Petland Indeed

Not good.

Animal Specialist (Former Employee) – Kennesaw, GA – June 8, 2019

This is a place that relies on the selling of living creatures. To anyone and any person that walks through

the door, no matter whether it’s a good fit or not. The well-being of the animals is always secondary to the fact that you have to make a certain percentage of sales.

Sick animals, low pay or no pay, poor management, shady business practices

Certified Veterinary Technician (Former Employee) – Largo, FL – June 6, 2019

Shorted my hours and pay rate on first paycheck, then fired me for questioning it. Puppies delivered in the middle of the night so no witnesses. They are all sick and receive no appropriate medical care.

Not the best place to work

Inventory Specialist/maintenance (Former Employee) – Lake Saint Louis, MO – April 6, 2019

Horrible management did not want to pay on time and a very discriminating and harassing work environment. I can’t believe what all goes on there including all the parvo puppies I’ve helped them sell and other sick animals.


Kennel Technician (Former Employee) – Delaware, OH – March 29, 2019

all of the dogs are sick. super competitive for hours. others workers will sabotage you to get more hours. all animal are sick. you are told to loe to customers. managers only care about making money not the poor dogs and animals there. no breaks.

Absolute nightmare

Pet Counselor (Former Employee) – Henderson, NV – January 30, 2019

Management at Petland Of Henderson was absolutely horrible to her employees. Constantly harassing them, cursing at them and at times even being physical with one employee in particular. Some of the pet counselors there were being treated better and paid more than the rest because they were in a tight group with the manager, while the rest of us had money stolen from our pay checks. Over all a completely toxic work environment and I wouldn’t recommend this job to anyone.

Worst pet store 

Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Dalton, GA – January 29, 2019

They sold sick dogs and once a puppy had heartworms and they didn’t care as long as they made money off of it. They insisted that I let a kid play with it but I kept saying I wouldn’t do it. They even knew it could be transmitted to the small kid.

Long hours low pay

Assistant General Manager (Former Employee) –  Illinois – December 6, 2018

They claim 12 to 35 per hour more realistic is 6.25 -12 and the 12 is management when they work you 6 days up to 10 hours a day, Owner does not keep management or the staff informed

Hard work. Low pay

kennel tech (Former Employee) –  Kennesaw, GA – September 19, 2018

My job in the kennel was very physically demanding. It is the hardest job there and the least paid. The general manager was very rude. Nothing you did was ever enough.


Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Miami, FL – August 28, 2018

Overpriced dogs and customer service is nasty. They hire children and being an adult it was not fun to have 16 year olds bosing you around. Overall horrible place.

They have no idea what they are doing

Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Dayton, OH – July 6, 2018

I got hired for Pet Counselor, they had me train for the kennel which was fine I got to learn different things. I told them I was hired for the pet counselor and they had me wait a week to come to train for that. I was supposed to come in for two days they cut me down to one and sent me home early.
But I was supposed to be able to sell the pets later in the week…

horrible treatment of staff and animals

Kennel Technician (Former Employee) –  Orlando, FL – June 26, 2018

manager was super rude and not understanding. always asked so much of employees. animals were horribly mistreated and not walked or cared for properly.

made sure the dogs didn’t die

Kennel Technician (Former Employee) –  Dayton, OH – June 18, 2018

cleaning, giving meds, cleaning up feces every two seconds and making sure the dogs dont die at 8.50 an hour just to get yelled at when one gets sick and it isnt even the kennel techs fault its the pet co fault for putting the wrong dog in the wrong kennel. never work for this place it doesnt pay enough to put up with everything


Cashier (Former Employee) –  Pickerington, OH – June 13, 2018

The management was terrible, I was never taught anything. I had no idea how to do the job correctly. I would always have to ask questions then the managers would get mad that I was asking.

Never work here.

 Call Center Representative (Former Employee) –  Kennesaw, GA – May 21, 2018

Management sucks here. They get mad at you even if you get up to use the bathroom. No discounts. Horrible pay. No benefits. I got $9 an hour for working my butt off. Always told me to focus more when the ONLY thing i focused on was that computer screen. Yet, they post snapchats of the puppies there. Hmmm talk about not focusing on your job..

Kennel Technician (Former Employee) –  Strongsville, OH – April 18, 2018

Petland was a very stressful, fast paced job. The boss and the manager were very cold people and didn’t really seem to be passionate about animals at all. The conditions of most of tbeir animals was very poor and very sad to be honest. I would never want to purchase an animal from them.

This location was a mess

Community Service Coordinator (Former Employee) –  Athens, OH – February 28, 2018

Working for the Petland in Athens, Ohio was terrible work conditions and terrible employee treatment. At that time the owners and managers were not helpful and the store was not run as regulations and rules intended. I loved working with the people that I worked with off site, schools, day cares, and nursing homes. I loved my job as a community service coordinator and I loved doing my job, but the company really suffered at the hands of the management and the corporate’s blind eyes to what truly was happening in the store. I dislike giving bad reviews but I would not work for Petland again.

poor management

 Salesperson (Former Employee) –  Dayton, OH – January 18, 2018

My manager at the time wasnt professional on how she treated employees, She belittled everyone all the time, There was constant empolyees quitting and new ones being brought in.

Franchise locally owned

 Inventory Control Manager (Former Employee) –  El Paso, TX – December 5, 2017

The work day as an inventory control manager starts with clocking in, checking your e-mails, to check for any deliveries scheduled for the day, began to restock any merchandise from the previous day.


 Kennel Technician (Former Employee) –  Pittsburgh, PA – November 2, 2017

I didn’t really ENJOY working there the company only cared about money the animals weren’t treated very well I would never recommend anyone working there it was sad too watch the dogs grow up and be in such small cages the didn’t buy dogs from breeders it was from a puppy farm very sad

This business has been closed for many years

 Manager (Former Employee) –  Canton, OH – July 25, 2017

This business has been closed for many years. You should have an opt out option for closed businesses as it is a huge waste of time to review a place no longer in business

fun place to work

Kennel Technician (Former Employee) –  Round Lake Beach, IL – March 30, 2017

The work was fun, faced paced. Good learning environment, but poorly managed.I feel like the animals did not get the proper care and management was neglectful

Don’t work there


Financial Sales Assistant (Former Employee) –  Lake Saint Louis, MO – March 19, 2017


Management is horrible, they raise the prices of the dogs tremendously and most are sick. Also, they don’t care if your doing a great job with sales, they only care about the money.



Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Largo, FL – January 20, 2017


The dogs are always so sickly, it breaks my heart. They buy puppy mill dogs for 300 dollars and sell them for thousands. After realizing the kind of franchise i worked for, i had to look for a more ethical job.
When I was working there, I found a frozen bunny in the fridge in the kennel. After informing management it was left there for months.
What really made me turn in my two week notice was a Parvo outbreak and a golden retriever died.
The turtles die everyday, they still sell yellow belly sliders and red ear turtles that develop puss sacks in their eyeballs. The bird seed aisle has a spider infestation and in the back where the office is, the back wall is filled with animals that are sick and waiting to die.

Workplace was difficult and unorganized


Sales Associate (Former Employee) –  Tyler, TX – April 29, 2016


Working for Petland was the hardest job I’ve ever had. While there were the perks of learning about animals, the management was terrible. They asked me to clock out and work for commission when I reached 40 hours.

awful company to work for


Assistant Kennel Technician (Former Employee) –  Texas – March 21, 2016


owner is all about money. doesnt pay overtime. over stock up on animals very unhealthy alot die. disgusting. has no feelings

open and closes company and franchise stores daily


Manager (Former Employee) –  Marietta, OH – January 28, 2016


This company buys from usda licensed puppy mills. There were puppies sick all the time. Customers that purchased puppies, were calling in weekly with genetic issues and health problems. Vet bills were in the $10,000’s every month.

The store opened and closed 4 times while I worked in the store. It started out as a corporate owned store and they quickly sold to a franchisee while they were still showing growth. As a corporate store there were several discounts received on merchandise/puppies that was not handed down to franchisee, so growth diminished quickly once franchisee’s took over. The stores were built quickly and cheap, so they could sell their problems to someone else. Overhead was ridiculous.

Really bad.


Kennel Attendant (Former Employee) –  Melbourne – August 13, 2014


Each Petland is managed separately buy each store manager who was “trained” buy corp Petland. However they will not follow many of the rules, placing in jeopardy Petland’s name-brand. It’s sad because I loved the job but I was not able to communicate with the store manager and make him understand that he was putting all of us at risk of no jobs. And then, they closed the store.

Don’t even think about it


Fish & Reptile Manager (Former Employee) –  Joplin, MO – April 1, 2014


If you value your sanity, go elsewhere. The management is very rude, uncaring, and would rather fire you than train you.

terrible owner


KENNEL SUPERVISOR (Former Employee) –  sarasota – September 12, 2013


bad pay.. owner hated animals and i left because of her treatment twards them… manager played favorites and did drugs on the premis

Poor management and very little to no training


Pet counselor  (Former Employee) –  Davie, fl – June 20, 2013


I worked at Petland only for 6 weeks. The training was very rushed. (3 days 2 hrs each day) They was more concerned about sales then their animals. I seen a lot of customers come in trying to return their dogs for various reasons. Most if them was blown off or simply just told no. I was even asked to lie to customers on numerous Occasions. The staff is always under pressure for sales. If you have questions it’s ok the first day or two but after that management gets very upset. In all I don’t think that working for $7.67 was worth the stress or being disrespected.

bad place


Kennel Technician (Former Employee) –  Mentor, OH – December 9, 2012


terrible treatment of animals, bad management, bad place to work

Supporting puppy mills is something I could not do.


Sales Manager (Former Employee) –  Round Lake Beach, IL – September 16, 2012


I loved my job here, it was the job of my dreams. However the values of Petland were not the same as mine when it came to animal care. Their logic and morals put a dollar sign in front of the animals needs. This is what led me to leave Petland.

Animal care was less than anyone could ever understand. I could not watch animals die with the lack of care they were receiving.

decent pay but not worth it


Kennel Manager (Former Employee) –  Jacksonville, FL – February 19, 2019


I worked at Petland in Jacksonville Florida for about 10 months in the kennels. after being there about 4 months I was promoted to manager and bumped up in pay. then a couple months later another raise, then in December another raise which put me at $14 an hour. the pay wasn’t bad, but they will work you to death and run you in the ground. My phone was constantly going off starting at around 6:30am and continued all through my work shift making it hard to do my job and then when I got off work it would still continue up until about 10pm. I was constantly expected to be “on call” 24/7 365, I had NO “me time” at all and they kept me extremely stressed out. they don’t care about their workers or the puppies they sell. they refuse to take them to a Vet when they are sick unless they are about dead. I was not only doing my job there, I was also helping them do repairs on the building, helping them create a REAL “ISO room” for sick puppies. and they also treat Parvo in house instead of taking them to a vet. I saw 3 puppies die from it during the time I worked there as well as a couple that most likely had brain damage and was returned to the breeders because workers either dropped them or didn’t lock cage doors and they fell out. it COULD be a great place to work if the owners had priorities in order.

Animal Cruelty


Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Orlando, FL – April 17, 2018


This place is the biggest scam in Orlando. Don’t work here, don’t buy a pet from here, don’t even play with the animals here. I don’t even know how these guys are still in business. Many of the dogs I worked with were sick, including one that went home with parvovirus. Dogs were all ridiculously overpriced, employees were so competitive that because of the way pay was set up. You were paid minimum wage unless you made more in commission than you did hourly. When you’re trying to sell dogs for $2,000-9,000, its pretty hard to make that much in commission when they work you 30+ hours a week. Save yourself the time, and stay far, far away from this place.

very stressful, unrewarding work.


Pet Counselor (Current Employee) –  Hoffman Estates, IL – August 3, 2017


fast paced work environment, with no benefits aside from the hope for commission with commonly unattainable goals to receive it. as well as an unfriendly co-workers.

Unethical workplace tht has no care for its animals or employees


SALES MANAGER (Former Employee) –  United States – September 13, 2012


The puppies come from puppy mills. The small animals are packed into such tight living quarters that they hurt each other. The employees are taught to recite answers to certain questions like “where do your puppies come from?”. The breakroom at the store I worked at was in the kennel, and the employee fridge was the same fridge dead animal were placed until the vet picked them up. The hardest part of the job was picking up dead animals every morning as part of getting the store ready to open. Employees were fired simply for having a bad sales week, rather than retraining them.

Okay place to work at


Kennel Technician, Pet Counselor, and Zookeeper (Former Employee) –  Blue Springs, MO – February 14, 2019


No breaks given, very physically exhausting, and a lot to learn. overall good experience working there until the general manager was fired due to other managers not liking them.

Poor management, unorganized


Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Montgomery, AL – January 22, 2019


I would not recommend working at Petland to anyone who cares about animal welfare. Dogs specifically are pushed on customers even if the dog does not fit their lifestyle, budget. Dogs kept in small cages and not allowed exercise/to go outside. Coworkers just wanted to stand around, gossip about each other.

Bogus company, bogus culture, bogus job


Pet Technician (Former Employee) –  Aurora, IL – October 13, 2018


I worked at Petland for about a month before they let me go. I was one of the pet technicians, so not a sales person on the floor. And I do mean SALES. Those people are paid commission on how many pets they sell, plus any “pet care plans” they can add on as well. They don’t care about their customers financial situations. They’ll offer finance plans like the dog is a car or something!

The interest rate is incredibly high and, of course, when you can’t afford the payments, you have to bring the dog back. I was only there a month and saw TOO MANY people bring the puppy back, in tears because they fell in love with it. Oh, and they don’t have any bigger spaces for the dogs than what you see the little puppies are in. A box on the wall with a window. They’ll put 3+ dogs together in that space, which is fine when they’re still SMALL. But if a puppy is brought back, or gets stuck at the store long enough without being bought, they just put it into its own box. Even the big breeds! I saw one poor pooch who was 3x bigger than every other puppy there in a cramped space.

They also try to sell you these stupid pet care plans, that they say come with a AKC certification. It’s a load of BS. If you look up Portland complaints online, you’ll find tons of people talking about this lie, among others. The company just doesn’t care!

So getting back to being a technician in the back, taking care of the pups. They expect a single person (even non experienced) to feed, clean up after, medicate, and rearrange the dogs in their wall boxes, when there are 50-100 of them. It’s insane!  more…

Sales Job


Sales Associate (Former Employee) –  Las Vegas, Nv – October 13, 2018


I started working for Petland because I loved animals. At first the job was fun since I was surrounded by animals, but then I learned that everything is about sales. It’s very competitive there and it can get cut throat. You’re paid minimum wage + commission. You’re expected to sell a certain amount of products or dogs. You’re also expected to go to meetings every Sunday morning unpaid. The meetings are required and if you don’t go you don’t get your “spiff” for selling a dog. A spiff is you get $25 for every dog you sell.

At Petland, the management only cares about sales. The management was horrible. I would request days off far in advance and then when the time came I would still be scheduled. The only good thing about this job are the employees.

I stopped working for Petland because I felt uncomfortable selling dogs like product. I regret working there. I didn’t like pushing people to buy things they didn’t need. I also didn’t like seeing so many sick animals in the back. There were sick puppies, hamsters, cats, etc. all in the back where you can’t see. I know that the kennel staff tries their hardest to care for them, but there’s only so much they can do.

Also know that if you work at Petland, you might be bombarded by protestors. They’ll come in and stop the whole store and say that the puppies Petland sells are from puppy mills. All of the management and employees told me that we do not get our puppies from puppy mills, but honestly I don’t believe if that’s true.

The absolute worst


Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Athens, GA 30606 – February 4, 2018


Horrible management, constant employee turn around. Had to to deal with harassment on the job on a regular basis. The business had a complete lack of ethic from the top down. Animals were mistreated and denied medical treatment. Just a horrible company and horrible place to work.

The overall goal here is to make money, not to help animals.


Small Animal Specialist (Former Employee) –  Lewis Center, OH – March 17, 2012


I did not enjoy working here because the employers only cared about sale rates and not how the employees were taking care of the animals, which was lacking.

If you want a job with animals look elsewhere… you won’t regret it.


Kennel Technician (Former Employee) –  Orlando, FL – June 5, 2018


I just feel bad for the dogs. and no matter how hard you try to take care of them something is always wrong. They say they don’t get dogs from a puppy mill and show you a binder with pretty pictures but seeing them come out of the back of a truck every week with some of the sicknesses they have makes me think otherwise… The owners only care about their puppies too because it makes them the most money. It’s an unsanitary place to work both for you and the pets themselves.

Stressful environment


Sales Associate (Former Employee) –  Dunwoody, GA – September 7, 2017


There is so much work to be on a daily basis but never enough time to accomplish everything, projects are started but never finished due to the fact that new projects are started continuously. There is no confidentiality among management and drama is completely allowed to keep co-workers arguing and stay competitive. The best part of the job there is working with live animals and people who are animal lovers.

Wrongful termination, horrible management/owners


Kennel Technician (Former Employee) –  Round Lake Beach, IL – June 16, 2019


I worked at petland as a kennel technician for 2 months. I loved working there, loved the staff in the kennel, as well as loved taking care of the puppies. The managers however are rude to kennel staff, and talk to/treat them poorly. I was wrongfully terminated for acknowledgment of an issue, and management refusing to access the issue other than a no explanation termination. I would not recommend working here.

USDA puppy mill puppies 100%


Sales Associate (Former Employee) –  Mentor, OH – June 2, 2019


Buyer beware

These poor animals are poorly bred, and nothing you can do can fix that
Supporting puppy mills keeps puppy mills going

Feeling bad for the animals is a natural response, but you keep the cycle goingvwhen you buy!

Loved the job, hated the company


Kennel Technician (Former Employee) –  Fairfield, OH – March 31, 2019


The poorest managed place I’ve ever worked. Never had the materials to do the job properly. Improper to little training. Couldn’t properly care for the animals

Fun Place To Work


Kennel Manager (Former Employee) –  Frisco, TX – July 6, 2015


Fun place to work. Loved my coworkers and Manager. An overall great place to start off at. Lot of experience to be gained.



Kennel Technician (Former Employee) –  Pensacola, FL – April 19, 2019


The job itself is amazing but the people there aren’t so great, everyone either likes to start drama or doesn’t care enough to handle it, if you have an issue you’re supposed to go to the person directly above you and then they go to their manager but nothing is ever taken care of.

BS place to work


Kennel Technician (Former Employee) –  Wichita, KS – July 13, 2017


I honestly wouldn’t wish upon anyone to work here. The management treats lower employees very poorly. They don’t take care of their puppies properly either.

Petland Corp


IT/Department Sales Manager – General Manager (Former Employee) –  Olathe, KS – July 20, 2017


Petland as a whole was a good place to work. Unfortunately the last location I worked at, the new ownership had an open affair with another member of the management team which created a lot of conflict within the staff and other members of management.

The business model itself is one of the best, but with ownership like this location has it doesn’t have long to last.

Do not work here!!!


Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Grove City – June 18, 2019


Petland Grove City was the worst job I ever had. Management treats you awful by, bluntly choosing favorites, not properly training and setting unrealistic expectations. My manager sat in the office all day long and did nothing. She drove all of the employees away because of how horrible she treated them.

Worst place ever to work.


Manager (Former Employee) –  Kentucky – November 24, 2017


The owner is horrid and changes the rules everyday, they treat staff horrible. There is no way to advance and no way to obtain a raise unless you flirt with a 70 year old married man. Worst job i have ever haf.

No life with work


Kennel Technician (Former Employee) –  Robinson Township, PA – October 27, 2015


Working here was more of a hard life task. Some of the employees were amazing to work with while management made it hard to work sometimes. Working with the puppies was the best part though. But if you tried to go to school or have a life while working here, it was hard for them to work a schedule around your life.

dirty job


Kennels (Former Employee) –  Princeton, WV – April 22, 2013


In a typical day I could be bitten by a snake,dog,cat. cleaning from the time you get their till you leave.Most enjoyable was lunch time to play with the “pets”.

Loved the animals


Sales Associate (Former Employee) –  Albuquerque, NM – June 17, 2019


I loved all the different types of animals I worked with at Petland, it was exciting to learn about all of them, handle them, teach customers about them. I was the #1 seller for Petland, but the owner of the store micromanaged, worked there for more than a year, was never thanked for anything I did for her, never promoted. I was promised a promotion 6 months after I started, but I didn’t receive anything. Owner was very very very rude to all her employees. I felt used and unappreciated it, working so hard for only $9 an hour.

Stressful and competitive


Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Batavia, IL – September 22, 2017


They’re selling dogs for $2000 + and get upset when you do not sell enough which is difficult with such expensive products. It is extremely stressful and competitive and very misleading.



Pet Counselor/Shift Leader (Former Employee) –  Columbus, OH – April 19, 2017


Petland Inc supports puppy mills, so there’s that–but they’re asking me to do a review of a company i haven’t worked at in several years, sooo, you’ll smell like dog, you work commission (or at least I did) and it’s just kind of sketchy

Hard working environment


LEAD KENNEL TECH (Former Employee) –  Davie, FL 33325 – June 6, 2019


It wasn’t a bad experience overall. However, due to poor management there was a shortage of staff and a lot of pressure put on people. Managers didn’t take the situation seriously until there was only two employees who weren’t hired that week.

Cutthroat and so much drama.


Sales (Former Employee) –  ohio – June 29, 2018


First off i did really well at petland and never got in trouble or yelled at. Also on the positive side your discount is amazing and great if you have a pet. The general manager was very nice and loved to help. If you’re A good sales person you can make okay money. Some people i worked with were be knowledgeable about pets. Otherwise, its commission based if you don’t make commission you get minimum wage which is fine except that the dogs are $3000-$10000 dollars. Your sales managers also make commission (which is rediculous) so they will find ways to take part of your sale. Other co-workers steal customers and new people will be taken advantage of for not knowing the rules. Questionable where the dogs come from, they’re bought from a distributor not usually the breeder directly. They say anything to get you to take the dog even if it isn’t the right dog for you. Managers will publicly shame employees for honest mistakes. Sales meetings every Saturday at 9:00 AM just to tell you the same useless stuff every week. Felt like I was in high school an it was very clique like. Frankly the management tactics and business model here is baffling. Another positive though, you do get to pet A lot of dogs, yay!

Fast pace sales job


Sales Associate (Former Employee) –  Kennesaw, GA – May 19, 2017


very joyful environment with customers playing with puppies. Learned massive amounts of knowledge about many breeds and their behaviors. Always a very fast pace busy job.

Sign Waver


Promotion Specialist (Former Employee) –  Bradenton, FL – June 27, 2016


Sign Waver at Petland I was paid under the table and was working in less than favorable conditions. Never worked with management, typical days were grueling and miserably hot, I knew no one because I worked alone standing on a street corner holding a sign. Hardest part of the job was being pestered by homeless that walked by, best part was the no tax reduction.

animal care


Kennel Technician (Current Employee) –  Fairfield, OH – May 29, 2019


the puppies are only reason i still work there cause the way they operate the corporate stores is a joke cause its all about making money and nothing about how it affects the health of the puppies

Potential to be a great job if management didn’t crush your spirit


Animal Care Technician (Former Employee) –  Cicero, NY – March 22, 2019


You’ll be told animal care is your #1 priority, then told sales are, and even be told to ignore animal care and lie to customers to make sales. Customer misdirection is common, as well as tension and favoritism between employees. The discount is good, but that’s about all.

Don’t work here


Kennel Technician (Current Employee) –  Orlando, FL – January 29, 2019


The managers are very disrespectful and rude. The owners of the store are constantly on vacation and don’t really care what happens in the store. The puppies are taken care of pretty well by the kennel techs but the techs are treated like garbage and never involved in anything of the store (pretty much outcasts). Some of the managerial staff smoke weed throughout the day and walk back in smelling horrible. Most of the people there just like to gossip about everyone and spread rumors about each other especially to the owners. The owners feel that anyone that works in the kennel are shut-ins and deserve to stay in the back without any social interaction at all. If you do decide to work here you better make sure to count your hours because they will mess with your paycheck especially if you work in the kennel. The only good thing was the animals they were treated very well and taken care of even when the techs were off duty they took sick animals home to care for them and bring them back healthy.

Favoritism, rude managers , fun people


Pet Counselor (Current Employee) –  Olathe, KS – July 13, 2018


At first workikg here was fun and I loved it, then a current manager came and I couldn’t deal with her, extremely rude and her energy would make work extremely stressful. There is also NO communication or management here

Stressful questionable work


Kennel Technician (Former Employee) –  Illinois – June 9, 2018


Stressful work, underappreciated staff, low pay, no benefits, very few hours, management ethics & principles are questionable at times, poor communication, sales pushed over health and care of the animals, overcrowded animals in small living quarters, in house/employee drama, no performance reviews or raises, very expensive animals and merchandise, Petland culture questionable, lack of respect. I don’t recommend to anyone with other commitments (family, school, other jobs, etc). Just the opposite of what Petland promises you

Stressful work environment


Kennel Technician (Former Employee) –  Iowa City, IA – March 2, 2018


My Kennel Manager was amazing but unfortunately i did not agree with the way they took care of the animals and the stress they put on the workers especially in the kennel.

Owner is terrible


Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Cicero, NY – May 30, 2012


Owner of the store is unfair and unapprochable. Has been known to yell and swear in front of staff and customers. Not a nice environment to work for.

Okay at times, but mostly stressful.


Kennel Technician (Former Employee) –  Racine, WI – June 10, 2017


Be prepared to be severely underrated all the time. You will never receive benefits, a thank you, or a raise no matter how long or hard you work. I was never even trained fully, but was expected to do everything a vetrinarian would. Management is all drama and favoritism.

Not a good experience


Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Independence, MO – November 2, 2016


Had alot of conflict and felt like i was taken advantage of and not treated fairly. Biased views toward other people who worked with me in the pet store.

Great place for animal lovers to work but terrible management & animal living conditions


Kennel Technician (Former Employee) –  Columbus, OH – June 18, 2015


I disliked Petland. Poor management. Terrible animal conditions. Rarely any job advancement. No security. Outrageous pricing on animals.

hard place to work


Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Gallipolis, OH – March 31, 2019


Unprofessional place to work.
communication was not very good from management.
If you work slow days and get bad sales days you get low pay and can be hard to keep sales up. sad to dell pups to people with lies you must tell.
lots of animals die here.

It’s a fun place to work if you don’t have bills to pay


Sales Associate (Former Employee) –  Davie, FL – February 11, 2019


You must know a lot about dogs and pets, and even when the day to day work i’ts not to hard, the compensation it’s really poor. They paid you commissions but only if you make more in commission than in your hours, and if you did, they don’t paid you the hours.

Petland is Okay as a summer job


Pet counselor (Former Employee) –  Wichita, KS – March 26, 2018


Petland is a rollercoaster. The days are fun when you get to play with animals and help them find forever homes but it is not so amazing when you’re required to show up on a saturday at 9 for a meeting. If you have a busy schedule outside of working petland may not be for you!

kennel tech – vet tech


Vet/Kennel Technician (Former Employee) –  Pembroke Pines, FL – March 7, 2018


turn in n turn out puppies, make sure puppies eat n get medications daily, make sure puppies are groom, clean kennels , clean isso, take pictures of the puppies, clean toys, do customer dog nails n ears.

Upbeat environment


Pet Counselor (Current Employee) –  Henderson, NV – October 13, 2014


– Matching the right customer with the right animal for them
– Enhancing customer knowledge
– Closing sales
– Janitorial duties

This company is a alright place of employment


Kennel Technician (Current Employee) –  Chillicothe, OH – May 6, 2014


This company is a alright place of employment but since the new management came into play i do not enjoy my work anymore. A typical day of work includes the care of animals, the distributing of medication, and cleaning.

Hires unqualified workers with little training


Zookeeper (Former Employee) –  Wichita, KS – June 5, 2019


Unclear instructions
Little training
Short breaks
Little knowledge on animal Care
Sick and neglected puppies with unqualified workers
Overall unfair store to animals with overpriced market

Overlooked Kennel Tech


Kennel Technician (Current Employee) –  Overland Park, KS – March 12, 2019


Being a kennel tech at my Petland, you are very much overlooked. My job isn’t appreciated even though it is the most important. I love working with the puppies, but we never have the supplies to take care of them. The dogs go home without meds given to them all the time. My owner thinks he can save every dog instead of sending them to the vet when they need help. If they didn’t need a full time worker and I didn’t enjoy working with puppies, I would have quit.

Fun job


Aquatics Specialist (Former Employee) –  Pensacola, FL – March 31, 2017


The company is obsessed with selling the most amount of inventory at it possible can. If you do not want to work commission, would not recommend to a friend.

Competitive work environment


Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Columbus, GA – April 11, 2012


It helped me with customer experiance and work ethic. I dealt with animals on a daily basis, I assisted in caring for the animals and introducing them to the customers. The environment was somewhat hostile, and i would not like to work at this area again.

Loved what I was doing, not who I was doing it for


Kennel Technician (Current Employee) –  Lake Saint Louis, MO – February 14, 2018


I loved my job working with animals, but did not like the culture of the company. I could not get past the treatment of animals and the culture of the money first animals second.



puppy counsler (Former Employee) –  Missouri – January 21, 2017


very unorganized, definitely not a good place. mess up your pay and they don’t really even know how to run a business. terrible hours and never get scheduled then get yelled at for not meeting your quota.

Fun workplace – Low pay


Inventory Control Specialist (Former Employee) –  United States – September 13, 2018


I do a lot of repetitive manual labor every single day and money and inventory balancing acts, order all products and small animals very cheaply turning a good amount of profit along with all store paperwork but do not get paid much and have hours cut more often than not.. Inventory control is a very important yet very underappreciated position at Petland.. They underpay you, dont ever thank you, act like you do absolutely nothing, pile on more work and responsibilities, cut your hours and then get mad when you dont have enough time to finish your duties.. I come home sore and exhausted every day, rationalize it because I need money but funny thing is I never have enough money to do anything except pay rent.. and if they cut off a few more hours I wont even be able to do that… At petland all they care about is the sales people who bring in the money, everyone else is nothing to them. They dont stop to realize that if it wasnt for us lowly inventory specialist there wouldn’t be any products or animals for them to sell.. heres a message to corporate: pay more attention to and take better care of your inventory control specialists, They do the hardest jobs in each store, they are the backbone of your stores. If it wasnt for this anti-inventory culture and if I made a few more dollars an hour I wouldve stayed a very very long time.

Petland General managers and corporate employees…. please please take this advice and please take care of your employees, and not just the money makers..

Dirty and unorganized.


Kennel Technician (Former Employee) –  Northlake Village, FL – March 16, 2018


Although, I loved working with all the puppies. I found out they all came from puppy mills. 6 out of 10 puppies were sick and had to be confined. Kennels were too small and puppies did not get enough outside/play time.

Good company, bad management


Animal Care Technician (Former Employee) –  Topeka, KS – December 31, 2018


For the duration that i worked at the Petland location that i did, i was pretty unsatisfied. It starts off low pay, but being promised 40 hours outweighs that. Soon the 40 hours was reduced to 30, and then 20 or less. The management at the store that i worked at seemed to care more about the sales rather than the animals and when i brought them a dog that was coughing for example, i was disregarded. The main reason that i left was the lead kennel manager, who was consistently late to work by thrity PLUS minutes amongst just regualr unprofessional behavior.

Not the best


Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Cicero, NY – April 30, 2018


The job was very stressful and gave you anxiety no matter what, unless you can handle the amount put on you. It was very competitive and was almost impossible to earn a commission that was regular. The people there were okay; management was pretty good as well. However, it was mostly drama and competition. The most enjoyable part was getting to see and play with animals. However, your job was strict and needed to be presented a certain way. I learned a lot about time management, how to keep busy, and how to attempt to control anxiety in the work place.

A few good people


Sales Associate (Former Employee) –  Crystal Lake, IL – October 10, 2013


Petland has a lot of potential, but the one that I worked at did not have the best management and the owner was not the nicest person in the world. A lot of times I would be promise hours and would not get them, but the managers best friend who also worked there got a lot of hours. It was not a very fair place to work. A couple of the other girls that worked there were awesome and nice.

Fun Job – Be prepared for drama and politics


Assistant Manager (Former Employee) –  Canada – October 29, 2012


I really enjoyed my job for the most part. I enjoyed working with guests everyday and helping them find what they needed for their pets or help them get set up with a new pet. The people I worked with IN THE STORE were an awesome group of staff however I had a useless Store Manager who did litterly nothing which made the job frustrating and for a lot of headaches. Everything would always come crashing down on me and when concerns were brought to the attention of District Managers they would agree with the concerns but nothing was ever done about it. The politics involved in working for Petland is a HUGE baggage. It’s like being in high school with all the drama involved. All the staff from other locations would talk smack about my store and vice versa. Even head office was involved in all of this gossip! This company is run by uneducated people with high school degrees and no further education. The company likes to make decisions without thinking about them and then a week later change their minds again making things chaotic and very confusing (especially for Store and Assistant Managers) The policies and procedure manual was essentially just a joke, whenever you followed it the District Managers would get mad about it and do something that goes against it even though whenever a new standard came out it would always be bold and underlined in the email “failure to follow will result disciplinary action”. Head office was very focused on making guests happy so if a complaint was made about managers in the store head office would throw you under the bus and get mad at you for following  more…

Loved the animals.


Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Fairfield, OH – September 4, 2016


I loved working with the animals but that was about it. The boss talks very poorly to his emplyees. If there is a problem he wants no part in it. Being in sales was just way to Much. It was not a team enviarment at all. He wouldn’t risk the safety of his emplyees if a sale went wrong.

Wonderful work family; horrible management


Kennel Technician (Current Employee) –  Lewis Center, OH – August 11, 2016


I love my kennel technician managers. But the”puppy match making” manager who is technically the stores manager is very rude and does not treat his employees very well. The work environment when he is not around is perfect and nobody is nearly as stressed out.

ok place to work


Counselor (Former Employee) –  Lake Saint Louis, MO – February 26, 2013


If you like working with animals it’s a good place to work. You will always feel like your job is on the line. High sales driven. Forget about asking management questions.

The job was vary toxic invorment, we worked on sales, and sales weren’t always fare.


Pet Counselor (Current Employee) –  United States – July 2, 2018


Not a place I’d recommend to work, sales were unfair, money was stolen from many of my paychecks, the management wasn’t properly done, and corporate office wouldn’t allow us to work more than 35 hours a week if no sales where being made.

Unreliable and poor work environment


Kennel Assistant (Former Employee) –  Lake Saint Louis, MO – March 12, 2017


Very unprofessional. I was constantly erased from the schedule without notice and worked very hard among a group of employees that didn’t take their jobs seriously.
I definitely enjoyed working with the puppies, but the manager and many employees made the environment too frustrating to work in.



Aquatics leader (Former Employee) –  naperville IL – June 30, 2013


High sales quota. aggressive(angry) managers. they have changed the work environment of the store by remoddling it how ever everything else seems the same



Pet Counselor (Current Employee) –  Columbus, OH – June 2, 2019


Very competitive work space. Commission based sales lead to arguments and over competitiveness. Pay is great here if you hit commission. If you do not hit commission, pay is minimum wage. Fun place to work.

If you like puppies.


Manager / Lead (Former Employee) –  Jacksonville, FL – April 17, 2019


This started out as a great company to work for. So many people came in because of how knowledgeable the staff was. Until the owners decided to start selling puppies. Then they got greedy and money hungry and lost their entire staff because of how poorly everyone started to get treated.

fun with dogs


Kennel Technician (Current Employee) –  Racine, WI – September 23, 2018


kennel technician so took care of all the dogs

learned a lot of vet things

management was poor

culture was nice, everyone was always nice

hardest part was poor conditions and scheduling

enjoyable was all the animals

strong chemicals with no protection provided by company.


Kennel Technician (Former Employee) –  Wichita, KS – July 31, 2018


Opening and closing duties, cleaning puppy kennels using strong chemicals (not meant to mix together). Prepare vaccinations and medications daily. Learned how to give vaccinations and medications based on weight and type of breed of the puppy. Learned how to properly clean a kennel without mixing strong chemicals and how to clean the kennels wrongly. The hardest part of the job was being on my feet all day and bending over to pick up heavy equipment without a break. The most enjoyable part of the job was being around new and tiny puppies and being able to care for them and make them look nice for the selling windows.

Good for a temporary job.


Zookeeper (Current Employee) –  Wichita, KS – July 18, 2018


I would suggest this job to those who have a passion for animals and are just starting to work. I personally have enjoyed working here, but as life goes on, you’ll start having more things to pay for and the low pay of this specific job (zookeeper) won’t support you for long. Hours tend to vary as you get used to your job, due to the fact that your pace will increase, leading to eventually leaving work early on some, if not most, days. If you take a job at Petland, you’ll meet plenty of new people and have plenty of animal interactions (which is mostly what I enjoy). Seeing people’s faces light up when you take out an animal for them is rewarding in itself, but being able to properly educate customers to be responsible pet owners is an even better feeling; especially when you get an animal ready to go home with the customer.



Sales Associate (Former Employee) –  Janesville, WI – January 9, 2018


I never liked how they treated all of there animals. I was never giving a good enough time for me to eat. I was paid 7.25 to stand open to close and try and sell animals but only given 10 minutes to eat. The management was hateful to me because I would’t by a animal from them as well as I couldn’t sell a dog everyday.I was told I would be fired for not buying a animal from there pet store and not being able to sell a dog everyday.

A job for starters


Animal Care Technician (Former Employee) –  Pensacola, FL – January 4, 2017


Unless you are wanting to try to get to a management position, this job has no real benefits. The pay isn’t worth it and there are no benefits. The company isn’t ran the best and I wouldn’t go back given the choice.

very busy fast paced


Kennel Technician (Former Employee) –  wichita kansas – October 22, 2014


typical day arrive at work and start cleaning out 40 plus kennels then feeding and watering all the animals. Then giving medications and vaccinations. Then giving toys and mats to the dogs while doing laundry and cleaning windows.

management was horrible some managers always start fights with employee just to get them fired and always yelling at co workers and starting drama not a good place to work at all

The best part was working with all the animals but not the people

Not a stable place to work


Dog Attendant & Cashier (Former Employee) –  Chicago Ridge, IL – April 29, 2013


The owner makes employees do more than what they are being paid
Managers were very rude.
It was sad seeing the dogs sick

Petland Tyler


Sales Associate (Former Employee) –  Dallas, TX – November 27, 2018


there is so much i can say about this place but i respect the experience it gave me at hand but this job that i would not wish for any one to work at for many reason all pet lands are self owned so it might be different but Tyler pet land is not.

owner is selling over priced puppies and he is weird


Sales Associate (Former Employee) –  Racine, WI – August 20, 2018


well i loved it because i am animal person but i couldnt even afford my bills, i took care of all the small animals and fish and more merchandising. i learned more about animal care and alot of dog nutrition stuff which was cool and alot of the people were really nice. i think they sell overpriced puppies and the owner is kind of weird. the job was not hard. i loved working and handling the animals.

Very stressful and drama filled place to work


Sales Representative (Current Employee) –  Sarasota, FL – December 27, 2017


In the time that I worked here, it was extremely stressful and managers were very rude and demeaning to myself and others. The breaks are extremely short, being only 15-20 minutes per person. Other sales representatives can also be very rude and attempt to steal sales from each other.

Poor management


Pet consultant (Former Employee) –  Iowa City, IA – December 20, 2017


Owner did not seem to care about the animals. To me it seemed like he didn’t care about anything but making money. Was very rude to employees when it came to commission. Was bad at communicating to employees.

HIgh Pay with Low Grade Management


Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Columbus, GA – December 7, 2017


You learned a lot about the care of animals and different breed information. You also learned about vet care and common health issues in certain animals. The employees are very competitive and aggressive. Management is the worst. The owner doesnt care about the employees or the store. You got paid commissions off of puppy sales, which was a nice check, but if you werent selling you were let go or forced to quit. 10 out of 10 would not recommend working there.

Fast pace environment.


Right Side Manager (Former Employee) –  Columbus, OH – February 4, 2015


Very busy day with extreme amount of children through out the day. Through the years this job has helped me learn to stay calm and collected under pressure. Management has been supportive but if sales slip then support slips away as well.

Fun work place but not managed well


Kennel Technician (Former Employee) –  Fort wayne IN – January 21, 2013


I loved taking care of the animals but they hired people that knew nothing about animals.

Very fun people to work with but the owner isn’t very nice


Floor Sales Associate (Former Employee) –  Lake Saint Louis, MO – May 17, 2019


It was a very fun work place. The animals made my day. The customers were great and made me feel good whenever I was able to help them. The Owner was the worst part about working there. He doesn’t really care about his employees. The place isn’t managed very well.

The way they treated their animals was very upsetting


Kennel Technician (Former Employee) –  South Point, OH – April 2, 2019


The way they treated their animals was very upsetting Not much more can be said because I signed a non-disclosure form It was not a good place to work and what they expected you to do with their animals was inhumane and that’s all that can be said about them

Good place to work at if you just starting


Shift Lead (Former Employee) –  Florida – March 22, 2019


Petland is a good place to work at if you love puppies and you don’t mind people constantly coming in and out I loved working here but at the same time it get pretty crazy and overwhelming especially if the manager and the owner expect so much from you with a minimum wage pay don’t get me wrong you get commission if you send home pups but it’s not always easy and something you are stuck in morning shift and it’s really hard to send home pups during that time also not all petland are like this it all depends on which one you interested since this is a franchise like the owner of where I worked never really appreciate his employees it was always something negative and nothing positive other than that I didn’t mind working here it’s can be fun some days

could’ve been better


Kennel Technician (Former Employee) –  Illinois – September 22, 2018


I worked as a morning kennel technician and at first the job was exciting. A manager spent three days training me, helping me complete all my tasks along the way. It was more physically exhausting than I’d expected but getting to take care of puppies felt worth the pain. That is, until I had to do everything by myself. I’ll tell you now, I’m a hard working and intelligent person, who received generous compliments from the staff on how quickly I picked everything up, especially given the fact I’ve never professionally worked with animals before. So think about that, and then consider that even I still had way too much trouble trying to do everything alone. I developed anxiety over all the work I needed to do, and how insanely fast it needed to be completed, to the point where handling the dogs was more like handling objects and I no longer enjoyed it- shove some medicine down a puppy’s throat, toss it back in the kennel, move on to the next. Then I’d go home and be in tears from how much my body hurt. All for nine bucks an hour and no benefits. On top of that, a lot of the puppies they purchased were very sick! And when a dog is sick, they isolate them in another room so as to not spread the illness- this FRIGHTENS them, and makes them so depressed that they often don’t eat. They’re alone in this small, poorly lit room with very limited interaction and awful old toys. There was a Puggle in there no heavier than 3 pounds who would desperately SCREAM at me ALL DAY to let her out of there and I had to hold back tears in the middle of my shift because I felt so guilty. If you’re  more…

Super fun workplace when working with the puppies.


Sales Associate / Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Lake Saint Louis, MO – July 10, 2018


Although petland was a huge step for me, I don’t always agree with the things that are going on, such as management. I loved the money and the puppies so much, working commission based was the best thing I have ever done, and so glad I got the experience.

Commission job


SALES MANAGER (Former Employee) –  N Olmsted, OH – April 3, 2018


It’s a commission job so there can be bickering and under-handed behaviors to deal with. Overall it wasn’t bad though, the animals were well taken care of and they stressed the importance of proper animal care.

Busy retail atmosphere


Owner-Operator (Former Employee) –  Atlanta, GA – December 17, 2017


A typical day involved working with employees, monitoring animal care, and interacting with customers. We sold a variety of animal care products as well as animals. It was good to see people come in and find a new pet. The downside was that the franchise sold puppies and kittens that were bred in less than stellar conditions. This is what ultimately caused me to leave this company.

Fun environment, terrible management


Assist GM (Former Employee) –  Henderson, NV – December 29, 2016


I worked there and enjoyed my time learning how to care for what I’m passionate about, animals. The environment was fun but the management was less than ok at best. A huge lack of respect for employees as well as customers at times. The store I was at now has a new owner and manager and I hope they are setting things in a positive direction.

Could Be Great, But Needs Improvement


Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Orlando, FL – January 15, 2016


During my time at Petland I had a variety of responsibilities, though most of them involved caring for pets and their waste. Despite the obvious gross factor of dealing with ‘leftovers,’ the working atmosphere seemed warm and inviting at first. It quickly became a matter of seniority and favoritism, however, with little room to prove yourself.

I found myself telling management about important issues, like 80 dollar fish dying in the aquarium, or whole groups of fish coming down with an illness called ich. The response was shockingly underwhelming for the sake of living creatures in their store.

Their primary concern seemed to revolve around the sales of dogs on their “puppy wall.” These dogs were being sold for hundreds of dollars, if not well over a thousand, and their daily life consisted mainly of living in cages with a single window. Luckily the kennel workers were diligent in cleaning up the puppy mess and caring for their needs, and several of the puppies were able to share a kennel with another pup, but that’s no way to grow up.

On a positive note, it’s easy to get attached to the pets in the store, because they’re all adorable. And management gave out a small check during the Christmas season, so that was a nice surprise.

The real kicker was how I got fired – and this really amazed me. One night I was told to mop the floor of the store, and when I attempted to start mopping early to get my chores done as quickly as I could, I was told to wait until about 10 minutes before we closed the shop to avoid a slip or fall accident. I agreed to wait, but I was questioned  more…



Sales Associate/Customer Service (Current Employee) –  Largo, FL – October 5, 2014


I go to work and look forward to playing with puppies, birds, kittens, lizards, and every other kind of animal you can think of! I determine the needs of a customer and his or her pet and find what suits them both. If the customer doesn’t have a pet I help determine what kind of pet with fit in with his or her life style!

I have learned about many animal needs and different breeds.

All but a few of my co-workers are younger than I am. We all get along and I would consider them my friends. We work as a team and help each other with different parts of our jobs such as closing a sale or helping stock shelves.

The management gives us our schedule on Friday night at 8:30 PM to let us know if we work the next morning at 10 AM. Management is not the best. They pay you minimum wage or 8% commission, whichever is more. It’s great if you are good at sales. Management also requires you to take breaks and they are automatically deducted from your hours worked, the only thing is you don’t always get your breaks. We do not clock in but we have a schedule on a piece of paper we right on when we leave.

The best part of the job is being able to play with the animals!

Fun, Fast Paced Work Environment


Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Chillicothe, OH – March 18, 2014


Assisting customers with pet needs by determining and solving problems. I learned how to deal with a wide variety of people, as well as how to shape people into great sales people and managers. The management at the time I was first employed were amazing, they really cared about and were willing to help you advance through the company. However, a change in management happened in 2013 and in my opinion store is now not running as efficient as possible. Very few adults who worked there, mostly high school students, but the employees are super outgoing and fun to be around. The hardest part of the job is making sure you meet the needs of every customer that enters the store, and meeting your sales goals. The most enjoyable part was being part of the management team and getting to shape the young employees to be better workers.

Good place if you are a good salesman


Commission Sales Associate (Former Employee) –  Lewis Center, OH – June 29, 2012


Constant hustle to make a sale or be fired. If you don’t make more in commission than your hourly pay 2 weeks in a row, they fire you on the spot.

petland, great place to visit, only


Kennel Manager (Former Employee) –  Lansing, MI – April 1, 2012


I worked there for a year and because I was going back to school I was let go.

Poor Protection of pets


General Manager (Former Employee) –  Sterling, IL – January 26, 2019


I do not agree with the practices of Petland and the inhuman conditions of their pets. I did, however, learn a lot about business while employed there. I also saw to it that the animals \were better cared for when I was there.

Fun but not a career


Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Plantation, FL – October 31, 2018


Looking for a temporary fun job with no bills or responsibilities this job would be perfect for you. Not good as a career but is a good starter for hands-on work experience with animals. Uncapped commission (6%) is great but if you are not commissionable you only get $8.10/hourly which is very low, not enough for bills. THE JOB IS COMMISSION OR HOURLY. Owner lacks respect for employees and will always threaten to cut commission or will fire you. There is no stability. You will be scheduled based on performance. So if you took a vacation and didnt sell because you weren’t there … expect to be scheduled at the slowest times. If you notice your hours are cut they might be letting you go slowly. Management in store is a 3 out of 5 rating (kids in charge of kids). Part-time positions only but you work as much as 36 HOURS A WEEK maybe more if you are closing a sale past time scheduled. BUT you don’t get paid over time. Also No vacations after October, but Christmas season you can make 2k-4k/month. During slow season 1000-2500/month or possibly more if you the top seller of all locations. There is room to move up to management but 14 to 15 hour which is okay but if you are one of the top sellers it is a pointless position to take on( More responsibilities and less pay then )

Nice place to work, not enough hours


Sign Holder (Current Employee) –  Naperville, IL – July 30, 2018


Work as sign holder for a month but so far little advancement. Generally easy laid back environment. Management is decent, people there are really friendly.

High Paced/High Turnover Rate


Cashier/Pet Counslor (Former Employee) –  Orlando, FL – January 12, 2017


I would clock in and clean up the store and help multiple customers at once. Convincing customers to make huge purchases. Management was very friendly there was a since of family. Hardest part would have to be the competitive stress placed on the workers by the owners. If you didn’t make a sale you would be up for termination. Days off were not suggested. If you requested too many days off you were up for termination as well.

Like A Family


Pet Care Associate (Former Employee) –  Las Vegas, NV – December 3, 2015


I loved working for this company – I loved my job.
I just didn’t like how it was sales based – never saw myself as a sales person. I never pushed animals on people and that seemed to be a problem for others. To me, it just wasn’t morally right.

Hours would get cut if you didn’t have good sales which is understandable.
Coworkers were like a family to me and we got along great but sometimes new people would come in and try to steal sales from under you when there is a code you abide by.

Hardest part of the job is that animals ARE going to die on you. You have to be able to have the stomach to pick up a dead rabbit every once in a while.

It was hourly with an incentive of commission so you had the opportunity to make a very good buck.

upper manangment


Store Manager (Current Employee) –  Patchogue, NY – April 17, 2015


the hardest part about my job is I’m pulled 2 different ways because the company is family owned so one person tells you to do one thing then a week later someone else tells you another way to do it then when you tell them this what you were asked to do they say to you “im here and they are there” so you do as I ask

Fun workplace, poor compensation & hours.


Sales Representative-Aquatics Specialist (Former Employee) –  Missouri – July 30, 2014


Petland is a fun place to work, especially if you are an animal lover. But the hours are short and compensation little.

Productive easy going job with commission


Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Hoffman Estates, IL – June 17, 2014


basically you have to sell products and animals to get commision, which for me was a downside and made you not want to work there. The employees were always fun and awesome. I gained alot of knowledge in my animals and products.

Not very secure.


pet counselor (Former Employee) –  Olathe, KS – December 6, 2011


I do not feel that I had a very good portrayale of Petland from the place I worked and do not feel comfortable writing a review only based on that.

Sign Holder


Pet Technician (Former Employee) –  Las Vegas, NV – October 18, 2018


Not an easy job for most but given enough breaks as not to overheat or get too exhausted. This sign holder position is for the inexperienced workers and/or people who love working the sign holder position.

It was a customer friendly place.


CUSTOMER SERVICE/CASHIER PETLAND (Former Employee) –  Deidrich blvd – October 3, 2018


I liked working with the customers although the co-workers tended to either be sweet and nice or cut throat and looked out for themselves. The manager and owner were patient and nice but other than that I don’t feel comfortable working there again. 1 of my co workers even messed with my schedule.

They’ve grown a lot within the past year


Assistant Kennel Manager (Former Employee) –  Columbus, GA – August 29, 2018


The kennel staff as of now is phenomenal. They have definitely made the correct changes since a year ago. This is a fast paced environment, but definitely a rewarding job.

Very productive


Puppy Counselor (Former Employee) –  Kennesaw, GA – August 8, 2017


I learned a lot about dogs and the care they need and all different breeds an what makes them all different from each other. Management was decent and were all friendly. It wasn’t an easy job it was stressful most of the time because competition between other workers, how many people were in the store wanting to play with puppies and also working on commission so paychecks were based on selling enough puppies during a two week pay period. I did enjoy meeting new people everyday and helping them find a puppy and getting puppies a nice home for the rest of their lives.

Good company


Kennel Technician (Former Employee) –  Ypsilanti, MI – July 26, 2017


I was in sales and worked in the kennel. I got the animals ready to go to their new home. Baths , meds and lots of love.i really enjoyed working with the animals.

Fun quick paced job


Kennel Tech (Former Employee) –  Joplin, MO – May 17, 2017


In this job I worked behind the scenes to make the animals and kennels look their best. this job was loud at times and slow at times but you were never bored. I enjoyed this job because I was working with cute little puppies, but it is very quick paced. You usually left smelling gross and with fur all over you but the employees I worked with made it worth while.

Productive work place in selling puppies


Inventory Control Manager (Former Employee) –  Florida – June 22, 2015


A typical day of working at Petland consisted of me ordering retail for the entire store, receiving everything that was shipped at the store and putting away the inventory that I ordered.

Ok job


Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Sterling Heights, MI – September 16, 2014


The job was great until the owner started stealing money from employee pay checks to pay off his own debt

ok job


Kennel Technician (Former Employee) –  Round Lake, IL – November 10, 2012


This was an ok job, it was my first, I really didnt like it, but it was what it was.

Good opportunity but be careful


Puppy Salesman (Former Employee) –  Joplin, MO – June 24, 2019


My typical work day consisted of conversing with potential customers about purchasing/financing puppies for sale within Petland. I learned many new techniques such as persuasion and talking to new potential clients and how to overcome difficult questions and circumstances. The culture was fine, enjoyed the people I worked with. The management was overbearing, making sure that they had control in every aspect of the company. The hardest part of the job was making everyone happy. My management wanted me to send puppies home at any cost, while I still felt the need to be respectable to the potential customers and respect their wishes as well. The most enjoyable part of my job was seeing the look on peoples’ faces when they took home their dream puppy!

Its a competitive place to work


Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Buford, GA – May 27, 2019


It’s a very face paced environment to work at. The managers were very friendly but the amount work did not match with the salary. You must be socially active with the customers in order to get a sale and should know information about most basic dog breeds in order to help make sales.

I Enjoyed my time at Petland, Very competitive though.


Pet Counselor/Sales Representative (Former Employee) –  Pensacola, FL – February 9, 2019


If you can’t work weekends, don’t bother. I really enjoyed my time as I learned a lot and got to spend the whole shift playing with animals and helping other animal lovers/owners learn about how they can improve their relationship with their pet. I was able to help so many people find the perfect fur/scale baby for their family and situation and that was an awesome feeling. The owners are great, the managers below them are great as well but could use some work on communication/consistency. Many of my coworkers were very young so be prepared for that mentality in a competitive environment.
Networking opportunities are great! When sales are up, the biweekly checks were great. When your sales were down, you feel as though your time was wasted. But such is a sales job on primarily commission!
Overall, I’d recommend Petland Pensacola to any animal lover with any form of sales/social/people skills.

Pet Counselor


Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Huntington, WV – June 12, 2018


This is a sales job; trying to sell pets to customers. There was very little training and the job wasn’t a right fit for me. I enjoyed seeing the kids/people faces when they played with the animals.

this place


Register/Small Animals Department (Former Employee) –  Ashland, KY – March 20, 2018


Its not that its bad to work but the owner didn’t care one way or another how often people quit or worked there was no real advancement and the commission was a joke, even if you hit the amount it was up to him if he gave it to you, and that was very seldom.

Not a great place to work


Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  South Point, OH – March 6, 2018


The place was smelled like animal feces as most pet stores do. The manager was harsh and routinely pushed employees to make dog sales. However the one plus of this job was getting to play with the pets everyday.

Good Place


Cashier (Former Employee) –  Overland Park, KS – July 21, 2017


Not great care for the animals no matter how much you care. Some of the pets are from good and responsible breeders but others are not. ……………………..

Its a easy job but need a lot of patience


Leader (Former Employee) –  Dunwoody, GA – May 5, 2017


I advice you work hard, keep your personal life out of the store and if you love animals you should work here. It’s a really good part time job if you go to school or have another job.

Busy work place: Always something to do.


Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Chillicothe, OH – October 23, 2016


Petland was a part time job while I was still in college. I really liked my job a lot. There was always something there to keep you busy. Getting to see animals all day was my favorite part. Co-workers were great. Management was a little unorganized. The hardest part of the job was the unorganization. The schedule would get switched and they would not let you know every time.

clean animals cages, make sure they stayed healthy.


Animal helper (Former Employee) –  Bradenton, FL – February 27, 2016


Cleaned up after the animals feed then. Watch for signs of one being sick. Got to play with the puppy’s. was a fun job. my Boss was nice, my coworkers where friendly and helpful.

Enjoy great customer service with cuddly animals


PET COUNSELOR (Former Employee) –  Pembroke Pines, FL – May 30, 2015


Assist customers in animal care needs as well as selling and showing new potential pets.

From selling to inventory, the store consists of a healthy team effort to make Petland the ideal pet store.



Stock Associate (Current Employee) –  Las Vegas, NV – March 30, 2015


Stocking Associate. Maintaining full stock on floor. Receiving the shipment, account for products, and place items in proper bins and shelves. Flexible employee; also helped in the kennel, opening and closing the store.

Bad Manager


Kennel Technician (Former Employee) –  Las Vegas, NV – March 23, 2015


– I loved working with the animals
– My boss did not let me do my job right because he was too worried about money
– A lot of animals got sick because of this
– He didn’t care about employees
– Nice co-workers
– I loved that I was always busy

Kennel manager


Kennel manager (Former Employee) –  Topeka, KS – February 4, 2015


Manage the kennels, clean cages, feed cats and dogs, educating customers about the animal they are thinking or going to buy, laundry, dishes, making sure everything stays clean, on Fridays, I would work with the veterinarian, check out the new dogs/cats/birds/small animals that come in every week and any other animal that are starting to become sick or have become sick since the last time the veterinarian came, administer medication, determine what medication fits appropriate symptoms, paper work for each animal and input into the computer, having weekly meetings with my kennel staff of 5, and schedule hours for the month.

Was a great place to work at


Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Medina, OH – October 25, 2014


You would try to sell animals to people and figure out the best approach to it

Puppies are great! Selling them…not so much.


Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Wichita, KS – June 10, 2014


I am an animal lover, for sure! However, the management at the Wichita Petland is not the best by any means. You can tell how bad a job sucks by the constant turn over of employees. They are constantly hiring because no one wants to stay there longer than 1-3 months. The pay sucks! They say you get commission if you sell enough, but I never ONCE got commission. And I was one of the best sellers.

Great Atmosphere, very rewarding


Management (Current Employee) –  Chillicothe, OH – November 4, 2013


Great atmosphere, very rewarding, but also time consuming. Great place to build a career if you haven’t started a family, yet.

Good step stone to my future


Kennel Technician (Former Employee) –  Palm Beach, FL – October 11, 2013


General kennel cleaning and maintenance, animal care for small animals and pocket pets.

A good learning experience


Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Bolingbrook, IL – September 8, 2013


This was my first sales job, and although it was hard it was a really good learning experience for me as a high school student who is interested in sales jobs in the future.

challenging and fun


Sales Associate (Former Employee) –  El Paso, TX – July 31, 2012


assisting customers with needs for their pets, understanding the customers relation to their pets and satisfying their needs to the best of our abilities. meeting sales goals. I learned many thing about the care and hardwork it takes for having a pet. My co-workers and managers were great and helpful, we all come to eachothers rescue if any help or extra information is needed



Sales Manager (Former Employee) –  Alpharetta, GA – August 18, 2018


Petland, has the appearance of being a one stop shop for everything you need. The animals especially he dogs rarely get the medical attention they deserve.

Family Owned


Pet Counselor (Spring Semester) (Former Employee) –  Joplin, MO – April 27, 2018


Very family friendly. Love being there. You get paid by the hour but you also work on commission. Less then 15 hours a week. Hardest part of the job was clean out the animal cages.

fun place to play with animals


Pet Counselor/Kennel Tech (Former Employee) –  Wichita, KS – April 3, 2017


I enjoyed petland for the most part. I met some a fun couple that worked there together and we became really close friends who had alot in common too. what i like most working there is the animals. i love working with animals and when you come in the morning time and all those dogs are wagging their tails for you to pet them. i learned lots of stuff while working in the kennel part too.



Sales Manager (Former Employee) –  Tyler, TX – February 10, 2017


It was very difficult to keep associates due to issues with pay and requirements. Most of the crew was younger adults that didn’t care much about advancement.



Manager (Former Employee) –  Rome, GA – June 29, 2016


I learned a vast amount of skills in a short period of time and was given the opportunity to use my self starting work ethic often. I worked my way up to kennel manager and at that point I knew that I was in the wrong field and needed to make a change. I am hoping to find new employment based on an overall disagreement on the level of care that the puppies deserve. I feel that this position has helped mold me into a fantastic worker but I can’t grow any more here and and would love to transfer to a job that I can work my way up to a career in.

Petland of Cicero


Fish & Reptile Sales Counselor (Current Employee) –  Cicero, NY – February 24, 2014


A typical day at work for me consists of arriving and doing a walk through of my department and establishing a list of tasks that need to be accomplished for that day. I ensure that my employees know what needs to be accomplished and do all I can to make it so they can do their jobs with success. As well as selling merchandise and livestock I am also responsible for ordering and maintaining livestock and making sure there are no disease outbreaks or health issues. The best part about my job is that I’m able to work with what I have a passion for, marine life, and teach others about it as well.

It’s okay


PET COUNSELOR/SALES (Former Employee) –  Dallas, TX – November 19, 2018


Petland isn’t bad if you’r good at selling. Management play favorites and it’s easy to replace you if your not making sales. It’s hard to make sales depending on what you’re selling. Making minimal 6% and an hourly pay of $8/hr.

It was fun at first.


Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Dalton, GA – April 28, 2018


I enjoyed the job at first. I went into it thinking I would gain more animal experience, but it seemed to be more retail demanding. I also was not as fan of how they treated their animals.

honestly not bad but not good


Sales Associate (Former Employee) –  Summerville, SC – March 24, 2018


its a lovable place with great owners. they care about their business a lot and i respect that. the General manager on the other hand can be heard gossiping and on the phone many times a day. other managers are not that bad but not the best either. I understand it is only a small part time job, but the one thing all of them lack is a sense of professionalism and communication skills. they do not know how to talk to their subordinates in a respectful manor, nor do they understand how to create an equal and safe environment. most of the ways they go about management is within reason, but you will find sometimes that they will unprofessionally speak about you when you are not there. with that all said i love this shop and the co-workers i had but the management could do with a change.

Okay temporary job


Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee) –  Overland Park, KS – September 19, 2017


I worked here over the holiday season. It was an exciting change of pace from working at a grocery store. I enjoyed my co-workers and the level of interaction with customers and animals. I do not agree with the amount they charge for their puppies but I did like getting to play with them.

It was a fun first job.


Sales Associate (Former Employee) –  Carmel, IN – April 24, 2013


I love working with animals, so i truly enjoyed this job. This job was where I first learned to use a cash register, how to check inventory, customer service, and overall business experience.

Great for animal lovers!


General Manager (Former Employee) –  Fort Wayne, IN – February 13, 2013


No where else but a zoo could you find yourself in touch with so much of the animal kingdom.

Fun place to work


Sales (Former Employee) –  Pickerington, OH – April 11, 2016


Petland was a very fun and playful place to work. I am grateful for all the experience I was able to obtain from working from this company. I made great fun with my coworkers and management was very supportive and understanding of my schedule when need be.



None (Former Employee) –  Pittsburgh,PA – May 1, 2012


I was a volenteer there for 2 years, I saw the manger and became a volenteer because I needed community service hours for school, I left because Cthe co-workers were rude and non-working.

Commisioned Sales


Commissioned Sales (Current Employee) –  Dallas, TX – October 16, 2012


A typical day at Petland is to match the right pet to the right family. We sell puppies, gerbils, hamsters, reptiles, and birds. Prices range from 4,000 to 150.00. As a Pet counselor I offer education, recommendations, and review of contract terms. I absolutely love my co-workers and the customers. The most enjoyable part of the job is to be able to be apart of the first day the family meets their new family member.

Animal care with some downsides with workplace culture


Ohio- Animal Care Technician (Current Employee) –  Columbus, OH – April 10, 2017


The job itself is all right but the staff and management is more than lackluster. Don’t expect a raise if you work in the kennel. Huge division between sales and kennel. Highschool clique environment. If they don’t like you, don’t expect to be treated with respect.

To buy registered animals


Customer Service (Former Employee) –  macon ga – March 24, 2014


It is a good place to buy registered pets and pet products from. You can learn alot about pets there.
Management needs alot of work. My co-works knew alot of information about animals.

Fun Workplace but bad management


Small Animal Caretaker (Former Employee) –  Lake Saint Louis, MO – January 21, 2015


A typical day at work varied, as I was in 2 positions within the company. Small Animal Caretaker was the same tasks every day, clean cages, feed and water animals, clean up my mess. Occasionally there would be a sick animal that needed attention but it never usually took long. As a pet counselor, it was different every day. Customers would come in and be looking at the puppies or the kittens and pet counselors were required to pull out whatever animal they were looking at and take the animal and customer to a play room to play with the animal. If they said no to playing, we were trained to rebuttal their answers with things like “Well this puppy hasn’t gotten to play yet today.” or “Just for a few minutes?” because the goal was to get the customer to play. Playing means bonding, and bonding means they wouldn’t be able to go home without the animal. After the customer decided they wanted to take home the animal, there was a long process in sending it home. Paperwork would need to be filled out, we would need to take them around the store to show them things the new pet would need, and finally the sale.
My Co-workers were for the most part great people, but since it was a commissioned job, of course there was competition. I tended to stay away from the ones who were unfair and worked closely with the ones that I trusted. Management was okay, training was basically obsolete and there were many MANY things that would get you fired on the spot. Most of them were common sense, some of them didn’t make sense. There was no job security there because it was either sell or be fired.  more…

Fun to work at, stay very busy


Animal Care Technician (Current Employee) –  Grove City, OH – May 26, 2017


Very fun to work at petland get to see puppies and sometimes interact with them, but don’t expect to be given a raise, pay rate is horrid some of the management is horrid. Some employees are nice, others are not. Clean store and cute puppies.

Playfull puppies


Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Pittsburgh, PA – October 6, 2016


As a franchise, every Petland is different, but they all have the same thing in common: Puppies and pets! It’s pretty great to be able to snuggle a little ball of fluff if a customer or coworker upsets you!



Kennel Tech (Former Employee) –  Monroeville, PA – March 7, 2019


Each day was fun. Between the relationships you had with the animals you took care of or the people you worked with. I enjoyed taking care of the dogs and cats we had in the kennel. The love the animals showed you when you showed up to work was excited and heart warming.

Petland is a Franchise, so each store is different.


Manager (Former Employee) –  Southlake, TX & Lewisville, TX – March 12, 2013


I worked at two different locations with two different owners. While Petland as a whole has its issues, the particular stores that I worked for were decent. The Lewisville, TX store (now closed) was kept extremely clean under the original ownership. It then sold out and went downhill from there. The Southlake, TX store was a bit more of a mess. I overall, would not recommend Petland, but I did enjoy working at the locations that I was employed at. Since it is a franchise, each store will be different.

great place to find adorable pets for children


kennel tech (Former Employee) –  tampa fl – February 3, 2012


petland is a great place to go if you are looking for a pet for your child. the atmosphere is great the employees are friendly, and the store is clean. they have almost every animal you can think of and they are all cute and cuddly.

One big Family When your at Petland


Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Henderson, NV 89014 – March 13, 2019


I worked there for a while and for some of the time i was attending high school, The hour are very flexible basically whatever you needed. The pay is amazing if you have the salesman talent

Great working with animals


Kennel Technician (Former Employee) –  Wichita, KS – December 21, 2018


If you enjoy puppies, a kennel technician or sales floor is where its at. Definitely a fun environment to work at, hardly ever a dull moment. You stay busy working as a kennel technician with over 100 puppies in the store between feedings and keeping kennels clean. Hardest part was keeping the puppy windows clean. Most enjoyable were all the puppy kisses!

Exciting and pleasant to be around the animals


SALES REPRESENTATIVE (Former Employee) –  Round Lake, IL – August 21, 2018


Petland gave me the opportunity to be a more experienced candidate for other places of work. Always smiles on everyone’s faces making the environment a good place to work.

Very fast environment


Kennel Technician (Current Employee) –  Dalton, GA – April 4, 2018


Working here is a great way to learn how to multi-task. You will have to be able to take care of multiple customers at one time. Though it is a very fast environment there will always be someone there to help you if you need anything.

Appealing Commission


Head of Reptiles (Former Employee) –  New Boston, OH – March 15, 2018


The job itself isn’t bad, though it is sad to see animals that come in sick, or do not sell. You mainly clean up after animals and make sure that they are well kept and fed. However, if you want to keep your job you have to ensure that your commission sales are high, which means that they expect you to push puppies on anyone that walks through the door.

Fun and fast paced.


Customer Service (Former Employee) –  Independence, MO – January 15, 2018


Very fun place to work. Playing with puppies all day is the best job ever. Although, it was very fast paced and demanding at times. The hardest part of the job is being on your feet and running around all on your own for hours.

Productive and competitive workplace


Shift Lead (Former Employee) –  South Point, OH – August 28, 2017


Management was very poor, favoritism was huge, however the joy of customers and pet interactions overcome emotional stress of the job. Customer rapport was the best part, because often “regulars” are the only ones to come into the store and you’re able to get to know them on a first name basis

Lots of different animals to handle.


Sales Associate (Former Employee) –  Charlotte, NC – September 1, 2015


many days spent pulling pets for customers to view and purchase. As well as making sure all customers had what was needed to care properly for their pets.

fun workplace


Salesperson (Former Employee) –  Deerfield Beach, FL – August 26, 2015


working for petland it really fun because you get to play with all the animals, and at the same time you help the customer on how take care of their future pet

Very satisfying working with animals


Kennel Technician (Former Employee) –  Russell, KY – July 13, 2013


I feed, cleaned cages, administered medications in the morning and exercised the animals in the afternoon. My co workers were wonderful.

Petland Review


Pet Counselor (Former Employee) –  Topeka, KS – October 8, 2018


This job was enjoyable and fun, but it was extremely cut throat, competitive and not at all flexible with hours. Being a pet counselor meant being dedicated to matching the right pet with the right customer and meeting the needs of both. The most enjoyable part of this job was being able to work as a team and send puppies to good homes. The worst part of the job was who I worked for. Our schedules would be released very inconsistently, and if we asked for days off and were scheduled anyway, we’d be given a poor attitude when asking for someone to cover. I do not imagine I will be working at this location again, but I would not be opposed to work for another Petland in the future.

fast paced, productive


Cashier (Former Employee) –  Largo, FL – April 18, 2018


Was a fun job, fast paced. The enjoyment was watching people take home there animals and were so happy to have one. My co-workers where better than i have had and it was enjoyable to come into work

Animals are great but owners suck


Kennel Technician (Former Employee) –  Iowa City, IA – May 11, 2017


Lots of fun working with animals. Enjoy the managers but the owners are too up and down. You don’t know if it’s going to be an easy day or a day of being yelled at. Also no room for raises they don’t seem to consider it.

Boring unless a Customer came in


Pet Councilor (Former Employee) –  Strongsville, OH – February 5, 2015


I personally didn’t like it there. It was all about money and stepping on your co-workers to get the sale because while we had a base pay, we also made commission. It became a very hostile environment to work in.
There was no cleaning crew, the employees had to decide between taking care of customers and cleaning the store. Either one we chose we would get in trouble, for the simple fact that we weren’t doing the exact opposite thing.
The manager was always hypocritical, basically a “do as I say not as I do” sort of person. It was very easy for her to get angry at the smallest thing.
My co-workers were great 90% of the time. We usually got along unless it was a high stress day. The store was inside the mall so we were always busy.
The hardest part of the job was keeping everyone happy. Customers and co-workers and the boss. It was a difficult part of the job but it was also a great challenge.
The absolute best part of the job was sending an animal home or helping families with animals already at home. My job wasn’t just about selling. It was about making families happy and making the animals happy with a forever home.