests and took x-rays of her and didn’t find anything to cause this problem. The vet said that she could have a flu and treated her with an antibiotic which we thought would make her better in a couple days. A couple of days later I returned to the vet to report that there was no change in her condition.They referred me to another vet that was an emergency trauma and specialty vet.

When I called Petland to inform them that the puppy was sick, I was told that breed of dog sometimes gets like this, and they will not cover any vet bills that I may acquire. Well, after spending about $3000.00 in vet bills and finding out that the dog had a liver shunt, I was informed that Petland would give me another puppy. They assured me that it was an unusual thing to have a defective dog. My brother who had also bought the same breed of dog from the same store, later found out his dog had severe hip problems. The manager informed me that he has sold hundreds of dogs, and there were never any problems with any of them. He said that lightning struck twice, once being of the same breed, and twice being we were brothers.

Needless to say, I never recovered any vet bills that we spent, and my son watched his birthday present slowly die within four months of her purchase date. After all the problems that I have encountered, I wouldn’t recommend Petland for anything, and I think that they should take more responsibility in the products that they sell. The loss was $3000.00 in vet bills for a $2400+ defective dog that died within 4 months of purchase.






Maria of Cameron, TX

Original review: March 12, 2008


I purchased a White Siberian Husky as a Christmas gift for my 3-year-old son. About 4 days after I took her home, she developed an upper respiratory disease. I thought it was something minor, and so I took her to the vet. The puppy then started vomiting and having bloody diarrhea. She had lost her appetite and was growing extremely weak as each day went by. All of this led to having her hospitalized. For almost two weeks she stayed at the vet. I was so upset with Petland and tried calling them on many occasions to let them know what exactly was going on with our puppy. On every occasion they seemed sympathetic until I asked for a refund– and everything changed.

Our puppy died on February 2, 2008. I purchased her on December 23, 2007, and the whole entire time she was in and out of the vet’s. Since the store found out that my puppy died of distemper, they have not wanted anything to do with me. They will not answer my calls–and make up policies about emailing the manager only, rather than speaking to someone like it had been on other occasions. I have called the store, the store’s vet clinic, and the corporate office, as well. I am getting nowhere. It is really frustrating that no one wants to talk to me about my situation. I have nowhere to turn, and it is making me very upset. I have sent every document that I have as supporting evidence about my claim, and still nothing.

I have paid $700.00 in cash and financed $1,300.00 through Petland’s bank. With the late charges to the account the total is now about $1,400.00. I also paid around $800.00 in vet bills. It has been a very frustrating time for me. Petland wants me to pay the remaining balance on my account without even reviewing my claim, saying that there is nothing that they can do for me. It is horrible to lose a pet and have to continue paying for it after it has passed. If anyone has any suggestions as to what I can do, please contact me.




Steven of Kettering, OH

Original review: March 12, 2008

We bought a Weimeraner puppy in February of 2007 at the Petland at the Greene Crossing in Dayton, Ohio, for just over $1,300. Everyone was very nice and very helpful throughout our purchase. We had the puppy home for 2 and 1/2 weeks, and began to notice (on a Friday) that he had begun limping, favoring his front paws. The condition got worse as the weekend went on, and by Sunday he couldn’t even get out of his crate and walk around. Because it was a Sunday and our vet’s office was closed, we immediately took him to the Dayton emergency veterinary care center, where we spent over $800 to find out that they didn’t know what the problem was. We then went to see our regular vet (which Petland required us to go to but is VERY good) on Monday. He recommended that we take our pup to the Cincinnati area emergency care facility (also very good). Our dog was there for a full week and underwent a variety of tests, which added an additional $3,385 to our debt. We are now faced with a decision to undergo more surgery, at an estimated cost of $1500-2200 dollars, or put our 3-month-old puppy to sleep.

I contacted Petland right away, and the staff at the Greene Crossing was as helpful as they could be. This is in no way a negative comment against the staff or store manager at the Greene Crossing location. However, I was just today informed that the only restitution they could make would be to reimburse us for the $1300 and some odd dollars that we spent for the pup and nothing else. I had always been leery about buying from a pet store, but when the manager (Steve) told us that the advantage was their guarantee that if anything health-wise happened to the pup, it would be covered by Petland. We had already fallen in love with the pup, and this was enough to get us to buy him. I am in the process of filing a small claims suit against Petland in the amount of $3000–not quite what we spent on our pup’s bills, but enough to have the process expedited through the courts and to keep the suit in small claims. I am very disgusted with the Petland corporate offices in their practice of not honoring what was stated to us before we paid for our pup.


Debbie of Janesville, WI

Original review: March 10, 2008

In June of 2006 I bought a Chihuahua from Petland. All the papers stated that’s what she was. I took her to a vet here, and she made the comment that she was not pure chi but looked more like a toy terrier. Chi’s don’t get bigger than 8lbs and if they are, they are heavyset. My dog (Miyia) is a 11.6 lb. dog with a nice trim profile. I had planned to breed her, but now I can’t since she isn’t a purebred. You know how excited you get when you look at all those cute puppies, and Miyia was the one that stood out for me. My son and daughter-in-law have a chi and about 4 lbs. I thought it would be nice to have a small lap dog for myself. I got somewhat of a small dog but not a chi. Of course the warranty that Petland gives you covers their liability really good for any problems that may occur. Do you really look at all the fine print when you are so excited about adding a new addition to your family? Be warned, read everything before signing anything. Well I paid $799 for my little friend which was discounted from $1499.99. I was horrified when come to find out that I basically paid over $800 for a mutt, who I love dearly.

What gives them the right to charge that much money for a mixed breed that isn’t registered? It was stated that she was Unregistered but not that she was non-registerable. Of course it states that the parents are registered (mine has only one registered), but they are U.S.D.A approved which is actually just a license for a puppymill. The sire is registered APR which means nothing since the dog is never checked by a vet or anyone. It goes on the honor system. So the breeder can state whatever they want to as far as the breed goes. It’s all relative when they talk about registered and approved breeder. The breeder is a puppy mill, and the USDA just proves that is what they are. So what kind of dog are you really getting from Petland?

I did call corporate office and they gave me the name and number of who to contact at the store. I told him the situation about paying that much for a mixed breed. He recites what the warranty shows–which is they sell dogs for companionship only. They are not responsible for errors, omissions, or misrepresentations. So by someone else’s misrepresentation, you get a mixed breed that they are not responsible for. But, he did offer me a store credit for 50% of the purchase price. Now, what do you do with a store credit for pets only at $400? Buy all the neighborhood dogs their beds, treats, and whatever? And by the way, he is offering this to keep a pleased customer. But before I get the store credit, I have to bring in a letter from my vet stating that upon his examination, he has determinde that my puppy is not a chihuahua and secondly, bring the pup back to the store so they scan the chip and determine that she is the pup they sold me. Oh, I thought this was so generous of him (ya right). I am checking into what I need to do to get a refund on the cost of Miyia.

So far, physically she is healthy except for episodes she goes into where she sounds like a honking goose. I don’t know what is causing it. I’ve gotten some hints but no diagnosis. I refuse to take Miyia to their vet when I have my own. I don’t trust their vet. Hopefully as she ages, I’m praying that she will not have the health issues I’ve heard about with the dogs they have sold. What is it that will take them out of business–because I will definitely help!


Jennifer of San Antonio, TX

Original review: March 10, 2008

I purchased a puppy, spending $999.00. The puppy was so cute I couldn’t resist even though it wasn’t registered and was coming from a pet store. I felt bad for him. I was never going to by a dog from a pet store and get suckered in like an idiot, by cute looks. Upon filling out my paperwork, they told me the puppy was acting like it was only from puppy stress. I believed them; after all, life stinks sitting in a small cage alone, and they said that most dogs get it. Upon arriving home with the puppy, the dog starting coughing and didn’t play. The next morning I took the dog to the recommended vet within the 5 day period they ask you to, and the dog had kennel cough.Come to find out, which no one told me, the puppy was already on medication there before. No one sent me home with medication; even the vet, who must have some kind of referral deal going with Petland, told me they should have told me and sent me home with medication. The dog had just been put back on the “for sale” block that day, and I happened to buy him.

Upon calling Petland, they said it must have been a mistake by my sales representative. They did not care. It was no big deal to them. It took me forever to get through to the 18-year-old manager who wasn’t on duty, then was on duty, then wasn’t; they said there were 3 managers who just said bring the dog back, and they will give you another. This was beside the point. What kind of place didn’t take care of the animals? I felt bad for the rest of the dogs. Petland personnel even went over to the vet when I dropped the dog off to be treated for the day, and took the dog. A lady name Vileka dropped into the vet and stole him back. I called the vet to see how the puppy was doing, and she said Petland picked it up and said I was returning the dog. I said, “No, I wasnt– and why would they release my dog to Petland?” I told them to bring the dog back, or I was pressing crimal charges. It was ridiculous.

Finally, I took the dog to my vet, and the dog is still home–depressed, sick and on meds. Do not buy from Petland. We need to get these companies closed! I lost money having to take off work, dealt with a brand new puppy and having to medicate him. He doesn’t play, and it took time to call these people and fight with them.


Lisa of Alpharetta, GA

Original review: March 9, 2008

I purchased a Yorkshire Terrier on 1/26/07 for over $2,000. I was told that he was able to be Kennel Club registered. I now find out that he can be Continental Kennel Club registered. This registration body is usually for inferior breeders and puppy mills who cannot get their dog registered at American Kennel Club. I have spent thousands on this dog when he became ill. The vet could NOT find out what was wrong with the dog. My greatest shock is to find out that he is a Silky Terrier and NOT the Yorkshire Terrier that I paid for. DO NOT BUY ANY PETS FROM PETLAND!

Awaiting response from Petland. Awaiting results of DNA testing of dog.


Cindy of Derby, KS

Original review: March 5, 2008

On 01/4/08 we purchased a Boston terrier from Petland in Wichita, Ks. He was 75% off, so that made him about $400. I asked why he was on sale, and it was because he is 4 months old so they are discounting him. After we went through all of the paper work we left with our puppy. When I got home I started looking through the paper work and there were all kinds of documents they hadn’t gone over with me, like the vet report that says one of his testicles hasn’t appeared and that his orifice is enlarged, but they were closed so I couldn’t call then tonight.

So we get home and he gets bloody diarrhea all over the house and this went on all weekend. I called on Saturday morning and the Petland employee listened to what I had to say and then said I will have my office manager Laura call you. On Monday 01/7/08 we took him to the vet for his 1st check up and our vet said he had worms and mites and the bloody stools is from the worms. Our vet gave us medicine and said bring him back in a month for another round of meds. On 01/18/08 we went back to the vet and he said Chomper still has worms and sent some stronger medicine home with us. On 02/19/08 we had to take him back to the vet because he was still bleeding and no solid bowel movements have taken place since we got him. They hospitalized him for the night and diagnosed him with gastroenteritis.

It now 03/05/08 and this dog has yet to have a solid bowel movement. He is ruining my carpet and I can’t leave him in his box all of the time. So far in addition to the dog, all of the stuff I had to buy at Petland, special food, vet bills and carpet cleaning I have spent over $1000. I have called the stores several times and every time all I got was, I will have Laura call you back when she gets in the morning. Well after about 10 phones calls Laura finally called me back and asked that I send her my vets diagnosis. So on 02/28/08 I sent her all of the vet bills, patient history and my vets diagnosis and she is yet to get back with me. I called her today 03/05/08 and she said that she is going to talk to her store vet about our puppy tomorrow.


Michael of Fakeville, ME

Original review: Feb. 27, 2008

I just wanted to comment on all the people who were complaining about puppies they got from Petland. Just because the dog is AKC registered that is no guarantee of health or quality. Its just a registration that keeps track of the dog. It doesn’t mean the dog is good enough to be bred, it most likely has genetic diseases and deformations. Why would you all spend lots of money on dogs from puppy mills when you can go to a reputable breeder who does health test on the parents and can guarantee quality for probably less money? If Petland tells you they get them from reputable breeders they are lying. No reputable breeder would sell their pups to a pet store because they can’t manage who gets the dogs.


Mary of Mentor On The Lake, OH

Original review: Feb. 26, 2008

I want everyone to know now that Bob has worked with me on giving a fair amount of money back. So I want you to disregard the complaint I made earlier.

Bob now is going to give me a refund of a fair amount.


Christina of Galena, OH

Original review: Feb. 25, 2008

On March 23, 2007 my fiance and I bought a Siberian Husky from the Westerville, Ohio Petland. We bought this puppy specifically for later breeding purposes and were assured that he was AKC registered. From the very first day that we brought him home he has had diarrhea, we went back to the store that we bought him at and consulted an employee about the situation about a week after we bought him. Two different employees told us that is was more than likely just his nerves and once he adjusts he should be just fine. We then took him to our family vet who happens to be one of The Ohio State University’s top vets, he put him on medication to harden his stools. He is no longer on them, but they only helped for all of maybe two days! We sent in his AKC registery papers with a check about a month ago. Today, 2-25-08, I received his APRI Registry! We NEVER would have spent over 1,600 dollars on a dog that was not even AKC registered! We were assured at the store before we bought him that he was AKC registered!

We have had to pay many vet bills due to his diarrhea problems and due to these problems our dog cannot even come’s like he cannot even control when he has to go. We have been paying a monthly credit card bill that Retail Services has continued to send to the wrong address and charge us late fees after late fees. We cannot breed this dog due to him not being AKC registered. We also intended for this to be a family pet, I was pregnant at the time we bought him and wanted him to be well associated inside the house for when my baby arrived. Due to his diarrhea problems he has to stay outside, which breaks my heart.


Shayla of Hilliard, OH

Original review: Feb. 24, 2008

When I went into this Petland in Hilliard, Ohio, I was stunned by what I saw. For once, the little guys seemed to be doing better than the bigger guys. There was a black lab puppy, and a st. bernard puppy there. OR at least that’s all I saw. Now, the little black lab puppy was SO SKINNY! It was nothing funny about his situation. I went there with my sisters and neighbors. I saw him and stood close to his cage the whole time. He was so happy, and so energetic, but he was so skinny that you could see his ribs, his legs, his backbones, and his face was so sunken in. I felt so sorry for him. I knew he wasn’t gonna make it out of there alive.

While I waited for my sisters, I had a little chihuahua puppy brought to me, and I did something that wasn’t allowed. I went to the back of the store with her, out of sight of the manager and the three teen aged staff that was there, and checked her teeth, ears and weight. Now I didn’t know how much she was supposed the weigh, I’m not a vet. But she was very small. Her belly was okay, no hair loss or rashes. But when I checked her little teeth, she they were brown at the top and turning yellow at the bottoms. They weren’t white and translucent like they were supposed to be. Then I checked her ears. They smelled very badly, something I know isn’t supposed to happen because I have a chihuahua at home. It was right then that one of the teen aged staff found me and told me I had to stay in the play area.

When I put the puppy back and checked on the black lab puppy, another one of the teen aged staff was petting him. He ran his hands over his back and all over his face. The dog was so happy I was surprised he didn’t have a heart attack right then and there. I could tell that the teenager could see that the puppy was starving, but he didn’t do anything. And here’s the kicker – THEY HAD A WHOLE CABINET FULL OF DOG FOOD RIGHT BEHIND HIM! THE DOG DIDN’T HAVE A BOWL OF FOOD OR WATER! I asked him why he didn’t give the dog any food, he said to me, and I quote, we feed the dogs every day. Three times a day. Not anymore for running the risk of them getting too fat. I ALMOST SLAPPED HIM!

Im pretty sure that the lab is dead now. and the little chihuahua was there last week but wasn’t there the other day. I don’t know what happened to her, but she isn’t there. and they don’t tell us where they went, TRUTHFULLY! I just hope she did find a nice home!


Jessica of Ankeny, IA

Original review: Feb. 21, 2008

My husband and I got a Siberian husky from Petland January 20th. She seemed sick since the day we got her. We thought it was because she was stressed, she had diarrhea. We had called Tim the owner of Petland and he never called us back. We took her to the vet several times because we didnt want her to get dehydrated. He put her on some different meds. Nothing helped. Wednesday night (30th of January) she started to act really freaked out and crying so we thought she was in pain. My mom and I called Petland on Thursday the 7th and spoke to a young lady that works there. She stated that they were no long involved with Starch Pet Hospital where we were taking our new puppy too. I was very upset to find that out while my dog is dying at their place! We took her to the vet on Thursday and she started to have many of seizures in one hour. The vet took her home to his house overnight to watch her. He called Friday and said he had been giving her valium for her seizures. We put her down on Friday February 8th. Tim said he would pay for her and he hasnt we are getting bills now and he wont return our calls. I have already filed a complaint about Petland West Des Moines, Iowa with the Attorney General, Dept of Agriculture, Better Business Bureau and the Humane Society. I just thought you should know how your business is being ran out of Iowa!


Mona of Wilmington, IL

Original review: Feb. 18, 2008

We purchased an AKC Registered Maltese dog on December 15, 2007 from Petland in Joliet, Illinois. I stipulated we only wanted an AKC Registered dog and we were assured this was the case. We were told by Petland that we would receive the AKC Registration papers 13 – 18 weeks after the purchase. On January 23, 2008, we were informed the Registration papers were at Petland. Upon examination of the Registration papers, we noted the dog was not AKC Registered but APRI Registered. I requested Petland Store Owner, Gary Lyons contact us promptly. Gary contacted me on January 31, 2008, nine days after my request to speak with him. He told me he would contact the breeder.

On February 7, 2008, Gary contacted me and told me the breeder had mixed up the paper work but that he totally agreed with me that it was not my fault and that the breeder would have to replace the puppy with an AKC Registered puppy or reimburse us in full. He said she only wanted to return half the cost of the dog but he was in agreement with us that the mistake was hers and that he would make good if she didn’t but that he would not sell anymore puppies for her and he knew she would make good because she makes a lot of money through Petland.

Gary assured me that on February 14, 2008, that we would either have a new Maltese AKC Registered puppy or we would be reimbursed. This promise was made on February 7, 2008. I contacted Petland on February 14, 2008, and was informed Gary was on vacation and while he was supposed to return that day, but he was extending his vacation to February 18, 2008. I contacted Petland on February 18, 2008. I was told Gary was back from his vacation, he had been to the store and left. I was annoyed and told the girl he was not keeping his word to contact me February 14, 2008. I asked that he contact me. I received a call from Gary Lyons on February 18, 2008, indicating the breeder had gone to her contacts and told him none of the breeders would give us a dog. He said the deal was that we either return the dog for full reimbursement or that they give us half back on the dog. There was no consideration of the costs incurred or the suffering we would experience after bonding with the dog, then, losing it.

We signed a contract stating the dog was AKC Registered, an AKC Pedigree, the dog’s neck bracelet indicated AKC Registration and the Pet Resource Kit gives an AKC Litter #. The store manager told us the dog was an AKC Registered puppy so we had nothing to suspect the dog would be otherwise. We are bonded with the puppy. We had a professional website built by a programmer to show our dog, to educate Matlese dog owners on the breed and hope to breed Maltese. We paid for the dog’s needles, heartworm treatment, kennel, dog beds, blanket, carrying case, dog dishes, water bottles for kennel, apparel, grooming tools, grooming table, wizdog (for puppy pad training), puppy pads (x2), leashes x2, collars x2, eye stain medication, low blood sugar paste, grooming x2, two books and a magazine on the breed, bows and ribbons, shampoos, detangle sprays, dog gates x2 and gas to vet, puppy training and grooming.

Our intention is to breed a Maltese puppy twice, then, keep her puppy and enter into bettering the breed through breeding and education. This is why we wanted the AKC Registration. We do not want APRI Registration or any other Registration. We do not wish to breed our dog because she does not have AKC Registration. We will have her spayed. We have bonded with her very much and, as we are unable to have children, we think of her our baby and love her dearly, as she loves us. We are a family. Now, we are faced with purchasing another AKC Registered Maltese dog. We will have to face the same expenses for another dog, which we would have never allowed to happen, had we thought Petland was selling us a dog that was not AKC Registered. The cost of having an additional Maltese dog is significant, since, in addition to the cost of maintaining a dog, this high maintenance breed requires grooming every 6 weeks at $40.00 per session. The life expectancy of a Maltese is 15 years, therefore, we are expecting an additional grooming cost in excess of $5,000. The cost of an additional dog is estimated at $15,000-20,000 for the lifetime of the dog. The cost incurred due to the neglect of Petland will cost us this amount.

The option to return the dog for full reimbursement does not include the cost incurred through ownership of the dog over the past 2 1/2 months. The option to return the dog does not consider the suffering we will incur for the pain of separation and anxiety we will suffer. This dog is like a child to us. The option to keep the dog and pay $700 for her does not compensate us for the costs we have incurred and will incur for their mistake. We feel we should be permitted to keep the dog because we have bonded with the dog and that Petland should fully reimburse us for the dog because of the costs we have lost due to their mistake. Therefore, we do not feel their offer to receive full reimbursement for returning the dog or paying $700 for a dog that will be an additional cost to us and that is not AKC Registered, as stipulated in their contract. We feel Petland was negligent for selling us a dog for $1,400 and guaranteeing the dog was AKC Registered. They caused us great hardship and sorrow over this.


Mary of Mentor, OH

Original review: Feb. 12, 2008

I purchased a Westie from this Mentor Store. Since the first day I brought her home she had diarrhea and blood in it. She did this many times a day. I told their vet that since the first visit that she had this going on. He brushed it off and said he didn’t see it in the stool sample. But he gave me medicine to harden up her stool. Some antibiotic. Well 2 visits later and many bloody stools of diarrhea, I went back to the vet. He said that this may be a condition she may have for her lifetime. After she got spayed, by the third visit she still had bloody diarrhea. I called concerned about her swelling after her surgery. The vet was very bothered by me coming back. Of course I had to bring 3 stool samples of bloody diarrhea so he could take his pick at which one to look at. He called me in and wanted me to assist to find the bloody ****. I was shocked. Isn’t this his job to do that?

Anyway he asked, “Haven’t you ever had a puppy?” Like I should be used to seeing this bloody diarrhea. Well after calling Bob the owner and voicing my concerns to pay for the vet bills, he offered to pay. After falling on the ice from cleaning out the cage and cleaning up about 4 messes in 1 day, I had enough! So I showed up at the shop on a Sunday during a busy time. I took pictures of the dog with a bloody diarrhea, ***** cage. And I went to the local CVS to get big prints made. I walked into the store with our sick puppy, all her food and items and the meds she was on. I flashed the pictures to the lady at the desk. She yelled at me and told me to put them away. Then she had another lady to talk with me. The look of shock from the pictures of the **** said it all.

To make a long story short I said I couldn’t clean up 1 more mess and that my back was hurting. So I turned over the dog. They demanded papers on the dog. Well after an hour went by, I marched back up and demanded the papers on the dog back. And I said I wanted our puppy back. Well the worker called Bob. Of course they tried to get me to talk quietly in the office. Well after realizing that I walked out of the office. I was getting an attitude from the owner. So I told him I want a full refund, or I’m going to the news and newspapers. He said if I did that he wouldn’t work with me, and that I was being out of control. I told him I didn’t plan on buying a sick dog! So he offered to have the dog monitored for a few days until he gets back in town, and then we would talk. I hope I did the right thing to hand over the dog. And I hope he gives me a refund–a full one! Being a young widow with 2 young kids, he really took advantage! But I am not gonna give up. I’ll have him and his store on the news if that’s what it takes!

I spent over $1,000 on this dog! And I can’t afford to have to keep up with the vet visits, etc. I also fell on the ice trying to clean out the cage. I messed up my back.


Guy of Cape Coral, FL

Original review: Feb. 10, 2008

I bought an Italian Greyhound in the end of 2006. The dog was ill the week after, throwing up and could not hold down food. I took the dog to the Vet linked to Petland; they told me to give her medicated food, and she should be okay in a few days. This dog was not eating or drinking, and was weak. And this was the advice of a Vet. After about 3 hours, the dog was whining and screaming all day. We finally took her to our own vet, and the dog had pneumonia, and was almost dead. We called Petland to state this, and they stated we should have revisited the vet they use, and would not pay the bill. Now the dog has chronic issues, spinal deformity, wobble syndrome, muscle and nerve issues.

The results are this dog will have life-long medical needs beyond my ability to pay. These dogs are supposed to be well breed, and good blood lines; this looks like a mill puppy situation. The papers given when you buy the dogs state pure breed; the results of the dog I have purchased show this as being false. This dog now has to be seen by a nerve and spinal DR in Sarasota to see if this is life-challenging. They need to pay for this dog’s medical. and return my money for selling me a sick dog. This is by no means a good experience. I love this dog, and she’s family, and we’ll do whatever it takes, but this company needs to be held accountable. And I will do whatever to make sure this is known.


Beth of Bremen, OH

Original review: Feb. 9, 2008

In August 2004, I entered Petland in Lancaster, Ohio. I have been in there quite a few times as I love to pet the kitties, but this time I really looked at the Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier. I had seen him there before, and I used to go in once a week. I of course fell in love instantly. He was 4 months old. His price was $1300.00 but because he had been there so long they were willing to come down to $600.00. Well, I went home, told my husband and he said yes, so I went back to get him. Now, I will tell you he was pretty good–that is for about a week. All of a sudden, his skin turned black and he itched awful. His ears were infected as well. I had already taken him in to their vet for the initial vaccinations and exam, and he was in perfect health they said (of course).

Well he is now 3 years old, on Prednisone every day, on Benadryl every day and has to eat special food that costs $40.00 a bag. I have spent over $2500.00 on vet bills. He is such a good boy, and we all love him so much. I did locate his birth place, and it is a puppy mill. I should learn my lesson, but I went in to a different one last week and found an older lab/basset mix. I probably will get him; someone has to save these puppies.


Marla of Melbourne, FL

Original review: Feb. 3, 2008

I purchased a Sheltie puppy from the Petland in Viera, Florida on December 21, 2007 for my parents who had recently lost their two Shelties. The same night she was purchased, she started coughing. We took her to Petland’s vet as per our contract and were told she had kennel cough, possibly from her vaccination for kennel cough just days before. We were given meds and there was high pressure by the vet to get her next round of vaccinations (which we would have to pay for) while we were there. I immediately lost faith and trust in the vet when they wanted to vaccinate a sick puppy. I declined the vaccinations and all the other supplies that they tried to pressure me to buy while I was there. I did the nebulizer treatment that Petland has in its store for a week, and gave her antibiotics and still she coughed. When I returned to the vet, each time they recommended vaccinating her, and I declined saying I didn’t want her to get them while she was sick. Eventually, after a month went by and our puppy was no better, I went back to the vet and was told that Petland would not cover her vet bills, and that our contract was null and void with them, due to not following their vet’s advice and getting her vaccinated. I left the vet’s office that day telling them that neither they nor Petland care about their pets! I have since been seeing my own vet at the Melbourne Animal Hospital who advised me to hold off on all vaccinations until she gets over this bought of kennel cough. I’m just glad that I did not follow Petland’s vet’s advice. They just want to make money and don’t seem to care about animals.


Kathy of Kenosha, WI

Original review: Jan. 22, 2008

I purchased a Maltese puppy that was born back in 12-1995: a female. She had a small illness, they covered all costs, and we did take her to our own vet. Then we purchased a male Maltese that was born on 2-1996 after he had been there for months and months.The poor litrle guy was filthy and under weight. We purchased him ONLY because we felt so bad for him. He had a broken tail due to over-crowding, a cold and upper chest infection, ear mites and diarrhea. They paid for all our vet costs again. We paid $799 for the female and talked them down on the price of the male to $550–after telling them I’d make their store go through what they were putting these puppies through! Have never been back there to this day.

They covered everything. Both are wonderful little dogs with bad knee caps and messed up legs.





Diandra of Clermont, FL

Original review: Jan. 19, 2008

My husband and I purchased a golden retriever puppy on January 8, 2008 from Petland. The following morning we went to their recommended vet because we noticed a green discharge coming from her nose. She has kennel cough. We did not have to pay for that visit because it was covered in our purchase of the puppy. We did however request another fecal sample and giardia test because she also had loose stool. We paid for that out of pocket and were told that the test was negative. We voiced our concern because giardia can be passed to other dogs and to people. We have 4 other dogs and 3 children in the house. Around January 17th, the stool became very loose so I took her to my local vet on Saturday the 20th only to find out in fact she does have giardia which she obviously had when we purchased her 11 days prior. We paid again out of pocket to treat her and now that my other dogs and family have been exposed there is a possibility that they will also have to be treated. When I contacted the pet store and their vet, I was told that they would not pay for her treatment expense because we didn’t go to their vet which is the vet that tested her 10 days ago and told us she was negative for this.

We have had to pay $101.00 in vet expenses and will have to pay for more medication in 3 weeks on top of the purchase price of the animal because we were sold a sick puppy. Also my family is at risk for becoming sick with this bacteria along with my other four dogs which will mean more vet bills.


Mary of Sevierville, TN

Original review: Jan. 13, 2008

On 11/18/07, I bought a papillon for my daughter for her birthday/Christmas gift. When I bought her, she weighed 1.5 pounds. Three weeks later she had a runny stool and occasionally there would be blood in the stool. On 1/08/08, I came home from work and she was lying down and I thought she was dead. A few minutes later my daughter hears her whining and she could not get up. The vet said she was seizing. She tried to save little Daisy, and she finally got her warm because by the time I got to the vet with her she was nearly dead. The vet said she had a bad heart and would never lead a normal life. She called Ms. Adams at the store and Ms. Adams said she personally checks all the dogs herself. So the vet is mailing her the findings and I’m going back to the store to argue my case.

The vet bill came to $158.00 but the vet said it could run higher just to keep her alive. It is a sad thing to have to explain to a child that her dog has to be put to sleep because it has a birth defect


Jessica of Coal City, WV        

Original review: Jan. 11, 2008

We purchased an Italian Greyhound at PetLand. The dog itself was $1,393.88. (That’s not including all of the other stuff we had to get for her.) We had her for 5 days altogether. We took her on the third day for her first vet visit and found out that she had Kennel Cough. So we got the meds for her and started her on them. The next day when we got up she was vomiting and had bloody stool. We called PetLand and told them about the bloody stool, and they told us that it was normal for her to have bloody stool–that it could be from stress. But when her stool turned to nothing but runny blood, we took her to the vet. A Parvo test was run and came back positive. We told PetLand that we couldn’t afford to keep her in the vet’s, so they gave us a check and told us that if the dog made it through we would have the option to buy her back after she was well.

Well, she died tonight and we called PetLand and told them we paid in cash and we wanted cash back–not a check. So now we are waiting to see if they will do that. Our daughter is 2 years old, and this was her first puppy. We were attached, also. And now we’re out a puppy and money for everything that we bought for the dog that can’t be used again for another dog because she had Parvo. I think pet stores like PetLand should be closed down. Puppy mills are animal cruelty. If someone like you or me did half the stuff like they do to animals, we would be locked up for life. Why are they still in business? I just don’t understand. I will probably be leaving more messages on here when we find out more from PetLand.


Karen of Pittsburgh, PA

Original review: Jan. 11, 2008

I lost my Yorkshire terrier after 14 years, and a week later walked into Petland to see if I was ready to buy a new dog. The first one I saw looked just like the one I had to put down. Holding her I talked to the manager; she assured me the dog did not come from a puppy mill. I asked if the dog checked out healthy. She said the dog had a respiratory infection, that she had her last dose of medicine that morning, and the vet had just seen her and checked her out. I paid $1899 for the dog; they wanted $2199. The dog only weighed 2.5 lbs. I got home and put the dog down, and as soon as she started moving around she was breathing bad. I called the store, talked to the girl I bought her from, and said this dog is breathing bad; she told me to bring her back to their vet tomorrow. I asked, “Why would I do that when your vet this same day said this dog was fine?” She said if I went to my own vet they would not pay.

I went to my vet. The dog was VERY sick with kennel cough and severe upper respiratory infection. I reported this to Petland and again was told they would not pay. In 6 days I acquired almost $500 in vet bills, I had 2 emergency visits when the dog could hardly breathe, she was put in a nebulizer, 3 types of medicine, etc. I spent every moment for 6 days nursing this dog and had the dog constantly under a vaporizer. When I would call Petland to report these problems there were two times they didn’t even ask what dog or my name–just said they were not paying. I do believe that this dog would not have lived had I not bought it. This ordeal has been 2 weeks; the dog still breathes hard in activity. I have also learned the dog has an enlarged heart. When I told Petland this, I was told to show xrays for a refund.

I cannot now return a dog I am attached to. I love this dog. What I want to get from all this is my $500 plus what I paid, in a check not made to me but to an animal rescue organization that I choose. I have filed a claim with all documentation to the attorney general. I am hoping that something can be done to help these dogs that Petland really doesn’t care for properly. It is all about business to them.


Mikki of Charleston, WV

Original review: Jan. 6, 2008

I purchased an English Bulldog from PetLand in Corridor G, South Charleston. The asking amount on the dog was $3700.00. The guy helping me was really nice and he ran my credit and I was only approved for $3000.00 so he cut me a deal which I thought was a good one. He told me that bulldogs are very good around other dogs and are easy to maintain and train. I brought the pup home and he immediatly starting chasing and terrorizing my 2 pound chihuahua and pinned her on the couch. I also had asked the guy if the dog had come from any type of puppy mill or anything like that and he said, “NO, I personally go and check the dogs out and purchase them,” and he made it seem like the dog was from the area and he deals will a breeder from here.

Well once I purchased the dog I found that it was from MO and was shipped here. Every time he ate he had runny stool that had blood in it. I tried to keep him in a kennel cage while I was at work and he pooped in the cage, sat and played in it until I got home. The night before I returned him he had runny bowl movements almost every hour of the night. I took him to the vet in hopes that if something was wrong he could write a letter stating that he was unsuitable to be sold but he couldn’t find the problem. I returned the puppy the same day I took him to the vet and the woman told me I had to pay 50% of the fee of the dog for returning him or I would have to keep him. She hand wrote my return on the back of my receipt and made me sign it stating I would pay the fee in order to return the dog. She didn’t give me a return receipt or anything and when my bill came the full amount of the dog was still on it. So I had to call for a straight week and everytime I called nobody wanted to know any information about me, they just said It’s been taken care of. Everyone was extremely rude and unhelpful.

I am now paying $1500.00 for a dog that I no longer have. PetLand messed me over in more ways than one. They take advantage of people and talk up a lot of their sales. I have a dog at home and I was trying to keep her from getting sick from him and looking into his best interest because I knew I could not make a suitable caregiver for him once I got him into my home.


Keri of Janesville, WI

Original review: Jan. 6, 2008

We rescued a St. Bernard from Petland last July. She had been at the store for over 2 months, and had outgrown the pen space. She had a sign on her cage that stated “make an offer on me, I am too big for my cage.” We made an offer, and brought her home. We visited a vet the very next day, and had her vaccinated, and checked. She had a severe rash on her belly, which turned out to be Giardia, a parasite infection from an unclean enviroment. We had to treat this four times before it cleared up. Right away we noticed that she limped, and thought at first it was from being in a cage for over 2 months with no exercise. Not so. She was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at 5 months old, and has severe problems getting up. Because of her bad hips, her knees go out and cause severe pain. We never intended to have a show dog, we saved her to be our beloved friend and companion. Since we paid very little for her, Petland would give us NO guarantee on her health. We LOVE her, and now face many, many expensive vet bills to try to keep her walking and healthy. BEWARE OF PETS FROM PETLAND!





Adrian of Norcross, GA

Original review: Dec. 22, 2007

Why is Petland still in business? They are selling sick, misrepresented, overpriced animals to unsuspecting, trusting consumers that only want a pet to love and care for. I think that it is sick and someone needs to shut them all down! My gripe is with Petland in Alpharetta, GA. They really got me good! I purchased what I was told was a PUREBRED Yorkshire Terrier for $2100 from them Christmas 2006, and almost a year later I find that my dog is a mixed-breed–NOT a PUREBRED, as advertised. I am trying to resolve this with corporate now because when I addressed this matter about 6 months ago, the store management was rude and very unprofessional.


Debra of Tavares, FL

Original review: Dec. 19, 2007

I purchased a Papillion Puppy from Petland in Leesburg, I did not know that he was very sick and he almost died. The main thing that he had was Phenomena (among other things). We have saved his life thanks to a wonderful vet. I have tried calling Petland and contacting their corp. office. The store told me that I could send into the insurance company and get $800.00 towards the vet bill and wouldn’t talk to me any further, and they didn’t care how the puppy was. Their corp. office couldn’t even get the store to call them back so they said that they couldn’t help either.

My puppy is doing better and is going to live, he was in the hospital for 6 days and he has to keep going to the vet for blood work and X-rays until the Pneumonia is gone and my vet bill is going to go over $2,000 before I am done. He is a part of our family and a wonderful puppy. My point is that this pet store doesn’t care and won’t even talk to me. I know from talking to people that I am not alone, this has happened a lot to people. There is a warranty for up to the price of the dog but what about the fact that I supposedly purchased a healthy puppy.

He is adorable and weighed 2 lbs. 5 oz. when I got him. The important thing is my puppy is going to be O.K. but it is not right what they are doing. I have all of the vet notes and bills and even a page from the pet store showing were he had lost 3 oz. and they did nothing about it and when you don’t weigh much more than that, that is a lot!!!


Mary of Colorado Springs, CO

Original review: Dec. 18, 2007

Back in 1996 we purchased our Samoyed dog from Petland in Niles, Ohio. Within 6 months our vet diagnosed the puppy with hip dysplasia, and he had to be operated on. Petland made us bring in the Xrays, and a letter from our vet stating that the dog really did have dysplasia. They offered to replace our puppy with a new one, but we were already attached to him, and would not give him up, knowing what they would do to him.

It ended up costing us $2,000 in vet bills, plus he had to be neutered right away so that he would not pass it on to his puppies. He ended up later having an enlarged heart, mammary tumor, and had to be euthenized in July due to stomach cancer. The only thing that Petland would do for us was give us $300 towards his hip surgeries.




Dm of Mulberry, FL

Original review: Dec. 10, 2007

We purchased a maltese puppy for $1600.00. The papers we received showed a 6 generation bloodline. But come to find out our little guy had only 3 toes (that the doctor missed) and was not show worthy. Now we loved the little guy and therefore did not return him to be destroyed, which was Petlands only response to our situation. Now this was the second strike as the lab we paid $500 for from the same Petland testicles never would drop and he could not be bred. His lineage was also AKC registered. It is my belief that Petland sells dogs that are turned down from other dealers and/or breeders and they buy them at a discount and sell them as though nothing is wrong with them. They know that once the animal is in your home it is hard to give them back, and they let you know that if you give the animal back it is to be destroyed.

Our maltese constantly tries to knaw off his foot, he must be watched and should be medicated for the rest of his life. The lab had to have surgery which cost $450.00. Neither animal will be worth what the papers lead you to believe. They can not be bred.


Janice of Louisville, TN

Original review: Nov. 18, 2007

I purchased a Maltese puppy from the above Petland on 11/10/07, 1:29 PM, according to receipt. The pup was apparently ill as it died while under the care of a veterinarian four days later.

The cost of the Maltese and supplies (foods and a medication to prevent hypoglycemia) recommended by Petland came to a total of $1,260.58. The vet bill was nearly $300.00.

The monetary and emotional cost has been great. When I called Ms. Adams, she expressed no concern about my loss, financial or emotional. She assured me that there was no warranty on the dog, and expressed no intent to reimburse me for selling me a sick dog.





Michelle of Liverpool, NY

Original review: Nov. 14, 2007

We purchased a black lab from Petland of Syracuse in February. I brought my kids with me, so the salespeople were aware of their ages (10, 7 and 4). I was assured by the consultant that this breed was a good family dog.

Recently she attacked two of my children, on two separate occasions, causing injury and terror. In both cases, the attack was unprovoked. She has been to training (6 weeks) She has plenty of room to run and gets lots of exercise. She is well taken care of.

After doing some research about the animals that Petland sells, I worried that our dog could have some genetic deficit that casues her to snap. When I called Petland for some advice, the owner, Jeffrey F, would not come to the phone. I was told he would call me back and he did not. He only returned my call after I said that I was putting the dog in the car to bring her to the store.

Once there Jeff explained to me that it was a behavior issue and that we must be training our dog to behave this way. He suggested that I get a personal dog trainer. When I asked about the training that was supposed to be a part of the VERY EXPENSIVE package we got with the dog, he showed me the 1-800 number!!! He sold me a phone number, no real help. This is clearly a dangerous situation, but he offered nothing.


Kim of Orlando, FL

Original review: Nov. 14, 2007

I purchased a puppy from Petland in Orlando, Florida on 7/2/07. The day we brought her home I noticed she had what appeared to be kennel cough. I got her into the vet and her kennel cough had turned into pneumonia. Petland agreed to pay for all services as they sold us the dog in this condition. Now months later my puppy is still sick and is still being treated by the vet all going back to the kennel cough. She has been on medication since we purchased her.

Last weekend I took her in for a re-check since she was still coughing and to my surprise was informed that Petland was refusing to pay for any further treatment. However, she has never been cured of her sickness that they sold her to me with. I was also never given the option to get a new puppy, one with out any medical problems. I strongly believe Petland is selling puppies that they know are sick for outrageous amount of money and then refusing to finish the treatment agreement they originally agreed to.

I now have a sick puppy that cost over $2000 and now also have to pay for all of our visits and medication. This visit alone cost me $110 and I was informed she would need to be brought back for further medication. I have all the receipts for every visit we have taken her to and all of them show the same exact illness that Petland sold her to us with.


Michelle of Telogia, FL

Original review: Oct. 6, 2007

My husband and I went to the store and bought a miniature pinscher from the petland in the mall for over $1100.00. The gentleman at the store reassured us that we would recieve our AKC registration papers in a few weeks. Well needless to say, that has been three years ago, and we went to the store more times than I can count and also called many more times. We have always have been assured and promised that they were going to get ahold of the breeder to get my papers. But to no avail have they done so. So my advice if you buy from there: walk out with your AKC papers, and no exceptions….

Cannot get my dog registered so I can breed him with my female AKC registered dog. So I have lost out on 4 breedings and quite a bit of money because of their neglect.


Kelli of Edwards, CA

Original review: Sept. 25, 2007

I purchased a puppy from PetLand. As we waited for our puppy to be bathed and ready to go home with us, the top kennel door was left open and the puppy which was kennelled with my puppy fell out onto the ground. This was about a 4 and a half foot fall. Someone picked up the puppy and it was placed back into the kennel.

Furthermore, we live 4 hours from this pet store and spent aproximately $1250 after paying for our pet and food, toys, etc. When the registration papers came in to the store, the store manager refused to send my registration papers to me unless I paid a $10 certified registration fee. I don’t think it is too much to ask for PetLand to pay the cost of shipping the registration papers to me after spending such a large amount of money in their store.


Sheila of Ny, NY

Original review: Sept. 23, 2007


Every time we go into this Petland Discounts store, there is a sick or dying betta fish up for sale. Once, the betta was just lying on the bottom of the cup, grey, with visible fin rot, and I told the employee that there was something wrong with the fish. The employee flat out denied it and said, Maybe he’s a special fish.

I was totally disgusted (I have two alive and well bettas at home, so I know a sick fish when I see one) and brought him in back to the fish guy, who literally said, My god, he’s dying.

He claimed he would medicate the fish, and took him in back. That was the end of that.

That happened a couple of weeks ago. The most recent incident was that I walked into the store, and there was this blue betta obviously very close to dying. He was upright in the jar (totally unnatural for bettas), was gasping for air, had a bloated stomach, and popping eyes (a symptom of the betta disease Popeye, which happens when the water they are kept in is not taken care of). The water was filthy.

I took him in back to the fish guy, who was this kid who obviously didn’t know the first thing about fish. He knew enough to think that the betta was dying, though. I asked him if they would medicate him, and he said no.

Totally disgusted, I decided to try to save him myself, and bought him. I put him in another container with nice, clean water, water conditioner, and aquarium salt.

He died within a half hour.


Ruth of Circleville, OH

Original review: Sept. 23, 2007

My boyfriend and I purchased a 10-week old english bulldog. We were told the puppy was up to date on all shots and was healthy. As per their guarantee we took the puppy to their vet (North Fork Animal Clinic) within the 4 business days. We were told then the puppy was healthy and looked great. We were given an antibiotic for a small rash on his tummy. We started the antibiotic that day. Later that evening the puppy developed a cough.

The next day, after taking 3 of the antibiotics, we thought maybe he was having a reaction to the meds so we stopped giving them to him and called our vet (who takes care of our other 3 dogs). On Sunday, a normally healthy, super active, super great puppy, would not eat, slept all day, and was hot to the touch.

We immediately called our vet who informed us it was puppy flu and Petland in Chillicothe has been having this problem for about a month. When I called Petland, they said it was an opinion of our vet that there had been no problems. However, they agreed to cover our emergency office call and meds. Our vet even told us that a puppy from there had died from the puppy flu and another from bordatella within the last two weeks.

Luckily we caught ours in time and the puppy should recover. However, we have now infected our other 3 dogs (13, 12 and 2).


Terri of South Webster, OH

Original review: Aug. 8, 2007

We purchased a 5 month old English Bulldog from Petland in Ashland, KY. When we were ready to take him home, we were informed that he had swallowed a rubber duck, very negligent on their part if you ask me. When I took him to the vet (the one they used) to see what should be done about the duck, it was then that I learned that he had been there for about 3 weeks with a respitory infection and pneumonia and had almost died while in Petland’s care. And he would have respitory problems for the rest of his life.

Oddly enough, when I looked at the daily health report and medical records provided by Petland, there was no mention of the illness or vet stay. They lied to us about his health and even gave us false documentation of his health history. I immediatley called the store manager, Brian, but he refuses to talk to me. I am very upset with the service I have recieved from Petland, but more so the conditions they allowed my pet to live in, and then had the nerve to lie to me directly when I asked if he had had any health problems


Angela of Danville, WV

Original review: June 25, 2007

We purchased a 6 week old shih tzu for $1300 from Petland in May 2005. I noticed that the puppy would drag her hind legs when she walked fast or ran. She also had a wierd smell to her and no matter how many times I gave her a bath she would small like oil and her hair was oily. She was also completely infested with fleas. I took her to the vet 2 days later. The vet informed me that the reason she was dragging her legs was because she was kept pinned up in a cage and did not have enough strength in her legs for her to run, and that she would be ok with time. He then informed me that she had mange, fleas, and pin worms. I was furious. He was furious as well.

I ended up paying over $400 to get her treated. When I called Petland to make a complaint I was told by the manager that Petland guarantees every animal we sell and you can bring her back and we’ll refund your money. Well, my children, husband, and myself had already fell totally in love with her. I could not take her back. I told Petland that they needed to at least cover some of my vet bills. The manager tried to say that the puppy caught mange from my house and that the others in the cage with her at Petland did not test positive for mange. I then informed them that the vet told me that it took a few weeks for an animal to show signs of mange once they had contracted it and that we had only had the puppy for 2 days. I did not get any money back on the puppy.


Sheera of Waxhaw, NC

Original review: April 27, 2007

I used to work at this facility about a year ago. I quit because of the horrible things that were occurring on a daily basis. I have been a veterinary nurse for 4 years now, so I of course knew better than most, if not all, of the employees I was working with at the time. Every single puppy and kitten was sick. They all received the same exact treatment without proper diagnostics or proper dosing techniques for each medication. Every puppy that was shipped in had bloody diarrhea. Additionally, they all had kennel cough. They were all given the same amount of antibiotic and cough suppressant no matter how big or small they were.

If the puppies were coughing, they were placed in a nebulizer with a specified amount of liquid that should only be dispensed by a veterinarian. The worst part of all this is that when I told my fellow employees that these symptoms the puppies showed were NOT normal at all and could turn into something serious if not treated immediately and properly, they simply replied that the manager said that they all come in that way (meaning with bloody diarrhea and/or coughing) and that it was fine.

Each Petland has a veterinarian that is supposed to check each puppy that is shipped in. I never once saw them be examined by the vet. In fact, I never saw the vet enter the store at all. These puppies come from puppy mills. They are tube-fed on a truck as they are each delivered to their pet store destination. Tube-fed means that a tube is inserted into the esophagus so liquid food can be introduced into the stomach. However, this is often done by people who are not properly trained to do this and the tube ends up in the animal’s trachea.

They were not exercised regularly. They are only removed from their cages when someone wants to look at them to buy them, or when they are being moved to a different cage. This means that many dogs sit in those cages for days and days and days. They are not played with or loved on if a customer does not want to look at them. I was so disgusted with the treatment of these poor puppies, and with the fact that this store was allowed to do business like this, that I quit without notice after 2 weeks.


Kenneth of San Antonio, TX

Original review: April 11, 2007

I bought a dwarf rabbit for my girlfriend at PetLand as a surprise. I had done a little research on caring for rabbits before I bought him but obviously not enough.

When I bought Mr Bunnysworth the kid working the register handed me about $120.00 worth of stuff and said this was everything I needed for the rabbit. It was all the wrong stuff.

The crude protein was too high, he never mentioned buying any hay or grass, said to use pine or cedar shavings, which is completely wrong for rabbits and sent me home with Guinea Pig food saying they were out of Rabbit food but this was perfect for it anyway.

Poor Mr Bunnysworth died of GI stasis within 2 weeks. By the time we realized he was hurting and took him to the vet they said it was too late, he died at the vets office in obvious severe pain.

I didnt want anything back from PetLand but I was furious that they gave me such wrong information on how to care for a bunny.

We now have 3 healthy bunnies (6 months now) from a local breeder who has a great reputation, these rabbits and friendly, healthy and we have all the necessary information to keep them that way for years.

I feel terrible my first bunny died in such pain, and I place the blame squarely on bad information and terrible practices at PetLand for sending us home with everything but what the bunny actually needed.


Victoria of Racine, WI

Original review: April 6, 2007

I purchased a Beagle puppy from Petland in October of 2005. When I got him he was quite small. Although I was told he was 9 weeks old, he only appeared to be about 6 weeks. He wasn’t a very active puppy when I first played with him, but the sales person assured me that it was because he was so young. When I got him home, he was quite sleepy, and for the next day or so he did nothing but lay around. I took him to the vet immediately, and they actually kept him at the vet’s home for a week for around the clock care. they told me he had dog flu, and potentially pnuemonia. They told me to prepare for the worst.

As luck would have it, I did get my puppy back after about a week, and at first everything was fine. However, as time passed on, I noticed that his teeth looked odd, so I took him back to the vet. It turns out that either due to his illness or due to genetics, my 10 month old puppy had teeth in the decrepit condition of a 12 year old dog. They will probably all have fallen out before he turns 4. And he also has a sort of acid reflux, in which every morning, he vomits stomich bile. I could set a watch to it. It is very painful to see.

Petland did honor their 21 day warranty, in which they cover all vet bills and meds for any problem that comes up within 21 days. Also, I was given a refund for my dog’s genetic issues, but here’s the kicker…it was an instore credit. Like I want another problem puppy from a mill. And even if I had gotten actual cash back, it wouldn’t even begin to compensate for the problems that lie ahead.

My dog will need a special diet for dogs with no teeth. Will he be able to play tug of war or chew bones, or fetch? Is he in pain? What about his throat? I don’t even know if it will heal or if it will continually wear down. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I do know that Petland doesn’t care.

During the time the genetic issue arose, I had taken a job at this Petland, and kept it for about 7 months. I can’t begin to tell the horrors both to the puppies, and also to the customers. I know now that these are truly corrupt businesses, and I have seen the full truth in puppy mills and the type of people who support them.


Jaclyn of Tampa, FL

Original review: March 31, 2007

We saw an adorable female yorkie, she was $2400, and we took her home that night. She went to the free vet check said everything was fine. Few days later we had to take her back to the vet. She had a lump on her back and was dragging on the floor as they do if they have parasites. The lump was from the infected microchip and came back having three types of worms, 2 that are very contagious and even humans can get them, so now with worrying if our other two dogs have them we have to worry if WE have them.

The parasites and infection caused her to go into hypoglycemia; shes been at the emergency vet hospital for 5 days now and thousands in vet bills.





Laurel of Bradenton, FL

Original review: March 12, 2007

Bought a dog, now two years old, has been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, Vet says it’s genetic. Petland was buying pets from a rogue puppy mill called Pine Springs Pets.

$1,000’s of dollars in vet bills. Sadly, the contract with Petland only covers illness during the first year. Very smart. Most puppies don’t show signs of genetic problems until around two years old.



Francesca of Kenosha, WI

Original review: Jan. 11, 2007

On Aug. 25, 2005 my sister and I decided to go look at puppies at Petland. When there we saw an adorable puppy being bitten by another puppy who was in the kennel with Mico (the puppy we bought)! We had not gone in with the intentions of buying a pet but we decided to ask the employee to take out Mico so we could play with him for a little bit. Needless to say we became immediately attached to this adorable apricot cockapoo.

We decided that we go ahead and purchase the puppy-the sales person went through all the necessary paper work and made sure we signed and initialed everything. All we were told at the time of purchase was that the dog had a slight case of kennel cough but nothing too severe. They said that he just needed to go visit the vet that they told us to go to and he would be fine. Not knowing very much about purchasing animals to begin with we went ahead and put our trust into this company!! Boy were we wrong to do that!!!

Within a couple of days of owning our very first puppy he had already been to the vet a handful of times costing us well over $500 within the first month of owning him. I forgot to mention we paid well over $1000 for the dog. There is just so much wrong with the puppy it is so sad – Petland needs to be stopped!!!! They are not giving their animals the opportunity to live a happy healthy life!!!


Greg of Akron, OH

Original review: Nov. 15, 2006

I just rescued a Lhasa Apso puppy from the Petland store at Chapel Hill Mall in Akron 11/11/06. The sales rep explained and even sent home a brochure on kennel cough BUT never said that the puppy WAS sick and needed immediate veterinary attention. I’d guess all their puppies sold there are sick. Kennel cough is highly contagious. None of the puppies were coughing at the store due to giving them a cough suppressant (I’m assuming) Within 4 hours of bringing the pup home It started coughing and running a fever.

I paid $800 for a sick dog and they originally wanted $1000. The pup is supposedly 12 weeks old, but looks 6to8. You can also feel its spinal cord. suggesting is was malnourished. Not trusting Petlands Vet located in Medina (25miles each way), the pup was taken to Banfield Vet Clinic whom I have dealt with before and received excellent care. Keep in mind that this pup was just seen by Petland’s recommended vet on 11/03/06.

Banfields diagnosis was severe pneumonia and ran a series of other related tests along with X-rays. Total cost so far is $500 for the 1st days treatment. This is the 2nd day for further treatment. At this point they are not 100% certain the puppy will even make it. This practice of theirs is disgusting and needs to be exposed and they either need to give these animals proper care or go out of business.


Barbara of Chillicothe, OH

Original review: Nov. 14, 2006

I wanted to update on my complaint that was put on the web site regarding my purchase of a Keeshond puppie and the subsequent headache of getting a refund. I am part way there. After complaining to everybody who would listen and alot who wouldn’t, I received a check todayfor the majority of the money Petland owes me. I will be in the store tomorrow and I intend to leave with the rest. I think the finally straw that got things moving is the fact I have filed a complaint with the Attorney Generals Office. If nothing else people hate paperwork and I am sure this complaint will bury them for a little while. So, two days after telling them what I did, I have $535.00 of the 594.01 they owe me.


Barbara of Chillicothe, OH

Original review: Nov. 10, 2006

I purchased, in cash, a keeshond puppy. I saw him one day in Sept. and he was too high priced so I told the salesperson if it ever got down to $400. give me a call. Oct. 18th 2006 I got the call. I told them I would get him that night. He wasn’t ready so I waited while they bathed him, paying for him & purchasing all the other things they say you have to buy while they finished him up. I carried him to my car and drove a 1/2 mile to show him off to my sister. He fell over as soon as I placed him in the grass. Righted himself and proceeded to walk oddly. I had a feeling it was not good and I should have gone back right then, but I was so happy to have a dog I convinced myself it was ok. I thoguht maybe he was stiff from living in the pen at the store. Well it did not get better , so I made an appointment the next day with Petland’s vet.

The xrays of the pup’s hip were unbelievable to even my untrained eyes. At 4 months old he had hip dysplasia in both hips. The one was so bad the leg bone was no where near the hip socket. I called the store from the vet’s office and told them I was bring the pup back. The assistant manager tried to get me to keep him till the store manager returned in 8 days but I said no. I took the pup directly back to the store and handed the pup over to another store assistant manager. Gave them a copy of the vet’s report and told him I wanted my money back. He said I would be called the next day. In the meanntime I looked the breeder up on the internet as they say they all come from reputable breeders. This one has a history aand certainly falls into the puppy mill ranks. I gave them a copy of that when I returned on Friday when no one contacted me.

They said they couldn’t give me a refund in that amount of money, it had to come from corporate. They supposedly do not have that much cash in the store. I was told I was not the normal customer as I paid cash. I was told at that time it would be the followiing Friday, , Oct 27, when the manager would get back and that she would call me. I did not contact the store that whole week as I figured nothing was going to happen till the manager got back. Ms. redman never called so I called her. The short version of the rest of the story is, I was told I would get a refund, it is now November 10th and I do not hear from Petlnd and I have not received a refund.


Mike of Crystal Lake, IL

Original review: Oct. 2, 2006

The short of it is I purchased a puppy by the time I got out of there was about $1400.00. Within a few weeks we discovered she had intestinal parasites. The way we found out, she had bloody diarrhea and was vomiting in the middle of the night. We called the animal emergency room, which told us because she is so small we would need to bring her in or she could dehydrate and become hypoglycemic. We were given medication and sent home. We had brought in a sample of the diarrhea but because it was more mucus then pooh, they couldn’t test it.

Later we found out she not only had intestinal parasites but these were the ones that can be passed to humans. Next she developed a rash, we thought it was from the medication. We had some tests done and discovered she had skin parasites. The thing to remember is we have another dog at home and have for three years that had never exhibited any of these problems till now. The dog we had for three years has now started with the vomiting and diarrhea. Yep now they both have parasites.

I called Petland in Crystal Lake and talked to Dan the owner who was no help. They cover these problems for seven days and that is it. Even then they only cover the medication witch is the most minimal part of the treatment. So here we are over $500.00 in vet bills and a little wiser. So if you buy an animal from these guys pleas ask it to get sick with the first week and even then take out some insurance on the animal.

I called Petland in Crystal Lake and talked to Dan the owner who was no help. They cover these problems for seven days and that is it. Even then they only cover the medication witch is the most minimal part of the treatment. So here we are over $500.00 in vet bills and a little wiser. So if you buy an animal from these guys please ask it to get sick with the first week and even then take out some insurance on the animal.


Kelsey of Tallahassee, FL

Original review: Sept. 22, 2006

My mother bought me and my sister two twin bunnies for our birthday. We instantly feel in love with them. About 2 weeks later one of them died for no reason. It just mysteriously died. Fearing that maybe it had some sort of disease we took the other to the doctor, but not before contacting the store. They responded that it was past 7 days and they would not give us another one. When we took the other to the doctor we found out he did have a parasite that only could be passed through other bunnies. Since we only bought the two he said that it came from the litter and was highly contagious.

When we called the store they said no one had called to complain and no bunny was reported with a paracite which was clearly a lie because we reported to the manager the day before. The doctor put my rabbit on medication but it was too late because it died less than 3 hours later. We found out that we had been giving it the wrong treats and bedding. We also were sterlining the cage with the right products. I was amazed because the treats and bedding and cleaning products were all in the rabbit package that we bought from them. That litter had about 6 bunnies and they didn’t tell anyone else and sold them all. They may have all had it and they didn’t care. They had no idea how to take care of them and completely told us the wrong information. They ruined our birthday.





Brooke of Fairfax, VA

Original review: Sept. 17, 2006

We fell in love with our boy, Charlie, a longhaired dapple doxie. We payed over 1,00 dollars for him. When we purchased him they had another doxie and told us to get her too, because they would make cute puppies. Upon getting him home he had some guarding issues with his food and his testicles did not drop. Our vet did the surgery and found he had no testicles. I called the store and they said he was neutered, and after much search a small “nu” on Charlies paperwork was all that identified this.

A few months later we spent another 600 dollars for a lump to be removed which was not cancerous. The real heartbreak came when the aggression started. Charlie sent me to the emergency room with seven puncture wounds, next up was my nephew who also went to the emergency toom with a mangled finger that required stitches, than me again, this time 5 puncture wounds and an IV drip. We spent 1,000’s of dollars working with every behaviorist and nothing could help him. He would snap, for no reason, and attack.

Charlie had to be put to sleep when he was only a year and a half old. We fought so hard for him but he became so violent and so unpredicatble we could no longer live with him, and no one could take him. As he fell asleep for the last time all I could think about was how wrong this all was. Aggression is a sign of inbreeding as well as being taken from the mother too early. I will never forget him, I cry for him every day, and I will never stop hating the people who did this to me, to my boy.




Sara of Baraboo, WI

Original review: Sept. 3, 2006

I was in Illinois trying to waste some time before going to an event in Schaumburg. I have a dog so I visited two pet stores. I believe the first one was PetCo. Great store with two yellow labs to adopt. Obviously had gone through a lot, but getting healthy. Needing to waste more time, we traveled around and found Petland. As soon as I walked in, I gasped and said Oh no and walked over to the cages of puppies. I had heard of puppy mills when I was trying to looking to buy a dog (I got her from the Humane Society). I knew as soon as I went in that that’s what it was.

Some of the dogs were playing, others were just lying there. I would have never bought any of these animals from the pet store directly. I did see signs that said they were looking for locally raised pets…but I’m afraid to know how many people run puppy mills in their garages/homes. I saw one puppy separated from the rest saying that it was sick. And boy did it look it. I was sick to my stomach just looking at all of these adorable little animals knowing what the mother had gone through. What made me even more sick was the people buying them. I realized they may not know about puppy mills and I hope that if they did, they wouldn’t support such a thing. I hope that one day pet stores such as these are shut down or at least have the selling of these kind of animals banned.


Lynn of Whitewater, WI

Original review: Aug. 16, 2006

I purchased a very sick puppy that met the health screening provided by a contracted vet. The puppy turned out to be very sick. Vet/manager gave a different song and dance after implying that I was a competent/researched purchaser. I am devestated and irate and feel horrible for the puppy. I am also irate that this business can continue. I am at a loss of what to do regarding the unethical treatment of animals and dishonest service to consumers.


Alison of Acworht, GA

Original review: Feb. 26, 2006

We purchased a puppy on Friday Feb 17th. My husband had orginally gone by himself to look for a puppy. He came home and said he found a Boston Terrier/Bassett Hound Mix at Petland. We decided to go see the puppy. She was adorable. We got her out and she was very playful. We decided to put $100 deposit on her for 1 week so we could get things together for her at home. This puppy was for my 6 year old son. He was very excited that he named her right away” HARLEY”. We went about 4 times to see her before we got her so my son could play with her. She was always so playful and sweet. We finally did pick her up on Friday.

I took her straight to the vet. She had a fecal done and I was told she had worms. She was given meds for the worms and I was told that she might get sick. That night she played for a while then she started to get very sick. She got sick all over our house. She wouldn’t move. The next morning I called the vet. We took her in. She ended up having Parvo. She was half dead. She had to be put on fluids right away. I called Petland and told the manager that we had just gotten her yesterday and that she had Parvo. I told him that all the other puppys were probabaly infected too. Because we did notice that everytime we went to see her she was in a different cage. Parvo is a very serious, contagious illness for puppies.

The manager wanted us to bring her to him so his vet could check her out. We told him it didn’t matter what vet she saw as long as she was getting treatment and to take her off fluids to bring her to him she could die. She stayed at our vet from Sat to Mon night. We did bring her home Mon Feb 20th. She didn’t move all night.

We took her to their vet Towne and Country on Tues. She has been there for 6 days so far. She is still there. I called 2 times on Tues to see how she was doing. Didn’t get much info. Called Wed they never called back. So basically we need to decide what to do. We need to talk to the vet and the manager. I want all my vet bills paid for and I want full remeinbursement for the puppy. She was $400.00. I feel that this is only far after what trauma my family has been thru. My 6 yr old son keeps asking me why we got a sick puppy and is she going to die. He talks about her all the time. If she doesn’t get better we can’t get another puppy for at least 6mos to a 1yr because of the Parvo in our house.


Tracey of Redford, MI

Original review: Sept. 10, 2005

My boyfriend and I purchased an eleven week old Boston Terrier from a Petland in March of 2005. As soon as we saw her we knew that we had to take her home, we named her Brooklyn. We paid $1500.00 for Brooklyn. Two months ago Brooklyn began losing her hair and her stomach was covered in red pussels. Our vet diagnosed her with mange. We were told that this type of mange is genetic and once this is disease is discovered the pet should not be bred.

We contacted Petland and we were told that we needed to see their vet and if this was the case they would replace Brooklyn with another puppy. Obviously replacing Brooklyn was not an option but we made an appointment with Petland vet for another opinion. When we met with their vet we asked if mange was hereditary, we were told yes. We asked if her mother and father should have been bred, and we were told no, the vet told us that this mange had to have been seen somewhere along her family line before.

We asked the vet to write this down for us, he told us that he would. The vet left the room and never returned, a vet tech came in the room and told us that only the owner had the authority to write such a thing down. We were told that the vet that we spoke to was new, and didn’t know any better. We never saw the owner and we never got anything in writing. I have wrote letters to the vet and to Petland with no response. We have spent over $1000.00 on vet bills and medication with no gurantee that she will ever be cured or that this disease will not continue to come back.


Paul of Ft Myers, FL

Original review: July 11, 2005

Purchased Yorkie on april 29, 2005 for 2,199 dollars. Dog soon began having attacks which turned out to be seizures. After many visits to their vet and ours, it was finally determined that the puppy has a liver shunt and will require major surgery to correct and will not be able to be bred. Petland has returned the price of the dog less the $300 they gave to our vet. I explained to the owner that according to the pet lemon law, she was responsible for the price of the dog plus vet bills up to the price of the dog. She shouldn’t have shorted me 300 dollars when she returned the money for the dog, and she still should pay for my vet bills up to the price of the dog. At least that’s my interpretation of the pet lemon law.

The dog is scheduled for surgery on july 14th, cost will be approximately $1, 879.00 I really feel that they should pay for this bill. I have spoken with the owner today, she refuses to consider it, claims my wife signed all the fine print in their contract and they aren’t responsible for the extra vet bill even thought the law says she is. This dog unknown to me had a very bad upper resipiratory infection and was on meds until the day before my wife picked her up. A few days later when we returned with the ill dog, the same vet said, without a physical or blood tests, that she needed nutrastat a tube of basically corn syrup. On the second visit, again without tests, we were told to feed it more often. Finally with the dog still sick, we took it to our vet who discovered the upper respiratory infection and confirmed it with the petland vets — it’s how we became aware that THEY knew the dog was sick…and said nothing.


Laurie of Ottawa, IL

Original review: June 9, 2005

On 3/31/05 I purchased a Chocolate Lab from the Naperville Petland, I was given a 14-day Warrenty which covered physical health problems. 3 days after my adoption my puppy began choking. Being a new dog owner, I did not know what was happening and rushed her to my vet. After an examination and x-rays totaling almost $250 it was determined that my pup have pneumonia brought on by kennel cough.

Adhering to the agreement with the Petland warrenty I contacted them within 24 hours. The mgmt did not seem suprised when I started to tell my story and agreed that it sounded like kennel cough. They said that it is common. I was advised to take my pup to their vet. Which I did, right after leaving mine. Their vet was 1.25 hours away. I spoke to management on several days regarding the bills from the original visit, when I was promised to be reimbersed for medication. After 1 month of not recieving this money I insisted on talking to the owner who called me back and assured me that I would be refunded for this and 2 other RX I had picked up from my local vet.

Another 2 weeks passed and I still had not received this payment and I spoke to his wife who explained that the receipts had been misplaced. I reminded her that I had sent them 3 prevoius times. She appoligized and said she would send a check that day. 1 week later I received a check for $48, half of the cost of medication that I was promised. I later looked back at my agreement with Petland that does not state that I am required to seek attention at their vet. My pup has been sick with pnemonia for 9 weeks and we still make trips to their vet every 2 weeks. Because she has kennel cough I can not expose her to other animals who may also go through this same ordeal.