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Testimonial From An Alleged Former Employee

Dog died in my arms, sick animals, roaches and abusive coworkers/bosses to both employees and animals. Puppy mill animals, parvovirus was a constant, I got sick from constant infections from bites and disgusting work environment, I would get chemical burns and inhalation from the bleach. We were not allowed to wear gloves. I had to drop off dead animals constantly to the vet and we kept them in the same fridge that our food was in. It goes on and on. I had nightmares and so much stress it just wasn’t worth it.”Alleged Former Petland Employee Post on GlassDoor.com

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Petland Undercover Investigations



“My name is Dr. Michael Good DVM. I own an operate six veterinarian hospitals in the Atlanta area called “Town & Country Veterinary Clinic.”  

After a period of almost ten years, I decided to stop working with Petland Kennesaw. …Based on my observations, Lemar Parker and or Petland Kennesaw were buying and selling dogs and cats from out of state breeders and brokers known as puppy mills. A puppy mill is usually a large scale breeding operation where the breeding animals are denied adequate food, water, shelter, and veterinary care and forced to breed repeatedly until they die. The offspring of these puppy mill dogs and cats would be delivered to Petland Kennesaw in semi-trucks by the dozen. The overwhelming majority of these animals arrived sick as a result of where they were raised and their exposure to other sick animals in transit. These animals had illnesses such as Giardia, Parvovirus and Kennel Cough.

Brad Parker (Lemar Parker’s son) “Availed himself at my office and appeared angry. Brad Parker demanded that I stop telling customers that their dogs are sick. The Parkers made it clear to me they did not want Petland Kennesaw customers where their animals came from, how sick an animal was and/or how sick the animal could be or why the animal is sick.

It was common for a customer who purchased an animal from Petland Kennesaw to bring their pet in for treatment. Brad Parker, Lemar Parker or an employee suggested that their animal was sick because the animal contracted an illness after purchase. Brad and Lamar Parker know that the symptoms of illness in an animal may not manifest immediately upon arrival. I was told by Lemar Parker that Petland Corporate had its own protocol for the treatment and sale of sick animals and that the store would follow that protocol. It was not unusual for dogs to die overnight in its kennel overnight at Petland Kennesaw. An employee would take the body of the animal and place it in the freezer. This freezer would have dead animals in it including all types of animals sold at Petland Kennesaw including puppies, kittens, reptiles and birds.”

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NRS 574.510  Knowingly selling dog or cat with a condition requiring immediate treatment prohibited; penalties.

A retailer or dealer who sells a dog or cat that the retailer or dealer knows has any illness, disease or other condition that is terminal or requires immediate hospitalization or immediate surgical intervention and fails to disclose such information at the time of sale is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Petland In The News

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1187 Pages Of Reviews Petland Does Not Want You To See

Scared Puppy

Misleading The Masses

People often ask how Petland is still in business, and we believe the answer is that most consumers are simply unaware. Petland posts up to 100 pictures per day via their 80 stores on Instagram, which is the perfect platform for Petland, considering it lacks the commentary often displayed on other social sites. Petland posts pictures of cute puppies and these images often drive traffic to their company-owned websites where they spew propaganda about the health of the puppies and ONLY display 5-Star ratings. This graph shows the discrepancies of website reviews that Petland can manipulate or omit vs. websites they cannot. We also allege they delete unfavorable posts on Facebook and other social media sites. Upon arrival, Petland allegedly uses high-pressure sales tactics, promotes predatory “Rewards Cards” facilitated by Comenity Bank with 29.99% interest rates, provides stimulants to lethargic and possibly sick puppies to make them seem energetic and use scripts for sales staff to use to explain why an animal may seem sick.


Petland Reviews

Comenity Bank

Comenity Bank

Petland Promoting Abe Miller

Petland Breeders

“We pride ourselves on our most diligent efforts to find healthy puppies. They come from USDA licensed breeders and distributors with no direct violations on their latest inspection report; There is more oversight of breeders who sell their puppies to pet stores than any other type of breeder, shelter or rescue. Inspection reports for federally licensed breeders are available free of charge on the USDA website.”- Petland


This could be why Abe Miller has allegedly had to change entities 11 times since 2006. If a puppy mill receives a failed inspection, they simply open under a different entity.

Abe Miller’s thirteen-year history in the pet trade is riddled with misconduct documented in detailed inspection reports, a federal audit, multiple lawsuits, and cruelty cases.

  • 2006-07 House of Pets (Breeder) Fresno, OH
  • 2008-10 House of Pets (Broker) Fresno, OH
  • 2009-16 Tri-Star Kennels / Elizabeth A. Miller (Wife) Fresno, OH
  • 2009-12 Abe N. Miller LLC (Broker) Fresno, OH
  • 2011-12 D M L Kennel LLC (Broker) Charm, OH
  • 2011-12 Max A. Miller Registered Agent & Attorney for D M L Kennel LLC (Broker) Millersburg, OH
  • 2012-16 Quail Creek Kennel LLC (Broker) Charm, OH and Fresno, OH
  • 2016-17 Lone Oak Kennel LLC (Breeder) West Lafayette, OH, and Fresno, OH  
  • 2016 Comfort Canines (alias for Lone Oak Kennel), Fresno, OH
  • 2017 Comfort Connies (alias for Lone Oak Kennel)
  • 2016-17 Twin Creek Kennel LLC (Broker) West Lafayette, OH
  • 2018 – Present Holmes For Canine (Broker) West Lafayette, OH, and Fresno, OH

Every time Miller was involved in an audit, cruelty case, lawsuit, or caught working with an unlicensed puppy mill or often failing an inspection, he either canceled his USDA license or simply did not renew the license. This allowed him to open under a new clean record with an all new business name.



Smear | Deny | Propaganda

Petland, via their massive online presence, attempts to smear people or organizations who are critical of their business practices making claims that animal cause groups are just trying to raise money. Furthermore, we assert Petland intentionally distributes positive press releases when negative news stories break. This image was from April 2nd when frozen rabbits were being pulled from their freezers. For most companies, this type of negative publicity would be perilous, but not Petland. They initiate a company-wide effort to increase positive posts on social media AND distributes a press release claiming to have won an award for “Retailer of the Year.” After further review, it is discovered that the awarding company has business interests with Petland. 


April 2nd-Rabbit Day

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Petland deploys far-reaching and restrictive non-disclosure agreements (NDA). Furthermore, they claim their pet health program to be proprietary, thus part of the NDA. Store franchisees personally guarantee these NDA’s. The Franchise Disclosure Agreement discloses 13 lawsuits and includes the following relevant provisions:

Supplier Approval

You must reimburse us for all expenses incurred by us related to the approval of a previously unapproved supplier requested by you.


All advertising materials must be approved in advance by us. We provide resources to you to facilitate your advertising and marketing. (page 33) (This confirms a top-down, company-wide conspiracy to mislead the consumer…RICO.


We have over many years, and at great expense, developed Our System for the operation of our retail pet stores. We have kept this know-how and Our System confidential and claim it as a proprietary trade secret and a valuable property right. Among these trade secrets are components of Our System related to marketing, management, pet care, club development, training, consultation, and other specialized areas. Information about such secrets is contained in our forms, manuals, documents, and video and audio aids. You are permitted under the Franchise Agreement to use the trade secrets only consistently with and during the term of the Franchise Agreement. You must agree in the Franchise Agreement not to make or permit any unauthorized use of the trade secrets. You are obligated to keep the trade secrets confidential and to enforce the restrictions on the use of Our System and its trade secrets among your employees. Petland intends to renew all current copyright registrations when current registrations expire. 

All of your managers, plus any other employees who attend any of our training programs, must agree to maintain the confidentiality of all trade secrets and confidential information of Our System by executing a Non-Disclosure Non-Competition Agreement with you in a form satisfactory to us.

50 Worst Franchises by SBA Default Rates

Despite these draconian provisions, there are thousands of consumers and former employees who are speaking out against Petland, even though it may expose them to lawsuits for NDA violations. In our review of Petland’s financial statements and representations, it appears that Petland fails to disclose to potential franchisees that Petland’s Small Business Administration default rate is approximately 60% which lands them in the worst 50 Worst Franchises by SBA Default Rates in the US. Apparently, Petland’s default rate is not a significant factor when deciding to open a Petland. 


Puppies In Jail


Petland makes it contractually difficult to bring lawsuits, and even a lawsuit is filed against a store owner, the store owner indemnifies Petland Inc and has to reimburse Corporate for all expenses for defense. Furthermore, the average Petland consumer is merely uninformed and typically not well funded, especially if they are signing up for credit cards with APR’s of 29.99%. We have seen numerous online discussions where the consumer pays upwards of $5,000 (financed) for a pet and is subsequently blind-sided by unexpected vet bills, which could exceed $3,000. Moreover, they lack the additional $10,000 it would cost to retain competent attorneys to file a lawsuit, and this does not factor any rights they may have signed away during the contract/purchase process.

Mad Dog


“It is unlawful for anyone employed by or associated with any enterprise engaged in, or the activities of which affect, interstate or foreign commerce, to conduct or participate, directly or indirectly, in the conduct of such enterprise’s affairs through a pattern of racketeering activity or collection of unlawful debt. 18 U.S.C.A. § 1962(c) (West 1984). An “enterprise” is defined as including any individual, partnership, corporation, association, or other legal entity, and any union or group of individuals associated in fact although not a legal entity. 18 U.S.C.A. §  1961(4) (West 1984).

“Pattern of racketeering activity” requires at least two acts of racketeering activity committed within ten years of each other. 18 U.S.C.A. § 1961(5) (West 1984).”



About Us

We are A-political and right-leaning via our business interests. We do not favor or align with any national animal cause groups, and if we discover any group as devious as Petland, they will experience this same exposure. We do not solicit donations, nor will we ever ask for donations. We are self-funded with deep pockets and determined to change the way pets are bred and sold in the US. We allege 1000’s of crimes have been committed for decades.

Animal law is convoluted with different requirements per State however, all States should have in place laws that prohibit intentionally misleading the consumer, knowingly selling defective goods or services AND laws against importing sick animals across state lines.

We call on the Attorney General of each State to open investigations into pet store selling practices and the distribution companies that supply them. If found guilty, then its time Executives be put in cages/jail.


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